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December 2015 // issue 121

Feature Story Guy Sebastian

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jay beaumont. jay beaumont.

Welcome issueofofGreater GreaterPort PortMacquarie MacquarieFOCUS. FOCUS. Welcometotothe theDecember October issue Welcome to the October issue of Greater Port Macquarie FOCUS.


it’smuch been 10 years we ten. We’ll remain apolitical, community focused hereell, is so going onsince in Greater it into a food lovers’ paradise. This year the here is so much going on in aGreaterand itpush intothe a food lovers’ paradise. This year the launched FOCUS, and what new era of technology by Port Macquarie right now, it’s hard festival will run over three days, from staying the 6th Port Macquarie right now, it’s hard connected festivalwith will our run readers over three days, from the 6th journey it hastobeen! on our website, to know where start. We’ve had - 8th of November. toour know where to start. - 8thInstagram, of November. ups and downs, made our through Facebook, apps and Issuu. First off, a huge congratulations Themed “Fire, Water, Harvest”, Tastings First but off, have a huge congratulations Themed “Fire, Water, Harvest”, Tastings fair share of mistakes, also been involved You can also continue to expect 21,000 copies to Mark Stone and the whole team at the Billaon Hastings will ignite all the senses with to Mark Stone and the whole team at thethat Billa- of FOCUS on Hastings will ignite all the senses with with a lot of who community events and initiatives to be delivered each and every bong Zoo, are delighted to announce the a smorgasbord of events,FREE including a night bong Zoo, who are delighted to announce the month. a smorgasbord of events, including a night have made us proud to be a “local”. much anticipated arrival of their two cheetah time festival, celebrity chef dinners, cooking much anticipated arrival ofregion their two cheetah time chef dinners, cooking The Greater Port and Macquarie has who grown This willfestival, be my celebrity last editor’s letter with Greater brothers, Warrior Vongani. Anyone demonstrations, masterclasses and much more. brothers, Warrior and Vongani. Anyone who Portdemonstrations, masterclasses andthis much more. sohas much in the last 10 years. New hospitals, Macquarie FOCUS. From now on, page visited the park recently will notice the huge We have a full guide to Tastings on Hastings has visited the...park recently will notice the hugewill beWe have a fullthe guide to Tastings onbeen Hastings universities, roads you name it! We now also called “From Team”. It’s always amount of improvements and new attractions starting on page 26. amount of improvements and attractions starting 26. edition of FOCUS have thing “traffi c”.been But new the heart and a huge efforton to page pull each thatthis have beencalled added. If it’s a while since FOTSUN that have been added. Ifintact. it’s been a while since together, soul of the area still remains It’s as vibrant and it’s certainly not a one man band. FOTSUN you have visited, then I highly doubt you’ll be FOCUS is again proud to be one of the major you have as visited, then I highly doubt you’ll be So and energetic ever. expect to see a lot of friendly FOCUS is again proud to befaces one at of the the top major disappointed. sponsors of Festival of the Sun. With a huge disappointed. Anyone in business will tell you the same thing of this page from the next issue. Last but sponsors of Festival of the Sun. Withnot a huge FOODIES REJOICE! line up of bands, including Illy, Jebediah, FOODIES ... it’s notmonth easy!REJOICE! At FOCUS we have been blessed least,line if you have ever been involved in any of our up of bands, including Illy, Jebediah, This hosts the 10th Annual Oysters Thundamentals and British India to name a This monthbyhosts the 10thstaff Annual Oysters toinbe surrounded some great who “make last 120 issues, as a contributor, interviewee or a Thundamentals and British India to name the Vines. The festival will take place at the few, tickets won’t last long. Grab them while in the Vines. Theevery festival will take place at the advertiser, itCassegrain happen” each and month. Some of our from the bottom of my heart thank few, tickets won’t last long. Grab them while Wines vineyard from 9am until 4pm you can at Cassegrain Winesteam vineyard from 9am until 4pm you! serving members include long suffering Without support, we wouldn’t exist. you can atyour on Sunday 25th October and will once again FINAL SAY onBeaumont Sunday 25th October and who will once again EDITOR’S Louise and Dylan Gaul, have combine with the Artist Markets for a mega FINAL PHOTO SAY “Always remember that you are absolutely combine with Artist Markets a mega Special been us for 10the years, Joey Dable,for Michael thanksremember to Vantagethat Point UAV. artistwith market and oyster extravaganza. “Always you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” - Margaret artist market and oyster extravaganza. Marchment anda Jo Atkins nine years, There isn’t better way I can thinkChrissy to spend unique. Just like everyone else.” - Margaret FINAL SAY Thereyears, isn’t aJasmin betterJohansson way I can six think to spend Mead. Jones eight years, a Sunday, than meandering around sipping on a “Time Mead. is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have a Sunday, than around Kyle sipping on a Annette fivemeandering years, JeffaCowan, wine orWannell a local beer, enjoying dozen (or two) time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to’.” wine or a local beer, enjoying a dozen (or two) Rathbone three years, and Sarah Gale years. local oysters and being impressed by two the amaz- Lao Tzu. local oysters and being to impressed by the amazPlus, a very special mention Reg Brookhouse, ing talented artists we have in our local area. ing artists we have to in the our Port local area. whoNext hastalented been FOCUS up is delivering the Tastings on Hastings - the NextCBD up issince the the Tastings on Hastings the Macquarie very beginning. All-120 biggest food and wine event of the year. Jay Beaumont - Editor biggest food and wine event of the year. issues! Jay Beaumont Tastings is again set to take over the beautiful JayBeaumont Beaumont Editor - Editor Jay ––Editor Tastings is again set be to the takesame overas the Jay Beaumont – Editor Our next ten thebeautiful first Town Green ofyears Portwill Macquarie, transforming Town Green of Port Macquarie, transforming

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greater port macquarie focus. 3 greater port macquarie focus. 3

fotsun 2015


Hitting the shores of Port Macquarie for FOTSUN this month is one of Australia’s most iconic Hip Hop artists, Illy. FOCUS was able to catch him in between studio sessions in the States for a quick chat …


ey Illy. You’ve had such a successful journey so far; give us some insight into where it all began … I started writing music around 12/13, and it really just went from there. My first show was at 17; it’s been a pretty long trip. Back then at that young age, who were your musical influences - the ones who first inspired you to get into Hip Hop? It was all the gangsta rap stuff coming out of America. I think a lot of kids or young teenagers gravitate towards that, because it’s rebellious and exciting, so my earlier influences were 2Pac, Biggie, NAS all the real legendary dudes from that era. How would you say your style has progressed since you first kicked off? I’ve definitely become a bit more focused on writing songs as opposed to just rapping. I got my schooling in the underground Hip Hop scene in Australia, and where I’m at now is a very long way from that. I write a lot more stuff that’s sung now. A lot of the most successful songs of mine are songs that are almost Pop songs; they have a big chorus that will have a singer on it, and I’m finding that the older I get, the more I’m enjoying writing those kinds of songs, because they’re a lot harder to write than Rap songs. I think, to write a good song like that is


greater port macquarie focus.

a lot harder, for me at least; it’s a lot more there for so long - I can’t even remember of a challenge than to just write a verse. exactly when it was last, but it was ages That’s kind of where a lot of my sound is ago. I think I’ve only been there once ... changing, and it’s exciting for me. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve called you up while you’re in the because it’s kind of rare with the amount States; what are you doing over there? of touring we’ve done in the last couple of I’m working on the next album actually; years that there’s been places we haven’t I’ve been basically in the studio visited - and Port Macquarie’s one of flat-out for the last two them. I remember it fondly, so weeks in New York, and it should be cool. I just got to LA around Who are you bringing a I think, to write an hour ago. I have along to accompany at th good song like another week here, your set? e m r is a lot harder, fo ore and then back home. It’s me, my drummer m t at least; it’s a lo to What’s the process and my DJ. We have an th e of a challeng ’s at Th e. behind writing an a bunch of friends on rs ve a just write t of my lo a album for you? the bill, so we might re he w of kind ng , an d gi an Generally I’ll get try to work something ch is d un so e. ” in the studio with cool out while we’re up it’s exciting for m producers and work on there, I think. beats - even if it’s a rough What can we expect skeleton of the beat. I’ll then from your onstage vibe? start working on the melody for Depending where the album’s the hook or a phrase, or even if it’s just at, it might be one of the first times we a single word for the hook, and then play some new material. I don’t have any I’ll build the hook up and then after shows until FOTSUN from now, so it might that once there’s a topic there, I’ll then be one of the first times we play the new write the verses around that. Then it kind songs live, which’ll be pretty exciting. of goes back and forth, refining the beat, Tell us about this little venture, Friday refining the lyrics, until it gets to the final Flips. Will you be performing some of version. these tracks at FOTSUN? You’re one of the headliners for our Yeah probably. At the moment we have coastal festival FOTSUN this year. What one in the set, so I reckon we’ll probably are you looking forward to the most? keep that in there! Just getting back there. I haven’t been What has been the biggest highlight of

your career to date? There have been quite a few. Playing the one night stand was a pretty huge thing personally for me. Being over here at the moment - I love New York - it’s always a highlight, and I always feel really inspired to work on new music when I’m there. The last two years since Cinematic was released, it’s kind of been one highlight after the next, for which I feel very fortunate. I hope the next album is similar; it’s kind of hard to just pick one or two. I just have some quick fun facts for you ... Your real name? Al. Do you have any pets? No. Favourite Food? Pizza. What are you listening to at the moment? Right now I’m still listening to the Kendrick Lamar album and the Hermitude album. Growing up, what did you really want to be? I really wanted to be a Palaeontologist. Biggest fear? I’m not fond of spiders. What’s on your bucket list? Getting this album done without going crazy. Thanks Illy.

the plug! Catch Illy at FOTSUN 11 - 12 December, Sundowner Breakwall Tourist Park:

inside this

Issue 121 - December 2015


guy sebastian. What a year it’s been for Guy Sebastian, representing Australia at Eurovision, mentoring on TV show The X Factor, releasing new music and now embarking on his YOU … ME … US regional summer tour ...


larry brook. Larry Brook has clocked up 53 years of service to the Surf Life Saving movement in Australia and has been a coach for more than 40 years. Larry is still a surf and swimming coach today, and despite having won many medals of his own, says his best memories are of the kids he’s seen achieve success in the water ...


tess robinson. Tess Robinson grew up in Port Macquarie and followed her dream to the big city. Not afraid of taking risks - nor of hard work - Tess now owns her own graphic design agency, Smack Bang Designs, in Sydney, with a team of 14 talented staff working by her side …

4. Illy 6. Chris Langlois 54. Riding for the Disabled

usual suspects.


18. what’s on for December 26. eat featuring local restaurants 33. palate pleasures with Lou Perri 38. social scene with Kate Wood-Foye 45. tourism with Janette Hyde 48. travel with Susie Boswell 85. starguide with Terri 97. port chamber update with Hadyn Oriti 107. landcare with Estelle Gough

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Weather System Tasman Sea No.41. 137cm x 122cm.

focusinterview. Weather System Tasman Sea No. 30.

View majestic landscapes seen through landscape artist Chris Langlois’ eyes at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery,with works that portray the essence of nature - the vastness, the passage of time, and the powerful, elemental forces of the weather. Chris will also be presenting an artist’s talk and conducting a plein air painting day locally … i Chris. You studied a Bachelor of Arts, Visual Arts at Newcastle, completed in 1990 - but what led you to study art in the first place? At school, as a kid, all the subjects except math didn’t really interest me, and I wasn’t any good at math … I studied art and photography from Year 7 onwards and I enjoyed it; the more I played around, the more curious I became … I continued art for the HSC; my interests then became divided between painting and photography. In hindsight, I was pretty naive as to what you were able to achieve as a painter or an artist; my only knowledge of a practising painter was that of my grandmother painting in social group ... I was totally ignorant to the greater art world - its joys and bitter disappointments. My thought at the time was that going to art school was probably a bit crazy, but what else was I going to do? I may as well do something I loved and worry about the consequences later. Your landscapes are simply epic. What is it about nature - the sea, land and sky that inspires you to paint them? Space. Emptiness. Beauty. Isolation. Violence of nature. Vastness. Scale is important; doing what I do on a large scale, doesn’t work on a small scale. Space needs space; scale needs scale, anything smaller than three foot square becomes intimate, and the viewer wants/needs to be close to the painting. Larger paintings work both from afar and close up. What are your favourite tools and media to paint with? I use traditional oil paint, and applied in the usual way - that is, brushes, painted on linen. Paint is a very versatile medium; it does not dictate its aesthetic on the work, unlike other mediums such as computer and software based mediums (or to a lessor extent photography), which I personally find subtly impregnates a work with the software programmer’s signature. 6

greater port macquarie focus.

Painting is pure, simple and direct. The challenge then becomes all of the issues What’s the “usual” process for you when of the whole painting process at once in a you begin a new piece of work ... Do you difficult painting environment. However, it paint outdoors, work from photographs, or forces you to look and study at the landscape memory? and after several days of working out of doors, I I start a body of work with taking heaps of become more aware of the colour and stucture photos - thousands of them. I go in landscape, and that is what I’m on trips around the country looking to take back to the looking for stuff and so studio. The paintings are on, building up ideas executed quickly, and the and material to work end results are raw and The exhi bition from and bring it all honest. Most of the consists of 15 back to my studio. sketches fail, but some four large paintings , In my studio I go do hit the mark and are d 50 digital prints an through it all on resolved in the studio. I or small paintings the computer, certainly have more to 'Sketches'. ” compose, play with explore, and it will be a the subject, play with continuing process. colour, do variations of Describe the exhibition subject etc - all the stuff you’ll be holding at originally done by drawing. the Glasshouse Regional Initially my landscapes were Gallery… based on things that I had seen and The exhibition consists of 15 large paintings, four digital prints and 50 small experienced and brought back to the studio paintings or “Sketches”. All but one (one through memory. While working from memory from the collection of Glasshouse Regional helps reduce unnecessary detail, it also has Gallery) of the larger paintings are from the flaws in limiting the amount of subtlety and last 12 months; two of those works were information that is required to give an image its originally painted for the Gold Award, an multitude of dimensions in colour, composition, exhibition of eight Australian artists (Abdul tone, scale and so forth. So, I include Abdullah, Peter Atkins, Del Kathryn Barton, photography in my process. Photography can Julie Fragar, Chris Langlois, Sam Leach, Abbey be problematic, in that it can dictate and lead to dull and literal interpretations of your subject. McCulloch and Imants Tillers). All the large paintings are from a series There are also paintings that I call sketches, called Weather Systems. I wanted to paint and they are painted outside. They are entirely large skies, calm, violent, sort of normal, different to the larger works - intimate, to whatever took my fancy. They are cinamatic be viewed closely. It’s one way of throwing a and verge on romantic. The tonal, or black spanner in the works, as it is counter to my and white images are a wink to photography usual studio practice - especially as I am used and the Australian Tonalists (Max Meldrum). to working in a private and comfortable studio. The paintings are what they are, and I think I find it challenging and difficult to pull off. they really don’t need much explanation. Working like this is the opposite to using a They are generic landscapes that could be viewfinder to help compose an image; instead, anywhere or nowhere, but are of course you have all of the landscape in front of you, familiar to anyone. and you can’t fit it all into a tiny rectangle.

Titles are non specific; the paintings are an experience, not a scientific desription of a place. I’d like to think the paintings are more like instrumental music that washes over you, rather that work that has a litteral narrative. I like music that I can see, and I like images that I can hear. The digital prints are a start of a newish project just using photography. Simply, I am trying to capture images that have the aesthetic of paint. You’ll also be holding an artist’s talk and conducting a plein air class while you’re in Port Macquarie. What do you hope to convey to participants? To share my personal insights as an artist, talk about the work. With the plein air class, have a really nice day out painting, good food, talk about techniques etc. Where can readers find out more about you? I have a book that will be available, along with the catalogue that has been published for this show, that documents work from 2000 - 2013, with essays from curators Katherine Roberts and Simon Gregg: $20. My website: Olsen Irwin Gallery in Sydney: Gould Gallery in Melbourne: Thanks Chris. Interview by Jo Atkins. See Chris Langlois’ exhibition at the Glasshouse Regional Gallery from November 20 until January 17. Artist Talk: December 3; 5:30pm Cost: $15 and $12 members. Plein Air Painting Day: December 5; 10am - 3pm. Cost: $30; $25 member. Bookings essential. Visit: for more info. The Glasshouse would like to acknowledge Olsen Irwin Gallery for their support with this exhibition.

Avoid the crowds these holidays!


Lake Innes Village Shopping Centre is a modern neighbourhood centre with all the conveniences on hand. Anchored by Coles Supermarket including Liquorland, the centre offers a mix of national and local retailers including ANZ Bank, Charles Sturt University Co-op Bookshop and Pharmacy Select. Local food offerings and other services include Ruins Cafe, Charlies takeaway, Happy Inn Chinese Takeaway, Lake Innes Bakery, Grumpy’s Tender Meat and Fresh Chicken, Port Macquarie Physio and Pilates and Nvey hair Studio. With the addition of a Medical and Dental Clinic and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology there is no need to tackle the crowds these holidays.

Cnr John Oxley Dr and Major Innes Rd Port Macquarie greater port macquarie focus.



Ken & Gail



hare some of your background with us ... You and Gail are originally from South Africa, so what brought you both to Australia? After having visited our one daughter, Shelayne, her husband Mike, and their little son Jason, who had already moved to Australia from South Africa, we were astounded by the lack of violence and crime here in this country. It then took a while to have all our ducks in a row in order to immigrate to Australia, but eventually the day arrived! We arrived in Sydney, Australia, on 2nd July 1999! We came across on a business visa and had to prove ourselves over the next few years before we could get permanent residency, and then finally our citizenship. That we received on 28th June 2006. How did you come to own your property, Jabulani, at Mt Seaview? What does “Jabulani” mean? We had looked right up the North Coast to Bowen and down again in search of a suitable farm and one in our price range. We chose this farm for its aesthetic appeal and its proximity to where Paddy, our son, was based in Sydney, as we bought the farm together. Paddy is a fully qualified vet, and his first-hand knowledge in South Africa with cattle breeds is what determined our selection of the Bonsmara breed, because of its performance records in South Africa.


greater port macquarie focus.

We named the farm “Jabulani”, which is a Zulu word meaning “be happy or joyful”. Our intention is for the farm to be economically viable but also to be a blessing to all who visit it, as we have a lot of our family and friends who spend time here with us, and as often as possible. Describe the property ... How many acres/ hectares is it, and what’s the overall country/terrain like? The farm in approximately 500 acres and has almost 4 km of the Hastings River as the one boundary. It is steep, but we have about fifty acres of river flats, which we normally plant to rye grass and clover winter pastures every year. You run a Bonsmara cattle stud on the property. This is a South African breed, but why do you feel they are ideally suited to the Australian climate? We run a Bonsmara stud, and we began it by importing Bonsmara embryos from South Africa in 2007. Of the 80 embryos we imported, we got 34 calves. The Bonsmara breed is the only beef breed in the world created through a well-documented crossbreeding programme with the aid of objectively recorded performance data. The Bonsmara is a Sanga-derived tropically adapted Bos Taurus breed comprising 5/8 Afrikaaner, 3/16 Hereford and 3/16 Shorthorn. Strict selection for economic factors such as fertility, milk production, growth and adaptability are still applied and are a contributing factor to the Bonsmara becoming the strongest beef breed in South Africa in less than 25 years.

Bonsmara cattle were introduced into Australia in 1998, after the breed was identified as being highly suited to Australia due to similarities between local and South African climate conditions. Both South Africa and parts of Australia experience high external parasite loads, high temperatures and regular periods of low nutritional value across grazing lands. The ability of Bonsmara to not only cope, but adapt and thrive in a wide range of conditions makes them well suited to the tropics and sub-tropics. Cross-breeding already plays a primary and increasingly important role in commercial beef cattle production worldwide. Researchers believe that more than 70% of the meat produced in the world will be produced by crossbreeding systems in the future. In terms of this, the practice shows that cross bred cows are more fertile, live longer and are naturally more efficient. Crossbred calves are also hardier and have better survival ability as a result of a well-developed immune system. They also grow faster, reach heavier weaning weights and fit better in suboptimal environments. Crossbreeding therefore promotes traits such as fertility, longevity and survival. (J.M. Lepen). Tell us more about this particular breed of cattle ... What are the breed’s biggest advantages? Some of the benefits of the Bonsmara are: • Tropically adapted • Hybrid vigour • Heat resistant • Tick resistant

• Genetically stable • Longevity • Excellent meat quality • Good temperament • Early puberty • Superior fertility • Ease of calving • Small calves • Good mothering ability • High milk production • Rapid growth • Feed efficiency What feedback have you received from the meat industry about the beef produced by Bonsmara cattle? A stud breeder (Tony Berry) in Queensland had very good results at a carcass competition, but it is still early days and most breeders are retaining stock to build their herds. However, in South Africa the meat is highly sought after. What’s daily life like on the farm? Gail writes a blog daily about our life on the farm. This you can find on our website at www. Where can readers contact you, find out more info about your stud - or Bonsmara cattle in general? If anyone would like to contact us for further information on the Bonsmara breed, please contact me, Ken Morgan, on 0414 867 554 or by email at or email at Thanks Ken and Gail. Interview by Jo Atkins.


What a year it’s been for Guy Sebastian, representing Australia at Eurovision, mentoring on TV show The X Factor, releasing new music and now embarking on his YOU … ME … US regional summer tour. FOCUS caught up with Guy in between his many commitments to chat life and music ...


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So the vocal to section is going t go e be ridiculous; I’v up ck Carmen , my ba e got I’v d an vocalist, and er m um dr a new so it’s , er new bass play g.” tin ci ex going to be


i Guy. It’s been a huge couple of years for you - new album, collaborations, tours, TV judge and mentor, just to name a few… What’s been the biggest highlight for you? Wow, this year! I guess there was a lot of hoohah over Eurovision. If I look at the past 12 months, that would probably have to be the most out there thing I’ve done and probably the most exciting that I’ve done; it was so much fun heading over to Vienna and taking part in the weird, wonderful, wacky world of Eurovision. It was very unexpected; I got a phone call at the last minute basically saying Australia has been invited, can you write a song, and can you perform it ... It was a lot of pressure, you know, when you’ve got the weight of the country on your shoulders, but it’s just entertainment at the end of the day - and I had a ball. It goes out to 200 odd million people; I had Jules there with me and a few friends. Once the business was done we just really enjoyed Europe; it was so much fun. You and your gorgeous wife, Jules, have two beautiful children now. How do you keep yourself grounded as both a professional and a family man? Prioritising, I think, is the only way. I look at my schedule and I look at what I could do as far as travelling and touring goes; you always have to

put your family first, and I could be away for the whole year, touring and trying to get stuff going more aggressively overseas and capitalising on things like Eurovision - but I’ve got a family that comes first, and I’ve got kids that I can’t bear being away from. I don’t like missing stuff like their first steps, and I just miss them too much. After a week I’m starting to go crazy, and I really think it’s just about prioritising and then realising what’s more important - breaking my music into some other country and me earning more money, or seeing my kids and putting them to bed and reading them stories and having that feeling; it’s about balancing both and doing as much as I can on a career level, while not compromising my family. I hear you can play a few different instruments? The only musical lessons I ever had were violin lessons, and I absolutely hated it. I was just never good at it. I took up drums, I played in a little band when I was young, I always sang - but I didn’t sing until I was in Year 9, I think. I sang at a school assembly, and at that point I was actually much more of a sportsman; I was captaining the cricket team, and I played a lot of AFL football growing up, for clubs and for school. All the boys just knew me as a sportsman, so I was actually

really nervous to sing for the first time, and I remember being in that chapel service at school and sung some Boys 2 Men song or something; a couple of the teachers cried and all the boys were really into it, and I think it just encouraged me. I thought they were going to give me heaps of crap for singing, but they were actually really nice about it. You’re releasing a new single in the next few weeks; what kind of sound does the track have? I just finished writing it two days ago. It’s funny; it’s hard for me to be reactionary. I’ve been working on this song for a week solid, hours and hours a day. A lot of the time I don’t take that long to write a song, and this one I just took a while to get it right and get the drop right. There are a lot of production elements in this song that I had to get right to sell it on a production level. Because I’m so close to it, when my management and record label team said that this is the single and they loved it, I just needed to not listen to it for a few weeks and then go back and listen to it again, and say, “Actually, this is pretty good” or, “This is rubbish”. I think I’m going to trust them. I think it’s a cool song - it’s really soulful. What we can we expect from your show this time around; are you bringing a whole band,

or is it more of an intimate show? I’m bringing a band, but the configuration is very different. I’ve dropped back the band to more bare bones, and it’s a little bit more tighter, electronic drums and very vocal focused ... The vocals section; wait ‘til you hear it. It’s ridiculous! I’ve flown in a friend of mine from LA who did Eurovision for me, and he is the most ridiculous singer I’ve ever heard. I’m amazed at how good he is; every singer wants him to be in their band. He toured with Beiber, Patti Labelle and other legendary gospel and soul singers. So the vocal section is going to be ridiculous; I’ve got Carmen, my back up vocalist, and I’ve got a new drummer and new bass player, so it’s going to be exciting. I’ll be playing some of these new songs I’ve been writing, just to showcase them and let people be the first to hear them and get their reaction and their input on them. And then of course, all the stuff I’ve written in the past - so yeah, it’s going to be fun! Thanks so much for your time, Guy.

the plug! Don’t miss Guy Sebastian at the Glasshouse. 22 & 23 January 2016; 7pm. Tickets $85.

