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Hello there!

Meet SINGLES! A new collection of flirtatious products in the design and home decorating category. SINGLES are design items with a fresh, new charm added by Danish designers! The result is cool household items that keep their promises, but also have fascinating details and seductive new twists. SINGLES will be launched separately, brightening up the category in your store or online shop – now including more products for the kitchen and dining table. They will rejuvenate the shopping experience for passionate design lovers and consumers looking for a sure-fire gift idea. You can make up your own mind as you skim through this brief overview. And if you want to get to know SINGLES better – just give us a hint! Team Zone Denmark


Thermo Jug


The way you look at me makes me feel all warm inside...


Granted. The new thermo jug from SINGLES does what most thermo jugs do – it keeps hot drinks hot! But, with its super-simple lines and three appealing colours, the SINGLES thermo jug does it just a little more beautifully as well as it complements your coffee. Add the matching filter, and you get a lovely slow coffee brewer - another seductive detail is the ingenious tea strainer that transforms the jug into a smart tea maker.

Thermo Jug / Coffe Filter / Tea Strainer



Thermo Cup / Thermo Mug


There have been others before me. But if you choose me, I promise that you will never burn your fingers on me.

High on love Have you fallen for SINGLES’ thermo cup with its soft curves and colours to die for? Here’s some great news! A taller version, which is a perfect match for SINGLES’ sophisticated tea strainer. This is great news, too, for coffee drinkers who enjoy a latte with generous amounts of milk – because there’s more room for true love.


Tea Egg

I know I come off a bit smart. But I’m actually all about cuddling up at home...

Reinvented The essential tea egg is Zone’s interpretation of the classic egg, giving tea brewing an extra dimension and finesse. The long handle lets you stir the tea while it steeps. The word “teaspoon” suddenly acquires a completely new meaning while at the same time making for an informal and cosy way of brewing one or two cups of tea.



Salt & Pepper Set



Sometimes opposites attract. Just look at us – the perfect couple!

Power couple Remembering to put the salt and pepper on the table is now much easier with the new set from SINGLES. Combined in a neat holder with a handle, they can be moved with just one hand. A discreet ring makes it easy to distinguish one from the other, and together they make such a handsome couple that they are sure to be invited to all your dinner parties.

Salt & Pepper Set



SINGLES. Our creative playground.





I won’t crumble – neither in your bed nor on the table...

Temptation in a basket Charming and expressive in its simplicity, an ideal and presentable bread basket with a washable canvas insert. Remove the insert and use the basket for tempting fruit and greens.


Egg Cup



Brunch in style The four new eggcups in a rack from SINGLES can be taken to the table with just one hand. And the curved base will catch both salt and eggshells – and your guests’ attention. Letting you brunch in style – perhaps in the company of good friends ... and your loved one.

Take me by the hand – I’m such good company!

Egg Cup




Coffee in one hand, chocolate in the other – your phone in the… wait, let me carry that for you!

Need a hand? Even when you would rather be alone, you might still need an extra hand. Then, you will love the new tray with handle from SINGLES. It will be delighted to serve you coffee and snacks for a quiet break, so you don’t have to go back and forth. The best part, it doesn’t expect anything in return except holding your hand.




SINGLES. We’re such good company.


Knife Block

I have room for everyone – small and large, short and long...

Cutting edge design With its attractive, straightforward and simple design, the Zone SINGLES knife block can hold all types of knives. The insert consists of hundreds of thin plastic straws, enabling you to place your knives however you want – close together or with plenty of space in between.



I can make you forget about time. And you’ll hear from me – when your masterpiece is ready for serving.

Offline quality time Park your mobile, and head to the kitchen with the new timer from SINGLES. Make a cake with the kids, or rustle up a romantic dinner – full of love and attention. And then pick up the timer by its neat handle, and spend roasting and baking times with a good book on the sofa.




Cutting Board

Go ahead and push me around – I am not sensitive. I’ll stay right here where you left me...

Cut out for chopping The new cutting board from SINGLES is cut out for a true chef. It is made of HDPE – an extra hard plastic material used in professional kitchens, as it is hygienic, will not blunt your knives and it can even withstand a chef’s passionate chopping. With its non-slip silicone feet, this cutting board stands firm – both when in use and when resting up against the wall.



Take me to the table. I’m good-looking and perfectly mannered, and I’m a firm believer in the one and only ... one at a time.

Napkin Holder

It’s in the detail It’s not just pretty. The simple napkin holder from SINGLES also features a clever little silicone detail to ensure you only take one napkin at a time. It’s stylish, and holds napkins in many sizes.



Don’t worry – I am right here for you. For tears of joy and spilt milk...

Soft with an edge The kitchen roll is practical and indispensable. It must be within easy reach and it must be easy to tear off a piece of paper. It should preferably not stand and let the paper wind off the roll on its own. That’s the reason why Zone’s kitchen roll holder has a bit of extra edge. Quite literally!

Kitchen Roll Holder





I’m a bit on the cautious side. But make no mistake. If the party is on, so am I!

Sound of silence A soft and silent landing is the best way of describing what happens when you put down your glass on a SINGLES silicone coaster. The coasters share a stylish design and an almost floating expression - subtle and minimalistic.



There’s much more to me than meets the eye. I can do everything, especially for you!

Trio at your service SINGLES is presenting three different-sized trays – functional, versatile and decorative. Use them to serve coffee or snacks for the kids. Or for a display of oils and vinegars on the kitchen worktop. Or in the bathroom with scented candles and your favourite perfumes.



Dishwashing Set

Give me a squeeze and I’ll help you do the dishes - on top of looking good just hanging around in your kitchen!

Superbly clean aesthetics Simple, handy and very discrete. This sums up the new dishwashing-set from SINGLES: The ceramic holder is dishwasher-safe, and the brush head is replaceable. Pick up the dispenser, lightly press to dose the soap, and then put it back where it belongs.



Love at first squeeze The world is full of unfulfilled promises. But not in the case of Splash. Need soap for your dishes? Just lift the dispenser, give it a light squeeze and put it back in place. If Splash is empty, simply unscrew the base to refill. And cleaning is easy, as it’s dishwasher-safe. You’ll love it! 

I promise you – I’m not like all the others! Give me a squeeze and you’ll see.

Soap Dispenser



Dishwashing Set


If I could, I would do the dishes for you...

Neat dishes, please One of the things you will find in our SINGLES universe is a compact all-in-one dishwashing caddy. Round and soft to the eyes and touch, the caddy is built around a silicone holder with room for a soap dispenser at the one end and a dish brush at the other. The space in between can hold a scouring sponge and a cloth, while the metal handle is both practical and an excellent cloth drying rack.

Zone Denmark makes a statement that leaves you in no doubt. We interpret evolving trends by rethinking beauty and functionality for everyone who shares our belief in a profoundly positive life. Expressed in an honest and colourful way, our designs challenge convention, inspire curiosity and embrace exquisite materials. We’ve won several international design awards with our team of innovative Danish designers, which is great. But it’s our design-loving friends around the world that make it all worthwhile!

Zone Denmark @zonedenmark Zone Denmark

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