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YEAR 2 - NUMBER 6 - JUNE 2016




hat’s what we asked ourselves to investigate the world of Live Communication with its spectacular events and live tweeting, a place where people can easily turn into underground’s newshounds. We looked at trends and needs, styles and new courses, always with a watchful eye and an open mind. We interviewed some opinion leaders of this area to know their vision on Live Communication; what do they think about it and where are we headed for the next future. Done that, we refuted their ideas, rowing against the current in our Maverick’s Corner. And since a good strategy, alongside the ability to impress, is needed to create successful events, two related topics: the Project Management explained by Paolo Rizzo, General of the Italian Air Force who, since he started, he had to manage precise planning and simulations; and then Walter Rolfo’s disruptive training, a lesson from MISF 2015 President and the organizer of WCM: the World Championship of Magic. A man who knows wonder since he was a child and transformed this art in a tool dedicated to self-improvement, that is useful also for companies.

Mice News, with Nira Montana - an example of true elegance that customers are starting to know - and Focus ON Art, will show you the latest news on the sector and will analyze the rules linked to beauty and ugliness, both in art and in the events. Finally, Sinergie’s Sky Box, one innovative example of CRM. The hint of originality from Michele Farè and Gabriele Perraro, made the two Art of Sinergie Live Communication win the contest for the 6th cover of Focus ON; a new work added to the long list of our magazine’s covers which are becoming always more relevant when they can meet beauty and functionality. This issue is in line with summer: hot themes enriched by the will of being always on top of things, presenting the best of the event world and a way to communicate that now it’s in our DNA. One DNA #madeinsinergie. Fabrizio Mezzo







Live or alive?

Present and future scenarios.





















To be more competitive.

The 69th edition of the Palme d’Or.

The new frontiers of team building.

The two sides of art.

News and location.

We do wash our hands.

Future calls for a Payvolution.

When CRM means party.

The trip you don’t expect.

Live or real life?


LIVE COMMUNICATION TODAY Present and future scenarios.


oday, the Live Communication could seem a predictable subject of conversation. Summer’s almost here, together with the thousands of people who will gather around modern pied pipers, announced by noisy stories and pictures. It’s the time of hopes and dreams, of big outdoors events and big productions. It’s also the time to use these sparks to analyze the past, the present or the future of this area of communication.

However, the charm of live events is something that can’t be explained, not even from a theoretical standpoint.

In the last years we attended to a melting pot made of multimedia and spectacularization which, sometimes took away the space reserved to contents, and other times was capable of giving more value to them and to their implied concept. In a short time we moved from simple events – 3


almost without any scenery just a big screen and some microphones - to a new kind of event where technology is a fundamental prerequisite; where multiple projections, watch outs and lights are needed to exalt the lecturers also in a meeting with just a handful of people. The live streaming nowadays is the best of live broadcasting. Nowadays companies tool to share an event with those who communicate something when they can can’t participate, chat rooms and social interact with their own audience and market. interactions are constantly created to Otherwise, even the best products risk the receive the questions of whoever wants to Benedetta Bergantino obsolescence before reaching the store. join the event from home and project them on stage. We discovered a kind of event where time and space What is the future then? Benedetta Bergantino have no borders and have become a unique non-place, always Communication and Corporate Events Coordinator at Sigaro more virtual and in which light designers, sound engineers, Toscano S.p.A - when asked of a comment on the matter, telecommunication technicians, sceexplains: “The Live Communication is nographers and directors are working, the development of communication To be effective, the event of Live building every time something new and itself, we must take it into account that Communication, needs a strong interaction with the end users. exclusive. It’s always a “good first take” we can’t live without it. It is for sure an followed by the anxious thought that opportunity for companies who can use it’s impossible to correct any mistake, bad scene or a sad joke. There’s the wait for the famous Vip who will add more value to a shared moment that is just the result of a detailed planning and time sheet. Sometimes people lose the human touch to profit from emotions. It may seem a paradox but it’s true: just like the movies, when the thrill, the tear or the applause comes from a perfect organization of every climax, and not in an instinctive way. However, the charm of live events is something that can’t be explained, not even from a theoretical standpoint. The live event is beautiful because, besides the planning, there’s the improvisation, the last minute solution, that small spark of unexpected that will make the same event memorable. Today the event agencies know that they are evolving into a new kind of consultants, in addition to be an asset for logistic and technical needs. Amaze customers with the Wow effect is not enough anymore, even if it’s still required. To be effective, the event of Live Communication, needs a strong interaction, not only among the participants, but also with the end users, the stakeholders. Institutional communication is always more important, like the mechanisms



it, involving directly their consumers and potential customers. the company to its interlocutor, can happen only on the web, When I say “companies who can use it” I mean that some the place that doesn’t need a mediator, where the information others cannot, like ourselves for example, or many others are sent as directly as possible. New technologies, social that work in certain areas of business networks in particular, allowed us to Concerning the future, we should that have strong obligations regarding do storytelling, to share the values of understand how new technologies communication and advertisement. a specific brand in a way that is always and social network will influence our more engaging”. everyday life. Concerning the future, we should understand how new technologies and social networks Is the strategy developed like a one-to-one relationship? (Snapchat above all) will influence our everyday life. While “Sure - continues Prandi - that’s why Edison was one of regarding a smaller period of time, there’s for sure a new the first utilities to create an account on the main social trend from the web and companies use whichever tool networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) they have at their disposal to maintain an active role in the diversifying each community for thematic and following communication process”. the users’ interests. For example, we have three different accounts on Twitter, both in Italian and English: the main The importance of social network – of the interaction and the one is @EdisonNews that provides a panoramic view on continuous request of feedbacks, of the dynamism proven our business, the industrial activities, financial results and by a company in its online presence - it’s an update on every cultural, social and innovative activity; confirmed by Andrea Prandi. In the past, @Edison4Gov is the specific channel of the Institutional journalist for “Il Resto del Carlino”, with an Affairs of the company and @EdisonGen is dedicated to experience in Edelman, he was also Head sustainable projects, meaning the events of Press Office in Omnitel and Director of for Corporate Social Responsibility”. Communication and External Relations of Indesit. Prandi arrived in Edison in 2004, How does this interaction happen? How is where today is the Senior Vice President your communication system structured? Corporate Communications. From 2005 to “Our internal editors regularly update 2007 he was the Chairman of FERPI (Italian each channel with news and videos Federation of Public Relations) and still is related to our initiatives and projects, its Counselor. From 2005 he is the lecturer they also manage prompt communication at the Master’s Degree in Public Relations in case there’s some critical issue. With at Cattolica University in Milan, in addition more than one hundred structures on the to being member of the “Unità di missione” Italian territory, Edison needs to have a of the Government for the Digital Agenda communication channel that is as direct Andrea Prandi in 2013. He is our spokesperson, someone as possible with its stakeholders and the who has an influential opinion on the social media are the best argument. tools to keep this kind of conversation open”. Andrea, from the point of view of a company like Edison, which are the open scenarios in terms of Live Communication? What about live events? What do you do? How do you approach it? “Edison - says “Whenever we plan Prandi - gives a lot of importance to the direct and clear some big event, one relationship with its stakeholder: from our customers to team organizes the live coverage on social networks to feed institutions, from the world of associations to new media. the online debates. We really appreciate the tool of Live Such a commitment, where the communication is direct from tweeting and we used it during the event of Edison Open



4 Expo: the company’s program for the six months of the Industriale Maccaferri, she moved to Manifatture Sigaro Universal Exposition. The discussions of researchers, Nobel Toscano, where since two years she works as Communication prize winners and international artists were shared with our and Corporate Events Coordinator) - guides us in one analysis community, we also talked with some users online, because of a world that’s changed many times. From the great parties, we wanted to know what Italians expect from our country colorful events, promotions and advertising on racing cars, in the future. This experience led to movies where the bad guys always had Essentially, our task is to commuthe creation of an e-book where we a cigarette in his mouth, to less events, nicate a product that can’t be collected all the suggestions and sober, almost silenced. promoted. An oxymoron of some sort. comments received from the collective intelligence of the web about innovation. In that occasion, “Besides the remarkable legislative limitations - says Edison was the first utility to use new technologies and social Benedetta - also the companies related to tobacco can’t networks such as: Periscope, YouTube, for the live streaming back out from the relationship with the customer, but, on and 360° videos to share information about the production the other side, they must also consider their accountability sites. On its social channels, Edison is showing everybody the in the corporate communication. Like in our everyday life, processes behind the treatment of oil at the Vega oil-plant in also in the world of tobacco, social networks have changed Sicily through videos and photos that also show the wonderful the approach to communication”. We asked her to give us wildlife that lives unharmed in that area. People can also see some examples of the way the company discusses with its from a panoramic view the splendid Venina dam in Valtellina, customers in these times of moderate advertising. or walk inside the Esterle power station on the Adda river. By doing this, we give value to the user experience, our users appreciated this move, because this is exactly what the online community is expecting from us. Talking about facts, in the first few months we published two 360° videos, we reached an audience of 5 million people, only on Facebook”. The social, web and viral aspects of an event are for sure winning elements. Nevertheless, not everybody can approach the market through Live Communication, developing strategies in such an “easy” way, without considering laws and regulations. The communication of alcohol and tobacco’s related companies, as well as for bidding games, can be an interesting case to elaborate. Benedetta Bergantino - who works in the communication field from many years, especially in the tobacco area (after the takeover from Gruppo


Mrs. Bergantino tells us about the difficulties of saying without “actually” saying, of giving confirmations without saying too much; like that sheer in some lingerie. How do you flavor the Toscanellos? Did you change the blend of Toscano Garibaldi?: these are just some of the questions that we receive every day on our social channels; and if we delay our response, it can happen that some users start complaining, saying something like: They didn’t reply because they don’t want us to know!. The social media manager finds himself buried under hundreds of comments and retweets that have a multiplying effect that is certainly not easy to manage. Of course, who works in my same position has to face complex limits and delicate issues. Essentially, our task is to communicate a product that can’t be promoted. An oxymoron of some sort. And if not replying to a comment is considered as a lack of transparency towards the customers, doing it


could be seen as advertising smoking products. Tact and attention are paramount, together with a pinch of sensitivity, to talk about our products. For these reasons, after some discussions and analysis with our legal department, we decided to have an MST channel only on Twitter and limit our communication to institutional information: balance data and company’s results. The only concession we decided to have is writing about Toscano cigars’ history, something that’s essential for an enterprise that was born more than 200 years ago: tobacco, craftsmanship and the story of our manufacturing sites are linked to many other cultural activities that we support”. The correct attention to the issues related to tobacco dependence can become something that distracts from the traditional and cultural point of view of a company. How to reconcile then? Bergantino says: “Involving the users of social networks on what was going on in the past, means to share a centenary culture that had famous witnesses, from Verdi to Soldati, Brera and Puccini. While each product communication is carefully avoided. We do limit every kind of Live Communication, which is usually directed to brand visibility, involving people and consumers, asking for feedbacks and opinions or just an approval. The “like” on Facebook is considered both a neutral way to communicate, but also a symbol of commitment from those who are the first real testimonial, the consumers”. A strategic choice that is even more clear on Twitter, that doesn’t provide any button to express an opinion. “Yes - continues Benedetta - from this point of view, Twitter allows us to just inform and not advertise (while I think that in this, Facebook - especially for its tools - is the best social network to do advertising), but when someone glorifies our products - and it happens - we simply avoid to reply to that comment, without “communicating”, as if it was a cold, efficient, technical information. We often move this kind of conversation on private messages, this to avoid possible risks (that our consumers don’t run, but those people who don’t use our products do). Even today - since we are not present on every social network - for us the management of “info” emails is paramount, it’s our first tool to contact our customers. After all, also in our communication with the stakeholders we reflect the company’s philosophy: innovation, but with an important consideration of our tradition”. The boundaries between virtual and reality are really blurred, especially in the field of Live Communication. The