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Watercolour Glo Hill loves the unpredictable nature of watercolours. Combine her skill with this medium with a love of nature and colour, and you have the basis for some simply magical artworks ... i Glo. What’s your relationship with the Greater Port Macquarie area: how did you come to call it home? I spent many happy childhood holidays in this area and many years later when my husband and I decided Sydney was getting too big and we would move, we did a reconnaissance along the coast. We decided Port Macquarie won hands down. I’ve now lived in Port almost 23 years and like to think I’m considered a “local”. I read your dream as a child was to become an artist? What was it as a child that inspired this dream? As an only child, I decided I would be an artist, as I loved colouring in! My idea of heaven was a brand new colouring book and coloured pencils. Later I progressed to my own creations. After finishing high school, I applied to enter the National Art School in Darlinghurst, Sydney, were I spent the next four years, full-time studying art. What has been the process to fulfil this dream? Following my studies I worked in advertising as an illustrator and designer, and was lucky enough to work in smaller agencies that gave me work experience in all aspects of the business. It wasn’t 'til1985 that I really decided to get back to painting and entered a local show in Sydney, where I won two sections for waterc12

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olour paintings. At this time I was freelancing to be tackled a few times 'til I’ve worked as a designer and illustrator for a number it out of my system. Colour is also a major of companies, so that it didn’t leave a lot of factor in a subject and can trigger an idea for time to paint. a painting. Once we moved to Port, I had more time Tell us about some of the accolades to paint and became a teacher (painting, of you’ve received for your works ... course) with the Community College. Since 1985 I’ve won over 90 awards. The Painting for me is addictive! If I’m going most recent was as a finalist in the Australian away from my studio for more than a Artist Magazine Challenge. The subject was week, I start to get “twitchy” landscape, and the subject I chose with ideas for new work and was a view of a friend’s propcan’t wait to get home and erty on the Forbes River, get started again. west of Port Macquarie. A lot of your work I used slightly unusual I love being near reflects nature in its colours, even though it the ocean, and purest form. What is was a traditional landor painting beach it about this subject scape technique. gh river scenes is hi ts that draws you in? Some of my work bjec on my list of su As far as subjects is available as good ” e. that interest m go, birds (and native quality place mats and fauna) are probably the coasters, plus calendars biggest percentage of my for 2016. The calendars are work. Painting birds is almost for sale in the National Gallery like therapy - watching the birds and the New South Wales State acquire a personality and life on the Library. I may never be able to say my paper. Port Macquarie certainly offers work hangs in the National Gallery, but at a wide selection of birds to watch and least it’s in the same building! study. I was lucky enough to be asked to help I love being near the ocean, and painting illustrate a children’s book called Fatty the beach or river scenes is high on my list of Rat Rod, a true story about a little green subjects that interest me. truck. A lot of your readers with children (or Other subjects I’ve worked with can be grandchildren) may already have seen it in the varied, from portraits, landscapes, animals, library or have been to book readings. This flowers and underwater scenes. You name it was a fun job, and I’m looking forward to the - I’ve probably painted it. Some subjects need next one in the series.

What is your favourite medium to use and why? Watercolour is the medium I prefer, but mixed media, where I use watercolour as a base and combine acrylics, coloured inks, coloured pencils and even collage to add interest and life to a subject is another direction I like to take. Sometimes I prefer a formal approach, i.e. drawing out the subject; other times I simply choose four colours and “chuck” it on and let the colour run. Watercolour can have a serendipity moment sometimes, and others a screaming disaster. People say that watercolour is hard to work with, but as long as you keep an open mind and don’t plan too far ahead, it’s a little easier! Where can our readers see examples of your work? A gallery on Norfolk Island has been exhibiting my work for about 18 years. It’s such a beautiful Island to paint, and I’ve been over again just recently. The Old Lodge at Gladstone has a number of my works on show, but there are so few galleries locally now. Thankfully I have an agent in Sydney who gets my work out and about in exhibitions and galleries, mostly in the Sydney region. One aspect of being an artist that worries me is that I’ll probably die with a paint brush in my hand. Hopefully I won’t leave any unfinished work behind? My work can be viewed on line at Thanks Glo.







M • N O R AS C E E H E T / D R A L EG E L L I G E R E N T





T U M U X • M I E • I VA N O O Z E F T H E N I M A L E P R H A ZE A





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ell us a little about yourself. Where do you live, and where are you from? My lifestyle lends itself to being quite nomadic, but I am currently based in Port Macquarie and have spent most of my life here. I find it difficult to be away from the ocean for any extended period of time, so I’m always happy to come home. I have always had an interest in art and design, but it wasn’t until I attended university and was mentored by some impressive artists that I began harnessing my raw skills into something more directional and specialised. I completed a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design in 2005, and since that time have been working as a freelance photographer, designer and illustrator, with a client base that spans the globe. I am fortunate that the nature of my work allows me to travel frequently and undertake humanitarian work for a number of organisations, with projects predominantly in Asia. How long has photography and illustration been a hobby and career of yours, and what motivated you to get started?


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Although I wasn’t acutely aware of it at I lend myself to a more fluid and relaxed style the time, I have always had an interest in of work; images don’t have to have the correct illustration and photography. I was fascinated composition or be perfectly exposed for them to with cartoons, comics and photos, be impactful. anything that contained people In terms of photography, my or faces. As a child I began interest didn’t really spark drawing, copying images until I was introduced to I completed a and attempting to the darkroom at uni. I e Bachelors D egre replicate other artists’ loved the intricate and n in in Graphic D esig work as best I could. patient process of e tim that 2005 and since I developed developing images from a as ng have been worki pher, an interest in film. It was so primitive ra og ot freelance ph , or at photorealism, and for and painstaking, that tr us ill d designer an at th a long time my belief the end results were se ba nt ie cl with a .” e. was that you were always so genuinely ob gl e th s span only a true and talented rewarding. It’s sad artist if you could create that with “progression” art that was unmistakeable we lose so many of our and precise; that is, as close to beautiful, traditional practices - film reality as possible. I found it difficult to photography being one. find significance and emotion in abstract How would you describe yourself pictures, undervaluing them internally. and your personality? How does your With experience, my view has changed personality affect the way you take photos? substantially. Whilst I still see the importance I’ve always felt like art has a duty, if anything, of that style of work, I learnt that you can find to evoke emotion. I love how you can capture a meaning in loose and abstract pieces - that moment in time with a single frame and within there is substance in imperfection. These days, that moment depict emotion and mood and

action and thought, all at once. Despite the medium, I believe it’s imperative to develop a connection or trigger a reaction with the audience. Engaging the viewer gives the image power and the capacity to make a statement, rather than just being wallpaper. My work places an emphasis on intensifying shadows and highlights, which happens organically, but it enables me to create an image with a unique focal point for the viewer. At this time my photography and illustration work is fairly diverse, which suits me well. I am constantly seeking out new sources of inspiration and draw stimulus from a variety of sources, but inevitably there are unique elements that tie it all together. I guess this is probably indicative of my personality - eclectic and sporadic, but grounded in faith. Tell us about your humanitarian aid work overseas and what it was that inspired you to follow this path ... Although I have worked for other aid organisations, for the last few years I have been working with The HELP Foundation and doing trips to Indonesia. This organisation is integrating itself into local communities, schools, villages and hospitals. They aim to educate


people of all ages about health, hygiene, the effects of tobacco and alcohol, environmental matters and other areas in order to improve living conditions and quality of life for people with no access to resources for change. Arguably, we live in the greatest country in the world. Although we have limited exposure to news reports on third world and developing countries, the dire needs of these people is not made apparent until it is experienced first-hand, and accordingly is often (maybe unintentionally) disregarded. As Australians, I feel we are incredibly blessed to have the life we have. The people living in these devastated areas didn’t choose to be there; it’s just the hand they’ve been dealt and for that reason alone I feel it is our duty to share the resources and knowledge we have with those less fortunate than ourselves. I’m currently illustrating a series of children’s books that are being distributed throughout Indonesia. A few years ago Indonesia had the highest male smoking rate in the world. The rampant epidemic is fuelled by cheap cigarettes and weak government policies on the advertising of tobacco. Two out every three males smoke, and it kills 200,000 Indonesians

a year. The books aim to educate people (predominantly kids) about the damage smoking does to your body, life and relationships. The other books in the series have a general focus on health, specifically on the value of a healthy diet, exercise, drinking water, fresh air, the effects of alcohol and sunlight. What are your influences both creatively and for life in general? A great deal of the influences in my life come from travelling - experiencing different cultures and seeing how people from various backgrounds express themselves creatively. I have been fortunate enough to meet and experience the works of some amazing artists worldwide; it is incredibly motivating to be around vibrant and imaginative people who are pushing the boundaries of creativity, producing astonishing, unique works as a result. As clichéd as it sounds, I like that art provides a way for people to connect, in spite of their social status, race or religion. Everyone’s tastes are so vastly different, but I’m maturing to the notion that you can always learn from other people and their work - whether it is to your taste or not. What is your favourite photography

accessory, other than your camera? My favourite photography accessory would have to be my Speedlite. The compact flash is a go-to in so many situations and super handy when you’re lacking enough light to expose a subject. It’s small, light, and easy to travel with when I’m getting around and hiking overseas. I also love the versatility of it, having the option just to add a small touch of flash to a setting, yet also being powerful enough to light a full room. By diffusing, bouncing and shaping, you can a produce an appropriate light for pretty much any situation. Some photographers are scared of using off-camera flashes, but once you master it, it becomes a powerful weapon in your arsenal. How important is post-processing in the creation of your photographs? When I first started taking photos, I relied on the post-process much more than I do now. The importance of post-processing has become




It is incredibly motivating to be and around vi brant le op pe e iv at in imag g in who are push of the boundaries ing uc od pr , creativity ue iq astonishing, un lt. ” su re a as ks or w

only a small part of making images for me and continues to diminish. As passé as it sounds, it’s so much more efficient, natural and authentic to spend time and attention to detail shooting on the day. Having a more thorough approach on location, rather than trying to fabricate something later on, makes for a much better result. Not only is it a more personable experience, but it is a small tribute to the pioneers of photography and the art of making photographs. Lastly, where can our readers contact you and view your works? You can find my work, information and contact details at Otherwise “casttheeyes” in the world of social media. And if you want to check out the awesome work that The HELP Foundation is doing, head to www.helpindonesianfoundation. Thanks Fraser. greater port macquarie focus.



It’s been a busy few months at Drop Kick Arts HQ, wrapping up the Squiggle Off, with our very own Adam Murray taking out worthy competitor, Sydney based artist Mike Watt. FOCUS caught Adam in between brush strokes for a quick chat and spoke to the DKA team about what’s in the pipeline for the culture driven crew over the next few months ...


ow did you prepare yourself for the final? Did you pen together an idea, or was it an off the cuff creation? I had the idea of doing a portrait, because of the time frame. I wanted to make it colourful … I started by making marks; I didn’t have much of a plan, as it has to relate to the squiggle drawn on the canvas, so you don’t know what it is until you get there. Your competitor on the day, Mike Watt, is also an amazing and forward moving artist. How do you feel about his work? I think he’s amazing - so quick, and he uses the squiggles really well. Tell us about the piece you created on the day; what did it represent? It ended up being a self portrait, in a way. I was just throwing colour into it, because Mike’s design was more black and white, so the colour added some contrast to that. He’s better at using the squiggle than me. How do you feel these types of events nurture the culture in our community, and what do you like about being involved in them? I think it’s great, live art - and the competition, the process, is exciting to watch. Moving forward, how do you think these events will contribute to our community? Hopefully it will inspire more people to get into art and live art. Tell us about the art show you’ve got coming up. What will be available for viewing/purchase, and where is it to be held? It’s going to be at the Pier on Clarence, Sunday 6 December, from 2 - 6pm. It’s going to be mostly the work I’ve been working on this year - the big doors I’ve been doing, and the rest will be filled up with drawings on paper. There’ll be about 20 - 30 artworks in the show. DJ Healey will be DJing - it will be a fun Sunday afternoon. Final words ... Thanks DKA crew for supporting local artists and art. Thanks Muz. 16

greater port macquarie focus.


hat events are in the pipeon Wabi Sabi with crew that have been involved in setting line between now and early up decor on some of the country’s biggest and best loved 2016? festivals and helping them to coordinate an afternoon of We've got two projects in the great art, as well as working with local artist Simon "Sigh” pipeline so far, with a few ideas Luxton and our favourite craft queen Rhiannon Simmonds, that we are still putting a finer to add some Port Macquarie flavour to it all. point on before we let everyone know about them. Rhiannon is going to be running some up-cycling workThe next event on our calendar is giving the Squiggle shops using merchandise from previous years of FOTSUN Off winner Adam Murray a hand with his next to create tote bags, cushions and much more, show, which we've decided to hold at The and Sigh, as well as creating the artwork for Pier on Clarence Street on the 6th Dethis year’s festival, has invited his friends cember. They've been a big supporter - Adam Murray from here in Port Maca is bi Sa i of Adam’s art for a long time, even ab quarie (you may have heard us talking W ive FOTSUN initiat going so far as to commission him about him) and well known Sydney re ctor di om fr ed riv de to paint a mural across an entire artists Griz and Sindy Sinn - along ve of Simon Luke’s lo wall inside their venue and having to help him paint a few large panels at th t d ar recycled art an him paint the front of their sister throughout Thursday evening from s, ge constantly chan venue, The Grape & Petal. ” 5pm. Emma Lee Luther will also be t. ar et such as stre We are all massive fans of Adam’s on the case, collaborating with DKA work here at DKA, so we can't wait on site to create memorable spaces she for everyone to see the work he will be has been imputed by Sigh’s art. Curating, displaying. creating or organising, Em has work all over We've been lucky enough to have a sneak the world at events as diverse as California’s peek at what he has been working on, and we reckon Burning Man, through to Australia’s Rainbow Serpent we'll be seeing a lot of his work finding new homes Festival. Artistic Services filled a niche where Em could on the day. express her own interpretation on beautiful spaces for And as usual with us and what we like to do here at festivals. DKA, we'll be including some live music and DJs throughPlus, the guys will be painting a massive mural during out the arvo to provide some mellow afternoon vibes, and FOTSUN. the bar will be open so you have something to sip on while Nathan's (DKA's) involvement in Wabi Sabi has been checking out Adam’s work. more of an organising role than anything else; it's been Then, on Thursday the 11th Nathan will be at Wabi focused solely on ensuring that everything that needs to be Sabi’s site at the Festival Of The Sun. taken care of for the artists has been taken care of and is in What is Wabi Sabi, and how is DKA involved? place to ensure that they can focus on what they do best! Wabi Sabi is a FOTSUN initiative derived from director It's been great to see it all come from a conversation in a Simon Luke’s love of recycled art and art that constantly café, through to plans on paper and the next step of putchanges, such as street art. ting it all together in the few days leading up. And thanks Wabi Sabi offers Thursday night ticket holders the opporhas to be given to Simon Luke for the chance to work on tunity to become very hands on, plus a range of food and something of this scale and to give us a chance to step up craft stalls will be running throughout the evening. to what is really our first large commercial production! It has been a great experience having Nathan working Thanks guys.

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A R O U N D T H E R E G I O N / / AD EU CG EU MS TB E 2R 0 12 40 1 5



NEW YEAR’S EVE family Fun Fair

Laurieton United Services Club. Rides and entertainment on the Camden Haven River Foreshore. Featuring jumping castles, rides, slides, fairy floss, popcorn, BBQ and music. Fireworks spectacular on the river from 9pm. When From 5pm Where 2 Seymour St, Laurieton More info (02) 6559 9110

GARDEN Village op shop Garden Village wants to wish all our visitors and friends a very merry Christmas and happy, safe New Year. The Op Shop is open Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 12:30pm and Saturday 12 December. Closed the Christmas break commencing 18 December and reopening 6 January 2016.

18 greater port macquarie focus.

Entertainment from 6pm at Westport Park (adjacent to the Westport Club). Fireworks from 9pm. Starring Shannon Noll, One Non Blond, Dean Weston and the Hastings Valley Blokes Choir. $2 entry fee per person supports The Salvation Army Christmas Hamper Appeal. When Sunday 13th December. Where Westport Park.


MARU Tarang


Deep in the deserts of Rajasthan, Australian artists Jeff Lang and Bobby Singh met Asin Langa and Bhungar Manganiyar. Spanning continents and genres, a remarkable collaboration commenced - Maru Tarang.

Where Wauchope Community Arts Hall, Oxley Lane (opp. Bain Park).

RYDGES New Year’s Eve

Jeff Lang: guitars and vocals; Asin Langa: Sindhi Sarangi and Vocals; Bobby Singh: Tabla and Bhungar Manganiyar: Khartal.

Bring in the New Year with a glamorous night at the Rydge-Vegas waterfront casino.

When Sunday, December 3. Bring food for a shared meal from 6pm.

When 31st December. Time 7pm - 12:30am. Dress Vegas Glamour. Tickets $129pp. Includes beverage package, canapés, main and dessert, live Vegas show, 300 casino chips. Contact reception on 6589 2888 or email

Concert tickets available online from and Or at the door - $25 & $20 members.




i Barbara. When/why did you originally move to the Greater Port Macquarie area? We owned a farm at Brombin for 35 years, and moved here in June 2010. It was a very sad day leaving, but Port Macquarie is truly lovely in a very different way. Please explain a little about the genre that’s known as “bush poetry”. Does this type of poetry have to be set in the bush, written by poets who live in the bush ... What defines a bush poem? I view bush poetry as people, scenes, a way of life, the love of bush and the tales told by Lawson, Jim Grahame and Paterson and Bruce Simpson, who is still a living legend. Paterson was a solicitor, and his work kept him in the city. He went bush as often as he could. He owned sheep stations, wheat farming and his family property at Orange. Lawson was a lonely figure, went bush more often than he should, and was engaged to Dame Mary Gilmore for some five years, when she finished the relationship due to his frequent absences from Sydney. Bruce Simpson was a drover from 1941, droving 1,500 head of cattle at a time across from Western Australia to the train depot at Dajarra, Queensland, ‘til the 1960s. He wrote and performed his poetry riding around the herd, on watch. How did you first become interested in bush poetry? I don’t remember learning poetry at school, except for Clancy of The Overflow and Dorothea Mackellar’s poem, My Country. My enduring love and fascination of the bush (from a very early age) gave me the real beginnings.

of Lawson and the way the nation felt, the When camping with my children, the first item country people who understood Lawson’s love packed was my poetry books. of the bush and they showed their respect of I was a Venturer Scout Leader and encourLawson by honouring him with the first State aged my Venturers to learn a poem and recite Funeral, which was attended by Prime Minister it around the campfire when we were rock Hughes and the Premier Jack Lang. climbing or caving. They challenged me to The Poet’s Coats is of Lawson’s coat, which learn The Man from Snowy River, and they Jim Grahame treasured. Tale of an Old Gum were amazed when around the next camp fire Tree - one can truly feel what the gum I recited the poem, and received my tree tells us in that poem. first applause. Lawson’s poems are so What are a couple of your descriptive; they are also favourite pieces of poI view bush great favourites. I particuetry - and why do you , poetry as people larly favour Reedy River, love them? scenes , a way of of a young man’s views An elderly neighbour sh e, the love of bu lif of the river and trees, gave me a few lines ld by and the tales to e m ha taking his girl for a ride of Tale of an Old Gum Lawson, Jim Gra d an on horses and then Tree. Google couldn’t and Paterson is ho w , on ps how he built a home for give me any more, but Bruce Sim ” . nd ge le g in her, had a successful crop my son found it in an still a liv and buried her years later Arbour Day edition of The in that same beautiful land. Land, July 1930. That began What local poetry group are my love of Jim Grahame’s poetry, you a member of, and where do but I was unable to get any more. they meet? When visiting with a 94 year old friend I am a member of the Port Macquarie Bush at Emmaus, I was fortunate enough to Poetry Society. We meet at the Senior Citizens have her tell me her family were neighbours Centre, 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month of Jim Grahame, a local Leeton celebrity/poet, and of Henry Lawson, when he lived there. She from 1pm to 4pm. Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to read or recite also. But for those has loaned me a book of Jim Grahame’s, and who want to just listen, that is also great - havI find his poetry so descriptive and to be equal ing people hear the works of the great poets to that of Henry Lawson. Is it any wonder we all love so much. it was so hard to source, as there were only What benefits have you experienced be1,000 ever printed? He wrote of the times they ing a part of a group such as this? walked the Australian bush together and some I have found the friendship of like-minded of their socialist views during the Shearers’ people and the sharing of a love of something Strikes of 1891. truly Australian - experiencing the depth of My favourite poems are those Jim Grahame poets of all eras and hearing the favourites of wrote of his friendship with Lawson. The Bush the other members and the way they present Mourns is heartrending and tells of the death

them. I have gained confidence from mentoring and connecting with people who have a passion, as I do, for Australian bush poetry. You’ve written two poems yourself. Tell us about these … My first poem was Seasons, written in 1987, and talks of the seasonal struggles - both good and bad - and how people are so brave and face the hardships and joys, again and again. The Hastings, written in half an hour just two years ago, is of the love of the river at the bottom of our farm. I realised how much I missed the river, and my inspiration poured into that poem. I talk of the wildlife I saw when I went to the river: the birds, cattle, platypus, kingfisher, the tortoise heads popping out of the water, the sounds of the river flowing over the rocks and then the quiet of the deeper pools. I thank God for having given us so much to enjoy. I am very proud of both those poems, and I am waiting for my next inspiration to be able to write more. Maybe one day! You’ve recited poetry at various functions ... What do you feel it takes to be able to recite a bush poem well? One needs to FEEL AND BE PART OF the story. The stories told in the poems are so heartfelt and descriptive. Express them. Don’t rush through it. Speak clearly and precisely. What would you say to others who may have an interest in bush poetry, either writing or reading - any words of encouragement? Come along to our group; don’t give up. Most of all, ENJOY. Thanks Barbara. Interview by Jo Atkins. greater port macquarie focus.





i Jenna. Tell us a bit about yourself - what’s your connection to the Port Macquarie area? I moved to Port Macquarie almost eight years ago to work as a Radiation Therapist, so I guess I’m almost a local. In my profession it’s quite novel to be able to live somewhere outside of metropolitan areas, so when I was presented with the opportunity, I took it! How did your interest in photography begin - what inspired you initially? I love that a photograph can freeze a moment it time and capture something exactly how you see it. An expression, a bird taking flight, a firework exploding, something that’s beautiful when you see it, but lost as soon as it has happened, you won’t see it the same way again … Unless you catch it in a photo. I enjoy my “regular” job, but love the time out and creativity that I get with photography. Change the angle a little bit and you can end up with a totally different picture; let in a little less light and the mood of the image changes. Most of all I adore the ability to capture an emotion in a special moment, a precious newborn, a cheeky toddler, a growing family and a happy couple. Even more so in black and white, when the effect is more dramatic as the distraction of colour is taken away. What type of photography shoots do you most enjoy/find the most rewarding (and why)? Portraiture is my favourite - seeing the look on a client’s face when they receive their photos


greater port macquarie focus.

makes the time and effort worthwhile. Family portraiture is fun, as you don’t really know what you are going to get - most of my favourite photos are the natural candid shots. Kids have the most priceless expressions, and it’s a privilege to capture them. I get the family to meet me somewhere like Oxley Beach, where we will take the standard “everyone stand where I tell you and look at me” shots, then I get them to run around and play, blow bubbles, build a sandcastle, throw around a ball, and they make for the precious memories you look back on later. Some photographers specialise in weddings, and others not so much - possibly because they can be one of the most difficult events to capture successfully on film! What do you most enjoy about photographing weddings? The moments and the emotion. The day goes so quickly for the bride and groom, so it’s nice that they can have the photos to look back on and remember the events of the day. The pictures tell the story and capture the little moments that might get lost in the rush of the day. My most favourite is when the groom catches a glimpse of his beautiful bride walking towards him up the aisle; it’s usually the biggest smile of the day. The candid shots also make the day - moments that add character to the proceedings … Like the flower girl dancing under the rose petals she threw up in the air, the father of the bride shedding a tear when he tells the reception how proud he is of his beautiful daughter, or the hysterical fits of laugher when the groomsmen share stories of mischief back in the day. It’s very rewarding, but it’s certainly a long and

stressful day, you don’t want to miss anything important - there is also a lot of work involved in post processing. What do you consider to be some “dos” and “dont’s” for the bride and groom when they’re aiming to get the best photos possible on their special day? Do: Relax and have fun! Natural, happy photos are beautiful. Sometimes it helps to do an engagement shoot prior to the wedding to get used to being in front of the camera and working with your photographer. Talk to your photographer - expectations, styles you like and ask any questions you have. Allow time for your photos, especially if you would like to get some shots in different locations. Consider the light and time of day; if you aren’t sure, ask your photographer for advice. Organise a list of the shots you would like, name people for the group shots and nominate a friend that would be happy to herd people together so you don’t miss anyone. Don’t: Stress or let anyone rain on your parade! There may be little hiccups, but don’t let them get to you. It’s your day; enjoy it. It’s not a good idea to get a last minute fake tan! Get one done a couple of weeks beforehand and make sure that the colour is right for you no one wants to be an Oompa Loompa on their big day! If you were to look back at photos you took when you first started to use a camera and compare them to photos you’re taking today, what would you say are some of the changes you’ve experienced/been able to incorporate in your work?

