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Table Of Contents JaNuary/February 2013 VOLUME NiNe ISSUE oNe


forewords Worm Farmers


guest editor Chris Nieratko


hammertime triCk oF the moNth


fresh find FraNkie spears


fresh find Jamel marshall


fresh find DaNNy Gluskie


photographer’s eye GoiNG For it


behind the lens aDam mills

34 DGk iN NyC

46 Josh sWyer

40 seitiruCsbo

48 ki realer

42 lemoNs iNto lemoNaDe

50 roN Deily

road trippin’

humble bragging humble bragging

small talk small talk small talk

54 iNCeNtives photo section


oN the Cover: Nate GreeNWooD [kickflip threading the needle] phOtOgraphy :: rob ColliNs CoNteNts: thompsoN boND [backside nosegrind] phOtOgraphy :: seaN patriCk miChoN

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Co-oWNer / mike maZur eDitorial DireCtor Co-oWNer / JustiN heister art DireCtor eDitorial assistaNt / ZaNDer taketomo seNior photoGrapher Web / oNliNe stepheN oliveira CoNteNt maNaGer Web support matt kosoy

Copy eDitor James William CoNtributiNG photoGraphers MIKE BELLEME, DaNIEL BLECKLEy, MarK BraNDStEttEr, rOB COLLINS, SEaN CrONaN, LUKE DarIgaN, aNDy ENOS, ryaN gEE, NICK ghOBaShI, MIKE hEIKKILa, JaSON hENry, BrIaN KELLEy, BEN KILpatrICK, StEphEN KNIght, SCOtt KraMEr, rIChIE McCOrKLE, ChrIS McDONaLD, StEphEN OLIVEIra, DaVID StUCK, XENO tSarNaS, aLLEN yINg, DaN ZaSLaVSKy


CoNtributiNG Writers BUDDy BLECKLEy, aNDrEW CaNNON, ryaN gEE, LUKE DarIgaN, SOMa FULLEr, CLaIrE LaVEr, NIaLL NEESON, ChrIS NIEratKO, StEphEN OLIVEIra, ZaNDEr taKEtOMO, XENO tSarNaS, aLLEN yINg Interested in advertising and Supporting your Local Scene?

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Chris McDonald


Shaun Gregoire is putting in hard work with this backside lipslide up the ledge. And he’s not expecting a gold watch or a plaque for it either. He’s doing it just to prove to himself he can.


There are a lot of annoying noises in this world. People who chew with their mouth’s open. Nam, nam, chop, chop, spit, nam spit… Nails across a chalkboard. SSSSSKKKKRRREEEEEEEETTTCCCHHHH!!! Or even, the drill at the dentist office. Ugh, that just sends shivers down my spine thinking about it. But do you know what the absolute worst, and most annoying, sound is? At least to me, it’s the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. Merrrp!!! Merrrp!!! Merrrp!!! You all know this disgusting sound I am talking about… Or maybe you don’t.

The skateboarding industry tends to drive the majority of us away from the typical nine-to-five drone type job. The one where you can only clock in five minutes before you’re scheduled, or only be five minutes late. The lifestyle where your saving grace for the day are your two-minute breaks to congregate and gossip around the water cooler about who the office slut is sleeping with now, or how much more difficult the office brown-noser is making it for everyone else to slack off. It’s this job that makes your friends and family ask you, “Why you don’t go get a ‘Real Job?’”


But what is a “Real Job?” It’s nothing more than a term to convince people, or themselves, that chasing their dreams is a waste of time. I guess you could say that people say they have a real job so it comforts themselves into explaining to their subconscious that working for a large, faceless, uncompassionate, corporation isn’t a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong; some people really do like the typical “Real Job.” Some are just better suited for that lifestyle and need the guidelines and restraints it offers, or demands. The comfort of a 401K and medical insurance is quite enticing,

and there’s nothing wrong with that, either. The only problem now with what your parents or other elders consider to be a real job is sort of socially distraught due to the recent change in the job market over the past decade. No longer do you work most your life and retire with a gold watch or a plaque saying, “Good job, and thanks for the years of hard work.” Nah, now you’re lucky if you get to stay with a company for more than five years before being thrown back into the streets to scavenge with the rest populous for a job. The skateboarding industry teaches you to view things differently. It sort of uses the Mr. Miyagi approach of, “Wax on, wax off…” And you learn it without even realizing it. When you get into skateboarding… When you have a true passion for it and fall head-over-heels in its entirety, you become ‘different’ than most others. You view the world in a whole new light. No longer is that just a staircase to walk up, or a barrier to keep you out of an area. Even a simple bench in the park to sit on and have lunch morphs into something else. Now you see obstacles in your way, things to accomplish something on. While others say, “Never,” skateboarders see nothing but potential… And it’s not just within skateboarding, but I feel it makes you, as a person, more of an entrepreneurial type. Someone who sees the possible in the impossible. That’s what the skateboarding lifestyle is all about. Living a chill, relaxing life… Having the best times that others will never experience because you aren’t woken up at 6:30AM to that ever so dreadful sound. The early bird may still get the worms through hard work and searching, but the bird that makes his own worm farm never has to worry.









Zander Taketomo


Skateboard Journal: Sandy WORDS :: Chris Nieratko

Ever seen a man eaten alive by another man like a zombie on The Walking Dead? Me neither. But in early November I really thought it was going to come to that in my corner of the world. The area in New Jersey where I live and the surrounding areas were ass raped by Superstorm Sandy (to call it a hurricane would be insulting. Hurricanes typically spread as wide as 200 miles. This thing had an 800 mile span) leaving many good, hard-working people permanently homeless or without power for upwards of two weeks.


