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“Double Standard polices” “Supreme Court changed all the rules After hanging my innocent husband” “Tabasum Guroo” “Cover Story”

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“We Were Forced to Suck Each Other’s Genitals” READ MOHAMMAD RAFIQ SHAH’S MEMORY (Page-22)


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Focus On Globe

1 March 2014

Message Dear Readers “Focus on Globe” is a complete News Magazine for the readers of the subcontinent. It shall be our primary concern and top priority to highlight the grievances of the people at large, for their redressal at the hands of the concerned so that sufferings of the people are mitigated within the shortest possible time frame work. The basic idea for creation of this magazine and to get it on the stands is to provide our valued readers, a variety of material on different topics viz current affairs / History/ finance / development/ information technology / travel / agriculture / media/ health / society / woman’s issue/ culture/ Qur’anic wisdom/ entertainment / sports / unemployment issues and so on and so forth. It is hoped this Magazine shall serve as a useful source to our readers particularly the student community to remain abreast of the latest happenings in the world particularly in our parts of the globe. The writer’s of this Magazine belong to different shades of opinion and we hope the readers would definitely enjoy the content of the magazine and will provide us with their valued suggestions for improvement of the magazine. The content of the articles reflect the views of the author and does not necessarily reflect our opinion and views what so ever. (c) The contents of the magazine cannot be reproduce in any form without the prior written permission of the Editor–in-Chief of this Magazine. To connect with the magazine please feel free to contact us on our email address at:

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Focus On Globe

1 March 2014




Issue: 4

August- 2013

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Complete News Magazine

RNI Registration No:- JKENG/2013/50569





MARCH 2014

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Free Kashmiri Political Prisoners, an online campaign for the release of Kashmiri political prisoners from various Indian jails, has attracted endorsement and support from academics, intellectuals and filmmakers from around the world. Eminent intellectuals and scholars like Judith Butler (Hannah Arendt Chair at the European Graduate School and Maxine Elliot Professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, University of California at Berkeley), Hamid Dabashi (Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature, Columbia University), Ayesha Jalal (Mary Richardson Professor of History, Professor at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Director of Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies, Tufts University), Lisa Duggan (Professor, American Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University (NYU), President-Elect American Studies Association (ASA), USA), Tariq Modood (Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy, Director of the University Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol), Lisa Hajjar (Professor of Sociology, University of California at Santa Barbara), Chandra Talpade Mohanty (Distinguished Professor, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, Dean’s Professor of the Humanities, Syracuse University), Abdul R. Jan Mohamed (Professor, English Department, Emory University, University of California at Berkeley), Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi (Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies/Race and Resistance Studies, Senior Scholar, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Initiative (AMED), San Francisco State University), Suvir Kaul (A. M. Rosenthal Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania), Ania Loomba (Catherine Bryson Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania), Joel Beinin (Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History, Professor of Middle East History, Department of History, Stanford University), Sherene Razack (Professor, Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Justice Education and Department of Comparative, International and Development Education, OISE, University of Toronto), Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, and American Studies, Director of Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, Graduate Center, City University of New York), Ibrahim Abdurrahmani Farajajé (Provost and Professor of Cultural Studies and Islamic Studies, Starr King School, Graduate Theological Union (GTU), Berkeley), Neferti Tadiar (Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University), Kamala Visweswaran(Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin), Piya Chatterjee (Dorothy Cruickshank Backstrand Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies, Scripps College), and Joseph Massad (Associate Professor, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, Columbia University) are amongst the prominent signatories.





Focus On Globe



1 March 2014

uthorities on Tuesday 25 February 2014

ficer of CRPF, an officer of Jammu and

clamped curfew in Lalpora area of North

Kashmir Police, three other policemen,

Kashmir’s Lolab Valley after massive

and two media men were among the doz-

anti-India protests broke out against the

en people injured in clashes. The injured

killings of seven alleged militants in an

CRPF officer was identified as Deputy

encounter with government forces.

Superintendent of Police (DSP) Taasho

At least a dozen people, including two

Sahu, while the police officer was iden-

senior paramilitary Central Reserve Po-

tified as Assistant Sub-inspector Abdul

lice Force and police officers were injured

Majeed. The injured media persons have

in the violent clashes.

been identified as Amin War of Chandi-

On Tuesday, army had claimed to

garh-based The Tribune and Mubashir

have killed a group of seven militants in

Hussain of New Delhi-based News24 Tele-

a fierce gunfight in “Dardpora” forests,

vision. The car of Daily Excelsior pho-

about 120 kms from state's summer capital

to-journalist, Abid Nabi was also damaged

Srinagar. The army, however, didn’t iden-

during clashes. He said that his laptop and

tify the slain militants causing anguish

camera also got damaged.

among the locals.

“We received one injured person. He

Hundreds of people from Dardpora,

had suffered minor injury,” Block Med-

Tikipora, Darpora, Rangwar Diver, and

ical Officer (BMO) Sogam, Dr Tahir Ah-

other areas assembled outside the local

mad said. Fearing escalation in protests

police station after rumors spread in the

authorities imposed curfew in the area.

area that the slain militants were civil-

Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kupwara,

ians, who had gone to the forests to collect

Itrat Hussain said restrictions were im-

the firewood.

posed in Lalpora after people, who pre-

Chanting slogans, the protesters were

sumed the slain militants as civilians,

asking police to allow them to see the bod-

tried to forcibly get into the police station

ies. However, police refused to allow the

to see the bodies. The people, he said, also

people inside the police station saying

hurled stones on the forces causing inju-

that ‘the doctors were conducting post

ries to a few people.

mortem of the bodies’.

“Later, the bodies were given to the

As more people joined the protests, an-

members of the Auqaf committee. All the

gry and curios protesters attacked the po-

slain militants were buried by the Auqaf.

lice station with stones and tried to barge

The situation is normal and well under

in. Some protesters managed to sneak into

control,” he added.

the compound and set ablaze two police

Eyewitnesses said that more than ten

pickets, besides causing damage to at least

thousand people participated in the fu-

half a dozen forces’ vehicles.

neral prayers of the slain men. Chanting

Abdul Khaliq, who is the village head-

pro-freedom and anti-India slogans, the

man of Lalpora, said that the protests

slain ‘militants’ were buried in martyrs’

erupted after people demanded police to

graveyard Ratanag.

show the bodies of slain militants. “Some

“Over 15000 people participated in the

people had suspicion that the slain might

funeral prayers of the slain. Many people

be their kin, so in order to remove appre-

from far off villages also attended the last

hensions they went to police station, but

rites of the deceased men,” Sanaullah,

the police denied the permission,” he said.

member of the Lalpora Auqaf Committee

Official sources said that a senior of-


Focus On Globe


1 March 2014

The Power of Words should listen twice as much as we speak. I have vivid memories of encounters

Certainly if we are self-righteous or prej-

with people whose voices or words have

udiced, no one will approach us with an

moved me over the years. One which

open heart.

springs to mind happened during a visit

Sometimes our attempts to start a dis-

to the Guilin region of China, a beautiful

cussion or talk things over may be slight-

land of craggy mountains, mists and rivers.

ed or ignored. Then we should remember

Walking along, we met two young girls, no

that rejection and disappointment are

older than 15 or 16, selling medicinal herbs

inevitable in life, and just keep on try-

near a river. They carried a large basket

ing. Maintaining dialogue takes great

filled with herbs, inviting passersby to buy

patience and perseverance. We need to

their goods with vibrant voices.

develop a strong sense of self, so that although we can clearly see the emotions of the other person, we keep on calmly and steadily “rowing” closer to their heart. make the speaker rethink his or her own

The biggest obstacle to successful dia-

views. The process is dynamic and mul-

logue is usually excessive attachment to

tifaceted, creating mutual joy and under-

one’s own point of view. For instance, a


rift between a parent and child will not be

For myself, I love talking with a wide

easily healed as long as the parent only

range of people from all over the world. I

sees things as a parent, and the child only

They seemed taken aback, but only for

always learn something new and I find it

from his or her own viewpoint.

an instant. “I’m sorry,” one of them replied

inspiring to be exposed to different ways

In a genuine discussion, it is best if we

in a clear, firm voice, “We just sold out of

of thinking. This is a kind of spiritual nu-

can see any confrontations that arise as

that one.”Our group burst into laughter at

trition for me. My experience is that no

just another form of our connectedness. If

this witty reply, and we felt as warm inside

matter how strong the initial uncertainty,

both parent and child can see themselves

as if a gentle spring breeze had touched us.

or even hostility another person may feel

as sharing common ground—making

As a Chinese saying puts it, “Even a single

toward you, if you approach them with

up a family together—things can take a

word uttered out of goodness can warm

complete sincerity and speak the truth,

surprisingly easy turn for the better. The

the heart in the bitterest winter.” I fondly

they will invariably respond in kind.

deeper the common feeling that binds us,

recall that my wife and I ended up buying

Face-to-face conversation may seem

the more we can embrace those who differ

some herbs as souvenirs, and I sometimes

like something very ordinary, but it is

from us and ensure that dialogue will lead

wonder how the girls and their families are

in fact the most powerful tool for posi-

to a fruitful outcome.


tive change we possess. We can exchange

Whether the problem is that of a sin-

I believe that sincere one-to-one con-

ideas on a very human, personal level,

gle family, or international in scope, if

versation can soften and melt even hearts

with a basis of respect and faith in each

those involved can view things from a

that are completely frozen. By talking

other’s essential goodness. Everyone in-

higher perspective, with a sense of shared

with someone face-to-face, you can actu-

volved is equal; there is neither superior

purpose, the gears of dialogue will always

ally change that person’s life and your

or inferior.

start to turn in a positive direction.

own. Today we live in the midst of a flood

The French thinker Montaigne loved

If more people were to pursue di-

of soulless information. And the more we

discussion, and he always kept an open

alogue in an equally broad-minded

rely on one-way communication, like ra-

mind, saying, “No proposition astounds

and persistent manner, I am sure that

dio or TV, or static and unmoving words

me, no belief offends me, however much

the inevitable conflicts of human life

in print, the more I feel the need to stress

opposed it may be to my own. Contra-

would find easier resolution.

the value of the sound of the human voice:

dictions of opinion only arouse and ex-

dice would give way to understanding,

The simple but precious interaction of

ercise my mind.” To him, dialogue was

and war to peace. Genuine dialogue

voice and voice, person and person; the

the search for truth, and he claimed that

results in the transformation of oppos-

exchange of life with life. In a face-to-face

he welcomed and embraced the truth,

ing viewpoints, changing them from

conversation, the listener can ask ques-

in whoever’s hands he found it. As we

wedges that drive people apart into

tions or disagree, and this in turn may

have two ears and one mouth, maybe we

bridges that link them together.



“Ni hao!” [Hello] I called to them. “Ni hao!” They smiled back: “We offer every kind of medicine: choose the one you want.” I smiled at their high spirits and asked, “Do you have anything to make me smarter?”


Focus On Globe

1 March 2014

JUSTICE for Kunan-Poshpora Survivors

TO MARK 23rd. ANNIVERSARY OF THE ‘Mass Rape’. “Army soldiers had acted like beasts” Ex-DC Kupwara breaks silence on Kunan-Poshpora ‘Mass Rape’ after 23 years

‘VARGHESE ASKED ME TO CLOSE THE CASE IN NATIONAL INTEREST; WHEN I REFUSED, HE THREATENED MY FAMILY’ By: Nazir Ali A top government officer, who had briefly probed the infamous ‘Mass Rape’ by the Army soldiers in twin hamlets of Kunan-Poshpora in Kupwara district in 1991, Ex-DC Kupwara on Sunday -23,February 2013 broke his 23-year silence on the incident which many believe changed Kashmir forever, saying when he refused to give clean chit to the culprits and close the case, he was threatened and transferred from one place to another. Syed Mohammad Yasin, who was Deputy Commissioner Kupwara at the time of the incident, recalled his visit to the twin villages after receiving information from village chowkidar about the ‘Mass Rape’. “I was shocked to see the plight of the women. The victims, including old


and young, were weeping and crying. They narrated their ordeal. I must say I felt ashamed while recording their statements. A woman told me that she was

Syed Mohammad Yasin, Ex-DC Kupwara Speaks at a seminar in Srinagar

kept under jackboots by the soldiers while her daughter and daughter-in-law were being raped before her eyes. A pregnant woman was not spared either; she gave birth to a deformed baby four days after the incident,” Yasin said. “I collected bloodstained clothes of victims and empty wine bottles from the village and handed them over to the police for investigations. The men too were interrogated so that they don’t take up the issue or disclose the tragic events to the masses,” Yasin said while addressing a gathering at a hotel here on the ‘Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day’ organized by J&K Coalition of Civil Society, the support group for ‘Justice for Kunan-Poshpora Survivors’

Focus On Globe

1 March 2014

to mark 23rd anniversary of the ‘Mass

have answers for the questions our


kids ask about that dark night,” she

Yasin reiterated what he had mentioned in his report about the February

said, while struggling to hold back tears.

23, 1991 incident—“the soldiers from 4

“We were dead on that night. Just

Rajputana Rifles behaved like wild

that we breathe doesn’t mean we’re

beasts and allegedly gang raped up to

alive,” she said. She said she and the

32 women without any consideration

other women were living “only to take

of their age, marital status or pregnan-

the struggle for justice to its logical

cy. The victims ranged in age from 13

end.” Javed Ahmed, a victim’s son, told

Yasin said the Press Council of In-

the audience that he had to quit his

dia team led by senior journalist B.G.

studies due to social stigma. At the

Varghese, which later gave a clean chit

school, he said, his classmates taunted

to the Army, had asked him to “save


the soldiers in the national interest.”

