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Annual Report 2008|2009

Introduction Welcome to the 2008-09 annual report for the Friends of MSF (FoMSF), the official student support network for MSF in the UK & Ireland. This is the first official annual report to be made widely available to MSF, FoMSF and interested parties. However the FoMSF first started independently in 2004-5. The number of groups grew over two years and we came together in 2007 to form a unified network across the two nations, with a National Committee to facilitate and guide this process. Over the past year our official relationship with MSF has been recognised and defined through the Memorandum of Understanding and FoMSF Constitution (both can be viewed in the Friends of MSF Handbook). This annual report gives an outline of the activity between last year’s annual general meeting AGM) (February 2008) and the one this year held in February 2009. You will find updates from the National Committee and the 15 FoMSF groups, who more than anything have shown amazing commitment and an inspirational level of activity. Furthermore, there is a brief outline of proceedings at this year’s AGM, along with some of the general feedback received afterwards.

We would like to welcome all groups to a new year and hope that both pre-existing and newly-starting groups will continue to channel the energy, innovation and enthusiasm shown over the last year, as a high standard has been set. We encourage all groups to make full use of the help and resources that the National Committee and MSF can provide. If you are interested in learning more about FoMSF, what support is available from the FoMSF National Committee and from MSF, or how to set up a group, please refer to the newly-released FoMSF handbook. As you will read, the past year has seen some very exciting developments and trends. The increasing dialogue between groups concerning joint events, the accumulation of ideas and resources by established societies and the welcome addition of several new groups to the FoMSF family leaves us with no doubt that the coming year will be equally if not more exciting.

We thank you for a great year, and hope you will enjoy both this report and the coming year’s activities! Søren Kudsk-Iversen President, Friends of MSF National Committee 2007-2009 Peter Scolding President, Friends of MSF National Committee 2009-

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 2

National Committee Update Below follows an update from the National Committee as presented at the AGM. Furthermore, two key additions to the network, one for the National Committee and one for MSF, were presented at the same time and are also outlined below. This summary is kindly provided by Tom Adams (UCL FoMSF). Finally, the new committee as elected at the AGM are listed at the end of the update. The National Committee 2008/09 constituted (the university they belong to mentioned in brackets): President - Søren Kudsk-Iversen (University Sheffield) Vice-President - Rachel Pearson (University of Manchester) Speakers Liaison - Peter Scolding (University College London) New Groups Officer - Shona Baynes (Brighton & Sussex Medical School)

President This year has seen the president focussing on developing communication between MSK-UK and the growing Friends of MSF (FoMSF) movement. Following discussion and consultation with MSF-UK, a National FoMSF handbook has been created, which covers all aspects of setting up and running a university Friends group. Importantly, the role and position of the Friends groups is clarified in the handbook with a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ setting out the support that Friends groups can expect to receive from MSF-UK, the role of the national committee, and guidelines for how groups should run events and publicity with regards to using the FoMSF logo, with regards to MSF’s ethical fundraising policy. Søren has played a key role in the formation of a FoMSF logo. Elected by the Friends of MSF groups themselves, this gives them an official symbol for publicity, and prevents confusion and sometimes inappropriate modification of the MSF logo itself. Other activity of the president this year have included planning the AGM, and getting FoMSF groups involved with MSF initiatives such as volunteering at the Scientific day, and distributing and screening MSF films.

Vice-President Rachel assisted Pete Masters (MSF Webeditor) developing the resources for the FoMSF webpages. Furthermore, she provided feedback for the development of the FoMSF handbook.

Speakers Liaison Over the past 12 months Peter has been involved in developing and improving the MSF speaker request system, in association with MSF-UK. He has continued to help FoMSF groups to find MSF speakers, and has been working on building up the alternative speaker database. This now lies ‘poised to become operational’, and implementing it will be an important task for the new officer. Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 3

Alongside work in this role, Peter has been involved in planning the AGM, and the writing of several sections of the national FoMSF handbook.

New Groups Officer This year has seen continued new interest in the Friends Movement from medical schools around the country. Shona has been involved in setting up 9 new groups, supporting them, providing a link to MSF-UK, and advising them with the help of the New Groups ‘Starter Kit’. A ‘Getting Started’ section in the new national FoMSF handbook has now replaced this.

