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Amanda Palmer ● White Lies ● Lord Auch ● The Death Set ● Blood Red Shoes ● Glam Chops ● Silvery ● Project:KOMAKINO ● Bonaparte ● Offset Festival (w/ Gang of Four, Wire, Young Knives, Maccabees and more) ●

Selfish Cunt ● and more Riots, Death & Glory, Style, Music, Art, and Drama in Bath...

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Credits Editor: Johanna Michael Contributers: Simon Boyd, Dan Nightingale, Tobias Kidd, Fletcher Brown, Martin Bounds Cover Illustration: Bryony Lloyd Photography: p.2 Selfish Cunt press pack p.3 for Bonaparte p.4 Gregory Nomoora for Amanda Palmer p.6 p.7 6Daniel Boud ( p.8 Joshua Greene p.8+9 Joshua Greene, Johanna Michael p.10+11 p.13 James Berry, Mr November Photography


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here we finally are. The first Foggy Notion of this academic year is in your hands- and, God, this was not an easy one. To be true, it was the hardest so far and as I am typing I am still far from calling it a day. There have been major shifts in the editorial team of Foggy Notion with many of our writers graduating/going on placements and even the co-editor wandering off to the United States. Essentially this issue has been put together by only three people and I would like to thank both, Dan Nightingale and Simon Boyd, lots for everything they have done to make this happen. Without them- trust me- there wouldn’t have been another issue of Foggy Notion. Also special thanks to Bryony Lloyd who did an AMAZING job with this month’s cover and to the guitarist of my favourite present-day band, Hatcham Social, for deciding to write a regular column for us. Read ‘Notes of the Underground’ on page 13!

Over the summer we have have been busy, too. We went to gig and festivals (namely Roskilde, Offset and Reading) and we talked to a lot more artists than we could feature in this issue. Nevertheless we picked the most outstanding artists of all those and compiled them on the following thirteen pages for you. Let us know whether our recommendations please your taste on So write us. We like emails. And we like you (well most of you). And we like music (good music that is). Thanks for reading! Enjoy November! Johanna

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I was not born in the Weimar Republic

of Germany, missed out on the Parisian art deco vaudeville lifestyle, and probably massively exaggerate in my head what it was really like, but hey, to me that is where I wish I was - Minimalist music being inflated by instruments no-one has heard of, extravagence, being able to say fuck you to the world whilst impeccably dressed in a top hat and tails. Bonaparte are all this, everything cool, erratic, suave and out of control this scene conjures up to me is summed up here. The ‘band’ mainly revolves round singer Tobias who describes himself as man-wolf-crossover-with black eye and the rumour goes that anyone crazy enough could join the band for a bit. And these guys really know how to have a good time! Our Berlin correspondent, Anne, was full of praise about the album launch held in an old Berlin squat house and she described the dress code for the event as “Cinderella meets pirats and hangs around in the woods” which sounds pretty awesome to me. This album is one of the best things I’ve heard this year, at the same time intelligent and immature. Guitar stabs which don’t just grate combine with

twitchy drums whilst the frankly insane lead singer Toby bites out an almost childish voice which hides a set of lyrics with a genuine wit. Thats not to say this is some one-trick pony, more like a carnival of animals Dr Doolitle would find bizarre. Opener "Do You Want To Party?" pulls of that rare feature of using party as a verb and selfreferencing the bands name without making me vomit over my waistcoat. After that, the next few tracks rattle on with the ever sharp and deranged Bonaparte urgently spitting couplets as if Terry Gilliam had directed the trippy dream scene from Dumbo instead of drug addled trips to Vegas. "Too Much" is the lyrical highlight with such gems as "You know common law? well I ask my ma" and after a few slower paced tracks more highlights appear in the form of "I Can't Dance", a song almost too frantic and angular to be danced to.This album never lets up and is more than just a collection of a few good songs or a different style with not much to offer. Get this on iTunes, you won't find it in record stores easily, put on your best pinstripe trousers, sip whiskey and party like its 1925! Text: Simon Boyd; Photo:

Amanda Fucking


Text by Johanna Michael, Photo by Gregory Nomoora

Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer came to play Bristol’s Thekla and Foggy Notion had a word with her about her new solo album, the band, music scene in general and people who are just completely full of shit in particular. So. Amanda Palmer has that she has learnt that not everyone once. Her set was very impressive released a solo album, Who Killed who is working in music will and set the atmosphere for Amanda. Amanda Palmer, after the two she necessarily be her friend. ‘It’s a Amanda’s he show was did together with Brian Viglione as very strange business. I used to try grand indeed. It was opened with an The Dresden Dolls. I have never very hard to get everyone’s instrumental version of I Have To been a massive fan of The Dresden approval on my work. Over the Drive when Amanda (dressed up as Dolls so it was more a lucky years, I kinda got indifferent to that. a zombie bride) was carried in by coincidence I gave Amanda’s solo Now I’m just trying to spent time her five dancers. The actualy set work a listen. The first time I with the people who are working in kicked of, just like the album does listened to I was the music business the with Astronout, then unlike the positively surprised. I same way I do. But I am album, Ampersand, followed by my liked the catchy Guitar “Even if I live aware that there are people favourite- Blake Says. And yes, It Hero and the sing-along with you I’m who are completely full of answered my questions somewhat. Leeds United, but didn’t One of the dancers/actors was stood not the girl shit and who are not doing really quite connect to the this even remotely for the among the audience and acted out you think I other tracks on the record. same reasons I am.’ anything Blake does in the song. It am” For the sake of the two I You get the idea, we just was truly wonderful and I will now liked I still listened to the chatted away for 15 publicly admit that, yes, I cried. A album as a whole nevertheless. minutes. About her hobbies (tea bit. Following Blake there was Bad I cannot recall an album drinking, yoga, reading, friends), Habit, Mrs O. and Ben Folds’ growing on me this much! I found her broken leg (she looked the favourite Strength Through Music that whatever mood I was in- Who wrong way, crossing a road in which was my surprise of the Killed Amanda Palmer seemed to Ireland), the tour (it’s going well) evening: it deals with the shooting reflect all my sadness, anger, and nice compliments she got at Columbine and other American bemusement, joy! Sometimes the recently (She inspired someone to High Schools and during the intro songs seemed genuinely sad and finally release their own album)… the names of all victims were read melancholic, sometimes just cynical That was very nice, but not out together with the cause of their with hidden positiveness underling remotely what I had hoped for. It death. It was creepy but in a them. The best example for the seemed she knew what I wanted to breathtakingly good way! latter is probably a track called hear but didn’t really want to talk This fairly depressive track Oasis which is full of misery but is about it. was followed by Guitar Hero and in nevertheless able to force a smile My last question was the one the air was a ‘Fuck it, let’s dance on every listener’s face. I had been looking forward to the anyway!”After that there was a I listened to the album a lot most- ‘Who is Blake?’ little FAQ session with the audience in the weeks ahead of my interview Blake Says is followed by Google Me with Amanda Palmer in Bristol and (together with I Have To “Sad and cynical a n d t h e m a s s i v e l y come the day of the interview I was Drive) probably my popular Coin-operated full of questions I wanted answered favourite track on the songs that come Boy before heading on to from the heart by Amanda. I wanted to understand album and by now it the hauntingly genius the album the right way. I wanted to feels like I know Blake. will make people H a v e T o D r i v e , have a definitive answer on what it Blake has become my happy because definitively the highlight is she is trying to get across. I friend and I wanted to of the night.The set was they are real.” wanted to know what made her so know more about him closed with Half Jack cynical and wanted to know the but all she told me was Ella, but Amanda came truth about how the songs came where he is working these days back on stage for an encore with a together. (some tshirt shop). I must have had brilliant cover of Living On A But when I was sat opposite ‘DISAPPOINTMENT’ written all Prayer (Bon Jovi) and a special her- every question I aired sounded over my face, because then she version of Leeds United. so so silly and unprofessional… smiled and said ‘You’re welcome to This night left me energised and by the time we finished I still ask me again after the show… but I and calm in the same tame, but in had no answers to all my questions. think… yes, you will really enjoy utter amazement. I learnt I Don’t get me wrong here- it was a Blake Says live tonight.’ What a shouldn’t try to understand Amanda great interview. Amanda told me weird answer to give to that Palmer and her music. It is that she doesn’t consider her solo question! whatever I feel the minute I listen work as wildly different from The The entire interview had not to it. Yet, listening to it, the album Dresden Dolls stuff. ‘After all’, she been what I was hoping for, but I will develop its own character said, ‘it’s still just me making tried to forget about it and enjoy the which you’ll either love (like me) music- without drums this time. show. As a support she had Zoe or hate, but you will not be able to And I guess I realised I don’t have Keating, a cellist who is also remain detached from this music! to shout to get my point across.’ All featured on some of Amanda’s Amanda Palmer makes music that in all she is just a little more grown tracks. Zoe has some kind of synthis honest and doesn’t gloss over the up and a lot more confident these cello equipped with a looping problems of your world but talks days. software which make her sound about everyday life as it is. We also talked about the effectively like five normal cellos at music business and Amanda said


WHITELIES THEKLA SUNDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER White Lies are a band being catapulted towards success. Fiction Records, a Polydor imprint are really pushing them. Having completed their debut offering in Belgium with haste, the band, without breath flung themselves into festival season and with that ending only recently, they have embarked on a coast to coast UK tour followed with gigs in America and then an ensuing UK support tour with Glasvegas taking them to the merry holiday. These guys are busy, real busy. But that’s not the impression White Lies exude. Foggy Notion met them shortly after their soundcheck and they were tired, recovering from ill health but overall laid back. Their almost immediate triumph is surprising, even for them. Having only started the band roughly a year ago in London they consider themselves ‘lucky’ that people have taken an interest, keen interest, in their soft melancholy noise. They could be forgiven for indulging in brash antics celebrating the recent success of their anxiety ridden single ‘Death’, breaking the charts at No.52. Pretty good. But they’re keeping their complete bodies firmly on planet Earth. Keeping professional is essential and a day off allows recuperation and trivial entertainments. They mention bowling and the cinema as possibilities. They’re proud of their achievements and emphasize this when talk shifts to their new album provisionally titled ‘To Lose My Life or Lose My Love’. An apt despairing conundrum detailing a dark social emotional fear, setting the tone for what the album addresses. Revenge, loss, death and other such black topics emerge as the theme, intensified by a strong lyrical and dynamic vocal presence. An intentional theme White Lies assure us, allowing a meaningful connection with their audience and a method of expressing themselves stylistically and musically, perhaps especially in their stage performance. A crowded boat with striking moody blue lights piercing a dark stage, occupied neatly by featureless faces filled with shadow certainly indicated a solemn, sunken show. It is this atmospheric spectacle, which White Lies are so keen to create that accentuates the funereal lyrics and encapsulates the audience. The have persona, an aura. The melancholy show began strongly and White Lies delivered a worthwhile set punctuated by their most noted songs ‘Death’ and ‘Unfinished Business’ these two tracks are prominent amongst a set with little diversification. The opening vocals to ‘Death’ are reminiscent of Echo and the Bunnymen and the entire song feels driven by a pushing beat. Overall the song was delivered well and it was the first time the audience seem to engage with the music. Although dealing with similar sorrow topics ‘unfinished business’ is definitely uplifting it has a lively rhythm and a sour humour and though the band were fairly motionless through the set they let themselves go with feet tapping and smiles, they enjoyed this closing tune. Other songs were met with contemplation by the audience a slow consumption of the new material but towards the finish I sensed satisfaction permeate the hull. The crowd left impressed and what will probably become an eagerly anticipated album effort is billed for release in January 2009 but there will be plenty of opportunities to see White Lies perform before that and it is certainly a beneficial experience. Text: Dan Nightingale; Photos: James Berry (

In summer I went to see this band called Selfish Cunt. They were touring their new album which was said to be much better than their debut. The press have reviewed Selfish Cunt as the ‘Iggy Pop of our generation’ and that’s quite a big thing to say. I was also told their shows are mental, so my expectations weren’t exactly modest. Although the tracks on the band’s MySpace didn’t really hit on me, I went to Moles to have a look at this oh-so fabulous modern day ‘Iggy’.

