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2 The Faringdon and District Chamber of Commerce is a progressive and influential institution. It represents, promotes and supports economic development in and around Faringdon, no matter how big or small the organisation. It provides networking opportunities for members, who in turn offer help and advice for start up and ongoing businesses. Finally, it seeks to support the local community and raise money for local charities through various fundraising initiatives. Monthly meetings take place in the town on the second Monday in each month (starting at 6.30pm). For further details please refer to the local press or e-mail or ring 01367 246130.

Crowdy & Rose Solicitors of Faringdon and Lechlade We have a wealth of local knowledge and are an established part of the local community providing for the needs of our clients.

2 Market Place, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 7HW Tel 01367 240285 High Street, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, GL7 3AE Tel: 01367 252644 Faringdon Branch Established within the local community since 1790

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Getting to Faringdon By car Faringdon is located just off the A420 18 miles south of Oxford and 12 miles north of Swindon. From the A420 follow the signs to the town where you will find two main car parks located in Gloucester Street and Southampton Street (behind Budgens), just a short walk from the town centre. It is also possible to reach the town from Highworth on the B4019, Lechlade via the A417 and Witney via the A4095.

By public transport For all enquiries please call 01367 246136 Sales Amanda Huxford, Dan Whyman, Kia Gambirasio Editorial Manager Holly Davies Produced and Edited by Holly Davies, Dan Whyman, Kia Gambirasio Photography by Nick Elwell, Darren Arthurs, Trish Reynolds, Anne Pagett, Dan Huby, Julian Watson, Martin Spackman, John and Julia Strevens, Stephen Martin, John Forster, Aineolach, Brian Robert Marshall, NASA and Kia Gamby Published by FocusON Matrix Printed by Artisan Litho With thanks to: Focus on Matrix,, Faringdon Historical and Archaeological Society. Focus on Faringdon is published by Holly Davies on behalf of Focus On Matrix For enquiries please write to Focus On Matirx, Portwell House, Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HU or phone 01367 246130. All editorial and content in this publication and advertising artwork designed by us is the copyright of Focus On Matrix and must not be used in any other publication, in whatsoever format, without our prior consent. No part of this publication whether adverts or other text and/or pictures may be reproduced in any format whatsoever without the written permission of Focus On Matrix. The information published in advertisements is supplied and approved by advertisers. Focus On Matrix do not verify or ratify any claims made in such advertisements nor can they accept claims or liability arising from contact and use of services of same. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate publication of information and it is published in good faith as being accurate at the time of publication. Any inaccuracies or amendments for future editions should be notified to the publisher using the above contacts. The Publisher cannot accept responsibility or be liable for claims arising from inaccuracies published in the text or advertisements. Š 2013 Focus ON Matrix.

Buses run regularly from the town centre to Oxford and Swindon. We recommend you check websites of the main bus providers to plan your journey

Local Community Transport The Faringdon Community Bus runs regularly providing transport around the town (p27) Stanford community Bus operates a service from Stanford in the Vale to Faringdon and Wantage (p33).

Taxi / Car Hire There are a number of Taxi / Car Hire companies based in the town: Brian’s Hire 0845 260 3230 / 07812 162567 Coxwell Cars 07772 971780 Faringdon Cars 01367 243838 / 07894 572919 Stanford Cars 01367 718287 Webb Cars 01367 241820 / 07831 100011 White Horse Hire 01367 241132 / 07768 081182


In Faringdon


Lord Berners, resident of Faringdon House, built the Folly in 1935, stating that “the great point of this tower is that it will be entirely useless”. Despite local objections he commissioned an architect friend, Lord Wellesley, to design and build the 100 feet high brick tower in the gothic style. Whilst Berners was abroad, Wellesley had most of it built in a more classical vein. However, Berners returned before the top of the tower was completed and, claiming that the structure looked too bland, insisted the final stage should be a gothic crown featuring mock battlements. Berners' heir, Robert Heber Percy gave the tower to the townspeople after Berners' death. Today, the tower is looked after by Friends of the Folly who support Folly Trust, the owners of the Tower since 1985. Folly Tower is open to the public from 11 am – 5 pm on the first Sunday in the month from April until October and on Bank Holidays as well as for various special occasions throughout the year (including a popular Hallowe’en Ghost event!) Also, since the Millennium the tower has sported various beacons and lights which can be seen for miles around during winter months.




The most noticeable thing you’ll spot as you look at the church is the absence of a spire! Some believe it was lost in fighting during the Civil Wars, apparently torn down by the entrenched Royalists to prevent Cromwell’s army from attacking it by cannon. A cannon ball from the conflict is still encased in the south wall. A church has existed on the site since Saxon times, although the nave of the present building is Norman and substantial parts of the church are 13th century. All Saints’ Church houses a collection of monuments commemorating members of the Unton and Pye families, the latter formally owners of Faringdon House.

The Corn Exchange was built in 1863 at the junction of Gloucester and Marlborough Streets. It is a beautifully proportioned hall, with tall pointed windows along each side. Below a superb vaulted ceiling, are ten circular carvings including a railway locomotive to commemorate the opening of the Great Western Railway terminal in 1864 (now the Old Station Nursery). Today, the Town Council Offices and The Community and Tourist Information Centre occupy the rear of the building. The newly refurbished hall is ideally suited for a variety of social and community functions and available for hire. Bar facilities are available and the venue is licensed to hold up to 200 people, there is also a large kitchen offering full catering facilities. The building is now also home to Faringdon’s Community Cinema (p32).

Built between 1650 and 1660, The Old Town Hall is one of Faringdon’s most distinctive buildings and is hard to miss as it stands right in the centre of town. Over the years the building has been used as a court house, fire station, jail, library and WWII billeting station. When it became run down and faced demolition, William Morris’ daughter May, who lived at Kelmscott, helped with a campaign to save it and it was designated a war memorial and thus immune from destruction. William Morris fabrics were used in a recent renovation to honour May’s important role in the building’s history. The building is available for hire and licensed to hold up to 50 people. It is very popular for small meetings and for use as an exhibition venue. Contact: Faringdon Town Council on 01367 240281

Contact: Contact: All Saints’ Church on 07824 785481 Faringdon Town Council on 01367 240281 Community and Tourist Information Centre on 01367 242191

The original Faringdon House was badly damaged in the Civil War; the current house, which dates from the 1780s, took five years to build despite being much smaller. Lord Berners lived there until his death in 1950, when it passed to his companion Robert Heber-Percy, who built a gothically-inspired swimming pool in the grounds. The house is now owned by Berners’ granddaughter, author Sofka Zinovieff, although she doesn’t live there. Faringdon House is not open to the public but the grounds are opened occasionally for events such as the annual firework display. The statue visible in the grounds from Radcot Road depicts Africa embracing Egypt and was brought from the Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace. JW



Around Faringdon The main entrance to Folly Park is via Park Road, just before the Esso garage. The park is an area of open space which includes a fishing lake, picnic area and park benches. The very curious sculpture that can be seen from the A420 is called “As Old As The Hills” and was produced by local artist Michie Herbert, from Great Coxwell.


Badbury Clump (on Highworth Road B4019) is a beautiful high ground area overlooking the Vale of the White Horse to the south. Actually called Badbury Hill and Camp, the area was originally a hill SM fort although, because the banks were levelled in the 19th century, little evidence of this can now be seen. Each year around April and May a carpet of bluebells covers the ground. All year round Badbury Clump is a popular destination for hikers and dog walkers.


Just off the Ridgeway you will find Wayland’s Smithy, a prehistoric tomb estimated to be about 5,000 years old. Its present day name came around 2,000 years ago when the Saxons wove an ancient Norse legend around the tomb. The tale tells how Wayland, the son of a giant, was taught magical smithying skills by the trolls. King Niduth of Sweden crippled Wayland and held him prisoner, forcing him to forge fabulous metalwork for him. When King Niduth’s two sons came to Wayland requesting swords, he took his revenge by murdering them, turning their skulls into gifts for King Niduth - a beautiful goblet and matching bowl. The story says that Niduth unwittingly feasted from his dead sons' heads. At a later stage the King's daughter came to Wayland with a ring to be mended. Wayland ravished her, then made his escape on fantastic metal wings which he had forged.

Who created the White Horse on White Horse Hill … and what does it signify? Is it actually a horse … or could it be a dragon, or even a dog, as Olaf Swarbrick, a retired vet, recently suggested? No one really knows and that’s part of the attraction - you can imagine it to be whatever you want. The White Horse's origins go back 3,000 years to the late Bronze Age, and written records of the Horse date back to the 12th century but do not give proof of the Horse's age or why it was there. Is it a religious symbol? A message to the gods? Some sort of territorial marker left by the builders? Or perhaps an early attempt to communicate with aliens? Archaeological investigations in the 1990s proved that the Horse we see today is in exactly the same place and roughly the same shape as it was when first made. The White Horse survives through the tradition of “scouring” which takes place every seven years, when new chalk is hammered into the shape. Once you’ve climbed to the top make sure you stop and admire Dragon Hill, just below the White Horse. Have you noticed that the grass looks a bit sparse on the top of the flat-topped chalk mound? Legend has it that this is the place where St. George slew the dragon to save the King's daughter from being sacrificed. The dragon’s blood poisoned the earth, marking the ground with a white scar where nothing will grow even now.


As well as admiring the White Horse, the view from the top of the hill is outstanding and it’s a popular place for kite flyers, dog walkers and hikers alike. It also offers a good access point to The Ridgeway, which runs 138 kilometres along the top of the chalk downs and is a remnant of one of the earliest prehistoric tracks in Europe. Today The Ridgeway National Trail runs from Overton Hill, close to Avebury, through Oxfordshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire.


Affordable Style

“...truly an Aladdin’s Cave… “...a little treasure trove…” “...what an amazing shop…”

Just some of the very kind comments made by our customers. Do come and visit us and see for yourselves the interesting and eclectic mix of carefully chosen greetings cards, gifts and interior accessories. 2 Cornmarket, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7HG Tel: 01367 242922 Email:


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The Village of Hatford

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The Village of Hatford


The village of Hatford is teeming with historical and archaeological interest from its Medieval origins to its famous residents at The Manor House. Located just 3.5 miles from Faringdon, the area is certainly worth a visit. Hatford’s origins are unknown but many believe that it was formed as a witness to the famous victory of Alfred over the Danes, as it was in this area where the battle in which he broke the Danish power took place in 871. Hatford then became established around the time of the Domesday and, even now, is seen as a Medieval village with the original Manor House, St George’s Church, the Old School and School House and original cowsheds, now cottages. There was also an original medieval farmhouse up until 1942 when the building took a direct hit in WWII, killing two young evacuees. Hatford boasts home to two historical buildings, The Manor House and St George’s Church, both of which have interesting stories.

