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Publisher: Focus Magazine of SWFL Cover Photography: Kenal Louis Model: Nancy Pham Creative Coordinator: Raechel Dennis Makeup & Hair Styled By: Omar Rodriguez

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Mariapia Malerba Anna Dudzinska Julie Verfaillie Maguelonne Toissant-Samat Osvaldo Montalbano "Between the Myth and the Beauty"

Terri Profetto, Susan Bennett, Samantha Ramos, Lina LaSalle, Ginny Grimsley, Indi Franco, Scott Black, Ann Gordon, Samantha Scott, Simone Vera Bath, Kamila Domagala, Elisabetta Tassan Toffola, Kamila Domagala, Oscar Bernelli, Shiri Sarfati, Susana Sueldo, Olivia Capone Myers, Thomas Connors, Estrella Eguino, Michael St. Amand, Nicholas Berdysheff, Lee Horton, Adam Tardif, Ed Chappell, Jade Dellinger, Sandra Yeyati, Indi Franco, Mike Coppola, Frazer Harrison, Peter Michael Dills, Joe Kohen, Arun Nevader, Ginny Grimsley, Mai Yomioto, Giovanni Bogetto, Tony William, Julien Hekimian

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on a Busy Schedule

Life can sometimes feel a little too jam-packed with work, errands, carpools, cooking dinner and more. When that happens, healthy habits often fall by the wayside in favor of convenience. Fast food can replace home cooked meals and exercise makes way for the television. Registered dietitians and authors Lyssie Lakatos and Tammy Lakatos Shames, who are also known as “The Nutrition Twins,” have advice for feeling good and staying healthy despite a busy schedule. Drink up: People often mistake thirst for hunger, prompting them to overeat. Keep seltzer, iced green tea or water with lime in the fridge. The next time you want a nosh between meals, drink a glass first and see what happens. Sneak in exercise: If it feels like too much of a task to get to the gym each day, sneak in exercise wherever you can. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work or push your kids on the swings for an arm workout. Even if you walk around the neighborhood for 15 minutes, it counts. Just get moving! Simplify, simplify, simplify: Mornings tend to be hectic, so The Nutrition Twins get excited when they can eliminate something from their routine. That’s why they love Vitamints. They’re a vitamin and mint in one that can be taken anytime, anywhere even without food or water; it’s easy to just pop them in your bag or car and go. The twins like the Immune, Energy and Multi for Women varieties. 22 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Family Features

Bite into some energy: You might think a sugary candy bar from the office vending machine will perk you up, but a healthy, balanced snack will keep you on your toes longer. Make sure your snack has a quality, high-fiber carbohydrate, like fresh fruit, oatmeal or whole-grain crispbread, for long lasting energy and a lean protein, such as a hardboiled egg or Greek yogurt, to help you feel satisfied. The two will work together to keep your energy up and your desire to visit the snack machine down. Sleep tight: Sleep deprivation slows your metabolism down and negatively affects your immune system. When you’re busy that’s the last thing you need. Set yourself a bedtime that’s eight hours before you have to wake up and start getting ready for bed 30 minutes prior to that. The last step is tough, but don’t bring your phone or computer to bed with you. Instead, pick up a book to help you relax and drift off to sleep.


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Your Mornings

Family Features

Even the most chipper of morning people can sometimes wake up groggy and tired. And if their children wake up feeling the exact same way, mornings can definitely drag. There are, however, little things you can do — from scheduling exercise at optimal times, to packing protein into breakfast, to planning daily goals — that will make a big difference. The following tips will help put that zing in your family’s step. Wake up and work out: Do you start your morning with a healthy dose of exercise? The time you begin your workout matters more than you may think. A study shows that those who work out before eating in the morning burned approximately 20 percent more than those who wait until after breakfast. Rev up your metabolism: Allow a little extra time in your morning to rev up your metabolism. A short, 20 minute weight lifting session can get your blood pumping and help you burn calories throughout the day. Of course, if you’re busy managing the kids in the morning, you can still increase your metabolism just by adding more protein to your morning meal while making sure it’s low in calories and carbs. Make time for breakfast: Never skip breakfast — not only will that deplete your energy, but it can also negatively impact your health. In fact, recent studies show that those who opt out of breakfast time are at a 27 percent higher risk of having a heart attack. The same study also finds that those who eat breakfast are likely to be healthier eaters overall. This is especially important for children as they develop habits over time. So, help them establish a healthy breakfast habit early. If time is an issue, make breakfast a priority (and a convenience) by filling your pantry with quick, healthy. lowfat options, such as Vi Crunch™ cereal, which provides 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. 24 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Create a checklist: Think of your entire day as a series of small goals and write them down in the morning or the night before. Then cross out tasks as you complete them. Not only will you reduce stress from having a better visual of your family’s day, you will feel more productive as you progress through your list. Shake up the morning: Get out that blender and toss in healthy foods. Breakfast smoothies and shakes are a fast way to get the essential nutrients to jumpstart your day. Plus, they’re easy to pour, and they’re mobile — throw in a straw and sip while you walk. Recruit your children to help, and let them have fun mixing up their own tasty creation with fresh fruit like pineapple, banana and blueberries. Amp up your shake with nutritious additions, such as chia seeds, natural peanut butter or Vi Crunch™ Fusions, which come in two delicious flavors, Chocolate Macadamia Granola and Tri-Berry Puffs. Each makes a crunchy topping for your favorite breakfast foods, especially for the young, picky eater. Pause: Before you leave the house, take one minute to breathe. Feel good you ate breakfast and warmed up your body with exercise. And don’t forget to take your to-do list with you. You never know what opportunities the day will inspire.

Whimsical and Grandiloquent Art Characterized by a unique style and precise designs where the combination of a matte-shine effect on gold, and meticulous craftsmanship make for exceptional jewelry pieces where gold and precious stones come to life. This collection is inspired by the embroidery, fabrics, and colors of Spain’s Golden Age. This touch of color and these brocades can be seen in pieces crafted in yellow or white gold with amethyst presented as grandiloquent and whimsical art. Jewelry with generous volumes and rich decoration where the characteristic and signature Carrera y Carrera matte-gloss effect can be appreciated. Refined and ornate pieces reflect the image-preoccupied culture that existed during this period. For Carrera y Carrera, its link to Spain is essential as a source of inspiration for the development of its collections. The entire creative and development process of each jewelry piece takes place wholly in the Madrid workshop. Each step in the creation of a piece is influenced by the Spanish character that has become one of the fundamental pillars in the evolution of the company’s excellent trajectory throughout its history. Carrera y Carrera endures thanks to a standard of incalculable value – the savoir faire of the nearly 60 jewelers who work in its Madrid workshop, where tradition and the expertise of master goldsmiths are joined together. It is here that each jewelry piece is crafted entirely by hand, giving each one a flawless grandeur.

Stockings 4 Kids 5th Annual

Kicking Off

by Samantha Scott

Santa’s elves are starting early! For the fifth year, local business consultant Lee Knapp is rallying the community to make Christmas dreams come true for local, less fortunate children through Stockings 4 Kids, a United Way partner organization. Founder of the organization, Lee Knapp started Stockings 4 Kids, a 501c3 organization, with a desire to give every child a happy Christmas morning, something she feels every child deserves. “Christmas is my favorite time of year and the thought of a child having nothing to open on that special morning is heartbreaking,” she explains. “Stockings 4 Kids brings local businesses, adults and children together to provide a beautiful Christmas stocking filled with wonderful surprises to 1,500 less fortunate children in the area.” For some children it may be the only gift they receive. Preparations of the 5th Annual Stockings 4 Kids effort are already underway and sponsors are being actively sought to help fund the project. In order to meet the 1,500-stocking goal, Knapp needs to raise $20,000. Each beautiful nineteen inch Christmas stocking costs $12 including the stocking itself and all gifts inside it. 28 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Businesses, individuals and families are invited to make a taxdeductible donation to help fund Stockings 4 Kids. There are two sponsorship levels – Santa and Elf. To provide a Santa sponsorship donors are asked to contribute $1,200, which will fill 100 stockings. To provide an Elf sponsorship the donation is $600, which will fill 50 stockings. Donations of any kind are accepted and appreciated. All donations should be made out to United Way of Lee County with a note that the donation is designated for “Stockings 4 Kids”. United Mechanical Inc. is a major sponsor, providing and decorating their warehouse space as Santa’s Workshop. Santa’s Workshop is where “Kids Helping Kids” will take place on December 7th and 8th. Young children volunteers will be the “elves” responsible for stuffing the 1,500 stockings for other children, a true example of kids helping kids and sharing the magic of Christmas. For more information, to donate or become a sponsor for Stockings 4 Kids, please contact Lee Knapp at stockings4kids@gmail. com or call 239-481-8557 or (239) 898-0941. Stockings 4 Kids is a 501c3 non-profit and United Way of Lee County partner organization.

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Keeping it Off

With the holidays in full swing, managing your waist line may have you as frustrated as the lines you encounter while shopping for gifts. Beyond celebratory meals and seasonal snacks aplenty at work and home, the holidays notoriously leave little time for you to focus on managing your weight. However, by following these three tips, you can be on your way to keeping the weight off and head into the New Year a healthier you.

Eat Smart. Though the temptations abound, be cautious about portion sizes. When possible use a smaller plate, which will prevent you from over-loading. Before heading out to a party, eat a quick bowl of soup or a salad. Low in calories, these preparty munchies will take the edge off your hunger and help you moderate your consumption. And speaking of consumption, be sure to limit alcoholic beverages, which can quickly multiply your caloric intake. Get Sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to eating more junk food, and it can negatively impact your metabolism, making it harder to properly process what you eat. A comfortable and supportive mattress and pillow can help you sleep soundly, awake refreshed and feel less stressed. Mattress Firm experts warn that older mattresses and pillows have absorbed sweat, dust mites and dander that can aggravate allergies and affect sleep. Replace your mattress every eight years and your pillows every two years for optimum health and support. Also, take a few moments to relax before bed each night, to allow your body time to adjust and settle in for the night. 30 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Family Features

Stay Active. Though the demands on your time are many, seek out ways to keep your body moving, not only to keep muscles toned until you can resume your usual workout schedule, but also to help burn those extra calories. After dinner with the family, take a walk around the neighborhood or through a nearby park. Or, arrange a game of touch football or dodge ball and invite the whole family to play. If you find yourself with random blocks of time, say while the pies are in the oven, grab a few minutes to exercise inside with sit ups or leg lifts or even jogging in place. With a little bit of special attention to taking care of yourself through the holiday months, you can manage your weight and feel great about kicking off 2013 in great shape.

Make Life

Interesting By Ginny Grimsley

About Marshall Chamberlain Marshall Chamberlain is a man focused on his passions, with no time for extraneous niceties like pets, lawns, mortgages or plants. He has a Master’s Degree in Resource Development from Michigan State University and a graduate degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School, just outside of Phoenix, Ariz. He was an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and spent many years in investment banking, venture capital, and even as a professional waiter. He is obsessed with preparedness, survival and independence. This combination of traits leads him to all manner of adventure, including serious Stone Age survival classes. Chamberlain’s primary worldview is simple but profound—“I’m in awe of the magnificence of this world,” he says. .

“Spend your days putting off your dreams, and the time to realize those dreams can easily slip away. Considering time and the unknowable nature of one’s expiration date, all of life is a wager. I say the time for taking action on those ideas – usually relegated to daydreams – is now.”

• Make a list of what’s really important to you; trim the fat soon after. To put it simply, most of us will not know in advance of our death. We know one thing: we will one day die. With a finite amount of time to wager, we simply don’t have the time to watch the same bad movie every Friday night. Go big! Lose 20 pounds of fat and gain 20 pounds of muscle; or take a chance with that crush you’ve been nursing for six months; or buy a guitar and learn how to play it! You don’t have time for a banal life. • Become fluent in a second language (literally and figuratively): Indeed, become familiar with Spanish, French, Italian or some other language. More importantly, become fluent in a new language to approaching life. Start saying yes to ideas that you’ve harbored for a long time. One thing leads to another; perhaps in learning Italian you’ll develop a passion for the language’s rich culture. This could lead you on a trip to Italy. Who knows? The important takeaway is: Don’t fear a new kind of fluency.

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If the weekly working grind has got you feeling like a drone, Chamberlain offers the following tips on the way to becoming a true adventurer: • Parlay your strengths into new adventures. With a period of his life invested in the USMC, Chamberlain became accustomed to a largely physical, Spartan-like existence. After his divorce, he decided to simplify the needs of his everyday life, so he became self-sufficient, living aboard a 30-foot sailboat for the better part of 10 years. He also traveled the world, participated in activities communing with nature, and pursued his passion to become an author of adventure-thrillers.


“It seems to me that most people live in a state of inertia and pursue only the most prescribed avenues. To me, the world is much too rich not to sample what life’s buffet has to offer,” says Chamberlain, who has experienced life as a businessman, an officer in the U.S. Marines, husband (and divorcee), father, world traveler, boat dweller, writer and all-around adventurer. He’s also the author of “The Mountain Place of Knowledge,” the first book in the Ancestor Series of adventure-thrillers.

• Confront your fears. Are you sick and tired of the sheer predictability of your 9-to-5 existence? Nothing shrugs off the dreary residue of the daily commute than jumping out of a plane to put things in perspective. If you have a fear of heights and skydiving is too overwhelming, consider going to the top of the tallest building near you. Confronting fear not only fills you with adrenaline … you will also likely walk away filled with confidence. But don’t let the adventure stop there! Let this be a lesson in affirming life’s exciting potential; keep the adventure going by testing your limits.

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FOCUS of SWFL 2013 33 LV1681

No matter your politics, religion or lifestyle, the maxim “all of life is a wager” is a reliable one, says Marshall Chamberlain, a selfdescribed recluse and, by many standards, modern-day Renaissance man.



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Writing the Perfect Card Everyone loves to discover a handwritten card or note among a thick stack of mail. Regardless of how many electronic words we get bombarded with each day, the personal touch of a message written by hand remains a special gesture that never goes out of style. From choosing a card or stationary that reflects a personal style to accenting the letter with the right seal or stamp, every detail matters to underscore a thoughtful message. Stamps are often one of the first details noted by a letter recipient, so choosing a stamp such as the love-letter themed Sealed with Love Forever stamp from usps. com/stamps or your local post office is perfect for the occasion. Not sure what sentiment to write for the occasion? Here are a few ideas: Notes of appreciation: Whether the recipient gave you a gift, hosted you for dinner or did a special favor, keep the message brief and sincere. Don’t ever hesitate to send a note of appreciation just to let someone know how truly special they are. Unexpected notes are always wonderful to receive. Birthday cards: Celebrate one’s personal accomplishments in the past year and any special events planned in the next year ahead. End by telling your friend or loved one why he or she is so important to you. That message may just be the best gift you can give. Celebratory cards: When acknowledging the birth of a baby or the recent wedding of a friend or relative, pick a card they will want to save and treasure for years to come. When writing your sentiment inside, keep congratulations simple and let them know you share in their joy.

Photos courtesy of Daniel Afzal

New job: Starting a job at a new company or changing one’s career path can be a time for renewal and exciting beginnings. A sincere message wishing a friend or loved one luck and adding advice that he or she might find helpful is often a welcome message to show someone you care. Condolence cards: If a friend is going through a difficult time, share special memories you have of the person who passed away and why you will miss having that person in your life. End by offering to call or visit in the near future. These gestures, plus the card itself, will reminder the recipient they aren’t alone in their grief. Remember, cards and notes are about letting another person know how much their friendship, gifts or presence means to you. Follow a simple formula, add a few personal touches and you will soon be writing cards with ease. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 35




Holiday Sparkle for the

Photos courtesy of Getty Images


The holiday season is filled with a whirlwind of parties and special events. Be prepared to head out the door and look your best all evening long with these beauty tips. Add some sparkle. Bold accessories can transform your look entirely, allowing you to wear that little black dress to more than one party. For a timeless silhouette, pair a sleek strapless dress with oversized earrings that sparkle. A little black dress is the perfect look for a statement necklace. Just don’t pair large earrings with an oversized necklace. Pick one or the other and you’ll be ready to dazzle. Add a little glamour. Planning to attend a special soiree? Up your beauty routine with a darker evening look. Pair a daring red lipstick with a thin stroke of dark eyeliner. Keep your eyelashes dark and the rest of your look minimal to draw all eyes in the room. Whiten and brighten. Festive coffee drinks, red wine and fruity cocktails make holiday events special but they can quickly stain teeth. Keep your smile ready for the annual family picture and party perfect using ARM & HAMMER™ Whitening Booster, which is clinically proven to whiten teeth in just one week. Simply apply over your toothpaste and brush as normal. With 3X more whitening agent than a leading whitening strip, your smile will be ready for any occasion. Learn more at Keep locks classic. This year’s blockbuster movies caught the attention of celebrities and fashionistas with their glamorous hairstyles. Get the look, without appearing too retro, by using styling gel to work short hair into sculpted finger waves. Those

Family Features

with longer hair should sweep it up into a loose knot and add a thin headband. Give your nails some shine. Beautiful bracelets and rings will draw attention to your hands. Keep them looking beautiful with a fresh manicure and the right shade of polish. A perfect manicure will also set off the one holiday accessory everyone must have – a cute clutch. Bring beauty tools along. When you pack your clutch for a night of celebrating, make sure to include the necessities. Stay shine-free and party picture ready with pressed powder. Also include a small toothbrush and a travel sized toothpaste, such as ARM & HAMMER™ Advance White with Stain Defense. Baking soda gently removes plaque and surface stains with a deep cleaning action, while the Stain Defense™ technology helps prevent new stains from setting. Slip in a concealer, color for your lips and a small comb for quick touch-ups and you’re ready to go out and celebrate the season. Holiday photos and family gatherings may not always call for a glitzy look but you still need to look your best. Look great all season by taking care of yourself. Stay hydrated and use plenty of moisturizer to give your skin a healthy glow. Keep your hair looking its best by using a great conditioner weekly throughout the party season. Follow these tips and you will be ready for any event this holiday season.

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 39

Fashion & Style

Noire Hinged Bracelet Left to right Bracelet from the Heir Collection. Oxidized Sterling Silver with Silk Chain and Black Diamond Crystal. 7.25". Noire Eyelet Winged Necklace Necklace from the Heir Collection. Oxidized Sterling Silver with Black Diamond Crystal. Adjustable 16"-18". Noire Eyelet Freshwater Pearl Necklace Necklace from the Heir Collection. Oxidized Sterling Silver with Peacock Freshwater Pearls, Faceted Onyx and Black Diamond Crystal. 32".

Blanche Wide Jeweled Cuff Cuff from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold with 2mm Diamonds and 2mm Freshwater Pearls.

The HEIR Collection is inspired by vintage lace swatches discovered by Mignon in her mother's cedar chest. Split into two groups, Blanche and Noire, Heir demonstrates that lace can be both delicate and alluring, reexamines fashion traditions and explores the heirloom in a personal and modern direction. Blanche Curl Earstuds (2) Left to right Stud earrings from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold.

Top to bottom

Blanche Narrow Cuff (2) Cuff from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold. Blanche Narrow Ring Ring from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold. *18K Gold price varies with ring size.

Blanche Flora Diamond Pendant Pendant from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold with a 2mm Diamond. Silk ribbon sold separately. Blanche Ring Pendant Pendant from the Heir Collection. Available in Sterling Silver or 18K Gold. Triple Toggle Chain sold separately.

40 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Photos by Glade Bilby II


FOCUS of SWFL 2013 41

Fashion & Style

A collection inspired by the dandy neck ruffs so in fashion during this period of grandeur, as well as by the complex and precise work of the lace cuffs of the clothing at the time. Pieces of great originality due to the voluminous and serpentine shapes that represent one of the most identifying symbols of the Spanish Empire.

f3f a t S 201kS Pic At Jaeger-LeCoultre, women have an on-going rendezvous with time. The Manufacture in the Vallée de Joux crystallises within its feminine creations the encounter between Fine Watch making and Fine Jewelry, dreaming up models that become an intimate part of daily life, loyal confidantes at night and faithful companions of exceptional moments. This year, the Rendez-Vous and Reverso collections are reinventing themselves in order to further enhance their appeal. Complicated, ultra-thin, mechanical: they embody a concentrated blend of creative freedom, along with the horological and hand-crafted expertise that has been guiding the history of the Grande Maison for 180 years.

Want To get a Charge out of your purse try our Cell Phone charging purse! A zippered leather clutch purse that conceals a lithium-ion polymer battery that can recharge your smartphone or tablet computer, Kindle or Kobo! Each Purse comes with adaptor cable, charging cable and USB re-charge cable and adaptors for iPhones 4 and 5. The battery has the charge capacity to recharge your smart device more than twice before needing to be recharged itself. An LED charge indicator tells you how much power is left in the purse. And the Mighty Purse has functions you would find in similar pouches: a credit card pocket, zippered coin compartment as well as a hidden cable compartment and comes in 12 fashion colors and is priced at $129 with free shipping available! The Perfect Purse That Charges Your Cell Phone From Petunias of Naples, 852 5th Ave. South, Naples, 239-403-3550 42 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Inspired collection set to create a tone on tone sophistication of color of your choosing. Mix and match or double-layered this collection is made to accentuate your waist and your wardrobe.

Known for the essence of chic sophistication, Tiffany’s the premier jeweler of elegant simplicity. Each creation is wrapped in the Tiffany Blue Box® that makes hearts beat faster the world over. At holiday time or any meaningful occasion, its presentation signals a magical moment that will linger in memory for a lifetime.

Style & Beauty

f f a 3 St201ks Pic

Repêchage Spa Body Wash Travel Size: Aromatic, soap-free foaming gel cleanses the body naturally while conditioning all skin types. Infused with seven natural essential oils including Orange, Lime, Coriander and Mint and natural sea plants. Sea Spa Body Wash makes the perfect addition to your bath or shower. Leaves skin clean, smooth and hydrated. www.Repê

G.M. Collin skincare, Daily Ceramide Comfort Capsules a Daily Ceramide Comfort system is a replenishing and nourishing skin care supplement in practical single dose capsules that protects the skin against environmental elements and reduces the skin stress and irritation while improving hydration. It’s sold for $95 at spas nationwide and select online retailers. LANCÔME Exclusive & Limited Edition JASON WU COLLECTION features beauty looks straight from his fall runway show—in his signature grey packaging. ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick in Rue, St. Honore. COLOR DESIGN SHADOW/LINER PALETTE in Violet Streak. COLOR DESIGN INFINITE LUM INOUS EYESHADOW in Extreme Espresso. DUAL -END SHADOW & LINER BRUSH #18. DEFINICILS High Definition Mascara in Navy Blue. VERNIS IN LOVE nail polish in Madame Tulipe. ART LINER NOIR.

Aspen Yoga Mats are custom embroidered yoga mats that come in 5 colors with 5 embroidered designs. Choose the color mat by reading about your personality traits on our label. Match the color with the embroidered design that speaks to you. CozyChic Throw - Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner enjoyed some relaxation time snuggling up in Barefoot Dreams!

Kanshi Salted Mango Hand & Body Scrub: This gentle hand and body scrub reveals smoother, younger looking skin. Leaves a fresh clean Mango scent, while Sea Salts and Natural Loofah exfoliate dull, dry skin, leaving it smoothed and conditioned. www.Repê

The mitoquinol molecule is the newest patented antioxidant to hit the U.S. market through the breakthrough anti-aging face cream, MitoQ. MitoQ is considered to be the most potent antioxidant on the market to date and proven to be 1,000x stronger than CoQ10. Developed over 10 years of rigorous research and development, it is the only topical cream proven to deliver antioxidants to mitochondria at levels shown to have an immense effect in rejuvenating the cells, encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin and leaving skin looking radiant with a lit-fromwithin glow.

Luxury skin care brand blending eastern skin care philosophy and western dermatology. Amarte products follow a unique, multifaceted regimen – cleanse, hydrate, rejuvenate and protect – designed to bring out the clarity, brilliance, and beauty of every woman’s skin. All products are dermatologist tested, approved, and recommended by Dr. Kraffert himself. 44 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

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Into media? This is a staff favorite, give a gift to yourself or family member. Hulu Plus let’s you carry your favorite shows everywhere for as little as $7.99/month on multiple devices.

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Today’s top smartphones can do just about everything, and with the newest case from OtterBox, they can go just about everywhere. From the No. 1 trusted case brand for smartphone protection comes a new line that allows technology users to embrace all the wet, messy, spontaneous fun life has to offer. The OtterBox Preserver Series allows smartphone users to take on life’s daily adventures and extraordinary pursuits without thinking about the safety of their devices.

Imaging coming home from a stressful day at work and a long commute home, to find a personal masseuse just waiting for you to sit down and relax. Introducing the Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager, the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. It provides the ideal combination of deep, soothing shiatsu massage enhanced with therapeutic heat, for a soothing and tension-reducing experience. Introducing the new Samsung GALAXY Note 3, which shares a smarter large screen experience and new S Pen features that help to make everyday tasks easier and faster. With a smaller footprint and lighter chassis, yet housing a generous 5.7" Full HD Super AMOLED display, the GALAXY Note 3 provides a stunning viewing experience. The GALAXY Note 3 is powered by a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core processor, 3GB of RAM, 3,200 mAh battery and runs on Google's Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. The GALAXY Note 3 also features a textured back cover and delicate stitching that delivers a premium look and feel.

The Fresh Market invites everyone to stop by your local store, get a recipe, pick up a book and see one of their step-by-step presentations. Ask questions and learn more from our Cooking in Season with The Fresh Market Cookbook. 46 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

The flagship Epson Expression® Premium XP-810 Small-in-One printer features an ultra-slim design without sacrificing performance. The Expression XP-810 is backed by outstanding photo quality for superior holiday cards and borderless portraits. In addition, the printer is equipped with Epson Connect, making it easier than ever to remotely print from computers, tablets or smartphones, whether at home or out and about.

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy – recommended by Dr. Jennifer Collins, New York based Physician specializing in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology - is a homeopathic cold remedy clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by almost half! Its main ingredient, zinc gluconate, relieves symptoms including cough, runny nose, hoarseness, etc and is linked to boosting the immune system and decreasing viral activity.

Melitta USA, a brand well-recognized for exceptional quality in all aspects of coffee and coffee preparation. Producing a the full range of gourmet coffee products for major retail chains and small specialty stores across the country. Melitta has dedicated itself to providing the ultimate coffee experience with its premium line of coffee, coffee filters and high quality coffee makers, bringing European indulgence to life. The company was founded in 1908 by Melitta Bentz, after receiving a patent for her coffee filtering system consisting of a filter and filtration paper. The filter system was the first to successfully remove coffee residue in the brewing process, revolutionizing the way coffee was brewed.

The Epson Stylus Photo R2000 printer is perfect for printing holiday cards, 13” x 19" photos and panoramas. With Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 eight-color pigment ink set, natural skin tones and rich colors are effortlessly achieved. It also prints onto canvas for textured gallery-quality prints of your favorite family memories.

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The New Wave Caffe “Cities of the World” Collection is the ideal gift for world travelers, collectors and coffee drinkers alike. This beautiful set features cities from around the globe. New York is dressed in yellow, Rio de Janeiro in green, Tokyo in red and Sydney in blue. Each mug is illustrated with many well-known points of interest in each location, while the matching plate features a map of the city.

Italy’s renowned liquor brand DISARONNO has teamed up with international fashion house MOSCHINO to unveil a new and charitable design concept MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO, which merges style with timeless taste. Halo Sani-Cuffs – recommended by Dr. Karen Francios, New York based physician and mother of two daughters – is a product that any parent would want to arm their kids with this fall. Halo Sani-Cuffs are comfortable, stylish, and collectible germ-fighting wristbands that dispenses hand sanitizer at the push of a button. Halo Sani-Cuffs will stop germs in their tracks and give parent’s piece-of-mind that their kids are only an arm’s length away from killing cold & flu bacteria.