SELFISH CUNT! My expectations were surpassed by far! This show was by far the best I have seen so far. After the second track I was already totally magnetised by this half naked madman and his band. Now it is one thing for a man to perform wearing little more than a tiny jeans skirt with gray wool socks and smudged eye makeup. However, only few people (male or female!) in such a state would still have the diva-esque authority to grab the attention of every single person present. No laughs, no unfunny puns, everyone understands that singer Martin Tomlinson means business. All through the set Tomlinson’s destructive energy is radiated into audience and band alike. I could not possibly tell how many songs they played or how long their set lasted. I forgot time and place very shortly after they came on stage. The power of Selfish Cunt is a combination of hypnotic charisma and undeniable provocation which produces music that might not by lyrically refined but charged with intrinsic emotions. Saying that though there certainly is a message transferred on the album. It is a message of frustration and disappointment with the band’s East London home. It is the kind of motivation that already drove bands like the Sex Pistols. Selfish Cunt is definitely as rock’n’roll as present day music will get, but will they make it? Obviously a band with such a name has no intention whatsoever to be commercially successful and even a couple of years there would have been no audience for them whatsoever but in the days of the credit crunch

and unemployment Selfish Cunt manage to reach a lot of people. However, I reckon that their success is strongly connected to their stage riot shows. Their management seems to have come to the same conclusion and set up a surreally dense tour from Tokyo to Chippenham via remote places in Spain, Germany and Italy. This was a purely money motivated and is a terribly short-sighted move, as it is only human to not be able to reproduce the same kind of atmosphere/mood/event 300 nights in a row. This plan is so flawed and self-destructive you nearly feel sorry for the band! Following their gig in Moles I saw them 3 more times in a period of two months. Once in Bristol, once at Offset Festival in Hainault and once very near the remote middle-of-nowhere-place in Germany where my parents live. In none of those three gigs they were able to stand up to what they had performed in Moles- Offset being the worst of the three. I can only speak for myself saying that Selfish Cunt in Moles were quite certainly my gig of the year and if any of you get the opportunity to see them while they’re still hot- don’t let it slip! It has the potential to be the kind of gig you’ll be telling your kids about... however, it Selfish Cunt have a similar potential to become another over-hyped band of East London fashionista crack-heads once they have used up their energy. Text: Johanna Michael Photo: Daniel Boud (





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8 O!set FestforivPeaoplle2wh0o 0 don’t like Festivals!

!or The Art of Putting

on a Festival

Facto, The Horrors ub De Paris, Ipso08 Cl t Ho s, oe s candy even if Sh d Re bees, Blood set Festival 20 wa ourite artists ca ac O! M r s, fo ive up e Kn lin g e un th fav ... , Yo Gang of Four, Wire th nearly all of your Children, Slow Club y l, Glam Chops, Neils t, it’s much harder to go to a festival wi nds. Getting there I had this realld cia So m ha atc H s, ba mi DJ un o ad ro tw t to ge or ve y e ha all on I tu e e ac al lif nt to se w many of those I did you only read it. In re a festival where you only really wa Don’t even ask to ho to e. go se to to an ed th nt t wa en ly es pr bands I definite elaborate schedule of value for money and to! #40, O!set was good an th s les of Razorlight/ r fo ys da spects $drunk fanis shorts, bench. stages in two su 8 al ing tiv rm fes l rfo ua pe us s e ist th /kak With 190"odd art rience as it was a festival without in "length camoufla ge u knew e expe ly wear g over"kneers trying to put up their teepee yose rm ifo un e ut in "m emed an absolutely uniqu he ste f"t els hip "o he on nd 5” ba nd on e’" Lo ls di shoes with gir t ten Killers/any"other"’in At the latest when you saw some Noyrth pa d by re iny ve sh co d an lly jeans were fu . tshirts and trainers% others. Guys in skinnever yone made sure that the pale faces rn anytime" whatever e lik e er wh no s wa ld. Nervously that this festival lasses $obviouslywrwo emed to be in the middle of a fie und. Besides sung ‘AAA’ ist"bands se le rp pu e somewhat displaced fore they dared to have a look aro th d an s irt s be hair dos, checked sh hair and Ray"Banof y% and complicated da e tim or er . weath s. people without them obligatory accessorie sses then there were ne per band member pa e ag "st ck ba th wi people d one plus"o from this ed there were more ers, one managert an ne made any money was great. yo an In fact, to me it seem0 bands with an average of 3 membito ub do I at th phere vis rs e were 19 festivals. The atmos it e actual turnout of Thinking that thersh ockingly close to th music and we support anti"commeralciaal very special feel to it. So what was so dy ea alr t ge we e tiv th r fes e fo e th er ve we went th s and their friends gaFour? Exciting. festival. After allwa nearly only musician of The fact that it s length away from the legendary Gang s sponsored arm an ly on e obvious acts and waaccording to th all d like to be ha ge sta in of music. The ma East London in a tent. Basically.’ Children and yed a di!erent kind st e Violets, Neils Each of the stages plae Experimental Circle Stage wasd‘ju ts like Ipso Facto, ThSlow Club, Selfish Cunt, Merz ac Th re . tu ine fea az it ag ch M su er d as s like by Artrock NS st, Dave Fineberg, an ting mix of new band H " AAA MEAan d Hatcham Social bassi mes The Last.Fm stage had an interessign saying “NO WAY THROUGwe ch Au rd Lo re Electricity In Our Hod wa s the only sta ge to put up aHighlights on the New Bands Stage still a bit upset that am the and Metronomy lyana couple of hours into the bad at organising bands and I ha ve not really been to the on us I ” st rio G! to ne IN no ho H s be wa To e NOT t!. ag o St ole int Vi d nt t! pe Te ole ’s nip an,. Colin d Glam Chops and Vihave the time! Similarly, I only briefly Ox.Eagle.Lion.Mba management I misse t because of their d d the MusicTek Stage... I just did nosing DJs and the cross"eyed dancers. an es ge dr sta ss" ro cro e He : s of th Guitar was rubbish. Also e a couple of polaroid entive to go which ts on inc Girlcore Tent to tak gh in hli ma hig my my re re we we t two bands that ems were closed on Sunday. Wha nd ell I missed the ole o polaroids and a ha s and the dodg So did I like it? W M in as ub for the price of tw hich never existed but od Cl go w as Slo e er of wh irt no tsh re a my, buying Selfish Cunt we ING new album $wte $pretty much what I ing madly to Metrono ted on my AMAZ th extra chocola the other hand? Dancdgems on Saturday, being congratula wi s pe crê as the one who es in the rain, e do be ca ac M e ephen, recognising, me Th St %, r, full of sweets, that on me ed um et research.... ist dr rk ins s t ma oe se Sh ing O! d me, Blood Re , people watch of me a very mad fan nt th ro wi e inf gn m pa 0.5 e am Four liv d sharing cheap ch hanna M. lived on%, Gang ofmo nths ago in Bristol and a brilliant time at O!set! Thanks! Jo inter viewed him ha I te festivals. But and LOTS more. I ha