The Manor was granted to Lady Cecily Unton whose son married Anne, Countess of Warwick in St George’s Church in April 1555. The Unton Family also owned Wadley Manor and at the height of importance entertained Queen Elizabeth on her way to Bristol. Henry their second son was British Ambassador to France. In 1596 Frances Piggot bought the Manor. In the 1700’s Mr Joseph Nutt, a director of the Bank of England, became its owner, and following him a Mrs Walker. St George's stands on the site of the Saxon church mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It is predominantly Early English Gothic in style, with a Norman south doorway to nave and chancel arch and a Norman font. One Saxon window is still visible and there is a sundial carved into the stone near the doorway. St George’s Church also houses a mausoleum containing the remains of Rev Samuel Paynter, a former rector of the parish.

The Manor House in Hatford, in addition to its antiquity, appears to possess a special interest in its link with prominent persons in When St George's fell into disrepair, it was Samuel Paynter English History. who had Hatford's second church, Holy Trinity, erected in Passing through several hands, Robert de Hatford in 1303 to John de 1873-4 at a cost of around £4,000. Hatford in 1380, it was then sold to Sir Gilbert Talbot whose wife sold After almost a century, Holy Trinity it to John Phelip whose wife, after his death married the Earl of itself became dilapidated and was Salisbury in 1431. Alice sold the ownership to her father Thomas sold in 1972 for use as a private Chaucer (who also bought Donnington Castle). Thomas Chaucer is buried in St George’s Church, his son Geoffrey is dwelling. St George's was in Westminster Abbey. Alice made a third marriage to the Duke of reopened in the same year, reSuffolk. Their son was executed for treason and so The Manor was roofed in 1973 and re-glazed in 1974 to resume its role as the place forfeited to the Crown. of worship for the village.

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THE BARBER SHOP 6 Cornmarket, Faringdon DAWN’S OPENING HOURS Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat

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01367 244611


Around the Villages


The village of Great Coxwell lies two miles south west of Faringdon and has a population of around 270. According the the Domesday Book, King Harold owned the village before the Norman Conquest. Great Coxwell’s 13th century church is notable but the village is best known for its Barn. Originally built as part of a monastic grange owned by Beaulieu Abbey in Hampshire, the Barn would have been used to store the Abbey’s crops. The Barn is over 60 metres long and 19 metres high, with Cotswold rubble-stone walls and a roof of Cotswold stone slates. It was much admired by William Morris, who lived at Kelmscott and described it as “unapproachable in its dignity”. Although it is known that the Barn remained under the control of Beaulieu until the Dissolution, which started in 1538, very little is known of its history until it was acquired by the Coleshill Estate in the 18th century. The Barn was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1956 by Ernest Cook. The Barn is open to the public and often used for local events. Contact: Coleshill Estate office on 01793 762209 or email:



The beautiful villages of Coleshill and Buscot are largely owned by the National Trust. Traditionally agricultural estates dating back to the 12th century, Coleshill in particular was remodelled by the Earl of Radnor in the mid 19th century, and only a handful of buildings, including the church, predate the remodelling. Coleshill once had a manor house which was once of the finest examples of 17th century architecture in the UK. During WWII Coleshill House was chosen to be the nerve centre where Churchill would have directed the war effort, should Hitler have invaded. After the war the house was sold to Mr E Cook, a founding partner of travel agency Thomas Cook, but sadly the TR house was destroyed by fire in 1952. Both Buscot and Coleshill are now bustling villages; both have popular tearooms, and Coleshill also has a pub, the Radnor Arms, which has its own brewery.


Though Stanford in the Vale seems small now, in mediaeval times it rivalled Abingdon as a market centre, having the unusual feature of two village greens. The village takes its name from the ancient crossing of the River Ock, known in Saxon times as the “stony ford”, and local legend has it that Cromwell’s Cavalry were billeted in Stanford during the Civil War. Since the second world war the village has grown hugely and is now home to around 2000 people, who are served by a large Co op store, a post office/newsagents, a hair salon, two pubs and a social cub. There are also two churches, a school, a football club and a village hall, as well as the county’s first Community Minibus service.


Uffington is one of the closest villages to White Horse Hill, where a 110m white chalk horse was carved into the hillside during the Bronze Age. The village is also famous for being home to poet John Betjeman, who lived at Garrards Farm between 1934 and 1945. The family loved village life and invited many of their famous friends to stay with them. Betjeman also became People’s Warden at the church, St Mary’s, which is worth a visit in its own right. It’s know as The Cathedral of the Vale and has a rare hexagonal tower. Another famous resident was author Thomas Hughes, who wrote Tom Brown’s Schooldays - the school in the book really existed, and is now a museum; the village hall is also named after the author.

Longcot’s population grew rapidly with the arrival of the Wilts and Berks Canal in 1805 and the building of a busy wharf. In the 1840s commercial goods transportation began to switch from barges to trains and the canal was finally abandoned in 1914. Longcot now has an attractive mix of old and new houses and cottages, along with a church, chapel, primary school and pub. The manor of Fernham has existed since the 13th century; although the church is designed in 13th century style, it was actually built in 1861 as a “chapel of ease” to Longcot. The railway once linked Fernham to both Uffington and Faringdon, and the village also had its own school, though this has now merged with the school at Longcot. In 2008 the village won a People’s Lottery grant to refurbish the church and convert part of it to a village hall; Fernham is also home to a 17th century inn. Both Longcot and Fernham have stunning views of White Horse Hill.



FollyFest is a community led programme of events throughout late 2012 and 2013 culminating in a weekend of music, dance, theatre, stalls and games on 2/3/4th August 2013 in and around the Market Square in Faringdon. The majority of the Festival activities have been suggested by local people in response to an anonymous survey asking for feedback on what would make a good local festival. Opinions were varied and in a good way too! There will be a strong focus on performance arts as you’d expect but also, we’re having a full market of stalls and produce from local traders as well as from outside the area. There are traditional country fair activities, rides for children and fancy dress parade. We’re trying to work with local venues and businesses to avoid negative disruption to them and are requesting that they contact us if they have any questions or concerns. All of the FollyFest team are happy and willing to pop in for a coffee (a bit too willing actually!) and try to resolve your concerns. However, the team has received very little negative reactions so far (touch wood!) with many people and businesses attending fundraising events, donating items for sale, selling tickets, etc. The FollyFest team are inexperienced in organising events such as this but unashamedly so! We all have to start somewhere and as long as we continue to work methodically and pragmatically, paying our way and keeping the cash coming in in small manageable amounts, I think we’ll pull it off with the right local support. We have a fundraising target of £10,000 and we’ve raised £1,300 or so in around 7 weeks so there is a lot to do but all going the right way. Finally, “Like” us on Facebook or visit our website which is to keep up to date with our news and events…



Buscot Park lies to the south of the A417 between Faringdon and Lechlade and is one of Oxfordshire’s best kept secrets. Built in the late eighteenth century for a local landowner, Edward Loveden Townsend, the estate was sold in 1859 to an Australian tycoon, Robert Tertius Campbell, who rapidly turned the estate into one of the most highly industrialised farms in the country. Following his death the Buscot estate was purchased in 1889 by Alexander Henderson, a Scottish financier of exceptional skill and ability, who in 1916 was created the 1st Lord Faringdon. He greatly enlarged the House, commissioned Harold Peto to design the famous Italianate water garden, and laid the foundations of the Faringdon Collection of art. Among his many purchases were Rembrandt’s portrait of Pieter Six, Rossetti’s portrait of Pandora, and Burne-Jones’s famous series of paintings, The Legend of the Briar Rose, inspired by the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. His grandson and heir, Gavin Henderson, the 2nd Lord Faringdon, added considerably to the collection, acquiring important furniture designed by Robert Adam and Thomas Hope, and was instrumental in returning the house to its late eighteenth century appearance. The present Lord Faringdon, Gavin’s nephew, continues to add to the collection, to improve its display and to enliven the gardens and grounds in order to ensure that Buscot is continually evolving and remains very much a family home.


Invasion Radio Invasion Radio was set up by a group of young people with high ambition and is proving successful. The station started life by running a live stream broadcast of the Faringdon Arts Festival and have grown to broadcasting Sunday nights, playing live music from up and coming unsigned bands plus electronic and dance music, and provide something for the younger element of the community. If you would like to hear your music played or play live send an email to: or

Faringdon Folly Tower Trust The Trust was set up by Robert Heber-Percy in 1982. He donated the Folly Tower and 4.4 acres of surrounding woodland for the use and enjoyment of the general public, in particular the inhabitants of Faringdon and it's surrounding villages. A group of Friends of the Folly take care of manning the Tower during open days, fundraising, and maintenance of the tower and woodland. Why not become a Friend, all we ask is two hours of your time. Faringdon Folly Tower Trust 14 Beech Close, Faringdon, Oxon, SN7 7EN Tel: 01367 241142 Mobile: 07952 666731 Registered Charity No. 284795



There is more to Friars Court than meets the eye: the 300 year-old mellow Cotswold stone house in moated grounds has been home to the Willmer family since 1917. Within its 4 acres are 10 locations licensed for civil ceremonies making it an ideal location for weddings, parties and small conferences. Friars Court is a working 625 acre farm, boasting 400 acres of arable, 100 acres of grassland for 30 suckler cows and over 100 acres of Woodland. Charles Willmer is the third generation to run the estate. As a conservationist he is keen to see modern farming run in tandem with encouraging and protecting wildlife, so some acres are left to nature. These include water-meadows, 10 acres of wildflower meadows, lakes and wetland habitats. Escorted tours and use of the grounds and reception rooms are available throughout the summer months.

Friars Court, Clanfield, Oxfordshire, OX18 2SU Visit for more information.


Nurseries, Schools & Colleges

Faringdon Pre-School Faringdon Pre-School is an OFSTED-registered provider of pre-school education and childcare to the children of Faringdon. We provide free places to children over three years of age under the Flexible 15 funding scheme, and take children from two-and-half years up on a pay-per-session basis. The Pre-School is housed in purpose-built premises adjoining Faringdon Infant School; we have a large indoor playroom well equipped with toys and other play equipment, a covered all-weather outdoor play-area, and an further open play-area to the rear. The building is recently refurbished, and provides a friendly and stimulating environment for our children. While we have a partnership relationship with Faringdon Infant School, to which many of our children progress, the Pre-School is an independent charity and not part of the Oxfordshire County Council education system. We employ a dedicated team of education professionals to run our sessions, but are administered and governed by a volunteer committee made up of parents and other members of the local community.