Decorated in a classic, yet on trend heart pattern designed by MOSCHINO, this special edition bottle and gift set flaunts a striking color palette of red and black. Uniting the label’s signature characteristics with the unmistakable silhouette of the DISARONNO bottle, MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO is the perfect gift and staple for a fashionista’s liquor cabinet. Giving back in more ways in than one, a portion of proceeds from the MOSCHINO loves DISARONNO project will support the United Nation’s sponsored charity Fashion 4 Development with their efforts in Africa. The overall mission of Fashion 4 Development is to harness the power of the fashion and beauty industries in order to implement creative strategies for sustained economic growth and development in countries worldwide. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 47


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The Tesla Motors Model S has made such a statement over the past several months, winning many accolades and earning praises for performance, practicality and safety. It is easy to see why the Model S is such a staff favorite. Being a “true” green energy vehicle, the Model S is an attractive, great handling, roomy and quiet car. The performance package gives over 400hp, while the base model has 302hp, which will get you to 60mph in less than six seconds. The Model S has really quick acceleration at highway speeds which many vehicles cannot do, when attempting to pass. You will be pulled back into your seat, like you're on a roller coaster. Photos courtesy of Tesla Motors

With a large array of standard features, you’ll be hard pressed not to love this vehicle. Take into account the savings on fuel cost for the next few years and you’ll see why the Model S is an attractive option. One member stated, “It’s like they’re giving you free fuel” with the launch of Supercharging stations around the nation. You can drive from location to location without buying a drop of fuel. Tesla Motors gives you ranger service (at your home), 8 year warranty, and an almost maintenance free vehicle. All we can say is if you have not seen this vehicle, get out and take a test drive. Sunreef Yachts continues growing in the catamaran design sector. Its in-house design office, employing young and talented designers, is located within the shipyard to make the design process smoother and more efficient. Offering a large variety of long range, ultra-modern, high-performance luxury catamarans, power and sail for your boating destinations. You also have the option of chartering a craft for exotic getaways. Always expanding and bringing insight into the industry, from lightweight catamaran’s made of carbon fiber and glass panels for sailing to a new Volvo IPS for maneuvering your luxury catamaran with ease. Sunreef’s extensive knowledge and commitment to its community allows them to build impeccable craft, offering ready-to-go vessels that can be operated by a single person. Within their design process Sunreef provides large windows that fill the area with natural light and ensure wonderful views and excellent visibility when aboard. Their yachts offer natural stability, low fuel consumption, superb living space and customization of interior allow clients an unlimited range of finish possibilities with the Sunreef’s designer’s expertise and advice. As you would expect, the attention to detail and quality of finish throughout the completion process is of the highest standard.

Photos courtesy of Sunreef Yachts 50 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

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Save on Costly Engine Repairs

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The sticker on your car’s windshield serves as a constant reminder that every car eventually has to be taken to get its oil changed. Go too long and a bright red indicator light will also start demanding attention. If you’re ever tempted to ask if all of those oil changes are really necessary, consider the important work oil performs for your engine. Keep your motor running Motor oil lubricates and cools the moving parts in your car’s engine. Without clean oil your engine’s metal-on-metal components can grind against each other, causing extensive wear. So, not having clean oil and the proper amount of oil can have serious consequences. Even if oil is present, there’s no guarantee it will properly protect an engine against damage. If you decide to forego changing the oil according to your car’s maintenance schedule, dirt, sludge and varnish can build up leading to serious damage or, even, an engine replacement. Take time for a change Extended oil change intervals are the number one cause of sludge and varnish build up. Motor oil degrades over time due to heat, pressure and contamination. Check the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval for your vehicle and remember, oil is the lifeblood of your engine.

Using an oil system cleaner, like Synergyn XTrA MPG Oil Change System Cleaner a day before any routine oil change will provide a more complete cleaning of your oil system helping to eliminate out unwanted metals, gums and varnishes that can lead to oil contamination. One day prior to your next oil change, just add the oil change system cleaner, and then change the oil and filter. Inspect for potential problems Most cars are designed for easy oil change maintenance so if you don’t change your own oil, take this product to your professional service installer. Those who like to do the job themselves should always pop open the hood and inspect the car for fluid levels and leakage, cracked or frayed belts and bulging hoses. Next, inspect for broken or worn parts that can’t be seen from above. For protection from other issues that can’t be seen, add the oil change system cleaner a day before changing the oil. It frees sticky valves and lifters, cleans gum and varnish from internal parts, improves oil circulation, increases lubricity, reduces friction, restores engine performance, and improves fuel economy. After that, add Synergyn XTrA MPG Engine Treatment when you change your oil and filter and let your engine run for 20-30 minutes to let the engine treatment circulate in your car’s oil system. Finally, don’t forget to rotate the tires after every third oil change. Visit any reputable auto repair garage or lube shop to have all of these inspections and maintenance tasks performed during your car’s oil change. They’ll also dispose of the dirty, used oil for you.

Conventional oil changes leave as much as 10 to 20 percent of metal wear particulates, dust and other contaminants behind. 52 FOCUS of SWFL 2013







A toll-free resource of the Florida Department of Transportation (standard mobile phone minutes, text message and data charges may apply)



By Mai Yomioto

With its ultra-dynamic proportions, elegantly sporty lines, low-slung silhouette and innovative design features, the BMW i8 represents a new generation of sports car. Bringing together hallmark features of the BMW brand with the design language developed especially for BMW i cars creates a progressive aesthetic which faithfully communicates the performance attributes, efficiency and innovative premium character of the plug-in hybrid sports car. The plug-in hybrid drive system of the BMW i8, which comprises a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine combined with BMW eDrive technology, offers the best of both worlds: excellent potential for improved efficiency and exciting, sporty driving characteristics. The BMW Group has developed not only the internal combustion engine and electric motor in-house but also the power electronics and the battery. This ensures that all these components offer high product and quality standards, based on the outstanding capabilities of the BMW Group in the field of power train research and development. The revolutionary character of the BMW i8 is emphasized by a further innovation: the use of an internal combustion engine which is making its debut in this model. The BMW i8 is the first BMW production model to be powered by a three-cylinder petrol engine. This highly turbocharged unit is equipped with latest-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. It is exceptionally compact and develops maximum of 231 hp from its 1.5-litre displacement. The resulting specific output of 154 hp per liter of displacement is on a par with high-performance sports car engines and is the highest of any engine produced by the BMW Group.

The design of the BMW i8 body is as groundbreaking as the plug-in hybrid sports car’s concept as a whole. Hallmark BMW dynamics, lightweight design and efficiency are all expressed in the car’s proportions, lines and surface design. The 2+2-seater is immediately recognizable as a BMW i model and a new-generation sports car. A signature feature of BMW i cars is the “black belt”. On the BMW i8, it emerges in a “V” shape from the bonnet and extends back over the roof into the rear section of the car, where it frames the centre section of the rear apron. At the front end, the black belt is framed by the body-colored apron and side panels, while at the rear it is overlapped by the “floating” roof pillars, which extend over the rear lights. Another element of the standalone BMW i design language is the “stream flow” contour of the side window graphic. On the BMW i8 the stream flow also determines the path travelled by the air between the falling roofline and the character line rising through the rear section of the car’s flanks towards the rear spoiler lip.

The key to this versatility is the innovative LifeDrive architecture, which opens up an exceptional degree of freedom for the design of BMW i cars. The central element of the Life module is the carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) passenger cell. The Life module is fixed to the aluminum Drive module, which houses all the drive and chassis technology. This distinctive two-way split is reflected on both the outside and the inside of the car by the visible layering and intertwining of different surfaces, with three-dimensional and flowing transitions between the Life module and Drive module accentuating the dynamic appearance of the BMW i8. The launch of the BMW i8 sees the world’s first sports car to be developed from the ground up under the banner of sustainability complete its journey from vision to reality. Both the exterior and interior of the emotionally-led 2+2-seater embody a revolutionary, pioneering take on the Sheer Driving Pleasure for which BMW is renowned. Clean, minimalist lines and homogeneous surfaces defined by a small number of precise edges and function-focused details underline the status of the BMW i8 as the most forward-looking car in its segment. As the second series-produced BMW i model on the road, the BMW i8 also reveals the versatility of the design language which is establishing itself as an unmistakable signature of BMW i cars. Its design signals lightness, safety, efficiency and pure driving pleasure – stand-out qualities that the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car shares with the BMW i3, its pure-electric sibling conceived for agile and comfortable urban driving. 54 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

The instrument panel of the BMW i8, with its horizontal lines emphasizing the width of the interior and a structure determined by the “layering” principle, creates a light yet powerful impression. The arrangement of the overlapping, three-dimensional segments is complemented by a contrast-rich color scheme. The layering approach also finds its way, through dynamically curving lines, into the design of the centre console, which is home to the gearshift lever, the Controller for the iDrive operating system, the start/ stop button, the eDrive button and the Driving Experience Control switch. The iDrive system’s Control Display comes in a freestanding 8.8-inch format. A bespoke sports steering wheel with multifunction buttons and the Navigation system Professional are included as standard in the BMW i8. Also standard is the multifunction instrument display, whose content and presentation formats take their cue from the driving mode selected.

Available as alternatives to the standard Neso trim for the BMW i8 interior are the Carpo and Halo equipment lines. In standard specification, the contrast between black surfaces in the cockpit and light Carum Grey leather surfaces emphasizes the lightness and sustainability of this vehicle concept. The leather surfaces of the door and side trim are complemented by functional textile highlights made from recycled material. The optional Carpo equipment line is available in light or dark versions. The naturally treated leather surfaces feature perforated elements and subtle contrast stitching which underline the superior character of the material and workmanship involved. Painted surface elements on the instrument panel, door trim and centre console add the finishing touches to the cutting-edge ambience. The likewise optional Halo equipment line brings a pervasive aura of luxury and sustainability to the interior of the BMW i8. Top-quality leather surfaces combine with textile accents and contrast stitching in BMW i Blue. And when it comes to the color scheme, dark Dalbergia Brown and light Carum Grey provide attractive contrasts. The Halo line also brings high-class paintwork to selected instrument panel and door trim surfaces. The accent ring for the leather steering wheel comes in BMW i Blue in the Halo equipment line and in Satin Silver in the other variants. With the BMW i8, drivers can enjoy life at the wheel.

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Exclusive Masterpiece

by Mai Yomioto

As a further highlight of its 50th anniversary year, Automobili Lamborghini is presenting one of the most exceptional super sports cars of all time. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is an open racing prototype with an extreme design and breathtaking performance. And it is one of the world’s most exclusive automobiles – not more than nine units will be built during the course of 2014.

The design of the exclusive alloy wheels is also determined by aerodynamic functionality – a carbon-fiber ring around the wheel rim works like a turbine to deliver additional cooling air to the carbon-ceramic brake discs. The intense paint color “Rosso Veneno” was developed exclusively for the Veneno Roadster, although each single customer will be able to individualize his own vehicle to suit his personal preferences.

The Veneno Roadster is extreme and guarantees an intense driving experience – because open means truly open. There is no roof, just a strong rollover bar for optimum safety. The design is focused on optimum aerodynamics and stability through fast corners – with handling akin to that of a racing prototype. Yet it is fully road legal.

The Veneno Roadster is further proof of Automobili Lamborghini’s unique competence in CFRP-based lightweight design. A monocoque made from carbon-fiber reinforced polymer forms the basis of the Roadster. All exterior parts are made from CFRP. The Veneno Roadster meets all safety and registration requirements worldwide, and naturally also incorporates a full complement of safety systems from airbags through to the adapted ESP handling system.

With a maximum output of 750 hp, the Veneno Roadster accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds and top speed stands at 221 mph. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is driven by a twelve-cylinder engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters and is equipped with the extremely fast-shifting ISR transmission with five modes, permanent all-wheel drive and a racing chassis with pushrod suspension and horizontal spring/damper units. The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster brings the aerodynamic efficiency of a racing prototype to the road. Every detail of its form pursues a clear function – exceptional dynamics, optimum downforce with minimal drag and perfect cooling of the high-performance engine. Therfore the Veneno Roadster is unmistakably a Lamborghini; it sticks firmly to the consistent design philosophy of all the super sports cars from Sant’Agata Bolognese. That includes the extreme proportions, as well as the powerfully arrowshaped front end and the interplay between razor-sharp lines and precise surfaces. The entire design of the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster has been laid out for perfect airflow and downforce. The front end works as a large aerodynamic wing. The visual division of the rear fenders from the car body is a reference to the world of racing cars and optimizes the aerodynamic flow. The smooth underbody transitions into a substantial diffuser framing the four sizable exhaust pipes divided by a splitter. Large openings serve to ventilate the engine bay and direct airflow to the rear wing. The design of the adjustable rear wing is the product of motorsport experience and extensive aerodynamic simulation to ensure optimum airflow in the interaction of the rear wing with the rear diffuser.

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Carbon fiber dominates also the interior of the Veneno Roadster. The carbon fiber monocoque is visible inside the car around the central tunnel and the sills. The two lightweight bucket seats are made from Lamborghini’s patented Forged Composite. The woven carbon-fiber CarbonSkin is used to clad the entire cockpit, part of the seats and the headliner. Like a hi-tech fabric, this extremely fine-looking carbon-fiber matting fits perfectly to any form and reduces the weight of the vehicle. The systematic, carbon-fiber, lightweight design of the Veneno Roadster is not only visible, it is also evident on the scales: with a dry weight of just 3,278 pounds, the Veneno Roadster benefits from a power-to-weight ratio of just 4.38 lbs/hp which guarantees a performance that is nothing short of mind-blowing. Even the stunning acceleration figure of 2.9 seconds cannot adequately describe it. Despite an aerodynamic setup configured for extreme down force, the Veneno Roadster possesses exceptionally low wind resistance which allows it to reach a top speed of 221 mph.


Watch making is just like the cinema, it hides a precise mechanism which must then generate emotion. The world of ROGER DUBUIS, the arrival of its collections, like spaces of freedom, perfectly matches my principles. You need to take chances in life. And always push yourself.


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before the storm by Mai Yomioto

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You’ll feel your heart rate increase, your pupils will sharpen and a smile lighten your face, as you walk by a the Pagani Huayra. A creative process of meaning and attitude, nothing spared or undelivered. The Huayra is an engineering and artistic automotive masterpiece, now available in the U.S.A. It is said that ancient legends of the Aymara tell us of Huayra Tata, god of wind, who commands the breezes, winds, and blizzards that invade the mountains, cliffs and hills of the Andean highlands. It is told that Huayra Tata resides deep in the high peaks and valleys, abandoning them only to demonstrate his power to his wife, Pachamama, goddess of mother earth. With his power Huayra Tata was able to lift the waters from lake Titicaca and rain them down on the fertile Pachamama. When Huayra Tata sleeps, the waters and rivers lay quiet. The eternity of the element air, gentle and refined, yet the strength of the wind it is able to erode even the toughest of materials giving birth to distinctive shapes known in nature. Elegant and muscular the Huayra merges the past, present and future in a timeless interpretation of automotive art. The styling of the car was perfected over the course of 5 years to find each line’s beginning and end, each an evolution of the previous in a never ending quest to perfect the form and refining the substance. Each piece is seamlessly integrated into the elliptical shape of the design, becoming a characteristic of the Pagani element. Made from carbontitanium to achieve the highest levels of rigidity through the application of newly advanced materials and technologies, made of different composite and ballistic materials. As soon as the doors are closed the Huayra transports the occupants to a new dimension; a world that pleases and surprises the senses. Having everything at arm’s length is not close enough for a vehicle with the capabilities of the Huayra. Consequently, the driver will find all primary functions directly on the steering wheel. The gearshift paddles are mounted directly to the steering wheel so the driver never needs to take his hands off the steering wheel. The seats provide both the comfort to make long trips enjoyable as well as the lateral support required when the g-forces build up on extreme driving. A Pagani is able to present drivers with state of the art solutions while still drawing on the rich history that precedes it. The ever present emphasis is on a living breathing being rather than a digital one. This can be seen in everything from the leather latches to the toggle switches, but this ethos finds its purest expression in the mechanical aluminum gearlever assembly, a monument to the art of the manual gearshift; progress that does not deny the past. The aluminum dashboard takes inspiration from the most complex Swiss watch designs and includes a central Multi-Function Display displaying performance relevant information when SPORT mode is engaged and a trip computer when the COMFORT mode is activated. The aluminum center console is machined from one solid block of aluminum and features a clarinet style array of mechanical switches controlling the HVAC system. The high definition central touch screen is the heart of the vehicle infotainment system, controlling audio functions, satellite navigation, secondary vehicle functions and Bluetooth phone. At the heart, sits a 60 degree 12 cylinder turbocharged engine by Mercedes-AMG. As with the calm of the wind and harmony of driving one of the world’s most refined GT car is interrupted when the driver calls upon the Huayra to unleash its 730 horsepower. Offering immediate response to the slightest throttle input, giving the driver full control over FOCUS of SWFL 2013 59

the engine at any rpm and preventing unwanted delays in the delivery of power. The engine’s systems have been designed and tested to stand up to the most adverse conditions of temperature and performance. The Huayra has been subjected to the highs of Death Valley and the lows of the Arctic Circle. The two lateral radiators are positioned in the front to guarantee the best cooling efficiency of the intercoolers placed over the cylinder heads. Pirelli say “Power is nothing without control” and to assure complete control for the driver Pirelli has developed the bespoke P Zero tires, specifically for the Huayra. These PZero tires are built in a dedicated MIRS™ (Modular Integrated Robotized System) facility, dedicated to the production of ultrahigh performance tires and are at the forefront of what is technically possible. The power and prodigious torque generated by Huayra’s V12 are transferred to the wheels through a transverse sequential seven speed gearbox and a dual plate clutch and lightweight gearbox. Keeping the weight of the rear overhang as low as possible has been a priority as we aim for a neutral behavior at the limit. The aerodynamic concept of the Huayra is that of a wing. The vehicle can modify the properties of this wing by varying the front ride height, which can be adjusted dynamically, and by adjusting the 4 control flaps on each of the four corners of the car. The goal is to have a neutral vehicle behavior under all conditions and control body roll via aerodynamic means. The behav-

ior of the flaps is managed by a dedicated control unit that is fed information from the ABS and ECU, which pass information about the car’s speed, yaw rate, lateral acceleration, steering angle and throttle position. The system improves aerodynamic efficiency in a variety of driving conditions, where a low drag coefficient is not the determining factor. During braking, for example, the rear flaps and the front suspension are raised to counteract the weight transfer and balance the weight distribution between front and rear axles, allowing a better use of the rear brake force. Another vital design tenant for the Huayra project was to ensure clean airflow over the body of the car. The shape of the two engine air intakes behind the occupants shoulders are a tribute to the supersonic aircraft of the late 1950s and 1960s, but also allow the motor breath without disrupting the flow. The intake for the gearbox radiator is located between the engine bay window and the carbon clamshell of the rear bonnet, which provides an excellent airflow to the radiator without having a substantial impact on aerodynamic drag. This decision also led to the omission of a rear wing, replaced by the movable flaps. The flow of air through the car was also carefully studied. The radiators are angled to contribute downforce and provide the best flow for hot air to be extracted. Air from the central radiator is extracted by vents on the front bonnet and through the front wheelhouses. Air from the side radiators is channeled to ducts cooling the brake discs and wheel hubs. This air blows onto the brakes at a temperature of approximately 50°C warming the brakes up when cold and improving the first bite significantly. Lateral air outlets behind the front wheels generate a negative pressure inside the wheelhouse providing efficient extraction to lower the drag coefficient and generate downforce on the front. In addition to the downforce generated by the flaps and body, two high negative pressure areas were designed into the shape of the underbody and the diffuser at the rear, thus enhancing the aerodynamic stability and guaranteeing the Huayra downforce under all circumstances. Pagani quality method expands beyond the technical and technological perfection and includes the artistic and design quality. Quality is born with the drawing, with shape, before reaching the technology. Art and science must walk together, hand in hand…

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by Mai Yomioto

With the talents of the world’s finest automotive designers and craftspeople at a customer’s disposal, inspiration for a Bespoke Rolls-Royce can strike anywhere. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai Brand Manager, Mohammed ELArishy’s imagination was piqued whilst dining at the Goodwood Hotel, adjacent to the Home of Rolls-Royce. Photographs of motor racing greats negotiating the historic Goodwood motor circuit drew his eye. A consultation with Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke design team followed: “I wanted to create a motor car that captures the unique atmosphere and history of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The Home of Rolls-Royce’s connection to such an important centre of British motoring heritage is something that fascinates my customers,” said Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai Brand Manager, Mohammed EL-Arishy. “The experience of working with Rolls-Royce’s world-class designers to create the beautifully executed Chicane Phantom Coupé was exhilarating. The creativity, vision, skill and attention-to-detail employed in the crafting of these one-off motor cars is unsurpassed in the super-luxury world.” The result, the one-of-a-kind Chicane Phantom Coupé incorporates design cues and materials that evoke Goodwood’s rich motor sport history. A traditional interior wood-finish makes way for carbon fiber, alluding to the materials used in modern racing machines. This highly contemporary theme extends to the exterior of the car, with the bonnet and windscreen surround finished in a matte black, perfectly complementing the Gunmetal exterior paint. 64 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Colored wheels matching the main exterior paint finish are also specified, the first time such a feature has adorned a contemporary Rolls-Royce motor car. Hand-crafted details throughout allude to the car’s historic motor racing theme with checkered flag motif stitching to the seats echoed on the exterior with a matching Bespoke coach line. The elegant homage is completed with a metal plaque expressing the car’s name and Goodwood’s famous track layout located discreetly in the glove compartment. This is not the first time an unexpected spark of inspiration has taken a Rolls-Royce customer; commissions have included an exterior paint color perfectly matched to a favorite eye shadow and a wood-veneer sourced from a tree on a customer’s estate.

“Customers often task us with designing cars themed around a particularly passion or interest. The customer leads the creative process, working in collaboration with us to create a highly personal, one-off masterpiece. As Bespoke designers we take great satisfaction in turning these dreams into reality,” said Gavin Hartley, Bespoke Design Manager. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 65

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by Mai Yomioto

One of our favorites and the sexiest yacht for 2013 is the Pershing 115 and 108 from the Ferretti Group. Many factors weighed heavily in the selection of these sport yachts, like room, comfort, features, speed and fun. Both the 115 and the 108 stand out among other yachts, even yachts much larger. This is not only due to its sexy, 007 lines, but Pershing Yachts signature silver metallic color. From its stylish lines and comfort, these yachts state an heir of refinement and elegance; knowing your cruising along in your Phantom and at any moment transforming into an Aventador. This is not your normal yacht, and the design team at Ferretti made sure of that. The 115 and 108 are unique among other craft, and fits the person who likes exceptional comfort with the agility of a black panther. The lines of these yachts just looks good even standing still, you can’t help but look. One staff member commented that it “Looks like it belongs to an F1 driver.” It grabs your attention as you approach it, even from a distance. The exterior looks embellish on its muscular power, but once inside you find a satisfying array of luxurious appointments. With high levels of innovation, the materials included are distinctive among yachts of this class and even ones much bigger. Simply put, this is your modern home away from home; with traditional elements fit for everyone on board to enjoy. You have room for crew, family and friends, never feeling like you stepped aboard a standard yacht. There is room for 10, along with a crew of three. They both allows for open air cruising on the fly bridge for enjoying the environment, with room for your tender, diving equipment and some jet ski’s or additional items. 66 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Pershing 115

Pershing 108

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Pershing Yachts allows you to customize the yacht to your personal liking with stylistic and pioneering components that fit your lifestyle. There is so much that can be said about these yachts and the ease it affords for any yachtsman to navigate waterways or open water. Equipped with innovative technology, this beautiful creature of the seas offers domotics system, which manages audio, video and lighting systems directed from any connected mobile device making entertainment simple and convenient, while you are on board or otherwise.

The elegance that distinguishes its interior design is characterized by the essence of textures, and distinctive metallic exterior, sets it apart from so many other yachts. Luxurious stones, woods, glass and soft leather surfaces are designed and placed pleasingly though out the craft. The galley “Kitchen�, has clean lines and is roomy with lots of storage for your favorite culinary delights and wine collection is quite impressive.

What makes these yachts so sexy? It’s size, design, speed and maneuverability on the water. With a cruising speed of 37 knots, you will get to know why being aboard feels so superb. At this speed and more, you can enjoy conversations with friends as you cruise to your next location. The interior is almost completely silence as Pershing Yachts has done a great job in isolating the sound within the living areas at high cruising speeds, which is not an easy task for yachts of this size.

Photos courtesy of Ferretti Group America

Being at the helm and taking control is easily; you have the option of manual or better yet set it to full auto with pre-configured setting and put on the power. As speed increases the yacht sets everything up for you and even positions itself for the best fuel consumption. All you need to do is steer in the direction you wish to travel and keep putting on the power and then all of a sudden, you’ll see that wonderful rooster tail (Pershing 108) shooting up over 10 feet in the air, made so famous with high speed boats, due to the three surface props propelling this yacht forward. Both of these yachts deliver extraordinary performance and very few will even keep up with this line from Pershing Yachts. When taking a run in the Pershing 108, we reached a speed of 44 knots in comfort, with an interior noise of 71db, this is average for your road going vehicle. Doing the same run in the Pershing 115, we accelerated to a clean 54 knots; which can be maintained (fuel adjusted) to whichever destination you’re pointing this bullet, as the 115 was fitted with the optional high-powered gas turbine. And let me say, it is still a comfortable and very enjoyable ride. Both are very nimble craft and feel like you’re driving much smaller yachts at these speeds. Some watercraft will give you speed or comfort, but few will deliver both, put into a very exclusive package. What’s so great; is the Pershing’s cruising speed is much higher than most yachts top speed, giving you a cruising range of 450 nautical miles. Yet, if you choose you can cruise at low speeds, knowing you’re aboard a yacht that does many things very well. I didn’t get into the other features, knowing that the 115 and 108 are very well-equipped sport yachts that have the ability to offer both speed and comfort, and be the sexiest yacht in any marina. With the release of the new 62 this year and the 82, Pershing Yachts stays close to its prime direction of offering luxury boating with the added pressure of getting to your private location just that much faster.

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You've got it...

by Giovanni Bogetto

For now, let's discover a few details about this new craft, creating a new era. Azimut Atlantis 50 follows in the wake of the Atlantis 48, a model already greatly appreciated for the quality of its design, its functionality and for the optimization of its internal and external spaces. It offers a series of innovations, conceived once again by the outstanding Neo Design team, that render the craft even more versatile and exciting to handle. In line with the philosophy behind the Atlantis range of sports cruisers, it is designed to maximize the pleasures of navigation and the livability of its external spaces by improving, with respect to other slightly smaller models, the functionality of the extra space available and, above all, the rational organization of the furnishings. The main deck, in fact, is all on one level with only a few steps separating it from the bathing platform and offers the possibility of creating a more intimate atmosphere, with a three-­leaf glass door separating the internal and external spaces. During the day and when evening falls, enjoying contact with the sea while sharing many happy moments with guests or family members becomes a pleasure not to be missed. Perfect as an area in which to relax or for dining outdoors, the cockpit has a comfortable sofa around a fixed table for 6 people, as well as a chaise longue positioned under the large opening hard top.

Photos courtesy of Azimut Yachts

With Azimut Atlantis 50, the Atlantis models will flank the Collections Magellano, Flybridge, S and Grande. The path towards the union of the names Atlantis and Azimut Yachts ends with success, allowing the Azimut|Benetti Group to offer 5 collections, the widest range of yachts up to 120 feet, under the single brand name of Azimut Yachts. Furthermore, the design of the layout enables two alternative furnishing solutions to be offered on the starboard side: the first version includes a foldaway galley complete with sink, grill, fridge and icemaker; the second version instead is in the form of a dinette with 32" retractable television (hideaway) and another two person sofa. With the optional third cabin supplementing the Owner's and VIP cabin, the Azimut Atlantis 50 can accommodate from four to six guests. Furthermore, and in line with the Atlantis tradition, the spaciousness and extreme comfort of the below deck areas are the unmistakeable features and strong points of each model, whatever its overall dimensions. The full beam master cabin is located amidships, the ideal position for maximum comfort, reducing any sensations of rolling or pitching to a minimum. A wardrobe and chest of drawers complete the furnishings. The second double cabin also has a large bed, two wardrobes and private access to the elegantly finished bathroom with its separate shower unit. Both cabins are bathed in natural light thanks to the panoramic windows and skylights. The contemporary mood of the accommodation is interpreted by furnishings and finishes in striped walnut that welcome guests to a warm sophisticated ambience. The galley is also rather welcoming: the area reserved for ‘cooking time’ is fully equipped with a sink, 4 ring ceramic hob, fridge and microwave oven.

Another innovation is the stern sunbathing area, which has been enlarged to create space for a bench seat and folding table and, above all, a garage capable of housing your tender. When closed, the top of the garage forms a spacious sunpad.