I have grown and changed a lot as a photographer over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: I love the details, the close up. I have been lucky enough to learn from some wonderful photographers (not going to mention names in case I miss anyone) and this has helped me develop and establish myself as a photographer. It all comes back to light and composition and once you work out how they affect your image, you can get some amazing shots. How would you like to see your photography work progress over the next few years? Do you have plans to expand your work/the number of clients you work with etc.? After years of doing photos for family and friends, I’m keen to expand my client base. If you are looking for natural, fun portraiture or wedding photography, please contact me. You’re not only a talented photographer; you’re a whiz in the kitchen! Your cake creations are incredible! What plans do you have for this skill - can readers arrange for you to create cakes for their special occasions? Thanks Jo! I love doing my cakes but they are a labour of love, so for the moment between my regular job and photography I don’t know that I would have time! Where can people contact you, or see samples of your work? I can be contacted via email: or through my Facebook page: My website is currently under development. Thanks Jenna. Interview by Jo Atkins.

greater port macquarie focus. 21

twinkle toes


mini men

• AT P O R T M A C Q U A R I E P E R F O R M I N G A R T S •



atch as your little girl twirls like a princess, see her flitter flutter with her butterfly wings. Watch your little man hop like a kangaroo, stomp like a dinosaur and kick like a karate king. Watch as they both explore the depths of their imagination with each class they attend. Along the way, your child will develop new skills, become more confident working with other children and learn how to express themselves through expert guidance and individual attention. They will love the story-telling and creative dance exploration, along with singing, acting and developing skills to stimulate their coordination and development. Mini Movers Mums and Dads is a fun, fairytale and nursery rhyme based class for children three years and under where participation with a loving adult makes it a beautiful opportunity for shared experiences and connection. Set in a nurturing and safe environment, our Mini Movers learn how to move and strengthen their growing bodies, expand their vocabularies and have fun with a loving grown up all at the same time. These classes stimulate cognitive


greater port macquarie focus.

and physical development, sociability and bonding suitable for babies from standing age and upwards.

dance. Boys get to use their imagination and creativity through the art of storytelling. They learn to control their bodies in a stress free and creative space. Our Mini Men develop strength and technical ability in a class that is just for boys - not a fairy wand in sight!

Twinkle Toes is a beautiful introduction to the world of dance. Our Twinkle Toes classes are much loved by girls aged 3 - 5 years, as they foster e ballet technique Kindy Gym is a They will love th d an ng lli te development gymnastics based storyploration, through the fun movement class creative dance ex g, of story-telling for spirited little along with singin ng lopi acting and deve and make believe. dancers aged two e skills to stimulat an d The Twinkle Toes years to five years n their coordinatio curriculum allows focusing on codevelopment.” our dancers to ordination, exercise acquire skills whilst still and fun. This class having the freedom to is casual; attend when express themselves creatively it suits with no sign up or and of course, have a good time. registration fee - just $5 per class Dancers begin to learn the basics in when you attend. posture, musicality, alignment, weight With classes every morning (except placement and coordination whilst Sundays) in Port Macquarie, Wauchope and adapting to each individual child’s natural Bonny Hills, watch the smile on your child’s abilities and unique talents. face grow as they experience the magic of

Our Mini Men programme is designed for energetic young boys. Do you ever think, where does my boy get the energy? Then Mini Men is the perfect introduction to

dance at Twinkle Toes and Mini Men at Port Macquarie Performing Arts. Call (02) 6583 3753 or register for a free trial at

Image of the month. Title: Coming home. Photo by: Ian Ramsay Camera: Canon EOS 450D, Shutter Speed 1/90Sec. @ F11 Focal Length 10.0mm Taken a great photo of our local area? Like to see it published in FOCUS for the world to see? Just email

with Eric from



With Christmas just around the corner, you have probably given some thought to what you might be serving up for Christmas lunch this year. In our house, there is always a large bowl of Gurken Salat on the table. This is a Germanic style of cucumber salad, and is a fresh, tart dish, perfect as an accompaniment to a hot or cold Christmas lunch. In a medium mixing bowl, mix 1/3 cup sugar, 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup water, and ½ teaspoon sea salt. Stir until the sugar and salt are dissolved. Now you need to taste; if it’s too tart, add more sugar, one tablespoon at a time, ‘til you reach the point where it’s neither too sweet nor too sour, but a balance of the two. Same goes for the vinegar - if you want it tarter, add more vinegar. If it’s too strong, add more water. Peel and slice 4 - 5 cucumbers very thinly, and combine with a thinly sliced red onion and a handful of chopped dill. Pour the sugar-vinegar liquid over the cucumbers and let them sit in the fridge for a couple of hours. The longer it sits, the softer the cucumbers will get. Turn the salad at least once or twice to evenly coat all the ingredients. Serve chilled or at room temperature. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.


Find out more about The Other Chef at

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here do you hail from originally, where do you base yourself these days ... and what do you most love about the area you call home? I was born and raised in Port Macquarie and still live here now. I do a lot of travelling with the band and always love coming back home. Apart from uncrowded surf, I love being around my friends and family. Port Macquarie is just a great place to live. How did Mar Haze come to form - where did you guys meet each other? Chris, Kane and Dean all went to JMC Academy in Sydney together, and started the band with a different drummer. I grew up with Kane (the keyboard player) through school, so we knew each other quite well and one day he messaged me saying his band needed a drummer. I had gone to a Mar Haze gig a few months before and loved what they were doing, so it was an easy decision to jump on board. What does “Mar Haze” mean - how did you come up with the name? Well, this came from Mar being Spanish for sea and Haze just meaning haze. Pretty simple name, but it’s a bit different and it stands out, which means people always remember us! Describe the band’s sound …

24 greater port macquarie focus.

It’s a very diverse arrangement of music. Dean did a handstand and shorted out the There is rock, roots, dub and a bit of synth venue by getting a guitar string end stuck in pop in there as well. It really does reflect each a power board. But the coolest thing was not member’s influence. We all bring something us, but the crowd! Earlier this year, on a cold so different in our heads to rehearsal, that we stormy day, we supported the Beautiful Girls never know how a song is going to end up. at the Finnian’s Irish Pub car park gig in Port The four band members play an eclectic Macquarie. As we started playing, the crowd collection of instruments. What picked up all the gazebos and moved do you play, and what do them in front of the stage so they you feel you bring to could dance! It was nuts! the band personally It got us even more fired Well, this came as a musician? up, and the crowd were from Mar being I’m the drummer, having a great time! and Spanish for sea so I don’t really play Your new self-titled . ng haze Haze just meani e, an instrument! I EP was released in m Pretty simple na nt have a programme, July. Describe this for re but it’s a bit diffe hi ch Ableton, on my comus - how does it differ w t, and it stands ou ays puter to chuck down from your earlier w al le means peop any ideas I have, and work? ” ! us r remembe it has worked quite well We had a great time to contributing to the producing our latest EP. Our song writing process. producer, Ian Pritchett, was I was also fortunate enough to responsible for recent Beautiful Girls tour Australia in another band a few and Angus and Julia Stone’s recordings, years ago, which taught me a lot about so we were stoked when he approached us the industry and gave me some great and expressed interest in working with us. contacts, who are thankfully always happy to The songs themselves are a great represenhelp out and offer priceless advice. tation of the band’s recent growth. It’s a lot As a band you’re somewhat renowned more mature, and we’ve really come into our for your live antics and genuinely fun own sound. The Music reviewed it and gave it stage performances. What’s been the 3.5 stars, which made the print edition. most unusual thing you’ve ever done on The band will be playing at FOTSUN in stage? December. How did this come about -

why were you selected to play this gig? It was a crazy few weeks, actually! It started off with She’s Not Lovin' getting played on triple j, and then the week after Barbershop got a spin too. We were just so stoked at that! Then during an intense game of tennis, Kane got a phone call saying that we had won the triple j unearthed spot for FOTSUN. It got announced at 12pm on triple j, during the Music News segment the following day. It’s been great to be added to a top festival that we all love. Plus, we’re already starting to see some great results from the exposure. Where’s the band headed in 2016 ... what’s on the drawing board? At the moment we are busy writing and touring with a new single we’re planning to release in early 2016. We’ve also got a national tour coming up in February, supporting reggae legend Maxi Priest. Also keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the launch of the music video for Barbershop, which will be out very soon! Where can readers download your music or find out more about you? We have CDs available at all our shows, instore at JB HIFI, or online at www.marhaze. It’s also available for download via iTunes, and some of our songs are available for free download on our triple j unearthed page. Thanks Jarin. Interview by Jo Atkins.

greater port macquarie focus.


Heaven Ocean and earth from northpoint thai cuisine

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greater port macquarie focus.

Chocolate fondant, candied orange and crème fraiche. Soufflé - Caramelised leek & shadows of blue, twice baked soufflé, jicama & fennel slaw with horseradish cream.

salty's bar and grill

aqua the westport club

Summer is not to far away, and with summer comes Christmas Holidays. Salty’sYear’s have the New Eveperfect at the location Tavern. to treat yourself to some much needed time out from the hussle andup bussel of daily life. With perfect water Back to the Future ‘80s dress party. views,until soaking Open 2am.up the sun and enjoying a glass of wine or cold beer has never been easier, match thatRoad. with delicious meals and you have the Live entertainment by Jericho perfect lunch or dinner. Courtesy bus available - call for bookings. Think of Salty’s when booking your next function or birthday party, talk to us today the perfect package toand suit safe your Christmas needs. Wishing all about our patrons a very happy and Licensed holiday time. Family We are friendly closed 1st Dec, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Indoor / outdoor dining

Enjoy exciting new options in Aqua with our menu whilst relaxing in our stunning, fully refurbished surrounds.

restaurant synergy

Bago Tavern

Aqua now offers a full wine work and dine Where food and service in experience harmony.with an emphasis on Australian Wines at our new Aqua Bar. Synergy Restaurant & Bar, located at the Mercure Centro Hotel in A new menu, a new restaurant feel combined with our classic Hastings the heart of town. River view and friendly service. For an intimate dining experience, offering modern Australian cuisine The team at Salty’s. Head Chef Grant Smart

Prawns, pea, asparagus, preserved lemon and pinenuts.

6583 0830

zebu bar+grill

7 days, 6:30am - 10am for breakfast; 5pm - late for dinner. Bookings essential.

Summer is just around the corner - head to

Zebu to soak up the pre holiday atmosphere zebu bar+grill

with cracking water views blueseason skys. Head to the waterfront thisand festive Enjoy the quintessential of summer a and enjoy summer Zebu taste style with loads ofwith yummy glass of a muddled dishes onvino ouror casual dining mojito and barteamed menu. with some crispy duck spring rolls, Hit thesucculent town withoysters some or naughty and nice cocktails whilst listening livethrow tunesinfrom local for every day of to thesome week, somemany amazing talented it’s something a little more live music,musicians. and you’llIfhave your festive fun sorted! you are after, to you’re the grillafter, for our Ifrefi it’sned something more head refined Executive degustation menu with five crafted courses Chef Adam Tait is serving up hand the taste of summer from Chef Adam matched with fine in the Executive grill with divine dishesTait including Seared wines sourced Australia. can’tDuck Cuttlefi sh, Sousfrom Videacross Spatchcock and Still Glazed decide? Be atempted by the King Fish menu Carpaccio Breast with five course degustation if you with fiangerlime, fancy feast. chorizo and radish paired with a crisp Andrew Thomas Six Eve! Degrees Semillon - simply Diary Date: New Year’s irresistible! Party like its 1999 from 7pm ‘til 2am in Zebu Bar, Diary Date: Eveout - Bring intasty the New with guest DJsNew withYear’s pumping all the tunes Year the in Sin City a night in Vegas from ‘90s. NoStyle cover with charge. dancing girls,onblackjack and poker! Ifwith an elegant dinner the waterfront is more your See page 21 NYE for more style, try our threeinfo! course dinner in Zebu Grill

Executive Chef Adam Tait. Executive Chef Adam Tait.

Hay Street Foreshore, Port Macquarie 6589 2822 Hay Street Port 7 days, fromForeshore, 6:30am - late. BarMacquarie open 6589 2822 noon daily. Bookings recommended. greater port macquarie focus.


7 days. Lunch 11:30am Cnr Hay & William Streets, Port Macquarie 2:30pm. Dinner 5pm - 8:30pm.

$85pp - bookings essential.


right: Executive Chef Jay Snelgar left: Sous Chef Shivaneel Nath. Chef’s

25 Buller Street, Port Macquarie 6583 1499

Wednesday - Saturday, dinner from 6pm. 235 High Street Wauchope Wednesday - Sunday, lunch from 12pm. 6586 4722

and radish

Intimate private dining rooms available on request, for bookings of 10 or more guests. Also consider our unique rooftop banquet room, with amazing ocean views, for that spectacular event.

Chefs de Cuisine Chris & Luke

The Westport Club's

9 McInherney Close, Port Macquarie 6584 0841

We are open seven days a week, 11am ‘til late. Lunch from andfidinner from chorizo 5:30pm. Kingfi sh11:30am carpaccio, ngerlime,

Bookings at its best.are recommended.

7 days, from 6:30am - late. Bar open noon daily. Bookings recommended.

off the hook Off the Hook is owned and operated by Paul and Narelle Walsh.

salty's grill We offer a great bar variety of and choice: tasty old style hamburgers,

Happy our customers and their families; thank snacks,Christmas salads, andto ofall course, fish and chips. you for your support in 2015, and we look forward to dining with We have added a larger selection of fish to our menu, including our you in 2016. favourite, the Flathead fillets. Salty’s have the perfect location to treat yourself to some much needed time out from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With perfect water views, soaking up the sun and enjoying a glass of wine or cold beer has never been easier; match that with delicious meals, and you have the perfect lunch or dinner.

The friendly staff. The team at Salty’s.

Licensed Family friendly Located along Port Macquarie’s Town Green. 6584/ outdoor 1146 Indoor dining

97 McInherney Close, Port Macquarie days, from 11am - late. 6584available; 0841 EFTPOS phone orders welcome. Wednesday - Saturday, dinner from 6pm. Wednesday - Sunday, lunch from 12pm. greater port macquarie focus. 27

mi mi casa casa cafÉ cafÉ & & restaurant restaurant

Devils Chocolate Plate: Milk chocolate lava cake, 70% dark chocolate Massaman Lamb Shank mousse, berry white ganache tart, dipped strawberry, orange gel and nut crumble

Chocolate fondant, candied orange and crème fraiche.

restaurant synergy northpoint thaigrill cuisine salty's bar and

Where food and service work harmony. Fresh and full of to flavour, Northpoint Thai Cuisine has beenChristmas established in Port Macquarie for Summer is not far away, andinwith summer comes Synergy Restaurant & Bar, at theThai Mercure Centro Hotel in the nearly three years. With anlocated experienced chef, the extensive menu features a wide range Holidays. heart ofhave town. of local products and fresh ingredients true to Thai flavours. Salty’s the perfect location to treatwith yourself some much needed time from the and bussel of daily life. With perfect For anout intimate dining experience, offering modern Australian cuisine at end of Murray St. Northpoint Thai is hussle conveniently located in a quiet corner of thewater CBD at the the sunofand enjoying a glass of wine or dishes, cold beer its best.soaking views, Choose from a up selection entrees, salads, soups, noodle stirhas fires and curries. never easier, match thatenjoy with meals and have the Intimate private rooms available on request, foryou bookings ofdishes 10 to share for an Bring abeen group ofdining friends and adelicious banquet style meal of different right: Executive perfect lunch or dinner. or more guests. Also consider our unique rooftop banquet room, with experience to remember. Chef Jay Snelgar The team at Think of Salty’s next function amazing ocean when views,booking for thatyour spectacular event.or birthday party, talk left: Sous Chef Salty’s. Northpoint Thai is the perfect place for your next special occasion, party or event - book now. Shivaneel Nath. to us today about the perfect package to suit your needs. Lunch special from $9.90 - daily specials Licensed BYO friendly Family Open Christmas 5pm - 9pm Indoor / outdoorDay: dining

9 McInherney Close, PortMacquarie Macquarie Cnr Hay William Port Macquarie Shop 1/2&Murray St,Streets, Port 65840830 0841 6583 6583 8990

Celebrate Celebrate summer summer at at Mi Mi Casa Casa Café Café and and Restaurant! Restaurant! With an exciting modern take on With an excitingSpanish modern take on the traditional menu, Mi the Casatraditional has a Spanish menu, Mi Casa have introduced Weekly relaxed atmosphere with views overlooking the Main Specials such as the 400 g rib eye on the Town Green and Hastings River. bone withforcured meat crumble, haloumi and Looking a great place for your Christmas vegetable stack with a duck, rosemary and party or function? Try our banquet menu - more juniper jus.tapas! Pair it with a glass of Marques De than just Caceres Rioja Rose. and share a table outside, Bring some friends Enjoy a table outside overlooking Town choose from a wide selection of flthe avoursome Green, and top choose a wide selection dishes and it allfrom off with a jug of our of traditional Spanish tapas with a jug of our famous Sangria. famous sangria. • Bookings preferred •• Bookings preferred Fully Licensed (No BYO) •• Fully Licensed (No BYO) Closed Christmas Day

aqua the westport club

Enjoy exciting new options in Aqua with our menu whilst relaxing in our stunning, fully refurbished surrounds. Aqua now offers a full wine and dine experience with an emphasis on Australian Wines at our new Aqua Bar. A new menu, a new restaurant feel combined with our classic Hastings River view and friendly service.

Owners OwnersBrendan Brendan &&Jennis JennisField. Field. Chef’s 3/2 Town Chef’son 3/2Horton HortonStreet Street(Located (Located TABLE TABLE on Town Green), Port Macquarie. Green), Port Macquarie. 6584 65844559 4559 The Westport Club's The Westport Club's

25 Buller Street, Port Macquarie 6583 1499

Wednesday Saturday, dinner fromDinner 6pm. Tues - Sun, 5pm - 9:30pm 7Lunch days,Tues 6:30am - 10am for breakfast; --Sat ,11:30am - 2pm. Sunday, lunch from 12pm. 5pm - late for- dinner. essential. Wednesday Closed Monday. OpenBookings Christmas Day, 5pm - 9pm.

Chefs de Cuisine Chris & Luke

Bookings are recommended.

7 days. Lunch 11:30am 2:30pm. Dinner 5pm - 8:30pm.

SPRING Sensations SPRING Sensations

Lunch Lunch // Tapas: Tapas: Wed Wed -- Sat Sat from from 11:30am 11:30am -- 2pm. 2pm. Dinner: Dinner: Tues Tues -- Sun Sun from from 6pm. 6pm.

zebu bar+grill

Crispy skin salmon, garden peas, mussels, Handmade Curry Puff s andpave, Prawn Pad Thai Kingfish carpaccio, fipotato ngerlime, chorizo crème fraiche and Riesling reduction (GF) Summer is just around the corner - head to and radish Zebu to soak up the pre holiday atmosphere with cracking water views and blue skys. Enjoy the quintessential taste of summer with a glass of vino or a muddled mojito teamed with some succulent oysters or crispy duck spring rolls, whilst listening to some live tunes from many local talented musicians. If it’s something a little more refined you are after, head to the grill for our degustation menu with five hand crafted courses from Executive Chef Adam Tait matched with fine wines sourced from across Australia. Still can’t decide? Be tempted by the King Fish Carpaccio with fingerlime, chorizo and radish paired with a crisp Andrew Thomas Six Degrees Semillon - simply irresistible! Diary Date: New Year’s Eve - Bring in the New Fresh and full of fl avour, Northpoint Thai Cuisine has been established inwith Port aMacquarie for Year inmenu Sin City Style night in Vegas Enjoy exciting new options in Aqua with our Summer and daily nearly three years. With an experienced Thai chef, the extensive menu features a wide range with dancing girls, blackjack and poker! specials whilst relaxing in our stunning, fully refurbished surrounds Seeflavours. page 21 for more info! of local products and fresh ingredients with true Thai

northpoint thai cuisine aqua the westport club

Bago Tavern off the hook

overlooking the beautiful Hastings River. Northpoint conveniently located in awith quiet of the CBD at the end of Murray St. Aqua offers Thai a fulliswine and dine experience ancorner emphasis on Australian Wines atfrom our new Aqua Bar. Our restaurant overlooking the beautiful Choose a selection of entrees, salads,feel, soups, noodle dishes, stir fires and curries. Hastings River focuses on great steaks and wonderful seafood dishes. you to share for an Bring a group of friends and enjoy a banquet style meal of differentIfdishes are looking for a unique Port Macquarie dining experience, ask about our Sous Chef experience to remember. Luke Corkery. Chef’s Table 7 course menu – perfect for special occasions. Northpoint Thai is the perfect place for your next special occasion, party or event - book now. Bookings are recommend for Aqua, especially in school holidays. Lunch special from $9.90 -- Daily specials Executive Chef BYO Adam Tait.

21st - Piston Broke 28th - Reckless NRG

Adam Tait.


Welcome to The Bago Tavern Off Off the the Hook Hook is is owned owned and and operated operated by by Paul Paul and and Narelle Narelle Walsh. Walsh. November is the month for FREE entertainment. We We offer offer aa great great variety variety of of choice: choice: tasty tasty old old style style hamburgers, hamburgers, Join us Saturdays in November for a great meal, exciting vibe and snacks, snacks, salads, salads, and and of of course, course, fifish sh and and chips. chips. enjoy our great line up. See you soon. We have added a larger selection of fi sh We have added a larger selection of fish to to our our menu, menu, including including our our November: favourite, the Flathead fi llets. favourite, the Flathead fi llets. 14th - Battered Cadillac Head Chef The friendly Grant staff. Smart

Come and check out our kids’ play and family area, great for mums and bubs groups, and family get togethers.

The Westport Club's

Shop 1/2 Murray St, Port Macquarie 25 Buller 6583 8990Street, Port Macquarie 6583 1499

Hay Street Foreshore,TABLE Port Macquarie 6589 2822 SPRING Sensations

Lunch - Sat 11.30am- -2:30pm. 2.00pm. Dinner Tues - Sun 75pm - 9.30pm days, from 6:30am - late. Bar open Lunch Tues 7 days - 11:30am Close noon daily. Bookings recommended. DinnerMonday 7 days - 5pm - 8:30pm. greater port macquarie focus. 26 greater 28 greaterport portmacquarie macquarie focus.

235 High Street Wauchope Located along Port Port Macquarie’s Macquarie’s Town Town Green. Green. Located along 6586 4722 6584 1146 6584 1146 We are open a week, 11am ‘til late. days, fromseven 11amdays late. 77 days, from 11am -- late. Lunch from 11:30am and dinner from 5:30pm. EFTPOS available; phone orders welcome. welcome. EFTPOS available; phone orders greater port macquarie focus.



GrantSmart T H E





Can you tell us about your New Year’s Eve activities? This New Year’s Eve we will be hosting a Back to the Future ‘80s dress up party - free entry I have been the head chef for the past three and live entertainment. Bookings are years. requested should you wish to How long have you been in the have dinner as well. We industry, and what do you have a courtesy bus and The staff here love the most about being are more than happy to are all one big a chef? pick up groups of 10 e happy family. W I have worked in hospitalor more from the Port ly all get along real ity for the past 23 years. My Macquarie area; just ng ki well, and wor a r ve favourite part about being a ne give us a call to make is together ” chef would have to be getting your booking. drama. to experiment with all the local What does The Bago fresh produce that is on offer to Tavern offer families with us each day. small children? What is the best part about working We have a fully enclosed family at the Bago Tavern? area with a playground that the kids The staff here are all one big happy family. We just love, and the parents can sit back and all get along really well, and working together is enjoy some down time without worring about never a drama. Beers after work are always good the kids running wild. We offer a children’s menu too. that comes with a free nipper activites pack, juice With the Christmas and holiday season apor soft drink. We also host children’s birthday proaching ever so quickly, what does Bago parties, with our kids gremlin’s platter the most Tavern have in store for their customers? popular choice. We will be starting a new summer menu, that For those who have never been to the Bago will include some exciting summer specials. The Tavern, where can they find you? Tavern has the perfect atmosphere for after work 235 High St, Wauchope. We are just across drinks, good old Sunday Sessions, and we have from Timbertown. Thanks Grant. live entertainment each Saturday night. i Grant. Can you introduce yourself to our readers and your role at The Bago Tavern? Hi, my name is Grant Smart, and

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Out to Lunch

with Susie Boswell



magine you’re driving south on Pacific Drive past Oxley Beach when a golf ball travelling at some 300kph comes flying at you. You swerve, duck, shudder, and continue nervously on, only to have another white-dotted orb whistle past your windscreen. To escape the barrage, you dart down Burrawan Street ... and this time a small round missile strikes the passenger side of your car with an almighty thwack, scaring the bejesus out of you and leaving a hefty repair bill. You’re just glad it didn’t hit your head. That’s the scenario that could have been, if the members of Port Macquarie Golf Club hadn’t the tenacity in the 1950s to move their course down the coast a way, exiting the hub of the expanding township. No fewer than three of the nine holes then required players to tee off across some of the busiest roads in the compact settlement, around what’s now the cricket oval and reserve. (An even earlier layout, according to a book by Malcolm Andrews published for the club’s centenary in 2010, meandered beside the waterfront from near today’s police station, around the perimeter of the town and along Town Beach). “One of the holes was called The Chasm, because you had to hit right over Oxley Beach,” Jim Reed tells me, from the comfort now of the swish clubhouse at the “new” course near Lighthouse Beach. “And you had to play over the roadway, the cars: that’s why we had to move.” Reed, 86, has been playing golf for some 65 or more years. He has the


greater port macquarie focus.