Cananda Lane, Faringdon, SN7 7AH Tel: 01367 24280 Secretary: Rob Woods Type of school: Charity, Nursery Pupil age range: 2½ - 4 years Gender: Mixed Number of pupils: 52

Baby Care Online Real Cloth Nappy Trial Scheme

Unsure about which nappy will suit your baby? From January 2012 Baby Care Online will be offering a Real Cloth Trial Kit Borrow a wide range of nappies and find out which is best for your baby. Popngro, Lollipop Bamboo, Apple Cheeks, Close Parent Sponsored by Oxfordshire County Council Email:


Nurseries, Schools & Colleges


Places to stay Bell Hotel 13 Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HP Tel: 01367 240534 Fax: 01367 358085


Single £50 (not ensuite) £60 (ensuite) Horse and Jockey 25 Faringdon Road, Stanford in the Vale, Oxfordshire SN7 8NN Tel: 01367 710302 Charles & Anna Gaunt

Double £70

Family (3ppl) Family (4ppl) £80 £90

Conference and wedding venue with an attractive courtyard

Double £65

Single £55

Twin £65

Family £50




”õP SB




The Old Crown 25 Market Place Faringdon Oxfordshire, SN7 7HU Tel: 01367 242744

Double from £49

Single from £49

The Eagle Tavern Little Coxwell Faringdon Oxon SN7 7LW Tel: 01367 241879

Twin from £49


Family from £69




For availability visit

Single £70

Double/Twin £80

King Size £90


Family £80

”P Double From £95

Twin From £95


Single From £80

Red Lion 3 Cornmarket Street, Faringdon SN7 7HG Tel: 01367 244585




Sudbury House Hotel Folly Hill, Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8AA Tel: 01367 241272 Fax: 01367 242346 Andrew Ibbotson


Family From £107


õ” : P


Conference and wedding venue

Double £59


King £59




LS ”




Other available accommodation: Ashtree Farm Accommodation Ashtree Farm, Buckland SN7 8PX. Tel: 01367 870540. Chowle Farmhouse Chowle Farm, Faringdon SN7 7SR. Tel: 01367 241688. Fallowfields Country House Hotel Faringdon Road, Kingston Bagpuize OX13 5BH. Tel: 01865 820416. King and Queen Shrivenham Road, Longcot SN7 7TL. Tel: 01793 783611. Suitable for families and pets welcome. Pub accommodation. Livingstone House 19 Coxwell Street, Faringdon SN7 7EB. Tel: 01367 240929. Family friendly. The Vines Burford Road, Black Bourton, Bampton OX18 2PF. Tel: 01993 843559. Norton House Broad Street, Uffington, Oxfordshire, SN7 7RA Tel 01367 820230


SB Short stay/weekend breaks available

: ”

Wireless Internet access

Suitable for families

LS Long stay available Television in bedroom Satellite Television


Tea and Coffee making facilities

Licensed premises


Telephone in bedroom

On site parking

Conference/meeting facilities

Attractive gardens


Please note that some of the properties have not been formerly accredited by any of the recognised agencies.

Pets welcome


The Single Malt Whisky Shop opens in Faringdon A huge selection of whisky and whiskey will be available from this new enterprise. Your favourite tipple can be ordered on-line and collected (usually free of packaging costs) from the Portwell Angel a couple of days later. Special Offers will be a regular feature. The range will be better than most supermarkets and prices comparable and often better.

When you choose to shop in local independent businesses You supports the local community. The Faringdon Loyalty Card gives you access to discounts, giveaways and special offers from over 30 local businesses in the Faringdon area. Faringdon Loyalty Card can be purchased for ÂŁ2 from Faringdon Tourist Information Centre or from participating businesses.

For more info visit


The Faringdon Loyalty Card is brought to you by the Faringdon Chamber of Commerce with the support of Faringdon Town Council and the Vale of White Horse District Council.



Shop Local

ANTIQUES Aston Pine Antiques The Warehouse, Ferndale Street SN7 7BE 01367 242268 BAKERS Sheffords 9 London Street SN7 7AE 01367 240047 BANKING Barclays Bank 14 Market Place SN7 7HP 01235 703333 LloydsTSB 8 Market Place SN7 7HL 01367 240351 BRIDAL AND FORMAL WEAR Cariad 3 London Street SN7 7AE 01367 243526 Rachel’s Weddings 3 Coxwell Street, SN7 7EA 07917726308 BUTCHERS Pat Thomas Butcher 3 Market Place SN7 7HL 01367 240551 J Lewis 9 Cornmarket CARS, CAR SPARES & PARTS Faringdon Motorparts 51 Gravel Walk SN7 7JN 01367 242072 Faringdon Motorist Centre 2 Bromsgrove SN7 7JQ 01367 242420 CHARITY African Children’s Fund Market Place SN7 7HW 01367 244480

Support Your Independent Retailers Great range of independent shops on offer in Faringdon setting it apart from the “branded high streets” so often seen in other market towns.

CLOTHING Uptown Fashions 6a London Street, SN7 7AA 01367 240075

FOOD AND GROCERIES Budgens 3 Marlborough Street SN7 7JE 01367 240575

Cotswold Volunteers 12 Marlborough Street

DRY CLEANING / ALTERATIONS Mrs Jackson’s 3b London Street SN7 7AE 01367 240362

Costcutter 17 Folly View Road SN7 7DL 01367 244006

CHEMIST Boots Chemist 17 Market Place SN7 7HR 01367 240505

FLORIST Thanks A Bunch 7a Market Place SN7 7HL 01367 244806

Action for Children in Conflict 4 Cornmarket SN7 7HQ 01367 242013

Faringdon Pharmacy 28a London Street SN7 7AA 01367 244632

Manna 19b Market Place SN7 7HP 01367 241702 Sandwich Phillers 4b London Street SN7 7AA 01367 243433 Sweet Paradise 4 Marlborough Street SN7 7JP

Hare in the Woo 11 London Street 07754 086316

FURNITURE AN Aston Pine The Warehouse, SN7 7BE 01367 242268

Aunties Emporiu 1 Lechlade Road 01367 240611

Curtains Plus Foundry Barn, M SN7 7JP 01367 2

Faringdon Upho 31 Park Road SN 01367 241855


Shop Local


Faringdon Market Days The Weekly Market is held every Tuesday morning in the market place with stalls consisting of fruit and veg, local eggs, fresh fish, sweets, plants, cards, knitting wool, wicker and

The Monthly Farmers Market is held in the Market Place on the first Tuesday of every month. Here you will find all the usual weekly stalls plus produce from local farmers including fresh meat, fish, bread, cakes, cheese and oils.

The Country Market is held every Friday morning in the Corn exchange. This is a co-operative and all goods are home made this includes preserves, cakes, honey, fresh garden goods and crafts.

Food, furniture, clothes, bridal wear, flowers, gifts, healthcare, beauty products, jewellery ... you’ll find it all with a personal service in Faringdon.

ods t

Majo 35 Marlborough Street SN7 7JL 01367 242030

Travis Perkins 1 Pioneer Road SN7 7BU 01367 243221


GIFTS AND HOME Mustard Seed 19a Market Place SN7 7HP 01367 244821

HOME SERVICES Faringdon Lifestyle & Mobility 4a London Street SN7 7AA 01367 240717

Nut Tree 2 Cornmarket SN7 7HG 01367 242922

JEWELLERS Deacon & Son 18 Market Place SN7 7HP 01367 241114

Ferndale Street

um d SN7 8AL

Marlborough Street 242554

olstery N7 7BP

The BargainShop 21 Market Place SN7 7HU 01367 244301 HOME IMPROVEMENTS Rogers Gardenstone Sands Hill SN7 7PQ 01367 240112

Orafric 4a Market Place SN7 7HL 01367 244615

MUSIC The Piano Gallery 13-15 London Street SN7 7AE 01367 244554 NEWSAGENTS Martins Newsagent 22 Market Place SN7 7HU 01367 240345 OPTICIANS Haine & Smith 7 Cornmarket SN7 7HH 01367 242262 PETS AND ANIMALS Pet Shop & Reptile Ranch 12-14 London Street SN7 7AA 01367 244828


Food and Drink

Bell Hotel Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HP

The Plough Inn Kelmscott GL7 3HG Tel: 01367 253543

Tel: 01367 240534





The Eagle Tavern Little Coxwell Faringdon Oxon SN7 7LW

The Crown 25 Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HU

Tel: 01367 241879

Tel: 01367 242 744

¯ Email: Website:


Horse & Jockey 25 Faringdon Road Stanford in the Vale SN7 8NN

Portwell Angel 26 Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HU

Tel: 01367 710302

Tel: 01367 248030

? Email:

¯ Email: Website:

The Cellar bar 26a Market Place Faringdon SN7 7HU

The Volunteer 2 Gloucester Street Faringdon SN7 7HY

Tel: 07738006015

Tel: 01367 244660



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¯ Live Entertainment Fully Licensed

Attractive Garden Sky Sports

? Quiz Nights Wheelchair Access

TA Take Away Service


Food and Drink

Folly Hill Faringdon SN7 8AA Tel: 01367 241272 Fax: 01367 242346

¯ Email: Website: www.sudbury

16 High Street Shrivenham, Swindon SN6 8AF Tel: 01793 782268


Red Lion 3 Cornmarket Street Faringdon SN7 7HG Tel: 01367 244585

¯ Email: Web:

Bangkok Kitchen Old Post Office, 1 Marlborough Street, Faringdon SN77HP Tel: 01367 242413 Faringdon Coffee House 4b Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL Tel: 01367 241574 Folly Inn 54 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AA Tel: 01367 240620 Market Restaurant 6 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL Tel: 01367 240945 Mayflower 28 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AA Tel: 01367 240284

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Rats Castle 1 Bromsgrove, Faringdon, SN7 7JF Tel: 01367 240578 Sadlers 23 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HU Tel: 01367 240678 Saffron 14 Coxwell Street, Faringdon SN7 7HA Tel: 01367 243380 Viceroy Tandoori 19 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AG Tel: 01367 241896