New additions The FoMSF Coordinator, MSF UK A major new initiative that has arisen from the work of the national committee, in conjunction with MSFUK, has been the creation of a role at MSF-UK to coordinate communication between it and the FoMSF movement. Rachael Francis, the first to hold this role, works on a part-time basis at MSF-UK to facilitate communication between the national committee and the charity, and in some cases between groups themselves and the charity. Events Coordinator This year has seen the addition of a new national committee position, the ‘events coordinator officer’. Their role includes maintaining ‘successful events templates’ and the coordination of joint or national FoMSF events.

The New National Committee 2009/10 President – Peter Scolding (University College London) Events Coordinator – Ayame Tanaguchi (Imperial College London) Speakers Liaison – Tom Adams (University College London) New Groups Officer – Julia Neely (University of Cambridge)

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 4

Friends of MSF Group Updates Below follows an alphabetical list of the active FoMSF groups, giving a bit of insight into what they have been doing over the last year and some thoughts for the coming. All groups were represented at the FoMSF AGM (28th of February 2009) to share ideas and to elaborate on some of the events.

Fundraising Most groups have been running events where funds were raised for MSF. Although not all groups have submitted how much they rose in total, a rough estimate comes to around £10,000 over the last year, which should be assumed to be an understatement.

Aberdeen Established: October 2007 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • 1 Speaker event, Dr Lacoux, MSF Speaker • Screening of ‘Invisibles’ • ‘Pimms on Pitches’, £650 raised • Christmas-themed pub crawl, £150 raised • Street collecting x 2, £400 raised • M&S bag packing, £1000 raised Plans for the coming year: • Talk from Prof Watt, Director Medical Aid for Palestinians, April • I MSF speaker event, yet to be timetabled • ‘Pimms on Pitches’, May

Barts and the London Established: March 2009 (We are currently in the process of forming the Barts and the London Friends of MSF society) Current status: a project under Medsin at Barts Plans for the coming year: • FIRST EVENT: Monday 16th March, Triage screening and forming of the first committee • 1 speaker event (MSF) • 1 fundraising street collection • Joint organisation of an MSF fun-run with other FoMSF groups for 2010 • Development of the society for a strong start to 2009/10 academic year

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 5

Birmingham Established: 2005 Current status: Independent University Society (Active member of Guild of Students) Activity over the last year • Speaker night and Invisibles screening • Vale Fest • Open-mic night • DJ night Plans for coming year • Global Health for dummies- Joint event with Medsin • Speakers night • Auction of promises • Charity speed dating

Brighton & Sussex Established: 2007 Current status: Established independent of Medsin Activity over the last year: • Film showing of MSF film: ‘invisibles’ • Speaker event- Doctor and Midwife who have worked in Afghanistan/ India for MSF Plans for the coming year: • Formation of website for society • Panel discussion/ debate event- invite speakers to debate about a topic + audience interaction. Aim to have 1 MSF speaker + 2-3 others. Approx date: 7th/ 11th May • ‘MSF run’- fundraising event

Cambridge Established: January 2009 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • Feb 2009 ~ Launch event including the DRC “Condition: Critical” film, speaker and presentation of MSF Speaking Out Collection. Plans for the coming year: • March 2009 ~ Emergency Debate at Cambridge Union (centred around “Access to Essential Medicines”) Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 6

• • • •

May 2009 ~ MSF Film Festival Oct 2009 ~ “How to get involved in NGO work” Workshop Sept and Dec 2009 ~ Speaker events (1 Medical + 1 Non-Medical) TBA ~ Street Collection in collaboration with Cambridge RAG

Cardiff Established: 2004 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • Welcome meal - £115 • Band Night + Raffle - £230 • Fund raising pub crawl - £60 • Christmas Concert and Market Stall – £220 (and more raised!) • Film night – Invisibles Screening • No speaker events – not through lack of trying! Plans for the coming year: • Band night and Elective speaker for ‘Go Global’ • International Development Conference – 7th March • Hopefully an MSF Speaker! Please?!

Imperial Established: 2006 Current status: Independent University Society (ICU) Activity over the last year: • ‘Invisibles’ screening • Krispy Kreme sales, £300 raised • Roller Disco • Who Wants to Save a Million Lives, £450 raised • International Night, £500 raised • £1000 donated to MSF UK Plans for the coming year: • RAG street collection • MSF speakers

King’s College London Established: 2005-2006 Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 7

Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • Afghanistan: Reflections of a mission- Dr. Tomlinson • Invisibles Screening- SPIT, projected screen • Monthly emails that include the ‘Access News’ pdf. • Launch of our website Plans for the coming year: • Triage Film screening- Outside Campus Lawn • Workshop: Practising medicine in under-resourced settings March 09 • Speaker event: Children in War- April 09 • Launch of ‘Access’ Arts Competition- May 09 • KCL FoMSF 10K Charity Run – June 09