word Phygital is becoming a trend all over the web and it’s an acronym of physical + digital. It doesn’t actually mean a transaction from the physical world to the virtual one, although an exchange, a new flow that changes some physical realities into virtual ones and vice versa. So the event for which it was unavoidable to participate live in the exact location, for which we needed to move and organize our trip, today is an occasion to develop new activities and experiment new options. For example, Samsung developed an app that allowed everyone to see the Unpacking event of the last Galaxy S7 through any mobile device; it is downloadable on the Play Store from smartphone, tablet, tv and VR (this latter showed the same immersive effects that the actual audience in Barcelona lived during the event). Regarding the possibilities to see contents in live streaming, the event agencies equipped themselves with modern tools of video recording in 4K, to reach the maximum quality. They also use 360° videos to increase the engagement of their consumers and users. Sinergie Live Communication used this technology during the event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Media World; one of the hosts was present on stage as an hologram. New technologies are now overwhelmingly present in every live event. There’s a continuous contamination of Phygital and the old meetings, team building activities and congresses are evolving into live streaming events, enjoying the benefits of a wider audience and of social, immediate interaction. Talking about live streaming, also the world of cinema is innovating and trying new kinds of approach. The journalists



who couldn’t attend on site to the Press Conference of the Cannes Film Festival could see it online, just by connecting to the event’s website. Many possibilities were studied to follow the event from home, to live its atmospheres by simply loggin-into the dedicated app. Just a subscription and everyone in the world could be protagonist of the Festival de Cannes, even if miles away. Another example of how and how much the apps are becoming the main tool to live a real event is given by X Factor, Sky’s talent show. This year’s news is the chance for the audience at home to use the dedicated app, not only to vote their favorite singer, but to enjoy specific contents created exactly for the live show and could be shared also on social networks. Last, but not least, the staff of the tv show invented an enjoyable tool called “applausometro”, the feature enabled the audience to applause by tapping on their smartphones. Even the traditional Italian song festival, modernized itself by creating a specific page on their website to analyze tweets. The revolution of live events lies in the new apps. Considering what’s happening with Periscope for example: the live streaming app - bought by Twitter for a hundred thousand dollars and then published on Apple’s App Store - allows everyone to become a broadcaster, giving the opportunity to share live what’s happening before our eyes. Like a concert, a meeting, a product launch. The world is connected in the moment when The boundaries between virtual and a General Manager reveals the top reality are blurred, especially in the product of the company, the Managing field of Live Communication. Director announces new outstanding sales results, a band presents its new EP. Thanks to Periscope, we can evolve: from being simple spectators to directors of an interactive tv channel. The arrival of Periscope can mean a great opportunity for the young generations of youtuber. Nowadays, cooking lessons, music performances, tips on lifestyle and trends followed by some prophetic instructions to win your crush, are omnipresent on the platform and keep on receiving thousands of feedback a day. From this situation, the step towards the live streaming is really short. Summing up, we could say that the world of Live Communication is evolving every day and it’s becoming more and more suitable for everyone thanks to its virtualization, but at the same time it is distancing itself from reality.



This is a risk that everyone shall consider. With “everyone” I am not just talking about those people who work on virtual reality but also, and especially, the Event Manager who has to decide and define how much importance he or she wants to give to the virtual aspect of the event, to the live streaming, tweeting, live blogging. What happens if someone spoils the big surprise?

We said it: being live is fascinating because it’s something unpredictable, but when the show is over and we count the results, everything comes down to the planning which had to be perfect. This is the next big challenge for whoever wants to organize an event. F. Mezzo

The revolution of live events lies in the new apps. Considering what’s happening with Periscope, the live streaming app.



PROJECT MANAGEMENT A sensitive and innovative to be more competitive.


It is complicated to organize events. The processes that are needed to close an event are usually the result of calculations, ideas and projects done together. That’s why it’s essential for agencies to work carefully to avoid any kind of mistake, becoming a sort of Reducing the risk of failure industry with planning and production while trying to reach an objective. systems similar to those of a big company. Today, the agencies that want to succeed and to be certain of delivering the event in time and with the right cost, entrust Project Management. But what is Project Management? Let’s try to understand it starting from its history.



BRIEF comments & corrections




2nd review



final document

The main element that draws the development of this new method was the need to elevate the project’s complexity, aiming to a careful usage of the resources and to a better final quality without forgetting about keeping the costs under control.


yes / no

An expert of undeniable originality in the field of Product Management, who’s certain to work in a structured way, is General (now retired) Paolo Rizzo, one of the founders of the Italian lo R iz zo Institute of Project Management. The General introduced P.M. inside the armed forces in order to make decisional processes more efficient, by following a systematic approach.

o Pa

Project Management is the outcome of rules chosen by an organization to give a structure to its project activities. These rules aim to reduce the risk of failure while trying to reach an objective which sometimes is, especially in case of Project Management, quite unpredictable and variable. These principles have been developed since World War II in the United States of America with the Manhattan Project, launched by the government to produce the first nuclear weapons before the Nazis.

that time it’s always been a succession of new theories, methods, and standards that aimed to improve system management, increasing consequently the knowledge that turned from simple engineering to the fundamental concepts like business strategies, organizational changes and personal relationships.

After 1950, the Gannt chart saw the establishment of new techniques for time management: the PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) used for the Polaris project, General, what’s the situation of P.M. in Italy? a missile managed by the American navy in collaboration “Especially in the beginning - says Paolo Rizzo - the with the Lockheed Corporation. And application of this method found the CPM (Critical Path Method) for the strong resistance among executive Until a few years ago, the role of projects of industrial maintenance. In management and, in particular Project Manager wasn’t particularly the following years, these techniques until a few years ago, the role of considered and people used to spend spread widely in the business world. Project Manager wasn’t particularly a lot of financial resources to develop considered and people used to projects that didn’t follow any Initially, the system used engineering spend a lot of financial resources to techniques nor methods. knowledge to simplify the manadevelop projects that didn’t follow gement of complex working activities any techniques nor methods. It wasn’t which required the participation of professionalism and possible to provide any good factor, such as times, quality technologies altogether. It’s just in the beginning of the Sixties and risks, which help to determine a project’s success. that Project Management became a real discipline. From Today, these aspects are the main focus of a peculiar



professional and expert: the Project Manager. Usually, the term “Management” is defined as “one operation between human, financial and physical resources to reach company’s objectives by planning, organizing and controlling” (Harold Kerzner).

General Rizzo, please share with us your close examination on this matter. “The main advantages are:

Plan accurately, remaining focused on reaching goals within a certain deadline with organizational efficiency and care for business results; Allocate the resources properly and manage every possible risk, without forgetting the commitment to keep costs down and high quality (fulfillment of P.M. milestones: time/cost/quality); Measure the difference between what’s been done and what was planned (measure effectiveness) in addition to the satisfaction of expected benefits; Repetitive approach of Project Management processes How do you see the future? that accelerate the project’s development and maximize “Enterprises - continues Mr. Rizzo - are overtaking the the business value for the customer, which includes the culture of their role (invariability, predictability, and management of costs and timing; prescriptiveness) and they’re going towards an antithetical Improve the economic and financial management of “culture of the task” where the merging elements a company, being more predictable thanks to a better embody unpredictability and extent planning and take every decision Productive activities, in such decision making. All of this is based based on facts; international environment, follow on the result’s control and on the Manage customers and the constant element of change. management of change (Russel stakeholders expectations more Archibald). We don’t have to think that the task is only linked carefully; suspend dropping project as soon as possible, to a specific knowledge or method for which a person will seize the company’s opportunities and turn important operate and reach the objective. The culture of the task projects into successes (lesson learned and best practices). is connected to cross competencies that live among the intricate network of the organization and make the high But we don’t have to forget the critical issues, meaning that: quality its winning element”. It is necessary, especially in the first stage of the project, Productive activities, in such international environment, to connect with the company’s management (collaborate follow the constant element of change. For this reason, it actively with the Sponsor, change the cultural side of the has become more “difficult” for companies to manage their organization, give a proper training to the attendees and own businesses in this complex, competitive and ambitious create a Project Management “model” with a specific environment, where the strong variation of consumptions “approach” to satisfy everyone’s needs); and increasing quality of the offer take place. It’s important to notice as To react, companies have to be even more productive, open soon as possible the “heavy” and fast. They need to find flexible and innovative solutions documentation and long without forgetting the scarceness of resources and the checklists that may draw the ever-changing demands of the market. attention on the schedule without focusing on people. While looking at this scenario, where the “usual business” is There must be an appropriate now the exception instead of the rule, a possible solution is to process that aims also at push companies towards a big change, a boost for managing flexibility and cares about skills through a new approach to Project Management (P.M.) the team that works on the that can speed up organizational and decisional processes. project”. The philosophy of Project Management represents an entire system that is oriented to offer the best solutions for the problems that arise in companies due to their necessity to react to the market’s flows and customers’ requirements”.