The weather station told us the storm would touch down at 8pm. Like clockwork at 8pm it hit. At 8:01 we heard a transformer explode. At 8:02 the entire state of New Jersey lost power for the next ten days, minimum. It was complete darkness out our windows aside from the light of the full moon that hinted that trees had fallen down all around us. At 8:03 I spliced the power line to my heater and hard wired it to a severed extension cord that I ran out to the generator RB Umali lent me. At 8:04 I primed the generator, slid the choke into position and pulled the cord. 8:05 my children had heat, a cold refrigerator and limited light. Tears of joy ran down my face knowing that they would be fine. I ventured out into the world to see what the other towns that had been truly devastated looked like, what my boyhood hometown (home of Bon Jovi) looked like: homes lying on the ground like a pile of cards, high water marks on homes ten feet high, contents of peoples lives well-lived strewn across their lawn. Each turn saddened me further and further and I had no

clue how I could help in any way in something that the government was claiming was $70 billion in damages. I felt utterly helpless and useless. On the 6th day there was light in my home, and internet. My partner in NJ Skateshop, Steve Lenardo, and I turned to the only people in our lives that could help in any possible way. I wrote an email to my friends in the skateboarding world, company owners, pro and amateur skaters begging them for anything they could offer. Warm clothes mostly. I painted them a picture of what I’d seen and tried to put a face to the tragedy because I didn’t know what the media was saying and if the message was getting to California. I hit send at 6am Eastern Standard Time on a Saturday and within minutes my phone and email was blowing up with responses from everyone in skateboarding saying, “Help was on the way.” Tony Trujillo over-nighted six huge boxes of clothes and shoes from his garage. Dustin Dollin, who’d been in contact through the storm to make sure I was OK, went down to Volcom and loaded up 20+ boxes plus bought sleeping bags and supplies and shipped it out. Lakai/Girl/Four Star sent palates of shoes and jackets, Stance knew clean socks were a premium for the first responders and they send case after case after case. Think of a brand and they sent a shit-load of love: Vans, Nike, Emerica, Altamont, Deluxe, Alien Workshop, Habitat, Cons and on and on and on. It was overwhelming. Someone took my email and posted it on the political site, Huffington Post, and suddenly regular citizens were sending goods from all over the United States. We must have taken in 1000

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating storms to hit the Jersey Shore in a very long time. Curt Daley made the best of it, and found a little silver lining in the wake of destruction. Sandy created this spot, and Curt switch tailed the hell outta it! boxes if we took in one. We couldn’t get the stuff out the door to shelters, churches, destroyed homes, wherever, fast enough. It was the most beautiful out pour of affection for a fellow man that I’d ever witnessed. Beyond that I felt a rush of emotion knowing that as big as skateboarding is now with the mega contests and the enormous cash prizes and big-money deals from corporations that want nothing to do with skateboarding other than profit from it that at the very core of this thing we love is that belief that I felt growing up when I’d see another skateboarder anywhere, be it New Jersey or Venice Beach or Milan or Brazil or Brisbane, that they were my brother and we were united by something magical that the rest of the world could never understand. Guy Mariano Insta’d a photo of himself standing in front of dozens of packed boxes labeled NJ Hurricane Relief with the message: NJ Skaters, help is coming. He’d never met most of the people he’d be helping, probably never would and yet there he was, brother in arms, extending his hand. $70 billion in damages. We’re not even close to rebuilding what we’d lost. But feeling the compassion shown to us and our people in New Jersey by skaters everywhere I know that we will eventually get there. I don’t know how else to say it other than: I love you skateboarding. Thank you to everyone that donated to the cause, our employees for receiving and sorting nearly 1000 boxes and to those that help distribute the goods around New York and New Jersey.

Daniel Muchnik











Matt Lane

5-0 Kickflip WORDS :: MAZUR

You may recall Matt Lane from last issue. Yeah, he was that kid on the cover popping an ollie up some ridiculous set of stairs. He then also grinded down some insane handrail in his interview. Well, since last issue dropped, I’ve received a ton more photos of him. This kid has been on a frickin’ tear! While there are a lot of other good flicks of him that you’ll be seeing in future issues, this one stuck out to me for this month’s Hammertime. I mean, I know the landing isn’t the cleanest and it almost looks like his toe touches, even though it doesn’t. But, I think this kid deserves a little bit of a break considering how much he’s been ripping as of recent months. Don’t you? 5-0 Kickflips are pretty tough as is, let alone doing it on something going downhill with a skate stopper that comes up so quickly that I don’t even know how you’d just skate it doing the most basic of tricks. Congrats Matt, keep the coverage coming. All your hard work is going to pay off!






“Within the past two years Frankie has progressed at an alarming rate. I shudder to think what tricks he has planned for the future. His talent allows him to land all of his tricks in a timely fashion with finesse. Frankie exhibits an energetic and humorous personality throughout the entire session. Even the grumpiest sour puss will not resist a chuckle from his ranting banter and odd jokes. His goal right now is to progress, have fun and just skate. The ball is in his court and he will undoubtedly decide his own future in skating.” ~James Reres Friend

Frankie Spears


Hometown: Lynbrook, NY Sponsors: Real, Spitfire, Brixton, Dekline, Bunger Skate Shop Favorite Trick: Switch Heel Trick You Just Suck At: Hard Flip Favorite Non-Skateboarding Activity: Girls Last Words/Shout Outs: All the Homies, Family and Diego.