They called it golf because all tte r the other four-le ” n. ke ta e words wer

distinction of being the only member who played the pre-1953 course who’s still playing today. He usually plays 18 holes on a Tuesday and 18 on Thursdays. Another distinction is a record that’s unassailable: during July 1953, at 24, Reed won the last competition event held on the old Oxley course, then backed up to take out the first stroke comp on the new course. He was playing off 26 then but later improved: “my best [handicap] would have been seven. Now it’s about 27!! he laughs. A modern cart gets him, as many golfers, around the course comfortably these days and he confesses to only a slight shoulder niggle. His fitness is no doubt due to a lifetime love of sport. Known as “Gentleman Jim” for his self-effacing nature, it’s only thanks to club identity and former captain Keith Heap that I learn Reed was also a remarkable cricketer, his batting once admired by visiting Test keeper Bert Oldfield, as well as a handy rugby league and tennis player, and surfer. The names of many of Port Macquarie’s notable families are sprinkled on the honour boards and through the annals of the club: Uptin, Kennedy, Flynn, Warlters just a few of them. The Reeds, too, it seems, were among the town’s prominent citizens. Reed’s grandfather started out as a country merchant with a general store in Kempsey; his father later established Reeds Department Store in Port. There was The Colony Shop (menswear), The Peacock Shop (womenswear), furnishings

and general goods. When Reed was a boy, during WWII, the family lived on a prime block at the top of William Street, beside today’s Maritime Museum. “You just went over the road to the beach,” he remembers. Next door, the Reeds built the Sandcastle Motor Inn (site today of the luxury Sandcastle Apartments). Meanwhile, Reed and his brothers went as boarders to Joey’s, Hunters Hill; after finishing school, he joined the family business, looking after its grocery outlet (located in a low-set building opposite modern-day Growers’ Market), and later married Agnes. The couple had four children and live today in the Bellevue Hill area. The department store’s original CBD site, known as Reeds Corner, is now occupied by Laing & Simmons real estate agency near the town clock (showing the correct time twice a day!) at the Horton and William streets intersection. The history of the creation of the present course and club – intriguingly narrated in the Andrews book - is a dramatic, swashbuckling saga that deserves a story of its own. Reed recalls for me just a portion: there was no road to reach the new site beyond what’s now the Kennedy-Pacific Drive junction ... and just thick scrub and snakes where the lush greens and fairways now stand. Rugged weekend working bees were needed to carve out an initial rudimentary course of six holes - that had to be played three times over to notch up the 18.

Today the club has some 900 golfing members, 2100 social members and 45 juniors. Up to 1250 rounds a week are played here. Retired consulting engineer and club captain Terry Walch, who plays regularly with Reed, reports that visiting professional and amateur players familiar with the nation’s finest courses declare Port Macquarie one of the best on the NSW North Coast. The club has four golf professionals, including one woman, and a cadets program for kids. (Nearby, Emerald Downs Golf Course is a par 70 18 holes open to social golfers and visitors alike). Both courses, like most in Australia, are picturesque and appealing. Reed, who’s also played Melbourne’s famous sand belt courses and Ireland’s legendary links over his long sporting career, has an acute observation to relay: he’s found the balls don’t travel as far these days. “Must be old stock,” he tells me, with a nudge and wink. Golf humour, of course, is famous. For example: “I deny the allegation that during my last game of golf I hit an eagle, a birdie, an elk and a moose”. “The least thing upset him on the links. He missed short putts because of the uproar of butterflies in the adjoining meadows”. Real golfers, no matter what the provocation, never strike a caddy with their driver. The sand wedge is far more effective. Out to Lunch is hosted by Lou Perri at The Stunned Mullet on Town Beach

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focus_local recipe



Kangaroo Shichimi crusted

Green papaya salad, truffled yuzu dressing, and crispy poached egg INGREDIENTS

(Serves 4)

400 g kangaroo fillet Shichimi togarashi for seasoning - Japanese pepper mix Sea salt ½ green papaya, peeled and julienned 4 sprigs spearmint, chopped 10 g coriander, chopped ½ red chilli, deseeded and finely diced Yuzu dressing 20 ml yuzu juice - Japanese citrus fruit. (If you can’t get yuzu juice, substitute with grapefruit juice.) 1 lemon, juiced 1 lime, juiced 50 ml truffle oil 50 ml vegetable oil 30 ml palm sugar syrup - 100 g sugar to 100 ml water; bring to a boil, then cool 4 free range eggs, poached for 4 minutes then refreshed in ice cold water

Chef Lindsey Schwab

Fusion 7 6/124 Horton St, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 Phone (02) 6584 1171 Web

Crispy shallots

method Make the dressing by whisking together all the ingredients listed. Season with a little salt. Preheat a deep fryer to 180°C. Preheat grill or BBQ to very hot. Season the kangaroo with a generous sprinkling of shichimi and sea salt. Rub with a little vegetable oil, then grill meat to rare. It will take about two minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of the fillets. If you cook kangaroo fillet more than medium rare, it will be tough and dry. Take off the heat and allow to rest. While the roo is cooking, mix the salad ingredients together and dress liberally with the yuzu dressing. Deep Frying the Eggs Make sure the eggs are dry by sitting them on paper towel for a few minutes. Carefully put the eggs into the deep fryer and fry until they turn golden brown. The yolk should still be runny inside. Assembling Slice the kangaroo thinly and lay the pieces on the plates side by side, making a circle. Next, divide the salad between the plates and place in the middle of the kangaroo, top with the crispy egg, and sprinkle the crispy shallots around the plate. 32

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look forward to hopefully months of healthy punters, think again. Naturally, good old Murtrade. phy’s law would have it that everything can Indeed, it’s a few months of not being so and does go horribly wrong on our end too. nervous about the figures. And also, it’s a few Broken ice machines and/or fridges on a 35°C months of being so incredibly flat out that day? You got it. Multiple staff calling in sick if we wanted to, we virtually have no on New Year’s Eve - you betcha! Not time for such contemplation. a prawn to be purchased the Hence, the trepidation entire month of December? mentioned earlier. Much , ar ye It’s entirely possible. y er Ev as we love the hoardes e heat , the th In the restaurant game, that grace us with their ment te ci ex e th e, oz bo in our neck of the woods custom, we do evead of good times ah it’s a feast or famine. For rt er-so-slightly dread the e so leads to the sam most of the year we kind d an a pressure, fatigue and of human dram of cruise along, although stress associated with mishap. ” admittedly during the the approach of the silly season. slow, winter months it’s Situations involving over-inmuch more difficult to predict dulgence of alcohol, food and when and if we’ll be busy. At least high spirits are often fraught with during the summertime rush we are emotion and margin for error. Things can always running at full tilt, and it can be and do go wrong ... There’s always some easier to keep the momentum going at the broken glass, an embarrassing incident or two same pace, rather than stopping and starting involving a colleague, a family disagreement during the patchy times. here or there ... Or just downright organisaBut for the most part we have learnt to aptional disasters, unbelievable dietary requireproach the busy season with stoic determinaments and even more unbelievable tantrums. tion and of course, a slightly perverse sense of You name it, we’ve seen it all. humour helps us pull through the heat, stress Every year, the heat, the booze, the exciteand fatigue with a smile on our faces. A cold ment of good times ahead leads to the same beer at the end of the working day always sort of human drama and mishap. helps, as do happy customers and hopefully, a And just in case you think we’re blaming happier bank balance at the end of it all. all the hazards of the hectic times on the

louperri. from The Stunned Mullet



he onset of Daylight Saving triggers a shift in the collective consciousness, an insatiable urge to break free of the winter time hibernation pattern, to seek our neglected friends and colleagues who were previously blown off in favour of cosy nights at home with the heater and MasterChef on. This is a time of the year that those in our industry approach with equal measures of

excitement, relief and trepidation. Of course, we feel immensely grateful that we have once again survived through the leanest months of winter and come blazing out into the far more optimistic rays of springtime, where once again our illustrious patrons are inclined to untie their purse-strings and spend, spend, spend! The dark days are over, and especially so in our exceedingly seasonal, regional area - we

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34 greater port macquarie focus.

focuseditorial. Pic: Tara Zimmer, with one of her classes.


Primary ETHICS

p h i l o s o p h i c a l

e t h i c s



tudents at Hastings Public School in such a way that non-teachers and nonin Port Macquarie, Wauchope philosophers can deliver it. But volunteers Public School, Beechwood Public must be interested in helping kids think about School and Laurieton Public School ethical issues and be able to keep their own currently have the option opinions out of the classroom." of attending Ethics classes. The Primary Ethics has been Ethics programme is rapidly running for four years in expanding and as a result, NSW. It now has more the Primary Ethics Students at than 1,400 volunteers coordinators at the Hastings Pu blic , who are running ie ar acqu schools are seeking School in Port M School , ethics classes for ic Wauchope Pu bl School more volunteers ic 18,000 children in Beechwood Pu bl ic from the community 320 public primary d Laurieton Pu bl the an interested in teaching have School currently g Ethics schools across NSW. in Ethics classes in 2016. option of attend Anyone interested All volunteer teachers s.” se clas in volunteering to be must participate in a a local Primary Ethics two-day training course and teacher should visit the satisfactorily complete some Primary Ethics website at www. online modules. Volunteers are also

required to undergo a police check before they can commence teaching. Kerri-ann Jones, the Primary Ethics regional manager for Port Macquarie, said, "Most of our volunteers have no teaching experience. The curriculum has been written to fill in an online application. Enquiries about ethics classes in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region can be emailed to Kerri-ann Jones at

TOUCHWOOD FLOWERS T e s s e l a a r

2 0 1 5

T o p

G u n



aving completed floral designs for more than 850 weddings in the last decade, Ashley Sargeson and her Touchwood colleague Marilyn Oultram can work with any bride to create their dream wedding, whatever the style, traditional, modern, or something completely individual. The 30 category finalists were chosen from photographs submitted by more than 1,300 entries from florists Australia wide. The expert judges from Tesselaar look for creativity, quality and professionalism in design, style and composition. Ashley Sargeson said choosing which photos to submit, from the hundreds of beautiful wedding designs created over the last year, was difficult: “Our selection included bouquets

that were all different in colour, texture and variety that displayed our skills as wedding florists.” “The Finalist bouquet was created for one of our lovely brides in March 2015. We loved this bouquet, because although it included large Susara Proteas, native flowers and Tetragona Nuts, it was still elegant and soft with the inclusion of pastel roses. The stunning photography was by Jade at Little Glimpses. “The voting was opened to the public on Monday 16th November, and in four days we have received over 600 votes! Woohoo! We are up against some tough competition, but it has been fabulous to see all the public support. For results, please visit our Touchwood Flowers Facebook Page.”

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k of swing John Morrison and I have been rtoire in play g the repe an dm of Benny G oo w. no s ar for some ye s ow kn ly al John re s the and understand style.”


i Adrian. You began your musical education on piano. What prompted your love of Jazz and the transition to woodwind instruments? My musical education started with piano lessons at age 11. My mum bought one of those old pianos from the Trading Post (full of termite holes, I might add!) I took to it straight away, and started taking piano lessons. It was around age 16 that I started playing sax in the school band (and clarinet a year later). My love for Jazz came from my dad - he loved Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller, and had a great 78 collection. My brother and I used to love playing 78s and watching them drop down to be played! I used to come home from school and put on the Louis Armstrong Ambassador Satch album, and play along with the clarinet, imagining I was in the band. What a thrill! Although you’re from Sydney originally, you’ve spent the last few years living in New York. What led you to move to the Big Apple ? I moved to NYC in 2008. In 2007, I went to visit NYC and check it out. It's like Mecca for Jazz musicians. I came home from that trip so inspired, and realised I would never play at that


greater port macquarie focus.

level by staying in Australia. (Not that there aren't world class players here, mind you). New York has an inspiring way of kicking your butt every day. There are like-minded world class musicians coming to play and push themselves to be better. And of course, there are the masters - the musicians we grew up listening to, playing every night of the week. A few years ago, I went to see the sax/flute master Frank Wess (from the Count Basie Band) at a small club in the Village. I sat six feet away from him, and the cover charge was $3!) You’ve played with many artists, you have your own quartet, and you’ve also been a member of some pretty famous Jazz groups, such as Galapagos Duck. Where do you draw most of your musical inspiration from? I’m inspired by great musicians, and just as importantly - great people. I have always been inspired by the Jazz greats in history, but also locally - musicians like Don Burrows, who is the reason I picked up flute. And also John and James Morrison, whose big band CDs were amongst the first I ever bought. When John called me to play in Swing City in the late ‘90s, I was over the moon. I have learned a lot from John, on and off the bandstand. It's these personal connections that are

so important to keep the tradition of Jazz alive. You’re the feature artist for the show King of Swing. Tell us a bit about the show - which will be a tribute to the sound of the Benny Goodman Orchestra … Benny is one of my major influences. You can't play the clarinet without being influenced by Benny. The Goodman Orhcestra was one of the most successful and highest profile groups of the ‘30s. What is amazing to think about is that Benny was the Justin Timberlake of his time! He was top of the charts many times over. John Morrison and I have been playing the repertoire of Benny Goodman for some years now. John really knows and understands the style. He's one of the top big band drummers in the country. Earlier in the year John mentioned to me the possibility coming back Down Under to perform this music with his Big Band Blast, and I was very excited to be involved. What instrument/s will you be playing throughout the show, and what are some of the songs you’ll be performing? We will be doing a lot of the Goodman classics, (Sing Sing Sing, Let's Dance) from

both the Big Band repertoire and some small group numbers as well. Benny liked to break his performances up with some small group numbers to feature soloists in his band. He always had the best musicians play with him. I will be mainly on clarinet, of course. Final say … Finally, what's so great about this music, is that even if you've never heard this style of Jazz before, it has a way of lifting your spirit. It feels good! It doesn't require aknowledge of Jazz. It's music for dancing! And for that reason, it feels good - to both play, and hopefully to listen to! Thanks Adrian. Interview by Jo Atkins.

the plug! See King of Swing at the Glasshouse on 12 December at 8pm. $55 Adult, $45 Concession/Member/ Under 18/Group 10+ Visit: or call 6581 8888 for more details.

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s o c i a l s c e n e with Kate Wood-Foye from Rydges Port Macquarie and Sails Resort Port Macquarie.

Below. Allan Gordon & Matt Brand at Hastings Coop 100 Year Launch at Sails Resort.

Below. Newlyweds Kylie and Mark Lyons at Sails Resort.

Below. Opening of Bar Florian.

Photo credit: Michael Wilke Productions

Photo Credit: Lindsay Moller Photography Photo Credit: Lindsay Moller Photography

Above. Peter Coe, Ann Coe, Judy Mort, Tim Walker, John Ross, Jess & Alex Cassegrain, Helen Ross, Robyn & Kevin Debreceny at Hastings Coop 100 Year Launch.


I T ’S A L M O S T LU D I C RO U S ( A N D H I D E O U S LY AG E I N G !) T O T H I N K T H AT I H AV E B E E N B R A I N D U M P I N G A N D D O C U M E N T I N G T H E S O C I A L G O I N G S O N O F T H I S D I V I N E P L AC E W E C A L L H O M E F O R 1 0 Y E A R S.

ikes! I blinked and missed that decade. I remember the first time I was asked to write this column and totally freaking out about meeting deadlines each month and trying to string together 1,000 legible words for Port Macquarians to peruse or snooze through! Thank God some of you have stayed awake through my ramblings and managed to hang on through the weddings, honeymoons, new jobs, new houses, the eleven years of my beloved business SilverSpoon, breweries, a newborn son and sleepless nights, travel adventures - Arizona, Vegas, Mexico, Vietnam and the UK, youth summits, my foray into dancing with the stars and the thousands of special events shared here at home at both Rydges, Sails Resort and beyond. Life has been fast paced, challenging and super rewarding, and I am over the moon that I get to be a small part of this amazing local community and publication each month that celebrates locals, their talents and intriguing stories. Seriously, this column may have saved me thousands of dollars in potential therapy bills despite the tight print deadlines and near misses - thank you Port Macquarie and the ever patient and talented FOCUS crew. The silly season never fails to disappoint, with a cavalcade of events across the town stampeding towards Christmas. The Hastings Coop celebrated an exciting milestone with its 99th birthday and launch of the 100 year celebrations at Sails Resort on Saturday 21 November in the waterfront


Above. Jasmin Johansson, Corinne Adams and Jill O’Brien at Rydges Melbourne Cup. Photo credit: Steve Harris

greater port macquarie focus.

restaurant. The event coordinated by Tim Walker, Kristy Van Eck and Allan Gordon was an elegant gathering of 130 locals who support this amazing business and regional cooperative. Sadly, I missed the celebration due to the arrival of a special overseas visitor, but was delighted to see the faces of so many local business people supporting this company, including John and Helen Ross, Alex and Jessica Cassegrain, Kevin and Robyn Debreceny, Kylie and Glen Morris, Sue Jogever, Jane Hillsdon, and Liesa Davies, to name but a few. Such a glamorous event, with designer bottles of 100 year Cassegrain Sparkles to welcome guests on arrival. Special guest and hatted chef Clayton Donovan of the Jaarning Tree fame dished up a fantastic feast assisted by Sails Resort Executive Chef Michael Schubert. Speeches from Wendy Machin, the Deputy Chair of NRMA, Matt Brand, the CEO NSW Farmers, and MP David Gillespie embraced the Co-operative feel for the evening. Co-op CEO Allan Gordon gave a heartfelt speech honouring the founders and recognising past achievements. #localssupportinglocals On the other side of town Gino and Maree Cunial held the official opening to their fabulous new bar and eatery, Bar Florian, under Port Pacific Resort on Clarence Street. I am personally chuffed to welcome this lovely pair back to the culinary scene since their departure from Little Fish Café after its sale in March of this year and look forward to sampling the fine wares on offer at this delightfully retro and stylish new haunt. Sixty of the Cunial’s friends and business colleagues

celebrated the opening and were treated to tempting platters of antipasto inspired by the Northern Italian style of freshly sliced meats and some of the finest cheeses from France. This was complemented with Prosecco, Black Duck draught beer, Italian varieties of wines, Pinot Grigio and Tempranillo and some mouth-watering cocktails made by talented resident barman Andrew. Gino and Maree have done a fabulous job on the design and concept of the venue, relishing taking on something completely different from the café at the vineyard and embarking on an exciting new challenge. The concept of Bar Florian was derived from Gino’s northern Italian heritage, and the name was taken from one of the oldest cafés in Venice, Café Florian. With innovation and creative flair from Maree - a 1960s style Italian antipasto bar was born. With an enticing grazing menu, craft beers, boutique wines, high end Champagnes and Proseccos and a carefully chosen selection of spirits and cocktails, visitors to Bar Florian are assured of a very stylish bar stool that would be at home in any city eatery. Congrats, Maree and Gino! Congrats to gorgeous pair and great friends Kylie Malligan and Mark Lyons, who tied the knot recently at Sails Resort by Rydges. This pair sealed their love story with a beautiful waterfront ceremony overlooking the yachts and the bay, attended by their gorgeous children, Adam and Bianca Lyons and Laura and Dana Malligan. Kylie was stunning in her full length lace gown and Mark, always the dapper gent, couldn’t wipe the

smile from his face as his beautiful bride said I do - not a dry eye in the house! The pair celebrated with 50 special friends and family at a reception over the water with flowers from Sarah J Hudson, delicious wedding cake by Lance at Bittersweet and a party where guests danced the night away to Gary King. Guests stayed at the resort and enjoyed a waterfront breakfast before the newlyweds jetted off to the Maldives. Congrats, and much love to you both! It’s funny how life gives you what you need not necessarily what you want. My early dream of being a journalist was stubbed rudely short by one unnamed editor of a small town country newspaper, when after a rigorous interview process and being whittled down to the final two canditates, I was told that despite my top 10 HSC result they would be choosing another candidate for the coveted cadet role. Pfft!! This said editor assured me I would die of boredom reporting on cow pats, CWA meets and farm fertilizer. Despite my then 18 year old devastation, despair and my passionate protests that I could make mulch and cattle yards sales front page news, she suggested I may be destined for different things … perhaps travel, tourism and events were on my horizon. How sweet life is that it brings you back to what you love. I have been able to combine my social scribbles with my dream role of events and travel, which is invariably more exciting than a cowpat and gumboots … Give me a great party and fabulous menu any day! Cheers to FOCUS, and ten more years of success. ‘til next time, Kate.




romising to go off with one hell of a bang, the summer party will also feature local hip hop favourites, Korzdahavoc and after party DJ sets to cap off the live

10 Million views and rocking the Top 100 Of all time most subscribed/watched Australian musicians on YouTube, the name Bombs Away has become synonymous with a great night out! Summer Intensive will feature two rooms performances. running two styles of electronic music on the “We are excited to announce night. Organisers explain, “We will be such a powerful artillery of having the party and the after names playing at Summer party all in the one spot”, Intensive,” said organiser and warn party goers to We will be Shaun Dunn. “It’s great expect the unexpected y having the part to be able to provide and wear clothes they rty all and the after pa some high end players can get wet. and in the one spot of the electronic dance We can’t wait to to s warn party goer cted music scene to the blow your mind at the pe expect the unex Port Macquarie area,” Port Macquarie Hotel ey th s he ot and wear cl added Lisa Willows. on Saturday, January ” . et w can get Party bad boys Bombs 9th; event kicks off at Away are ARIA nominated 9pm and runs until 2am. and have a plethora of SUMMER INTENSIVE platinum releases to their name. BOMBS AWAY Self confessed “party boys and all Tickets available through round bad role models”, Bombs Away OzTix and the Port Macquarie Hotel. are on high rotation airplay around the Tickets: world and are one of the few acts to hold aspx?Event=57959 down five concurrent Top 10 tracks on the PORT MACQUARIE HOTEL ARIA, Billboard, iTunes, and Beatport charts Cnr Horton and Clarence Streets, simultaneously with Better Luck Next Time, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 Drunk Arcade, Party Bass, Supersoaker, Big Telephone: (02) 6580 7888 Booty Bitches, Swagger and Get Stoopid. With two consecutive number one singles For information, please phone Lisa Willows in the ARIA charts, Top 10s around the world 0425 814 939. and Top 40 on the Billboard charts, and over or Shaun Dunn 0448 382 677.

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f you were a music fan in Australia in the both arms in plaster (the result of being hit by a car, ‘80s and ‘90s, these two names were crossing Swanston Street in Melbourne). impossible to avoid - both acts dominated “Lucky for the Australian music industry that James the charts with multi-platinum albums and Reyne chose to strut through its door in 1979,” sold out tours. Wendy Milson and Helen Thomas wrote This November to March, in their 1986 book, Pay To Play. “His the two bands will wind their way was exactly the profile … an inacross the country, giving fans jection of chutzpah to recharge r tte be He’s a an th y da the opportunity to relive those a listless business burdened to er sing ter, ri w ng so r fabulous summer memowith hard-to-market punk tte be ever: ery Ev . st ci ri ly ries. James will play his solo r acts”. tte be tells smashes, all his Aussie Crawl In her 1992 book, Your track on Thirteen t all an you how import cts of hits and more, and for the first Name’s On The Door, Tracee pe three of those as . ” time since those halcyon years. Hutchison noted that Ausm hi his craft are to Moving Pictures have re-formed tralian Crawl “boldly explored to bring this dynamic tour de force an ‘Australian-ness’ that was to a pub or festival near you, ringing unique at the time and which the bell for those fantastic, lazy, hazy, broke a lot of ground in the developcrazy, ever-lasting, unforgettable salad days of ment of an Australian ‘sound’”. summer once again! As Ed St John declared in the liner notes for James Reyne’s songs have provided the Australian Crawl’s farewell album, The Final Wave, soundtrack to endless Australian summers, including “They had a distinctively Melbourne twang that The Boys Light Up, Reckless, Beautiful People, Lakerecalled the sounds of many of that city’s great bands side, Daughters Of The Northern Coast, Fall Of Rome, - Skyhooks, Jo Jo Zep and The Sports - whilst also Hammerhead, Motor’s Too Fast and Slave. stating a youthful, sexy confidence that was all their James has been a part of our lives since making an own”. unforgettable debut on Countdown in 1979, with James was a member of Australian Crawl for seven

40 greater port macquarie focus.

years, releasing four studio albums in five frenetic years in the ’80s. He’s been a solo artist for the past 28 years, releasing eight studio albums, plus two acoustic collections, a covers album and two live albums. “I just feel that I’m getting better,” James Reyne says. “I’m a better singer and a better songwriter.” It’s a simple statement, but also remarkable - considering that this is an artist who has sold more than two million albums and written some of the most memorable Australian songs of all time. But as critic Ed Nimmervoll - who has followed James’ career since it started - remarked when he reviewed James’ 2012 album, Thirteen: “He’s a better singer today than ever, better songwriter, better lyricist. Every track on Thirteen tells you how important all three of those aspects of his craft are to him”.

the plug! Don’t miss one of Australia’s most iconic musicians, James Reyne, at the Laurieton United Services Club. Saturday 2 January 2016. DOORS 8PM TIX $50 PRESALE; $55 ON THE DOOR (02) 6559 9110.

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The Glasshouse


Players theatre 2016 season





order now for christmas! Munster St Quality Meats has been established in Port Macquarie for many years, and current manager Greg is proud to continue to source high quality local meats for customers. With the festive season fast approaching, now is the time to get your orders in for Christmas! QUALITY LOCAL PORK- It just isn’t Christmas without a succulent ham for the whole family to enjoy. A great idea for your ham this year is a maple honey mustard glaze: use local honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, dijon mustard and cloves to bring out the wonderful flavour. TURKEYS AVAILABLE BY ORDER - Classic roast turkey is a time-honoured tradition at Christmas time, and Munster St meats have turkeys available by order. Try a cranberry and walnut stuffing to give your turkey a special Christmas twist!






SATURDAY 12TH DECEMBER SHOW STARTS 8:00PM 02 6581 8888 *Booking and transaction fees may apply


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Other popular products include Cowra Lamb and Taree Beef, so you can be assured of the quality and taste of the array of meats available at Munster St Quality Meats. Come and see the friendly team at Munster St Quality Meats to place your order - free delivery is available.

