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Folio talks simple, sexy Italian food with Antonio Carluccio

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OCT 2012


Considering the number of foodie features, restaurant reviews, eatery news and recipes that we produce each month in Folio, you probably imagine our Eating Out West editors to be a couple of greedy guzzlers. And you’d be absolutely right in that assumption! But we hope that their unwavering passion for good food - whether that’s a quick bowl of comforting noodles or a seven-course tasting menu - can’t help but shine through, too. That’s a sentiment that’s also shared by Antonio Carluccio, whose passion for authentic Italian dishes has served him extremely well indeed. On page 47, Melissa Blease meets the great man himself, plus on page 60 we take a tour of the recently opened Carluccio’s restaurant and deli in Bath’s Milsom Place. Still in Bath, hot on the heels of the glittering occasion that was the Bath Good Food Awards - huge congratulations to all the winners and runners-up! we’re looking forward to tucking into the Great Bath Feast taking place throughout October - see page 42 for more.

Have a delicious month,

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98 Pieces of Me: psychic medium, holistic therapist and writer Nicky Marshall

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94 The Blue House - a beautiful property for sale in Sneyd Park

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FEATURE Near right: Zahra Bahri performing at the first What the Frock at the Arnolfini Far right: Comedian Dana Alexander

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FUNNY GIRLS Heard the one about the comedy night that’s putting women in the spotlight? Suzanne Savill gets the giggles


p on the stage of the comedy club, a comedian was going through his routine. But Jane Duffus wasn’t laughing… “It was really unpleasant,” she recalls. “He was standing there doing rape jokes, and I wanted to walk out - but I knew that if I did, he’d pick on me.” So Jane remained in her seat. However, she’s now having the last laugh, after creating a comedy night called What the Frock, at which all the performers are women. The event began as a one-off in May, but it’s been such a success that it’s turned into a unique comedy brand, complete with tote bags and badges. There are now regular What the Frock events, and from January 2013 there will be a monthly residency every fourth Friday at Bristol’s Square club in Clifton. So what do female comedians do at What the Frock? Do they stand on stage telling father-in-law jokes, instead of mother-in-law jokes? And what about the audience? Does it consist solely of women? Jane replies: “Although the comedians are women, they don’t tell anti-male jokes. And men are very welcome in the audience. At the first event, some of my male friends who were coming to support me said they were worried they’d be the only men,

but in fact men made up about a third of the audience.” Even before Jane’s recent encounter with the misogynist comedian, she had already decided to do something to address the fact that in far too many live comedy venues women are the butt of jokes rather than being up on the stage telling them. She explains that she first became aware of the depth of feeling about the issue after an online debate began last year about the lack of women panellists on comedy shows, notably BBC’s Mock the Week. “I wrote about it on my blog after visiting Cheltenham Literary Festival and seeing the issue discussed by the writers Grace Dent and Caitlin Moran,” says Jane, who works in publishing and blogs under the name of MadameJMo. “My blog got 25,000 hits, and there was also a big debate on Twitter and it was picked up by the New Statesman. “Then, in January of this year, I wrote another blog about the noticeable lack of female performers in stand-up comedy, which also got a huge response - which led to me writing a reply saying that perhaps I should do something about it. I wasn’t entirely serious when I wrote that comment, but there was such a lot of interest that I decided to set up a comedy night for female performers.” The result was a show called What the Frock, which took place at the ➻ FOLIO/OCT FOLIO/JUNE FOLIO/OCT2012 201255

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Kate Smurthwaite started doing stand-up comedy eight years ago, after what she describes as “a long and committed stint as a drunk heckler”. She’s given more than 2,000 performances, and regularly comperes at What the Frock.

Above: Award-winning comedian Tiffany Stevenson

Arnolfini in May as part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas. “I’d never organised anything on that scale before. The biggest event I’d arranged before then was my birthday party,” says Jane, who lives in Victoria Park, Bristol. “I was lucky in that I was advised to approach Andrew Kelly, who runs the Festival of Ideas. “He’s organised lots of events and has a huge number of contacts. He was very supportive and gave me a lot of advice, and let me have a completely free rein to book whoever I wanted.” Jane got an indication that she’d discovered a previously untapped market in comedy even before she held the first event for What the Frock, which features a distinctive spotted dress as its logo. A fundraiser held at Bristol’s Big Chill Bar to help cover the £1,400 cost of staging What the Frock was crammed to capacity, and then the event itself sold out. Jane recalls: “It was a 220-capacity venue, and we sold out What the Frock about a week in advance, and had more than 100 people on the waiting list. It was the biggestcapacity Festival of Ideas event to sell out, from among the 100 events they held in May.” Tickets also sold out for the second WTF, held in July at retro bowling

venue the Lanes as part of Bristol Ladyfest. The third, which took place in September at Bristol University Students’ Union as part of UK Feminista Summer School, was also a sell-out, as was another fundraiser at the Big Chill. Future WTF events being planned include one at Bristol University to coincide with Freshers’ Week in October, and a Christmas event with Foyles in Quakers Friars, plus further fundraisers. Other possibilities under consideration include staging a WTF event in London in spring 2013, and even holding a WTF festival in Bristol. “I think there’s a big demand for this sort of comedy, which wasn’t being met,” says Jane. “It’s really hard anywhere, not just Bristol. If you go to a comedy club, the chances are that most of the performers will be men, and a lot of the people in the audience will be on stag nights or hen nights and getting drunk. People have said to me that they like the fact that it’s a really nice, funny, relaxed atmosphere at WTF, where everyone can feel included and not be offended.” Among the comedians who’ve taken part in WTF so far are awardwinning Tiffany Stevenson, Rosie ➻

“Comedy is a ridiculously sexist industry. Mind you, so are lots of other things. If someone told you that black people make bad dentists, you’d probably punch them. But people say that women make bad comedians all the time and it’s treated like a valid opinion. “People tell me all the time that I have to do well to prove that women can be funny. But I shouldn’t have to prove anything - we should ask these idiots to prove that they’re not sexist dickheads before we let them be a part of our normal society. “What the Frock is brilliant. It’s a female comedy show that isn’t about giving those poor stupid girls a go with the big boys’ toys and isn’t about a tie-in to face cream or selling alcopops; it’s about being awesome. And it comfortably outsells other comedy clubs in the region with track records of underbooking female talent. “As an experienced act, you can generally tell the second you walk onstage what the crowd are going to be like. I remember walking out of the wings, looking up and around the room and thinking, ‘Yes, this is going to be fun.’ And it was.”

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ANGIE BELCHER Bristol-based Angie Belcher performed at What the Frock last month. She started writing monologues for a poetry sketch show, and received such a good response that she developed a stand-up comedy act and ran Bristol’s Comedy Rocket night.

Wilby, Danielle Ward and Kate Smurthwaite, who has been a popular compere. “They’ve all got different styles,” says Jane. “Kate, for example, tells quite political jokes, while Tiffany talks about her working-class background. And Lucy Ogilvie and Marina O’Shea, who performed at the Lanes, do funny sketches and songs.” It sounds like the stand-up equivalent of Smack the Pony, the TV sketch show with a core female cast that included Sally Phillips, Doon Mackichan and Fiona Allen, along with guest stars Miranda Hart and Sarah Alexander. However, Jane observes that while TV comedy has moved on from comedy cliches such as the old Carry On films where Barbara Windsor invariably played dizzy blondes, while Hattie Jacques was given similarly PHOTO: DAN BRIGHT

Above: What the Frock badges Right: What the Frock founder, Jane Duffus

predictable matronly roles stereotypes about women continue in modern stand-up. “There are a lot of old-fashioned, rather lazy views on women in comedy,” says Jane. “Anyone looking at the line-ups for stand-up comedy shows, or at TV panel shows such as Have I Got News for You and Mock the Week - when there’s often a single woman in a line-up of about half a dozen - might assume that there aren’t any funny women out there. But when I started looking for female comedians to take part in What the Frock, I didn’t have to look hard to find them online. “The problem wasn’t that they weren’t there. It was that it was a lot harder for them to get bookings than their male counterparts. It seems that some comedy promoters won’t book women because they think men won’t want to watch them. There’s an attitude that women just aren’t funny, but you only have to watch a stand-up comedian like Sarah Millican to see that that simply isn’t the case.” WHAT THE FROCK FFI: WWW.WHATTHEFROCK COMEDY.CO.UK

“The mic is normally at the wrong height, but apart from that I think the stand-up comedy scene is really changing. Even blokes are starting to admit that they want a more diverse range of ideas emanating from the stage. Sometimes I write things that I think the male members of the audience will hate, but often they tell me that they enjoyed it. I think we need not judge men so harshly. It’s promoters who need to be more open-minded - not just in terms of gender but also in making sure that a wide variety of acts are represented. “When I ran The Comedy Rocket, I wanted to get acts that made me want to find out their story. I loved getting acts where I had no idea what they were going to bring to the stage. Even blokes get sick of knob jokes. “My favourite response is when people say, ‘I’ve been there…’ It makes me feel cosy inside. But I’ve also had people walk out because I’ve talked about pretending my mother is dead to get out of a really awful first date. But you can’t give the audience a pre-gig questionnaire and make sure that all your material is inoffensive. It would be safe, yes, but it would also be boring. “I recently compered in a cathedral and did my sex-andreligion set. I kept worrying that I was going to be struck dead on stage by some divine intervention but then I remembered that I was an atheist.”

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Voted in the Top 50 antique shops in Great Britain 2010 by The Independent on Sunday

OLD BANK ANTIQUES CENTRE 14-17 Walcot Buildings, London Road, Bath

Retro g Clothinble Availa

Situated on the London Road (A4), just a short walk from the top of Walcot Street. Old Bank Antiques Centre is the largest retailer of antiques in Bath, without being stuffy and too grand. This is how antiques shops used to look: a hoarder’s paradise. fifteen dealers spread through lots of showrooms in four shops with everything from 17th century to 1970s retro. Experienced and professional advice is always available. Customer parking is at the rear, accessed via Bedford Street. Deliveries can be arranged anywhere in the UK or the rest of world, at cost price. Furniture restorer on premises. Open seven days a week Visit our website: Tel: 01225 469282 & 338813 Email:


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Melissa Blease takes a peek under the immaculately pressed uniform of illustrious Bath institution Norland College

10 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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Norland Nannies in the distinguished coffee’n’cream uniform complete with smart felt hat


ake a stroll around Bath’s Royal Victoria Park on any given morning, and the chances are you’ll encounter a vision evocative enough to make you doublecheck what year it is: a uniformed nanny - complete with white gloves and a cute little cap - pushing a carriage pram along one of the many leafy thoroughfares, perhaps with one or two impeccably behaved toddlers in tow. The weather may not be temperate. Her little charges may not be eager to take their morning constitution. But two things are for sure: the Norland Nanny at the helm has the situation entirely under her control and the children adore her. Or him - not all Norland Nannies are female. Nor are they a Bath-only phenomenon - once trained in the

Heritage City, Norland graduates go global. On return from your parklife sojourn a couple of weeks ago, you may have noticed an interesting little story dominating the headlines, focusing on Michael Kenny, the 18-year-old who became the first male to undertake a degree course at the acclaimed Norland College in Bath. We’ll be hearing more from the modern-day Norland Nanny, including Nanny Kenny, about the voyage on which their chosen career takes them (and we promise to try our very best not to refer to Michael as a Manny). But before we begin, it’s time to explore the history behind those iconic uniforms. Norland College was founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, today highly regarded as a pioneer of early years education. Emily recognised the need for childcare to be more structured than it had been in

previous decades, centred on the child in a loving, nurturing environment. Before Emily instigated formal training at what was originally called her Training School for Ladies as Children’s Nurses on Norland Place, London (hence the name of the college), preschool children would be cared for by ‘untutored’ housemaids. Emily’s institution was the first college to offer any kind of formal childcare training, which Emily founded on the principles of Froebel (the German educationalist best known as the originator of the ‘kindergarten’ system) and adapted to the needs of young children and their families as the 19th century gave way to the 20th. Today, Norland College is based in an elegant converted Georgian townhouse on London Road, Bath. Along with its location, the college curriculum has changed and adapted as the years have rolled along: to quote directly from the Norland’s own mission statement, the college has ‘progressed with the times to offer the most up to date academic childcare training courses and the highest practice standards in line with the latest research’. But throughout its constant ➻ FOLIO/OCT 2012 11

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Right: Norland students in the classroom where academic topics include child development, creativity and nursery management

development, Norland’s values have remained the same, with children at the centre of all decisions, and the Norland motto, ‘Love Never Faileth’, being central to its values. But what is contemporary life actually like behind the scenes of this illustrious (and very British) institution? Liz Hunt has been principal of Norland College since 2009, and is responsible for the strategic direction of the organisation. “Continuous improvement of quality and standards is paramount to my role, and I’m honoured to play such a huge part in shaping the future of the whole organisation,” she tells Folio. “It’s also a huge responsibility in terms of keeping our history and traditions alive, as this is what makes Norland so unique - I’m merely holding the baton until such a time as I pass it on to my successor!” In our opinion, there’s nothing ‘merely’ about that. But Claire Burgess, education lecturer at Norland, is equally humbling to talk work with. “Having trained at the college myself, I feel a great sense of pride in both my own training and training today’s students,” she says. “It’s a privilege to have trained here, and to now be involved in supporting and developing the Norlanders of the future is absolutely wonderful.” Claire teaches all academic elements of Norland training, including topics covering child development, creativity, nursery management and safeguarding, as well as being a personal tutor to both first- and second-year students. But it’s clear from talking to both Liz and Claire that the overall ambience of the college is as important as the structure and ‘formalities’ of the curriculum. “The day-to-day atmosphere here is vibrant, caring and fun, while also remaining wholly professional,” says Claire. “The students are, of course, required to work hard, with a great deal of

dedication, but our open-door policy makes for a very close-knit community.” Liz adds: “Norland has a family feel about it - very warm and friendly. We’re small enough to be able to get to know one another really well, and pride ourselves on the care and support that staff and students provide to each other.” So, now that the Supernannies have given us the lowdown on the Norland backdrop, it’s over to a recent graduate to tell us all about life in uniform. After graduating from Norland College, Kitty Rose worked as a nanny for two years before returning to the college to work in their own nursery for another two years. She’s now a fully qualified teacher of a combined Reception/Year 1 class in a village school, but will always be a Norlander at heart. “Norland gave me an invaluable foundation for my entire career,” says Kitty. “The college offers a great balance between academic study and practical placement, and the overall philosophy is really significant: seeing children as really precious and consequently insisting on the highest standards, because children deserve the best possible care at every level.” The highlights of her career to date, says Kitty, are the strong relationships that she’s built and maintained with families with whom she’s worked, and seeing

children whom she’s known since they were tiny grow up: “It’s such a privilege to be part of their lives.” Emily Ward quickly recognised that Norland Nurses (as Norland graduates were originally known) needed to be recognised as professionals. Today, Norlanders wear the distinguished uniform (a rather stylish coffee’n’cream combo complete with smart felt hat and those aforementioned little white gloves) when training at the college, for formal college events and, once qualified, in the workplace (they’re not, however, obliged to wear uniform when working in a family, unless specifically requested). “The uniform is a reminder of Norland’s high standards in every area of practice, including how we dress,” says Kitty. “I’m always proud to wear it!” We know what question you’re all itching to ask now: what will male nanny Michael Kenny be wearing now that he’s the first official male Norlander? On this topic, there will be no Mrs Doubtfire jokes (see panel) at the back of the class - for your information, Mr Kenny will be wearing a smart tweed jacket, cream shirt, matching tie and beige trousers for his studies. But there’s much, much more to the career upon which Michael is about to embark than wardrobe issues. ➻ FOLIO/OCT 2012 13

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Five early years practitioners who definitely never went to Norland… MARY POPPINS The ‘practically perfect in every way’ Ms Poppins has to be one of the most legendarily lovely (and loved) nannies of all time, capturing our hearts from the moment she floated down to earth from her cloud, using her umbrella to ensure a soft landing. And what yummy mummy could possibly fail to fall for Mary’s paramour, the cheeky Jack-ofall-trades Bert? Heck, we could even forgive him for that dreadful Mockney drawl. Most memorable line: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” MARIA RAINER How do you solve a problem like Maria? You give her seven children to look after, that’s how. Yup, it’s Julie Andrews again, in one of her most famous film roles ever (The Sound of Music, 1959). Governess Maria combined beauty, bravery and brains - and gave countless children a soundtrack to their early lives. Most memorable line: “The hills are alive with the sound of music, with songs they have sung for a thousand years.”

It’s astounding that, here in 2012, a man who has chosen to embark on what’s still largely seen as traditionally a female-only career has caused such a flurry in the national press. But the story about the firstever man to gain a place on the Norland degree course trended in every medium from Twitter to BBC TV news via frontpage headlines on most of the national newspapers, both tabloid and broadsheet. “The childcare sector on the whole has very few males working either within a family home or in a nursery/daycare setting,” says Claire Burgess. “But Norland fully supports, encourages and welcomes prospective males into the industry, as it’s important that children have positive role models who are both men and women. The popularity and demand for male nannies is still in its infancy, but we hope that, over the coming years, we’ll see an increase in male Norland graduates, following Michael’s lead.” Says Liz Hunt: “Our selection criteria are so robust that we’ll ensure that a prospective male student has the same qualities that we look for in a female student: a passion for working with children and the motivation to succeed, combined with academic achievement.” So let’s go over to the man himself for his views on embarking on his new career. “I

live in Bath so had always been aware of Norland,” says Michael. “Ultimately, I’d like to be a primary school teacher, but doing my degree at Norland will give me the practical experience, qualifications and skills to work as a nanny, should I take that route.” And it’s a route that offers a long, fulfilling career to both men and women, from working with families nationally and internationally to progressing in teacher training or using qualifications gained to move into health or social care professions, or running a nursery - the life of a Norland nanny is as multifaceted as the personalities of the little people with whom they’re so passionate about working. Before we dim the lights on Folio’s Norland experience and leave the nursery behind us, let’s have a quick summary from those in the know regarding what three qualities are vital to the prospective Supernannies of today. “A clear affinity with and dedication to the care and education of young children, enthusiasm and good communication skills,” says Claire. “Love, patience and energy,” says Kitty. “Patience, respect and love,” says Michael. As for Mary Poppins’ famous spoonful of sugar… nobody mentioned it once. NORLAND COLLEGE YORK PLACE, LONDON RD, BATH. FFI: 01225 904040, WWW.NORLAND.CO.UK

NANNY MCPHEE Emma Thompson brought warty, weird Nanny McPhee to big-screen life in the 2005 film of the same title. Initially more than a little sinister, she eventually turns out to be a nanny with a heart of gold, ‘taming’ her employer’s unruly children and bringing romantic harmony to the household using that vital ‘nanny magic’. Most memorable line: “When you need me, but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me, but no longer need me, then I have to go.” NANA If Nana - the Newfoundland (or, in the film version, St Bernard) dog in the mop cap - hadn’t turned her back, the Darling children would never have gone to Neverland with Peter Pan... and we’d have missed out on one of the loveliest children’s stories of all time. Most memorable line: “Nana, the nursemaid, being a dog, kept her opinions to herself and viewed the whole affair with a certain tolerance.” MRS DOUBTFIRE An out of work actor (played in the 1993 film by Robin Williams) dons a frock, a wig and six layers of make-up to take on the role of nanny to his own children. Most memorable line: “I’m a hip old granny who can hip-hop, bebop, dance till ya drop and yo-yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa.”

14 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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aving produced videos for numerous UK-based hotels and attractions, including Champneys spas, Radisson Blu’s Filini restaurant and Cabot Circus, Bristol Film & Media have recently been out to Mykonos in Greece to create a series of promotional videos for five-star resort Villa Thea. It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to have video on their website. Not only does video act as a powerful promotional tool, it also helps to establish a business’s personality and style, and allows viewers to ‘connect’ with a business. It can also serve as a very effective way of showcasing a product or service. Having a video on your website can increase your chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. In addtion to this, videopromoted products have an 85% increased probability of being bought. Video also goes hand in hand with social media. Recent statistics show that, on Facebook, people share videos 12 times more often than links and text posts

combined, and an amazing 700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter. Bristol Film & Media cover all stages of production, from the initial concept through to the final product. Make the most of your online presence - give Bristol Film & Media a call.


bristol film & media f213.indd 10

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A familiar sight down by the docks - a blackheaded gull in flight





veryone loves walking along the river in Bristol - it’s a great place to spend a weekend morning, with the excitements of M Shed and Watershed and ships and seagulls and the hubbub of Bristol all around you. But did you know that there’s another riverside walk, just a little further downstream, where the pace of life changes and it can be just you and the gulls and a view of the majesty of the Gorge? Head downstream, towards the Cumberland Basin and start your walk outside the Create Centre on Smeaton Road.