Lord Auc


careless. ‘I Predict a R io t’. T Chief’s dru In Bristol th mmer Nickhat’s what the Kaise a gig by th st r ages at the ey saddled the minor sa id w A of the two Wire were e Leeds band Blachken witnessing a fe eling probabcademy looking self co ly nsciou ac 2007. The massively successful frWire. Black c ce rowd. The om 2003 to room wasntuated by the lack o s, ‘greats’ They have supported sm fa fr a ll e ckle nu ber of and The K Libertines, Bloc ParBritain’s indie anticipatorsd with only a into a rathm ty e a r , The Crib , culminati tired atmosp they had sa iser Chiefs. By ng here. 07, howeve s split up inid everything they 2h0ad A r t fi rs t to I to w two n say an Crimewave perturbed as put off, thoro and Lord Aew bands: Televise d system butby the appalling P.A ughly d uch. Black W on and the as the songs went have beenire drummer Dan an warmed to night furthered I L and since S joined by Liam on gud guitarist Si sl ow energetiord Auch and their of Lord Au eptember 2007 go un itar and bass ri g id beat, c, forlorn pop. ch. der the nam S i M c C arolling guitars riffs anA e They were encapsulate b e ’s g lo o m v o d signed to c their eviden Records st t spirit. a l raight after Young and Lost C now about their first lub T h e h ig their debut to release their seconshow and are uninitiatedh li g h t, fo r a p re v d single afte ‘The Dig In ‘The Dig Inlistener, was not theio u s ly r n’ We saw Lo F ingers’ thon’ or even the b-side single ‘Grass th e m a g a rd Auch’s show at O p resented, it ugh both were stro in ff se w t h ngly was ‘Will an e n d Paddington th e y su p p met w h ic O h fo r m e ’ The Wis d p’, Talking to s in Bristol on the o rte d T h e p t e h rf e ormance. A seductive anp e x o f t h e these guys them you cannot b 21 October. tr a il in g ar , are not tota rative ut notice th ding finish In the interv harmoniefa ll , involving with a s. A certai iew they wey new to the businessat pleasant n e n p . ding to an o le assured, yet re confident and n par displa asure and a fitting selfnever too co y. ol to seem Text: Dan N ightingale, Jo hanna Mich ael

Blood Red Shoes Here are a couple of tasters from our inte rvie w with Step hen Blo od Red . We thin k the y’ll give you a goo d idea of wha t he is like… "To kyo is our favo urit e place to play in the world, and Bordeuax, and Nor wich.” "Th ere is no diff eren ce between our live sho w a year ago and now, a few new songs but our sound hasn’t developed, we just turn up and play, there’s no stag e sho w, we did try a lighting guy once in London but he just turned on a strobe light now and then.” “A recent album review said you sou nd like you are scre ami ng pass ages from the communist manifesto with a lot less con tent .” -"umm yeah, thats totally

right, thats exactly what it is, I have no qualms with that.” “We are cynical bored, fed up, restelss, and unsatified people.” “I can’t rela te to mak ing records about love, you'd only do that 1- cos eve r yon e else is doing it, or 2 cos you actually feel that, but its not like you think that as much as people sing it.” “I’m not going to continue making music that sounds unsatisfied if I’m not, cos that would be a fucking lie, but I’m not con vinced I can see that happening any time soon.” “People ask me if the line "i wish i was someone better was ironic" it’s not.” “De spit e our l yric s are songs sound very up-beat, I

ord m-L




don’t really know why, its w e i r d , w e a r e n’t s o m e Col dpla y shit that play s ever ything in a minor key to make it sound sad, its just a loud angr y record.” "On mtv in japa n the y spray painted my shoes red, it was like some crazy tv sho w and i didn’t real ly understand what was going on, there was a dude in a wre stlin g mas k I tota lly didn’t understand what was hap pen ing, but its like you’re in Japan, crazy stuff happens.” "I am a ver y political person, like in Iraq, as far as i am concerned sending people to another country in which they end up dead is a flat no, i don’t care what the fucking reason is, that’s a no.” “The business we are in is insanely male dominated."