Alongside the human commitment, projects are realized the coherence of the project. Its quality is the result of every and shared in a context that is constantly determined by action that is in a balance between times, costs and the certain bonds. objective of the entire plan”. It is necessary, especially in the first stage of the project, to connect with Traditionally, these are: Project Management processes help the company’s management. the Project Manager to successfully • Purpose/quality: the result (product or service) must manage every kind of project through a step-by-step, be realized reached the agreed criteria confirmed on the flexible and adaptable approach. contract (first thing to do: defined what it has to be done and how): Every project needs a certain level of coordination. The • Time: determine the timing for the realization of a project bigger the project, the harder the coordination. to reach every objective; a perfect timing is essential and missing it increases the risks of failure; The processes related to Project Management can be • Costs/resources: the whole team of resources that has divided in: been involved in the realization of the project; both financial and human. • Start to formally authorize the project • Planning of the production plan “These three elements - continues General Rizzo - are • Execution of the activities linked to the project strictly related: reaching a higher objective usually means • Check to verify the cohesion to what’s forecasted in the plan to increase time and costs; reducing the time leads to • Closure to end the activities related to the project higher costs (more resources involved) and a small budget (less people and funds) can imply a longer time to realize a The efficient management of these processes from the project, risking not to reach the objective. Project Manager is a fundamental requirement to the success of the project. Most of the time, at least one of these three sides is unmovable and we need to work on the other two to respect

Start up stage

Middle stage

Final stage


Technical cycle (Project Life Cycle)


Organizational cycle (P:M. Life Cycle)









The Project Manager: Roles and Competencies To manage such a complex reality, we need a meticulous professional. General Rizzo shares with us the characteristics of the perfect P.M. “The Project Manager - he

says - is usually a professional with a technical training and a specific competence. Companies - even if they recognize the importance of the relationship they have with a P.M. - tend to consider this figure as a technician that coordinates because of his/her “first-person knowledge”. Actually, the Project Manager is someone who’s called to integrate technical

Fly for Peace, Trapani

The Italian Institute of Project Management (ISIPM) is a non-profit association founded in 2005 to increase the awareness of Project Management in Italy and to add value to this job . By promoting studies, researches and cultural initiatives, the association stands out as a point of reference for those who are interested in this field. ISIPM is also the first national center that certifies the professionalism of product managers. ISIPM offers certifications to enhance the knowledge and culture of Project Management and this objective is supported also by recognized courses that facilitates personal and professional development of associate P.M. Moreover, the participation to ISIPM courses allows


to obtain credits for the maintaining the subscription to Professional Project Managers active. The meetings and seminars of the association are internationally wellknown, while its research on Italian companies’ maturity and the annual convention about the trends of projects management place ISIPM as an excellence of this sector. More than 800people from 150 companies have attended the last edition of PMexpo, where there were held meetings, workshops and interviews on the topic. There are also many important testimonials during the association’s monthly meetings: ISTAT members, representatives from the Ministry of Italian Economy and Finances, and Interior Ministry. The knowledge that emerges from formative programs and certifications is constantly shared through numerous networking activities among the associates and ISIPM itself collaborates with different international associations with the objective of improving its own offer and increase the attention on the theme of Project Management.


competencies of others. It’s necessary to reconsider the remember that the Project Manager doesn’t work on the professional role of a P.M., because, always more often, he or project by him/herself; every person in the team gives a she is asked to be a capable resource manager and a delicate unique contribution and the result of the project depends creator of business relationships with on their cooperation. In this setting, The Project Manager doesn’t work customers. the Project Manager is mostly a on the project by him/herself; every “situational leader” who has the ability person in the team gives a unique The opportunity of being employed to create support the interaction contribution and the result of the in any kind of project, whichever between the everybody and guide the project depends on their cooperation. its content, is the main feature of a team towards a specific objective. professional P.M. In the formative environment, it’s essential to own the basic certification of Project Manager; in this “Concerning this, I like to look back at Fly for Peace, an event context, the ISIPM has contributed a lot to the growth of coordinated by Sinergie Live Communication that took planning culture with its classes and licenses. Being certified place on a Saturday night in the main square of Taranto with is paramount, it is requested by the European Union as a more than 100.000 people and Frecce Tricolori. Lasting form of guarantee for the client and the company”. three days straight, it was aired on national tv channel for more than 5 hours and hosted by the journalist Carmen The training of a Project Manager requires, besides the on- Lasorella. During this event, I was assigned P.M. and in field experience and the thorough study of all the techniques those days I found the core of my profession in managing of Project Management and Problem Solving, strong both relationships and the event, leading it towards the qualities such as: leadership, motivation, team. Building, objective that we had planned. The agency was super in the teamwork, ethics and communication. It’s important to organization but, and I say this with a pinch self-esteem, the result was outstanding also thanks to my guidelines”. The complete training of a Project Manager, together with a good on-field experience, makes this role the perfect match for the following tasks:

Fly for Peace, Trapani

Creation of a plan and detailed program; Organize efficiently the work of the resources available for a project; Facilitate the communication and team spirit of the group; Assign properly the resources on every activity and supervise their development; Check periodically the evolution of the project, sharing its results to the Project Committee through the Statement of Work (SOW document); Participate in the Project Committee and turn decisions into facts; Take any initiative possible to prevent risks; Keep in touch with the staff of reference and final users, planning their involvement in every project activity; Work on the papers of his/her responsibility and supervise the ones done by the team.



In this sense, we must underline the growing importance of new technologies regarding 3 3 6 9 12 the collection and sharing of fundamental information 2 2 4 6 8 among the members of the 1 1 2 3 4 team and also useful for the correct planning of SOW 1 2 3 4 documents. For example, Damage dedicated software like mind maps, WBS charts, Project Professionals and many other platforms created to support the P.M. and his team. Thanks to these new tools, they can assign resources to specific tasks, manage deadlines and analyze possibilities and risks. 4






The identification of risk factors is paramount during the planning phase since the uncertain areas can affect deeply both partial and final results. Once a risk is recognized, the P.M. and the team must work on an alternative plan which shall be used in case the risk becomes a reality. We asked General Rizzo a tangible example, a case history on his resume. He brings out the systemic approach of P.M in the Italian Air Force. “The Italian Air Force (Italian Aeronautica Militare: A.M.) was one of the first entities to understand the strategic advantages and added values of having a Project Management system to manage the most complex projects: starting from 2007, an integrated approach of P.M. based on the system “culture, model, tools” was created with the objective of: Prepare the ground for a sharing culture of Project Management; Realize a standard method for management; Create an information architecture as support.

About Project Management, we chose PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) an English method from which, after a customization, was born the new tool Touch&Go; which has received the certification of PRINCE2 compliance. Finally, for what concerns computer tools, it has been developed a platform based on Microsoft Office Project Server (MOPS) that, with its standard communication modules, facilitates: the supervision and check of projects, the perfect resource management and sharing of lessons learned/best practices of all our project/programmes already done under a wider perspective of Knowledge Management system and learning organization. What is now a start-up in A.M confirms that the methodology of P.M. is capable of creating profitable situations in organizing projects (operatively, maintenance, events, training) and, considering its positive results, it can become crucial for a complete transformation as written inside the White Paper for international security and defence in 2015. Talking about transformation, back in 2013, the Italian Air Force has established The General Office for Management Innovation (GOMI), placed under the direct command of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force. Its task is to develop communication policies and communication strategies appropriate for the military context and projected along the lines of development of society. In this setting, the systemic application of Project Management (P3O - Project, Portfolio and Project Management) methods was preferred for the management of organizational change, the achievement of goals and the measurements of process quality (performances) of the organization”.

We now come to something that is closer to our magazine’s Regarding the sharing culture, many interventions from the focus: the Project Management in the event business. A.M. were organized: from classes and seminars to coaching sessions and training for the Army personnel. From 2009, Every event requires an organization split into different there’s also a qualified course dedicated to the Project phases: Manager A.M., and experience of five weeks with a blended training (e-learning and classes) divided in: basic Support P3M Detailed planning of the whole event; culture (technical themes of Project Management), Event management from the first minutes usage of A.M. model and a fifth week of the until the end; technical tools (like learning how to use Audit and analysis post-event. Model the sharing platforms MOPS 2010) and Knowledge the behavioral, including - just as an These phases highlight the fact that experiment for now - a class on soft skills. events are real Projects that start from Tools



an idea, have their own objective (create business) and We can confirm that the realization of events with a systemic have to be managed from their Start until their Conclusion, approach to Project Management, once the cultural base is going from their Planning, Realization created and the management model Event Project Manager: abilities and Check, considering the different is chosen, grants the Event Manager of a creative, imaginative person, variable such as Time, Costs and greater serenity in terms of execution professional and careful to deadlines Quality. of the activities. and economics. The Event Project Manager has to be both creative and technical. To the abilities of a creative and imaginative person have to be added also those of the manager; professional and careful (especially for deadlines, that in the event world are often mandatory) without forgetting about economic aspects (costs/income) and the approval of the customer. The Event Project Manager has to maximize the usability of the event.

This will allow every stakeholder to participate consciously in the event, happy of a complete communication and fewer risks of delays, failures and budget exceedance. M. Sinolo

If we look closely, we notice that all of this means creating a system that, in respect of the time, uses many professionals that have to be coordinated.




The 69th edition of the Palme d’Or.


erfectly on time and as elegant as always, the Cannes Film Festival amazed its international audience also during its 69th edition.

Starting from the 11th May, movie stars from all over the world walked on the tapis rouge starting a particularly surveilled kermes, with high levels of security and constant supervision from the police; however, these measures didn’t undermine the magical atmosphere that everyone felt on the Croisette, which became for the 69th time, the perfect location to celebrate cinematographic art. The official poster for the Festival takes its inspiration from Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt, a movie about the film industry. The depicted location is Villa Malaparte in Capri, with a staircase that faces a gold Mediterranean sea. Herve Chigioni designed the poster which reminds of Michel Mourlet’s quote used at the beginning of the movie: “Cinema replaces our gaze with a world in harmony with our desires”.

In fact, even though our directors didn’t enter the competition, the 48th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors’ Fortnight) saw many movies from our Azzurri. The independent section held in parallel to the Cannes Film Festival, presented Marco Bellocchio with his movie Fai bei Sogni, Paolo Virzì with La pazza gioia (the most criticallyacclaimed movie) and Claudio Giovannesi with Fiore. Stefano Mordini’s Pericle il Nero earned a place of honor in the Un certain regard section, the critic was very good but not enough to outdo the winner of this edition: the Finn director Juho Kousmaner with his The happiest day in the life of Olli Maki.

Despite this tribute to our country, the absence of Italian movies in the competition – especially after the 2015 trio Sorrentino, Moretti and Garrone - was a bitter pill to swallow for many; and yet some Italian movies did reach the Croisette. Thierry Frémaux, director of the Festival, had already confirmed during the first press conference in April, that there was no conspiracy against the Italian cinematography.


The producer and actress Valeria Golino brought Italy back to glory with her presence in the jury of the Festival. Together with other seven international colleagues, she supported the president George Miller - Mad Max’s director and producer - in proclaiming the winning film of the event. Like every year, the Cannes Film Festival tried to put together the world of show business and traditional movies, inviting some of the most important names of the cinema without forgetting the critics’ will, who wanted Cannes to confirm

Cinema replaces our gaze with a world in harmony with our desires. M. Mourlet


its importance as a reference to auteur films. What better way to do this than leaving the Festival’s opening to Woody Allen?

