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Maserati of Central Florida - 525 South Lake Destiny Drive - Orlando - Florida 32810 - 407.667.4300

Photography by Steven Popovich

All my classmates taunted us regularly and relentlessly because of our boyish figure. It wasn’t until later in life I wished I could have that boyish figure back and the freedom to eat chocolate and Doritos guilt free. My shame of her waif like body left her sweaty and miserable almost every summer, yet, she never complained and always had the fortitude to carry me on any new adventure I desired. As the years passed she began to change her appearance by growing two little lumps on her scrawny frame, unmanageable hair and a set of crooked teeth making her look like a really ugly boy, again, I was unsympathetic. Even with all my loathing she stayed true to me by being strong, healthy and agile allowing me to play, swim, learn and explore the world around us.

My Body and I Have A Story To Tell…

By Agi Smith

My body and I have a long history together and it wasn’t until recently that I recognized the true friendship and loyalty she has unrelentingly given me. I have no recollection of when she was tiny, pudgy and cute, although I wish I did, because it may have been the only time I would have looked at her with non-judgmental eyes. In grade school she embarrassed me regularly because she was so darn skinny. Everyday I would look for creative ways to hide her by dressing her in baggy pants and oversized tops just to conceal those bird legs. No matter how much chocolate I shoved in her mouth or Doritos I forced her to munch on she just wouldn’t gain a pound. 22 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

The entry into puberty brought continuous change and I stayed committed to hating her for not mutating in a way I believed would have brought both of us joy. We were clearly not on the same page. I pushed her daily to exercise and eat only what I thought would serve me not her. We spent our entire twenties fighting like two old ladies. Just like a couple heading for divorce we grew to hate each other, only in this case, there wasn’t a judge in the land who would be able to separate us. I was stuck with her and she was stuck with me. She was always asking for food or sleep and the more she asked the less I gave her. Instead, I would punish her with hours of aerobics to Olivia Newton John’s Let’s Get Physical. She had no idea the pressure I was under to make her look good. By the time we arrived to our thirties we were at an all out war with each other until one day in our late thirties, my body and I decided to change the world… we got pregnant. During this time it was my turn to show compassion towards my body as she stretched, bloated, got sick and winced in pain. I even allowed her to eat all the foods she craved; chips and lots of French fries - I still allow her a generous amount of flexibility when it comes to French fries. During the pregnancy she betrayed me again, allowing our boobs to grow into the size of two peaches on Barry Bonds type steroids. continued on page 25...

Towards the end of our pregnancy she was stretched as far as she could be without popping and I was exhausted listening to her kvetch for the past nine months, but we were a united front. Together we gave birth to the most beautiful little spirit, she was pink and perfect, until… the doctor told us she was very ill and would probably “not make it!” Not make it… Like a fly stuck in a jar I was bouncing around in my brain feeling helpless and scared. My body, well, she was calm and knew exactly what to do. She marched into the ICU and told the nurse to hand that baby over to her then she created another miracle… she began to feed our precious baby with the two most valuable assets we had… our breasts. Eleven years later, our baby girl continues to be our little miracle. Today, I stand before myself in the mirror and see the hips that were once boyish padded with love, love that carried our little girl for years every time she looked up at us and said, “uppy.” Our face is lined with wrinkles, wrinkles that were once an enemy, now they represent pages in our book of life and they tell the story of a beautiful friendship between my body and my mind. Together we have traveled, chased dreams and have now begun to grow old…er. We are kindred spirits brought together in this life span and she has generously loaned me her vessel to help me sail through my journey of this existence. A day – hopefully a long

time from now - will come when we must part ways and I will need to lay her down to rest permanently. Now days, I try to tell her how much I love her, how beautiful she is and how sorry I am for the years I abused, disrespected or let her down. She rewards me daily with a renewed sense of energy and continuous health. Every morning she places our two feet on the ground and takes us anywhere I wish to go. At times I still look at her and feel disappointed in her shape and how she is beginning to show the signs of an old weathered ship, but then I remind myself how far we have come and how we still have so much to do. I love my body, and she has shown me time and again how much she loves me. She is beautiful, superlative and uniquely one of a kind. We are perfect together and I am eternally grateful for her choosing to take me on this glorious ride. My body and I have a long ways to go with many more stories to tell, but for now, I am happy to say that we are a true love story…

Whimsical and Grandiloquent Art Characterized by a unique style and precise designs where the combination of a matte-shine effect on gold, and meticulous craftsmanship make for exceptional jewelry pieces where gold and precious stones come to life. This collection is inspired by the embroidery, fabrics, and colors of Spain’s Golden Age. This touch of color and these brocades can be seen in pieces crafted in yellow or white gold with amethyst presented as grandiloquent and whimsical art. Jewelry with generous volumes and rich decoration where the characteristic and signature Carrera y Carrera matte-gloss effect can be appreciated. Refined and ornate pieces reflect the image-preoccupied culture that existed during this period. For Carrera y Carrera, its link to Spain is essential as a source of inspiration for the development of its collections. The entire creative and development process of each jewelry piece takes place wholly in the Madrid workshop. Each step in the creation of a piece is influenced by the Spanish character that has become one of the fundamental pillars in the evolution of the company’s excellent trajectory throughout its history. Carrera y Carrera endures thanks to a standard of incalculable value – the savoir faire of the nearly 60 jewelers who work in its Madrid workshop, where tradition and the expertise of master goldsmiths are joined together. It is here that each jewelry piece is crafted entirely by hand, giving each one a flawless grandeur.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s important to protect and care for it in order to keep it looking healthy and vibrant. Daily exposure to elements such as low humidity, harsh winds, ultraviolet rays, even your laundry detergent and makeup can take their toll, resulting in dry or irritated skin. Properly caring for your skin means more than simply washing your face twice a day. Moisture, exfoliation and diet also play key roles in your skin’s overall wellbeing. Following these simple tips will help you achieve an all-over healthy glow: Healthy Living • Adopt healthy lifestyle changes that reap rewards for your entire body, skin included. Drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, practice stress management, take a daily multivitamin and eat a well-balanced diet. • Be sure to use sunscreen when outdoors to protect skin from the sun’s damaging rays and slow down the development of premature aging. Remember to apply sunscreen every day, even when it’s overcast, and reapply regularly if you’ll be in the water or active and sweaty. • For a natural sun-kissed glow without the harmful impact of the sun’s rays, rely on a moisturizing self-tanner lotion or spray. In the Shower • Avoid long showers, especially with hot water, which dries out skin. Lukewarm water is best for preserving natural oils. For your face, a slightly cooler rinse can help close pores after cleansing, but avoid outright cold water, as it also can have a drying effect. • Use a moisture-rich body wash such as Softsoap Coconut Island Quench enriched with coconut oil. This moisturizing formula will leave skin feeling soft and smooth. • Use a loofah sponge in the shower to gently exfoliate dead skin. To prevent unnecessary exposure to bacteria that could irritate your skin, be sure to replace your loofah every month.

Skincare Secrets FAMILY FEATURES

Spa-like Indulgence • Take a note from the pros and remove makeup, bacteria and dirt the natural way, with coconut oil or olive oil. Follow with a cleanser and moisturizer appropriate for your skin type for a fresh, well-hydrated face. • A gentle exfoliating body scrub lets you lightly exfoliate and renew your skin’s surface, while helping retain natural moisture. You can find recipes online featuring household items such as sugar or salt, or keep it simple with a store-bought option such as Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub with jojoba butter and crushed coconut extracts. The formula gently exfoliate skin’s surface while helping retain natural moisture for soft, supple skin. • A body massage not only helps to ease tired muscles and relieve stress, but it will awaken your skin. Use a hand-held massager on your arms and legs to give your skin – and your spirits – a welcome boost.

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Every Woman Should Take to the Doctor


Tip #2: Your Sexual History will Impact Your Fertility Future: Knowing your sexual history and having an open line of communication with your doctor can help improve your ability to conceive. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale University School of Medicine says, “Whether or not you’re trying to get pregnant, it is important to know your body and to have a good relationship with your OB/GYN – you should never feel intimidated or embarrassed to talk about your sexual activity, menstrual cycle and health. If you are trying to get pregnant, knowing your history will help your doctor discuss a specific fertility plan, and help you make any lifestyle changes that will best condition your body and overall health for your pregnancy journey.” Tip #3: Know the Risks Before You Begin Trying: Be aware of potential risk factors and take action before you and your partner begin trying to get pregnant. Unless you and your partner are paying for lengthy medical tests and procedures, there is no way to know whether you will struggle to conceive. But before running to your doctor, be aware of a few important factors that may affect your ability to conceive. As Barbara Collura, President/CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association explains, “The guidelines state that you should seek the advice of a fertility specialist if you are under 35 and have been trying to get pregnant for 12 months or over 35 and have been trying for 6 months, but factors such as being overweight or underweight, tobacco and alcohol use, and prior health issues such as surgeries can all impact your fertility and chances of conception.” 30 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Tip #4: A Healthy Combination of Good Medical, Mental and Financial Health is the Cornerstone to a Positive Family Planning Experience: When it comes to trying to get pregnant, being in good health is not just physical – it’s mental and financial too. “Planning to start your family is an important conversation for both partners to have so they can get on the same page about the major issues and responsibilities of raising a child. Seeking the counsel of your physician for preconception care and taking folic acid before you are pregnant are important early steps to take,” says Dr. Diane Ashton, VP for Health Equity and Deputy Medical Director of Medical Affairs at the March of Dimes. “In addition to going to the doctor and making important lifestyle changes, budgeting for baby, and making sure you are both emotionally ready to balance your careers and free time with having a family is also very important.” Tip #5: Talk to your Healthcare Provider, at least Once a Year: Your healthcare provider plays an important role in your journey, from pre-conception and through pregnancy and birth. Surprisingly, the Yale study revealed that 50% of women had never discussed their reproductive health with their medical provider, showcasing the need for more conversations between doctors and patients. Dr. Elizabeth Yepez, a board certified OB/GYN and Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine says that, “Our role as medical professionals is to provide an open forum for women to communicate and be engaged and informed about their health and lifestyle choices, and to ultimately empower them to make decisions about their health and well-being.” Tip #6: Know Sooner: When it comes to fertility and conception, it’s more important than ever to know the facts and the risks sooner for a less stressful conception journey. Confirming pregnancy as soon as possible is important for women to make lifestyle changes and initiate prenatal care as close to conception as possible. To best help women get the answers they need sooner there is , First Response Gold™ Digital Pregnancy Test and Early Result Pregnancy Tests, which were both cleared by the FDA to determine if a woman is pregnant up to six days sooner than her missed period and with over 99% accuracy.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Tip #1: Understand Your Ovulation Cycle: Understanding your ovulation cycle is a simple and basic step in maintaining good overall reproductive health, especially for women who are trying to get pregnant. A recent study conducted by the maker of First Response and researchers from Yale School of Medicine revealed that 40% of women were not aware of the timing of ovulation in relation to their period, and 60% incorrectly believed that intercourse should be timed after ovulation to maximize chance of conception. To alleviate the guesswork and stress around a woman’s cycle, First Response has introduced their new global smartphone app, the First Response Tracker, available for iPhone and Android users. The app not only keeps track of a woman’s period and ovulation cycles, but also calculates her most fertile days and, if pregnant, will estimate how far along she is and predict her due date.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

For women today, a yearly check-up with your healthcare provider is an essential part of maintaining your fertility health at every age. The maker of First Response™ the leading brand of pregnancy tests, has asked their panel of experts to share tips every woman should take to her doctor to maintain optimal fertility health at every age.

Beauty Queen Look Like a

on a Budget By Lindsey Walker

Competing in beauty pageants is an amazing experience and can also be a costly one...but it always doesn't have to be. In this article owners of Eye For Design Hair company, also the official hair sponsors of quite a few of the Miss USA Pageants are giving you give the tricks of the trade, allowing you to look just like a beauty queen but on a budget. There are so many components that go into successfully competing in a pageant: the hair, the makeup, the gown, the pageant coach, the fitness trainer, the interview suit, the list can go on and on and so does the cost!

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RPM Productions, Inc. Official Preliminaries to the MISS USA速 and MISS TEEN USA速 Pageants

Kristen Girault Miss Louisiana USA 2013, Ashley Love-Mills, Miss North Carolina USA 2013, Megan Pinckney Miss South Carolina USA 2013 and Mary Margaret McCord Miss Alabama USA 2013.

Hair: in pageants the majority of the girls are wearing hair

extensions. The hair extensions can cost between $140 to $1,500. The majority of this cost is the installation method. If you are using tape, fusion, micro beads, or sew -in the cost, not including the hair, can be between $150 - $1250.00. To save money but still look fabulous use quality clip-in Remy human hair extensions. Eye for Design's clip-in Remy human hair extensions cost from $140 - $250. Their hair extensions are 100% human hair and can be easily colored, curled and styled. There isn't any installation cost because you can install them yourself! Eye for Design will sends all their new and returning customers hair care instructions and application video. - savings - up to $1250 dollars

Make up: Some pageant systems do not allow makeup artist back stage. This means that the contestants have to do their own make up, Yikes! So hiring a makeup artist to teach you how to apply pageant make up is a necessary expense. The cost is $50 $150 per session. But to keep cost down go to your favorite make up counter (Mac or Bobby Brown are mine)and ask one of the popular artist to teach you how to apply make up. The only cost is the makeup (which you need) and have to buy. - savings up to $180.00

Gown: The evening gown is one of the most important parts of a pageant, so it must be fabulous! Cost is from $300 - $4000. The interview suit, shoes, jewelry can also be expensive. Cost is fron $200 - $1000. Luckily you can look fabulous without breaking your bank! The best way to save money on your gown is to go to an evening gown resale store. Naples Florida has a large number of resale stores. One of the most popular ones is The Dress Shop.

Another great way is online and Facebook Pageant Resale Shops. They re-sale everything related to pageants so you can easily find your suit, shoes, and accessories there. But be sure to know their refund policy before you purchase. - savings $ 1000 - $3000

Coach: A pageant coach is one thing that every first time con-

testant should invest in. Cost is $50 - $300. With Pageant coaches you do not want to bufget the quality of the coaching because like many things in life, you get what you paid for. Therefore the only way to save on this cost is to find a sponsor that will pay for it.

Fitness trainer: A lot of hard work and dedication goes

into preparing for a pageant and eating healthy and doing fitness training is one of them. Hiring a nutritionist/ fitness trainer is important but often expensive, $50 to $90 an hour. You cannot leave fitness out, but you can reduce the costs and even eliminate it. There are great online fitness sources. YouTube is a great resource with trainers like Jillian Micheals. There are also websites like Daily Burn that gives classes and tips on nutrition. - Savings $200 - $360

So in the end looking like a beauty pageant winner can be done on a budget when you take the time to research the different outlets available. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 33

Fashion & Style Tiffany Enchant Keys (clockwise from top): primrose key pendant of diamonds in platinum and 18 karat rose gold; quatra heart pendant with pink and white diamonds in platinum and 18 karat rose gold; primrose key pendant of diamonds in platinum; scallop key pendant with yellow and white diamonds in platinum and 18 karat gold. Chain sold separately.

Tiffany & Co.


essence of chic sophistication, the premier jeweler of elegant simplicity.

(from top) Tiffany turquoise and diamond pendants in platinum, from the 2013 Blue Book Collection turquoise bordered with diamonds, turquoise with an overlay of diamonds.

Tiffany heart-shaped solitaire diamond ring in platinum.

Diamond engagement rings in platinum and 18 karat gold by Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany & Co. Ziegfeld locket in sterling silver. From The Great Gatsby collection by Tiffany & Co. Tiffany accessories in grain leather (clockwise from top): card case in Tiffany Blue速, loop tassel key chain in light camel, loop tassel key chain in Tiffany Blue速, flip tab french continental wallet in navy, continental wallet in cotton, flip tab continental wallet in light camel.

(from left) Tiffany Mercer zip tote in bright moss grain leather, Emerson flag shoulder bag in cognac, Astrid zip top handle clutch in bright moss vachetta leather. 36 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Tiffany Kensington bucket hobos in grain leather (from left): poppy/gold, camel/gold.

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 37

Beauty & Care

Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume by Lancome - This women's perfume features top notes of raspberry and rose with hints of cedar, musk, and vanilla.

Lanvin Jeanne Lanvin Couture Perfume Sparkling raspberry and powdery violet leaves descend into a heart of sensual peony and magnolia, while a dry down of musk and cedar wood leave a distinctively couture trail.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Perfume - Fruity raspberry and tangerine combine together with notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and sandalwood for a delicious aroma that will last all day long.



As autumn approaches, we begin to transition our wardrobes by parting ways with our favorite Daisy Dukes and welcoming back our trusty leggings. However, one important wardrobe transition that many of us overlook is our perfume of choice. Similar to clothes, during the colder seasons we can (and should) wear 'heavier' fragrances that have richer, fuller top notes. And, according to fragrance experts, one of most influential trends for this fall will be fragrances that feature dark, rich, plump and juicy berries - think blackberries, raspberries and currants.

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Parisienne Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent Sweet blackberry and deep violet notes are tempered by sandalwood, spicy patchouli, and musk in an appealing balance.

Beauty & Care



to keep you feeling


polished It's finally time to start thinking about stocking up your beach bag (and even your office drawer!) with must-have summer beauty products - From cooling facial sprays to SPF to illuminating lotions and everything in between. As you plan for summer pieces, I wanted to offer these new standout products. Amarte's next-generation sunscreen is here and it excels as a skin care/ sunscreen hybrid; lightweight, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging. jane iredale's ECOCERT Hydration Sprays cool and rejuvenate, and the Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion lends a subtle glow to reveal your inner sun goddess, even on days you're stuck in the office. AGUACLARA Swimwear

New jane iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion: A lightweight moisturizer that creates a subtle veil of shimmer designed to warm and smooth the complexion. It can be worn alone or paired with her favorite makeup. The natural formula rejuvenates and hydrates with botanical extracts, so it is gentle enough to be used on the face or body. It leaves skin soft and hydrated and imparts an irresistible golden glow. New jane iredale ECOCERT Hydration Sprays: Each of these three refreshing, uplifting sprays are 100 percent natural and have earned ECOCERT's Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification. They conceal pores and fine lines and quickly set mineral makeup for a smooth finish and long lasting hold. They may also be used as moisturizers under and over makeup, or to wet makeup brushes and create precise lines. Each formula offers its own unique ingredients, features and benefits to ensure a spritz for every skin type. o POMMISST Hydration Spray: Features the added benefit of pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant and UV protector. o Balance Hydration Spray: Balances skin's oil production and pH; Orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract and algae extract calm and feed the skin. o D2O Hydration Spray: Hydrates and plumps skin cells, ideal for anti-aging; features fragrant Ylang Ylang.

New Amarte Ultra Veil速: This incredibly light facial sunscreen fluid delivers Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50+ protection, creating a physical photo-protective veil to shield skin exposed to sunlight. Ginkgo biloba nut extract and five other botanical plant extracts protect and condition skin while offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote collagen and elastin balance. Caviar extract delivers a surge of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and finely processed pure mica imparts an elegant, glowing finish to treated skin.

New Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream: This finely pigmented moisturizing face tint brightens, softly conceals and protects with Broad Spectrum SPF 36 UVA/UVB protection, providing uniform coverage without caking or flaking for a long lasting, natural glow. Formulated with refined particles of titanium dioxide, rare argan oil, elemental sulfur and caviar extracts, the BB cream brightens, hydrates, heals and exfoliates the skin. 40 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Beauty & Care

OROGOLD's 24K Bio-Brightening Complex Peel is a weekly treatment to erase any sins of summer's past. Designed to purify and cleanse the skin while smoothing its texture, the formula gently polishes to reveal the next layer of younger looking skin.

Particularly common for people who tan or forgo sunscreen, these spots can often make your skin appear older. For those of us that would prefer to have youthful skin (no matter what our past transgressions), there are several products that can reduce the appearance or prevent sunspots. Specifically, readers should look for products that contain natural antioxidant ingredients that slow melanin production such as soy and vitamins A and C.

G.M. Collin's Phyto White Cream is ideal as a daily moisturizer to hydrate, nourish, prevent, reduce the appearance of dark spots and illuminate the skin for a complete anti-aging effect. Formulated with natural antioxidants, peptides, botanical extracts and amino acids, this cream works as an anti-inflammatory while protecting the skin against UV damage. (For spa locations nationwide go to

Follow the listed 4-Step Skin Care Regimen to rid those pesky spots the right and healthy way. G.M. Collin's Phytowhite Dark Spot Serum is targeted to uniformize skin tone irregularities and correct pigment distribution in the epidermis to keep the skin looking young and spotless. The local treatment is 100% tolerated by all skin types and helps correct and prevent pigmentation irregularities leaving the skin's complexion even and smooth. Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents protect the skin against UV damage, boosts skin luminosity, and lightens skin pigmentation. Use morning and/or evening on dark spots.

