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Photography by Richard Evans

Florida Fashion Week

By Richard Ramos Photography by Jim France

Everyone likes fashions for its glamour and trends. The image of seeing new designs coupled with high energy music gives us unlimited ideas, of what could be heading towards our closets. If you enjoy the fashion shows in Paris, New York and other locations, the Florida Fashion Week would have been no exception. This year, hosting an unforgettable event, Florida Fashion Week kicked off in Naples, Florida; internationally recognized for Bentley’s, estate homes and beautiful weather. Fashion and culinary enthusiasts came out to celebrate personal style and support the St. Matthews House of Southwest Florida. Florida Fashion Week has grown to become the premier industry event of the year, bringing together everyone from the fashion and culinary industry including. The event included designers, chefs, mixologists and artists, to create a week like no other. Running for its second season, Florida Fashion Week unleashed its creative and colorful vision to a packed group of attendees that had a great appreciation for new trends. 142 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

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