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WHO’S WHO? Stephen and Pippa Mawditt: Stephen is the leader of the Fountain of Life Network and the congregation at Ashill, supported by his wife Pippa, who is also on the leadership team. Madeline Light is the ordained leader of the Fountain of Life congregation in Norwich based at St Stephen’s Church in the City.

News from the Fountain of Life Network, January 2010

Paul Wilkinson is in the process of training for ordination.

Dear Friends,

Wendy Sargeant is a Reader in the Church of England and heads up our listening and prayer ministry team.

Welcome to this first edition of FoLnews. Let me begin by saying a huge THANK YOU to Jean and John for all their immense efforts over the years in faithfully producing Silver Trumpet, week in and week out.

John Watts heads up the worship team for the network. Rebecca Watts leads the administration team of the Fountain of Life Network and is PA to Stephen.

Communication is vital and I hope that this new monthly news will be a helpful means of communicating more effectively to our ever-widening network. Our aim is to keep you wellinformed about forthcoming events; encourage you by focusing on key aspects of our life and growth together; and, create a forum for news and stories of God at work to be shared.

Neil Richardson is the Finance Manager for the Fountain of Life Network. David & Christine Buscall: David, assisted by his wife Christine, is the treasurer of the Fountain of Life, Ashill. Tim Wilson is founder of Mid-Norfolk Kidz Klub and leader of Kidz Klub in Ashill.

So, inside you will find a monthly diary plus a look ahead to important dates coming up. As FoLnews grows we intend to feature event reviews, stories of God at work in people and places and, each month, we shall focus on news from different teams across the Fountain of Life network.

Maryanne Richardson is the coordinator of our youth and children’s ministry as well as responsible for Kidz Klub in Scarning. Ana Paula Wedermann is our Kidz Klub Primary Schools Worker.

I am very grateful to Becky and Freddy in taking responsibility for FoLnews - please bear with us as we all adjust to a different system and timescales!

Adam Jackson is the Youth Worker for the Fountain of Life, Ashill.

With love and prayers for 2010

Andrea Jolly is our Family and Children’s worker. Andrea runs a Christian pre-school - First Steps - and organises our children’s ministry for 011’s.


Freddy and Ali Hedley head up our clusters. Freddy is also director of the New Wine Training Partnership hub for East Anglia.


Andrew and Julia Rees head up evangelism, taking responsibility for organising guest services and outreach activities such as ‘God on the streets’.

There are two opportunities to attend training to complement the diocese's Safe Haven guidelines for the Protection of Vulnerable Adults. The training looks in particular at such issues as who exactly is a vulnerable adult, the role of a Named Person within a Church and who might or might not need training.

Sue Hatherly and Heather Nunn oversee mercy ministries to the poor.

Protecting Vulnerable Adults Training will be held on:

Carol Edwards watches prophetic ministry.



Tuesday 12 January at 7.30 pm at The Sadler Shop, St Nicholas Church Hall Complex, Vicarage Street, North Walsham NR28 9DQ. Tuesday 26 January at 7.30pm at St Cuthbert Church, Well Street, Thetford IP24 2BL.

Fred Edwards is our site warden and ensures the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.

Martin Down is founder of the Fountain of Life church in Ashill. Martin is retired from full-time ministry and is our resident theologian.

If you would like to book in for either of the above events please contact: Louise Adamson, 01603 729818 or Please let Becky Watts (named person for fol) know if you plan to attend this training.

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

KIDZ GROW! Update from Tim Wilson We all know that our kids grow but God can also grow his ministries more than we can ever imagine. Kidz Klub was just a ‘twinkle in my eye’ eight years ago but God has enabled the growth and development of this ministry. Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub was launched back in 2002. Monthly Klubs started in 2003 building on our relationships with previous summer holiday club children. Our vision was clear: 1) run a fun, relevant, fast paced monthly Klub with a gospel truth taught every time; 2) Take a fun sheet round to each child at home to build relationships with the kids and their families; 3) To start a regular assembly programme in local schools. Our dream would be that we would be able to work with local churches towards this Kingdom work. We are now in our seventh year and God has blessed Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub and opened doors for growth. January 2007 saw Maryanne set up a Klub in Scarning, working with other churches in Dereham. During 2008 we launched a bus scheme to enable all kids to get to Kidz Klub and we launched Identity, a monthly meet for those growing out of Kidz Klub. Also during 2008 we were asked to go into a couple of local schools to do assemblies (a fulfilment of the original vision in 2002). The summer of 2009 saw our biggest development when we took on the primary schools work (and worker) from Mid Norfolk Youth for Christ. Their work of primary school lunchtime clubs and assemblies dovetailed so well with ours that Ana Paula’s arrival and this transition period has been seamless. p‫צ‬

So for primary school age kids Mid Norfolk Kidz Klub now runs two monthly Saturday morning klubs with visiting programmes, five weekly school lunchtime clubs and does assemblies in 14 local schools at least once (some two or three times) every six weeks. For 11-13 year olds we run a six week course each year called Identity followed up with monthly meetings entitled ID+.