“Expressing solidarity with the

“I told him (Varghese) ‘are you not

victims of Kunan-Poshpora, Shakeel

ashamed of what your Army has done

Ahangar, husband of Neelofar and



brother of Asiya, who were allegedly

started threatening me and my family.

raped and murdered in south Kash-

Even the Special Secretary tried to per-

mir’s Shopian township in 2009, said

suade me to close the case. However,

the incidents of rape “will continue to

I refused to do so. Later, I was trans-

occur unless Kashmir is set free from

ferred from one place to another but I

the Indian occupation.”



never comprised over my report.”

“I request the parents not to send

Yasin said the then Governor had

their children on Army-sponsored

summoned him and asked what made

tours. Our youth are not safe. Our

him to write that Army soldiers had

women are not safe,” he said. He said

acted like beasts. “I replied that they

he doesn’t have any answer when his

were worse than beasts.” He also said

5-year-old son talks about his mother

the then Special Secretary, SS Kapur,

and aunt. “Justice seems impossible.

had direct involvement in trying to

However, we have to continue our

shelve the case and shield the perpe-

struggle,” Shakeel said before bursting


into tears.

“What kind of democracy is India?

Munazah Rashid, a member of

How do they claim that their Army

the support group for ‘Justice for

is disciplined? They have the worst

Kunan-Poshpora Survivors’, said that

Army. The Kunan-Poshpora ‘Mass

every women is contributing their bit

Rape’ is a blot on the face of Indian de-

in the struggle for the mass rape vic-

mocracy,” Yasin said.

tims. “State is like a confused soul.

Many survivors also spoke during

They don’t know if they want to side

the Sunday 23, February 2013 event

with the oppressed or the oppressor.

and narrated their stories, bringing

However, we’ll stand by the victims till

tears into the eyes of many in the au-

end,” she said.


Abdul Gani Tantray, a social

“I had been married for just 10

activist from Banihal narrated how

days and had returned to my paternal

the soldiers involved in the rape,

home on February 22. The Army came

murder and disappearances were let

and hell broke loose. It was the night of

off by courts. Even in certain cases,

Karbala. Our lives were devastated for-

he said, the National Human Rights

ever,” one of the survivors of the mass

Commission (NHRC) and the State

rape said. “Twenty-three years on, our

Human Rights Commission (SHRC)

suffering seems nowhere to end. The

shelved the cases under carpet by

dark night has left scars on our hearts

granting ‘compensation’ to the vic-

and minds. It is haunting us. We don’t



to 60.”



Focus On Globe


1 March 2014

ulia Meszaros the writer is

killing and "disappearing" Kashmiri civil-

Doctoral candidate at Florida

ians, the Indian army engages in the sys-

International University in the

tematic use of torture and sexual violence


to maintain control over the local populace




(Wiki leaks.)

The Indian army has tortured one out of

Continued Silencing of Torture in Kashmir

every six people living in the occupied prov-

The documentary “The Torture Trail�

ince of Kashmir, yet the plight of Kashmiris

follows Kashmiri lawyer Parvez Imroz on

is largely undocumented in mainstream

his journey to document cases of torture

American media outlets. While media atten-

within Kashmir. Parvez has been shot and

tion increased on the region in 2010 during

security forces have attacked his family

the outbreak of a Kashmiri intifada, where

home, but that has not stopped him from

youths began to throw stones against Indian

continuing his mission to bring the Indian

military and paramilitary troops, coverage

army to justice for its torture program. He

and discussion of Kashmir has once again

has documented 1500 cases of people be-

dropped off entirely. Why is this? I argue

coming impotent after their genitals were

that the violence and torture in Kashmir is

electrocuted and hundreds of cases regard-

largely silenced because of India's economic

ing the systematic use of rape and sexual

importance to the U.S. and Pakistan's polit-

violence by the Indian army and its para-

ical importance in the War on Terror. The

military forces. The most disturbing case of

U.S. remains neutral in discussions of Kash-

torture Parvez documented is the case of a

mir, arguing that India and Pakistan need

60-year-old Kashmiri man who was held in

to come to a solution on their own. In this

solitary confinement for a month and forced

way, the U.S. can protect both its political

to eat his own flesh that was cut from his

and economic interests in the region.

own body. The documentary also touches on the issue of the Indian army using rape



The Most Densely Militarized Zone in The World

The conflict in Kashmir can be traced

against large numbers of women in Kash-

back to the original partition of the Indian

mir, but points out many women do not

subcontinent in the late 1940s, as both In-

come forward to report these crimes.

dia and Pakistan wanted the region within

At this point in the conflict, many Kash-

their political control. In 1948, both sides

miris simply want to gain political indepen-

agreed to line of a ceasefire that left one-

dence from both India and Pakistan. A peti-

third of the region in Pakistani control and

tion letter calling for the end of the political

two-thirds of the region under Indian con-

occupation of Kashmir and the release of all

trol. Since that time, this line of control has

Kashmiri political prisoners is now circu-

become a major contentious issue between

lating on This letter calls for the

both countries, leading to the militarization

release of all political prisoners held by the

of the entire region. Religion plays a major

army, and for a "sincere and time bound po-

role in the defining of the conflict, since

litical process that will lead to negotiations

many Muslim populations are forced to live

with genuine Kashmiri representatives for

under what they view to be Hindu rule in

the future of Kashmir." While the world


has focused its attention on the occupation

Continual wars and skirmishes regard-

of Palestinian lands and the occupation of

ing the rule of Kashmir have plagued the

Tibet, the discussion surrounding human

province with unrest, but it was not until

rights violations in Kashmir continue to

1989 that the continuous uprisings broke

be silenced. Even many academics and

out in the region against the Indian state's

scholars are unaware of the torture, disap-

occupation. Since 1989, Kashmir has be-

pearances and sexual violence that occur in

come the most densely militarized zone in


the world, with one Indian solider on the

Let's end this silence around the suffering

ground for every 15 Kashmiri locals, via

in Kashmir by sharing this blog, sharing the pe-

Pulse Media. Between 1989 and 2014, an

tition on, or by telling your friends

estimated 1 00000 Kashmiri civilians died

and family. Significant changes in the Indian ar-

from the occupation and thousands have

my's policies towards Kashmiri civilians will not

been "disappeared" (more than those dis-

occur until more public awareness and outrage

appeared in Allende's Chile). In addition to

forces the Indian state to begin negotiations.

Focus On Globe

1 March 2014


Live Aid, Live Ammo: India and Zubin Mehta’s Psyop Concert in Kashmir


completely unacceptable. Art as propaganda, as abundantly documented in history, is put to horrific use across the world. Art as propaganda in Jammu and Kashmir is unacceptable. The Zubin Mehta concert is organized and controlled by Government of India and the German Embassy, with extensive corporate sponsorship. It serves to build on the State narrative that seeks to dilute the reality mote an image of a “peaceful” and “normal” Jammu and Kashmir.

release that Zubin Mehta would be conducting an orchestra on 7

The pain, suffering, courage and bravery of the resistance will find

September 2013, at the Mughal Garden, Shalimar Bagh, in Srinagar,

no place in this concert. Indian State operations that seek to sup-

Jammu and Kashmir. On 26 August 2013, civil society members of

port the occupation must be resisted. To build this Statist narrative

Jammu and Kashmir – from lawyers and businessmen to poets and

of Jammu and Kashmir, an estimated Rs.100 crores [INR 10 billion

scholars – registered a strong protest against the proposed concert

or USD 16 million] is reported to being spent, and invitations have

and concerns were communicated to the German Embassy and the

been sent to corporate India (Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis, Bajajs, CII,

people of Germany – from political representatives to artists and

FICCI...), the film world (Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Katrina


Kaif…) and sportsmen (Sachin Tendulkar, Boris Becker…). It is

The people of Jammu and Kashmir take immense pride in our

most condemnable that the Government of Germany has chosen to

rich history of resisting oppression. We also have historically culti-

be party to the Indian States’ continued political machinations in

vated a sublime tradition in, and love for, music. Music – which ap-

Jammu and Kashmir. So far Indian army and various Indian insti-

peals to the higher values of love, justice, dignity, and peace; which

tutions have been organizing psychological operations which are

genuinely acknowledges the long-suffering, yet bravely resisting,

termed by Indian military as Sadbhavana Operation. We protest

Kashmiris; and which is performed for the actual public – is whole-

German government’s joining the efforts of Indian army. It appears

heartedly welcome.

an attempt by the Indian State to outsource its military psychologi-

However, legitimizing an occupation via a musical concert is

cal operations to the international community.



of Jammu and Kashmir and peoples’ aspirations. It seeks to proOn 22 August 2013, the German Embassy, New Delhi, issued a press


Focus On Globe

1 March 2014 On 26 August 2013, civil society members of Jammu and Kashmir – from lawyers and businessmen to poets and scholars – registered a strong protest against the proposed concert. To date, the German Embassy has failed to respond – privately or publicly – to this letter of protest. Faced with this unforeseen and complete apathy from the German embassy, we believe it is incumbent upon us to reach out to the people of Germany to express our serious concerns with a concert that seeks not to entertain, but to subtly control the political message from Jammu and Kashmir, i.e. manipulate it into a message of “peace” and “normalcy” that ignores ground realities. For example, even as we write this appeal, Jammu and Kashmir Police are

“Zubin Mehta, Indian Army, and Kashmir” by Mir Suhail Qadiri


conducting door to door searches and identification exercises at the homes of the residents in and around the Shalimar neighborhood, the proposed venue of the concert. Surely this exposes the rot at the core of the much-touted “peace” and “normalcy.” The people of Jammu and Kashmir take immense pride in our rich history of resisting oppression. We also have historically cultivated a sublime tradition in, and love for, music. Music – which appeals to the higher truths of love, justice, dignity, and peace; which genuinely acknowledges the long-suffering, yet bravely resisting, Kash-

September 2, 2013 Comments

miris; and which is performed for the actual pub-


lic – is wholeheartedly welcome. On 22 August 2013, the German Embassy, New Delhi, issued a press

However, legitimizing an occupation via a mu-

release that Zubin Mehta would be conducting an orchestra on 7 Sep-

sical concert is completely unacceptable. Art as

tember 2013, at the Mughal Garden, Shalimar Bagh, in Srinagar, Jam-

propaganda, as abundantly documented in histo-

mu and Kashmir. The press release stated that the concert was “a won-

ry, is put to horrific use across the world. We are

derful cultural tribute to Kashmir,” and intended “to reach the hearts

sure you will understand that we cannot welcome

of the Kashmiris with a message of hope and encouragement.” “The

anything even remotely analogous in Jammu and

‘Kashmir Concert’ is part of a broader engagement,” it further stated.

Kashmir. In a state of affairs where the poets and

“Legitimizing A Military Occupation With Music: Zubin Mehta Show was in Kashmir”

musicians of Jammu and Kashmir, such as Ghulam Nabi Sheikh, well-known Kashmiri national singer, Inayatullah Bhat, a guitar/harmonium player, and Ali Mohammad Shahbaz, a poet from Handwara, have themselves been victims of the violence of the Indian State, it is but obvious that there needs to be a political understanding of the uses and abuses of art. Given this sordid context, which cannot be naïvely wished away, we must then ask this crucial question of the people of Germany, and the world citizenry at large: Should we, as people of conscience, support art which not only does not highlight the sufferings of an oppressed


people, leave alone which offers balm to its pain, but instead which, through its setting within the particular landscape of power, actively serves to silence and obfuscate our appeals to the rest of humanity, and thus furthers oppression?

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1 March 2014


Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir: The Reality of Kashmir

“In the dark times Will there also be singing? Yes, there will also be singing. About the dark times.” Bertolt Brecht

On Sept 7, we invite EVERYONE — and not just a handpicked 1500 – to come join us at noon, at the Municipal Park (near GPO), Srinagar, as we mark the “dark times” of the military occupation, and commemorate the luminosity of AZADI: the light of faith, of freedom, of our blood-soaked struggle for justice, dignity, and true peace. Luminosity that cuts through the deep darkness of the “dark times” and reflects the resilience of human spirit in all its grace.


A Cultural Aesthetic Tribute to the Resilience and Struggle of the People of Jammu & Kashmir


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1 March 2014



ered Committee of the State Finance Min-

AIDs cases and Rs. 2 crore for the Cancer

during the span of last five years of the

isters has appreciated the State for bring-

Treatment Management Fund. Replying to

present coalition Government, the Min-

ing improvements in Budget management

queries about stipendiary mode of engage-

ister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Mr.

and fiscal discipline.

ment and New Pension Scheme, the Fi-

Abdul Rahim Rather said on February 13,

Briefing about the tax concessions

nance Minister said that these initiatives

2014 the tax revenue which was just Rs.

given to various sectors, Mr. Rather said

are aimed to contain burgeoning non-plan

2600 crore in 2009 is expected to increase to

that the agriculture sector has been made

expenditure besides creating more em-

Rs. 7500 crore during the next fiscal. Speak-

more or less tax free. Both entry tax and

ployment avenues for the educated un-em-

ing at a jam packed about one hours long

toll tax on fertilizers, fungicides and weed-

ployed youth.Reply to another query Mr.

press conference, soon after delivering his

icides, which are considered important

Rather said Government is actively consid-

Budget speech in the Legislative Assem-

agriculture inputs, have been exempted,

ering establishing press housing colonies

bly, Mr. Rather said this steep increase in

adding that for the first time horticulture

in the State.

tax revenue, without levying new taxes has

sector especially apple, pear, cherry are

been possible due to the better tax man-

being brought under the ambit of Insur-

agement and plugging of loopholes in tax

ance cover concession granted to Industry,

collection system, adding that he has been

trade and tourism sectors shall continue

convening periodic review meetings of the

for the next fiscal, an amount of Rs. 3.50

department under his charge regularly to

cr has been earmarked for Women Devel-

assess performance and ensure better bud-

opment Corporation to set-up 100 more

get management and fiscal discipline.