Players Theatre Announces 2016 Season Before we launch into next year’s productions, on behalf of the Players Theatre President Tim Ronan and committee we want to thank local audiences for their loyal support of all our productions this year. We have set new box office records, and therefore the committee has been able to undertake major repairs to the roof and stage. The volunteers have also done an incredible job keeping the Theatre functioning and providing valuable support to all Directors and patrons. A special note of acknowledgement to outgoing President Peter Dransfield, who has laid the ground work for all we have achieved this year. Now for 2016, Players Theatre Port Macquarie is proud to announce a great line-up of shows. We kick off with the great Paul Simon play The Odd Couple under the Direction of Steve Harris and a great local cast. Show runs March 4 - 20. The musical The Producers under the Direction of Daniel Parlievet runs from 13 - 29 May. The Festival of One Act Plays returns over the June long weekend, with the organising committee seeking submissions from interested Directors and visiting theatre companies. Grease, the wonderful musical will hit the stage under the Direction of Hamish Keddie from July 22 to August 14. ‘Allo ‘Allo, the well known BBC TV series adaption of this fabulous comedy comes to Players under the Direction of Cameron Marshall, with assistance from Alison Doak, from September 23 to October 9. We then round out the year with the musical Sweet Charity under the direction of Peter Dransfield and Sue Morvan from November 11 to December 4. We also are bringing back the panto, with Puss In Boots returning in January 2017. As you can see, it’s another year of quality community theatre, and we look forward to delivering these top productions in 2016. Players Theatre wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2016.

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Port Macquarie Tourism Association

janette hyde. Tastings on Hastings was a resounding success in spite of the inclement weather. Congratulations to Necia Waghorn and Port

Macquarie-Hastings Council Economic Development Team, along with the many other people who make this great event happen. At this stage we do not know the results of the 2015 NSW State Tourism Awards; we look forward to announcing the winners in the next issue of FOCUS. We welcome back the NSW Touch Association and the Annual State Cup. This event continues to grow, with over 5,000 people coming to our area on the 4 - 6 December. Good luck to Dean Russell and his team, along with all of the competitors. We wish you fine weather for

your carnival. Hard to believe that we are coming into the Christmas season - 2015 has flown. Our tourism operators are looking forward to a very busy season. Lots of Christmas Carols happening, and three not to be missed are: 5 Dec: Christmas in Bain Park, Wauchope, 3 - 9pm. 5 Dec: Coastside Community Carols, 7 -

9pm, Westport Park. 13 Dec: Westport Club’s Christmas Under the Stars, 6 - 9pm, Westport Park. We always know that Christmas is coming when Young’s Family Carnival arrives and sets up on Westport Park. This will happen from the 15 December nightly from 6:30pm. You will no doubt have some friends or relatives visiting you over this December - January period. If you are looking for something for them to do while they are on holidays, the Eat See and Do Guide is just the book you need. You can pick up this very useful book at the Visitors Information Centre in The Glasshouse, and at the iKew Visitors Centre, all Council offices and libraries. Discovering the amazing diversity of Greater Port Macquarie’s landscape is one of the state’s best kept secrets. The rolling hinterland just 30 minutes from the coast is home to a number of stunning natural attractions and welcoming villages, each offering a unique experience. The region’s National Parks offer something for everyone, with tours catering for people of all fitness levels. Fishing along Limeburner’s Nature Reserve is a must, as is a leisurely stroll through the rainforest canopy at Sea Acres Nature Reserve. Those looking for a challenge can tackle Werrikimbe National Park, a World Heritage-listed site with several walking trails and 4WD tracks to explore the wilderness. There is no shortage of parks and playgrounds throughout the region to explore and have fun discovering.

Angela Keating from Port Macquarie Horse-riding is just about to launch a new activity for her business. It will happen on the 5 December and you will be able to book a horse ride on North Shore Beach. A great new experience for anyone who enjoys horse riding! If you are looking for somewhere to go on New Year’s Eve, most restaurants and clubs will help you celebrate - and don’t forget the fireworks happening at Young’s Family Carnival - a traditional activity in Port Macquarie. The Hastings Valley Fine Arts Society will hold their 10th Annual Summer Showcase Exhibition and Sale 28 Dec - 5 Jan, 10 - 5pm. This exhibition is held at the Laurieton United Services Club. It was a great success last year, with large numbers of entrants and also many items were sold. The judge this year will be renowned artist Ken Strong. ACTIVITIES HAPPENING IN DECEMBER Please also check out the activities appearing above in the Tourism Column. 3 Dec “Unique” - Puppet in a Wheelchair 12:30pm - 1:30pm, Livvy’s Place. 4 - 6 Dec - NSW Touch Association State Cup from 8am, Port Macquarie Sports Stadium. 11 - 12 Dec FOTSUN from midday, Friday, Sundowner Breakwall. 13 Dec -Jazz in the Vineyards with Reds Jazz Quintet 10 - 3:30pm, Bago Winery.

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Larry Brook has clocked up 53 years of service to the Surf Life Saving movement in Australia and has been a coach for more than 40 years.

Larry is still a surf and swimming coach today, and despite having won many medals of his own, says his best memories are of the kids he’s seen achieve success in the water... Bondi’s R&R team after winning the Open State Championship 1969/70. Photo courtesy of the Greenberg Bondi Surf Club Archives. Larry pictured third from left; Coach Harry Nightingale first left.


I began surf co aching in 1972. I have in rt Po Co ast been Mid North am Te or ni Branch Se s ar ye 16 r fo h Co ac ast Co and Mid North am Te or Branch Juni ars.” Co ach for five ye

“ i Larry. Tell us a bit of your back story ... when did you move to Port Macquarie? I had my first 21 years in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs completing my Degree and Teacher Training at UNSW before being sent to Port Macquarie High School in 1972. I married Julie the same year - we’re happily still together and still in Port. When and where did you first join a Surf Life Saving club? What prompted you to join initially? I joined Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club in December 1962 after my first year at Randwick Boys High. Several school friends joined Bondi, and I followed. I had made national finals in the pool and always wanted to use my swimming to be a volunteer surf life saver and perhaps work as a Beach Inspector. Over the years I managed three seasons at Bondi as a “Beach Inspector” and worked through the name change to “Lifeguard” during 20 seasons with Hastings Council and in total, 53 years at Bondi and Flynns for the Surf Life Saving movement. You’ve achieved some notable success in the surf. How many medals have you won in total - and what prize are you most proud of (and why)? At state and national Level, I’ve won 28 SLSA medals (eight gold) and one World Championship Medal. I just clocked up my 21st gold medal for the Port Club at NSW Country Championships in Surf, Tube and Board races in every age group from Open to O’24, O’30, O’40, O’50 through to the O’60s. I’ve also won 24 National Life Guard Championship medals representing Hastings Council Life Guard Service. I am very proud of my Australian Sports 46 greater port macquarie focus.

Medal and Olympic Torch run (Sydney 2000), earned for my services to Swimming and Surf Life Saving in the Hastings. I was awarded Life Membership of both Port Surf and Swimming Clubs. But my fondest memories are still all of the successes of the kids I have coached. What led you to get into both surf and swim coaching? Being a bit too adventurous as a youngster, and nearly drowning twice before I was five, my parents took me to learn to swim with Eve Whillier (nee de Lacey). Eve was a 1936 Berlin Olympian and 1938 Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games) Champion. My second and last Coach was Terry Gathercole, 1960 Olympian and World Record Holder. Two legends of the surf gave me my start at Bondi. Harry Nightingale, National Champion in the surf and Australian Olympic Swim Team Coach 1936, and Roth Bassingthwaite, multiple Surf Champion for Bondi. I was directed and inspired by these people and was determined to give back to swimming and Surf Life Saving what I could. Describe some of the coaching roles you’ve held over the years ... some of which you still hold today ... I started as a NSW Learn to Swim Instructor at age 14. I began surf coaching in Port in 1972. I have been Mid North Coast Branch Senior Team Coach for 16 years and Mid North Coast Branch Junior Team Coach for five years. I currently hold National Level 2 Swim and Board Coach Accreditation. I began swim coaching at Port Pool in

1985. I held district and state coaching positions and was appointed Assistant Coach to the Fiji Olympic Team for Barcelona Olympics in 1992. During my teaching career at Port Macquarie High, the school won eight NSWCHS Champion Boy School, two Champion School Titles and one Co-Ed Champion School Titles. I was appointed Coach of NSWCHS Team to tour South Africa in 1997, Coach of All Schools Team to World School Games in Shanghai in 1998 and coached for the North Coast Academy of Sport for three years. You’ve not only earned you Surf Life Saving Academy 40 year coaching certificate, but you’ve also clocked up over 50 years of service to Surf Life Saving in Australia. That’s a phenomenal achievement! What keeps you motivated after all these years - why do you still coach? I’m still trying to repay Surf and Swim Associations for the start I was given in the two sports. I still enjoy watching a new crop of kids go through. Sadly, many kids have to leave town for education and employment opportunities but, I always get a special buzz when asked to attend a 21st, engagements, weddings, christenings, etc. by former squad members. It’s a very rewarding feeling. Many people have benefited from your coaching. What are some of the most notable achievements from people you’ve coached? Port Macquarie Surf Club Members who made State Teams: Alan Witchard, Glen Robson, me, Jason Samuelson x 2, Steven Pullen and Morgan Allen. Port Macquarie Surf Club Members who made NSW Country Touring Teams to New

Zealand: Alan Witchard, me (team captain twice), Steven Pullen, Sarah Jane Morris, Todd Scott and Mat Smith (Tacking Point Surf Club). I’ve lost count of the number of state and Australian medals won, but other medalwinners include Murray Brook, Stuart Brook, Wayne Hudson, Adam McCabe, Malcolm Bell, Ian Bell, Simon Navin, Jay Smith and Cian Morgan. Port Macquarie Swimming Club Members: Morgan Allen and James Turnham made State Teams, while Morgan Allen, Mat Smith, Murray Brook, Tony Ireland, Brendon Quinn and Troy Easton won national medals in the pool. Shane Langfield placed at the World School Games. When/where do you coach at present, and what do you teach? Today I coach swim and board as part of the Port Macquarie Surf Club Junior Programme three mornings a week at Flynns Beach, and I’m busy four afternoons a week with junior, senior and master squads at Wauchope Pool. Whom would you like to thank for assisting you along your Surf Life Saving/ coaching journey? I owe much to my early coaches, my Surf Club mates and parents who have assisted over the years, and most importantly my wife. Julie has encouraged and supported me all the way in my surf and swim involvement. (We met through swimming and first dated in 1966.) Julie gained her Bronze Medallion shortly after women were admitted to Surf Life Saving and is now a Long Service Member of Port Surf Club. She still assists with training programmes when needed. She deserves a medal for putting up with me! Thanks Larry. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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with Susie Boswell.



ast month’s Paris terrorist strikes are inevitably having a flow-on effect on tourism to the French capital, wider Europe and the Mid-East. France, the world’s most popular tourist destination, normally welcomes nearly 85 million visitors a year, way outstripping the US (70m) and Spain (60m). While the personal suffering resulting from Black Friday is immeasurable, the economic and social upheaval also sees tourism service providers in damage control. There’ll be at least a temporary shift in world tourist movements just as there was post 9/11, the Bali bombings and similar tragic events. Many Australians, already facing the dollar’s lower purchasing power, are deciding to holiday closer to home, at least for now. At the same time, tourism to the Cook Islands is expanding beyond its traditional market, long dominated by New Zealanders. Better-appointed resorts are attracting greater numbers of Aussies thanks to good flight schedules, short flying time and the opportunity to stop over in NZ. Air New Zealand operates non-stop return flights ex Sydney to Cook Is’ gateway Rarotonga on one day a week, flying time a fraction over six hours on the forward journey, around seven on return. Currently you can leave SYD at 9.30 Saturday night and arrive in RAR at 6.40am Sunday local time. As a guest at Little Polynesia Resort you’d be saying Kia Orana at check-in after just 15 minutes on its airport shuttle. A Sunday morning snooze by the beach or pool should swiftly soak up the three hours’ time difference. (Qantas and Virgin fly via Auckland). “Little Polly” bills itself as the islands’ most intimate luxury boutique resort (no children under 15) and, with just 10 over-beach and four garden bungalows, is ideal as an unforgettable location for a proposal, tropical beach wedding, special anniversary occasion or a relaxing or romantic getaway. It’s set on a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach with superb snorkelling offshore and free kayaks on a turquoise lagoon. For even greater solitude there’s the opportunity to couple several days here with several more in a thatched overwater bungalow on Aitutaki, the islands’ magnificent isolated sanctuary 45 minutes’ flight away. We’re not talking Bali-level tariffs here, but as they say: life’s measured not by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your

48 greater port macquarie focus.

focus _Travel

breath away. See and RUGBY 7s COMES TO SYDNEY: This summer at home, Sydney sees a unique event that’s been called a “sporting Saturnalia”, when spectators dress up in the most inventive, outlandish costumes - reminiscent of Rio’s Carnivale – and dance and party with the exuberance and abandon of La Tomatina. At last, on the weekend of February 6-7, Sydney hosts the first of its four successive years as the Australian venue of the famous Rugby 7s. Allianz Stadium, Moore Park, is home to the 7s Down Under for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Sixteen of the world’s top teams face each other in thrilling fast-paced first-class rugby - seven players on each team; two seven-minute halves - with a big serving of fun on the sidelines. The Sevens World Series consists of nine tournaments around the globe and Sydney’s expected to rival the famed Hong Kong 7s and surpass even the excitement and atmosphere of Twickenham. The 2016 7s are a curtain-raiser to the Rugby 7s’ entry to the Olympics in Rio in August. Sydney tickets modestly priced from $25. See, with links to travel packages. BARANGAROO: Sydney’s new harbour-front reserve is a must-visit, with music, food trucks, picnicking and glorious views. The site offers a fresh location for enjoying the New Year’s fireworks. Fees apply for NYE, from a sensible $14.50 concession. See and follow the What’s On menu. BEACH BLANKET WITH A BONUS: Love the beach, hate the clingy sand! The wonderful new Lagu beach blanket repels every golden grain. Place it under your beach towel and not a skerrick sticks. Pretty popsicle colourways; easily portable for summer holidays; a smart, classy gift. $50 at

beach Safety

Last year there were more than 6.4 million visits to NSW beaches. Our lifeguards and volunteer lifesavers performed over 5,000 rescues, 26,000 first aid treatments and 440,000 preventative actions. o make your next trip to the beach safer, be aware of some of the main hazards and follow these simple tips:

back out to sea, and it does this by flowing into deeper channels in the surf zone. Once the water is in these deeper areas, it can flow back out to sea away from the shoreline. These deeper channels are called rip currents.

• Always swim between the red and yellow flags. Here are some simple tips to spot a • Look and take notice of the signs rip current: at the beach. • Rip currents will occur • Ask a lifeguard or lifesaver in deeper water, so for safety advice. it’s usually a darker • Learn how to identify colour compared to Rip currents can be a rip. the white breaking • Swim with a friend waves over a sandparticularly u dangerous if yo never swim or surf alone. bank. don’ t understand • If you need help, stay • Because the water ... ” how they work calm and attract attenis deeper, there will tion by raising your arm be fewer breaking above your head. waves, which can give • Never enter the water if you the appearance of a safer have been drinking alcohol or are spot to swim. under the influence of drugs. • Rip currents can move things • Wear sunscreen, seek shade and stay like sand, seaweed, or debris back hydrated. out through the waves. • Boat skippers and rockfishers should check Rip currents can be particularly dangerous if the local forecast, seek advice from NSW Mariyou don’t understand how they work. They time and always wear a lifejacket. can often lead to drowning, when swimmers • If witnessing an in-water emergency, dial attempt to fight the current by trying to swim Triple Zero (000) - Police. directly back to the shore, become exhausted • For information on beach conditions or to and begin to panic. A rip current will not pull find a patrolled beach near you, check out the you underwater; if you get caught in a rip curBeachSafe website or download the mobile rent, stay calm and follow these simple steps: app. • Relax - stay calm and float to conserve your • For more information on things to do near energy. the beach, please see visit and • Raise - raise an arm and attract attention from the lifeguards or lifesavers.

Rip Currents When waves break on a beach, they push water towards the shoreline. Once that water reaches the shore, it has to find a way to get

• Rescue - the lifeguards or lifesavers will be on their way to help you. For further information on Beach Safety, go to greater port macquarie focus.









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stand up paddle lessons n hire Tony Begg Stand Up Paddle is owned and operated by Tony at Settlement Point Reserve, Port Macquarie. A Port Macquarie local, Tony has a vast knowledge of the area and its waterways. Tony holds ASI Level 1 and Level 2 SUP Instructor accreditation for Enclosed Flat Water, Exposed Beginner Surf Level 3, water rescue and first aid qualifications. Tony offers group and private SUP lessons, certificate courses, SUP tours, sunrise/sunset paddles, bootcamps and board hire for children, adults, corporate groups and team building sessions, birthday parties, backpackers, tourists and families. Everyone will enjoy a paddle at Settlement Point with Tony. Mention FOCUS to bring a friend for free! December only.

UV exposure causes serious eye diseases including cataracts, Pterygium,

Macular Degeneration, as well as skin cancers around the eye.

Wayne Dean operates Ocean Coast SUP, the Factory Direct outlet for SUPS and accessories at 6 Belah Rd, Port Macquarie. Wayne has great quality boards in different colours and sizes. New and used boards, all at great prices. SUP packages available. Including carbon paddle, SUP bag and board leash. Race and Cruiser SUPS also. Open Tues - Fri, 9am to 5pm and Sat 9am to 3pm.

All sunglasses DO NOT provide equal protection from UV radiation. Sunglasses rated 100% UV absorption were once thought to provide maximum eye protection. Research, however, indicates the “Peripheral light effect” and “reflections off the back surface of the lenses” cause the most damage. These effects are also worse when the sun is lower in the sky. The most damage to our skin from UV exposure is in the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky. But damaging exposure to the eyes is greatest between 9 - 11am and 4 - 6pm. Many people wear the wrong type of sunglasses because they have not had the correct advice in frame and lens selection. This explains why many still develop skin cancers around the eyes and suffer eye diseases from the effects of UV, despite regularly wearing their sunglasses. The best eye protection is a pair of wrap-around sunglasses that block 100% UVA and UVB radiation as well as blocking peripheral UV light. Unfortunately, wrap frames are not always appropriate due to face shape, personal taste or prescription requirements. In these cases, alternatives such as the exclusive back surface UV Anti-Reflection coating - Crizal UV and custom fitted frames with wider side arms can maximise UV protection. These factors are taken into account when you have sunglasses recommended by our staff at Eyecare Plus. We offer customised prescription sunglasses that provide you with perfect vision and complete eye protection, which are available in a wide range of fashion brands. By Adrian Cornale from Eyecare Plus. greater port macquarie focus.


Wishing You a Very

estive Season F y p p a H Safe &

WHAT’S ON GLASSHOUSE DECEMBER Saturday 12 December, 8pm

Saturday 19 December, 5pm

Thursday 3 December, 5.30pm E Y TH ER IN LL A G





Adrian Cunningham is back after many years of playing in the jazz capital of the world, New York City. His specialty is the jazz clarinet style of Benny Goodman and his big band from the golden era of swing in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s.

This high energy spectacular is packed full of mind-blowing multi-media and exceptional dance performances - It is one show, you do NOT want to miss!

Saturday 5 December, 10am – 3pm

ers Memb E SAV


20 Nov 2015 - 31 Jan 2016

ARTIST TALK Discover the majestic through the eyes of one of Australia’s leading landscape artists Chris Langlois.

20 Nov 2015 - 31 Jan 2016



5 hild






per c





Saturday 12 December, 11am

CHRIS LANGLOIS PLEIN ART PAINTING DAY Join Chris Langlois for an exclusive day of plein art painting. Chris Langlois, Weather System (Mundi Mundi) no.1, 2014, oil on linen, 153 x 213cm, (detail). Courtesy of the artist and Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney.

NARELLE AUTIO: WATER HOLE Autio’s images brings a painterly photographic wonderland filled with wonder and magic from below. Narelle Autio, Untitled #7, 2012, (from Water hole series), Type C Print, 82 x 120cm, (detail). Courtesy of the artist and Stills Gallery, Sydney

SPLISH, SPLASH, SPLOSH: CELEBRATING ALL THINGS SUMMER! Inspired by water themed works from the collection this exhibition features hands on activities that create an underwater wonderland.

Kids (and their grown-ups) will love our Sprouts creative mornings! Places are limited for all programs and bookings are essential. To book call 02 6581 8888 or visit our website *Transaction fees may apply


To book: 02 6581 8888 I Founding Sponsors

Government Sponsors A facility of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council


greater port macquarie focus.

The Glasshouse is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW



Longpoint Vineyard & Gallery Long PoInt Vineyard and Gallery presents From the Heart. Jill Cairns and Kim Madden are the talented artists behind the exhibition, running from 2nd December 2015 ‘til 28th January 2016. Jill and Kim recently returned from an inspiring trip to Alice Springs, where they experienced overwhelming colour, shape and textures in the magnificent Australian landscape. Jill is an experienced artist and teacher with a background in graphic design. Previously an oil painter, a recent exploration of pastels has allowed an expressive mark making venture which has leant itself to outdoor. The exhibition will showcase Australian landscapes and Jill’s addiction for capturing the finer detail. Jill says, “The initial search is for a strong contrast in light, then the diversity of subject and medium complete the task. Voila!” Kim began focusing entirely on learning how to draw, then painting in watercolour in a traditional style. Now mixing watercolour with ink, charcoal, pastel and oil, this has allowed Kim to move to a more expressive style of painting. The exhibition at Long Point will showcase the colours and drama of the country landscapes seen in Alice Springs and the Macdonnell Ranges, as well as other travel experiences here and abroad. Meet the Artists: Jill and Kim will be at the gallery on Saturday 12th December. Join them to talk about their artworks and enjoy a glass of bubbly!

Better still, head to Miss Nellie’s for a homemade treat and see why this hip, hinterland café is one of the most popular treasures of the Hastings! Nestled in the village of Kendall, where the beaches meet the lush scenic valleys of the Camden Haven, Miss Nellie’s Café is a modern-yet-classic haven for all. Defying the country café trend, the décor and vibe is modern with a retro twist, and guests are greeted with a friendly smile and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy a relaxing morning coffee with a book on the verandah, treat yourself to a homemade cake or Devonshire Tea with Miss Nellie’s jam, or bring family and friends to indulge in the all-day lunch menu. For those wishing to spoil themselves with a little decadence, Miss Nellie also offers a delectable High Tea service (bookings essential). Make the most of the fine weather and dine alfresco-style in the recently built outdoor garden area - a great way to also taste the NEW Breakfast Menu (served weekends 9am -11am). All meals are freshly prepared using the best of the Hastings local produce, including a generous Gluten-Free menu, while Miss Nellie herself bakes every sweet treat on the menu! Just four minutes’ drive from the Kew turnoff on the Pacific Highway, Miss Nellie’s truly offers a taste of home! While you’re there, why not browse the shelves and take home some local goodies and gourmet gifts. Miss Nellie’s is open six days a week, from 9am - 4pm. CLOSED WEDNESDAY. BYO, EFTPOS, groups welcome, lunch bookings recommended. Child and pet friendly! Air conditioned. Ph: 6559 0085 or email

beach horse rides Experience a breathtaking horse ride on Port Macquarie’s beautiful North Shore Beach with Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre’s new Beach Horse Rides this December. Port Macquarie Horse Riding Centre offers a horse riding experience to suit all levels, from exhilarating beach horse rides on the North Shore for the more experienced rider, to beginner and intermediate scenic trail rides at Cassegrain Winery. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy horse riding; we cater for complete beginners through to experienced riders - everyone can have a go. We also offer pony rides, private lessons and pony parties. Christmas School Holiday program will commence Tuesday 29th December. Advanced bookings are strongly advised, as daily spaces are limited. Our school holiday program is a fantastic way to entertain your horse loving children. Our programs run throughout all school holiday periods from 9:30am - 3pm. During the day the children participate in a variety of activities, including horse care, lessons and trail rides, as well as other fun games and group activities both on and off the horses. Gift Certificates are available to purchase online - a perfect gift for Christmas! Visit for beach horse ride bookings. For winery ride bookings, visit

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for the Disabled Association


hat are your roles with RDA wanted to give to kids and to the community. Australia and how/why did Jenny: My role includes grooming, saddling and you become involved? exercising the horses in preparation for the morning’s Dee: My role includes programme. I am assigned a rider to work with in each putting out riding boots and session, either to assist as a side walker or leader, dehelmets for the pending upon the rider’s needs or abilities. For riders and ensuring that each rider is corexample, I may assist a rider to participate rectly fitted before they start their ride. in structured activities and games, or I then assist each rider in getting to participate in a trail ride. ed I became involv the arena. My husband, Rob, and I My other role is a coach’s assiswith RDA after also transport our horse, Clipper, tant, helping to set up the arena in the reading about it cause and another horse, Nightmare, for a troop drill or providing be newspaper and to be ridden at RDA. Rob has stand by assistance. Volunteers y se I missed my ‘hor to built equipment for RDA, includencourage and support their d te fix’. Also, I wan e th ing a mounting ramp and items assigned rider and in doing to d an give to kids for educational activities to enso, develop a relationship and ” . ity commun hance riders’ cognitive and sensory rapport, so the rider can achieve experiences. I became involved with their best as well as enjoy their riding RDA through the Hastings Trail Riding experience. Club. I became involved with RDA through Denise: I provide morning tea as well as asanother volunteer because I wanted to improve sisting with lessons, trail rides and Troop Drill. I am my knowledge about horses, as I was having weekly assigned to riders as either a side walker or leader, riding lessons. Also, I could see the tremendous benefit assisting with correct positioning and development of this programme offered, but only through people donatfine motor skills in the various games. At the end of ing their time to make it happen. the programme I assist with unsaddling the horses and What do you view as being the aims of RDA? packing up. As well, I assist with fundraising activities. I Dee: RDA aims to give our riders a sense of freedom became involved with RDA after reading about it in the and achievement and also acceptance in everyday life. newspaper and because I missed my “horsey fix”. Also, I Denise: RDA aims to just make the kids feel happy.