Ben Kilpatrick

Back Smith


Sean Cronan


Jamel Marshall

Ollie up to smith grind


Hometown: Lefrack City, Queens, NY Sponsors: Zoo York (flow), Belief Skateshop, Team Icecream, Supra (flow) Favorite Trick: A proper tre flip Trick You Just Suck At: Switchflips Favorite Non-Skateboarding Activity: Chillin’ with my girl and the homies, just having a good time. Last Words/Shout Outs: Keep it ‘G’, keep it 3 hunna. Ha-ha-ha. Shout out to my sponsors and all the homies that back me, and the ones that don’t. Shout out to the Queens crew, Belief Skateshop, Raffie, Phil and Jimmy. Special shout out to my big homie Ben Oleynik for being there for me since day-one. Peace!

“Once you meet Jamel, you will always remember him. I really don’t know why... Maybe it’s his skate style or maybe it’s his personality and big ass smile. He’s always been dedicated and loyal to all his sponsors too. I know that because when he takes a Belief hat I never see him without it on his head! When he was staying with us in Queens for bit, after his ankle surgery, he would come to the gym with us late night and trade his new clothes to the guy behind the counter so that he could come in and do his physical therapy. He used to throw on his headphones and put in work every night just to heal faster and get back on his board. That’s just the type of dude Jamel is.” ~James Collins Belief Skate Shop


“Danny is a great influence on the younger generation. He has been on a tear here in Madison filming and shooting photos for our upcoming video. We all have a blast skating with him. This kid can seriously ollie just about anything in front of him. He has a great eye for scouting out new spots and making them work for him. He is currently finishing up his nursing degree here in town. Either way, his future is bright. If you happen to see him around make sure to say hello.” ~Dave Mayhew Alumni Boardshop, Co-owner

Danny Gluskie


Hometown: Madison, WI via Sydney Australia Sponsors: Siren Skateboards, Alumni Boardshop, Theeve Trucks, Armourdillo, Juice Clothing Favorite Trick: 360 Flip Trick You Just Suck At: Switch Front Heels Favorite Non-Skateboarding Activity: Drawing Last Words/Shout Outs: Firstly, I want to thank God for being able to skateboard. Dave Mayhew, and Derek Apel at Alumni Boardshop, Darren Wells and Damin Lujan at Switchboard/Siren Skateboards, Trevor Ward and Spencer Hirsch at Theeve/Armourdillo, Guy Miller at Juice Clothing, and Rick Weigele at King of Kings Skate Ministry. Thanks to the people in Oz that hooked me up to get me where I’m at. Jashan Prasad, & Sam Coady for shooting photos, Michael Drake and Leo Townsend for filming, and to all the Madison skaters that have welcomed me, especially Cory Peterson for shooting this Fresh Find, also Jared Hochhammer, and Jack Richardson for always filming. My amazing wife Jehla and anyone else that has helped me out.

Cory Peterson

Frontside Flip






PHoToGraPHerÕ s//eye

keveN hammoND [ollie into bank]

GOinG fOR it

WOrDS and phOtOgraphy graphy :: miChael Cirelli


Skate Lair homie Charlie Wilkins recently moved from Boston, out west, to Oregon. So, when Wilkins gave me a shout, letting me know he was coming back east to judge a Vans contest in NyC, we wanted to get the crew together. the plan was to get Erik Munday, Mike rheault, t Keven hammond and Charlie Wilkins together and hit up some Boston area spots! Doug Moore, the mastermind of hell gate and all the crazy hidden Boston spots, hooked us up with this gem. after several minutes of the iphone/google Map a game, we found the spot! the problem was it had rained for the last 2 days, so the bank to ledge idea was out. Making the best of the situation,

Keven hammond stepped up and wanted to try the gap into the ditch. the roll in was just wide enough for a board and the landing was wet, filled with leaves and all other types of crap. Definitely not ideal! Wilkins, being the nice guy he is, cleaned a little landing pad for Keven. My job was to show how gnarly the spot was. I wanted to show the gap, the water landing, the immediate incline after the landing, the mud and the fact the we where basically skating in the woods at dusk. hell yeah Keven for putting it down in just a couple tries! as we walked back to the car Wilkins said, “this is why I love the East Coast, dudes are just going for it!”


bEhind thE lEnS AdAM MillS WOrDS :: maZur phOtOgraphy graphy :: trevor vau v GhN

alright adam, i don’t know anything about you so... Where are you from, how old are you, what’s your favorite food, and favorite tv show? I’m from pensacola FL and Chicago IL. I’m 25 years old, I like guacamole and meat, and I watch reruns of King of the hill on Netflix if I watch a tV show.

or was there a time you were hard-core skate rat too? I still am a skate rat. I try to skate close to every day, but I was also the kid that brought their parents video camera around and documented all the skating and stupid shit that my friends and I were doing throughout the years.

you really watch reruns of king of the hill? Why? I relate to hank hill. he’s a solid american. Some of my best friends in Chicago would call me hank. It also puts me to sleep.

What sort of video camera did your parents have that you started out with? It was this old JVC. It had a black and white viewfinder. It was a hi8, I believe. It took those mini cassettes that you would stick into the VhS tape converter. there’s some gold on those tapes. I think my parents still have them all sitting in a closet back in Florida.

how did you get into skateboarding? I got into skateboarding when saw tony t hawk on the X games about 15 years ago. pretty much right around the time the 900 went down. I was playing all sorts of team sports at that time. Skateboarding quickly took over from there.