Amarte's Aqua Mist速 Toner is an instant complexion boost, this hydrating spray features a brightening formula that uses botanical ActivExtracts速 including arbutin to clarify and soften, all while toning and hydrating even the most sensitive skin. To use, spray on after cleansing and anytime throughout the day to refresh and brighten.

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Style & Beauty

SWIMS, the utmost in versatile footwear and a great option for beach and boating enthusiasts. Made with adaptable and breathable nylon and since they are entirely water-resistant, you can even throw them in your washing machine! The loafers also feature an anti-slip, natural rubber and non-marking sole and EVA insole with ventilation system. WWW.SWIMS.COM

Aspen Yoga Mats are custom embroidered yoga mats that come in 5 colors with 5 embroidered designs. Choose the color mat by reading about your personality traits on our label. Match the color with the embroidered design that speaks to you. WWW.ASPENYOGAMATS.COM

The mitoquinol molecule is the newest patented antioxidant to hit the U.S. market through the breakthrough anti-aging face cream, MitoQ. MitoQ is considered to be the most potent antioxidant on the market to date and proven to be 1,000x stronger than CoQ10. Developed over 10 years of rigorous research and development, it is the only topical cream proven to deliver antioxidants to mitochondria at levels shown to have an immense effect in rejuvenating the cells, encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin and leaving skin looking radiant with a lit-fromwithin glow. WWW.MITOQ.COM

CozyChic Throw - Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner enjoyed some relaxation time snuggling up in Barefoot Dreams! WWW.BAREFOOTDREAMS.COM

jane iredale - THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® celebrates seven years of partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer® with the launch of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray. One hundred percent of profits from the sale of Smell the Roses Hydration Spray will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer® in support of women affected by breast cancer. This moisturizing facial spritz features organic Rose Damascena Flower Water which is an excellent skin tonic and cleanses the skin, calms inflammation and reduces redness without disturbing its natural protective shield. The refreshing and uplifting rose fragrance de-stresses and promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing. Smell the Roses is recommended for any skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin, but may also be used as a moisturizer for oily skin or to wet makeup brushes to create precise lines. WWW.JANEIREDALE.COM

The new City Nights Collection from jane iredale - THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® delivers radiant fall makeup inspired by the glamour and energy of a night out on the town. For eyes, a trio of matte pearl, shimmery port wine and toasted caramel shadows and gel eyeliners in flirtatious jewel tones; for lips, a nourishing lipstick and gloss in pigmented shades of plum. WWW.JANEIREDALE.COM

Repêchage Spa Body Wash Travel Size: Aromatic, soap-free foaming gel cleanses the body naturally while conditioning all skin types. Infused with seven natural essential oils including Orange, Lime, Coriander and Mint and natural sea plants. Sea Spa Body Wash makes the perfect addition to your bath or shower. Leaves skin clean, smooth and hydrated. WWW.REPÊCHAGE.COM FOCUS of SWFL 2014 45

Fashion & Style

YSL Must-Have Set, $75 - a $127 value



A unique seasonal opportunity to shop brand merchandise at amazing prices Paige Skyline Ankle Jean, $119.90, After Sale $189 - Celsea 28 Ballet Sweater, $44.90, After Sale $68

Hugo Boss Suit - $599.90 Sale, $895 After Sale; Dress Shirt - $82.90 Sale, $125 After Sale; Tie - $62.90 Sale, $95 After Sale

Starting from July 18th to August 3rd. Stock up on must-haves and shop brands like rag & bone, Rebecca Minkoff, Vince, Frye, Diane von Furstenberg, Hugo Boss, The Honest Company, Alexis Bittar, J Brand, Tumi, Michael Kors and more. Prices only last for two weeks, and all Anniversary Sale merchandise will return to full price on August 4th.

Zella Hoodie, $49.90, After Sale $78 Doubletime Bra, $31.90, After Sale $48 Live-In Capris, $31.90, After Sale $48 Michael Kors Bradshaw Chronograph Bracelet Watch - $149.90 Sale, $250 After Sale

Topshop Textured Crop Tee, $41.90 Sale, $64 After Sale - Textured Midi Skirt, $59.90 Sale, $90 After Sale

Clarisonic Mia 2 Set , $149, a $221 value FOCUS of SWFL 2014 47

Women in business

By Ginny Grimsley

It’s a question I hear frequently as more and more women strike out on their own, whether it’s to start their own company, write a book, turn their great idea into a product, or otherwise monetize their talents. The number of women-owned businesses in this country is growing 1.5 times faster than the national average. From 1997 to 2011, they increased by 50 percent. I love seeing this surge of confidence! Putting yourself out there is risky, but it’s better to try and fail then to spend a lifetime wondering, “What if?” Yes, I do have a favorite piece of advice for women in business but first, a word about a project that gleans wisdom from dozens of us female entrepreneurs. “One Red Lipstick” is a documentary, book and website being created to advise, encourage, inspire and empower the more than 200,000 women launching U.S. businesses each year. Filmmaker Spenser Chapple (Tiny Elephant Films) has received great support for the project on KickStarter, where she has already met her minimum goal -- the amount necessary to finish the film and book -- and has until June 28 to raise an additional $5,000. That will cover expenses associated with editing and distribution. I’m excited to be featured in “One Red Lipstick” (the title comes from the emboldening power of red lipstick). I believe, like Spenser, that women working together have tremendous strength, and that there’s a lot we can do to help each other succeed as entrepreneurs. And we do need to help each other. Despite the fact that our businesses added 500,000 jobs over 10 years while other privately held firms lost jobs, we’re also less likely than men to borrow money to expand, so our businesses are smaller. They’re more likely to fail and, despite the huge number of sales receipts we ring up, the total is still disproportionately less than our male counterparts. That information, by the way, comes from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s “Women-Owned Businesses in the 21st Century” report. It details the hurdles we still must overcome: the legacy of a long history of discrimination; our tendency to be risk-adverse; and even some of the ventures that we choose. The report says we can help ourselves by creating more supportive networks, having access to more information, and finding mentors. That last point gave me pause. When I launched my first business, there were comparatively few female CEOs, and certainly no internet to foster communication among them. I learned how to run a business mostly through good old trial and error. That’s also how I figured out how to balance that work with my roles as mother, wife and daughter, and how to fit in time volunteering for the community organizations I valued. About Marsha Friedman Marsha Friedman is a 24-year veteran of the public relations industry. She is the CEO of EMSI Public Relations, a national firm that provides PR strategy and publicity services to businesses, professional firms, entertainers and authors. Marsha is the author of Celebritize Yourself and can be heard weekly on her Blog Talk Radio Show, EMSI’s PR Insider.

But women don’t have to go it alone anymore, and nor should we. Which is why I welcome questions like, “What’s your best advice for women in business?” Here it is: Know your audience. Because guess what? It’s you! Women account for 73 percent to 85 percent of all consumer decisions (according to Boston Consulting Group, Competitive Edge Magazine, and TrendSight Group founder Marti Barletta),. From the grocery store to the automobile dealership to the tech industry, women drive purchasing. You need to communicate with that audience in mind. No, you don’t want to exclude men, but you also need to be sure your message appeals to women. As a woman, I’m a sucker for honesty and sincerity. I’m turned off by condescension. Unless the writer is somebody I already know and respect, I have little tolerance for preaching, judgment, or demands. Any message that takes those things into account will work for men, too. Whether you’re writing marketing copy, posting on social media, or working on an article or newsletter, if your goal is to turn your readers into buyers, you need to write with your audience in mind. That’s not so hard – if you’re a woman. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 51

Grow Your


By Berny Dohrmann

As the chairman of one of the world’s largest business support organizations, I’ve encountered countless prospective entrepreneurs trying to put their ideas into action by launching a business. My experiences have given me a unique insight into what makes and breaks a business in today’s market. Here are eight essential tips for shaping a good idea into a great business: 1. “You can’t build a business like a hobby project.” Entrepreneurship should never be a casual endeavor. Building a thriving business in today’s market means devoting yourself fully to the mission you intend to accomplish via the company. Setting your business aside for any length of time can lead it down a slippery slope you may not be able to crawl back up from. Keep yourself organized; set clear goals you can accomplish, and dedicate yourself to making sure your ideas come to fruition. 2. “Wrong sequence ends in business failure.” One of the biggest hurdles to business growth is the lack of a detailed planning system. No matter how big your idea is, expecting overnight success can cloud you to the practical considerations that can quickly grow larger than your ability to deal with them. Move your business forward one step at a time, and more importantly, know where you’re going before you try to get there. 3. “Advertising is naked without PR.” Flashy ads are no substitute for a well-thought out communications strategy. In the age of information, every business needs a sensible way to spread its ideas and brand to clients and consumers ready to buy. An idea is useless without a suitable voice to present it to the world. Build your advertisement strategy around the people best suited to get you to the next step of your objective. 4. “Never say NO to growth.” In today’s market, you can’t afford to miss the opportunities that can get you from one step to the next. While defining a plan for growth and future investment is necessary to guide your business decisions, nothing should ever be set in stone. 5. “The difference between wealth and income is how many people you benefit.” All the growth in the world means little if you do nothing to benefit those who helped you get there. Your team and periphery support network need to be included in the rewards in direct correlation with the effort they put into the business’s success.

While numbers need to be your first concern when it comes to sustaining yourself and your ideas in the market, make sure you measure your success by more than just a bottom line. 6. “As you grow IT, IT will grow you.” Don’t get tunnel vision when it comes to everyday business. In today’s business world, every connection you make can be a game-changing opportunity. Never walk away from the chance to shake hands with a potential partner no matter their value to you and your business at the moment. Grow your network every chance you get. 7. “Nothing will grow you more than growing your dreams.” While it’s important to consider all of your decisions through a filter of practicality, you should never be convinced you can’t achieve what you’ve set out to do. Businesses never fail because a dream is wrong; they fail because they choose the wrong path to achieve it. Remember that the more work you put into getting somewhere only makes the achievement more meaningful in the end. 8. “Competition slows everything down.” If your definition of progress includes hurting other companies along the way, you’re not on the fastest lane to success. Although the market environment may appear inherently competitive at first glance, a collaborative perspective on business can make everyone’s ideas a reality faster than they could through isolation and bitter fights for market share. Look at your competitors as potential partners and find a way forward for everyone involved.

About Berny Dohrmann Berny Dohrmann is chairman and founder of CEO Space International, one of the world’s largest support organizations for business owners. The inventor of Super Teaching, a Title I technology that accelerates retention for public schools, he is frequently a guest speaker on that topic to various nations, VIP conferences and television programs. As a member of the Dohrmann family, which operated the largest global resort-outfitting firm as Dohrmann Hotel Supply for several generations, he grew up with several business mentors, including Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Walt Disney, Warner Earnhardt, Bucky Fuller, Dr. Edward Deming and Jack Kennedy.

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Though much is made about millennials and their sense of responsibility (or lack thereof), new research suggests that when it comes to managing their money, this generation takes few risks. According to the TD Bank Financial Education Survey, 47 percent of millennials (adults ages 18 to 34) described their financial personality as being cautious when it comes to overall personal finance habits. A desire for more information to guide their money decisions was a common theme of the survey. “Millennials want more support with their personal finances,” said Nandita Bakhshi, executive vice president, Retail Distribution and Product, TD Bank. “They recognize that financial education is a key component of financial success, and they need to feel empowered so they become more confident about their financial futures.” According to the TD Bank survey, the majority (69 percent) of this generation has no formal financial education training. When it comes to looking for advice, millennials are relying primarily on banks and their families for answers. “By arming themselves with information, this generation can take steps now to begin developing a sound financial future,” Bakhshi said. Beyond the Basics Savings account options vary from simple accounts (generally with lower minimum balance requirements, but also lower rates of return) to more sophisticated accounts that reward you with higher interest rates as your balance grows. • Consider opening a savings account at the same bank as your main checking account. Many banks offer special benefits for having multiple accounts such as lower balance requirements or higher interest rates. • Look for accounts that offer low or no maintenance fees or ones that waive the fee as long as you maintain a low minimum balance. 54 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

• Inquire about special goal-oriented accounts that generally allow lower balances and can help ensure you reach your target. Credit cards allow you to borrow money to pay for products or services. The upside is that responsible credit card management can boost your credit score, qualifying you for lower interest rates in the future. However, it is important to avoid getting overextended with debt. • Compare costs (the interest rate, as well as charges, such as annual and balance transfer fees) versus rewards. While free is always appealing, remember that modest fees may be worth the expense in exchange for robust mileage or cash-back programs. • Confirm payment details, including minimum payment requirements, payment deadlines and the grace period. • Commit to always paying on time to avoid late fees and penalties to your credit score, and avoid paying only the minimum to keep your debt low. Budgeting a monthly financial plan can help reduce stress while learning how to better manage your money. • Avoid the mistake of only budgeting for major bills. Make sure to include monthly expenses such as a rent, groceries or gym memberships. • Remember to pay yourself and allocate money for savings. • Subtract your total monthly expenses from your monthly income. If you have a surplus, determine how you’ll use it (such as devoting more to savings). If the balance is negative, make adjustments to ensure you’re living within your means.

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When it comes to offering specialized, one-on-one support and niche product offerings, nothing beats shopping with a locally-owned small business. In a recent survey fielded by The UPS Store to get the pulse of business in America, 94 percent of consumers believe that supporting small companies within their community is important. The survey also found that consumers are increasingly willing to spend more money and travel further out of their way to shop with a small business. “We know that small businesses are a vital part of our neighborhoods and our entire economy,” said Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store. “Small business owners, from startups to well-established neighborhood businesses, have the ability to make a big impact within their community and beyond.” As an entrepreneur, you may wonder how you can cash in on this rising popularity and expand your own enterprise to reach these quality-seeking customers. Here are a few ways to make a big impact with your small business:


1. Go above and beyond for customers While it seems companies keep getting bigger, instances of excellent customer service seem to be dwindling. Due to this widespread lack of quality, many individuals are choosing to support small business when it comes to obtaining what they need. Small companies have the unique opportunity to provide one-on-one attention to their customers. Those who excel at enticing and serving customers set themselves apart from the competition. 2. Get involved in your community Some of the best marketing you can provide your small company is with involvement in philanthropic efforts in your local community. Though restricted budgets cause some small businesses to keep charity to a minimum, there are a variety of other meaningful ways to show your organization’s generosity. Give your time to charitable causes related to your field. For example, if you sell pet products, offer to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Or, if your field is architecture, get your company involved in organizations that build homes for families in need. If you have employees, encourage them to also help out. Sponsor a company-wide volunteer event at a local food pantry or offer paid time off for such charitable endeavors. 3. Make products and services stand out As a small business owner, you have the advantage over big box stores who lack specialized knowledge. Offer your customer base a niche product or service that can’t be found elsewhere. Give them quality, both in the product and customer support, and your business will reap the rewards of happy, repeat customers and word-of-mouth promotion. If you offer several products, but find that most customers want only one or two offerings, focus on increasing the quality on that area of business. 4. Share your knowledge through education and mentorship As a small business owner, you offer those within your community a unique background and expertise. One of the easiest ways to give back is by educating eager minds interested in your field. Whether lecturing at the local college or getting involved in a mentorship program, presenting yourself as a

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respected colleague not only sheds a positive light on your company, it also helps you build relationships. These relationships can be informal or you can team up with an organization like SCORE to volunteer as a mentor. For more information, visit 5. Expand your reach through technology Social media allows small businesses to reach a global population like never before. Start small with just one social media outlet and then build on your presence from there. If you have a marketing team, ask that they maintain the account, or hire an outside consultant. Your website is also a powerful tool, so make sure it reflects your business in the way you want to be portrayed. Regularly update your site to keep it current with the changing times. Also, make sure your website is optimized so more people looking for your unique products and services can easily find you. For other tips for growing your business, visit Small Business, Big Impact For The UPS Store small business customer and author Fred Koehler, making an impact on people’s lives is what gives him genuine satisfaction. “My small business is not as small as you might think. Through the stories I tell, I get to impact the lives of parents and kids all around the world.” This celebrated children’s book author of “How to Cheer Up Dad” believes that being an active community member has shaped his success, expanding his business to new heights. Like Koehler’s story? Read more at:

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Are You a

Century Leader

By Corrine Sandler

The wise general understands that to fight and win all of your battles is not supreme excellence. Supreme excellence, rather, is breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. Business leadership in the past was dominated by managers who ruled from the top down; organizational hierarchies were structured along military lines and people climbed the ranks. But today’s wise general needs to be like Sun Tzu, the ancient philosopher who went on to become one of history’s greatest military commanders. Twenty-first century leaders are reshaping the best-led global companies. Authentic leaders need to be focused on customers and not on serving short-term shareholders.

Managing and directing employees involves a great understanding and application of emotional intelligence, which leaders, wise generals and CEOs too often simply ignore or don’t understand. As a leader deploying your troops, you’ve got to engage them in your vision, connect with them, and assure cohesiveness among them. The good news is that this distinguishing feature of your personal nature can be strengthened over time. Through experience I have learned the importance of acquiring and using emotional intelligence because of its impact on business success.

A leader is best when " people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

If you are a wise general you will come to work to empower your colleagues and your customers. I have a famous saying: “I come to work each day to delight my customers; the result is I make money.” In the 21st century the most successful leaders focus on creating superior performance by aligning people around a corporate culture and living and breathing that culture while concentrating on wowing customers. In my book, “Wake Up or Die,” a comprehensive guide to the use of intelligence in the contemporary business environment, I talk about one of the most important traits for a wise general or leader today: emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence (EI) -- or in casual shorthand, EQ (emotional quotient) -- helps define both incoming and outgoing behaviors, either of which can be detrimental to simple relations like customer service and co-worker partnerships. The biggest surprise for me has been the impact of EI in the world of business, particularly in the areas of leadership and employee development.


Lao Tzu

The Harvard Business Review has hailed emotional intelligence as “a ground-breaking, paradigm-shattering idea,” one of the most influential business ideas of the decade. I believe EI to be so vital to the success of any organization that I have devoted an entire chapter in my book to it. About Corrine Sandler Corrine Sandler is the founder and CEO of Fresh Intelligence Research Corp, a global market research agency; international professional speaker and author of “Wake Up or Die,” a new book that applies lessons from Sun Tzu’s ancient classic, “The Art of War,” to contemporary businesses. Corrine has been on Profit’s top 100 Female Entrepreneurs list two years in a row. With more than 20 years’ experience, she has established a reputation for unparalleled consumer understanding and insight development working with Fortune 500 companies.

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Scent of

Success Ermenegildo Zegna introduces Haitian Vetiver to the exclusive Essenze Collection. Like the original fine fragrances that launched the Collection, Italian Bergamot, Sicilian Mandarin, Javanese Patchouli, Indonesian Oud and Florentine Iris, Haitian Vetiver is its own expression of one signature raw material with its own unique provenance. Discerningly sourced. Brilliantly composed. Like the finest tailored designs. The sophisticated star ingredient, Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), a tropical fragrant grass with noble roots, derives from a single, private crop, produced exclusively for the House of Ermenegildo Zegna. Grown in Les Cayes in south west Haiti, it is planted and harvested for the sole purpose of creating Essenze. Essenze’s Haitian Vetiver celebrates the guiding sensitive hands that touch, feel, select and embody the world of true craftsmanship. Due to the Caribbean island’s hot, bright climate and rich, nutrient soil, Vetiver grows steady and abundantly all year. These conditions, paired with the time-honored expertise of the region’s farmers, are the driving force behind the country’s reputation for producing the most coveted Vetiver in the world.