Jack McManus or WHY I LOVE LAST.FM Right. So I had this promo album sent to me. Jack McManus’ ‘Either Side Of Midnight’.And I got this individual report on the proportion of households who were victims of domestic burglary in 2006/07. Question: Which is worse?

Girls. And that’s nearly all there is to say about it. ‘Either Side of Midnight’ is so boring, ordinary and bland- it makes all those findings about domestic burglaries look very sharp and sexy and much more deserving my attention.

Uh Huh Her Common reaction

Named after the PJ Harvey album of the same name, Uh Huh Her hail from LA and are a more chilled out and synth-washed Metric. I guess this is not a particularly Think if Debbie Harry witty comparison but ‘Either was born later and made Side of Midnight’ is like a music that wouldn't Curly Whirly Bar. There must force her trademark The letter accompanying the be people out there who love awkward dance. The CD talks of Elton John it. Must be. But I just can’t get album is no classic but influences and melodies “that to like it. It’s sticky, synthetic contains strong songs. stick”. The 89 pages that and does not even taste like At its best it is hypnotic accompany the survey in ‘real’ toffee (or ‘real’ ballads). and sensual with wave question for my report talks of I like ‘real’ toffee and I like of synths over strong NS-SEC and Employment ‘real’ ballads with sincere guitar lines. These are Status... feeling and lyrics that seep matched by impeccable under your skin. But I really vocals that compliment I go for the album. don’t like Curly Whirly Bars. it beautifully. At worst They stick to your teeth and we see generic pop that The distraction doesn’t last make you want to brush your fails to peak interest. very long! Last.Fm in its much teeth for a good 15 minutes! Stand out track "Not a appreciated honesty tells me Similarly, I now feel the strong Love Song" sees them at right from the start that this desire to listen to Sonic Youth. their most direct and guy sucks live and that he’s … J.M. contains a chorus pretty much like Scouting For dragged from the 80's and forced back into fashion. Despite from the US they have scandinavian feel An album you have are never too obvious in Russe’ (representing the to them and are a never even heard of and their hints to the theme. Turret Syndrome) for good example of why you should listen to With lyrics all in French, which the band what I wish pop it anyway. they represent the collaborated with indie was, great stuff. francophone part of the rappers Loco Locass. S.B. Malajube Canadian indie scene that The tension of this Dare To Care (2006)/ has become so prominent critical moment carries City Slang (2007) after bands like Arcade on into the next song, Fire, Metric and The ‘Fille À Since they released ‘Le Dears. Plumes’ (hallucinations), Compte Complet’ in and only gets released in 2004, the FrenchDon’t worry if you don’t ‘Étienne d’Août’ (death) Canadian band Malajube understand all the lyrics! which is, together with have grown up. Where In an interview lead ‘St Fourtunat’ (bipolar ‘Le Compte Complet’ singer Julien Mineau has disorders), one the best was a rough-edged mash explained that the literal tracks on the album and up of North American sense of the words has indeed one of the indie bands like Clap very little importance; greatest slows since Your Hands Say Yeah, the music and the hints ‘Where Is My Mind???’ The Dears and Weezer, between the lines blend The final track ‘La the follow-up ‘Trompetogether well, becoming Fin’ (with the hidden ‘La L’Oeil’ is a clearly very expressive in their Grande Gallion’) closes thought-out and polished own accordance. the proceedings. Overall sounding concept album it is an album that works that becomes more ‘Trompe-L’Oeil’ (Trickwell as a whole, but with beautiful each time you The-Eye) is arranged a individual songs listen to it. little like a drama with a energetic enough to stand short opener leading to alone for their It seems logically the first act which kicks (dis)harmonies, catchy consistent for a band off with ‘Motréal -40°C’, (but in places messy) named after a rare frog the first single and one of melodies and their disease to devote a whole the most poppy tracks on cleverly rhymed lyrics. album to illnesses. Every the album. As the drama J.M. song is about an ailment continues the songs get or in the case of ‘Étienne more complex, and the d’Août’ about Death, but occasional discord hints this is just a wider frame to the turning point of the holding the individual album. This turning point songs together. Malajube is ‘La

The Death Set What the fuck? seriously guys. In an age where technology is king and armed with a laptop and some programs you can make studio quality music, there is some feeling that music is getting too polished, you cant create spur of the moment raw sounds you would with a guitar from something that has to be painstakingly programmed. Enter "The Death Set", a low-fi, spaz punk electro mash-up that is possibly the most refreshing thing you will hear this year. Shows tend to be played on stages, they tend to have enough band members to cope with the instruments available, they also tend to have a sense of coherence and at least a vague sense you know what will happen, not the case with the death set. Coming from Australia by way of the Baltimore scene this is what would have happened if the pioneers of punk were given synths as well as guitars. Posers jumping on the electronic bandwagon this is not. Their debut album "around the world" was released a few months ago with strong advertising this side of the water courtesy of the magazine Artrocker, this move could seem a shrewd shot bordering on selling out but the band are quick to refute this. "I see how people could view that but we have paid our fucking dues, before the album was released we played 200+ shows in a short time with little money, to go from a small town in australia to touring the US meant of a lot of hard work" "Getting through customs is hard enough when you all have passports from other

countries and look like your stereotypical drug traffickers." They have a strong allegiance with the Baltimore scene and miss the raw punk attitude it has. They say the British crowds dont quite "spaz out" as much as they would like and have a habit of standing and watching and only after showering praise on the band and displaying enthusiasm. They describe their debut as a "clusterfuck" of ideas, and thats not far from reality. Their songs are short bursts of a mish-mash of hip-hop, punk, synth and as they put it "spaz-rock". the band famously hate playing on stage, and will usually end up on the floor and in the crowd given half a chance. This is something that they admit will become difficult as their fame increases but they are willing to compromise if they have to. Festivals as they put it are a necessary evil. There is no interaction between the crowd in an open plan atmosphere but with a festival show they get money and using this money they can afford to put on shows that dont give profit. Their sound is a mess, a glorious mess though, its at the same time hardcore and pop. Get the passion and fire of the 80's punk scene minus the aggression and multiply that with the frenzied sound of synth pop and you have the death set. Will this band last more than another album? All their songs are under 2 minutes and the pace rarely changes, so no they wont. But does it matter? This band aint for longevity but when its this fun, who cares? S.B