Manchester Established: 2007 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • Welcome Drinks • Speaker Event - “Doctors in Darfur” Plans for the coming year: • Spring Fling Party (March 3rd) • MSF - More than just medics (Speaker Event - March) • Elective MSF Talk (May) • Sponsored Summer Run (May)

Newcastle Established: October 2008 Activity over last year: • Lots of cake stalls! • World Headquarters: ‘Follow the Crocodile’ for Zimbabwe (fundraiser) • Film Night: ‘The Invisibles’ • ‘Condition Critical’: DRC, Burma, Columbia • Access to Essential Medicines • Speaker Event: Crisis in Gaza: Reality in the Field • Speaker Event: Andrew Lee – Challenges of providing delivering humanitarian aid in disasters and catastrophes Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 8

Oxford Established: 2004 Current status: FoMSF under umbrella of Oxford Global Health Group Activity over the last year: • Fortnightly seminars • Charity dinner raising £400 • 2 conferences (World Aids Day and Global Vision Day) Plans for the coming year: • Neglected Tropical Diseases lecture series • Sponsored run • Debate for World Health Day • Careers Fair for those interested in International Healthcare

Sheffield Established: 2005 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year: • Monthly newsletter (start Feb 08) on local/global issues • Speaker events: RedR (March 08) /Expat who had been in Cambodia (Nov 08) • Invisibles screening in local independent cinema (April 08) - £250 • Assisted in MSF street survey (May 08) Plans for the coming year: • Integration with nurses (at sister university in Sheffield) and engineers • Speaker events: MSF & non-MSF (e.g. architects in Third World ) • Street collection & music/cake evening (Spring 09) - aim to raise the equivalent amount it costs to send a MSF doctor into the field • Possible “Battle of the Bands” with Stop AIDS society (Autumn 09) • Continue with monthly newsletter and film viewings • Give talks in secondary schools about what MSF does and encourage and help with their fundraiser events for MSF

Southampton Established: 2005-2006 Current status: Working with Medsin Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 9

Activity over the last year: • Cake Sale - £150 • University Lacrosse Joint Charity Fundraiser - £300 • Red and White FoMSF Balloon Race - £100 • Speaker event - 2 MSF Speakers - £80 (Congo Crisis) • Dispatches – Emailed to members quarterly • Raising Awareness - Hospital Advertisement – LCD Screens Plans for the coming year: • Joint Crisis Workshop – BASICS - Mar 2009 • Paris Marathon Runner – Apr 2009 • ‘Where’s Wally’ Guinness World Record Attempt - May 2009 • Invisibles screening – May 2009 • 2 Speaker events – 1 for each term

University College Cork Established: January 2007 Current status: Independent University Society Activity over the last year (since September 2008): • Invisibles Screening • MSF Speaker Dr. Mary O’Brien Plans for the coming year: • FoMSF Quiz Night ~ February 25th 2009 • Triage Screening ~ March 2009 • Invisibles screening ~ February 11th 2009 (2nd time) • 1 Speaker events – 1 MSF

University College London Established: 2006 Current status: Applied for Independent University Society status (previously Medsin UCL project) Activity over the last year: • Fun Run (May 2008) - £4000 raised • Medsin Explained: Fayre – UCL FoMSF talk and stall • Medicine in the Tropics – An Electives Talk with Tom Doherty • Islam and Humanitarianism – Talk – Saleem Haddad (MSF) • Mission Creep in Sierra Leone – Talk – Rob Hughes • Working for MSF in Uganda – Talk – Karen Bevan-Mogg (MSF) Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 10

• • • • •

Screening of ‘Invisibles’ - Film Stall at 4th Year Medicine Careers Fair Developing country elective database - Online Battle of the Bands series with UCL Live Music Society – Fundraiser – £800 National AGM

Plans for the coming year: • Continue “Infiltration” • Fun Run 2009 – June 6th • Darfur Week – November 2009 • Speaker Events – 2009-10 – MSF and Non-MSF speakers