Farmers meticulously unearth the plant, after growing for 12 to 18 months and forming a dense root network deep in the soil. Utilizing practices passed down through the generations, the cultivators then clean and dry the roots, before extracting the essential oils through steam distillation. The result: intensely fragrant oil with an earthy-woody aroma. As the sixth fragrance of the Essenze Collection, the Haitian Vetiver construction is distinctively paired with exclusively grown Zegna Italian Bergamot from Calabria, Italy the common thread that unites the six scents of the Essenze Collection. The complete olfactive structure of Haitian Vetiver includes threads of Neroli for a masterful blend that infuses bright, uplifting character into the luxurious depth of Carrot Seed SFE and Orris. Just as Ermenegildo Zegna uses only the finest fibers and fabrics to create its iconic fashion collection, the Essenze Collection is crafted from the most exquisite raw materials, recast as an exotic essence. Extending a work of hands from earth to atelier. From cultivation to fabrication. Each fragrance in the Essenze Collection is housed in a modern glass bottle and features a custom label with a corresponding colored border that reflects the key notes in each scent. It found exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store in New York City, Neiman Marcus stores in San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston, and Ermenegildo Zegna boutiques, and be available online at, 62 FOCUS of SWFL 2014


Cruising By Tony William

The new Riva 63' Virtus is the product of a close working relationship between Officina Italiana Design, the studio that exclusively designs all yachts in the Riva range, the AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, the Ferretti Group's naval research and design centre, and the team of architects and designers at Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. The new model has been designed as a sporty yacht, created for owners wishing to experience the sea first hand. Riva reinterprets the concept of an open yacht with a model featuring a typical Mediterranean style which maintains the unmistakable elegance of all the shipyard's models: class, refinement and clean lines. These are also found in and on the new Riva 63' Virtus, flagship of the Riva opens, a model designed to last. Created following the lines of the 63' Vertigo, a classical, highly successful Riva model, Virtus recaptures the strong character of the Rivale, another Riva open boat which has marked the shipyard's history, but uses larger spaces which guarantee excellent liveability and total on-board comfort. The exteriors feature spacious areas which enable owners to enjoy the yacht in the company of their guests, also thanks to two large sundecks, one at bow and one astern, under which the garage for the tender is located. This sociable aspect of the yacht is also extended to the helm area, where the driving seat consists of a three seater sofa, enabling owners to share the pleasure of driving the yacht with their guests. Moreover, it is protected by a large windshield with a double curve which ensures comfort while cruising.

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The cockpit is spacious, comfortable and equipped with a fridge, sink and - upon request - a grill. In the cockpit there are three sofas, one of which Lshaped, located on the port hand side, one astern and a third equipped with a system which slides and enables to move closer to the varnished teak table which has a flip up section. Moreover, the cockpit is covered with a large, electro-hydraulically operated bimini which can also be kept open whilst running. Typical of Riva, the class and attention to fine detail is evident in the cleats and in the electric winches skilfully concealed to ensure aesthetic fluidity. Painstaking attention has also been paid to creating the functional, well-designed instrument mast in line with the style of all Riva open models. The interior fittings have been studied in such a way as to attain the very best availability in terms of space and comfort, with a large salon which makes it possible to place a wooden table, able to accomodate up to six in this area, without having to reduce the size of the galley. Riva 63' Virtus is a yacht featuring contrasts of colour and materials: the alternation between the light shades of the oak and darker ones of the leather, and between the opaque and polished lacquering create a style which gives the new Riva 63' Virtus a further touch of modern style without forgetting the traditional elegance of all Riva yachts. continued on page 66...

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The master cabin is located portside astern and set slightly lower than the other two, and has been enriched with a bed run around in leather stitching. The slightly lower position of the cabin makes it possible to use all the space available. The guest cabin, also located portside midships, features bunk beds, set out in an L-shape which offer a pleasant panoramic view of the surface of the water. The master and VIP cabins, set at bow, both feature en-suite heads, whilst the day head is located opposite the guest cabin. The harmonious profile and racy lines of the yacht are further emphasised by the large arrowshaped side windows, which have made so many other Riva models successful and guarantee excellent natural lighting below deck. The unusual features of the hull and teak of the deck and part of the cockpit, together with the many details in stainless steel, contribute to making the 63' Virtus both modern and sporty.

"Riva is an extraordinary brand, and always manages to innovate, creating unique, cuttingedge models, whilst still maintaining the charm and magic which have characterised it for over 160 years," said Norberto Ferretti, Chairman of the Group bearing the same name. "The 63' Virtus, with her strong, decisive character combined with the elegance and refined features which are typical to this brand, is the perfect addition to the Riva range." The new Riva 63' Virtus is also on the cutting-edge for her on-board technological equipment. Featuring twin 1360mhp MAN 12V engines, 1000 kW at 2300 rpm/min, delivering excellent performance, with a top speed of 40 knots and a cruise speed of 35 thanks to the tried and tested hull equipped with tunnel propulsion. Her ease of handling and smoothness over the waves are excellent for this category. "Sporty, sociable and a pleasure to drive. These are the concepts which guided the design of the new Riva open", asserted Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, founders of Officina Italiana Design. "With Riva 63' Virtus, we wanted to create a long-lasting yacht, destined to become part of Riva's history and its great classics." "We are pleased to present the Riva 63' Virtus, a sporty, racy yacht characterised by a style which has always distinguished the Riva brand", stated Alberto Perrone da Zara, Riva Brand Manager Sales Manager. "Virtus is a model able to fully satisfy the needs of Owners who want to drive their yachts easily, with spaces suitable for sharing comfortably with whoever they choose."

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS • LOA : 64 ft 2 in. • Length Hull : 62 ft 5 in. • Beam : 15 ft 9 in. • Draft : 5 ft 3 in. • Displacement: 71,209 lbs. • Fuel capacity : 845 US gals. • Water capacity : 174 US gals. • Cabins : 3 • Engine : 2 * MAN V12 1360mhp - std • Crew cabins : 1 • Bathrooms : 3

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Land, Sea & Air

Talk about a company stepping up with something cool, safe and easy to fly. That will still meet your design wish list, look to the ICON A5. An amphibious light sport aircraft that fuses outstanding aeronautical engineering with the ease of driving a car. The ICON A5 is a lightweight carbon fiber airframe powered by a single 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS engine driving a three-bladed pusher propeller. It's meant to evoke a change in sport aviation. In both design and safety, an aircraft like no other. With the ability to be stored in your garage and then transported and launched like you would any sport fishing boat. What makes this possible is the folding wings, a simple push of a button and the wing span goes from 34 ft to a trailer sized 8.5 ft. Thinking about bridges and under passes it comes to only 8.3 ft with a weight of 1430 lbs. 68 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

By Scott Black


alk about fun, 65% of the vehicles on the road can tow the A5 on the freeway and roll the A5 down the ramp. Park your vehicle and head off to a private affair. What I really like about the A5 is the innovation put into the aircraft, land anywhere, stall/spin-resistance, automotive or aviation fuel, and storage. Not only can you store an A5 in your large garage or access the A5 from your dock on the water; as the A5 comes with seawing platforms for easy access and docking. There are more features like Low stall speed, Angle of Attack indicator, optional parachute and more, but I will get into that when I do a more detailed review.

Images Courtesy ICON Aircraft

It’s like taking your jet ski out for the weekend, the big difference is you and your passenger can really get away for the week. The A5 has a top speed of 120 mph and a range of 300 nm and I did say, “jet ski”. Something we are very familiar with, similar to your SUV or car; controls are very easy to read and the transition is easy. Best of all it is priced around $140k, so any barnstormer can afford an A5. Kirk Hawkins and his team at ICON developed the A5 to be easy to use. Kirk Hawkins brings his knowledge as an accomplished engineer and former U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter pilot. Kirk’s goal was to make flying small planes a luxury sport for the 21st century. ICON has won some of the world's most prestigious design awards since it development started. With new federal regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration, there is now a new form of pilot license which requires less training to obtain and fall into the Sport Pilot category. The Sport Pilot License focuses on the fundamentals of flying and requires a minimum of 20 hours of in-flight training, undercutting the time and cost of a traditional Private Pilot License by about 50%. The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has described the new rules as "the biggest change in aviation in 50 years." The A5 will allow you to go airport to airport, fly out of grass fields or farms, or to remote lakes; as it only needs 750 ft for both landing and takeoff. An affordable and stylist aircraft giving you the freedom to explore new and existing locations, by land, sea or air.

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Relocate, Renovate or Redecorate

By Chip Krespach

Southwest Florida continues to grow and as “they don’t make land anymore” the respective values of various areas and communities grow along with it. And… just like other parts of the country, waterfront properties or those close to the water seem to be the most desirous. With this basic tenet as the backdrop, the growth of Collier and Lee counties began along or near the water and moved east and north in general terms with various architecture and design trends evolving over the years. Hence, one now finds older, more mature homes and condos along the water with more contemporary communities and architecture to the east. Of course, new hurricane and building codes have helped drive the evolution but design trends clearly follow consumer demands. Homes with separate living rooms and formal dining space seem to be less popular while open concept great room floor plans featuring design elements that maximize the warm SWFL sun, endless skies and outdoor spaces, especially in the winter months are on the rise. The latest design changes seem to have the old world Tuscan influence giving way to more casual Mediterranean style spaces. The home choices are endless and ever changing. Now, for those homeowners in the more mature areas in SWFL the question becomes, “do we move to another home to take advantage of the newer designs or do we change our space?” In the same way, if you are currently searching for a property to buy, the question is the same. “Do we select a more recently built home or choose one in a mature area that can be renovated to make our own?” It seems a growing number of people are opting to update and enhance their homes to provide the more modern surroundings they seek. Let’s call it… a home facelift that creates function. I would encourage you to talk with a luxury home Realtor about which way to go. They can provide valuable insight about newer homes 70 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

currently on the market versus the various areas where one could purchase an older home with the intention of doing anything from a minor renovation to a complete teardown and rebuild. It can be easier than you might think. In exploring the types of things that can be done, I talked to local interior designer and principal of LDL Interiors, Lynn Lombardi. Originally from New York, Lynn has held several positions in highend design and building firms that provided her invaluable insights into the profession and the Southwest Florida market. But true to her calling to freely create, she inaugurated LDL Interiors in 1995. Lynn’s design philosophy begins with the premise that effective design starts with a conversation and she has worked with clients to create excellent casual luxury environments tailored exactly to their wants and desires. One example is this estate home in The Colony Golf & Country Club in Bonita Springs, MLS #201312857. Skillful selection of interior colors combined with select furniture and décor transformed this home into a relaxing luxury environment suited specifically to the owners taste.

Photography by Michael McVay & Randall Perry

Next let’s take a look at truly unique design challenge. What could possibly be done with a Gulfshore highrise ostensibly limited to the defined space of a condominium?

To maximize 140 degree views of the Gulf of Mexico, this highrise unit was stripped to its bones and reconfigured with exacting architectural details. Inspired by the expansive view and colors of the Gulf, this unit was completely re-envisioned from the ground up. Walls that blocked a direct view of the Gulf were removed, and reclamation of outdoor space to living space created the expansive view from the main living areas. The addition of heightened ceilings, ceiling coffers and improved lighting provided both form and function to the space. Color choices from muted teals and bright blue to warm, vivid palette of sunset colors, the interior elements masterfully accent the changing tones of the gulf. The stone and tile choices in the kitchen and baths along with the artwork and fabrics pay perfect homage to the natural beauty of coastal living in Florida.

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 71

Finally, in our third design challenge we find a compound of 3 Lighthouse Cottages nestled near the heart of Naples that were completely updated with modern conveniences and technology without compromising their integrity and charm. Soft opulence would describe the understated, high-end elements used throughout the main living areas. This remodel afforded easy living using ingenious techniques to build in the modern technology and upgrades among the existing structures. These cottage renovations succeeded in modernizing classic charm for contemporary living.

While over-improving can always be a concern from a financial perspective, your home is typically a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Especially when it is a place that you and your family spend time and entertain friends, shouldn’t it really be where you want and what you want? If not‌Relocation, Renovation or Redecorating could be viable choices for you. Special thanks to Michael McVay Photography and Randall Perry Photography for the excellent photo library.

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Looking For A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Swimming Pool That’s Also Maintenance-Free?

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As one of the leading pool builders in southwest Florida, we’ve designed, built and consulted on well over 2,000 swimming pools. We specialize in designs that are both unique and a delight to own. But we do more than just swimming pools: • Screen Enclosures • Renovations • Fences & Railings • New Construction • Pools, Spas & Water Features • Sunrooms Visit Our Showroom at 12410 Tamiami • Hot Tubs by Sun Belt • Pool Repairs & Service Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33955 • Lifetime Guarantee at Every Pool • Safety Inspections Or call

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With a $5 million dollar bond rating, a state-of-the-art showroom facility, and a long history of highly satisfied customers, you know you’re talking to a builder you can trust. Whether you’re looking for better health, more living space, a prettier backyard, or just a private place to relax, you can trust Fountain Pools to make your dreams come true.



Things to Consider When Redoing Your Kitchen

By Lina LaSalle

You’ve wanted to remodel your kitchen for a while, and you can’t stop thinking about quartz countertops, tiled backsplashes, a built-in wall oven, custom-made cabinets, and more. And guess what? You’re not alone. For the first time since 2008, kitchens have overtaken bathrooms as the number one remodeling project for homeowners. According to Dan Fritschen, that’s good news, because it means that “luxury” is returning to what has been a tighter-budget, more “practical” remodeling market (think adding a new bathroom because of an expanding family’s needs).

“Now, I’m not trying to discourage you from remodeling your kitchen, because the results can be more than worth the inconvenience,” says Fritschen. “And the inconvenience can definitely be minimized through good planning. I’m just suggesting that you carefully consider the project before pulling the trigger…then consider it again for good measure.” Fortunately, you’re not alone when it comes to making the big decision.

However, Fritschen says, before you start ripping up your old linoleum and shopping for stainless steel appliances, it’s smart to think about why a kitchen remodel is considered a “luxury.”

“There are several new—and free—tools available online at my website,”shares Fritschen. “And they’re all designed to help you minimize stress and get the best results.”

“Redoing a kitchen is not something I’d advise doing on a whim,” shares Fritschen, founder of “Not only do kitchens cost more than any other type of room to build or remodel, they also typically take the most time to complete and can totally disrupt a family’s sense of comfort and routines.”

If you’re in the consideration—or even early planning—stage of a kitchen remodel, read on for more of Fritschen’s experiencetested advice: First, decide if remodeling is right for you. If remodeling were as easy as daydreaming about your dream kitchen, every family would have a stylish, cutting-edge cooking space. In the real world, though, you have to consider a multitude of variables: Can we comfortably pay for this remodel? Is my family emotionally ready to deal with the disruption and construction? What changes do we want to make, exactly? And don’t forget: Would it be easier or less expensive to move to a new home instead?

Think about it: For weeks or even months, you might be without a sink, a range, a dishwasher, and more. You may have to move your refrigerator and microwave to another room, and use a bathroom or utility room sink to wash up. As a result, you’ll be eating out (a lot), or putting the backyard grill to heavy use. And all the while, your house will be full of workmen, and your bank account will definitely be taking a hit. 74 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

“Any type of remodeling project can seem complicated, especially if you’ve never updated your home before,” points out Fritschen. “At Remodel or Move, we’ve tried to simplify your decision-making by developing two free tools: The Should You Remodel? Calculator asks twenty questions that cover personal preference as well as hard numbers, then generates a recommendation. Along the same lines, the Remodel or Move Calculator can help you figure out if remodeling or looking for a new house is a wiser option. And overall, the website can help you formulate a well-organized game plan before you get your hands dirty, which can save you time and money in the long run.” Next, get a cost estimate. Once you have determined that remodeling your kitchen is something that you and your family want to do, it’s time to get a more accurate cost estimate for the project. Make sure not to neglect this step, because you don’t want to be stuck with a half-finished kitchen and no more money. It’s much better to put the project on hold for six months or a year while you pad your savings! “It’s so important to start early,” advises Fritschen. “Not only do you want to allow yourself plenty of time to plan financially, you can also use the time to compare prices and look for sales on everything from appliances to countertops to cabinetry to make sure your kitchen remodel is as budget-friendly as possible.” continued on page 79...

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Photos courtesy of Frigidaire

Make organization a top priority. If you’re the type to throw dirty laundry on the bedroom floor and let mail sit on the coffee table for months at a time, don’t let those tendencies carry over into planning and overseeing your kitchen remodel! You’ll be dealing with a thousand tiny details, ranging from paint colors to cabinet door hinge model numbers to floor plans and more, and letting any one of them fall through the cracks could mean extra expense, delays, and/or dissatisfaction. Fortunately, says Fritschen, Remodel or Move’s Search Tool and Idea File are there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“These systems allow you to search through millions of photos by, for instance, cabinet type, style, and even color on your search for inspiration,” he explains. “When you find something you like, you can save it to your personal Idea File, along with notes, comments, and ratings. You can even take pictures with your Smartphone and upload them, so if you find the perfect sink while shopping alone, you can show it to your spouse without having to drag him or her back out to the store. Again, it’s best to get started on selecting ideas and designing your new kitchen as early as possible so that you can envision everything as a cohesive unit, and so that you have time to change your mind.” Bring in the experts. Yes, the DIY movement is popular and thriving, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t provide your own labor for some aspects of your remodel…if you feel comfortable doing so. But chances are, you’ll also want some expert advice and help to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. (And unless you happen to be a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, you’ll probably need to bring in the professionals at some point.) “On the front end, you may find that talking about your options with a real estate agent, interior designer, architect, mortgage banker, contractor, etc. can help you understand the true costs and benefits of remodeling, and also help you plan efficiently,” Fritschen says. “When it comes to actually hiring some of these individuals, I have some good news: Today’s low interest rates and relatively low demand means that remodeling is ‘on sale’ compared to prices five years ago. Keep in mind that the more organized your plan is, the more tempting you’ll be. The best of the best will want to work with you.” “If you approach your kitchen remodel with an eye for cost-effectiveness and organization, not only will you have a gorgeous new space to cook in, you might even increase the value of your home,” Fritschen concludes. “Again, take advantage of all of the tips and tools to minimize stress and put you in control throughout the whole remodeling process.” About Dan Fritschen: Dan Fritschen is the author of Remodel or Move?TM Make the Right Decision (ABCD Publishing LLC, 2005, ISBN: 978-1-9330076-9-4, $15.95), and creator of a homeowner support organization that helps homeowners become better informed so that they can make the right decision on whether to remodel or move. He started his company after twenty years of remodeling his own homes and helping others make “remodel or move” decisions for themselves. Because he is neither a realtor nor a remodeler, he is qualified to offer pragmatic, unbiased advice. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 79

Makin' it


By Nathalie Williams

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Photos courtesy of IBI Designs

Depending on who you talk to, perhaps McKinney’s ultimate achievement has been his work with the Caring House Foundation. A few times a year McKinney travels to Haiti, the poorest country in the world, to oversee the creation of new, entirely self-sufficient villages. These villages contain 40 - 50 houses, a community center, church, school, clinic, renewable food, clean drinking water and some form of free enterprise.

Gingerly traversing the suspension bridge as I eagerly anticipate my meeting with Frank McKinney in his world famous oceanfront treehouse office, I quickly realize I'm in for a life changing conversation. Frank McKinney is a modern-day renaissance man, and has been for the past 25 years. He's an oceanfront "artist" who single handedly changed the face of high-end oceanfront real estate, a five-time bestselling author in four genres, an ultra-marathoner who has run 135 non-stop miles across the Death Valley desert 6 times, oversees the Caring House Project – a charity building in Haiti and elsewhere, and he even played Jesus in a recent awardwinning short film. Now he has set out to revolutionize the self-help and real estate education industry by personally hosting day-long education events across the country where each guest not only comes away transformed, but each attendee also provides at least one permanent single family home to a desperately poor and homeless child in Haiti.

He builds some of the world most beautiful homes for the ultra-wealthy so he can provide shelter to the poorest of the poor. It's simply amazing. To date, McKinney (and his wife, Nilsa McKinney) have built 21 villages over the last 11 years housing over 10,000 people. In an innovative effort to raise awareness and resources for the Caring House Project, and to transform the lives of those who attend, McKinney has set out to host a series of what he calls the Make it BIG Event - The Anti-Seminar around the nation. The kickoff of the Make it BIG Event - The Anti-Seminar will be right here in Delray Beach on May 31 at the Delray Beach Marriott. McKinney began his successful 25-year real estate career in Delray Beach, has lived here for the same number of years and wanted to begin the tour right here at home. "I truly despise the snake-oil salesman mentality of some in the real estate guru industry. Many have only been in the business for 25 day or so....NOT 25 years!" McKinney says. "I hope to revolutionize the real estate seminar industry just as I did the oceanfront real estate market." McKinney truly has taken on real estate in a show-stopping fashion....Oprah, Donald Trump, 20/20, Fortune Magazine and Wall Street Journal are just a few that have been impressed with his work. He has been showcased in over 2,000 TV and print features. He built and sold on speculation the world's largest Leed Certified Spec Home (selling for $26 million dollars) right down the street (A1A) in Manalapan. He started 25 years ago with a $50,000 fixer-upper in a bad part of town. About his new Make It BIG Event – The Anti-Seminar series Frank puts it this way; “The Make it BIG event is more of an experience. Motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effects of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love. The Make it BIG event will help you learn what legacy you aspire to leave, and be able to do so by building a nice net worth through investing in real estate and overcoming those fears that might be getting in your way. The immediately actionable curriculum I have developed and will personally deliver at the Make it BIG event is unlike any other.” About Frank McKinney

If you think you have lived a full life accomplishing all your goals....McKinney will cause you to aspire to higher ones.