What other team sports were you playing before skateboarding took over? Do you have any cool accomplishments from them? I played baseball forever... probably twelve years. the last year I played I think I was a freshman in high school. I wanted to quit for about 2 or 3 years before that, but I just kept playing because I had done it for so long and all my coaches expected me to play and give up my summer for all-stars and all that. Everyone could tell I was over it. I would strike out and not give a shit when I was up to bat. But I still caught the ball when it was thrown to me. the last year I played we actually made it to the state championship and ended up losing. then, later on, one of the parents told on us for having a kid that was too old on our team. So it was a big deal and we were called cheaters and there was a newspaper article about it and everything. It was a perfect time to hang all that shit up. I also played basketball and soccer. I wanted to be Michael Jordan for a majority of my childhood and early teens. One halloween I shaved my head bald and painted myself brown and went as MJ. I was probably 10 years old when I did that. Did you always see yourself wanting to be a filmer?

Did you have access to computer editing then or were you really old school doing deck-to-deck type editing? I didn’t really have access to a computer back then. One of my friends would log the tapes and edit on his computer. It wasn’t ‘til a little later in high school when I started to actually film and organize my footage and start making edits. What sort of set up are you working with now? Camera? Computer? lights? etc? I currently have a panasonic hVX200 and the Xtreme Fisheye set up. I have a Comer 1800 on camera light. I use a 15’ Macbook pro for editing (laptop is crucial to keeping my setup mobile) and I have a set of SmithVictors that I use for lighting up spots. I cram all that and the bros into a toyota t y yaris. are you currently in school? I graduated Columbia College Chicago in the spring of 2010. I got a Ba a in Film with a concentration in cinematography. Do you feel you want to do more than skateboard cinematography? like would you want to work for movie productions or anything? I would like to branch out into other areas of film. I just want to work on things that I am excited about. In college, I worked on some professional sets and a

aDam mills [frontside wallride] lot of other people’s projects. Doing that was less rewarding and not as fun as what I do now. My plan is to ride this out until filming skating isn’t fun or exciting for me anymore. I don’t see that happening for a while though, if at all. Do you have another job besides capturing motion for ambig? I film and edit for Birdhouse Skateboards too. how do you feel about the current state of skateboard films? the current state of skateboard films is great, and it sucks. pluses are that there is a demand for filmers and my job because companies need to put out content to stay relevant. Drawbacks are that it adds a lot of stress to riders and filmers to constantly produce footage that will probably get lost in the files of you y tube to only be watched one time. I grew up buying every video that my local shop would get in, so I will always prefer to have a hard copy of a skate video as opposed to just watching a single part released online. Do you have any secret motivational speeches or techniques you use to motivate guys to go out and get footy? When dudes are scared you got to give them ‘the Dude,’ Which is Clint’s signature move in a scary situation. ‘the Dude’ in a physical sense, is when the person trying the trick puts their fist to their chin and yells, “DUDE!” at the other dudes on the session. then everyone else responds with the same thing. When you are trying a trick and give someone ‘the Dude,’ you aren’t aloud to bitch out on that try. you have to commit. Other than that, really solid high y fives, and just generally being psyched the trick and the clip are about all I can offer. I think sometimes I want the trick more than the person trying it does. Do you have any shout outs or thanks? Shout outs to all my friends: Incoming hippo, Chity, and 238. y you guys keep me psyched. thanks to my family for everything. thanks to ambig and Birdhouse for keeping me from having to find a real job.










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5 0 - 5 0 G R IN D











5 4°










5 ’8 ”



14 0 l b s

8 .125 x 31.6 25 ”





full CiRClE

dGk in nyC WOrDS :: braD rosaDo phOtOgraphy graphy :: matt DauGhters hters

When I heard that we were going to New y york ork for the final filming trip for parental advisory, dvisory, I was hyped. It was fitting for me being that I’m from the East Coast and the very first trip I went on with DgK was to New y york ork when we started filming for the video four years ago. Since then, I’ve traveled the world, logged hundreds of hours of footage, and lived my dream all while working on this project. the he fact that it was so close to completion was surreal to me, and going back to where it started with roughly the same crew for the final mission made it even more so. I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap this video up.

I met up with our photographer Seu trinh and Marquise henry enry at LaX L and boarded a plane to NyC. C. During the flight, I had all of these thoughts and memories going through my head. My mind wandered back to the first NyC N


trip with Stevie, Marcus, and Keelan and all of the spots we hit and tricks that went down. Even though it was four years ago, it felt like we started yesterday. I remembered all of the trips we went on, all of the places I saw, and everything I learned during this process. Being that this was the final trip of my first major project, I was a little nervous; but mostly ready to get into those New y york streets and get it done. I was confident with what we already had and knew that what went down on this trip would be the icing on the cake. We landed in New y york around 9:30 pM. the travel plans were lined up so that everyone’s flights arrived at the same time. When we first got off the plane the first people I saw were Marcus McBride and Justin White, another filmer that was on this trip with us.