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 11

Review of the Annual General Meeting The third annual general meeting for Friends of MSF Societies in the UK & Ireland took place on the 28th of February 2009. Whereas the AGM has previously been for the purpose of sharing knowledge between the active FoMSF societies, this year it was opened up for all those interested across the UK & Ireland. The aim of the AGM was thus to motivate and share ideas amongst existing groups, while at the same time to inspire the possible formation of new groups. The day ran from 10am to 5.45pm, and was split in two: The morning focused on Friends of MSF and the sharing of ideas and new initiatives, and the afternoon was centred around MSF, allowing insight into some of the dilemmas met both in the field and in the operational centres. Included here is the outline of the day as well as some of the outcome of the feedback forms sent out following the AGM. A separate AGM evaluation report, with notes from the day as well as more detailed feedback, is available by contacting the President of the National Committee on

Outline of the day AM – focus on Friends of MSF  Friends of MSF Group Updates Representatives from each Friends of MSF group  National Committee Updates FoMSF National Committee  New Initiatives introduced Søren Kudsk-Iversen, President FoMSF National Committee  National Committee Elections Candidates to National Committee 09/10 Lunch PM – Focus on MSF  MSF presentations on topics with particular interest to Friends of MSF: o “Friends of MSF webpages” Pete Masters, Web Editor MSF UK o “MSF Speaks Out Collections” Polly Markandya, Marketing & Communications MSF UK o “Access to Essential Medicines (AEM)” Oliver Moldenhauer, AEM Coordinator MSF Germany  “On the Aspect of MSF Crisis Response” Marc DuBois, Executive Director MSF UK  Workshops (facilitators mentioned next to workshop title) o “The other side of Témoignage” Marc DuBois, Executive Director MSF UK o “Security first, Humanitarian Assistance Second?” Paul Foreman, member MSF UK Board of Directors o “HIV/AIDS: Dealing with Chronic Emergencies” Nathan Ford, Head of medical unit MSF South Africa (this workshop was cancelled due to problems with the video link to South Africa) o “Without Borders?” Jacob McKnight, Humanitarian Logistical Expert MSF UK o “Friends of MSF Joint Events Workshop” Peter Scolding, Speakers Liaison FoMSF National Committee  Speaker Panel: Your Questions Answered o Marc DuBois o Paul Foreman o Jacob McKnight o Oliver Moldenhauer o Facilitator: Lucy Clayton, Head of Communications MSF UK Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 12

General Feedback Over 90 students from 19 different universities attended the AGM, along with 2 non-uni observers. Furthermore, 11 attended from MSF (including speakers and facilitators). Following the AGM, feedback sheets about the day and about the workshops were sent out to all non-MSF participants. Below are a couple of the key findings and comments. A full report of the AGM with notes on some of the different parts as well as more in depth evaluation is available through the National Committee. There were a total of 27 respondents to the feedback. Overall, how satisfied were you with the AGM?

Very Dissatisfied

How likely are you to attend a future event?

Very Satisfied

Very Unlikely

Very Likely

Considering the layout of this AGM, with the morning for FoMSF and the afternoon for MSF, how would you prefer the layout for next year's AGM? 4% More focus on Friends of MSF 32% More focus on MSF 64% It was just about right this year Representative comments on what was good in this year’s AGM: “As a very new group just starting out it was great to hear from all of the other FoMSF groups. Hearing how successful everyone else had been was very encouraging for us and gave us some great ideas. I also felt that attending the event reinforced what we were doing and made us aware of the fact that our group is part of something much bigger.” “Excellent organization and use of time (except the events workshop which was way too short). Everyone had good chance to discuss their updates for each FoMSF and the updates from the national committee were very clear.” “I really enjoyed the speakers from MSF. It put everything into place and a target that we can help people to achieve. They are passionate and I felt that the talk by Marc DuBois was extremely well done, giving everyone a real drive to make the best of our time in Friends of MSF. It was good to hear what other Friends of MSF groups have done and some of their ideas.”

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 13

Representative comments on what can be improved for next year’s AGM: “More time with the MSF speakers as these are the people for whom Friends of MSF are ultimately working and having a good understanding of what everyone does and the things that people go through really help us to focus why we are in the group. “ “Work on the Workshops. With more focus, perhaps role play. May allow discussion to flow more freely and be better directed.”

Representative comments on what could be added for future events: “some socializing and ice breaking for those who are interested, if time permits. opportunity to know fomsf from different university and exchange contacts?” “Maybe a film / slide show of field work?” “Maybe a bit of a careers fair, because most of us are interested in working with MSF in the future, so perhaps a little bit of an explanation of how to get into it, what different paths there are and so on.”

Friends of MSF Annual Report

2008-2009 14

Friends of MSF Annual Report - 2009  

A report on the activity of the FoMSF groups and National Committee, 2008-09

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