Project:Komakino The second release from Parlour Records, a recent London based upstart, is the Project:Komakino EP. An interesting cluster that began as a solo effort by vocalist Kris Kane and then following an abrupt evolution became a rounded four piece with Oscar Maya beating drums, Jamie McQuade on bass and Andrew Hiles synthesizing. Project:Komakino inflict a dystopian edge upon the 70’s post punk era/epoch creating simple but encompassing sound. Tight repetitive drum beats propel a mixture of subtle bass changes, reverberated synths and introspective, searching lyrics. The result is transfixing auditory experience, in which any of the tracks could be sliced up, juggled, caught and reformed with only minor effect. The lyrics being the single facet allowing the listener to establish chronology. KV-1 is a suitable opener, a relatively slow tempo piece, that welcomes the listener and inexplicably maintains interest though the sound differs minimally throughout. EP highlight Syndrome is an neurotic narrative that proves to be the most involving a relentless beat and complementing synths give a morose edge to the tune. These guys look the part too. Usually attired with colourless uniforms their live shows turn out to complete dull spectacles. Having recently finished a tour you just missed them but they have a couple of shows in London soon. More information and of course their material can be found on, which features tracks both of old and new. D.N.




Something Old: Fletcher: The Dandy Warhols- Welcome to the Monkey Fletcher: The Fifth Dimension- Up, Up and Away! “Go where House - I believe ‘stolen’ is the technical term used to describe you wanna go! Do what you wanna do! With whomever you appropriation of this manner, but such frivolities shall be wanna do it with!” Thirty seconds in and I can already tell overlooked for the time being. Time and again the stickythat this is going to be a great listen, explicable by fingered sickly-sweet vocals emerge as the defining feature of felicitous terminology such as ‘uplifting’, ‘soulful’ this album. Without them, I would likely have flicked through and ‘divine’. the tracks and been done with this by now. Simon: Devo, Blondie, Erasure… Simon: Snowglobe Martin: The Alan Parsons Project- Absolutely Martin: Grizzly Bear - from Dan, enjoying the amazing musician and producer, and a long mix of conventional and more eclectic mar history of innovative and thoughtful music, instruments mixed into indie folk. ry o ur r remaining popular through experimentation. Johanna: I borrowed Trust by Low a c o l e lect Johanna: Got back into post-punk. i.e. M while ago… and haven’t returned it yet. ion!cord records like Chairs Missing by Wire, Real m a n y p Sorry, Tom, you’ll get it back when I see Life by Magazine and Unknown Pleasures theatrimon e o p l e you next! Like it though. y by Joy Division are on! t h e msupers only afte n g a g e t e Something Blue: s o m s e l v e itious r hav i n h Something New: borro e t h i n s i n s desire ing fulfil o l y Fletcher: Willie Kent- Comin’ Alive - This Fletcher: The Smoke Fairies- Strange the F o g wed, g n e o m e t h to ad led album has contributed to the proliferation of Things - A rustic folk sound clearly s e a g y N oand somw , s o i n g o orn blues as clichéd ‘old people’s’ music and underlies the glossy studio’d up colle r c h e d t i o n Eething bm e t h i nl d , offers nothing of value to the blues- a genre recordings which the Fairies have borroctions f t h e i r d i t o r i lue. T g which in many cases ranges from down ‘n’ here’ wed a or an v a s t a l Te a he dirty to hippy-trippy-licious. released. s the nd a old, r e c m Simon: Some metric stuff like their song IOU, Simon: BONAPARTE!!!!! Anathello resul t! blue ala new,o r d has amazing lyrics but kinda sad, fave lyric = Martin: Microcastles by Deerhunter bum a Found a random link on pitchfork, downloaded and "every ten year old enemy soldier thinks falling the album and was pleasantly surprised, fuzzy and bombs are shooting starts sometimes" punchy, but also shades of melancholy. Martin: Downloaded the Vanilla Sky soundtrack, Johanna: There are 3 albums to be named here: Who Killed has a track called 'Have You Forgotten' by Mark Amanda Palmer by Amanda Palmer, Oracular Spectacular by Kozelek on it. Stunningly beautiful song full of MGMT and Too Much by Bonaparte nostalgia and reflection. Johanna: Just two tracks- ‘Moneylenders in the Temple’ by Something Borrowed: Conor Oberst and ‘Have To Drive’ and ‘Blake Says’ by Amanda Palmer.

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Notes from the Underground 'Five’ things Toby from Hatcham Social knows that you should also know and will now after reading this' rs’ is on d 3 quarte our record n a 6 ‘ e l One g ’s sin be on y Ipso Facto d should probably n a s e shelv pace sofactomys p player. i / m o c . e c www. myspa et them in ADHD. We hmey now have an h Two t i w d n a b . T Silvery.hAey live in Londonf the week. Quite on Russia t Radio 6 single o e is called Acti . Album and English. New singhl album and single pop. Veryo and purchase botheband Force. G ce. com/silveryt www. myspa y have show. The t s a l see r e i t e e o r th Th l n on played hat we wilnal t e m a h S The Ficti . i charm ome f . Go a certain . They are doing s good thingest a n s i i a g h a c i b them though wh ff is the recordings …..but the new stu to hear them when n and liste ould keep a watch don and you sh one. fictionlon they are d . myspace. com/the http://www esides ght that erleased i n b u l c r e u i r o F ck the ind ngton has Twee as Fuuffalo bar in Isli es ‘Comet Gain’. B t avouri without Lies / in the he indielf d ‘Love e a 7” of t l a c s i The single alifornia’. cometgain Books of C . myspace. com/the http://www zing. We rbans. Ama It was e d n u S . d e n Fiv te new ba am Jojos. My favouri lay with us at Mad. p e n had them show they had do the firstcom/sunderbans myspace.