DaNe vauGhN [back tail kickflip to fakie] Soon after that Dane Vaughn showed up, he was coming from a trip to Chicago with Kalis and was amped ‘cause this was his first time in New y york. Soon after that, Lenny rivas arrived and we broke out to the apartment that would be our home for the next two weeks. Stevie and Keelan were coming from a Supra European tour and arrived a couple of days later. Once we had our full crew assembled, it was on and poppin’. Mobbing the city streets with the DgK team is always a treat. We would leave the apartment and take the train all over the city. I definitely had to keep my eye on a few

people ‘cause they would all be wandering around and causing random ruckus, trying to holler at chicks, and maybe tagging here and there. It was cool seeing the apartment we stayed at on the first trip and all of the spots we skated, it was a reminder of how much we’ve accomplished since then. It was also dope having Dane with us. he’s been to a lot of places, but this was his first time traveling for skating and his first time in NyC. the city was one big playground for him and suited his style perfectly. Dane’s all about getting in, getting a trick, and getting out as quick as possible – which is how you have to skate in New york. y you could tell he was having y mad fun, and he stacked a bunch of clips. keelaN DaDD [switch noseblunt bigspin out]


marquise heNry [180 nosegrind]

the entire team was on fire and got things done, but my personal favorite memory from this trip was when we went to philly for the day and skated Love park. When you get Stevie in that environment he usually drops a banger, and it’s always amazing watching Stevie skate Love regardless. We drove to philly in the evening and stayed there overnight, then went to Love in the morning and skated the tall planter. Stevie got a sick trick and we jumped in the van and went straight back to New york! y you’ll have to wait for the video to drop to find out exactly what went y down, but I gotta say it was dope how he rolled out, got it in, and went straight back to NyC like it was nothing.

Of course being in New y york is never just about the skating, you have to feel the


vibe of the city and get into that New y york state of mind to really do it right. Stevie, Marcus, and Keelan did it big and went out and got gold fronts. I remember coming out of the apartment one day and Keelan was just standing there smiling; his new fronts were shining so bright they almost blinded me! We also rolled through Frank’s Chop Shop and the team got faded up and Lenny even got to do a graffiti piece on the wall at the paint store next door. there was also this crazy g-Shock -Shock anniversary party while we were there, but I didn’t go. It was deadline time, so instead of going to the party; me and Quise stayed out filming all night. Keelan managed to get a trick that night then go back to the apartment, shower, and make it to the club in true rock star form. Keelan is always on a crazy mission like that; he’s on some superman shit!

at the end of the trip, we had one last crazy thing happen. We were skating the Chinatown Skate park and Keelan wanted to get a trick on the double set out front. there was this huge crack in front of the stairs and we didn’t have Bondo, so we got all this cardboard and stickers and made our own little ramp. right as we’re doing that, Beanie Sigel walks through the door and the whole park just freezes like, “Oh shit, there’s Beanie!” It was tight, ‘cause I had just seen him in La a at the intro shoot for the video. Beans just posted up and watched Keelan skate the double set. Later he went in the middle of the park and had all the kids chanting, “DgK all Day,” and, “DgK For Life,” it was sick! after that him and Stevie got some of those ice cream cones with the chocolate on top on some old school philly/NyC shit, it was too classic and a perfect way to close out the trip.

marCus mcbriDe [switch tail bigspin manny 180 out]







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Dillon Buss [nosegrind]


SEitiRuCSbO WOrDS and phOtOgraphy :: seaN patriCk miChoN

Obscurities, such interesting things they are. the hidden gems, the things you seldom see. Just look at something the right way, and your perspective on that obscurity could change in such a crazy way. they can tell a story beyond words. Just take an extra second to take in your surroundings, maybe even discover new ways to utilize them. go push around with Dillon Buss, and you’ll see precisely how that is portrayed in both his skating, and other works of art. If there were a way to get inside of Dillon’s head, I’m sure it would be one hell of a crazy, remarkable, yet sometimes scary, dreamy world to be in. We kicked around downtown Boston to check out a couple spots. I knew some of these spots, or ‘obscurities’ he wanted to hit would be interesting. We were bound to walk away with something I was hyped on. after hanging around for a bit we went over to this golden piece of plumbing off the side of a building, with a gritty grate for your nice smooth landing. Up on top of this golden hidden gem were two or three big bolt things, almost acting as skate-stoppers just to make this nosegrind that much more difficult. With a little speed and power you can melt right through those things problem free. When I talk about obscurities, I’m talking of all things hidden behind our initial thoughts. t take a second, third, fourth look at things, flip them around backwards, upside down, and create a whole new understanding of the world around you. Skateboarding is just a small sliver of how we already do this day-to-day. We make such a strange use of random inanimate objects in the streets that the average pedestrian walking by, probably droning around in a suit getting their daily serving of work out of the way as their creativity and open mindedness slowly withers away, would never notice. Skateboarders, artists, and activists alike are what keep the world in check with their surroundings. In case you didn’t already know, Dillon is quite the artist, as well as a talented skateboarder. a prime example of what I’m writing about here. Spontaneous bursts of energy, interesting out-of-the-box works of art, and personality all just shining out in so many ways. May we keep ripping new and unfound spots, keeping the creative evolutionary vibes flowing and moving along like no other.


lEMOnS intO


WOrDS :: Chris GeDNey phOtOgraphy graphy :: ryaN miller


I was driving a friend home from skating when we spotted this gem on the side of the road. hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast pretty hard with winds up to 80 mph, causing this entire block of trees to get uprooted into the streets. the fallen trees took the concrete slabs with them and left us with a playground of various ramps and wallrides. I had already seen similar spots popping up in philly and New y york so I was pretty hyped to find this one so close to home. We went back the next day for a session and probably couldn’t have picked a worse time. It is on a main road across from my old high school and they were just being dismissed. Cars were constantly passing and we were drawing way

too much attention to ourselves. people slowed down giving a thumbs up, sometimes even completely pulling over to watch. Some had a very puzzled look on their face with not the slightest clue what was going on. Some were just plain mad, but they will never understand. an old man slowly walked passed, stopped, and said, “Nice little breeze came through, huh?” and continued on. the sidewalk was right up against the backyards of a neighborhood. there was a dog out that continuously barked and chased you back and forth across the fence line with each pass. I looked up towards the house and noticed a woman trying to hide behind a window curtain taking photos with her flip phone. good luck with those.

