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Changes in the Air and Facts on the Ground: Consequences for Palestine after the Arab Upheaval PROGRAM

Friday September 14th 10.00–13.00 Facts on the ground: Reports from Egypt, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza - Egypt: Andrea Zaki Stephanous, Secretary General in CEOSS, Coptic Evangelical Organisations for Social Services - Lebanon: Michel Nawfal, Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut - West Bank: Beesan Ramdan, Sherak Shebab, a Palestinian youth network - Gaza: Kirsten Jagmann, Clinical Nurse Specialist Moderator: Line Khateeb, former leader of Palestine Committee of Norway Lunch: 13.00–14.00 14.00–17.00 The West and the present changes in the Middle East - Any political space for new international initiatives? Jørgen Jensenhaugen, Ph.Dcandidate Modern Middle East History, NTNU Trondheim - Norwegian policy on Palestinian unity Torgeir Larsen, Secretary of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Challenges for international NGOs working in Palestine Liv Tørres, Secretary General, Norwegian People’s Aid Moderator: Arne Ørum, advisor, Norwegian Council for Mental Health

Saturday, September 15th 10.00–13.00 Palestinians wants an end to the political division - Conditions for Palestinian unity Michel Nawfal, Institute for Palestine Studies, Beirut - Permanent Limbo? The Palestinian National Movement, State-building and Resistance Mark Taylor, researcher FAFO - Demands from Palestinian youth and How these demands are addressed: Beesan Ramdan, Sherak Shebab youth network Moderator: Inger Sandberg, advisor, Norwegian People’s Aid Lunch: 13.00–14.00

14.00–17.00 Challenges for the solidarity movement - The Arab upheaval and Palestinian women Berit Mortensen, Midwife and project coordinator for Norwac in the West Bank - How is the Arab upheaval a concern for the solidarity movement? Anna Lund Bjørnsen, deputy leader of The Association of Norwegian NGOs for Palestine - Status in the BDS movement in Norway and Europe Ingeborg Moa, advisor, Norwegian People’s Aid, author of Dangerous liasons (Farlige forbindelser), a report on Norwegian links to the Israeli occupation Moderator: Elisabeth Palerud, leader of The Association of Norwegian NGOS for Palestine