The new craft doesn't lack in power either. The Azimut Atlantis 50 is fitted with two Cummins 600 hp engines that allow the yacht to reach a maximum speed of 33 knots and cruise at 29 knots. The fuel tank has a capacity of 449 gallons.

On the bow, accessed along a walkway well protected by handrails, there is space for three people to sunbathe in comfort on the large sunpad, leaving more than sufficient room for berthing or mooring operations to be carried out in complete safety.

Timeless design, superior construction quality, attention to onboard safety and services: all this translates into a design concept that doesn’t skimp on family enjoyment, both inside and out.

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Contemporary Refinement

By Tony William

A representation to the philosophy and style of boating, the challenge is to offer original solutions, seize new opportunities, and recognize future demands and emerging trends. The profile radiates an impression of absolute beauty, thanks to a very definite outline which magically softens on the sea: an ideal choice for a yacht which guarantees top nautical performance and wishes to express elegance in every detail. This is contemporary refinement which does not give in to minimalism. MCY 86 is a yacht in classic style, without any concessions t o retro taste or aerodynamic excesses. From the very first step onto the main deck, there is an immediate and extraordinary sensation of space and comfort. The poop deck, fully sheltered by the extended flybridge, offers guests a large surface area typical of larger boats. The presence of fashion plates in glass and steel, so characteristic of Monte Carlo Yachts, further increases the sensation of privacy on board. It is here that the prow deck, a feature that is strongly representative of the range, finds its greatest expression. The Portuguese deck leads to a beautiful and discreet living room with splendid views over the sea. It is a true lounge which can be adapted for various uses throughout the day on board. The large surface area is ideal for large sun loungers, comfortable divan-style sofas and a table in the shade for savouring meals you have cooked yourself and enjoying the sea view with your family and guests in a space which is both open and private. You will be convinced you are on board a mega yacht: no other vessel offers an area comparable to this. The flybridge can be equipped with a large hydro-massage tub. The bar area, the openair kitchen and the numerous sun-bathing and living areas can be protected by a carbon T-top with an electrically operated soft-top, another feature typical of the MCY collection.

Photos courtesy of Monte Carlo Yachts

Inside, the drawing room confirms all the features highlighted on the outside areas: the floor areas and sense of space expand even more in an atmosphere which just becomes ever more luxurious and comfortable and provides an ideal setting for holding conversations and chatting, entertaining, relaxing and dining with friends and guests. Another brand new feature on an 86-foot vessel is the side platforms which can be opened. These are available on both sides and can be transformed into exclusive terraces looking out over the sea and offering an incomparable, unimpeded view across the horizon - even from the inside. Even below deck the layout is customized. In all the multiple variations available, spaces are always generous and embellished with top quality materials. Maximum comfort is paramount in the master cabin: a real full-beam suite with an ample study and large walk-in closet. In every area of the vessel, the unique style of Monte Carlo Yachts can be seen, underlined by the choice of refined timber and materials, such as, for example, the white alabaster of Volterra, cedar stone marble and moka cream limestone. Exquisite materials create a refined elegance, including through contributions from the great international names in fashion and design and the use of Venetian mosaics hand-crafted in Murano glass. Knowing how to bring together a range of needs and desires, and then react and interact effectively, with solutions that are constantly evolving through analysis and in-depth discussions with boat owners. Monte Carlo Yachts Offers technical, living and aesthetic solutions that simply cannot be found in other boats of the same category. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 75

Becoming More Relevant

By Ginny Grimsley

“While some of those people are back to work, they’re at lower paying jobs with fewer benefits. Now, they believe they can’t afford a new policy, or they fear they may be rejected if they try to get an individual policy,” Bernstein says. “Most of those people are wrong. In fact, unless a person has serious health issues, buying an individual policy -- not part of an employer program -- will cost less and offer more benefits.” Bernstein details four ways life insurance is becoming more accessible and relevant: • Don’t assume you’ll be rejected or pay more because you’re overweight, use tobacco or marijuana infrequently, or have been treated for substance abuse. Underwriters are trying to determine whether lifestyle or medical issues affect your mortality today, Bernstein says. So if you’re 30 pounds overweight with no related medical issues, you have a good shot at standard coverage. As for tobacco use, a blood test determines the amount of cotinine – a byproduct of nicotine metabolism – in your system. A certain level is acceptable to some carriers. Marijuana use may not automatically trigger rejection if you have no associated issues. For those with a past history of drug addiction and successful treatment, standard coverage is possible. The key is disclosure. • Getting older does not mean you automatically pay more. The old rule was to buy young and lock in lower premiums, then hang onto your policy for dear life. “That only benefited insurance companies and the agent who sold the policy,” Bernstein says. Today, healthy buyers will get more insurance for the same or less premium by refinancing their existing coverage. “It’s a refi – use the built-up equity, the cash value of your policy, to neutralize your older age. Thanks to better mortality rates, healthy buyers always get better coverage today than the policy they bought 10, 20 or 30 years ago,” Bernstein says. The percentage of Americans who have life insurance has hit a 50year low, despite the fact that more Americans than ever have grave concerns about their ability to financially weather a crisis or to someday retire, according to recent surveys. That tells consumer advocate Ted Bernstein that people are unaware of recent changes that make life insurance more affordable, more accessible, and more relevant to today’s needs. “The fact is, more of us need life insurance. Nearly half of all couples are in dual-income households; if something happens to one spouse or partner, the survivor is likely to have trouble paying the bills,” says Bernstein, founder of Life Insurance Concepts, Inc., and a leading proponent of innovations that benefit consumers. “Add to that, 38 percent of Americans believe they won’t have enough money to retire,” he says, citing a 2012 Pew Research survey. “Life insurance provides that retirement income.” Finally, he notes, large numbers of people who had corporate life insurance lost it when they were laid off during the recession.

• You can save on premiums and provide guaranteed income for your beneficiary by choosing the payout in installments. Traditionally, life insurance claims are paid in one lump sum. The new Installment Life Option is an innovation to meet the needs of people without sufficient retirement savings, and for those concerned their loved ones may lose the principal through mismanagement or a stock market correction. “When the policy owner chooses a deferred payout at the time of purchase, the insurance companies can reduce premiums by as much as 50 percent because they will have more time to pay the claim,” Bernstein says. “Plus, your beneficiary doesn’t have to worry about managing a very large sum of money.” • Purchasing no load insurance = better value across the board. In the past, life insurance buyers had no option but to buy a policy from companies with built-in commissions. These are nonnegotiable and not disclosed to the buyer. While Bernstein strongly recommends buying through a knowledgeable agent, he urges buyers to inquire about “no load” policies priced without the built-in commissions. “You pay a fee to the agent that is typically lower than built-in commissions, and it’s transparent; making comparison much easier,” Bernstein says. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 77

Unnecessary Financial Burdens

By Ginny Grimsley

Taxes account for the most expensive burden you’ll experience in your lifetime, says engineer-turned-independent financial planning coach Rao K. Garuda. In addition to federal, state, city and death taxes, there are 59 other varieties. Relatively few taxes, however, account for the bulk of the burden on citizens, says Garuda, whose clients include retirees, people planning for retirement, physicians, business owners and other professionals. He thinks his fellow Americans deserve a shot at keeping more of their money. “When I came to the United States, I had less than $10 in my pocket, but I had an excellent education as an engineer. When I married a physician, I realized how expensive it is to make a good living here,” says Garuda, who quickly applied his analytical engineering mind to understanding the complicated tax system. “Since this country has given me so much, I wanted to repay my fellow Americans with strategies for keeping more of their own money.” Garuda identifies some of the most expensive and common tax hurdles affecting Americans and offers advice on troubleshooting our tax system. • Problem: The IRA tax: great on the front end, terrible down the road. Solution: An IRA is tax-deferred, which means it will accumulate value over time. But when you withdraw from it, you will be heavily penalized with high taxes. That’s why you should convert this asset to a Roth IRA, which allows your money to grow tax-free. Since the money put in was already taxed you don’t have to pay any taxes when you take it out, and, overall, you’ll save a significant amount of money. • Problem: Too many people don’t take advantage of creating tax-free income via insurance products. Solution: From a financial perspective, retirees and professional planners run into a significant issue: seniors, blessed with good health, who outlive their money. But with certain insurance products, retirees can create tax-free income while covering the later years of retirement – and protect their wealth if they become severely ill. There are certain insurance products tied to the stock market that can help people accumulate assets in the long run. Many of these products offer a tremendous upside for potential without the downside of increased risk.

• Problem: Missed opportunities – people who don’t take advantage of free money in a 401k. Solution: Perhaps the company you work for is, like many others, bureaucratic to the point of being impractical. Your employer may not have done the best job communicating details about benefits such as matching 401k contributions, or you may not have taken the time to learn them. Now’s the time; this is free money! If your employer is offering a 50 percent match on your first 6 percent of contributions to the 401k, you should be contributing at least 6 percent. Educate yourself on your company’s plan so you can take full advantage.

Rao K. Garuda, CLU, ChFC, is president and CEO of Associated Concepts Agency, Inc. – “The Missing Piece” of financial planning -- founded in 1978, and a popular speaker at seminars and conferences for financial industry professionals. He came to the United States from India 35 years ago with a degree in engineering and, after marrying a physician, realized he had to learn how to reduce the couple’s taxes. Disappointed in the financial advice he received from professionals, he went to business school and developed expertise in tax reduction, and protecting money from stock market losses. Rao is a founding member of First Financial Resources, a national organization with over 75 partners in the USA; a life member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), and a life member of MDRT’s Top of the Table for 21 consecutive years.

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Dark Downsides for Retirement By Ginny Grimsley

IRAs and annuities are growing in popularity as retirement investment options, according to recent surveys, but three financial experts warn they can have serious disadvantages. “Last year, four out of 10 U.S. households had IRA accounts – that’s up from 17 percent two decades ago,” says CPA Jim Kohles, chairman of RINA accountancy corporation, (www.rina. com), citing an ICI Research survey. “But they can be bad for beneficiaries if you have a very large account.” Investment in annuities, touted as offering a potential guaranteed income stream, alsocontinue to grow with sales up 10 percent in the second quarter of this year. “Annuities have several dark sides, both during your lifetime and for your beneficiaries,” says wealth management advisor Haitham “Hutch” Ashoo, CEO of Pillar Wealth Management, ( “My business partner, Chris Snyder, and I wouldn’t recommend investing in them.” Putting large amounts of money in either annuities or IRAs can have serious tax consequences for your heirs, say Kohles, Ashoo and attorney John Hartog of Hartog & Baer Trust and Estate Law, ( “If you want to ensure your beneficiaries get what you’ve saved, you need to take some precautions,” Hartog says. The three offer these suggestions: • Take stock of your assets – you could be worth more than you think: If your estate is worth more than $5.25 million (for couples, $10.5 million), your beneficiaries face a 40 percent estate tax and federal and state income taxes, says Kohles, the CPA. “It can substantially deplete the IRA,” he says. To avoid that, take stock of your assets now – you may have more than you realize when you take into account such variables as inflation and rising property values. Be aware of how close to that $5/$10 million benchmark you are now, and how close you’ll be a few years from now. “Consider vacation and rental properties, vehicles, potential inheritances,” Kohles says. Also, take advantage of the lower tax rates you enjoy today, particularly if they’re going to skyrocket after your death. “A lot of people want to pay zero taxes now and that’s not necessarily a good idea,” he says. For instance, if you’re at that upper level, consider converting your traditional IRA to a ROTH IRA and paying the taxes on the money now so your beneficiaries won’t have to later. • No matter what your estate’s value, avoid investing in annuities. Wealth management adviser Ashoo warns annuities, offered by insurance companies, can cost investors an inordinate amount of money during their lifetime and afterward. “Insurance companies try to sell customers on the potential for guaranteed income, a death benefit paid to beneficiaries, or a ‘can’t lose’ minimum return, but none of thosecompensates for what you have to give up,” he says. 80 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

That includes being locked in to the annuity for five to seven years with hefty penalties for pulling out early; returns that fall far short of market investments on indexed annuities; high management fees for variable annuities; declining returns on fixed-rated annuities in their latter years; and giving up your principle in return for guaranteed income. “If you own annuities and have a substantial estate, there are smart ways to unwind them to minimize damage,” Ashoo says. • Consider spending down your tax-deferred IRA early. If you’re in the group with $5 million/$10 million assets, it pays to go against everything you’ve been taught and spend the IRA before other assets, says attorney Hartog. “It’s a good vehicle for charitable gifts if you’re so inclined. And if you’re 70½ or older, this year you can direct up to $100,000 of your IRA-required minimum distribution to charity and it won’t show up as taxable income,” Hartog says. (That provision is set to expire next year.) You might also postpone taking Social Security benefits until you’re 70½ and withdraw from your IRA instead. “That willmaximize your Social Security benefit – you’ll get 8 percent more.” Finally, anyone who has accumulated some wealth will do best coordinating their financial planning with a team of specialists, the three say. As a CPA, Kohles is focused on minimizing taxes; wealth management adviser Ashoo’s concern is the client’s goals and lifestyle; and lawyer Hartog minimizes estate taxes. “We get the best results managing tax consequences and maintaining our clients’ lifestyles by working together,” Hartog says.

Correction for an error in our July 2013 issue on page 71. Photo credit was not included for the below photograhy. Photographer and credit belongs to Jorge Parra of Jorge Parra Photography.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Ideas for Small Businesses

Are personal relationships why most consumers frequent small businesses? From the mom and pop coffee shop to the small bookstore just down the street, people enjoy the personal interactions and convenience small businesses offer. In a recent survey about interactions between consumers and small businesses from, more than eight out of ten consumers said it’s important that a small business is customerfocused and provides personal, face-to-face interaction with its customers. Respondents also wanted a small business to be local, convenient and reliable. Grow online: To account for consumers’ desire for personal relationships, small businesses should have a big presence on the Internet, but only 41 percent of small businesses surveyed even had a website. Those without a website said they didn’t see the need for one, or the cost of designing and maintaining a site was a barrier. On the other hand, 83 percent of consumers who responded said having a website and use of social media is important to their consideration and choice of a small business. “Small businesses have historically relied on face-to-face relationships to grow and differentiate themselves, but today’s consumers are demanding that these relationships extend into ‘e-Main Street’,” says David Brown, president, chairman and CEO of Web. com. “Our survey found a significant disconnect between how small businesses decision-makers think they are delivering on customers’ expectations versus the reality of consumers’ perceptions. The good news is small businesses are starting to realize the web’s untapped potential to reach consumers who are eager for online engagement.” 82 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Family Features

Stay in touch: Everyone knows how important it is to stay in touch with friends. If you’re a small business owner, don’t forget to stay in touch with your customers so they won’t forget about you. Use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, along with email to notify your customers about special promotions or to just remind them about the great benefits you offer. While it’s easy to blast an email to every customer or post an endless stream of cute pictures on Facebook, it’s important to not overwhelm or annoy them with too much of a good thing. Keep your messages consistent, concise and professional. If you’re not sure how to get started, the Internet offers a lot of resources about how to successfully set up your online presence and use Google, Facebook and Twitter to market and grow your business online. You can also find information online at www.Web. com. Provide personal service: Set your business apart by giving every customer the personal interaction and convenience they crave. Simply asking customers about their purchases or how you can serve them better gives you a consistent stream of information you can use to refine your goods or services and increase sales. Make sure every employee understands the value in talking to customers and tracking feedback. The bottom line for every small business is that consumers are demanding online interaction and involvement with businesses, both big and small. Consistently reaching out to your customers through a website, social media and face-to-face interactions will help your business thrive.







Open for Business

Franchise A franchise is a business model that involves two parties — a franchisor and a franchisee. Franchises are a good fit for those with an entrepreneurial spirit but who also may lack business experience and would benefit from the structure, support and guidance the franchise model provides. To become a franchisee, an entrepreneur pays a fee and/or shares the revenues of the business. Because a franchise is owned by a franchisor, the franchisee must follow set guidelines.

Millions toil away in their office cubicles, dreaming of owning their own piece of the American dream. Meanwhile, many entrepreneurial thinkers are using rough economic times as the catapult for making their small business dreams come true. With so many types of business models available, it can be hard to determine which one is the best fit for you. Brick and mortar Commonly thought of as the most traditional of plans, this business model involves businesses housed in physical buildings from which they sell their products. One major advantage of brick and mortar businesses is the personal interaction typically achieved between consumer and owner. Due to the rising popularity of online shopping, many brick and mortar businesses are turning to the internet, combining a physical location with an online presence.

If you’re trying to narrow down your options, knowing your location and community is essential. Some franchise opportunities, such as The UPS Store, specialize in building franchise opportunities in small towns and rural locations. As many of these areas are underserved in business, packing and shipping amenities, such franchise models deliver a sought-after service for other small businesses and citizens within the community. Having a clear understanding of your community’s needs can ensure your new business venture is successful and profitable. It’s also important for franchisees to think outside the box when selecting their location. For example, some businesses, such as The UPS Store, can thrive in non-traditional locations, such as hotels, rural communities, university campuses, military bases and convention centers. For more information, visit www.theupsstore. com/mainstreet. Direct sales Without a physical retail structure, the direct sales model sells products through independent distributors who specialize in face-to-face experiences with the consumer. One main benefit of direct sales is the ability to sell without overhead or supply costs of running a facility. Many direct sales entrepreneurs purchase their products directly from the parent company piecemeal, so no additional storage space is needed to house the product.

Bricks and clicks

Many examples of successful bricks and clicks businesses are retailers which, in particular, sell clothing and footwear. Local customers can go in to try on the wares physically and then purchase from the comfort of their own home.

84 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Photos courtesy of ©Disney

The “bricks and clicks” model is typically used to describe a business with a both a retail and an online location. A major advantage of the brick and click model is it allows customers to see the product physically, coupled with the option to buy products with the convenience of a mouse click. One disadvantage of the brick and click model is the higher overhead required to run both a physical location and keep a website fresh and current.

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Know Your Family History

Family Features

A number of celebrities have graced recent headlines by making some drastic decisions about their health, and in turn, raising awareness for the importance of knowing one’s family medical history. For instance, according to the CDC, a history of breast, cervical or ovarian cancer indicates a strong risk of cancer in some women, and thus proactive and preventative measures, like having a mastectomy or hysterectomy, may be warranted. While facing these decisions can be difficult, Brittney Wilson, a registered nurse, knows first-hand the positive effect that knowing one’s family medical history can have on a patient’s overall health. Since many diseases tend to follow genetic lines, it’s important to know your roots in order to make better lifestyle choices. For example, if you have a history of common medical conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, you have a higher chance of developing them as well, but prevention is possible. Nurse Wilson offers steps you can take to develop a family medical history record that will help inform your lifestyle choices and serve generations to come. Step 1: Seek answers to lingering questions You inherit half of your genetic profile from each parent. So, the first step in establishing your family medical history is to seek answers to any doubts or questions you may have about your parents’ identity. In today’s society, and with the rising rate of children born out of wedlock, this situation is actually more common than you might think. In fact, a recent survey conducted on behalf of Identigene, a DNA paternity test laboratory, concluded that one out of ten Americans has personally been in a situation where a paternity test was needed. In addition, nearly one out of five respondents said that they 86 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

or a close friend or family member has questioned paternity. However, discovering your paternity can be fairly simple. A kit, such the Identigene DNA Paternity Test, is available at nationwide drug stores and supercenters, and offers 100 percent accurate and confidential results within a matter of days. Step 2: Talk to your family The best way to gather information about your medical history is to talk with relatives about their health. An upcoming holiday gathering or family reunion is a great opportunity to start the conversation. Explain why you want to learn more about your family history and ask direct, specific questions to uncover any reoccurring medical issues and when they occurred. Consult existing documents, such as family trees, birth certificates and obituaries, to help obtain this information. From these materials, you can begin identifying potential patterns that should be discussed with a doctor. Step 3: Be proactive about getting healthy After identifying potential patterns, make a point to discuss them with your primary care doctor at your next annual exam. A medical professional might suggest necessary screening and proactive steps you can take to help stay healthy and avoid certain predisposed conditions in the future. It’s also a good idea to continue to update your family medical history record to help future generations navigate their health. Preventative care is the most cost effective and least invasive way to ensure your health and prevent illness. Being aware of your family’s medical history is the first step towards making informed choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Sight Save Your

Family Features

Regular eye exams are crucial to more than just good vision. They can also aid in early detection of health problems, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This is possible because the eye is a unique window into one’s overall health. It’s the only place in the body where, without surgery, medical professionals can see blood vessels, arteries and a cranial nerve. During a comprehensive eye exam, your eye care professional will use drops to view the back of your eyes to check for damage or disease. There are several different eye conditions and diseases your eye doctor will be looking for during an exam, including but not limited to the following: Diabetic Eye Disease: This disease occurs when diabetes damages the tiny blood vessels inside the retina. It is the most common cause of blindness. Dry Eye: This occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly. It can make it difficult to perform some activities, including reading or using a computer for an extended period of time. Age-Related Macular Degeneration: AMD for people aged 50 and over in the U.S. has increased by 25 percent over the last decade. The disease causes dim images or black holes at the center of vision. AMD rarely causes complete blindness, but there is currently no cure.

Living with Diabetes?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people with diabetes are two times more likely to develop gum disease. In fact, about one-third of people with diabetes have severe gum disease. Why are those with diabetes more vulnerable to gum disease? High blood glucose levels impair the body’s ability to heal from oral infections and uncontrolled diabetes can make treating gum disease more difficult, according to the American Diabetes Association. The Association is joining with Colgate to launch a new “Watch Your Mouth!” campaign to help raise awareness surrounding the often over-looked link between oral health and diabetes. Here are some tips to help you live well with diabetes: • Watch your mouth! Begin to develop healthy oral care habits, like brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist regularly. Research shows that brushing twice a day with Colgate Total toothpaste can help improve gum health in as little as four weeks.* • Don’t miss out on your favorite foods. Just eat healthier versions that everyone in your family can enjoy. Making simple substitutions to most dishes can help increase nutritional value, while not sacrificing on taste. • Use the right tools. Stay organized with a journal large enough to keep your diet, exercise, goals and health information together. Keep a week’s worth of prescriptions in one place with a handy pill case. • Know your risks. The American Diabetes Association lists the common risk factors for diabetes as being 45 or older, being overweight, not exercising regularly, having high blood pressure and being a part of certain racial and ethnic groups. • Visit your dentist. While your doctor and certified diabetes educator play an important role in helping with your diabetes, so does your dentist. If you don’t see a private-practice dentist, you can visit dental schools that provide services at a fraction of the cost to help you keep your mouth healthy. For expert tips, visit

While annual eye exams are critical to your overall health routine, if you’re among the 50 million households in the United States without access to vision insurance, it’s tempting to forgo when cost is an issue. For those without vision insurance, the only options were to work for an employer that offered vision coverage, pay out-of-pocket or simply go without.

Family Features

Even if you think your vision is fine and your eyes are healthy, an eye exam is the only way to be sure. Individual plans from VSP Direct cover eye exams with a low co-payment. They also provide fully covered lens options with allowances for a wide selection of glasses or contacts. To find out more, visit Annual eye exams are an important part of your overall health routine. Remember, vision care isn’t just about seeing well – it’s about being well.

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Now, affordable individual and family vision plans are available directly to the consumer from VSP Vision Care, the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company. Through VSP Direct, VSP’s individual vision insurance product, consumers in every state can receive high-quality vision care. These plans allow for individuals and families to gain direct access to the same high-quality vision coverage many employers offer.


Personal Harmony Family Features

What if after surviving your first cancer diagnosis at the age of 51, you were re-diagnosed just 18 months later? Metastatic colorectal cancer patient Dave Johnson experienced that first-hand, and was initially reluctant and scared to tell his family, friends and co-workers. However, he soon learned two important lessons – that he had more support around him than he thought, and that he could control his lifestyle and personal harmony. Now at the age of 53, Johnson, a full-time banker, has discovered a new sense of inner well-being and, according to his physician, is again cancer free. Many people find achieving personal harmony and balance difficult – the demands and stresses of everyday life often impede the ability to find inner peace. For those facing a cancer diagnosis, achieving that balance may feel impossible. And, yet, it is as important, if not more, for people living with cancer to find and maintain a sense of inner harmony. After being diagnosed with an advanced form of colorectal cancer, Johnson knew he had to fight the disease head on, from both a medical and mental perspective. Johnson worked with his physician to choose his treatment, and made the conscious decision to focus on areas of his life he felt he could control. “Setting goals and priorities, as well as staying active, became very important to me, and helped me accept my diagnosis as my ‘new normal,’” said Johnson. “The ability to fulfill goals and keep both my mind and body busy helped me focus on the sweet spots in life that give me strength and joy.” Johnson also said expressing his emotions was important to regaining his balance. “There were many days when I could have said ‘why me’ and focused my energy on feelings of anger and resentment,” said Johnson. “I’d let myself experience those feelings but I made a point of expressing those emotions and then moving on, which helped me maintain mental clarity. Additionally, my faith helped me accept the challenges I was going through.” Tips to achieving personal harmony and balance during cancer include: • Express your emotions: Make a point of expressing your emotions before they start to have a negative impact. • Set goals and priorities: Focus on the areas you can control and set out to fulfill the goals most important in your personal and work life. • Keep active: Find activities to keep both your body and mind busy that you also enjoy. • Enjoy the company of loved ones: Surround yourself with positive, supportive relationships, whether with your family, friends or co-workers. • Be open with your doctor: Don’t be afraid to discuss any cancer fears you have with your doctor or nurse. (941) 639-6364

One of a kind handmade fashion Photography by Richard Evans

Johnson stressed the importance of surrounding himself with positive, supportive relationships, including others who were also navigating a cancer journey. “I learned to celebrate the successes of other patients while supporting those experiencing setbacks – this in turn kept me self-motivated to fight my cancer with all the strength I had,” said Johnson. “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed after a cancer diagnosis. For me, taking time to focus on myself and my inner being, and creating an environment that was as nurturing and calming as possible, helped me stay positive in combating my disease.”

Breast Cancer

What You Need to Know Family Features

Thirty years ago, a diagnosis of breast cancer was thought of as a virtual death sentence for many women, but since that time significant progress has been made in the fight against breast cancer. Reduced mortality, less invasive treatments, an increased number of survivors and other advancements have their roots in breast cancer research – more than $790 million of it funded by Susan G. Komen, the world’s largest breast cancer organization.

Myth: Only women with a family history of breast cancer get the disease. Fact: Most women who get breast cancer have no family history of the disease. However, a woman whose mother, sister or daughter had breast cancer has an increased risk. Myth: If I don’t have a mutated BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, I won’t get breast cancer. Fact: You can still get breast cancer, even without a gene mutation. About 90 to 95 percent of women who get breast cancer do not have this mutation.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Myth: Women with more than one known risk factor get breast cancer. Fact: Most women with breast cancer have no known risk factors except being a woman and getting older. All women are at risk. Myth: You can prevent breast cancer. Fact: Because the causes of breast cancer are not yet fully known, there is no way to prevent it. Actions to Reduce Your Risk

However, the reality is that breast cancer is still a serious disease. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held each October, brings awareness to the disease and empowers women to take charge of their own breast health. This year, about 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in the U.S. and nearly 40,000 women will die from it. Globally, 1.6 million people will be diagnosed, and 400,000 will die. Despite the increased awareness of breast cancer, major myths still abound. Women must remain vigilant against this disease by learning the facts and understanding how they may be able to reduce their risk. The Myths and Facts on Breast Cancer Myth: I’m only 35. Breast cancer happens only in older women. Fact: While the risk increases with age, all women are at risk for getting breast cancer.

Breast cancer can’t be prevented; however, research has shown that there are actions women can take to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. • Maintain a Healthy Weight – Postmenopausal women who are overweight have a 30 to 60 percent higher breast cancer risk than those who are lean. • Add Exercise into Your Routine – Women who get regular physical activity may have a lower risk of breast cancer by about 10 to 20 percent, particularly in postmenopausal women. • Limit Alcohol Intake – Research has found that women who had two to three alcoholic drinks per day had a 20 percent higher risk of breast cancer. • Breastfeed, if you can – Research has shown that mothers who breastfed for a lifetime total of one year (combined duration of breastfeeding for all children) were slightly less likely to get breast cancer than those who never breastfed.