Self Help Groups (SHG) comprising 44,000

The performance of the State,

women which is expected to go a long way

on account of tax collection and budget

in upgrading the living standard of wom-

management, has been lauded by every

en folk. A provision of Rs. 3 crore has been

relevant forums at the national level in-

made in the Budget for marriage of orphan

cluding Planning Commission of India

girls belonging to BPL families whereas

(PC), Finance Commission, Union Finance

the coverage of Beti Anmol has been ex-

Ministry and the State’s Principal Accoun-

tended from existing 97 blocks to all blocks.

tant General. “Even the Comptroller and

The amount to be paid for getting higher

Auditor General (CAG) of India have in

education by the poor girl candidates too

unambiguous terms patted the State for

has been increased from Rs. 5000 to Rs.

its internal resources mobilization ini-

10,000 under this scheme. He said the tour-

tiatives”, Mr. Rather said it has been the

ism incentive package which was expiring

coalition government’s endeavour during

on 31st December, 2014 shall be extended

last five years not to levy any tax burden

upto March 2015 whereas stamp duty ex-

on the people not, withstanding economic

emption on KCC has been increased from

inflation at the national level. He said that

Rs. 1.50 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh. This concession

due to effective implementation of Fiscal

shall also be available to the Artisan Credit


Cards, he added.




Act (FRBM), the State has been able to be

The VAT remission for industry

within the ambit of targets assigned by

shall continue for another year whereas

the Planning Commission adding that the

cashless system of VAT remission on pur-

State was well ahead to centre in minimiz-

chase of raw material made from SICOP

ing its fiscal deficit as per the assigned tar-

shall be adopted from the next year. Sim-

gets in this regard. The economic growth

ilarly, the Hotel tariff tax exemption shall

rate of the State is also better as compared

continue up to March 2015. He said Rs. 1.40

to National figure, adding that the Empow-

crore has been earmarked for help to HIV/

an amount of Rs. 3.50 cr has been earmarked for Women Development Corporation to set-up 100 more Self Help Groups (SHG) comprising 44,000 women which is expected to go a long way in upgrading the living standard of women folk. A provision of Rs. 3 crore has been made in the Budget for marriage of orphan girls belonging to BPL families whereas the coverage of Beti Anmol has been extended from existing 97 blocks to all blocks. The amount to be paid for getting higher education by the poor girl candidates too has been increased from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 under this scheme. He said the tourism incentive package which was expiring on 31st December, 2014 shall be extended upto March 2015

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1 March 2014


Budget in LA


proved J&K Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill 2014 which is

presented an innovative, tax free and pro-people Budget in the Jammu and

being introduced in the current session of the State Legislature to make

Kashmir Legislative Assembly. The budget reflecting policies and pro-

anti-corruption laws more stringent. Government has empowered 7 Ad-

grammes of the coalition government, aims at to give right direction to the

ditional District Courts to deal with cases, falling under the J&K PC Act,

state’s economic growth and development within the available resources.

Samvat, 2006 for speeding up the trial in corruption related cases by en-

In his 115 minutes long Budget speech, Mr. Rather said that despite

acting the Public Services Guarantee Act and adopting the Results Frame-

limited financial resources and multiple problems confronting the State,

work Document (RFD), the Government has undertaken two significant

every possible effort has been made to provide succor to various sections

good governance initiatives, aimed at providing a mechanism for the time-

of the society including trade, industry, tourism, farming community and

ly delivery of public services and ensuring transparency and efficiency in

other stake holders. This is the 2nd time in the legislative history of the

the Government Departments. RTI Act has been enacted and strictly en-

state that six consecutive budgets were presented in a row by a government

forced and made fully functional. He said J&K Accountability Commission

under a single leader.

Act 2002 has been amended to focus its jurisdiction to the Ministers and

The Budget shows a total expenditure of Rs. 43543 crore with a

Legislators of the State, adding that Government has also appointed the

capital component of Rs. 10595 crore. The Budget shows own estimated tax

Chairman and a Member of the Commission to focus on corruption among

revenue of Rs. 7496 crore and share of central taxes upto Rs. 5191 crore and

the political class.

expenditure to touch Rs. 32948 crore.

The Finance Minister informed that Government has also enacted J&K Benami Transaction (Prohibition) Act, 2010, which re-

The next years size of annual plan would be of order of Rs. 11300

flects the resolve of the Government to deal with the menace of ‘Bena-

crore with a PMRP component of Rs. 600 crore. Mr. Rather said that the

mi’ transactions. He said E-tendering and E-procurement, to make

Government has improved the tax and VAT remittance in the State re-

the allotment of works and procurement of materials competitive and

sulting in more revenue to the Government. VAT remittance in the State

transparent, have been introduced in the major development oriented

during last five years has increased from Rs. 1836 crore to estimated Rs.

departments of the Government. He informed the House that no regu-

4800 crore for the current fiscal which shows a cumulative increase of

larization policy has been formulated for casual workers, as yet. how-

161%. The total revenues (Tax and Non-Tax) have increased significantly

ever, the Government has constitute a Cabinet Sub-Committee to go

from Rs. 2683 crore in 2008-09 to Rs. 6700 crore for the current year with an

into the extent/magnitude of the problem relating to casual workers to

annual increase of 30%. The nontax revenue which stood at Rs. 837 crore

see financial, legal and administrative issues that may arise in the reg-

during 2008-09 has increased to Rs. 2160 crore during last year.

ularization of such temporary workers and work out and appropriate

Here is the full text of the Finance Minister’s Budget Speech.


policy in this regard. Replying to a question by Mr. Charan Jeet Singh in the House, the Finance Minister said that as regards Daily rated workers who have completed seven year continuous service upto March 13, 1994 have to be regularized from April 1st, 1994.The Finance Minister informed that the same policy of regularization is applicable to all daily rate workers/ work charge employees as existed in the Government departments/PSUs/Autonomous bodies on January 31, 1994. The Fi-

Minister for Finance and Ladakh Affairs, Mr. Abdul Rahim Rather

nance Minister informed that out of 59594 Daily Rated Workers (DRW)

has said that Government has taken number of steps to curb the menace

56213 stand regularized upto January 31, 2014, leaving a balance of 3381

of corruption and to bring transparency in the working of Government.

daily rated worker yet to be regularized. He said this being a continu-

Replying to a question by Mr. Abdul Gani Malik in the House, the Finance

ous process, all the daily rated workers/work charge employees who

Minister said that State Vigilance Commission has been made functional

have been engaged prior to cut off date of January 31, 1994 and form

by appointing a Chief Vigilance Commissioner and two Vigilance Commis-

part of the registered figure of daily rated workers, but have not been

sioners and Government has notified the J&K State Vigilance Rules 2013 to

regularized so far would be considered for regularization as and when

fully enforce the provisions of the Act.

the requisite proposal, complete in all respects, are received in the Fi-

The Finance Minister said that the State Cabinet recently ap-

nance Department.


central non-plan grant of Rs. 2096 crore. The Budget expects the revenue


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1 March 2014


Tuesday February

11,2014 said that construction of bridges and roads received a considerable fillip during the last five years of his government to provide better road communication and link up rural and remote areas with main highways. “This was also aimed at ameliorating the lot of people living in backward areas by helping in the generation of economic activities of wide-range”, he added. Inaugurating Rs. 17.18 crore, 310 metres span double lane pre-stressed concrete Bridge over “Tarnah Nallah at Magloor” in Kathua District of Jammu Division, the

The State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) decided to submit five

Chief Minister said that about 265 major bridges were

mega projects costing about Rs. 600 Cr. to the Union Ministry of

completed in the State during the last five years besides

Urban Development for funding in order to improve solid waste

500 road construction projects. The road communica-

management in twin capital cities of the state. The projects also

tion sector being essentially important for inclusive

include Preservation and Development of River Jehlum from Dobji

socio-economic growth received priority attention and

Ghat Gowkadal to Chattabal (Cement Bridge) and Decongestion/

about 10,000 kilometres of roads have been constructed

Redevelopment of inner old city areas.The decision to this effect

and upgraded besides macadamizing 15,000 kilometres

was taken at a high level meeting chaired by the Minister of Urban

in the State during the last five years.Two flyovers one

Development & Urban Local Bodies Mr. Nawang Rigzin Jora con-

each at Jammu and Srinagar have been launched to

vened on February 11, 2014.

provide better road communication in the twin cities

It was informed that the Srinagar Municipal Committee & Jam-

and give relief to the commuters from frequent traffic

mu Municipal Committee would be the project executing agencies

jams, under the PMGSY over 1150 road projects were

for solid waste management at a cost of Rs. 116.86 Cr. and Rs. 70.58

launched in the rural areas and 713 have been complet-

Cr. respectively whereas the Urban Environment Engineering

ed so far.

Department (UEED) shall be the project executing agency for con-

The State Government got 650 road schemes costing



struction of Sewerage Project in missing link areas of Srinagar city

Rs. 1774 crore aimed at constructing about 3500 kilome-

at a cost of Rs. 55.83 Cr. The Preservation & Development of River

tres, cleared from the Union Government under Phase

Jehlum will be undertaken by Flood Control Division, Srinagar

VIII and IX under PMGSY. A massive roads and bridg-

at an estimated cost of Rs. 79.37 Cr. whereas the Circular Roads

es construction programme is in full swing in the State

Projects, Srinagar shall be project executing agency for Deconges-

adding that the current year will witness completion

tion and Redevelopment of inner old city areas at an estimated cost

a lot of more roads and bridge scheme. The Magloor

of RS. 278.50 Cr. the Minister said that these urban development

Bridge inaugurated on 11 February 2014, by the Chief

projects shall be undertaken under the Urban Infrastructure &

Minister will benefit villages of Magloor, Torsi, Rehni,

Governance (UIG) scheme Submission of Jawaharlal Nehru Nation-

Malani, Gurah Panditan, Satt, Bakhta, Forelain, Dhani,

al Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) adding that the main focus

Baria and adjacent areas. It will benefit about 25000 peo-

shall be on introducing latest scientific innovations for upgrading

ple and generate economic activities in these areas. The

the existing urban infrastructure in the state. He asked the con-

area being remote and people largely dependent on ag-

cerned engineers and concerned officers of the Urban Development

riculture and allied activities were facing difficulties in

Department to take advanced measures for implementation of these

transporting their produce to markets as also transship

projects till required funds are sanctioned by the Union Ministry

fertilizers, seeds and domestic goods from towns and

of Urban Development. He underscored the need for a mission

cities to their areas. The lack of connectivity was also

mode for execution of such mega projects aiming at improving the

hindering the development process. The education and

basic civic amenities for the people. He also called for transparency

Medicare sectors were also under pressure. The con-

and accountability in execution for various urban infrastructure

struction of this bridge has opened a new era of econom-

development projects by urging for judicious use of funds and

ic welfare and development in the area.

standard building material. “There should be no compromise in

The executing agency of the bridge was J&K Projects Construction Corporation (JKPCC). The JKPCC completed the bridge about one year ahead of the schedule date of completion.

this regard”,.

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1 March 2014


JOURNEY IN LIFE NOW BEGINS The Hon’ble Vice President of India Said, I am happy to be here today to the 4th Convocation Ceremony of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University Jammu. This University, in a decade of its existence, is on the path to establishing itself as a premier institution of higher learning. It is becoming known for providing quality instruction in technical education, basic sciences and in areas of humanities and social sciences. The funding of the University by the Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board is a particularly welcome initiative. It emulates similar initiatives elsewhere in the country. There could be no higher calling than imparting quality education to our children and making them better prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead in life. I extend my felicitations to the students graduating today on this occasion. They owe their success to their own industry and dedication. In this hour of success, however, they must not forget the vital role played by their parents and teachers who have helped them in achieving their objectives. The graduating students should know that the pursuit of knowledge does not end with the portals of the University or with the acquisition of a university degree. Their journey in life now begins. Whether they enter the job market or go on to pursue further studies, they must remember that there is no end to education. As J Krishnamurthy said, it is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning. So keep learning and pursue excellence. Strive to become better human beings for your own sake and for the society you live in. The vision of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University is to establish a scientific and technical university of excellence. To nurture young talented human resource for the service of Indian society and world at large, while preserving the integrity and sanctity of human values. This is a worthy objective. Its realization in good measure would fulfill our aspirations of overcoming existing and emerging challenges and building a modern, progressive and just society. The criticality of providing good, relevant, and quality education is thus evident. The size of our youthful population, perhaps the largest and the youngest in the world, makes this essential for achieving our objectives. However, in the clamor for progress and prosperity, defined mostly in economic terms, we run the risk of underestimating the importance of social and ethical content in education. This is essential for the survival and progress of our society. As the philosopher Plato put it, “Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only, as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens”. Here too, education has to play a critical role in imparting these values and turning out more responsible citizens of tomorrow. This is more so because we continue to witness a general disregard of these fundamental

values in our public life; a failure to arrest this phenomenon would be detrimental to social cohesion. A question can be squarely posed: how do we go about achieving this goal? The Constitution of India is the fundamental law of the land and the foundation on which our Republic rests. It is a constitutive document which recognizes and creates an identity, articulating a vision of what it means to be an Indian. It provides an effective legal framework for the smooth functioning of our large, complex democracy, based on ideals of individual freedom, community rights, and limited government power. The principles of democracy, secularism and rule of law along with the ideals of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are firmly embedded in our Constitution and constitute its basic structure. These principles provide the framework within which our polity and society is to be governed. In a multi-religious, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic society of over 1.2 billion people, marked by severe socio-economic disparities, compounded by immense geographical diversity, establishing a truly representative democracy is major task. Managing narrow interests based on caste, religion, sect, language, ethnicity and region and integrating them, into what would constitute an overriding national interest, is amongst our foremost challenges. So is ensuring the separation of powers between the three pillars of government and between the constituent units of the federation. Reconciling the limits to government powers with individual rights and duties is also essential. How to accomplish this complicated balancing act ? Especially the subsuming of sectional interests for the larger national cause and to inspire our citizens to rise above narrow identities and think and behave as Indians first for the greater good of the country? This is vital for our nation because it would not be incorrect to say that while the political integration of the country was achieved after independence, the hearts and minds of the people are yet to be united to the desired extent. It is the Constitution that provides a functioning framework for the attainment of this objective. It has been described as a document ‘powerful in its vision and intricate in its formulation’ on the basic purposes and aspirations of our society, including the common welfare of the people. It provides the contours of a value system from which an enlightened citizenry could derive guidance. Especially from the principles listed in its Preamble, in the section on Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties. If followed in letter and spirit, the Constitution has answers to almost all the vexing questions confronting our nation today. Needless to say, this solution assumes the existence of an educated and enlightened citizenry, which could also hold its elected representatives in Governments and Parliament accountable.


