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rtesia Public Library is a shining example of private sector partnership with local government. Mrs. Estelle Yates provided the guidance with her vision for a new 21st century library that can provide research, technology, reading, learning and social gathering opportunities for the entire community. Mrs. Yates also insisted on involving a cross section of Artesia’s residents and City officials to ensure a design that would be accepted by and serve the needs of the community. Contributors and organizers came together to hire an architect, create a plan, and ensure construction of a beautiful state-of-the-art building. Through a community process and generous donations, the private sector will provide the City of Artesia with a library building that will be a gem in downtown Artesia. A prominent feature of the building is the Peter Hurd mural entitled The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It. Created by Hurd in 1952 in the lobby of the Prudential Insurance Building in Houston, the work symbolized the use of our resources and hard work to lay the foundation for a strong future for ourselves, our families and our community. When the building was slated for demolition, a local benefactor opted to fund an effort to extract the mural from the building, conserve it and relocate it to Artesia for our new library.

“The mural brings with it the challenge for all of us not only to prepare for our future, but to appreciate the arts and honor our cultural past,” says Peyton Yates, who not only played a significant role in paving the way for the library and mural projects, but contributed financially.



Other generous contributors jumped on board quickly to ensure the project’s success. HollyFrontier / Navajo Refining Co. community relations representative Shannon Johnson says, “Navajo Refining and HollyFrontier are pleased to join with our community in support of this beautiful new library and to honor the vision of Mrs. Estelle Yates and her dream for Artesia and its citizens. We consider it our privilege to operate in the Artesia area and respect the responsibility of being a good neighbor.”

The Concho team agrees that investing in the community is important as the company “aims to make a positive impact on the lives of those with whom we live and work.” Carl Everett, who grew up in Artesia, believes the library as it is designed will be a focal point for the community to gather and learn. His participation in the project allows him to be a “sponsor of curiosity.” The Westall family, also a longtime local family, were the first to jump on board after Mrs. Yates’ effort was publicized. Upon acceptance of the building from the private Artesia Library Foundation, the City furnishes and equips the building with the technology, books and staff necessary to provide library services to the public. The New Artesia Public Library would not have been possible without Mrs. Yates and the contributors who funded the architectural services and construction of the building.



Estelle H. Yates HollyFrontier / Navajo Refining Company Concho Resources Andrea and Carl Everett Linda and Peyton Yates The Westall Family Mary & Frank Yates Jr. Mary & Raye Miller Guy Chevrolet Company Artesia General Hospital Greg & Tara Marrs Joe & Sheila Bullock Everett & Joy Crawford Rance & Diana Miles Lucas Strawn In Memory of Perry Andrews

Bill & Marilyn Mershon Raymond Welborn Elizabeth A. Stephens Sandi & Ron Lanning M. G. Casabonne Nikki A. MacDonald Zane & Tammra Bergman Kenneth Fadke

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