1-877-GO-KOMEN FOCUS of SWFL 2013 91

Global Beauty When it comes to beauty, Korea is years ahead, producing new technologies, ingredient discoveries and skincare innovation long before the rest of the world. From BB Creams to eyelash extensions, Korea is responsible for introducing some of the biggest beauty crazes of the past few years, and as we look for the next big skin care/cosmetic trends, the global beauty spotlight shines bright on Seoul, South Korea. As a leader in luxury Korean skincare, Amarte is poised to bridge the gap between Seoul and the US in a perfect “East meets West” synergy. With a deep understanding of ancient Eastern skin care philosophy and Western dermatological aesthetics, Amarte products are designed to bring clarity, brilliance and beauty to every woman’s skin. Formulated with unique ingredients and advanced technologies, Amarte’s multistep ritual cleanses, hydrates, rejuvenates and protects to reveal youthful, radiant skin. Dr. Craig Kraffert is a board certified dermatologist and President of Amarte, the premiere luxury skin care line that combines Korean skin care philosophy with American dermatology to create a beautiful and scientific skin care ritual. He is also the founder of and owner of Redding Derm, where he specializes in both aesthetic and clinical dermatology. Trained as a biochemist and cell biologist, Dr. Kraffert began his career in biomedical research at Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California then studied medicine at UCLA and chose to intern in Surgery at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Kraffert’s dermatology residency at the University of Miami in Florida allowed him to benefit from what is consistently considered one of the world’s most prestigious and desirable dermatology training programs. Dr. Kraffert’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the founding of DermStore. com in 1999. His vision and management brought tremendous success to the brand, which he then sold in 2007 to allow time for his pursuit of additional entrepreneurial ventures, like Amarte Cosmetics.

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As a scientist, skin care expert and entrepreneur, Dr. Kraffert discovered the technology behind Amarte products at the renowned Bio Regional Innovation Center at Seowon University in Korea. He recognized Korea’s remarkable aptitude for scientific innovation and saw Amarte was a young product line with innovation not yet seen in the Unites States. Determined to introduce this innovation to the West, Dr. Kraffert formed an international management team dedicated to creating extraordinary skin care products to further improve the original Korean formulations and customize products for the American market. Under Dr. Kraffert’s direction, Amarte is defining the global standard for innovative, quality skin care systems that promote the wellness and the natural beauty of your skin. Amarte is a skin care system that is more than a fusion of East and West – It is also a symbol of beauty and science intertwining, and the celebration of an enjoyable daily ritual. Dr. Kraffert is passionate about all aspects of dermatology. He sees patients five full days per week and views his mission as becoming the embodiment of the “Renaissance dermatologist,” constantly striving to achieve excellence at all aspects of dermatology for the benefit of his patients. Dr. Kraffert’s clinical offices contain more than twenty fully equipped exam and treatment rooms, offering a complete spectrum of modern general and aesthetic dermatology services as well as laser services, skin care consultation, phototherapy, dermatopathology and micrographic (Mohs) surgery. Dr. Kraffert is involved in research projects both for industry and independently. He lectures frequently in academic and industry forums, and has been especially active in California dermatology, recently serving as the President of CalDerm, the California Society of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, which he holds the primary responsibility for renaming.

high tech for breast cancer

Photo credit 5W Public Relations

E! News’ Giuliana Rancic made a special guest appearance at the Bryant Park Hotel to help launch the new website,, the first ever personalized lifestyle solutions online shop for women facing Breast Cancer. Giuliana joined the CureDiva founders to celebrate the launch of the website and bring awareness to both the disease and the specific needs of women who are diagnosed. She opened up to guests about her experience with breast cancer and mentioned how she is proud to team up with CureDiva to help women feel beautiful and feminine amid a diagnosis. “When I heard about CureDiva, I was surprised it

Ester Gofer, Giuliana Rancic and CureDiva co-founder Efrat Roman

hadn’t been created sooner and wondered why I didn’t have this when I was going through breast cancer. Going through treatments, it’s so hard to know what products you need and where to go. The great thing about CureDiva is that it specifies to your needs and helps you based on what you’re going through at each phase. Now because of CureDiva, women have a more accessible support system, and can still feel like a diva through their treatments. I wish CureDiva was around when I was going through it all”

Giuliana Rancic

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SPRING 2014

Summer may have come and gone, but the fashion industry kicked into high gear as the newest Collections made their debut at Lincoln Center with the start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, with a lineup of over 100 designers showing their spring 2014 Collections. Among the world's most renowned designers, Mercedes-Benz is showing an icon of its own - the all-new 2014 S-Class. A benchmark of automotive generations, the S-Class possesses a rare combination of style, luxury and engineering which sets new standards for others to follow. The S-Class is the main attraction within The House of MercedesBenz fashion boutique in the main lobby of Lincoln Center. Here, the worlds of fashion and automotive design merge as the vehicle's attributes come to life in a unique retail environment providing guests with a complete sensory experience. Claire Distenfeld, owner of famed fashion boutique Fivestory and curator of the fashion looks displayed within The House of Mercedes-Benz, explains "As a boutique owner myself, I realize the importance of creating an environment that touches each of the customer's five senses. The House of Mercedes-Benz depicts the amazing characteristics of the all-new S-Class in a unique way which appeals to a fashion-minded audience." To highlight the first of the five senses and the vehicle's remarkable stereo camera, giving the car "sight" like never before, MercedesBenz and Oregon-based wooden eyewear company Shwood joined forces to create an exclusive Shwood for Mercedes-Benz Sunglass Collection. The limited-edition collection was on display in The 94 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

House of Mercedes-Benz boutique and is inspired by the illustrious wood accompaniments featured in the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. From what's new and chic, it’s all about special pieces inspired by creativity that goes from runway-to-reality. From the perfect hairstyle, accessories and footwear are essential to complete a look and no one knows better than the top models and stylists of Fashion Week. This season brings the authenticity of cultural elements to the modern women around the world with sophistication, elegance and seductive glamour. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as always draws the attention of thousands of fashion fans to New York City. The designer’s signature use of color, custom prints, and unique fashion style, brings the authenticity of cultural elements to the modern women around the world with sophistication, elegance and seductive glamour. “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week truly embodies the global scale of the fashion industry and highlights the limitless boundaries of design. A leader in the global fashion event circuit; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York has the highest number of international designers who choose to make this Event the home for their Collection debuts,” says Christina Neault, Executive Producer, IMG Fashion Events and Properties. “As well, with three fashion schools and numerous emerging designers presenting alongside their established colleagues, Lincoln Center is the place to discover the next rising star.”

Photography by Mike Coppola, Frazer Harrison, Peter Michael Dills, Joe Kohen & Arun Nevader

Naeem Khan


Diane Von Furstenberg

Academy of Art

By Samantha Ramos

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Models Jessica White, Elena Kurnosova, and Julie Henderson

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014 Collections included: NICHOLAS K, BCBGMAXAZRIA, RICHARD CHAI, SUPIMA, TADASHI SHOJI, CANDELA, DESIGUAL, MARISSA WEBB, THE ART INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK CITY, FASHION LAW INSTITUTE, ZIMMERMANN, PROJECT RUNWAY, CARMEN MARC VALVO, NOON BY NOOR, NAUTICA, REBECCA MINKOFF, NICOLE MILLER, ARGENTINE DESIGNERS, TODD SNYDER, ELLE FASHION|NEXT, ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY, MARK + ESTEL, RUFFIAN, RAFAEL CENNAMO, LACOSTE, JILL STUART, SON JUNG WAN, MARA HOFFMAN, MALAN BRETON, HERVÉ LÉGER BY MAX AZRIA, KATYA LEONOVICH, CHARLOTTE RONSON, MONIQUE LHUILLIER, VENEXIANA, LELA ROSE, DKNY, TRACY REESE, CUSTO BARCELONA, TRINA TURK, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG, JOANNA MASTROIANNI, Y-3, VIVIENNE TAM, ZAC POSEN, RALPH RUCCI, RICARDO SECO, EMERSON BY JACKIE FRASER-SWAN, MATHIEU MIRANO, RUBIN SINGER, CAROLINA HERRERA, TOMMY HILFIGER, PAMELLA ROLAND, HACHE, CZAR BY CESAR GALINDO, CONCEPT KOREA, DONNA KARAN NEW YORK, FALGUNI AND SHANE PEACOCK, REEM ACRA, KAUFMANFRANCO, LIBERTINE, TORY BURCH, J.CREW, STEVEN ALAN, BADGLEY MISCHKA, VERA WANG, JENNY PACKHAM, DIESEL BLACK GOLD, ADEAM, NAEEM KHAN, DENNIS BASSO, ALON LIVNÉ, ZANG TOI, MM6 MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, FASHION SHENZHEN, BIBHU MOHAPATRA, BRANDON SUN, MICHAEL KORS, NANETTE LEPORE, RACHEL ZOE, J. MENDEL, CLOVER CANYON, MILLY BY MICHELLE SMITH, BETSEY JOHNSON, ANNA SUI, ANYA CALIENDO, OSKLEN, B. MICHAEL AMERICA, RALPH LAUREN and CALVIN KLEIN COLLECTION. “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York is internationally recognized as the world’s stage to premier the latest developments in cutting-edge fashion to the global fashion industry,” said Stephanie Zimmer, Manager of Brand Experience Marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA. “The excitement is building in anticipation of what will hit the runways from both the well-known designers and emerging talent showing this season." Designers thrilled to celebrate the blossoms of spring with soft details, vivid colors, along with hues of summer, nude natural tones and exquisite modern elements. Exciting guest with hundreds of beautiful, must-have pieces from each of the designers collections. MercedesBenz Fashion Week had an indelible impression of beautiful pieces that evoked a stunning yet relaxed mood of harmony, style and daily wear ability. Fit for the style savvy women to discover cutting edge collections for the discerning fashionista in you. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 95

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SPRING 2014 Mara Hoffman

Jenny Packham


Tory Burch

Vera Wang


Ellassay design

Badgley Mischka


Falguni & Shane Peacock

Donna Karan

Zang Toi

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 97

Pamella Roland

Ralph Lauren

Diesel Black Gold

Tommy Hilfiger

Anna Sui

B Michael America


Dennis Basso

Tadashi Shoji

Nicholas K


Zac Posen

DKNY Cindy Bae & Shereene Idress

Adriana De Moura 98 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Kenya Moore & Miss J. Alexander

Kelly Thomas

Paris Hilton

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

Reem Acra

Models attend the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge

Knicks Tyson Chandler & Kimberly Chandler

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SPRING 2014

The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center

Neil Schon & Michaele Salahi

Our Guest Book says it all... Thank you! Helpful - got lots to read! Very helpful and friendly smiles! So pretty! See you next year! Very visitor friendly and lovely scenery! Help is fantastic! Danke! Just moved into an older home so thanks for the info on services to my home! OMG! Merci Beaucoup! Wonderfully warm and helpful individuals! Great service! I love Naples! Grazie! Our second visit here! Thanks for your valued advice! Excellent help from a local! Volunteer was a wonderful help! Awesome staff! We love it here! You’re great people! Very good advice and ideas! We want to live here! We’ll be back! Beautiful Center! Excited to be here! One of the nicest and prettiest Visitor Centers we’ve seen on our trip! I love Paradise! Fabulous place...wonderful people! Gracias! Wonderful information! Thanks for helping me find things to do for my grandchildren’s visit! Gorgeous!

900 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 102 Open Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Stop in to see us and sign our Guest Book too!

Basketball Pro DeLisha Milton-Jones & Taj McWilliams-Franklin live, work and play in Greater Naples 239.262.6141

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Sweet Dreams by Daniel Fernandez

Down is nature’s best insulator and offers the sleep inducing benefits of warmth without weight. The wonderful softness of down and feather pillows feels great and is good for you because it conforms to the body more naturally than many synthetic fibers or foam pillows. This quality has led to the increase in non-traditional pillow shapes for specific types of sleepers—such as those who sleep be st with a large pillow they can “hug”, or the pillows designed for expectant mothers. In a more traditional bed pillow, the neck and shoulder muscles are less strained as the head is naturally cradled in the down and feather pillow. Down and feather is a natural material that wicks moisture away and allows it to quickly evaporate rather than trapping moisture. Waking up in the night having to throw off a blanket because of feeling overheated is a thing of the past when your pillow and comforter are made from down and feather. Dust mite allergies plague at least 10 percent of the population and are a leading contributor to developing asthma. Hypoallergenic down and feather is a good product for allergy sufferers because the natural breathability means that moisture– which dust mites need to live and thrive–is not trapped in the fibers. Additionally, the fabrics that encase the down and feathers are tightly woven–possessing a high thread count–in order to keep any feathers from escaping. This tightly woven fabric also serves as a barrier to dust mites. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic in the U.S. Further, the CDC says that a lack of sleep makes a person more likely to suffer from other chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression and obesity. How can people help create better sleep habits and lead healthier lives? The first step is to realize what is keeping them awake. Feeling too hot or too cold? Restless and sore from fidgeting while sleeping? These seemingly trivial discomforts can have adverse effects on sleep and health. Use these tips from the American Down and Feather Council (ADFC) to pick out the right bedding for a night of deep and refreshing sleep.

• Waking up Shivering or Sweating? Down is nature’s best insulator and offers the sleep inducing benefits of warmth without weight. A down comforter with a fill power higher than 500 will give added warmth, and a down comforter with less than 500 will keep you snug but cool. • Fidgeting in your Sleep? Look for bedding that is soft and will naturally conform to your body – like down and feather. Down and feather contours and moves with your body as you shift positions, this will keep you from getting tangled up in your sleep. • Feeling Dirty and Gross? Easily washable, down and feather products are made from natural materials that wick moisture away and allow it to quickly evaporate rather than trapping it close to your body. Sleeping in a moisture-free bed will help you retain a fresh and clean feeling. • Suffering from Allergies? Plaguing at least 10 percent of the population, dust mites thrive in humid locations and are one of the leading contributors to asthma. Superior construction and breathable materials allow down and feather products to be dust mite free and hypoallergenic. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 101

"Team" Caprice

By Terry Profetto

Caprice is a German native who lives and works in beautiful Cape Coral as a Realtor for Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group. Her specialty is helping out-of-state and out-of-country clients find or build their Florida dream home. As a result of her success, she now has many happy clients who are excited to be living the lifestyle they have always desired. Miloff Aubuchon Realty Group is a division of Team Aubuchon, which practices a very unique concept in real estate. This organization offers a one stop shop for all real estate interests, from buying or selling a home, building a custom dream home, investing in a home to rent, commercial investing, remodeling and interior design – this company offers everything real estate under one roof, with no hassles and no worries.

Flexibility and diversity are the main components of their 2 building divisions. Each custom home offers its own unique design that reflects the personality of the customer; from Key West Style, to Mediterranean to Contemporary, the sky’s the limit! Their in-house building team will transform your vision into a beautiful home design. For those looking for affordable luxury, there are many creative and open floor plans to inspire you. All of their homes are built with high quality materials and products, and to withstand inclement weather up to 150 mph winds. Teamwork and communication are key to Caprice’s success. She has many customers located throughout the US and Europe, who are building their dream home. Each client works with a team of professionals, who continuously stay in touch with weekly updates, including photos showing the progress of their home, and a building report detailing the current status.



$ 825,000



$ 825,000

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Cape Coral is SW Florida’s” Venice” with hundreds of miles of canals and waterfront properties, offering amazing views! And with quick access to Caribbean-like islands, i.e. Sanibel, Captiva, Matlacha, Pine Island, and Fort Myers Beach, it doesn’t get much better than this! When you’re ready to warm up from a cold winter and refuel with sandy beaches, boating, tropical breezes and palm trees, contact Caprice Krumsick, 239.677.7141, or

Looking For A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Swimming Pool That’s Also Maintenance-Free?

Po Ide ol Buy a Gu er ’s ide

Let us send you our FREE “Pool Idea Guide” DVD. It’s loaded with photos, ideas and friendly advice to make sure you make the best decision possible. Plus, we’ll send you the Latest Report On “Zero-Maintenance” Swimming Pools.

124 Pun 10 Tam (88 ta Gord iami T ww 8) 45 a, FL rail w.F 8-3 oun 70 3395 Co mm 5 tain 1 e rc



Poo ls








As one of the leading pool builders in southwest Florida, we’ve designed, built and consulted on well over 2,000 swimming pools. We specialize in designs that are both unique and a delight to own. But we do more than just swimming pools: • Screen Enclosures • Renovations • Fences & Railings • New Construction • Pools, Spas & Water Features • Sunrooms Visit Our Showroom at 12410 Tamiami • Hot Tubs by Sun Belt • Pool Repairs & Service Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33955 • Lifetime Guarantee at Every Pool • Safety Inspections Or call

888- 458- 3 7 0 1

With a $5 million dollar bond rating, a state-of-the-art showroom facility, and a long history of highly satisfied customers, you know you’re talking to a builder you can trust. Whether you’re looking for better health, more living space, a prettier backyard, or just a private place to relax, you can trust Fountain Pools to make your dreams come true.

Photos courtesy of ©Disney

Outdoor Solutions Family Features

In the warmer months, we find ourselves outside more often, enjoying nature while playing with the kids and maintaining our lawns. But this additional time spent outside means more home & garden tools and more opportunity for a mess.

Repurpose Furniture – Turn old furniture pieces, such as old filing cabinets, into instant garage storage solutions. Take out the drawers of the cabinet and turn it on its side. Each empty drawer area provides a spot for large items like brooms, shovels and rakes.

Here are some simple tips to keep your outdoor spaces cleaner and more organized:

Fence Storage – Turn old coffee or paint cans into storage bins for smaller gardening tools like hand shovels and pruning shears. For easy access while in the garden, cut holes and use rope to hang around a close-by fence post.

Storage Bench – Use a storage bench to keep your gardening gloves, tools and children’s outdoor toys. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, you can find the bench that fits your décor. Plus, they offer an extra seating area when you have company. Bundle Cords – No one likes the unsightly appearance or hazard of cords. Before your gatherings, bundle together stereo and electronic chords that are exposed, as well as any cords that run across the lawn. Helpful products, such as Velcro One-Wrap ties, keep your items bound tight and out of sight. Paver Pots – Use old pavers to create plant containers. Simply stack the pavers together making a square shape. The heavy weight of the pavers keeps the dirt and plant contained together.

Tires – Stack old tires on top of each other for an outdoor toy container that kids can easily access. Paint the outside to match the color of your house or whatever color you fancy. End of Season Storage – Keep your garage area tidy by organizing similar tools together. Use One-Wrap ties to keep gardening tools grouped together, or to keep hoses tightly coiled and out of the way. This product also comes in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can keep everything neat and organized.

Deck Space – Use the space under your deck for additional, outof-sight storage. Tuck plastic lidded storage containers underneath for easy access to children’s sporting goods and toys. Mesh Bags – Pool toys, rafts and inner tubes need a space to dry off. Use mesh bags so these summer toys properly are properly dried, preventing mildew or molding. Proper Plant Care – Stock up on essentials for a healthy garden, including the tools to make plant seedlings thrive, such as Velcro Peel Away seed pots. These pots make it easy to remove the pots without disturbing the roots, making transitions from pot to flower bed flawless. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 105

Family Safe

security tips With families squeezing in getaways to enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation, and kids heading back to school immediately thereafter, the next couple of months will see your house sitting empty and potentially vulnerable to break-ins. While we may dutifully lock our doors and windows when we go out or go to bed, too many people think burglaries and home invasions are something that only happens to other people. That is, until it happens to us. “A lot of people just think that their home won’t be targeted by a burglar and they don’t take enough safety precautions to protect their homes,” says Gallen Tsui of SkyLink. “However, burglars are always looking for easy targets. The fact is that with just a few simple items and some knowledge, you can make your home safer and less likely of being a victim of a burglary.” Skylink, makers of the Skylink Alarm System and Internet HomeControl System, recommend the following tips to help make your home more secure. Simple but effective: • Plant thorny bushes and plants in front of main floor windows. • Ensure your house numbers are visible and illuminated at night. • Avoid discussing any vacation plans on social media networks. • Turn on your vacation lock function on your garage door opener, if available. • If you were looking to get into your house how would you do it? Think like a burglar and fix any potential weak points. Get an alarm system: • Put stickers from your alarm company in windows and doors to show potential burglars that your home has an active alarm system.

• Many alarm systems have a voice dialer that can be preprogrammed to call your cell phone when a sensor triggers the alarm. Some alarm systems, like Skylink’s, can call up to nine preprogrammed phone numbers. • Install a siren on the outside of your house. Automate your home with a Wireless Home Control System: • Buy light timers or consider investing in the Skylink Internet HomeControl System to turn your lights on/off remotely from your smartphone, tablet or computer. • Or, set light timers in various rooms with the HomeControl System App, making sure they are programmed to turn on and off at times that match your usual pattern of room light usage. • Use the Skylink HomeControl System App on your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor cameras in your home. • Install motion detector lighting around your house to deter possible burglars. “The main point of protecting your house with these tips is to make an attempted break in too much of a risk for the burglar. If you make it hard for them to get in, and have an active alarm system, they will be more likely to just move on to an easier target,” says Tsui. Skylink makes the Skylink Alarm System, a home alarm solution that you can set up by yourself in less than an hour to confidently secure your home from potential intruders. 106 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

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Common myths related to CFL bulbs As the lighting industry shifts to provide more energy-efficient lighting options, more and more homeowners are giving CFLs a try. However, a variety of myths about CFL lighting still exist today, many of which are no longer true, including: 1. CFLs produce an unattractive blue light. Today’s CFLs can produce a soft white color similar to incandescent bulbs. Check the packaging for Kelvin numbers within a range of 2,700 to 3,000 for a warmer light appearance. 2. CFLs take a long time to get bright While many CFLs takes up to a minute to reach full brightness, there are now more advanced options. GE’s hybrid-halogen CFL, uses a Brightness Booster, or a halogen capsule, for instant brightness, eliminating to wait for bright light. 3. CFLs are only available in corkscrew shapes. Many options are now available that mirror the traditional shape of incandescent bulbs for a variety of applications. One option is a 100-watt replacement bulb for table or floor lamps, as well as globe lights commonly used for bathroom vanity lighting and recessed lighting in kitchen, living and dining rooms. When adding energy-efficient upgrades to your home, it’s important to ensure even the most fundamental of enhancements – such as lighting – offers the ease of use, reliability and value expected from traditional, incandescent options.

Advancements in bulb technology Though they have had a presence in homes for the last three decades, the compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb has greatly improved since its infancy. Some enhancements include reduced price, availability in standard warm tones and “A-line” shaped bulbs that mimic the look and feel of traditional incandescent bulbs. New technologies include GE’s Bright from the Start CFL. This hybrid halogen-CFL light bulb provides instant brightness, and is now available at Target in a 100-watt incandescent replacement – in addition to other wattages – for table or floor lamps, as well as globe lights for vanity lighting and floodlights for recessed lighting used in rooms throughout the home.

Whether you’re using CFLs in your bathroom, kitchen or dining room, these bulbs provide a similar soft, warm light like an incandescent. Great for high-use table lamps and fixtures where you want instant illumination and energy-efficient lighting, CFL bulbs have the familiar shape of their incandescent counterparts – so you won’t notice any difference. “We really like the flow of our home – especially when entertaining all of our family and friends – but we wanted to use energyefficient lighting in the busy areas of our condo and create visual separation from our kitchen to the dining room,” continued Connie. “By using a mixture of CFL bulbs, we were able to have functional lighting in the kitchen, while creating a more inviting and relaxing environment in the dining room.”

While new lighting advancements bring a wealth of benefits to many homeowners, there are still some mixed messages about the value of CFL bulbs, as a whole. To see for themselves, Target NASCAR driver, Juan Pablo Montoya, his wife, Connie, and their three kids put these new bulbs to the test in their own home to see if they could keep up with their fast-paced lifestyle. “I love the energy savings that CFLs provide, but didn’t like the amount of time it took to warm-up for full brightness,” said Connie. “GE’s Bright from the Start bulbs are instantly bright, but use a lot less energy than traditional bulbs.” 108 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

AT LAST... A DOCK THAT MATCHES THE DEVICE Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad in BeoSound 8. Or connect an MP3 player, PC or Mac and rediscover your music collection all over again only this time it will sound like you are sitting in the front row! Start the experience at or call 888 625 3414 for your closest showroom. MSRP $999.00 iPod, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Wall mount also available for BeoSound 8.

10 Solutions for Home Organization

Everyone wants to start the year off well-organized. January is around the corner and time for the obligatory New Year’s Resolutions. If one of yours is to get your home organized, the home organization specialists at Tailored Living offer these 10 solutions to help you maximize your space and reduce clutter 1. Murphy Beds Ideal for lofts, studios or multifunction rooms, murphy beds provide a convenient solution to creating more open space and organizing a room. Murphy beds can be effortlessly pulled down from their wall units at bedtime and be raised and concealed in the mornings to open up a room. 2. Under Bed Storage Remove large storage furniture like armoires and dressers and opt instead for a platform bed and add rolling under-bed storage drawers that can hold clothes and other belongings.

3. Vertical shelving Bathrooms and closets have notoriously underutilized vertical spaces. Customized vertical shelving can allow placement of bins and baskets to provide easy access to items and free up prime horizontal space. Place everyday items at eye-level, and less used items on the upper shelves, such as guest towels and bulk soap packages. 110 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

4. Clothing Valets Especially useful in narrow closets, clothing valets allow several garments to be hung at once while consuming minimal real estate on walls that cannot accommodate a standard hanging rod. Short on wall space? Closet valets also work well on doors. There are various options available like wall mount valets and retractable valets. 5. Electronics Shelving Large electronics such as printers, fax machines, and speakers can eat up valuable real estate in small offices. Move everything possible to wall storage. When installed professionally, mounted shelving can hold a surprising amount of weight. Start the lowest shelf 20 inches above the desk surface so items you use often are within easy reach while working. 6. Pull-out Bins Many an item has been lost in the dark abyss of deep shelves or drawers. Pull-out bins allow maximum use of storage space while maintaining the ability to bring all stored items into view when needed. Ideal for small snack items in pantries or small toys in children’s closets, pull-out bins help keep pile-prone items more organized.

waxing for all In 1993, Noemi Grupenmager envisioned a specialized hair removal center that offered waxing for both men and women, which would raise industry and marketplace standards. Noemi imagined something new -- a center solely dedicated to waxing, with a welcoming atmosphere that offered clean, quick and professional services at affordable prices. She founded Uni K Wax in 1993, making her mark as a pioneer in the category and the first to open such a center. She opened her first location in Miami Beach, FL using her own proprietary elastic wax, made of natural beeswax, essential oils and a special pine tree resin, which took three years of in-depth laboratory research to create. Uni K Wax Centers are an established concept with a recognized name and appeal and growing customer base. Today, Uni K Wax Centers are located throughout New York, Florida and California with plans to develop over 100 franchises and affiliates across the country by the end of 2015.