Only this movie brings to Cannes many young actors. Talents like Kristen Stewart, crowned “Queen of Cannes”, Jesse Eisenberg as a reminiscence of a young Allen, a charming Blake His movie Cafè Society launched the Festival and regarding Lively and the polyhedral Steve Carell, again in a comedy after his choice to come as non-competing, Allen commented: the drama Fox Catcher. Out of the competition but applauded “For any group to come together and judge the work of other by the critic: The nice guys with Russell Crowe and Ryan people is something I would never do. To make a judgment Gosling as two private detectives involved in a crime related that this is the best, with the implication that in some platonic to the porn industry of 1970’s; Money Monster by Jodie Foster, way it is the objective ‘best’, is something I don’t believe in. So with George Clooney and Julia Roberts tied up with a man I don’t want to participate in it. To be included in competition whose life is ruined by banks; and the unlucky The last Face would be against my common sense”. And maybe this was by Sean Penn, booed and hissed by the audience together for the best: presenting his umpteenth with The Neon Demon. Nicolas Winding The world of the movies is still alive: pearl of cinema to an audience who made of stories to be told, in which it’s Refn’s latest film has definitely divided appreciated from the first minutes the easy to empathize, that allow discussions the critic with an horror that reminded glamorous and nostalgic atmosphere and debates, and let us discover some of the ones from Dario Argento of Hollywood in the thirties. but wasn’t truly convincing. Among unexplored sides of the human being. the international stars also Steven Cafè Society is about love, dreams and hopes which Spielberg and Pedro Almodòvar who presented: the first, his are punctually disregarded, leaving more room to vision of The BFG, based on Roald Dahl’s homonymous book, disenchantment. But despite his 80 years, 46 movies under and the second, Julieta, the dramatic story of a mother full his belt and a cynical consideration of life (that appears also of guilt for inexplicable reasons, a movie full of emotional in the main quote of Cafè Society: “Life is a comedy written by contrasts. a sadistic comedy writer”), Woody Allen actually still wants us to love, to try at least, even if a disappointment is right behind One usual and precious addition to the Festival is the presence the corner. And if this is ever going to happen, to fight our of budding actors and directors from all over the world. They misfortune with a good laugh. are present both in the official selection and in the parallel



ones which welcomed movies and short films from Iran, South Korea, Israel…each one of them with its own cinematographic identity, united with the Festival to show that the world of the movies is still alive, more than ever, with continuous cultural influences and stories to be told; stories in which it’s easy to empathize, that allow discussions and debates, that let us discover some unexplored sides of the human being.

update of pictures, videos and reports led to a complete media coverage. The live streaming of the event was available since day one on the Festival’s official website; the usual collaboration with Orange also allowed French citizens to watch the event live on TV while a new attention was given to the younger audience by broadcasting the Festival on YouTube and Dailymotion.

Between old and new VIPs, photographers had a real job in their hands The Cannes Film Festival is a complete In addition to the video coverage, the during the Festival, this year once more event for every kind of audience and for Organization managed to send every every distance in time or space: a tanthe most observed and discussed event possible update - both in French and gible example of a Global live event. for trends and lifestyles. Scoops were English - through their social network always present: from Blake Lively’s pregnancy to the rumors accounts like Facebook and Twitter (the latter was used of those actors who would’ve shown up with or without already during the first press conference in April when their partners. Whether single or in a couple, everything the Official Selection was presented supported with a live was commented live on the main social networks, blogs and tweeting activity). A complete event, intended for every kind tabloids, as in the real Live Communication. of audience and for every possible distance in time or space; this is a tangible example of a global live event. The Festival organization took advantage of the digital evolution to share the most important moments of the event; As per tradition, many exclusive occasions allowed every meaning those related to movies, actors, live streaming of the VIP in Cannes to show the press the expensive and elegant evening show (hosted by the maître de cérémonie Laurent dresses designed specifically for them by the most important Lafitte) press conferences and much more. The continuous fashion designers in the world. Among these events, the most



popular and important was the annual gala dinner, organized by amfAR Cinema against AIDS foundation which this year raised 30 million dollars to support the research to fight AIDS. Moncler, in collaboration with the artistic duo from Los Angeles FriendsWithYou, managed the after party at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, customizing the location fronting Cap d’Antibes with a post-pop setup.

sexual abuse with respect, intelligence and also a bit of courage. During the ending ceremony, Mel Gibson gave the Palme d’Or to the winner of the Festival, Ken Loach, for his movie I, Daniel Blake; a story of political and social struggle caused by a system that is everyday more bureaucratized. Loach said: ”We must give a message of hope, we must say another world is possible”… and maybe we’re all waiting for it to come.

Some of the stars who attended the auction: Leonardo di Caprio, Kevin Spacey - who hosted the evening - Adrien Brody, Ellen Miller and many other guests from the fashion and music business, like Katy Perry who performed at the end of the event.

Also this year, Cannes gave to its audience unique movies. New successes, new failures. New and old stars walked the red carpet today deserted. The Festival has ended, the lights are off.

me d

Cannes goes back to the quiet town of our dreams on the Côte d’Azur…until the next edition of the Festival!

i a. s

The last projection of the Festival was given to the legendary Paul Verhoeven who presented his movie Elle, a real success for the director of Basic Instinct, complimented on how he told a story about

po s ke


n .c



F. Passoni




new frontiers of team building.


hen we walk out of an event, usually the first question that pops into our heads is: “What am I taking home from this experience?” The same question can become even more relevant right after our company’s training or team building activities. Enterprises: what are they looking for? What do they want to accomplish? We discuss this matter with Walter Rolfo: journalist, creator, and producer for the television and, more importantly, front man of original magic shows and unconventional thinker. Rolfo has developed a new method to approach education which can be the right answer to companies’ needs. It is dynamic, innovative and engaging and it conveys ideas in a subtle way that leads to great successes at the end of his training sessions, where the audience achieve their own peak performance and goals.


Since participating in a magical team building is like entering the world of Funland, we decided to meet Walter after his tour in Russia, where he went to teach some entrepreneurs how to apply an ingenious thinking to business models. Yes, because Walter can be depicted as a versatile chameleon who can design strategies and employ them in specific models, thanks –first of all- to his degree in industrial engineering at the Politecnico University in Turin. He tells us that he has been studying how to get back to being a child for 40 years. From one of his many Thinking hats (obviously a top hat) not only he can pull out so many bunnies to enter the Guinness World Records, but he also creates new projects and services for companies. The average person thinks in a linear way, the well-known Socratic method (If a = b, and b = c, then a = c) and usually stops to acknowledge the impossibility of a certain thing. Walter is quite the opposite, he follows an intricate


path led by creativity, until he finds a solution, because he’s always one step ahead. During our interview, he surprised us by making our pens, notebooks and recorder disappear right under our noses. Of course the second after his trick, the objects were on the table right behind us and of course we didn’t notice a single thing… This kind of wonder reminds us the feeling that every child must have had when reading Harry Potter’s books, bewitched by this amazing magic world. Now we understand how he can change the habits and behaviors of the managers that meet him for the first time and a boring training session. Here’s what he’s told us between one trick and another. Walter, what’s the meaning of coaching for you? “For me, coaching is a term that goes beyond learning and education. It’s a strong engagement. After the activities that I did in the past years, I wanted to create different projects that could reach important results in the training environment. I call this approach Coaching 3.0. Today, we live in a world where the Story Telling turned into StorySelling: establishing a strong connection to sell a product. My personal attitude is the Story-Coaching: one moment where contents are conveyed through emotions. People don’t realize how many information they can obtain in this way, in just a few times, because everything seems just a euphoric and happy moment. Magic is just a special effect that that is used as a catalyst”. In his new coach show “the art to solve the impossible”, Walter teaches how to obtain what seems impossible in our everyday life, how to manage companies’ resources, how to increase the turnover; all way down to reveal his secret to be happy. And that’s nothing small! Once ended the interview, we participated to one of his coaching sessions. We actually saw something impossible on stage, but then he gave us the proof that impossible doesn’t exist and in that moment, every message that he sent was strong and entered our minds. This formula is very successful, Walter confirms that his coaching sessions, almost every time, end with a standing ovation from the audience, thrilled

Walter can be depicted as a versatile chameleon who can design strategies and employ them in specific models.

of what they’ve felt during the show (this happens also thanks to 30 years of stage presence of Walter who can turn every session into an international show). Walter, what is the structure of your coaching method? How’s your Coaching 3.0 like? He stares at us for a while, then he takes my pen and makes it disappear and reappear right in front of me. After he finished to explain how he did, he says: “Here. That’s my coaching. I ask people to do things, I ask for their complete involvement, I create unforgettable memories. My training sessions can last 6-8 hours with a program that is built together with my clients according to the company’s objectives. There’s one part dedicated to theory followed by 4 hours of team building (brand new and invented by Rolfo Ed.) with the advantage of leaving to my guests some tangible objects, little magic tricks that they will propose again to their families, children, colleagues, always thinking about the message behind the game. Like yourself, now you want to go home or to your office and show your friends this trick right? It’s a strong ice-breaker for a salesman don’t you think?”.



Walter works also during conventions, where he gives his Companies can choose between many activities, not only the emotional speeches for one hour. There’s a news, though: 3.0 Coaching sessions. “I love to propose this concept - says the coaching live show as the closure of a convention. By Walter - it’s the Guerrilla Magic. Magic puts people in front paying the same price for a coaching session or a show, of something physically impossible to do, it plays with our you hand the finale of your convention to Walter who turns perceptions, with our idea of reality. This guerrilla marketing everything in a surprising event. The audience doesn’t even idea, thanks to illusionism, can be applied to a brand or a realize the importance of the messages product, creating the unexpected for The most effective themes? is receiving, because they are conveyed the public. The Guerrilla Magic is used Creativity, leadership, salesmanship in a subtle way, through magic. This during conventions to give visibility to and communication with “The art of makes Walter’s events very effective to solve the impossible” as leitmotiv. something, it can also blend with the both for the company and for the public, concept of flash mob and involve many connecting every kind of budget to the functionality of the people gathered in a specific location. To launch the DigitAlb show. platform in Albania, a man was suspended at 30 meters in the air for more than one hour, above the national museum in Tirana. Preparing a 3.0 Coaching session is not easy. Walter and People tried to understand what was going on, they were his staff work to satisfy a company’s needs, together with fascinated by how this thing could be possible”. The strategy its directors and managers. The shows are always tailor- behind the event made it catch the attention of every media in made and Walter’s talent lies in his ability to go on stage and Tirana, people looked above their heads for the extraordinary. act as if he knows the lines by heart, that he has done this thing for decades (and actually, he has) people can’t believe This giant machine works because Masters of Magic, Walter’s that such event is thought precisely for them. The most production company, chose magic as mean of communication. effective themes? Creativity, leadership, salesmanship, “Magic - says Rolfo - has always been considered just as communication. The art of to solve the impossible is the entertainment, but actually its values, such wonder and leitmotiv. Educational concepts are linked to his idea, for amazement, are important to bring the extraordinary in the example the company Dodo - Pomellato, this year has ordinary. Promises that many people make during events, but reached, a +32% of turnover thanks to Walter’s coaching just with words. Masters of Magic uses magic to transmit sessions. meaningful contents”.