Chris Gedney [boneless]

The first few attempts were pretty unsuccessful. My friend Anthony threw down his board and charged at it, only to clip some dirt, immediately getting tossed into the ramp. He got up with a nice little swellbow and a chunk of his palm missing. An ollie wasn’t bad, but anything else started to get sketchy with all the cracks. I came down wrong on a boneless and my knee completely blew up shortly after. With each pop your head would occasionally strike the tree line, blinding you for your landing. If you managed to land on your board you would immediately have to pop over a six inch gap where the landing slab met the sidewalk, rolling away from anything on this felt pretty good. I made three trips back after the first session to show some friends only to be met by the cops every time. The first officer was the only one who decided to give everyone a hard time. He did the usual routine of sitting everyone down, taking ID’s, and threatening

with fines and tickets. The other two run-ins were much more pleasant. They just rolled up beside us and said, “I know it’s probably really fun, but you have to leave.” and drove off. I live in Marlton, NJ, about 50 miles from the coast. It was crazy to see the amount of damage that we got although it was nothing compared to the shore and other surrounding areas. A huge shout out to NJ Skate Shop, Jetty, Ergo and everyone else that immediately began fund raising to help those in need. I lost power for about 3 days along with millions of others. A few of my friends were even boiling water to bathe and bucketing water off their pool covers just to be able to use the bathroom. My heart goes out to those who lost their homes and loved ones during the storm. I was very grateful to only be left with a gnarly skate spot and some warm beer.

FLAGRANT violations of the

laws of gravity

are encouraged.

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“It’s hard to sum up all that is Josh Swyers in such a short space, but here goes my ode to the Swy. In between tending to his garden, making music, playing with his cats and being a garden gnome, Swy is one of the gnarliest rippers I know. With a constant smile on his face and nothing but kindness and positivity in his heart, the guy brings a refreshing uniqueness to skateboarding. He’s different, but it’s not because he tries to be, it’s just simply because he is a different kind of person. Anyone will tell you that Swy is good at anything and everything, and I’m glad he happens to love skateboarding above all else.” ~Nick Ghobashi Friend/Photographer

Josh Swyer

WORDS :: Mazur PHOTOGRAPHY :: Dennis Williford

All right Josh, so I really know nothing about you... what’s your deal? Well then, where do we start? I’m a proud parent of two fat cats, live in Richmond and skate everyday with my good friends. That sums it up, right? So you’re a cat guy, huh? Well, you know what they say about cat guy’s right? Take a guess. Hey now, just because a guy has two cats does not mean he’s a cat guy... Maybe he wants a dog but is not ready for that in his life. Maybe he has two cats because of his girlfriend... Yep, I blame it on her. Stoked on the cats though! How old are you? I’m 24.

How did the act of skateboarding begin for you? My dad found a Nash board on the side of the highway and brought it home for me when I was 12. We had a hill out front and that’s where it started I guess.


Was it straight knee-boarding at first, or were you lipsliding up stuff right from the start? I didn’t know anyone that skated and I didn’t own a skate video for over a year. So, I was straight knee-boarding for too long. What was it that made you want to lipslide up that hubba anyway? I wanted to, and it’s fun going up stuff.

Josh Swyer [lipslide up]

Do you work a normal job? Pizza delivery! Due to living in the city and having extremely cheap rent I only work two days a week. So on those days, I feed Richmond city one pizza at a time. Ah, I remember delivering pizzas. Do you eat the toppings off of them? Are you referring to getting hungry on the drive and sneaking a topping or so off the pizza that your delivering?! If so, no way! I do however eat like ten pizzas while I work. I get off and then go into a sedative coma for weeks every time. What’s the best non-money tip you’ve got? I know you have had to get something, so don’t lie. A super soaker. I was stoked! Are you in school? Luckily Mike, after my high school diploma and a few semesters in college, I have landed my career being a pizza delivery guy. I have no worries and I’m smooth sailing from here out. I hear that pizza delivery has a great retirement program. Are you thinking of going for it and maybe being a pro skateboarder? In life whatever happens, happens. I know what I am going for. It is to stay super healthy and skate ‘til I am 50+, whatever it takes. At the moment I am trying to skate as hard as I can, but I hope I always will. What other hobbies or activities do you do? Oooh my. Too many! Every month I find something new to become obsessed with. Right now, every morning I’m learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone, doing yoga, watering my garden and I’m trying to cook new foods. So you have an addictive personality, I take it? What do you have going in your garden? Do you cook with it?

Yes, I have some different areas in the garden. There are the herbs and the spices, the veggie garden with the tomatoes, kale, peppers and other things. I also have strawberries, blueberries, and a blackberry bush. Then I recently planted two apple trees and a fig tree. After the patio and walkway, it is packed back there! Have you thought about trying a really random language like Mandarin or something like that? Can’t say I have. I’m more interested in languages that are more common at the moment. But If I’m going on a trip I’ll try to learn the basics of the native language wherever I’m going. Where are some spots in the world you’d really like to travel to? Oh man, that is a good dream I would love to live. These are popular but Barcelona, China, Australia, and Europe. But I would be down to go absolutely anywhere to skate! We have no skate parks in Richmond, VA and not that many spots so whenever we travel all the spots elsewhere are amazing to us. Do you snowboard or surf or anything else like that? Nah, never thought I would be into snowboarding. The whole feet stuck on the board thing seems scary. I actually surfed when I was younger. My dad and I went to the beach for weeks at a time, that’s where I saw someone skating for the first time. Is there anyone you’d like to thank? My family, and all of my friends! Venue, Tum Yeto, Bust Crew, Dominion, Piccolas, and Richmond. That concludes our time. Would you like to part with some words of wisdom? Skate everyday you can, stretch, eat healthier, get burnt by the sun, drink water, bomb hills, expect nothing, worry less, say “Fuck it,” love everything, grow plants, and thank your friends and family for being awesome all the time.