7. Under Desk Cabinets Small dorm or office spaces can be difficult to organize. Make your job easier with under desk cabinets. These smaller sized cabinets neatly tuck in under a desk to take advantage of the extra space found there. They also come with wheels for easy maneuvering. Use them to store school supplies, files and other appropriate articles. 8. Shoe Cubbies Shoes can create a lot of clutter and can sometimes be hard to find. Space-saving shoe cubbies solve both problems by gathering your shoe collection in a centralized location and displaying them in easy to access slots. Shoe cubbies are versatile, being able to accommodate athletic shoes or boots, and are small enough to place either in the closet or entryway. 9. Ceiling Storage Garage ceilings are vastly underused storage spaces, perfect for sports equipment or seasonal items. A bike hoist stores bikes off the ground utilizing a pulley system that maintains easy access for everyday use. Overhead storage safely holds boxes for less frequently used items like holiday decorations. 10. Pull-out Canvas Hamper There are few things that produce more clutter than scattered clothing. An easy fix is a drawer with a pull-out canvas hamper that can be used to store dirty clothes until it’s time to do laundry. Drawers can be neatly tucked away in closets and pull-out hampers have two handles that allow you to easily carry your clothes to the laundry room. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 111


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Clean Up

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• Clean with baking soda: Backsplashes and tile flooring can be cleaned in a breeze with a simple solution made from things you may already own. Just mix a half cup of baking soda into a two gallon bucket of water and scrub those splatters away. From rushed morning breakfasts to hurried dinners, the kitchen is often the busiest room in the home. But with all of this activity comes a world of messes. For busy moms, cleaning up spills and splatters can be a job in itself, especially when kids are involved. From installing kitchen features that make it easier for kids to help clean up, to easy ways to keep pans bright, these tips offer simple solutions for a range of kitchen mishaps and messes. • Line the refrigerator: Hardened mustard or sticky soda spills can be hard to remove from inside the refrigerator. For quick clean up, line the drawers with plastic placemats. When a mess happens, just pull out the mat, scrub it off and place it back in. As a bonus, these mats often come in fun colors or patterns to help jazz up kitchen décor. • Let the kids help clean: Many kitchen and bath manufacturers, such as Pfister, offer faucets with flexible, pull down spouts for kids to help clean and rinse dishes after dinner. Just be sure to invest in a sturdy step stool to keep your little helpers safe while they’re at work. 112 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

• Brighten brass and copper: To clean up tarnish on pots and pans made with brass or copper, use a small amount of ketchup on a soft cloth and rub. Once the tarnish is gone, rinse with warm water and towel dry. • Outfit with smudge-free features: With all the upkeep required in a kitchen, cleaning build up on the faucet can be a bothersome task. The new smudge-free Slate finish from Pfister retains its shine after being handled, even after little hands. Plus, its warm, grey metallic color blends perfectly with other appliance finishes. • Remove countertop stains: Kids love their juice with breakfast just like mom loves her coffee, but little spills happen. To remove such stains, simply add a little hydrogen peroxide to water and a few small drops of ammonia and scrub with a soft cloth. With a few simple tools you’ll be able to keep your kitchen squeaky clean so it can continue to be the favorite hang-out for the entire family.

Paint Like a Pro

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The task of home painting projects may seem daunting, but by following a few helpful steps you can give your home a fresh, clean appearance and incorporate some of your favorite new home décor trends. “Whether your painting projects call for sprucing up your indoor space or freshening up outdoor trim, a little advance planning, sweat equity and the right tools can go a long way in ensuring a professional looking result,” said Carmen De La Paz, designer and former host of HGTV’s Hammer Heads. De La Paz offers these tips to help you paint like a pro. Start with the Right Tools Whether working on interior or exterior projects, be sure to use the right tools – especially the appropriate tape – to ensure a professional looking result. For indoor projects, make sure you read the label to find a tape that is appropriate for the surface you are working on and that has EdgeLock technology to ensure sharp, clean lines. For exterior projects, ScotchBlue has an Exterior Painter’s Tape specifically designed for exterior paint jobs and is resistant to sun, wind and moisture. Tips for Exquisite Exteriors With its exposure to the elements and various surface types, exterior painting has its list of challenges. Here are a few tips to make outdoor painting a breeze: • Always use the appropriate nap, or thickness of a roller, for the surface you are painting. Some surfaces, like stucco, tend to have a rougher texture, so be sure to use a thick nap roller to help pull paint in and out of crevices. This will save time and frustration.

• Remember to pick paint designed for the surface being painted. For example, choose masonry or stucco paint for outdoor projects, or paint that is compatible with wood or metal when painting other exterior surfaces. Remember, outdoor elements will influence how well paint sticks to a surface; some surfaces will even reject the wrong paint. You can avoid this by using the right paint from the start. • Be sure to “back prime” any newly installed woodwork. This means you should prime and seal the whole board before installing it. This will protect the backboard from moisture and prevent bloating and cracking once new woodwork is applied. Ideas for Impressive Interiors When approaching interior projects, use these tips to make them flawless: • When painting big surfaces, such as a wall, use a roller and paint in “X” and “W” patterns for even distribution of paint. This helps you avoid “lap marks” where paint builds up thicker in some areas due to overlapping. • When using a brush, load your brush and start by painting strokes in the middle of the paint area – working your way to the edges. The goal is to lightly whisk the paint on. The brush has more paint on it than you think, so let the brush do the work. • If your painting job is ongoing, don’t wash the brushes. Instead, put them back in their bags and keep in the freezer overnight. Then, pull the brushes out about 15 minutes before you plan to use them again and you’re ready to go. This saves time and water for brushes that are already in great working condition. You’ll be amazed by how beautiful your home can be when you take the time to tackle those painting projects and do it right. Incorporating these tips into your painting routine will get you painting like a pro in no time. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 115

er n g e i Des rofil P

Maria Pia Malerba was born in the Puglia region in Southern Italy. She studied Art in high school and then went on to study at Accademia di Belle Arti a fine art institute. After earning her degree specializing in scenography: set design and costume history she went to Lake Como to become a text tile designer. Maria Pia had the opportunity to create textile designs for big fashion stylists like Dolce Gabana, Versace and Cavalli. This was an extraordinary time for her to grow as an artist. For 12 years, she was continually inspired by new trends. At the same time when she wasn’t creating art on fabric, she was still painting Hyperrealism & abstract artwork on canvas, stone or wood. Here in Florida Maria Pia came into contact with Dore whom is the business leader in ballroom dance gown design. She was fascinated and inspired by this new world. Maria Pia was born with this strong per pension to research the beauty in life. Every morning she would wake up with enthusiasm to bring to life her ideas and create new things. Color, objects and shapes fascinate her and she likes to associate ideas and concepts that are very different and put them together. Maria Pia was in kindergarten when she started painting. Her first oil painting was at age 12. She painted almost every day of her life. Twenty years later she was hired by a company to paint a Madonna on stone for a gift for the Pope that now is being displayed at the Vatican. She has been showcased at various galleries all over Italy and America. Winning 1st prize the “Raffaello Sanzio award” in Rome in 2006. She's very eclectic; she loves to paint abstractism as well as hyperrealism. Her favorite Stylist/artist is Alexander McQueen. She is in love with his theatrically extraordinary gowns and genius vision. Right now she is creating a collection on couture gowns that are made with recycled materials like paper, plastic, foam etc. 116 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Mariapia Malerba

Photography by Indi Franco



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Graff Diamonds Iconic Hair & Jewels

$500M of Stunning Jewels Used in Celebration In 1970, world renowned diamantaire Laurence Graff OBE created Hair & Jewel – an ornate coiffure comprising one million dollars of diamonds and precious gems. To mark the success of Graff Diamonds globally and to celebrate Laurence Graff’s 60th anniversary, they have recreated the famous Hair & Jewel in celebration –featuring 22 extremely rare and unique jewels with a value of half a billion dollars. Incorporated into the recreation are a number of record breaking diamonds that have been cut and polished by Graff, namely the Graff Sweethearts; a magnificent pair of earrings featuring 51.53ct and 50.76ct D color Flawless type IIA heart shape diamonds; and a selection of jewelry crafted from the 550ct Letšeng Star, the 14th largest white rough diamond ever discovered.

118 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

It is more than 40 years since the original image of Hair & Jewel was captured. The recreation marks an important milestone in Graff Diamonds’ history and coincides with the opening of its 40th store globally.

The Geisha beauty/fashion concept shoot was inspired out of art and my admiration for Asian culture. As a visual artist I sometimes draw, design and create all sorts of artistic creations. I drew a concept for the big hair avant-garde Geisha and collaborated with a local stylist in Omaha, Nebraska on the shoot. Omar Rodriguez is phenomenal when it comes to control of hair and know exactly how he will structure a hair design. Nothing is too difficult for Omar to style. My part in the process was the idea as well as the actual photographs from the shoot. The model used for the shoot is named Nancy Pham and she is originally from Vietnam; she is neither Chinese nor Japanese. In coordinating the shoot I ordered an actual Japanese kimono all the way from , Holland, Netherlands but it arrived the day after the actual shoot. Luckily I had the red Vietnamese top as a backup to make the shoot happen. There will be a sequel shoot that will be even more dramatic to follow this first one. The creative coordinator for the first shoot was Raechel Dennis and we have been communicating regarding the next concept, which will certainly top the first creative collaboration.

Photographer: Kenal Louis Makeup & Hair Styled By: Omar Rodriguez Studio: O STYLES Creative Coordinator: Raechel Dennis Model: Nancy Pham

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fabulous for Looking

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With each new season comes the familiar urge to shop and stock up on the latest fashion trends. Whether you’re dreaming of the looks heading down the runway or shopping at your local thrift store for fabulous finds, it can be hard to get everything you want without breaking the bank. So, how do you keep up with the latest fashion trends on a budget? The fashion experts at Hanes offer some affordable tips and tricks: Start with the basics - Select a few staple pieces that coordinate well together and can be mixed and matched with other items in your closet. Think black and grey pencil skirts paired with white, grey and black tops. These timeless and traditional basics can be mixed and matched with pants, cardigans, sweaters and accessories in a variety of colors and provide the perfect canvas to build an outfit.

A little legwear can go a long way – For an elegant finish to your look, add stylish legwear from Hanes. Whether you’re looking for a silky sheer nude or a seasonless black tight, Hanes offers a variety of styles that offer a comfortable fit for all body types at an incredibly affordable price, thanks to their exclusive availability at Walmarts across the country. Perfect for year-round wear, Hanes legwear worn with a dress, skirt or even shorts can really elevate your look. Pair them with chic, highheeled boots or pumps to be ultra on-trend this season. If you plan on sporting the chunky, lug-soled shoes or boots appearing on the runways, go for Hanes’ opaque tights which provide heavier coverage.

Classics are always on-trend – Love every look that goes down the catwalk but don’t know where to start? Choose an inexpensive trend or two each season to add a little flair to your existing look and over time your wardrobe will build as the seasons change. This year, everyone is wearing bold, monochromatic colors, like cobalt blue and glamorous gold. Complement these trends with affordable Hanes legwear in contemporary sheers, lace or opaque for a complete look. Find the latest styles for under $6 exclusively at select Walmart locations in your area. Always accessorize – The ultimate accessory worth a little splurge is always the handbag. Filled with your daily must-haves and part of your everyday routines, handbags are one area of your wardrobe that may just be the most splurge-worthy but make sure to invest in something that is designed to last. The latest look in handbags are structured bags with an old Hollywood feel inspired by the looks of the silver screen. Shiny metal chains, clasps and handles are also all the rage but just make sure to select a color that complements your everyday wardrobe. The key to building a great wardrobe is keeping it updated with a few affordable trendsetting pieces each season. But before you go shopping, sort through your clothes to determine what still works and what should be given away to charity or sold at your favorite consignment store. After all, any money earned on things you no longer need can be reinvested in new fashions to keep you looking and feeling your best.

SAINT LAURENT Saint Lauren ‘Leaf Buckle’ moto boot, leather upper, lining, and sole, black, $1,395. In Salon shoes at Nordstrom and

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KELSI DAGGER Kelsi Dagger leather tote with expandable sides to zip open or closed, detachable shoulder strap, black; also in red or taupe, $328. In Handbags at Nordstrom and online at

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LEITH Leith chambray field jacket, cotton, green sedona, $74. Cold-shoulder sweatshirt, cotton, charcoal combo, $54. Side-stripe pants, cotton/ spandex, black-grey phantom, $56. Available in Savvy at Nordstrom and

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INC International Concepts Dress $79.50

Available at select Macy's and at

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Charter Club Cape 99.00 Top 49.00 Pants 64.00

Available at select Macy's and at

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Women's Trista Slingback Espadrille, $85 Women's Pop Leather Chino Belt, $30 Women's Wovern Surplice Back Dress, $90

126 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Women's Enamel Woven Metal Bangle, $35 Women's Enamel Knot Stud Earring, $20 Women's Long Sleeve Fine Guage Supima Crew Cardigan, $50 Women's Wide Nylon/Leather Dress Belt, $45

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PANDORA’s collection of outstanding jewelry features raw, elegant designs inspired by rock style with a hint of vintage and a bit of attitude. PANDORA bracelets give women the freedom to capture the unforgettable moments that make life extraordinary and the new charms of the fall season offer a twist on what has become the hallmark of the PANDORA brand. Two elegant sterling silver bracelets are also new–one is designed to hold one traditional or new decorative clip, the other as many as five. Mix, match and combine the clips and bracelets in any combination, creating pieces that are unique to your personal style. It’s an idea inspired by PANDORA’s popular charm bracelet. Create and combine looks with other new additions to the PANDORA universe, including a line of 14k solid gold earrings, pendants and dangle charms with intricate lace details and diamonds; and large cocktail rings, featuring amethyst or grey moonstone, that are perfect for stacking. Stunning earrings inspired by delicate lace patterns in 14K gold with freshwater pearls and diamonds can be worn on their own, layered or combined with other pieces from the Compose collection. Rings in 14K gold, sterling and black oxidized silver have florally inspired designs with an unpredictable twist that is raw yet feminine. Large cocktail rings in amethyst or grey moonstone are perfect for stacking with this season’s more delicate pieces. New LovePod rings in white, yellow and rose 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds or colorful gemstones work beautifully with other pieces of PANDORA jewelry and interlock when stacked together. The spirit of nostalgic rock infuses the collection, especially our new sterling silver decorative clips in raw, sculptural shapes. The other standouts include a starshaped pendant and charm in black oxidized silver, an alluring finish that runs through the collection.

Beach Day The at

D'Ora Tokai is an innovative couture house founded in Monte-Carlo, the heart of Monaco. Using the latest technology we deliver tailored pieces to those who value intelligent luxury.

This season’s Heritage pieces use a mix of pastel colors on leather and silk, with a focus on the Royal family’s close bond with the sea and love for elegant events. Whereas, the Drivers’ collection is made of fine leather and cottons poplin, using dynamic shapes, deep reds and greens inspired by dream cars of yesteryear.

The founder & creative director Dora Tokai couples her background in architecture, engineering and business, with her love for arts & design. Under Dora's passionate direction sketches are taken Designer, Dora Tokai gives in-sight: “The Principality has a rich cultural heritage from paper and turned into exquisite designs. D'Ora Tokai's pieces capture the which is not as well known as the yachts and F1 race cars. I’ve made it my peressence of the Monegasque heritage and the Principality's passion for driving. sonal mission to bring Monaco style to With skill and traditional knowhow, Eurothe world.” pean craftsmen turn fine leathers, tender wools, flawless pearls and precious gemstones into timelessly beautiful garments and accessories. 130 FOCUS of SWFL 2013


Lying on a beach of the Riviera, she stares out to the sea. The wind caresses her skin, her hair, her dress. The waves sway easily before her. As she stands up to leave, she sees her shape in the sand disappearing slowly. Some bright fragments remain on the sand.


D’Ora Tokai Monaco Photographer: Shutter ART, Model: Patricia Designs: Flüidü dress, Vaga boots, Mundu weekender

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 131

Racing through life requires attention, patience and wit. Elegance, grace and style are virtues. The Orchidée dress highlights these attributes of a woman. It has the bold and delicate quality like an orchid, makes her bloom into a ravishing lady.

D’Ora Tokai Monaco Photographer: Shutter ART, Models: Dasha & Patricia Designs: Orchidée dress & hat, Tülipan dress & cap, Mille Perle heels, Vaga boots 132 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

“Curvy, wavy and precious: pearls of the Mediterranean sea.”

D’Ora Tokai Monaco Photographer: Shutter ART, Models: Patricia & Dasha Designs: Vaga suit, fascinator & boots, Stissa suit & hat

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 133

“A sunny day in the principality. Sand and white pearls surround the lady in corset.”

D’Ora Tokai Monaco Photographer: Shutter ART, Models: Giles & Dasha Designs: Sabia shirt, shorts, shoes & corset 134 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 135

D’Ora Tokai Monaco Photographer: Shutter ART, Models: Dasha & Patricia Designs: Alegria coat, dress & touch screen gloves, OrchidÊe hat

136 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

“Red for passion. Red for excitement. Red celebrating a vibrant quality, like the blood running or racing through our veins, at full speed, keeping us alive. Isn’t life a race in itself? The Alegria dress is for a fierce and confident woman.”

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 137

© Bryon McCartney

rt & Fashion Collide for the 3rd Annual “Art Walks the Runway: Weekend of Fashion” taking place in downtown Fort Myers at the beautiful and historic Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Friday and Saturday, December 13 and 14, 2013. The weekend will include two tasteful evenings of fashion. Proceeds will benefit the restoration of the upper floors of this historic architectural gem.

Keeping it Local

The Friday night December 13th, Art Walks The Runway Fashion Show will feature this season’s local fashions from some of the downtown River District boutiques... and a special performance Art Runway Show by artist Lily Hatchett. Model hairstyles for Friday evening will be by Blue Dahlia Salon. Last year Mrs. Hatchett wowed the audience with her incredible visual art performance piece “Paper Grotto.” “It was an interesting and unique way to reveal her fashion” says organizer, Melissa Tschari DeHaven. “Visually stimulating groovy images were projected onto the wall, interesting music played, beautiful models and dancers exotically danced their way down the runway wrapped in paper, they danced breaking through the paper and then Hatchett’s fashions were revealed. It was a beautiful combination of art meeting fashion. It’s also 138 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

always great to see the new trends of the season that will be showcased by the local boutiques.”

Haute Couture Fashion

Saturday night December 14th, Haute Couture and Art collide, stimulating all of the senses. This year’s “Art Walks the Runway” will feature Helen Gerro’s Art Couture and Day Glow Collections, Mariapia Malerba’s Recycled Fashion Collection, Paoni Designs Evolution of Fashion Performance and Fashion Show, along with special art performance pieces by John Dedo Cristina Art to Wear, and Babs Couture Accessories and Handbags partnering with the Dance Alliance. Art will walk the runway not only as fashion but body art as well! “Elements of Body Art “ Adriana Gomez who participated last year, and added so much to the overall show, has partnered up with artistic genius Jeff Simon of and will be creating some amazing works of Body Art. Their art lives and breathes…literally. It is an amazing visual to those who experience it. It is exciting to see unique imaginative works of art using the human form as a canvas and it is the perfect ingredient to Art Walking the Runway.

©© Nyla D.D. Photography Nyla Photography

©© Nyla D.D. Photography Nyla Photography

Helen Gerro helped launch Art Helen Gerro helped launch Art walks The Runway and was there walks The Runway and was there from the start. Helen’s statement from the start. Helen’s statement making bold range of designer making bold range of designer women’s wear and hand-painted women’s wear and hand-painted dresses are a unique example of dresses are a unique example of “art couture.” “We are honored “art couture.” “We are honored that she will be here again for that she will be here again for the 3rd Annual Fashion Show” the 3rd Annual Fashion Show” says DeHaven.”It’s truly beautisays DeHaven.”It’s truly beautiful to see her designs grace the runway, and showcase her ful to see her designs grace the runway, and showcase her art-inspired fashion. Her special finale Haute art couture art-inspired fashion. Her special finale Haute art couture Gerro Glow collection is a popular favorite and one not to Gerro Glow collection is a popular favorite and one not to be missed.” be missed.”

©© Robert Hayman Robert Hayman

Italian artist and Italian artist and fashion designer fashion designer Mariapia Malerba Mariapia Malerba has created a unique has created a unique collection of couture collection of couture creative fashions that creative fashions that are made with reare made with recycled materials like cycled materials like paper, plastic, foam, paper, plastic, foam, and more. Her unique and more. Her unique and artful masterpiecand artful masterpieces are so beautiful, one es are so beautiful, one would never believe would never believe what materials they what materials they are made from. After are made from. After 20 years of experience in fashion design, Mrs. Malerba 20 years of experience in fashion design, Mrs. Malerba decided she wanted to do something unique and out of decided she wanted to do something unique and out of the ordinary creating her incredible Couture Recycled the ordinary creating her incredible Couture Recycled Fashion Designs. Fashion Designs. ©© Nyla D.D. Photography Nyla Photography

©© Mila Bridger Mila Bridger

Saturday night’s show Saturday night’s show will open up with Artists will open up with Artists Cesar Aguilera & Danielle Cesar Aguilera & Danielle Branchaud with Paioni DeBranchaud with Paioni Designs: Their runway show signs: Their runway show segment will showcase segment will showcase the evolution of fashion, the evolution of fashion, as well as that of mankind as well as that of mankind and its relationship to the and its relationship to the environment. This theme environment. This theme will be folded into the will be folded into the performance as well, and performance as well, and will capture the attention will capture the attention and imagination of every and imagination of every audience member. audience member.

Along with couture style fashion, Along with couture style fashion, Couture Style Hair is a must have! Couture Style Hair is a must have! Saturday’s couture hairstyles will be Saturday’s couture hairstyles will be created by Red Salon & Spa. created by Red Salon & Spa.

TH TH December 13 13TH & 14 14TH 2013 December & ,, 2013

Both Friday Friday and and Saturday Saturday night night Both shows will will be be spectacular spectacular so so be be sure sure to to shows join the the designers, designers, stylists, stylists, and and models models join for the the VIP VIP Glow Glow after after party party following following for Saturday’s runway runway show. show. For For Fashion Fashion Saturday’s Show tickets tickets or or more more information information visit: visit: Show 2301 First First Street Street Fort Fort Myers, Myers, FL FL 33901 33901 2301 or or call call 239-333-1933 239-333-1933

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er n g e i Des rofil P

Anna Dudzinska

Anna Dudzinska, the fashion mastermind behind Dud-zin-ska, was trained in Poland where she has made a name of her architectural pieces of intricate and sharp designs inspired by her avant guarde approach to knitwear design. The DISTILLATION collection refers to Diane Tuft’s photographs documenting the fragility and the extraordinary ever-changing environment, showing structures and forms which cannot be seen through naked eye. These transitory moments are caught once giving no chance for repetition and prove that nature is not constant. In her works we’ll find a fascination of enormous glaciers, which Diane has photographed for several years. This constantly moving body of dense ice conceals plenty of colors and forms – from transparent water drops shining in the sun to the massive blocks of ice. The collection relates to these forms by combining see-through fabrics with fleshy, hand knitted sweaters with irregular structures. Photography: Michał Andrysiak Model: Alexa/ AMQ MUA: Anna Stykała Hair: Robert Bigus

140 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

By Susana Sueldo

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 141

Defining Moment

By Sandra Yeyati

Cradle Command 60" w x 30" h - Mixed-media oil painting 2012 © Renée Rey, artist

Last year, Renée Rey reached a turning point in her artistic career when she completed Cradle Command, a piece she affectionately calls “the blue painting.” It took her 14 days to complete, but she has been preparing for it all of her life.

Rey sees the figure pulling the strings as the spiritual leader. “She’s young, but there’s a maturity there. She’s looking right at you saying, ‘I know the answer. Do you?’ She may not know all the answers, but she’s connected to what’s out there,” Rey says.

Moved by the 2011 tsunami in Japan, Rey’s birthplace, she studied photographs of the devastation and was inspired to depict the children caught in the ruins. Four of them are featured prominently in the painting. “They are huddled together so they have each other, but at the same time there’s a disconnect,” she says.

From a very early age, Rey was fascinated by her Jewish heritage. Her favorite bedtime story was the story of Moses. “I connected with the concept of the hero. He saved people, and I always thought I was going to change the world,” she says. The story taught Rey another lesson: “Jews were enslaved for 400 years, and they were able to get out. The underdog wins,” she says. Rey’s passion for her heritage propelled her to obtain a master’s degree in Jewish education.

The figures are separated from the buildings on the other side of the canvas, which is certainly what happened to many victims of the tsunami who lost their homes and everything they owned. Rey suggests that the separation also can be viewed from a more universal perspective. “It could be personal disconnect from yourself or other people, or from where you live or your culture. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable. Women in certain cultures feel out of place,” she says. The buildings may represent home or society—the establishment. Rey likes to play with perceptions so that the viewer is unsure where things begin and where they end. She blurs edges, accentuating the space and distance between things. In Cradle Command, two hands are holding strings, but the hands seem disengaged from the person’s body and the strings fade away before they actually attach to anything. 142 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Cradle Command portrays a struggle, but it also suggests that we must stick together and protect everybody, especially the innocent. “It has to do with a belief in Jewish tradition that at any given time there are 36 righteous people on Earth, but you don’t know who they are, so you have to defend and protect everyone,” Rey explains. The soldiers in the painting are defending the children. But in a surreal twist, they are toy soldiers. Although the kids are dealing with devastation and separation, they also are playing with toys. “Why do we give children army people to play with anyway? What is that teaching them?” Rey asks, enjoying the fact that the painting offers so much to discuss.

Drawing from another aspect of her past—an interior design degree from Parsons New School for Design, in New York City, where she ran a design business in the 1990s—the string and the lines extending out from the buildings in Cradle Command are suggestive of the grid lines of a floor plan. “I love the geometry of interior design and often incorporate it in my paintings,” Rey says.

Creating lines of a different type, the people in the painting appear under a barrage of dripping paint, which seems appropriate within the context of a wet, chaotic tsunami. But from the artist’s perspective, it also represents freedom—the permission she gives herself to let accidents happen. “It’s letting the paint do what it wants to do,” Rey says. Is Cradle Command a dark painting? On one hand, it depicts devastation and struggle. But its message and the artist’s intention are positive. “Sometimes you have to go through the bad to know that you’re connected to people. Look at 9/11 and how it brought everybody together in this country. When things go bad we can rally,” Rey says. Faced with adversity, we must cling to each other and protect everyone. As Rey puts it, “I can be better, you can be better and we can be better together. It’s that higher purpose. It may be messy and dark to get there, but that’s part of it. And people are going through it at different times; you help bring someone up, and when you’re down, someone will pull you back up.” Bringing together elements and techniques from past work, her Jewish studies, interior design and her childhood, Rey creates a meaningful work of art with a healing message. Never before has one of her paintings felt so personal and yet so universal. It goes a long way toward her principal goal: making a difference in the world through her art. Sandra Yeyati is a writer and photographer in Naples, Florida. Reach her at

2013 ©Renée Rey, Artist - Reverse the Rules

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punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 145



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

National Museum Exhibition

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers Florida is excited to announce the international exhibition Punctum Contra Punctum II, American Edition, at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center. The show will open December 11th, 2013 and will run through December 30th, 2013. This international exhibition project, which originated at The Georgian National Museum’ National Gallery in Tbilisi, Georgia, first took place September 2013 and was curated by the American curator Richard L. Tooke, MFA., a retired director at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York. This is the first time an exhibition and cultural exchange of this magnitude originating at a national museum will be seen in Southwest Florida. The project’s mission is to reveal the main focus of global culture. Culture has a unique identity, which is determined by its traditions. At the same time, culture expresses the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classify and represent their experiences, and act creatively. It makes one nation’s artistic language understandable for the others. Globalization provides the opportunity for all national cultures to become equal participants of a universal system of values. PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II’s goal is to harmonize cultural diversity by use of technology and esthetics. The world where the modern artist exists and creates is very contradictive. The emotions and reactions of the artists confront the conditions of today’s political and socio-cultural environment. The project PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II is a means of bringing together these contradictive ideas, which American, Georgian, European, Asian and Latin American artists offer to the public, using different media technologies (painting, photography, digital art, multimedia and music).

Twenty-two artists from different parts of the world were selected: Grimanesa Amoros (Peru), Alex Berdysheff (Georgia), Nicholas Berdysheff (Georgia), Patricia Frida (Austria), Antonio Guerrero (Cuba), Marco Nicolas Heinzen (Switzerland), Hollis Jeffcoat (USA), Edouard Mortec (France), Evelin Juen (Austria), Stephen Knapp (USA), Maria Fernanda Lairet (Venezuela), Rainer Lagemann (Germany), Michael Vincent Manalo (Philippines), Emilio Merlina (Italy), Andreas Oetker-Kast (Germany), Gega Paksashvili (Georgia), Maka Razmadze (Georgia), Michael St. Amand (USA), Steven Tobin (USA), Guram Tsibakhashvili, (Georgia), Nino Jvania (Georgia), and Kat Epple (USA). To underline the cultural exchange as the main focus of the project, a wide program of activities encompassing artists’ lectures, workshops, studio visits, concerts and more will accompany the exhibition. All of these events will be open to the public. Opening Night Festivities Include a Short Concert By Nino Jvania (Georgia) & Kat Epple (USA) Light Installation Artist Jim Takas displays His awesome outdoor installation during the opening. The events starts @ 7:PM Punctum Contra Punctum II, American Edition, is organized by the Sidney & Berne Davis Arts Center, with support by the City of Fort Myers, the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and the US Embassy in Georgia. The project director is the American painter and Fort Myers resident Michael St. Amand, the project curator is Richard L. Tooke, formerly Museum of Modern Art, New York.

bt:st verlag

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punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

Point Point Against

Harmonically Interdependent

By Jade Dellinger


Following our "Things Not Seen Before: A Tribute to John Cage" installation at the Tampa Museum of Art and the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College (where you performed with Sonic Combine and I have very recently assumed my new post as Director), we travelled the exhibition to the National Gallery of Art-Tbilisi. A highlight of my first trip to Georgia (former Soviet Union) last May was having the great pleasure of co-lecturing on John Cage with the much-celebrated pianist and musicologist Dr. Nino Jvania and witnessing her charismatic presentation of the composer's (still often misunderstood) 4'33" - Cage's so-called "silent" piece. Kat, how did you first learn about her work, and what attracted you to the idea of performing with Nino?