Things at FAZE are going great! We have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers who work very hard at the centre, behind the scenes and in developing the project and we have all been busy making the project the best it can be. The Friday evening open sessions (year 8 and above) has been very well attended, we have enjoyed getting to know the new year 8’s who started using the centre after the summer holidays. We have also been delighted to see some old faces return. We have been running a successful girls group on a Tuesday evening. The girls seem to be really enjoying their sessions. As a celebration of their great achievements we were fortunate to go on a trip to Taff valley in Wales. Whilst there we went Quad Biking, Gorge Walking and had a trip on a speed boat in Cardiff bay. The girls were a credit to the youth project and to the town of Faringdon. We have started to encourage some boys to come to the centre after school on a Friday with the intention of beginning a similar group for them in the New Year. On Wednesdays AAA (Access all Areas) continues to go from strength to strength. It is an established group for young people with additional learning needs and physical disability. The young people and staff who participate have a great time. Strengthening links between service providers in Faringdon is key to us. We work with the Community College and the Abingdon Early Intervention HUB to provide the best for the young people of our town. We are aware that there are a lot of young people that are not currently engaging with the project and we have tried to understand some of the reasons why this is the case. We have been considering how we can improve perceptions of the centre and increase participation. We are proud to be a smoke free zone and offer support to those that do smoke to kick the habit. We aim to increase our outreach work in the town and hope that we will be able to encourage young people to make the most out of this fantastic facility that is for the people of Faringdon. This year we have continued to implement and develop new ideas. However, effective youth work is a reflective process and we are happy to change things if it is felt that we are not achieving the best for the project. At FAZE we are open minded and keen to hear feedback from young people and adults from the community. If anyone has ideas for sessions or projects we are keen to hear from you. If you are a young person with a group of friends that do not use the centre, come and speak to us and we would be delighted to hear your suggestions of how we can make FAZE a place that will work for you. We are very proud of the sessions that we run at the centre but we want people to know that we are more than just a drop-in centre. We look at individual needs and can support young people one to one or in small groups. We have an open door policy for any young person who has any worries or concerns of any kind. So come and see us and see what we can do for you! Andrew Gould

22 Root & Branch Root & Branch provides a haven for people with mental health problems to recover their self esteem and confidence by engaging in various enjoyable but challenging therapeutic activities. It is based on an organic farm where service users can work in the garden, bang out metalwork in the forge, make toys and furniture in the wood workshop or create many other attractive craft-items. At any one time the charity is helping around thirty people on the road to recovery. Many of the craftwork items and other produce are sold at various events which, this year have included a plant sale, open day and Christmas fair. Together, these events raised £4400 of much-needed income to support the service users.

Experienced Sales Person Wanted Details: Ÿ Generating advertising for local publication Ÿ Proven Sales track record Ÿ Ability to work to deadlines Ÿ Salary on Commission basis Send CV and a covering letter to: FocusON Portwell House, 26 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HU Or email:

Users benefit in many ways by learning new skills and gaining the confidence to move on with their life including getting back to work or seeking educational challenges. A recent service user returned to work and also started volunteering at another mental health centre. She tells us, “I was in hospital this time last year so I’ve been coming to Root & Branch less than a year. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. It’s helped me form a routine in my life and raised my confidence levels. Before, I felt ostracised by society. Coming here normalises mental health problems and makes it seem not such a big deal.” Root & Branch also holds lively fundraising events for which public support is always greatly appreciated. The last event was a country walk, at the end of December, organised with and as part of the Community Games Initiative, which is part of the Olympic legacy. The charity is lucky to have fifteen enthusiastic, energetic volunteers who are absolutely essential to our work and contribute their time regularly to lead and help with activities. New volunteers are always welcome. Dave Butterworth More information can be found at 23


Who are we? are privately owned Insurance Brokers with our head office here in Faringdon.

What do we do? concentrate on Business Insurance but we also have a Home Insurance and Travel Insurance section developed from the need to accommodate businesses “working from home” and those travelling overseas.

Who are our clients? Our clients range from PLCs to “one man bands”. We arrange special schemes for local groups, user groups, clubs and other organisations. Most, but not all, of our clients are UK based. We are known in the insurance market for our ability to place and service complex risks.

Why we are different? consider Risk and Risk management before insurance. This invariably enables us to reduce insurance costs without increasing risk exposure.

Faringdon & District U3A If you have retired from full-time employment and want to learn and have fun, Faringdon & District U3A offers a programme of daytime, creative and leisure activities in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Come to one of our monthly meetings, a variety of speakers followed by refreshments an d a chance to meet everybody. You could also join one of our interest groups, and there about 50 different groups ranging alphabetically from Astronomy, to Yoga and most things between. Our name (University of the Third Age) indicates that after the first age of childhood, the second age of work and raising a family, there comes the third age of retirement when you are free to follow interests for which previously you had little time. The groups are run by leaders who are members the same as you, sometimes they have knowledge of the subject, sometimes they are learning with you. We also have several social occasions during the year with visits to National Trust properties, outings to gardens, summer garden party, a Christmas special, cream tea at the AGM, and holidays. The fee for 2013 is £15 for the year, or £27 for 2 people at the same address. Please contact Sylvia Bowley (Chairman) 01367 241296 Email: Website:

Where are we? Our head office is here in Faringdon. Situated above the Portwell Angel Wine Bar and Coffee Shop. We might perhaps be likened to the original Lloyds Coffee Shop: selling coffee, cakes, bottomry bonds and insurance.

Do come and see us! Things to look out for: Working from Home? Tell your insurers! Using freight Carriers/Hauliers? You’ll still need to insure your “stuff”! Charge for advice given? You need professional indemnity insurance? Are you exposed to pollution Risks? Almost certainly but is that a problem? Are you exposed to Directors liabilities? Without a doubt! Do you need efficacy cover? Please ask


Business Directory

Accountancy Services

Car Hire

Bunting & Co 7 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HL 01367 243789 Davenports Milton-under-Wychwood, OX7 6JF 0800 0566661 Geoff Wells 01367 241984 Infinitude Chartered Accountants 01367 244216

Brian's Hire 01367 242000 Faringdon Cars 01367 243838 Stanford Cars 13 Glebe Road, Stanford in the Vale. 01367 718287 Webb Cars 01367 241820 / 07831 100011


Care - Day Care / Childcare

Grundon Sand & Gravel Ltd Wicklesham Quarry, Faringdon, SN7 7PQ. 01367 241325 Rogers Gardenstone Sandhill, Faringdon, SN7 7PQ 01367 240112

Challow Products Unit 7, Old Sawmills Road, Faringdon SN7 7DS. 01367 240091

Annabelles Nursery Willowdene, Great Coxwell Rd, Great Coxwell SN7 7LU 01367 240688 Bromsgrove Day Centre Faringdon 01367 242434 Old Station Nursery Park Road, Faringdon 01367 243800 Positive Steps Nursery Church Street, Shellingford SN7 7QA 01367 718888

Agricultural Engineer

Care - Home

JH Cole Agricultural Engineering 01367 244760

Coxwell Hall & Mews Fernham Road, Faringdon, SN7 7LD 01367 242985 Ferendune Court Care Home Ash Close, Faringdon, SN7 8ER. 01367 244267 Grange Nursing Home Church Green, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8HU. 08444 725183 Richmond Lectombe Regis South Street, Letcombe Regis, Wantage, OX12 9RG 01235 773970

Agricultural Building

Animals & Pets - Equestrian Baulking Grange Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NR. 01367 718678 Gainfield Training & Livery Gainfield Farm, Gainfield, SN7 8QH. 07887 808630 Horseshoe Saddlery Station House, Challow Station, Faringdon, SN7 8NT. 07876716417

Carers Animals & Pets - Kennels & Catteries

My Carer 16-18 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AA 01367 244014

Charney Kennels Stanford Road, Faringdon, SN7 8ET. 01367 241063 Court Cattery 21-23 High Street, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LH. 01367 710595

Carpentry & Joinery

Animals & Pets - Pet Minding and Training Cat Cuddles 01367 718761 Faith’s Dog Hotel 01367 240641 Happy Hounds Coleshill 01367 244535 Nuts about Muts (Training) 07786 070161 Walkies and Whiskas Uffington, 01367 821171 Walk the Dog 01367 615115

Aspect Woodworking Unit 12, Pioneer Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BU. 01367 242522 DG Joinery 07831 680440 George N Murray 07956 344619 Graham Fletcher 01367 242775 Paul Townsend 01367 241020 SPR Joinery Services 01367 244685 Wiltshire Woodworking Broad Street, Uffington, SN7 7RA 01367 820462

Chartered Surveyors Animals & Pets - Pet Supplies Charney Pet Shop Stanford Road, Faringdon SN7 8ET 07751 328080 Chickens@ Seven Acres Nurseries Faringdon Road, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NN 01367 718693 Trophy Pet Foods 11-12 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HP 01367 243434

Antiques James Broughton - Restorer and Conservator Wisteria Cottage, Littleworth, SN7 8ED 01367 242009


Marriotts 9 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL. 01367 242422 Weaver Khan Chartered Architects 17c London Street SN7 7AG 0845 094 0626

Chimney Sweep Mark Billinge 01367 243052

Cleaning Cotswold Oven Valeting 01367 850522 Perfectly Maid Ltd 07964 660330 Sparkle 01793 784215


Andrew Townsend Marlborough House, 2 Bromsgrove, Faringdon, SN7 7JQ. 01367 242639 Anthony Hayward Parsonage House, Goosey, SN7 8PA. 01367 710389 Bluestone Planning Brunel House, Volunteer Way, Faringdon SN7 7YR 07725 601457 Weaver Khan RIBA Chartered Architects 17c London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AG. 08450 940626/01367 244971

Chamber of Commerce Portwell House, 27 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HU. 01367 246136



Book-keeping Services 07813 835634 Rosemary Bookkeeping 01367 243366

Brewery Faringdon Brewery @ The Swan 01367 241480 Radnor Arms, Coleshill 01793 861575 White Horse Brewery White Horse Bus Park, 3 Ware Road, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NY. 01367 718700

Building & Construction Services A & M Roofing & Building 01367 860473 AA Hammond 01367 244863 D & S Builders 3 Dowell Court, Faringdon SN7 7FQ. 01367 242755 FA Whittle 01367 241940 GP Jones, Clanfield 01367 810464 Hive Construction Ltd 01367 718643 MP Whittle Construction & Plant Hire 01367 242882 S.Curtis & Sons Faringdon, 01367 241030 West Oxon Builders 01367 860599

Business Services - Database Management ISC Research Ltd Faringdon Business Centre, Faringdon, SN7 7YR. 01367 241222

Business Services - Administration & Secretarial

Simply Schoolwear 9a Regal Way, Faringdon, SN7 7BX 0800 4046644

Community Interest Companies and Support

Cartridge UK (Wantage) Ltd 13-15 Grove Street, Wantage OX12 7AB 01235 768760 Live Connections Hollyvale House, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8LE. 01367 710178 Quidne- IT 25 Willes Close, Faringdon, SN7 7DU 0845 4675087 The IT Van 07955 499467 / 01367 241127