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RIDING for the Disabled Association

Jenny: RDA aims to provide an opportunity What are some of the favourite achievefor people living with a disability to develop ments/memories from your time with skills. For example, to sit out of a wheelRDA? Dee: Seeing our riders’ faces light up after chair with minimal support, or to perform independently in a troop drill or compete in coming out of the arena. Hearing from the mounted games. mother of one of our nonverbal riders that her Tell us about the Port Macquarie Waudaughter had said “horse” on her trip to RDA. Denise: Watching a child go off the lead and chope branch of RDA. When was it established, and how many riders currently unassisted for the first time. enjoy its services? Jenny: A small boy with little trunk Dee: The first RDA Centre strength sitting tall in the sadin the area was formed in dle; our independent riders 1993 in Kendall. It was performing their troop drill; Just before run by Peter Flood, dancing with our riders to the last school whose wife, Jane, was a disco at our Christmas rs de holidays, our ri the centre’s first RDA party. a r fo were videoed Accredited Coach, How can the public p oo Tr al RDA Music with Sue Barber as support the organisaIn n. io tit pe Drill com our ve Assistant Coach. tion? Are you in need ha e w r be D ecem which y, rt In 1996 the Wauof volunteers, horses, pa as m st ri Ch fun. ” chope branch was monetary donations? is always a lot of formed. Norm Thomas Denise: The public can was instrumental in setting support the organisation by up the Wauchope branch and sponsorship of one of our 12 was Vice President until 2010, as horses, or by financial donations, well as an Honorary Life Member. Sadly, which would help in getting a new tack he passed away this year at the age of room, equipment and feed and also providing 87. veterinary care - or by volunteering. In 2004, Kevin Waldron was elected the What events have you taken part in rebranch’s first President and was also appointed cently, and what upcoming events are on Horsemaster. Robyn Coombes, the branch’s the agenda? current Accredited Coach, joined the branch Dee: Recently our volunteers assisted our in 2005 and is assisted by Robyn O’Callaghan, riders to perform at the regional RDA Mounted Assistant Coach. Today, 40 riders attend, Games in Kempsey. Just before the last school including adults and children. holidays, our riders were videoed for a RDA Where does our local branch operate, and Musical Troop Drill competition. In December what facilities are available? we have our Christmas party, which is always a Jenny: The Port Macquarie Wauchope lot of fun. branch of RDA operates at the Wauchope How can readers find out more info about Showground, where we use a covered arena the Port Macquarie Wauchope branch? for exercises and drills, and Showground Jenny: Come to the Wauchope Showground property for trail rides. The Showground also arena on a Tuesday morning in school term to provides agistment for the horses during school observe activities and meet the riders, coaches term. and volunteers, or ring the Branch Secretary, What days/times does the association Denise Wagner, on 6585 6324. operate locally? Thanks everyone. Jenny: During school term the association Interview by Jo Atkins. operates between 9am and 1pm every Tuesday.

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Seiiki Hair

Colonial Cobbler Summer is a great time to have fun with your footwear and embrace bright colours and stand out patterns that will add an extra layer of style to any outfit.

multi-purpose shoes.

The hot hues for shoes this season are earthy tones, including the splash of orange we noted last summer, but also with some vibrant pastels. Another summer trend is a pop of bright colour with patterned details, and the ever popular black and white is always in style.

EOS Footwear is another great brand in store, with a subtle yet stylish leather range to take you from the beach to the café in style and comfort. Each pair has a European heritage, having travelled on its own before it travels with you. We like to think they have a story, before you make your own.

Colonial Cobbler stocks a great range of high quality brands at affordable prices.

Colonial Cobbler also has a stylish range of Cellini and Pierre Cardin leather handbags and wallets.

Try the earthy summer comfort sandals from Zeta in a range of colours. Zeta shoes and footwear are always stylish and also great

56 greater port macquarie focus.

Django and Juliette shoes are for women looking for colour, quality, leather and a point of difference.

Come in store to find the perfect pair of shoes for summer!

Marylou is the new owner at Seiiki Hair in the Peachtree Walk Arcade. With over 25 years experience, having owned salons locally, Marylou is a colour specialist (working as a colour technician) and is excited about meeting the salon’s existing clients and welcoming new. Alongside Marylou, Seiiki Hair has two senior stylists - Casey, who has been at the salon for two years and has eight years’ experience as hairdresser - and Gill, one year at Seiiki and five years’ experience in the industry. Both Casey and Gill offer a wide range of expertise and experience in all aspects of hairdressing. Also at the salon is Sandy, who works independently within Seiiki Hair. Seiiki Hair have recently expanded their retail

products and are now stocking the Davines Pure Juuce range. The “pure” range is loved by clients, as it is blended with naturally derived ingredients (products are packed with organic extracts rich in antioxidants) while the Juuce range offers specific hair remedies which revive, repair, tone blonde, protect colour, soothe and smooth to restore healthy, shiny stylish hair. These make the perfect gift for Christmas. Stocking Goldwells Keratin smoothing treatment - to control that frizzy and unruly hair for summer. Coming up to the festive season, we are offering to the first 10 readers unlimited amount of foils and blow dry for $129 (one offer per reader) - expires 31st December.

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G R E A T E R - P O R T







Phone. 6584 5135





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Phone. 6583 5436

G R E A T E R - P O R T






INSIDE OUT AT L I G H T H O U S E Phone 0403 569 478

ELLA BACHÉ Phone 6583 6952

NOT QUITE SQUARE Phone 6583 5436

gift guide

EAST COAST LASER & C O S M E T I C C L I N I C Phone 6584 6266

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G R E A T E R - P O R T





SALTWATER WINE Phone 6584 0084

PORT DAY SPA Phone 6584 2255

COLONIAL COBBLER Phone 6583 3525

SALTWATER WINE Phone 6584 0084



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The Foreshore Market

Golf Ladies First This Christmas, if you’re looking for the perfect gift, why not drop into the Golf-Ladies First Pro Shop to discover an exciting array of ladies’ golfing fashions and equipment! We have everything for ladies’ golfing needs. Clubs from leading manufacturers and much more. To ascertain which is the perfect club for you, book in for a Custom Fit Experience with Gordon, our fitting expert. We are all built differently; therefore, a fitting will determine the correct specifications for your choice of clubs. We are all built differently, which is why Chantale can advise you on golf apparel. We stock US size 0 to AU 20 from many companies, including the exciting new range from Corsican Golf. If you’re unsure what to give, why not a Golf-Ladies First Gift Voucher - the perfect way to make a lady golfer happy at Christmas. Interested in trying golf for the first time or improving your game? Give us a call and enquire about our lessons, which are available in groups or individually to suit everyone’s needs.

December for many of us means family time, appreciating those in our lives and spending quality time with those who make up our worlds. It is also the time for giving, and Marketplace Events has lots of opportunities for you to give a gift made with love and heart. Extra Market Days - the Christmas countdown is on! Thursday 10th and Thursday 17th December December is overflowing with markets, so you have every opportunity to stock up on local goodness. With so much enthusiasm shown over the last few years for the Xmas Markets in the Forecourt of the Glasshouse, we are returning this year with two all day markets, from 9am - 7pm on Thursday 10th and Thursday 17th December. It truly is a beautiful market to attend and with the extended trading hours, we hope that you can make it down. The Foreshore Market will be held on Saturday 12th December, 8am - 1pm. One of our busiest markets of the year, it’s sure to be a another great day as we welcome the festival goers of FOTSUN to our beautiful town and look for the most special of gifts. We always have new faces at the markets, and it is always changing with what produce is in season, so bring along your shopping basket for the best local regional produce, woodfired breads, local honey and cheeses and stay for a while and enjoy our extensive group of stallholders who make up the Foreshore Markets. You never know what you will discover!

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JEBEDIAH festival of the sun 2015

It’s been twenty years since Jebediah first hit our ear drums with their contagious riffs and those one of a kind vocals of Kevin Mitchell (aka Bob Evans). Headlining FOSTUN this December, drummer Brett Mitchell caught up with FOCUS to reflect on some of the band’s achievements …


e are super excited to have you on the bill at FOTSUN in your 20th year of doing Jedediah! What are you guys looking forward to about this gig? Well, it’s been an interesting year for us. We celebrated our birthday, which is quite a big one, and we’ve just been kind of quite blown away really, by the response from the show we’ve been playing. It’s been a little bit humbling; we have those little reflective moments where you’re sort of thinking back on things and how you can kind of fit into the whole scene, and you don’t really have the answers to the questions. We’ve played only just a handful of bigger shows over the past five to eight years. Shows like this are a rarity for us now; so it’s always a little bit special. With countless hits and singles to boot, what can we expect from your onstage vibe at FOTSUN? We’ll try to please as many people as we can; it’s always a little bit hard to know. Normally for a festival type show we try to include a good range of singles and songs that we feel like people might want to hear, and then we’ll chuck in a few other ones from over the years that are slightly more obscure. Normally a festival slot is 45 - 55 minutes, so with 20 years of material it’s a little bit difficult to work out what to play. We normally play it pretty safe for those shows, because we know it’s a broader audience and we want people to hear at least a few songs that they came to see.


greater port macquarie focus.

Over the years between the band there’s Not only is it your twenty year anniversary, you’ve also released an album to been solo gigs, alter egos, collaborations celebrate, titled Twenty. Tell us about the and more. How did it come about to join process behind that and how you came together and do this tour and album? up with the song compilation ... In more recent times where we’ve not I suppose, probably a similar menplayed as regularly, its been a bit of tality to what I was speaking a part-time endeavour, only of before. We operate as a doing a handful of shows a pretty democratic unit; we year. It really doesn’t take We’ ve played basically get together, that much for us to get only just a will throw around ideas together - we still enjoy er handful of bigg and it will go back and each other’s company st pa e th shows over forth until it gets fia lot and it’s all a very s; ar ye t gh five to ei a e nalised. Twenty songs familiar feeling. That ar is th e lik s show , so w seemed to be a good aspect hasn’t changed, no us r fo ty ri ra bit number; it sounds like so it’s something we do it’s always a little quite a lot, but once you treasure. You couldn’t special. ” put in most of the singles ask for much of a better and some favourite B sides, excuse than that to have a there is really no room left birthday party. after that. It came together relatively You’ve played with some incredible big name bands and toured quickly - probably for that reason. extensively throughout your career. Looking at the tracklist of this album, What have be some of the most memorawhen writing songs such as Harpoon ble moments? or Leaving Home, did you ever think it I’ll be frank - some of it’s just a bit of a blur would take off like it did? over the years. I don’t know how much I can Who at 21 can look 20 years ahead? Nobody ... And even less so when you’re talking really trust my memories of a lot of things. I about something like the idea of a career in certainly look back on it all with great fondthe music industry; it’s pretty absurd in a lot ness, but I think that’s just human nature to of ways. In the early days I think we were block out some of the s**tier bits! I will probreally just hanging on for dear life and trying ably always remember, we did the Big Day to keep up with the momentum of it all - as Out tour a couple of times, and one of them for whether we thought we’d be able to have was in 2000 - Channel V were taking footage a 20 year celebration and particularly have it of the show. We had these crazy tracksuits received so well and so warmly, it all seems on. At the time you do it, its a bit crazy and pretty unreal to me. it’s a bit rushed, and you’re just kind of glad

to have done a reasonable job. I remember seeing some of the video footage from that summer, and we were just really struck by the scale of what we were involved with. You do have little moments where your perspective gets shifted, or you get a bit of a shake up; I’m sure this is the case for most of us, regardless of what we do in our lives. It’s often the little things, little moments, with people that stick in your mind; it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else … What advice would you give to a band who’s fresh on the scene and trying to find their feet? It’s fun how much of a perception there is that you’ll be able to give all this advice or experience. In the end, it’s not really about rules or formulas; it’s indefinable really. It’s not about tangible things - there are only a few reasons to play music, and the main one is because it feels good! You try to just hang on to that feeling and experience as much as you can as it goes along, because it’s irreplaceable. I suppose in terms of practical advice, particularly for longevity and it sounds a little bit grim - but I’ll say, don’t stop. Thanks so much Brett.

the plug! Catch Jebediah at FOTSUN. 11th - 12th December. For full line up, head to For enquiries, email:

Hastings valley Fine art association 10th Annual Summer Showcase Exhibition

PrettyRAD Pretty Rad is an independently owned and operated, men’s and ladies’ retail store. Situated at the Hay St entrance to Peach Tree Walk Arcade (next to Tattoo Nation), our goal is to give Port Macquarie more variety in its shopping experience. Pretty Rad stocks several established brands, as well as many quality up and coming labels to provide a broad brand mix of fashion and accessories. Brands in store include Brixton, Obey, Few & Far Collective, Zanerobe, Academy Brand, Epokhe Eyewear, Ziggy Denim, Cheap Monday, Naked Vice, Assembly label, Somedays lovin, Evil Twin, Tigermist, Le Salty, Sweet Cheeks designs, Sophie Blayden swim, plus many more Australian brands. Being a small business, Pretty Rad store loves to promote community events and collaborate with local and international artists. Releasing collab artist tees every month - be sure to get in quick, as these tees are strictly limited! There’s something for everyone at Pretty Rad. Come visit us in store. Lay-by and gift vouchers are now available. Or, shop online anytime at where we offer FREE same day delivery to the Port Macquarie and Wauchope area. Open 7 days a week. Mon-Wed 10am-5:30pm, Thurs 10am7pm, Fri 10am-5:30pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun 10am-3pm. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all the latest news and products.

The Hastings Valley Fine Art Association will hold its 10th annual Summer Showcase Exhibition and sale from 28th December 2015 until 3rd January 2016 at the Laurieton United Services Club, Seymour Street. Open each day 10am - 5pm; $2 entry. The Showcase is the major event on the Association’s calendar and for the sixth year incorporates the Mid North Coast Open Art Prize of $1,000, which is open to all artists living in this area. An additional seven sections make this a varied and vibrant, must-see exhibition. The judge is Ken Strong, whose work is acclaimed both nationally and internationally. President Brian Barker said, “This is our tenth Summer Showcase Exhibition and with the strong ongoing support of the Laurieton United Services Club and the Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce, it takes pride of place on the HVFAA calendar as one of our major achievements. This is evidenced by the very high standards of our members and Open Section entrants’ work that is submitted and judged. As in the past there will be a raffle; this year a seriolithograph painted by Linda Le Kinff and signed in the plate. An Opening Night and Awards Presentation on Monday 28th December from 6pm - 8pm will launch the exhibition; $5 entry, which includes finger food - and drinks available at the bar. RSVP December 7 to Rita, 6586 3236 or 0418 284 583. This year the association has chosen to support the Hastings Women and Children’s Refuge Inc. As well, you can visit the Hastings Fine Art Gallery, 2 William Street, Port Macquarie, in the grounds of the Maritime Museum, which will be open for the duration of the exhibition, in addition to its regular days, Thursday - Sunday and Public Holidays;10am - 4pm, FREE entry. More information at:

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Community Projects Worldwide


greater port macquarie focus.

Share the love this Christmas.

buy for in your life!

Every product for sale in our store has been lovingly crafted overseas by a grateful artisan ...

Whether it be the beautiful ceramic Kazuri

Grateful that people around the world love their products, and grateful that they are able to support their extended families with their skills. For all their effort and hard work this year, we know they will also be enjoying a good Christmas with their families and communities.

your sister, amazing telephone wire bowls for

Thanks for your support, Port Macquarie - to help make all of this happen.

can know who made their unique present.

At Community Projects Worldwide you will find that perfect gift for even the hardest person to

Christmas, and enjoy knowing there are

beads for mum, a unique and quirky wine glass for dad, a bright and modern leather bag for your brother, fluffy Alpaca teddies bears for the kids, or even bright baby clothes for the bubs. We have it covered. And to make it that bit extra special, we also have cards that go with the products, so they Consider making this year a Fair Trade many, many, families benefitting from this.

Photograph by Tania Morris, King Creek, 2015


RACHAEL PALMER President Port Writers



ell us about your inaugural year. It really has been smooth sailing. We are looking forward to riding the clear waves into the New Year and far beyond. We’ve created a friendly atmosphere, enjoyed some informative presentations from authors and editors and put pen to paper for many thought provoking writing exercises. This year we had two member book launches: Ray Evans for his novel, Flashback, and Gillian Scott for her novel, Threads Of Time. Both received rave reviews. When the news hit Port Writers that the Glasshouse would be live streaming the Sydney Writers Festival, a few of our members, who’ve spent many long hours in queues at writers festivals, made a dash for their catch at the box office in our afternoon tea break. What a privilege it was to experience an array of talented authorship within the comfort of our sea-side sanctuary, Port Macquarie. But all of this excitement was not enough for our Secretary Frank Urban, who had the vision and the steam to create a nationwide literary competition for an Anthology. The book is a collection of articles, anecdotes and poems offering insight and intrigue into the people, places and past events of our historically enriched district. The project was made possible with the support of a Kendall Op Shop grant and a dedicated committee including Frank, Gill Goater, Michelle Lopert and Ray Evans. We will launch Beyond The Three Brothers this December - it will make a great stocking filler. Our Vice President Kerry Buchanan asked Frank if she could interview him on his interesting life story as an entry for the Anthology. Frank, aged a mere eighty five responded, “Sorry Kerry, but we are only interviewing the elderly folk in our district. You know, to capture their story before it’s too late”. In case you didn’t know, ninety something is the new elderly, so be mindful of what you say - and I’m sure the near half dozen enthusiastic octogenarians in Port Writers would agree. I think their message is: If you want to stay

young at heart, vibrant and happy - do what you love. For us at Port Writers, it’s writing. Who makes up Port Writers, and what does your membership typically write? We are blessed to have two fantastic patrons, Bessie Jennings and Laurie Barber, both talented writers, spirited presenters and generous community members. Our numbers are nearing forty, so we are an eclectic mix of writers producing short stories, poems, novels of fiction and creative non-fiction. Some supportive informal groups, based on genres, have formed so that we can spend dedicated time on editing and discussing the finer details of our work. Where is Port Writers heading in the New Year? Our prospects for 2016 are exciting, with a presentation on screenwriting by the popular and knowledgeable Jacqui Winn; a workshop to improve writing skills by an experienced University tutor Lisa Milner; and member presentations on a myriad of literary aspects. We will host a competition for novice writers - giving our budding members an opportunity to showcase their work, and we will continue to work on interesting writing exercises. Ever written a personals ad and been caught out by someone who recognised it was you? This is just some of the literary fun we have at Port Writers. We can’t be serious all the time. How can interested writers get in touch with your group? Visitors are welcome at Port Writers - even shy ones. We won’t get you standing out the front reading out your work for maybe at least three visits and then - well, it’s optional anyway. We meet on the fourth Saturday of the month, except for December. We meet at the Rotary Community Centre, Hastings River Drive from 1 - 4pm. For more details, see our website: or phone Rachel on 6559 0164. For details on the Anthology launch, phone Frank on 6584 6693. Thanks Rachel. greater port macquarie focus.


Intrigued by the activity over the bay at Sails Resort? You should be ... This iconic coastal beauty has emerged from a stunning refurbishment to reveal an elegant oasis to rival any offshore resort, and yes ... There is so much more to come. The ultimate in coastal getaways - Sails Resort Port Macquarie by

Extensive renovation revealing gorgeous new guest rooms and suites

Rydges is the newest 4.5 star waterfront resort in Port Macquarie. This coastal beauty has emerged from an extensive rebuild to reveal 85 stunning guest rooms and suites overlooking the marina. The stylish and contemporary design, inspired by its breathtaking bayside location, offers guests the chance to retreat, relax and rejuvenate with all the

• Accommodation

coast life essentials, including pool with private cabanas and cabana bar,

• Special Events

entertainment terrace, heated spa, vintage bicycles, tennis court, private

• Conferences

jetty, paddle boards, waterfront restaurant and bar, room service and

• Weddings

waterfront pavilion with private chapel and landscaped gardens. The resort is perfect for visiting friends and family or to treat yourself

• Ceremonies

to a waterfront staycation. The resort is ideal for wedding ceremonies,

• Pool with poolside cabanas

receptions and special events, with an exclusive waterfront chapel

• Heated Outdoor Spa

and pavilion already underway and a new restaurant and 350 person

• Wedding Chapel and

waterfront event centre due for completion in late 2016.

Waterfront Events Centre

Take the 10 minute stroll to the vibrant CBD with waterfront restaurants, bars, cafés, boutiques, theatres and galleries, or simply relax at the resort

for 350 in 2016

with waterfront yoga or hit the pool with a cocktail and work on your tan.

We invite you to tour the resort and meet our team - for enquires, please contact Rob Von Hartitzsch Phone. (02) 6589 5155 Kate Wood-Foye Phone. 0404 125 633 Reservations (02) 65895100

the new look sails resort port macquarie




greater port macquarie focus.

OCUS' Chrissy Jones had the pleasure of viewing one of the new Executive Suites and the impressive pool and outdoor entertainment area. True to its word, Sails Resort is the ultimate in resort getaways, having recently emerged from an extensive redesign to reveal 85 stunning guest rooms and suites overlooking the picturesque adjacent waterway and marina. The result is a stunning property that will delight the locals and entice new visitors to our stunning region.

Executive Suite One of eight, the Executive Suite is both spacious and luxurious. The stylish and contemporary design is evident immediately, with a fresh and crisp coastal palette with natural timbers and floor to ceiling windows enhancing the majestic views across the bay. Entry

to the suite is light filled with an open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area. Plush carpeting is underfoot in the entry and lounge areas, with tiles the flooring choice in the meals area. Comfort and style are the first words that come to mind; nothing has been forgotten, to enable guests to unwind after a busy day either at work or play. The Executive Suite boasts its very own kitchen - you needn’t leave the privacy of your suite, as everything you need to create an in room feast is provided. Complete with full size refrigerator, dishwasher, wall oven, in-bench cooktop with range hood above and microwave - the kitchen has all the extras expected of a premium coastal resort. Expertly locally crafted white kitchen cabinetry houses up to the minute appliances and is contrasted by a bright blue glass splash-back that adds to the relaxed feel of the

the new look sails resort port macquarie

A private outdoor is alfresco terrace via ed ss ce ac ly easi ea the lounge ar iding through glass sl t to ou ng lli ro doors � y. ba the


suite. A beautifully positioned breakfast bar placed alongside the kitchen offers up unimpeded waterway views - the perfect spot to sit and have your morning coffee. Elegant tiling underfoot divides the kitchenette from the adjacent carpeted lounge. Custom built cabinetry housing the generous wall mounted TV, floor to ceiling windows dressed with both sheer and block-out curtains, air-conditioning and comfortable furnishings have created a luxurious home away from home. A private outdoor alfresco terrace is easily accessed via the lounge area through glass sliding doors rolling out to the bay. Both cabana lounges and a table setting are provided for guests to relax on by the water and enjoy the readily available sea breezes. Down

lighting is installed overhead, so the space may be enjoyed in the evening if desired - perhaps over a chilled beer and a glass of crisp Sauv Blanc. The master bedroom is a generous size and also has water views through a floor to ceiling window, again exquisitely dressed with both sheer and block-out curtains. Beautifully appointed with a king size Rydges Dream Bed with six luxurious pillows and stylish coverings, a wall mounted large screen TV in its own custom built cabinet, ceiling fan, downlighting and a two doored, mirror fronted wardrobe, the bedroom is delightfully appointed and would be a pleasure to call home for a night or two - or maybe even a week or three! The Executive Suite may be offered as a one or two

bedroom accommodation, for couples or friends travelling together or as a family retreat, as there is lockable door access to the adjoining guest room. To complete the Executive Suite, a well laid out bathroom has been designed for guests. A glass wall frameless shower screen divides the shower recess from the remainder of the room, which comprises a stylish blonde timber framed vanity with above bench oval handbasin, contrasting grey splash back tiles and an oversize vanity mirror with downlighting above. Floor to ceiling white tiling and a bright, blue feature tile in the shower add to the contemporary luxe of the bathroom amenities. The overall feel of the Executive Suite entices you to kick off your shoes, grab a great book, a glass of bubbles and settle in for some serious downtime.

greater port macquarie focus.


the new look sails resort port macquarie

This space is already being orate enjoyed by co rp as ls ca lo d an guests to e ac sp d xe la a re d of a celebrate the en pre a r fo or , busy year a ith w il ta ck event co twist. ”

“ The Pool & Cabana Bar Potentially the jewel in the crown of the existing refurbishment - the gorgeous outdoor heated pool and spa area is almost unrecognisable. This expansive space has been transformed into a tropical oasis complete with a poolside bar, sun lounges and individual roll-out private cabanas, giving guests a place to relax and soak up the sun. The pool surrounds are magnificent, with large, non-slip tiling and a frameless glass balustrade that allows for unimpeded water views. The newly refurbished pool deck offers guests the ultimate in resort getaways, with guests able to immerse themselves in their coastal surrounds further enhanced by the introduction of lush, tropical foliage, bringing the pool and resort surrounds to life. Relaxing in the cabanas poolside or enjoying a beer on the elevated terrace ensures uninterrupted views to the bay - you


greater port macquarie focus.

could almost be in an island resort anywhere in the world. This space is already being enjoyed by corporate guests and locals as a relaxed space to celebrate the end of a busy year, or for a pre event cocktail with a twist. Poolside barbecues and cocktail parties are scheduled throughout the year, and they're already proving to be a hit for the summer season - the poolside terrace will entertain up to 150 guests for a special event or celebration and will have a dedicated bar that will no doubt be well frequented over the summer ahead.

