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The Niche Blueprint 2.0 Course Outline (and Why It’s Not For Everyone!) This is a total breakdown of Niche Blueprint and how you’re going to use it to both make money and expand your online empire (or start one if you don’t have anything yet!). Also keep in mind that Niche Blueprint is pretty much a self-contained course, which means that apart from a domain and hosting, it has everything else you’ll need to make money (and a lot of it). No having to fork over tons of cash to even get up and running. Now, you CAN invest more money into the system and your sites if you want, for further advertising, link building, and things like that, but those are additions. They aren’t necessary, and you’re already provided with both a linking and traffic strategy to get your e-commerce stores off the ground. So on that note, here’s the blueprint for Niche Blueprint! (Starting with "module 2", since Module 1 is just the course outline.) 1. Find a niche •

Find a hungry market

This is the first step in the course, and the basis for everything online. You need to find a niche to go into, and one that’s going to be profitable for your efforts. In Niche Blueprint, they break this process of finding a niche down into a very scientific, simple formula that takes maybe 15 minutes. There’s really no thought involved, so you have nothing to worry about. 2. Find products to promote (using Dropship Blueprint) •

determine the price for the products for your store

After you have a niche/market to go into, you need to find products that you can use to sell in your store. For this, Niche Blueprint includes free access to an entire database of drop shippers and vendors of every product imaginable. If this sounds complicated or difficult, I assure you it’s not at all. You’ll have to interact with other people, but it’s not difficult in the least. After you do that, you’ll need to determine the price of your products, and figure out what to sell them at to make a profit after you pay the drop shipper. All of this is covered in the course as well, so no worries. 3. Get the right domain for your store • •

branding considerations new or old

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of thought that goes into buying a domain for your store. You need to look at it from the customers perspective, then there’s the whole branding issue as well. 4. Set up the store for maximum conversions (just follow the videos- no thought involved) This step is self-explanatory, and is covered in Niche Blueprint with video walk-through so you can’t mess it up. 5. Drive Traffic to Your Site/SEO • • •

link building and strategies commenting/link building SEO optimization

Traffic is the one thing that makes or breaks businesses. With Niche Blueprint, you get a customized plan for generating obscene amounts of free traffic so you don’t have to spend another dime on advertising or bringing more people to your e-commerce store. 6. Maintain your site •

daily operations to keep it running smooth

After you set everything up and start to get business, you’ll need to run the store. There are tasks to do on a daily basis, and this module in the course identifies those tasks and helps you systematize them to ensure your store runs smoothly and profitably. 7. How to outsource the daily operations for the "AutoPilot Income" •

outsourcing v. out-tasking

This module is by far the most important on in the entire Niche Blueprint package. This module shows you how you can take those daily tasks and outsource them, which frees up all of your time to do what you SHOULD be doing- working ON your business, not IN it. By outsourcing your daily tasks, you’re also going to be able to scale up your business and expand it, as you’ll be able to take the profits from one store, use those profits to outsource the maintenance, and then create the time to set up another store. Rinse and repeat. 8. Flip the site for 12-18x your monthly profits • •

How to flip the site Why you'd want to

If you’d like, you can sell your site for many times what it brings in every month. This module covers all of that, so you can make one large, lump sum of money.

And that's it! I've even heard that you'll be getting even more stuff when Niche Blueprint 2.0 hits, but I'll be honest- this is all you need. This is everything here, all self-contained in this amazing course. As you can tell, this is just an outline. I'm hosting a private tele-seminar with expert marketer Nick Breen on how you're actually going to make money with this outline for Niche Blueprint 2.0. We're going to tell you exactly how we did it, and trust me, if we can do it so can you. At the end of that call, we're also going to be taking questions LIVE, so if you have ANY questions on either the content from the course, the outline above, or anything else… Then secure your spot on the call! Just go here: Please be on this… It really is a limited-quantity call since we're taking live questions from real people, so you just make sure you're on it. And if you're thinking about buying this course, you'd be crazy not to do this… It's free after all, so make sure you're there! This course is ideal for people that want a home-based business or want to make an extra paycheck each month. I have to warn you though… This isn’t some “get rich quick” thing, nor is it another crap affiliate marketing product that just hit the market. I’ve used this course to personally make money online (and good money at that), but the only reason that happened was because I treated it like a business and got to cracking on it. You can do the same, but your success with this will solely depend upon your dedication and willingness to work for it. If you’re interested, then go here to get on the call:

Talk soon! -Tom

The Niche Blueprint 2.0 Outline (and How You Make Money With it) You want the entire breakdown of Niche Blueprint 2.0? This is the outline of the course so you know...

The Niche Blueprint 2.0 Outline (and How You Make Money With it) You want the entire breakdown of Niche Blueprint 2.0? This is the outline of the course so you know...