Head to the centre of Bristol for a riverside amble that’s brimming with a rich diversity of wildlife

see common sandpiper and redshank taking advantage of the food-rich saltmarsh. It’s a part of riverside Bristol that’s all too easily overlooked - literally, since the busy roadways of the Cumberland Basin zoom over and around the area, but you’ll be


This area is home to a rich diversity of wildlife, and stands on land formed from spoil when the Cumberland Basin was excavated. The Avon Wildlife Trust have produced a wildlife trail around the centre, which takes you past saltmarsh, the tidal river Avon, old harbour walls and hedgerows. At certain times of the year you’ll see a good selection of cormorants, herons, ducks and gulls, and in the autumn and winter months you might also

surprised at just how wildlife-rich it is. Walking under the flyover from the Create Centre is like entering a timewarp, with the marvellous view of the Gorge and the Suspension Bridge reminding you that you’re at the heart of the river system that made Bristol such a great city. Cross the steel bridge over the river onto the quay, where the old dock walls (and even Brunel’s swing bridge) have lots of interesting plants growing on them - with names like purple loosestrife, pellitory of the wall, hemlock water-dropwort and hart’s tongue fern, you could almost believe you’d been transported back to a medieval herbal. You might also see black and white pied wagtail here, and possibly the lemon and charcoal grey wagtail.


Plants such as purple loosestrife grow on the old dock walls

Small tortoiseshell butterfly on common knapweed

Retracing your steps past the Create Centre, head for the railway bridge across the river. You might be lucky enough to see or hear the kestrels that frequent this area. This is a good point from which to observe the river - look at all the footprints in the mud! In fact the first signs of otter returning to Bristol a couple of years ago turned up here, with otter prints clearly identified in the mud. A track runs along the old railway line, where the shelter of vegetation makes a safe spot for many different insects, including butterflies and dark bush cricket in summer. Old railway lines are wonderful wildlife corridors, connecting green spaces in cities with the countryside. A circular path takes you back past Butterfly Junction to the Create Centre, which is open during the week - pop in to look at the exhibitions about environmental issues, and to explore the Ecohome. WILDLIFE WALKS YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE WALK FROM THE AVON WILDLIFE TRUST’S WILDLIFE WALKS PAGE ON THEIR WEBSITE: WWW.AWTWAYSINTOWILDLIFE.ORG.UK AVON WILDLIFE TRUST OUR GUIDE COMES COURTESY OF THIS LEADING LOCAL CHARITY WORKING FOR PEOPLE AND WILDLIFE. FFI: 0117 917 7270, WWW.AVONWILDLIFETRUST.ORG.UK

FOLIO/OCT 2012 17

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COMING TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU Robin Askew picks some highlights from this month’s cinematic crop

ON THE ROAD OPENS FRI 12 OCT Yet another supposedly unfilmable novel hits the big screen. Walter Salles and screenwriter José Rivera are behind this long-gestating adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical beat novel, having pulled off The Motorcycle Diaries. Brit Sam Riley (Pinkie in the Brighton Rock remake) is cast as Sal Paradise, who hits the road with his free-spirited pal Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund from, er, Tron: Legacy). Cast also includes Amy Adams, Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen (as Old Bull Lee).

RUBY SPARKS OPENS FRI 12 OCT A blocked young novelist begins to write about the woman of his dreams, only for her to materialise in his home - and simply by tweaking his manuscript, she can be made to do his bidding. An adolescent sex comedy, right? Actually, no. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’s belated follow-up to 2006’s Oscar-winning Little Miss Sunshine is rather more subtle and imaginative than that. It helps that Paul Dano (as the novelist) and Zoe Kazan (as the infinitely malleable Ruby) resemble real human beings rather than movie stars.

ROLLING STONES: FRANKENWEENIE BEASTS OF THE CROSSFIRE 3D SOUTHERN WILD HURRICANE Tim Burton’s A big winner at The notoriously control-freaky Stones - or, more specifically, Mick Jagger - have always been very particular about what we see of them. So if this 50th anniversary documentary pieced together by Brett (The Kid Stays in the Picture) Morgen lives up to its billing as ‘the first comprehensive overview of their career’, it should be quite a treat. Many cinemas will be broadcasting its London Film Festival gala premiere on Thur 18 live by satellite. OPENS FRI 19 OCT



wonderful monochrome stopmotion animation opens this month’s London Film Festival and arrives in cinemas a week later. An expansion of Burton’s 1984 short, it’s the typically dark and funny story of young Victor Frankenstein, who lives in the conformist suburban small town of New Holland. Distraught after his beloved dog Sparky is run over by a car, he resolves to revive the squashed beast using the magic of electricity. You’ll need to watch this at least twice to catch all the classic horror movie references.

the Cannes and Sundance film festivals, Benh Zeitlin’s feature debut is a Louisiana-set drama about childhood and innocence, featuring a cast of non-actors. It centres on a six-year-old black girl, Hushpuppy, who lives in the impoverished delta community known as the Bathtub, which appears to be a giant junkyard. She’s become obsessed with apocalypse, fearing that the melting polar ice caps will unleash prehistoric beasts. Manipulative poverty tourism? You decide.


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Now a nationwide event, the Big Draw is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing, inspiring thousands of doodly happenings every October. Bristol’s Big Draw fun this year includes the Paul Klee-inspired Take a Line for a Walk events (daily at Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery and the M Shed), which invite you to gather ideas and drawing materials from the Big Draw art cart and explore the museums through drawing, plus a whole Big Draw day of creativity and experimentation (M Shed, Tue 30 Oct), offering further illustrative diversions for scribblers of all ages. THE BIG DRAW! TUE 30 OCT, M SHED, HARBOURSIDE, BRISTOL & TAKE A LINE FOR A WALK 1 OCT-4 NOV, BRISTOL CITY MUSEUM & ART GALLERY, QUEENS RD & 2 OCT-4 NOV AT M SHED. FFI: WWW.BRISTOL.GOV.UK/PAGE/FAMILY-LEARNING-EVENTS-ANDACTIVITIES, WWW.MSHED.ORG



Bristol Zoo gets in the spirit of All Hallows Eve with a bubbling cauldron of fun. First up, their family-friendly Halloween Festival, with a special spooky trail to follow, scary face painting, storytellers, competitions and plenty of fancy dress. For older spook-hunters (ages 14 and over) there’s an altogether scarier Fright Night on Halloween night itself, when the zoo will be plunged into eerie darkness and haunted by some creepy creatures of the night… HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL 27-31 OCT & FRIGHT NIGHT WED 31 OCT, BOTH AT BRISTOL ZOO GARDENS, CLIFTON. HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL INCLUDED IN NORMAL ADMISSION CHARGE. TICKETS FOR FRIGHT NIGHT £12. FFI: 0117 974 7300, WWW.BRISTOLZOO.ORG.UK/WHATS-ON



Flittery bats make for an atmospheric woodland wander, and Steve England knows just where to find them around the leafy twilit wildernesses of Stoke Park. There are two chances to join him for a free, fact-packed bat hunt this month, before, also in Stoke Park, an even spookier evening: a ghost walk charting the legend of a girl killed while out riding in Stoke Park some three centuries ago. Perfect for Halloween… BAT WALK 4 & 25 OCT, 6.30-9PM, GHOST WALK 31 OCT, BOTH AT STOKE PARK ESTATE, BRISTOL, FREE. BOOK VIA THE COUNCIL’S PARKS DEPARTMENT ON 0117 922 3719. FACEBOOK: STOKE PARK ESTATE

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Help keep Bristol’s high streets as diverse and vibrant as possible by swapping some sterling for Bristol Pounds



So many good things all rolled into one here (deep breath)… bestselling children’s writer Gideon Defoe (author of The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists and Peter Lord (cofounder of Aardman, whose rollicking filmic adaptation of the book came out earlier this year) unite for the Bristol Festival of Literature (13-21 Oct) in an event called Who Became Pirates and Why? They will arrive at the M Shed by boat (2pm) and then lead a big old chinwag about pirates and stuff, hosted by BBC Radio Bristol (2-3pm). And as if that weren’t enough, family fun sails on all afternoon, with craft activities, a rope-making demonstration and boat trips in the harbour on board creaking replica ship the Matthew. There’ll also be a treasure trail to follow around the city and fascinating insights on British piracy from the Bristol Radical History Group.



Bristol now has its own currency! The Bristol Pound, launched last month, is real money designed to support Bristol’s independent businesses, strengthen the local economy and help to keep our high streets diverse and distinct. It’s available in both paper and electronic form, and can be spent just like sterling at every participating business in the city. Have you got yours yet?




Embrace the shifting seasons with these winsome autumnal treats from Bristol boutique Howkapow: a leafless branch necklace by Brian Everett, laser-cut from bamboo plywood and wrapped with colourful embroidery floss; and a leafy print by Owen Gildersleeve, inspired by an autumnal walk. Owen handcrafted the leaves out of paper, then photographed them and made them into a limited edition of 50 signed, numbered archival giclée prints.



Autumn is a great time for owl spotting, and there are two chances this month to join expert Ian McGuire for an educational stroll through the dusky woods in search of the elusive big-eyed strigiformes. Suitable for both kids and grown-ups, the walks offer a chance to explore the secret world of these little-known crepuscular hunters. Ian will show pictures and short films of owls and will try to attract a few wild ones to make an appearance, too. FAMILY OWL PROWL FRI 12 OCT (ASHTON COURT ESTATE) & FRI 19 OCT (BLAISE CASTLE ESTATE), 7-9PM, £6 ADULT, £3 CHILD, £15 FAMILY. FFI: WWW.WILDOWL.CO.UK






You may think that Bath is already pretty well served for literature loveins, what with the Bath Lit Fest in March and the Bath Kids’ Lit Fest in September and October (running until Sun 7). But this October also sees the launch of a brand-new book festival, the Bath Autumn Book Festival, an ambitious spread of events laid on by fiercely independent booksellers Topping and Company - already famous for bringing in the biggest names from the writerly world throughout the year. For the festival proper, they’ve brought in 11 days of talks, literary lunches, readings and discussions, with highlights including morning coffee with Sebastian Faulks (Sat 6), lunch with Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Ford (Tue 16) and an evening with Michael Palin (Wed 10). BATH AUTUMN BOOK FESTIVAL 5-16 OCT, VARIOUS VENUES, BATH. FFI: 01225 428111, WWW.BATHBOOKFESTIVAL.CO.UK

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From favourite portraits to photos of Beijing, Steve Wright rounds up the best exhibitions and events

See portraits such as this, thought to be of Lady Arabella Stuart, during M Shed’s Imagined Lives exhibition this month

AROUND THE GALLERIES ➻ Two fine-looking shows at Bath’s

AUTUMN EXHIBITION BRISTOL The Royal West of England Academy’s Autumn Exhibition (21 Oct-30 Dec) is the biggest annual art show produced around these parts. Happily, it’s also one of the best. It works like this: each year the RWA invite artists from around the country to submit work for inclusion, and typically receive around 2,000 works. A panel of Academicians and expert judges painstakingly whittles this longlist down to around 500 pieces, which are then shown across the extensive white walls of the RWA’s beautiful, light, airy first-floor galleries. You can expect to see a vast, eclectic and

PAINTWORKS ART MARKET Paintworks’ Autumn Art Market (Sun 7 Oct,10.30am4.30pm, free) is a fantastic place to pick up new artworks - and to meet and talk shop with some of the best and most exciting artists in the region. Pottery, paintings, textiles, crafts, jewellery, enamelling, photography... you’ll find a little bit of everything, all in one space, and all for sale at very affordable prices. BRISTOL


inspiring array of art, featuring the most beautiful, interesting, innovative and thought-provoking stuff currently being created across the media of painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and even (via drawings and maquettes) architecture. And you can buy many of the works in the show, with prices starting as low as £25. Better still, the RWA will be opening its Art Clinic - a new service to guide budding collectors in purchasing artwork - during the show. FFI WWW.RWA.ORG.UK



BATH This new arts organisation and gallery launches its first exhibition this month, at the artspace on Lower Borough Walls that it’s occupied since August. Facilities include artists’ studios, a gallery and a public events calendar of workshops, lectures, film screenings and more. Exhibition Ten Plus One (24 Oct-6 Nov) features 44AD’s regular artists (including Beryl Desmond, Suspension, pictured).

BATH Until Sun 14 Oct, the Holburne Museum hosts its brilliant biennial Portrait Prize, open to all artists in the South West. Gifted portraitists including Paul Brason, Malcolm Ashman (pictured) and Ben Hughes have submitted works: vote for your own favourite to win the People’s Prize. Other Holburne autumn highlights include delightful group exhibition What Are You Like? (until 17 Oct), featuring quirky, revealing illustrations by Shirley Hughes (of the much-loved Alfie children’s stories), Lauren Child (Charlie and Lola) and others.


Museum of East Asian Art (until 15 Jan, document modern life in China. Ramon Bujanda’s photographic exhibition People of Beijing depicts the spirit of life in the Chinese capital, while Present - Perfect - Tense features striking mixed-media pieces by artist/academic Jiao Xingtao, inspired by the byproducts of consumerism ... An intriguing pair of exhibitions at Bristol’s M Shed (20 Oct-6 Jan,, on tour from the National Portrait Gallery, enquires into the natures of identity, fame, reality, fiction - and how we’ll all be remembered. The mysterious 16th and 17th century portraits in Imagined Lives have inspired internationally renowned authors to create fantasy character sketches and fictional biographies, bringing to life the sitters whose identities have been lost or misattributed. In Real Lives, local writers offer alternative insights into people we think we know, via photographic portraits of people with a Bristol connection, including Damien Hirst, JK Rowling, Stephen Merchant and Banksy ... Spike Island’s major Bristol autumn show (20 Oct-9 Dec, www. is from Berlinbased artist Ivan Seal, who uses two seemingly disparate media, paint and sound, to create compositions in which meaning often hovers just beyond grasp ... Bath’s lovely Edgarmodern (www.edgarmodern. com) gives its walls over to one of our favourite artists, Jessica Cooper (6-20 Oct), whose beautiful, simple still-lifes have an engaging, almost naive quirkiness ... And the fifth annual West Bristol Arts Trail (13-14 Oct: westbristolartstrail) will see more than 100 artists exhibiting work in homes and public buildings around Clifton and Hotwells.


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Grab a seat in the front row for Steve Wright’s hot tickets from the world of THEATRE, CIRCUS, COMEDY & OPERA

Catch sketch comedy troupe Pappy’s at Bath’s Rondo (Thur 18 Oct), and Bristol’s Comedy Box, (Thur 1 Nov)




ALMA TAVERN THEATRE One of our favourite events of the theatrical year, here at Folio’s Arts desk, is the annual autumn season at the Alma Theatre. For one thing, the theatre is a gem of a venue: a cosy, intimate 50-seater above Clifton’s thriving Alma Tavern. What’s more, the Alma’s autumn season always promises 10 weeks of brilliant new theatre. Programmed by Bristol’s excellent Theatre West, the season features performances of five brand-new plays, which each get a fortnight’s run. The theme for this year’s season is ‘A-Z’ - the five plays each respond in some way to a street in Bristol that’s been chosen, completely at random, by each playwright. We begin with Sleep Lane (2-13 Oct) by well-known playwright and TW regular Steve Hennessy. Inspired by the sheltered, affluent Sleep Lane in Whitchurch, Hennessy has spun a parable of love, sex, money and economic meltdown, with characters from Greek mythology emerging from and disappearing back into the leafy suburban street. See you in the suburbs…






A fine new addition to Bristol’s performing arts landscape is the Big Top, a new circus tent auditorium on the Creative Common arts and community site near Temple Meads. Expect a fine mix of music and performance, with one of the first big dates this very month. The Happiness Machine (4-7/11-14/18-21 Oct) is a return for Bristol’s brilliant Invisible Circus, who’ll be using circus and theatre to explore the illusory worlds of PR, spin and marketing.


The sublime Opera Project return to Raleigh Road for a tenth year with their superb, intimate chamber opera. Eugene Onegin (16-27 Oct), Tchaikovsky’s adaptation of Pushkin’s romantic masterpiece, tells of the ill-fated love between the innocent Tatyana and worldweary cynic Onegin. The latter is played by Australian baritone Grant Doyle, while the much-praised Lee Bisset sings Tatyana. One for opera buffs and virgins alike.

THEATRE ROYAL Some fine shows here this month… Vintage Ealing comedy The Ladykillers (8-13 Oct), adapted for stage by Graham ‘Father Ted’ Linehan, should be great fun, while Sean O’Casey’s classic Irish drama The Plough and the Stars (16-20 Oct) will make for a moving and powerful evening. We round off the month with a visit from Rupert Everett, who plays Oscar Wilde in David Hare’s The Judas Kiss (22-27 Oct).




➻ October is generally a cracking month for stand-up comedy - everyone’s recovered from the Edinburgh Festival and written some new material, and the comedy clubs haven’t yet gone into full-on Christmas-party mode, so interesting, intelligent comedy is to be found in clubs across Bristol and Bath. This month’s highlights include brilliant sketch comedy troupe Pappy’s, who visit Bath’s Rondo (Thur 18 Oct, www. and Bristol’s Comedy Box (Thur 1 Nov, www. with what they’ve called their Last Show Ever. We hope that’s a misleading title, as Pappy’s brand of frenetic, inventive and awesomely physical sketch comedy is too good to lose. Swansong or no swansong, though, best get your tickets now. Other comedic gems include the splendidly haughty Simon Evans, who’ll be looking down his nose at Comedy Box audiences (19-20 Oct). Colston Hall welcome a former son of this parish, the brainy, surreal Bristol City fan Mark Watson (Sat 13 Oct, www. His new show, we’re warned, may contain optional audience interaction and improvisation. Always good to see comedians thinking on their feet. Back in Bath, Komedia host the hugely likeable Stephen K Amos (Tue 16 Oct,, while Radio 4 regular Mark Steel drops in with his In Town show (Thur 25 Oct), tailoring each night’s performance to include jokes, tales and observations about his host city. FOLIO/OCT 2012 25

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THE BAND PLAYED ON From pop and rock via Americana to classical and opera, Julian Owen chooses this month’s top concerts

OH NO I LOVE YOU SUSANNA THURS 11 OCT We all know how church-raised singers sound, right? The big, ebullient likes of Aretha Franklin, Solomon Burke and Dionne Warwick - all shout-it-to-the-heavens voices and bodily throwing themselves into every last note. Well, turns out not all of them emanate raging fire. Some transmit something altogether more icy. At least, they do if they were raised in Sweden. Step forward - slowly, deliberately - an un-archetypal child of the church choir, Susanna Wallumroed, best known as the singing half of

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra. Anyone who caught their set at St George’s Bristol a couple of years back will surely want to return this month to see what she did next. That night was all about extraordinary, glacial readings of songs like Crazy Crazy Nights, Jolene and Love Will Tear Us Apart, performances painstakingly controlled, as if utterly afraid of betraying bubbling feeling, and thus ultimately speaking as eloquently of raging passion as Franklin’s fire. Tracks will come from latest solo longplayer Wild Dog. FFI WWW.STGEORGESBRISTOL.CO.UK

HOT CHIP/ DJANGO DJANGO MON 15 OCT London troupe Hot Chip tour self-produced fifth studio album In Our Heads, bringing forth knowing art-school cool and savvy pop. While Django Django kick proceedings off with the kinetic, hypnotic, swirling sound that’s seen their selftitled debut album follow their playing partners into the annals of Mercury shortlists.


THURS 18 OCT Buckingham Palace, Olympic closing ceremonies, pally duets with the likes of Jon Bon Jovi and the Mumfords… Ray Davies has become a very pillar of the British institutions that his songs used to so acutely, acidly satirise. But no matter - forget present blanditude and lose yourself in the music, for they’re the self-same Kinks songs he’ll be bringing to the Bath Forum.




ENGLISH CONCERT/ CAROLYN SAMPSON Ranging widely across Bach and Handel, conductor Harry Bicket and the English Concert bring their peerless refreshing of early music to St George’s Bristol. Expect the soprano of Carolyn Sampson to particularly catch the ear.



➻ It was a slow start, but Folio is beginning to really warm to Katie Melua. First there was that poptastic William Orbitproduced single The Flood, and now she’s gone and helped line the bank account of vastly underrated, under-bought songwriter, Ron Sexsmith. Her cover of Gold in Them Hills opens fifth album Secret Symphony, set to be promoted at Bristol’s Colston Hall on Thur 11 Oct … Now, we’ve always known that Julie Felix had class. She might have been born in California, but it was in swinging-sixties London that she made her name: signed to Decca, produced by Mickie Most, labelled by The Times in 1965 as ‘Britain’s First Lady of Folk’. The ageless contemporary of Dylan, Paxton, Baez and co comes to Bath’s Rondo on Sat 20 Oct … Speaking of sixties folk aces, John Renbourn will be heading for St George’s Bristol on Thur 18 Oct. The great man first came to prominence with his work alongside fellow fingerstyle guitaring ace Bert Jansch, and the night forms a double bill with the musician Jansch called “the most underrated guitarist ever”, Wizz Jones. Expect folk, baroque and blues from sets played both solo and together … Finally, Tue 23 Oct sees a visit to Thekla from everyone’s favourite Charlatan, Tim Burgess. The amiable, butterscotch-voiced singer is touring splendidly new solo album, Oh No I Love You.