I heard about musician Nino Jvania from visual artist and "Punctum Contra Punctum II" director, Michael St Amand, who met Nino, and attended her concert when he was in Tbilisi. After hearing about her music, I looked for Nino on the internet, found her on YouTube, and immediately became a fan. She is an accomplished pianist, and I also appreciate the contemporary compositions which she performs in concert.

Jade DELLINGER: Nino, when first we met to discuss John Cage on your popular Radio MUZA broadcast/program in Tbilisi you proudly shared a bootleg copy with me of Kat Epple's "Strategic Structures" CD (a collaboration with her dear late friend Robert Rauschenberg, the sculptor Lawrence Voytek and her longtime collaborator Bob Stohl). It is a story that Kat really loved hearing upon my return, but what drew you to her and how did you first learn about her work? Nino JVANIA:

Well, it was also Michael St. Amand who brought the CD to radio MUZA, when I invited him to participate in the same radio show you were interviewed for a year later. I was absolutely fascinated by the music, by the amazing concept of the piece and of course, by the performers themselves. Kat was one of them. Like Kat, I used the web to get more information about her, and listened to some of her recordings. Can you imagine how glad I was to hear that I would have the opportunity to perform with her? It is quite an extraordinary project. I am primarily a performer of academic music… Kat is a composer and improviser, playing original music in an amazing variety of musical styles – World Music, Jazz, Electronic Space Music, etc. But I play mostly contemporary art music. And, as you know, contemporary “serious” music (I hate that definition, but still, it exists…) has already crossed those “academic” borders and is embracing the most important achievements of other musical directions… So, I am sure, Kat and I, we will both show, how universal and globalized the music world is today…


Kat, to date your exchanges with Dr. Jvania have been limited by the geography (and 20-plus hours of flights) that have divided you.

148 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

What can we expect when you are united "in-person" to perform at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center? How has the process differed (if at all) from previous collaborations, and will this be reflected in the live performances you two are planning?


It will be a pleasure to meet Nino in person, and to collaborate with her musically. Because we just recently met via phone a few days ago, we have not yet created a plan for what we will play together. As Nino suggests, part of the fun will be finding our musical common ground, our different esthetic perspectives, and bringing all of that to the table. My previous collaborations have included a wide variety of musicians, for example, a Heavy Metal Band, artist Robert Rauschenberg, Mayans, dolphins, birds, and a Tuvan throat singer. I always enjoy learning about the collaborator's unique artistic perspective, and creating a way to add my music to create something new together. I think working with Jvania will be fun and inspiring.

JD: Although you have travelled extensively and both have performed around the world, Nino has yet to come to Florida and, Kat, you have yet to get to Georgia. So, you can imagine my surprise to be presented with a scarce bootleg of your "Strategic Structures" CD by Nino Jvania when I joined her to record an interview at Radio MUZA in Tbilisi. Is it true that you have discovered bootlegged copies of your work in other unexpected places, and how did you feel in learning of your popularity and radio-play in a country you have yet to visit? Kat EPPLE:

I always appreciate when I arrive somewhere to find that my music has preceded me there. I was in Russia for a concert tour many years ago, and noticed a "New Age Fair" near the concert venue. As I walked into the fair, I saw vendors selling typical items like crystals, Tarot Cards, candles, and music. I stopped at the musicseller's booth, and noticed that they were selling one of my early albums titled "Traces of Time" by Emerald Web, on cassette. Instead of a full-color album cover, it included a black and white photocopy of the cover, and a hand written label. With a combination of broken Russian, sign language, and English, I explained to the music vendors that this album was my music. When they eventually understood what I was trying to say, they began "gushing" about how much they loved my music, and that their customers bought a lot of that album. I asked to see what they used to duplicate the tapes from, and they showed me another bootleg cassette. I decided to give them a CD of that album so that they could produce a better quality bootleg product in the future……… least my music would sound closer to what I wanted people to hear.

That album you mentioned that you found in Tbilisi, "Strategic Structures", is a musical collaboration with visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg, musician Bob Stohl, and me. We performed on musical metal sculptures that were co-designed with artist Lawrence Voytek. I am very happy to hear that Radio MUZA has it on their playlist!


The title of the exhibition that unites you is "Punctum Contra Punctum II" and the forthcoming performance in Ft. Myers, Florida follows a visual art exhibition first presented in your home - the (former Soviet) Republic of Georgia. Nino, how did you get involved in the project, and what interests you most about working with Kat now?


It was Michael’s idea… After I interviewed him, we became friends…So, next time he visited Georgia, to organize his own exhibition in Tbilisi, I invited Michael to my concert. He was already working on the idea of "Punctum Contra Punctum II", together with Richard Tooke, whom I also interviewed on Radio MUZA. So, after the concert Michael called me and said, it would be great to hear Kat and me together on stage, in the framework of the visual arts festival in Florida. I hope I will not disappoint him… I have to thank him and Richard for the opportunity they gave to me – the opportunity to present the music culture of my home country at such a prominent event.

Photo Credits: Lee Horton, Adam Tardif, Ed Chappell


I think of "punctum" as Roland Barthes defines it in his book, Camera Lucida (1980), but it clearly has musical connotations as well. As an anatomical term, "punctum" is a point or sharp tip... However, I understand that it is also associated with the "neume" or basic element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation (prior to the invention of more standard five-line staff notation). Did you discuss the show title "Punctum Contra Punctum II" with Kat to determine what to play?


It does have quite a lot to do with music. The term counterpoint originates from the Latin punctus contra punctum, which, as you perfectly know, means point against point. Counterpoint in music is the relationship between voices that are harmonically interdependent, but independent in rhythm and contour. This definition perfectly describes our show, in a metaphorical way, of course… So, we did not even have to discuss this issue… I have already told you, we are quite different artists (independent in a rhythm and contour)…But we will certainly create the counterpoint on the stage, interacting with each other!

Kat Epple

Ms. Epple is a captivating concert performer worldwide, playing high-tech synthesizers, primitive flutes, EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument), and jazz flute. Some of her concert venues have included: The United Nations, National Gallery, London's Union Chapel, Guggenheim Museums, Hollywood Palace, and The Museum of Modern Art, as a solo artist, with Symphony Orchestra, The Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Heavy Metal, New Age, and Electronic bands. For twenty years, legendary visual artist, Robert Rauschenberg commissioned her to perform for his art openings internationally. Kat Epple is a founding member of the vintage electronic music ensemble, "Emerald Web". She also travels the globe, collecting indigenous flutes from various cultures, and often incorporates their unique sounds in her original compositions. Ms. Epple has released 28 albums internationally, in music styles including New Age, Electronic, Contemporary, Jazz, and World Music. Kat Epple has created a huge variety of music for film, including diverse subjects from dinosaurs to outer space; from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to "WWE Smackdown", and everything in between. Her current project is composing music for a film for The Hong Kong Science Museum's dinosaur exhibit projected onto their 60-foot wide movie screen. For many years, she worked with Astronomer Carl Sagan on his documentary films about space travel. Other film music credits include: National Geographic, Nova, CNN, The Travel Channel, History Channel, The Guiding Light, PBS, Apple Computers, and NASA.


I realize your performance together is titled "Border Crossings" (perhaps for obvious reasons), but how did you interpret the larger theme? Did you think much about the visual art presented in the exhibition? I understand that Nino will perform some seminal Georgian works and pieces she mastered directly under the guidance of Karlheinz Stockhausen in Germany, but precisely what influenced or informed the musical selections you are planning to perform?


"Punctum Contra Punctum II" presents contemporary Georgian visual art in the context of international cultures… That’s how I understand the concept of the festival. So, I have decided to present several contemporary Georgian piano pieces, juxtaposing them with piano pieces by one of the significant representatives of contemporary music – German composer K. Stockhausen. Of course, in order to literally follow the concept, I should have included into the program composers of other nationalities too… But I have tried to build rather a homogenous program… These are the pieces that just sound good together. They “build” a perfect punctum. The concert itself will be quite diverse, as Kat is going to continue the program with her own punctum… And then we will unite ourselves, improvising together… So, it will be punctum contra punctum on different levels. I hope the public will like our interpretation of a larger theme.

Jade Dellinger is Director of the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College.

Nino Jvania

Pianist, musicologist, Doctor of Sciences. After the successful graduation from V. Saradjishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire in 2000 Nino Jvania went to Germany to study at the R. Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf. She used the opportunity of studying in Europe to get acquainted with some new interesting expressions of musical thinking. Her particular interest in contemporary music led her to the prizewinning performance at the Orléan International Piano Competition of 20th Century-Music, followed by the participation in international festivals, courses and symposia, dedicated to contemporary professional music. During her studies in Germany she was the grant holder of the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung, the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the International Ensemble Modern Academy. The interest in modern music determined also her scientific work. Upon returning to Georgia, she took the Doctor’s Degree. Her doctoral dissertation observes the piano work by K. Stockhausen and some issues on interpretation of New Music. The author of several scholarly works and a monograph on Contemporary Piano Music, she works as an Associate Professor at the Special Piano Faculty of V. Saradjishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory. In 2011 she joined the staff of classical music radio station “Muza” as a programme manager, but left the position in 2013 to participate in an exchange program, enabling her to spend a year at the Department of Music at NYU as a Visiting Scholar.

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punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

Richard L. Tooke


the opening gallery to the next gallery you enter a large brightly lit gallery with many disciplines (sculpture, digital art, photographs, and paintings) on display here. Bright colors and images that make you look from one artist’s work to another and back again. The works of art here represent: Georgia (Maka Razmadze), Germany (Rainer Lagemann & Andreas Oetker-Kast), Cuba (Antonio Guerrero), France (Edouard Mortec), Austria (Patricia Frida), and The Philippines (Michael Vincent Manalo). The last gallery has two artists, Maria Fernanda Lairet (Venezuela) and Marco Nicolos Heinzen (Switzerland) with multiple images that fill entire walls, and two artists Alex Berdyheff (Georgia) & Evelin Juen (Austria) whose images bring to mind the Surrealists and offer a contrast.

Having selected the artists and the works of art to be exhibited, I came prepared with floor plans and had a clear idea of where each work of art was to be positioned. Even though I was fully prepared to install the exhibition, knowing that the reality of seeing the works of art placed in the specific gallery that I had chosen would need some fine tuning. I arrived five days early to assemble the works of art in the galleries. As the artists arrived and the works of art were uncrated and put in place, it became clear from the beginning that this cultural exchange idea would work perfectly. Here we had twenty artists from thirteen different nations, with our own cultures and languages working closely together with the same goal. When small and large problems arose they were discussed. Various alternatives were suggested. Within a minimum amount of time the solution was clear. We acted accordingly. The problem was solved and we moved on. When the opening reception occurred on Sunday, 1 September 2013 my concept had been realized but it could not have been so without the assistance of the National Museum’s staff and the participating artists.

We are now in the process of replicating the Georgian exhibition: PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II, in a different location: The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Fort Myers, Florida, USA. I know that my plan and vision will only happen with the same kind of comradely, mutual respect and by working together in the same way that occurred in Tbilisi, Georgia. And it will be the same in the USA too. You are invited to experience this visual dialogue between diverse cultures.

To exemplify the cultural exchange and one to people connection, the opening gallery exhibited works of art by two Georgian artists: Nicholas Berdysheff and Gega Paksashvili; two American artists: Steve Tobin and Michael St. Amand; plus an Italian: Emilio Merlina. Moving to the right into a large dimly lit gallery with works of art that dealt with water and light. American artist Hollis Jeffcoat’s paintings inspired by the Gulf Coast of Florida; Georgian artist Guram Tsibakhashvili’s WATER MEMORY digital prints: American Stephen Knapp’s: Lightpainting: NO BOUNDARIES and the video art of Grimanesa Amoros: MIRANDA, photographed on the coast of her native Peru. This was a quite contemplative gallery with lots of space. Going back through 150 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Photo Credit: Nicholas Berdysheff

When I was asked to be the curator for the 2013 edition of PUNCTUM CONTRA PUNCTUM II I was given a set of guidelines to continue the goals and mission to focus on the cultural exchange and one-one-one connections through the visual arts on an international scope. It was an exciting challenge that I willingly accepted. Working for a year to gather twenty world class artists to interact on this scale seemed daunting, but by working with a group of Georgian artists, plus artists from Germany and the United States we put together an exemplary group of participants. There were to be five Georgian and five from the United States. The others were to be from other nations. We all gathered together in Tbilisi in August 2013 at the Georgian National Museum’s National Gallery to make this exhibition a reality.

Maria Fernanda Lairet



Born in Caracas, Venezuela. She did drawing studies in Newman Design Foundation 1982-­1984. After, she graduates of Graphic Design Studies Caracas Institute of Design 1984-­1987. During her career, she has studied graphic design, drawing, photography, painting, and other art disciplines that she combines in her recent works, a result of mixed techniques and new technology. She has participated recently in several international and national art fairs: Museum of Heng Lu in Hangzhou 2011, Shanghai -­China; Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, Venezuela 2011; ETNIA 2010-­2011, 2012 Belgica, Luxembourg, and Holland); MIA Art Fair 2011, Miami Beach; Shanghai Art Fair 2011-­2012; PINTA London Art Fair 2011-2012; PINTA New York Fair 2011; Base Paint Auction 2011, Miami; Iberoamerican Art Fair FIART 2011, Dominican Republic; Iberoamerican Art Fair FIA 2010-­2011-­2012-2013 Venezuela, Bienal del Sur in Panamá 2013, Collective at the Museum of Naples – USA 2013, Collective Little Treasure in the Gallery Marchi in Boloña – Italy 2013, Collective ,Georgian National Museum/National Gallery 2013 and others. The most important and latest exhibitions where she had participated are: International Biennale Artists Exhibition Miami, Florida, USA 2012 -­2013; Installation of art in 200 mts of the second floor of the Exterior Bank, headquarter in Caracas 2012-2013; OPEN GALLERY EDITIONS 2, 3 & 4 Milagros Bello, Ph.D. Director/Chief Curator Curator’s Voice Art Projects Contemporary Art Gallery Wynwood Art District,

Miami, USA 2012; 35 & 37 Salón Nacional Arte Aragua, Maracay, Venezuela(2010 -­2012-­2013; BASE PAINT, Auction in profit of the school L’Athletique D’Haiti, Miami, USA(2011);Museum of Contemporary Art,group show of "Waves of history, legends and purposes", Caracas, Venezuela 2011; Art Shanghai 2011-­2012, Solo show, China; Group Show in Heng Lu Art Museum de Hangzhou 2011; Latin American Art Museum of Amersfoort, Utrecht 2011 . "Reliefs and Sculptures" in Art Nouveau Gallery, Miami, USA 2011; Solo show “Global Narratives” in Estudio Arte 8 Gallery 2010; “Identities“ Espacio MAD Caracas 2010; Venezuela 2010; "Reliefs and Sculptures" in Art Nouveau Gallery, Maracaibo, Venezuela; The Art to the Rescue in the Artists Foundation Animal Protectors, BOD Corp Banca Bank, PH,Caracas, Venezuela 2012; 66 Bienal Salón Arturo Michelena, Valencia, Venezuela 2012; V, VI, VII Fundana Auction 2009-­2012; I Commerce and Art Event: COMARTE 2012. Baruta Municipality, Caracas, Venezuela 2012. She is represented by many galleries: Milagros Bello, Ph.D. Director/Chief Curator Curator’s Voice Art Projects Contemporary Art Gallery Wynwood Art District 2012; Art Nouveau Gallery. Miami 2010-­2011-­2013; Bandi Trazos Gallery, Korea 2011-­2012-­2013: Galería Estudio Arte 8, Caracas-­Venezuela 2009-­2010-­2011-­2012; Galería Parenthesis, Caracas-­ Venezuela 2010-­2011-­2012; Espacio MAD, Caracas-­Venezuela 2011; Art Nouveau, Maracaibo-­Venezuela 2010-­2011.

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punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

152 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Michael St. Amand

United States of America

St. Amand (Born 1958) uses a multi-disciplined approach to his art making – painting, printmaking, digital art, video, sculpture, installations, and mixed media constructs. The artist’s work cannot be classified within a particular generation of art movements. St. Amand’s style is a combination of Avant-Garde, Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, and Color-Field Painting. The artist focuses on the basic elements of an artwork – color, shape, and composition and chooses materials to psychologically evoke certain kinds of feelings. St. Amand’s paintings affect the space in which they hang. His use of multi-layered raw, vibrant color and fluorescent pigments put the viewer on the spot. His paintings vibrate with energy and light causing the art to interact with the audience. The artwork reflects glaring bursts of color back at the viewer, necessitating a multi-angled tour of the canvas in order to form a complete image of it. Because of the way light reacts to the fluorescent pigments, as ones physical relationship to them changes so does the artwork.

Repicant 2012

There is nothing “quick” about St. Amand's work. His art needs time to be ingested, digested, and contemplated. Messages are coming from all sides -- political, social, cultural, sexual, and aesthetical. St. Amand juxtaposes the sacred with the profane and leaves the viewers to determine where on the continuum their perceptions lie. “All the objects are just objects. As with all art, it is what the viewer brings to it,” St. Amand says of his work. “It is the viewer’s own – very personal – reactionary emotion or self-analysis. Whether it is disdain or shock, passion or compassion, every person will create his or her own truth attached to the work.” This is at the heart of St. Amand’s work. As art, his pieces are unique and visually engaging. As social commentary, they are thought evoking and provoking. His work inspires conversation and insight into three worlds: the artist’s, the one in which we all share, and the very personal one within each individual. Michael St. Amand, with the endorsement of the United States Embassy and The Georgian Ministry of Culture, had two solo exhibitions: Myths and Mayhem exhibited at the Tbilisi History Museum and the Signagi Museum in the Republic of Georgia in 2013. In addition he has earned numerous awards for his work. The artist has been listed in Art in America Magazine’s Who’s Who in American Art. He has exhibited his art nationally and internationally, including Paris, Bordeaux, New York City, The Republic of Georgia, Germany, Dallas, New Zealand, Washington, D.C., and throughout Florida. His work can be found in many corporate and private collections. Photo Credit: Michael St. Amand by Nicholas Berdysheff

Tipping Point 2013

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 153



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T


The Republic of Georgia

There were several steps or periods in my artistic career. They depended on skills I developed, my vision in particular life period and the possibilities that existed. I began to work in three-dimensional collages using found objects. It allowed me to take an object and change its qualities the way I wanted. It was also an exploration of color, texture and the substance of painting. Finished with that, I started working on paper, experimenting with collage, water-based colors and any materials I could find. At the same time I started using natural rust in my work, droping some iron into water for few days or weeks to develop this pigment. I still use this method. As so often happens, the decision to stretch canvas and start painting in oils was a spontaneous one. Now I prefer this medium. My palette became more varied, it’s always fascinating to discover a new color. It was interesting to push myself to use digital art and photography too. I have no idea where I get ideas for my pictures. Maybe, it is the ability to enter a state of mind where images and concepts appear and transform themselves. I won’t reject a sudden idea, even if it is markedly different from my usual style, after all, who knows where this door may lead? Many of my best works are the direct result of mistakes, and each mistake makes a painting unique and closer to real life. Influence? From Prehistoric cave art to Russian Avantgarde and Surrealism. My artwork, oil painting, digital art and photography is a combination of figurative, often distorted objects with pure abstract forms and textural components. They coexist beyond any physical or logical limits, revealing the invisible tension and eternal struggle between or inside all forms of matter and giving rise to doubt in the reality of the visible. Chaos and deformation on the one hand and sharp lines and precisely rendered details on the other remain my basic aesthetic concepts, no matter I get representative or abstract results.


Choice Point Photo Credit: Nicholas Berdysheff

154 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Photo Credit : Andreas Oetker-Kast_by_Angelika Oetker-Kast


Andreas Oetker-Kast


Coney Island - Brooklyn, NY

Andreas Oetker-Kast (*1964) is a freelance photographer based in Kiel, Germany. Following his studies in sociology he pursued a career in international public relations, for six years in Germany followed by two years in the United States. Upon his return to Germany in 2003 he turned to professional photography, specializing in documentary style and music photography. He was participating in seminars at the Ostkreuz School of Photography, Berlin from 2006-2009, first under the guidance of Michael Trippel (2006) followed by Werner Mahler (May 2007-2009). Since 2006 his work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Germany and internationally, was published in books and catalogs and selected works can be found in private and institutional collections. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 155



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

frozen memories

Nicholas Berdysheff

The Republic of Georgia

Since an early age my life has been focused around art and the drive to create it. In my work, I combine my passion for photography and the skills of digital imaging techniques, in order to create a world that appears habitual, yet obviously an interpretation of the physical reality that encircles us. I begin with a concept in mind, yet I may not know exactly how the artworks will correspond with one another at the end. Because I like a high level of detail, I work very slowly, usually taking several weeks per piece. I want the pieces I create to echo and resonate with the viewer. Many of my works are inspired by a fabulous range of textures and colors. Working with digital media allows for exploring many alternate paths for one artwork. In photography I don't want to limit myself to one particular theme. I take pictures of various genres - urban, portraits, nature, etc. Basically I do digital art and Motion Graphics. However, I enjoy photography because I like capturing things that interest me both from artistic and documentary sides. It’s my choice of media to reflect the outer world.

Photo by: Nino Keshelava


156 FOCUS of SWFL 2013


United States of America

Rebis VI

Hollis Jeffcoat studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the New York Studio School with some of the great painter/teachers of our time, and apprenticed with Joan Mitchell in France for three years. She has lived, worked and taught in France, Canada, New York and had her own painting school in Naples, Florida. She now lives and works on Sanibel Island, Florida.

Mr. Yellowtail's Journey

Painting for me is not about illustrating an idea, but rather finding the essence through experimentation even if it means losing a painting altogether, better that than leaving something partially realized. I’m willing to go back – scraping, washing down, to re-see it. It’s this process that led me to understand that my work is about finding the light. I know what I’m looking for when I start a painting, but as the process goes along I lose control of it – there is no solid footing. I want to take the viewer with me on this journey. At the end of a painting or when I feel there’s nothing more to change, it’s as though all the emotion that was in me is now in the painting – I’ve been relieved of it.

Grande Meduse I

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 157



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

Michael Vincent Manalo

The Philippines

Michael Vincent Manalo is a photographer and a photo-manipulator. His work is inspired by the imagined memories of nostalgic and dream-like environments; his works documents their decline into post-apocalyptic and nightmarish creations. The themes seen on his work revolve around surrealism, magic realism and realism. Most of his work is inspired by melancholy, nostalgic memories, dreamy landscapes, sentimental and warm emotions to dark and brooding atmospheres; weird and nightmarish dreams; medieval fantasy to post-apocalyptic scenes; memories of being away from home and the concept of home; subjective and objective views on society and supernatural and paranormal themes. The works that he creates tries to confront the modern rules and implications of the today’s fast-paced society.

Artist Statement: Life has always been a fascination to me. From those inevitable school fights during the elementary years to those wild days of puberty. From the lonesome people in the parks to the 8-inched mohawked people during concerts. From feeling someone else's warmth to dealing with the blackness within. There were a lot of emotions - pain, happiness, love and warmth, glory, success, failures, torture, jealousy, excitement, rage, pride. All these converged and met at a common point in time and space and created who I am, what I want to explore and what I hope to achieve. Vast images come to my mind each day as a result of the radical emotions that fill me in each heartbeat. I try to recreate it as soon as I could by combining photographs and techniques in illustration to recreate those concepts in mind. I forge these images and try to relate them to the popular tales of human drama. I try to recreate these stories by illustrating my own interpretations of these emotions or sometimes literally creating the picture wherein the emotion can be distinguished. When I started, I wasn't aware that I started a quest: so for now, until I decide to stop, I will try to free people's minds, and allow them to withdraw from reality and give them the opportunity to dig into a wild roller coaster of a vivid dream. 158 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

The Story Teller II

The Fisherman

The Remembrances of the Soul 2

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 159



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena

Bad weather is coming up 48 x 44


Emilio Merlina


I was born in 1950 in the North East of Italy from a polish mother and a Sicilian father. I toured the world until I was 35, then I returned to Italy and picked up again my old passion: painting and sculpture. The human being leaves its signs, graffiti, indian dreams and imagination. Now I only have left a few more possibilities to express the colors which are not. Only the sign, scratched, angry or brushed is the witness. The sign has passed from there and there it has lived.

Emilio Merlina

leftovers 14 x 24 160 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Grimanesa Amorós


Grimanesa Amorós is an interdisciplinary artist with diverse interests in the fields of social history, scientific research and critical theory, Through her art Amoros convey an ephemeral wonder, entrancing the viewers from all different backgrounds and communities to become agents of empowerment. She makes use of sculpture, video, and lighting to create works that illuminate our notions of personal identity and community. Light is one of her primary materials because it creates presence without physicality. In many occasions, it can be easily taken for granted, since much of what humans perceive comes from light, yet even that which is apparent can be mysterious. Amoros is always looking for the instance when light, is in its changing forms, makes us contemplate and experience an ordinary circumstance in a different way. In many occasions, it can be easily taken for granted, since much of what humans perceive comes from light, yet even that which is apparent can be mysterious. Amorós uses her art as an agent for empowerment to involve viewers from all different backgrounds and communities. She was born in Lima, Peru and lives and works in New York City.

Amorós is the recipient of several grants, which include the National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artist Fellowship (Washington, DC), The Travel Grant Fund for Artists, NEA Arts International, (New York, NY), The Bronx Museum for the Arts: Aim Program (Bronx, NY) and The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation “Participant Biennial Competition” (New York NY). Awards also include the X Tumi USA Award (Miami, FL) and artist residency fellowships by Art Omi (Columbia County, NY), Santa Fe Art Institute (Santa Fe, NM), The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (Amherst, VA), Artspace (Raleigh, NC) and Centrum Arts (Port Townsend, WA). Additionally, her works have been selected for the Art in Embassies Program of the U.S. Department of State in Ankara, Turkey (2001) and Lima, Peru (2003).

Exhibition list: Amorós has exhibited in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Amoros Fortuna

Most recent exhibitions and public works include: La Fragua Tabacalera, Madrid, Spain, 2013; Georgian National Museum’s National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2013; CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2013; Harper’s Bazaar Art / Art Basel HK, Hong Kong, China, 2013; LITVAK Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2013; The INNOV8 Festival, “Uros House”, The Lite Center, Lafayette, Louisiana, 2013; Voyager Video Retrospective, Yuan Space, Beijing, China, 2012; Huanchaco, La Torre De Los Vientos, Mexico City, Mexico, 2012; 21c Museum Hotel, “Uros”, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2012; The Route of Friendship Patronage, World Monuments Fund, Nina Menocal Gallery, Mexico D.F. 2012; Breadboard and PECO building, Art in the Air “UVASIS”, Philadelphia, PA 2012; The Flag Art Foundation “Watch Your Step”, New York, NY 2012; Seoul National University Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea, 2012; 54th Biennale di Venezia, Illuminazioni – Illuminations Collateral Event Future Pass, Venice, Italy.

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 161



punctum A M E R I C A N

Carried to the shores of another life Yesterday believed to be gone But where to is it disappeared On the border of tomorrow found itself again In the voice of the siren Carried into glimmering of the red cheeked day Sprinkled from the shadow wickerwork of the night Everything is only time The questions that pile up to babel Tumble into floating And go away Eternal Change of tide is the answer find out the question Bringing me up


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

Evelin Juen - Artist

Evelin Juen



Neptunes vision 162 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Stephen Knapp

United States of America

Formed at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and architecture lightpaintings are intangible, multi-dimensional compositions of pure radiance. Stephen Knapp is an American artist best known as the creator of lightpaintings, which have been called the first new art medium of the twenty-first century. Dispensing with traditional media and narrative content, Knapp is one of a small group of artists who work with light. His lightpaintings make visible the light that surrounds us and transforms it into something physical yet inherently transcendental. Deriving inspiration from his studies of light, color, dimension, space and perception, artist Stephen Knapp has been creating art that interacts with and is transformed by light for over thirty years. He began his career as a photographer and evolved his own specialized processes through research and experimentation. He progressed to building large metal panels and glazed ceramic murals that are reflective and responsive to changing light conditions. What followed was the fabrication of kiln-formed glass walls and glass and steel sculpture, all leading up to his more recent focus on lightpaintings, a word Knapp coined to describe his light-based installations. Called the first new art medium of the twenty-first century, lightpaintings are created with light, glass, and stainless steel and exist at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and technology.