Hon’ble Shri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India at the 4th Convocation of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University


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1 March 2014



More genuine demands for new Administrative Units to be considered: Omar “Equates PDP with BJP in propagandist approach Says both are secretly aligned” Announcing the constitution of an expert committee to

and termed PDP and BJP as propagandist parties nur-

look into the claims of people of left out areas in the Cab-

turing on fooling the people through misinformation

inet Sub-Committee Report for creation of new adminis-

and falsehood. Both the parties are hobnobbing secretly

trative units, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Wednes-

and hatching conspiracies against democratic forces in

day 12 February 2014 said that the Committee would be

the State. The PDP is so much so frustrated by witness-

asked to finalize its report within three months to be

ing the peace conditions rooting fast in the State and de-

presented before the Cabinet for final decision. “I appre-

velopment graph showing conspicuous upward growth

ciate the Members of the Cabinet Sub-Committee led by

year after year that it wants to give a false notion to the

the Deputy Chief Minister for visiting every nook and

Country by dubbing the normalcy and peace conditions

corner of the State and finalizing the report regarding

in the State as ‘deceptive and forced calm’. He said they

creation of new administrative units taking full consid-

try to use this phraseology as propaganda to belittle

eration of the norms and other parameters. However, it

the achievements of the Coalition Government and the

is being felt that the genuine claim of a few areas which

commitment of people towards peace and development.

have not found place in the Report need consideration

They want to give an impression as if the prisons of the

to deliver justice to the people”, he said and added that

State are full of prisoners, people are afraid and do not

the aspirations of the people of these areas would be giv-

want to live their normal life. He said PDP sells this con-

en due consideration by the committee of experts so that

tention to create confusion in the minds of people out-

their genuine claims are properly looked into.

side the Country as they are most disturbed by witness-

Replying to the discussions on the Motion of

ing the turnaround in the conditions in the State which

Thanks for Governor for his address to the Joint Session

have helped to fast track the development and expand

of both the Houses of Jammu and Kashmir Legislature

economic activities and employment generation for the

on 10th of February, the Chief Minister while paying his


gratitude to the Governor for delivering the address, ex-

Omar Abdullah said that only 2396 prisoners held

pressed dismay over the behaviour of the principal op-

under different charges are in the prisons, 30 people

position party (PDP) for disturbing the discipline and

mostly timber smugglers have been apprehended under

decorum of the Joint Session and compelling the Gov-

PSA. The rate of militancy has come to lowest ebb and

ernor to shorten his speech. The principal opposition

loss of civilian in these incidents has decreased conspic-

party (PDP) is habitual of creating pandemonium in the

uously. However, he added that security forces have

House as they do not tolerate the truth about the peace

lost their lives in the militancy related incidents during

and development that has rooted fast in the State during

the last five years. Omar also referred to the decision

the last five years and is amply visible on the ground.

of Army to look into the incident of killings in Mach-

“It is most painful and shameful that the member of this

ail and while appreciating this he said that the decision

party created an unpalatable and disturbing situation

of the Army regarding closing of Pathribal case needs

in the Joint Session of the two Houses and disturbed the

revisiting. Some innocents have been killed in the inci-

address of the Governor”, the Members of this party are

dent and justice demand that the culprits are identified

in the wrong notion that their habit of noise making,

and punished.

furniture breaking and dancing on the tables in the well of Houses earn them praises.

Omar said that under the Amnesty announced by him for the detainees apprehended in 2010 for stone

“People dislike and condemn this kind of attitude

pelting, some 228 cases against 1811 persons have been

of their representatives because they have voted them

withdrawn. He said under the new Passport clearance

to voice their demands in the Legislature and not to in-

policy his Government gave No Objection in 360150

dulge in remaining absent from the Houses and not dis-

pending cases during the period 2010 to 2013. Taking

cussing the issues of urgent public importance”, he said

a dig on PDP for remaining out from the proceedings


1 March 2014

of the House constantly, the Chief Minis-

BJP talked about discussing the benefits of

the railway network. He said he has taken

ter said that this vindicates their failure

Article 370 when he spoke at a public rally

up this issue with the Union Government

and the success of Coalition Government.

in Jammu. “I challenged him to discuss it

and will pursue it there. During the last

“Had there been any issue, they could have

with me at any place and any time but he,

five years about 8000 kilometres long new

raised it and discussed in the House, but

through a lesser important leader, denied

roads have been constructed, 15000 kilo-

their remaining away from House and not

discussing the issue at all”,. The Nation-

metres macadamized and 19000 kilometres

raising their voice for the peoples clear in-

al Conference and Congress will protect

upgraded besides completing 500 road proj-

dication that they have nothing to say”, he

and safeguard the Article 370 under all

ects and 265 bridges. He also mentioned the

said and referred to the path breaking ini-

circumstances as it serves like a bridge

launch of flyovers in Srinagar and Jammu.

tiatives taken by the Government to give

between the Centre and the State and de-

He said completion of 4-lane National High-

good governance, bring transparency and

termines the relations between the two.

way from Jammu to Srinagar will reduce

accountability in the functioning of admin-

On the achievements and performance of

the travel between the two cities to 4 hours.

istration and to lay strong edifice of partic-

the Government during the last five years,

Over 1000 water supply schemes have been

ipatory democracy in the State.

the Chief Minister said that about one lakh

completed during the last five years besides

“We have conducted Panchayat Elec-

youth have been provided employment in

the establishment of 10000 hand pumps and

tions, empowered these institutions and

the government and private sectors while

200 water treatment plants,5000 schools

the Cabinet has approved the incorpo-

70000 jobs have been put on fast track selec-

have been provided with protected drink-

ration of the provisions of 73rd amend-

tion made. The initiatives like UDAAN, HI-

ing water facilities. About Rs. 1616 crore

ment into the Constitution of Jammu and

MAYAT, SKWEPY etc are under success-

water usage charges have been collected

Kashmir through the Legislative business

ful implementation in the State to enhance

from various power companies generating

which will enable to constitute Block De-

the employability and expand employment

electricity from the rivers of Jammu and

velopment Councils and District Devel-

orbit for unemployed youth of the State.

Kashmir. Two Central Universities, 23 De-

opment Planning Boards to be headed by

On Power generation, the Chief Minis-

gree Colleges, 18 Polytechnic Colleges and

elected representatives and not through

ter said that as against the indigenous pow-

6 Modern ITIs have been set up in the State

the nomination process”, he said adding

er projects of the capacity of 750 MWs es-

during the last five years. 20000 ReTs have

“this is called the participatory democ-

tablished in the State since 1947 to 2009, his

been regularized in this period.

racy”. He said that the provisions of 74th

Government allotted power projects of the

The 26 new health institutions and two

amendment to empower Urban Local Bod-

capacity of 1500 MWs in just five years. He

maternity hospitals were established in

ies have been almost incorporated. Omar

said strong edifice has been laid to gener-

the State and 10000 doctors and paramed-

also criticized the attitude of PDP with

ate 9000 MWs of power in the State in next

ics were engaged to provide staff to the

regard to the decision of the Government

seven to eight years. He also mentioned the

health institutions in rural and far-flung

relating to the creation of administrative

high potential for generation of solar ener-

areas. The salaries and allowances of doc-

units and said that this party had also

gy available in the Ladakh region and said

tors have been enhanced under NRHM for

tried to hamper the decision of Ghulam

that an expert on the subject has told him

serving in the rural areas. One Number

Nabi Azad the then Chief Minister of the

“what is gulf for oil, Ladakh is for gener-

Ambulance Service is being introduced

State, regarding the creation of eight new

ation of solar energy”. He said all efforts

in the State soon adding that Jammu and

districts in the State. “The members of this

are being made to give boost to the gener-

Kashmir has shown remarkable improve-

party in the Cabinet of Mr. Azad tried to

ation of solar energy in Ladakh and trans-

ment in almost all vital health parameters.

browbeat him but he did not yield to their

mit power from this area through a new

However, he showed concern about the

tactics and went ahead to create new dis-

transmission line being installed between

decline in sex ratio and appealed the mem-

tricts”, he said and added that PDP indulg-

Leh to Srinagar. Expressed gratitude to

bers of the Legislature to play their role in

es in this kind of attitude for they consider

Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh and

making society aware of the fall out and

the party on the losers side for not taking

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi for liber-

consequences of female feticide.

this kind of decisions when they had the

al financial help and support to the State

The Chief Minister also mentioned in-

opportunity to do so. “Since they have lose

Government to march ahead on road to

crease in the tourist flow during the last

the argument as such they run away from

progress and development and mentioned

five years and said that it has remained

the House as has been their past practice”,

construction of 4-laning of National High-

over 10 lakh in the Valley during 2012 and

he maintained.

way, boring of tunnels at Nashri and Qa-

2013. The number of pilgrims to Shri Mata

zigund and launching rail service between

Vaishno Devi shrine has also gone to one

Banihal and Baramulla.

crore and those visiting Shri Amarnath in

Omar Abdullah castigated BJP for carrying the false bogey of abrogation of Article-370 whenever elections draw near

The Chief Minister highlighted the

lakhs, the measures taken by his Govern-

and sleep over the issue when in power.

need for broad banding the railway net-

ment to improve the lot of farmers, horti-

He said like PDP, BJP wants to fight elec-

work in the State and creating South-East

culturists and artisans in the State. Vari-

tions by raising false propaganda. Without

railway corridor in the Valley and connect-

ous packages have been provided to the

naming Narendra Modi, a top leader of

ing Poonch, Rajouri and like areas with

agriculturists during the last five years.


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eteran Congress leader Karan Singh has come out with a book on his meetings with "remarkable women", which has several

tidbits like his suggestion to Indira Gandhi to quit after the Emergency and Morarji Desai offering to nominate Rukmini Devi Arundale for the post of President.

"Meetings with Remarkable Women" offers a glimpse into the lives of extraordinary women including late Prime Minister

1 March 2014



Gandhi, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, Edwina Mountbatten, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, M S Subbulakshmi, Helen Keller and Gayatri Devi. Mentioning about the Emergency in his chapter on Gandhi, Singh says after the Allahabad High Court judgement of June 12, 1975 holding the then prime minister guilty of two corrupt practices and declaring her election to the Lok Sabha void, there was a furore. "The Opposition saw this as a golden opportunity to attack and unseat her, and the whole national was in turmoil," he writes in the book, published by Palimpsest. "One evening, I sat at my desk and wrote a personal handwritten letter, which as I mentioned, was not in my capacity as a Cabinet Minister, but in my personal capacity. I suggested that she should offer to resign, send in her resignation to the President who need not accept it on the grounds that the final decision was to be taken by the Supreme Court on her appeal," Singh recalls. "This, I felt, would not only be the correct thing to do but may also have obviated the endless criticism that followed. I happened to have kept a photocopy of the letter which has been published in my correspondence with her. She did not reply nor was


the matter mentioned hereafter," he writes. In his chapter on Arundale, he mentions how after the Janata government assumed office, Desai suggested that the danseuse would be a good candidate for the presidency. Arundale, however, refused the offer saying she was devoted to art. Singh says the book is the result of an advice by his daughter Jyotsna. "Taking off from the 19th century



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1 March 2014 gether, the Sheikh insisted that the government of India ask both my parents to leave the state". "He is believed to have said that the Maharani was more dangerous than the Maharaja, because while the latter spent most of his time in the palace surrounded by courtiers, the Maharani would go out to meet the people, particularly in the numerous refugee camps that had come up after the disastrous Partition of 1947. She, therefore, left along with my father, although both went in opposite directions, he to Mumbai and she to Himachal Pradesh." He recalls how he learnt a great deal from his mother, whom he was extremely attached to but missed her because he was studying at a boarding school. "Apart from devotional stories of our epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, and from the Kalyan magazine (brought out by Geeta Press, Gorakhpur), which she read regularly, I learnt to love the Dogra Pahari songs and bhajans that Maaji and her maids would sing on festive occasions. She would teach me to be courteous and considerate to all persons regardless of their rank, and this included the staff and servants," Singh

Greek-Armenian mystic G I Gurdjieff's 'Meet-


ings with Remarkable Men', however, my daughter Jyotsna had for long been urging me to write about my meetings with remarkable women. At last I decided to accept her advice; hence this book," he says. "All these women that I have met over a long period of time, have left an impression upon my mind, obviously some more than others. Even a brief meeting has turned out to be a long remembered event, as for example, the one with Helen Keller which did not last more than a few minutes. "I have attempted just to sketch a brief outline of each of the personalities, a short description of my interaction, and wherever were well known around the world, many of them not in the public eye, but they all shared a certain intangible quality which has led me to include them in this book of reminiscences." The opening chapter is about Singh's mother Maharani Tara Devi, whom he describes as the most influential woman in his life next only to his wife Asha. He mentions that by a "strange quirk of history, when in 1950 it had become impossible for my father and Sheikh Abdullah to work to-

2 IN 1


possible, a photograph. Many of these women


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1 March 2014


the verdict of Supreme Court regarding Rajiv Gandhi killers made it clear that India is treating Kashmir’s as cattle and it will be ‘better for us that we accept this reality sooner or later.’ Tabasum Guroo, the wife of Muhammad Afzal Guroo while reacting to the Supreme Court’s verdict on the assassins

Double Standard polices in Indian Democracy why my

of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, told that his husband

husband has been killed, it remain the

was a victim of “collective conscience” of Indian society. She

proverbial the

albatross Indian


said that hanging of Afzal Guroo was a blot on justice because


it was done on the basis of conscience rather than available ev-

neck! Describing his

idences, facts and other considerations.

husband’s hanging

“Today I want to ask to the Supreme Court why it strangu-

as India’s collec-

lated justice and hurriedly pronounced its biased verdict. To-

tive conspira-

day it has become clear that India is governed by two different

cy, the wife

laws and this country is using its self-made and biased laws to




punish Kashmiri people for the crime which they never commit,” she said.