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NOW Treasure hunts and fake blood? Anna Britten isn’t afraid of half term


up, it’s nearly half term! A much-needed break for yawning youngsters newly started at primary or secondary schools - and for everyone else, a fun-filled last hurrah before winter finally descends. Knock off time spent on the obligatory trip to the Mall, daily helpings of Dick ‘N’ Dom Go Wild, and bed, and that’s about 146 hours to fill. So what to do with the last of that precious daylight, and temperatures still warm enough to forego your parka?

AT-BRISTOL: GORE BLIMEY! DISSECTION LAB Seek out the best blood and guts this side of an episode of Deadly 60. Gore Blimey! runs throughout half term (and on until Mon 5 Nov) and offers kids the chance to get up close and hands on with animal organ dissection. Learn about the complexity of the heart and lungs, make your own fake blood to take home and use bodypaints to visualise your own veins, muscles and bones. A must for would-be veterinarians and doctors, but probably best avoided by the squeamish. FFI WWW.AT-BRISTOL.ORG.UK

Get inspiration from paintings at the Victoria Art Gallery to make your own Mighty Masks (Thur 1 Nov 10.30am-12pm)

TYNTESFIELD: PUMPKINS, DENS & CRAFTS Tyntesfield invite you to admire their

pumpkins on Fri 26 Oct, aka Feel Good Friday, ahead of a pumpkin parade (27-30 Oct). Expect food ideas and a trail, and a glut of comely cucurbitaceae. You can also get busy Den Building (Mon 29 Oct) and enjoy Drop-in Crafts (Thur 1 Nov). FFI WWW.NATIONALTRUST.ORG.UK/ TYNTESFIELD

SS GREAT BRITAIN: SET SAIL WITH CAPTAIN GREY The ss Great Britain launch their brilliant-sounding new project in time for half term. Set Sail…, from Thur 25 Oct, is a mixture of onsite activities and online platform games, giving youngsters the chance to retrace the steps of the ship’s longestserving captain, who went to a watery grave in 1872 - or so they say. On Tue 30 Oct and Thur 1 Nov you can also take in some storytelling and tours of the ship. FFI WWW.SSGREATBRITAIN.ORG

ARNOLFINI: HALLOWEEN GHOST TOUR Taking advantage of the fact that Halloween falls slap bang in the middle of half term, Arnolfini promise to unearth the many ghoulish secrets of the Harbourside. Its Seeds of Change Halloween Ghost Tour invites families to dress up in spooky costumes for an evening boat trip around the Ballast Seed Garden. The creation of Brazilian artist Maria Thereza Alves, the seed garden is an attempt to germinate and grow seeds that have lain ➻ FOLIO/OCT 2012 29

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dormant on the bed of the river since being dumped there by ships hundreds of years ago, hidden among ballast. Expect to see flax, oats, squirting cucumbers and maybe one or two dead sailors. FFI WWW.ARNOLFINI.ORG.UK

BRISTOL CITY MUSEUM & ART GALLERY: BLACK HISTORY & DAY OF THE DEAD On Thur 25 Oct, it’s Black History Month Discovery Day draw inspiration from African cultures, examine museum objects and make a simple coiled pot to take home. The following week it’s an easy jump across the South Atlantic Ocean for The Mexican Day of the Dead on Thur 1 Nov. Despite traditionally being a day for visiting family graves, Day of the Dead is a surprisingly jolly affair and you’re invited to join in the fun by making your own garland or skull mask, as well as handle artefacts from the museum’s Mexican collections (suitable for ages 7+). FFI WWW.BRISTOL.GOV.UK/ NODE/2904

M SHED: FAMILY EXPLORER & THE BIG DRAW Pick up a new Family Explorer Kit - helping kids and their folks to find a fresh and exciting new way around this brilliant museum, the kits include a photo trail, binoculars and more, and cost £2 to hire from the shop. If you’re visiting on Tue 30 Oct, don’t miss The Big Draw, in which a local artist will encourage you to experiment

Check out the activities taking place at the Roman Baths during Heritage Open Week this half term

with the many different ways of drawing. Creativity and fun for everyone, from families with young children to teenager and art students. FFI WWW.MSHED.ORG

BATH HERITAGE OPEN WEEK You’ll find the city in a whirl of heritage-inspired hooraying (yes, even more than usual). The handily scheduled open

week, which runs throughout half term from 27 Oct-4 Nov, really does make the whole ‘wholesome half-term outing’ thing very, very easy indeed. Activities run every day, all week, and include: The Great Treasure Hunt at the Museum of East Asian Art (10am-5pm), Magnifica Minerva at the Roman Baths (10am-1pm & 2-4pm), Tastings of Sally Lunn

Buns at Sally Lunn’s (10am-12noon), a Gallery Treasure Trove at the Victoria Art Gallery (10am-5pm), a Treasure Hunt at the Building of Bath Collection (10.30am-5pm), The Big Draw: Design a Banknote at the Building of Bath Collection (10.30am-5pm), and treasure hunt All That Glitters Is Not Gold! at the Fashion Museum (10.30am-4.30pm). Inspired by Paul Klee’s famous statement about art, The Big Draw: Take a Line for a Walk event asks you to create magical scenes and strange sea creatures and takes place at the Victoria Art Gallery on Sat 27 Oct, 11am-4pm. Also at the Victoria Art Gallery you’ll be able to make Fancy Frames (Tue 30 Oct & Fri 2 Nov), create Scrapbook Treasures (Wed 31 Oct), and make Mighty Masks (Thur 1 Nov). Organisers have set up a treasure trail from museum to museum, and if children claim a stamp at each venue, they’ll win a nice sticker to take home and vandalise their headboard with. Entry to the museums is free of charge to B&NES residents in possession of a Discovery Card. Also in Bath, there’s plenty of good ol’ US-style Halloween fun to be had at the American Museum: roll up - in ghostly/witchy/ wizardy/Mitt Romney garb if possible - on Sun 28 Oct for crafts and face painting, a bird flight demonstration, storytelling and more. FFI WWW.BATHNES.GOV.UK/ OPENWEEK, WWW. AMERICANMUSEUM.ORG

BITS & PIECES ➻ Dress to Impress (www. • Give your wardrobe a seasonal lift and find your own autumn style with this annual evening shopping event at Bath’s Milsom Place on Thur 4 Oct. Hobbs, Phase Eight and Traffic People will be styling capsule wardrobes to suit customers’ lifestyles, and there will be free goodie bags, glasses of fizz, special discounts, and free mini treatments by Medikas MediSpa in the Octagon. Spiderphobia Course (www. • Arachnophobes can banish their fear of eight-legged beasts by taking part in this Bristol Zoo Gardens course on Tue 2 Oct. Experts will use a combination of education, discussion, relaxation and hypnotherapy to help extreme spider-haters to overcome their fears. See website for more info. Raving About Ravens & A Tree Lover’s Paradise (booking via Avon Gorge & Downs Wildlife Project: 0117 903 0609, mleivers@ • Few birds are as intelligent or as laden with folklore as the raven. Bristol Zoo Gardens invite you to find out more on Tue 9 Oct when bird expert Ed Drewitt will explain the work he does, studying them in the Avon Gorge. Meanwhile, on Sun 21 Oct, tree expert Tony Titchen will lead you on an exploration of the cascading waterfalls, tranquil ponds and stunning trees of Paradise Bottom on his Tree Lover’s walk (stout shoes required for steep paths and steps).

Arachnophobes can banish their fear of eight-legged beasts with a Spiderphobia Course at Bristol Zoo Gardens on Tue 2 Oct

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The Westonbirt Fair In aid of Help for Heroes and Home Start in Gloucestershire

At Westonbirt School, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8QG

Tuesday 30th October and Wednesday 31st October 2012 10am to 4pm. Entrance ÂŁ7 on the door or on line. Children under 16 free.

YOUR ONE STOP CHRISTMAS SHOP 50% exciting New Stalls from 2011 and Old Favourites Delicious homemade Food, Fresh Roasted Coffee and Wine Bar served all day For more details and join mailing list visit


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WIN A MEAL FOR TWO AT THE RADISSON BLU HOTEL! Indulge your senses at the Filini bar & restaurant, situated on Bristol’s historic harbourside. As part of the Radisson Blu Hotel, the Filini offers the very best of Italian and Sardinian cuisine, combining premium local and Italian produce to create mouthwatering dishes such as ossobuco with lemon risotto and gremolata, and panna cotta with strawberries and cinnamon. Clean lines, a relaxed atmosphere and panoramic views from the window-side tables all add to the experience. Giving you the chance to soak up the ambience of this Bristol hotspot, VisitBristol and the Filini have teamed up and are inviting one lucky Folio winner to enjoy a fabulous three-course meal for two, including a bottle of house wine. Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served…



FILINI BAR & RESTAURANT Tell the world how great Bristol is through VisitBristol - share your tips and photographs of your favourite place to ‘start early’ or ‘stay late’ in the city by tweeting @visitbristol or at All photo entries will be entered in the competition. Closing date for entry is 9am on Fri 19 Oct 2012. Entries after this date will not be counted. Terms & Conditions: Meal includes three courses with a bottle of house wine. Prize cannot be used at any time during December. Prize valid until 31 March 2013. Dates and times subject to availability throughout December, and not available on 24, 25, 26 & 31 Dec. Must be booked in advance. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or exchanged for cash value (for full terms and conditions of the competition, go to


fabulous COMPS

Enter today to be in with a chance of winning these great prizes!


BATH ON ICE Just answer the following question: What is the name of the popular ITV ice-skating show? Email your answer, with ‘Bath on Ice’ in the subject line, to: by Fri 19 Oct. Entries after this date will not be counted. Winner will be picked at random and notified by Mon 29 Oct. Please include your full contact details (name, address, postcode, email, mobile, landline). THE WINNERS Cadbury House comp: Congratulations to Sally Chorlton, who won an overnight stay for two with breakfast and dinner. Correct answer: 18th century. Bluebeards Revenge comp: Congratulations to Peter Hill, who won a deluxe Jacks of London shaving set. Correct answer: serial wife-killing.

WIN A VIP PACKAGE TO BATH ON ICE! Bath on Ice – Bath’s brand-new festive ice rink - opens on Fri 23 Nov in Royal Victoria Park, and here’s your chance to be the first to skate on it. We’re offering one lucky reader six VIP tickets to the launch night on Thur 22 Nov. This is an exclusive invitation-only event, where you, your friends and family can get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy a fabulous night of entertainment. Drinks and canapés will be served on arrival, followed by the show and the official opening of the open-air rink. You can then get your skates on to enjoy an evening of festive fun, while showing off your skills to music! BATH ON ICE ROYAL PAVILION, ROYAL AVE, ROYAL VICTORIA PARK, BATH. FFI: WWW.BATHONICE.COM

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➻ It’s not often that someone in the restaurant business tips their hat to the Health and Hygiene inspectors, but Alice Geleit is happy to do just that. “They were brilliant - so helpful. We had about three meetings and took all their advice, and it’s been great.” The Pizza Provencale manager had wanted to set up the restaurant’s tiny kitchen to be able to offer gluten-free pizzas, and found H&H to be a mine of useful information. Now, using equipment like a separate dough mixer, they’re turning out 30 to 50 gluten-free pizza bases a week, featuring most of their unique range of southern French pizza toppings. “It started with a family that used to come here - one of the children had coeliac disease, so they used to bring their own bases for him. They were pretty awful, and the chef decided to try to make our own. It took about a year to get it right, but now we have lots of regular customers who come quite a long way for the gluten-free versions.” Pizza Prov pizzas have a distinctively thicker and doughier base than their Italian cousin, making them a great sharing food - particularly popular with families and students (the latter also keen to cash in on a 10% NUS discount). Pizza Prov has been in the Geleit family for 26 years - Alice’s dad was the original manager when it opened in 1986, while her mum makes the house speciality treacle tart dessert in big weekly batches – serving up its offering of southern French Italian-influenced cuisine in a defiantly Gallic bistro environment. As well as pizza, there are salads, specials and BBQ, but it’s those generously portioned dough-based platefuls that bring the regulars back. The clue, after all, is in the name. PIZZA PROVENCALE 29 REGENT ST, CLIFTON VILLAGE, BRISTOL. FFI: 0117 974 1175, WWW.PIZZAPROVENCALE.CO.UK


CELEBRITY KITCHENS ➻ Ever wondered what the Duchess of Cornwall puts in her fish pie? Or what kind of absolutely fabulous soup Joanna Lumley knocks up for a chilly autumn evening? Happily the answers to such burning questions are now readily available courtesy of the Tasty Recipe Book, a fundraising publication from Bath’s celebrated Theatre Royal that’s leaping hot off the presses just in time for the annual yuletide cookbook harvest. It’s a great and varied collection of eminently do-able deliciousness culled from the kitchens of the many celebrities in the 207-year-old theatre’s illustrious address book, with TRB’s royal patron the Duchess of Cornwall featured alongside a bedazzling roster of thespians and celebrities, from Stephanie Cole (cut and come again cake), June Whitfield (chicken in cider) and David Suchet (barbecued leg of lamb) to Carol

Vorderman (chestnut and vegetable burgers) and Chris Harris, who adopts his panto role of Sarah the Cook to offer BBQ Thai green curry kebabs. Bath’s prestigious local chef network is doing its bit, too, with Martin Blunos, Mary Berry, Michael Caines and those Fabulous Baker Brothers just a few of the kitchen slebs passing on their wisdom. Possibly the most remarkable recipe is for crunchy lemon squares, a tongue-tingling citric treat donated by 99-year-old Joan Carey-Jones, a regular patron of the Theatre Royal for an astonishing 85 years. (Oh, and it’s pear and butternut squash, by the way. That AbFab soup, that is.) THE THEATRE ROYAL TASTY RECIPE BOOK £12.50, AVAILABLE FROM THE THEATRE BOX OFFICE, SELECTED BOOKSHOPS AND OUTLETS AROUND BATH, OR FROM CHRIS BELL VIA CHRISJBELL@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

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THE MAN IN WHITE ➻Time was when the sight of firebrand chef

Marco Pierre White bearing down on your table would have inspired fear in even the stoutesthearted diner. As a young chef, trained by the legendary Roux brothers and Raymond Blanc, the man who would later unleash Gordon Ramsay on the culinary world was himself famously irascible and known to refuse to serve customers whose attitude displeased him. But it’s been over a decade since Marco famously shed his whites and handed back his Michelin stars, during which time he’s been busily promoting classic English cuisine through his national chain of restaurants and gastropubs, including the stylish Steakhouse Bar and Grill at the Doubletree by Hilton

Cadbury House near Bristol. And the great man will be making one of his regular visits to the Congresbury hotel early this month. “It’s great when Marco comes to visit,” says manager Mimmo Pomo. “The atmosphere in the restaurant is electric, and he’s such a gentleman to our guests.” If you want to get a taste of that electricity, book in for a special three-course lunch or dinner on the day. Just don’t ask for the vegetarian option… MARCO PIERRE WHITE VISITS HIS STEAKHOUSE BAR & GRILL, CADBURY HOUSE, CONGRESBURY ON THUR 4 OCT. TO BOOK LUNCH (£45) OR DINNER (£65): 01934 839019, WWW.MPWSTEAKHOUSEBRISTOL. CO.UK

COLD COMFORT ➻There’s a definite chill in the air, but the one true sign that it’s autumn has to be when the breweries release their seasonal ales. True to form, Bath Ales are marking the end of summer with a special batch of Forest Hare, a darker, hoppier ale with strong malt flavours. At 3.9% ABV, it’s a satisfying pint more suited to the chillier times to come than those golden summer ales, and a perfect accompaniment to the hearty stew, robust pie or punchy well-matured cheese that we all hanker after when we come in from the cold. It’s only available on draught, mind you, so you’ll need to head over to Bath Ales pubs like the Hop Pole in Bath or Bristol’s Hare on the Hill if you fancy a fortifying pint as the nights draw in.


BEST CHNA ➻ Think you know your tea?

A Bristol-based company are offering you the chance to become a real expert by joining the Canton Tea Club membership costs £5 a week, for which you’ll receive a rare and interesting leaf tea in the post every week. The Canton Tea Co have full-time buyers in China and Taiwan,

ensuring a supply of topquality brews all year round. Their website includes a very informative ‘tea school’ with advice on tea varieties, how to use a gaiwan brewing cup and how to break up a puerh tea cake. CANTON TEA CO & TEA CLUB FFI: WWW.CANTONTEACO.COM

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Christmas Celebratiwns with festive Reindeer and Cranberry Sausages!

Christmas Menu 2012 £29 per person for 3 courses Starters/Antipasti Homemade Chicken Liver Pate with Chutney and Toasted Ciabatta Mushrooms, Dolcelatte and Rocket Salad Bruschetta Home Cured Salmon, Crushed Potatoes and Horseradish Roasted parsnip Soup with Truffle Oil Main courses Turkey Wrapped in Ham with Shallot and Sage Stuffing Ravioli of Goats cheese & caramelised red onion in creamy walnut sauce Seafood risotto Slow Roast Pork belly with Port reduction jus & spiced apple sauce Dolci Traditional Christmas pudding with Whisky Cream Rich Chocolate Terrine and Berry Sauce Mango and Blueberry Sorbet Italian Panettone bread & butter pudding with Bailey’s cream sauce Menu available from November 19th Monday to Friday lunch and dinner Offers available for lunch and early evening dining Please contact Heidi or Stéphane if you wish to discuss your party. Contact 0117 973 4499 or


Book now for your Christmas Parties For bookings, please call

0117 973 1192 or email The Clifton Sausage, 7-9 Portland Street, Clifton Village, Bristol BS8 4JA

• Stunning wedding venue Wedding fayre 14th October 10- 4pm • Murder Mystery Event on 27th October and 14th December • Christmas Party Nights • Private Dining Shiptone Oliffe, Andeversford, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 4HT | Tel: 01242 822 911 |


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Find a warm and welcoming reception at the stylish Catherine Wheel

The early bird gets the festive worm with Tony Benjamin’s Christmas party lowdown


ant to make a great impression on the team at work? Are you prepared to bite the bullet? Because, whatever you may think about it, the moment is about to arrive when that fateful question – ‘Where are we going for the Christmas do this year?’ - makes its annual appearance. Yes, it’s barely autumn, but the best places for wining and dining are getting their Christmas deals together right now – so get your name down for the tastiest yuletide worms before they get booked up. So imagine the look of awe and respect on your colleagues’ jaded faces when, instead of greeting the enquiry with a shudder of disbelief you are

able, instead, to offer a few well thought-out options, complete with costs, downloaded menus and all the usual trimmings. ‘Impossible!’ you may retort, but fear not. In the finest traditions of the Christmas panto, we at Folio are happy to play fairy godmother and, as if by magic, to furnish you with a readymade list of Bath and Bristol’s festive party hotspots.

BATH SEARCYS ROMAN BATHS KITCHEN Abbey Churchyard. Ffi: 01225 477877, Fancy a bit of World Heritage class? Both the Roman Bath Kitchens and the Pump Rooms in Bath’s historic spa are offering a festive lunch with options including the classic ➻

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Above and inset: Allium Brasserie at the Abbey Hotel is serving up a delicious festive menu created by kitchen sensation Chris Staines Right: The Hare & Hounds Christmas menu will be available from 26 Nov to 22 Dec

Christmas fare. Special menu costs £22.95 (two courses, plus glass of champagne) or £24.95 (three courses, plus glass of champagne).

for lunch and dinner and priced at £20/£25 (lunch: two/three courses) and £25/£30 (dinner: two/three courses).

MARLBOROUGH TAVERN Marlborough Buildings. Ffi: 01225 423731, From 26 Nov to 22 Dec the popular gastropub are offering their Christmas menu for lunch and dinner. It’s priced at £20/£25 (lunch: two/three courses) and £25/£30 (dinner: two/three courses), and they’re even throwing in a bloody mary ‘pre-starter’.