MERCY Christians Against Poverty David and Sue Hatherly and Heather Nunn have received training to be CAP money coaches in order to run the CAP Money Management course at FoL in the first place and then extend it to others in the area in the future. CAP Money is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cashbased money management system which really works. This is a three-session course, featuring weekly dvd presentations by John Kirkby, the Founder and International Director of CAP. It has universal appeal and is a great way to help anyone get more in control of their finances. If you’re interested on joining a course, please talk to Sue or Heather.

Mid Norfolk Besom - Prisoner Release Rucksacks After long discussions with HMP Wayland, Mid Norfolk Besom has recently been given permission to provide up to 10 prisoner release rucksacks each month to men who are leaving the prison and are of no fixed abode. Initially, we have been in contact with Home Group Leaders who are asking members of their groups to consider and pray whether they would like to be involved in this long term project. The full cost per rucksack is around £35 and various useful items will be included (eg shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste). If you are not in a Home Group and would like to know more and possibly be involved in donating items or money, please speak to Heather Nunn or Sue Hatherly.

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

HOME GROUPS: PLACES OF BELONGING AND DISCIPLESHIP These are midweek groups that meet in people's homes either during the day or in the evening. They usually meet every week, sharing fellowship and deepening one another’s faith and you would be very welcome to join one. Please talk to Pippa Mawditt (01760 440363) if you are not sure which one would be best for you.

NEW WINE TRAINING PARTNERSHIP For a number of years a vision has been growing for high quality theological and ministry training to be run from the Fountain of Life. Of course there are already a number of excellent training opportunities here – from year-long internship to short-run courses – but this would be something extra: a step up. What has emerged is the New Wine Training Partnership which has been developed with Westminster Theological College. This sees fully accredited university level theological training being delivered across the UK via regional hubs, with a mixture of locally and centrally taught material. Students study part-time at evening and residential teaching sessions and depending on 蒐ʪ a diploma, a degree or even a Masters in New how long they choose to study, can come out with Wine theology. After seeking and receiving the prayerful and financial support of the church family, the Fountain of Life in Ashill has become the hub for East Anglia. Ever since this was confirmed we have been building towards a September 2010 start and preparations are now well under way. The Well is already set up as an excellent training centre but we have now added the mobile, which as well as being a building for the youth will also house the NWTP library. Freddy Hedley has been appointed the hub director and we are now looking for who will be the admin and technical support. On 18th November two promotional events were run: a lunch for regional church leaders followed by an evening for prospective students. Both were well attended and proved very encouraging, with people expressing both general support as well as interest in doing the course. We are now waiting for the first applicants to sign up and we are very encouraged that we know of six or seven who are seriously considering it. Please continue to pray for this exciting opportunity, for the practical preparations to continue to come together and for the right students to hear God’s call at the right time.

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598


Lord. I found when I was on Alpha being given the information that I felt a sense of Joy and Peace.

My husband at the time had abused my son and I was going through a painful divorce. I mainly went to church for answers because I kept hearing on the telly that divorce is a sin and it’s wrong. But when I spoke to my local vicar at the time he said to me, ‘In the eyes of the law you’re divorcing your husband, but in the eyes of God you are sacrificing your marriage for your son.’ Since he said those words my life has changed for the better. I also kept getting a pulling feeling from the heart to go to Church. Eventually I came to the Fountain of Life and found myself on Alpha.

WHAT IT’S LIKE NOW? Well my life is pretty good. I still have rough times but I know now that the Lord is with me and always has been - I just didn’t realise it back then. My life is completely turning around: I’m enjoying my time with Nigel and enjoying single life (although I’d like to meet the right one I’m in no hurry).

WHAT ALPHA HAS DONE FOR ME The Alpha Course has really shown me a way out of the darkness and into the light and how to find my way to the Lord. It’s also taught me how to recognise when I’m being pulled away and how to deal with it; and I learnt new things, and met more new people, which has boosted my confidence even more. It’s shown me how to spend time with the

Career wise I’m still not sure where the Lord is taking me but I am starting to trust that it will be something I enjoy. I went to New Wine for the first time last year as I’d never heard of it before and it blew me away. I had no idea that the bible could create so much information but it was fun. Nigel had a whale of a time so we’re definitely going next year ... and looking forward to it!