These ideals are transformed into a show where you see incredible things happen on stage. In this time of history, where everything seems old, banal and hackneyed, being the first - or the only one - to propose a new kind of entertainment makes Masters of Magic commercially strong and interesting. Two examples. Infinity: the company gives the input - as Wind did by asking for “strong messages and passion” - and Walter’s staff create a customized show, supported by a network of 1350 artists from all over the world. Or Eclipse: dinner show. The whole evening is linked to magic, starting from the menu (the waiter makes the bread appear on the table, the chef does the same thing but with the dishes and on stage, the artists perform their show surrounded by the tables of the guests like in Vegas). People are bombarded with emotions from beginning to end. And obviously, everything can be customized. We leave Walter to his new projects and we go home with a new awareness. The one that the impossible doesn’t exist. We just have to put aside the Aristotelic thought that links point A to a point B with a straight line, we have to work around our obstacles like the

magician does: he is the most sincere person in the world because he promises that he’ll fool you and he does it in front of your eyes, leaving behind him the wonder and the will to do it again. “Life is too short - ends Valter - to stop in front of a No and waste another chance. I want that everyone can live their lives saying Yes to their dreams. Because Walt Disney taught me that…if you can dream it, you can do it”. G. Merini



BEAUTIFUL. UGLY. The two sides of art.


hen we talk about art it seems to have a slippery bar of soap in our hands. It’s a word with the consistency of a bubble. It’s a concept, a value, it’s an estimate, a perception or intuition; sometimes it’s just a remark. Art. It’s intimidating, it can cause admiration, it can reawaken fears, keeping himself company and decorating the thing our attention or just cross our path without being noticed that today we call home. or appreciated. It can create a sense of disgust, repulsion, anger, and this happens because there aren’t objective So what’s beautiful? What can be defined ugly? What has criteria for this kind of evaluation. Art touches the most value and what not? intimate and private parts of ourselves It is not possible to determine with Someone has tried to set the standards that are hardly computable. Art moves certainty what is beautiful and what of beauty. The parameter of perfection our subconscious, it makes us smile or is ugly. has characterized the entire Greek era, cry, it makes us ask for more, like an uncontrollable desire of beauty that we wish it could match where the sculpture was considered as the closest thing to excellence and was taken as a model in all arts. The body, seen with our vision of personal and moral cleanliness. through Greek ideal, is something beautiful and harmonious: its perfect proportions are what made this style the concept Art. What is art? This question goes back of perfection that we also have today. And it’s from the to the dawn of time, in the caves where ancient Greece (5th century B.C.) that the real rules of beauty Neanderthal scratched the stones are born and established worldwide. with mud and the blood of his prey, exorcising his There have been many periods and interpretations of beauty. Beauty as matched forms and materials in Michelangelo’s first works, as the David and the Pietà. Beauty as a challenge, like the flaming gothic cathedrals or the high towers made of steel and glass, built to fight the skies.


Le Tre Grazie, Antonio Canova


David, Michelangelo Buonarroti

Germany has also had its delusion about beauty, interpreted as the “perfection of the race”, something so absurd to be almost inconceivable, if only today these concepts weren’t used by plastic surgeons who draw on the skin of their customers/patients like new Canovas. Talking about patients, they are surely patient since they undergo many operations to achieve their idea of beauty as if they were made of marble and needed to be more and more smooth.

Il Ratto di Proserpina, Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Truth is that is not possible to determine with certainty what is beautiful and what is ugly. Too many cultural, social and emotional factors intervene. This is valid for art but also for all the other things. It can happen - actually it always happen - that what we call beautiful something really similar to reality. Being good at drawing is easily recognizable and it’s even clearer when the artwork is a faithful copy of reality. Generally speaking, with some indication, anyone can do it. There are rules to follow and small tricks, for example: the border between light and shadow is not dark, but bright. So, the more it looks like reality, the more we say something is beautiful. Finally, as we say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or even more, in the heart or in the brain; because it’s a

Dione e Afrodite, frontone est del Partenone


La notte stellata, Vincent Van Gogh

transient glance, a quick movement, an irrational alternative that is more frequent that we think. For this reason, it’s important to try and recognize a value that doesn’t belong exactly to the classical beauty but takes other visual roads where contents and thoughts are very different. The assessment is not always determined by how much an artwork looks like reality, it is also built on the interpretation of the artist, on the thought that’s behind an image or a specific form, even the absence of an object can influence our perception of a painting or a statue and finally, there’s the ability of art to send a message.

Les demoiselles d’Avignon, Pablo Picasso


Since the times of Impressionism, artists started to abandon the necessity of reaching the objective reality in favor of their own interpretation. Van Gogh’s paintings are not credible, they are the product


Summertime, Jackson Pollock

of his anger, strong strokes taken from the land and thrown on canvass. His sunflowers shine of his personal light and the crows aren’t just black birds, they are nightmares.

Following this dynamic, beauty and art find their own composition in a guideline that, once synthetized, it can be brought back to three simple concepts:

We can see the deep reasoning behind a work of art in Alberto Giacometti’s fragile, stick-like figures: “I always have the impression, or the feeling, of humanity’s weakness, it’s like we need an incredible energy to just stand up, moment after moment” (Alberto Giacometti, Un Homme Parmi les Autres di Jean-Marie Drot). These are the artworks that give more value to the concept than to formal perfection.

1) Evaluate the whole project and not just one artwork. 2) Identify the thought, the idea behind the artwork: it must say something that goes beyond its appearance. 3) Recognize a path.

Speaking of beauty criteria that go beyond the simple appearance, entering the world of the artwork, we must mention to the master of rapture and metaphysical. No, it’s not De Chirico, who’s obviously in my top ten, but I’d consider more Picasso. I believe that he’s the greatest artist from a wide perspective; his ability of shaping reality into anything is breathtaking and he could really dig into the material to discover what was hidden for all of us. He used to say: “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”. The artistic equivalent of Steve Jobs and his: “It’s better to be a pirate than join the navy”. In Picasso everything goes beyond belief. Everything is beautiful if we stop looking at the plausible and we look for an intimate reality. Cubism, which Picasso was one of the greatest representatives (together with Georges Braque, Guillaume Apollinaire, Robert Delaunay, Marcel Duchamp) is a decomposition of reality where the artist knows how to use fragments of shapes to get away from reality; not because he’s not able to represent it properly (Picasso was one of the most important realistic portraitist of his time and maybe of history), but simply because he’s not interested into what is visible to Visage de Marie-Thérèse, Pablo Picasso our naked eye.

We give value to art even when we know or perceive the story behind an image, it’s the artist’s story, the one of a man or woman guided by their passion to follow an idea, reach the excellence and satisfy their own needs. They go further to catch the eye of the audience, like a burning arrow on the sky of the future. Artists are being creative exhausting job, uncertainty and the them every day. misunderstood, of their true value The difficulty is in an explanation. It’s the artwork comes need, a personal artist, before of a reality. It’s towards the perfect be reached.

brave people. Because is a hard, intense and often dominated by risk of failure that haunts Their works are often underrated, emptied and deep meaning. understanding without a windy path, because to life from an intimate investigation of the becoming a representation a continuous exploration canvass, something that won’t

Anyway, going back to concept of beautiful or ugly his painting of Marie-Thérèse 30 million dollars…and this has with personal opinions!

Picasso and the art, the value of Walter, is 20nothing to do

S. Viola

Falling man, Alberto Giacometti




Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, Cina

The world’s strangest hotels The hotel is not only a place where to stay while you’re away from home. It’s a haven, a reference, an experience to be lived and shared with others. Today, even more than in the past, it’s important for the hotelier to leave a mark in the minds and hearts of the guests. A challenge that is definitely won by the 50 hotels that Wired IT presented on its chart as the strangest of the world, real examples of originality that easily emerge from the long lists of hotels from, and many others. From the suspended rooms in the Inca Valley (Peru) to the ones in Hogwarts style of the London’s Georgian House,

Yellow Sub, Liverpool, Regno Unito V8 Hotel, Stoccarda, Germania


for Harry Potter’s biggest fans; from the igloo rooms with a view on the Nordic sky at the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland to the architectural masterpiece of Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort in China; and then to Italy that shows its originality with the Bivacco Gervasutti, one pearl on the Mont Blanc. Fifty hotels to browse, dream of and - budget permitting - to book. Among these 50, we want you to give a look at: The Library Hotel, New York, United States. Books everywhere. With thematic rooms based on your favorite literary genre. Inntel Amsterdam Zaandamn, Amsterdam, Holland Why limit yourself with just one style? V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany Between carwash and small gas stations, this hotel is the dream of every vintage car’s fan. Leuchtturm, Breege, Germany Take a lighthouse and turn it into a hotel. Here come the magic. iRooms, Roma, Italy Thematic rooms, like the one with a digital panorama at 360°. Quinta Real Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico History and luxury in one hotel. Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China An architectonic jewel directly from the Arabian Nights. Yellow Sub, Liverpool, United Kingdom A yellow submarine in the Beatles’ hometown. Unmissable. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California, United States The ship hasn’t sailed for a long time, but its cabins still host new visitors. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland Falling asleep under the sky of the North is priceless. Isn’t it?


Quinta Real Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Messico

Hotel Legoland, Billund, Denmark The perfect place to celebrate the passion for colored bricks. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah, United States A Spa among the rocks of a Canyon. 100% luxury. Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Chile A waterfall just a few centimeters from your windows. Wow! The Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts, United States It’s like living in a gigantic mall. Henn Na Hotel, Sasebo, Japan The only staff members are robots, like the fantastic dinosaur at the reception.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finlandia

Henn Na Hotel, Sasebo, Giappone

The Liberty, Boston, Massachusetts, Stati Uniti

Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo Huilo Reserve, Cile



Dogalize The new social network for animals lovers is called Dogalize and in two years has reached more than 350 thousand users. Today it launches a new project that aims to involve pet-friendly hotels and beaches: “The world of hotels, beaches and places that welcome domestic animals is a phenomenon that it’s exploding also in Italy and it’s positively affecting the cases of pet abandonment”, says with a note Dogalize. For this reason, the social network is showing to its users every structure that is open to accept animals, giving them the chance to become a Dogalize Partner. Moreover: for each pet-friendly business subscribed to Dogalize, the association will give 50 euros and a month of meals to one of those who support the initiative Aiutaci ad aiutarti.

City insiders: a trip with the VIPs for the guests of Rocco Forte Hotels In this world of experiential tourism, having a local as a guide to cities or to any other kind of destination, is one of the most desired feature of a traveler. A need that Rocco Forte Hotels noticed and decided to satisfy by launching City Insiders: a network of ambassadors to give the hotels’ guests a real stay in the name of authenticity. Considering the value of Rocco Forte, its locals are definitely peculiar: that is 30 VIPs - 3 for each hotel of the Group - who will lead customers to discovers their favorite locations, the most important and curious activities and the places that are usually hard to find. Once arrived in their room, guests will find a list of 10 cards containing some suggestions from their City Insiders. Among them, in London there are the model David Gandy and Sir Paul Smith (famous English stylist), in

Ponte Longjiang, Cina


Berlin, professor Thomas Olbricht, curator of The Olbricht Collection (one of the greatest private collection in Europe), in Munich there’s Prince Luitpold von Bayern, owner of the Nympheburg Porcelain Manufactory, in Saint Petersburg Mrs Shorena Dzhinali, director of Saint Petersburg’s Christian Dior boutique. The Italian ambassadors of the Russie Hotel in Rome are: Pierluigi Roscioli, manager and owner of the famous restaurant and wine bar Roscioli, countess Marina Cicogna, one of the most famous filmmakers in Italy and Mr. Fulvio Pierangelini, celebrity chef. The City Insiders of Verdura Resort in Sicily are: Domenico Macaluso, honorary inspector of Cultural Heritage department, the knight Diego Planeta, owner of Cantine Planeta and finally Accursio Gulino, Sicilian artist who’s displayed his artworks all over the world. For the Savoy Hotel in Florence, you can count of the advice of Laudomia Pucci, CEO&Image Director of Pucci, Allegra Antinori, member of the prestigious family of wine makers and Natalie Rucellai, Managing Director of the well-known PR agency PRco, based in London and New York.