ALLIUM BRASSERIE Abbey Hotel, North Parade. Ffi: 01225 461603, For a chance to try out one of Bath’s newest foodie sensations, the Allium Brasserie’s Chris Staines is offering their festive lunch menu at £14.95 (two courses) and £19 (three). ➻

HARE & HOUNDS Lansdown Rd. Ffi: 01225 482682, There’s a nice choice of options up on Lansdown Road, with honeyroast parsnips among the trimmings. As with sister pub the Marlborough, the Hare & Hounds Christmas menu is available from 26 Nov to 22 Dec for lunch and dinner and priced at £20/£25 (lunch: two/three courses) and £25/£30 (dinner: two/three courses). CHEQUERS Rivers St. Ffi: 01225 360017, The boats are being pushed out on Rivers Street - the Chequers’ offering comes complete with amuse-bouche and pre-dessert, while boasting of ‘rich, boozy’ Christmas pudding. It’s also available from 26 Nov to 22 Dec

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The Catherine Wheel Pub with a buzz - and great food

Christmas Menu 2012 Starters

Parsnip & apple soup with chestnut & sage croutons (v) Local game terrine with fruit chutney & warm toast Smoked mackerel, lemon & herb pate with soda bread Tomato & goats cheese tartlets (v) Roast duck with watercress and a beetroot puree Escape the hustle and bustle of city life in secluded settings on Bristol’s Harbourside and Portishead Marina, offering scenic waterfront views and delicious food from the new brasserie menu. The menu features locally-sourced seasonal produce to create dishes that take a contemporary twist on Great British classics, for the casual diner. In addition to the Brasserie menu, Jacks will run Fintastic Fish Friday each week, where diners can enjoy a whole fish and bottle of wine for two people for just £35.00. Sample Brasserie Dishes Starters Smoked ham hock and pea cake, fried quails egg Main Course Lightly cured salmon and fresh herbs, chive crème fraiche, cucumber salad Desserts Lemon and rosemary posset, shortbread biscuit.

Jacks Bar & Brasserie are currently celebrating their fifth birthday and to get in the party spirit, mention ‘Folio’ when you visit either restaurant to enjoy a free birthday cocktail. To redeem this offer please call Jacks in advance and quote ‘Folio’ when booking your table. Offer Terms & Conditions - This offer is valid until 31st October 2012 - Each guest must order two courses from the brasserie menu to qualify for a free cocktail - To redeem this offer a table must be booked in advance and ‘Folio’ must be mentioned at the time of booking

Portishead Marina Spinnaker, Harbour Road, Portishead, BS20 7AW T: 01275 397304 E: Bristol Harbourside 1 Hannover Quay, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5JE T: 0117 9453990 E:

Main course

Roast crown of turkey filled with cranberry stuffing served with a light red wine gravy Venison stew, marinated in red wine, slow cooked with shallots & herb dumplings Pot-roasted loin of pork stuffed with apricots & thyme served with crispy crackling & apple sauce Festive lentil & nut roast with a mediterranean tomato sauce (v) Grilled salmon with glazed cherry tomato & green bean salad Wild mushroom risotto with parmesan shavings (v)


Traditional Christmas pudding with brandy sauce Lemon posset with blackberry coulis (gf) Warm chocolate & hazelnut brownies with vanilla ice cream (gf) Cherry & almond tart with double cream Cheese with chutney & savoury biscuits

£20.00 for three courses, pre-booked crackers included! Available from Wednesday 28 November to 30 December (excl 25 & 26 Dec) Price includes VAT - Service charge is not included A non-refundable deposit of £5 per person is required on booking Please complete a menu pre-order form and return with your deposit within five days of your reservation date If you have any allergies or requests please do not hesitate to talk to us Bed & Breakfast – Conference facilities 39 High St, Marshfield, nr Bath, Wilts SN14 8LR Tel: 01225 892220 Email: FOLIO/OCTOBER 2012 39

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CATHERINE WHEEL High St, Marshfield, Wilts, SN14. Ffi: 01225 892220, www.thecatherinewheel. The much-loved destination for classic English fare is, naturally, doing Christmas in style, with plenty of options as well as the trad stuff, plus crackers (and roaring log fires) thrown in for £20 (three courses).

BRISTOL GLASSBOAT Welsh Back. Ffi: 0117 929 0704, With roast partridge playing the turkey role, the Glassboat combine a splendid waterfront view with a rich menu of contemporary British stylings. Prices range from £25 (two courses, lunch only) to £35 (four courses, including shared cheeseboard and glass of port).

JACKS BRASSERIE Hanover Quay. Ffi: 0117 945 3990, These contemporary premises in Bristol’s docklands make for a partyfriendly setting in which to enjoy their range of modern British cooking at £19.95 (two courses) or £24.95 (three). Trad favourites are, of course, included. CLIFTON SAUSAGE Portland St, BS8. Ffi: 0117 973 1192, Don’t tell Rudolph but… there are reindeer and cranberry bangers on the menu as well as the roast turkey. The four-option menu has great veggie choices, too, and party bookings get crackers and mince pies thrown in for £19.50/£24.50 (lunch: two/three courses) or £29.50 (dinner: three courses).

4500 MILES FROM DELHI Colston Ave. Ffi: 0117 929 2224, Want a spicy rethink on the usual flavours? 4500 Miles are cooking up turkey pakora and turkey tikka masala for their Christmas lunch buffet (£9.95), while cheese and spinach stuffed turkey breast figures among Indian dishes on the Gourmet Christmas Banquet (£24.95) and Royal Christmas Banquet (£29.95), both available in the evenings. SPIEGELTENT Waterfront Square, Bordeaux Quay. Ffi: 0117 378 9663, Where? This stylish 100-year-old art deco venue will appear on the dockside at the end of November, providing a month of lively entertainment including special dining nights, when (for £60) you can enjoy a three-course meal as well as live music, cabaret and circus performances.

LIDO Oakfield Place, Clifton, BS8. Ffi: 0117 933 9530, With all its distinctive charms and green credentials included, the Lido’s restaurant are offering a ‘three course/four choice’ Christmas menu throughout December at £25 (lunch) and £30 (dinner). Above: For a party with a difference, book a table at Spiegeltent Right: Ditch the turkey in favour of reindeer and cranberry bangers at Clifton Sausage

PROSECCO The Mall, Clifton Village, BS8. Ffi: 0117 973 4499, Christmas starts early at Gordon Ramsay’s favourite Bristol Italian - the three-course special menu (£29) is available from 19 Nov. Classic English festive fare sits alongside Diego’s speciality Italian dishes - it’s your choice.

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Melissa Blease has her plate full with this month’s Great Bath Feast


he Great Bath Feast is set to dominate proceedings in and around the Heritage City until Wed 31 Oct, transforming Bath into a multifaceted, richly textured celebration of food and drink and offering a diverse programme of events to suit all tastes and wallets. We’ve selected a handful of the delicacies on offer to help you plan your delectable diary. For the full lowdown, visit www.greatbathfeast. and prepare to feast in grand style. GLAMOUR Bring on the black-tie events! You’ll need to dress up for the Fork to Fork lunch at the Bath Priory on Fri 5 Oct (£40), the Gourmet Dinner with Michelin-starred chef Marcus Ashenford at the Tasting Room on Mon 15 Oct (£60) and the Great Western Wines Portfolio Tasting at the Assembly Rooms on Thur 25 Oct (£20). FAMILY FUN ‘Gastronaut’ Stefan Gates presents his mindblowing Incredible Edibles! demonstration at the Guildhall on Thur 4 Oct (£7), and there’s a Pumpkin Workshop at Prior Park on Sat 27 Oct (free entry), a ‘Kids Ghoulish Grub’ masterclass at the Bertinet Kitchen on Wed 31 Oct (£35)

Left: Head to the Chefs’ Theatre at the Octagon (Fri 19-Sat 20 Oct) for a stellar line-up including Michael Caines MBE Below: Great Western Wines Portfolio Tasting at the Assembly Rooms

and a Halloween-themed Family Party at Allium Brasserie on the same evening (adults £30, under-12s £15). SUPERSTAR CHEFS If encounters with celebrity chefs make you go weak at the knees, you’ve come to the right place. Yotam Ottolenghi, Tom Kerridge, Angela Hartnett, Reza Mahammed, Paul Hartley and Raymond Blanc will all be hosting various one-off events as

42 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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SQUARE: THE COOKBOOK (Volume 1: Savoury) by Michelinstarred chef Philip Howard Philip Howard, head chef and co-owner of The Square in Mayfair, and recipient of two Michelin stars, will be demonstrating at the Great Bath Feast Cookery Theatre (The Octagon, Milsom Place) at 2pm on Sat 20 Oct. To win a copy of his meticulously detailed, fiercely intelligent and utterly gorgeous new book The Square: The Cookbook (Volume 1: Savoury), published by Absolute Press, simply answer this question: In which city is publisher Absolute Press based? Clockwise from above: Raise a glass from the likes of local producer Box Steam Brewery during Bath Beer Festival (Fri 19-Sat 20 Oct); Green Park Station will be hosting a series of street food events put on by StrEAT Food Collective; love cheese? Don’t miss the Fine Cheese Company’s Cheese Festival at Milsom Place on Sat 27 Oct

the Feast progresses, while the GBF Chefs’ Theatre at the Octagon at Milsom Place (Fri 19-Sat 20 Oct) will host guest appearances from a superstar line-up that includes Michael Caines MBE, Hywel Jones (Lucknam Park), Rachel Demuth (demuths) and Chris Staines (Allium Brasserie).

Email your answer, with ‘The Square: Volume 1’ in the subject line, to editor@ by Fri 19 Oct. Entries after this date will not be counted. Winner will be picked at random and notified by Mon 29 Oct. Please include your full contact details (name, address, postcode, email, mobile, landline).

FESTIVALS Green Street goes foodie festive on Sun 30 Sept - the same day that the Love Food Festival returns to Dyrham Park (top tip: go to both). Bath Artisan Market goes live at Green Park Station on Sun 14 Oct, while the SoulFood Fundraiser for Bath FoodCycle brings America’s deep south to Green Park Tavern on Fri 19 Oct. Bath Beer Festival rolls into the Bath Pavilion on Fri 19-Sat 20 Oct and the continental OktoberFest dominates Bath Racecourse the following day. ➻

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Clockwise from above: The beautiful and mouth-watering Deli at Jamie’s Italian in Bath and some of the tempting dishes; get to know your city better whilst connecting with nature on a Bath Skyline Walk with Bath Forest School founder Annie Lywood; a smorgasbord of cheesey delights from the Fine Cheese Company

DIFFERENT TASTES Enjoy a seven-course vegetarian feast at demuths every Tuesday throughout the festival for just £35 (£55 with wine). Elsewhere, explore Tapas & Wine at the Tasting Room on Wed 31 Oct (£18.50), Coffee at Jacob’s Coffee House on 2, 9 and 16 Oct (£20), Wine & Cheese at Gascoyne Place on Thur 18 Oct, five courses of British Food at the Cork on Thur 25 Oct (£25) and Wine, Cider & Cheese at Dick Willows Cider Farm on Fri 26 Oct (£15). NOT FORGETTING… Feeling cheesy? Don’t miss the Fine Cheese Company’s Cheese Festival at Milsom Place on Sat 27 Oct. Currently enjoying an illustrious national reputation for hosting the creme de la creme of artisan cheese makers, this is an unmissable day out for the cheese connoisseur. Elsewhere, learn the art of Sugar Sculpture at the Building of Bath Museum on Thur 11 Oct (£20), meet a Georgian Cook at No 1 Royal Crescent on Sun 14 Oct (£6.50), go foraging for wild food with Christopher Robbins on Thur 18 Oct (£95) and tuck into a Hog Roast at the Cork on Fri 26 Oct. Meanwhile, look out for special Bath on a Plate and Great Bath Breakfast menus at restaurants and hotels throughout the city.

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DON'T BURN THE GARLIC Call him a greedy Italian. Just don’t call him a chef. Melissa Blease meets Antonio Carluccio


wo nuns are sitting in a bar...”It’s not exactly a typical opener to an interview with a chef. But then again, Antonio Carluccio, the charismatic, charmingly unique man widely acknowledged to be the Godfather of Italian Food, could hardly be described as a typical chef. Oh, and by the way, he isn’t a chef at all. He is - as he goes to great pains to point out during the course of our interview - “A cook! That’s what I am - a cook!” Chef, cook, one half of the recent BBC TV Two Greedy Italians duo (with longterm friend and cohort Gennaro Contaldo offering a grounded yin to Antonio’s cheekier yang), raconteur, food writer, legend… however you choose to try to categorise him, Mr Carluccio is unlikely concur with your decision, preferring instead to tease and twinkle the

conversation away from the topic of his career success to concentrate on the theme at the epicentre of his lifelong passion: Italian food, and his longstanding love affair with it. Antonio recently visited Bath to attend the launch party of Carluccio’s in Milsom Place the 66th link in a chain of chic but informal Milan-style brasserie/food shops specialising in fresh, authentic Italian food at realistic prices, resulting in a one-stop shop for foodies who crave a Romanesque staycation. “Real Italian food is all about maximum flavour and minimum fuss,” he says. “Supermarkets and the like have their place, but when it comes to authenticity, they’re merely big distributors of mediocrity. My restaurants only use artisan producers and suppliers that specialise in Italian food, supplemented by seasonal, locally sourced produce that isn’t forced to travel for miles before reaching our kitchens. Our taste-buds naturally lust for good food to feed body, mind and soul. Real Italian food hits that spot.” But does Antonio ever digress from his native cuisine in his search for such sustenance? “Oh yes, of course!” he roars. “My work takes me around the globe, and when real, genuine ethnic food is served at its freshest best - be that Chinese, or Indian, whatever - it’s properly good, and tastes of heritage, and history, and culture. But my own heritage, history and culture are Italian through and through. I am Italy.” Indeed he is. Antonio was born on Italy’s Amalfi coast in 1937 and raised in the mountainous, rugged Piedmont region before crossing borders to Vienna when he was 21, and eventually moving to London in 1975, taking over the now legendary Neal Street

Above: the Godfather of Italian Gastronomy Antonio Carluccio Below: the recently opened Carluccio’s in Milsom Place

Restaurant in 1981. In 1998, he opened the first Carluccio’s Caffè in Market Place at the heart of fashionable NoHo - but still, he didn’t settle down. “I travelled widely to discover the diversity of Italian regional food,” he says. “But if there’s one dish that sums up Italy for me, it’s spaghetti with olive oil, garlic - don’t burn the garlic! - and chilli. No, don’t put parmesan on top! You don’t need it. Just take those four ingredients: spaghetti, olive oil, garlic and chilli. That’s it. Simple. Sexy. Italian.” Apart from simple, the very same could be said about Antonio himself. As for those nuns... if you see him, ask him for the punchline. CARLUCCIO’S 3-7 MILSOM PLACE, BATH. FFI: 01225 312604, WWW.CARLUCCIOS.COM (ALSO IN QUAKERS FRIARS, BRISTOL)

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Indian fine dining doesn’t get much better than this. Melissa Blease feels like royalty at Bath’s long-established south-Asian hotspot


he Rajpoot, established more than three decades ago, has won so many national awards (it pretty much tops the British Indian restaurant charts across the land) that it’s easy for Bathonians (or, indeed, those from further afield) to think that they know all there is to know about this place. For starters, the fact that a doorman wearing full Raj regalia greets diners at the door to direct them to the Jewel in the Crown scenario going on below (there’s a rather more casual balti house diner, Premier, at street level) is usually the restaurant’s social satnav: ‘Oh yes, the Rajpoot - that’s the one with the doorman, isn’t it?’ Well, yes, it is. But it’s also the one with the staircase that leads down to an exquisitely decorated labyrinth of quietly glamorous subterranean activity: a snug bar area, a long, barrel-vaulted cave with plushly upholstered booths, several anterooms with space for parties and loved-up couples alike, and staff that make all-comers feel like royalty. And while the Rajpoot has never succumbed to current contemporary demands for canteen-style dining and ‘casual’ service, you could come here every week for a year and never tire of the subtly innovative discoveries woven into the menu. We began our Rajpoot feast with golda chingri biran (massive, juicy freshwater king prawns self-sauced by the lively citrus marinade in which they’d been stirfried) and a duo of densely packed tuna-fish balls (or machlee bara, if you want to get all correct about it) accompanied by a deep, rich pool of tamarind sauce. Taken together, our starters demonstrated a complementary balancing act, the prawn plate being all about frisky freshness while the fish balls offered a more

“The ambience, menu choices, execution and general joie de vivre are as far removed from the vindaloo-and-a-pint curry-house cliche as you can get” complex intensity. Order either as a standalone curtain riser, however, and the stage is set for the overall Rajpoot USP: while the general theme (classic, ‘old school’ Indian) may be familiar, the actual experience - ambience, menu choices, execution and general joie de vivre - is about as far removed from the vindaloo-and-a-pint casual curry-house cliche as you can get. And you won’t, by the way, find vindaloo on the menu here though when a dish is described as hot, heat is what you get. The fire in his chicken jhal noorpuri, however, came not from the kind of raw chilli heavy-handedness designed to shut boastful, lagerswilling macho men up, but from a well-balanced green chilli sauce mellowed by, I’m guessing, a supporting cast of ginger, garlic and cumin: a dish for braver

taste-buds, perhaps, but still retaining an elegant subtlety. For those who prefer a less challenging plate, the lamb chasni massala, meanwhile, is a dish that will have you coming back to the Rajpoot time and again: a soft, sweet combination balanced with lime to add that distinctly south-Asian sourness and lift the resulting melange clear of any hint of korma accusations. To accompany our main courses, we opted for a side dish of gently spiced, slow-roasted aubergines, ‘special’ pulao rice (special because it comes laced with vegetables and plenty of lemon juice) and a keema nan that I swear didn’t enter the oven until we’d requested it. Yes, we’d overordered. Yes, we finished every last fresh, tantalising morsel. And yes, he had a creamy pistachio kulfi with coffee at the finishing line,

because tradition demands such behaviour. And the Rajpoot is big on tradition - if it isn’t one of yours, it should be. With wine, the price for our voyage around the Indian subcontinent came in at around £60. For social satnav purposes, just head to Pulteney Bridge and look out for that be-turbanned doorman. He knows exactly where Bath’s best (but not so well-kept) secret is hidden.




A classy, classic Indian fine-dining treat with a good old-fashioned price tag

48 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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THE BURGER JOINT When the gods invented burgers, this was what they had in mind. Tony Benjamin visits the Joint’s lively new candlelit premises in Clifton


hen they first opened in August 2009, it soon became apparent that the Burger Joint would outgrow their compact premises on Cotham Hill. The name might suggest a fairly unprepossessing lay-by greasy spoon, but young proprietor Dan Bekhradnia was aiming much higher. By using top-quality ingredients freshly prepared and cooked to order, the Burger Joint was transforming a fast-food staple into some very fancy eating indeed. And if this meant that it cost a bit more (a burger plus relevant trimmings will set you back around a tenner) or customers having to wait a while (it takes at least 15 minutes to put one together), it was clear that the burger-buying public were far from discouraged. On the contrary, they’ve been packing the place out on a regular basis, to the point where Bekhradnia bowed to the inevitable and looked for a bigger place. The Burger Joint’s new home is on Whiteladies Road - they’ve swapped premises with Planet Pizza - and smack opposite Ruby & White’s, the posh butchers that provide all their meat. They’ve kept the spare and functional wooden tables and unfussy decor but have acquired a fine flagstone floor and a more characterful room. They’ve also turned down the lights – there are even candles! - and created a place where you can really make a meal of your burger choice or even - gasp! - not have a burger at all but opt for one of their salad platters. We tucked into the ‘mezze’ selection of falafels, hummus, taramasalata and olives as a pitta-dunking distraction while our burgers were assembling themselves. A foray into the newly

“The venison is as rich, gamey and soft on the tongue as it should be. Nothing is greasy, everything is tasty. If only burgers were always this good” extended drinks menu gets a glass of presentable rioja for The Lovely She and a bottle of Bristol Beer Factory’s excellent Southville Hop for me - and, after a hard day at the office, it soon seems like the perfect place to be. Impressively, this being only their second day since reopening, we are far from alone, and within half an hour there’s not a spare chair to be had. The place gains a busy hubbub but all feels well under control, the liveliness, if anything, adding to the sense of anticipation. When our burgers arrive, it’s an interesting test of our selfrestraint. With all the choices on offer (nine different patties, 14 toppings and 13 sauces), the risk, obviously, is to overload the thing to the point where the muchvaunted burger disappears into an over-flavoured kaleidoscope of clashing flavours. The challenge is to hold off from the tempting but greedy possibilities. I’ve gone for

the venison burger and added English mustard, roast peppers and sour cream, with thick-cut chips on the side. She’s opted for the smaller version of the ‘veggie joint’ with mushrooms and dijonnaise and a side order of coleslaw. I trade some of my chips for a share of that salad, remembering it from Cotham Hill. It’s homemade and crunchily fresh with a light dressing and plenty of veggie flavours, and a splendid accompaniment to the meal. The vegburger has a crisp shell around a soft, almost sweet vegetable mix, hinting at carrot and parsnip. The venison is as rich, gamey and soft on the tongue as it should be. Nothing is greasy, everything is tasty and we relapse into satisfied silence for a while. If only burgers were always this good! It’s not too filling, either, leaving room to at least share a pud (homemade vanilla cheesecake

- firm and satisfying) and a sense of finer dining than your average US-style meal for around £20 a head. They’ve gained a broader menu and drinks list, as well as a BS8 postcode, from their move and, happily, they’ve lost nothing of the quality that made their reputation on the way. I’d say Clifton is the winner here.



