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INTERESTING PLACES AND PEOPLE DISPLAYING SALAZAR’S WORK: • The founder of the popular website Etsy commissioned him to create a book spelling out Etsy for his personal collection. • Broadway Paws, a non-profit organization in New York, had him create two paw print books that were presented to actors Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters, founders of the charity. • A company called Filigranes in the country of Belgium (similar to Barnes & Noble) commissioned him to create four books for an unveiling of a new advertising campaign titled (translated into English) “And you, why do you read?” The company flew his wife and him out for the unveiling. Photos of his work were then featured on buses, billboards and in advertisements throughout Europe.

"Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others."

- Danny Thomas

• Emory University commissioned him to create a series of books that when displayed together quote Albert Einstein: “Information is not knowledge.” The books are on permanent display in their library. • Illinois State University Milner Library commissioned Salazar to produce “Create” and “Read” books for display. • Nordstrom Department Stores commissioned Salazar to create three books for each of their 18 stores nationwide that they used for their 2010 wedding and bridal displays. “A while after I did those, a lady tracked me down out of the blue and asked me to create a book that said “Love.” She said she saw them on display when she registered for her wedding, and she had been trying to track me down ever since. She said, ‘You’re a hard person to find,’” he recalled with a laugh. • This summer, he was asked to create the letter O for the book segment of O Magazine, which was published in July. After they used the book for the photo shoot, they sent the book back to Salazar, which is now displayed on his fireplace mantle.


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• He has also exhibited work at Libreria Galleria Demetra in Milano, Italy. • W.W. Norton, a prominent publishing company, commissioned a book that was used as their catalogue cover image and was distributed worldwide. • Other prominent collectors of Salazar’s work include authors Pauline Farrar and Jessica Pressman; book artist Joy Campbell; and David Lopes, Vice President and Editor in Chief of Gingko Press, Inc. Other publications: Martha Stewart Living magazine • Reader’s Digest Esquire Magazine (twice) • Woman’s Day magazine Redbook Magazine • Glamour Magazine • Harper’s Bazaar Pasatiempo Magazine • Papercraft 2: Design and Art with Paper Bright Magazine • San Diego Jewish Journal • Trends Belgium Crazy Art book • Merge: Art + Craft + Design book Illinois State University has one of Salazar’s books on display Huffington Post online • • Artist a Day Site

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Focus on Artesia Fall 2013  
Focus on Artesia Fall 2013