Colossal bridge in China Travelling at 280 meters above the ground for 2.4 kilometers. The experience is possible in China, where the suspended bridge Longjiang was completed and inaugurated. The structure rises in the province of Yunnan, in the southeast part of the country. Majestic, as it’s easy to think, also the budget required to build the bridge: a total of 1.5 billion yuan, equal to 230 million dollars. As highlights and as it’s shown in its gallery the distance between the two central towers is 1196 meters, meaning just a little less than the Golden Gate in San Francisco.

MICE NEWS After the sky, EasyJet travel…by foot.

ArcelorMittal Orbit, Londra

The world’s longest slide Everything is ready, the tickets are already on sale: the world’s longest slide is about to open. It’s in London, it has 178 meters of dive, designed by the German artist Carsten Höller, who worked on the Orbit’s restoration, the London tower shaped as a DNA string realized by Anish Kapoor in 2012. Thirty sections, 12 curves, in some spots it’s also possible to reach 24 km/h and the descents lasts 40 seconds. The opening is planned for the 24th june but the tickets are already purchasable online: 13euros for adults and half for children who must be taller than 130 centimeters.

Hyperloop one: a supersonic train at 1200 km/h Just a few meters of rail in the desert of Nevada. This is what it takes to check the motor’s functionality of the Hyperloop One, the futuristic train that can travel up to 1.200 km/h. The tests’ results were positive and architects and designers are encouraged to share hypothesis of starting the service in 2021. The innovation behind the Hyperloop project, wanted by Elon’s Musk SpaceX, consists in the creation of a pipe where inside futuristic trains will reach velocities that nowadays are possible only to planes that use compressed air and magnetic strength. After these tests, they will build the first tunnel of 1.5km in order to proceed with the first trip. Once reality, Hyperloop One will be able to cover the 600km that divide Los Angeles from San Francisco, in just 34 minutes.

will change

the way we

The airline company has invented the Sneakairs. A pair of EasyJet customized shoes equipped with an innovative insole, adaptable to every kind of shoe and that will guide any traveler in his/her trips. How? Thanks to some sensors that, connected to the smartphone, provide the indications on the itinerary. As shown on a video posted on YouTube by EasyJet, people will just need to select their destination on their mobile phone. After that, they can put it in their pockets because the shoes will show them the way through some vibrations: left foot to go left, right foot to go right. A double vibration will suggest to go back, while three vibrations will confirm that the destination’s been reached. The project is still in beta testing in Spain where the company has launched The Barcelona Street Project. Once the tests will be over, this new insole could be sold on board of the EasyJet fleet.

Ape Tizer Ape Tizer is the new way to bring the techniques of slow cooking and healthy food in the streets of Italy. With a pinch of irony and a whole of independence, Giovanni and Lorenzo are working on adapting the gourmet cuisine to a high quality street food by cooking at low temperatures in order to keep the fragrances intact. The duo proposes something healthy and innovative, an entire world of flavors on three wheels. Where tradition and creativity meet at the same table; or better, in the same square!




La Thuile La Thuile, a city situated at the extreme north-west of the Aosta Valley at an altitude of 1.450 meters, preserves the atmosphere of the authentic village in the mountains, surrounded by the nature of the Alps. The name of the city originates from the latin “tegula”: with the word “thuile” people refer to the “lose”, big rock plates that cover the roof of their traditional houses. La Thuile is strategically situated at just 15km from the French borders and close to Courmayeur, for this reason, people can explore over 160km of ski slopes between Italy and France. The ski area Espace San Bernardo links La Thuile to La Rosière, to ski during the whole season (with 37 ski lifts and 80 ski runs). It’s also possible to enjoy off site activities such as Snowcross, Snowkite, Fat-biking, cross country skiing, Nordic walking, mountain-climbing, Eliski and Freeside; while at the Skyway -new name of the Monte Bianco’s cable car - people can reach 3.500meters and admire the astonishing beauty of the Alps. Summer is the best time of the year to have long walks and excursions on mountain bike, practice trekking and climbing. The Rutor waterfalls are a breath taking must-see. Every summer, the equestrian centre Cheval D’Aoste, organizes tours on horseback and pony trekking in the mountains. Fishermen can catch trouts in the Verney lake at 2.088mt.


Who prefers a relaxed vacation can choose between the various greens in the close Courmayeur and play golf, or visit the roman monuments in Aosta and enjoy the special treatments of Pré Saint Didier and Nira Montana Spa. La Thuile is famous also for its culinary tradition, in fact, in 2009 it was appointed “City of Chocolate”, in addition to this prize, when visiting it it’s important not to miss: the Tometta, a local delicacy of milk and hazelnut chocolate and hazelnuts from Piemonte, the Torta 1441 or the dark chocolate from La Cremerie. Don’t forget to try the Motzetta, cured meat from bovine, chamois, deer or boar; the local salami named Boudin and the Fontina, always present in every typical meal of the region. Visit La Thuile and live like a real “tchullein”! M. Saccenti

Luxury and nature meet in one unforgettable show. Nira Hotels & Resorts offers a unique approach to hospitality, based on the ability to propose a holistic experience, where time and space acquire one only and complete meaning. An elegant and relaxing location welcomes the guests with a warm professionalism, courtesy and by delighting them with infinite attentions.

Nira Montana is the first 5 stars hotel in La Thuile, (Aosta Valley). Member of the Design Hotels, it brings to this destination new high standards of accommodation. The building is located at the foot of Mont Blanc in the picturesque citadel of La Thuile and it presents 55 rooms and suites. The hotel design is typical of the area and reminds of the traditional houses of the valley, wood and stones add elegance and value to all its three floors. For Nira Montana, the territory is paramount and so are its roots and history, for these reasons they put the maximum efforts and commitment while designing the hotel. It is, in fact, a structure that has a low environmental impact, that uses excellent materials and products with a high thermal insulation.

The mountain’s lovers can find the Nira Montana very appealing since it’s located just a few minutes from many ski runs and some of the most evocative trekking trails in the Alps. A special note for wellness: the Nira Spa makes available for its guests one covered pool, 4 rooms for massages and therapies, a generous wet area with sauna and a steam room and a fitness center with Technogym machines. The Stars Restaurant, mentioned in the Espresso Guide 2016 as one of the best in the Aosta Valley, promotes a gastronomic experience completely Italian in a location designed to welcome with style.

…Let the show begin! Nira Montana - Località Arly, 87 - 11016 La Thuile, Italy Tel. +39 0165 88 31 25 - 35



We do wash our hands.


ilan. Underground Yellow line. Rush hour.

We are all packed like sardines on this coach, So why don’t we do it in a safe, eco-friendly and fun way? struggling between the sneezes of allergic people and the Yes, because differently from many other sanitizers that aim continuous coughing of those who still can’t follow this crazy just to the effectiveness of the product, the Kub family was created also thinking about its design. weather of May. I sink my head between According to the World Health Its surprising colors and seductive my shoulders, pulling the scarf over my Organization, around the 80% of lines, remove the strange anxiety we face while trying to stay balanced; I’d contagious diseases are spread have whenever we use this kind of do anything to avoid the handrail where through our hands. product in public. a kid’s just put his hand after blowing his nose. My hellish trip continues like this for the next 10 Let’s be honest: we’ve never heard of an appealing sanitizer, stops, but finally I can reach the office and wash my hands. but Touchland – a Spanish company, founded by the young My little phobia is well known also among my colleagues, maybe that’s the reason why they left on my desk something that, at first, I thought was a mix between a candy box and the latest technologic device from Apple. Of course, it was neither of those things, but it would’ve solved my problem with germs all over the world! It’s called Kub2go and it’s a portable hand sanitizer, it’s the little brother of Kub, projected and designed for large retailers. But what’s exactly this little thing? And why do I have the feeling that I won’t be able to live without it? Kub2go is a liquid sanitizer that, once vaporized on your hands, it cleanses and disinfects them without using water. According to the World Health Organization, around the 80% of contagious diseases are spread through our hands and the best way to avoid a contamination is to keep them clean.


entrepreneur Andrea Lisbona - decided to bet on design and quality, offering an innovative and useful product to the market; with the addition that it can contribute to the global revolution against water’s wastage. Every time we wash our hands, we waste 2 liters of this precious resource.


An ordinary action for us, an increasing The question comes up almost sponhazard for the rest of the world; in fact taneously: why nobody has thought about it’s estimated that in 2025, two-thirds of this before? the population will have limited access to water. Touchland, besides disinfecting, Sinergie Live Communication always it’s on the frontline to fight this issue: with welcomes new ideas, while its care for the just three sprays, your hands will be sanitized environment and cultures is part of its DNA. For without needing water. Kub and Kub2go are hand these reasons, the agency decided to become the sanitizer suitable for companies and final users. Both ambassador of this project, in the name of a Corporate versions are have reached the European Standard EN 1500 Social Responsibility towards our planet and a commitment (hygienic hand rub) and are super easy to use. You can choose to its customers. Hoping to raise the awareness on the among 7 different fragrances and it’s important theme of water wastage, Sinergie Live Communication decided also possible to customized the label; Sinergie is planning to give one Kub2go to become the ambassador of this moreover, each sanitizer contains aloe to every guest of its incentive travels. project, in the name of a Corporate vera to moisturize your skin. It’s a small deed for a serious cause and Social Responsibility towards our if it’s going to become a habit or a trend planet. We are looking at an innovative, smart (Kub2go is easily purchasable online) it and eco-friendly product (the 5% of the company’s profit is will be just another small contribution from an agency to the used to ship Touchland goods to developing countries, where improvement of everybody’s lives. the scarcity of water and low hygiene conditions cause the diffusion of many infective diseases). F. Passoni



SALONE dei PAGAMENTI 2016 Future calls for a Payvolution.

How will our futuristic society react to its citizens’ needs who, surely appreciate simplicity and velocity, but at the same time demand safety and respect for their privacy. In front of such a growing convergence between tools and channels, are we really going to say goodbye to our bills? Will our wallets be overtaken by one single credit card, suitable for every kind of payment? What is the No cash policy and which scenarios shall we expect in the next few years? These are the main topics of the Salone dei Pagamenti, the first Italian event related to payments’ evolution and innovation. An occasion to reunite banks, companies, clients and end users to share doubts and more importantly, knowledge and certainties on the subject.


he constant evolution of payments is often subject to many considerations and critiques. In a world where the e-commerce is rapidly becoming the main tool to do shopping, where new technologies are used to make our transactions faster and always more automated, plenty of people are wondering what is going to the future of their payments. Which boundaries can be overcome both in terms of hardware and software, which new apps will be confirmed in the market, allowing us to pay with our NFC - enabled smartphones by simply touching a button or a photocell.


AbiEventi, AbiServizi’s society specialized in conventions dedicated to the banking and financial fields, decided to treasure Sinergie Group’s expertise to make a “qualitative leap” and organize together the next two editions of the exhibition. Their collaboration will lead to a national event that will put together technical and educational contents in order to reach a wider audience. The target isn’t either B2B nor B2C, is the step forward: the B2B2C: customers, producers and professionals, together with universities and students.


