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F O C U S on the arts

Accountant by Day, Renowned Artist by Night


y day he crunches numbers for one of Artesia’s largest employers. But by night, he’s Isaac Salazar – world renowned book artist whose work can be found in university libraries, private collections of the rich and famous and countless national and international publications. At first glance, Isaac Salazar looks like any other young, active husband and father. He is soft-spoken and is quick to greet people with a sweeping smile. But there’s more to this talented book artist, who is quickly building a following that spans the globe, than meets the eye. Five years ago, while watching his wife, Veronica, work on various arts and crafts projects, Salazar tapped into a side of himself that he didn’t even know existed. Out of sheer boredom, he said he picked up a book and began folding the pages to create images. “I had seen folded books with designs before, so I started off doing that,” he shared. “I took the book A World without Trees and folded the pages to create the recycle symbol. But I got bored pretty quickly.” He went on to say, “I stared at a book one day and noticed all the words and thought, ‘I wonder if I can fold the pages into actual words?’” And just like that, an artist was born! So what exactly is this book art sculpture Salazar creates? It’s the precise, time-consuming, tedious work of folding pages of books so that when complete, it forms an image or a word. It doesn’t sound like much until you stop to consider the precise angles that have to be folded just so and the measurements that have to be extremely accurate in order for the image to come across accurately. Each and every page of the book he is creating has to be



Focus on Artesia Fall 2013