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EARLY FASCINATION As a high school student living with his family in Coal Harbour, Carson was attracted to the world of street art and streetwear. With fascination and youthful exuberance, he followed major brands such as KAWS, A Bathing Ape, and high-profile collaborations with luxury fashion houses. It was a set of Supreme chopsticks, in a Gastown skate shop, that sparked his interest in collecting. With his wallet USD 80 lighter and the red and white set in-hand, he returned home and tucked them away, heeding the advice of friends who advised him to resist the urge to use them lest the value drop.

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Small accessories like keychains followed then larger items like a Supreme canoe. The passion for Supreme is strong, not only for Carson but also for his father. When we meet, both are decked in full Supreme looks but with Qingxiang favouring Of f - White kicks with his street look. He proudly showed me a photograph of himself with Virgil Abloh laughing together on the street in New York.

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Folio.YVR ☆ Issue 4/5 ☆ Luxury Lifestyle Magazine ☆ Vancouver, BC ☆ July/August 2019