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March/ April 2017

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fronon, a John Weld region in , after to this acreage in 1864 . This who came platted d. Did Spring, Carolina, t for 425 acres r g is name Weldon from North Land GranWeldon Springallons of wate ? tiersman a Spanish 00 nheit which with g after y pumps 28,8re of 53 Fahre 1789 pation. the sprin toda n occu n temperatu included , the spring average history of huma s were draw tribe you knowand has an spara long e American of pure per day Spring has supply Evidence of Nativ ited on other for and Weld its unlim hillside. ations Osage, spring with the rockyvating found Sioux, beautiful flowed from exca to the when r that found the kling watepation was h. became their occu ol and churc Weldon the cabin in scho John ed a new . In 1796 ricans burn and two upstairs nd 1541 east e Ame iards arou After Nativ stairs, one roomed at the north the Span the spring. locat down rooms visible, area were ooking Spring home overl home with four spring is still is credthe r Weldon log Jr. a and the large a ing re land McMillan, e, on both s to explo area by buildneighbors builtoccupies this , John shap red of In 1849 in the European ular in t now ased it. some irreg a cog mill, powe r’s The first pean to settle on with the help ch of Chris purch make lots, g was a shoe first Euro 1800s, Weld l United Chur94 and I-64. eventually shows 14 on Sprin store, and McMillan ral nal plat in Weld the early . The Emmanuen of Highway and John g. The origi businesses gristmill, gene laces ectio firep inters and t in 1829 on Sprin the first gun shop, of the district rts on Gran One of it Weld corner shop, school today. the Weld , and calling Highway 94). Howell counterpa blacksmith standing as heirs sold town Francis ared with its this region. were a known are still to the Weldon’s laying out the in comp businesses community Road (now belongs ivisions in the slow pace ious subd ited with Marthasville g. Other early Spring tructed Spring. Weldon nued at a very and luxur on of sides of from the sprin tures cons town Holof Weld conti r struc high-end s, the Spring on always some of the by wate y original , just south household unity has Weldon Man Weld tion Area Area. shop. and plus this comm on Spring hosts However,rising out ConservaConservation two thous Growth in , Weld graphy. Spring rtheless, with over c schools. Weldon Memorial breaks topo mound of rocks St. Charles Today ty. Neve in Busch river I had through two publi les Coun essing enormousacres of land passes the August A. and rugged proc ed Char houses trail, everyo a great t, ill-fam 00 U.S. uranium ern St. bicycle Katy Trail to mland fores for an pla me a ne’ rding to in north g and some 17,0 this the botto a hikin series s journe n but pla ter, acco is the home acquired that later beca h links ned ownd and of arti y is the ns nee State Park, Trail, whic of uplan Highway forty,U.S. military sives plant ted the groundwamilitary retai untouched ir cles d Katy Trailalso Hamburg res 385 acres The explo contamina up - the cent to 1940s, the was left you’ll own. But execut year is ing an is adja featu parceled The site I wa There to have was which l tomb. In the s and build gain for nowion or ral Area s area, known 00 acres were high school. is som town buria a yea workin 1991. low Natu ervation a and , we they fizz e ins three ry 17,0 me g The ancient cons ’re her le. lishing d, the ight tone quar parted r and a for a rec re we like an even beca Spring In that and demo an old limes decommissione few acres ground might e: me wit my pro ways. half beh ruiting re no des of the depopulating was n into ve. A ces site h just firm reser throw ind ktop work my exp s, I’ve I we in that County, waste was data. After the me a nature n nt desk St. Lou comput for you erience learne y The beca eight on to sta y bega ers or plant. workin is. It t of Energ some of it . You and d there of Energting in a years. rt my pro g for was me tablets ’re “In you Departmensome, while Department is duc resul ow As , , som of the Busine with you no single efforts, to the public. Physici tion sid a nat n physici eone a desk, no scanne ership , when ura ss wit r dre cleanup pat e of a else ed Jap ans. the moun Medic l entrep an recruit until 1988ination and cell”, now open h Jac am, and h to suc , I hadblack phors, email, This and , 1.5 ane reneur k Joh ment would orp cess, retired ne, sma really se decontamike “disposal leted in 2001 and stores nson.” perhap rt pho except compan prove and into , I was firm in lead had and a s thro and pyramid-l on was comp forty-five acres rial. Stairs enough therma nes, Link develo becom 1991 ugh for wri y in 20 to be rs platmate cal s ing ing my pin 15 Constructi ture cove and l paper edIn led Me rdou ting bes a view g ano bor . I struc or eve t the to kee this fax s of haza e there is dicorp tainous pag also rec t work and ther bused with n abou n Fac p this machi cubic yard e… trucently cell wher informatio iness the dai , Inc. I most simple ne. Aft ebook. million Wh ide of the the cons visit clo top prov ran ly en and to be sed exc busine er let’s the day ciallyc startin up to the plaques that of the site, rs can also on the iting kno just about ss I g in a ry -tosay sale busine wn as had poo omfortab a bus form and , the histo sal cell. Visito r housed to we of my ss I had Profile createday asp iness, r felt cente area le dispo used e ect (pu like retive local s, d, orig mping , so is a com becom the wast was oncethe top of t interp inal built to The On so I pul s of tha ing tion of 0 square-foo the cell that com t bus date. gas, I wante mon line led entally, pan of goa indepe cleani d to highest y Me I $old Databasemyself iness for the 9,00 at the base ity. Incid l. I kno nde is the see , ng activ out cell dicorp Profile soon carpet the oth of Gra of the w it ntly we for radio e disposal building s , Inc can’t visit to rewa alth s and er workers . and to a pub duating g wast And if you Center, ned | 13 check even side and s mine. y - or at Wh ty. retive on Sprin licl azine have is desig I alre en selling wa lea the Weld Charles Coun as the cell and years. ille Mag Site Interp pretty y tradknow it com St. mobiles willing ady kne st more Spring es MyCottlev My much to rush, a thous point in Weldon 4. obtain how tha to cho hom to do w what finanno need way it is for visit the es) to wh them? t particu osing there is being Wh area, ouri, 6330 tly the wh at get atever ry of this Charles, Miss there. it too main exac have are the Who elselar busineat type the histo St. k of about South, can a lifestyl challenges compet ss works busine out more Highway 94 you . Wh ss to To find the rec really e with tim of ow es for o cou start, at 7295 tho ning I kne ruiting expect e off or located that se sam ld be you nee salesmw I had compan to earn will you particu e clients?your clie d to ma lar if you an and a vision y I had and - mo become type of How nts and ke sure been you st imp a sla busine will you how have don’t bel admitte of what dly arr I wa working ortantly ve to wh ss? Wi be diffwill you startedto handle ieve in nted for wa ll you - how at you oga ere and nt. and yourse ’ve cre be abl nt? time. a bus will kne s poo overco lf - don I have you So goi iness hum w I cou rly manag get ated? Whe to ng out I was ver me, you ’t quit ble pai ld 16 | on my y fam r con your dayd some do it bet ed to say d? I kne at over fide MyCo ilia ter. the lea w job own ttleville didn’t r with andnce will ! There the yea I was their st. rs, be wil feel Magaz top nea was the key to l be ma but ser ine rly as iou sur com ny scary pany’s vival and things sly, you as it top should producsuccess. I have. er at the

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busi ness

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It’s cr wit whe azy to th h Ja n I fi ck Joh rst st ink it w nso a arte n d a s a little busi ness over 25 ... years ago





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Est. 2015

Deja Brews

History of Weldon Spring .......................................page 13

Club Drinkery eville Craf t Beer ion at Cottl Competit

ville t 2017 Cottle chatter abou etition” what ’s the ebrew Comp siasts! So new “Hom the all beer enthu about the -to-head at Attention ? It’s all to go head Amer amateurs al this early Out™ is an Beer Festiv for competing Missouri Mash is being set Program year. The cation this and the stage st Certifi Augu Beer Judge brewuled for late (AHA) and taste each fest, sched Associatio public will brewers pion will etition. The ican Home Thus a cham brew comp d e beer wins. ioned home (value m whos sanct t, ) ballo (BJCP Tier Syste decide by eering Top and then server at ann Engin er’s beer brewed and ded a Blichm their beer and awar are you also have So what be named they will -brewery! done yet, first nano started. Re$1,800). Not es County’s “Hops” game ery, St. Charl n Beers, and get your Brow Exit6 Brew ut.com en British ashO ory Thirte Visit MoM BJCP Categ waiting for? h Porter. limited to , n and Englis entries are rs from bines member, English Brow female flowe beta e, Dark Mild, hops are alpha and which includ you know the bud cone, t hops, did aroma, Oil inside Talking abou as well adds y feet? The e flavor and s about twent which grow beer’s uniqu creates a its . ed tially and lacing ery. Open acids, essen ive, foam by Exit6 Brew timely perseverat organized got a huge bitterness, Festival is Exit6 soon annual Beer , howat Cottleville, Starbucks) Cottleville’s pub in 2011 t Order from tiny brew y, flavor -And-Desis door as a asis on qualit ks to Cease can their emph tion (than thing one known for national atten ery is more isn’t the only 6 Pub craft brew brewed beers beers. Exit ever this house craft In ent ique. ty differ ing techn and brew ise offer seven n. they likew Britto as Jeff by find at Exit6, ed and run ery was found and Brew

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All in a Day’s Work - Rob Wylie .............................page 14 Rob