The Salone dei Pagamenti will take place at the MiCo congress center in Milan, next 9th, 10th and 11th November. The organizers decided that the entrance will be free, right to underline the fact that things like discussions and conversations have no price, especially if oriented to create a positive awareness of something that is close to home.

people are going to be the protagonists of this society’s change, even more than adults. Because of this, the FEDUF (Organisation for Financial Education and Savings Plans) is going to bring to the Salone dei Pagamenti its proposals to offer students from primary schools and high schools a complete and interactive financial education.

Over 100 lecturers will come from all over the world to share One heterogeneous public, different generations and with their public the international and European scenarios social individuals will join a discussion that wants to be an linked to the ever-changing payment methods. They will innovative project, something that can be an important present the best practices, introducing tool and solutions reference to the Italian world behind payments. to welcome this new chapter of global Are we really going to say goodbye to Sinergie Group will support the economy and finance. our bills? Will our wallets be overtaken organization of the event by managing by one single credit card, suitable for There will be five thematic itineraries the entire communication plan. The every kind of payment? These are the (banking, corporate, public admini- topics of the Salone dei Pagamenti. agency will deal with the website stration, small business & VAT, and its contents, alongside with the final users & education) which will promote one positive customized platform to manage the guests’ flow who will environment built on sharing, networking and updating come to the convention. The communicational materials will lessons, hoping that this innovative event will grow new be adapted also for the social networks, right to reach also opportunities and business collaborations. those who use them in their everyday life. A gesture that not only will delete any possible generation gap but will also The main objective of the Salone dei Pagamenti is to round influence the communication of those sponsors and vendors up every Italian event on this matter, creating one unique that will participate in this big event. They will become an exhibition. Together with big financial and banking realities, entire media fleet which will promote Salone dei Pagamenti. the organization wants to consider also some startups and The event will be supported also by newsletters, Facebook blossoming companies to discuss new businesses and about and LinkedIn posts and live tweeting with daily hashtags. how the consequences of this evolution will affect our sales habits and personal behaviors. We could say, that young S. Beretta



SKYBOX SINERGIE When CRM means party.

The word CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is well known to businessmen, it’s a term that always more companies have decided to put into the list of fundamental tasks of their Marketing & Communication departments. The CRM is an actual approach useful to analyze needs, requests and every other important information linked to prospective customers: to the most valuable ones or to those that have just entered the company’s portfolio. The main objective of managing the relationship with customers is to anticipate their demand, creating a two-way conversation that, if well conducted, leads to a sales growth and to the satisfaction of the company’s targets; creating an enduring connection between the two parties.


The more structure and details we give to our CRM strategy, the more customers will get close to our company, letting themselves be intrigued by the customized activities and contents which seem created just for them.

Enterprises are getting used to the tool of CRM. Besides their talent to propose innovative and high- The CRM is also communication, or quality products to the market, they maybe we should say that is especially also address their attention to the communication. And in the same way customer: the only real figure that the biggest mistakes of a company can can affect the success or the failure spread online, also the greatest results of a project, or worse, of an entire in terms of customer relationship have company. CRM doesn’t mean just to a strong impact on consumers who, in create an engaging marketing plan and most cases, decide to become the real to invest in the latest IT systems that ambassadors of the brand. Whether can register customers’ preferences. It we use emails, posts on social is necessary to make the relationship networks or newsletters, the contact between the company, targets, with the customer is paramount to understand and processes as CRM doesn’t mean just to create an how to harmonic as possible. engaging marketing plan. change or Only if we do so, we can obtain a high level of customer loyalty that will make people get used to a certain brand, service or product.

correct some corporate strategies and behaviors to offer a unique service or product. The result is a strong brand


reputation that makes the brand stand out among the others in the market. But CRM activities go beyond the simple newsletters and giveaways. Sinergie Group, since last year, has decided to add value to the time spent with its customers by using the new SkyBox areas in the Mediolanum Forum arena, in Milan. The SkyBox is an exclusive private room, reserved for the guests of the agency who can join a relaxed and informal environment while participating in the best events, even if sold out. Thanks to its exclusive and spectacular position, the view over the Arena is unique, as unique is the lounge bar and the private parking. An idea that is totally unconventional and that allows customers to see live some of the most important artists of the world. The calendar of the Mediolanum Forum is shared to clients, who are invited to join their relative salesman in the event (concerts, theatrical shows, and basketball matches).

characterized every other important show that remained in the memories of everyone who has participated. After every event, everyone is invited to leave their comments and signatures on the guest book at their disposal. A good result also for the CRM activity organized for the finals of X Factor 2016. Sinergie Group offered to the most loyal customers the chance to see the talent’s final event live from the SkyBox. In order to select fairly the guests and guarantee the same possibilities to each one of them, they were asked to share with the

agency what is the key element that made them work with the Group. Their answer couldn’t come with an email, of course, they needed to do so much better than that! In fact, they had to present their most creative tweets. Just a few days before the event, Sinergie Group created the hashtag #xfactormadeinsinergie on Twitter and Facebook and asked its customers to share on the social networks a simple sentence that would summarize their idea of Sinergie, leaving to its jury of accounts and creatives the hard task to select the most original ones. The tweets on the page @Sinergie_Mi on Twitter and on Facebook, were the proof that confirmed the fact

The opening of the SkyBox CRM project goes back to October 2015, when Sinergie Group had the chance to offer its customers an amazing event during the MTV EMA 2015. An impressive evening where international artists made everybody dance and sing inside the SkyBox, sharing this incredible moment of the history of show business. The event was commented live by Sinergie Group through its first live tweeting, an action that has



that CRM means also using every channel Give the proper importance to the at disposal, in the best way. Through customer. Take into consideration his this “young” and unconventional way to ideas, needs and how he perceives the communicate, Sinergie Group reached company. This is the final objective of the objective of letting its customers CRM. The CRM aims, through stable enter the world interpersonal Sinergie Group, since last year, has of the agency relationships decided to add value to the time itself that has and the collespent with its customers by using shown its playful ction of data the new SkyBox areas. and informal that comes from personality. Because CRM sometimes them, to create always new projects, represents a surprise. A different way products and services. It’s a virtuous to look at yourself independently from circle, first based on the self-respect business and letting it go by being for one’s brand image and for the involved in a relationship that is mainly customer, besides the fundamental human, made of gestures, friendly talks will of knowing each other. With an and desire to be together. efficient communication, accurately

declined in every field, is possible to create strong relationships that bring long-term benefits to customers - that will be satisfied with the product/ service and will share the experience with others - and to the company in terms of sales and brand reputation. This first year of SkyBox will end in October, among concerts, shows and unforgettable sports matches in the arena of the Mediolanum Forum in Milan…but the MarCom department is already working on new CRM strategies, ready to amaze and involve those customers who have always placed their trust in Sinergie Group. F. Passoni

From Sinergie Group’s SkyBox.





UP TO 15TH OCTOBER 2016 (updated on the 30th May)





14-15-17-18-20-21ST MAY















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NAMIBIA WITH SPECIAL The trip you don’t expect.


amibia it’s a land of infinite landscapes, majestic dunes and wild animals that live freely in a territory that is both immense and unaltered by time. Where the Namib desert meets the ocean and the bush of the savannah dots the coast that welcomes the sun every night, while the sky turns orange. Because of its infinite expanse of red sand and the distance that separates one city from another, as if they were some little oasis from a mirage, Namibia is one of the most extreme places on earth. Having a trip in this country means to leave any kind of order and comfort of civilization behind, accepting one of the oldest territories of the African continent.

An important for such demanding tasks, turning them choice that has to into great possibilities. be made once you’re traveling by yourself, After almost one year of planning, but if you intend to organize an Special managed to take Allianz incentive trip for more than fifty people, Bank’s best financial advisors, their then the challenge becomes really families and the Top Management of interesting. And the company, in Where the Namib desert meets the for “interesting” I Namibia for their ocean and the bush of the savannah mean with a high “Incanto” trip. To dots the coast that welcomes the risk of failure, enjoy the African sun every night. without any landscapes and possible plan B at your disposal. wonders at their best, the guests headed out for a real travelers’ Namibia isn’t usually proposed as experience: a 360° adventure that a destination for incentive trips. emphasized the emotions that only a Transfers - which require an airplane country like Namibia can give, but only most of the time, because of the to those who decide to embrace the giant distances from one city to unexpected! another - and the logistic behind such a complex experience, make people The idea that this trip would’ve been chose an alternative. Just think about different from any other was clear in the the management of a simple dinner exact instant the guests reached the in the desert, distant at least 4 hours capital Windhoek: a small city located from the capital: what if you forget in the center of Namibia, with no more something? For this and many other than 300 thousand residents. In this reasons, there were some travel occasion, they lived the enthusiasm agencies that decided not to deal and euphoria typical of the Sunday with this kind of destination, leaving market in first person, surrounded by the challenge up to someone else. the locals and with no sign of tourist This someone was, of course, Special, activities: quite a singular happening, Sinergie Group’s boutique incentive. A team that has always shown its passion



sand dust meet along the coast, from Swakopmund to Sandwich Harbour; a stretch of land ventured on private Land Rovers.

since it usually never happens during an incentive travel not to see tourists around you, but this first day made everyone aware of the exciting experience ahead. After the first stop in Windhoek, Allianz Bank traveled all over Namibia on board of 10 private Cessna, a fleet that guided them throughout the whole trip. Namibia means also safari. And the clients had the chance to see elephants, zebras, giraffes and the big African felines; all of them in the Etosha National Park: a salt desert

“It seems a land


with white sand. In the same place, they participated to many excursions in the savannah, followed by entertaining evenings and dinners under the stars. Well far from the capital, in the middle of the bush, Allianz Bank was the protagonist of a jam session from the African Cafè: the Namibian band offered a unique moment of aggregation and cultural exchange that touched everyone. Nature as far as the eye can see. Endless and powerful, with its waves that break against the dunes; and yet calm, like the wind that from the dawn of time designs their crests. The blue sea foam and the flaming

A breathtaking view that kept company to the guests until a special point in the desert, right after descending a dune, a unique surprise: a white set up, ready for a quick reception after driving on the seaside. For Allianz Bank, one special break with champagne and oysters; because even if the trip is adventurous, Special knows how to pamper its customers. The wonder caused by this unusual surprise continued when guests were informed of the location for their dinner: the renowned Tug Restaurant. A culinary institution in Swakopmund, where people can taste the best fish of Namibia. Left the terra firma behind, the experience continued on dedicated catamarans, looking for the marine wildlife of the area: sea lions, dolphins and pelicans. Not just savannah, not only deserts that dive into the ocean; some parts of Namibia seem to belong to another planet. The rocky area on the north of the Namib desert is in fact called Moon Landscape because it reminds of the lunar surface with its craters, impressive canyons and mountainous formations. This place is so evocative that’s been selected by the director

of sun and sky. Now tha t’s nig ht, it Now that th is a f e nigh ragra t sme nce, lls th it is a is g o rustle od, I . can e xtend my hand and touch the



But also unique, moving, exciting, free in its vastness and definitely worth of a visit once in a lifetime. Special accepted this challenge and put itself to test one more time trying to manage a successful trip without forgetting its high standards of comfort. The challenge was won thanks to Special’s sense of teamwork and its attention to those details that would’ve been easy to manage elsewhere but not in Namibia; passion and professionalism above all: this is what really enlivens the boutique incentive in all of its trips.