Tabasum Guroo said that Government of India hurriedly


put Guroo to gallows without following procedure of law. The


serial number of Afzal was 21 but he was hanged soon after


Ajmal Qasab while others were not touched. “Supreme Court, Government of India and its people were satisfied after hanging my husband who was innocent. It is irony that soon after the execution of my husband in Tihar Jail, the India’s highest court commuted the death sentences of many convicts into life term while it also said that there should be no repeat of Afzal Guroo like execution. Is not it irony and murder of justice that after the execution of Muhammd Afzal Guroo, the India’s Supreme Court termed solitary confinement unconstitutional and passed a verdict before the death of any convict his family members must be informed,” Tabasum said adding that India stands exposed at International level


and its faulty justice system has brought disrepute to it. She said that she has no faith on Indian ‘faulty’ justice system and she does not expect anything from it and knows that wily India will is not interested in returning the mortal remains of his husband. Pertinently, the Supreme Court granted relief to the three convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, by commuting their death sentence into life term on the grounds of inordinate delay in disposal of their mercy petitions by the President. “People of Kashmir extremely let down with the decision of my husband’s hanging who was innocent”

Saturday, 08 February 2014



1 March 2014


lone son we had a reason to be happy. They

he old parents of Mohammad Rafiq

had brought (paneer) and bread (rotis) for

Shah from Srinagar visited Tihar

us. On other days the jail authorities would

Jail to meet their son. Rafiq Shah,

gave us some bread, rice and pulses and

a student of University of Kashmir, was

would not allow non-vegetarian food from

picked up from his home and is facing tri-

visitors. We along with “Mohammad Afzal

al for planting bomb in New Delhi bus. It is

Guroo” assembled to eat. He eat more than

another story that university records show

he usually did. I remember him saying: “I

that Rafiq Shah was attending classes in

am eating more today the food is delicious.”

Kashmir when the bombs ripped the Indian

He eat five rotis. As soon we finished din-

capital. “Mohammad Afzal Guroo” was ex-

ner, we were made to shift to our barracks

tremely close to young Rafiq Shah and both

and Afzal moved into his solitary cell.

would spend hours talking about religion

Out of fear that inmates would form

and Kashmir. Having had the opportunity

human bonds, the prison authorities would

to be in the company of Mohammad Afzal

shift us from one barrack to another regu-

Guroo and as we approach his first hanging

larly. Things that usually remain unnoticed

anniversary, my account of the man’s un-

helped us to bond. Our food habits made us

told side, I hope, would serve as a true trib-

do the impossible and also invoked a sort of

ute to the man who had accepted gallows

solidarity among Kashmir inmates. I man-

much before he was hanged.

aged to get in Kashmir nun-chai salt tea and

I am too ordinary a person to speak

would prepare it. Afzal would always make

about the character and personality of a

fun and say that I was the one who import-

man, who often said: “Death is the only

ed nun-chai to Tihar. Since 2008, he was in

truth and I believe that if the order is from

the same jail and would often talk about life,

higher up (Allah), above than the Indian

religion and Kashmir over brewing cups of

home ministry, only then this will be.”


On February 8, the day Rafiq Shah’s

There was nothing unusual about the

parents made yet another visit to meet their

night, but the dawn surely was different.


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1 March 2014

They didn’t open our barracks on February 9;2013 we were




Pertinently, the Supreme Court granted relief to the three convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, by commuting their death sentence into life term on the grounds of inordinate delay in disposal of their mercy petitions by the President. “People of Kashmir extremely let down with the decision of my husband’s hanging who was innocent”




They told he

us was

hanged at 8:00 am. Two officers who were friendly told

me that Afzal did not have any fear

of death. “We didn't see any fear in Afzal’s eyes and he recited holy Qur’an on every step on his way to death,” I remember their words. On the way to gallows Afzal read

perturbed. My barrack was at a long distance from Afzal’s cell. As the prison management didn’t open the barracks, I focused on rec iting holy Qur’an.

Rasulula (There is) none worthy of worship except Allah. Muhammad is Messenger of Allah)”.

It was 7:15 am, Sandeep, a fellow in-

Those Kashmir prisoners near

mate called me. He was panting and he

to the site responded to his

looked extremely panicked. He said: “I

call loudly from their cells.

saw on TV that Afzal has been hanged.”

He recited and they recited

I was numbed with shock and disbelief.

it back to him: ‘Lailaha ilala

The inmates broke down. We were per-

Muhamadur Rasulula’.

turbed, some cried, some raising slogans but the administration did not let us out at all.


aloud: “Lailaha ilala Muhamadur

Afzal was shifted from his cell at 5:00 am by an officer, on the pretext that there was an inspection. He picked up his mat and left. On the way he asked Rafiq to pray outside in open but they did not open any other cell.

They didn’t perform his last rites according to Islam. He was interred into a ditch (Dubas Manz Trovukh) close to where Mohammad Maqbool Bhat was buried in 1984. The jail authorities would say that the policeman, who performed Afzal’s last rituals, was a Muslim, but I have seen those policemen.


They know nothing about Islam. I stand witness that Afzal’s rights

And when Afzal was told about his hanging he did not pro-

to Islamic way of burial were compromised.

test. They initially tried to drag him but Afzal told them ‘let off my

He requested them to let him speak one last time with his fam-

hands I will go myself’. He had accepted his destiny; he was content

ily but his last wish remained unfulfilled. Then they let him post

that he was dying for truth and against oppression. “He did not

the letter to his family. We were let out at 11 am and they gates of

need to be dragged to his head, he hugged it,” I was told by a jail au-

the ground where Afzal was buried were locked perhaps forever.

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1 March 2014


Bashir Ahmed was Afzal’s co-inmate at Tihar Jail since 2008. He was serving sentence there and was released on 7th August 2013. Afzal was covertly hanged at the fortified prison on Feb 9, 2013.

READ MOHAMMAD RAFIQ SHAH'S MEMORY 'We were forced to suck each other's genitals' norance and stood firm, but they continued the torture. They wanted me to confess to being one of the executors of blasts in which innocent people had been killed. I pleaded not guilty till I fainted. Next morning, I was shifted to an unknown place. I was blindfolded and my hands were tied. They confined me till night in a dark room and tortured severely. On November 23, that year, the Delhi Police officer (whom I later came to know as infamous encounter specialist Mohan Chand Sharma of the Special Cell), leading a team of policemen, brought me and other Kashmir youth Mohammad Hussain Fazili by plane to the Lodhi Colony Police Station in New Delhi. It was there, I faced wrath of Delhi Police. I was stripped naked, my hands were tied behind with a rope, and the legs were also tied together by iron fetters. They started beating me severely. It was almost evening, the skies were dark we

On a cold November night, in 2005, a loud knock on the main

were dragged into a vehicle and were produced before the Chief

door of my house, in Kashmir’s Alesteng area, woke me from my

Metropolitan Magistrate at her residence. The Magistrate without

sleep. In utmost exasperation, my family rushed to the gate to check

asking any questions left us at the mercy of Delhi Police. We were

on what then seemed to be a fervent knock from an agonized trav-

remand to police custody for 14 days.

eler. They guessed it wrong. Instead, gun brandishing men from

We were back to Lodhi Colony Police Station where what hap-

Delhi police, Central Reserve Police Force and Special Operations

pened to me another well educated Kashmir youth (about whom I

Group of the Jammu and Kashmir police forced their entry into my

later came to know that he was doing a white collar job in a multi-


national company Johnson & Johnson) is beyond words. We were

Within moments, without uttering a word, they started beating

brutally tortured there. They abused everything that belonged to

me ruthlessly and as my old-age parents intervened they met the

us, stripped us and gave electric shocks by connecting electrodes to

same fate. I was blank and numb. They dragged me out and pushed

our genitals, hanging us upside down and immersing our heads in

me into a waiting wagon. I was blindfolded and handcuffed and the

water. We were then forced to drink the urine filled in the bottles;

vehicle started to move. My darkest fears played in my mind.

rats were put into our trousers. Then we were subjected to water

The vehicle, over a half an hour later, came to a halt. They moved me from the vehicle and opened my eyes. I was in a garrison

boarding due to which huge quantity of water entered into our stomachs. The process continued till I fainted.

or an interrogation centre, I thought. Later, I discovered, I was in

After about four hours, when I regained consciousness, two per-

Air Cargo— an infamous interrogation centre in Kashmir’s capital,

sons held me on either side and made me stand but I fell down. It


was impossible for me to stand. I collapsed.

Then suddenly, many people started hitting me. Some with

Next day they rubbed on our bodies a creature loathed in my

bamboo sticks, some with belts and rest with whatever they could

religion. Then they started shouting Allah, Allah. I crumbled! The

find. I was asked nothing, since I was picked from my home. Anoth-

interrogator, Mohan Chand Sharma, along with his team watched

er half an hour must have passed and I was then taken to the room

all this in amusement and said with a cunning laughter: “Call your

of a top police officer where I saw a number of people-- all of them

God, no God will come to your rescue here.”

in civvies.

I felt numb, thinking over the vengeance and prejudice towards

Without identifying themselves, some started questioning me

Kashmiris. We were handcuffed and chained for several days.

while others resorted to torture without break. When they began

During this course of time, the ordeal of torture went bad to worse

to ask questions, a strange hope lingered in my heart. I was asked

and one day we were forced to suck the genitals of each other. The

about my whereabouts between October 20 and 30, 2005. “I do not

interrogators were watching in amusement and made video clips in

remember sharply but in the routine manner have been in the Uni-

their mobile phones.

versity of Kashmir in my department,” I vividly remember telling the men.

Police, shaved off my beard and forced me to have a ‘French cut beard’ after which our photographs were taken. Some unknown

Then they zeroed in. They asked me about pre-Diwali blasts in

persons in civvies were bought in the cell and I was subjected to

Indian capital,New Delhi, on October 25, that year. I pleaded my ig-

parade before them. When I was shown to the fabricated and plant-


Rafiq’s mother holds his picture during the launch of an online campaign seeking his release last year.


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Afzal Guroo hanging: Chief Minister Omar Abdullah's remarks countered by father Farooq Abdullah

1 March 2014 ed witnesses of police, I was told that they knew that I was not involved in blasts, but being a Kashmiri is sufficient ground to implicate me in the blasts. Besides, I was told that these persons would stand as witnesses in my case and would also give testimonies against me before the court of law. They also said: for us it is not difficult to prove you guilty as we have our own legislature, law enforcement agencies and judiciary, we can do whatever we want. The sleuths forced me to confess. How could I confess what I didn’t know about. But all my pleas and cries went to deaf ears. They failed to extract a confession through physical torture. They then began psychological torture. Mohan Chand Sharma threatened me that if I didn’t confess before the media, my sisters and mother would be brought there and would be tortured before me. I looked at them helplessly. Scary thoughts made me to give in. I was then forced to sign hundreds of blank papers. A fortnight later, I was asked to put on my clothes, handcuffs were removed, and I was taken from my cell and dumped into a vehicle. After a long drive, I was taken out of the vehicle and was straight away taken to the magistrate for remand .My situation was critical and I was continuously vomiting due to deteriorating


istrate without uttering a word permitted the police to keep us in

been unequivocal in his criticism of Saturday’s 2013 ex-

remand again for fifteen days. My critical condition and scars of

ecution of Afzal Guru, who was found guilty of helping

torture were apparent to her. I was back in the custody this time at

terrorists who attacked parliament in 2001. However, his

New Friends Colony special cell. They kept me in a filthy dark cell

father Farooq, who heads their party, the National Conference said “proper procedure” has been followed. The National Conference is a member of the Prime Minister’s coalition government.

chained and handcuffed. Next day, a person in civvies was brought before me. I at once reminded and recognized that he was the same person who was

Guru’s family says they discovered that he had been executed

brought before me in Lodhi colony police station where I was asked

on news channels and that he was denied his legal right to meet

that some persons would stand as witnesses against me in the court

them one last time before he died. “As a human being, I cannot

there after I was subjected to photo and video sessions. Footprint

reconcile to the fact that Afzal Guru was not allowed to see his

and fingerprints were also forcibly taken from me. It was almost

family,” said Omar Abdullah to NDTV.

dawn, when I was shifted to Tihar Jail for TIP (Test Identification

He has also suggested that the decision to hang Guru appears to be a political one. The main opposition party, the BJP, has for years employed the delay in Guru’s execution to accuse the government of being soft on terror.


health. Blood was oozing out from my wounds but the learned mag-

ammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has

Parade). When I was put forth for TIP, I refused and narrated my ordeal but all in vain. Again my remand was extended from by a court and I was shifted to New Friends Colony special cell where I was presented before

Omar Abdullah says the hanging will severely test the fragile

the media person associated with leading English daily published

peace in his state, where many believe that Guru was not given

from New Delhi. He took my photographs. I was kept in a dark cell

a fair trial, and are upset that he was buried in Tihar Jail in Del-

for a period of fifteen days with other two Kashmir youth: Tariq

hi. The Chief Minister asked why Guru was hanged when other

Ahmed Dar and Mohammad Hussain Fazili, who were made co-ac-

prisoners on death row, like the assassins of former Prime Minis-

cused in my case.

ter Rajiv Gandhi and Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh, are still

After spending fifteen days in mental agony and trauma, we

alive. “Like it or not, the execution has reinforced the point that

were presented before the court and after getting another remand

there is no justice. We will have to deal with how we can change

for fifteen days in police custody we were shifted to Rohini Special

that sort of alienation,” the Chief Minister said.

