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Speak directly to the global ENERGY marketplace Focus reports is an independent publisher of country reports on the oil and gas industry. Our reports are published on line at and distributed as special sections in our partner publication Oil and Gas Financial Journal. Written after exclusive interviews with decision makers from NOCs and multinational E&P companies, legislators, financial institutions, EPCs and service companies, our reports are a unique resource for those looking beyond figures. They are a unique up-to-date snapshot spotlighting the later goings-on in a selected country. They are the fruit of extensive fieldwork and exclusive interviews with decision makers, designed to bring you each market’s local specificities and strategic thinking from the top. With the global map of the energy industry evolving rapidly and even bigger changes to come, our reports offer a great tool to identify and understand exciting new opportunities, gamechanging projects, policy shifts and the people making them happen.

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A unique information tool for highly desired professionals, features over 700 interviews with top oil and gas leaders worldwide, an ever-growing global directory of companies and decision makers and more than 30 exclusive country reports for online reading or download.

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A is a powerful promotional and branding tool, allowing companies to directly send their message to the oil and gas industry.

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Why choose FocusReports Reach thousands of industry leaders & decision makers on line and at the industry's preferred publication. Appear alongside leading industry actors in your country and speak directly to your peers, internationally. Contribute to the development of your country's industry by showing world leaders your strategic presence in the market.


Simply because Oil & Gas Financial Journal stands out from the rest of the competition, Focus Reports has selected this unique medium to distribute its country reports. OGFJ is unique as it is the only magazine where oil and gas companies, engineering and technical suppliers and the finance community meet. With an unrivaled readership base of over 29,000, OGFJ provides authoritative coverage about the most important development in the business. No other media comes close to reaching the C-level decision makers responsible for investments, partnerships and local sourcing of suppliers. OGFJ is the leader for oil and gas news such as M&A, commodity pricing and stock markets, reserves disclosure, taxation and regulations and more. It also brings exceptional coverage for every aspect of the industry with renowned articles on hot topics like shale gas, refining or unconventional resources. OGFJ is published by PennWell, the pioneer publisher in the oil and gas industry since 1902.


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Why oil & gas and Service Firms turn to OGFJ

To target financial institutions and capital (public and private) To improve shareholder value To gain analyst and industry coverage To develop partnerships with E&P firms, as well as service and supply firms.

Why Financial and M&A Institutions turn to OGFJ

To target executives looking for: : : Capital : : E&P Opportunities : : M&A Opportunities : : Deal Structure Expertise : : Divestiture Expertise : : Consulting Expertise

To show strength and liquidity


Full transparency in whom OGFJ reaches! The Natural Selection Among Elite Investors As a controlled circulation publication, Oil & Gas Financial Journal carefully selects subscribers based on title, business activity and geographic location (not the willingness to pay a subscription fee). The rigorous selection process ensures that your message gets seen by top-quality prospects seeking to purchase your products and services.

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