Meet Frank McKinney. He has built a multi-million dollar real estate empire (starting out with $50 in his pocket) and for the last 11 years has built self-sufficient villages for the poorest families in Haiti. McKinney is a fivetime international bestselling author (in four genres), philanthro-capitalist, and extreme risk-taker who's best known for his unprecedented success as a real estate 'artist' and visionary. McKinney has been interviewed on Oprah, 20/20, FOX, Travel Channel and on the cover of USA Today, as well as NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Barron's … just to name a few. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 81

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Save On Your Remodeling Project

make the most of your budget FAMILY FEATURES

• Hardware: Did you know you can refresh the look of your whole kitchen for as little as $50? If the hardware on your kitchen drawers or cabinets has an outdated appearance, invest in some of the new options available at your local hardware store. Change out old, brushed stainless or gold knobs and pulls with the newer, on-trend styles offered in pewter or bronze. • Porcelain tile flooring: If you want the look of stone flooring without the hefty cost, check out the many offerings of porcelain tile. This sturdy, chip-resistant surface is easy on the wallet and can provide long-lasting beauty to your kitchen floors for many years. To get the most from your remodeling dollars, homeowners are encouraged to do some digging and find out the best deals and alternatives available For those who wish to make updates to their home, the kitchen is a great place to begin. According to the 2013 Cost vs. Value report from Remodeling magazine, a minor kitchen remodel should recoup up to 75 percent of total remodeling dollars, based on the value of the home increasing. When focusing on this important part of the house, many homeowners are looking for ways to add luxurious and modern touches without breaking the bank. “Whether you want to splurge on cabinets, countertops, appliances or floors, homeowners are finding they really can have the kitchen they’ve always wanted by doing their research and learning about the many high-quality, yet cost-effective alternatives that exist in home remodeling,” said Trisha Schmitt, vice president of VT Industries. Getting more out of your remodeling dollars From small fixes to bigger projects, the experts at VT Industries provide these ideas to make kitchen updates without emptying your pocketbook. • Countertops: Serving as an integral piece of your kitchen space, the addition of new countertops can easily become the priciest part of the remodel project. Homeowners like the look of granite and real stone, but want a durable and affordable alternative that helps them achieve the look they desire with the budget they have. A new alternative for countertops is the Capture Collection from VT Dimensions. This affordable design element mimics the beauty and strength of stone materials at a fraction of the cost. • Backsplash: To add a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen space, consider adding a new backsplash. Typically made from ceramic, glass or stainless steel tile, a backsplash is an affordable option for those who want to add an understated change or a small pop of color as an accent. When compared to other remodeling projects this one is quick and easy. 84 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Mood for Summer Creating a happy, energized home during the warmer months starts with getting “chore-ganized” to spend the maximum time enjoying family and friends. Tapping into your senses – particularly the sense of smell – can also boost the mood throughout your home. Get the most out of your home in the laundry room and beyond with these fun, simple and creative tips from author, blogger and lifestyle expert Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam. Everything has its place. Cut down the clutter and create plenty of open room for sorting and folding. Put all of your laundry-related items on shelves within reaching distance of the washer and dryer. A mounted ironing board is perfect for smaller spaces – you can keep it out of the way, yet easily accessible. With clutter-free surfaces, you’ll have plenty of room for an odor neutralizer or light deodorizer such as Air Wick’s New Snuggle Fresh Linen to chase away the unsavory smells of dirt and grime-laden clothes inevitable in the summer. Give your laundry a boost. Infuse your clothes with long-lasting scents that linger in folded laundry for weeks. New Snuggle Scent Boosters, available in Lavender Joy and Blue Iris Bliss, are easy to use. Just toss one of the single pacs in the washer before adding laundry and add detergent like you normally would, with no mess, measuring or spills. 86 FOCUS of SWFL 2014


Get “chore-ganized.” Before heading off to bed, take a few minutes to do basic prep work for the next day: slicing fruit for breakfast, portioning out sandwich meat for lunch, laying out clothes for the next day. Finish up by swiping counters with a fresh fruit-scented cleaning spray for a clean slate in the morning. Taking care of a few chores the night before provides a few extra minutes to spend with the kids or relaxing over coffee before the start of a new day. Elevating the ambiance at home. Create a relaxing environment with lamps, dimmer switches and candles. Choose light bulbs that mimic natural light (you can buy them at any hardware store). The flickering light of a scented candle can add a touch of ambiance and soothing light. Also consider hanging a pretty fixture in the center of the room and additional smaller lights around the periphery to create a wash of warm, beautiful light and eliminate any dark, shadowy spots.


For the fifth consecutive year, WCI Communities has partnered with Harry Chapin Food Bank to create a unique funding opportunity: Supporters who donate $100 to the food bank through the www.WCIGolf. com website will receive a complimentary foursome at one of four WCI golf courses in Southwest Florida. For each $100, the food bank can purchase $600 worth of food and supplies. Last year’s promotion raised nearly $19,000, which was leveraged into approximately $114,000 in food products by enabling Harry Chapin Food Bank to access donated items from a variety of partners. The complimentary foursome certificates are valid for play June 1 through Sept. 30 and are available for purchase now through Sept. 15. Tee time reservations are available two days in advance at the following WCI golf courses: • Pelican Preserve Golf Club in Fort Myers ( • Raptor Bay Golf Club in Bonita Springs ( • The Colony Golf & Country Club in Bonita Springs ( • Venetian Golf & River Club in Venice ( The Harry Chapin Food Bank solicits, collects and stores quality food for distribution to families in need through a network of more than 150 nonprofit agencies in Lee, Collier, Hendry, Charlotte and Glades counties that provide food to more than 30,000 people monthly. In 2013, the Harry Chapin Food Bank distributed 17.5 million pounds of food, provided 14.6 million meals and turned every $1 into $6 worth of food for those in need. For more information or to donate, visit or contact Shelley Johnson at 239-390-4724. Headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida, WCI Communities is a lifestyle community developer and luxury homebuilder of single- and multi-family homes in most of coastal Florida’s highest growth and largest markets. WCI Communities has established a reputation and strong brand recognition for developing amenity-rich, lifestyle oriented master-planned communities and, including its predecessor companies, has a legacy that spans more than 60 years. WCI Communities also operates real estate brokerage and title services businesses that complement its homebuilding operations. Learn more about WCI Communities and the company’s premier lifestyle communities and experiences by visiting or calling 800-WCI-2290.







A toll-free resource of the Florida Department of Transportation (standard mobile phone minutes, text message and data charges may apply)

Helpful Kitchen Tips Photos courtesy of Getty Images


So much of life happens in the kitchen – from hurried morning breakfasts to after school snacks with the kids – it’s likely to be the most travelled room of the home. Unfortunately, all this activity in one room can cause many messes and much required upkeep. By following a few simple steps, you can keep this important space tidy, clean and smelling great. Here are some simple tips to keep your kitchen clean and inviting: Add Some Citrus. Does your garbage disposal have an uninviting stench? Here’s one simple solution – use orange or lemon peels to freshen the drain or disposal. Simply run cool water from your faucet, turn on the disposal, throw in the peels and take in the fresh citrus scent. This is a perfect way to use old fruit that is no longer good enough to eat. Make Dishes Sparkle. Dirty plates, pots, pans, glasses and utensils pile up quickly in busy kitchens. Get dishes sparkling clean with a dish liquid that leaves your hands feeling touchably soft, such as Palmolive Soft Touch dish liquid. In a recent survey conducted by Kelton, 33 percent of those who wash dishes by hand said their skin is usually dry afterwards.

Keep Up With Countertops. The kitchen countertop is the easiest place to collect a mess so it’s important to keep it tidy. Because so many countertops are made with fine woods, stones and other specialty materials, it is important to know what cleaning products you can use on them so they keep their beautiful appearance. In general, avoid abrasive cleaners and never use steel wool or other harsh brushes which can scratch the surface. Invest in protectors such as trivets for hot cookware, or trays for oil bottles and other cooking items that keep permanent residence on countertop space. Love Your Oven. Ovens are often the most neglected appliance in the kitchen. Open them up to find baked-on spills, burnt-on food, as well as splatters covering the exterior. Be sure you’re giving your oven the maintenance it needs by cleaning it at least once each season. Whether you’re using a homemade cleaning concoction or a heavy-duty store-bought brand, it is important to scour every nook and cranny. Also, give attention to the range top and ensure all extra food debris has been removed and cleaned. 88 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

100 WAYS TO ORGANIZE FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY 100 WAYS TO ORGANIZE FOR MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY Introducing the new Frigidaire Gallery速 French Door Refrigerator



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Flip-Up Shelves easily make room for taller items Slide-Under Shelving creates more space effortlessly Stackable Crisper Drawers allow you to customize to fit your needs Add second Ice Maker for 19.5 lbs. of ice

Introducing the new Frigidaire Gallery速 French Door Refrigerator Flip-Up Shelves easily make room for taller items



28 Cu. Ft. Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator FGHB2866PF

Slide-Under Shelving creates more space effortlessly DEALER IMPRINT

Stackable Crisper Drawers allow you to customize to fit your needs Add second Ice Maker for 19.5 lbs. of ice 68070-1_Frig_FrenchDoor_Dealer_FullPgAds.indd 1



Serving Southwest Florida 5/6/13 2:32 PM


Many homeowners install granite or marble countertops and vanities for their durability and to add more value to the home. But in the end, nothing beats the most visible benefit — that rich shine and luster right after the workmen install the new natural stone. It’s that gorgeous shine homeowners desire to maintain. For some, their lustrous granite or marble surfaces are the envy of dinner guests. For others, it’s a feeling of frustration and disappointment, most likely due to lack of knowledge and education on maintaining the life and beauty of natural stone. While literally solid as a rock, natural stone isn’t impervious to wear and tear, and it requires correct and regular care and maintenance. It’s important to understand the shine on granite is not from applying a wax, but a natural shine that goes through a rigorous process. Quarried from the earth’s surface using a combination of diamond wire cables, drills and even dynamite, these stone blocks weigh in at around 40,000 pounds. The blocks are then taken to a factory for processing. A giant gang saw using diamond blades slices the blocks into a calibrated thickness similar to a giant bread slicer. The next step is over to a polishing line where they pass under diamond polishing heads that apply thousands of pounds 90 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

of pressure per square inch. Here, finer and finer grits bring out the natural polish of the stone. From there the slabs are bundled and shipped to your local stone manufacturer and installer to be further cut to a homeowner’s needs. It’s this factory finish that enhances their inherent characteristics — veins, swirls, crystals — prior to installations in kitchens and baths. There are two common routes to pursue to maintain natural stone’s durability and to ensure that brilliant shine persists. One option is contracting with a stone restoration specialist. These professionals can clean, seal and polish your natural stone. This does, however, come with a formidable price tag — north of $250 to $500 a visit. A more palatable option is the do-it-yourself route. There’s a lower price tag, less than $50, with more of an investment in a homeowner’s time and attention. “But do your homework first,” cautions Lenny Sciarrino, a thirdgeneration stone care expert and co-founder of Granite Gold brand stone care products. “Common household cleaning products can damage granite, marble and other natural stone, and that can lead to costly repair and replacement.”

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Maintaining the Luster

of the brand’s two most popular products in one solution for those who are on the go. “The additional benefits of polishing these stone surfaces are that it helps resist fingerprints and water spots and it reinforces the protective seal.” Homeowners should often test the integrity of the protective seal, even scheduling it like they do when changing batteries twice yearly at daylight saving time. Here’s an easy way to do that: Pour water (about 3 inches in diameter) on the surface in several locations and let it sit for 30 minutes. If you see a dark mark or ring, the water is penetrating the stone and it’s time to reseal. Protect Your Stone Investment Beyond the basics, stone care expert Lenny Sciarrino offers some additional tips for caring for your natural stone kitchen and bathroom surfaces: • Don’t use everyday household cleaners, as they can be too harsh on stone and lead to costly repair or replacement. • Seal regularly for the best protection. Have a stone backsplash? It’s just as important to seal. • Keep stone floors safe with mats and regular damp mopping to catch abrasive particles that can scratch the surface. Lift, don’t drag, furniture to avoid risk of scratching floors. Don’t polish floors — they will become too slippery and will risk injury. • Polish regularly (except stone floors) to increase the shine, color and beauty of your stone and reinforce its protective seal. • Use safe-on-stone scrubbing pads and brushes when cleaning natural stone. • Polishing stone shower walls adds protection to help prevent etching, water spotting and soap scum build up. • Keep grout lines clean by using a cutting board on food-prep surfaces. • Water spots on stone surfaces can be gently scraped off with a razor blade. Regular sealing and polishing will keep water spots from sticking to the surface. Water should bead on the surface when the stone is sealed. • Common disinfectants can damage natural stone surfaces, leading to costly repair and replacement. Look for a safe-on-stone disinfectant. Simple Stain Removal Steps While many people believe that stains are impossible to remove from granite and other natural stone surfaces, there are simple steps you can take to remove or reduce these unsightly blemishes.

He also warns homeowners to be wary about misleading promises with some do-it-yourself granite cleaning products claiming they can remove stains and water marks or reduce dullness and scratching. “Having grown up manufacturing, installing and restoring stone surfaces, I can assure you an off-the-shelf granite cleaner can’t deliver on those promises,” said Sciarrino. “In most circumstances, there are home remedies, and we’re often teaching homeowners those tricks over the phone or through email.” To maintain that rich shine from when the stone was first installed, Sciarrino advises homeowners make sure the granite or marble is sealed upon installation. It’s not uncommon for a new counter to be installed without a protective seal, leaving it immediately susceptible to stains and etches. After installation, he said, plan a regular routine of daily cleaning and frequent polishing.

Oil Stains (vegetable, olive and other types of cooking oils) Mix baking soda with acetone into a paste to the consistency of pancake batter and place onto the stained area. Allow the paste to sit for 24 hours, then remove and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary; some stains may require two or three attempts. Reseal the stone surface once this is completed. Organic Stains (food products, mold, mildew, plant runoff, dirt and soil, pet urine) Take a paper towel, cotton balls or white terry cloth towels soaked in any brand of liquid bleach and place it on the stained area. Allow it to sit for 24 hours and rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. You can also spray bleach on stained areas, scrub with a soft nylon brush and then rinse with water. Bleach does not harm natural stone as long as it is rinsed each time and sealed properly after the process is completed. Rust Stains Most rust stains have to be removed by a professional. Pour or spray 3 or 4 percent hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and agitate with a safe-on-stone scrubbing pad or nylon brush (also safe on stone). Allow to sit for 24 hours, then rinse with water.

“Although granite, marble and other natural-stone surfaces are highly durable, they do require proper care and maintenance,” said Sciarrino, whose company recently introduced Granite Gold Clean & Shine, which fuses the cleaning and polishing strengths FOCUS of SWFL 2014 91

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Attracting Attention Outside

t takes seconds to form a first impres­sion. Ask yourself this — what kind of first impression is your home mak­ing? Is your yard helping or hurting you in getting top dollar this home buying season?

The majority of homeowners (71 per­cent) agreed that curb appeal is important in choosing their home, according to the new TruGreen Home Features Report conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®. Most of the homeowners surveyed reported purchasing a home with a healthy, green lawn (71 percent) and well-maintained landscaping (72 percent). Healthy lawns can drive up home values. In TruGreen’s new Lawn Life­styles National Survey of America, using the field services of ORC International (Opinion Research Corporation), 79 percent of home­owners reported, “having a healthy, green lawn contributes to the overall value of a home.” In fact, 53 percent of those surveyed said, “the quality of the home­owner’s lawn can tell you a lot about the quality of the home overall.” “If your home is on the market, you should know that curb appeal, or that initial feeling homeowners get when looking at the outside of a home, is important when choos­ing the right home to buy,” said Jason Cameron, a licensed contractor and televi­ sion host. Cameron and TruGreen have teamed up to provide helpful tips for achieving a beauti­ful, lush lawn and enhanced curb appeal.

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Take as much time as necessary (and as little money as possible) to maximize your home’s exterior appeal:

* Dress up the front door with a new welcome mat or potted plants. * Clean up the front and back yards by removing any toys, decorations, debris or broken tree limbs. * Sharpen the mower blade for a cleaner cut and better looking lawn to help get top dollar when selling your home. * Closely inspect the hardware around your house. Things like doorbells, house numbers, guttering and mail­boxes should be in good repair and have a fresh coat of paint. * Add or update landscape lighting and consider easy-to-install solar options. In addition to providing safety and security, lighting can add attractive accents to walking paths and plantings. * Punch up your landscape with color. Remove any dead or withered plants and fill in bare spots with large, blooming annuals. * Make sure the driveway and side­walks are free of cracks or crumbling concrete. * Nothing makes an older house look new again like a fresh coat of paint. Repair any rotting wood, caulk windows, spruce up wood trim and then update the color of your home.

Watering Basics

Knowing how to effectively water your lawn is critical to the overall health of your turf. Water your lawn only when it needs it, usually about one inch a week. The first three to four inches of soil below the grass should be dry before you water. Use a trowel or a screwdriver to open the soil and feel it with your finger. Another way to test when your lawn needs water is to step on the grass. If you can easily flatten the grass with your foot, you should water it. If the grass regains its form quickly after you step on it, wait before watering. Watering in the cool of early morning is best as watering later in the day may leave sitting water and cause problems with root rot or fungal diseases. Never water on a windy day. Also, be aware of local water restrictions, usually posted online.

Fertilizer Facts

Grasses should be fertilized when they’re actively growing. So, it’s important to consult a lawn expert to determine what type of grass you have and when growth occurs. Together, home­owners and lawn experts can create a plan to keep grass grow­ing at its best all season long. Beautiful, lush and natural-looking lawns are an important part of our image of what a home should be. Cameron encourages homeowners to invest in a lawn they love and make sure their home’s first impression is positive.

Weed Control

Water, fertilizer and weed control are the three keys to an ideal lawn. According to Ben Hamza, Ph.D., TruGreen expert and director of techni­ cal operations, if you mow correctly, feed your lawn and water the right way, then weed management will be much easier. “Grass competes with weeds for space and nutrients,” Hamza said. “Strengthening the health of turf will help your lawn win the war against weeds, such as dandelions.”

More tips, survey methodology, and to watch Jason Cameron in seasonal webisodes on curb appeal, visit

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For many homeowners, there is nothing better than inviting friends over to cool off from the sun’s warm rays in the comfort of their own backyard pool. But as every pool owner knows, keeping their pool clean and maintained for everyone to enjoy can take a bit of work. Here are some ways to keep your investment in its best shape all season long. Keep up with shrubs If your backyard pool sits near trees and bushes, be sure to keep them trimmed throughout the season. This will help avoid additional debris from flying into your pool, which can create extra cleaning work for you. If possible, consider replacing these plants with those that create less of a mess. Clean the surface often Get rid of unattractive stains at the waterline with a quality surface cleaner. For best results, use the cleaner with a pool brush and rub from the top of the waterline to a few inches below the mark. Check levels regularly Be sure to monitor your pool’s chlorine and pH levels at least twice a week. The best time to do this is in the evening and several hours after the last swimmer has left the pool. If a rain or wind storm has occurred, wait about eight hours before testing.

Reduce maintenance duties Besides providing increased comfort to swimmers, more homeowners are choosing saltwater chlorinated pools for ease of use and reduced maintenance. If you’re looking to spend less time keeping your pool maintained, consider installing a saltwater chlorination system, which eliminates the need for buying, storing and handling chemical chlorine. Saltwater chlorinated pool owners also enjoy the benefits of less irritated skin and eyes, as well as a significant cost savings verses their chemical chlorine counterparts. Run filtration system daily Water in constant movement is less likely to collect debris, such as dust, body oils and bacteria. Be sure to run your filtration system as much as possible throughout the summer to keep water as clean and clear as possible. Keep equipment tidy Pool skimmers are used to pick up yard debris, insects and other undesirable items that can fall into the water. While skimming the pool is typically needed before every swim, you should also clean the skimmers on a weekly basis, or as needed. A clean, maintained pool will help you get most from those carefree days of summer. 94 FOCUS of SWFL 2014


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Pool Maintenance

Enhance your pool with rock water features.