Keep it simple, and quality ingredients speak for themselves

50 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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Proper job modern Italian with gorgeous weir views, from the team behind the Real Italian Pizza Co



’ve waxed lyrical about the joys of Joya - the upmarket but down-to-earth Italian bar and bistro overlooking Bath’s historic Pulteney Bridge and weir - on several occasions, both here and in response to requests from friends in search of a relaxing Italian supper that won’t break the bank. So when the Joya chef revealed a new specials menu at the same time that a very special friend was due to visit, there was no doubt in my mind about where dinner would be served. Joya enjoys the same ownership as both the Real Italian Pizza Co and the Real Italian Ice Cream Co, both of whom enjoy illustrious reputations for serving up exactly what their names suggest. This gorgeous little branch of the mini-empire lives up to its name, too: properly cheerful and effortlessly charming from the get-go, aided and abetted by soft lights, spacious tables and really lovely staff.


“The black ink risotto topped with white crab was at once dramatic to encounter and utterly soporific to Hoover up – a beautifully executed dish” Our feast represented a two-thirds/one-third split between the specials menu and the standard a la carte, with a light, fresh goat’s cheese & bruschetta combo admirably representing a classic Joya menu mainstay at starter time. Off piste, tortellini fritti translated as two skewers of tiny little bundles of pastawrapped, well, joy - more smart canape than the Italian equivalent of the deep-fried Mars bar that a less thoughtful chef might bombard the plate with. But of our selection, the scallops won the swoon prize:

massive, juicy globules of sweet, fresh flesh teamed with smoky slivers of meat. For mains, fillet steak from the ALC provided a solid, highly recommended anchor to the two specials: a parchment parcel opened at the table to reveal salmon, prawns, mussels and clams in perfect steamy harmony, and black ink risotto topped with white crab, at once dramatic to encounter (how often are we presented with a plate of black food?) and utterly soporific to Hoover up (which you will, because this is one beautifully

executed dish). At the finish, the boys tucked into panna cotta and a duo of chocolate & lime mousse and I tucked into that glorious view - it might not be the actual Bridge of Sighs, but it’s as close as you’re going to get without leaving Bath. The bill won’t put any dampeners on your staycation experience, either: our final tally (and remember, there were three little piggies tucking in) nudged around £80. Joya! (Melissa Blease)




Authentic, well-priced, modern Italian food in a molto carino environment

➻ Did you see that report from top science bods the Royal Society? An illustrious steering group of boffins (including one Nobel prizewinner) considered the various innovations in the entire history of food and drink and decided that the best thing since sliced bread was… Well, a whole lot of things, actually. In fact, sliced bread didn’t even make the shortlist, and nor did the Big Mac (though ‘frying’ scrapes in at number 20). No, the top three items were all about the ways in which we’ve learned to make food safe to eat for longer periods of time. In reverse order, that means that canning and pasteurisation were runners-up, and it was refrigeration that got to wobble to the stage and emote about all the little people who got her where she is today - primarily Glaswegian inventor William Cullen who demonstrated the first fridge in 1748. It makes sense, of course, as anyone who enjoyed a camping holiday in even the less-than-tropical summer we’ve just endured will know. Is there anything more unsettling than discovering that lukewarm pack of chicken at the bottom of the socalled ‘cold box’? We take it all for granted, of course, but take out the tinned, chilled or frozen food from the average supermarket trolley and all that’s left will be a bag of spuds, a packet of toilet rolls and some booze (fermentation warrants a number 11 position, by the way, mysteriously five places above the cork). So it’s only fitting that we raise a well-chilled glass of something fizzy and toast that humming box in the corner of the kitchen. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the fridge! (Tony Benjamin, Food & Drink editor)

52 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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iBake large cakes or cupcakes cake for any occasions • birthdays • christenings • weddings • easter • christmas • novelty cakes

call Nicky to discuss your requirements on

07925 381042 nicky cake ad.indd 1

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SEPTEMBER 2012 l No. 212








➻ BEAUTY Folio_Cover212.indd 3



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One of the few top-quality independent restaurants in Clifton Village, doing Italian food to perfection


rosecco got a big boost when Gordon Ramsay took a welltelevised shine to them. Once introduced to their impeccably prepared classic Italian food, people came back for more, and constitute a regular customer base that keeps Prosecco healthily full. The formula is pretty straightforward: exceptional quality in preparation and surprisingly generous quantity on the plate. I forget to warn my Splendid Friend about those portions, and she’s immediately overwhelmed by her mountainous starter of pappardelle with shredded roast duck in wine-rich gravy heavily infused with thyme. It takes several glugs of effortlessly crisp Sicilian catarratto/inzolia wine to

LOCAL BREWERIES ➻ Beer is great, isn’t it? And the South West

“‘That,’ she whispers, after a mouthful of the much degraded pud that owner Diego da Re has a mission to reglorify, ‘is how tiramisu should always be’” prepare her for tackling it. I’m no less well served by three elegant discs of aubergine and goat’s cheese ravioli hidden below a smoothly creamy sauce studded with crunchy shards of walnut - a melt-inthe-mouth confection that is, essentially, perfect. Splendid Friend wisely (if regretfully) leaves a heap of saucy pasta ribbons so that she can do justice to a respectable chunk of firm lemon-drizzled halibut with deep-flavoured black olive pesto. The latter is especially delicious - rich as a tapenade and spiced with citrus. My loin of venison is fast-cooked


to leave a glowing pink heart and a velvet soft texture, contrasting nicely with its bed of al dente lentils and salty lardons. Our side salads come crunchy - blanched beans in hers and crouton cubes in mine. I order panna cotta with berry compote in the hope that it isn’t going to be too sweet, and I’m not disappointed: the sharp acidity of the berries is a palate-cleansing finale. Splendid Friend orders tiramisu, a much degraded pud that Prosecco’s Diego da Re has a mission to reglorify. One mouthful, and the

look on her face says that he’s succeeded. “That,” she whispers, “is how tiramisu should always be.” I steal a spoonful and agree - firm and boozy yet unsticky and not cloying, it’s further proof of da Re’s understanding of what makes food special. With the bill (including wine) coming in at a not unreasonable £90, we watch as Diego appears from the kitchen to personally greet almost every table. If Clifton actually has a Village, then Prosecco has to be at its heart. (Tony Benjamin)



Mastery of flavours and precision cooking make each dish a perfect treat

has played a big part in the recent revival of craft brewing, with our nearest breweries regularly scooping awards for their lovingly prepared products. If you can’t find some of these prizewinning local favourites in a handy pub, they’re also mostly available online from the breweries in bottles and microkegs. Check the websites for more information. ABBEY ALES 1997, Bath ( • Bellringer 4.2% - hoppy, bitter and thoroughly thirst-quenching. Camra gold award. ARBOR ALES 2007, Bristol ( • Hunny Beer 4.2% - light and lagery bitter made with honey. Silver award, SIBA South West 2010. BATH ALES 1995, Bath ( • Barnsey 4.5% - dark bitter, malt and chocolate. Winner, Sainsbury’s Beer Competition 2008. BOX STEAM BREWERY 2004, Holt, nr Bath ( • Tunnel Vision 4.2% - proper bitter-tasting bitter. Beer of Festival, Battersea Camra Beer Festival 2011. BRISTOL BEER FACTORY 2005, Bristol (www. • Southville Hop 6.5% - bittersweet and rich. Silver award, International Beer Challenge 2012. BUTCOMBE BREWERY 1978, Wrington, Bristol ( • Butcombe Bitter 4% secret hop blend makes a clean, dry and bitter ale. Silver award (bitter), Champion Beer of Britain 2009. CHEDDAR ALES 2006, Cheddar (www. • Potholer 4.3% - golden ale, rich fruity flavour. Silver award, SIBA 2007. GREAT WESTERN BREWING 2007, Hambrook, Bristol (www.greatwesternbrewingcompany. • Edwins Ruby Porter 5.2% - a real mouthful, dark and malty. HOP BACK BREWERY 1986, Salisbury (www. • Summer Lightning 5% - clear-tasting combination of fruit and dryness. ‘Probably the most award-winning real ale in the country.’ ZERODEGREES 2004, Bristol ( • Pale Ale 4.6% - flowery and bitter, with a clean dryness. Camra ‘LocALE’ winner, Bristol Beer Festival 2012.

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EATINGOUTWEST (Recipe) “Daniel works from an open kitchen allowing him to connect directly with his customers”




he Hare and Hounds reopened at the beginning of this summer after an extensive refurbishment from the operators of Bath’s awardwinning Marlborough Tavern and Chequers. Boasting some of the best views in Bath, the Hare and Hounds sits only a mile from town but feels like a world away in blissfully peaceful countryside. With his three AA rosette background, head chef Daniel Moon has created a menu combining popular pub classics with exciting restaurant dishes for something that little bit special. The Hare and Hounds opens at 9am every morning for breakfast, so even before lunch is served there’s a busy atmosphere, with locals enjoying a leisurely breakfast


DANIEL MOON ➻ Daniel began his hugely successful

and businesspeople meeting for coffee and pastries. The Hare and Hounds serves food all day, and has already become a popular afternoon stop-off for visitors to Bath. With its private dining room and lounge, the pub is also proving a popular venue for celebrations. And as the nights draw in, the open fire creates a cosy atmosphere in the bar, and the attentive but relaxed service led by general manager Sarah Greenwell really shines. Meanwhile Sunday lunch here is fast gaining a reputation, with the car park overspilling each week as Bath residents come to see what the fuss is all about. Great gastropub food and relaxed and friendly service along with the fabulous location makes the Hare and Hounds a must-visit.

career as head chef at some of the country’s top eateries, including a spell at Homewood Park, where he gained three AA rosettes and also won a coveted Acorn Award. Key to Daniel is creating what the customer wants - keen on using traditional flavours, he also adds his creative touch to bring something unique to each dish. At the Hare and Hounds - with a view that most chefs would kill for! - Daniel works from an open kitchen, so you can see him in action as he produces his classic gastropub dishes. Enjoying this unique connection with his customers means that Daniel can get to see their reactions at first hand, which is very rewarding given all the work that he and his team put in to creating something special.

56 FOLIO/OCT 2012

EOW Recipe DPS 213.indd 56

9/26/2012 4:39:13 PM



◆ 10 peppercorns ◆ 1 litre of pomace (olive) oil



◆ 4 sea bass fillets



Put all ingredients in a bowl. Pour enough boiling water over until just covered. Clingfilm the bowl and leave for three mins, then fluff up with a fork.

◆ 200g couscous ◆ 2 knobs of butter ◆ salt & pepper



◆ 12 plum tomatoes ◆ 1 shallot ◆ 3 cloves of garlic ◆ sprig of thyme ◆ sprig of rosemary ◆ cup of good-quality balsamic vinegar ◆ 100g demerara sugar FOR THE CONFIT FENNEL

◆ 2 bulbs of fennel ◆ sprig of thyme ◆ spring of rosemary ◆ sprig of tarragon ◆ 3 cloves of garlic

over. Add a knob of butter to the pan, a squeeze of lemon juice, and season. Cook for 1 min then remove from the heat and serve. Assemble all components of the dish attractively on a serving plate as illustrated.

Place tomatoes on a baking tray with the shallot and garlic. Season with thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper. Roast at 180C for 45 mins. Transfer to a saucepan and reduce on medium heat till reduced in volume by approx 30%. Add sugar and balsamic gradually, tasting regularly till the sauce tastes to your liking.

CONFIT FENNEL Cut fennel bulbs in half and place in a roasting tray along with all the other ingredients. Pour olive oil over and cover with tin foil. Place in a 120C oven and bake for 70 mins.

TO COOK THE SEA BASS Take a hot non-stick pan, drizzle with pomace (olive) oil. Place fish in, skin side down, when pan is smoking hot. Cook till skin is crisp then turn


GAVI DI GAVI DOCG, 2011 ➻ One of Italy’s most fashionable whites, this wine is noted for its acute dryness and fresh flinty acidity. It has a full, delicate and elegant bouquet that brings flowers and fresh fruit to mind. The wonderful acidity will work brilliantly with this dish, matching to the acidity of the tomatoes, while the fruit characteristics will highlight the delicacy of the sea bass and earthiness of the fennel. Delicious!

FOLIO/OCT 2012 57

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of the month


Bath Ales’ venture Beerd serves up 50 cask, keg and bottled beers to its pizza-munching clientele. Tony Benjamin may be some time…


hen Bath Ales’ newest venture Beerd opened its doors just before Christmas last year there was much ribaldry about their glass sizes. Anyone for a third? But given the enormous range of beers on offer, with some nudging over the 10% ABV mark, it wasn’t

such a crazy idea. “The thirds are actually quite popular,” manager Graeme Douglas tells Folio. “Especially if you want to try a few different styles of beer or share a bottle.” It’s a touch of distinction that goes with being Bristol’s first Craft beer bar, an idea born of the realisation that there’s a world of fine brewing going on, especially in the States, and it can sit nicely alongside an artisan pint of finest British ale. Add in the benefit of the pizza oven left by the previous occupants and you have a simple but pleasing formula that’s already proved a winner. Simple, that is, once you’ve worked out what you want from the 50 or so cask, keg or bottled beers that Beerd keeps in stock. “You get people coming in and they just look straight at the pumps. They don’t notice the rest at first, then the penny drops, and it’s, ‘Oh my God!’” Graeme grins, indicating the dozen keg taps on the back wall and the scores of bottles racked in the chillers alongside. There’s a small selection of spirits, one cider (Bath Ales’ Bounders, of course) and a few bottles of wine - but the clue, basically, is in the name. With its bright and spacious open rooms, wide windows and higgledy mix of eighties canteen tables and chairs, you can tell right

away that Beerd is a bit different from your average backward-looking ale shrine. Come in the morning and you’ll see kids enjoying themselves while mums take their pick of top-quality Jeeves and Jericho teas served loose-leaf in infuser pots, and Wi-Fi fiends sip cappuccinos over their laptops. Come at lunchtime, and it’s office folk grabbing a pizza and a third (or two). Come back in the evening and it’s… “Pretty much any and everybody,” Graeme reckons. “This is a mixed kind of area, and we see it all. Plenty of young professionals, of course – I guess that they’re the ‘Craft beer market’ - but older folks, too, and then there are always the students.” It’s right in the shadow of the university, so students are always welcome, it seems so much so that they even have their own discount card, getting them 10% off food and drink. But given the potency of some of the brews, isn’t that a bit risky? Graeme shrugs off that stereotype: “Not at all - they can be quite knowledgeable. On the whole they like to share things, come in with friends and split a few bottles and a pizza between them.” And indeed that’s how it feels of an evening - a friendly place where people are enjoying the company as much as the exotic flavours of Norwegian Nøgne IPA, Brooklyn Lager, Flying Dog Gonzo Porter (from Colorado) or Schlenkerla’s smoked Bavarian lager. Or, of course, a good old pint of Gem. BEERD 157 ST MICHAELS HILL, KINGSDOWN, BRISTOL, BS2. FFI: 0117 974 3567, WWW.BEERDBRISTOL.COM

58 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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Beautifully marbled local steaks dry-aged





Selection of continental & English sausages made using local, free range pork Pork pies by Mark’s Bread Aw a r d w i n n i n g S a n d r i d g e Farmhouse Dry Cure Bacon

250 North Street Bedminster Bristol 0117 966 3593


p59.indd 2

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of the month

Melissa Blease finds the ultimate staycation experience at Carluccio’s new Milsom Place deli ath’s gloriously tasteful, upmarket shopping/socialising enclave that is Milsom Place has recently turned a whole lot tastier. Carluccio’s - brainchild of Antonio ‘Godfather of Italian Food’ Carluccio (see interview in this very issue) - has brought the authentic modern Italian shopping and dining experience (complete with spiffing alfresco opportunities) to the Heritage City, with a thriving deli and Aperitivo Bar completing the contemporary dolce vita vibe. “The idea behind Carluccio’s was always to create a destination for people to go to discover authentic Italian products that they could use to cook at home, making the whole experience as much a shopping destination as a place to dine or meet with friends for a coffee or aperitivo, Milanstyle,” says manager Lianne Cooper. “Ultimately, good food starts with good ingredients, and our shops are packed with all the larder staples and regional specialities you’d find in a buzzing deli in Italy.”

But even the savviest of food shoppers will know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by a brand-new, delectable array, particularly when the labels don’t always speak your language. Fortunately, staff are extremely knowledgeable about all the products on display (including how to pronounce them!) and are happy to make recommendations and advise on how to cook with the products at home - la mia bontà! “We hope that Aperitivo Bar will act as a kind of hub that brings everything we offer together,” says Lianne. “Customers can do a bit of shopping, catch up over interesting Italian wines and refreshing tipples that really capture the buzz of a typical wine bar in Milan, or join us for lunch or supper.” And if you want to take a taste of your experience home with you, that’s all going on, too. From Italian pasta and antipasti selections, including charcuterie, cheeses, crostini spreads, olives and stuffed peppers, to olive oil, wine, coffee, bread and the most gorgeous array of beautifully presented biscuit and chocolate gift boxes, we can guarantee that inspiration will never be in short supply. The selection changes with the seasons, too: during the autumn months, Italians go mad for mushrooms, so all things fungi-related line the shelves and counters, from dried porcini and truffle-infused pasta to truffle butter and porcini pasta sauce. The risotto con tartufi e porcini mix combined with luxurious crema di porcini e tartufi is likely to be this season’s supper-party menu of choice (easily feeds four people for less than £13, supplemented by antipasti and a glorious dessert), but Lianne has another hot tip: “I’m a huge fan of our sugo alle vongole - a seriously tasty clam and tomato sauce, truly fantastic when teamed with the spaghetti al nero di seppia (cuttlefish ink pasta),” she says. “In fact, just telling you this has made me decide what I’m having for dinner tonight!”



