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FOLIO.YVR SPONSORED DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT With a basis in storytelling, all content maintains a connection to luxury, lifestyle, and the west coast.

CATEGORIES Personalities / Celebrities Luxury Fashion & Designers Events - Charity, Runway Culinary - focus on plant-based Beauty - focus on cruelty-free Arts & Culture Adventure Travel Luxury Vehicles / Transportation Real Estate & Property Hospitality

'NO ADVERTISING' FORMAT TELLS BRAND STORY BEST In FOLIO.YVR, brands connect with the readers through storytelling and imagery. Even if your brand is not a traditional legacy brand with decades or a century of history to tap into, we will conceive and craft a story that will hold the attention of readers. Your brand will be portrayed creatively, positively, and this will resonate. The goal is to create a connection with the reader that not only encourages sharing of your message but provides the interaction that they desire.

DIGITAL CONNECTIVITY CREATES MEDIA HYBRID The platform allows FOLIO.YVR to add digital links within your sponsored story to brand social media, shopping pages, reference materials, whatever you wish to link to. The statistics keep track of the click-thru's from your sponsored story and after 30 days, FOLIO.YVR will provide you with a reach breakdown. No print magazine can provide those details as once the magazine has been left at a location, be it a free press stand, retail store, condo mailroom, shopping mall info counter, no one knows how many times it is actually read or shared. Your money is paying for copies, not actual reads.


FOLIO.YVR SPONSORED DIGITAL MEDIA PROFILE An authentic digital luxury lifestyle magazine that shares a 30-day 'folio' of the west coast in an easy to access and enjoy digital format. The world is fascinated with Vancouver. Ours is an international city bursting with luxury in all it offers and which consistently ranked tops in all the lists that matter. We have the most opulent homes, luxury designer shopping, lavish events, high-powered entertainment, decadent spa/beauty experiences, creative culinary, breathtaking speed machines, and so much more! FOLIO.YVR celebrates and embraces all the pricey trappings of west coast wealth but also the heart of a vibrant city that is philanthropic, environmentally active, socially conscious, and health-oriented. Every story and image is tied to Vancouver, whether at home or abroad, all content leads back to our city.

SERVICES Story Concepts & Development Photography & Editing Graphic Design & Lay-Out Exemplary Distribution System Post-Publishing Consulting

DISTRIBUTION Flipboard AppleNews RSS feeds 5 Social Media Platforms B2B Channels 2,000+ ELL Subscribers 22,000+ Retail-Insider Subscribers Affiliate eBlast Network

ISSUU.COM AUDIENCE 30-days after publishing, there are on average 15,500 impressions from FOLIO.YVR's digital host platform. Statistics are set to monitor and capture reads of 2 minutes or more. All content/articles read with a variable of +/- 5% of midrange read time of 4:00 minutes per person. FOLIO.YVR is enjoyed 74% on Desktop, 23% on Mobile, and 3% on Tablet with source reads occurring 95% directly from Readers are North American (53% Canada, 31% USA) with additional 8% Mexico & 5% Europe. Reader gender profiles indicate 57% women / 43% men.






FOLIO.YVR STORY TYPES 'THE DEFINITIVE STORY' $1,500 for a base of 8-pages: Ideal for an established brand or personality for use as reference point for media/interviewers, brand awareness in new markets, collaborations, investment. Additional pages $500/2-pages. Reposted on,, then repurposed to

'THE LEGACY STORY' $750 for a base of 6-pages: Ideal for a person or brand looking to establish themselves as experts, changemakers, influencers, and suitable for laying buzz before milestones. Recommended repeating quarterly. Reposted on,, then repurposed to

FOLIO.YVR STORY TYPES 'THE EMERGING STORY' $500 for a base of 4-pages: Ideal for a person, brand, or service that is creating for the luxury lifestyle market. Reposted on,, then repurposed to

'THE STANDALONE STORY' $250 for a 2-page Category Divider: The use of a single image to sell the story, the brand, or tease. Includes Name, Address, Date, Click-thru Details.


DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION Each issue of Folio.YVR is promoted as a single entity and then each story is broken out and promoted separately.

Shared with 22K+ Subscribers (ELL +, repurposed into Blog Posts (,, and shared through our Affiliate eBlast system (varies per issue).

Every day of the week a new story is shared across 5 social media platforms, then shared across additional social media platforms that ELL Comms manages, and at the end of 1 month all content is added to auto-reposter for 3 months minimum.

FOLIO.YVR DEADLINES & FEES PANDEMIC PUBLISHING Folio.YVR strives to publish every two months, keeping your story fresh and upto-date. Unlike print, we have flexible deadlines and are able to update stories and digital links after publication, can (and will) promote past issues, and work with your brand in creating brilliant collaborations and editorial content to further push your story. There are brand restrictions for publication placement and we can guide you to achieve optimum placement via a maintenance package. We can insert appropriate mentions and digital links, and suggest/create collaborations with other brands. Ask us how your brand can maintain a presence in Folio.YVR monthly and let us customize a fee schedule for you.

FLEXIBLE & EASY PAYMENTS When your content has been confirmed, Folio.YVR invoices a flat-fee of $500 Cdn per 2-page spread and/or $250 for each Category image placement. Payment is accepted by eTransfer, cheque, or cash. Pages reserved upon payment received. For amounts over $1,000 a 50% deposit is negotiable with balance paid within 2-weeks and before publication. There are no refunds on deposits.

...A FEW MORE THINGS We can suggest and facilitate strong collaborations to ensure placement in every issue. We will pursue new platforms and methods to further the reach of Folio.YVR in the international market. We can work with you in creating a strong digital presence with a customized marketing package with EcoLuxLuv Communications.