Wyli e ha s be fire e ret en fig in a tral hte ired as Co r an lot unty d me Cottle of da He Fire dic ville’ ngero at lasnot on and in va s Fir us sit Resc rious e Ch “I alw t co ly put uatio unt ue. out capa ief De ns. on ay duty, s fel four firefires cities c. 20 But du he and t like for aft sta rin Thou has the er 11 I wo it wa tions g tha no bach gh W St. reg rried s my and t tim Ch year rets. tee elor’s ylie arles s at abou respo 60 firee. Wyli said ring Some de Fire the passi as t the nsibi fig e too gr he peop Pro helm m wh lity hters k ca aske on. a fire ee in was tec . le ar By: en to be cove re of tion Befor d him Long fighte comm the litt I wa the rin e cu Robi -tim pe Distr e tha un le r In 19 abou e an unde ica t ou s off re 24 g fiv ople. bo n Se ict, t, t to later. 91, t vo d no r the tions y wh He duty, ho e mu the he ha aton tak o lun St. ” he urs a nicipa looke e the Fire The Wylie tee w-dece n- Ch and a drea Jeffe Peterd serve d rin da ief St. mt too and said. heat. rson g op ased y, selities ov out for s Fir d ne Br penc of Resc Peter k a pa In 19 “It Wyli e Pro arly portu St. ian Oc hant being wa ven da er 40 the ue, s Fir id for e is Team 96, tw s lik tec hs nities Char and e Pro posit sq men ys voluna fire tion o de at W les one. e ion tec havin a we uare and two Lead ylie ma at a Fir the Distr cade tee ma tio kin wi be em Jayc e De St. Ch rism, n, he g 60 ek. I miles wome ict s g up n Di th the erg er with came . partm ar did and as a ee n pu Thes ency kid worri six strict St. les Wyli n’t the me a me Ce t s.” en ed e me sta unde eting t Ch Fire e firs attain me room grou ndic a lot tions rged Peters dic are the r his . ief Protec t wo tha phys p an with s. Th abou tha wi Fir Ed t rke char Such t co th the e Pro ician d se the ey respo Un tion d in dream t gu ge tec St. rve pr ve nd de Di s wh d ys — imar ers and a zo red St. tio Ch rwoo strict video out wh 10 Char n Distr o res in tha arles wh ily en alleg riots ne ex d int tha an of the 0 sq o tak les I wa Co pond t ca e ca answ rodu t led d ad gate. ed that isted uare Fire ict, wh pacit unty s ve the att sta er re to 40 ced St. rtis Ar ackin rte in Fe Re miles Protec ere y of SW the the video ing. med 0 ca for ne giona . unresCharles g an d the rguson tion he wo two grap It wa wi AT high lls pe arly l SW d ste day Distr uld ,M opera risk in 19 he Co tradit t in s vo th a AT r ye two un Fe ict beco aling after o. in tors, calls, 85 r to his lundeca team. I ha ional rgus ty Re ar. in 19 me after from St. Lo Augu d ne EM on. but warra gio rea des. In 20 98 assis Magazine “W na als S Wyli l ver a sto uis po st 20 , be tan Toda 04 Wyli MyCottleville o civ nts an 18 | My been or fire e we l SW comi t ch e re ow lic 14. y tha , he AT ilia d ho tratin e sa e ng ief thr anywfighte re the , thu ns id ner office The Fe t tea was ap Ce and stage in St. g wa it wa in the r Da rgus here rs. Th only s Wyli ntral ee ye m ha po susp situa from Char s how s the e, wh ere we team Co ars s 40 inted city. rren on un ects tions ere unty tha were Wils res the les Co hand first offi as a in wh tha t the re ve politi cers, Tacti on t, wh cu tim “Riot un ma ry hohad medeplo at the t are fatall ich cia ty. [S ffed e he fel jority sti cal yed six we ers we dic we too ns be y sh y ca me Med in St. t. Ch of pele cro al as in the we t like dic a ve had to re pu ot Mgan on ll the dang s an ic ople wds. sets cit Louisarles Core by he ha ich cerne ry cle stand tting “Hot erous d some d to ael Augu we We wein the y of Fe Co un D ar for st the re Zo d, ty Brow 9. polic unty, wo of hosti re be hot ar rgus re cell ne.” tradit Ex an de n fol 2014 Jeffer ecuti the po rry ab we e. Th d we lineatio and batte le tow ing ea.” on for ion re pe e rio we low , al n be take ries son ve Ste liticia out mo 12 ard shot Wyli six nig ing involv City ve] ns to 14 ople ters re the twee the ab in so re us.” at. It e sa ed the ck we and Ehlm in the tha wa id. hts du youn prote re almre to n pe use. s an hour from s un “It wa rin in W an wa area n the prote ople Peop d wi 14 g ma sts shiftsChica g like os |M ashin s a . W fire n’s anyths too the so . Bu go, t using ct the protesti le we nging ys yC gto die-ha e got or the m. t yo New the re ottlev r da ng ing dangerome 90 n DC tre cri u go Yo the pr But the an spitti m at rd I’d ille rs. Fou entially d ,” he supp mend mina ever us to days in anrk an otesto Mag yea oth peop ng on us. W ess said. orter ous su l eleme expe bring of le rio us azine d do d Ind rs as ers e we seven who throu pp nt. d, for rienc in ting. and thr re your ianap shiel were ghou ort fro “Wha ex them step da ed. job olis whds. Th just be There owing pose for ng m ou t wa t. his es .” stro t, The sal o we ey did nt on we ba d to sa an lac r politi s most and after tha de re pe gs of gunfi re ar n’t e wa said k of s ca res care structio ople urine re alm rketing nth . “Sh “She supp l lea frusted living said. died.” in ma six mo ort ders to . Th about n. W peacefu at us ost ev on se came ent e rking d, and the ese ,” go Kru er r she tam peop caus actua lly pr Wyli y nig and life,’” die er wo late s a tes and my o. of k up le we e or lly tre otesti e said. ht. Ba rs ag tion, aft l father days wa me from yea life to pic secret e. Two ica iza sicall sed re no the iss ated ng as me “T d. ce six organ biolog e him me the attitud said her t she rai ge ca t pr ue, more far as here wa y se sai his d pla Rams bu ote just se prote I’m Kru encourag od told d your on sta da s a ba sto that, the ts,” . Kru Louis, ziness ‘G e ha to an rs. destruc stors cons in son from ys after “W she We paren herself d said, smile cra in St. her se wa d off my da said. we tion. Th than t an when of Kru lai your vity on hanage elf.’ My Six re wo ere wn all of ugh ” he e day go nex gs, d urs do siti Jonny d been died. te, orp an yo eno d to me two thin of po rking ha favori gh?’ On me just sat in an than r mom died. my job r wante He with d, she ove powe s raised d better mom’s mmy lau and told ss she r, his , also lost trol him the die r, I late my an ss dre him wa rs con r left mo e yea she ou m ressed “Sh “I wa make and dre was the have enc bigge raised hin a his mo before to t en. ls uld us. you had imp said. ething wit d, Just life he t d wo ntagio “So childr ything h hee me tha he sai man. that in er Flin nd,” hope up Co do som g her do an her hig r told But, ian wo ng she d to her st frie amon ld you me in rks, e late e Gi my be nee 11. that local gro Christ l had told t tim s ell Pa last ngest , ‘Wou d put visit. Sh ‘You way 20 lar firs stro me, , Lod r in m wa say me an the e to ange ng the the popu r Fox from the s the uld s told cance y mo sn’t com on Rob up alo n for gs all ove It wa ing. “M e alway brain mom wa . She wo stick who’d ers l son plays of t lip picked nt ma de Memb and rol sur viv ters. Sh t died with his us down e pu had new fro ir. nd. band Sh k sis Gertru days ” Flin bond sin er let m she is the two day. t’s ha cover ba orite roc mber in the John Flin -me mom. ists his that nev a bad her cou wisdo t. He d my s urred kas, g from rty an fans’ fav The five tha us ts of of t wa vin ou occ de I ge se ins en , jus r. pa ir Da love ma Kru betwe was ha friend him my e, nug se did ge is of the o caree mate for their g Kru and sta best advis h Tom took ich, thin is’ ulti covers a sol es. ars on her sick s of Lou ss l, wh unty wit who ing came tim bit oo St. l wle was and tell rsu 87 r. It d sch es Co era in.” he we ered tough lly fla o is pu k sta of 19 is sai high wig consid virtua door buried with sev in the Charl Class ich e roc n in tt, wh se eve t in St. ss on awk-style widely alt nnab itar, wh rform ve Sco to be Kru nd pre wa pe mw is oh gu ba a to m t left t Zu py Jet for Flin in a son ltiple-M gious ingha alist Ste ctric Hip the For vice her y ele ging mu , Conta Cunn voc lled age k od ad id-bod d sin nd ca from r for s tric go an crazy, 2000 s r sol ove Pa ba kid The d in wa the guita t in a school and taken s.” It rs of ou ying h Starte lereth se has ir eye pionee s pla started just hig Sch Kru h the Ken He lmon, se wa rs. r wit e of the yea est. , Kru metal. Sa hea on 40 vy sician Billy ople Paul, Midw t “Pe as Les the -long mu and hea h and tha s odric most. him known . A life ir band n ind b Go ble of ha ler, Ro ious tha d to rem ss, better l possi ser m use ind lsfu d rol Sch more mo m Po k an illia of roc music said his ter W nd se Kru one Les the sou from ve made to ha

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etc. the TV, crying, a baby barking, a dog on wind, to focus talking, we need important people h ones most , traffic, a clock and whic a leader, the Music, you right now? ground . As now? the back right ones to right ify all around fall into miss the listening ident ds to let ds and reply. are you ds can you ey what soun wrong soun nt to What R. Cov soun know the inte Stephen on the us. rs is to to How many with focus – leade n king as k.” is liste often we enges n is spea to spea ; they next level rtant. Too er perso our chall aring r to the erstand d you One of they are impo when anoth a leade where woul all grow to und king or prep be nt use takes ys beca alwa I feel the inte the best, skills, we can er spea should with skills that ten being ing are eith sound listen of the with core They our listen rs. One one to ten, do not to this y with ove. refers people great leade scale of semi are toda to impr ration “Most for some t you? On a e we feel we on wanting Coach Fede coaching can all ing al pleship with and we wher abou lly focus matter worked others. How Internationclasses or disci is an area I have that no intentiona ing. (The us and years listen to news is with us Listen coaching many of Over the y to actively ? The good for it starts is Deep either basic thing, challenge coaching a I teach their abilit listening skills Like every of is it le. area when use I know of all types rank your lop this musc a key beca etencies at all. This is this area and deve core comp to them tion Listening.) time on the e of One any atten y as Activ spend extra paying enough competencintentionally are not huh” just and we g “uh nars. We tly to us, es us ing: and sayin e direc improve. of listen often caus our head g, mayb levels ing. This are six is talkin nodding e mean person where else. we are ve there the whol be I belie another to us and pied some ring – Now let’s up gh to catch talking one is it feel? 1. Ignominds are occu not enou yourself – some attention. ses, but How does Don’t beat Our first ning paying or phra levels? levels? always a good We end Liste think we are words of these a few 2. Pret possible. on one on one of these eness is them to you awar – we hear said. much as else to make ing But as just . s ning one listen they some it right Liste three level . make at what ing to ctive to is only to repe talking of only listen That doesn’t ing those first listed below 3. Sele you are someone time. levels guilty t avoid one to ing are to ask ___ abou l time some you Listen ____ s from Active intentiona tell when do you think ________ these level we must be always in the tCan you ________ rs, How often listen on are communica G ____ honest. . Most of us lves. As leade skills so we us. being ted to LISTENIN what is too much oving ourse our listening communica ACTIVE impr “get” how develop ______ step in ing being ing, we also and ____ mean d the must grow ________ the mean understan rstand ________ hear their word and word and unde g. We every is sayin – we hear hear every person ntive do we the other person. n feel. 4. Atte – not only gh what athic other other perso ion. throu the the us Emp n ment ng to 5. withi will is maki level I unicating God’s Spirit ed to us tional t comm of one addi the Holy Spiri clear sense a there is tians, e we hearfeel, and have For Chris is wher they it – this d how 6. Spir s, understan word

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with Jeanette along Story by: with you, sharing will be It es we true. States. United s of articl stories are ose in the of a serie family. The id overd it as e of death from opio is the first s and higher ng caus s died ty. This your friend it the leadi American actually much problem, les Coun with is now St. Char e share this 33,091 rise and is not a city has hit cides and , a total of Pleas the emic is emic homi on is CNN in epid This epid ct for help. then then gun number rt, by cases. The hero can conta quotes accidents, recent repo overdose. This unreported you Louis” nts in one an places ssed car rding to a Hits St. ers or stude from surpa emic murd , been and day s first Epid e. Acco parents addiction t Heroin have even Overdose to grow worsricans die every full of d to this on: The and they heroin. Abou torium continues, and 91 Ame directly linke the Drag with an audi problem, “Chasing he addressed t the heroin been involved suicides in 2015 entitled now. include t as abou parents them has erman, Departmen have heard doesn’t school right where close to here here nette Coop ty Police one torium in nts Jean is in your audi Coun stude n by use some d, “who s! school e writte you, your come beca of St. Louis Peters was aske hand An articl Finch, chief “I guarantee have in a St. question le raised their many was held . When the Col. Tim schools: he asks how their hands. the peop which county s ago raise Then auditorium a third of of our few week as was the More than the room heroin.” ings a full, offered the adults in in?” meet was hero of lot of these parking a third died from to one The or has nally went attended. r involved I perso is eithe nts alike and stude someone who beerratic of knows ed her and er notic all the time, Her moth ing Natalie birthday. her way, sleep a teenager. for her. g Natalie get her 17th One: before if she didn’t off as her being thing goin sy, Stor y every it using just ative some ecsta started willful, comb But she wrote r roll and had ng for s. Natalie hono the night she was at her friend were lookinight began Natalie s, made havior, friend , friend even lot of and her like. That one the detox a rehab screamingtiful, had a . After , and she she’d went to was beau to a party thing else her into detox Then she Two more gone vior. some got dryl. beha she’d he had time they lf using Bena belligerent house… She said guy told her r living for s by the herse and this was two year tried to detox 15 days later e clinic, a sobe got a job and It out ge she d adon acting mare. n. Then into colle was kicke s, a meth lie was enrolled used agaiTennessee but rehab enter ed Nata later, the in weeks her. She , she notic going two more center it all toget came home r’s house. Two she was went by, er him to pull days. fathe years lie told bath in two seemed when her moth off to her Nag Nata a ran Natalie gone. one day Natalie in a panic sayin hadn’t taken Finally, pistol was onted, y’s. But y in. Then at Mac When confr mother Stace ing sweats andajar and his shot up hero r only she using and different. d Natalie’s she was wear drawer was St. Louis and never get bette his were still in calle but saw “I will others down father shower, read, | 41 ing lot oom and to her overdoses; azine to a babyinto his bedr re Place park ille Mag note next taken fatal dy He went to the Lumie pistol. The MyCottlev had alrea the ce. ve me.” friends talie wentherself with e forgi Natalie’s after the servi she shot sorry. Pleas Two of and re I’m only. tion lot befo worse. by invita the parking al was in Her funer them using want didn’t

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page 46 MyCottleville Magazine | 3

City of Cottleville magazine bringing ST. CHARLES COUNTY together

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Lance Law Firm Our firm always offers

“FREE CONSULTATIONS” to persons seeking legal advice.

20 years experience representing persons with a variety of legal needs including: persons injured (including work injuries), setting up estate plans, traffic and criminal matters and non-contested divorces. Call today for your free consultation. 5520 Saint Charles Street • Cottleville, MO 63304 636-498-1100 • www.lancelawfirm.net

Officials Mayor Jim Hennessey jim.hennessey@cityofcottleville.com Ward 1 Alderman Marie Mannino marie.mannino@cityofcottleville.com John Stiles john.stiles@cityofcottlleville.com Ward 2 Alderman Don Buchheit don.buchheit@cityofcottleville.com Bob Ronkoski bob.ronkoski@cityofcottleville.com City Administrator Rich Francis rich.francis@cityofcottleville.com Chief of Police Brett Mitchell brett.mitchell@cityofcottleville.com City Clerk/Treasurer Amy Lewis amy.lewis@cityofcottleville.com Deputy City Clerk/Waste Hauling Lindsay Jones lindsay.jones@cityofcottleville.com Building Inspector Jay Diekmann jay.diekmann@cityofcottleville.com

5th Street Pub

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magazine bringing ST. CHARLES COUNTY together Wow, what a fantastic response for our January/February issue of MyCottleville Magazine. Thanks for all your support and especially the timely backing by our sponsors/advertisers. Apart from all the fun content, you would see that this edition is packed with an exciting interview with Cottleville Fire Protection District’s retired Chief Rob Wyile, a cool craft beer section and the ad about our soon-to-be-launched Craft Beer Club, “Deja Brews”. We are also happy to inform that MyCottleville Magazine is part Wentzville’s Walk to STOP HEROIN and Baby Kid Expo (May 6th, St. Charles Convention Center). And yes, don’t miss Robin’s encounter with the St. Louis’ Ultimate Party Band, CONTAGIOUS. We recently launched a YouTube channel called “MyCottleville Network”, to further showcase our local businesses and events, so don’t forget to subscribe. We hope you enjoy this edition as well and as always we love hearing from you. Your feedback and ideas are our heartbeat. Until next time

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magazine bringing St. Charles County together

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Main Street Diner ................page 38 Makin’ It Personal by Kim ....page 31 Mannino’s Market .................page 2 Man Up .............................page 33 MyCottleville Printing .............page 8 Photography by DeClue .......page 15 Salon De Christe’ ................page 39 She Said He Said ...............page 26 Securus ..............................page 52 Spectrum Glass ...................page 17 The Gables of Cottleville ......page 51 The Hairy Elephant..............page 38 The White Hare ....................page 7 Total Tinting & Customs ........page 47 Turtle Creek Pub & Grill ......page 19 Two Shamrocks ...................page 20

Advisory Board Chris Shreves Kelly Lamm Jim Hennessey Scott Lewis Skip Stephens Phillip Morse Mike Reiter

Volume 1 - Issue 2 March/April 2017 OpenBeast, LLC Cottleville, Missouri 63304

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Advertise with Us! Looking for a Printer? MyCottleville Magazine is a new and quickly growing magazine serving St. Charles County. We offer reasonable advertising rates. We are also a full service printer. We print anything from a simple black & white flyers to full color jobs. Very competitive pricing and 100% quality guarantee! Call today to set up an appointment with one of our friendly sales team.