In speaking about his work, Stephen Knapp states, “I have been fascinated with light all my life, both for what it can do and for the effect it has on us. In all my prior mediums I’ve used light in ways that are not always apparent. When I found a way to uniquely express myself in light, I embraced it fully. With my lightpaintings I separate white light into pure color and ‘paint’ with light. Each piece has a presence that far exceeds its physical dimensions. At once both physical objects and illusions, they remind us that dreams, hopes and aspirations are the center of art’s ability to touch the human spirit.” Knapp has gained an international reputation for large-scale works of art held in museums, public, corporate and private collections, in media as diverse as light, kiln formed glass, metal, stone, mosaic and ceramic. He has had solo museum exhibitions at the Boise Art Museum, the Chrysler Museum of Art, the Naples Art Museum, the Butler Institute of American Art, the Dayton Art Institute and the Flint Institute of Arts, among others. His work has appeared in many international publications including Art and Antiques, Architectural Record, ARTnews, Ceramics Monthly, The Chicago Sun Times, Interior Design, The New York Times, Progressive Architecture, and Sculpture Magazine.

What Isn't Is

False Prophet-detail FOCUS of SWFL 2013 163



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena

Rainer Lagemann



Rainer Lagemann is a notable sculptor, born in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1959. He received his formal education at the FH Lippe University in Detmold, Germany, specializing in Design and Architecture. In 1988, Rainer moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to open his first retail store committed to selecting and importing the finest of modern European furniture. His work with European manufacturers and artisans resulted in developing a successful retail gallery with a dedicated clientele of modern design connoisseurs. In 2007 he sold his share of the business to concentrate on his lifelong passion: sculpture.

The hollow squares strip away distractions, leaving a powerful vision and exploration of the human body, adding an element of mystery and abstraction. This technique adds a spiritual dimension to the human shapes and forms and gives Rainer’s sculptures a universal quality. With all of Rainer's sculptures there is a secondary layer of beauty, abstraction and mystery. When darkness falls and the lights come on, the exquisite shadows of form, squares, body and spirit cast themselves upon the walls creating a second sculpture of light and shadow.

Rainer is fascinated by the human body, the classic theme of artistic expression and struggle, depicted in all shapes, materials and mediums since the existence of mankind.

Rainer’s sculpture captures the human body in motion--a freeze frame of classic, timeless gestures and emotions. The sculptures are both ethereal and concrete. The forms he creates are how one imagines a Nureyev or Baryshnikov would look in mid-flight. Rainer uses hollow metal squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both the strength and delicacy of the body. Each square represents the trials and tribulations of life. The four corners are the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimension of human being. They are the framework of the spirit and the image of the body.

164 FOCUS of SWFL 2013


Escape FOCUS of SWFL 2013 165



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T


Edouard Mortec

France My series always start with some experimentation. I like to experiment with the cameras and to explore their limits as a recording system of the “real”. It allows me to find and integrate new form to the photographic language that will resonate with our own difficulties as human being to approach the “real”. It is important for me to make so that when we are in front of one of my photograph we know at once that we are in the representation domain. And what allows this knowledge it is the fact that the recording system will have left its trail in the recording itself.


I confront the abstract and the figurative and thus evoke the internal world and the outside world to make the frontier blur. This abstract-realistic research in photography is also the better way I found to evoke material and spiritual world and find out how to marry them. 166 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Antonio Guerrero


by Estrella Eguino.

Photo Credit: Antonio Guerrero by Leticia Del Monte

Antonio Guerrero was born in Matanzas, Cuba. On March 31, 1992 feeling increasingly oppressed by Cuba’s government, and unhappy with the worsening living conditions, Antonio, along with two other men, climbed into a raft they had secretly designed and built and left the island. Floating off from the coast of Matanzas, they were at sea for five days before being rescued by Brothers to the Rescue a humanitarian organization dedicated to rescuing rafters fleeing Cuba. He lives now in Miami Beach, Florida. There’s a curious connection between a person’s name and their personality. It can be more or less described as a match or mismatch of the name of a person, with their profession, talent, or some other obvious connotation. “Warrior” is the English translation of his last name, obviously of close Spanish descent. Some who study the significance of names consider this trait to carry a bit of a special half unit sort to speak; a power or energy that just like the rest of us, also seeks universal outlet. In the case of Antonio Guerrero, his identity becomes as much an intricate part of the revelation contained in his work, as the symbolism itself. It is the kind of work to be stared at, and guess what? That’s exactly what this warrior wants you to do. Come on in.

Me fui con todo

His art has been hailed as having ‘Dali-esque’ undertones. Other names like Hieronymus Bosch, and Picasso have also been tossed about with absurd disregard to style and expression. He doesn’t consider his work anything like that of these men and rightfully so because it isn’t. It is, like the work of true artists, a personal form of expression filled with symbolism and themes that resonate with an inner conscience. It is perhaps in this mission that he is an equal to the surrealist masters. The vibrant color red, the subtlety of glimmering gold backgrounds, or the black birds that sometimes speckle his creations are some of the personal glimpses into the subliminal conversations with a deeper state of being. The perspectives may be mystical to some, others may recall humor, but the result will be riveting. Antonio grew up in Matanzas, a province of Cuba, according to the artist Matanzas is known among many other things, for being the home of a type of black birds that flap their wings noisily to warn of the approach of people or other animals. Antonio confesses a deep connection with, and reverence for nature, the kind that is developed by long periods of constant admiration. Due to the isolation from the trends of the outside world, his formative years were for the most part spent outdoors, in open fields, and in communion with nature.

Cuba the key of gulf

There is a particular type of oneness that unites those who assimilate the platform of what is called reality. Its visualization takes many forms and Antonio Guerrero’s perspective offers limitless variations of concepts drawn from revelations arrived after an inexhaustible search for the human quest of self-identity. A look at some of Antonio’s pieces, from the modern iconic image of ‘Jose Marti, El Gran Poeta’ – Cuba’s greatest hero – to ‘I Universe’ from I Live in a Red Planet, will prove there is no escaping the inexplicable pull inspired by his work. There is plenty to satisfy the minds that demand the thrill in discovering interlocking dreams, and for those that enjoy journeys of art expression, or those who simply find beauty in color and balance. Be certain of one thing, this artist is an ever-evolving revelation. His pictorial tales may haunt, pacify, upset, or simply pass one by, but the flowing source of creativity lurking in the deep recesses of the imagination of a good artist moves on.

i Universe FOCUS of SWFL 2013 167



punctum A M E R I C A N


vizualuri xelovnebis saerTaSoriso gamofena I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N O F V I S U A L A R T

Steve Tobin

United States of America

by Thomas Connors

Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

No matter what narrative Steve Tobin implies, the work is not contained by it--the viewer is not obliged to see what he sees. And no matter what one does see in Steelroots, the quality of our engagement arises from two opposing experiences. On the one hand, these forms appear familiar, recognizable, nearly natural. But the industrial steel pipes of which they are made and their surface treatments--smoothly enameled; rusty, with vein-like striation; marked with pits as big as olives--leave no doubt that these objects are constructed, fabricated, not sprung from the earth. Unlike traditional open-air work, historically commemorative (the equestrian statue in the park) or utterly decorative (the draped urn terminating a garden view), outwardly, Tobin’s Steelroots evince no didactic purpose, no specific agenda other than to function as works of art, to occupy space meaningfully, imaginatively, encouraging a dialogue between themselves and the environment.

And what is it that makes these sometimes massive steel pieces so compatible with their surroundings? The essential absence of a straight line, that most rational yet unforgiving of geometries. While Tobin’s Earth Bronzes and tree roots posited a conflict between the natural world and the built environment, criticizing our inability to focus on whatever exists that humankind did not manufacture, the Steelroots strike a less rigid attitude. Yes, the curving, flowing stretches of steel coalesce to form windows on the land and sky, reframing our perception of the environment, but the pieces also operate as sculpture often does, as media through which we understand our place in the world, our status as inhabitants of a wildly diverse planet 168 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 169

Photographer: Aurélie Raidron Model: Justine @ Gladys Models Make-up and hair: Aurélie Raidron Stylist: Stephanie Cappellini Bird Sculpture: Aurélie Raidron

170 FOCUS of SWFL 2013


Stephanie Cappellini

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 171

Photographer : Yann Malotti-Photographe Model : Raphaël Toureille Make Up : Aurélie Ormeno Hairdresser : Belaman Cyril Stylist : Alen Kekic and 13ème Lune by Stéphanie Cappellini (dress : Alen K - crown: 13ème Lune) Bijoux : Nessren Vanessa Assistants : Laurent Baldovino & Alex Vallégant 172 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Photographer : Yann Malotti Assistant : Alexandra Vallégant Model : Tifany Bly @ Roxane Vipmodels Make-up & Hair : Eve Mak'up Stylist : 13ème Lune harness : Atelier Sylphe Corset

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 173

Photographer : Yann Malotti-Photographe Model : Raphaël Toureille Make Up : Aurélie Ormeno Hairdresser : Belaman Cyril Stylist : Alen Kekic and 13ème Lune by Stéphanie Cappellini (dress : Alen K - crown: 13ème Lune) Bijoux : Nessren Vanessa Assistants : Laurent Baldovino & Alex Vallégant

174 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 175

Exploring Worlds HeikeSuhre

176 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Chinagirl by Heike Suhre Photo/Edit: Heike Suhre Model: Jolien Derycke Visagie/hair/ styling : Citty van Aart Designer: Sebastian den Herder

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 177

Red dress By Heike Suhre Photography: Heike Suhre Designer: Lish Jecinta Hair and make-up: Anna Wojnarowska Model: Lish Jecinta

178 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Jolien by Heike Suhre Photo/Edit: Heike Suhre Model: Jolien Derycke Visagie/hair/ styling : Citty van Aart Designer: Sebastian den Herder

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 179

White dreams by Heike Suhre Photography: Heike Suhre Designer: Monique DĂŠsar Hair and make-up: Nanette Montizaan Model: Lish Jecinta 180 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Back to the Future by Heike Suhre Photo/Edit: Heike Suhre Model: Jolien Derycke Visagie/hair/ styling /design : Citty van Aart

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 181


Roxana Enache

182 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

photography and concept Roxana Enache styling Daniela Mihailescu models Lorena, Georgiana ( Face2face Model Management) make up Natalia Kiselev hair Elena Ionita lingerie Jolidon bijoux Mioara Fulga Buda (Molecule F) FOCUS of SWFL 2013 183

photography and concept Roxana Enache styling Cristina Feather design ID Sarrieri model Andreea Mattei (IMC Models Agency) make up and hair Alex Ifimov

184 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

photography Roxana Enache fashion designer Natalia Vasiliev model Daria Cocos make up Roxana Armeana hair Lucian Zoltan

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 185

photography and concept Roxana Enache styling Cristina Feather design Andra Andreescu model Andreea Mattei (IMC Models Agency) make up and hair Alex Ifimov

186 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

photography Roxana Enache fashion designer Natalia Vasiliev models Andreea Ciupitu; Raluca Bidian(One Models Agency) make up Natalia Kiselev hair Elena Ionita FOCUS of SWFL 2013 187

er n g i ile Des Prof

Julie Verfaillie

By Susana Sueldo

Created in 2012 by Julie Verfaillie, Femme MĂŠcanique Designs stands out with its design ethics and quality: each piece is a unique and wearable work of art that is 100% hand made. From a background in music and visual art, Verfaillie decided to pursue a parallel career in jewellery to fulfil her passion for technical challenges. She is 100% self-taught as a metalsmith/jeweller, of which she is very proud. Her techniques are unique, creative and she always strives for the utmost professionalism. Wrought from fine and sterling silver, bronze and brass, these creations are inspired by four distinct stylistic concepts: Urban, Tribal, Rustic and Inspired by Nature. Everyday a design is born, from a found pebble on the ground that becomes a bronze ring to a minimal architectural silver double ring. By wearing them, each piece will be tested for its durability, its comfort and aesthetic before putting it into the market. Furthermore, Julie produces each piece of jewellery she designs autonomously and is directly involved in every aspect of production from start to finish. She does not have her pieces produced in series or cast from moulds by a third party. She instead constructs her creations from an assortment of wires that she bends, shapes, hammers and solders together. She also works with precious metal clay of the bronze and silver varieties, in which case she moulds in silicone an assortment of found objects or sculpts the piece directly in the clay. She then dried the clay and fires in a kiln to sinter the metal particles together for hours. Once the pieces have been handfashioned or fired in the kiln, they are sanded to perfection and subsequently polished and work-hardened in a tumbler. It is very important to Julie that her work is ecofriendly. Thus, every piece of scrap metal is melted into pebbles to create her famous Asteroid Earrings. 188 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

PETUNIASOFNAPLES.COM 852 5th Ave South | Naples, FL 34102 | 239.262.2128

Maternity Tips and Trends

By Olivia Capone Myers

Button Front Convertible Sleeve Tunic, $34.98;Velvet Under Belly Legging, $24.98

Jacquard Dress with Removable Belt, $44.98

¾ Sleeve Scoop Neck Side Ruched Tee, $29.98; Celebrity Pink Secret Fit Belly Destructed Jeans, $49.98

Wear Stripes Stripes are a trend that is still going strong! Despite common misconception, stripes are actually flattering to your figure during your pregnancy. The side ruching on this top helps create definition for your bump. Pair the top with a destructed denim jean and you have the perfect weekend look. The jeans contain our patented Secret Fit Belly® which keeps you comfortable and adjusts to your changing figure so you can wear them throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

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Sleeveless Scoop Neck Jingle Bellies Tank, $24.98;Velour Zip Jacket and Velour Under Belly Pant, $29.98/each

Nursing Cardigan, $36.98; Side Ruched Clip-Down Nursing Cami, $24.98

Cozy Up in a Cardigan Cardigans are a great layering piece and can be worn over anything from pants to dresses and skirts. Pairing a knit cardigan with skinny jeans that feature our patented Secret Fit Belly® is the perfect way to be both on-trend and super-comfortable. Smoky grey is the color to crave this season and the cascading cut is both flattering and feminine. Layer your cardigan with a side ruched tee or a clip down nursing tank which is great for after baby!

Dress It Up Dresses are always a staple during your pregnancy: they’re comfortable, stylish, and versatile. The feminine detailing and sophisticated brocade fabric of this dress make it perfect for a holiday gathering or a more formal occasion such as your baby shower. The belt creates an ultra-flattering effect when placed above your bump, providing shape, and also is adjustable so you can wear it later on throughout your pregnancy and even after your baby is born. Add some bangles and you are ready to go!

Try A Tunic One of the most flattering and versatile pieces for mom-to-be, the tunic is on-trend this season! Tunics can easily be dressed up— over a pair of coated denim-- or down with our velvet Secret Fit Under Belly® leggings. The waist-cinching tie really helps to show off your baby bump. Tunics can be worn all three trimesters and even post pregnancy. This look is pictured with flats but I love it with booties, too!

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 191

er n g e i Des rofil P

Maguelonne Toissant-Samat

and indecipherable. Enclosed, "Ambiguous into custody, masked, covered, veiled, falsified. Something is hidden. This is the body dressed " This collection explores the light and ethereal side of our imaginary world. Making a contrast between the enclosed concept of winter, this spring/summer collection 2013-2014 deals with the idea of dismantling and our taste for fragility, the minimalism and the slightest and tiniest gesture. The collection builds up on the mystery of a half dressed body and travels through the process of dressed and naked. The designer focuses on the areas that are covered against the ones that are not, highlighting the senses of a near sensuality. The collection deals with the feminine universe, sometimes boxed, dividing the natural from the manufactured, looking for those signals women need to express themselves. The body is always present, protected by 3D layers, just insinuating through the transparencies. QUIER is an Eco Friendly brand that focuses on functionality, sustainability, durability and deconstruction.

192 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

By Susana Sueldo

Rejuvenated Feel Refreshed and

By Shiri Sarfati

I recommend adding a little aromatherapy to your morning routine. Wake up and smell the energy with a wonderfully invigorating shower coupled with a powerful dose of aromatherapy. A shower gel laced with stimulating peppermint and spearmint will energize your senses and get you in the holiday spirit. Grapefruit aroma is also said to help kick start your metabolism (just what you need to get through your busy party schedule) and is oh so refreshing. Try Repêchage Vita Cura Triple Action Shower & Bath Gel ($28). Follow your morning shower with a stimulating 5 minute body massage. Using your fists, knead into targeted areas like hips and buttocks and then use upward movements with your hands on your legs to help improve your circulation. Finish your massage with some tapotement movements (rhythmic percussionlike movements with the edge of your hand) on your hips and buttocks. Massage the rest of your body with gentle effleurage movements (gentle massage strokes that warm up the body). Use a body cream that has stimulating benefits for your skin like caffeine, herbs, and essential oils like peppermint. Try Repêchage Vita Cura Body Contouring Cream ($52). Starting your morning off with an aromatic shower and stimulating at-home body massage can help you get through the holiday season stress-free and energized. Happy Holidays!

The holidays are often a fun and joyous time but it can also wreck havoc on your diet and even your mood. Holiday gift shopping, airport delays and family drama can all create stress increasing cortisol levels and affecting not only your mood but also your waist. In fact cortisol levels are said to be higher in the morning, so a great way to relieve stress is right from when you wake up – and that siren-sounding alarm clock is not helping you relax by the way.

www.Repê FOCUS of SWFL 2013 193

Insight into Designer

Osvaldo Montalbano

by Kamila Domagala Photography by Oscar Bernelli

Osvaldo Montalbano is an Italian designer who put together incredible mix of Italian tailor and oriental atmosphere coming from Japan, the country that he loves a lot. That’s why in his collection blue, bluette, white, gray color will never miss such as pois and volumes combine together to give the most original product you can imagine.

As a person Osvaldo reflects, or vice versa, his creations: eccentric, creative, unique in everyday life, a true artist. The only difference between him and his creations is that he prefers to stay behind the wing and let his work speak for him. The last S/S 2014 Collection is inspired to the Mary Poppins character. For sure it was a surprise for everyone that saw his clothes at Milan and Paris Showroom. Two distinguished Collection he wanted to create: blue for Milan and white for Paris. Blue blouses with great volumes every women can feel great in. Particular cone back shirts, mile long skirts gather in refined form, long- short skirts with loop to play with. White pants with laces everyone can make them own, marvelous gray raincoats with inside pockets to be more mended. And the incredible dress made by kilometers of cloth to be recognizable everywhere. His career started in far 1981 with his beautiful and elegant shop in Cuneo, northern Italy, and never stops since that. His creativity is in continuous evolution and it seems to have no limit that’s why he collaborated in many creative environment making clothes for theaters, ballets and many events all around the world. For the most courageous and eccentric brides he is also making beautiful wedding dresses which are unique because tailored. His skilled hands and out of common imagination with great fabrics he using, create surprise collections that every Montalbano’s admirers waiting with bated breath to be never disappointed. And how anybody be disappointed if to his natural minimalist strictness he is always adding the other face of his nature: irony. Wearing his dresses means not just have something unique but also have fun with the volume, length and color combination than everyone can play with.

And of course something that have to connect and close the two collections: Mary Poppins’ inspired and Osvaldo’s imagination created umbrella, must be seen in person to appreciate. 194 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

“Between the Myth and the Beauty”

by Simone Vera Bath Collaboration by Kamila Domagala

Photography by Elisabetta Tassan Toffola

I was born in Berlin. Growing up in a divided city, broken in two, so strongly characterized by the desire to heal the fractures of history, has certainly influenced the way I create. The perfection of imperfection, the transformation and playing are the recurring elements in my jewelry. My creations are on wood which I like to make it milder, combining it with gold, or diamonds with bronze. Poor materials together with precious materials in a continuous redefinition of balances and combinations. The result is that my jewels seem to have been created long time ago even if they are newborn. The myth and antique stories are the true inspiration for my creative mood. There is always formal and conceptual researches which tie, weld and melt together materials, words, lights and emotions. In the act of creation there is not minimalism stressed by the perfect shapes, on the contrary, there is knowledge that the imperfect things are the most complete, irregular, unique, never the same, never serial. The ‘Fedone’, a part of the Collection, made to be a sort of modern talisman. The materials are silver, bronze and gold. There are incision, mounting or combination of different sizes and cuts of diamonds, rubies, sapphire, opals or semi precious stones. Sometimes they are made with wood joint using ebony, briar-root and paduk in different shapes. They can be wear separately or combine together, also great as unique gift for precious person. There is also a collection of wedding rings made on request and realized in silver, bronze and gold to reflect the personality of who’s wearing them. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made to carry people to another worlds and make them protagonist of it. It’s up to you which one do you want to jump in.

196 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

& s t n

e s v e air f af

Ralphin Paris Lauren Celebrity guests including Princess Charlene of Monaco, Catherine Deneuve, Cherie‎ Chung and Alexandra Shulman came together to celebrate Ralph Lauren’s pledge to restore the elite Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, one of the world’s oldest, most influential, and beautiful art schools. To mark the patron sponsorship, the fashion brand hosted a special presentation of the Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Collection, the first time the designer has showcased outside of the US. The evening also featured an exclusive gala dinner in the picturesque courtyard within L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Photography by Julien Hekimian


Emmanuelle Alt, Xavier Romatet and Virginie Mouzat

Princess Charlene of Monaco 198 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Lauren Bush Lauren, David Lauren, Ricky Lauren, Lambert Wilson, Dylan Lauren, Andrew Lauren and Alice Taglioni

Cherie Chung

US Ambassador to France Charles H. Rivkin (R) and his wife Susan Tolson

Olivier Royant and his wife Delphine

Ralph Lauren Corporation pledges its commitment to help restore the elite Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, one of the worlds oldest and most influential, and most beautiful art schools. Founded in 1648, the school has been a breeding ground for exceptional artistic talent ever since, with illustrious alumni including Renoir, Degas, Monet and Matisse. Ralph Lauren will dedicate funding for a two-year project that will oversee the restoration and modernization of the listed building, as part of a broader Beaux-Arts preservation campaign. In keeping with bringing the institution’s teaching capabilities into the 21st century, while also preserving the classical Beaux-Arts style for future generations, Ralph Lauren will be restoring the Amphitheatre d’honneur, the semi-circular lecture theatre at the heart of the school. The theatre will be fully updated to include state-of-theart audio-visual equipment and improve stadium seating. Money will also be used to modernize the school’s website with a series of digital content providing global audiences with access to a multitude of conferences, workshops, symposiums and new online classes, placing the institution at the forefront of the contemporary art world. The corporation has a rich connection with French heritage and a long standing commitment to philanthropy with a love of Paris. To celebrate the patron sponsorship, the brand hosted an exclusive gala dinner in the picturesque courtyard surrounding the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts. The event featured a special presentation of the Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Collection, the first time the designer has showcased his line outside of the US. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 199

200 FOCUS of SWFL 2013 Photography by Vincenzo Lombardo & Jacopo Raule

& s t n

e s v e air f af

by Tatiana Zherebkina Photography by Benjamin Lozovsky

SERGIO ROSSI COLLECTION Sergio Rossi's Spring-Summer 2014 Collection represents the culmination of a creative approach, starting with the Cruise Collection, explores the design and decorative arts of the early seventies and interprets them in a contemporary way.

Also evoking nature are the animal prints renewed in an optical illusion created by luxurious soutage embellishments or the abstract version of a camo patchwork in pony skin leather inspired by a famous creation of Gio Ponti and made with a skillful intarsia technique.

Angelo Ruggen, Collections and Design Director, applied to the eclecticism of those years the signature style of the brand based on refinement, artisan tradition, and a keen eye for detail, creating a multifaceted collection in which pure shapes are accentuated through the choice and combination of different materials and colors.

The kaleidoscope is the idea behind the vibrant color combinations similar to those in the works of Russian painter Sergei Poliakoff or the playful blends of patterns that pay tribute to the world of interior designer David Hicks and are reproduced on a more natural "Vienna straw'' woven material.

A symbol of this exercise in style is the season's new pyramid-shaped stiletto that blends curved lines and striking geometric shapes, cleverly using contrasts to create balance and harmony. The collection has two universal themes inspired by the versatile aesthetic of those years: the organic world with its rich variety of elements and the kaleidoscope as a filter that creates amazing shapes and reflections. Natural elements are bamboo, which is used for sculptural sandals with contrasting metallic details, and giraffe or zebra-print gladiatorstyle sandal boots made of stingray leather.

The same light is reflected and rearranged into original geometric shapes in 3D jacquard macro-print suede sandals or it shines in the tiny jewel embellishments used for dressy evening shoes that cover the foot with dazzling sparkles. The sandal with fougere 'climbing vines' made of shaded rhinestone pave that surround the ankle and are suspended without any support is a conceptual synthesis of the two inspiring themes and the maximum expression of the brand's artisan skill and expertise. Sergio Rossi's Spring-Summer 2014 Collection exclusive event was held in the striking setting at the historical Milanese mansion where, thanks to the Vintage decor from the period and live performance, recreated a vibrant atmosphere of the international jet-set lifestyle.

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 201


ts n e ev rs ai f f a




Staff, students and Hodges University honored World Peace Day with a special ceremony on the school’s Fort Myers campus. The ceremony will began at 12:30 pm on Friday, September 20. The event was supported by the Hodges English as a Second Language (ESL) department, the office of Student Development and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The founder convinced the United Nations to declare September 21st as an official day of peace and it is on this day that the global events take place. The Peace One Day event is an international event, with well over 450,000 participates and growing. To find out more details, please visit Lee Smith and the Veterans Services also joined the celebration by committing to creating a rock garden at the base of the Peace Pole in honor of veterans who have served in the name of peace and freedom. Mitra Shaffy a local artist, created a painting to symbolize the spirit of peace. During the ceremony, a Peace Pole constructed by the Naples Gulf Shore Rotary was planted on campus. The 7-foot tall wooden pole is a hand-crafted monument that displays the message “Let there be peace on Earth, Let it begin with me” on each of its six sides in different languages. To date there are 200,000 Peace Poles in 180 countries worldwide, have been translated into 300 different languages and are dedicated as monuments to peace. “When you plant a Peace Pole in your community, you are linking with people all over the world who have planted Peace Poles in the same spirit of peace,” said Hodges Professor Renée Newell. “The Peace Pole is an internationally-recognized symbol of the hopes and dreams of the entire human family, standing vigil in silent prayer for peace on earth. People of all faiths and nationalities worldwide are striving for a better world, and by planting this Peace Pole on our campus, we are leaving a fingerprint behind for peace.” The Peace Pole Project was founded in 1975 in Japan by Masahisa Goi, founder of The World Peace Prayer Society. The official Peace Pole Project is located at The World Peace Sanctuary in Wassaic, New York, which is the International Headquarters of The World Peace Prayer Society.

202 FOCUS of SWFL 2013


events & affairs

Vistage Group 2046, an executive leadership program, recently hosted internationally recognized motivational speaker Jay Rifenbary, at their invitation-only “Vistage Values Forum” in Naples on Wednesday, September 18th. Approximately 80 people attended, gaining powerful insights that can be applied in the workplace and personally. President of Rifenbary Training & Development, Rifenbary graduated from West Point and has since led a diverse career, providing valuable perspectives that he readily shared with attendees. His presentation included recommendations for incorporating core values into businesses large and small, getting back to the basics of human, professional interaction. Also, as the best-selling author of No Excuse! – Incorporating Core Values, Accountability and Balance into Your Life and Career, he incorporated tips differentiating excuses from reasons and how to effectively integrate work life with personal life while protecting one’s self and core values.