60 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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Our monthly round-up of news from the foodie world

SUPER MARKETS ➻ Forget those trolleys and

barcodes and check out one of the West’s vibrant markets to catch the local harvest at its freshest…

Stables courtyard of Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol, 10.30am–2.30pm, 3rd Sun of month. Ffi: BATH FARMERS MARKET Green Park Station, Bath, 9am-1.30pm, every Sat. Ffi: HARBOURSIDE MARKET No.1 Harbourside, Canons Rd, Bristol, 11am-4pm, every Sat & Sun. Ffi: LONG ASHTON VILLAGE MARKET Long Ashton Community Centre, Keedwell Hill, Long Ashton, Bristol, 9.30am-1pm, first Sat of month. Ffi: ASHTON COURT PRODUCERS MARKET



ath chef Gordon Jones is a pretty flamboyant character, but even he must have been a bit overwhelmed when, in the space of 24 hours, his Menu Gordon Jones was judged runner up for Best Restaurant at the Bath Good Food Awards, while he won the Best Chef Award - and all on the night before he got married. Obviously a cause for major congratulations and no doubt the popping of many vintage corks. The 2012 awards ceremony, held at the Guildhall and attended by a who’s who of Bath chefs, producers and foodies, celebrated everything from cupcakes (winner: Country Cupcakes) and sandwiches (winner: Made by Ben) to Best Bath Institution (winner: the Beaujolais, celebrating its 50th year). It was a great

night for tapastastic cafe Same Same But Different, who scooped Best Cafe Food, while chef Rob also picked up Best Up and Coming Chef for the second year running - surely he’ll have arrived by 2013? Top honours went to Laurent and Jill Couvreur from Casanis, who repeated last year’s success and took home the accolade of Bath’s Best Restaurant 2012, a significant achievement in such a highly competitive field. You can read the full list of awards on the website ( In Bristol, meanwhile, things took a decidedly dramatic turn when the curtain went up on newly refurbished pub-theatre the Alma Tavern, courtesy of new owner James Dunn, and the revamped Bristol Old Vic welcomed esteemed fine-dining establishment Flinty Red, who are bringing their tapas-style ‘small plate’ cuisine to a new restaurant within the theatre building.

of Whiteladies Rd & Apsley Rd, Clifton, Bristol, 8.30am-2pm, 1st & 3rd Sat of month. Ffi: WESTON-SUPER-MARE FARMERS MARKET High St, Weston-super-Mare, 9am-12.30pm, 2nd Sat of month. KEYNSHAM FARMERS MARKET Ashton Way car park, Keynsham, Bristol, 9am-1pm, 2nd Sat of month. Ffi: WESTBURY-ON-TRYM MARKET Medical Centre car park, Westbury Hill, Bristol, 9am–1pm, 4th Sat of month. TOBACCO FACTORY MARKET Raleigh Rd, Southville, Bristol, 10am-2.30pm, every Sun. Ffi: SLOW FOOD MARKET Corn St, Bristol, 10am-3pm, 1st Sun of month. Ffi: BRISTOL FARMERS MARKET Corn St, Bristol, 9.30am–2.30pm, every Weds. Ffi:

FOLIO/OCT 2012 61

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9/26/2012 4:53:43 PM





Motiq, the friendly, independent boutique in Clifton, is starting the new season with a shop revamp and the introduction of an exciting autumn/winter collection. You’ll find a new and select range of dresses, skirts, tops and knitwear, all in a passionate palette of autumnal colours. Come here for stunning, individually selected gowns for those special events or Christmas parties. Motiq are renowned for their beautiful selection of scarves and fashion accessories. And this is also the place to find the most unique pieces of fashion jewellery, silver and gemstones. Their select designer jewellery - which is unreservedly gorgeous - will include the new collection by Ayala Bar. We were honoured with a sneak preview of the stunning gown (£285) pictured here, which you may have caught in our previous issue. With Motiq having reopened at the end of last month, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s now available. Motiq is a very special experience - and one that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Their welcoming, friendly and super-helpful staff offer great customer service with a smile. And if you buy a gift, it’s guaranteed to be beautifully wrapped, gorgeously be-ribboned and ready to go. Folio readers are invited to become a friend of the up and coming Motiq Select website - just send your details along to:



SOFTLY SOFTLY ➻ Some wonderful new lingerie

and nightwear collections have just arrived for the autumn/winter season in Bath at Aria Lingerie. Having opened their doors on George Street earlier this year, the Aria girls are fast becoming known for their friendly and exacting service, based on their belief that each brand requires an expert fit, in the same way that each woman deserves a personal fit - be it for everyday, maternity or mastectomy lingerie. The Amour range from French company Simone Perele is all about chic French elegance and is available in classic black and this season’s hot colour, purple. It’s already a huge favourite of Aria, with the softness of the leavers lace and the all-important flawless fit. In

response to customer demand, Aria are now delighted to offer this in up to an F-cup. With many brands responding to the need for gorgeous lingerie in larger cup sizes, Simone Perele have also launched the beautifully embroidered Revelation this season (stocked up to a G-cup). Also new in, Huit’s new-style Equivoque isn’t just incredibly soft, with that all-important great fit, it’s also spot on in stunning violet. Aria are also delighted with Ravage, a glamorous and intense blue lace collection. Say Aria: “With a deep retro suspender belt available in this range, this one certainly stands out from the crowd!” ARIA LINGERIE 3 GEORGE ST, BATH. FFI: 01225 447700, WWW.ARIALINGERIE.CO.UK

62 FOLIO/OCT 2012

Lifestyle dps 213.indd 62

9/26/2012 5:04:39 PM





➻ To celebrate an exciting and successful first year, Bristol designer jewellery and gift shop Artemis, owned and run by motherand-daughter team Catherine and Carrie, recently held an evening shopping party with a few treats to thank their customers. “Over the years,” says contemporary jewellery designer Catherine, “we’ve progressed from the kitchen table to the high street, and we still have more to give so watch this space! As October begins, we’re looking forward to the winter shopping months. We’ve continued to search for fresh and enticing gifts for the autumn/winter season, which we’re excitedly unpacking and displaying.” You can now find delicate wool scarves, velvet purses and handblown glass

decorations. And as ever, there’s a fantastic range of Catherine Amesbury bespoke jewellery - if you’re looking for something really special, go along and customise a gorgeous piece. “With Christmas on the horizon, we also have a wish-list in store,” says Catherine, “so if you know someone who’s in need of a bit of inspiration, write your Christmas wishes in our book, pick up a business card and give them a helping hand!” ARTEMIS 214 GLOUCESTER RD, BRISTOL, BS7. FFI: 0117 924 1003, WWW.ARTEMISBRISTOL.CO.UK CATHERINE AMESBURY CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY DESIGN FFI: WWW.CATHERINEAMESBURY.COM

HEAD FOR THE HILL ➻ If, like us here at Folio, you’re an Art on the Hill fan - the Windmill Hill and Victoria Park Arts Trail (6-7 Oct) - then make a date for Windmill Hill Craft Market on Sat 20 Oct. With stalls courtesy of local makers and sellers dishing up everything from home decor, handmade toys, baby gifts, cushions and purses to felt goodies, art prints, cards, knitted and crocheted accessories, jewellery and stocking fillers, be one of those super-organised people who get their Christmas pressies sorted before December rears its last-minutepanic head. See you by the tea and cake stall between browsing sessions? WINDMILL HILL CRAFT MARKET SAT 20 OCT, 10.30AM-4PM, WINDMILL HILL COMMUNITY CENTRE, VIVIAN ST, BRISTOL, BS3



➻ At Keynsham-based bridal accessory boutique Bridezillas, you’ll find everything from gifts to shabby-chic wares - pretty much everything apart from the dress, in fact. To celebrate their first year of trading next month, they’re offering 20% off their jewellery from 1-25 November. But this place isn’t just for brides! Pop in for a browse and grab a Christmas bargain for your loved one - or visit them online using voucher code FOLZIL20 between those dates. “Our first year has been amazing,” says Bridezillas founder Amanda Davis-Harrison. “All of our customers have loved the experience here, and we’re constantly getting such positive feedback that people are travelling from all over to visit us.” Keep an eye out during the next few weeks for the wedding favours that they’re introducing to the boutique, along with birdcage hire, and stay tuned to the website for further updates. BRIDEZILLAS 18 HIGH ST, KEYNSHAM, BRISTOL, BS31. FFI: 0117 904 3039, WWW.BRIDEZILLAS.BIZ

FOLIO/OCT 2012 63

Lifestyle dps 213.indd 63

9/26/2012 5:05:45 PM




Poppy Benner shops around to find the best fashion boutiques in Bristol and Bath MEE BOUTIQUE If you’re after cutting-edge fashion and much more besides, visit this Bath treasuretrove for an altogether more indulgent shopping experience. Mee Boutique epitomise glamour, with their antique wardrobes and dressing tables showcasing the very finest clothing, lingerie and accessory lines, plus lifestyle luxuries such as scented candles and perfume. Attic & Barn dress £218


BOUTIQUE 33 For an exclusive shopping experience, Boutique 33 in Clifton Village take the lead with their new invitation-only status. Members can enjoy private shopping appointments with a glass of champagne, and attend social events to view new-season collections. The perfect shopping solution for any style-conscious woman with a busy lifestyle. Lara France two-tone leather pumps £120, Tayberry brushed cotton fitted jacket in olive £69.99

A busy boutique in Clifton Village, Motiq celebrate their recent makeover with an exciting and eclectic new collection for autumn/winter. This place is a must-visit for girly gifts - think unique jewellery, gorgeous accessories and glam fashion, all served in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Rodney Holman gold-plated flower stud earrings £16

64 FOLIO/OCT 2012

Fashion213.indd 64

9/26/2012 3:54:53 PM



SCARLET VINTAGE On Bath’s beautiful cobbled Queen Street, the bijou Scarlet Vintage boutique is home to a host of vintage and pre-loved designer goodies, including Jean Muir, Gucci and Versace. Glamorous yet wearable, luxe yet affordable: every woman will find something to satisfy their vintage desires here. Vintage 1940s crocodile skin bag £95, Bill Gibb cardigan £115, 1960s dark blue lace dress £95

AMULET BOUTIQUE Building on their reputation for beautiful, ethically sourced jewellery, Bristol’s Amulet Boutique are applying the same ethos to their new fashion range as they open smart new premises on Cotham Hill. For contemporary and classic designs at a fair price, they certainly deliver. Loyal fans - and new customers - won’t be disappointed. Fever chinos £39.99, Tokyo Japan top £59.99

CONTACTS RITZ BOUTIQUE With expertise and quality of service at their heart, wellrespected Clifton boutique Ritz bring the very best in French and Italian fashion to the Bristol shopper. Whether you’re looking for a formal outfit for the wedding of the year, or a more casual ensemble for a stylish soiree, they will ensure that your look is high-end and individual, with stunning attention to detail. Joseph Ribkoff ruffle coat £249

RAG TRADE Buying pre-loved clothing is great for the environment, not to mention your bank account, and Bristol’s Rag Trade are a one-stop shop for that nearly new outfit: ‘from Whistles to Westwood, Monsoon to Mulberry’. There’s a constantly changing stock of beautiful designer pieces at affordable prices, so you’re guaranteed to find something different every time. Black & nude dress, Project D London by Dannii Minogue £111


FOLIO/OCT 2012 65

Fashion213.indd 65

9/26/2012 3:53:36 PM

Ritz Boutique

Email ~ Tel ~ 01179 739570 33 Regent St, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4HR.

The Mall, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4JG 0117 973 0095


p66.indd 1

9/26/2012 1:56:47 PM



Dressing up… Niki wears: Oasis top from last season, trousers from Zara £29.99, Dune shoes from last season, clutch from India, belt borrowed from another pair of trousers, bangles from India, earrings from Accessorize £12

HAREM PANTS Personal stylist and image consultant Niki Whittle leaves her comfort zone


very so often, I like to pick a ‘tricky’ item of clothing and challenge myself to work it into my style. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is the best way to develop your style and avoid that rut that so many of us get stuck in. I’m guessing that this item will probably challenge most of you, too - slouchy harem-style trousers. I’ve noticed these cropping up in a few stores over the past month or so, including Whistles, Zara and Mango. I’ve been admiring them from a distance, but the time has come to give them a whirl. It took me a little time to find the right pair - I needed to take into account the fabric, print and colour. Thin jersey fabrics can be quite unforgiving, and while a pair in a bold print can look fabulous, they can also be a little overwhelming. Eventually I settled on this pair from Zara. I liked the way the loose fabric drapes over my hips and the ditsy print detracts from lumps and bumps. I wanted to show you how versatile a pair of trousers like these are, so pulled together two different looks. I chose to accessorise with neutral shoes and plain tops to create a simple chic look, but if you prefer a more dramatic look, opt for a statement necklace and bold heels. The beauty of these trousers is that they work with most styles. Be creative and play around with different looks until you find a way of wearing them that works for you.

Dressing down… Niki wears: Topshop denim jacket from last season, navy long-sleeved top from Oasis £18, belt from French Connection £17.50, New Look shoes from last season, earrings from India


FOLIO/OCT 2012 67

Fashion_Column213.indd 67

9/26/2012 5:12:28 PM

Discover some real treasures at a fraction of the original price

Sick of surviving on four hours sleep? Tired of pureeing the contents of your vegetable drawer? Battling with a child who won’t eat anything green? About to become a dad and looking for the instruction manual? These issues, your own and much more! Invaluable, involving and interesting workshops for mums and dads on a range of topics. Run by experts who have seen it and solved it. Great venues, decent refreshments and new friends.

A unique shopping experience in central Bristol, where you can buy, sell and trade quality pre-loved designer womenswear. Discover some fabulous hidden gems – from top end high street to high end designer. We stock immaculate pre-owned clothing and accessories from your favourite brands – Whistles to Vivienne Westwood, Hollister to Harvey Nics and everything in between.

For one of the best investments you’ll make in your child (and you!), visit:

Exclusive offer for Folio readers Save 15% on all workshops until the end of October. Quote FOLIO15 on booking.

2 Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol BS2 8DJ t: 0117 376 3085 e:


p68.indd 1

9/26/2012 2:28:07 PM

Jeweller Diana Porter in her exquisite shop on Park Street



“We now offer Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, some of which is from the Bolivian mine I visited”



Etched silver bangles by Diana Porter, from £200

Melissa Blease finds browsing heaven at inspirational Bristol jeweller Diana Porter


iana Porter originally wanted to be an actor, trained as a teacher, had two children, “discovered feminism”, worked for 20 years as an arts administrator, set up theatre companies in London and Bristol, coordinated a women’s festival and demonstrated against nuclear armaments. Then suddenly, a whole change of direction dominated her horizon: she undertook a full-time degree course in jewellery and

‘Being’ collection by Diana Porter, from £64

Shop of the month213.indd 69

silversmithing - and discovered her true passion. “I became passionate about investigating the historic involvement of women in arts and crafts,” she says. “The whole process was a gift, and the jewellery I create today is the outcome of that gift.” Today, that gift comes to breathtakingly beautiful life in Diana’s shop and workshop. Browsing here is an event in itself, more akin to visiting an art gallery than a retail space. Designed by Jeremy Dain of Bristol’s acclaimed S2 Architects, a collection of glass and steel display counters and viewing cabinets act as themed mini showcases for a collection of truly original contemporary jewellery. One wall is dominated by a mural of Italian Renaissance artist Raphael’s The Sibyls (one of Diana’s original inspirations), while hot pink, crushed velvet thrones and sofas and coffee tables strewn with style magazines provide relaxation areas. An eclectic mix of modern work, from experimental pieces by new designers to a wide range of pieces (including fabulous engagement and wedding rings) crafted by top British and European jewellers, is displayed throughout the shop. Friendly, skilled staff can offer assistance, give technical advice or discuss bespoke commissions, and browsers are actively encouraged to wander around the space, taking time to explore the exquisite work on display. Diana places great emphasis on investigating the sources of the materials she uses - silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious stones

- and trying to source ethically produced metals. “My research recently took me to Bolivia, where small artisanal miners are working towards improving conditions and taking care of the environment,” she says. “Last September, my work was accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation and we can now offer Fairtrade and Fairmined gold, some of which comes from the Bolivian mine I originally visited.” The relaunched Diana Porter website now has a new look and features, making it a great shopping experience. It’s full of information about different metals, options and finishes, as well as lots of biographical information about Diana herself. “I still can’t believe how lucky I am,” says Diana. “My collections are in about 40 galleries and shops all over the country and I have the shop of my dreams in a wonderful location, complete with my own workshop on site - a room of my own to create and play in! I get to choose beautiful work to display in the shop from other designers, and I meet lovely people who come from miles around to consult about commissions.” DIANA PORTER CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY 33 PARK ST, BRISTOL. FFI: 0117 909 0225, WWW.DIANAPORTER.CO.UK

FOLIO/OCT 2012 69

9/26/2012 5:01:59 PM


p70.indd 1

9/26/2012 2:30:15 PM




Drastic measures aren’t always a guarantee of complexion perfection. And going down the surgery route can often be far from relaxing. So thank goodness for Sanctuary Spa’s latest at-home 30 Day Youth Revolution, a two-step glycolic peel-off mask and anti-wrinkle serum that promises to instantly reveal younger, smoother and more radiant-looking skin. Use weekly for an instant pick-me-up. SANCTUARY 30 DAY YOUTH REVOLUTION £22.50, SANCTUARY SPA BRISTOL, & BOOTS BATH & BRISTOL


If you like a side-order of humour with your morning make-up routine, chances are you’re already a Benefit fan. And the kooky Californian company have succeeded in delighting and exciting us once again with their sweet and simple Lip & Cheek Kits in three colourways – Sugarlicious, Feelin’ Dandy, and Go TropiCoral. Each of these neat little pocket-sized kits comes with a mini lip and cheek stain, High Beam complexion enhancer, face-brightening powder and lip gloss so you can pull your look together in a jiffy. BENEFIT LIP & CHEEK KITS £24.50, DEBENHAMS BATH & BRISTOL, BOOTS BATH & BRISTOL, HOUSE OF FRASER BATH & BRISTOL, & HARVEY NICHOLS BRISTOL

Shades of

AUTUMN Rachel Nott draws up her new season beauty lust list



When your diary is flashing up a day of back-to-back meetings, wondering whether your foundation is up to the pressure is the last thing you should have to worry about. Step forward the latest launch from Bobbi Brown - Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15, giving natural, hydrating coverage for a good 12 hours. And since it’s available in 18 shades, your perfect match is guaranteed to be out there! Now all you’ve got to do before you enter that boardroom is check that your skirt isn’t tucked into your knickers…


So long summer pastels, hello winter sparkle! So say the Body Shop, who are launching themselves headlong into the party season with a glittering array of limited-edition metallic beautifiers to keep you looking as sparkly as a Babycham throughout the festive season. The fabulous new range includes a 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette (£14) in Copper or Moonstone, and Dazzling Rocks (£17) - a tub of shimmering gold beads to add contours and radiance to cheeks, temples and décolletage. Our favourite, the Sparkler (£14), is an atomiser available in Enchanting Gold and Dazzling Copper, delivering puffs of iridescent sparkle-dust to highlight face, body and hair. BODY SHOP WINTER MAKE-UP RANGE BODY SHOP, BRISTOL & BATH



Let’s get one thing straight. Unless you’re under 20, everyone looks better with a little strategically placed concealer. But finding one that hides your eyebags and crow’s feet without caking into creases is no mean feat. Bare Minerals seem to have cracked it, though, with their brand new Stroke of Light Eye Brightener, which promises to brighten the eye area and diffuse dark shadows while reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles over time. We call that a stroke of genius… BARE MINERALS STROKE OF LIGHT EYE BRIGHTENER £22, DEBENHAMS BATH & BRISTOL, HOUSE OF FRASER BRISTOL, & JOHN LEWIS

FOLIO/OCT 2012 71

Beauty213.indd 71

9/26/2012 3:57:24 PM

BEAUTY LIFESTYLE LEFT - Sarah now sporting a striking caramel dip-dye BELOW - with Vidal Sassoontrained L’Oreal ID Artistic Team member Laura

TOMLINSON HAIRDRESSING Split-cut and dip-dye at this stylish salon? What’s not to love, says Sarah Clark


n the heart of Clifton Village, Tomlinson Hairdressing is a new-ish kid on the Bristol scene, having opened in May this year. There’s a warm, welcoming feel to the newly furbished salon, with plenty of personal touches amid the minimal design, from the antique mirrors to the unique dandelion murals created by local artist Shruti Bhoyar. I was warmly greeted by salon manager Amy, who sat down with me to tell me all about the salon. Tomlinson’s creative and seriously motivated stylists, who’ve all previously worked in and around Clifton, have come together here to offer a bespoke hairdressing experience - and one that will soon feature a barber section complete with old-fashioned barber chair. Each member of the team completes monthly training courses to keep updated with new techniques and products and bring the latest catwalk and celebrity looks into the salon. Laura, who was going to be doing my hair, is a Vidal Sassoon-trained L’Oreal ID Artistic Team member with more than a decade’s experience, so I knew that I was in safe hands. I’ve got quite thick and naturally curly dark hair, and I was looking to try something new by having a dip-dye or ombre hair colour - the likes of Sarah Jessica

“Laura is a perfectionist the result was nothing short of perfect”

Parker, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and Penelope Cruz have all sported variations of this low-maintenance global colour trend. We started the consultation by looking at the images I’d brought along of various versions of the dipdye. Taking on board my thoughts and ideas, Laura then advised me on suitable colours to create the effect, bearing in mind my eye colour, skin tone, face shape and style. As for the cut, I wanted a trim and to have my hair thinned, to deal with its natural thickness. Again, Laura’s expertise and up to date knowledge came up trumps: she suggested using a split-cut technique to thin my hair. Dip-dye involves sectioning the hair, backcombing and twisting the ends, which then have the colour applied to them - in my case, a caramel. With the colour carefully applied and allowed to develop, I was whisked off to the washbasins for a series of treatments specifically tailored for my hair and new vibrant colour. Topped off with a head massage, the whole process was wonderfully relaxing, even with the gentle

hustle and bustle of the salon going on around me. Back in front of the mirror, Laura took the scissors to my hair, lightly trimming the ends and sculpting the weight with the split-cut technique that she’d recommended - which does indeed work wonders on thick, curly hair. After a quick blowdry, my hair was totally transformed and I saw the colour come to life, from the dark-chocolate enhancing colour that Laura had applied as a base through to the mocha and caramels that highlighted my hair all over, finished off with some light curls. Laura is obviously a perfectionist - her attention to detail was uncanny. The result was nothing short of perfect, and the whole process was eased along in the most fabulous way by Amy, Laura and the whole team, all of whom were attentive to my every need.


72 FOLIO/OCT 2012

SalonSpy_213.indd 72

9/26/2012 5:28:27 PM





aving laid their roots some 19 years ago, The Relaxation Centre has been steadily mastering the art of taking it easy ever since. Hidden within the walls of its beautiful Victorian house, this gorgeous, homely spa has an indoor and outdoor spa, including saunas, steam room,

spa pool, hot tub, relaxation lounge and stunning meditation garden. The heavenly treatment menu includes massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, shiatsu, hot stone massage, aromatherapy, reiki and so much more – all carried out in beautifully spacious treatment rooms by their dedicated and highly experienced practitioners. You can also take up a new hobby with their weekly timetable of drop-in and bookable classes and workshops including yoga, pilates, meditation and massage for couples. So whether it is the detoxifying delights of a session in the sauna or steam room, de-stressing with one of their extensive range of holistic treatments, taking it easy in the

hot tub under the stars or chilling in the sunny meditation garden, The Relaxation Centre has everything you need for complete tranquillity. To find out more call The Relaxation Centre on 0117 970


6616 or visit www. You can also like them on Facebook ( TheRelaxationCentre) and follow them on Twitter (@ RelaxCentre).