Cell of Delhi Police.

“These cases are still under consideration before the judicia-

We came across a sheer desperation and despondency from a

ry,” said the Home Minister, dismissing the chief minister’s alle-

learned judge when she in prejudice asked that ‘if we’re not enthu-


siastic to live in India why we’re not migrating to Pakistan’. We

Farooq Abdullah said that Guru was tried and convicted by

were totally shaken by the remarks of a learned judge. On Decem-

different courts. “As far as I am concerned the courts had given

ber 30, I along with other two Kashmiri youths, who had been made

the death sentence. His plea was put in front of the President. He

my co-accused, were finally sent to Tihar Jail.

rejected the plea. The matter is over. The Chief Minister knows better what is happening in the state”, he said.

The way Delhi Police have implicated me in the pre-Diwali Delhi blast and branded me as a Delhi-bomber costs a forbidden speck of Indian state which enjoys a monopoly over the means of violence

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1 March 2014


so as to malign the Kashmiris, particularly the educated in the name of so-called fighting terrorism. I have all evidences to prove my innocence but before whom shall I plead. Traversity of justice prevails everywhere in India particularly for Kashmiris. How can I expect justice from a state which have dashed all my dreams to ground and has spoiled my bright education career that too when then Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University has authenticated that I was in the class room at the time of blasts in Delhi. The director, Shah-i-Hamdan Institute of Islamic Studies (Kashmir University) has given the certificate of attendance for the month of October and November 2005, in which it is clearly mentioned October 2005, 29, the day blasts ripped New Delhi. Four professors of my department, whose classes I have attended on the day of blasts, also give written affidavits whereby showing my presence in their classes. Some of my classmates in the department have also given in writing the declaration mentioning my presence in the classroom. My neighbours, who had seen me on October 29, on the eve of 3rd Laitatul Qadr, have also given the affidavits in this regard. Delhi police approached my department in the Kashmir University thrice. They were provided with the Xerox copies of four attendance registers maintained by four professors of the department which proved my presence in the classes on the enquired dates. The varsity authorities were harassed and pressurized to hand over the original registers to them but they refused to do so saying that if any judicial authority would direct them they would hand them over. Ironically, Delhi police claims I planted bombs in buses. I have no magical powers to be omnipresent. Many ministers in Kashmir government have acknowledged my innocence, but I continue to languish in Tihar.

Tabasum Guroo said that Government of India hurriedly put Guroo to gallows without following procedure of law. The serial number of Afzal was 21 but he was hanged soon after Ajmal Qasab while others were not touched.


that I was present in the classroom on


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1 March 2014

it by five cyclones on its eastern coast last year, India is plan-

data at high altitudes, especially the wind patterns, and to conduct

ning to procure a NASA aircraft equipped with a lab to study

experiments in the aircraft itself," a scientist at MoES said. This

wind patterns at high altitude for better prediction of such

assumes significance as several cyclones, including the powerful

calamities. "We are procuring McDonnell Douglas DC-8 aircraft from

Phailin that left a trail of destruction, had hit the country's eastern

NASA and we should hopefully get it by 2015-2016. This aircraft has a

coast last year. Indian Meteorological Department chief Laxman

laboratory within itself and will be helpful in studying wind patterns,"

Singh Rathore had last month said five cyclones including Phailin

Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) Secretary Shailesh Nayak told PTI.

and Helen had originated in the Bay of Bengal. A senior scientist

The government has also tied up with University of Massachu-

from the MoES said that wind is a major factor in determining the

setts, US for research on weather patterns in the country especially

atmosphere and despite predictions of cyclones, it was necessary to

in the Bay of Bengal, he said. "The aircraft will help in gathering

study wind patterns in depth.



"We know why cyclones take place

as a flying science laboratory. The platform

and by remote sensing have been used for

and the formation process, but it was also

aircraft, based at NASA's Dryden Flight Re-

studies in archaeology, ecology, geography,

important to understand why so many cy-

search Center in California, collects data


clones were hitting the eastern coast," the

for several experiments in support of scien-

volcanology, atmospheric chemistry, cryo-

scientist said. NASA uses the DC-8 aircraft

tific projects.Data gathered by the aircraft

spheric science, soil science and biology.



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1 March 2014

PROFILE: ARVIND KEJRIWAL Arvind Kejriwal’s political debut has been described as nothing less than spectacular Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal made a spectacular polit-

Mahatma Gandhi. He told supporters they

ical debut in December. His party won 28

would fight against the culture of "bribe-tak-

seats in Delhi's state assembly, propelling

ing" and pledged to contest the 2014 election.

in the northern state of Haryana •

Graduated from the prestigious

him to the post of chief minister in the cap-

Indian Institute of Technology with a de-

ital.But he was only to be in office for 49

gree in mechanical engineering

days, resigning amid a row over an anti-cor-

Took retirement from civil ser-

vice in 2006 to set up an NGO •

“From today, the people are entering politics - corrupt leaders, count your days”

ruption bill. When Mr Kejriwal first broke off from

Arvind KejriwalAnti-corruption activ-

Awarded the Ramon Magsaysay

his mentor, veteran campaigner Anna Haz-

award for Emergent Leadership, seen as

are, to formally enter politics last year,

Explaining the need for a new party, he

Asia's Nobel prize, in 2006

many said he would find the going tough

said India was "being sold and all parties

without Mr Hazare's support.

are guilty".

Worked as a close aide of anti-cor-

ruption campaigner Anna Hazare •


But, Mr Kejriwal proved his detractors

Launched his Aam Aadmi Party

wrong, as the Delhi election results show

(AAP) on 2 October 2012, vowing to fight the

- his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) or the Com-

A former civil servant, Mr Kejriwal

culture of "bribe-taking"

mon Man's Party won 28 seats out of the 70

won the Ramon Magsaysay award for emer-

seats on offer.

gent leadership, widely described as Asia's

The AAP won 28 seats out of 70 in

the Delhi elections in 2013 - helping to topple the ruling Congress party •

Resigned on 14 February 2014

amid a row over an anti-corruption bill

His next move is bound to be on the national stage. Mr Kejriwal has said his party will contest the general election due by May. Mr Kejriwal launched his political par-

Leading Indian anti-corruption activist

ty on 2 October 2012, the 143rd birthday of

Backroom Organizer

Nobel Prize, for social work and initiatives to fight corruption in 2006. Two years ago, he set up a group called India Against Corruption aimed at putting pressure on the Government to bring about tough anti-corruption laws.

Arvind Kejriwal was activist Anna Hazare's close aide during their anti-corruption protest in 2011


Born in 1968 in the town of Hisar


Focus On Globe Mr Kejriwal, 44, came to the limelight in 2011 as the backroom organizer of the anti-corruption campaign led by Mr. Hazare.

1 March 2014

formulating strategy.

chanical engineering.

In August of the same year, when Mr

After a brief stint working with the pri-

Hazare brought the Government to its knees

vate sector Tata group, he joined the Indian civil services in 1992 as a revenue officer.

While Mr. Hazare, 73, was its recog-

with his 12-day fast, Mr. Kejriwal emerged

nized public face, Mr Kejriwal was a mem-

as his top aide, rallying huge crowds, advis-

He took voluntary retirement from his

ber of "Team Anna", which worked tireless-

ing the veteran campaigner and participat-

job in 2006 and set up an NGO - Public Cause

ly behind the scenes to make the agitation

ing in negotiations with the Government.

Research Foundation - to work full time to

a success.

promote transparency in Government and LOSS OF FAITH

to create awareness about the Right to In-

in April 2011 to demand stringent anti-cor-

Born in 1968 in the town of Hisar in the

formation movement.

ruption laws, in particular a law to create

northern state of Haryana to middle-class

According to a report in The Caravan

an ombudsman to deal with allegations of

parents, Mr Kejriwal graduated from the

magazine, Mr Kejriwal has "no person-

corruption, Mr. Kejriwal was by his side,

prestigious Indian Institute of Technology

al story of extraordinary suffering at the

making speeches, briefing reporters and

(IIT) in Kharagpur with a degree in me-

hands of corruption".

"What led him to quit his job as a senior

likely that he would be able to translate the

had pushed for.

bureaucrat and become an activist wasn't

public anger over corruption into votes for

anger or bitterness; it was the loss of his

his political party.

India has been hit by a string of high-profile corruption scandals

As Mr. Hazare went on hunger strike

own faith in government after a decade in

But the Delhi election results have

dent body with the power to investigate

proved his critics wrong with the Aam

politicians and civil servants suspected of

In a draft document, Mr. Kejriwal

Aadmi Party showing that it can do serious


outline some of the objectives of his par-

damage to both of India's main political par-

ty, which included devolution of power,


its service," it says.


The law would have created a Citizens' Ombudsman, or Jan Lokpal, an indepen-

But opposition politicians blocked the bill, arguing it was unconstitutional to in-

fighting corruption, containing inflation

During his administration's brief time

and ensuring fair prices for farm prod-

in office, Mr. Kejriwal unveiled a series of

troduce legislation that did not have the ap-


headline-grabbing initiatives, including an

Mr Kejriwal had threatened to quit if

He said at the time: "From today, the

anti-corruption hotline to help people deal

the bill did not go through, and duly did so

people are entering politics. Corrupt lead-

with demands for bribes by Government

- announcing his resignation to his support-

ers, count your days."


ers outside his party headquarters.

proval of the federal government.

Mr. Kejriwal began by making corrup-

In January, he spent two nights in the

Analysts say that even if Mr. Kejriw-

tion claims against Law Minister Salman

open as part of a mass sit-in to press the fed-

al and his party are unable to keep their

Khurshid and Robert Vadra, son-in-law of

eral Government to grant him greater con-

promise to bring about "a complete politi-

Congress party Chief Sonia Gandhi.

trol over the city police.

cal revolution" in the next general election,

His initial protests attracted small

But the true crunch time came when a

crowds and his opponents said it was un-

row broke out over anti-corruption bill he

they would at least have the satisfaction of changing the political discourse.

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Resigned after an anti-corruption bill Was blocked in the state assembly Opposition politicians blocked the bill, which would have created an independent body with the power to investigate politicians and civil servants suspected of corruption. They argued it was unconstitutional to introduce legislation that did not have the approval of the federal Government. His anti-corruption party made a spectacular debut in recent elections.

1 March 2014


He is now expected to launch his party's campaign for the national elections due in the summer, our correspondent adds. Delhi just a stepping stone for Arvind Kejriwal? The only surprise about Arvind Kejriwal's resignation as Delhi's chief minister would have been if he hadn't gone. His actions since taking over the job only six weeks ago have all pointed this way - including the final showdown over his anti-corruption bill. Delhi looks more than ever like a stepping-stone for his bigger, national ambitions. His Aam Admi (Common Man) party is already contesting more than two-thirds of the seats in the spring elections.Now Mr Kejriwal can lead his campaign nationwide.He never really stopped being a protester - and never really looked comfortable as a politician - at least, not yet. Calling time His short time in office since his spectacular electoral breakthrough last year was mostly devoted to his bigger agenda of tackling corruption rather than Governing Delhi - and laying down symbolic markers. Whatever happens to him, people will remember Mr. Kejriwal as the man who called time on politicians' perks, like vainglorious motorcades and villas. Look at his 49 days in office and almost all the big moments happened outside it. There was a public meeting to hear people's grievances. It was abandoned after too many people turned up. Chaos, said his critics. But Kejriwal, wrapped in his trademark scarf and drab sweater, had won the symbolic point. He looked like the man of the people, reaching out to the common man. And look at how everyone's cop-

But correspondents say his refusal to seek prior approval for

ied him since: from Narendra Modi's BJP new tea-party offensive

the bill is part of a power struggle unfolding between his local ad-

to the Congress' Rahul Gandhi's slightly more tepid appearance

ministration and the federal Government.

before an audience of railway porters last week. Then there was Mr Kejriwal's sit-down protest in central Delhi. Ostensibly, it was

He never really stopped being a protester - and never really looked comfortable as a politician - at least, not yet�

about winning greater control over the city's police - something the central government was never going to give up Mr Kejriwal brought the government district to a standstill. Traditionalists were outraged: how could a chief minister behave

He had also written to India's Home Minister Sushil Kumar

like this? "I'm an anarchist," Mr Kejriwal replied. But just two days

Shinde asking him to withdraw a 2002 order making federal consent

later, he called it all off - not even close to achieving his goal. Yet

compulsory for laws introduced into Delhi's assembly.Addressing

he'd won the symbolic point again - looking likes the man standing

hundreds of supporters outside his party headquarters on Friday,

up to the big, bad elite.Question marks

Mr Kejriwal said his attempt to fight corruption by bringing in new

Just days ago, probably already planning his exit, he had an-

legislation had been blocked by India's two leading parties, the Con-

other go at the elite - this time at the cozy nexus between the Gov-

gress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

ernment and India'srichest man, Mukesh Ambani, accusing them

"My cabinet has decided that we are quitting. Here is my resignation letter," he said.

of ripping off consumers for their gas. Now he can make all these waves on a national stage. Will it work?

