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QuanJuDe ☆ 5D Restaurant to Launch in YVR

First 5D Restaurant in Canada - Renderings of Future Location at 2888 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC

Renowned within China and throughout the world, the publicly traded QuanJuDe Restaurant has over 150 years of impressive dining history and the numerous awards to attest to their level of culinary prowess. Company shareholders Doris and Andy Zhang are trusting in the reputation of QuanJuDe to invest $12M into a build-out of the establishment at Cambie and West 12th. The add-on, and what makes the new QuanJuDe unique, is that it will be the first 5D restaurant in Canada.

A 5D restaurant is similar to Vancouver's other multi-dimensional experience, FlyOver Canada, in that individualized dining areas will be wholly experiential and immersive. Guests will choose their environment and with the use of technology will be completely immersed in the chosen narrative, i.e., the hustle and bustle of Shanghai or the underwater world of a coral reef. There will be a soundscape, either music or ambient, visual projections on the walls and tables, interactive ingredients, with the food and taste rounding out the five dimensions.

The visual projections in the room will be accompanied by a table-top experience, similar to those seen in Le Pet it Chef youtube videos. The presentation of the animations is to be in between courses to add to the dining experience itself and creates a timeline for the meal, from appetizer to dessert.