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Promoting MyCottleville Magazine City Administrator Rich Francis received the first copy of January/February edition of MyCottleville Magazine. Not only he was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the content, he was as well very thankful for branding Cottleville for way it was done. And on behalf of the city he extended full support to MyCottleville’s team for all future efforts.

Steve Naugher and Kevin Ziegemeier promoting MyCottleville Magazine on “She Said He Said” radio show, with Hosts, Kelley Lamm and Gordon Montgomery. She Said He Said radio LIVE Saturdays on 590am The Fan, indsideSTL.com and 105.7HD2. For the full interview... visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqRgH2fhrX4

Stephen Thompson and Steve Naugher promoting MyCottleville Magazine on MyCottleville Network (MCN), a new video channel to promote and showcase Cottleville and St. Charles County. It features people, programs, events and news that matter to our communities.

www.thewhitehare.com We are on the move! Seasonal * Wreaths * Jewelry Come spring, visit us in our new, Furniture * Rugs * Artwork bigger building 1 mile down the street Candles * Floral * Gifts at Ohmes Rd & Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Dishware * Accessories in Cottleville! 6121 Mid Rivers Mall Dr St. Peters, MO 63304 636-441-1111 M-Sat 10-6 Sun 12-5

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Coming in March 2017 on Historic Main Street in Cottleville next door to BEMO’S

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OPENBEAST, LLC we also publish MyCottleville Magazine

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Read abou all t it!

keeping you informed

Congratulations City of Cottleville

Salvation Army officials recently presented Cottleville, at the St. Charles County Municipal League meeting, with both trophies for the Most Donations Per Capita Award AND the Most Generous Residents Award. Cottleville won by obtaining approximately $800.00 MORE than other cities in St. Charles County. Thank you to all who donated in person and online for such a good cause.

The St. Patrick’s Run and Parade Foundation

makes $15,000.00 in donations from the 2016 festivities to organizations such as Cottleville Parks and Recreation, Cottleville Firefighter Outreach, and Community Living. The foundation also continues to work closely with Community Living in 2017 on fundraising efforts. www.stpatparade.org

The Cottleville Parks and Recreation Department

have begun repairing and laying a rock base down for the Kountz Fort Trail upgrade. The Kountz Fort Trail travels through the wooded flood plain behind Brittany Place Subdivision and into the back of Legacy Park connecting to the current trail that runs along the Dardenne Creek. The City previously provided a graded, mulched, and tree lined trail in 2015. However, the historic 2015 December flood took its toll on those improvements. City staff plans to continue reconstructing the Kountz Fort Trail to a more permanent surface, weather permitting. Plans include installing a rock base covered with a millings/screenings type surface. This new surface will be more of a hard surface that should better facilitate walking and biking. This new base and surface type will also be more suited to handle the flooding that occurs in this area.

Groundbreaking of 2017 St. Jude Dream Home

happened Febuary 6th. This year’s giveaway is being partnered with Payne Family Homes in the fight against childhood cancer. The 2017 Dream Home will be located in COTTLEVILLE at 607 Glennberry Place in the new Ashford Knoll Subdivision on Highway N. Dream Home drawing tickets will go on sale in June for $100 each. A maximum if 10,500 tickets will be sold and the drawing will be held in September. www.stjude.org/give/dream-home/st-louis.html

This Self-Healing process, based on our body’s own light, assists the immune system to function at optimum levels, which enables the body to effectively heal itself. For details and appointemnts, contact

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March 4, 2017 • Saturday - The GREEN TIE GALA The Gala is at the Old Hickory Golf Club (1 Dye Club Dr.), to Honor Supporters of Cottleville St Pat’s Foundation. The Green Tie Gala is the kickoff party to the Cottleville St. Patrick Day parade festivities. The event features live music by CONTAGIOUS, gourmet food, an open bar and unlimited excitement! http://www.stpatparade.org/gala March 06th to April 7, 2017 - SCC Art Faculty Exhibition March 11, 2017 • Saturday - St Patricks Day Parade STARTS: Warren Elementary and FINISH: Francis Howell Central. The parade will be limited to 80 units. For more information contact Craig Tihen - Email: ctihen@cottlevillefpd.org PARKING AREAS => The Old American Furniture Location (Cottleville) => St Charles Community College Shuttles will drop off and pick up at these locations => Cottleville Wine Sellers - Bemo’s - Cottleville Fire House NOTICE: No Personal Golf Carts allowed on Parade Route between 7am-5pm on the Parade Day March 17th, 2017 - Wearing O’ the Green Dance Featuring the music of Fanfare at St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre, 7pm to 10pm, and you are encouraged to wear your green! $7 per person. March 18, 2017 • Saturday - Trivia Night To Raise Funds for Friends Helping Friends Join MyCottleville Magazine at the Cottleville Knights of Columbus Hall for a fun night of food, drink and FUN. Help us raise money for Great Cause! 100% of the funds raised are used to help local families that might otherwise not be able to get the help they desperately need. There will be 1st and 2nd place prices, 50/50 Raffle and auction items. See page 47 in this magazine for a registration form and contact information March 22 , 2017 • Wednesday - Artist reception Hosted by the Art Club from 6 to 8 pm at St. Charles Community College. The faculty explores a variety of media in their work including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, ceramics, sculpture, metals, fibers, and illustration. This exhibition is free and open to the public. April 1st, 2017 - Mission Clean Stream 8:30am to 11:00am at Legacy Park, join us in cleaning up the Dardenne Creek Waterway, including the watershed area (Legacy Park, along St. Peters Cottleville Road and Hwy N). Register by contacting Lindsay Jones at 636-498-6565 or lindsay.jones@ cityofcottleville.com April 24 to May 7th, 2017 - SCC JURIED STUDENT ART EXHIBITION The exhibition consists of works created by SCC students chosen by this year’s visiting juror. There will be an opening reception for the installation on Monday, April 24th from 6 to 8 pm with awards announced at 7pm. As always, this exhibition is located in the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts building and is free and open to the public. April 29, 2017 - That ‘80s Run 7:30 AM - 11:00 AM at SCC Campus Green Parking Lot, That ‘80s Run features a tubular 10K, 5K, 1-Mile Fun Run and a free Health and Wellness Expo. Dress in your favorite ‘80s gear, there will be rad prizes for best ‘80s costume. Register at that80srun.org. https://www.facebook.com/events/278164815932398/ April 30th, 2017 - ROOKIES and ROCK STARS Triathlon 6.30am to 3pm at St. Peters Rec-Plex. “ROCK into SPRING” with our spring Triathlon. Then, test yourself again during our Fall event. Do you have what it takes to become a “LEGEND of the FALL”? Compete as an individual in various age groups, or form a team. May 5th, 2017 - Job Fair 2017, St. Charles Community College 9 am to 1 pm Friday, May 5, 2017, SCC College Center, an opportunity for employers, students, and community members to meet face-to-face. The SCC Job Fair is free and open to the public for job-seekers. Call 636-922-8244 for more information. May 6th, 2017 - SHRED IT AND FORGET IT 9am to 12pm, at Recycle City in St. Peters. Residents may bring up to 5 boxes of materials to be shredded. May 6th, 2017 - Cino de Wino at Cottleville Wine Seller 10 | MyCottleville Magazine

PAST EVENT UPDATES Cottleville Firefighters Outreach (CFO) presented 2016 Annual Awards at the January general board meeting. Congratulating to the recipients, which Included: Kevin Terney - CFO Volunteer of the Year Mike Canning - CFO Volunteer of the Year Rack House West Winery - CFO Partner of the Year Cottleville/Weldon Spring Rotary Club - CFO Partner of the Year Ryan Haake - CFO Board Member of the Year

January 23, 2017 Rack House West Winery hosted Dine Out for BackStoppers

January 25, 2017 Francis Howell Athletic Director Fundraiser at Bemo’s for Mr.Witter.

MyCottleville Network (MCN) Official Launch at Bemo’s, February 8, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFLDp9VRHTYS7WeDeP74bNA/videos

Cottleville Firefighters Outreach Since its inception in 2008, Cottleville Firefighters Outreach (CFO) set out to make our community a safer, healthier and happier place to live and work. CFO provides crisis assistance to victims of tragedy including, fire, natural disaster, illness and other unforeseen circumstances. In the past year alone, CFO has quietly provided crisis assistance funding and in-kind donations valuing over $7,000 for 19 local families. In addition to crisis assistance, CFO holds family friendly events with 100% volunteer labor to support all CFO programs and partnerships. CFO events include: CFO Kids Fun Fest, CFO Haunted Trail and Bonfire Party and Bi-Annual Trivia Night. CFO partners with CFPD and other local agencies on events throughout the year as well. CFO Programs include: CFO Scholarship Program, Firefighter for a Day, Fishing with Firefighters and more. CFO partners with CFPD and other local agencies on additional programs that benefit the community including: MDA, Adopt-a Family, Saturday Jubilee, Toys for Tots and more! For more information about CFO or to inquire about possible crisis assistance visit www.fireoutreach.com or email cfco87@gmail.com. MyCottleville Magazine | 11

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Weldon Spring, platted in 1864, after John Weldon, a frontiersman from North Carolina, who came to this region in 1789 with a Spanish Land Grant for 425 acres. This acreage included the spring after which Weldon Spring is named. Did you know, the spring today pumps 28,800 gallons of water per day and has an average temperature of 53 Fahrenheit? Weldon Spring has a long history of human occupation. Sioux, Osage, and other Native American tribes were drawn to the beautiful spring with its unlimited supply of pure sparkling water that flowed from the rocky hillside. Evidence of their occupation was found when excavating foundations for a new school and church. The first Europeans to explore the Weldon Spring area were the Spaniards around 1541. In 1796 John Weldon became the first European to settle in the area by building a log home overlooking the spring. After Native Americans burned the cabin in the early 1800s, Weldon with the help of neighbors built a larger home with four rooms downstairs, one room upstairs and two fireplaces. The Emmanuel United Church of Christ now occupies this land and the spring is still visible, located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Highway 94 and I-64. Weldon’s heirs sold the Weldon Grant in 1829 and John McMillan eventually purchased it. In 1849, John McMillan, Jr. is credited with laying out the town, and calling it Weldon Spring. The original plat shows 14 lots, some irregular in shape, on both sides of Marthasville Road (now known as Highway 94). One of the first businesses in Weldon Spring was a cog mill, powered by water from the spring. Other early businesses were a blacksmith shop, gun shop, gristmill, general store, and a shoemaker’s shop. Many original structures constructed in the community are still standing today. Today with over two thousand plus households, the town of Weldon Spring belongs to the Francis Howell school district and houses two public schools. Growth in this community has always continued at a very slow pace compared with its counterparts in northern St. Charles County. Nevertheless, Weldon Spring hosts some of the high-end and luxurious subdivisions in this region. Katy Trail State Park, a hiking and bicycle trail, passes through Weldon Spring Conservation Area, just south of Weldon Spring. There is also Hamburg Trail, which links the Katy Trail to the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area. Weldon Spring Hollow Natural Area features 385 acres of upland and bottomland forest, and rugged river breaks topography. However, Weldon Spring conservation area, which is adjacent to Highway forty, is the home for an ill-famed enormous mound of rocks, rising out of the ground like an ancient burial tomb. In the 1940s, the U.S. military acquired some 17,000 acres of land in St. Charles County, depopulating and demolishing three towns and building an explosives plant that later became a uranium processing plant. The waste was thrown into an old limestone quarry and is known to have contaminated the groundwater, according to U.S. Department of Energy data. After the site was decommissioned, the 17,000 acres were parceled up - the military retained ownership of some, while some of it became a nature reserve. A few acres even became a high school. The site was left untouched until 1988, when the Department of Energy began decontamination and cleanup efforts, resulting in a pyramid-like “disposal cell”, now open to the public. Construction was completed in 2001, and the mountainous structure covers forty-five acres and stores 1.5 million cubic yards of hazardous material. Stairs lead up to the top of the cell where there is a viewing platform and plaques that provide information about the local area, the history of the site, and the construction of the waste disposal cell. Visitors can also visit the 9,000 square-foot interpretive center housed in a building at the base of the cell that was once used to check workers for radioactivity. Incidentally, the top of the Weldon Spring waste disposal cell is the highest point in St. Charles County. And if you can’t visit soon, there is no need to rush, as the cell is designed to remain exactly the way it is for a thousand years. To find out more about the history of this area, visit the Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center, located at 7295 Highway 94 South, St. Charles, Missouri, 63304. MyCottleville Magazine | 13 My