NEW CHROMATICS The hair colour you've been waiting for • No Ammonia • No Odour • 100% white coverage Hair feels up to 2x stronger! products are used in the Salon 6 Rockleaze Rd, Sneyd Park, Bristol BS9 1NF Tel: 0117 9682663 FOLIO/OCT 2011 73

relaxation centre f213.indd 11

9/26/2012 3:03:59 PM


p74.indd 1

9/26/2012 11:30:57 AM




GASTRIC BANDS ➻ My story started at the end of February 2011 when, at age 28 and six feet tall, I topped the scales at 21 stone,” says Victoria Hammond. “I can literally say that I woke up one morning and decided I was going to lose weight, but this time I wasn’t going to allow myself to fail and put the weight back on after losing it. On visiting my GP we decided that I was going to give myself a month to lose what I could, and that during that time I was going to research various bariatric surgeons/groups and opt for a gastric band. I felt this was the only way I’d succeed at keeping the weight off long term. “That’s how I came across the Bariatric Group. Compared with their competitors, their package was comprehensive and competitive. Also, the hospital was

relatively close to my home, which is vital for follow-up care. I lost one-and-a-half stone by myself in the four weeks leading up to the operation and another half a stone on the one-week pre-op diet. I had eight stone to lose in total, and with my determination and help from the Bariatric Group, I reached my goal weight nine months later in January 2012. Throughout the whole process I found the Bariatric Group thorough and supportive, and I can honestly say that the decision to have a gastric band was the best decision of my life.” THE BARIATRIC GROUP FFI: 0808 128 0022, WWW.THEBARIATRICGROUP.CO.UK (THE BARIATRIC GROUP ARE CURRENTLY OFFERING GASTRIC BANDS AT £1,500 OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Lose weight and feel great with help from the Bariatric Group


GO FOR GOLD ➻ If London 2012 has inspired you to discover your personal best, top UK celebrity personal trainer Matt Roberts can give you all the motivation you need. Matt launches his new Conviviality Body Blast programme in the Bath and Bristol area this autumn. The programme promises that if you dedicate just 90 minutes a week delivered by Matt and local Conviviality associate personal trainer Louise Pierce (right) - you’ll get fit quickly, change bad habits and your body shape. The process begins with an initial fitness consultation to ensure the programme fits your specific needs, followed by weekly 90-minute sessions at your chosen time and location. Need further support? Choose seven of your closest friends to help you keep on track! Your personalised fitness programme (including support, goal setting and achievement monitoring at every step of the way) will focus on increasing your body’s ability to burn fat and sculpt your physique, while a structured nutritional programme supports your training and optimises fat loss.


NEW TREATMENT ➻ Dr Haroun Gajraj is an expert on lovely legs! For the past

two decades, this pioneering veins specialist has been treating varicose veins, a condition that affects one in three people at some point in their lives. And from this autumn, Dr Gajraj will be the first surgeon in the South West to treat varicose veins using a brand-new medical adhesive developed in the United States. Varicose veins are a hot topic at the moment because the NHS have been forced to drastically cut back on the number of patients they will treat. Dr Gajraj’s new ‘walk-in’ procedure offers less discomfort, faster recovery times and better cosmetic results than traditional treatments. His Vein Care Centre is hosted by Litfield House Medical Centre in Clifton Down, Bristol: a well-established private medical facility with an excellent reputation for high-quality service, it offers access to all the latest non-surgical treatments.



FOLIO/OCT 2012 75

Health 213.indd 75

9/26/2012 5:18:39 PM


Tel: 0117 929 9749

25% DISCOUNT WITH NEW STYLISTS. Quote Folio when booking. Offer valid through to 2013 (Not applicable in December 2012).

WE CARE • WE LISTEN • WE ADVISE MON Appointment Only TUES 10am-5.30pm WEDS 12.15pm-7pm THURS 10am-6.15pm FRI 10am-8pm SAT 9am-5.15pm

18 St Nicholas Street | Bristol | BS1 1UB p76.indd 1

9/26/2012 11:31:41 AM



GOT IT Put the kettle on, says Anna Britten. It’s time


here’s a make, mend and do-it-yourself revolution under way, with more and more of us upcycling, thrifting, stitching and bitching, getting a needle and pricking our thumbs. But how to proceed if you haven’t got a studio, or even a sewing machine? Help is at hand (along with a good cuppa) at Bristol and Bath’s nicest craft hubs.


The Makery: so wholesome and convivial it makes “River Cottage look like ancient Sparta”

MADE? MAKE DO AND MEND The Makery is a way of life that just happens to be encapsulated in one sugar-sweet little shop. Ever wanted to learn how to make tutus, tea cosies, patchwork stars, maybe a lampshade? With a few mates around a reclaimed wooden table, a pot of tea and an atmosphere so wholesome and convivial that it makes River Cottage look like ancient Sparta? Then this is the place for you. Since opening in winter 2009, Kate and Nigel Smith’s creative hub in Bath’s artisan quarter, Walcot Street, has snowballed in popularity as more and more customers discover the pleasure of a more creative, sustainable life, free from big faceless corporations. They’ve since added a second site across town in Northumberland Place. “If you can make it yourself, you won’t need to buy it,” they say. “If it’s broken and you can mend it, you won’t need to replace it. If it’s old and you can reinvent it, you won’t need to update it… Like the idea? It makes perfect sense to us!” A number of green workshops at the Makery use materials that would otherwise go to landfill. Workshops this autumn/ winter will have you making patchwork quilts (Sun 28 Oct), mini clasp purses (Fri 23 Nov), knitting (Thur 29 Nov), Christmas

hearts (Sun 2 Dec) and Christmas cards (Sun 11 Dec). Hen parties, meanwhile, can sign up for nipple-tassel-making and gartermaking sessions. Children’s parties, corporate brainstormings, frock swaps and baby showers (in which family and friends create a beautiful baby’s quilt) also find room on a very busy calendar. THE MAKERY WORKSHOP 146 WALCOT ST, BATH. FFI: 01225 421175, WWW.THEMAKERYONLINE.CO.UK

TECHNICAL KNOWHOW Serious about sewing? As in, making a career out of it some day? As in, knowing about stuff like ribbing, decorative edges and button holes? Then sign up here. Claire Fenwick founded the Bristol Sewing School after spotting a gap in the market for technical, formal, good-quality and reasonably priced courses in the city. Courses are taught by eight tutors who are all professionals in their field curtainmakers, fashion industry pattern cutters and bridalwear designers included. Choose from upcycling, sewing and dressmaking, patterns and fashion, needlecrafts, knitting and crochet, and cushions, curtains and blinds, all taught in small groups in a light, airy studio. ➻ FOLIO/OCT 2012 77

Skills213.indd 77

9/26/2012 5:29:44 PM

Transcendental Meditation® as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The only meditation fully researched by top scientists, for

Clearer thinking More energy Freedom from stress

Your local Bristol Transcendental Meditation Centre

Call to book a free Introductory Talk, or just with your questions: 0117 914 7127

“Regular TM helps me seize the day, spy the opportunity and grab hold of my own destiny with both hands. Everything used to feel like a constant struggle; now I‘m doing better and better and my life is easier and easier.” Kitty Tebbetts, film producer



p78.indd 1

9/26/2012 3:10:03 PM



OR WHAT ABOUT... JAPANESE Hurry if you want to grab one of a handful of places still remaining on Yu Japanese Language School’s evening courses beginning this month. All levels, from beginners through to advanced, are welcome to learn the language of Haruki Murakami. All teachers are native speakers and courses are held at Bristol’s Polish Club.


YOGA Fancy a yoga day, or even longer? Universal Yoga, based in a gorgeous country house just outside Bath, have been running yoga retreats for six years, offering professional teaching and organic ayurvedic food in elegant surroundings. This month sees a Classic Yoga Retreat (5-7 Oct) and a one-day Yoga Philosophy & Practice day (Sat 13 Oct).

hour (with a hot drink included) - staff will help you get started. On Fridays you can pay a little more for one-to-one tuition, and there are mini project kits for sale. For those not quite able to fly solo yet, workshops are available in basic sewing skills, knitting (courtesy of Kimberlee, the Homemade Mama), lampshade making, dressmaking and there are Sew-a-long sessions where you can bring along whatever scarf, quilt or ballgown you happen to be working on. The refreshments are nicely handcrafted, too: pop by in time for brunch or afternoon tea. Great party venue. Demonstrations and guest speakers are a regular occurrence throughout the year, and you can book your own birthday, hen or children’s party. Apparently, the lunches are pretty spectacular, too. BRISTOL SCHOOL OF SEWING & TEXTILES THE COLLEGE, TIMSBURY WALK, MARKSBURY RD, BEDMINSTER, BRISTOL, BS3. FFI: 0117 304 8275/07806 096236, WWW.BRISTOLSEWINGSCHOOL.CO.UK

Above: Clifton Village newcomer Cordial & Grace “offers something beyond the more recent trend for shabbychic, vintage or homemade”

SEWING CAFE If you’re the sort of gal who loves an upcycled fifties prom dress, knows a good scone when she sees it, and has an entire collection of old Ladybird books lined up on her artfully battered French-style dressing table, this ‘sewing cafe’ is probably already on your radar. Clifton Village’s Cordial & Grace is every former ratracer’s dream come true. “I wanted Cordial & Grace to offer something beyond the more recent trend for shabby-chic, vintage or homemade goods,” says owner Maria Whiteman, who spent 20 years in the corporate world before being inspired by the sewing cafes of Paris and Berlin. “I see it as a move towards handmade, rather than homemade. People still want their little luxuries here and there, so, at Cordial & Grace, we offer them both.” C&G’s USP is its bank of sewing machines, which you can hire for £5 an


THE GREAT CREATE Sisters Becki Noble and Rachel Le Page decided to turn their love of pretty things into a business four-and-a-half years ago. Millie Moon was the result, a haberdashery boutique on the beautiful cobbled street of Catherine Hill in Frome - and well worth the trip it is, too. Courses embrace traditional crafts and skills (including dressmaking, patchwork and quilting) but also offer a contemporary twist. This month, for example, you can learn the art of ceramic jewellery, photocollage and, er, trading cards, while November invites you to turn your hand to full petticoats, Christmas bunting, superhero capes and jelly roll quilting. The haberdashery element of Millie Moon is also a huge draw for textilophiles, with utterly lovely fabrics from the likes of Once Upon a Story Book, Chick Chick and Kaffe Fassett, not to mention all the ricrac and pompom trim you could ever dream of. Oneto-one tuition, birthday parties, baby showers and hen dos are all available, too. A second shop opened in Wells last year. Charity event The Great Create on Sun 7 Oct offers a taster of what this special little place has to offer.

FFI WWW.UNIVERSALYOGA.CO.UK FUNGI & AUTUMN SILKS Ever wished you could tell your ugly milkcap from your amethyst deceiver? An Identifying Fungi course at Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Downs (26-27 Oct) should sort that out for you. Meanwhile, on Sat 20 Oct, Bristol Zoo’s wildlife illustrator Su Lees will teach you the delicate art of Silk Painting, drawing inspiration from the colours and shapes of autumn. Suitable for everyone – ‘including the artistically challenged!’ apparently.

FFI BOOKING VIA AVON GORGE & DOWNS WILDLIFE PROJECT: 0117 903 0609, MLEIVERS@ BRISTOLZOO.ORG.UK CREATIVE WRITING Bath creative writing gurus Alex and Jude welcome flash fiction supremo Tania Hershman to Mr B’s bookshop on Thur 11 Oct for a workshop designed to help you master the form also known as micro, sudden, short-short, postcard, furious, skinny and smoke long (in other words, a story under 1,000 words). Wine is promised.

FFI WWW.WRITINGEVENTSBATH.CO.UK COOKING Feel Good Friday at Tyntesfield on Fri 19 Oct has its eyes on your stomach. A one-and-a-half-hour cooking demo by one of the National Trust jewel’s chefs, it hopes to send you home with lots of new tips and a freshly rejuvenated palate.



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WRAP E Above left to right: the leisure club pool; the back of the hotel lit up at night; a twin room; the hotel’s impressive entrance Below: the spa’s relaxation room

veryone has been telling me recently that I should go and pamper myself and take some time out to relax... so that’s exactly what I did. Mum and I packed a bag and headed over the bridge to indulge in a spa break at the Vale Resort just outside Cardiff. Set in over 650 acres of private parkland, this certainly is the place to go for some time out - you feel calm and relaxed from the minute you drive through the gates. We decided to drop our bags off and go for a wander around the grounds. The resort’s surroundings form a beautiful natural backdrop, with a gorgeous lake and the 17th century Hensol Castle alongside all the Vale Resort’s modern high-class sports facilities. The health club itself comprises

Becky Davis and her mum are pampered to perfection during a spa break at the Vale Resort near Cardiff

a 20m swimming pool, sauna, steam and whirlpool bath, gymnasium, squash courts, tennis courts, fitness studios and a creche/day nursery. We opted to take a quick dip in the pool and then soak away all our cares in the bubbles of the Jacuzzi bath. After a quick trip back to the room to make ourselves look presentable, it was time to head down to the AA rosette award-winning grill restaurant, which specialises in locally sourced fresh produce as the basis of their ‘Best of Welsh’-inspired menu. The views from the restaurant were as superb as the service, and a lovely selection of starters and main courses was followed by a sumptuous choice of desserts. The wine list was extensive and they also offered some amazing cocktails from the Salamanza champagne bar. This fabulous place really does offer something for everyone, and the clientele ranges from groups of men on golf breaks to families, couples and groups of girls on pamper weekends. After a seriously deep sleep, we arose to the inclusive breakfast, a fantastic affair consisting of continental breakfast, cereals and juice or a traditional cooked breakfast from the grill. There was so much choice, and more than enough to keep us going until lunchtime. We were up bright and early so decided that we had time for another swim and Jacuzzi after breakfast as our treatments weren’t until 10.30am. We headed for the Vale Spa this time, with its extensive retail area offering lots of well-known

products. Since opening in 1988, it’s earned itself a covetable reputation for excellence in its approach to spa therapies. The spa offers a great range of therapies: Mum opted for the aromatherapy full body massage and I went for something I hadn’t tried before, the Sundari treatment. Sundari is an Ayurvedic range of Indian-inspired treatments individually tailored to your own ‘dosha’ or personality type. My therapist Catherine began with a quick consultation to decide what personality I had, then drizzled warm oil over my body and gave me a back and scalp massage. This was followed by a full body exfoliation and body wrap, and it really did feel as though she was putting the balance back into my body. I then had to wash off all the clay, before being moisturised from head to toe to lock in all the goodness. I hadn’t experienced anything like this before - a truly relaxing, destressing and unforgettable experience. When your treatment is finished, you go back to wait in the relaxation room, which has self-heating water beds for you to take a nap on. What’s not to love?



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The Renault Zoe ZE, winner of NextGreenCar’s greenest car awards 2012



Suzanne Savill meets the man behind a pioneering Bristol-based green motoring website


t used to be so simple. You worked out which car you could afford, and then found something with a suitable price tag that also fitted personal preferences such as engine size and number of doors. That was back in the days before motorists were taxed according to

exhaust emissions, and before the cost of filling a tank with petrol or diesel soared in price. Modern motorists now have to make complex calculations when it comes to judging whether a vehicle provides value for money, and also have to analyse a variety of data if they want to assess its impact on the environment - and their pockets. For Bristol-based Dr Ben Lane, this has meant that what started out in 2004 as an ebook that he wrote with information about buying and owning a green car has grown to become a website called NextGreenCar. com, which is now the UK’s leading information guide to buying and owning an environmentally friendly and economical vehicle. “When I wrote the ebook, most people didn’t even know what a hybrid car was,” says Dr Lane, who has a PhD in hydrogen fuel cell cars. “Now they’re a familiar sight, and electric vehicles are also gaining in popularity.” The NextGreenCar site recorded monthly traffic of 145,000 unique users and 650,000 page impressions earlier this year. Now the target is to achieve a million page impressions and 250,000 unique users by the end of 2012. The website uses a unique green car rating system that Dr Lane based

on an environmental rating tool first developed by the European Cleaner Drive Programme and extended to include the environmental impact of car manufacture, as well as the way in which vehicles are fuelled or powered. “People are now very interested in fueleconomic cars,” he continues. “It’s very much a sign of the times in which we live.” And while there’s undoubtedly an element of environmental awareness, the main factor is people looking to reduce their motoring costs. “The people who use our website are particularly interested in C02 emissions, miles per gallon and car tax costs. They’re interested in the whole life cost of a vehicle, taking into account factors such as servicing.” The NextGreenCar website, which is based in offices at Spike Island in Bristol, has a database going back to 2001, covering vehicles powered by petrol, diesel, LPG, natural gas, bioethanol, biodiesel, electricity and fuel cells. It holds its own annual awards to find the greenest car on the market, recently naming the winner for 2012 as the Renault Zoe ZE - a zeroemission super-mini. The site also features the UK’s most comprehensive map of electric vehicle (EV) charging points around the country. There are presently 13 locations in Bristol with 49 charging points, and one in Bath that can charge four vehicles. Dr Lane, whose career has spanned academic research and independent consultancy in technology and the environment, says: “We want to support people who are thinking about buying an EV but are concerned about the practicalities of charging it.”



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➻ With rising energy bills swallowing a large slice of everybody’s

income, it’s no surprise that interest in renewable energy is stronger than ever, particularly with the 9% rise in fuel costs due this month. Homes installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can get the Feed-in Tariff (FiT), a cash incentive that’s both guaranteed for 20 years and index linked. With the drop in panel prices over the past 12 months, even at today’s lower FiT rates, this is as good an investment as it ever was. Under the FiT, you’re paid for each unit of electricity that you generate, plus all this electricity is free for you to use to offset your bills. You can also earn a useful bonus by selling the surplus to utility companies. Interest is also now growing in solar thermal: systems that use the sun’s energy to heat your hot water, together with heat pumps that extract energy from the air or ground to warm your home. These systems will be eligible for grants and payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive and Premium Payments Scheme, as will Solarsense’s new 90% fuel-efficient biomass wood-pellet boiler. Solarsense have specialised in renewable energy for nearly 20 years and have installed many thousands of solar energy and solar thermal systems, as well as an increasing number of heat pumps, and last year the Renewable Energy Association voted them Company of the Year. They will carry out a free, no-obligation survey of your home to check that it’s suitable for PV panels, and for other renewable technologies. Solarsense can also assess your home’s energy rating to determine what additional cost-effective steps you can take to save money on your energy bills. Once the installation is complete, you’ll have an Energy Performance Certificate for your home - an essential document if you want to sell or rent the property.



TRADE SECRETS ➻ With a wealth of experience in designing and fitting kitchens and bathrooms, Yate-based family-run business Trade Interiors can help you with planning and design and turn your ideas into reality. This is their fifth year in business, and the owner has been in the trade for more than 25 years, along with members of the fitting team. They now rely on most of their business coming from recommendations, and boast a large customer base who are all ecstatic with their new kitchens and bathrooms. Trade Interiors supply kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and furniture to both the public and trade, and it’s definitely worth visiting their large showroom to see what’s on display - endless options and

so many products to choose from. They handpick all their products for the best quality at the most reasonable price to give their customers the very best value for money. “We were fascinated by what products are actually available on the market,” say one satisfied couple from Chipping Sodbury. “Sean and Wayne led us towards the most practical and affordable items that would suit us best, and the fitters kept a clean workplace throughout.” TRADE INTERIORS THE OLD STATION YARD, STATION RD, YATE, BRISTOL, BS37. FFI: 01454 322550, WWW.INTERIORS-SW. CO.UK

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A GLASS ACT ➻ Looking for something a little bit different?