Glasvegas-Hype. OK, I get it. After the perpetual hypeand-release schedule the music scene has been forging after nu-rave, electro, math rock etc.. People are wanting a more sincere sound with lasting power. Like Radiohead rising out of the come and go Britpop scene, maybe we need a band with more substance and less reliant on style. But Glasvegas? Seriously? Quick backstory. Glasvegas formed around 2000, gigging mainly in Scotland, released a few singles Gone Daddy Gone, Go Square Go,(they do love word repetition.) then got spotted at a gig by Alan McGee (genius, Creation records founder, career maker of Oasis + Primal Scream.) McGee loved them and since then they have been heralded as the next big British band, worshiped by NME, and will release an album soon. I like my depressing music sometimes but I like it because its good and not just because it stands out from the current scene. They aren’t bad- just bland, a bit angry, and not much to write home about. Dull as fuck to interview, if I wanted an angry Scottish man quoting directly from "The Big Book of Sitting on the Fence and Giving generic Answers" I’d have talked to John Prescott. Then after 5 minutes of him saying why being in a band is the worst thing ever after life itself he shouts at me for saying he sounds cynical!!! Feel free to disagree with me if you want, this is one guys (evidently) minority opinion. If you want, use this band to be "in the know" as the bandwagon is filling up quickly, but don’t heap attention on a band because of the opinions of one guy, music geniuses included, because even Hendrix had his off days. S.B

Death The Long Blondes spilt up on 20 October 2008 After being around for the last five years and providing us with quality music the Sheffield band The Long Blondes split up due to guitarist Dorian Cox who has recently suffered from a stroke and might never fully recover from it. This at least is the reason given by Dorian on their MySpace. The NME on the other hand claims Dorian and singer Kate Jackson are each planning on starting solo projects... J.M.

Death Politics. How does the American elections spur up so much more interest in our country than our own? Maybe its the more colourful characters, a clearer sense of who we want to win, or just the fact that the outcome would effect the country unlike here where the left and right are just 2 halves of a rolling stone. S.B.

Death The notion that music is good if it sells fucks me off. It is an absurd, groundless argument that only serves to convey the dumb ignorance of the advocate. It is an insult to those focussed on forging wholly brilliant works and I hereby salute these comrades. It is a frustration to the audience of these brilliant works whose time is spent attempting to overcome such weightless observations to share music with the uninitiated mainstream crowd. It is detrimental to the music industry as a whole and when this pointless argument is unfortunately heard it should be met with rigorous and venomous debate and a complete beating, never has the words ‘kick his head in’ been so damn necessary. D.N.




Glory Student art. I like art but lack talent myself, Fortunately many students don't. Student art is cheap, different and much easier to understand than pretentious re-prints. Dont expect to buy something from a future Hurst, this aint an investment but its a shit load better than those cliched japanese anime posters. S.B.

Glory A song of celebration to ‘Give Me The Gift’or how I just lost myself in four minutes and nineteen seconds. Today was a completely rubbish day until suddenly and by accident my computer played a song off a myspace page I had left open. A rolling drum, a piercingly sharp guitar chord and I stop breathing for a second. This is good! I put on my headphones and a minute later I am filled up with these sweet and hopeful melodies contrasting sharp riffs and “I do want to go. I do want to go. I do want to go.” Where? Wherever as long as this tune stays in my headphones! Do you want to go, too? Or at least listen to the song? Well... you cannot buy it. And you cannot see it live (unless you are in Amsterdam, Paris or London). So far you can o n l y h e a r i t o n w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m / hatchamsocial God, I cannot wait for this band to finally get their album out! J.M.

Glory The Bath Film Festival is coming up and yeah it looks pretty good. This is a brilliant method of supporting film in this area, an art, which should be encouraged. The little theatre is displaying a fine selection of recent gems and old classics with cinema converging from all corners of the globe. Further information can be found at . You should really try and make this. D.N.


Start saving money for all tomorrow’s parties- Foggy Notion found you a gig to go to for every single day this month!

Sunday 9th November - Kid British - Moles Club, Bath

O: H GO T T N O M THIS ault! s Wine V e m Ja . t S ith u b wights p h t A B a here. Jazz N a r e atmosph u r s d a y s also o n T nt, but they ance excelle ock’n’Roll d i o n s have R, a r t s ex h i b i tf live n i g h t s fine selction o and a bands! PURR

Monday 10th November - Florence & The Machine - The Louisiana, Bristol Tuesday 11th November - Razorlight - Carling Academy, Bristol Wednesday 12th November - The Whip - Thekla, Bristol Thusday 13th November - Clinic - Thekla, Bristol Friday 14th November - Wille & The Bandits - Moles Club, Bath Saturday 15th November - Fields - Moles Club, Bath Sunday 16th November - Death Cab For Cutie - Colston Hall, Bristol

at Mo

les I ma alrea y have their dy in th mention e is is look next su d it a l s o amazingcouple o e, but Xmas b e i n g - One o f bills filofa party. S t h e M u f them pupp xes, blaco put it ins i c S o c 27 Noy-calend kburries your and Jan 09 v 08 + 04ars: = PUR Dec 0 R NIG 8 + 22 HTS!! !

