A Day in the Life

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5 a.m.:

Wake up within the hour

8:30 a.m.:

Arrive at Texas Aero and drink a cup of coffee on the golf cart outside

3:30 p.m.:

Head home from the office on days when there are no flights When on a flight, Miller’s schedule is unpredictable. Many times Miller will stay overnight for his job, and many times he has flown to another state and back all before noon. Either way, Miller tries not to work more than a 14 hour day.

“I’ve lost two engines on an airplane,” Miller said. “I mean, that’s what all the training is for – trying to compensate for that.” Miller also had the privilege of flying two former U.S. senators, Phil Gramm and Kay Bailey Hutchison. The senators’ taxing schedules sometimes meant Miller would be working 14 days at a time without a day off. However, this experienced pilot took the challenge in stride. “It’s fun to me. It’s stressful, but it’s fun,” Miller said. While Miller has a variety of high-profile passengers, he still has a heart for the people of Waco. In fact, he routinely flies Baylor’s athletic teams

to and from away games. From basketball to football, many of Baylor’s sports teams have called on Miller for their traveling needs. When Miller isn’t in the air, you can find him at your local bowling alley. Board member of over 40 years, Miller enjoys time with friends as part of the Texas State Bowling Association. He also served as president of the association for two years. With a lifetime of flying to look back on, Miller continuously looks ahead to the next journey. He is beyond thankful for his time in the sky, and credits the people surrounding him with making each journey so memorable.