Following Rifenbary’s presentation, a panel of Vistage Group 2046 members spoke on their experiences with the group. Panelists included Michael Wynn of Sunshine ACE Hardware, Samira Beckwith of Hope Healthcare Services and Russell Budd of PBS Construction and were led by Vistage 2046 chair, Barbara Monti. By Samantha Scott

ABOUT VISTAGE Vistage, a CEO membership organization was founded in 1957. Its mission is to increase the effectiveness and enhance the lives of members. Vistage has 15,000 members in 16 countries who meet in small groups of up to 18 non-competing companies. A Chair leads each group; Barbara Monti leads Vistage 2046, which she launched in Southwest Florida in 1996. Members help one another to become better leaders, make better decisions, and achieve better results. Vistage membership is by invitation only. For more information, contact Barbara Monti at (239) 949-4400.

Helena Dabrowski of Sunshine Ace Hardware and Carol Papesh of Conditioned Air.

International best-selling author and speaker, Jay Rifenbary presenting at the Vistage 2046 Values Forum.

Scott Robertson, a 17-year Vistage group 2046 member, of The Villages Insurance Partners, LLC participates in the Vistage Values Forum presentation.

Panel members speak during part of the presentation, (from left to right) Michael Wynn of Sunshine Ace Hardware, Samira Beckwith of Hope HealthCare Services and Russell Budd of PBS Construction, Inc. - all members of Vistage group 2046.

Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent of Schools for Collier County and Tom Donahue of Hilton Naples.

Rey Pezeshkan of PK Studios, Inc. and a Vistage group 2046 member with Brenda Iliff of Hazelden listen to the presentation at the Vistage Values Forum.

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Enhance your pool with rock water features.

Waterfalls - Stack and Veneered Stone on Spas - Coping - Decks - Planters & Fire Pits - Steps - Walls - Driveways & Patios

(941) 237-1626

Wet-Rock Innovations

& s t n

e s v e air f af

By Ann Gordon

The Riddim Runway Festival held it’s annual reggae concert and fashion extravaganza showcasing Caribbean music and fashion. For the first time in the festival’s history, the 6th Annual Riddim Runway Festival taken place on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) As this was a FREE event, attendees were asked for a donation of canned goods to help stock FGCU’s food pantry. Last year, Riddim Runway went carnival style and produced the first Caribbean Carnival in Southwest Florida adding the infamous parade of costumes similar to those worn across the Caribbean islands during their own carnival celebrations. Carnival parades in the islands celebrate freedom with colorful costumes, lots of music and people dancing in the streets to the tunes. Riddim Runway is excited to announce that this year’s festival will continue with this theme showcasing Jewelz of the Islands dazzling costumes. Riddim Runway has historically taken place in downtown Fort Myers. While the support from the City of Fort Myers and neighboring downtown businesses has always been outstanding, the organizers of the festival made the tough decision to move the festival to FGCU’s campus. “We feel that by being on (FGCU) campus, we will reach a larger part of our target audience. We are also excited to work with the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Caribbean Student Association, Programming Board and Office of Community Outreach for this year’s festival,” explains Stacy Lee-Williams, founder of the Riddim Runway Festival. Festival attendees danced into the evening to some of the best live artists in reggae and soca music. The headliner was world-renowned reggae artist, Mr. Vegas who first gained international fame with his album Heads High in 1998. Mr. Vegas has released several additional hit-containing albums such as Pull Up in 2004 and Hot it Up in 2007. Mr Vegas is in heavy rotation with his hot new singles Bruk It Down and Party Tun Up and is also featured on Beyonce’s hot new to be released single, Standing On The Sun. Other top reggae artists such as Ky-Enie, Kehv and Keisha Martin kept the crowd rockin’ on FGCU’s campus. Designers Jewel Shannon, Mystic Creationz and Cooyah will also be showcasing the best of fashion. Stacy Lee-Williams of King Leo Promotions did a fantastic job in putting the event together. Many others are to be congratulated for orchestrating an event in bringing music and fashion together. Sponsors of this year’s event are King Leo Promotions, Florid Gulf Coast University, All American Alarm, LaMotta’s Italian Restaurant, Sphinx Hookah Lounge, Spazz LLC and Happy Life Media Group. Costume sponsors Team Willis Boxing and Family Fitness, Treasure Chest, Trinflo Posse, Twin Cutz, and Acoustic Affairs. Media Partners Lee Pitts Live, Fox Fuse, Whats Up SWFL and WGCU. In kind sponsors, Indulgence Salon, Favors Couture, Holiday Inn, LaBraJay Beauty Services and MochaMintality. The Riddim Runway Festival relies solely on sponsorship from community partners. These partners join the festival at various levels of sponsorship covering all areas required to ensure an amazing event. 206 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 207

WELLNESS 5K RUN/WALK RAISES $9,000 for SalusCare and NAMI

By Susan Bennett

Nearly 200 runners and walkers participated in the Third Annual Path to Wellness 5K Run/Walk October 5, raising $9,000 to help residents with mental health disorders in Southwest Florida.. The event benefited the Lee County Chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and SalusCare, the new not-for-profit formed by the merger of Lee Mental Health and Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS). The race was won by John Halas, 35, of Fort Myers, who ran the 3.1-mile course at Lakes Park in 18 minutes, 42 seconds. The top female finisher was Jennifer Fagan, 38, of Estero with a time of 22 minutes, 52 seconds. The top three finishers were awarded trophies or medals in nine age groups, for both men and women. Baseball players of the Gulf Coast League Red Sox, the Rookie Level minor league affiliate team of the Boston Red Sox, also participated in the walk/run with Jose Vinicio, 20, of Fort Myers setting a new record for males 20 to 24 years old at 23 minutes, 10 seconds. Roland Kraemer, 61, of Suhl, also set a new record for males ages 60 to 64, with a time of 21 minutes, 25 seconds. Race results and timing were provided by 3D Racing, Inc., of Cape Coral. Complete race results are available at

Jennifer Fagan of Estero accepts the award from SalusCare CEO Kevin B. Lewis as the top female finisher in the Third Annual Path to Wellness 5K Run/Walk.

Major sponsors of the Path to Wellness were the Fort Myers Police Department and Park Royal Hospital with support from Genoa Healthcare, Lee Memorial Health System and Susan Bennett Marketing & Media. NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has become the nation’s voice on mental illness, a national organization including NAMI organizations in every state and in over 1100 local communities across the country who join together to meet the NAMI mission Members of the Gulf Coast League Red Sox, the Rookie Level through advocacy, research, support, and education. For minor league affiliate team of the Boston Red Sox, participate in the Third Annual Path to Wellness 5K Run/Walk; more information, visit

SalusCare Board Members Mark Atkins of Cape Coral and Ed Kleinow of Sanibel participated in the Third Annual Path to Wellness 5K Run/Walk.

SalusCare was formed July 1 with the merger of Lee Mental Health and Southwest Florida Addiction Services into one new non-profit organization. SalusCare offers outpatient and residential treatment for individuals with mental illness and substance use disorders from seven locations in Lee County and one in Hendry County. The multi-faceted agency also offers detoxification services for adults, prevention programming and an Employee Assistance Program for about 60 area companies. The majority of programs are accredited by CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. SalusCare is a United Way agency. For more information, call 239-332-6937 or visit

SalusCare CEO Kevin B. Lewis and psychiatrist Dr. Omar Rieche enjoy the morning at Lakes Park.

208 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Rachel Lee of 3D Racing, Inc., in Cape Coral prepares to start the race.

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 209

Family Features

Holiday entertaining is all about food, wine and quality time with family and friends. This year, try a new approach to holiday get-togethers by hosting an hors d’oeuvres party. Skip the hassle of preparing a full meal by serving a number of small bites, dips and spreads for your guests to enjoy. Most hors d’oeuvres can be prepared ahead of time so you can spend more time with your guests instead of in the kitchen, making it easy to entertain flawlessly. The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to host a fabulous holiday gathering. By switching from national name brands to a grocer like ALDI, party essentials and seasonal must-haves, such as holiday gifts and baking necessities, can be as much as 50 percent less. Manufactured by many of the nation’s leading food producers, these exclusive brand items often meet or exceed the quality and taste of the national name brands.

210 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Try these hors d’oeuvre serving tips from food stylist and loyal ALDI shopper Janice Stahl: • Rethink the regular: Surprise guests and get creative with classic recipes by changing the presentation. Square pizza bites, circular tea sandwiches or star-shaped fruit make entertaining fun.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

• Keep hors d’oeuvres simple: Serve foods that are bite-sized and easy to pick up. Try skewers to create festive kabobs, which are perfect for nibbling. • Presentation is everything: Experiment with serving pieces like vases, champagne glasses or appetizer cups that add special interest to bite-sized snacks from chips and dip to shrimp cocktail. With these simple tips and recipes, you’ll be ready to throw a festive holiday hors d’oeuvres party that’s easy and affordable. Visit for more entertaining ideas.

Cranberry Shrimp Ceviche Cups $0.58 per serving at ALDI Recipe courtesy of Chef Alyssa, ALDI Test Kitchen Prep time: 20 minutes, plus 1 hour to chill Cook time: 3 minutes Yields: 16 ceviche cups 1 1/2 16 1 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/4 1/4 1/4 1 16 2

teaspoons iodized salt, divided ounces medium raw shrimp, thawed cup dried cranberries red onion, roughly chopped cup fresh parsley jalapeno, roughly chopped cup fresh lemon juice cup fresh lime juice teaspoon crushed red pepper or ground black pepper teaspoon oregano ounces tortilla chips limes cut into wedges Fresh cranberries, optional

Bring medium pot of water to a boil. Season with 1 teaspoon salt. Add shrimp and cook for 3 minutes. Immediately plunge cooked shrimp into ice water bath. Peel shrimp and place in flat dish. In food processor, combine cranberries, red onion, parsley and jalapeno. Pulse until finely chopped. Add cranberry mixture to shrimp. Add lemon juice, lime juice, remaining salt, crushed red pepper and oregano. Stir to combine ingredients thoroughly. Refrigerate for 1 hour. To assemble, spoon ceviche, about 4 to 5 shrimp each, into small clear cups or glasses. Garnish with tortilla chips and lime wedges.

FOCUS of SWFL 2013 211



Meals Better

The only thing harder than passing up a delicious dish at a party is trying to talk yourself out of eating holiday leftovers the next day. While everyone is entitled to a little indulgence now and then, it’s possible to have your traditional turkey and cranberry sandwich and eat better too. The trick is to cut calories whenever you can, and that means making simple swaps. Here are a few ideas to get you started: • The day after a festive meal, stack your sandwich high with leftover turkey, lettuce and cranberry sauce. But don’t blow it by adding a big smear of mayonnaise. Instead, top this traditional sandwich with delicious, smooth Sabra® Hummus to save fat and calories. • If you want to cut a lot of extra carbs out of your holiday diet, skip the stuffing. Instead, try wild or brown rice with your turkey. • Once you’ve filled your plate with crudité instead of a high-calorie appetizer, don’t dip carrots and celery sticks in a vat of ranch dressing. Try a dip made from Greek yogurt, like Sabra Cucumber & Dill Greek Yogurt Vegetable Dip. • Cut the fat and calories in mashed potatoes by making a dairy free option with creamy hummus instead of butter or milk. • It’s easy to drink a lot of extra calories during the holidays. Fancy coffee drinks, eggnogs and sugary cocktails can really pack on the pounds. Stick with seltzer-based drinks, sugar-free hot chocolate or herbal teas. • On very special occasions, enjoy a bite or two of a truly decadent dessert. Then, switch to fruit-based sweets or treat yourself to a sugarfree beverage. You may even find yourself a little lighter and healthier after the holidays. For more great snack and recipe ideas, visit Family Features

Holiday Turkey Sandwich with Hummus and Cranberry Recipe provided by Prep time: 10 minutes Total time: 10 minutes 2 1/4 2 2 2-3 1/4

slices sourdough or hearty country bread cup Sabra hummus leaves bibb or Boston lettuce thin slices purple onion slices leftover turkey, sliced about 1/4-inch thick cup cranberry sauce Salt and pepper to taste

Spread both pieces of bread with hummus, then layer lettuce, purple onion, turkey, cranberry sauce and another layer of lettuce, salt and pepper; add top piece of bread, hummus side down.

Hummus Mashed Potatoes Prep time: 15 minutes Total time: 45 minutes Yield: 6 servings 6 1 2 2 1


yellow potatoes, or about 5 cups peeled and cubed cup Sabra hummus tablespoon olive oil Salt and fresh pepper to taste tablespoon fresh parsley, finely chopped lemon, cut into 6 wedges

Peel potatoes and place in bowl of water to cover to prevent discoloration. Cut potatoes into 1 1/2-inch cubes and place in medium sized pot with enough water to cover and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Bring to boil and simmer over medium heat for about 30 minutes, or until fork goes gently through potatoes. Once cooked, drain potatoes and place back into pot over medium heat for about 3 minutes, until moisture comes out of potatoes and they appear dry. Remove from heat. In same pot, start mashing potatoes with masher. Add 1 1/3 cup hummus, oil, salt and pepper to taste. Top with sprinkling of fresh parsley and serve with lemon wedge to squeeze over top. 212 FOCUS of SWFL 2013

Limited Whisky in U.S.

The Balvenie, the most handcrafted single malt Scotch whisky, is proud to introduce its latest expression: Tun 1401, Batch 9. This release has been exclusively created for the U.S. market, and follows the hugely successful ‘Batch 3’ and ‘Batch 6’, which were the only other Tun 1401 expressions released in the United States in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Available in limited supply beginning this October, this rare batch includes exceptional and precious liquid from a number of casks specially selected by the industry’s longest-serving Malt Master, David Stewart. David’s first batch of Tun 1401 was released in 2010, for sale only at The Balvenie’s Speyside Distillery. Inspired by and produced in one of the oldest warehouses at The Balvenie Distillery, The Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 9 is a skillful marriage of some of the rarest treasures from the distillery’s Warehouse 24. This latest batch of Tun 1401 represents an unrepeatable selection of spirits sourced from eleven traditional whisky casks and three sherry butts, whose ages span a number of decades, and which have all been hand-selected by Stewart. The whisky rested for several months in Tun 1401 – one of the distillery’s unique marrying vessels – to create a single malt that is greater than its already precious parts. “We’ve identified what we believe to be an unprecedented range of liquids to comprise this Tun 1401 batch from the vast library of very rare whisky currently maturing at The Balvenie Distillery,” said David Stewart, Malt Master for The Balvenie. “The end result is a complex and completely unique marriage characterized by dark fruits and marmalade on the nose. Its richness and smoothness is underpinned with dark chocolate sweetness, delicate honey notes and a distinctly long, spicy finish.” The exceptional quality of The Balvenie is attributed to the unique craftsmanship retained by The Balvenie Distillery. Nowhere else will you find a distillery that still grows its own barley, malts in its own traditional floor maltings, employs a team of coopers to tend its casks, a coppersmith to maintain its stills and has in its service the most experienced Malt Master in Scotland. Hand-bottled at The Balvenie Distillery in Speyside, The Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 9 is a limited release with an RRP of $250. The Balvenie Tun 1401, Batch 9 has an ABV of 49.3%.

Warm Up To Cocktails!

With the change of seasons in full force, our cocktail taste buds are following suit: summer months made us crave fruity flavors, and the cooler autumn nights are leaving us yearning for strong spices and warm flavor notes. And what better way to quell this craving than with fall-tastic libations made with the brand new Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach (SRP: $39.99) – a limited edition liqueur that perfectly marries Grand Marnier’s signature fine cognacs laced with orange essence and natural raspberry and peach flavors.

GM Raspberry Peach and Ginger Ale **Created by mixologist George Carney 2 oz Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach Ginger Ale Plum bitters Add the Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach to a glass of ginger ale. Top with two dashes of plum bitters.

To kick off sweater weather, mix up the GM Raspberry Peach and Ginger Ale, which is simply made with GM Raspberry Peach, your favorite ginger ale and a dash of plum bitters – a tipple that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit tart, but completely fall. Then shake up GM Raspberry Peach with Manzanilla sherry, cinnamon syrup and a vanilla bean to create the GM Raspberry Peach Cobbler – the perfect cocktail to sip while cozying up by the fire.

GM Raspberry Peach Cobbler **Created by mixologist George Carney 1 ½ oz Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach 1 ½ oz Manzanilla Sherry 1/2 oz Poor Man’s Kitchen Cinnamon Syrup (or other cinnamon syrup) 1 vanilla bean 10 fresh raspberries Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake. Pour contents into a Collins glass.

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and Nutritious Breakfast

Family Features

It’s easier than ever to provide great-tasting, nutritious, affordable and ready-to-eat breakfast options for you and your family. Try these convenient tips to make sure you have a nutritious breakfast before everyone rushes out the door. “Cereal is a convenient way for busy families to start the morning,” said Lisa Sanders, Ph.D., registered dietitian and director of Global Nutrition and Scientific Affairs at Kellogg. “In fact, nine out of ten moms agree that cereal is a convenient breakfast choice. In addition, research shows sharing three or more family meals per week can help children have healthier eating habits.” Here are simple ways to fit a cereal breakfast into your day: Fill the pantry with quick options For the many busy families who feel they don’t have time for breakfast, choose a convenient breakfast option. Try stocking up on fresh fruit and ready-to-eat cereals, for example, such as those from Kellogg’s, which come in several varieties. Almost everyone can make a bowl of cereal. It’s a great way to get kids involved during family breakfasts. For families with milk allergies or those who prefer non-dairy options, give cereal an extra boost of nutritious flavor by pairing it with almond or soy milk and fresh fruit. Prepare the night before Before you turn the lights off for bed, be ready for the next day with a virtual buffet of ready-to-eat breakfast options. Set out your cereal boxes, prepare hard-boiled eggs or slice fruit for a nutritious meal. With preparation, you can eat quickly and get the nutrients you need to start your day.

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Choose wholesome, nutrient-packed foods In a world of fast food and large portion sizes, not all breakfasts are created equal. When grocery shopping, make sure the breakfast items you place in the cart are nutritious ones. The average calorie count for bacon, eggs and toast breakfast is 309 calories, while a breakfast of skim milk and cereal is about 150 calories. And, for 150 calories, cereal and skim milk can provide a powerhouse of nutrients that you may not be getting enough of, including fiber, calcium, vitamin D and potassium. Studies also show that children and adults who eat cereal regularly tend to have lower BMIs than those who do not. Create new options: Choosing a cereal and milk breakfast is one of the easiest ways to get nutrients to help start to the day. For variety, try some of the simple suggestions below. Mix and match to fit your family’s tastes. Whole grain, higher fiber cereal + yogurt + mixed berries = breakfast parfait Whole grain, higher fiber cereal + Ricotta cheese + nuts, raisins & cinnamon = mid-morning protein snack “Starting your day with a cereal breakfast is one of the smartest things you can do,” said Sanders, the author of numerous studies examining the nutritive benefits of cereal and fiber. “People who regularly eat cereal for breakfast also tend to have higher nutrient intakes and weigh less than those who skip breakfast or choose other breakfast options.” Sanders recommends fiber and whole grains as a good foundation upon which to build your bowl, adding low fat milk or yogurt which deliver protein, vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients. Add fruit to make a bowl even more delicious and nutritious. For more ways to build a better breakfast, visit

Thwart That Throat Tickle

As the weather cools, germs multiply at work and the kids reluctantly head back to school, your house is bound to become host to a cold or flu. While pills and cough syrups are good and dandy, nothing comforts quite as much as a thoughtful home remedy.

This fall season, Golden Blossom Honey has the perfect serum that will appease even the grouchiest patients. This lemony treatment is effective at soothing mild sore throats and is easy to create even through a foggy head cold. Golden Blossom Honey, the fourth generation iconic honey brand, uses 100% US honey to create a blend composed of extra-white clover, sage buckwheat and orange blossom. The result: a distinct flavor, color and fragrance possessed by no other honey brand that is soothing and familiar. Honey and Sage Cold Syrup

Relieve a sore throat and other cold symptoms with this home treatment infused with sage. Ingredients 1 teaspoon chopped fresh sage 1/3 cup, plus 1 tablespoon GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar Directions Steep sage in a cup filled with boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain out sage and allow the mixture to cool. Place honey in a jar and add vinegar and sage water. Shake well. Take 2 teaspoons every hour.

Ginger & Honey Citrus Sore Throat Home Treatment Ingredients 4 tablespoons GOLDEN BLOSSOM HONEY Juice of 1 large lemon 3 teaspoons vegetable oil 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger Directions Mix all ingredients together in a small jar. Every hour, take 1 teaspoon in your mouth and gargle. Then swallow the remedy.


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Reduce Food Waste

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Food waste is a major global issue that affects the environment, economy and food security. According to a 2012 report by the National Resources Defense Council, American families throw out 25 percent of the food they buy. That’s roughly the equivalent of $1,500 wasted each year. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, who participated in Food Network’s “The Big Waste” special and serves as a judge on “Chopped,” is encouraging food enthusiasts to love food more and waste it less, one day at a time. “One of the most important steps we can take in an effort to reduce food waste is prepping ingredients properly right from the start,” Guarnaschelli says. “Just take time on Sunday, the day when most people grocery shop and prep for the week ahead, to wrap and protect foods to help keep food fresh all week. This, combined with other steps like planning ahead and using leftovers can go a long way in trimming food waste.” According to Glad Food Protection’s recent Fridge to Fork report, twothirds of Americans throw away food weekly or more frequently. Follow these few easy preparation and protection tips to help save time, money and the environment: • Look beyond looks: Nothing’s perfect – fresh fruits and vegetables included. Often, anything with bruises, bumps or oddities gets picked over. But a misshaped tomato could end up being the firmest and tastiest of the bunch. Don’t be afraid to buy something imperfect, you may be surprised. • Prep and protect: Food spoils in homes due to improper or suboptimal


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storage, poor visibility in refrigerators, partially used ingredients and misjudged food needs, according to the National Resources Defense Council report. Taking easy steps to prep and protect food before storing helps keep food fresher longer. For example, keep kale crisp by wrapping in a paper towel, storing in an airtight Glad Zipper bag and placing in the coldest part of the fridge. • Leftover do overs: Don’t scrap today’s leftovers or excess ingredients; use them for tomorrow’s meals. Extra baked or rotisserie chicken? Debone and shred what’s left, and store it in an airtight container to later make chicken enchiladas the whole family will enjoy. Leftover cooked veggies? Use them as the base for a slow cooker meal. • Play musical shelves: When you purchase new food, shuffle the older items to the front, putting the newer items towards the back. You’ll be prompted to use these items first, before they go bad. • Lead with the list: Plan meals ahead for a trip to the store. A detailed list will help curtail impulse purchases and over-buying. Be realistic about what you’re going to prepare, accounting for days you’ll eat leftovers or go out. You can find more food preparation and protection tips on SaveitSunday. com, where you can take the #SaveItSunday pledge and check out other ideas to help trim food waste at home. By pledging, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a meal for you and your friends cooked in your home by a personal chef.

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Le Macaron The macaron, perfected in France, has a long history dating back centuries in Europe. Macarons are small round cakes that fit in the palm of your hand. They are lightly crisp on the outside, smooth and creamy in the center, filled with ganache (chocolate), rich cream, home-made fruit jams or other quality ingredients. Each season and month, new flavors will be introduced to complement the collection. Dine in or take - out, gift boxes, favor boxes, and custom orders are available. Like more information please contact: 941.552.8872. 382 St Armands Circle Sarasota, FL

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A simple way to indulge yourself!

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Don't Skip the Suds

According to recent research, 95 percent of Americans admit it is important to wash their hands after using a public restroom. This is particularly true with women compared to men.

Stay healthy all year long To keep you and your family healthy, Bradley recommends five simple steps to effective hand washing:

What’s even more interesting is that a growing number of consumers admit to simply rinsing their hands with water without using soap in public washrooms. In fact, this number has increased from 54 percent to 70 percent on the national level over the past two years. And just how long are they “washing” their hands? Suds or no suds, a majority of Americans do not wash their hands long enough. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the recommended time to wash one’s hands with soap and water in order to kill bacteria is at least 20 seconds.

1. Wash More Frequently – It’s important to wash your hands not only after using the washroom, but, before and after preparing and eating food; before and after treating a wound; after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing; and after touching the garbage.

These findings are part of the fifth annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation, a Milwaukee-based manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories. Bradley is dedicated to innovating products that create more efficient washroom environments and promote healthy hand washing. Positive responses to media The survey also revealed that increased media coverage or stories about food-borne or airborne illnesses have an impact on hand washing habits. More than half of consumers, 57 percent, claimed they wash their hands more often and more thoroughly in response to news coverage. Sixty-six percent also reported washing their hands more frequently in response to news about seasonal flu outbreaks. “These findings underscore the need for consumers to be mindful of good hand hygiene,” said Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing and strategic development for Bradley. “Everyone can play their part in preventing the spread of viruses such as influenza during the winter months. Always remember, it takes less than a minute to effectively wash your hands.”

2. Count to 20 – Proper hand washing means scrubbing with water and soap for at least 20 seconds or the time it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Be sure to scrub the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. 3. Don’t Forget to Dry – Smart hand hygiene should not only include washing, but thoroughly drying hands as well. The most hygienic and sustainable method is using an energy-efficient dryer such as the one found on the allin-one touchless Advocate Lavatory System. 4. Hand Sanitizers Aren’t Enough – While 29 percent of consumers surveyed use a hand sanitizer, it may not be as effective when hands are visibly dirty. Anti-bacterial gel is not a substitute for soap and water, and should only be relied upon if hand washing facilities are not available. 5. Clean Hands Means Healthy Kids – Hand washing among school-age children is especially important because nearly 2.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year from diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, according to a 2011 study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Kids should be taught healthy routines like hand washing at an early age. For further information on hand hygiene find Bradley on Twitter @bradleycorp, Facebook/BradleyCorporation or visit handwashing. FOCUS of SWFL 2013 221

Having Fun as We Age Regular physical activity at any age can help you live longer, feel better and reduce health problems. But far too many people, including baby boomers, don’t get the exercise they need. According to the 2012 Participation Report from the Physical Activity Council (PAC), 35 percent of Americans over the age of 55 are physically inactive. Since regular exercise helps control blood pressure, body weight, cholesterol and so much more, boomers need to find ways to get their bodies moving so they can live longer, healthier lives. “Though any amount of exercise is beneficial, ultimately adults should work up to getting at least 30 minutes most days of the week, as long as they feel comfortable and pain-free,” said worldrenowned nutritionist Joy Bauer. “From taking a Zumba class to walking and stretching, getting regular physical activity helps the joints stay loose, maintains muscle mass, and gets the blood flowing – all of which make everyday tasks easier.” The American Council on Exercise recommends older Americans choose exercise programs that include cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, and flexibility exercises. Low-impact, non-jarring exercises such as walking and swimming are good options. A key to sticking with a fitness program is making sure it’s enjoyable. A fun new program for older adults is Zumba Gold, a low-impact dance-based workout designed specifically for boomers and seniors. Workout routines combine salsa, merengue, flamenco and cumbia moves with fun music. For those that would prefer to work out in the comfort of their own home, there is also a Zumba Gold “Live it Up” DVD collection that offers 3 discs with workouts, as well as advice from experts in the fields of nutrition, brain health, enhancing your well-being and more.

The program was created by 71-year-old Joy Prouty, a veteran in the fitness industry and a former Rockette. “From cardio to toning, this collection brings together some of Zumba’s most popular offerings in a format enabling older adults to rediscover the energy of their youth,” said Prouty. To learn more about Zumba Gold, purchase the Zumba Gold “Live it Up” DVDs and find a class near you Workout Safety Tips Whenever beginning a new fitness activity or program, make sure you do it safely. • Wear comfortable shoes that fit well. • Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids. • Listen to your body. If it hurts or it feels like too much, stop. You also need to be aware of danger signs while exercising. Stop the activity and call your doctor or 911 if you experience pain or pressure in your chest, arms, neck or jaw; feel lightheaded, nauseated or weak; become short of breath; develop pain in your legs, calves or back; or feel like your heart is beating too fast or skipping beats. “It’s important to see your doctor before beginning any workout routine to receive a thorough cardiovascular evaluation,” said Bauer. “Once you’ve been cleared by your doctor, I recommend starting out slowly.” Pick an Activity that You Will Enjoy The best way to find a regimen that will stick is to choose something that you enjoy. You’ll be more likely to stick with it and reap all the benefits the physical activity has to offer. Bauer adds that a program like Zumba Gold is great because, if you enjoy dancing, it won’t feel like exercise and it can also be a social outlet: “Combining physical activity with social time is a total win-win.” Family Features

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