Eve Cousins

THE ALPHA COURSE is a wonderful foundation and introduction to the Christian faith as well as being a great place to make new friends. Our next course begins at 43 Cressingham Road, Ashill on Wednesday 20th January at 7pm with a meal provided. Pick up a leaflet in the foyer for further information or talk to Stephen or Pippa.

A PROPHECY FROM 24TH OCTOBER 2009 During the talks given from the front this morning at the Leaders Breakfast, I saw a series of cogs interlinked together. As each moved it logged on to the other which made the other move, I saw several but never the end one, as though I was not meant to see what they were all working towards. Each series of cogs had a starter cog. I continued to ask the Lord for meaning and this is what I believe He said, “You may not see the whole outworking of the plans I have for you but be assured that the cogs carry on moving and each one moves another latching on to perform the things I have set in motion.”

Carol Edwards The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

THE GIFT OF NEW LIFE Rebecca and I have been married for over five years and had always intended to start a family early. Despite trying for nearly two years it became clear that this wasn't to be and no baby appeared nor seemed to be on the horizon. We approached Stephen and Pippa at the time we started trying for a baby as we wanted any potential pregnancy and child to be blessed from the outset. We continued to try unsuccessfully for a baby and were surprised at the difficulty we were experiencing. test error - we had been told that we couldn't conceive naturally so how could it be positive?

We approached our GP and explained the issue and so a whole battery of tests was organised. One of these included an ovarian ultrasound which revealed that Bec had a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome. Basically the outcome of this was that we were told it would be extremely unlikely that we could conceive without assistance and a referral to the fertility clinic was made. We continued to have prayer together and with Stephen and Pippa for healing and the blessing of a child. During an Apollos meeting we had been praying about our futures, careers and guidance for the future. Someone then prophesised that they had a picture of a calendar with an arrow pointing to a date around the 20th April and that there would be a revelation for us at this time. We continued trying for a baby and were away on holiday when the 20th April came and went and no revelation appeared in our lives or in our careers and so we let this go, believing it must have been a mistake. Our appointment then came through for us to attend the fertility clinic. We had spent many hours praying and agonising over our feelings surrounding IVF and other fertility treatments and seeking God’s guidance in those matters. Two days before the appointment Bec decided to take a pregnancy test, which to all intents and purposes appeared negative so she left the test on the side and came downstairs to speak to me like she had done so many times before, resigning to herself and with the Lord that maybe we were not called to have our own children. About an hour later she went upstairs and then came downstairs again to show me a very faint blue line on the test suggesting she was pregnant. We couldn't believe it so repeated the test four further times! After all, maybe it was a

All the tests turned blue confirming this for us. The following day we repeated it again and it went blue again, but slightly quicker this time. On the Friday we attended our clinic appointment and explained the results of the test. The nurse advised we should not get our hopes up and that it was incredibly unlikely that Bec could be pregnant and that we would require assistance. Nevertheless she wanted to perform an ultrasound on Bec. 崨‫ק‬

This revealed that not only was there evidence suggesting an egg had been released but that also the uterus was thickened (all very encouraging). The other miraculous finding was that the ovaries appeared totally normal with no evidence of cysts. The nurse further emphasised not to get our hopes up and advised a series of blood tests to confirm a pregnancy which, praise the Lord, they did! We couldn't believe what was happening but continued to hope and pray that this was a genuine pregnancy. Our eight-week ultrasound scan was booked and it was amazing to see this little baby in front of us (but still hard to believe it was really in there). The length of the baby was measured and we were told that we had conceived between the 18th and 22nd of April! This was such a revelation to us and such a touch from the Father. Not only had He bestowed His healing on us and granted for us something we were told not to expect, but He had also honoured the prophesy He gave us despite its meaning having been hidden when we first heard it. Praise God indeed!