All in a Day’s Work

Rob Wylie - Retired Cottleville Fire Chief By: Robin Seaton Jefferson Rob Wylie has been in a lot of dangerous situations. But he has no regrets. Some people are cut out to take the heat. Wylie is one. Wylie retired as Cottleville’s Fire Chief Dec. 20 after 11 years at the helm. Before that, he had served nearly two decades as a firefighter and medic in various capacities for the St. Charles Fire Protection District, the St. Peters Fire Protection District and Central County Fire and Rescue. He not only put out fires during that time. Wylie took care of people. He looked out for the men and women put under his charge— at last count four fire stations and 60 firefighters covering five municipalities over 40 square miles. “I always felt like it was my responsibility to be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I worried a lot about guys when I was on duty, and I worried about them when I was off duty,” he said. “It was like having 60 kids.” Though Wylie said he was the little boy who dreamt of being a fireman, he didn’t attain that dream out of the gate. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a penchant for volunteerism, Wylie first worked in video and advertising. It was volunteering as a firefighter under then- Chief Brian Ochs at the St. Charles Fire Protection District that led the videographer to his real passion. Long-time and now-deceased St. Charles Fire Department Chief Ed Underwood introduced the two in 1985 after Wylie asked him about volunteering opportunities at a Jaycee meeting. In 1991, Wylie took a paid position with the St. Peters Fire Protection District, where he would become assistant chief three years later. The St. Peters Fire Protection District merged with the St. Charles Fire Protection District in 1998, becoming Central County Fire and Rescue, and making up six stations that covered 100 square miles. In 1996, Wylie became a medic with the St. Charles County Regional SWAT team. In 2004, he was appointed as a Tactical Medic Team Leader with the group and served in that capacity for nearly two decades. Today that team has 40 officers, six medics and two emergency room physicians who respond to 400 calls per year. These are the responders who answer the high risk calls, warrants and hostage situations that are too dangerous for traditional medics. They primarily take care of SWAT operators, but also civilians and suspects in what they call the “Hot Zone.” Such a zone existed in Ferguson, Mo. in August 2014. The Ferguson unrest, which began on August 9. 2014, involved protests and riots that started the day after St. Louis police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown following the young man’s alleged attacking and stealing from a store owner in the city. St. Charles County Regional SWAT, thus Wylie, were deployed in the city of Ferguson for six nights during the some 90 days of unrest in Ferguson. “We were the only team that had medical assets in the hot area.” Wylie said. “It was too dangerous to bring in traditional EMS or firefighters. There were very hostile crowds. We were being shot at. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I had never been anywhere where the majority of people were hostile toward us.” Wylie said it was the first time he felt like he had to worry about more than the fire or the criminal element. “What was most frustrating was how handcuffed we were by some of the politicians in the area. We got tremendous support from our political leaders in St. Charles County. [St. Charles County Executive Steve] Ehlman was a die-hard supporter throughout. The lack of support came from the politicians in St. Louis County, Jefferson City and in Washington DC,” he said. “Rioters were putting D cell batteries in socks and winging them at us. We were exposed to gunfire almost every night. Basically we had to stand there and take the abuse. People were spitting on us and throwing bags of urine at us,” Wylie said. “There was a very clear delineation between people protesting and people rioting. There were people peacefully protesting as far as I’m concerned, and we were there to protect them. But the others were just bent on destruction. We actually treated more protestors than police. The rioters were almost using the protestors as shields. They didn’t care about the cause or the issue, just destruction. There were people from Chicago, New York and Indianapolis who were arrested. These people were not protestors. We were working 12 to 14 hour shifts. But you go in and do your job.” 14 | MyCottleville Magazine

But there was also kindness, and Wylie said he saw some good come from all of the bad. “People brought snacks and cases of water. We knew there were people on our side. People put cards on fences and police wives set up in store fronts and fed us. It was a hard time. It went on for 90 days between the incident and the grand jury decision. We took all of our social media down in case of any Internet attacks on responders or the possibility of anyone finding our families through social media.” Wylie didn’t stay still for long. He’s already started The Catalyst Group, which offers leadership training and active violence response training for the work place as well as CPR and First Aid Certification. “I work with companies and emergency services on how to respond to active shooters or violent situations. I enjoy teaching emergency and non emergency services,” Wylie said. Wylie he and others in the business of first response often thrive on the adrenaline that comes naturally goes along with emergency situations. But that isn’t all of it. “It’s not just action, although that’s part of it. Training and experiences make you feel empowered. My parents always said, ‘To whom much is given, much is required.’ I’ve had a good life. A lot of great people invested their time and talents in me. Hopefully I am giving back and investing in the guys coming up behind me. That’s what makes a fire department.” Wylie said a lot of firefighters stand behind the old definition of firefighting: “They say it’s a 175-year history unimpeded by progress and very steeped in tradition,” he said. “All I know is the kids who are coming up are way smarter and so much more plugged in. But that alone won’t make them good firefighters. They have to have the old guys teaching them the lessons they learned the hard way. And sometimes the toughest lesson is humility.” That in itself is tradition, he said remembering the time when he was a newbie and tried to sit at the dinner table with the older firefighters. “I was same way. I remember, he said, ‘This table’s for fireman. I’ll let you know when you can eat here.’ I ate lunch at that TV tray for six months. You have to open your ears up to what’s going on. The older guys teach you humility.” Wylie said he has seen “quantum leaps of change in 30 years”—the biggest of which are the responsibilities of firefighters. “It used to be mostly fire suppression and some EMS. Now 70 percent of our jobs are EMS, then hazardous material, counter-terrorism activities, social support and community outreach. Now we educate people on building codes and fire safety. We raise money for someone burned out of their house,” he said. “Fire departments have become the agencies of first resort than last resort.” Also in his career, Wylie was Commander of St. Charles and Lincoln County Hazardous Materials Response Team from 1995 to 2005, he received unit citations for going above and beyond in responding to emergency situations in both Ferguson nd the widespread tornadoes that left over 100 homes uninhabitable in St. Charles County in 2013. He was also given the Outstanding Citizens Medal from the Daughters of the American Revolution in 2014 Wylie’s career of service was celebrated Jan. 9 when county government officials presented him a proclamation honoring his dedication to the citizens of the county. Dean Everett now serves in Wylie’s place as fire chief of Cottleville. He had served as assistant chief for three years under Wylie. The two men started out as volunteer firefighters together.

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with Jack Johnson

It’s crazy to think it was a little over 25 years ago when I first started a business... I had a great plan but plans need execution or they fizzle. In my process, I’ve learned there is no single path to success, and everyone’s journey is their own. But for now, we’re here: me with my experience and you with your dream, and perhaps through this series of articles you’ll gain some insight that might just work for you. You’re “In Business with Jack Johnson.” The year was 1991. There were no desktop computers or tablets, no scanners, email, smart phones, LinkedIn or even Facebook. I was working for a recruiting firm in St. Louis. It was me, a desk, a black phone, and a thermal paper fax machine. After about a year and a half behind that desk working for someone else, I had really had enough and to keep this simple let’s just say we parted ways. I went on to start my own physician recruitment firm in 1991 called Medicorp, Inc. I ran the day-to-day aspects of that business for eight years. As a natural entrepreneur, I was becoming bored with the daily business I had created, so I pulled myself out of the production side of Medicorp and into developing another business to be known as Profiles, The Online Database of Graduating Physicians. This would prove to be my best work and most exciting business I had built to date. I $old Profiles to a publicly traded Japanese company in 2015. I also recently closed on the sale of my original company Medicorp, Inc. and have pretty much retired except for writing this page…


When starting a business, becoming independently wealthy - or at least more financiallycomfortable is a common goal. I know it was mine. I already knew what being poor felt like, so I wanted to see the other side and was willing to do whatever it took (pumping gas, cleaning carpets and even selling mobile homes) to get there.


When it comes to choosing what type of business to start, you need to make sure you know how that particular business works. Who could be your clients and how will you obtain them? Who else competes for those same clients? How will you be different? What are the challenges of owning that particular type of business? Will you be able to have a lifestyle with time off or will you become a slave to what you’ve created? What can you really expect to earn and - most importantly - how will you get paid? I knew the recruiting company I had been working for was poorly managed to say the least. I knew I had a vision of what I wanted and knew I could do it better. I was their top salesman and admittedly arrogant. I have humbled some over the years, but seriously, if you don’t believe in yourself - don’t quit your day job! There will be many things you have to handle and overcome, your confidence will be key to survival and success. I started a business I was very familiar with and was the company’s top producer at the time. So going out on my own didn’t feel nearly as scary as it should have. 16 | MyCottleville Magazine


Hiring and training staff will prove to be one of your hardest tasks. Teaching a stranger about your business can be risky, espe-cially when you’re in an easy-to-copy business. I highly recommend using a non-compete agreement, and will discuss their importance more in a future issue. Good employees are key, and as a small start-up t-up company with no history histor y or brand recognition, it’s it’s going to be tough. Everyone has a college degree and wants to work for big firms and companies. This means you’ll likely be the head honcho for years, until you can train and mentor someone you hired at entryy level who hasn’t hasn’t already left to become your competition. Choose wisely, every hire will likely be important to the success of your business. Big companies are hard to compete with, but here’s an insider tip: they don’t usually offer much in the way of company-paid benefits. And they usually require the employee split the expense. Health insurance is expensive, but it’s something we all need. Being generous to your employees makes you stand out to job seekers. By being a small business employer, I have found that in order to hire top talent, you not only have to sell yourself and your capabilities, you must sell a future for them in your business. If you’re not excited about your business and where it’s going and where it can take them, they won’t be either. You must also offer a competitive salaryy with an even better benefit package. We W offered 100% company-paid, top-shelf health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. Our full-time employee package also included a 3% match IRA. Those things alone put me far and above what any large company was offering. Although it was veryy costly, it helped put my no-name company in competition with the Boeings, Express Scripts, and US Banks of the world when it came to attracting and hiring good talent. But building your idea and team is just the beginning, from challenges to successes and all the nitty gritty in between; “In Busi-ness With Jack Johnson” will go behind the curtain and show you how you can get to where you want to go. I promise you, it’s worth the ride. See ya next time! Jack Johnson - promedjack@yahoo.com

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FOGGY WINDOWS without the expense of a full window & frame replacment!

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Deja Brews

Craft Beer Drinkery Club Homebrew Competition at Cottleville Attention all beer enthusiasts! So what’s the chatter about 2017 Cottleville Beer Festival this early? It’s all about the new “Homebrew Competition” and the stage is being set for competing amateurs to go head-to-head at the fest, scheduled for late August this year. The Missouri MashOut™ is an American Homebrewers Associatio (AHA) and Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned homebrew competition. The public will taste each brewer’s beer and then decide by ballot, whose beer wins. Thus a champion will be named and awarded a Blichmann Engineering Top Tier System (valued $1,800). Not done yet, they will also have their beer brewed and server at Exit6 Brewery, St. Charles County’s first nano-brewery! So what are you waiting for? Visit MoMashOut.com and get your “Hops” game started. Remember, entries are limited to BJCP Category Thirteen British Brown Beers, which include, Dark Mild, English Brown and English Porter. Talking about hops, did you know hops are female flowers from bines, which grows about twenty feet? The Oil inside the bud cone, alpha and beta acids, essentially creates a beer’s unique flavor and as well adds aroma, bitterness, perseverative, foam and lacing. Cottleville’s annual Beer Festival is organized by Exit6 Brewery. Opened its door as a tiny brewpub in 2011 at Cottleville, Exit6 soon got a huge timely national attention (thanks to Cease-And-Desist Order from Starbucks), however this craft brewery is more known for their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. In house brewed beers isn’t the only thing one can find at Exit6, as they likewise offer seventy different craft beers. Exit 6 Pub and Brewery was founded and run by Jeff Britton.

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5055 Highway N, Cottleville, Missouri • 636-244-4343 Open every day at 11am for lunch Toxic Triva Tuesdays Ladies Night every Thursday (Specials for the girls), Large Open air Patio for dining or cocktails Some of the areas BEST Live Music Every Saturday 9 Big Screens for All The Blues & Cardinal games Follow ALL of our events & menu is on Facebook and at TurtleCreekPub.com


Mexico Road

Mexico Road

Mexico Road

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Meet the Local Cover Band Contagious’ New Lead Singer...

Jonny Kruse Takes the Stage!