“Ki Realer is a huge 30-something black man from Jersey that skates and gossips (via Facebook, Twitter etc.) like he is 14. He has more love for skating than Sheckler and Dyrdek combined, and cares for KFC. He also loves plus sized white girls. I was at his crib once when, in the middle of a skate trip, he had a foursome. Among the lotions and incense, I think they got off by sneaking into my room (along with Toebee Parkhurst) and cock slapping me in my sleep. I woke up suddenly with a pain in my face and feeling morally decimated. It was strange. I hope it worked for you Ki. Love you bra.” ~John Cassandra Hoodlum Skateboards, Owner

I’m sure you’ve got something to say about that. Listen. Don’t get me started. I’m seriously gonna start a contest to compete with Bum Rush the Spot… But mine is gonna be, “Bulldoze the Spot.” 3-Block is high on that list of firsts to go. The only reason I stay in Philadelphia is because my homies live here and it’s dirt-cheap. That’s it. But I’m taking my first trip to California in a month, soooooo…

Ki Realer WORDS :: Mazur PHOTOGRAPHY :: J-Bo

Are you online right now? Let’s do this interview! I have a smartphone you dummy. I’m always online.

How smart is it? 

 My phone bill is half my rent. It needs to be a genius phone.

That’s sad. You know for like a flat $100 you could have unlimited everything? So are we gonna do this thing or what? Get at me.


I’ve been doing it since the start of the smartphone comment. So, walk us through a typical morning for Ki Realer. You need to pick up the phone or text me like a normal human being. A typical morning for Ki Dizzle: Wake up, push my fat dog off my covers, check my Instagram, let the pup out, watch some Maury, might hit the gym, then go skate. I don’t even bother calling people half the time. My iPod is ALWAYS ready for a session, except for when I usually forget to charge it. What sorta songs are you listening to that get your session going? 

 Hummm, lemme think… Mostly Rick Ross, D-Block, DIPSET, 2Chainz… And some randomness here and there. Beyonce gets me hyped too! Beyonce? How’s that working for ya? 

 Who doesn’t like Beyonce. Surely even some Klan members know a few words to her songs. They probably even sing along in their cars with the windows up.

Speaking of, what are your thoughts on racism? 

 I think it’s in everyone. Just depends on if you choose to act on it. Like I don’t support black women in customer service positions. I’m black, live in the city and don’t back it. I always loved you for that. You’re real, whether people like it or not. Always honest and to the point. Truth is like rain. It doesn’t care whom it lands on. How do you feel about cliquey skateboarding has become? Skateboarding has always been cliquey. Nowadays the cliques are more skate shop oriented. Your shop is the clubhouse. The skaters are your gang. Ever walk into a skate shop, ESPECIALLY in Philly, and get an awkward vibe right away? Case and point. Philadelphia was the worst for that for a long while. Roll with some cool people, some more talented than others, but in the end, it’s high fives, pounds and hugs all day. 

 I never got a hug when I made a frontside flip. What gives? Do you feel it is different now? 

 Philly is only different because the scene took such a beating. Teams don’t even bother stopping in Philadelphia long enough to do more than take a picture by the Love sign and eat a cheesesteak. I live here, and the most fun I have is when I get an opportunity to leave it. I love how people who DON’T live here full-time hype it up. 

 What about skating your favorite spot, 3-Block?

So, whom are you riding for these days? 

 Seriously gotta give humble thanks to people that have helped me out a lot. Gary Smith and my family at Vu Skate Shop. Brax and Bibo at Armory East. Hoodlum Skateboards. Mark at Axion blesses me when he can. And, Chet at Darkstar was a big help. Luke at The Collective has been holding me down this winter too. Oh, and much love to Angel and One Finger at Black Diamond. I’ve seen you fight with your neighbor often. How’s that whole thing going? We have mended the African American and Russian conflict. Surprisingly, they beefed with my Russian girlfriend at the time the most! They hated her! And, they weren’t feeling the loud parties. 

 You have parties? 

 Naw… Hasn’t been anything remotely close to a party here in quite sometime. I live the quiet life. I’m getting DJ equipment soon... so no promises. 

 Oh shit! Dude, you’d make a great DJ at the new bar I work at, PBR. I know you love that country music. Hey, listen, I could get a Klan rally jumpin’. Country music? Mixed with a little Snoop? I could get those rednecks C-walking in no time. Yee-haw nigga! I’m gonna be healing the masses, while they shake their asses. Dude, you’d be great at talking shit while girls and guys ride the bull. Also you don’t drink, so they’d love your comp tab. I do my thing on the mic. I only get boo’s from bartenders. And comp tab? I’m charging chicken wings to the game son! Gonna catch me at the DJ booth tossing chicken bones at ho’s! 

 Ha-ha. So, where are you working these days? 

 I work at a sports bar. Which is ironic because I don’t drink or follow sports. I only care when I’m making money. Too bad all the Philadelphia sports teams are garbage. The only Philadelphia team kicking ass is the police. They’ve got a long record of kicking ass. Yours? I plead the fifth. Come on, give us your most recent story and your lasting words of wisdom. Every black guy has a story about a run in with the police… That’s nothing new. Words of wisdom? Well, here’s the best advice a white guy gave me, “Stay black and die slow.”

