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Ibe was obsessed with designing a watch that would survive a 10-metre fall onto a solid floor and would keep working underwater. The resulting prototype was named ?G-SHOCK,?an abbreviation of ?gravitational shock.? Marketed initially as a timepiece for those in physical labour jobs such as construction, manufacturing, policing, and emergency services, the G-SHOCK watch has survived for decades and is beloved by many. Ibe fondly says that his creation ?is accepted by fashionable people, clubbers, and young people.? 'An Evening with G- SHOCK?tour began the previous night in Toronto, with the 66-year old as the main draw for an evening that included a showcase of local DJ?s and Canadian musical talent. Taking the stage in Vancouver, Ibe greeted a diverse crowd at The Venue on Granville Street, with a shy smile and a quirky 20-minute Powerpoint presentation, which he narrated from a series of cue cards. The appreciative audience laughed each time Ibe reinforced his story with his mantra ?never give up!? A 3-word phrase to which he says owes his success and happiness. Animated and entertaining, Ibe completed his presentation with a slight bow and a wave. Ibe told of his life?s devotion to creating for Japanese brand Casio. In 1983, he and his team began to doggedly develop a prototype of a smash-proof digital watch because of an unfortunate accident, a year previous, that served as impetus for the project?a distracted Ibe crashed into another pedestrian, which resulted in his watch, a gift from his father, to fall to the concrete and break.

Ibe?s presentation was followed by a fan meet-and-greet, where he autographed a litany of items and posed for photographs in his signature crossed-arm stance showing off his white G-SHOCK watch. In line with his quirkiness, Kikuo Ibe owns only three of the watches?white, red, and black?all versions of the original designs. Each only worn in its assigned season: red in the winter, black in the spring and 18 fall, and white in the summer. 18


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