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4 Different Types of Motorbike If you’re looking to purchase a motorbike and you’re confused as to which sort to go for, here’s a quick guide to a few of the different types of motorbike available.

1 Sports Bikes Sports bikes have fast and powerful engines, sharp styling and handling, and aerodynamic fairings. Dominated by Japanese giants Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, other makes include Ducati and Triumph. As sports bikes are built for speed and have blistering acceleration.


2 Scooters and Mopeds Synonymous with the swinging 60s, scooters exploded back into popularity in the mid 90s. The reason for the boom was the increased frustration at urban gridlock, cheap running costs, and the advent of desirable new models from the Japanese firms and Italian maker, Piaggio. Scooters tend to have smaller, less powerful engines (though bigger engines are becoming more and more popular), and are more affordable than bigger bikes. 2

3 Naked bikes The term "naked" refers to road bikes without a fairing to obscure the engine and frame, and little or no fairing over the handlebars. However, not all bikes without fairings are naked bikes. Exceptions include custom bikes, off-roaders and adventure sport bikes. Naked bikes are often un-faired sports bikes or modern bikes with a retro 70s styling.


4 Custom Cruisers For all you wannabe Easy Riders, cruisers are most easily described by one evocative and legendary brand, Harley Davidson. Typically, cruisers have low seats, long wheel bases, loads of chrome and, most importantly, a laid-back attitude. Harley’s aren’t the only name in town, with Japanese bikes able to provide that custom look for a lot less cash but also less heritage. Other cruiser makers include Italian firm Moto Guzzi and BMW.


Make Your Road Trip More Interesting.  

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