Spoilt for choice Guest rooms for couples, friends, family and the business traveler. There are 11 room types in total that guests can choose from during their stay, all lovingly

stripped back and recreated by some 47 local trade and craftsmen, headed up by Project Manger Stewart Tonkin - using the same fresh coastal palette and quality design found in the Executive Suites. These rooms don’t feature kitchens; however, guests can enjoy generous studio style rooms with either king size beds for couples or business travellers, to family studios with king size beds, two singles and generous living areas. Again, each room has a generous alfresco terrace or balcony, with so many of the rooms having stunning marina, bay or lush garden views further enhancing the exclusive resort feel. Room service operates throughout much of the day and by the pool in holiday season, ensuring guests never go without that essential treat or meal, with the

waterfront restaurant offering a beautiful Rise Full Buffet breakfast from 6:30am daily and dinner from 6pm each evening. Lunch is also served every weekend and during holiday periods - the restaurant is always open to locals and their guests and is the perfect waterfront escape within Port Macquarie. Every room in the resort features unique original regional photography from local fisherman and talented photographer Jason Fitzpatrick - no image is repeated, with the photography showcasing stunning images and icons from Port Macquarie and the Camden Haven. Happily, every guest room and suite room features the new glass front Rydges Mini Bar with an array of fun treats including games such as pick-up sticks, beach balls, dominos, and the signature Rydges candy bar range with icy cold drinks to take the edge of that hot afternoon. Every room features its own safe to fit a full

the new look sails resort port macquarie

new look sails resort size laptop or valuables. The kids and tech fans will be delighted, as the room features all the contemporary outlets for play station, iPod docks and media, ensuring guests and the kids can stay connected during their stay. FREE Wi-Fi per Rydges standard, runs throughout the resort, ensuring you never lose touch.

What’s next? The resort will enjoy a break from the refurbishment activities over the Christmas period, with Phase 3 of construction set to take place in early 2016 with the creation of the stunning “Pavilion” on the north western waterfront of the property. A first for Port Macquarie, this non denominational chapel will be constructed amongst a landscaped garden with an additional sunken garden leading to the water and to a path leading further east

to the pool deck. This landscaped waterfront garden is designed for up to 200 guests, with the pavilion/chapel itself being constructed in a slightly elevated position with timber flooring and three of its four walls being glass retractable bifold doors, allowing natural light and guests from the surrounding gardens to be able to view proceedings. This space has been created for private celebrations such as wedding and commitment ceremonies, christenings, naming days, birthdays and will play host to live public performances, yoga retreats and musical showcases. It is expected this space will be completed in late April of 2016. In June, the most exciting phase of the renovation will commence, with the full waterfront restaurant and existing conference space to be temporarily closed and totally

reconstructed. The restaurant will remain in its perfect position amongst the yachts on the waterfront, but will expand into a bar and café that will flow directly into the entry and reception area. This restaurant space will also incorporate some unique features yet to be revealed by the architects, that will also be a first for the area. The atrium space will be fully rebuilt, with the addition of glass elevators leading from the ground floor to the newly constructed third floor, that will see the creation of additional guest rooms and suites and most significantly, the addition of a 350 seat pillarless conference and event space. This event space will be located on the newly constructed third level of the resort and will sit above the existing restaurant space, with uninterrupted views of the bay - simply a

magnificent space that will further elevate the resort as a sought after special event, conference and wedding venue. The final stages will incorporate a change to the front facade of the building, removing the existing sails and creating a new portico and all important arrival experience for guests. Guests will be able to pull in, park in the complimentary off-street parking and wander through to reception while enjoying the view straight through to the stunning pool and bayside area. The refurbishment process is expected to be complete by December 2016, perfectly timed for the summer season. In the meantime, locals and guests can enjoy the spoils of the newly renovated pool and entertainment spaces, guest rooms and suites as the resort redesign unfolds.

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the new look sails resort port macquarie

Wedding Ceremonies The resort has many spaces to tie the knot and the team has lovingly reconstructed its famous wedding point, which has been restored to a level, manicured lawn leading to the iconic waterfront point. This area has been expanded, flattened and fitted with three phase power and mood lighting perfect for sunset ceremonies and cocktail events. This gorgeous green space overlooks the marina and the bay, with uninterrupted views of the water and yachts moored along the coastline. The point leads directly back to the waterfront restaurant via the well manicured


greater port macquarie focus.

lawn and gardens and flows to the pool and cabana area to the east. This area will also be used for weekly yoga sessions for locals and in-house guests.

Recreational e facilities includ , ol solar heated po r spa, cabanas, outdoo t, ur co is nn te floodlit ards , bo le dd pa , es cano d an es vintage bicycl d an ng hi access to fis bo ating ... ”

About the Resort The resort is perfectly located on a private peninsula of landscaped gardens overlooking the beautiful Hastings River and Marina and close to entertainment and boating precinct featuring restaurants, cafés, bars, theatres, galleries and shopping.

Just a short stroll to the CBD and iconic Town Beach, with the hinterland and rainforest easily accesible by bicycle or car. Guests can enjoy the relaxed, tranquil setting the resort provides and experience the highest level of service, accommodation and leisure facilities. Recreational facilities include solar heated pool, cabanas, outdoor spa, floodlit tennis court, canoes, paddleboards,

vintage bicycles and access to fishing and boating via the private jetty. All guests enjoy 24 hour reception and Free Unlimited Wi-fi throughout the resort. Guests are invited to join the resort's Priority Guest Reward programme - the free online loyalty programme and booking system offering discounted member room rates, food and beverage discounts and bonus free nights to be taken throughout Australia New Zealand and the UK. If you are travelling with the kids, get them involved in the Seasquirts Kids Club, available at the hotel from late December until mid

new look sails resort

The resort currently bo asts erfront an absolute wat r, with ba restaurant and co es fr a generous al for deck that is open er nn di d an t as breakf for seven days and kend .� ee w lunch every

“ January. Contact the hotel for more info this is also open to locals wishing to enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat in the waterfront restaurant whilst the kids enjoy a morning of supervised fun and activity. The resort currently boasts an absolute waterfront restaurant and bar with a generous alfresco deck that is open for breakfast and dinner seven days and for lunch every weekend. This space is also currently used for special event and weddings, with bookings being taken by Rachelle Dufty, the resort's Wedding and

Events Coordinator. Corporate and special event enquiries can be directed to Kate WoodFoye, Director of Sales & Marketing. There are 85 fully appointed rooms, each with a terrace or balcony. The majority of the rooms have beautiful water or garden views, with 11 room types to choose from with views over the bay, marina or the lush landscaped

gardens. Ideal for holidaymakers, families and those on business - conference and recreational facilities are currently available for up to 150 guests, with the exciting creation of the new event space for 350 incorporated into the final stage of refurbishment due for

completion in December 2016. You are invited by General Manager Rob Von Hartitzsch and his team to view the resort by appointment, or simply pop into the restaurant with friends over the summer season and take a peek at the stunning pool, guest rooms and suites and experience the exciting refurbishments as they unfold throughout the new year.

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ditch DETOX







ummer is upon us and with the promise of sun, sand and festivity comes the exhausting realisation that there’s not enough hours in the day to tick all the boxes of our expectations. Many of us spend the lead up to Christmas and New Year’s like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland - frantic and wildly eccentric! But this is no tea party - it is a two month binge on food, alcohol and family - a recipe for indigestion! Are you sick of reading the same pious article about how to do it perfectly? Yeah, me too! So here are a few tips that will have you happily cheat your way through ... For *Pete’s sake - slow down! Expectations birth a fear of failure and fear sits in the adrenal/ kidney system. You are going to need these organs to ride through the next few months and countless family confrontations, not to mention the gallons of alcohol we use to lubricate such occasions. Your adrenal glands are the little guys who secrete STRESS hormones, which act to serve us in situations of survival and though many family get-togethers require such strategies. Prolonged exposure to stress is wearing, ageing and down-right frustrating. You will begin to feel tired all the time; you’ll blame the heat, but not the fact that you lay awake mulling over what Uncle Barry said at the dinner table last night. If you want to be kind to your adrenal glands, rest more often, hydrate between drinking holes, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Should you have an expansive collection of derelict health supplements in the kitchen cupboard dig out some Magnesium and take it over the next couple of months. Think of it as a safety net below the lofty trapeze of school holidays.


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Your kidneys are responsible for the filtration of liquid and toxins from the body. Liquid and toxins will circulate through your entire body via the lymphatic system, seeking an out through the kidneys. Give them a hand and drink some water! All this stress and activity can be ageing, so rather than celebrating the New Year feeling 10 years older than you did in 2015, consume foods that are rich in Essential Fatty Acids to


f all newly diagnosed cancers in Australia each year, skin cancers make up approximately 80%. Skin cancers are caused by damage to skin cells resulting primarily from overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun (the primary cause in 95-99% of cases). Any sun exposure causes damage and increases the risk of developing skin cancer, not just sunburn or tanning. There are three main types of Skin Cancer: • Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) • Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) • Melanoma - the most dangerous and third most common cancer in Australian men and women Early Detection The sooner a skin cancer is identified and treated, the more effective and successful the treatment. Early detection of skin cancer can literally save

your life. It’s important to be familiar with how your skin looks, so you can notice any potential changes that may indicate a skin cancer. What to look for: • Any crusty sores or sores that are not healing • Small lumps that are red, pale or pearly in colour • New spots, freckles or any moles changing in colour, thickness or shape over a period of weeks to months (particularly those dark brown to black, red or blue-black in colour). A regular skin examination by an experienced doctor is essential for early detection and management of skin cancer. Dr. Bobby Kumar, Cosmetic Surgeon, brings his extensive knowledge and experience to Skin Cancer Assessment, Treatment and Surgery. Call Wendy on 1300 676 003 or 0430 491 009, or email for an appointment today.

keep the cell wall plump, young and functioning at its peak for nutrient absorption. Fresh foods like avocados, fresh oily fish, olive oil, coconut oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds, raw nuts and seeds are a good start. Perhaps you can trade the glass

protein BALLS

of bubbly at breakfast with a fresh juice, which will hydrate you and deliver a healthy cocktail of minerals to get you through the day. Silica is an anti-ageing mineral and you can find it in fresh vegetables like cucumbers, spinach, avocado and raw nuts. It also supports connective tissue repair and acts as a cleansing nutrient for the body. A good juice recipe might be 1 whole cucumber, 1 green apple, 2 stalks of celery + leaves, 1 handful of parsley, and 1 small pinch of



fresh turmeric. If that is not sweet enough, add

330 g raw whole almonds or walnuts 60 g Pure Native WPI or Organic Pea Protein 20 fresh dates, pitted 3 generous tablespoons of raw cacao 1 teaspoon natural vanilla paste ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon Pinch flaked sea salt 1 orange Coconut, Goji berry, Cacao, Nuts for rolling

Throw almonds into the food processor with cinnamon, protein powder, a little orange zest and naked chocolate, then process until the mix looks crumbly. Add dates, vanilla extract then process again until the mix starts to come together. Add the juice of ½ orange if needed, so that mixture is soft and forms a soft ball. Form into 14 decent sized balls. Roll in coconut or any other of the suggested coatings and store in the fridge until you feel like a snack or quick meal on the run. Store in the fridge for up to four weeks - if they last that long.

a slice of fresh pineapple. And before you think of adding some bubbly for flavour, maybe reach for some coconut water instead? Take the time to notice your body and mind over the silly season. Grab a walk on the beach just to feel the breeze on your face; laugh at your limitations; smile at more people in the shops. Christmas is a time for joy, after all. Not Aunty Joy, married to Barry - she never brings salad and always drinks the bubbly … *Who the heck is Pete?

Vehicle Modifications massagE At Port Macquarie He Ling Ying (Ling) is very much a “people person”. Utilising proven abilities, honed from years of training and practice, the very popular principal of Massage at Port Macquarie is totally committed to providing the finest remedial or relaxation massage available anywhere, with honest “word of mouth” her investment for the future. As a masseur, Ling is highly qualified in Australia as well as in her native China. Her skills are therefore quite unique, as she successfully combines today’s recognised contemporary techniques with time-honoured Chinese modalities to provide genuine assistance to those with physical discomfort, sport, health or occupational mobility issues, insomnia or simply common fatigue. In fact, Ling’s loyal long-term clients are an ongoing testimony to her outstanding level of care. Approved treatments are recognised by most major health funds, with HICAPS providing instant rebates. Fully accredited by the Australian Association of Massage Therapists, Ling practices from her air-conditioned home clinic in the Lighthouse Beach/Shelly Beach area, where parking is just a few paces from the door. Warm, considerate and surprisingly strong, she cares for her clients - male, female, young and notso-young, with compassion, respect and always with traditional Chinese courtesy and values.

Modern vehicles nowadays are designed with a whole range of standard safety and comfort features. People with a disability can take advantage of these features to assist them with driving. Features such as: cruise control, push button start, keyless entry, pre collision and collision avoidance warning systems and power steering options can all help a person with a minor disability return to driving.

USE IT OR LOSE IT: Health fund benefits

However, there are times when a vehicle must be modified to allow a person with a disability to return to driving. Technological advances have led to a massive range of vehicle modifications being available, and the prescription process for the individual can be complex. Most times, there has to be a lot of trial and error before the optimum set up is achieved.

A better option is to consider whether you could use your entitlement to improve your vision.

It is pleasing to see technology being used this way, and many people with a disability are now able to independently drive their own vehicles. Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation has access to vehicles with specialised modifications such as - left foot accelerator, hand controls combining brake and accelerator, steering aids, satellite and bluetooth accelerator handpieces and equipment that incorporates steering aids with indicators/lights/horn and wipers. If you require any information about vehicle modifications, please contact DARS.

Do you have optical cover with a Health Fund? If so, are you aware that any unused annual benefits will expire on December 31st? So if you don’t use your annual entitlement, you will simply lose it.

• Do you experience eye strain or blurred vision? • Do you have an adequate spare pair of spectacles in case your current ones break or get misplaced? • Do you have a pair of current prescription sunglasses for outdoor activities? • Do your current spectacles frustrate you when performing particular tasks, such as computer work, reading in bed, driving or playing golf? If so, a pair of specific use spectacles could provide benefit. • Would you like to try contact lenses? If you answered yes to any of the above, your annual benefits could be used towards addressing these problems. Eyecare Plus is a proud provider to all health funds, and we provide convenient electronic processing for instant claims.

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hy do you offer a wide choice of orthodontic treatments? It has been a founding principle of Saacks Orthodontics. We don’t work for manufacturers of braces and orthodontic systems. We put our clients first and will only recommend the treatment course which will result in the best possible end result. In some instances it is a combination of different systems. We only use the very best braces and aligners. Our commitment to quality always pays huge dividends in the final result: truly healthy smiles. Healthy smiles are your speciality? Absolutely. We never recommend a purely cosmetic procedure at the expense of healthy gums and a correct bite. The most pleasing thing about being a specialist is to see the confidence a healthy smile can bring to people of all ages young, children, teens and adults. In recent years, more adults are realising they can achieve the smile they have always wanted. Does Saacks Orthodontics offer invisible braces? We have been using Invisalign and the Damon system for many years - these are clear aligners, almost invisible at first glance. While they are extremely effective and ideal in many instances, they aren’t perfect for all cases. If we believe better results can be achieved with another orthodontic treatment, we will carefully explain the alternatives to our patient. We also offer Insignia and increasingly Speed Braces and other highly customised treatments or a combination of systems. Although the cosmetic side of what we do is important, being a specialist orthodontist

and periodontist means I am committed, above all else, to producing healthy smiles. You are one of a handful of dual trained specialists in both Orthodontics and Periodontics. Yes, I trained as a dentist and was fascinated with gum disease (periodontics) and later spent a further three years studying to become an orthodontist. It does mean that when patients are referred to Saacks Orthodontics we can assess the problems from a broad knowledge base and therefore customise each treatment. We certainly don't offer a “one system fits all” approach. Smiles are as individual as fingerprints. So how do you determine what treatment is best for each patient? The only way we can recommend the best treatment is to invite any potential new patient into the practice for a thorough orthodontic consultation. We allow up to an hour for each consultation. It’s completely free and without obligation. Only when we have chatted to the patient (and parents in the case of younger children) and examined any X-rays or digital images and sometimes consulted with their regular dentist can we discuss our comprehensive treatment proposal. It covers the orthodontic system recommended, length of treatment time and payment options. Finally, any Christmas message from Saacks Orthodontics? Keep on smiling; it’s confidence therapy. Saacks Orthodontics, 57 Lord Street, Port Macquarie. Free consultation call 6584 2333

All “models” appearing in this editorial are real patients of Saacks Orthodontics with real, healthy smiles.

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irstly, well done Cadie; what a fantastic achievement! Tell us about the competition. I competed in three categories - Bikini First Timer, 40+ Division and Bikini Mumma, receiving achievement awards for two categories and a 2nd Place for 40+ Division. Every girl who gets on stage is a winner in my eyes; the work involved just to get there requires a lot of dedication and discipline. Competing is becoming hugely popular, and there are many different federations and competitions. They are split into two seasons, A & B. Each federation has specific criteria - INBA which I competed in, has very specific guidelines and “look” for each division. What preparation was involved? Have you always looked this good? I have always considered myself as a relatively healthy fit woman, training at the gym since the age of 20 on and off, doing group classes, cardio and what I thought was weight training. At the age of 41, I had one of the worst years of my life; my Dad was struck down with a rare illness and passed away very suddenly. During this time, I noticed a lump in my left breast, but as I had a lot going on, I left it. Once everything settled down, I had it checked and required surgery to have it removed - I should have done


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ARCADIA LOUGHLAND COMPETED IN HER FIRST MUSCLE AND MODEL SUPERSHOW BIKINI COMP IN FINE STYLE AT SYDNEY SHOWGROUND, OLYMPIC PARK, IN OCTOBER. CHRISSY JONES CAUGHT UP WITH THE BUSY, WORKING MUM TO SEE HOW SHE WENT AND TO TALK ABOUT HER JOURNEY. this earlier, as my mum had breast cancer. After the surgery, I got that surreal phone call from my surgeon saying the tumour had come back as a cancer; I needed another operation to remove it. It is amazing what goes through your head. I thought the absolute worst. I had two kids at the time; they were 7 and 5. There is a positive end to this story though; thank God I got this early! Therefore, I didn’t require treatment - I was one blessed woman. To this day it was the best thing that has happened to me - having that moment where things could go either way. I know many people sadly who it went the other way for, so not having to have treatment was an absolute blessing I am very thankful for. Fast forward to October 2014, after spending a few years of way too much good eating and over indulging, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought - I’m not real happy about who I see. I was losing my identity, at best. I felt I was just running around after kids, my husband, work and generally putting the whole world before myself, because if I dared put myself first, that would be selfish. Well, it was time to change that mindset - I remember the day I was at Port Macquarie Cup, and I ran into a friend who looked amazing. I asked her where she trained, and she said Everybody Personal Training

in Port Macquarie with Graeme. She introduced me to him and I thought, this is it - I need to do something for me. I got his number, and there it began. My transformation - the best thing that I have done for myself and family. I remember Graeme saying, “Cadie, you need to weight train and eat more…” I thought, “What? I want to lose weight and if I eat more, how is that going to work? Plus, I really need to do heaps of cardio to burn fat”. Well, wasn’t I wrong - essentially, what I have done is eat a lot more of the right foods at the right times and lift weights with very minimal cardio. The results have been amazing! When I started I also enrolled in a course with Intergrative Nutrition New York to become a Health Coach; this has changed the way I view what I put into my body, from diet to exercise. It is a very holistic approach that I am passionate about. My journey - At the start of 2015, my trainer asked what my goal was. What a great question. A few girls said, “Why don’t you do a competition - you know, bikini”. “Ha ha,” I thought, “I never even go to the beach in a bikini, let alone jump on a stage in one”. Well after a few false starts, I got there; yes, I fell off the wagon, got sick and had to keep changing the date until I bit the bullet and registered for the INBA Muscle

and Model Show in Sydney on October 18th. It was scary making that decision, but the best and most empowering thing I have ever done for myself. For me, this journey to stage was not about winning a medal - walking on the stage meant I had won - and boy was I proud of myself for doing it with my family and friends watching me ... I did it! Now I am in the best shape of my life at 45. Not only am I a happier person, I have nourished myself, which has made all facets of my life better - as a mum, wife, worker and friend. I have now found out what I wanted to be when I grew up - enrolling to study to become a Personal Trainer. My passion is to help others, especially women, to show them you can do it; you really can. As I say, Rome wasn’t built in a day; therefore, don’t be too hard on yourself. Plug away at it; you will definitely get results. Would you like to thank anyone? Yes, lots - firstly my family; they are amazing. Friends who supported me constantly and still do, and my trainer, Graeme Lawlor at Every Body Personal Training - if you are wanting to make a change to your life, you may not want to go to the level I did, but do yourself a favour and go and see them, as it really did change the way I viewed my whole outlook on training. Thanks Cadie.





ort Macquarie Pink Girls would support groups, as most of our women are like to warmly invite any still working, or are at home with young ladies on the Mid North Coast families. interested in joining our group. Port Macquarie Pink Girls forms part of The group offers face-to-face Breast Cancer Network Australia’s national support and online support through network, along with more than a secret Facebook page. It is a 300 other support groups secret group, which means around the country. no one on Facebook BCNA works to outside this group can Established ensure that Australians in 2013, Port see your comments affected by breast Girls Macquarie Pink g or can see who the cancer receive the un is a group for yo an d members are. We ith w g very best support, in liv en wom share our stories, ncer information, beyond breast ca in s our questions, or and other cancer treatment and care ” . ity thoughts. un m m our co appropriate to their We meet regularly, individual needs. usually once a month. Contact Tracy Stone: We alternate between an Email: fourstonesinport@ early dinner on a week day and a breakfast on a Sunday. The group is Phone: 0411 027 171 or for women only, but occasionally we Magalie Lameloise: organise meets up where partners are Email: welcome. Please contact us to find out when Phone: 0406 430 384 we are next meeting. BCNA - in 2013, Port Macquarie Pink

Girls is a group for young women living with and beyond breast cancer and other cancers in our community. The ladies from the group would like to encourage women in the local community affected by breast cancer to make contact. Our group is different to other Breast Cancer

groups/port-macquarie-pink-girls Facebook – groups/portmacquariepinkgirls/ Pic: Tracy Stone, Michelle McClure, Suzanne Naylor, Toni Wright, Sue O’Bree, Jackie Brennan, Magalie Lameloise, CJ Grootenboer and Gai Henry. greater port macquarie focus.



K I - E A




am and Graeme, you purchased Ki-ea Apartments business and made the sea change from Sydney to Port Macquarie in 2012. Can you tell us a little about your backgrounds and what led you to buy this business and move to Port Macquarie? Graeme and I met at university, where we both studied Food Science; we then spent 30 plus years working in various corporate roles including operations management, logistics and safety. Four years ago we felt that it was time to apply some of our experience and skills to a business of our own and decided that a management rights business could offer the business challenge we were looking for. To find the right business, we searched the entire NSW Coast. The choice became easy when we found Port Macquarie, a vibrant growing regional centre offering business potential and a lifestyle second to none. The summer holiday season is when Port Macquarie tourism is at its peak and as we know, it’s a very busy time for people who run businesses to cater for this influx of tourists that our town receives at this time of year. What is it that you love most about working in hospitality at this time of year? What we love about working in hospitality all year round is that the majority of our guests come to Port Macquarie for a holiday, and people on holidays are always happy and relaxed. During the summer holidays the guest demographics change to consist mainly of families with children. These families generally choose Ki-ea Apartments for our super big self-


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contained apartments and our great location apartments in Port Macquarie, most with a King close to Town Beach and the CBD. It’s heartbed option and the only 4 bedroom penthouse. warming to see them come home from their We are also close to all amenities and the adventures each day; it brings back memories beach; we have a heated pool, spa and sauna of our family summer holidays. complex and free WiFi and complimentary What have been some of the undercover security car parking. challenges you have faced We are now in the process since taking over the of building a strong online management of Ki-ea presence across the various Apartments? marketing segments, which s Our main challenge includes refreshing our PI K One of our e was to transfer website and becoming ev is to achi t es gu our corporate more active across our e 100% positiv h ug ro management skills th social media channels feed back ck ba ed fe and knowledge to such as Facebook and r all ou ...” ls ne the accommodation an Instagram. ch industry, in which we There are several had no experience prior marketing messages and to purchasing the Ki-ea tactics that we are activating business. The accommodation to connect on an emotional level industry has a multitude of with our guests, as we believe this challenges, with the main one consisting will build the loyalty and positive word-ofof dealing with the general public and mouth necessary to differentiate us from our their many and varied requirements. competitors. The accommodation industry is very Online review sites such as Trip Advisor competitive here. How do you make are being used by tourists quite prolifically your business stand out from the other these days to help guide them with their accommodation options on offer? decision making about where to eat, stay, As the accommodation industry in Port drink and visit. This makes providing your Macquarie is very competitive, it became guests with a truly positive experience obvious very quickly that we needed to clearly more important than ever. How do you go define and articulate who our target customer about ensuring your guests walk away as was (families) and speak directly to them. We raving fans? believe we offer families wishing to holiday in One of our KPIs is to achieve 100% positive Port Macquarie some major points of difference guest feedback through all our feedback from our competitors, including some of channels, which include: our departure the most spacious 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom feedback form, verbal feedback at check-out

and through online reviews on agent sites such as Booking.Com, Expedia and TripAdvisor. To achieve this, we have many initiatives in place including an ongoing commitment from all of our team to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations and to continually work towards improvements to our customer service. And finally, if you could invite any three business people to lunch, who would they be and why would you invite them? Janine Allis - she describes herself as “a girl from the burbs who had no idea about business”. In 2000, Janine opened her first Boost Juice bar in Adelaide; she now has 250 stores in 14 countries. Her business tips: work hard, take accountability for everything you do, and surround yourself with great people. Richard Branson - states his interests in life are “setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them ... from the perspective of wanting to live life to the full”. Richard is the only person in the world to have built eight billion dollar companies from scratch in eight different sectors, operating in over 15 countries. Stephen Hawkins - it’s the scientist coming out in us! Stephen characterises the human race as: “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us something very special”. So many questions we would have of him. Thanks so much for your time, Pam and Graeme. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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these are

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MEN’S AND LADIES’ THE GEL-KAYANO 22 IS A SERIOUS RUNNING SHOE FOR THOSE WHO EXPERIENCE MILD TO MODERATE OVER PRONATION THROUGH MIDSTANCE. This “Lite-Show” edition features high levels of reflectivity across the upper of the shoe for fantastic visibility in low light conditions. This shoe continues to offer its trademark comfort and support with the addition of a newly engineered jacquard mesh upper for breathability and a strengthened Guidance Trusstic, enhancing stability.