Simon & Becca Hansom

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

GOD’S AMAZING PROVISION Taking the motorbike out for a run on a beautiful day was for me one of the most enjoyable experiences. Senses are in a heightened state of alert making the simple pleasure of to ride out all the more intense. This all ended on such a beautiful day on an unremarkable long bend. Going into that bend I had every confidence that the bike would hold true. After all I had been through that very same bend before, much harder and faster than I was riding now. But then the grip to the road gave out. I might as well have been riding on ice as the bike, still poised for the bend, glided to the other side of the road, slamming into the safety barrier, with my lower leg taking the brunt of the impact. The injuries, though severe, could have been much worse. I was very fortunate that they were mostly in the leg: a large open fracture, which destroyed a chunk (10cm) of the tibia, along with gross muscle and nerve damage, as well as a severed artery, another small fracture of the tibia, a fracture of the fibula, fibia, hand and finger and three fractures of the pelvis. Not a single injury to any internal organ. God’s grace and provision have been evident from the start. Laying on the road I sat up and took off my helmet to assess the damage and setting to straightened out my finger and leg (don’t ask, logic does not prevail in such circumstances, aesthetics seem far more urgent!!). I was left unable to move from where I sat. I ought to point out that this is on a quiet road, in France, at lunchtime, at a time when traffic comes infrequently, at best. Though at this moment someone does appear in a car and amazingly for me understood my predicament and knew what to do, immediately putting a garrotte on the leg to stem the bleeding from the severed artery. Arriving behind him was a paramedic and behind her was an off-duty doctor. That’s three very knowledgeable, well-trained people looking after me immediately after the accident, 20 minutes before the pompieus (medics) arrived. This is just one example of the many provisions. The whole way through these past eight months there have been the right people in place.


The pioneering surgeons, against conventional procedure, decided to save the limb, and prevailed. The people in the office at work, and their contacts, through their specialist knowledge, have kept me solvent and then some. The girl at the clinic who through a mutual friend came to know my situation, offered to wash my clothes and get supplies for me when I needed them. This is just an outline to give an idea, the list goes on. Seven operations later and one month after first putting weight on the leg I am able to walk often without the aid of crutches. Every day there seems to be some small improvement. I have not come through on my own strength. Prayer, faith and God’s grace are the sole reasons for such provision, recovery and progress. It is for this reason that I am writing this letter to say thank you for your prayers. Looking back I have no regrets about riding the bike, quite the opposite. There are many treasured memories of the enjoyment it brought. But more than this, these past eight months have been the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had. I have optimism and appreciation for life unlike there was before and I have experienced in a profound way God’s grace and hand on my life. It is something I wonder at every day and say ‘Thank You.’

Luke James Lewin

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

A VALENTINE'S DINNER On Friday 12th February 2010 at 7.15pm (for 7.30pm) at The Well Christian Centre enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, hear a short talk on what makes a marriage grow and receive an invitation to the Marriage Course, which is starting soon. At a cost of £10.00 per couple you will not get better value, even during the credit crunch. Do invite couples you know to come along. The programme will serve as an introduction to the Marriage Course and will include testimonies of couples who have previously attended the course. Please contact DICK & EILEEN GIRLING, 44 Ashburton Road, Ickburgh, IP26 5JA. Tel: 01842 879864 to make your booking.

MONET WEEKEND IN PARIS, 22 – 26 APRIL 2010 Tony Lewin and Martin Down are leading a short break in Paris next spring, visiting Monet’s Garden and the Museums at which many of Monet’s paintings are exhibited. There will be plenty of time for visiting other attractions in Paris. All excursions during the stay, including the Monet ones, are optional. Travel is with Chenery Coaches, and accommodation at the Hotel ‫ ײ‬Ibis at La Defence. The cost of £230 per person includes travel, bed and breakfast. The trip is being advertised through local Art Groups, like Tony’s, but everyone is welcome to come. More details and brochure from Martin Down (01760 336 492).

THE FATHER’S HEART WEEKEND, MAY 29-31 2010 Bookings are now being taken for this exciting event which is being hosted by the Fountain of Life at The Well. There are programmes for all ages and is going to be a fantastic time – not to be missed! The main speaker is Mark Stibbe with Ian Parkinson and the Bishop of Lynn, James Langstaff also speaking. Doug Horley will be with us to head up the children’s programme, assisted by Mid-Norfolk Kidz Klub and our own children’s team. Youth will be run by Mark Tuma (from Norwich YFC), Pete McAllen and Pete Wynter. For more information, or to book, contact Rebecca Watts (

BOOKINGS From January 2010 bookings for the Worship Centre can be made through Rebecca Watts 07990 543131 or 01760 440735. Many thanks to Jean who previously served the church by doing this job.

DEADLINE FOR folNEWS FEB 2010 The deadline for submitting news articles and testimonies for the Feb 2010 edition of folNEWS is only a few weeks away. Please submit anything to by Jaunary 14th. If dates for forthcoming events could be sent as soon as information is available then we will do our best to publicise even if folNEWS has been printed.

The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

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Thursday Prayers are 10am every Thursday in the worship centre. Noah’s Ark Parent and pre-school gathering is 10am every Thursday in the bungalow. Jam Youth Band is 18.30 every Thursday in the Worship Centre.

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The Fountain of Life Church, The Well Christian Centre, Swaffham Road, Ashill, Thetford, Norfolk, IP25 7BT. T: 01760 440363 E: W: Charity No. 1109598

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