Jonny Kruse was in a bad place six years ago. He had been laid off from the Rams organization, after working in marketing and sales for them for seven years. Four days later, his mom died. Six days after that, his biological father died, and six months after that, his step dad, who essentially raised him, also died. “So within a year, I lost my job and all of my parents,” Kruse said. But, he said, his mom left him with just enough of herself to encourage him to pick up and go on living. “She was a strong Christian woman. Just before she died, she sat me down and said, ‘God told me the secret of life,’” Kruse said. “She said an angel had told her that in life you have control over two things, your smile and your attitude. Two days later she died.” It wasn’t the first time Ginger Flint had impressed the power of positivity on her son. Kruse said her life was a testament to surviving. “My mom was my best friend,” he said. “She was raised in an orphanage in St. Louis, but she raised me and my two sisters. She always told me, ‘You need to do something bigger and better than yourself.’ My craziness on stage came from my mom.” Flint died of brain cancer in 2011. Kruse insists his bond with his mom was the strongest among her children. “I was my mom’s favorite,” he said. “We had a thing between us that never let us down. She would say, ‘Would you do anything to make mommy laugh?’ One day when she was sick and was having a bad day. She put lipstick on me and put me in her high heels and dress and told me to go next door and tell her best friend I was her cousin Gertrude who’d come to visit. She later told me that was the dress she wanted to be buried in.” Flint left Kruse with several bits of advise, nuggets of wisdom she had picked up along the way that she hoped would encourage her son to press on in the tough times. Kruse did just that. He is the new front man for the popular local group Contagious. The crazy, multiple-Mohawk-style wig he wears on stage is made from Flint’s hair. Started in 2000, Contagious is widely considered St. Louis’ ultimate party and cover band. Members Rob Fox, Lodell Parks, Ken Schlereth and Patrick Cunningham perform virtually flawless covers of their fans’ favorite rock and roll songs from the last 40 years. Kruse has taken over for vocalist Steve Scott, who is pursuing a solo career. The five-member band plays all over the Midwest. A life-long musician, Kruse was playing guitar and singing in a band even in high school, which, for him, occurred in the days of hair bands and heavy metal. He started out in a band called Hippy Jett in St. Charles County with Tommy Daoukas, John Schindler, Rob Goodrich and Billy Salmon, just high school kids from the Fort Zumwalt Class of 1987 who took their love of music more serious than most. Kruse said his mom used to remind him that “People hear with their eyes.” It was good advice for a wannabe rock star. It came from one Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul, one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar, which is said to have made the sound of rock and roll possible.

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The story goes that Les Paul’s first prototype of the electric guitar was a straight log, which didn’t really look like a guitar. According to www.mikevial.com, Paul debuted it at a gig, and no one paid attention. So he cut out pieces of an Epiphone acoustic and added wings to his “log.” When he debuted his revision at the same club, people applauded. They were astounded. Paul concluded that “people hear with their eyes.” After playing with Hippy Jett for about five years, Kruse moved to Nashville, Tenn. where he did studio work for the next decade and studied business and marketing at Trevecca Nazarene University. A life-long musician, Kruse was playing guitar and singing in a band even in high school, which, for him, occurred in the days of hair bands and heavy metal. He started out in a band called Hippy Jett in St. Charles County with Tommy Daoukas, John Schindler, Rob Goodrich and Billy Salmon, just high school kids from the Fort Zumwalt Class of 1987 who took their love of music more serious than most. Kruse said his mom used to remind him that “People hear with their eyes.” It was good advice for a wannabe rock star. It came from one Lester William Polsfuss, better known as Les Paul, one of the pioneers of the solid-body electric guitar, which is said to have made the sound of rock and roll possible. The story goes that Les Paul’s first prototype of the electric guitar was a straight log, which didn’t really look like a guitar. According to www.mikevial.com, Paul debuted it at a gig, and no one paid attention. So he cut out pieces of an Epiphone acoustic and added wings to his “log.” When he debuted his revision at the same club, people applauded. They were astounded. Paul concluded that “people hear with their eyes.” After playing with Hippy Jett for about five years, Kruse moved to Nashville, Tenn. where he did studio work for the next decade and studied business and marketing at Trevecca Nazarene University. He later started Plastics (now Plastic Kings) with Kevin Lemen, Joe Gilbert and Lou Mauro. The band delivers a mix of 80s dance hits along with a wide variety of other music. Kruse also has his own CD out in the pop/rock genre called “Life’s Little Black Book.” The album can be found at www. allmusic.com, www.tower.com and www.mtv.com. Today, along with singing for Contagious, Kruse is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach of the Gracie Barra Program structure developed by Master Carlos Gracie Jr. at Gracie Barra St. Louis. Contagious are rising stars among the cover band lineup that is gaining popularity every day. In the digital age, sound-alike versions of top 40 and other songs by beloved artists who are either too old to tour or have broken up are garnering big audiences with the 30-and-40-something crowds. And it’s not out of the realm of possibility that these bands could become stars in their own right. The legendary Rolling Stones released three albums made up of mostly covers before recording one with their own material in 1964—“The Rolling Stones.” Kruse said he thinks Contagious is popular because good music is timeless, but also because of sweeping changes in the industry. “It used to be that you’d try to get a fat artist development deal with Warner Bros. or whatever and the money to record an album. Now people have to find investors because of all of the downloading. And there aren’t any record stores anymore, so no in-store meet-and-greets. The personal investment is gone. You have Spotify and Pandora and online streaming. Radio is almost dead. MTV VJs are gone. Musicians are more disconnected from their audience. It’s harder to make money as an original artist. Like mom said, ‘People see with their eyes.’” Kruse said Contagious plays good music and plays it well. “But good music doesn’t have an expiration date. People love good music that is played well. Don’t get me wrong,” Kruse said. “I like Bruno Mars and that, but music used to have longevity. Music wasn’t processed back in the day. It was a gathering. We broke bread with our music. And in the hair band days, girls liked you because you looked like a girl.” So what is a Contagious show like? Kruse said it’s a blast from the past and then some. “We don’t use pitch correction as far as effects go. A Contagious show is like the old rock concerts at Kiel [Auditorium], no ear monitors, all live, all amplified. It’s more about the audience and what the crowd wants to hear. I want them laughing and saying, ‘We had a kick-ass time.’” Kruse said the five guys that make up Contagious have a “crazy chemistry. It was like instant chemistry. We just clicked.” Contagious hales as one of the most popular cover bands in St. Louis, a crafty mix of polished pop-rock with the best classic-rock hits covering songs from current artists like Bruno Mars and Black Eyed Peas to legendary performers like Journey, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Styx, Boston and AC/DC. Contagious has performed at some of the top night clubs, outdoor festivals and civic events in the Midwest. They’ve performed on the main stage for NASCAR and the NHL as well as opening for major recording artists such as .38 Special, Cheap Trick, Bret Michaels, Foreigner and Nelly. Kruse said people sometimes find it hard to believe he is so happy, considering what he’s been through. “People ask me, ‘How can you be so happy?’ My answer is having had my mom in my life and her telling me I have control over two things. We choose how we feel. Music makes me feel alive.” For more information and a list of performances, visit www.clubcontagious.com or find them on Facebook and Instagram. MyCottleville Magazine | 23 My

Earth Angel Elite Salon and Spa 5359 Hwy N, Cottleville • 636-284-9107 Manicures Pedicures Airbrush Tans Skin Tag & Mole Removal

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Golf Cart Regulations The Golf Cart Ordinance has been revised. Please read through the following bullet points to familiarize yourself with the new regulations. • Golf Cart driver MUST BE 16 years of age AND have a valid driver’s license. • Pedestrians and bicyclists have the RIGHT OF WAY. • Golf Cart speed limit is 25 mph. • Golf Cart drivers should not carry more passengers than the golf cart is specifically designed to carry. • When operating Golf Cart before dawn or after sunset, you MUST have a head lamp and tail light turned on. • No Golf Cart should be operated on private property without permission of the owner of the property. • Golf Carts CAN be driven on all streets which have a maximum speed limit of 30 mph or less, or sidewalks greater than six (6) feet wide. • No Golf Cart shall be operated in a negligent manner. • For full rules and regulations, refer to the City’s Municipal Code or call City Hall at 636-498-6565. • Enforcement of regulations are the same as a motor vehicle. Golf Cart driver can be ticketed by the Cottleville Police Department and processed through the Cottleville Municipal Court System. 24 | MyCottleville Magazine

Cottleville Synergy Center - COMING SOON! to the heart of historic Cottleville Keller Williams Realty West (KWRW), has been a staple real estate company in the City of Cottleville for over eight years. Always supportive of many community initiatives, KWRW has grown their business so much that they have out-grown their current 10,000 square feet of office space in Cottleville’s historic downtown district. Number one in the entire St. Charles County area, KWRW will be moving to their larger office facility off Hwy K and Waterbury Falls in O’Fallon the first week of April. We wish them the very best and are thankful for all of their community involvement thus far. This move has inspired a new trend for small business in Cottleville! The Cottleville Synergy Center (CSC) is offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional office leasing, with an opportunity for store front Retail and also Tech Companies will find a comfortable place as well in this Beautiful, State of the Art building. The CSC is not only poised to foster opportunities for new business, but to evolve as a stable economic catalyst to keep Cottleville vibrant. CSC’s shared office space model, also known as serviced office space, retail, Tech space, or executive suites, are a turn-key office/retail/tech solution providing an office space shared by other companies or professionals. CSC will indeed be a viable solution for small established businesses as well as business startups. We have space that will fit your need and not a lot of overhead. We will call it a “Formula for Success”!

For more details call or email MReiter@ReiterTeam.com Mike Reiter at (314) 221-2883.

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26 | My MyCottleville Magazine

a humorous look at life by Kina Bryant

If you’re an animal lover you have probably inherited, adopted or been suckered into bringing home all kinds of critters over the years. For example, that cockatiel your mom bought but soon realized she was allergic to. You felt sorry for the little guy even though he was mean as heck. You brought him home and quickly nicknamed him “The Pterodactyl” because he’d try to devour anything that got near his cage. Then came along those hermit crabs your sister bought for the kids. Nobody realized they’d live forever. No matter how many times you forget to feed or water them they keep thriving. Nowadays, they’re huge, hairy and a bit frightening. Among your more typical pets you have two huge dogs. You affectionately refer to them as your “dragons”. They’re loyal. They’re smart. They also suffer from digestive problems and exude a never-ending wake of noxious, vile stench. Recently, you couldn’t turn away that adorable, abandoned Russian Blue kitten. You even let your daughter talk you out of having him declawed. That was a big mistake because it didn’t take long for the docile kitten to turn into a tiny sabre-tooth tiger with razor sharp claws that insists on sleeping with you every night. He likes to get underneath the covers and hunt before finding a resting place. He’ll make sure you’re properly padded and tenderized before lying down. All through the night you try to find your own comfortable position without disturbing the little fellow. You have to be very quiet while you toss and turn. If you awaken the sleeping dragons lying at the bedside it’s likely they’ll release their trail of noxious, vile stench ending all hopes of future rest. Eventually, you get irritated and turn your back to kitty giving him a little push to the side of the bed. Reaching behind you, you stroke his belly making sure he didn’t fall off. He takes this as an invitation to play and chomps down on your fingers. You wince and quickly withdraw. Of course, that only excites him more. He sinks his claws into your rump for traction before he races up your entire backside sending you into a whole new state of awareness. Frustrated and exhausted, you pluck baby sabre-tooth tiger from the covers and escort him out the door. Your heart sinks as he meows to get back in. The feeling is short lived when you realize he’s slipping his claws underneath the door shredding the tips of your toes. You yelp and stumble backwards onto something warm and fuzzy. Oh great. You’re now standing on an ear of one of your sleeping dragons. Tensely, you wait and hope he doesn’t awaken. As luck would have it, he yawns, stretches and exudes his noxious, vile stench ending all hopes of future rest. In disgust you grab your pillow and head for the couch. You mummy wrap yourself as best you can with an odd-shaped afghan. After closing your eyes you feel a hair tickling your nose. Not able to easily pull your hands free from your mummy wrap you pucker your bottom lip and try blowing the hair away. It works! Finally, time to relax. Just as you begin to drift off you feel a presence nearby. Letting out a sigh you reluctantly open your eyes and scan the darkness. As your eyes adjust you catch sight of something. Your first sleepy thought is, “When did we get a sugar glider?” Then consciousness kicks in and you remember that what you have is a Russian Blue kitten with a sabre-tooth attitude and razor sharp claws. He has just launched from the back of the couch with all four of his legs spread wide. He’ll be landing on your head any second like an alien face-hugger. You frantically do that lip-blowy thing. It doesn’t work. Man, how you wish you had a sugar glider. MyCottleville My Cottleville Magazine | 27

