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Fruitful beer company The Fruit Village The fruit village Gvarv is situated close to Lake Norsjø and the Telemark Canal. Meet our friendly farmers who will greet you with prizewinning apple juice made from sun kissed apples. Visit the world’s northernmost vineyard, experience our local microbrewery. Take a swim or go fishing, rent a kayak, canoe or bicycle and experience the wonderful surroundings and the sweet smell from the orchards.

Nearly all the beers brewed by Lindheim Ølkompani contain a dash of unfermented apple juice. Appropriately enough, when they are being produced at one of the finest orchards in Norway’s “Fruit Village”, where the fruit’s natural, mystical microfibres create truly unique flavours.

“Many of the beers we produce are named after personalities at the farm, such as my grandmother Lull, who decorates the Christmas beers. We sell more than 30 different beers and ciders during the year,” Ingeborg says.

At beautiful Lindheim farm, “fruit maid” Ingeborg Lindheim and her husband Eivin Eilertsen have many exciting ideas brewing – and, not least, thousands of litres of frothy craft beer. With a completely unique flavour from the orchards where it is brewed. “When I decided to take over the family farm in 2013, we had to come up with a way of developing it. Eivin had the idea of brewing beer, but we knew absolutely nothing about it!” explains Ingeborg, who holds the allodial right to her family’s land.

There is no doubt that Lindheim Frukt og Ølkompani is a success story. The farm shop and bar/drinks outlet are usually open daily except Sundays through the school holidays, and attract many visitors. After extending the barn built in 1954, they can now produce 150,000 litres of beer, apple juice and apple cider in a state-of-the-art brewery in rustic style. In 2017, they were awarded the accolade “Business development of the year” for Telemark. Lindheim farm is part of the “Fruit Village” business network offering open farms, farm shops, art exhibitions, accommodation, cafés, festivals, brewery and vineyard visits, and much more.

Tel: + 47 41 45 22 29 • • 3810 Gvarv

150,000 litres of beer, apple juice and cider

Fifth-best new brewery in the world However, the couple had plenty of help from some people they knew in the craft beer industry on America’s West Coast. And suddenly they had their very own brand-new brewery in the barn! Just the following year, it was named the fifth-best new brewery in the world on the popular website Initially, they produced many of the “more standard” beer types but as competition on the market has increased, they have shifted their production to slightly more distinctive brews. “Since we live on a fruit farm, I thought we should use the fruits of our land. That’s why we now largely focus on sour beer, which is kind of a cross between wine and beer,” Ingeborg explains.

Tekst og foto: Fra boka Fruktbygda av Christine Baglo og Tone Solberg

– your café, bakery, confectionery & interior in the heart of the World Heritage

Experimenting with flavours The beer is stored for 1-5 years in oak barrels down in the beautiful, newly built bodega in the cellar. The couple have experimented with adding apples, cherries, plums, rhubarb and pears to their beers, as well as far more unusual additions, such as honey and soured yoghurt. Some of the beers also offer clever flavour combinations, such as their Jacobs hage beer, which contains an inspired blend of raspberries, salt and coriander.

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