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Core Bags Collection

/Core Collection Björn Borg Bags Core Collection is exclusively developed to correspond to the high demands of professional athletes and custom made design for conscious and spontaneous individuals. With a range of over 15 models there’s one for every use, whether it is the needs of student, leisure or sports purposes. The collection expresses a unique and harmonious spirit between fashion and sport, challenging a vibrant fusion of design and functionality. Core consists of thoroughly selected authentic styles. Rolling over the seasons it forms the base while reflecting our Core values with the charisma and vibrant attitude of Björn Borg, always up to date with the season’s most energetic colours. Made from 300D polyester, the result is a durable and impact resistant product. Technical features such as reflex details, inside organizer, padded backside on the backpacks - and shoulder straps. Complete design with functionality. Björn Borg Core line is designed to meet the requests of a conscious mind. IN STORES NOW! /Some features is not included in all styles


/Inside organizer

/Printed inside lining

/Reflex badge on flapbags

/Padded backside on backpacks

/BB Puller

/Computer compartement in backpacks

/Computer compartement in flapbags


/Black 01

/Jade 06

/Dark Grey 16

/Violet 17

/Deep Blue 52

CORE/STYLES CORE/600/Backpack M Round

CORE/605/Backpack Computer


CORE/624/Flapbag XL

18L W33 H44 D13

23L W27 H45 D19

W39 H28 D10,5

W42 H31 D14


CORE/626/Shoulderbag S

CORE/641/Shoulderbag With Pocket

CORE/644/Shoulderbag Mini

W38 H30 D18

W23 H22 D8

W38 H32 D12

W15,5 H21 D5




CORE/663/Wallet Flap

W26 H16 D12

W22 H8 D8

W17 H13 D5

W13,5 H9 D1

CORE/664/Toiletcase L

CORE/667/Pencilcase Oval

CORE/680/Sportbag M


W27 H15 D16

W23 H9 D6

W48 H32 D24

W32 H30 D15






CORE/522B/Flapbag W Computer


26L W27 H44 D22

CORE/546B/Computerbag Slim 15,6”

W42 H28 D10,5

W40 H30 D12

W40 H30 D6

CORE/547B/Computerbag Slim 13,6” W35 H27 D5




/Former No.1 Tennisplayer From Sweden Only 26 years old, Borg retreated from the centre court, leaving us with a story that will echo in eternity...

Millions of viewers were kept on the edge of their seats as Borg was first robbed of five match points and then saved six set points before loosing the set. At this time McEnroe was sure he had crushed the Swede. But to everyone’s


astonishment, Borg just went out and continued hammering down on his

April 4th, 1983 Björn Borg dropped the bomb: He would quit playing tennis.

opponent as if nothing had happened. Borg won 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 (16-

It was a shock; even his closest family were caught off-guard. After 10 years at

18), 8-6. McEnroe’s comment says it all: “It would have been the victory of

the top, winning 5 Wimbledon titles in a row, “the incredible tennis machine”

my life. As it turned out, I was just a part of history. Which is not such a bad

decided enough was enough. It all

thing I guess”.

started 19 years earlier. At age

six, Björn recieved a tennisracket that his pong tournament. This gold-coated starting point of a phenomenal tennis ca-

father won at a local pingracket came to be the reer that would change

our perception of tennis forever. With

Borg – tennis became

part of pop culture. Borg’s career moved on a fast track. Only 15

Much has been said about Borg’s playing style, which was something new to the world of

tennis. This young blond worked a mean


used a two-handed backhand, very


at the time, and perfected his moves


some good old hockey-techniques he


picked up as a child. Borg was a true

years old, he made it into the Swedish

baseline player and a patient opponent.

Davis Cup team. The year after he entered the

His famous footwork helped him cover

lawn of Wimbledon for the first time. He made

the entire court in no time. Borg also ear-

it to the quarterfinals. Hard facts tell us Borg won

ned the title of ”Ice Borg” for his coolness

41% of the Grand Slam tournaments he entered. And of

in his playing strategy, his strength and

the 157 grand slam matches he played, he lost only 16. He was

incredibly footwork.

the youngest to win the Italian Championship, US pro and the Nowadays, thanks to advertising, top athletes

French Open (which he won 6 times). However, statistics can’t

are portrayed as being bigger than the game,

explain the greatness of Borg any more than it could explain the

larger than life. Borg was all that, in his own right.

wonders of Ali or Pelé. So to really understand Borg, we

As Boris Becker put it “Borg was the first popstar in

need to go to Wimbledon.

tennis”, requiring police escort to protect him from wild fans and excited crowds. In terms of raising


public attention, no tennis player has ever topped

Every year in June, All England Club hosts one

him. However, all of that ended in 1983, when

of the world’s most renowned sports event

Borg decided to step down. He was tired of

– the Wimbledon. For years, this was a civili-

the wear and tear of travelling. He lost the

sed tournament where the high society could enjoy some cultivated ball play while sipping Champagne and sampling strawberries.

joy of

the game, the commitment to win every

But all that changed in 1973. When Borg entered the court, so did thousands of

single ball. Still today, his quick exit is debated. Many seem to have a hard

young girls. They swarmed the place, screaming, even invading the court.

time accepting that this brilliant player grew tired at such a young age – only

”...As it turned out, I was just a part of history. Which is not such a bad thing I guess.”

26 years old. Guess you have to lose a Wimbledon final after winning the previous five to fully understand that. GRAND SLAM VICTORIES

Nationality: Swedish


French Open:

Date of birth: June 6, 1956



Length: 180 cm

would pull it off though. Everyone agreed that the fast grass courts of Wimble-



Weight: 72 kg

don would not suit his baseline play. But they were all proven wrong. He didn’t



Pro career: 1973 - 1983



Handed - plays: Right, two-handed backhand



As John McEnroe put it: “Borg created such chaos! It was the equivalent of when the Beatles came out”. Nobody thought the Swedish clay specialist

just win once; he won it five times – in a row. In his fifth straight final in 1980 Borg faced John McEnroe. This was to be the single most important tennis


match in history, aka the Tiebreaker. When the 4th set went into tiebreak, the tension was unbearable.

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Core Collection 2012