Check out the English Door Company and their exclusive range of designs, style options and accessories. Every door they make is unique: not only is each one made to your exact requirements, but every aspect - from the design, colour and glazing down to the door furniture - is chosen by you. The local supplier of English Door Company products are M Powell Windows, together with their sister company Evolution Storm Windows. Here, handfinished excellence comes as standard, as they employ traditionally skilled craftsmen as well as technicians – with more people than machines in their factory, exceptional quality control is ensured throughout the manufacturing procedure. This sets their products apart from traditional PVCu windows and doors, and gives the look and feel of traditional wood without the upkeep, and

with accessory options of traditional monkeytail handles and peg stays. Once you’ve chosen the design and details for your new doors, windows or conservatories from the smallest window to the largest of conservatories - M Powell Windows will handle the whole process with the care and commitment that have set them apart for the past 24 years. They’ll arrange a survey to assess the exact door and frame or window size, and will then allocate an experienced team to carry out the installation with the utmost care and attention. All installations come with a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee, and M Powell Windows are Fensa registered and members of the DGCOS nationwide ombudsmen scheme. M POWELL WINDOWS UNIT 1, KNOWLES RD, CLEVEDON, NORTH SOMERSET, BS21. FFI: 01275 879333, WWW.MPOWELLWINDOWS.CO.UK

MR BEN ➻ The Ben the Illustrator

Collection fabrics range, created by Frome-based Ben and Fiona O’Brien, is handmade in Bradford on Avon - “using,” says Fiona, whose passions lie in interior and product design, “unlimited volumes of colour and love!” Renowned for his affinity with nature and the world around us, Ben encapsulates his inspiration into designs that breathe fresh air and exhilaration, which will add an exclamation mark to any home. “I believe that good places make people feel good,” says Ben, “whether you’re on the coast watching birds, or on the couch watching TV.” BEN THE ILLUSTRATOR COLLECTION FFI: WWW. BENTHEILLUSTRATORCOLLECTION.COM


TAILOR MADE ➻ As the name suggests, the Wooden Blind Company concentrate on wooden

blind and shutter products, though they can also supply all types of interior or exterior blind. Their high-quality products come backed by a first-class design and installation service. Steve Sharp set up the company in 2001. “I first entered the blind and shutter industry in 1997,” Steve explains, “and have been involved with the design and installation of shutters since day one. I visit all our customers personally to discuss individual requirements - then, with an understanding for exactly what’s needed, we can provide you with the perfect solution. “My aim is to make the whole process, from start to finish, a completely stressfree experience. By installing all our products myself, I can be sure that we’ve been as meticulous as possible with any work that we do in your home. Attention to detail has always been of the utmost importance to us.”


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INTERIORS HOMEFRONT Use neutral decor to create a peaceful sanctuary: Designers Guild ‘Bowery’ luxury white bedlinen (


our bedroom is the one place in your home that should be dedicated purely to relaxation. Whether you need an afternoon nap, a long night’s sleep or just a moment of peace, make your bedroom a space that oozes calm and tranquillity. It’s also the one room in the house where you can fully express your personality, style and interests. Visitors don’t need to go in there, so you can simply shut the door and keep it as your own private sanctuary. Funnily enough, though, the fact that the bedroom isn’t used for entertaining is what finds many of us guilty of leaving it as the last room to benefit from a makeover; we tend to ‘make do’ with how it currently looks. But unlike kitchens or bathrooms, which often require a more generous budget, it’s possible to transform a bedroom without taking out a second mortgage. Updating your bedroom with a fresh lick of paint is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give it a brandnew look. To turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat, opt for a light, fresh decor. Stick to neutral colours that bring a feeling of calm and won’t quickly look dated. And that doesn’t mean you have to stick to beige and off-white - there are plenty of colours that lend themselves to the neutral colour palette, without being cold and bland. Pastel shades, very much on trend at the moment, are a great alternative -

Dream WEAVERS Interior designer Lesley Taylor updates your bedroom without breaking the bank

84 FOLIO/OCT 2012

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Bold blocks of colour look great in a contemporary space: Designers Guild ‘Battista’ collection (

Above left: Smart, practical storage solutions from Rossetto (www.rossetto. Above right: Use fabric to update your headboard and create stylish bedlinen: Romo’s beautiful ‘Fiora’ collection (www. Right: Scatter cushions can make your bed a focal point: ‘Kediri Silk’ collection by Osborne & Little (www.taylorsetc.

those of a soft, milky tone are perfect for a bedroom setting. With the return of all things vintage and kitsch, pastels can provide an up to date scheme, while also creating a calm atmosphere. And if you find it difficult to settle on one particular colour to use as a base, the beauty of pastels is that you can take a mix’n’match approach. Two colours that might normally clash will probably work well together when you’re using a pastel alternative. Whether your bedroom is compact or generously sized, pastels will suit any environment. If you want to liven up your decor, floral patterns will work well with a neutral or pastel colour scheme. Choose a wallpaper design that you can use to create a feature wall as a point of interest. Use delicate floral motifs in a small space, or if your bedroom is on the larger side you can take a more daring approach. Floral designs can work equally well in contemporary and traditional environments, and at the moment there’s something on the market to suit everybody. The centrepiece of any bedroom should be the key ingredient: the bed. If yours is still in pristine condition or your budget won’t stretch to a whole new bed, simply replacing your existing headboard can work like magic. This is the part of the bed that you’ll see day in, day out, so make sure that it contributes to the overall decor. For a boutique feel,

choose a padded headboard design. If kitsch country cottage is more your style, opt for a whitewashed woodpanel design. A bedroom update is also the perfect time to treat yourself to a new set of linen. If you’re creating a contemporary scheme, bold blocks of colour will work well, or for a low-key decor I’d recommend a pretty lace design in a pale colour. Decorate the bed with plenty of scatter cushions for an extra feeling of comfort and to add further interest to the room. You want your bedroom to be as relaxing as possible, so it’s important that you furnish it with adequate storage solutions. Rossetto do a fantastic range of beds where the mattress lifts upwards to reveal a wealth of storage space. And if you’re planning more than just a new coat of paint, Rossetto also have a fantastic range of sliding wardrobe solutions - those with a sleek, high-gloss finish will make your bedroom feel bigger. Or for a vintage feel, rather than incorporating contemporary furniture in a high-gloss finish, keep your eyes open for an antique dresser and chest of drawers to add character and charm. Don’t forget those all-important finishing touches. Make sure that you have the correct lighting in place, and fit a dimmer switch to give you bright task lighting when applying make-up or

doing your hair, and then a relaxed, romantic atmosphere in the evening. With a neutral decor, your accessories will need careful consideration as they will have a more prominent appearance against a plain background. Get it right, and sweet dreams are guaranteed.


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A low-maintenance solution for old timber box sash windows, from the director of Crystal Clear WORDS: JOSIE DRUMMOND


nyone who has ever lived with timber box sash windows couldn’t fail to notice that the care and maintenance of these draughty period features can be costly, time consuming and frequent. Tony Fox, director of local windows, doors and conservatory specialists Crystal Clear, brings us up to date with the latest alternatives to traditional timber box sash windows. Tell us a bit about Crystal Clear and the services that you offer Crystal Clear is a Bristol-based, longestablished company that specialises in windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries. Our first priority is to give a

Above: This PVCu window looks just like an original wooden sash but also offers energy efficiency and lowmaintenance Right: Irish Oak sash windows, beautifully crafted and A-rated

seamless experience of professionalism, quality and trust throughout the whole project, from conception through to completion. We specialise in all types of windows, from PVCu to new slimline aluminium and hardwood, in a range of styles, designs and colours. All our windows offer energy efficiency and high security. What are the options for a Georgian home with original timber sliding sash windows that are rotting and peeling in places, despite having been repaired and painted only two years ago? While traditional timber sash windows look elegant, particularly after refurbishment, their regular and costly maintenance isn’t quite so attractive. They also have a tendency to be draughty and prone to leaks, even with regular maintenance. You could consider replacing your existing timber windows with the PVCu vertical sliding sash windows, which are a low-maintenance alternative and offer all the benefits of modern technology, but with the look and feel of traditional sash windows. They’re much easier to live with, as they won’t rot, rust or flake, and require only a simple wipe to keep them clean. What about those elegant sliding sash windows in Victorian houses that have started to leak and let in draughts: while PVCu sliding sash windows will obviously save time and money on maintenance, can they preserve the property’s character and style? The latest range of double-glazed PVCu sliding sash windows have the classic look of traditional timber sash windows and offer all the advantages of modern windows: low maintenance, energy efficiency, high security and ease of use. All the windows that we supply and install are A-rated industry leading, with unique features and benefits, and are built to the most exacting of British and European standards. They come with traditional run-through sash horns and highquality balances, and two tilting and sliding sashes for ease of cleaning. Double-glazed, A-rated, energy-

The latest range of double-glazed PVCu sliding sash windows have the classic look of traditional timber sash windows

efficient glass reduces heating bills, while brush seals around the openings ensure exceptional draught proofing, and smooth gliding systems mean easy operation. Maintenance-free, authentic-looking PVCu needs no sanding or painting, and they come in a range of styles, sizes, colours, finishes and hardware to suit every home. What about someone with an old cottage they’re refurbishing, where the sliding sash windows are totally rotten and need replacing: can they replicate the original look of the windows with PVCu sliding sash windows? We offer a wide range of designs and styles of PVCu sliding sash windows, in a choice of colours and woodgrain finishes, so, yes, the new windows can definitely replicate the look of the original windows and retaining the character of the cottage. And as well as the comprehensive range of styles and finishes, there’s a choice of window furniture, bar designs and layouts, deep bottom rails, decorative sash horns, glazing options, woolpile covers and putty line glass lines, all of which will enhance the authentic look and feel of your windows. CRYSTAL CLEAR 22A EMERY RD, BRISLINGTON, BRISTOL, BS4. FFI: 0117 971 7880, WWW.CRYSTALCLEARBRISTOL.CO.UK

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wooden blindcompany

bespoke shutters & blinds

Expertly measured & installed by us, We are a local, family business, With over a decade of experience. Contact us now to be inspired!

t: 0117 960 6289


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mpowellwindows limited

redefining your grand entrance

with the english door company’s exciting new range of front doors and storm windows timber alternative window range

Visit our showroom to view the English Door Company products If you’re looking for something a little different then look no further than The English Door Company. They offer an exclusive range of designs, style options and accessories. Every door they make is unique; not only is each one made to your exact requirement, every aspect from the design, colour and glazing, down to the detail of your door furniture, is chosen by you.

unit 1, knowles road, clevedon, north somerset bs21 7xs tel: 01275 879333 fax: 01275 792254


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OLLIE WARD Advice and tips from the director of bathroom, heating and plumbing experts iPLUMB WORDS: JOSIE DRUMMOND


pecialising in complete bathroom and wetroom installations, plus gas and central heating services, Bristol-based iPLUMB have been providing boiler installations and general plumbing services in Bristol for more than a decade. Their engineers are Gas Safe registered, and their experienced team of experts includes plumbers, builders, tilers and electricians.

iPLUMB offer a complete planning and installation service so you can rest assured the whole process will be taken care of quickly and efficiently

Being a busy family, we’re put off by the time and hassle our friends and neighbours had to put up with when they had new bathrooms. How do we get a modern new bathroom, with the minimum of fuss? We specialise in offering complete bathrooms, from simple updates to complete new rooms, including plumbing, electrics, suites, showers, taps, furniture, flooring and decorating. By contracting us, you can rest assured that every element is professionally dealt with, quickly and efficiently, by the right person for each job. Our dedicated team offer the complete solution, from advising, planning and designing to sourcing products and installation, all on budget, on brief and on time, and you’ll only have to liaise with one project manager.

Whether you want a bathroom that’s practical and family-friendly, or a haven of tranquillity, iPLUMB will help you achieve your dream

Our new bathroom will be used by the whole family. What should we be considering to ensure that it meets all our needs? It’s important to consider how you’ll use the bathroom, the size and style of the room, and the suitability of your current water system. If you want powerful showers that deliver a high volume of water, you’ll need a decent amount of pressure. People often ask if two people can shower at the same time - in separate showers, I hasten to add! – but most domestic combi boilers have no chance of providing enough hot-water pressure for this. We’d advise using expansion and pressurising systems in conjunction with your existing boiler and/or a small tank. These can be hidden in loft spaces. Alternatively, high-end boilers on the market have built-in pressurising systems. You should also consider what will suit the size of the room and what you’re hoping to achieve: a practical bathroom that’s easy to keep clean, or a tranquil space to relax in that looks and feels larger than it is? Advice from experts, together with careful choice of products, fixtures and fittings, can make all the difference in creating your dream bathroom.

- what are the options for something more energy efficient? We can install systems for today and the future, including the latest biomass heating systems, energy-efficient gas boilers and solar and rainwater systems. You can choose from a regular boiler (with a separate water cylinder), a combi boiler or the new biomass systems. You’ll need to think about how much hot water you use, how much space you have for the new boiler and what your budget is. A biomass heating system is a very clean, green, costeffective way to heat your home and water instead of burning fossil fuels, biomass heating systems burn sustainable fuels such as recycled wood pellets. They’re highly efficient and reliable and are particularly suited to large homes. The cost of the wood fuel for biomass boilers is significantly cheaper than other fuels (such as natural gas), and homeowners will start saving on their heating costs as soon as a biomass heating system is installed. They will also be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive from summer 2013, which pays a consumer subsidy on the output of the renewable energy system - similar to the solar Feed-in Tariff scheme. Our experts can help you make the best choices for your home, ensuring longterm peace of mind, with 10-year warranties and safeguards against rising fuel costs.

We’ve been told that our boiler isn’t as efficient as it should be and will need replacing before the winter. We’re going to be staying in our home for years to come


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Ideas and inspiration from Trish Gibson to help you make the most of your garden this month



utumn is really here but, as well as berries and turning leaves, there are plenty of flowers that will still give you colour and enjoyment. Japanese anemones come in white (‘Honorine Joubert’, pictured, is a good one) and a range of pinks from pale through to burgundy - some with single flowers, some with double. They like a moist soil in sun or partial shade. Growing tips Most of the late bloomers are easy to grow and not too fussy about what soil they’re planted in. You can leave any attractive spent flower stems for their seedheads, which will give the garden some winter structure. Otherwise, cut back the stalks once they start to look a bit messy.


White Japanese anemones brighten a dark corner


Sow hardy annuals under cover for an early show next year: love-in-a-mist, cornflowers, sweetpeas. Tie in new growth on climbers to prevent damage in winter winds. Pot up mint and parsley to keep on the kitchen windowsill for winter supplies.


The Kaffir lilies are another family that comes in a range of shades, from palest pink through to scarlet. Again, they like reasonably moist soil and prefer full sun. They’ll flower for a long time through the winter months and make an excellent cut flower.

A ‘pre-loved’ drying and storage tray. Made of wood and wire, they were used by one of Holland’s top bulb-growers, and are brilliant for drying onions and storing potatoes or for overwintering summer-flowering bulbs. Currently on offer: one tray £7.50, three £15 (delivery £4.99).




This Michaelmas daisy is one of the best, producing clouds of simple blue flowers on tall branching stems with glossy leaves all through October and beyond. It’s happy in semi-shade, but when the sun shines it’s much visited by insects and butterflies. ECHINACEA PURPUREA ‘MAGNUS’ The purple coneflower is popular in prairie planting schemes, and is also known as a herbal remedy. In the garden its strong, pinky-purple flowers held on stiff stems will bloom for months. This variety is a deep purple form and copes well with bad weather conditions.

THIS MONTH WE’LL BE VISITING... The Pumpkin Parade at the NT’s Tyntesfield, 27-31 Oct, 10am-5pm. Pumpkins and squashes will be on display in the Kitchen Garden and there’ll be a pumpkin menu in the restaurant and a pumpkin trail around the estate (£1 per trail). On Wednesday, bring a carved pumpkin and take part in the best-cut pumpkin competition. FFI TYNTESFIELD, WRAXALL, BRISTOL. TEL: 01275 461900

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My blue


This architecturally designed steel and timber frame family home has its own heated pool. Josie Drummond reports 94 FOLIO/OCT 2012

Property 213.indd 94

9/26/2012 5:20:50 PM




rand Design? You got it. This knockout family house in Bristol’s Sneyd Park has featured on the eponymous Channel 4 property programme, no less. Sitting within its own enclosed and private plot, it’s a property of seriously outstanding architectural merit, and there can’t be many families out there who wouldn’t give their back teeth to call it home. Unique features are par for the course at The Blue House. A very special one-off, conceived and delivered by a renowned commercial architect, the house is designed over two floors, with a dramatic full-height atrium-style reception space, fully glazed from top to bottom and cleverly controlled by solar-controlled glass to keep the summer heat out and the winter warmth in. Access is via a gated driveway, at the end of which there’s excellent parking for numerous vehicles, including a car port, off-street parking and a garage. What really strikes you about this place is the incredible natural light. Over the entire property the floor is tiled completely in limestone, with the whole house enjoying fully zoned underfloor heating. This is powered by solar panels on the roof, which also heat the outdoor swimming pool. And talking of those solar panels, any hot water generated translates into cashback thanks to a pilot Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. The current owners have adapted the house further: while your eye is inevitably drawn to the stunning open-plan family sitting room/dining room and kitchen, there’s also a charming snug complete with blackout blinds and overhead projector, turning it into a fabulous family cinema. There’s also a separate study away from the open-plan living area, which could also be used as a playroom. The Corian worksurface dominates the kitchen area, with bespoke pieces such ➻ FOLIO/OCT 2012 95

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as the chrome tap in the sink, and top-end appliances such as Kuppersbusch supplying the twin ovens and the induction hob as well as the integrated fridge and freezer. There’s a separate utility room, and the living space is dominated by the fullheight Nordic-style wood-burning stove, with a flue stretching right up into the double-height ceiling and out of the roof. Wend your way up the floating staircase to find four exquisite double bedrooms, with a galleried landing overhanging the open-plan living space below. The master bedroom is a fabulous size, with New England-style shutters that provide shade from the light, and access to its own boutique-style ensuite bathroom with walkin wetroom shower. You’re treated to extensive storage in the master bedroom, including two walk-in wardrobes, and three further double bedrooms along the landing each have their own ensuite bath or shower room. High-tech glass partition walls separate the double bedrooms from the landing - at the flick of a switch, they turn opaque, providing privacy by using an electric charge set within the glass. Outside, the sliding glass doors in the family living space lead out to a tiled alfresco dining and entertaining area, seamlessly integrating the house with the private garden. Year-round rest, relaxation and fun come in the shape of a heated outdoor swimming pool and gorgeous hot tub - and don’t worry: with all that selfcleaning exterior paint, you’ll have plenty of time to take a dip. The garden has a lawned area and a planted wild meadow garden. At the end it’s dominated by a blue cedar tree - hence the house’s name. Mariners Drive is one of the most sought-after roads within the residential Sneyd Park area near the Downs, with its 400-ish acres of communal parkland. Head north to the M5 (J17), or south to Bristol city centre. It’s a couple of miles to Clifton and there are some excellent schools in the area. Bristol Parkway station is six miles away and Temple Meads four, with a journey time to London of 100 minutes.

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➻ For sale, freehold. Access via a private driveway and behind

electric-controlled gates. Viewing strictly by prior appointment with agents Knight Frank.


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NICKY MARSHALL Keynsham-based psychic medium, holistic therapist and writer



Bridezillas isn’t just for brides-to-be, but a lovely place to pick up gifts, too

icky Marshall worked as an accountant before deciding to embark upon a career using holistic therapies and mediumship. She created the Witches Brew, a holistic centre and coffee shop in Bristol, and recently moved to Temple Court in Keynsham with her original company, Holistic Insights. In addition to working with people one to one and teaching reiki and tarot, Nicky has co-created the Do Something Tour with her business partner Deb Hawken. Together they arrange evenings of inspiration, psychic work and mediumship, as well as corporate events and retreats. My favourite part of the morning... is sitting in the garden with the cats for company enjoying the first cuppa of the day. It’s a great time for gathering my thoughts and enjoying the natural surroundings before the phone starts ringing.

Thornbury Castle has a special place in Nicky’s heart

relaxing space for meeting likeminded people, enjoying a Fairtrade tea or coffee and a gluten-free cake. My ideal venue for lunch or dinner... is Blue Ginger in Whitchurch. The cuisine is excellent and there’s so much choice. My usual choice is salmon tikka - yummy! My dream shop in Bristol... is Bridezillas in Keynsham, a lovely welcoming space that’s full of gifts, not just wedding accessories. I bought a beautiful fascinator there recently. We’ve created a shop at Holistic Insights, too - a collection of crystals, jewellery, tarot cards and positive gifts. It’s a great place to buy something to help your own energy or find the perfect something for a friend. Halloween is our birthday so I’m sure we’ll stock some extra-spooky delights for the occasion. My memorable places in Bristol... I got married at Thornbury Castle so that will always hold a very special place in my heart. We had a pagan ceremony in the garden and then the legal bit in the library. The day really was a fairytale and the location was perfect. FFI WWW.HOLISTICINSIGHTS.CO.UK, WWW.DOSOMETHINGTOUR.COM

My favourite aspect of my work... is being able to help people to bring their life and health back into balance. A light goes on in their eyes and a smile spreads over their face - the moment is priceless. Everyone has different challenges that come up, but being there to support them through it and reconnect mind, body & spirit is very special. I love that someone may read one of my books, come on a course or retreat, listen to a talk or come for a reading or therapy and gain an insight into who they are. My perfect cafe for a coffee or tea in Bristol... has to be the Witches Brew, of course! It was my baby, and it’s a great,

Nicky holds regular events such as tarot reading at her coffee shop Witches Brew

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