Counselling Barbara Gilmour 01367 240557 Jenny Latimer (Person Centred Counsellor ) 07778 332986 Miriam Taylor 01367 718645 Maureen Hunt 01367 244736

Dentistry Peter Walker & Associates 8 Gloucester Street, Faringdon, SN7 7HY. 01367 240514

Dog Grooming Rubies Dog Grooming Spa 5 Ladman Villas, Littleworth, SN7 8EQ 07825 873730 The Dog Studio Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, SN7 7QS 01367 820060

Domestic Appliance - Servicing and Sales Phoenix Faringdon, 01367 240404

DIY and Homecare Faringdon Motorist Centre Marlborough House, 2 Bromsgrove SN7 7JQ 01367 242420

myPA Virtual Services Brunel House, Volunteer Way, Faringdon, SN7 7YR. 01367 246003


Business Services-Marketing

Driving Tuition

DWD Solutions 01367 244417 Gel Marketing Ltd The Old Bull, 27 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AG. 0845 347 9107

Faith Wills 01367 240641

Noble Driving School 01367 710199 Tim's School of Motoring 01367 710546 Top Marks for Driving 07533 757970


Business Directory

Electricial Services

Garden - Landscaping, Building & Maintenance

Ashbury Electrical 01367 800367 Chris Lewis 48 Tuckers Road, Faringdon, SN7 7YG 07834 983155 JP Larkin Electrical 01367 240308 J & W Electrical 01367 470003 OHM Electrix 07879 013359 Rob Stewart 07961 118920 SMC 21-23 Stanford Business Court, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LH 01367 718833 The Fuseboard Company Faringdon, 01367 242897

A&L Garden Maintenance 01367 870305 B.Gristwood 01367 241329 DMW Garden Construction & Maintenance 01367 241932 FK Barber Garden Construction and Maintenance Ltd 07770 770086 Good Wood Tree Care 01367 810208 Heritage Tree Care 01367 887594 Kenny’sGarden Maintenance 07733 273100 Leonards Garden Design & Services, Faringdon, 07789 637426 Mirage Landscapes 01367 240164 MJ Dowell 01367 243053 / 07767241301 R&S Home & Garden 07918 110346 RMS Landscapes 01367 240694 S.G Garden Maintenance 07584 244937

Entertainment Services Darren Rolls Entertainment Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8HT 01367 718112 Fusion Entertainments 01367 870512 JS Stage & Events Services 07747 600065 Michael Colley Magic Faringdon, 01367 252482 Tuns-a-Fun 171 Marlborough Gardens, Faringdon, SN7 7DG 01367 244407

Fencing D.D. New 01367 243694 GP Jones, Clanfield 01367 810464 HJ Webb & Son Faringdon Road A420, Shrivenham, SN7 7UA 01793 783879 MS Fencing - Gates and Sheds Chickens@Seven Acres, Faringdon Rd, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NN 07947 325304 Pepler Fine Fencing The Rockeries, Goosey, SN7 8PA. 01367 718682

Finance, Insurance and Banking Barclays Bank Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HP. 08457 555 555 Bordengate BGi Portwell House, 27 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HU. 01367 246130 Fiscal Business Services Ltd 07403 216682 LloydsTSB Bank 8 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HN. 0845 300 0000 Fairfield Financial Services 9a Regal Way, Faringdon, SN7 7BX. 01367 243645

Firewood Country Logs Ltd 01672 540737 Firewood 01793 791722 Logs 01367 243053 Logs for Sale 01367 718551

Flooring & Carpets Caldecourt Carpets 01367 240114 Natural Stone 01367 718187 Selkirk Harris Carpets 01367 718351

Flooring & Carpets - Care & Restoration Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 01367 252538 Clean Space Carpet Cleaning, Faringdon, 01367 244465 Prestige Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services 0800 2289574 ProClean 07506 740921 Ron Gallon Carpets 01367 241597 SafeClean 0808 1449073 Stephen Plimmer 01367 252538

Florist Thanks A Bunch 7a Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL. 01367 244806

Food & Drink Blackacres Meat Blackacres Farm, Goosey, SN7 8PA. 01367 718640 Challow Hill Meats, East Challow, Wantage, OX12 9PD 01235 765792 Den Boer Wines 01367 241169 White Horse Wine Co. Ltd 01367 243373

Garden - Machinery Homeland Garden Machines Faringdon Business Park, Unit 14 Chowle Estate, Great Coxwell, Faringdon SN7 7SR. 01367 243566 LJ Cannings Challow House Farm, Main Street, East Challow, 01235 763103

Glaziers Cameo Glass 100 Faraday Park, Dorcan Ind Est, Swindon, SN3 5JF 01793513864

Golf Course Carswell Golf Course Carswell, Faringdon, SN7 8PU 01367 870422 Faringdon Golf Course Great Coxwell SN7 7LU 01367 243944

Guttering New Horizon Cladding 01367 710790

Hair & Beauty Barber Shop 6 Cornmarket, Faringdon, SN7 7HH. 01367 244611 Beauty Matters Barrowbush House, Fernham 01367 820860 Bellaviso Hair and Beauty 2 Courtney House, Faringdon, SN7 8ND 01367 240757 Frenchies Faringdon, 07531 946141 London Street Hair & Beauty 2 London Street SN7 7AA 01367 240249 Made Up 07796 207703 Me Time Beauty 07885 238884 Nails & Beauty Therapy by Dianne 01367 820675 Samantha Edwards 07766 867667 Segais 8 London Street SN7 7AA 01367 244344 Tranquility Mobile Spray Tanning 07540 464422 VIP 4 Station Road, Faringdon 01367 244462 Vogue Hair Fashions 28 High Street, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NQ. 01367 710476 Woods Hair Carswell Golf & Country Club, Carswell, Faringdon, SN7 8PU. 01367 8709

Haulage Ace Haulage 07799 308413 Man with Van 01367 710526

Health Belinda Billinge Foot Health Practitioner 07791 093023 Debbie Batten Counselling & Hypnotherapy Shrivenham, 07557 100943 Denise Cocquerel Chiropodist 01367 242106 Faringdon Clinic Salutation Mansions, 1 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HL. 01367 244699 Heather Abel Homeopathy 01367 820709 / 01235 768033 Judith Ponting Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy 01367 718010 Kimmo Kaarla Massage 07775 616239 Neil Saunders Chiropracter 01367 244313 Thai Massage 2 Sandy Lane, Shrivenham, SN6 8DZ 01793 782792

Funeral Director Baker & Sons 5 Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BP. 01367 240572 G & L Evans 8 Marlborough Street, Faringdon, SN7 7JP. 01367 242762 J Godfrey & Son Ware Road, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NN. 01367 718998

Furniture & Upholstery Faringdon Upholstery 31 Park Road, Faringdon. 01367 241855 Upholstery & Furniture Repairs 01367 252826

Garden - Design Jo Walsh Folly View Cresent, Faringdon, 01367 241932 Gardenscape 01865 250372 / 07773333531 Leonards Garden Design & Services, Faringdon, 07789 637426

Garden - Improvements Chickens@ Seven Acres Nurseries Faringdon Road, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NN 07825 771912 Pepler Fine Fencing The Rockeries, Goosey, SN7 8PA. 01367 718682 Rogers Gardenstone Sands Hill, Faringdon, SN7 7PQ. 01367 240112


Heating & Plumbing Charles Hickman Ltd 01367 810457 / 07760170625 D Hatton 01367 249761 / 07788 821433 D Kitchen Plumber 01367 710312 Hudsons Heating & Plumbing 01367 710614 MF Banfield 01367 242708 / 07876 072622 M Gannon 01367 252674 Moorhouse Heating 01367 241185 / 07765 250431 PR Abel 01367 820709 / 07767 388460 Purple Plumbing People 01367 252807 R & D Pugh 01367 240374 RJ Harrison Plumbing & Heating 01367 242473 RM Plumbing 01367 240193 SJ Higgins 07817 096810 TJH Plumbing Services 33 The Pines, Faringdon SN7 8AT 01367 244401 Unicorn Plumbing & Heating 14 Coleshill Drive, Faringdon SN7 7FF 01367 240160 Quadrant Heating 21-23 Stanford Business Court, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LH 01367 718142 / 07770 745179

Health & Safety PAVY Ltd 41 Beech Close, Faringdon, SN7 7EN. 01865 349014


Business Directory

Home Improvements

Plant Hire

A1 Digital Aerials and Satelites 01367 899272 Aerial Solutions 01367 248122 Home Improvements Faringdon 01367 244534 RDJ Windows & Conservatories 0800 7312558 SMC Solar Power 3 High Street, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LH 01367 718833 The Job Man 01367 821076 Tom Weaving Kitchen Installations 01235 410705

Cannings Challow House Farm, Main Street, East Challow, 01235 763103 Kinch Plant Old Sawmills Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS. 01367 240402

Plasterer DL Gibbons 01367 821106 Henderson Plastering 01367 240204 / 07546 593012 Lee Hammonds 07563 052548 Rob Anger 07592 489345

House Clearance John Deacon House Clearance 01367 252059 Mick’s House Clearance 01367 718683


Printing The Big Print Business Faringdon Business Centre,Volunteer Way, Faringdon, SN7 7YR. 01367 246004 Eco Salus 11 Stallpits Road, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire SN6 8BG 01793 784467

The IT Van 07955 499467

Kitchen Design and Installation

Property - Commercial

Goddard & Son Unit 7a, Regal Way, Faringdon SN7 7BX. 01367 244989 Tom Weaving Kitchen Installations 01235 410705

Marriotts 9 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HL 01367 242422 Wicklesham Commercial Properties Wicklesham Lodge Farm, Faringdon SN7 7PN. 01367 244794

Leisure & Fitness

Property - Lettings

One Life Fitness 07879 337197

Leisure & Fitness Centres

Christopher Bice 20 Gloucester Street, SN7 7HY 01367 240241 Grays Residential Letting Haremore House, Faringdon SN7 8PN 07795 690281 Perry, Bishop & Chambers 16 Market Place, SN7 7HS 01367 240356

Faringdon Leisure Centre Fernham Road, Faringdon, SN7 7LB 01367 241755 The Gym @ Carswell Golf and Country Club 01367 870837



Faringdon Newspapers 9 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HL. 01367 243898 FocusON Matrix Portwell House, 27 Market Place, Faringdon SN7 7HU 01367 246136