George Miller for his movie Mad Max: Fury Road. A desolated setting that is at the same time breathtaking. Allianz Bank enjoyed this location during a gala dinner organized right in the valley: hundreds of candles lit the night, while fire dancers accompanied the performance of Ann Singer, a young icon for the Namibian music culture. One last panoramic flight took the guests at the final destination of the journey: Sossusvlei. From their Cessna, they could admire one last time the contrasts of the sandy dunes against the ocean and then the coast getting dotted by wreckage, sea lion colonies and mines. A landscape that is always able to give incredible emotions, like the one that Allianz Bank had once they reached Dead Vlei: a big hollow in the desert that is possible to reach only by walking on the dunes’ crests. There, the acacia trees once alive and luxuriant, are today as black as coal

because of the drought that hit the area during the time. The dark colors of their cortex, the white sand and the pink-orange shades of the desert that surround Dead Vlei, make this place an unforgettable must see.

Victory must be shared also with Allianz Bank, a customer that wanted to trust Special’s talent in picking something different from the usual incentive trip, this time betting on emotions and not on 5stars hotels and restaurants.

This choice was definitely appreciated It’s a territory like the Namibian one by everyone, as the feedback sheets that makes us given to the custoThe challenge was won thanks to think about how mer can confirm. Special’s sense of teamwork and its geographical its attention to details: passion and They were in fact dimension is hard professionalism above all. given back with to approach. A the best mark country needs a wider glance and an ever received by Special, which has open mind to catch every big or small finally reached the 100% redemption pearl it can offer. Special wanted to vote. give to Allianz Bank the chance to see Namibia from another point of view, One successful event in an adventurous even higher than from their Cessna. destination, one important goal for After waking up at dawn, the guests bid those who managed to make guests live their farewell to Namibia on board of a a new experience in complete comfort, hot air balloon, once more impressed keeping the standards as high as a by the surreal landscape of this special company like Allianz Bank shall expect. place. One unusual, complex, difficult destination. F. Passoni



LIVE COMMUNICATION Live or real life?


o you know the great annual wildlife migration in team (or athlete). And again, depending on their specific Africa? The same phenomenon repeats itself every taste, expectations or ideas, they will wander looking for the year also for us, but is often famous chef or the underestimated We feel alive if we are considered. If linked to some kind of event: like the artist who doesn’t seem to seek not, the virtual death is not so different same old band that announces one last publicity. from the physical one. Being absent is show before its retirement and after negative, being present is essential. a while it comes up with a second, a People need an excuse to be together. third, a tenth one, just because…the audience demanded It’s a fact. The certainty they find in sharing a common idea it. So the farewell event turns into a tedious tour like many is greater than the discomfort caused by the actual effort to others, where everything is identical except for the final reach the location, to pay for attending an event. Everything rigmarole full of nice words and emotions that can always is excusable if it’s done to participate. bring a tear to the eye. It’s the same for sports, be it football or any other discipline, if there’s a chance to see the match But what’s really behind this need of staying together? Of being of the century, people move massively to reach their favorite united? Do we have to feel that way at all costs? Is there any



that can put what we think is the right distance between us and the world. It’s such a paradox. We live when we are online! A few years back, someone created a social experiment - luckily not so successful - called Second Life. It wasn’t just a game, nor a website: it was - and it is - a real second life, where our virtual self can go shopping, buy a house, a car…with our real money we pay for our doppelganger, for who we’d like to be but can’t, in the real world. That project was an anticipation of what happened a little time later with Facebook and Twitter. A negative aspect of modern We practically live joined to our We send tweets about history is that people want to be smartphones that take pictures and ubiquitous, meaning that they videos, making us feeling alive in the where we’re going, what we are eating, who we want to participate in public instance of a connection. are meeting or what’s events to show off. Driven by important for us, even if it’s not for the their only desire to stand out, we could explain this attitude by recognizing a growing need to be admitted, acknowledged rest of the world. by someone else. We feel alive if we are considered. If not, the virtual death is not so different from the physical one. Being Social networks are full of cats, absent is negative, being present is essential. We must be dogs and birds that apparently are the most beautiful and intelligent there, even if we don’t know exactly where. of the world and can do something We must be live. We live to tell everyone that we are alive. unique…like thousands more on the However, to do so, we hide behind a nickname, we wear a mask internet. moral obligation to partake in some events? I don’t understand this will of being necessarily there, this new imperative to “have it all and now”, as if a postponed research would ruin our existence. Ultimately, there’s always an anxiety to be the first to arrive, to catch something that is inevitably too far from us and makes sense only if shared. Only if screamed together, danced together, remember the key word: participation. What about the pleasure of silence? Of those precious moments while reading a book in a calm afternoon in summer? Or the ones lived under a beech tree, while playing a soft music that Tityrus considered as a merciful peace of a God? What about the tales and stories whispered by the fireplace? Where’s the calm that guided the old philosophers? Men and women, who isolated themselves from the chaos to give birth to some of the most important thoughts of our society.



Whenever we need suggestions for restaurants, hotels, means of transports, gyms or tour operators, we look into the web hoping to find the perfect solution to improve our vacation because we need to share this information all over our social networks. After a while, we’ll end up tired of being bothered by any kind of advertisement.

really reach perfection but are unable to pass down any message or emotion to their audience. I believe it was more beautiful listen to those who were less precise but more powerful in their act of playing. The stories that can excite us are the ones of attempts, failures, efforts.

When Kennedy announced to America the space program, We don’t realize that being live and Because the thrill of being live is what he said: “We choose to go to the Moon! sharing our interests that we consider it makes it unique, it’s the mistake, not ... We choose to go to the Moon in this paramount for humanity, creates the perfection. I think about concerts. decade and do the other things, not another life in the system to which we We all appreciate a small imperfection because they are easy, but because are connected that is able to classify due to an excessive enthusiasm. they are hard; because that goal will us. A long time ago, we were alive at serve to organize and measure the best our first wail, today parents want to show the world their of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that son’s first ultrasound, seeming more interested in filming we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone the event than in enjoying the moment. Pictures will all look and one we intend to win ... We have had our failures, but so the same just to let everyone know that we exist, that we have others, even if they do not admit them. And they may are unique, while we’re actually conforming to millions and be less public. To be sure, we are behind, and will be behind millions of others who only care about letting others know for some time in manned flight. But we do not intend to stay every detail of their lives. behind, and in this decade we shall make up and move ahead.” This is the secret of being live. It lies in our ability to dream We practically live joined to our smartphones that take ambitiously, to admit any failures and difficulties. The secret pictures and videos, making us feeling alive in the instance of being live attempting, not asserting oneself; it’s the trip, of a connection. When we’re not online, we simply aren’t. not the destination. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The same technology that keeps us alive is often a support. Remember all my In these times, it seems that the contrary is prevailing, today passwords would be harder than learning the 5th of May by we feel alive only when everything is working perfectly. Have Manzoni or the 33rd canto from the Divine Comedy by heart. you ever seen a picture of something ugly on Instagram? No. Because my real life - the one which I can definitely call “live” Because we look forward to being flawless, even if our will as made of contacts, affections, and spoken words - is the generates an anxious mechanism that leads us to be always result of my human imperfection; that’s why it’s beautiful. present on social media, asking to be considered. While I I like trying to remember things that I punctually forget, I love my imperfections, I love my spaghetti and also the fact don’t mind being a scatterbrain sometimes because it’s part that sometimes they leave a spot of red sauce on my t-shirt. of being a man and not a cyborg. I find it ghastly when Google automatically predicts the word I’m about to write, when it Today, since we live as long as we are online, we’re scared of searches and suggests websites just because I looked for silence, we’re afraid of isolation; our compulsive research a similar argument weeks before, because of an algorithm for something to do and to share makes us almost sleepless. my interests have already been mapped. Sometimes I’d like We are always taking pictures, shot videos, but this attitude to see it fail just for the sake of my human conception, I’d is starting to affect our everyday life. Who’s the director of voluntarily watch it doing mistakes, just to receive some kind what goes online, if we can all publish any kind of content? of confirmation that isn’t a machine, that it is actually alive. Because the thrill of being live is what it makes it unique, it’s Just consider the latest app that allows everyone to share the mistake, not the perfection. a video live in any moment: Periscope. The last frontier of streaming platforms is at the same time the Far West of I think about concerts. We all appreciate a small imperfection live communication. Who checks on the contents? How due to an excessive enthusiasm, a perfect melody can only long till some will live-stream his/her death? I think about be the outcome of a recording studio where a metronome terrorists who want to film an execution or an attack. The replaces the man who sings or plays an instrument. I also coward who decides to put online a stunt: robbery, violence, think about classic music, about some performers who can rape. Who decides what can be shown and what not? Who



plan a marriage like a tv show or a social experiment. Maybe it’s the time, maybe the trends. But I swim against the current. I hope I’ll be able to continue living without being connected to the world 24/7, without telling everyone who I am meeting, what am I eating. I hope that I will still enjoy reading paper books in a few years, instead of surrender to the useful eBook. It’s not that I don’t like technology, but having a book in my hands unplugs me from the Wi-Fi, from that obligation to stay online and the annoying requests for review.

censures (sad and yet powerful word) or better, who moderates the videos? The problem of being live isn’t the container but the content. In the rush for being the first to see the next news, the most innovative event, we risk going beyond the common sense of decency. We’re slowly becoming like the skyscrapers that are crowding our cities: everybody’s finding new things to raise the top, forgetting about the uselessness of the flagpole: the most important thing is to touch the sky before your competitor.

We live in an era where standing out is a proof of our existence. We know this reality since many years now, but today, this will to make an impression seems exalted by the infinite potential of new technologies. They changed our way of being. Years ago, we used to wake up at the sound of the alarm, with the smell of coffee and a newspaper. We wanted to know what happened in the world, we were hungry for information. Nowadays we wake up and Twitter gives us in a few hashtags the main news, newspapers have lost their purpose. Reading it the next day doesn’t matter because now it’s more a detailed analysis of an event that media transmitted in real time. News are always on TV, on the web, on app, on video reporting website…images come before the message. I show you something and then I explain it to you. It’s all super-fast, immediate, live. Maybe too much. Interpersonal communication happens via chat, we get married and we divorce through a webcam, we

I don’t want to tell everyone, immediately, what I think of this book, I want to savor it, read it again maybe, take note of my favorite statements and make them mine. Then, only after that, maybe I’ll share my thoughts with someone else, maybe by a fireplace, with a glass of wine in my hand, with my friends. I want my life to be made of sensations, impressions, built and experienced moments. I don’t want to live them because I must share them afterward. I’d take a real smile over a “like” on Facebook anytime. F. Mezzo


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