Are You a Good Listener By: Ken Willard - Contributor

What are you listening to right now? Music, a clock, traffic, people talking, wind, a dog barking, a baby crying, the TV, etc. How many sounds can you identify all around you right now? One of our challenges as leaders is to know what sounds to let fall into the background and which ones we need to focus on because they are important. Too often we focus on the wrong sounds and miss the right ones. As a leader, the most important sound should always be when another person is speaking to us. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They are either speaking or preparing to speak.” – Stephen R. Covey Over the years I have worked with and for some great leaders. One of the skills that I feel takes a leader to the next level is their ability to actively listen to others. How about you? On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best, where would you rank your listening skills? The good news is that no matter where we feel we are today with our listening skills, we can all grow and develop this muscle. Like everything, it starts with us intentionally focusing on wanting to improve. One of the core competencies of all types of coaching is Deep Listening. (The International Coach Federation refers to this core competency as Active Listening.) This is a key area when I teach either basic coaching classes or discipleship coaching seminars. We intentionally spend extra time on this area because I know it is a challenge for many of us and is an area we can all improve. I believe there are six levels of listening: 1. Ignoring – another person is talking, maybe directly to us, and we are not paying any attention to them at all. Our minds are occupied somewhere else. 2. Pretend Listening – someone is talking to us and we are nodding our head and saying “uh huh” just enough to make them think we are paying attention. 3. Selective Listening – we hear a few words or phrases, but not enough to catch the whole meaning. This often causes us to ask someone to repeat what they just said. Can you tell when someone you are talking to is only listening to you on one of these levels? How does it feel? Now let’s be honest. How often do you think you are guilty of only listening to someone else on one of these levels? Don’t beat yourself up too much. Most of us listen on these levels from time to time. That doesn’t make it right. But awareness is always a good first step in improving ourselves. As leaders, we must be intentional about avoiding those first three levels as much as possible. We must grow and develop our listening skills so we are always in the Active Listening levels listed below. __________________________ ACTIVE LISTENING ___________________________ 4. Attentive – we hear every word and understand the meaning being communicated to us. 5. Empathic – not only do we hear every word and understand the meaning, we also “get” how what is being communicated to us is making the other person feel. For Christians, there is one additional level I will mention. 6. Spirit – this is where we hear the Holy Spirit communicating to us through what the other person is saying. We hear their words, understand how they feel, and have a clear sense of God’s Spirit within the other person. 28 | MyCottleville Magazine

Even the very best listeners can find it challenging to stay in the “active listening” area all the time. Like any skill, it takes practice and intentionality. Here are six ways to improve your listening skills: 1. Make eye contact with a person talking to you. Do not let yourself be distracted by things going on around you. Stop trying to multi-task when you should be listening. 2. Learn to quite your mind chatter so you can be fully present during a conversation. Resist the urge to share a story or brilliant comment during important conversations with others. 3. The words “listen” and “silent” have the same letters. Practice being silent a few minutes a day. Become comfortable with small amounts of silence in conversations. 4. Watch a TV show or movie with the sound turned off for a while. Notice body language and non-verbal clues. If possible, rewind what you just saw and see if you understood the basic messages which were being communicated. 5. Watch the TED Talk of Julian Treasure, 5 ways to listen better. He also shares some best practices for developing your listening skills. 6. Listen to understand, not fix the other person. Leaders do not have to provide the solution to all problems. Plus, sometimes people will need to talk to us not for us to do anything more than just hear them as another human being. Leaders, be careful thinking that all of this is just some type of “soft-skill” focused on “feelings” and not really applicable in your environment. Studies have shown that even small improvements in listening skills by managers can lead to time savings and increased productivity! Consider how many times there have been communication problems, upset clients, or other issues at your work due to people not really listening to what was being communicated. Before we point fingers or look elsewhere . . . we should look in the mirror and take an honest assessment of our own listening skills. Most people cannot remember the last time someone really listened to them. How sad. As leaders we are called to model the way. Make it a point today to improve your listening skills. Listening is a tremendous gift. Give that gift to someone today! Ken Willard lives in O’Fallon and is an author, Christian Leadership Coach, certified church consultant, and leadership expert. Ken can be reached through his website: www.Leadership4Transformation.org.

Professional, Certified Coaching for Pastors, Churches, and leaders at all levels

Leadership Development—Design, develop, and deliver curriculum based on your needs

Church Consulting—working with churches of all sizes and types to provide the catalyst you need to reach your Kingdom potential

Seminars—interactive sessions with groups of all sizes on a variety of topics

Speaking Engagements — Ken Willard speaks to groups at churches and local businesses on topics such as coaching, leadership, strategic planning and time management

Ken’s book is available now on Amazon, Cokesbury, or other online retail book stores.

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LOCAL FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED 636.441.BUGS | AMCORANGER.COM Amco Ranger had a very humble beginning. Founder, Andy Mannino Sr. and his wife Patsy, bought the business in 1965 for $125. “I paid a $50 down payment and, for three months, I paid $25 in installments”, Andy Sr. explains with a smile. He became a proud owner of a Hudson sprayer and, with a residential account list of less than thirty clients, he ventured full-swing, solely trusting on his natural customer service skills. “Our first years revenue was $350 followed by $600 our second year”, he explains and, nevertheless, did not get discouraged. Andy Sr. continued to run his business from his home, part-time, for almost a decade, building one customer at a time. He did this mostly by word-of-mouth and exceptional customer service. Initially, Andy Sr. was not well versed in the technical side of pest control, but with some help from other industry leaders and numerous trips to the Purdue Pest Control Conferences, Andy Sr. was able to quickly acquire a wealth of industry knowledge. However, it was not until the age of forty that this became his full-time business. Since then, Amco-Ranger Termite & Pest Control swiftly became a well-known and locally respected pest control professional in a highly competetive marketplace. The ability to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace is one of the primary reasons for continued success. Before his retirement, Andy Mannino Sr. served as the president of both the St. Louis Pest Control Association (1980) and the Missouri Pest Control Association (1985). In 2015, Andy Sr. lost his wife, Patsye. Recently, he has been in good spirits and occasionally visits Joe’s 5th Street Pub and Bemo’s Grill at the Historic Downtown District in Cottleville, where I had the opportunity to interview him. He is such an inspiring person, and yet humble. - INTERVIEWED BY STEPHEN M. THOMPSON, PH.D. 30 | MyCottleville Magazine


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by Kim

humorous look at life by Kevin Ziegemeier Nobody ever wants to let go of their youth... For many of us men over fifty, we often think about our glory days. We could hit a baseball, throw a football, hit the jump shot, and run from sun up to sun down. We would use these physical attributes to not only compete on the playing field, but to impress the girls. Now that we are over fifty, our bodies have started to rebel against us. All the years of beer drinking and pizza eating has taken its toll. But we still have that competitive spirit. We still want to impress the girls. We want to get back those days when we did more on a Sunday afternoon than sit in our recliners with our hands in our pants watching the international ping pong championship on ESPN. Unfortunately, the attempts of the over fifty man getting back on the sports battlefield does not paint a pretty picture. We get a handful of guys together to play some basketball. Seems easy enough….grab a ball, find a court, and divide up the teams. Remember back as teenagers, we would pick teams and assign one team shirts and the other skins? Well, there is no longer a need, nor a desire, for any of us to strip. Once we get on the court, the teams pretty much are obvious: guts vs moobs, gray hairs vs no hairs, or arthritis vs enlarged prostates. When the game starts, everyone turns into their own version of LeBron James or Micheal Jordan. The tongues are out, the bottom lip is bit, and we are posting up and driving to the hoop like NBA stars. But while we think we are providing a highlight reel for ESPN, horrified onlookers think they are watching a pick up basketball game with the cast of Grumpy Old Men. So we head to the tennis courts. Wanna know who keeps the medical supply company’s stock holders happy? Yes, it is the over fifty male tennis player. Ankles, knees, and elbows……braced. Wrists, feet, and shoulders…….taped. Forearms, calves, quads……compressed. Our duffle bags are full of assorted pain medication, ointments, and ice packs. It is difficult to determine if we are playing tennis or just staggered out of the ICU. But we are ready to play, to run, to exercise. Or are we? We are playing doubles for crying out loud. We basically stand in the same spot on the court and smack balls at each other. But gosh darn it, we are competing. Some over fifty men do not want to compete mano a mano. We want to compete in sports that pit man vs nature or man vs object. No worries, there are many sports that fall into this category. Golf is very popular with us older athletes. Once we hit that 300 yard drive, chip in from the trap, or make that eagle putt, we cash in our 401k to purchase a set of clubs and join the country club. We get our foursome, load up the wrenches, and head out to the links…….where the air is fresh and every square inch of the course is our toilet. Of course there is not a lot of physical activity going on. We have suction cups at the end of our putters to pick up our balls so we do not have to bend over. We drive around in carts. The only time our heart rate increases is when the beer chick flirts with us to get bigger tips. If the great outdoors is not our thing, you may find us at the bowling ally. The place where beer guzzling and chain smoking is not only accepted, but encouraged. The dress code is very appealing to us over fifty simpletons…..anything out of our closet that the wife thought she threw away years ago. The game was made for the older athlete in mind. Roll a ball and knock down stuff. Heck, there is even a computer there to add up our score. So maybe we are not what we once were. Who cares. We are getting out of the house and being active and competitive. We are married to the girl we were trying to impress. And when we come home nice and stiff……….well, the ladies sure do miss our glory days. 32 | MyCottleville Magazine


MyCottleville Magazine | 33

The First Responder Police • Fire • EMS

7 Questions for a Leader

Skip Stephens, Assistant Chief Cottleville Fire District Contributor

For my first leadership interview, I chose to seek out Miriam Mahan. I didn’t know Miriam, but she is someone that I’ve heard great things about and everyone seems to respect as a leader in our community. Prior to sitting down with Miriam, all I knew about her is that she recently retired from her post as Executive Director at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service. Knowing that Miriam was somewhat unaware of who I was or what I wanted to ask, I held a little anxiety about reaching out to her; I was afraid she would be skeptical of my intentions. To my surprise, Miriam warmly welcomed a meeting with me without even asking for any details. We met at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service early one afternoon. I saw Miriam while I was walking through the front doors as she was talking with one of the ladies that works in the front office. When she saw me coming, she smiled and approached me. I started the stick out my hand for a shake, but Miriam wasn’t having any part of that. She spread her arms and give me a tight hug. Looking back now, I wonder if she sensed my dab of anxiety. If she did, she fixed it with her embrace. She led me into the large cafeteria where we sat next to each other at one of the round tables. Just before we sat, Miriam Skip Stephens looked at me and asked, “So, what is this about?” Her total absence of barriers opened the door to an amazing conversation that lasted at least 90 minutes. Miriam Mahan was born in Varadero, Cuba. She came to the U.S. at the age of 12, fleeing the Castro regime. Her father was taken as a political prisoner so Miriam boarded a refuge ship with her brother and 70 other children to Miami. After spending 2 years in Miami she moved to the St. Louis area at the age 14. At this time Miriam at had an experience that shaped her future and set forth a life of serving, protecting and advocating for people she describes as “forgotten”. As a teenager in St. Louis, Miriam lived with the Sisters of Mercy and attended Mercy High School. As a sophomore, she volunteered at St. Louis Chronic Hospital on Arsenal St. where she saw things she described as “horrific”. Chronic Hospital was a state facility that housed about 1500 people with developmental disabilities and chronic illness. Miriam described seeing patients tied to their beds with belts and straps. She still distinctly recalls the smells of feces and rotting flesh (from patients never being turned or removed from their bed) pervading throughout this hospital. Miriam was astonished at this and asked, “Why does this take place in US? Why do we do this to people, how can we possibly treat human beings this way?” After high school, Miriam received education and training to become a professional nurse. She moved to St. Peters in 1970. In 1981, she was one of the founders of Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service and a year later, she became the organization’s Executive Director. From the start, she was the leader and driving force behind the growth of the Care Service, which started with just $500 and is now the largest comprehensive social support agency in a 3 county region (St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln). Each year Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service helps over 5000 individuals linked to nearly 2000 households. Miriam described her organization as being “open to those in need” by addressing housing, hunger, education, health and other needs. Furthermore, they work with community partners such as Youth in Need, Crider Health Center, schools, police, and governmental agencies to help “forgotten people”. After 35 years at that post, she retired in July of last year, giving way to the new ED, Jack Lipin. She confesses to “still having fire” in her belly as she still works for Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service, now as a Social Justice Advocate. 1. What do you think are the most important traits of great leadership? MM: “Listening. Knowing when to lead, when to follow and when to get out of the way. To lead, you must first understand. A vision is not built by one person, but by everyone involved. ” 2. What is your calling in life? MM: “Tearing down barriers for the most vulnerable. I am motivated by a need. For example discrimination, racism, isolation, segregation.” 3. What has kept you motivated throughout your life? MM: “The kids. Their smiles and tears.” 34 | MyCottleville Magazine

4. How do you motivate those around you? MM: “The sincere way is by example. You have to do the right things for right reasons. If you do that, people will follow.” 5. How do you handle criticism? MM: “I welcome it. It has many layers. A certain type is a call for love. Sometimes people criticize others just because they are seeking love. Another type is constructive, which is good. It can pull you out of ‘the funnel’. The ‘funnel’ is like a tornado of minutia. In my world we can become distracted with detail and lose sight of the big picture. Constructive criticism can come from people that are 90 years old or 3 years old. But learning to handle criticism is a life-long exercise. My organization succeeded, not because of me, but because of the people that questioned me.” 6. What is the most important thing in life? MM: “To be able to love and be loved. God is love you know. Embrace people wherever they are. You can see love in people. That is how God manifests Himself to me. I can see Him in your eyes.” 7. What are you most proud of? MM: “My children.” SS: “Yes, of course. But what about professionally?” MM: “I never thought of that. I never saw myself as a leader. You gravitate to those people that share your mission. Our mission was communal, led by the Holy Spirit. I was immersed in the mission and the community embraced the mission. St. Joachim and Ann Care Service grew out of love and kindness”. Miriam’s warm, open, loving essence was palpable from the moment we met. Throughout our conversation, we often ventured into many different subjects such as marriage, politics, God, love and loss. I was awe-struck by Miriam’s entire lack of ego. She is one of the most engaging, interesting and intelligent people I have ever met. Of course, she sent me on my way with a giant hug. You know that feeling you get after stepping out of the movie theatre after watching one of those brilliant, moving and uplifting movies? That was the feeling I had as I walked to my car and drove away. Miriam Mahan has received many awards and honors, including induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. But, I get the feeling that none of them are nearly as important to her as the mission and the work. She told me, “One boy becomes one nation.” When I asked for clarification, she informed me that if you can change the life of one child, you can affect enough people to make a nation…that is if you consider every life that the child will touch throughout his lifetime.