Faringdon Lifts Unit 15, Pioneer Road Ind Est, Faringdon SN7 7BU01367 241613

Motors - Dealer Blackworth Car Sales Unit 26 Blackworth Ind Est, Highworth, Swindon SN6 7NA. 01793 861293 / 07921 834511 Faringdon Garage Marlborough Road, Faringdon SN7 7JP 01367 241212 Kingsdown Classics 21 Pioneer Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BU. 01367 244646 NB Moore Cars Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BP. 01367 244895 Old Dairy Classics Cape Works, Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BP. Vale Garage Stanford in the Vale, 01367 7100100 Westland Autos Gainfield, Faringdon, SN7 8QQ. 01367 870666

Motors - Service & Repairs CVP - Landrover specialists Cowleaze Farm, Woolstone, SN7 7QS 01367 820823 Faringdon Garage Marlborough Street, Faringdon, SN7 7JP. 01367 240141 Foxtail Garage White Horse Business Park, Ware Road, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NY 01367 718698 Jim Griffiths Car body repairs 01367 243324 / 07918 660725 Lee Kent Mobile Motor Engineer 07713 322396 NMV 27 Park Road, SN7 7BP 01367 240082 Pepler Car Services Goosey, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8PA. 01367 718718 Second To None Vehicle Repairs Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7DS. 01367 243456 Vale Garage Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NW. 01367 710777

Recruitment myPA Virtual Services Brunel House, Volunteer Way, Faringdon, SN7 7YR. 01367 246003 Un-retired Ltd 4 Manor Crescent, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8NA 01367 718384

Renewable Energy SMC Solar 21-23 Stanford Business Court, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LH 01367 718833

Roofing B & S Fowler (Master Thatcher) 54 Westland Road, Faringdon, SN7 7EY 01367 242185 JAG Roofing 15 Fawkner Way, Stanford In The Vale, SN7 8FF 01367 718211 M Wallis 01367 718099 Paul Morse Roofing Specialist 01367 252785 S.Curtis & Sons Faringdon 01367 231030

Sheds I ‘av’ Sheds 01367 243 032

Shop Fitting Alser UK Unit 6, Pioneer Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BU. 01367 242635

Solicitors Crowdy & Rose 2 Market Place, Faringdon, SN7 7HW. 01367 240285

Music David Martin Piano Tuner 01367 244085 / 0777 3148386 Guitar Lessons in your home 07786 621685 The Piano Gallery 13-15 London Street, Faringdon SN7 7AE. Tel: 01367 244554

Storage Ardington Archives White Horse Business Park, Stanford-in the-Vale, SN7 8NY. 01367 718710 Storage 4 All 27 Park Road, Faringdon, SN7 7BP. 01367 240880

Office Furnishing Eff Unit 7 White Horse Business Park, Ware Road, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NY. 01367 711801


Painting & Decorating


Adrian Betterton 01367 240851 BNG Decorating and Tiling 01367 718197 BS Tuckwell & Son 01367 240124 Derek Lafford 01367 860428 Duncan Clarke 01793 766829 / 07962 778642 John Charles 9 Marlborough Lane, Stanford In The Vale, SN7 8NH 01367 710663 James Horton 01367 244927 M & T Decorators 01367 240071 Michael J Devitt 01367 242583 NE Chambers 01367 242065 Peter Mattingley 01367 710443

N B Moore Unit 3 RAC, Park Road, Faringdon SN7 8LA. 01367 244895

Pest Control TPS 07818 595200 Vale Game Pest Control Services Banny Hill Farm, Baukling SN7 7QE 01367 820333

Photography Al Cane 01367 242147 Jam Studio The Old School House, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8LH 01367 710168 Lisa Avenall Photography 07508 916495

HJ Webb & Son 01793 783879

Veterinary Surgeons Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre Chinham House, High Street, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NQ. 01367 710324 Christopher Day Chinham House, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8NQ. 01367 710244 Danetree Veterinary Surgeons 14 Coxwell Road, Faringdon, SN7 7EZ. 01367 242777 Elms Veterinary Surgery 30 Gloucester Street, Faringdon, SN7 7HY. 01367 242416 Robert Elliot Veterinary Surgery 21-23 High Street, Stanford-in-the-Vale, SN7 8LH. 01367 710595

Window & Conservatories Nick Ponting Poverty Cottage, The Walls, Stanford in the Vale, SN7 8LP 01367 718009 Paradise Windows 01367 850188

Window Cleaners Mint Windows 07500 420702 Tom Wheeler Window Cleaning Service 07762 380733


Useful Contacts


Business Chamber of Commerce: Paul Brame Email:

Community Faringdon Area Project: 01367 246130 Email:

Emergency Services In cases of emergency dial 999 Faringdon Fire Station: 01865 842999 First Responders: 01367 242448 NHS Direct: 0845 4647 Faringdon Police Station: 08458 505 505

Government Local MP Ed Vaizey MP 0207 219 6350, Email: Faringdon Town Council: 01367 240281 Email: Oxfordshire County Council General................01865 792422 Education dept......01865 262636 Environment.... .....01865 815700 Fire service...........01865 842999 Highways…………0845 3101111 Social services......0845 0507666 Vale of White Horse District Council: 01235 520202

Health GP Surgeries Fern Hill Practice Volunteer Way 01367 242407 White Horse Practice, Volunteer Way 01367 242388 Hospitals Great Western Hospital, Swindon 01793 60 40 20 John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford 01865 741166

Faringdon Community Bus Route 61 - Faringdon Community bus Runs Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)

Housing Vale Housing Association: 01235 536001

Information Community and Tourist Information Corn Exchange 01367 242191 Email: Library Gloucester Street 01367 240311

Post Royal Mail Sorting Office, Swan Lane, Faringdon Tel: 01367 240219

Places of Worship All Saints Church(C of E) Church Street, Faringdon. 01367 240106 Faringdon United Church (Methodist & United Reform) Coxwell Street, Faringdon. 01367 240227 Faringdon Baptist Church Bromsgrove, Faringdon 01367 243455 Parish Church of Blessed Hugh (Catholic) Marlborough Street, Faringdon. 01367 241474 St Giles(C of E) Great Coxwell 01367 240665 St Marys(C of E) Little Coxwell 01367 240106 *Concessionary Travel Passes (Bus Passes) cannot be used by passengers who board the FCB before 9.00am.

For more information on bus trips, private hire and the timetable, visit:

St John The Evangelist (C of E) Fernham 01793 782364 Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Gloucester Street, Faringdon. 01235 763792


Clubs, Associations & Groups

Children and Youth Cubs, Scouts and Beaver Scouts Contact: Jilly and Tim Strongman Email: 1st Faringdon Brownies Meets every Wednesday at the United Church Hall 5.307.00pm during term time Girls are aged 7 years-10 years Offers a very varied programme following the girlguiding UK handbook. Contact: Esther Taylor 01367 241431 2nd Faringdon Brownies Meets Thursdays during term time 5.45-7.15pm at Faringdon United Church. Wide range of activities following the new Brownie program. Contact: Keeley Bond 01367 241506 4th Faringdon Brownies (United Church) Meets Mondays (term time) at Faringdon United Church from 4:30-6:30pm Contact: Ann Jerome 01367 241566 4th Faringdon Rainbows Meets every Tuesday night (term time) between 5.306.30pm for girls age 5-7 for lots of fun activities. Contact: Ann Gardiner 01793 780173 Rainbow Brownies and Guides Faringdon and Stanford Area Rainbows (age 5-7), Brownies (age 7-10) Guides (10-14) Contact: Keeley Bond 01367 241506. KidZone Children’s Club School Years 4-6 Weekly on Friday Evenings, 6.15-7.15pm, in the Baptist Chapel at Bromsgrove (Opposite the Fire Station) Contact 01367 242509 Email: Rhyme Time at Faringdon Library Great way to learn words through rhyme, actions, instruments and puppets. During both School term and holidays. Every Friday 10.30-11.00 Singing Group run by Mums for Mums Held at the Corn Exchange every Monday 9.30am 11am

FAZE Highworth Road, Faringdon For opening hours and general information visit the website: or add us on Facebook: (p21) Contact: Andrew Gould 01367 243940 Email:

Community Bridging the Gap Bridging the Gap aims, through a series of activities and arts events, to bridge the gap between the young and old in the community. Contact: 01367 868536 Email:

Faringdon and District Rotary Club Meets each Wednesday at the Bell Hotel at 7:00pm for their weekly evening Fellowship, meal and to listen to an invited guest speaker. Email:


Faringdon Community Bus Group Provides a community bus service every weekday morning in Faringdon and regularly to and from nearby villages. Contact: Steve Wright 01367 241011 email: Web:

Historical and Archaeological Society, Faringdon and District Meets 3rd Wednesday in the month at the Old Town Hall. Contact: Mrs RJ Church 01367 240885 Email:

Folly Tower Trust (p12) Arranges open days and manages the maintenance of the Folly Tower and its surrounds. The tower is open from 11.00am to 5.00 pm on Easter Sunday and then on the first Sunday in each month until October. Contact: 0845 475 8386 Email: Faringdon Family & Children’s Centre Baptist Chapel, Bromsgrove, SN7 7JF The Family Centre provides various groups run by volunteers for the community. Monthly and weekly activities for babies to pre-school children. Contact: 01367 242432 Faringdon Area Project A partnership of the community of Faringdon and the surrounding area. It was created to improve the prosperity and vitality of the local community Contact: Jane Haynes 01367 246130 Faringdon Women’s Institute Speaker each month, craft fairs, arts and outings. Meets 3rd Monday of the month Contact: Mrs Una Taylor 01367 240416

Faringdon Baby and Toddler group Held at The United Church, Faringdon every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am - 11am. Term time only. Email:

Fernham & Shellingford WI Speakers and summer outings. Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm at various meeting places. Contact: Gillian Morley 01793 783083

Messy Church Activity based church experience for all the family, with games, craft, a time of singing with a Bible message and then tea together. Last Sunday of the month from 4pm - 5.30pm at Faringdon United Church.

Stanford Women’s Insitute Speakers from different denominations. Meets fornightly on a Tuesday at 2:30pm. Contact: Sophie Mence 01367 718835

All Saints All Sorts Monthly bible group for young children. Held at All Saints Church every Friday at 10 am- 11am.

Bromsgrove Lunch and Leisure Club Enjoyable activities for the over 60s. Lunch at noon and transport can be arranged. Meets every Monday and Thursday 10am to 3pm at Baptist Church Hall, Bromsgrove Contact: 01367 242434

Faringdon Association of Residents FAR develop social and recreational facilities and represent the general interests of the residents of Faringdon and surrounding villages. Meets quarterly. Contact: Colin Desborough 01367 240006

Next Steps 15-30mth olds Held at the Family Centre every Tuesday from 9.30am 11.15am.

