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rant in Avondale you seek? Either way, Jax Restaurant Reviews has you covered. Covering every culinary nook and cranny in the 904, Jax Restaurant Reviews is more than just a blog. also features foodie news, food adventures and a community calendar as well as cafés, bistros and brewpubs organized by food type and region. So loosen that belt and check out the best fare in Northeast Florida.

BEST LOCAL RELIGIOUS/ SPIRITUAL LEADER Pastor Avery Garner Finalists: Bill Tyler, Stovall Weems

The people have spoken. But God is whispering in their ear. And the Supreme Being says that Pastor Avery Garner of St. Luke’s Community Church is the pinnacle of local clergy. The Arkansas native, former political consultant, HRO-supporting shepherd of the good word who has done some seriously admirable work on behalf of the homeless and people suffering from HIV/AIDS gives us the serious feels. If we weren’t lapsed, we’d rise and bear witness to his grace.

Seat’s Taken, Colaciello flexes the same skills as both playwright and performer. Talented, encouraging and funny as hell, Colaciello embodies the very best of local theater; and our readers agree.


Finalists: Lisa Thomas, Shad Khan

The versatile athlete — football star at Nease High School and University of Florida, 2007 Heisman winner, ex-Bronco, ex-Jet, ex-Patriot, ex-Eagle — is now trying his skills in The Show, professional baseball. Tebow signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets a couple weeks ago. Despite some grousing among sports enthusiasts, we’ll watch his new career with interest — and wonder how Tewbowing will play out at home plate. You go, Tim!


Reason to Love Northeast Florida Finalists: Weather, Jaguars People-Watch Finalists: Five Points, Town Center Bike Finalists: Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail-Trail, Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Whether cruising, strolling, swimming or spinning, people agree the beach is the best place to be for biking and people-watching and is our readers’ most favoritest thing of all. Bikers can pedal along the Jax Beach Board-

walk or head to Hanna Park for a more adventurous ride over wooded trails. The beach is also bike-friendly, so touring around on two wheels is an easy way to explore. If you like to sit back and wonder about passersby, just head to where the ocean kisses the sand. It’s a people-watching paradise. On any given day, you could see a surfer rip a set or a skater rolling with a dog. You might even spin theories about hipsters staggering from the bar or flashy femmes entering the club. Just grab a seat and get ready to be amused. Locals agree that the beaches are a quick and easy escape from it all. Our coastline features four separate beaches, each with a unique shore to explore. You can find the freshest catch in town, catch some waves or rays, chillax with pals and groove with the nightlife.


Finalists: Corrine Brown, Kerry Speckman

The strawberry blonde sweetheart of shredding sick songs on the 4th of July (and getting busted in the process) has reached the pinnacle of Northeast Florida notoriety this year by being named THE Local Weirdo on the only Best Of list that matters. As a member of the Jaguars’ Jax Pack, Pittman has entertained; as a subject of a controversial arrest, he has enthralled. Word is he also got passed during the Gate River Run on the Green Monster by a shit-talking FWM staffer (whom he immediately smoked). Can’t wait to see what he’ll do next! “Weird. Different. I ain’t scared to be,” he quips. Keep it up, Lane.

BEST LOCAL COSPLAYER Jenifer Ann Finalists: Candy Keane, Jenna Esposito

This kitty had us at “meow.” A self-described costumer/cosplayer, host, artist and promotional model is a chameleon of characters, somehow pulling off a diverse spectrum that includes Princess Leia, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, a pretty kitty and much, much more. She’s a one-woman powerhouse who makes appearances all over the country, in character, of course. FW readers’ choice for Best Local Cosplayer, Jenifer Ann, is so transformative, bet you wouldn’t recognize her if you passed her on the street.


Finalists: Patrick Carson, Mark Alan

There are some strong beliefs that many comedians are essentially terminally depressed, mood-disorder-plagued, drug-and-booze addicted, approval-seeking death-trippers. And that’s just our local church comedians, like Rev. Ricky Chuckles. We don’t know what his current lithium blood levels are, but we do know that when Folio Weekly readers wanna get a good laugh and humorous break from the soul-crushing wheel of constant misery called life, they sit back and enjoy the mirthful merriment of Adam Hartle!

BEST LOCAL ACTOR Barbara Colaciello

Finalists: Josh Waller, Yoanna House

Northeast Florida boasts an impressive theatrical community, and if we have a spearhead of that very same scene, it is surely Barbara Colaciello. Combining NYC cool, decades of experience, and a healthy dose of humor, Colaciello is on point as a drama teacher, writer and ensemble player, and equally adept at starring in her one-woman shows. With original works like the autobiographical Life on the Diagonal and the history-driven plays Sustaining Beauty and This

SEPTEMBER 21 - 27, 2016 | | 19

09/21/16 BEST of JAX 2016: Folio GO!  
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