The Engine, Road, and Destination of You and Your Goals The Engine

Goal setting is a great way to bring about positive change in your life. But before we set any goals, we need to ask ourselves, “Why?” Why do I want this? What drives this desire? Miriam Mahan stands as a shining example of leadership without ego. It is human nature to have ego laden motivations, such as power, status, accolades and money. But these items only bring temporary happiness. True leaders find long term success and satisfaction in meaningful goals and are never motivated by such superficialities. The belief in and hard work towards a meaningful personal or organizational mission can sustain your motivation and lead to greater happiness and inner peace. Additionally, when you are driven by something greater than yourself, others are more likely to trust, follow and believe in you.

The Road

I once heard a well-respected leader answer the question, “Do you want to be President?” with the response, “I’m not sure. What does the President do?” He went on to explain that we error by asking our children what they want to be when they grow up, instead asking them what they want to do. He further explained that we should all ask ourselves what we want to do and who or what do we want to affect, instead of asking what we want to be. Our goals can reflect the same sentiment. For example, when considering the common idea of weight loss, instead of setting this goal: I want to lose 15 pounds in 10 weeks, maybe our goal should be: I want to live a healthier lifestyle by making exercise and nutrition priorities. Therefore, I will strive to eat a 2000 calorie/low fat diet, keep alcohol in check and exercise 5 days a week. I want to achieve an ideal body weight for myself, which I believe to be 15 lbs less than I weigh now and want to achieve this in 10 weeks. This expanded goal still addresses weight loss, but also action-orients it and emphasizes what you are really want do. It is the road to your goal that is just as, if not more important than the goal itself.

The Destination

People say if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans. Setting goals based solely on your desired end result is very much like telling God your plans. Consider the previous example of a fifteen pound weight loss goal. What if you only lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks? Did you fail? The end result component was not reached, but, if you complied with your exercise and nutrition parameters, then the behavior and action components were a success. In other words, you drove down the road that you built for yourself, but it led you only part of the way there or to a different destination all together. It’s good to have an ideal end result goal in mind, but just remember we can’t always predict the ending until we arrive there. All we can do is focus on things within our control and have faith that by doing good things, we will manifest positive results. But, don’t get derailed by under-achieving results or by arriving at undesired destinations because we all learn and grow from life’s struggles and failures; which in the end, turn out to be just more roads to the destination of success. MyCottleville Magazine | 35

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medical minute with Cheryl Hohe, MSN, ANP-BC - BJC Medical Group

HEART ATTACK—Are you at risk?? Heart Disease is the #1 leading cause of death in the United States. Did you know… • Every 40 seconds an American will have a coronary event. • 83% of people believe that heart attacks and stroke can be prevented, but aren’t motivated to do anything. • Each year, an estimated 785,000 Americans will have their first heart attack. • 60% of adults don’t know their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers. • Lowering your blood pressure may decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke by about 59%. • 99% of Americans need to improve their health. • About 15% of people who have a heart attack will die from it.

What is it?

A heart attack occurs when the arteries in your heart become narrowed due to build-up of fat, cholesterol and other substances, causing plaque. When this plaque breaks, a blood clot forms around the plaque. When then heart is starved of blood flow, which is its food-it is called ischemia. When damage or death of part of the heart muscle occurs- it is called a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. What are your risks? Risk factors for heart disease include: age over 60, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history (mostly those who have had someone in their immediate family have heart disease before the age of 60). Males are more likely to have heart disease, until females are 10 years post-menopausal, then the risk increases for women also. What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack? Chest discomfort-can be a pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain sensation. Usually lasting 30 minutes or less. Pain or discomfort in the back, arms, neck, jaw or upper stomach area. Pain or discomfort that occurs with activity and is relieved with rest, is most typical of heart pain. Some people only get shortness of breath, especially diabetics. Other associated symptoms with the discomfort include: breaking out in a cold sweat, shortness of breath, nausea and/or lightheadedness. If you are having any of these signs or symptoms-see your doctor or call 911. Time is muscle-meaning, the longer you wait-the more heart muscle death can occur. What can you do to minimize my risk factors and avoid heart disease? There are risk factors that you cannot avoid, like family history and age. But you can do a lot of things to avoid heart attacks and heart disease. •

QUIT SMOKING!! This is the number one thing that can be done to avoid heart attacks, heart disease and strokes along with COPD and cancer.

Eat a heart healthy diet... stick with lean meats, chicken, fish, fresh veggies, fruits and food high in fiber. Avoid fried foods, meats with fat, and processed foods. Fish oils such as those found in salmon, have been shown to have heart protective properties. Keep your portions controlled.

Exercise...at least 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes at a time. You don’t need to join a gym or buy expensive equipment-plain old walking is good! Try to walk and be able to carry on a conversation-not easily-but your breathing should be a bit labored. The goal is to get your heart rate up and maintain that for 30-60 minutes for cardiovascular health. (think of a garden hose turned on high, versus just dripping-on high keeps the hose clean. The “hose” is your arteries!)

Visit your doctor regularly... as directed by your doctor. At least once a year if you are over the age of 40-more often if you have diabetes. Good control of BP and cholesterol levels as well as your glucose if your diabetic-goes a long way to keep your heart healthy! MyCottleville Magazine | 37


9 FM


99.9 FM KFAV KF serves ves the St. Louis Westplex, W which includes what has been recognized as some of the fastest growing counties and communities in the United States. We serve St. Charles, Lincoln, and Warren Counties primarily, however we also have a listenership in Franklin, Gasconade, Montgomery, and St. Louis Counties. Our track record and constant goal has been to serve the cities of St. Charles, St. Peters, Cottleville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, Troy, Winfield, Silex, Moscow Mills, Wright City, Warrenton, and Washington, Mo. With 10 local newscasts each Monday through Friday, local sports information, live broadcasts, and promotion of Westplex events and local fairs, KFAV offers more than other St. Louis metro radio stations when it comes to serving our area. Since 1991, KFAV has been dedicated to the phrase “Serving The Westplex!”


Children’s Salon

Happy Hair. Happy Kids.

Ballwin 636-227-7647

O’Fallon, MO 636-379-7647

www.thehairylepehant.com 38 | MyCottleville My Magazine

Celebrating 20 Years in Cottleville

Story by Steve Naugher

Salon De Christé opened their doors in March of 1997 and has done nothing but grow ever since. The owners, Bob and Lynn Miller, had a vision... to make Salon De Christé the premier salon and day spa in the industry. If you ask their guests or staff, you will find that Salon De Christé has done just that. Just walking through the salon is quite impressive. Jennifer Buckman has been the General Manager since the beginning. I spoke with Jennifer about thier 20 years in Cottleville and she stated, “Cottleville has grown so much in the 20 years since the salon opened here.” She went on to say how the Miller’s faith in God guides both Bob and Lynn... “I would love for you or any of our guests to speak with our staff and you will hear one amazing testimonial after another of how selfless and generous Bob and Lynn Miller are. They have created an environment where their employees can become the best they can be and their guests benefit from this.” The week of March 13th is Guest Appreciation at Salon De Christé. Come help us celebrate the success and growth of all three locations of this family owned company. There will be food, fun and prizes. Voted #1 salon and #1 spa in St Charles County by St Charles Magazine Salon De Christé significantly supports St Baldricks, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Local Women’s Shelters, Food Pantries, Charitable Groups and Events, and Aveda Earth Month

(The original March 1997 newspaper article)

3901 Mid Rivers Mall Dr, St Peters, MO 63376 • 636-939-2229 MyCottleville Magazine | 39

Barklage Realty Group A Tradition of Trust

Helping you Make the Right Move 636-534-8378

Est. 2015

Deja Brews

Craft Beer Club info coming soon!

Local Craft Beer Drinkerys Stay current Join our Facebook group 40 | MyCottleville Magazine

: The Heroin Epidemic is Here! Prelude: Darlene Fischer - contributor Story by: Jeanette Coopermann - St. Louis Magazine

The heroin epidemic has hit St. Charles County. This is the first of a series of articles we will be sharing with you, along with places you can contact for help. Please share this with your friends and family. The stories are true. Overdoses first surpassed car accidents, then gun homicides and is now the leading cause of death in the United States. It continues to grow worse. According to a recent report, by CNN, a total of 33,091 Americans died from opioid overdose in 2015, and 91 Americans die every day from an overdose. This number is on the rise and is actually much higher as it doesn’t include suicides directly linked to this addiction, murders or unreported cases. This epidemic is not a city problem, it is in your school right now. An article written by Jeannette Cooperman, entitled “Chasing the Dragon: The Heroin Epidemic Hits St. Louis” quotes then Col. Tim Finch, chief of St. Louis County Police Department as he addressed an auditorium full of parents and students in one of our county schools: “I guarantee you, your students here have heard about the heroin problem, and they have even been offered heroin.” Then he asks how many have come because someone close to them has been involved with heroin. About a third of the adults in the room raise their hands. I personally went to one of these meetings a few weeks ago which was held in a St. Peters school auditorium where parents and students alike attended. The parking lot was full, as was the auditorium. When the question was asked, “who in here knows of someone who is either involved or has died from heroin?” More than a third of the people raised their hands!

Story One: Natalie Natalie started using just before her 17th birthday. Her mother noticed her erratic behavior, she was willful, combative if she didn’t get her way, sleeping all the time, and screaming even at her friends. But she wrote it off as her being a teenager. Natalie was beautiful, had a lot of friends, made honor roll and had everything going for her. She said she’d gone to a party, and she and her friend were looking for some ecstasy, and this guy told her he had something else she’d like. That one night began the nightmare. It was two years by the time they got her into detox. After the detox, Natalie used again. Then she tried to detox herself using Benadryl. Then she went to a rehab center in Tennessee but was kicked out 15 days later for belligerent behavior. Two more years went by, two more rehab enters, a methadone clinic, a sober living house… Finally, Natalie seemed to pull it all together. She enrolled into college and got a job at Macy’s. But one day when her mother came home, she noticed Natalie was acting different. When confronted, Natalie ran off to her father’s house. Two weeks later, the father called Natalie’s mother Stacey in a panic saying Natalie told him she was going to a baby shower, but she was wearing sweats and hadn’t taken a bath in two days. He went into his bedroom and saw his drawer was ajar and his pistol was gone. Natalie went to the Lumiere Place parking lot down in St. Louis and shot up heroin. Then she shot herself with the pistol. The note next to her read, “I will never get better only worse. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” Her funeral was by invitation only. Two of Natalie’s friends had already taken fatal overdoses; others were still using and she didn’t want them using in the parking lot before and after the service. MyCottleville Magazine | 41

This term is a bit more complicated than merely “smoking opium”. It starts when you have your first high, the world is peaceful, everything is perfect, you’re numb, but in the best way possible. But, soon, it starts wearing off. Fast. Your mind races, you’re pulled out of your dream world. You crave the drug more and more, wanting to feel the same way as you did on your first high. You go to the dealer and buy the same amount you had the first time, and smoke. Still feels good, but not as good as first time. You go and buy more. Closer, but not quite there. You’re stuck, you don’t know what to do. You want to go back to that little dream world and stay forever, but your body is already developing a tolerance. You panic. You use all your money to buy more and more and more, but still, not the same as that first time. You realize that you have no more money, so you start selling your things, pawning whatever could get you that next bag. Still, nothing compared to what you had on that first, magical time. So, you’re broke and own nothing. But you don’t care, all you care about is getting back to the first high. You start stealing, doing “favors”, whatever gets you the money for the attempt. Your life becomes a living hell, all in search of a repeat of the first high. That’s chasing the dragon.