Ki Realer [backside tailslide]


“When it comes to travel necessities there are a number of items you can’t leave home without: ID, socks, iPod, skateboard, etc. For me Ron Deily is on that list. Over the past few years I’ve had the distinct pleasure of traveling the world with Ronaldo and he has made every trip heaps more enjoyable with his light-hearted personality. I’ve found myself on tours without him, hearing the pissing and moaning of princesses on their periods, and thought, ‘Man, I wish Ron was here.’ You might not know my buddy, Mr. Deily, personally you might just know his really snoozey, laid-back style and his deep bag of tricks and those things might have led you to believe he’s having a lot of fun on his skateboard and you’d be right. But just know Ron has fun with everything he does in life and that might be the most endearing quality any man can have.” ~Chris Nieratko NJ Skateshop

Ron Deily

WORDS :: Mazur PHOTOGRAPHY :: Sean Cronan


So Ron, sorry we couldn’t sit and have tea and Krimpets. I hope you don’t mind, do ya? Rain check?

So what have you been up to recently? I’ve just been trying to get my last licks at skating on the east before Mother Nature rears her ugly head.

We can definitely do a rain check. Does it have to be Krimpets? I was thinking raspberry bars... Can we meet in the middle and rip some bear claws? Or even some apple turnovers. Fuck that; let’s do Pork Roll.

What’s the worst part for you skating during the East Coast winter? I mean, minus it being cold. I never really had a problem with the cold ‘til I broke my leg. The plate in my leg ends right on top of my ankle and it’s hard to get it going in the cold. Taking a board to the plate makes me want to cry.

Oh hell yeah. Pork Roll is where it’s at! Some people don’t even know about it. Care to elaborate for those outside the tri-state area? I was raised on it... It’s the same as bacon, but with a dirty punch! I feel sorry for those who have never tasted the joy of Pork Roll. It’s breakfast meat that takes a week off your life for every sandwich you eat. It’s really good, but absolutely terrible for you, like most things in life.

Damn! How did you break your leg? Does the plate make you feel tougher? Sometimes things happen, and not for the best. I broke my leg skatin’ a mini ramp... I was actually supposed to go into the city THAT day but the trains were jammed up with a down bridge so I just went to the skate park. Within about ten minutes I was laying on the flat bottom with a busted leg. The plate seems to attract skateboards ‘cause I usually get blasted at least once or twice a sesh.

I know you live close to the shore in Jersey... How has Sandy affected you? Sandy is a bitch… She completely demolished my hometown and my home away from home. So many of the people I grew up with have lost everything. I still can’t believe all the damage. I’ve received quite a few photos of spots that popped up from Sandy. Anything by you? There are a couple little spots that popped up, but nothin’ crazy by me. I’ve seen some pretty wild sidewalk spots on the inter-web though. Have you been trying to help out those devastated in the aftermath of Sandy? Just helping out whoever needs help. Hookin’ up the homies with whatever goods I got. NJ Skateshop went up and above the call of duty with helping out our fellow New Jersey brethren with warm clothes and good vibes!

Ron Deily [wallie]

Speaking of NJ... You’ve been with them since day one. How’s it been? Yeah man, they’re the best. They’re in it for all the right reasons. I wouldn’t be where I am without em! Big thanks to Christopher Nieratko and Stephen Lenardo! Are you only skating right now or do you have a regular job too? I’ve been lucky enough not to have a job in a couple years. I will be schralping until my legs do not work anymore. Hopefully it will be another ten years before I’m workin’ that 9-5-drone shift. Since you’re only skating for a living, would you mind trying to do a 540 down a set of stairs for me? I think that would be neato! Hmm… Neato, eh? Sounds a bit dangerous. Who knows, maybe one day. Any plans to go to college or anything like that? I have already done a bit of time in community college

and got my associates in business management, which really means nothing. I will go back eventually and get that masters, ya know? A masters, huh? For anything in particular? I’ll stay within the business realm of things, maybe minor in accounting. I’m a numbers kinda guy. Are you still skimboarding? Seems it’s really starting to take off in popularity. When I’m drunk on the beach in the summer I’ll take a whirl at it. Drunken skimboarding? Sounds like both a great, and bad, idea. Always a bad idea. Do you have any good drunken skim stories? What’s your pick-up line to the ladies when you’re skimming past them? Puking while on a wave is the ultimate pick-up line.

Have you frequented and good strip clubs recently? I believe the last time I visited a strip club was in Portugal… Shit got weird. I think our tab ended up being bout 1500 bucks! We broke it down on the dance floor heavy! $1500?! Geez, that seems like quite a bit for that area of the world. Were you guys popping bottles? Yeah, it was our first night out there, we were psyched! The girls there were poppin’ their own bottles too and putting them on our tab. The Portuguese are a lively bunch. Thanks Ron. Any last words? Big thanks to all my sponsors, friends, and family. Good luck to all of Sandy’s victims with getting back on their feet. R.I.P. KPM and Jimmy Kickflip.







54 Richie McCorkle


Dusty Yauilla [switch frontside flip]

David Newton

Tyler Bolar [nollie into grate]

Ben Kilpatrick

Sam Monroe [feeble]

Shane Kassin [crook pop-over]

Stephen Oliveira

Zander Taketomo

Brian Panebianco [backside bluntslide]

Richie McCorkle

Blake Spencer [kickflip]

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