Waterfalls - Stack and Veneered Stone on Spas - Coping - Decks - Planters & Fire Pits - Steps - Walls - Driveways & Patios

(941) 237-1626

Wet-Rock Innovations


Follow the “SAFETY” Checklist from Trusted HGTV Contractor Mike Holmes FAMILY FEATURES

eeping a healthy home for your family means more than daily chores and the occasional deep cleaning. It’s important to add routine inspec­tions of often overlooked areas and regular main­tenance to your list of tasks. “Every home can have unhealthy, harmful, or even hazardous areas,” said Mike Holmes, renowned contractor on HGTV and healthy home expert. “It’s important to check them out, especially during regular maintenance. Address­ing these ‘hidden hazards’ helps create a healthy home and keeps your family safe.” Holmes recommends following his “SAFETY” checklist to ensure your home is safer and healthier for your family.

S Seek out lead in the home.

If your home was built before 1978, it could contain lead. Your family could be exposed to it through the air, drinking water, contaminated soil, deteriorating paint and dust in and around the house. If you disturb any material that con­tains lead, tiny lead particles could become airborne at home. Talk to a profes­sional to test the entire house, and take the neces­sary steps to ensure your family’s safety.

A Address indoor air quality and change your air filter.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution levels can be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor levels — some­times even 100 times higher. Your lungs shouldn’t be cleaning the air inside your home. Use an electrostatically charged Filtrete Brand air filter to help capture odors and airborne particles, such as mold spores, dust mite debris, bacteria and viruses. Plus, changing your filter at the start of every season helps protect and maintain your system.

F Fix leaks to prevent mold and mildew.

Mold spores need moisture to grow and thrive in warm, humid conditions. When mold is disturbed, its spores can get into the air you breathe. Inspect your home for excess water and moisture build-up from leaky roofs, faucets, basement drains, dishwashers and wash­ ing machines, and fix them immediately. Also, reduce your indoor humidity to 30 to 60 percent, and use vents and exhaust fans whenever possible.

E Exercise caution around appliances.

Before using appliances such as space heaters and toaster ovens, make sure they are working properly. Never drape an electrical cord over a sink, as electricity should never come into contact with water or any other liquids. Also avoid overloading wiring or plugging too many appliances into a single wall socket because it can cause electrical sparks, leading to an electrical fire. Be sure to unplug appliances when they’re not being used, and cover sockets with outlet protectors.

T Test for dangerous gases.

One out of every 15 homes in the U.S. has dangerous levels of radon, according to the EPA. You can purchase a short-term home radon test for less than $20. Test the lowest lived-in level of your home, and if you have elevated levels of radon, call a qualified contractor immediately. Make sure they have plenty of experience dealing with radon. Also, test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every month by pushing the test button on the unit. Remember to change the batteries every season, and replace the entire unit every 7 to 10 years.

Y Yield healthier results with regular upkeep.

Keep up with regular home maintenance to help keep your home healthy and your family safe. Fix small problems now to avoid big repairs later. Remember, big repairs come with big price tags and can lead to unhealthy and unsafe living conditions. 96 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Trusted contractor Mike Holmes advocates safe and healthy homes.

Regular cleaning isn’t enough to help keep your home safe and healthy.

Quick Fix Checklist Short on time but looking to make a few quick and easy healthy home fixes? Complete each of these tasks in 20 minutes or less.

Hot water heaters Set hot water heaters at 120 degrees Fahrenheit or below to avoid potential scalding.

Stove Remove and wash stove grates, burners and coils with warm water and soap. Over time, grease can build up around the stove, increasing the chances of a fire.

Fire extinguishers Check the expiration dates on your fire extin­ guishers. You should keep one on each floor of your home.

Cracks Inspect the floor, walls and foundation of the home for cracks. Jot them down on your home to-do list, and fix them before they lead to deterioration and wood rot.

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Wai ne

Measures Twice, Cuts Once By Gina Battle

The question is often asked but seldom easily answered. How does one measure the success of a man? The answer is simple in the eyes of Mr. Waine Hicks, General Contractor and owner of Cabinets Extraordinaire complete with a premier kitchen and bathroom designer showroom located in Sarasota, FL. He doesn’t do it alone this is a family business which including his wife, Sharon, and approximately ten employees. Mr. Hicks poignantly stated the bottom line, “Business is what you make it!” You’ve gotta put it together to make it fly. You’ve gotta make it work.” He noted that with this attitude, business is picking up every day. There are not a lot of people who do what we do at the success rate that we have. Everything they have in their exquisite showroom is handmade, custom designed and made in American, with the exception of an Amish Armoire made in Canada. By the looks of the showroom one would think it was made exclusively for high-end designers, however, upon entering you are made to feel right at home. Their clientele are individual families, to designers, to subcontractors, and Cabinets Extraordinaire is there to create ideas and fulfill dreams for comfortable living while creating beautiful home aesthetics. There have been many occasions a customer suggests something she thinks she wants aesthetically but is unaware how it will actually fit into her lifestyle or fit into the configuration of the structure itself. This is where Mr. Hicks’s strategy is exercised. He says, “The secret to success in construction is incorporating the client’s desire with what will actually work.” He cares so much about the client that he will not allow them to be misguided or be unrealistic in their design choices. It is essential in his line of work as a general contractor to discreetly have the client feel as though they are making the right decisions for what will be their living environment for years to come. The importance of consultations and follow-up visits are immeasurable when you are making someone’s house a home. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. There’s no real trick to construction. It’s never changed!” he said masterfully. Photography by Lindsay Howell

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Doing things by the need, not by the book The Hicks family’s spiritual journey is purposeful. The mission is to offer a service to the general public. Hicks, holds every degree, advanced or otherwise, possible from the Home Builder’s Association. It’s a lot of hard work. The company works diligently incorporating the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA); Certified Aging in Place, and the Veterans Administration. He makes it a point to put himself in the circumstance of the other person to try to evaluate their need, if at all possible. For example, he shared a story about receiving a call from a relative of a disabled veteran. After going to the home, he asked if he could sit in the wheelchair in order to visually and physically ascertain what the specific needs would be to bring comfort to the vet. “You cannot understand another man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins – quoting “an old Native American adage.” Mr. Hicks goes as far as to use two knee socks and two tennis balls taken from his briefcase, placing them on his hands and walks the home to see if he is able to open doors, turn on water faucets, or turn knobs. The answer turns out to be an emphatic – NO! He adamantly exclaims, “Every person has different needs. You’ll never find a carbon copy of a human being. I don’t care how long or how hard you look there are no two people that do the same thing, and there are so many things that are involved with it.” He, further enquiries if the person is left or right handed, which inevitably make a significant difference if you are forced to utilize a hand you were not accustomed to using before a disability, which also includes the inability to use your hands due to arthritis. Additionally, Mr. Hicks shared that integrity, freedom, and independence are necessary key components he keeps in mind as it relates to Cabinets Extraordinaire and his personal approach to

their life’s mission. It’s all about the client’s he serves. “You have to refresh their integrity, give them their freedom and help to recreate their independence. If they (dependent aging or disabled people) are able to take a shower due to his meticulous planning, they will take one every day because it’s more accommodating. The Veteran’s Administration calls Hicks with special needs clients in mind, and Mr. Hicks figuratively answers the call. “You can never harvest a product if you didn’t sow the seeds. You’re only going to reap what you sow.” Hicks just remodel a vet’s home that was in dire need of repairs and modifications. It was a tear down job which included a new kitchen and bathroom renovation – a $60,000 value, at no charge to the vet. “It’s not about the dollar. It’s about the service,” he said proudly. “When people are appreciated they do very well regardless of the challenges.” A successful man gives from his heart and with sincerity in servicing the community. This is not just once a year when he assumes the role as the “original Santi Claus for 150 disabled kids at Christmas,” he really did say “Santi Claus,” he gives of himself freely and willingly throughout the year. As a child in Southern Virginia, inspired by his grandmother, his everything, Mr. Hicks wanted to be a country doctor. Instead, he stuck with where his heart guided him. Just as one might imagine he has the inclination of a country doctor giving at all times to those in need. Mr. Hicks seems to have mastered the measure of a successful man, indeed.


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Ivanka Trump by Samantha Ramos

A model, business woman, fashion mogul and mother; she knows the steps it takes to succeed. We get a chance to speak with Ivanka, about her love for fashion and the passion she puts into every piece she creates today.

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What drew you to the world of fashion?

A: I saw an opportunity to create a brand that appealed to a modern, sophisticated, self-purchasing woman. I began with jewelry and the brand has since evolved to include footwear, handbags, apparel, eyewear and more.

What excites you about your industry?

A: The fashion industry is a constant evolution. It is fast paced and highly competitive. As an entrepreneur this industry presents a great opportunity and that is incredibly exciting.

How is motherhood?

A: I love being a mother – it’s my most important and rewarding role!

Has it changed you or inspirited your creative talents into your collection?

A: Of course. In generations past women were either professionals or parents, but today we can be both and it’s important our clothes transition throughout the various phases of our days as easily as we do. We can no longer compartmentalize the various aspects of our lives. From playing with your children in the morning to a presentation at the office and dinner with your husband or a night out with girlfriends we should feel confident and polished throughout. We are modern, multifaceted women who work at all aspects of our lives and our clothes and accessories should be a reflection of that.

What made you decide to expand your collection beyond jewelry?

A: There are very few brands that are speaking to the modern women in an authentic way. Our brand mission and philosophy is representative of how I live my life. The products are inspired by me and made for women like me who are passionate about professional and personal endeavors and want to look and feel great while pursuing them. Brand expansion was a natural evolution as we saw a great opportunity in the need for a genuine representation of today’s modern woman.

Have you had any notable mentors that have guided you through the industry?

A: I’m very fortunate to have many relationships with titans of industry in a variety of fields, most important being my mother and father. They have both been incredibly influential over the course of my career.

How does Ivanka Trump relax?

A: When I have time I love to take advantage of our spa at Trump SoHo in New York City. The Turkish Hammam is an amazing experiential treatment and so restorative.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

A: It is so important to be prepared. In everything I do preparedness allows me to increase efficiency and always work to the best of my ability. I definitely expect that from others and it’s frustrating to see a lack of forethought.

When you’re not thinking about your collections, what’s your favorite outing?

A: This summer we’ve been spending a lot of time outside the city. We love to be active and plan things like afternoon golf, picnics and swimming with Arabella, which always seems to be an endless activity. She can’t get enough!

What are you wearing?

A: I love Prabal Garung and Peter Pilotto. On the more accessible front I like Zara and of course Ivanka Trump. I haven’t worn a pair of shoes from another designer in three years!

What would be your advice on selecting the right piece for an evening out?

A: Commit to one statement piece and supplement with subtle feminine touches. For example, if I wear a really beautiful, bold pair of earrings I’ll pair them with some delicate gold bangles and a diamond band on my ring finger. Jewelry is meant to compliment an outfit, not overpower it.

Any words of wisdom for men, when selecting jewelry for their spouse? A: Trust your instincts!

What are the key elements of your line?

A: My collection is inspired by classic jewelry from the art deco period. Many of the designs are very geometric and structured with traditional accents.

What was the inspiration involved in the creation of your new jewelry collection?

A: Travel is always an inspiration, architecture, interior design, and certainly the other brand categories. There is so much synergy across all of my endeavors and the sources of inspiration are organic.

What was the best vacation location you’ve ever had?

A: I’ve been to Patagonia twice and it was the ultimate adventure.

With such a fantastic line, do you have a favorite?

A: I’ve really gravitated towards the Metropolis Sol cuff. We recently launched the new collection in Vegas at Couture and I wore it the entire time I was there. It instantly became a staple in my wardrobe.

Is there one quote you would like to leave us with? A: Seize the moments as they come!

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Dream Oaks Camp

By Bre Jones Mulock Photography by Rob Knight

Tucked beneathe the shade of towering oak trees and serenaded with streams of laughter, lies a peaceful utopia where kids who use wheelchairs ride horses, children with visual impairments sweep paint brushes across masterpieces and patients with cancer swap doctor’s appointments for a canoe trip down the Manatee River. Dream Oaks Camp, offering an exceptional camping experience for children with special needs and chronic illnesses ages 7 – 17, stretches out across several pristine acres in Manatee County and serves as the only camp in the Tampa Bay Area offering a permanent site for residential, day and weekend camping programs throughout the year for these children. Rumbling down the dirt road to the check-in center, most children can barely wait to leap out of their cars and bid farewell to their parents. “Usually Marty has to be coaxed out of the truck when we go places,” says Daniel, a Bradenton parent. “When I pull into the camp parking lot and park, Marty is opening up the door before I shut the engine off. A smile covers his face from the time he spots the first person. When I pick him up, he’s still wearing that same smile.” Dashing up to greet friends and loved counselors, campers can let go of school, treatment and routine at Dream Oaks, which has served more than 4,000 individuals during the 12 years it has welcomed campers. Seven barrier-free cabins dot the campus. Sunlight filters through the trees setting butterflies aglow. Low flames crackle from a firepit where the nostalgic, sweet scent of roasting marshmellows warms the afternoon air. The camp has blossomed as a living dream for Bradenton attorney Eddie Mulock, a triple-transplant survivor with a wicked sense of humor and a self-professed weakness for brightly-colored neckties.

Mulock could not erase the images of the children he saw battling illnesses and adversity sheltered behind hospital walls. After surviving a heart transplant in 1995, Mulock – who later underwent both kidney and liver transplants as well—wondered when these children could shut out the treatments and therapy to enjoy the carefree musings of being a kid. His ponderings bloomed into a life mission. Barely out of the hospital himself, Mulock formed in 1996 the Foundation for Dreams, a non- profit organization that funds his creation Dream Oaks Camp. In August 2000, the Foundation for Dreams formed a collaborative partnership, which allowed the Foundation to build Dream Oaks Camp on several acres of Camp Flying Eagle, thereby utilizing existing facilities while focusing on renovating and building new facilities. With colorful pinwheels spinning at the entrance, Mulock’s dream came true in 2001 as Dream Oaks welcomed its first summer campers, providing day camp services to 56 children. Through summer and year-round weekend programs, Dream Oaks serves more than 600 individuals a year who enjoy independence, grow a greater self-confidence, strengthen activites of daily living and life skills, engage in activities with other children in an inclusive, barrier-free environment and provide respite services to the parents and cargivers. In addition, last year they provided nearly $100,000 in partial or full scholarships to families in need of financial assitance. Dream Oaks Camp recently collaborated with The Children’s Cancer Center, The Center for Building Hope and Suncoast Kids Place out of Tampa to create two new weekend camps for families. continued on page 106... FOCUS of SWFL 2014 105

The “F.L.I.G.H.T” Children’s Cancer Center Family Camp is a weekend camp for children who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and “Camp Healing Heart” is a bereavement camp for families who have lost a child to cancer and are still needing support services. They are also partnering with Jewish Family Children’s Services and have added three weekend camps that serve children affected by substance abuse in the home. In addition, Dream Oaks Camp programs have expanded to include a Young Adult Camp for individuals ages 18-30 to fill the much needed gap in services.

“Zachary has been ‘special’ since he was born,” says Leslie, a parent from Orlando. “At Dream Oaks Camp he isn’t. He’s just like every other kid. He actually becomes a leader and initiates activities instead of being a follower.” As a camp session draws to a close, the contagious smiles from the first day roll into belly laughs flowing from the dining hall. Inside, a camper/counselor talent show plays out and kids and adults alike beam with happiness. They have played hard – riding horses, swimming in a specially designed splash pool, creating art, music and plays to name a few activities. One camper clutches his counselor, burying his face in the counselor’s lap. He doesn’t want to leave, let the fun end. “To me, this camp means an experience my son would not otherwise have,” says Marty’s dad Daniel. “It means a feeling of security, knowing he is cared for and watched over by good, loving people.” 941-746-5659

During camp sessions, an intricate tapestry of life emerges: children embracing their carefree youth, young adult counselors growing into strong, nurturing people and parents, who often don’t get a break all year, a chance to spend time with a spouse or friends. 106 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

MARINELAND WELCOMES DOLPHIN CALF Marineland Dolphin Adventure has the longest standing dolphin breeding program of any aquarium or zoo. In fact, the first dolphin birth in a human care environment took place at Marineland in 1947. Animals in accredited zoos and aquariums serve as ambassadors to their counterparts in the wild. With every animal birth, researchers and experts can learn more from mothers, calves and other dolphins to build data that can ultimately be used to conserve the species in their natural habitats.

One of Marineland Dolphin Adventure’s resident Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, Dazzle, successfully gave birth to a female calf. Shortly after birth, the calf took its first breath and then began to swim with its mother. Both mom and calf are doing well, and Marineland animal care and training teams will continue to monitor the pair in the coming months.

“I’m extremely proud of the passionate, dedicated and unrivaled care that our experts have given and will continue to give Dazzle, her calf and the other dolphins in our care as we work through the coming critical months,“ said Kurt Allen, general manager and vice president. “As we continue to remember and honor the legacy of Marineland’s Nellie, who at 61 was the longest-lived dolphin in human care, the birth of Dazzle’s calf so soon after her passing is a beautiful reminder as to why the Marineland Dolphin Adventure staff has dedicated their lives to caring for these animals.”

“Over the past week, our team has been giving around-theclock care to Dazzle and her calf, taking every measure possible to ensure that the calf thrives to its best potential,” said Dr. Gregory Bossart, chief veterinary officer and senior vice president. “The first several days of a calf’s life are very important. We look for critical milestones such as nursing independently, weight gain and bonding with the mother. Dazzle and the calf continue to surpass these important moments. The animal care and training staff at Marineland are looking forward to the critical 30 day marker that significantly increases the calf’s chances for success and remain cautiously optimistic.” The animal care and training team’s work has just begun as the first year of a calf’s life is the most critical. “In the coming months, as Dazzle’s confidence in the calf’s independence grows, our relationship with the baby can begin to develop.” said Michael Hunt, director of animal training. “As an experienced mother, Dazzle is a nursing mom on-the-go and our attention is focused on providing her the calories needed for her and the calf as well as providing the best overall care for her and the calf during this critical time.”

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Getting By Trey Bell

There are instances in our lives when it seems that destiny shines on us; the day I set out to visit Sassy Cakes, a gourmet cupcake shop in downtown Naples and interview its proprietor, Bayah Harrison, was one of those instances. Recently, The Wall Street Journal ran a story by journalists Emily Maltby and Sarah E. Needleman entitled, “Forget Gold, The Gourmet-Cupcake Market Is Crashing” and of course I read through the article to familiarize myself with the reality of the cupcake scene, and its eminent decline, or as far as the largest chain of cupcake stores; Crumbs’, stock prices auger the future of the cupcake business on a national level. Having already watched every episode of “2 Broke Girls,” the CBS Network’s sitcom focusing on two New Yorkers trying to make it out of their current socio-economic situation by baking said gourmet treats, which I enjoy as only a fairly educated adult man can; postironically, I felt that I was prepared for what I would find. It seems that the cupcake has thoroughly entered the pop culture lexicon over the past decade, the gourmet version of the cake in a paper cup has been sprouting up like high fructose fungi in every major market across the country, and according to recent trends cited in the above mentioned Wall Street Journal article, into secondary, more suburban locales which may just keep this frosted gravy train a-rolling. What I found was neither a hard selling corporate head, nor a surly streetwise girl from Brooklyn, no, I met Henry. First, in the interest of full disclosure: I am not a “sweets” person, and I AM a great fan of the cooking competition show. So as I made my way into the heart of Naples in search of the cupcakery and its baker, I ended up circling around and coming around the back. Located on 4th Ave South in Naples the shop is behind the restaurant Ciao, which does not make it an easy place to find. When I mentioned this to Bayah I said this would make it a hipster’s dream… If only Naples had more hipsters. The shop itself is as sweet as the confections that are offered for sale. All pastels and bright white, it is an icing topped treat in and of itself. Resplendent with cupcake themed decorations to let you know, just in case you missed it, that there were glorious cupcakes to be had here. It’s a cozy corner shop with light from the afternoon sun lighting up the interior with its diffuse high cloud overcast-ness that makes it that much more inviting. All of that notwithstanding it is just a building, what truly make Sassy Cakes the place that it is, are Henry and his Cupcake Warrior mother, Bayah. A Chicago transplant that came to Florida with her husband almost a decade ago, Bayah Harrison, is the force behind the little corner shop on 4th Ave South. With almost 3 years in this location she has made the store front her second home. In most mornings by 8 a.m. to bake at least 40 cupcakes, more depending on special orders, so she can be open by 11. I ask about the traffic into

the shop, and just like everything else in Southwest Florida, it’s seasonal, that season of course being “snowbird” season. Packing an arsenal of 25 specialty flavors, she rotates the offerings weekly with a few perennials thrown in for good measure and to keep the regulars happy, her Carmel by the Sea, the local favorite. I had done a little research prior to my journey and found that Ms. Harrison had been a participant on the third season of the Food Network show “Cupcake Wars” I asked what the theme was, the episode that she appeared on happened to be the Tim Burton Bake-off, I inquired about the experience, knowing full well that she has probably answered these questions more than enough times, but she was gracious enough to indulge my guilty pleasure, just another reflection of the Zen of the cupcake permeating her whole being. It seems that 2011 was a good year, not only did she land the TV show, and a feature in the “Best of” issue of Gulf Shore Life, but she and her husband were also blessed with a little boy, Henry. Henry, the real boss of this joint, was very gracious as well, sharing his toys and showing me around the shop, as well as hopping behind the counter to show me everything that his Mommy had to offer the public. He was a wonderful host, even if he had skipped his nap that day. He himself is a reflection of his mother’s profession with bright blonde hair and eyes as blue as the M&Ms on the top of his mom’s Build Me Up Buttercup cupcake. He really liked my camera too. Now finally you may ask how a non-sweets person is really suppose to take away the true essence of the gourmet cupcake shop when they aren’t enticed by the idea of sweet, sweet icing on top of moist airy cake and every iteration and combination that those two can be arranged. It’s a valid question after all; well you go for what you know, and you take a few home for your wife to try. I had the Cookies N Cream and it was good, it fit my idea of a specialty cupcake and the flavor and textures where all there, if I was sitting at the judges table I would have voted for this classic. As to what my wife thought, “they were each a different little piece of heaven.”