Scan this QR code with a phone or tablet and it will take you directly YouTube documentary 42 | MyCottleville Magazine

In an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, the FBI and DEA have released “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict,” a documentary aimed at educating students and young adults about the dangers of addiction. More at www.fbi.gov/ChasingTheDragon


MyCottleville Magazine My

Prevention and Recovery


Make plans to attend Wentzville’s Second Annual

“Walk to Stop Heroin”

event on Saturday, April 29, 2017 Wentzville’s Mayor and members of its Board of Aldermen have been directly affected by the impacts of heroin overdoses. In an effort to increase awareness about the dangers of heroin use in our community, Wentzville’s Police Department will again host this important walk in April. This year, the event will kick off with a pancake breakfast beginning at 8:30 a.m. at Holt High School (600 Campus Dr.). Doors will open at 8 a.m. Breakfast will be first-come, first-served, while supplies last. The event will be emceed by Gee Vigna. Following the breakfast and speakers, the walk, which will kick off at 10 a.m., will begin and end at Holt High School. Everyone who attends is invited to bring signs, posters and pictures to carry during the walk. The goal of this walk is to connect our community with the available resources in hopes people will not try heroin, not even once. The resources will provide valuable information on the signs and symptoms of use, counseling availability and emergency intervention for children during times of crisis. To register please visit http://bit.ly/walktostopheroin17. Registration closes April 7. To learn more, please contact: Sgt. Jennifer Bell at (636) 639-2143 or by email Jennifer.Bell@wentzvillemo.org. MyCottleville Magazine | 43 My

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MCN Business Minute Justin Helm - Exit 6

She Said He Said Steve Naugher - MyCottleville Magazine

Cottleville Parks & Recreation

Johnny Chase - Bemo’s Grill

Canvas n’ Cocktails

Jo’s 5th Street Pub

Hosted by Gary Baute & Tim Maxvill

Hosted by Kelley Lamm & Gordon Montgomery

MyCottleville Network (MCN) bringing you the best St. Charles County has to offer... businesses, dining, recreation, entertainment. 44 | MyCottleville My Magazine


Saturday, March 18, 2017 Doors Open at 6:00 pm

Cottleville Knights of Columbus 5701 State Highway N Cottleville, MO 63376 $20 per person 8 people per table

Trivia Starts at 7:00 pm

Beer Soda and Light Snacks Provided Bring Your Own Food 50/50 Drawings Rafe Items 1st and 2nd Place Prizes 100% of the proceeds go to Friends Helping Friends, Assoc. For questions or more Information call 314-566-0004 or email contact@openbeast.com Friends Helping Friends Association is a St. Charles County based charity organization founded by Mark Brown. It was created to help local people in ďŹ nancial crisis.

100% of the funds received through donations and fundraising events are used to help people that might otherwise not be able to get the help they desperately need.

To reserve a table please fill out and mail this portion MyCottleville Magazine 205 Miravista Grove Dr. Cottleville, MO 63376 Name _____________________________________________ Phone _____________________ Address ___________________________________________ Email______________________ Make checks payable to MyCottleville Magazine MyCottleville Magazine | 45

Local Celebrity Starring

Cole Freeman

n a c i r e m l i u v l e d S e r a D “Lil Krazy”... America’s trendsetter daredevil, had to cut the chain lock of his bike to start his very first ride. “My dad was on a Sturgis trip and didn’t want me to ride the motorcycle till he got back home. The bike had a big old chain on the front wheel with a padlock and I was like, what was he thinking?”, Cole explains with a smile, the reasoning behind his secret operation. “However that was the day I realized my life revolves around two wheels”, says Cole. Known for his world record Harley-Davidson Motorcycle stunts, Cole Freeman, a Cottleville-native, started learning new tricks on a fast pace since he was eighteen. Today his stunt shows keep the audience at the edge with his inimitable pushing-the-limit style. Cole is one heck of a showman and for sure he knows how to work the crowd with his tricks, personality, smile and crazy throttle hand. Always looking for new thrills and challenges, Cole mastered circle wheeling in just two weeks. “Only a hand full of people in the world do circle wheelies and I got it figured it out all by myself”, Cole portrays his thought on participating professional level competitions very early. Starboyz Stuntfest 2007 was his first official showcasing. “I went there and rode my heart out”. Cole was once a Firefighter/Paramedic for the city of Shrewsbury. “Chief William Fox gave me my first shot”. Cole was on duty during the Ferguson riots, “it was one of the craziest experience to say the least”. However, 2015 he lost his firefighter career due to a bad accident at Sturgis; drove forty feet into a ditch and tore his ACL, LCL, MCL and meniscus. 46 | MyCottleville Magazine

AUTO & TRUCK ACCESSORIES Nerf Bars Tonneau Covers Bed Liners • Bug Shields Sunroofs • Euro Lights Grills • Wheels Heated Seats Video Systems Leather Interiors


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FREE ESTIMATES • 636-474-8468 • 796 HOFF RD. • O'FALLON That episode lead Cole to take-up motorcycle stunts 100% and subsequently accomplished a recent world record for a ramp jump with Harley Davidson Bagger. And yes you heard (rather read) it right, Cole successfully completed an amazing forty feel ramp jump with a Bagger, which is not only the longest jump, but the only one in its class. “Everybody I started talking about this idea initially said either am going to hurt myself bad or the bike is going to break, because Baggers cannot handle such abuse”, explains Cole. “Michael Atha aka Yelawolf drives twenty hours to support and watch my gig. That was all worth it”, Cole says with a smile. Yelawolf owns “Slumerican”, a record label specializing in hip-hop music, and hence Cole’s brand title evolved into as Slumerican Daredevil. Cole’s manager, Edward “Ounze” Crowe is coordinating a television show and so stay tuned. To date, under his banner IllConduct Thrill Show and as an individual, Cole has done well over three thousand shows and it gets better each time. During his free time Cole likes to plays freebie golf and also gets busy with Clutch, a six-month pit-bull puppy. Clutch is a service dog and so he gets to travel with Cole for all his events. The apple didn’t faal far from the tree with Cole’s 4 year old son Camden. He is following in his dads foot steps. In events close to home he rides a strider pedal bike. “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”. And Cole asserts that this quote by Rob Siltanen describes him as a person. “I am that crazy person, in a bad way or good way, however you want to see it and am going to change the world”. For more information on Cole Freeman and upcoming shows, https://www.facebook.com/pg/IllConduct/ MyCottleville Magazine | 47

Cottleville Parks and Recreation The City of Cottleville provides many ways to have an active lifestyle in our community. Enjoy the 125+ acres of park grounds and 38.5 acres of lakes. It’s easy to plan an outing or event in Cottleville’s Parks and 5K run/walks, graduation parties, birthday parties, and fundraisers events happens throughout the year. A few Special Events include the Haunted Hayride, Mission Clean Stream, the Easter Egg Hunt are home to Cottleville and it’s parks. Pavilions are available to rent by completing a Pavilion Registration Form and remit it to City Hall along with your cash/ check payment. For larger events, or if you have any questions, please contact Amy Lewis 636-498-6565 x201 or amy. lewis@cityofcottleville.com. • Legacy Park: located at 5490 Fifth Street near City Hall on Hwy N. • McCauley Playground in the future to be Hansen’s Park located behind Mercy Kids on Ohmes Road. Plans & funding for this park is under way. • Scott A Lewis Park: located in the rear of Miralago Subdivision off Mid Rivers Mall Drive at 1000 Scott A. Lewis Lane. • College Meadows Park: located on North Side of St. Charles Community College. Ckeck out this video “Cottleville Parks and Recreation “https://youtu.be/rCo0CrdN_dw https://youtu.be/rCo0CrdN_dw” Special thanks to our sponsors for this film; MTL Excavating Services, Securus Circle Of Advisors and Bemo’s Grill

Parks and Recreation Video

Did You Know? Do you have a kayak, paddle board, or a canoe? You can use it right here in Cottleville at Scott A. Lewis Park with easy launching via the boat ramp at Buchheit Lake. This lake is nearly 20 acres giving you lots of room for water sports of all kinds, including fishing and boating.

48 | My MyCottleville Magazine

Movie ReviewS by: Kevin Ziegemeier

Fifty Shades Darker Starring: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan Rated R

Rating scale 3 Screws… EXCELLENT, A MUST SEE

2 Screws… Good, Wait for video release

1 screw… Average, Wait for Netflix release

You’ve been screwed… do not waste your time or money

Wehrenberg Theatres Town Square 12 Cine

7805 Highway N, Dardenne Prairie, MO 63368

(636) 625-1209

Regal Cinemas O’Fallon 14

900 Caledonia Dr, O’Fallon, MO 63368

(844) 462-7342

Wehrenberg Theatres Mid Rivers 14 Cine

1220 Mid Rivers Mall, St Peters, MO 63376

(636) 279-2734

There are many movies that have a ready made, built in audience. Whether the movie is made from a best selling book, a series of books, a television series, or a movie sequel, fans show up in droves to be the first to see the film. Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, to name a few, have people lined up to see the latest movie release. They must see how the story proceeds, how the characters are portrayed, and eventually, how the story will end. In the case of books turned into film, even though the audience already knows the ending, they want to see the written word on the big screen. Then there are us that did not read the books or see the television series that are dragged to the theater in support of a loved one who must see the movie and need our company. Fifty Shades Darker is that movie for millions of men around the world whose wives read the series of books and have eagerly anticipated the series of movies. As men, we are basically going in the hopes that a night of spooning will turn into a little forking. Fifty Shades Darker starts off where the first movie left off. Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is trying to move on with her life without Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). She seems to be doing well, but Christian is miserable and needs Anastasia back. After a talk over dinner, Anastasia agrees to date him again, but she needs him to change the terms of the dominant/submissive contract. Christian realizes that this is the only way to get Anastasia back, so he is willing to accept a more normal relationship. As time goes on, they run into several roadblocks that once again threaten their relationship. Girls from his past and Christian’s own unwillingness to change continually undermine the progress the couple seem to be making. As the movie closes, we get a glimpse of next installment when another person from Christian’s past is plotting to destroy him. Now, I do not want to be the Salman Rushdie of movie reviewers. I know that many women, including my wife, love this movie and will put a hit out on anyone who disagrees. The movie did have several scenes that knocked my popcorn off my lap, but overall, it was a snooze fest. Dakota Johnson is extremely cute and I am sure the ladies find Jamie Dornan to be quite the hunk, be these two together on screen are like watching two boxers hugging at the end of a fight. Since I did not read the books, I found the plot to be somewhat confusing which made this movie very boring.

For the people who read the books……


100 Wentzville Bluffs Drive, Wentzville, MO 63385

(636) 279-2734

Wehrenberg Theatres St. Charles Stadium 18 Cine

1830 S 1st Capitol Dr St. Charles, MO 63303

For the people who did not read the books……

(636) 946-1862

MyCottleville Magazine | 49 My

Len’s Auto Repair is Expanding!! 5161 Hwy N 636-441-2330

#1 Spot Convenience Mart NOW OPEN! 5055 Hwy N, Suites 104 & 105 314-229-7778

People’s Equity Mortgage NOW OPEN! 4502 Mid Rivers Mall Dr 314-690-8797

Albadia Resturant Formerly With A Twist 3957 Mid Rivers Mall Drive 314-359-5043 All State Insurance Adam J. Smith Under Construction at 5291 Fifth St. 636-970-2000 AMCO Ranger Under Construction at 5185 Highway N 636-441-2847 Battery Outfitters Under Construction at 4638 Mid Rivers Mall Drive Bentley’s Pet Stuff 6053 & 6055 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. Bloom Fitness Studio 5055 Highway N, Suite 100

Blooming Daisy Market 5541 Chestnut Street 314-540-0734 Blush Salon 3933 Mid Rivers Mall Drive 636-627-1225 CKE Properties 5055 Highway N, Suite 215 636-294-2976

McCauley Animal Clinic NOW OPEN! 4646 Mid Rivers Mall Drive 636-300-0200

Cookies & Cream 5525 Oak Street

Meredith Streubing Photography 5335 Highway N 636-255-4679

Dutchman Development Construction LLC 5055 Highway N, Suite 215 636-949-5369

Tashman Deli -NOW OPEN! 1517 Cottleville Parkway 314-288-6787

Farm & Home Mid Rivers Mall Drive 5991 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

The Salty Senorita 5045 N. Hwy N

Firehouse Subs Miralago Plaza Mid Rivers Mall Drive 636-244-1292

Sylvan Learning Center - NOW OPEN! 4504 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. 636-441-1212

Great Beginnings Day Care Under Construction at 1401 Cottleville Parkway 636-936-8400 Jackson Hewitt Tax Services 6051 Mid Rivers Mall Drive 855-305-1040 Krispy Kreme Under Construction at 6021 Mid Rivers Mall Drive

The Salty Senorita 5045 N. Hwy N The White Hare Under construction at 1010 Miralago Way 636-441-1111 Yips & Yaps New Location at 5181 Hwy N behind previous location 636-441-9477

Our shop is family owned. All of our items are handmade locally.

a Unique Boutique filled wit h handmade accessories, hand bags, jewelry, glassware, home decor, and personalized gifts. Located at 524 S Main Street in Historic St. Charles. Look for us on the side porch of the Crows Nest building. 636-493-5307

50 | MyCottleville Magazine


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We are a Leader in a New Era of Alzheimer’s Care • Comfortable, Relaxed Surroundings • Fostering Independence • Embracing Culture • Security and Safety • Exceptional Care The Gables is a new and distinctive residence where individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia find a home-like atmosphere. While nothing can ever replace a real home, here you’ll find comfortable, relaxed surroundings, independence, and an embracing culture where patients and families alike are encouraged to participate in their care. At The Gables, your loved one will find home.

visit us at www.thegablesofcottleville.com

118 Ohmes Road • Cottleville, MO 63338 • 314.288.8691

MyCottleville Magazine

rt ! a e H ville e h In t Cottle of

Helping People Build and Secure Their Vision of Retirement

Specializing in Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Insurance, and Taxes.

www.securusnow.com 5330 HWY N

Cottleville, MO 63304



Chris Shreves, President, CEO and Founder of Securus is a regular guest on KMOV’s popular morning program, Great Day St. Louis.

March/ April 2017

Call today to see how our Circle of Advisors can help you manage the financial strategies that will help you achieve your retirement goals.

Profile for FocusON St. Charles County

FocusOn Magazine - St. Charles County (March / April 2017)  

FocusOn Magazine - St. Charles County (March / April 2017)