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Building Across Mount Galilee Baptist Church 300 Julienne Street Jackson, MS Date: October 23 Time: 1pm – 4pm (or until you have had your fun) African Day is celebration of all African cultures. Invitation goes out to all Africans in Mississippi and surrounding states. African Day promises to inspire Africans to grow in their individual culture. It aims to build comradery with Africans everywhere, development a spirit of mentorship for our brothers and sisters. What to except: - Singing - Dance - Entertainment - Friendly competition for brag rights - Drawings for gifts and money - FOOD!!!!!! - and more

Bring any Xbox 360 Games and board games you would like to play.


FOR MORE INFO CONTACT 769.232.5137 / Facebook Event: AFRICAN DAY (A Young Adult Celebration)


Let's celebrate together and get to know each other.

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