Mini Mayhem Children's Group for School Years 1- 3. Craft, games and stories. Weekly on Friday evenings, 5.00-6.00pm in the Baptist Chapel at Bromsgrove (Opposite the Fire Station) Contact: 01367 242509

Email: Web:

Faringdon Twinning Association Twinned with Le Mele sur Sarthe, France. FTA organises frequent social events and trips. Contact: David or Mary Tutt 01367 241297 Email: Faringdon U3A The U3A offers a programme of daytime educational, creative and leisure activities in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Anyone who has reached their third age and is no longer in full time employment may join. Interest groups meet regularly and there is a general meeting at 2.30pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month in the Corn Exchange. See p23

Friends of Tom Brown’s School Museum Meets at the museum. Aids and supports the museum through fundraising, research and social events. Email:

Music, Dance & Art Ballroom and Line Dancing Ballroom and Latin lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays. Line dancing every Wednesday 8-9pm. Held at The Corn Exchange. Contact: 01367 820622 Circle Dancing Keep fit and experience the special uplifting energy and fun of Circle Dance! No partner or experience needed. Tuesday term time 10.30 - 12.00 at the Corn Exchange. Contact: Lily Sell 01367 820143 Contemporary Dance Club Held at the Corn Exchange at 5.30-6.30pm, weekly. Girls and boys aged 9-11 years old. Contact: Carolyn Murphy 01235 225787 Email: Faringdon Art Society A small society of amateur artists; holds an annual exhibition in October. Contact: Sheila Baxter 01367 241173 Faringdon Dramatic Society A great society for drama and fun. Meets in Faringdon United Church for rehearsals and performs in the town’s schools. Email:

Web: Faringdon Artistic Skate Club Held at Faringdon Leisure Centre. Open to all ages and ability. Lessons 7 days a week. Contact: Davina England 07872 955355 Email: Faringdon Singers A variety of musical styles, both accompanied and unaccompanied and occasional major works with an orchestra. Meets Thursdays, 7.45– 9.30pm at United Church, Faringdon Contact: Maureen Pendlebury 01793 783131 Web: Faringdon Bellringers Rings Sunday morning, and Sunday evening, plus first Sunday in the month. Practice nights on Monday at 7.30pm.


Clubs, Associations & Groups

Folly Card Club Making greetings cards for fun or for special occasions. Meets 2nd Thursday of the month in the Pump House, Faringdon 7.30-9.30 p.m. All levels of expertise welcome. Contact: June Rennie 01367 240085 Email: Middle Eastern Dance Learn Middle Eastern Dances. Meets at Faringdon United Church hall, 7.30-8.30pm on Mondays during school term time Contact: 01367 243395

Faringdon Bowls Club Outdoor season April until mid September. Indoor bowls league Tue – Fri Winter evenings held at Gravel Walk, Faringdon Contact: Di Morbey 01367 241436 Faringdon Bridge Club Meets at Faringdon Infant School in Lechlade Road at 7.00pm every Monday. Visitors welcome Contact: Carolyn Clarkson 01793 782836

Scottish Country Dancing Contact: 01367 252623

Faringdon Cricket Club A very family-orientated club, we were established in the 1840's and have been representing the town for over 150 years. The club has two Oxfordshire league teams and a Junior section. Home game every Saturday 2.00- 7.30pm. New players of all standards (and umpires) very welcome. Web:

Sixth Sense Theatre Company Faringdon Youth Theatre meets every Tuesday evening, during term time, at the Corn Exchange, Faringdon For ages 7-15 years. Contact: 01793 614864 Email:

Faringdon Football Club Located at Tucker Park, Park Road. Faringdon Town Football Club runs 3 male teams in the North Berks Football League. We welcome new and old players. Web:

Tap dancing Contact: 01367 240922

Faringdon Health Walks Free weekly walks of varying distance with a trained volunteer walk leader for those wishing to improve their health and general well-being. Meet every Wednesday outside The Old Town Hall in the Market Place at 10:30am. Contact: Eddie 01367 241142 or David 01367 240107 (before 9pm) Email: Web:

Morris Dancing Contact: 01367 240977

Recru itin

g Pink Pigeon Trust Bringing the spirit of Lord Berners back to life through public art. Contact: 01367 241707 Email: Web:

Retail & Business Chamber of Commerce The Chamber represents, promotes and supports the whole spectrum of local business large and small; established, or just starting out; and of all types manufacturers, trades, professionals, commercial and retail. Contact: Jane Haynes, Secretary 01367 246130 Email: Faringdon Retail Group Representing the retailers of Faringdon, the group organises various initiatives and fundraising events to promote local trade and raise funds for local causes. Organisers of the annual Party in The Park and Festive Faringdon. Faringdon Business Breakfast Club FBBC meets at the Sudbury House Hotel, Faringdon on the first working Monday of each month, meetings start at 7:30am. At FBBC you can always be sure of the number of networking opportunities and a friendly welcome. Web:

Sport & Leisure Badminton Ladies Club Contact: Linda Bates 01367 240643 Buckland Cricket Club Contact: 01235 760300 Buckland & District Rifle Club Contact: 01367 241644 Email: Buscot Park Archers A target and field archery club. Courses run twice a year. Contact: Pete Wright 01367 240095 Email:

Faringdon Judo Club Located at top of Tuckers Park off Park Road. Judo classes for Children & Adults on Wednesday nights.Facility available to other martial arts. Contact: Derek malin 01865 844107 Email: Web: Faringdon Rugby Club For 5-13yr olds, 10.30am-12.00pm Sundays on the playing field at the Faringdon Community College, Fernham Road. Training from the first Sunday in September. Adults training 12:30 - 1.30pm at leisure centre. Web: Faringdon Table Tennis Club All standards from beginners to league players Meets Tuesdays 7pm-10pm at Faringdon Junior School. Contact: 01793 783410 Faringdon Tennis Club Three all weather courts in Southampton Street Club sessions: Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm (summer), Sunday from 10.30am (all year) Wednesday, Juniors from 6.30pm (summer) Ladies and men's league, and mixed junior matches played summer and winter Contact: Susanna Hunt 01367 241452 or Sjoerd Vogt 01367 241707 Web: Faringdon Whist Drive Meets at The Old Town Hall every Tuesday, 7.30pm. Disabled access Contact: 01367 242007 Vale Badminton Held at Faringdon Leisure Centre on Thursdays, 8.0010.00pm Contact: 01367 243745


Ohdokwan Black Belt Academy Based at Faringdon Leisure Centre, the aim of this martial arts Academy is to develop happy well-motivated students according to their varying abilities within a caring and stimulating learning environment using well-trained instructors and coaches. Contact: 07790 037225 or 01235 223777 Email: Web: Portwell Badminton Club Small club of various age and abilities. Meets Tuesdays, 8.00–10.00pm at Faringdon Leisure Centre. Contact: Heather Smith 01367 241383 Ramblers Association One of 8 groups in Oxon; joint walks programme produced half-yearly; works for improvement of footpaths. Contact: Rona Bingham 01367 241384 Southern Shotokan Karate Association Faringdon club. Training on Thurdsay evenings from 7.00pm -8.30pm. Minimum age 5 years Contact: 07967 418812 or 01793 349511 Email: Tai Chi classes Wednesday evenings, term-time held at Faringdon Infant School, Lechlade Road. Beginners 7.00-8.00pm £60 for 10 classes Intermediate/Advanced 8.00-9.15pm £60 for 10 classes Contact: 01235 813857 Tudor Badminton For all abilities. Meets Wednesday, 7.00pm–9.00pm at Faringdon School, during school term. Contact: John Pugh 01367 240765 Email: Vale of White Horse Gliding Club Club owns two twin seater training gliders and two single seaters for members’ use. The club flies each weekend and several weekday evenings all the year round, weather permitting. Visitors welcome. Contact: 01793 783685 Web: Tae Kwon Do Classes held at Faringdon Community College. Classes for every ability range. Contact: Master Danby 0845 8121100 Email: Vale Tridents Junior Triathlon Training at Faringdon Leisure Centre every Saturday at 12-2pm. Join from the age of 8. Email: Web: Swimming Swimming classes at Faringdon Leisure Centre Monday to Saturday after school throughout the whole year. Web:

Farcycles Meet at 10am in the Market Square for a family and beginner ride (5 - 6miles). Alternatively meet at 9am to join a longer cycle route starting from 11 miles. Contact: Mark Harrison Email: Web:


Clubs, Associations & Groups Support & Charity African Children's Fund Raises money to enable some of Africa's most deprived children to take advantage of primary education to assist them out of poverty. Contact: 01865 820570 Email: Web:

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Faringdon & District National Childbirth Trust Local friendly support group for families. Informal meets once a week at different local homes. You do not have to be a member to come along. Group holds four 'nearly new' sales per year and hosts various other events and activities. Contact: 0844 2436131 Email:

FocusONOxshire FocusON Oxfordshire

Faringdon Peace Group Speaker at most meetings on a varied number of peace related topics and sometimes a religious topic. Meets 1st Wednesday (except August), 8.00pm at Friends Meeting House, Lechlade Road. Contact: Karen Vogt 01367 241707, Email: Sustainable Faringdon This Community Action Group organise events aimed at reducing Sustainable Faringdon the amount of landfill in the area, including swap shops, children’s Swap Shop 9th March junk workshops and litter picks. Contact: Andy 07552 788994 @the Corn Exchange Web: Faringdon Senior Young Farmers Meets every Thursday in different. You don’t have to be a farmer to be a Young Farmer! But if you enjoy sports, outings, interesting talks and demonstrations, travel, disco’s to name but a few – come and join us for a meeting and see if it is for you. Ages 16-26. Contact: Runa Hansen Email: Faringdon Junior Young Farmers Aimed at 10-16yrs old. If you enjoy sports, outings, disco’s to name but a few – come and join us for a meeting and see if it is for you. Contact: Megan Saunders 01993 851139 Email:

Image Copyright Brian Robert Marshall

Freecycle Reduce, re-use, recycle and Freecycle! This free internet-based group allows members to find new homes for items they no longer need, and source stuff they DO need from other people.

