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"MR. MOM" Production Information

When rising young executive Jack Butler is handed his pink slip at the office, it's a pass into a strange new world.


swaps his briefcase for his wife Caroline's apron so that she can bring home the bacon while he is introduced to the joys of motherhood.

While Caroline is scoring points at the office,

Jack is wiping up after three boisterous kids, wrestling with rampaging appliances, dodging a lusty divorcee and slowly becoming addicted to the torrid melodrama of daytime soaps. To Jack's chagrin, Caroline has become a bigger success than he could have anticipated...while Jack mans the home front as "Mr. Mom." "Mr. Mom" stars new comic discovery Michael Keaton ("Night Shift") as the unraveled househusband at the mercy of three young children, and Oscar nominated Teri Garr ("Tootsie") as his breadwinning wife.

Martin Mull also stars as Ron Richardson, Caroline's

pompous boss at the ad agency who's more than just interested in her job performance; Ann Jillian as Joan Hampton, the Butlers' lusty neighbor who senses Jack's distress and makes haste to relieve it; and Christopher Lloyd as Jack's former co-worker, Larry. Stan Dragoti ("Love at First Bite") directed the Aaron Spelling production, presented by Sherwood Productions for 20th Century-Fox release in the U.S. and Canada.

Lynn Loring and Lauren Shuler

produced from an original screenplay by John Hughes.

Aaron Spelling

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Mr. Mom