Sassy Cakes - 837 4th Ave South - Naples - Florida - 34102 - 239.687.5100 108 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Perfect “Visiting the vignettes Sins is Melanie Denman’s about willed women the Wheele r family, debut novel, an a small-t uproarious weak men.” with sharp tongue series of s and an own clan domina unfortunate ted by strongGary B. Border habit of marryi s — A Hangin ng “Melanie g in Nacogd Denma oches writers combin n comes from a long ing pathos the women and humor and celebrated in particu unapologetica with gloriou tradition of southe lar–are rn as they are, lly themselves. marvelous: irrever s results. Her characters– ent, scanda Her and langua she structure to create uses a wonderfully ge is as fresh and lous and this multi-g has you laughin unconv original same scene… g and crying, enerational familyentional someti ” mes within saga… the very Malena Watrou s — If You Follow Me “Few can depict for that matter rural East Texans – with such – or rural Denman Southe accurac did She plumb in Visiting the Sins. y and sensitiv rners, s the depths ity as Melani Or with such their human comedy, of their personalities heartbreaking e go with mankin and realism… with warmd’s eternal with wisdom and hearted humor understanding condition. F.E. Aberne …” for the flawsfor thy — Let that the River “…vividly Run Wild: Saving the people of captures the voice Neches Deep East and spirit storytelling Texas. of at its hilariou Visiting the Sins the feisty, fiercely indepe is old-fas s, heartbr hioned Southe ndent eaking, poetic Frank Mills rn best.” — If the Devil Had a Wife “…strong relation ships town… As the charact between the characters thought ers age process relationships.” –thanks to the through the storyand the history of you can actually the old way Denma n develo follow ps them Robert C. and portray their Nuzum — s their Old Spanish Trail Treasur e

WORD ASS WP O U RB D L A S SE OO C I A T I O N Pwww.w UBLIISH S IATIO S H E RR C ordasso N S www.w ciation. 1.800.82 ordasso com 7.7903ciation. com 1.800.82 7.7903


ISBN 978-1-595



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"Whatever she had to do to get herself out of that poverty and make a better life for her family, she was going to do. She did not go by the rules of society. She pushed the envelope and acquired quite a scandalous reputation for doing so. She was determined to make a success out of her life, and she did, but other people around her paid a very high price for that." In addition to the inspiration drawn from her grandmother's life, a key driving force behind what would be Denman's urge to write "Visiting the Sins," is her desire to fully explore the ostensibly clannish culture of East Texas in which she grew up. "There was a certain puzzlement or suspicion about the ways of outsiders," Denman said. "And once I moved away, I realized that there was just as much curiosity and suspicion about our ways, so I wanted to explore this from the inside out with my writing, to discover what makes people act in ways that might be described as 'tribal' and to understand what makes us suspicious of those who are different from us." It is Denman's belief that people struggle to see past exterior images and labels to their common human frailties and desires. The result being, that everyone is experiencing a fundamental loneliness to a greater or lesser degree: The fundamental loneliness that drives Curtis Jean, the story's chief protagonist, into becoming an alcoholic.

In her riotous debut novel, which earned the author a 2014 Bronze Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for Southern Regional Fiction, Melanie Denman probes the myriad sacrifices of motherhood with unflinching honesty and warmhearted amusement. Set in the Bible Belt of East Texas, "Visiting the Sins" is a darkly funny story about mothers and daughters, naked ambition, elusive redemption, and all the torment it is possible to inflict in the name of family. The book tells a story of the misadventures of three feisty but perennially dissatisfied women of the Wheeler clan from the town of Thorny Bog: Pokey, the love-starved, pistol-packing matriarch; Rebanelle, the daughter and frosty former beauty queen turned church organist; And Curtis Jean, the granddaughter and backsliding gospel singer. As the story unfolds, it becomes obvious to readers early on that the lofty social aspirations of the three ladies are exceeded only by their unfortunate taste in men and a seemingly boundless capacity for holding grudges. Through use of dialog brimming with small town Texanisms and sparkling imagery, author Denman chronicles a legacy of feuding and scandal that lurches from one generation to the next with tragic consequences that threaten to destroy everything the Wheeler women have sacrificed their souls to build. "The matriarchal character in the book, Pokey, was based on my grandmother in real life, with whom I was very close," Denman said. "She was the inspiration behind the book and the motivation for most of what happens in the story. My grandmother had a very difficult life from the beginning and experienced a lot of humiliation from being very poor. It was something that stuck with her and it was a very strong driver. 110 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

"I believe these fears and suspicions create a sense of alienation that is hard to bridge," Denman said. "That's the driving force behind why I write about certain people or certain cultures, to allow us to look gently at ourselves and also to provide a window into our humanity. When we're able to view the humanity in those unlike us, our own fears and loneliness can then dissolve." Writing "Visiting the Sins" is what would allow Denman her to explore a number of compelling topics, like role of faith, both positive and negative, in family and in culture, the relationships between men and women and the distribution of power between them, and, in particular, the mother-daughter relationship which is the core of her story. "The book explores the constant fundamental struggle that most women face when they realize they need to choose between fulfilling their own ambitions, desires and needs, and making the sacrifices required to be a good mother," Denman said. "Each of the characters, all from different generations, deal with this dilemma in their own way. I think all of them were trying to walk the line, no matter how imperfectly, of how to be a mother and also attend to the other things in life that called to them." Denman's story contains no template that women can follow to magically balance the struggle between selfhood and motherhood. "You can sacrifice all of your own wants for the good of your children," Denman said. "Or you can sacrifice your children for your own wants, and neither of those is a satisfying decision. In the book I try to illustrate a simple truth, motherhood is individual, and, it's hard, and none of us does it perfectly."

Photos courtesy of Andrew Lipovsky

No one's

Get Mad

Get Even


By Michelle Tomao

When it comes to getting screwed-over by women, singer/songwriter Zach Caruso doesn't get mad, but he does get even with the release of his fourth album, "Might Be The Rain," a sizzling set of eight high-impact blues-influenced rock tracks. Several of which, Caruso admits are craftily worded get-backs aimed at the women in his life who claimed they loved him, then done him wrong. In celebration of the CD release, the artist is making the album's first single, Nobody Knows My Name, available as a free download on his homepage. "Finding the right words in a conversation is often hard for me, so I always use music to express what I really feel," Zach Caruso, the New Jersey-born artist, said. "When my relationships began falling apart, I didn't really know what to say to fix things, so I just started writing songs, and those songs eventually became the core for this new album." Whatever word skills Caruso may lack as a conversationalist he more than makes up for as a lyricist. A former journalism major with a master's degree, he stokes his album with smart, surprising metaphors that let listeners feel the aches and pains, and anger and frustration he experienced while his romantic relationships crashed and burned before his eyes. With song titles like, Love is a Dog from Hell, Caruso manages to convey more emotion with six words than less talented songwriters could convey with 6,000. Blues rock fans that get their hands and ears on the new CD are going to appreciate Caruso's rhythm guitar grooves, his inventive riffs during the breaks, and his use of tasty hooks to kick-start and sustain the album's tracks. A few might even say his innovative work as a guitarist is overshadowed by his skillful use of his most impressive and powerful performance tool: his soulful, expressive voice, clearly a gift from the Blues Rock Gods. Caruso's near-raspy, never strained, and from-the-heart vocal style combined with his chops on the six-string have begun to trigger comparisons by listeners to several indie blues rock legends. "Fans of Jonny Lang, Gary Clark, Jr., the Black Keys, and Joe Bonamassa seem to find our sound similar," Caruso said. "I think Joe Bonamassa is a musical genius, and as an independent artist he's showing the rest of us how it's supposed to be done. Obviously we're honored to be mentioned in the same breath along with him or any of these artists."

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In addition to being both a fan and ardent student of Bonamassa, Caruso unashamedly admits his writing and playing style was, and still is, majorly influenced by Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day. Although, it was the Black Crows "Shake Your Money Maker" album that really got him turned on, and tuned in to the power of the blues rock genre. "There was something about the music, the sound, the swagger, that really hooked me," Caruso said. "For some reason it opened a door for me, and I started getting into blues music and went on to devour every blues-influenced album I could find, from "B.B. King" to "Led Zeppelin." The music I produce today is a blend of all those influences." New Caruso fans that come out to see him perform at his live gigs may be surprised to see the performer up on stage playing guitar and accompanied by only drummer Frank Abrami, bassist Frankie Prendergast, and backup singer Alicen Ragonese. Using just three instruments and the magic of his own voice, Caruso and his band mates manage to fill the room with toe-tapping, buttshaking sound. His new CD exactly captures that toe-tapping, butt-shaking sound. It is not to bother telling Caruso's ex-girlfriends that he wrote songs about them. They will not understand the lyrics, he said.

ALLIANCE FOR THE ARTS PRESENTS: “Majestic Places / Majestic Faces” Exhibit During the month of July the gallery at Alliance for the Arts will be filled with images taken by photographer David White during his 9 years living and teaching in Jakarta, Indonesia. “Majestic Places / Majestic Faces” includes 300 photographs and maps strung together in an installation representing a walkthrough scrapbook. White, who grew up in Fort Myers but has lived abroad since 1999, says he wants to give his family, friends and hometown community a glimpse into the diverse destinations and peoples that have enriched his life while living in Jakarta. “Majestic Places / Majestic Faces” features the cultural and natural beauty of Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam. “I am blessed to live and learn overseas. I hope to foster understanding between my Eastern and Western worlds through sharing moments of the truly, majestic places and faces of South East Asia. My intent, as always, is to seek and share positive, compassionate connections in all my worlds and with all peoples. It is an honor to be shown at the Alliance for the Arts. I look forward to seeing how the installation impacts my friends and the Lee County community. If a picture truly speaks a thousand words ... imagine what 300 can say?” The “Majestic Places / Majestic Faces” opening reception is from 5:00 to 7:30 on Friday, July 11. White will host a Gallery Walk on Saturday, July 12 from 10-11AM. It’s free and open to the public. The exhibit goes on display on Thursday, July 3 and remains on display until Friday, August 1.

Photography by David White

The Alliance for the Arts proudly supports artists and arts organizations in our area as the state designated Local Arts Agency for Lee County. The Alliance campus and galleries are open to the public from 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday and from 9AM to 1PM on Saturdays, located at 10091 McGregor Boulevard just south of Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers.

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• Location: Punta Gorda is one mile from Interstate 75 and situated on beautiful Charlooe Harbor. • Access: e city airport means convenient arrivals and departures for commercial, charter and private air travelers. Come by air, land, or sea. • Features: Over 70 miles of navigable canals ow seaward to white-sand barrier islands and the Gulf of Mexico. Around town, shady sidewalks, trails and marked routes invite shopping, exploring, walking and biking. • Fishing: It’s world class. Folks sh Punta Gorda the way they like it: blue-water sport, back bay driiing, marsh and mangrove, or surf and sand.

City of Punta Gorda

326 W. Marion Ave. Punta Gorda, FL 33950 (941) 575-3302 | PGORDA.US Design by Christopher Frame




unta Gorda is the rarest of places a–gem at the edge of Florida’s Gulf Coast, a treasure that charms and delights. Florida’s best small city marries the allure of a world-class resort with the pleasures of a hometown welcome. National travel and lifestyle editors tout its premier sports and recreation, blue-ribbon arts and culture, and its variety of casual

and ne dining. If you haven’t yet enjoyed the pleasures of Punta Gorda, think of big shing and snug village shopping. Imagine a community for life and a unique weekend holiday. Historic Punta Gorda is safe, clean, and accessible. Folks never tire of its sunsets (no two are alike!) and celebrations. First-time or returning, visiting or staying, those who discover Punta Gorda nd it for life.

“Come for the weekend Stay for life.”

Copy and editing by: Marilyn Tarnowski Photography by: Thanks to the Punta Gorda community for a collaborative effort in producing the candid photographs.


Photo: Jim Johnston



ail Magazine’s recent review of Punta Gorda’s front door describes Charlooe Harbor as a ““in-Water Paradise.” at’s how sailors identify friendly waters perfect for small and medium-size cruisers, yachts and charter boats. Punta Gorda has deep water access, too. National and regional shing tournaments draw world-class anglers. At the waterfront, Fishermen’s




Village harbors boardwalk shops, casual and ne dining, and resort accommodations. Marina Dock Age Magazine evaluated the bustling village’s full-service docks and shops, rating it “Marina of the Year.” Captains and crews rave about its protected harbor and chandlery services for just about every boating need. Whether arriving by kayak or yacht, maritime visitors nd Punta Gorda’s snug harbor is an island of enchantment.

MARINA of THE YEAR Marina Dock Age Magazine


Sail Magazine



Yachting Magazine

City of Punta Gorda

(941) 575-3302 | PGORDA.US Photo: Jim Johnston





hether pedaling around town with the city’s free bike-loaner program, taking a stroll, gollng, tennis, mini-marathons, regaaas or races – if it’s outdoors, Punta Gorda does it with style. Florida’s best small city is a bike-friendly, safe-walking community. Its network of pedestrian sidewalks links historic neighborhoods and parks, connecting strollers and joggers to downtown

City of Punta Gorda

(941) 575-3302 | PGORDA.US


aaractions and a vibrant city center. Eighteen miles of groomed paths and pet-friendly walking trails are professionally marked and maintained, winning the city Florida Bicycle Association’s Community of the Year award. Lifestyle columnists and sports writers – ranging from Golf Digest, Sail, and Money Magazine to Forbes and Rand McNally – keep Punta Gorda at the top of their national “Best of” lists year aaer year.


Florida Bicycle Association




Photo:Waterlife Magazine


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�––––––––––––�––––––––––�–––�–�–�–––––––�––��–�––�– –––––��–––––––––––––�–––––�–––––�––�–�–�––�–�– –––––�––––�––�––––––––�–�–––�–�––––––�–––––�– ––––�–��–––––�–––––��–�––––––––�–––––�–��–��– �––�–––�–�–���––�–�––––�–––�–––––�–�–�––––––�–�––�– �–�––––�–––�–––––––––�–���–––––�––––�–––�– �–�–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

THE BEST ����������

������–�–������– – ������–����

Photo:Waterlife Magazine

Photo:Waterlife Magazine





lorida’s southwestern estuaries, mangrove wetlands, historic rivers, and productive uplands comprise one of the largest ecosystems of its kind in North America. Punta Gorda takes immense pride in its ecological riches. Inland, its green-tree canopy shades city streets and residential districts. Surrounding the city, maritime and coastal habitats support over 600 species of birds, sh, and marine wildlife. Punta Gorda’s ecosystem is

managed in partnership with state and federal scientists to accommodate a wide range of active and passive uses. Accessible parks and preserves, boat launches, and picnic areas invite family excursions. Fish for the 40-inch snook; catch-and-release the silver king tarpon. Stalk ocks of roseate spoonbills with binoculars; capture pods of dolphin on video. e region’s unique environment sustains Florida’s best small city.



FISHING SPOT IN THE WORLD Sport Fishing Magazine






Photo: Cynthia Zemen



Katie Fong

Add some sizzle and spark when you head out this summer; from colorful yet elegant day wear to glamorous pieces suitable for dinner and drinks with friends or a dazzling red carpet event, maybe even your wedding. Who is this minx designer? More than a newbie in the fashion world, yet she worked and trained with the best. Inspired by the artisan traditions of the great American and European ateliers and a bucolic yet enlightened childhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, a dynamic young visionary, Katie Fong, designs meant for the most discerning woman. The real beginning of the Katie Fong story was an adored grandmother and a little girl who drew pictures of evening gowns cared for by her family’s dry cleaning establishment. Many elements of The Katie Fong CollectionTM are based on techniques studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Oscar De La Renta which have been further refined in Ms. Fong’s thriving made-tomeasure business. The Collection will be manufactured in New York City and focus on integrating unique designs with the finest fabrics, laces and embroidery to give women around the world a sense of confidence and playfulness as they celebrate the notion of timeless elegance. “I was first introduced to Katie last summer by a mutual friend in Greenwich. I was immediately impressed by her maturity, personality and poise, as well as her passion to support and give back to the community she grew up in. Shortly thereafter, Katie invited me to a showing of her new collection. I immediately fell in love with her design aesthetic – from the delicacy of the lace and intricate beading, to the beautiful tailoring and femininity.” Geri Corrigan, Director of Marketing for Saks Fifth Avenue Greenwich “We are delighted to have a partnership with Katie Fong to provide custom design services for our clients. Katie provides an environment where client’s vision come to life. She has a sophisticated, elegant sensibility executed with couture workmanship. Katie makes women feel beautiful.” Linda Mitchell, Vice President of Women’s Merchandise for Mitchells Family of Stores “I met Katie Fong through her sketches, an unusual introduction, but one that speaks volumes to her talent. In getting to know Katie personally I am equally impressed by her as a person- she is wonderful to be around and her commitment to her work (and excellence of) is driven by pure passion. She clearly loves what she does and that joy shows through in the details of her work- from sketching to the final product. I marvel at her precision, elegance, and overall talent. I would steal her away for my brand if I wasn’t so excited to watch the greatness she’ll certainly accomplish on her own!” Nicole Hanley Mellon, Hanley Mellon Katie Fong’s collection has everything you need for the season, ravishing dresses that prove both timeless and timely.. Distinguished by her impeccable quality, the collection speaks of romance and mystery while being utterly modern and accessible. Immerse yourself in colors that pop alongside lilacs, purples, teals and greens. Details abound from hand embroidery, layering, beading, fringe and illusion surfaces. More and more women are discovering their inner fashionista with Katie’s beautiful dresses. Katie Fong’s collection is a favorite among modern women who gravitate toward its unbridled romanticism and sophistication.

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FOCUS of SWFL 2014 125

PANDORA’s collection of outstanding jewelry features raw, elegant designs inspired by rock style with a hint of vintage and a bit of attitude. The collection features a brand new necklace concept: a unique design that can combine as many as eight necklaces into a layered look that is luxurious and interchangeable. PANDORA bracelets give women the freedom to capture the unforgettable moments that make life extraordinary and the new charms of the fall season offer a twist on what has become the hallmark of the PANDORA brand. Two elegant sterling silver bracelets are also new–one is designed to hold one traditional or new decorative clip, the other as many as five. Mix, match and combine the clips and bracelets in any combination, creating pieces that are unique to your personal style. It’s an idea inspired by PANDORA’s popular charm bracelet. Create and combine looks with other new additions to the PANDORA universe, including a line of 14k solid gold earrings, pendants and dangle charms with intricate lace details and diamonds; and large cocktail rings, featuring amethyst or grey moonstone, that are perfect for stacking. Stunning earrings inspired by delicate lace patterns in 14K gold with freshwater pearls and diamonds can be worn on their own, layered or combined with other pieces from the Compose collection. Rings in 14K gold, sterling and black oxidized silver have florally inspired designs with an unpredictable twist that is raw yet feminine. Large cocktail rings in amethyst or grey moonstone are perfect for stacking with this season’s more delicate pieces. New LovePod rings in white, yellow and rose 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds or colorful gemstones work beautifully with other pieces of PANDORA jewelry and interlock when stacked together. The spirit of nostalgic rock infuses the collection, especially our new sterling silver decorative clips in raw, sculptural shapes. The other standouts include a starshaped pendant and charm in black oxidized silver, an alluring finish that runs through the collection.