The bill was blocked by opposition Congress and BJP MPs in a

India has seen revolutionary new politicians before, like Jay-

chaotic session at the Delhi Assembly. Later, as politicians tried to

aprakash Narayan. For a while, his promise of a "peaceful total rev-

shout him down in the parliament, he said: "We need to look within

olution" galvanized a nation sick of the excesses of Indira Gandhi's

us. People don't like politicians. I have read the constitution; no-

emergency rule and pushed her from power.

where does it say we need the centre's permission to table bills. "I will consider myself fortunate if I have to sacrifice the chief minister's post and my life to eradicate corruption."

But then his movement fizzled and Congress returned to power again.This time round, all the signs still point to the BJP, the other big establishment party, winning the next elections. And Mr. Kejri-

Mr Kejriwal, who has described himself as an anarchist,

wal still has many question marks against him, about who he really

brought an unusual style to Government, says the BBC's Sanjoy

is and what he stands for. But Indians are so sick of the politicians

Majumder in Delhi.

they know that they're still prepared to give the one they don't a

The highlight of this was when he spent two nights in the open to press the federal Government to grant him greater control over the city police.

chance. So for Delhi's shortest-lasting chief minister, this looks like just the beginning.


'Unusual style'


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1 March 2014



Pakistani anti-drone campaigner

liamentarians about the impact of drone

in plain clothes” early on 5 February. Near-

who was abducted from his home

strikes on his country. His lawyers say he

ly a decade after they first took to the skies

in February, days before he was

was picked up from his residence in Rawal-

over Pakistan’s unruly tribal areas along

due to testify before European MPs, has re-

pindi last week and has not been heard

the border with Afghanistan, America’s


from since. Police deny any involvement.

unmanned drone aircraft are causing fierce

Kareem Khan's lawyer says he was kid-

The high court set the hearing for 20 Feb-

controversy in both the United States and

napped, tortured and interrogated before

ruary. Kareem Khan's brother and teenage


being dumped near Islamabad. The men

son were killed in a drone attack in North

who seized him wore police uniforms, the

Waziristan in 2009.

lawyer said. A Pakistani court ordered the

"The Rawalpindi bench of Lahore High

and al-Qaeda militants based in the border

government to produce him by 20 February

Court has sought reply from the intelli-

area and that they take “extraordinary

or provide the reason for his detention. The

gence agencies through the government, or-

care” to ensure the strikes comply with in-

campaigner's brother and son were killed

dering the intelligence agencies to produce

ternational law. Several thousand people

in a drone attack five years ago. The United

Kareem Khan on 20 February or give the

have been killed in the attacks, many of

States uses unmanned drones to carry out

reason behind his arrest in writing to the

them militants - but precise numbers and

strikes on Taliban and al-Qaeda targets in

court," his lawyer Shahzad Akbar told AFP

the identities of victims are in dispute. Unit-

Pakistan's border region with Afghanistan.

news agency.

ed Nations rapporteur Ben Emmerson and

Their use causes fierce controversy in Pa-


American officials argue the drone attacks are vital in the fight against Taliban


"The police in their report did mention that Khan was picked up by men wearing

other researchers have estimated at least 400 civilian deaths from drones since 2004.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Shar-

police uniform but they said it was not

Local claims of the numbers of ci-

if has called for an end to drone attacks in

them," he said, adding that he was not hope-

vilian deaths are almost impossible to

Pakistan, saying they violate Pakistan's

ful that intelligence agencies would pro-

prove. One reason is the restricted media

sovereignty. However, the government

duce his client.

access in the region. The other is the mil-

is widely thought to co-operate in at least

Amnesty International said: “We are

itants’ tendency to cordon off the target-

concerned that prominent human rights

ed sites and conduct quick burials. Paki-

A court in Pakistan has ordered the

activist Kareem Khan may have been disap-

stan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has

Government to produce an anti-drone ac-

peared to prevent him from giving testimo-

called for an end to drone attacks in his

tivist who lawyers say was detained by the

ny overseas about US drone strikes in Paki-

country, saying the attacks violate Paki-

country's intelligence agencies.

stan.” Quoting witnesses, the group said Mr

stan’s sovereignty. But correspondents

Kareem Khan went missing days before

Khan had been taken away by more than “a

say Pakistan is widely thought to co-op-

he was due to testify before European par-

dozen men, some in police uniforms, others

erate in the strikes.

some of the strikes.


1 March 2014

John Kerry (left) will discuss bilateral and regional issues with Xi Jinping Mr. Kerry’s two-day’s visit of Beijing, “to

proactive foreign policy (outside of China-US

reaffirm US commitment to pursuing a pos-

relations) for Washington to be 'friendlier'

itive relationship with China”. China is the

with us," the paper adds. Meanwhile, media

second stop in Mr Kerry's Asia trip after

continue to report on the itinerary of Wang

South Korea. He will also visit Indonesia

Yu-chi, chief of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs

and the United Arab Emirates. Ruan Zongze,

Council. The Beijing Times briefly reports

vice-president of China Institute of Interna-

that Mr Wang visited a TV station in Shang-

tional Studies, tells the China National Ra-

hai and said he will take the opportunity to

dio that US-China relations, the Air Defence

exchange views with mainland China. Some

Identification Zone, China-Japan territorial

media outlets have noted reports in the Tai-

disputes and North Korea's nuclear issue are

wanese media that Mr Wang brought up the

likely be on the agenda of the meeting. "There

topic of a "Xi-Ma meeting" for the first time,

will be talks on co-operation, but there will

reviving speculation on a potential meeting

also be disparities… In reality, there is a lack

between Chinese President Xi Jinping and

of trust from both sides. The US says it wants

his Taiwanese counterpart Ma Ying-jeou

to see China become strong and prosperous,

during the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-opera-

but some of its actions raise questions wheth-

tion (APEC) forum in November in Beijing.

er it really wants to see China develop," says Mr. Ruan.

However, Taiwan's officials later said that the topic was brought up during a "tea

The Xinhua news agency hopes that Mr

chat" and "each side has presented the stance

Kerry's visit will bring "positive energy" and

on this matter". Mr Ma has previously sug-

notes that as this year is the 35th anniversa-

gested a meeting with Mr Xi on the sidelines

ry of diplomatic ties between China and the

of the APEC meeting, but Beijing has reject-

US, "there will be several meetings between

ed the offer, saying it will not hold talks with

leaders of the two countries". However, the

Taiwan in an international event.

commentary also criticises the US for supporting Japan and describes the US negative response to China's Air Defence Identification Zone as "unreasonable". Echoing similar sentiments, the Global Times Chinese edition says that the problem with China and the US is "not simply about how many times the leaders are meeting", but the US "rebalancing Asia" policy has triggered pressure on China, causing China to feel "more unbearable compared to five years ago". "The US has strong ability and leverages which would shape its stance towards China. Communications help, but more importantly, we must make more friends with a more



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1 March 2014


Chinese authorities have shot dead eight people trying to attack police officers in Xinjiang, officials say. Three more were killed by their own explosive devic-

Since then, large-scale immigration of Han

Uighurs fear erosion of traditional culture

es when they attacked a patrol near a park in the county of

Two civilians and two police officers were injured in recent

Wushi, Xinhua news agency said. Officials labelled the attack-

incident in Aksu prefecture, west of Xinjiang’s capital Urumqi,

ers as “terrorists”, a term they often use for Muslim Uighurs

Xinhua reported, and one suspect was arrested. The authori-

involved in unrest. China claims to be battling Muslim sepa-

ties say the attackers were armed with explosive devices and

ratists, but exiled Uighur groups accuse Beijing of repression.

knives, and were riding motorbikes and cars. They did not give

Verifying reports from the region is difficult because the


short-lived state of East Turkestan

the ethnicity of the attackers.

information flow out of Xinjiang is tightly controlled.Author-

A spokesman for the German-based Uighur activist

ities traditionally blame extremists for outbreaks of violence,

group, the World Uighur Congress, dismissed the official ac-

while Uighur activists point to tight Chinese control as a cause

count. “The so-called terrorism is China’s political excuse of

of tensions.

directly shooting dead those who take a stand,” Dilxat Rax-

China and the Uighurs

it said. “The cause of the Uighur struggle is China’s armed

Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims

forces’ use of violent raids and provocations,” he said. “No-

Xinjiang’s population: 45% Uighur; 40% Han

one can continue to bear China’s provocations and its sys-

China re-established control in 1949 after crushing

tematic police of repression.”

The Uighur minority who live in Xinjiang speak a Turkic language and are Muslim

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The terrorism threat to the UK posed by individuals who have trained and fought in Syria is "a big problem" for the security services and police, the immigration minister has said. James the


Brokenshire "a


told and

growing proportion" of their resources were spent on the issue. He said it was right to be "vigilant" about travel between the UK and Syria.According to the Sunday Times, security services are "closely monitoring" 250 British-based jihadis linked to Syria. The authorities are concerned that such people may be radicalised and militarised - and urged by those they come into contact with in Syria


1 March 2014


counter-terrorism, told the BBC last month those returning from Syria "may well be charged and investigated, but they will be put into our programmes". He said those programmes saw police work with local agencies such as schools and youth organisations, "essentially to make sure these people haven't been affected and try and make sure they're not a threat to this country". Last week, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said there were "a few hundred people going out there". "They may be injured or killed, but our biggest worry is when they return they are radicalised, they may be militarised, they may have a network of people that train them to use weapons."

to turn their attentions away from the Syrian regime and instead attack targets in the West. Militants with suspected links to war-torn Syria from many other countries since fighting broke out in 2011. A video was posted online showing British man Abdul Waheed Majid, who is thought to have carried out a suicide bombing in the city of Aleppo.

A video emerged last week of a British man who is thought to have carried out a suicide bombing in Syria

The 41-year-old, from Crawley, West Sussex, was believed to have bombed a jail on 6 February. Border Control In an interview with Radio

they return they are radicalized”

“Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Metropolitan Police Commissioner”

4's The World , Mr Brokenshire

"It's why they are vigilant, why they are

said he believed the "security

taking the steps that they are around the bor-

concern" linked to Syria was

der and monitoring travel to and from Syria

"likely to be with us for the fore-

in the way that they are." The Sunday Times

seeable future". "A significant

says the number of individuals being mon-

proportion and a growing pro-

itored by MI5 and the police is much higher

portion of the security services

than previously reported, underlining "the

work is linked to Syria in some

growing danger posed by 'extremist tourists'".

way," he said. "This is a big

Throughout January, 16 people were arrested

problem that the security ser-

on suspicion of terror offences after travelling

vices and the police are actively

between Syria and the UK - that compares

focused on.

with 24 in the whole of 2013. Sir Peter Fahy, who leads the Association

“Our biggest worry is when

of Chief Police Officer's "Prevent" strategy on

The terrorism threat to the UK posed by individuals who have trained and fought in Syria is “a big problem” for the security services and police, the immigration minister has said.


to al-Qaeda have been heading


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1 March 2014

Q&A: STAND-OFF IN UKRAINE OVER EU AGREEMENT Protests have gripped Ukraine since

In one of the most disturbing develop-

ing up a student protest and leaving

the Government rejected a far-reaching

ments, a protest leader Dmytro Bulatov

dozens of people injured only fuelled an-

accord with the EU in favour of stron-

emerged with serious facial injuries,

ger with the president and boosted the

ger ties with Russia in November 2013.

saying he had been abducted, tortured

crowds in Independence Square.

They turned violent on 19 January

for eight days and left for dead.

The authorities sought to defuse

and deadly on 22 January in the capital,

Protests have spread to a number

the anger through measures such asthe

Kiev, where confrontation degenerat-

of Ukrainian cities, mostly in the west

suspension of the mayor of Kiev and the

ed into rioting after the government

of the country but also in Mr Yanu-

release of detainees. On 17 December,

brought in tough new legislation to

kovych’s traditional support base in the

Russia and Ukraine announced a ma-

end mass protests on the main square.


jor deal under which Russia would buy

Opposition leaders and President Vik-

Scores of protesters - by one esti-

$15bn-worth (£9.2bn; 10.9bn euros) of

tor Yanukovych then held talks, and

mate, more than 300 - have been arrest-

Ukrainian government bonds and slash

on 28 January, Prime Minister Mykola

ed since the protests began.

the price of Russian gas sold to Ukraine.

Azarov and his cabinet resigned, and

The deal appeared to take the wind out

the Ukrainian parliament voted over-

of the sails of the protest movement

whelmingly to annul the anti-protest laws.In another apparent concession, parliament then passed an amnesty law for detained protesters - but the op-

What caused the protests?

position dismissed it, calling for new elections. And the demonstrations have continued.