Good Companions Club Red Cross Club for the disabled. Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month, 2pm at Faringdon Bowling Club, Gravel Walk. Contact: Mrs B Turner 01367 240444 Porridge Club Breakfast Club The club meets to have a Porridge Breakfast while listening to talks from guest speakers and updates on club projects. Money is raised to set up porridge clubs in schools for some of Africa's most deprived children. Contact: Alison 01367 244480 Email: Royal British Legion Aims to promote the welfare of those who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces of the Crown, and their dependants. Open to associate members. Events include skittles evenings, poppy ball, annual dinner, quizzes. Also organise fund raising through the poppy appeal. Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month, 7.30pm at Faringdon Bowls Club, Gravel Walk. Email: Secretary Yvonne Belcher Save the Children This international charity has a local committee in Faringdon organising all year round fund raising. Volunteers very welcome. Contact: 01367 240443, Email:

The Blowing stone is a perforated sarsen stone (sandstone block) found in the village of Kingston Lisle which sits at the foot of Blowing Stone Hill. A booming sound can be made from it by those with the correct blowing technique. Legend has it that King Alfred used the stone to summon his Saxon troops to prepare for the nearby Battle of Ashdown against the Vikings. Another legend connected to the stone suggests that he who can make the stone sound a note that is audible at the top of Uffington White Horse shall be the future King of England. The legend of the stone is reputed to have given the village its name.


Local Council Information


Vale of White Horse District Council

Faringdon Town Council

The Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) is responsible for The Town Council is made up of a number of Town Councillors, headed by the Town Mayor (currently Councillor Dr Mike Wise) and supported by the Town Clerk and staff. The Town Council takes the lead role in community development providing facilities and services for local residents and visitors to the town through its assessment of local needs and residents’ requests. It provides new facilities and also improves and modernises existing facilities where necessary. The Town Council’s activities include: · Managing three venues: the Corn Exchange, the Pump House and the Old Town Hall (in its capacity as Trustee of the Faringdon War Memorial Trust). · Maintaining four parks: the Town Park, Oakwood Park, land adjacent to Willes Close and Tucker’s Park (as Trustee of the Tucker’s Recreation Ground Trust). · Responsibility for maintenance of All Saints’ Churchyard. · Management of 32 allotments. · Maintenance of Highworth Road lay-by. · Consultees for planning applications. · Management and funding of Faringdon Youth Centre · Joint funding of the Joint Economic Forum for Faringdon · Offering financial support to many organisations in Faringdon through its grant making powers.

local services, including planning, council housing, waste and recycling collections, council tax, benefits, licensing, street cleaning and car parks. Full details can be found on the Council website. The VWHDC is one of five District Councils in Oxfordshire. The council covers an area which includes Faringdon, Abingdon, Wantage and Botley and has 51 elected members. Councillors are elected every four years, and are democratically accountable to the residents of the ward they represent. There are three Faringdon and The Coxwells District Councillors representing the people of Faringdon on the Vale of White Horse District Council. They are: Roger Cox (Conservative),

Contact: Vale of White Horse District Council Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, OX14 3JE Tel: 01235 520202

As the smallest unit of local government, the Town Council is closest to the people it serves and can address issues of local concern and speak up for the wishes of the local residents. All the Town Councillors live in or around the town.

In contrast to the larger District and County Councils Faringdon Town Council receives no funding from Central Government or Business Rates, so the net cost of its services is funded entirely from the Council Tax payers in the local area.

Oxfordshire County Council

The Town Clerk's office at the Corn Exchange opens weekdays 9.00am-12.00pm Contact: June Rennie, Town Clerk Faringdon Town Council, Corn Exchange, Cornmarket, Faringdon, SN7 7JA Tel: 01367 240281 Fax: 01367 240303, Email:

Member of Parliament Ed Vaizey MP (Conservative) Ed Vaizey MP was elected as the Member of Parliament for Wantage and Didcot in May 2005. Born in 1968, Ed attended Merton College, Oxford. When he left university, he spent two years working for the Conservative Party’s Research Department, before training and practising as a barrister in family law. In 1996, he became the director of a highly successful public relations company based in London. In 2004, he left to become the chief speech writer for the then Leader of the Opposition, Michael Howard. Ed also built up a career as a freelance political commentator, writing regularly for The Guardian, and appearing on programmes such as Despatch Box and The Wright Stuff, as well as broadcasting frequently on Five Live. Ed is Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Communications jointly between the Business (BIS) and Culture (DCMS) departments. Ed holds regular surgeries at the Pump Rooms, in Faringdon. There is no need to book an appointment, and dates and details can be found on his website: Locally Ed is Patron of the Friends of St Mary’s Church, Buckland; Patron of CHANT (Community Hospitals Acting Nationally Together); Patron of The Abbey, Sutton Courtenay; Patron; and a Member of the Faringdon Area Project; President of Didcot Town Football Club; Vice-President of the Friends of the Ridgeway; Vice Chairman, Home Farm Trust, South Oxfordshire; Member Board of Governors, Cholsey Primary School. Ed married Alex in September 2005. They live in the constituency and London with their son Joseph, and daughter Martha. Contact: Ed Vaizey MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA Tel: 0207 219 6350 email:

Mohinda Kainth (Conservative) and

Alison Thomson (Conservative).

Oxfordshire County Council has 74 elected councillors representing all parts of the county. The council has responsibility for many key local services, employing over 20,000 people to deliver them , including teachers . It delivers 80 per cent of local government services and manages more than £900 million of public money in the provision of these services on behalf of Oxfordshire's residents. Councillors are elected every four years. These are some of the key areas that OCC is responsible for: Ÿ highways and trans- Ÿ port Ÿ Ÿ social care Ÿ Ÿ education/schools Ÿ early years

trading standards

Ÿ waste disposal

emergency planning Ÿ museums and heritage fire and rescue Ÿ libraries service

Ÿ The Registration Service

Ÿ services for young people such as Ÿ The Countryside youth service, youth Service offending service. The local County Councillor representing the people Faringdon is Judith Heathcoat (Conservative), who is part of the OCC Cabinet and whose overall responsibilities include: Ÿ Fire and rescue Ÿ Libraries Ÿ Equalities and social inclusion Consumer protection Ÿ Museums and (Trading Standards) heritage Ÿ Voluntary and community sector Ÿ Emergency planning Ÿ The arts Ÿ Coroner's service Ÿ Vale of White Horse Ÿ Archives District Council Ÿ Gypsies and liaison travellers Ÿ Leisure and recreation Ÿ Vale of White Horse Ÿ Adult learning Local Strategic (oversight of the Ÿ Registration Service Partnership Adult Learning Service) Ÿ Community cohesion Contact: Oxfordshire County Council County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND Tel: 01865 792422, Email:


The Regent Cinema A community cinema was launched in the Corn Exchange on 8th November 2012 by Faringdon Town Council. A large screen and good sound system ensures a ‘real’ cinema experience. Movie goers can enjoy popcorn and a fully licensed bar. It is hoped that a film can be screened once a month. Details of future showings can be found on the website or call Faringdon Community and Tourist Information Centre on 01367 242191.

It is thought that a cinema was located in the hall many years ago before a purpose built cinema was opened opposite. This cinema closed in the 1970’s and is now a housing development - Regent Mews. The Town Council is delighted to provide a cinema facility once again for the Town. Sally Thurston

Faringdon Art Society FAS is a friendly organisation with a growing membership of nearly 200, whose aims are to promote the work of its members and to offer outings and workshops for those interested in the Arts. For a small membership fee (currently £10 for full members, £5 for associate members annually), you can go on the mailing list and have access to organised coach trips to various Exhibitions, join in ‘Drop-in’ sessions which are informal weekly gatherings for members to paint or draw together, and be invited to participate in full day Workshops with experts in particular media. The Workshops are a new venture, started in 2012, and are proving particularly popular. The Annual Exhibition is the largest event in the calendar occurring in the autumn. It is an open exhibition to all full members when members enter up to five pieces of work for sale. It takes place over three days in the Corn Exchange in Faringdon and generally achieves quite substantial visitor numbers and sales. There are also other venues within Faringdon which invite artists to show and sell their work, such as the Portwell Angel, and help is offered by FAS members for those exhibiting for the first time or who are generally less confident. FAS has its own website ( which has full and up to date information about all its activities, plus contact names for membership and events enquiries. It also has an online gallery which artists can buy into for a small annual fee and the committee hopes to get a new section up and running in 2013 giving useful contacts for purchasing materials, and services in the locality. If you are interested in joining then do look up the website and get in touch, and perhaps follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Helen Pakeman



Stanford Community Bus The Community Bus Service is driven and organised entirely by volunteers, who give freely of their time to provide a bus service for those people in the villages between Faringdon and Wantage who rely on public transport to gain access to the shops, Health Centres and other essential services. The service operates on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and stops at the following towns/villages: Stanford, Wantage, Faringdon, Goosey, West Challow, Hatford, Gainfield, Charney Basset, Lyford, Denchworth, Shellingford.


For more details on the Stanford Community Bus please contact John Smith on 01367 710494 or visit the website:


Services and Activities at Faringdon Library Every Monday - Lunch Box Singing 1-2pm ÂŁ2 First Tuesday of the Month - Coffe Morning Every Tuesday - Free One to One IT sessions 2:30 - 4pm Every Friday - Rhyme Time 10:30 - 11:00am For more information or to book slots call 01367 240311 Faringdon Library Gloucester Street Faringdon SN7 7HY United Kingdom 24-hours renewal hotline: 0845 1202811 - PIN required Email:


Sustainable Wantage


Sustainable Wantage is a volunteer-run group, part of the Oxfordshire ‘Community Action Group’ network. We are raising awareness and taking action in the local area to help reduce our impact on the environment and increase our resilience as a community. The main drivers for action are the threats associated with climate change, our depleting resources and the uncertain economic times we live in. We are focused on responses that produce positive outcomes such as local food events, films and talks, energy initiatives, craft workshops, swap shops, clothes swaps, saving resources, creating stronger community links and supporting our local retailers and food producers. Our areas of interest broadly cover: Food Supporting local producers, food projects & growing your own Energy Saving energy & renewable generation Resources Reducing waste & consumption Environment Protection and promotion of our natural environment Transport Promoting low impact travel - cycling, bus, train, car share Community Creating a group network to connect local organisations If you have an interest in any of these areas and would like to find out more, we would love to hear from you! Perhaps you would like to run a local project – maybe we can help you get started. If you are part of a local non-profit organisation, of any description, and are keen to create stronger local links please get in touch about the Local Group Network. It’s an opportunity to share skills and resources, and find out more about what’s happening in your area. We have a monthly email newsletter – you can sign up to receive it via our website: Website: Email:

Phone: 01235 766689

The Wantage Autumn Festival is a celebration showcasing the best of our fantastic local food and drink producers. Along with food stalls and a demo kitchen there is live entertainment, real ales, cider and wine, a ‘local food’ lunch and traditional apple pressing - bring your own apples for juicing. There’s also a wide range of kids activities and a ‘Grow your own’ area with the Master Composters and expert gardeners on hand for advice. Save the date! The event will happen on Sunday 20th October 2013 so mark it in your calendars.


FocusON Faringdon Town Guide 2013/2014  

The Essential Guide to Faringon and the Surrounding Area

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