By Rosie Tamer Photography by Krisada Yudee

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e’re not sure why limited edition products hold so much appeal. But they somehow always manage to pop up on our radar. Maybe, It is because there’re so good? Are they too precious a resource to waste on anyone but the aficionados? Whatever the reason there’s no denying the irresistible pull of something that is exclusive. The brand Paemisa, was launched in January 2012 by Paemisa Swatphakdi. She having worked previously as a buyer for luxury brands, created a unique line for women to not only show off their strength, but inner beauty; “I've always had a passion for lingerie” states Paemisa. I believe every woman should have the best of both worlds when it comes to lingerie - quality and price. My objective is to create an affordable line that is accessible to all women who love designs, colors, and comfort to fit their personality. The design is my take on modern lingerie created for modern women. Our esthetic shows through in the use of quality fabrics, hardware, youthful play on shapes and colors. Every piece in the collection is made in-house and is exclusive and limited. It's all about incorporating new pieces into your wardrobe, mixing and matching, and having fun. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 129

Photography by Krisada Yudee 130 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Photography by Krisada Yudee FOCUS of SWFL 2014 131


Get�the�Facts�about�the�Pet�Shop�-�Pup 132 FOCUS of SWFL 2014


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Summer Beauty Tips FAMILY FEATURES

To make the most of your carefree summer days (and nights), try this fuss-free beauty routine that is low on time and big on impact. Summer is an ideal time to embrace your natural beauty. A healthy, natural glow sans heavy makeup and pretty wind-tousled hair are the hallmark looks of summer. With these tips from the hair removal experts at the maker of Nair™, keep your beauty rituals to a minimum and get ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer. • Protect your Skin: Your skin’s biggest enemy this summer? You guessed it - damaging UV rays. It’s critical to incorporate sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 into your daily beauty routine. And, remember to reapply liberally throughout the day. • Keep it Smooth: It’s bathing suit season again. Frequent hair removal treatments at your salon can add up. For easy at-home hair removal that provides expert results, blogger and lifestyle expert Carmen Ordonez, founder of the blog “Viva Fashion,” recommends using Nair Sprays Away Max Moroccan Argan Oil to stay smooth all summer long. Infused with 100 percent natural Moroccan Argan Oil, the convenient spray allows for a precise, no-touch application for minimal mess and smooth skin that last days longer than shaving.

• Waterproof: Choose waterproof and smudge-proof cosmetics for your eyes to minimize damage and streaking from sweat, humidity or even a refreshing dip in the pool. For a fresh daytime look, stick with pretty neutrals that enhance your natural coloring. • Condition Less: Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Want to avoid limp locks? Skip the daily conditioning and switch to a weekly deep conditioner to maintain moisture while still pumping up the volume on your tresses.

• Manage the Shine: Skip liquid foundation altogether and opt instead for a bronzing powder for a natural, sun-kissed look. Don’t forget to start with clean skin, using oil-free cleansers and moisturizers. • Move over Matte, Hello Gloss: For your lips, forego heavy cream and matte lipsticks in favor of light and fun glosses and balms. A wide range of options let you go nude and natural by day, and add drama with deeper shades and shimmer for night. 134 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Top 10

Swimwear Trends by Suzanne Bryant

This season’s swimwear trends range from bold pops of color and florals to mixing without matching and swim layering. For those looking for the latest looks in swimwear, Lands’ End® outlines the most fashion-forward looks in swim this season: 1. Color Blocking – The color blocking trend is just that; wearing blocks of color. This season, the color blocking is exaggerated with bursts of bright bold hues. Get this look from Lands’ End by mixing up colors in swim separates such as Beach Living®, or try the Tugless Tank® in Electric Blue Stripe. 2. Retro Glam – Swim styles reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour, combine coverage and confidence with fabulous style. The Lands’ End Beach Living Halter Tunic and the Floral Beach Bandeau one-piece offers the classic retro silhouette with the adjustable tunic that can fall mid-hip. Ruched and ruffled swim tops and skirts also offer that much-desired glamorous retro style. 3. Mix n’ Mix – Swim shoppers will dare to mix it up this season by combining unexpected prints and colors to create one-of-a-kind looks. Different colored and printed tops and bottoms will be the “it” look on the beach in 2014. Lands’ End is offering this trend-right look in the new SwimMates collection. Women start with SwimMates bikini separates in a variety of colors and style choices and then layer with other swim pieces. Each piece can be a different color or print to create a complete custom look. 4. Bring on Brights – While black or navy swimsuits are go-to classics, this season’s pops of bright color are making a splash. From Raspberry Rose and Fiesta Orange to Electric Blue and Melon Breeze, Lands’ End is offering women a bright variety of in-trend color options. 5. Swim Layers – While some women may want to sport a bikini with family in the backyard, a pool party with neighbors may call for layering on a swim cami or skirt. Lands’ End has introduced SwimMates™, an innovative swimsuit concept that will change the way women wear swimsuits. Labeled the “4-Piece Bikini,” SwimMates are swim layers that let women transform swim looks seamlessly. The concept starts with a two piece bikini foundation and then offers layering swim pieces including a cami, swim shorts or swim skirt. 6. The Little Black Suit™– What if a swimsuit could be as classically perfect as the little black dress? Lands’ End offers sleek one-pieces, smart two-pieces and even skirts, all in the classic fashion color – black. Style standouts include: the AquaTerra™ Sweetheart Bikini Top and Swim Skirt and the Beach Living Twist Front Swimdress. 7. Slender Suits® – Slimming swimsuits are here to stay, and Lands’ End offers a variety of Slender Suits this season. Lands’ End Slender Suits instantly slim while complementing natural curves, and the One-Piece Tulip, Grecian and Carmela Slender Suits are sure to be firming favorites. 136 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

8. Florals – From vintage Hawaiian prints to poppy floral prints, this season it’s all about flower power! Find beautiful floral prints in several Lands’ End collections, including Ocean Beach, AquaTerra, Beach Living and SwimMates. 9. Swim Accessorization – A swim look goes beyond a great-looking swimsuit this season. This year, more than ever before, women are accessorizing swim looks with cover-ups, beach totes, towels, jewelry, hats, sunglasses and shoes. Lands’ End offers a variety of swim finishing touches including: the Vintage Island Print Beach Towel, the Poppy Floral Chiffon Pareo Cover-up or the Pattern Rope Handle Tote Bag. 10. Pool Performers – Active women need top pool-performing swimsuits. Lands’ End offers two collections for those that dive into swim activities. The AquaFitness swimsuits are chlorine proof and retain their shape wear after wear. AquaTerra swimsuits offer swim separates to match activities and help block harmful sun rays.

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138 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

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DKNY One Shoulder Striped One Piece $96.00 Available at select Macy's and at

140 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Ruched Tankini Top & Solid Brief Bottom $93.00 Available at select Macy's and at

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 141

VITAMIN A Halter bikini top with gold-tone hardware, and string bottoms with flattering back seam, nylon/Lycra® spandex, Tangler ’71 shimmer print maroon/gold, 4-10. Bikini top, $86. String bottoms, $76. In Women’s Active & Swim at Nordstrom and online at

142 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

L*SPACE L*Space ‘Ariel’ shirred bandeau with molded cups and removable straps, polyester/spandex, multi, $99. ‘Estella’ reversible, classic-cut bottoms with front cut-outs, polyester/spandex, multi, $75. In Women’s Active & Swim at Nordstrom and

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 143

H&M summer memories showing the essential pieces for the season’s swim and beachwear

144 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 145

"I love renewing my summer wardrobe at H&M. I'm always more interested in pieces that tell a story, which I can put together to create my own personal look. I'm usually a tomboy, but in summer I'm reborn a woman, and always go for dresses and flowery prints. My favorite accessory of the season is the straw hat, very French, very 50s, and perfect for right now"

146 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

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The newest collection, Aguas Calientes – Macchu Picchu 2014 Collection flaunts an impressive variety of designs from meticulous hand embroidery which features oval shaped pallets like delicate golden and turquoise flakes to the strikingly worked mother of pearl embroidery defining the shape of the garments. Applications of needlework such as fuchsia shades create an eye catching geometrical motif in the floral artistic designs in the Cusco carnival with gleaming gold stitching. These beautiful cover ups are ideal for sexy summer fun.

148 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 149

150 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 151

Beso De Sal Beso De Sal's swimwear line displays a super-hot mix of colors and flavors all inspired by the rich cultures found throughout Peru. Every item we craft is hand made by our talented and experienced in-house team and conceived, designed and directed by Maria Jose herself.

Beso De Sal’s is both bold and spicy with an intense mix of "flavors" taken straight from the very fabric of Peru. The people, beaches, cities, and deserts all along our Pacific coast offer up such a contrast of colors, textures and patterns – they shine the brightest in all of South America.

152 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Beso Del Sal Swimwear FOCUS of SWFL 2014 153

Beso Del Sal Swimwear 154 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Beso Del Sal Swimwear

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 155


SOLIDS Diviine ModesTee’s swim collection, Divinita Sole – which hones into the retro-inspired trend on swim pieces with a modern twist. For those looking to embrace the upcoming warm weather in style, Divinita Sole has the perfect statement bathing suit for every fashionista. 156 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

What could be sexier

Warm colors, creative cuts, and refined beadwork is appealing to the eye; stylish Bali print sundresses to match your unique style. Raya Hanon was created from the imagination of Miami based designer Heather Pierce, who traveled the world in order to soak up the different cultures. She decided to share her journey with others through her swimwear, featuring colors, fabrics and sewing techniques directly from each country.

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 157


158 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Photographer: Huan Duong Photography Location: Key Biscayne, Florida Model: Tawny Jordan Designer: Lacoste FOCUS of SWFL 2014 159

Photographer: Huan Duong Photography Model: Tawny Jordan Designer: Red Carter

160 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

FOCUS of SWFL 2014 161

Photographer: Huan Duong Photography Model: Tawny Jordan Designer: Victoria's Secret 162 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Photographer: Huan Duong Photography Model: Tawny Jordan Designer: Red Carter

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J. Taylor Couture A high-end, high-quality and entirely unique collection of women’s wear. Honing into detail, the collection embraces chic silhouettes, color palettes, and embellishments that bring a work of art in the form of clothing to the wardrobes of fashionistas all over the map. Offering high-end pieces that focus on craftsmanship and quality at an affordable price point, Alicia Williams, CEO and Founder of J. Taylor Couture, creates a collection that embodies luxury, confidence & opulence. “Each individual should be able to walk into a room and feel confident, stylish and leave a great first impression. This collection empowers the modern woman to put their best foot forward with unique detailing and pieces that play off the natural beauty of the body,” states Williams. Innovative design is the cornerstone of the fashion industry today, especially with fast fashion being so accessible all over the map; J. Taylor Couture allows the fashion forward individual to embrace their unique style and not blend in. Ranging from sheer, nature-inspired pieces to unique material and textile combinations, J. Taylor Couture completely reinvents the fashion industry with a stunning assortment.

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(941) 639-6364

One of a kind handmade fashion Photography by Tone Imaging Model Wendy Wil liams

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

Powerhouse for the arts, education & celebration!

By Kayla Dacosta

The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, located on the banks of Fort Myers’ Caloosahatchee River, supplies the community with world-class performances, educational opportunities, and above all-amazing exhibits! Their contribution toward enriching their community through the arts is astoundingly spectacular.

The center, which was originally constructed for business in 1933, has an opulent and impressive history. During the depression, the building was developed to serve as a post office. Due to the economical climate of the time, funding for the building was in short supply. Apart from help donated by President Hoover in 1929, it is rumored that Edison took part in a majority of the building’s funding. After serving as a post office for thirty-two years, the building was slated for demolition. At this time, the center was remodeled to serve as a courthouse, and equipped with federal offices. By 1998, the building was once again vacated and for six years remained unused, until it was acquired by the city. Jim Griffith, director of the center, approached the city of Fort Myers with the intent of turning the building into a center for the arts. After an extensive lease negotiation, the center was turned over to him.

Today, the Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center serves as a hub for breathtaking visual performances, phenomenal exhibits, collaborative educational programs, and special occasions. During its first year, the center had over 65,000 visitors. Jim predicts that with the ensemble of future events, this number will rise exceptionally. The center’s future is packed full with continued restoration and expansion and crowd pleasing events. During the last week in November, the center will host the annual Festival of Trees event, which will benefit the Goodwill organization as well as the Sidney & Berne Davis Center. The art house will include several creative festivals as well, also a meeting place for businesses. Futuristically speaking, the SBDAC offers a lot to the Southwest Florida community. Makes it hard pressed to miss the events that take place during the year. It may be your turn to tell us what you see next.

Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center 2301 First Street Fort Myers, Fl 33901 239.333.1933

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of an Artist

By Ann Gordon

Barbara as a Blonde

If you have not yet seen Michael Beauchemin’s artwork then you have not seen all there is to art. Michael’s work is best described as unique and nontraditional with a splash of autobiographical inspiration and a pinch of psychedelic flavor. Michael describes his own work as “semi-autobiographical; an examination of real life events rendered non-referential, as time and space is skewed in order to illustrate simultaneous observations and emotional reactions to the subject matter.” Others have described his artwork as a marriage of photorealism with altered states of consciousness. The truth is his work is an anomaly. Why? Because of the nostalgic thread throughout many of his pieces, and we all relate to nostalgia at some point in our lives we have had a longing for the past or the “good old days.” But is this really true? Do we really long for the past and was the past that perfect? This is the irony and these are the conversations that Michael Beauchemin’s work explores that lead him to the coinage of “Rotorealism,” where reality rotates around dream miscalculations. Michael’s work presents juxtaposition; both thematic and on canvas as his colors are fierce in contrast but as the same time there is a unique synthesis and control. Born in Connecticut, Michael was inspired by his father who was also an artist and a draftsman. Michael remembers at an early age sitting in front of the TV drawing his favorite characters from Saturday morning cartoons. As early as twelve he participated in his first art show in Mystic, Connecticut. He graduated from high school and was awarded with the Rufus Rose Scholarship and attended Massachusetts College of Art. He later moved to Fort Lauderdale and worked for an ad agency. His first body of work consisted of six-foot high canvases depicting Frankenstein’s monster and bride, and a montage of sci-fi horror movie images outlined in menacing black shadows. Michael has received national recognition which provided opportunities to meet Bob Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Peter Max and Jim Dine. Michael also met Elton John who once purchased one of his pieces. Michael, who is usually gregarious, for the first time said he was tongue-tied. Subsequent art shows in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica afforded him an opportunity to meet other celebrities. Michael’s work gives us an exploration of many things; truth, surrealism, inspiration and humor. He now resides in Southwest Florida where there is increasing interest in the arts and so much community involvement for special events that enrich everyone’s life. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 169


A Distant Place - by Rafael Soriano

Theater in the Sky - by Celeste Borah

Fishing Umbrellas - by Jeanette Chupack 170 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Founders of Punta Gorda - by Charles Peck City Hall Annex

Departure; and Burden: by Daniel Venditti What Are You Looking At - by Pascale Doxy FOCUS of SWFL 2014 171


ELIZABETH - by Michael Beauchemin

Burden - By Daniel Venditti 172 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Portrait of a Friend - Jin Shangyi

Past is Past - By Gael Collar

Self-Portrait - by Chuck Close

New Hampshire Town - by Oscar Florianus Bluemner

After the Rain - by Celeste Borah FOCUS of SWFL 2014 173


Mooove Over Sports Drinks By Chris Pouy

With the hot days of summer come summer sports -- baseball, tennis, football practice -- both in the neighborhood and at camp. Before you send the kids out to practice or just for a long day of play in the sun learn to protect your kid against dehydration and sun sickness. Experts say that children age nine and up should drink at least 2 liters of fluids a day. With this said it is important to ensure that your kids are drinking fluids and this may mean doing a little research. You may be doing more harm then good when handing them a soda or “sports” drink. Getting them to drink plain water may be near impossible, and with experts saying that chocolate milk is the new go to for sports recovery drinks both you and your kids can win the dehydration battle.

Sports drinks = Soda: More children and teenagers are drinking sports drinks like Gatorade and PowerAde, instead of soda. While that may sound like a good thing, new research from the University of Minnesota shows, in most cases, it’s not a better option. Many people see that a 20-ounce sports drink may have fewer calories than a soda, but it has more sugar and more sodium — and no nutritional value. Chocolate milk and Protein: Post-workout chocolate milk is beneficial because of its protein content. Every cup contains between eight and 11 grams of protein, ideally you’ll want to consume between 15 and 25 grams of protein after a workout, which equates to 500 to 750 ml of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk and Carbs: Turning to post-workout chocolate milk immediately following your lifting sessions is a smart move because of the types of carbohydrates it provides. CowWow contains only 22 grams of Carbohydrates. This sugar will cause a spike in insulin levels, driving the glucose molecules into the muscle tissue and replenishing the energy stores for your next workout. Without this insulin spike, you’re going to be looking at a slower recovery period, which could mean more time out of the gym. Calcium Content: Drinking post-workout chocolate milk is a smart move because of its calcium content. Calcium is one of the minerals that play a critical role in the “power stroke” – when the individual muscle fibers generate tension through a cross-bridge cycling pattern, causing contraction to take place. CowWow contains 40% of the daily intake needed for Calcium.

Ideal to keep sugar low: On average, most “sport’s” drinks include close to ten teaspoons of added sugar. High sugar intake is one of the main contributing factors to obesity in the country. Some people choose a sport drink thinking it's the better choice.,. never knowing how sweet it really is. CowWow contains only six grams of added sugar, in teaspoon talk that equates to little over one teaspoon.

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Bring on the taste - but forget the guilt. These favorites deliver on all levels. Visit for healthy recipes

Yield: 6 servings. Serving size: 3 oz pork, 2 Tbsp sauce. 3/4 tsp dried thyme leaves 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/4 tsp dried pepper flakes 1/4 tsp salt 6 boneless pork chops (4 oz/125 g each), trimmed of fat 1 Tbsp canola oil Mustard Sauce: 1/3 cup fat-free sour cream 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 3 Tbsp fat-free milk 1 Tbsp canola oil 3/4 tsp dried tarragon leaves 1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

Herbed Pork Chops on Mustard Sauce Instructions: 1. In small bowl, combine thyme, garlic powder, pepper flakes and salt. Brush both sides of pork chops with canola oil. Sprinkle thyme mixture evenly over both sides and press down with fingertips to adhere. 2. Heat large, nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Cook pork chops 4 minutes on each side or until barely pink in center. 3. In small saucepan, whisk together sauce ingredients except black pepper. Place over low heat until warmed, about 2-3 minutes. Do NOT bring to a boil. Spoon equal amounts of mustard sauce on each of six dinner plates. Place pork chops on top of sauce and sprinkle with black pepper. 176 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic-Coffee Sauce Yield: 4 servings. Serving size: 3.5 oz beef, 1/3 cup mush room mixture and 1 Tbsp sauce.


3/4 tsp coarsely ground black pepper 1/2 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp salt 4 beef tenderloin steaks (5 oz each), about 1-inch thick 2 Tbsp canola oil, divided 4 large shallots, peeled and finely chopped 6 oz sliced portabella mushrooms 3/4 cup strong coffee 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 200 째F. 2. In small bowl, combine black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and 1/4 tsp salt. Sprinkle both sides of steaks with spice mixture, pressing down with fingertips to adhere. Set aside. Let stand for 15 minutes. 3. In large, nonstick skillet, heat 1 Tbsp canola oil over medium-high heat. Cook steaks 4 minutes, turn and cook 2-4 minutes longer or until desired doneness. Place steaks on separate plate and place in oven to keep warm. 4. Add remaining 1 Tbsp canola oil to pan residue in skillet, cook shallots 15 seconds, stirring constantly. Add mushrooms and cook 3 minutes or until tender, stirring frequently, using two utensils as you would with stirfry. Spoon equal amounts over beef and return to oven to keep warm. 5. To skillet, add coffee, vinegar and remaining 1/4 tsp salt. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, continue to boil 4 or so minutes or until reduced to 1/4 cup. Spoon over all and top with additional coarsely ground black pepper, if desired. FOCUS of SWFL 2014 177

Summer Flavors Serve up those


Simplify your summer entertaining routine with quick, easy-to-make dishes that feature fresh, scrumptious ingredients. Laid back and lovely, summer parties call for wonderful friends, flavorful foods and refreshing beverages. But having company over to enjoy the beautiful outdoor surroundings doesn’t mean you have to stress over time-consuming meals that can take all day to prepare. Luckily, there are yummy options available for every al fresco host.

Loaded Chopped Salad with Chipotle-Hummus Dressing

Keeping it simple & fresh Make a warm weather gathering great by incorporating creative dishes that require the beloved summertime ritual of firing up the grill. Simple grilled recipes, or those that require no cooking, allow you to cut down on the prep and clean up time. Your guests will love these recipes, which all feature Sabra Hummus, a better-for-you dip. Available in more than 10 flavors, Sabra allows you to customize to your guests’ favorite, flavorful preferences.

