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Elegantly Adventurous Photography Price Menu Winter 2013

Prints Pricing

We work  with  professional  print  labs  so  you  always  receive  the  longest-­‐lasting  and  high-­‐quality   photographic  prints  available.   Our  standard  prints  are  made  using  Kodak  Endura  lustre  paper.     Metallic  paper  adds  depth  and  flatters  skin  tones  with  its  distinctive  pearlescent  finish  and  tear-­‐ resistant  laminate  layers.  Fuji  pearl  paper  is  perfect  for  large  display  and  competition  prints   (16x20  and  larger)  offers  sharp  detail  and  high  intensity  colors.    

8 Wallets   4x6   5x7   8x10   11x14   16x24   20x30   24x36   30x40  

20 10   15   20   35   65   100   150   200  

Squares   8x8   10x10   12x12   16x16   20x20  

15 20   30   60   75  

Additional  sizes  available   Add-­‐ons:  metallic  or  pearl  paper   styrene  mounting   surface  texture  or  protective  laminate  

Canvas Pricing

¾” Wide  canvas  wraps   Fully  finished  backing  with  hanging  sawtooth  and  bumpers,  ready  to  hang   UV  coated  for  longevity  and  fade  resistance    

8x10 11x14   16x24   20x30   24x36   30x40  

100 140   200   225   330   350  

Squares 10x10   12x12   16x16   20x20  

100 130   145   175  

Set of  3   4x4   5x5   6x6   8x8  

150   160   170   180  

Additional  sizes  available   Add-­‐ons:  1  ½”  width  add  $25          

Digital Images Pricing  Individual  hi-­‐res  digital  files  with  print  release  are  included  complimentary  with  the  purchase  of     a  wall  portrait,  any  style,  16x20  and  larger.     When  your  order  totals  over  450  you  will  receive  a  hi-­‐res  digital  copy  the  entire  image  gallery.    

Everyday Policies and Fine Print Standard  shipping  is  included  complimentary  on  all  print  and  product  orders.     Pick  what  you  and  we’ll  get  it  to  you.   Sales  tax  not  included.     Cash,  checks,  and  cards  welcome.   Payment  plans  available.       Orders  will  be  released  when  final  balance  is  paid.    

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