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Lookbook Early 2017

FolkCharm collaborates with rural communities to present you refined crafts with the right blend of contemporary living and traditional wisdom. Join us! In the culture of conscious consumers!

FolkCharm Crafts launched as a project in May 2014 and began its operations as FolkCharm Co.,Ltd. in February 2016. We are now working with about 8 women farmers and more than 10 weavers in Loei and Sakonakhon as well as 7 handicraft artisans and tailors in Ratchaburi and Bangkok.






Upcycled Silk

・・・ C o m f o r t W e a r・ FolkCharm’s apparels accentuates the unpretentious beauty of natural handspun handwoven cotton. The 100% chemical-free cotton offers you Incredibly soft, comfortable, and well-tailored simple yet timeless pieces of ‘LifeWears’.

Tie-waist Button Down Two-Way Dress CFD01-F

Top: Comfort Tank Top CFT01 Bottom: Light Cropped Trousers CFB04

Top: Comfort Tank Top CFT01 Bottom: Comfort Skirt CFB05

Signature Trousers CFB01

Comfort Capri CFB03



Tie Waist Button Down Two-Way Dress CFD-01

Top: Comfort Tank Top CFT01 Bottom: Comfort Joggers CFB02

Button Down Skirt CFB03-F

Comfort Tank Top CFT02-M

Comfort Tank Top-Pocket CFT03-M

Top: Comfort Tank Top CFT01-M Cropped Trousers Bottom: SignatureBottom: Trousers CFB04-M CFB01

Top: CW Light Blouse CWT01 Bottom: Signature Skirt CFB05

Top: Comfort Tank Top CFT01 Bottom: Signature Skirt CFB05

Bottom: Light CroppedTrousers CFB04

・・・ C a s u a l W o r k w e a r・ The more ‘professional look’ has been demanded by our costumers. So in 2017, we introduce this office look that retains the comfortable and light feel with more detailed tailoring for business casual days.

Hand-tied Button Overshirt CWT03

Hand-tied Side Button Overshirt CWT04

Hand-tied Button Overshirt CWT03

Top: Handtied Button Overshirt CWT03 Bottom: Wide leg Trousers CWB01

Top: CW Light Blouse CWT01-M Bottom: Wide leg Trousers CWB01

Aline Button Skirt CFB04-M

Top: CW Light Blouse CWT01-M Bottom: Classic Shorts CWB05-M

Top: CW Light Blouse CWT01-M Bottom: Cropped Wide leg Trousers CWB01

Sheer Bow Skirt CWB03

Sheer Trapeze CWD01-M

・・・ S c a r v e s & S h a w l s・ These incredibly soft machine-washable scarves are made from natural cotton naturally dyed from locally found plants and flora. 35cm x 200cm 45cm x 200cm

ACS01 : ~36 x 200 cm. ACS02 : ~45 x 200 cm. ACS03 : ~60 x 200 cm. (fringe included)

ACS01 : ~36 x 200 cm. ACS02 : ~45 x 200 cm. ACS03 : ~60 x 200 cm.

We do not waste any of our beautifully hand-woven fabric.

・・・ B a g s & T o t e s・ we recreate leftover fabrics from tailoring with detailed craftwork, hand-sewing, quilting and patchwork.

Our totes and bags have 100% unbleached cotton inner linings, a key hook , one zipped pocket and 2 side pockets.

Cottony Tote ACB05

Weekend Shopping Bag ACB06

Traveler’s Ethnic Satchel ACB07

Flat Make-up Pouch ACB03 Coin & Card Pouch ACB02 Cotton Flower BagCharms ACK05

Flat Make-up Pouch ACB03 Coin & Card Pouch ACB02 Cotton Flower BagCharms ACK05

Gentle Key Holder Retail : THB 180 >12 pcs. : THB 150 Natural Handwoven Cotton in assorted Colours & Patterns Circle Pouch Coin & Card Pouch Scarf


Coin & Card Pouch ACB02

Circle Pouch ACB01

Make-up Pouch


Flat Make-up Pouch ACB03

Make-up Pouch ACB04

・・・ C h a r m s & C h a i n s・ With detailed craft and creative quilting and patchwork, we reinvigorate the leftover fabrics from tailoring, even the smallest pieces, by creatively assembling them into these charms and chains.

Couple Gentle Owl ACK02

Single Gentle Owl ACK01 Couple Gentle Owl ACK02 Family Gentle Own ACK03

Couple Gentle Own ACK 02

Single Gentle Owl ACK01

Family Gentle Owl ACK03

Belle Key Cover ACK08

Sturdy Key Holder ACK07

・・・ U p c y c l e d S i l k・ Transforming leftover handwoven silk from the looms into beautiful Traditional Thai Inspired Trousers! Available in sizes S, M, L. Only one of a kind, only one of each designed and carefully crafted! Also introducing you to flower and pea plant bag charms from small pieces of leftover silk from trailing.

Silk Flower BagCharms ACK04

Two-Tone Silk Signature Trousers CFB01-M

Silk Flower BagCharms ACK04

Join us! In the culture of Conscious Consumers!

Folkcharm Lookbook Early2017 Complete Collection  
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