How bad has the violence been?





raised passion among the protesters. They had prescribed jail terms for any-

but when a pro-opposition journalist, Tetyana Chornovol, was beaten up by unknown assailants on 25 December, there was a renewed outcry.

Who are the protesters?

one blockading public buildings and banned the wearing of masks or hel-

There are a number of main factors behind the rallies. The protesters are mainly from the

The scenes overnight on 19 and 20

Kiev area and western Ukraine, where

January were some of the worst in near-

there is a greater affinity with the EU,

ly two months of demonstrations, with

rather than in the Russian-speaking

protesters torching police buses and

east and south - though they include

hurling paving stones and petrol bombs

eastern Ukrainians too.

at lines of riot police, while police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets


and water cannon.

Vitali Klitschko, the former world

Ukraine crisis explained - in 60 seconds





leader of the Udar (Punch) movement,

Two people were shot dead at the

mets at demonstrations. But the orig-

has been a prominent demonstrator. He

site of the Kiev protest camp on Inde-

inal trigger for the protests was Presi-

is very pro-EU and plans to run for pres-

pendence Square on 22 January. Anoth-

dent Yanukovych’s decision not to sign

ident in 2015.

er was found dead with torture marks

a major partnership deal with the EU,

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, parliamentary

in a forest near the capital. On 25 Janu-

despite years of negotiations aimed at

leader of the country’s second biggest

ary a fourth protester was said to have

integrating Ukraine with the 28-nation

party, Fatherland, is an ally of Yulia Ty-

died from injuries sustained in earlier

bloc. Thousands of pro-EU Ukrainians

moshenko, the former prime minister


poured on to the streets of the capital,

now in prison.

The interior ministry reported on

urging President Yanukovych to cancel

The far-right group Svoboda (Free-

28 January that one of three policemen

his U-turn and go ahead with the EU

dom) is also involved. Led by Oleh

stabbed by protesters in the southern

deal after all. He refused, and the pro-

Tyahnybok (pictured second from left),

city of Kherson had died.

tests continued.

it stirred unease on New Year’s Day

Hundreds of protesters and police

When riot police first took action on

officers have been injured in the unrest.

30 November, the images of them break-

with a torch-lit procession through Kiev.

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1 March 2014

Other radical right-wingers include Bratstvo (Brotherhood) and Right Sector.

How has the West reacted?


The US embassy in Kiev revoked the visas of “several Ukrainians who were linked to the violence” after the deaths on 22 January. EU leaders expressed shock at the deaths and called on all sides to halt the violence. Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the EU Commission, warned that the EU’s relationship with Ukraine might have to be reviewed. The EU’s official position on the


On 28 January, President Yanu-

agreement abandoned in November is

After the riots erupted on 19 January,

kovych accepted the resignation of the

that the door remains open for Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

prime minister and his cabinet, and

to sign but it has put any new negotia-

warned the protests were “getting out of

parliament repealed the anti-protest

tions on hold until there is a clear com-

control”, and accused European politicians


mitment to do so. Both the EU and US condemned the now-revoked anti-protest laws, saying they were incompatible with Ukrainians’ democratic aspirations. The EU and US have raised the prospect of a joint economic plan to help Ukraine bring an end to its crisis. But officials say any proposal would be linked to precise political and economic reforms and are adamant there will be no “bidding competition” with Russia. Top EU diplomat Catherine Ashton has visited Kiev and is playing a key role in negotiating with the Ukrainian

Is Russia pulling the strings in Kiev? To many observers, the deal struck between Russia and Ukraine on 17 December points to a carrot-and-stick approach by the Kremlin.

of stirring up the trouble.

On 29 January, parliament backed

What happens next?

an amnesty law that would see arrested

Mr Yanukovych, who was democrat-

squares within 15 days. But the opposi-

protesters released if their fellow protesters vacated occupied government buildings and unblocked streets and

The 2004 Orange Revolution led to

ically elected in 2010, still has a strong

Mr Yanukovych’s removal from power

support base in eastern and southern

The stand-off appears set to contin-

after his election was judged to have

Ukraine, and there have been street

ue. The scene has shifted to parliament,

been fraudulent. Russia backed him

demonstrations by his supporters.

where opposition parties are seeking

then - and backs him now.

tion refused to back it.

On 25 January the president offered

to reduce the power of the president.

For centuries Ukraine was con-

the opposition a number of senior posi-

Diplomatic moves are also under way,

trolled by Moscow and many Russians

tions in the government - including prime

amid warnings that Ukraine risks slid-

see Ukraine as vital to Russian inter-

minister - but the deal was rejected.

ing into civil war.


government and opposition.


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1 March 2014

THAI POLICE CLEAR SOME PROTEST SITES IN BANGKOK Police began their operation in central Bangkok Police have been deployed in Bangkok to retake some sites occupied by protesters since they kicked off their anti-government campaign in November.

erating normally

Police moved into one of the main roads in the Thai cap-

than the blocked road junctions in commercial and business

ital's royal quarter, facing little resistance. But they had to

areas, reports said. Near Government House, hundreds of po-

pull back from another protest camp at a government com-

lice removed barriers blocking a main road, with no immedi-

plex because of the likelihood of violence.The protesters, who

ate opposition from protesters - many of whom had already

want the government to resign, have set up camps at key

chosen to leave.But police had to abandon their plan to retake

junctions and government offices. National Security Council

a larger, well-fortified protest camp in a northern suburb next

chief Paradorn Pattanatabut said several sites would be tar-

to several government ministries after protesters refused to


move. Security personnel have steered clear of confronting

2 Feb 2014: Election, with 90% of polling stations op-

The operation was focusing on government sites, rather

"We will re-take wherever we can and arrest protest lead-

the protesters to avoid violence. At least 10 people have died

ers," he said. "It's not a crackdown on the protests - it's en-

since the protesters took to the streets in November. They

forcement of the law over the protest sites."

want the government of Yingluck Shinawatra to resign, say-


ing the prime minister is controlled by her brother, ousted Thailand’s troubles

leader Thaksin Shinawatra.

Sep 2006: Army ousts Thaksin Shinawatra

They allege that money politics have corrupted Thai-

Dec 2007: Pro-Thaksin party wins election

land's democracy and want the government to be replaced by

Aug 2008: Thaksin flees Thailand

an unelected "people's council" to reform the political system.

Dec 2008: Huge anti-Thaksin protests; court bans rul-

In response to the protests, Ms Yingluck - who leads a gov-

ing party; Abhisit Vejjajiva comes to power •

Mar-May 2010: Huge pro-Thaksin protests; dozens

killed in army crackdown •

Jul 2011: Yingluck Shinawatra, sister of Thaksin,

elected PM

ernment that won elections in 2011 with broad support from rural areas - called a snap general election on 2 February. But the polls were boycotted by the opposition and disrupted by protesters in some places, meaning by-elections need to take place in April before a government can be formed. The oppo-

Nov 2013: Anti-government protests

sition also challenged the legality of the poll, but Thailand's

Dec 2013: Ms Yingluck calls election

constitutional court rejected the move, citing insufficient

Jan 2014: Ms Yingluck declares state of emergency


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1 March 2014

SYRIA PEACE TALKS IN GENEVA Syria talks: Mediator apologizes for lack of progress The UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi has apologised to the Syrian people after peace talks in Geneva ended without making progress. He had held final discussions with both sides in Geneva in a last-ditch bid to break the stalemate between the Syrian government and opposition. Mr Brahimi said a key sticking point was the government's refusal to talk about a transitional govern-

Lakhdar Brahimi (centre) was unable to produce progress in the talks involving the opposition’s Louay Safi (l) and for the Syrian government, Bashar al-Jaafari (r)

ing body. No date has been set for a third round of talks. The UK and France have blamed President Assad's government for the failure of the talks. The conflict in Syria has claimed more than 100,000 lives since March 2011. Some 9.5 million people have been forced to flee their homes. Suspicions raised The discussions on Saturday morning lasted just 27 minutes, after which Mr Brahimi emerged looking tired to address reporters, the BBC's Imogen Foulkes reports from Geneva. Mr Brahimi apologised to the Syrian people, admitting that the talks "had not come out with very much". Although the two sides had agreed on an agenda for the next third - round, Mr Brahimi said the government had rejected his suggestion to begin it by spending a day

The UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi: "It's not good for Syria that we come back for another round and Mr Brahimi said the government's stance "raises fall in the same traps" the suspicion of the opposition that the government focusing on combating violence and terrorism, and

a second day discussing a transitional government.

doesn't want to discuss [a transitional government] at all". He said he hoped that when the government spoke of implementing the 2012 Geneva Communique on bringing about a political settlement "they do mean a transitional governing body, exercising full executive power, will be the main objective". But the government's chief negotiator, Bashar - must be dealt with fully first. "Once you have an agenda you should respect the agenda fully without any interpretation or misinterpretation... we said that we cannot move from... item one to item two or item three or item four without fully considering this item and concluding by a common vision of this item by the two sides, something that the other side objected to." Opposition spokesman Louay Safi again insisted on discussion of a transitional government that does not include President Bashar al-Assad - something the government rejects. "A third round without talking about transition would be a waste of time," Mr Safi said.

More than 600 people have been evacuated from rebel-held areas of the central Syrian city of Homs. Many were clearly desperate to flee the city, which has endured months of siege by government forces.


al-Jaafari, stressed that "terrorism" - rebel violence


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1 March 2014 Alia says she would love to do a movie like Murder.




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he researchers found that for each headache type, the more stress a person experienced, the more headaches they had each month. In detail, participants who experienced tension headaches had a 6.3% increase in the number of headaches each month for every increase of 10 points on the stress scale. Migraine sufferers had a 4.3% rise in the number of headaches each month for every 10-point stress increase, while those with combined migraine and tension-type headaches demonstrated a 4% increase in headache frequency each month. The researchers note that the results accounted for other factors that could impact headache




drinking and regular use ofheadache medication. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 47% of the adult population have experienced a headache within the last year. Dr. Schramm says the study findings show that stress is a common cause of headaches, and patients who suffer frequent headaches should adopt stress management strategies with help from their doctor. She adds: "The results add weight to the concept that stress can be a factor contributing to the onset of headache disorders, that it accelerates the progression to chronic headache, exacerbates headache episodes, and that the headache experience itself can serve as a stressor." Medical News Today recently reported on a study suggesting that stress can make the brain more susceptible to mental illness.



hether a result of our work, home or social lives, all of us go through stressful periods. Now, new research has linked high stress levels to increased occurrence of headaches - an association that has long been suspected. The study findings are due to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 66th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA, in April. The research team, including Dr. Sara H. Schramm ofUniversity Hospital at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany, analyzed 5,159 people between the ages of 21 and 71 years old. For 2 years, all participants were questioned about theirheadaches and stress levels four times each year. They were asked to report the number of headaches they had each month and to rate their stress levels on a scale of 0 to 100. Over the 2-year period, 31% of participants reported a tension-type headache, 14% had migraine, 11% suffered a tension-type headache combined with migraine, while 17% reported a non-classified headache. Participants who had a tension headache reported their stress levels at an average of 52 out of 100. Those who experienced migraine had average stress levels of 62 out of 100, while those with combined migraine and tension-type headaches reported average stress levels of 59 out of 100.

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1 March 2014


Alia Bhatt: No issues with bold scenes



lia Bhatt already seems to be getting experimental - after playing a fashion-conscious and arrogant young girl in her debut film Student Of The Year, she will now be seen as a deglamourised character in Highway. She says she won’t do something as bizarre as going bald for a movie, but she’s game to being bold. Her father, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, is known to have produced several bold movies like Murder, Jism, Raaz and Kalyug and Alia doesn’t find it tough to take up bold roles. So what if she started her career with a typical Karan Johar film? The actress said: “I would love to do a film like Murder.” “As far as my limitations are concerned, I would never shave my head for any role and so far as bold scenes are concerned, I have no issues at all,” the 20-year-old told IANS. Her connect with her father goes beyond her appreciation for his body of work. She keeps her personal life private, but admits she turns to him for advice regarding her professional decisions. “I don’t discuss my personal life with my father, but I discuss my work with him a lot. We have become closer since I have become an actor. My mother (Soni Razdan) tries to ask everything, but I keep things to myself,” she said. As a person, she believes she is like her father. “I have his will power. I am like him and I value my audience,” she said. Alia is also very sensitive and protective of what people say of her family members. “I don’t like it when people go on about my family. Because of me, they bring in my father and sister (Pooja Bhatt) and I don’t like it. Write as much as you want to about my clothes, I don’t care, but I am very protective about my family. “It affects me a lot and that’s the only thing that goes down badly. Still, I have a very strong person inside me,” said the petite actress, who wonders if the people who write stories about her repeating her clothes, ever repeat their clothes or not!” Nevertheless, her focus is now

on the Friday release of Imtiaz Ali’s Highway. While she made her debut with newcomers Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra, it was a new ballgame to work with an experienced actor like Randeep Hooda in Highway. She admitted she was apprehensive. “Initially, I was a little apprehensive about it but when you start shooting, you forget the person in you and get more involved with the character. There were times when I would take lesser takes than Randeep or at times more, but I don’t feel it’s right to think that if someone is taking a long time for a scene, he or she is not a good actor. I think it’s not the take that matters, you must hit the emotions at the right time. If I take eight takes for those emotions, then also it means the same to me,” she added. Alia is confident that Highway will get a good opening and she credits this to its director. “This film is not about the opening. It is about the word-ofmouth. I think the opening will not be because of me, it will be (because of) Imtiaz. He is a brand name and people have loved his films. And the love for a particular film lasts more than the box office,” Alia concluded.



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1 march 2014 issue  
1 march 2014 issue  

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