Monday 17th November - The Black Keys - Carling Academy, Bristol Tuesday 18th November - Sneaky Sound System - Thekla, Bristol Wednesday 19th November - Ladytron - Carling Academy, Bristol Thursday 20th November - White Denim - The Cooler, Bristol Friday 21st November - Decimals - Moles Club, Bath Saturday 22nd November - Operahouse - Moles Club, Bath Sunday 23rd November - Those Dancing Days - Thekla, Bristol Monday 24th November - Airborne Toxic Event - The Cooler, Bristol Tuesday 25th November - Runrig - Colston Hall, Bristol Wednesday 26th November - Ida Maria - Thekla, Bristol

Thursday 27th November - S.C.U.M + You Love Her Coz Shes Dead + Poppy & The Jezebels - Moles Club, Bath Friday 28th November - Glasvegas - Anson Rooms, Bristol Saturday 29th November - The Death Set w/ Tripwires - The Louisiana, Bristol Sunday 30th November - Twin Atlantic - Moles Club, Bath

(P)REVIEWS Preview Micah P. Hinson Singer-songwriter Micah P. Hinson hails from Houston, Texas and he has been about for a few years now. His debut album Micah P. Hinson and the Gospel of Progress was pretty big fuss back in 2004 and since that inception he has released two more albums of merit Micah P.Hinson and the Opera Circuit and more recently Micah P.Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra. Touching, thoughtful pieces his songs either gracefully culminate into tumultuous layered sound or meander carefully along, all contemplating, all telling and then disintegrate, almost vanish under their own weight. The vocals are notable too. Micah has a warm voice alluding to hope, nonchalance and despair perfectly fitting for this self described ‘violent country’. His work has a rounded, competent shape and deserves to be heard. Fortunately for us island inhabitants Hinson has embarked upon a British tour and you can catch up with him in Bristol on board Thekla on the 8th November and I thoroughly, whole heartily recommend. D.N. Preview Airborne Toxic Event are playing the Cooler in Bristol on the 24 November! Airborne Toxic Event are probably one of the best American indie bands. And by ‘indie’ I mean INDIE. A band signed to an independent label making quality music with sometimes unconventional means. I saw them two years ago in Koko touring their last EP and I was really caught by their energetic set. They show how strings can really be rock’n’roll and will make you dance for sure. NME, Spin and friends are just about to find out about ATE so go to the Cooler on the 24th and you’ll be able to say that you saw them in a tiny venue when no one else knew them! J.M Review Glam Chops in Moles This certainly was a good show. But let’s be honest. If you subtract the dancers, the 70s glam overalls, the saxophone and the make up... it’s really just Eddie Argos sing-chanting over a guitar/bass/drum base. Think: Art Brut. Without the other members of Art Brut. That’s nothing bad at all. I loved Art Brut about four year ago. All the way through the first album. And maybe even a bit in the second. But at the end of the day it’s very stationary. It’s the same all over again. And Glam Chops are the samejust in a glittery, multi-coloured gift wrapping. Book them for your party or something if you want- but don’t expect them to change anything about pop music! J.M.

Preview S.C.U.M + Poppy&The Jezabels, You Love Her Coz She’s Dead at Moles 27 November I have seen You Love Her Coz She’s Dead 3 times so far. Exactly three times too often. I have sworn never to attend another night where they are on the bill. I feel I’ll have to break that promise... S.C.U.M are coming to Bath! So are Poppy & The Jezabels! The last time I saw those they were on the cover of Artrocker Magazine back in the day when Artrocker was still cool and bi-weekly. They were praised to be like nothing we’ve ever seen and as shockingly witty as pretty. If that was the only reason to go to Purr on the 27 November, I could probably still get away with the excuse that I cannot stand You Love Her Coz She’s Dead. However there’s also S.C.U.M who are dark, young, post-punk and produced by the Horrors. Honestly guys- this is as Art School and East London as Bath will ever get. Buy your tickets. NOW! J.M. Review ‘I quite like Silvery.’ That’s what it says on the badge I got at Silvery’s gig in Moles. And I did rather like what was on offer that night. They are widely praised to sound like some 90s Britpop band. I can see why someone would think that but for me it was still all quite original. The band worked well together and just delivered a good set. Nothing to totally blow you away, but I was dancing. So was Big Jeff. And you know what it means when Big Jeff comes to Bath for a gig... J.M.

m Chops

os - Gla Eddie Arg


Bath’s Best Live Music Venueand your listings for

November 2008 Sunday 9th November - SPARTACUS LIVE Kid British With Love From Humans Harrys Little Stand The Flamistics mem & conc £3.50 non members £4, £3 with flyer Wednesday 12th November - Battle of the bands - Heat five Mem £2.50 conc £3 non members £3.50 Thursday 13th November - 13th floor presents Geisha Dead Maids - Formerly known as the Monster Bastard Project deadmaids Friday 14th November - Shake presents: Wille and the Bandits Family Machine mem £4 conc £5 non members £6 Saturday 15th November - Mish mash presents Fields Underground Railroad Liddington mem £4 conc £5 non members £6, £3 for all before 10.30 Sunday 16th November - Spartacus Joe Public Spires SeeBeeOne Wednesday 19th November - Battle of the bands 1st Semi final Mem £2.50 conc £3 non members £3.50 Friday 21st November - Shake presents Decimals - The Nerve DJ Graham S Mem £4 conc £5 non members £6, £3 for all before 10.30pm Saturday 22nd November - Mish mash presents Operahouse with dj pete lucas mem £4 conc £5 non members £6, £3 for all before 10.30pm Sunday 23rd November - Spartacus presents Ardentes - mem and conc £3.50 with flyer £3 non members £4 Wednesday 26th November - Battle of the bands 2nd semi final Mem £2.50 conc £3 non members £3.50 Thursday 27th NovemberPurr promotions S.C.U.M You Love Her Coz Shes Dead Poppy & The Jezebels mem £4 conc £4.50 non members £5 Friday 28th November - Metripolis vs Raargh Annie Mac, Tom Maddicott& Graham S Members £8 , NUS £9 , Guests £10 Saturday 29th November - Mish mash presents Big Strides The slight Apes mem £4 conc £5 non members £6, £3 for all before 10.30

George Street Bath BA1 2EN tel. 01225404445 email

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