Prep time: 15 minutes Total time: 15 minutes Yield: 4-6 servings

Grilled Flatbread with Hummus & Mixed Veggies

For dressing: 1/2 cup Sabra Chipotle Hummus, including all of topping 1/4 cup reduced fat milk 1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar

1 1 1 1 8 1 4 1 4 1 2 2

Place all ingredients for the salad in large bowl and toss gently to combine.

Prep time: 5 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Yield: 4 servings

tablespoon olive oil clove garlic, minced sweet onion, thinly sliced red bell pepper, thinly sliced large mushrooms, thinly sliced cup baby spinach Indian flatbreads (naan) or pocketless pita cup Sabra Hummus teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese cup part-skim mozzarella cheese, shredded teaspoons dried oregano Red pepper flakes, optional tablespoons balsamic vinegar

For salad: 2 heads romaine lettuce, washed and torn into bite-sized pieces 1 red bell pepper, diced 2 celery ribs, diced 2 carrots, peeled and diced 10 grape tomatoes, halved 1/2 small red onion, diced 1/2 English cucumber, diced 2 tablespoons shredded Parmesan cheese

Whisk all ingredients for dressing in small bowl. Pour half of dressing on top of salad and toss well to coat. Add more dressing as desired or serve extra on side.

Heat oil in skillet over medium heat. Add garlic, onion bell pepper and mushroom. Cook, stirring frequently, for about 8 minutes or until veggies are soft. Remove from heat and stir in spinach. Set aside. Place flatbread on grill or stovetop gas flame; grill for a couple of minutes or until lightly browned, turning once. Place all four flatbreads on baking sheet. To assemble flatbreads, evenly spread surface with hummus. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of hummus. Top with veggies then mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with oregano and red pepper flakes. Place in oven and bake for about 5 minutes or until cheese is melted. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. 178 FOCUS of SWFL 2014


There’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal while relaxing with friends and family.

Steak Salad Paired with Pinot Noir

Most of us have that familiar go-to menu that takes little or no planning, but this summer it’s time to try something new. First, move dinner outdoors to enjoy the warmth of the sun or a star-filled summer sky. Then, fire up the grill and showcase summer’s bounty to create this delicious trio of salads for a gathering that truly shines. Regardless of whether your taste buds lean toward sweet or savory, or your appetite is light or hearty — each of these salads is tasty and inventive — and sure to please even the most discerning of dinner guests.

Servings: 4 Prep time: 20 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Dressing: 1/2 cup rinsed and drained canned white beans (from 15-ounce can, save remaining beans for salad) 1/4 cup white balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 clove garlic Freshly ground pepper to taste Steak salad: 8 ounces mixed baby greens 1 8-ounce grilling steak, seasoned with salt and pepper or Pinot Noir Marinade 1/2 cup quartered and thinly sliced red onion 1/2 cup shaved fresh fennel 1 cup baked croutons 1/2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola cheese

Place all dressing ingredients in blender or food processor; puree until smooth. Chill until ready to serve. Grill steak for about 5 minutes on each side; let cool slightly. Place greens, steak, onion and fennel in large bowl and toss with half the dressing. Arrange on 4 salad plates and top with croutons, cheese and remaining white beans; drizzle with remaining dressing. For Pinot Noir Marinade, combine 1/2 cup Pinot Noir, 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon coarse black pepper and 2 cloves minced garlic in re-sealable plastic bag.

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Mango Caprese Salad Paired with Riesling Yield: 4 servings

Servings: 8 to 10 Prep time: 15 minutes 3 large, ripe mangos, peeled, pitted and sliced 8 ounces fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste Snipped fresh basil leaves Crusty toasted baguette slices Place mango slices on platter, alternating with mozzarella slices. Drizzle with lemon juice and oil, and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with basil and serve with baguette slices.

Grilled Chipotle Caesar Salad Wedges Paired with Moscato

Bright Ideas for Al Fresco Entertaining

David Mirassou, wine expert and sixth generation of America’s oldest winemaking family, offers up these tips: • Pressed for time? Chill wine and other drinks in 10 minutes when you layer ice and salt in a bucket, and then fill with cold water. • Want guests to keep track of their glasses? Dip the bottom stem of wine glasses in chalkboard paint. Once dry, guests can write their names in chalk or paint pens on their glasses. • Looking for conversation starters? Use a chalkboard paper table runner to suggest food and wine pairings, and invite guests to comment on them. • Not sure which varietal goes with what food? Use this rule of thumb: Pair lighter foods with lighter wines, and heartier foods with heartier wines.

Servings: 4 Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: about 30 minutes 3 cups 1/2-inch cubes of cornbread 1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 cup good quality Caesar salad dressing 1 tablespoon Moscato 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon minced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce 1 large head romaine lettuce, cut into 4 wedges 1/2 cup diced tomato 1/2 cup crumbled Cotija cheese Fresh cilantro leaves (optional) Preheat oven to 375°F. Place cornbread cubes on baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil; toss lightly to coat. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown, stirring once or twice. Stir together Caesar dressing, Moscato, lime juice and chipotle peppers in small bowl; cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Preheat grill to high, adding wood chips if desired. Brush small amount of dressing mixture on cut sides of romaine. Place romaine, cut side down on grill. Cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until lightly charred. Place on 4 salad plates and drizzle with remaining dressing. Sprinkle with tomato, cheese, cilantro and cornbread croutons. Recipe tips: • Puree the whole can of chipotle peppers. Freeze in ice cube trays for future recipes. • Try cooking romaine on a very smoky grill for a little extra flavor. • No grill? No worries. This salad is great without the grilling step.

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Naked Getting

By Ryan Spencer

Over the years, I have put together some wonderful social gathering and during these summer months, as always, I plan to throw some more. Thinking on what to include on the list; a few bottles of wine and maybe create something new or bizarre. Well, I decided to go with something new, warm and clear; Naked Turtle White Rum. The bottle captured my eye with the look of a relaxed turtle, taking it easy in a hammock. Reminding me of how I like to relax during the weekend; taking in some sun and fun with my family and friends. Naked Turtle White Rum is from the island of St. Croix; a wonderful island within the U.S. Virgin Islands. Located in a beautiful location that is all about what I’m into, stress-free living and fun with some good friends. Kicking back wherever you may be to enjoy the good things in life and leave your worries behind. What I really liked about this rum was its crisp taste and how smooth it is, but the first thing you will notice when you pick up the bottle, is how well it fits in your hand. This is not the regular shape bottle that has an odd shape of some kind. It fits nicely and is easy to pour. But importantly is taste. Using a shot glass, I appreciated this rums smooth texture and a nice hint of vanilla, it has a natural flavor that is delicious and something to be experienced. Being so clear and crisp I wondered how well it would mix with others, because it's not about how you drink your rum it's about how you mix it. My wife was cooking up some shrimp and fresh mixed vegetables for this evening’s dinner. She asked, “What’s the deal with the turtle?”… I replied, “I’m getting Naked”, she giggled and pickd up the bottle. I later explained how The Naked Turtle is a big fan of sea turtles and encourages awareness to help protect their homes. Naked Turtle mutually works with David Godfrey, the Executive Director at the Sea Turtle Conservancy, promoting the understanding of the health of the sea and turtles. She noted my statement and returned to stirring the meal. I began to look over what I can mix for tonight’s dinner. I was thinking of a nice cool daiquiri to take in this evening’s wonderful weather, but decided on something quick. For me, a simple rum and coke with crushed ice. For her, fruit punch and rum with a twist of lime and the glass rim dipped in white sugar, also with crushed ice. The relatively clear flavor is why I found The Naked Turtle White Rum easy to like, easy to mix and easy to drink. We discovered, looking at the sunset with its blue and orange hues, that this was truly a relaxing, kick back evening with the Naked Turtle, wonderfully smooth tasting rum. I can see why their motto is. “Don’t Worry. Drink Naked.” We both agreed to add The Naked Turtle White Rum to our list of spirits for many of our events, including our New Year’s party. My wife closed off the evening with, “I’m getting Naked, too”.

Please remember to drink responsibly 182 FOCUS of SWFL 2014

Naked Cola Ingredients: 1 1/2 ounces Naked Turtle Rum 3 1/2 ounces Coca Cola Lime Slice for Garnish

With the temperatures heating up, there’s nothing better than to mix up a refreshing and easy-to-make cocktail. These classic summertime drinks are uncomplicated and sure to be an enjoyable break on a sticky summer day.

Preparation: 1. Combine Naked Turtle Rum and Coca Cola into a highball glass over ice. 2. Garnish with lime slice. Ideal Serving Glass: Highball Glass Yield: 1 drink, no drink contains more than 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol

Naked Punch Ingredients: 1 1/4 ounces Naked Turtle Rum 1 ounce Pineapple Juice 1 ounce Cranberry Juice Splash Grenadine Lime Slice for Garnish Preparation: 1. Combine Naked Turtle Rum, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and splash of grenadine into a rocks glass over ice. 2. Garnish with lime slice. Ideal Serving Glass: Rocks Glass Yield: 1 drink, no drink contains more than 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol Please remember to drink responsibly


utrition, exercise and good health is more than just a trend. It’s a new way of life for more and more families. Here are some ideas to encourage healthy eating habits for your whole family. Healthy Eating = Healthy Weight Loss

Convenient, nutritious, delicious! Seattle Sutton’s Healthy Eating can help you lose weight, or simply provide a way to enjoy healthy foods without planning and cooking. Each week you get 21 freshly-prepared, portion- and calorie-controlled meals delivered to your door, such as spiced apple pancakes, southwest chopped salad and Florentine-stuffed pasta shells. Unlike other prepared food plans, meals include fresh fruits and vege­tables. Plus, foods are provided on a five-week menu rotation to spice up meal­time with new, delicious choices. To learn more, visit or call (800-442-3438).

Nourishing and Wholesome Goodness

A versatile and nutritious addition to any meal, Minute® Multi-Grain Medley is a delicious blend of four gluten-free 100 percent whole grains: brown rice, Thai red rice, wild rice and quinoa. Packed in four pre-portioned bags and ready in just 10 minutes, this blend can be served dur­ing any meal of the day. For an easy breakfast, try cooking the medley in apple juice or other fruit juices then add your favorite fresh/ dried fruit and nuts. Want a complete dinner­time idea? Stir fry Minute® Multi-Grain Medley cooked in vegetable broth, with sesame oil, rotisserie chicken, frozen vegetables, onion, garlic and eggs for a simple Asian twist. Visit for a variety of recipe ideas.

Antioxidant-Rich Blueberries

Blueberries are grown mostly in inland Florida counties. The blue­berry is available from March until May, with peakproduction in April. Blueberries, like all dark purple and blue fruits, are high in antioxidants, which help with the aging process. When buying, they should be firm and brightly colored. Store blueberries with a damp paper towel in the package to keep them moist. They can also be stored frozen for up to six months. Visit for more information.

Wholesome Mealtime Swaps

Need a better-for-you ingredient to swap out calorie-laden mayon­ naise, dressings and other spreads? Go with the deliciously creamy option of Wholly Guacamole instead. Made from the fresh­est avocados and other all-natural ingredients, this tasty spread is low-calorie, with the basic recipe containing only 120 calories per quarter cup. Wholly Guacamole is nutrient-dense too, boasting about 20 vita­mins, minerals and phyto­nutrients. Plus, it’s naturally sodium and cholesterol free. Visit for more recipes and information.

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Add Balance

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

to Lunches and Snacks


When you supply your kids with nutritious and sensible choices, you’re ensuring a productive day in the classroom and beyond. It’s simple to make lunch and snack time fun by tossing in some new, wholesome options that add variety and appeal for your little learner. Add new foods to the mix The most important nutrients parents seek when selecting the foods they feed their kids are protein, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D and iron.1 While stocking up on foods rich in these nourishing elements is certainly helpful, there’s no way to ensure your child will eat them. But recent studies have found that kids are actually more likely than their parents to be the first of their friends to try new food or nutrition products.1 Take the opportunity to start nutritious eating habits at a young age with flavorful food combinations that create balance at snack and meal time. For example, pair a kid- and parent-pleasing choice, such as Mini Babybel® cheese, a 100 percent natural cheese with a rich and creamy taste, with their favorite fruit or vegetable. In fact, a recent study shows that replacing non-nutrient rich snack foods like chips with a combination of cheese and vegetables can help reduce calories by 72 percent and keep kids feeling fuller longer.2 Easy ways to pack To help parents make better choices while grocery shopping, Catherine McCord, author of Weelicious Lunches and Weelicious. com, and Mini Babybel Brand Advocate, offers these tasty ideas to make lunches and snacks more wholesome for the whole family: • Protein Picks: To keep them feeling satisfied and fuller longer, include a few protein-packed choices in their lunch bag. Some options include roasted chicken, steamed edamame, hard boiled eggs, nuts or a Mini Babybel cheese. With seven delicious flavors that offer 5-6 grams of protein and 15-20 percent of daily calcium needs, this cheese snack is sure to satisfy.

• Sweet Additions: Make their midday meal and snack time more complete with the addition of one or two servings of fruit. Some delicious options include apples, apricots, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis or pears. • Fresh Finds: Many vegetables offer fiber and other nutrients not found in other snacks. Throw in a bag of chopped vegetables, such as baby carrots, broccoli florets, celery, red bell peppers or sugar snap peas. With a balanced approach to eating, you’ll be able to send the whole family off to school or work prepared for whatever their busy day brings. You may also introduce them to some new favorite foods.

1 Survey data from Porter Novelli’s nationally-representative HealthStyles (a survey of US adults 18 years or older) and YouthStyles (a survey of youth ages 12-17). 2 Wansink, B., Shimizu, M., Brumberg, A. Association of nutrient-dense snack combinations with calories and vegetable intake. J Pediatrics. 2013 Jan; 131(1):22-28.

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MOBILE Go to on your mobile device. Regional information at your fingertips!

Le Macaron The macaron, perfected in France, has a long history dating back centuries in Europe. Macarons are small round cakes that fit in the palm of your hand. They are lightly crisp on the outside, smooth and creamy in the center, filled with ganache (chocolate), rich cream, home-made fruit jams or other quality ingredients. Each season and month, new flavors will be introduced to complement the collection. Dine in or take - out, gift boxes, favor boxes, and custom orders are available. Like more information please contact: 941.552.8872. 382 St Armands Circle Sarasota, FL

Audrey's Jamaican Cuisine

4463-D Ashton Rd Sarasota, FL 34233 941-928-3309

iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and web enabled mobile device

where yo u live a nd w o rk ; i t is w h o yo u a re. S ervice-provider fees may apply. Availabili ty varies by phone/network.

A simple way to indulge yourself!

NEW RED PALM & COCONUT SUPERFOODS Nutiva®, the world’s leading brand of Coconut, Chia, Hemp & Red Palm organic superfoods is pleased to announce the introduction of two new products: Buttery Spread and Shortening. These products offer the nutritional benefits of red palm and coconut combined with exceptional flavor and performance for health conscious home chefs and foodies. The Nutiva Organic Buttery Spread and Shortening join the brand’s extensive superfoods portfolio including the recently introduced Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil. Nutiva Organic Buttery Spread This luscious vegan spread is made from organic red palm and coconut oils. The delicious buttery flavor is excellent on bread, veggies, yams or rice. It contains no dairy, trans fat, soy or canola and is an excellent vegan 1:1 butter replacement for baking or cooking. The bright yellow color reveals the presence of antioxidant vitamins A & E naturally found in red palm oil, while coconut oil provides the added nutritional benefit of lauric acid. Fair Trade certified & Non-GMO Project verified. Nutiva Organic Shortening Made with coconut and red palm oils, this vegan shortening contains no dairy, trans fat, soy or canola. Excellent for baking and frying and ideal for producing flaky pie crusts and crisp cookies with the health benefits of coconut oil. It may be used in any recipe that calls for shortening. Fair Trade certified & Non-GMO Project verified.

Nutiva Organic Unrefined Red Palm Oil Nutiva’s original red palm oil was introduced in Summer 2013. It has a mild flavor, with a rich, buttery texture and a vibrant orange color. It is high in antioxidant vitamins A & E and ideal for soups, sauces and sautéing. Add it to regular popcorn for a delicious and healthy movie theater-style popcorn. Fair Trade certified & Non-GMO Project verified. “We are excited to offer foods that make it simple and delicious to incorporate superfoods into everyday cooking and baking,” said Nutiva CEO and founder John W. Roulac. “The Buttery Spread and Shortening are especially exciting for home chefs.” All Nutiva red palm is sourced from small, organic family farms in Ecuador in partnership with Natural Habitats ™. It is sustainable and fair trade certified and does not contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction. Nutiva Shortening, and Unrefined Red Palm Oil are available for purchase online at and all three products are currently available at Whole Foods Market locations nationally. They are certified organic and fair trade, and verified non-GMO.

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Personal Power by Lynda Chervil

Personal power is a core leadership competency that everyone needs to develop before they can lead others. It has to do with being able to lead yourself. "Personal power is the ability to achieve what you want,” according to Frederick Mann, a successful entrepreneur and author of The Economic Rape of America. “More than anything else, it is personal power that brings you success and happiness. The biggest barrier to success in almost any endeavor is powerlessness, negativity, helplessness, and inertia. They belong together. The problem is not only our own powerlessness, but also the powerlessness of those around us." We can help harness and learn to use our personal power by understanding and working on our Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills. Not long ago, when I worked in a corporate environment, there was a strong push to incorporate EI into the organization's leadership training curriculum as an array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership performance. EI is "the ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions," according to psychologists John D. Mayer and Peter Salovey, who co-developed the concept and were two of the three authors of the Emotional Intelligence Test. My EI training and its practical applications to my work team environment still resonate in my personal life. They became skills that I now methodically apply to current situations in both personal and entrepreneurial pursuits. There are several EI models, but the one to which I ascribe is the mixed model introduced by Daniel Goldman, a combination of ability and traits. Here are Goldman’s five main EI constructs, and my views on how each of us can develop them: 1. Self-awareness: the ability to know one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognize their impact on others while using gut feelings to guide decisions. In order to become self-aware, you need to conduct an honest self-assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses, such as powerlessness and inertia, and determine the root causes. You then need to create a plan that will help you overcome your fears, which are barriers to courage and stand between you and your successes. While I am a big proponent of using my intuition to guide my decisions, whenever it is appropriate, I need to caution that unless your gut feelings are often more right than wrong, you cannot make decisions solely based upon intuition. You need to use a balanced combination of intuition and logic.

2. Self-regulation: involves controlling or redirecting one's disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances. Simply put, you need to exercise self-discipline and know how to control your emotions and be flexible in order to adapt to changing situations. You cannot continue on the same trajectory or keep the same plans when the circumstances or facts have changed. Your plans need to be modified accordingly. 3. Social skills: managing relationships to move people in the desired direction. Your social skills refer to your interpersonal skills or your ability to relate and connect with people, which can motivate them to deploy discretionary efforts to help you achieve goals that are best accomplished via partnership and collaboration. Here are some tips for improving your social skills: a. Pay attention to the feedback of friends and co-workers, good and bad. Train yourself to repeat the behaviors that get positive feedback and work on eliminating those that make people react negatively. b. View constructive criticism as just that. When we become defensive, we don’t hear what can be very helpful feedback. c. Learn to handle conflict and confrontation from a perspective of compassion and caring. Personal coaching can be very helpful in learning to be more diplomatic in your interactions with others. 4. Empathy: considering other people's feelings, especially when making decisions. Some people believe empathy cannot be learned, but I believe just the opposite. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and try to see situations from their perspective. Might they be feeling fear? Shame? Guilt? How do those emotions make you feel? Understanding and addressing the concerns of others is essential to EI. Always consider intent versus impact, and how your actions or decisions may affect the individuals or groups involved. 5. Motivation: being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement. Simply put, what motivates you? What are your benchmarks for success? Once you achieve certain levels of success, you need to consistently set new benchmarks to keep chasing personal excellence! Practice your EI skills on yourself first, and you’ll develop greater personal power. That can lead to achievements you may never have dreamed possible.

About Lynda Chervil Lynda Chervil is the author of “Fool’s Return,” a new novel that incorporates valuable life lessons in a page-turning tale that touches on technology, the green movement, and other aspects of contemporary society. She graduated from New York University with a master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and has extensive experience in consumer and commercial banking and has held positions in new business development, sales management and executive leadership. Chervil seeks to push the limits of established understanding by exploring alternative forms of spiritual healing, and, through creative writing, to expand the narrative of cutting-edge energy technology to promote sustainability.

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