INGREDIENTS 1 mango, peeled and chopped 1/2 banana, peeled handful chopped pineapple Handful Kale tsp chia seeds ½ cup coconut water 1 cup ice cubes INSTRUCTIONS Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend until creamy. Serve immediately.


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with Clairvoyant Terri Hall Phone. 0424 818 343


with Terri

AQUARIUS. January 21 - February 19

You will benefit by practicing patience at the moment. The universe has the bigger picture in mind, and it’s easy to be caught up in impatience. Just relax and set some goals and try using some visualisation to see yourself walking the walk. Citrine shatters frustrations.


February 20 - March 20 Your thoughts have lately been focusing on cycles that repeated in your past, although when you reflect on these things they don’t seem to have the same affect on you as before. You have healed or changed your views. Thank yourself for your growth and watch what comes. Malachite brings past hurts to the surface for release.


March 21 - April 20 Prepare for the unexpected. The universe is aligning for you to reach full potential and to connect with the bigger purpose in life. Set some fresh goals and give yourself permission to succeed. Then have fun. Ruby shatters fears - great for adventure.

GEMINI. May 22 - June 22

You have carried a dream from a long time ago or for a long time, and you are aligning for another chance to access it. Be prepared and give yourself permission to try it; the confidence it will offer will heal any esteem issues. Rose Quartz is great for self-love.


June 23 - July 23

As your beliefs and foundations in life have recently been in question, it is a great time to establish new ones to cater for your future. Set some fresh goals and give yourself permission to achieve them. Enjoy! Citrine attracts abundance.


July 24 - August 23 Self worth and self-approval are subjects that may benefit from a little empowering. Life has been a bit challenging for you in these areas of late, and it is likely that these qualities need to be restored. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love.


September 24 - October 23 You are aligning with reaching full potential where career is concerned. Expect a promotion or transfer or even a new position. Set some fresh goals, concentrating on how you wish to feel in the workplace. Citrine shatters self doubt.


October 24 - November 22 Listen to your wise words when you are giving advice, as you will hear some wise words also meant for yourself. This is how your divine self talks to you. Avoid any selfdegrading thoughts or what you think other people think of you. Turquoise is great for self-worth.

S A G I T TA R I U S . November 23 - December 21

Justice can be expected to settle any outstanding wrongs. You will benefit by being aware of your fears, so you can become the answer to them - thus avoid facing them - for personal growth or evolution. Amethyst reconnects us to our personal journey.

TA U R U S . April 21 - May 21

You may be feeling a little suspended at present. This won’t last long. You are discovering what your role in the bigger scheme of things is. Take some comfort and free yourself from any undigested emotions from the last 12 months. Citrine is great for clearing.


August 24 - September 23 Your higher awareness is waking, and this aligns you with reaching or striving for your highest potential. Set your sights on a gift or talent and develop it as much as you can. Be kind to yourself in thought and avoid worrying about what people think. Selenite shatters negative thoughts.

CAPRICORN. December 22 - January 20

Time to set some fresh goals, knowing exactly why you want the things you crave. This will ensure a pure motive for the universe to work with. As self-esteem is low at present, give yourself permission to succeed. Turquoise is great for self-worth.

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i Russ. You and your son, scenic country - including the back road near Robert, recently completWalls of Jerusalem. Essentially, the National ed an epic trek in TasmaPark is on a high plateau with steep gorges nia, along the Overland cutting through it, then these majestic big Track. What inspired you domes like Cradle Mountain stick up above to take this journey? the plateau like a third level of scenery. Just Both of my sons and I had earlier done other near the start of the trek lies beautiful Dove treks together, like the Milford Track in New Lake - where there is a scenic day walk around Zealand and BlackCat/Bulldog in New Guinea. those shores, with Cradle Mountain in the We had often heard that the Cradle Mountain/ background. Overland Trek in Tassie was one of Australia’s The trek itself starts along a boardwalk most scenic and “must do ” treks - so it across marshes at Ronny Creek, but was planned as one not to miss. soon rises up steep rocky hills to How long did the trek Marion’s Lookout, past very take? scenic outlooks back over The Overland Trek Dove Lake and Crater Just near the , in Tassie takes five or start of the trek Lake. From then on, e six nights, depending you traverse rocky lies beautiful D ov ere Lake - where th where you stay, but plateau country past alk is a scenic day w es we took six nights the majestic Barn Bluff or around those sh ain starting at the Cradle and down into Waterfall nt with Cradle Mou .” Mountain (northern) valley. That day’s walk is nd in the back grou about 11 km. end and finishing at Lake The next day’s walk is St Clair on the southern about 8 km through to Lake end. We stayed at Cradle Windermere, with scenic valley Mountain National Park Lodge outlooks and past waterfalls. The the first night - then five more nights out third day was nearly 17 km down through on the trail. a steep gorge and back up the other side to We chose to take the week from 12th Pelion Hut. to 19th April, because we had calculated the Day four was another 9 km from Pelion to weather would not be too hot for walking Kia Ora - this time ascending up through the then, but also before any bleak, cold winter rocky Ducane Gap past Mt Pelion East and Mt weather would set in. Ossa - two of Tasmania’s highest mountains. Describe the trek and the territory it Day five was another 10 km through to Windy covered; where did the track start and Ridge, where we did some extra side trips to end, and what types of scenery did you look at D‘Alton and Fergusson Waterfalls encounter? similar to those up near Dorrigo - with plenty We flew to Launceston, then had a driver of water pouring over them due to Tassie’s high take us to Cradle Mountain National Park rainfall. which was several hours by car through very


greater port macquarie focus.


to It is interesting at x si n w do nk bu beside a time sleeping with all total strangers ises no ed the associat but t gh ni e during th e m you also make so the g on good friends al e across way as you com ” k. al w e th others on

“ The final day we walked the last 12 kilometres through to Lake St Clair past Pine Valley, which is a scenic walk from the Lake St Clair southern entrance to the park. Over the seven days total, I was surprised just how spectacular the scenery was - including many rocky peaks and deep gorges that we do not see in mainland Australia. There were plenty of creeks to cross and beautiful lakes with mountain backdrops. The vegetation varied from mossy, slippery forests through to open heathland. What was the most challenging part of your journey? The trek was rockier and rougher than I thought, and Robert’s boots actually lost their soles on the first day into the trek, so we had to improvise with duct tape, shoelaces and wire holding them together for the rest of the walk. So, good solid boots are critical! For me, the hardest thing was carrying all our equipment, including tents, cookery gear and food. That made a pack weight of about 20 kg each - which was quite challenging, going up those steep rocky slopes for about 80 kilometres. What did you most love about the trip - what is it about the experience you’ll never forget? It was wonderful to share that exhilarating walk with my son - as it was just the two of us walking independently, with plenty of time to talk and share the unique scenery. The views from the top of Marion’s Lookout and from Mt Pelion East were spectacular and well worth the climb. Give us some more detail about the various mountain peaks you encountered. What was the highest altitude you reached

- and what was the most arduous climb? Each day there is a separate mountain peak off to the side that is a challenge to climb. Generally, in each case you would leave the main pack on the track and divert off for a few hours to climb these peaks. They are very rocky, steep and dangerous, but exhilarating as well. The very nature of these peaks are sharp, broken rocky outcrops which have vertical cliffs and gaps like crevasses. Cradle Mountain top is 1,545 m, Barn Bluff is 1,559 m. We climbed to the peak of Mt Pelion East, which was 1,443 m. We were lucky with the weather that we could see 50 km back to Cradle Mountain in the north, as well as a further 30 km south to Lake St Clair. Others we encountered on the trek climbed up Mt Ossa, which is the highest peak in Tassie at 1,617 m. Obviously these peaks are often covered in cloud, rain and snow in winter, so we were very happy to have experienced the views. Was the entire trip organised by a tour company, or individually arranged? We chose to do the trek independently - just the two of us, but still had to pay a National Park fee and make a booking, so they knew roughly where we were each day. It is a lot cheaper to do it that way, but there’s a lot more gear to carry. How was the weather while you were away? Tasmania’s renowned for some pretty nippy conditions! The weather was pretty good considering,

and we had four sunny days out of six to take in the fantastic views of mountains and valleys 20 km away, where we could see where we had been or still to go. Some days we were walking in just shirtsleeves - other days we walked in heavy rain or cold, sleety conditions. The maximum temperature a couple of days was only around 8 degrees. How did you fend for yourselves on the trek, food and shelter-wise? We carried our own food packs all the way, as well as our own cooking gear and utensils. All that adds to the weight - particularly when the National Parks do not want you to leave ANY rubbish behind, so you still carry leftovers/ scrap with you to the finish. There are shelter huts along the way at the end of each day’s walk, but they only sleep around 16 - all laying side by side - for independent walkers like ourselves. If you get to the huts before dark, there is a good chance of room to sleep, but otherwise you have to pitch your tent outside in a designated area. It is interesting to bunk down

six at a time sleeping beside total strangers with all the associated noises during the night but you also make some good friends along the way as you come across others on the walk. If you ever did the trek again, what would you do differently next time? If I did it again I would book through a guide company where the food and shelter is waiting ahead for you and you only have less than 10 kg day packs with just day food and spare clothing/sleeping bag etc. Because we did it independently, we also had to organise our own transport from Launceston to Cradle Mountain - which was an extra cost - then also had to organise someone to pick us up at the other end at Lake St Clair and get back again to Launceston. We realised later it would have been easier to have booked a flight back out from Hobart, which was closer to the Lake St Clair finishing point. Thanks Russ. Interview by Jo Atkins. greater port macquarie focus. 87


Robyn Butler.




he main complaint was that people 55-plus found the word “dear” as very patronising and giving reference to “you are on the down hill run", followed very closely by “darl” and “love”. Mind you, some people can get away with it in style and make you feel warm and special …but not many! I suppose it is better than being called “old bugger” or “hey you”! You gotta laugh!

MARTIN BARROW’S ... SPECIAL MESSAGE As some of you know, I have written about Martin’s work with orphanages in Africa over the years, and I am pleased to say he is back in Port Macquarie to talk to as many people as possible about his work in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Martin is the Director of Our Neighbourhood Ministry in Bulawayo and has lived and worked there for over 12 years in the poorest areas of Zimbabwe. He and his wife, Mercy,

overseer an orphanage, homeless shelter, care for children that have dropped out of school and numerous other facilities. If you would like to hear and speak to Martin, here are the times and places: 2/12/15, 6:30pm, Wauchope Baptist Church, Senior Citizens Hall, 47 Main Street. 5/12/15, 5:30pm, Coffee with Martin at Shelley Beach picnic area. 6/12/15, 9:30am, Grace Church, 2 Kingfisher Road, Port Macquarie. 6/12/15, 3pm, Port Uniting Chapel, Horton St, Port Macquarie (next door to Kentucky Fried Chicken). If you are interested in the work this local, caring and wonderful man does, look on or ring his mum, Robyn, on 6582 3300 or 0427 335 555 to find out more details. I know this man and the work he does is all from the heart ... SNIPPETS 1. Have noticed colouring in books for adults now catching on fast. Some of the mags you buy have them attached and from what I understand, people love them. One lady I spoke to said, when she lost her husband, she found colouring in very calming and it helped her through the long winter evenings. Her granddaughter was very impressed with her Nan’s beautiful work, so it was an extra bonding time when they had this hobby in common. Nice Christmas pressie! 2. Congratulations to all who participated at the Masters Swimming Tournament in Port Macquarie last month. Very disappointed for

that day only, the pool increased their entry fee from $1.50 to $4.50 each for spectators. Some visitors had to be content to watch outside the fence? Some people were not impressed - particularly those who travelled to support the swimmers ... MAKE YOU SMILE ... This is such a nice true story, I had to share it with you … Out of the mouths of “babes”. My lovely friend had plumbing problems in her home, to the extent it flooded her bathroom, bedroom etc. and needed the insurance company to be called in to assess the damage … All organised, and two young tradies from Wauchope came in to carry out the repairs. Her three year old granddaughter arrived as she saw one of the kind tradies take out her grandmother’s garbage bin. She walked up to him and said, “ Oh, are you having a sleep over with my Nanny?” Ummmmm! CHRISTMAS CHEER TO YOU ALL … Happy Christmas to Jay, Louise, all the lovely staff at FOCUS, fellow columnists and to the readers who took the time to read my column over the year. As I say every year, special thoughts to those working over the Christmas, New Year period, including the Ambos, Police, Firies, SES, doctors, nurses, aged care workers and the like … We are living in a very unsettled world at the moment, so enjoy the time you have with your families over the holiday period in peace and harmony. See you in 2016! Keep smiling, Robbie x

nursing agency


MBC007_FOCUS_HP_255x156_NURSING_HOME_CARE_Nov15_v2.indd 1

greater port macquarie focus.

16/11/2015 3:04 pm

by Michelle Newman from Newman Communications

The “Day in the Life” series gives us a glimpse into the working lives of the people we don’t often see or think about, but who play an important role in keeping our community running.

LOUISE Coetzer M B C




elping people remain healthy and happy at purpose.” home is what drives registered nurse and Louise relies on her ability to assess complex situations, solve manager of MBC Nursing Agency Louise problems and embrace change. A big part of her job is to train Coetzer. and mobilise MBC’s qualified carers and registered nurses to As we face the challenges of living with a provide positive outcomes for clients. disability or getting older, most of us prefer “When a client contacts us to inquire about our services, I to remain living independently in our own homes. Accessing conduct an initial phone assessment. Then during home care support or in-home nursing can really help a home visit we talk about what assistance turn lives around, providing peace of mind and they need. Sometimes that means complex helping people stay in their own homes longer. healthcare, and sometimes it means Louise trained and worked as a registered re ca e m a help around the home and some ho nurse in South Africa for most of her career, Accessing e om -h in or t companionship.” suppor before settling in Port Macquarie four help turn MBC Nursing Agency help people nursing can really years ago after stints in Mount Gambier

, providing

lives around with things like cleaning, shopping and Townsville. d helping peace of mind an own and personal care such as showering, With an innate compassion and eir people stay in th enthusiasm for helping others, Louise has as well as medication management homes longer.” been providing care for people of all ages at and wound care. They take the time to all stages of life for the past 25 years. find out about their clients’ interests and “I have worked in acute care in ICU with how they can help them continue doing children and adults, and also as a palliative care the things they enjoy. nurse in both community and hospital environments. If necessary, Louise will conduct a health check I’ve also worked in aged care facilities as well as with clients and if there are any symptoms work with the client, with disabilities,” Louise said. carer or other health professionals such as their doctor or Most recently, Louise has drawn on her many years of occupational therapists to improve outcomes. practical nursing experience and her numerous qualifications “Being able to make a real difference in a client’s quality of to manage MBC Nursing Agency, which provides home care life, while providing peace of mind and a well-earned break for support and in-home nursing services on the Mid North Coast. carers is the most rewarding thing of all,” Louise said. “In 2011 I was asked to establish the healthcare arm of the It can be a difficult conversation for families, but sometimes business, and I was ready for the challenge. In order to do my we just need to ask for help. If you or your loved one need some job I need to have a good understanding of a client’s needs and the confidence to bring people together for a common

my day 9:00am Working in the office to find suitable and qualified workers to join the MBC Nursing Agency team 10:00am Conduct an in-home assessment with a potential client - find out about their needs and interests, conduct a health check and talk with their carer about how we can help 12:00pm Back to the office to work on a care plan for the client, including identifying staff to match the client’s needs and any multi-disciplinary care workers required 1:00pm A break for lunch and time to work on some business development tasks 2:00pm Developing training programmes for our staff 3:00pm Head out to work in the community - doing what I love and staying in touch with the challenges faced by our staff and clients so I can improve outcomes 5:00pm Time to reflect on the difference I was able to make today, and head home

support, visit or call 1300 854 622. greater port macquarie focus.




A N G D E S C K B I GN A M S• S •





i Tess. You grew up in Port and attended MacKillop Senior College. Describe for us your passion for art, even from these early days - and what art success you achieved while still at school … When I was a little girl, I constantly turned napkins into works of art, painted my fingernails in 27 different colours, created paintings out of puddles and cried whenever I had to put the paints away. I’ve always had a fascination for art and design, even before I knew what it was. During my school years, Clag glue was my Kindergarten bestie, the craft corner my second home, and my watercolour pencils my most prized possessions. In Years 11 and 12 at Mackillop Senior College I really started to find my creative niche with the help of my amazing art teacher, Miss Hack. My HSC major artwork was selected to tour the countryside with the ArtExpress exhibition, and my overall HSC score set up me to attend the well-renowned design course at UTS, Sydney, I was hoping to get into. You moved to Sydney after school, initially intending to study graphic design. What made you decide to open your own graphic design business, instead of completing tertiary studies? This must have been a very daunting prospect for someone so young! I’ve never been one to do things by the book, and my career was no exception to this rule. I dropped out of my fourth university degree and decided that I was ready to take on the world. I was only 22 at the time, and without completing my degree or having ever stepped foot into another design agency, I started the business one step at a time. I wouldn’t say it was daunting; it certainly came with risk and required me to be bold - but that’s something I am quite comfortable with and find myself thriving on. Being pushed out of your comfort


greater port macquarie focus.


Each day I get to go to the studio and hang h of out with a bunc nate , io ss extremely pa d an n fu ly ridiculous e in nu ge y seriousl people .”

zone and making a truckload of mistakes along the way (I’ve made a tonne) is a great way to learn, fast! Describe the evolution of your business, Smack Bang Designs, from its early days until now. When did it first open its doors, and how has it grown since? I started the business at the beginning of 2011 and now have a team of 14 by my side working on over 80 projects at any given time. We are a modern design agency which favours good content over profit, and we are heavily focused on working with like-minded people who are doing good for the world through their brands and businesses. We work across branding, packaging and website design and pride ourselves on strategically sound, commercially driven work that tells a story. Your studio in Woollahra has just been photographed to appear in an interior/lifestyle magazine. It must be a very special place to work in - what makes it so visually and aesthetically appealing? Our studio is our sanctuary. We invest a lot of time and resources into our studio home to make sure that it is a beautiful place to hang out all day. The studio always has the gentle hum of busy, the scent of countless coffees, a trail of jokes, good vibes and plenty of tunes … Always tunes. Our brand has a fresh and simple aesthetic which carries through to our workspace, with clean, fresh styling, natural light, raw textures and plenty of plants. My partner and I also run a business called Urban Growers, which is all about bringing more green back into the modern day life, so the studio resembles more of a jungle than a place of work. What types of clients/products do you typically work with? We work with people who are focused on producing positive, meaningful work - those who are doing good for the greater good. We find ourselves working with a lot of businesses in the health, food and lifestyle spaces, which is such an exciting sector to be involved with at the moment - a sector that is seeing huge growth and evolvement in the current market. What range of services do you offer these clients? We offer branding, website, packaging and a range of marketing services. Everything we do is very much tailored to the

specific client and their audience. What are some of your business’ most notable achievements so far? About six months ago we were approached by Westfield to do some branding for a new space they were developing. During my meeting with them they told me that they had ended their relationship with a particular design agency in order to work with us, as they believed Smack Bang was producing a better calibre of work. Much to my surprise, the agency they were talking about was my all-time favourite studio, whom I’d idolised since my uni days. Their work is amazing, so to be mentioned in the same sentence as them, let alone picking up on a project they had originally consulted on, was a huge achievement for Smack Bang. Running a business can be hard work ... What keeps you motivated, getting you out of bed every morning, battling

city traffic and going to work? My team. The legends who help me to create my vision are like family to me. Each day I get to go to the studio and hang out with a bunch of extremely passionate, ridiculously fun and seriously genuine people. Without these guys, I wouldn’t be where I am today and wouldn’t be able to go where I want to go tomorrow. It’s important to surround yourself with strong, capable and inspiring people - it makes the world of difference to your day. Personally, having this network of support that I am lucky enough to call my team gives me daily motivation, ensures I’m constantly excited about the future and works to help me retain my sanity! Because yes, running a business is plain hard work. Where can we find out more about you and your studio? www.smackbangdesigns or on instagram @smackbangdesigns Thanks Tess. Interview by Jo Atkins.

Enrolling now for a February 2016 Start CHC33015 CHC33015 CHC33015 BSB30415 BSB31115 SIT30713

Certificate III in Individual Support - Aged Care Certificate III in Individual Support - Disability Certificate III in Individual Support - Home & Community Care Certificate III in Business Administration Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) Certificate III in Hospitality

FNS40215 BSB40515 CHC42015 BSB42015 BSB40415 TAE40110

Certificate IV in Bookkeeping Certificate IV in Business Administartion Certificate IV in Community Services Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Certificate IV in Small Business Management Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Don’t know what to choose? Try our multi-industry tasters Literacy & Numeracy courses also available Smart & Skilled Concessions for eligible students will apply - Contact SkillsLink for more information This training is subsidised by the NSW Governmentt

SkillsLink Training is the training arm of Port Macquarie Community College RTO 90315

ph: 6583 7288

77 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie greater port macquarie focus.



Our Favourite


2012 annual staff photo


We're never shy of having a bit of fun - we've dressed up for the business awards and a few times for our annual staff photo.

women in business

Each year the Men and Women in Business take over FOCUS. Behind the scenes pulling together 20+ of the busiest women for a photo shoot at the Glasshouse was no mean feat, but worth it to showcase these amazing locals.

fashions on the fIeld FOCUS has been proud to present the Fashions on the Field at the Port Cup since 2010. Over that time we have given over $30,000 of cash and prizes out to winners.

92 greater port macquarie focus.


for Cancer

FOCUS has been proud to present the Dance for Cancer fundraiser for the Cancer Council since 2013. Together with our fantastic celebrity dancers, we have helped raise over $150,000.


Most recently, FOCUS was proud to help our Jane Hillsdon in her quest to pull off the World's Biggest #cartwheelforcancer. 400 + people turned up to support the fundraiser at Town Beach. And FOCUS was proud to supply the souvenir wristbands to each participant. The event raised over $5,000 for the Cancer Council.


Hello Koalas


The Hello Koalas project has put smiles on thousands of children's faces. FOCUS was proud to support this great project - we love our very own koala, "Carramar", by artist Elise Howard, which is located on the foreshore near the SeaPlane.

100 issue

Ocean Club Resort


January 2013 // issue 86

May 2011 // issue 66

Our 100 issue celebration party was held at Black Duck Brewery back in 2014. The designers swapped their mouses for knives and took over the kicthen to cook up twice cooked Korean wings, beef rib sliders and fried chicken and kale slaw tacos! Clearly a hit with our guests, who kept coming back for more!



John Jo Butler is passionate about making his music a meaningful, valuing audience meanin participation at his shows. part


After a persistent four-year campaign, Leslie Williams’ cam hard work paid off.





I N S I D E 66




Indulge your inner child PORT MACQUARIE

our top 3 favourite covers It's not every day you can convince three very busy Councillors and one Mayor to recreate one of the most famous photos in history. Peter Bessling, Adam Robers, Justin Levido and Trevor Sargent helped us recreate the famous Abby Road photo from the Beatles. We even managed to get a London Cab and white Volkswagon in the photo.

Over the years, Tastings on Hastings has featured on the FOCUS cover 8 times, with this particular cover our favourite. 12 of our local area's chefs, foodies and producers gathered at The Stunned Mullet to recreate "The Last Supper".

Along with Tastings on Hastings, the Slice of Haven has been a mainstay on the cover of FOCUS each year. Every year we create a new theme, but our favourite was "Indulge your inner child". Charlie Kier and Jenelle Nosworthy rocked the FOCUS photo studio to produce this awesome cover.

Readers can look forward to more unique FOCUS covers FEATURING local people in 2016...

greater port macquarie focus.



meet our


JANETTEHYDE. THESMUG. Number of years contributing for FOCUS: 3.5 years. My day job is … A secret. But it’s very high profile locally. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The many awesome and generous people who live here, the natural beauty and environmental diversity, and the great climate. Fave place to dine in GPM: My place. I love to cook. Come on over! On the weekends I love to ... Enjoy family time, go fishing, barbecue for friends and family and watch sports. One thing people don’t know about me is: I love a fine Central American made tobacco leaf cigar and a single malt whiskey every now and then - or weekly?


greater port macquarie focus.

Number of years contributing for FOCUS: 8 years. My day job is … retired and passionately working for the community in many different ways. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The wonderful laid-back people, lots of things to do, moderate weather. Fave place to dine in GPM: Fusion 7 and Sushiko. On the weekends I love to ... Go to the beach and go on long drives. One thing people don’t know about me is: For many years I showed and bred Papillons - one of the oldest of the toy spaniel breeds of dogs.

estelleGOUGH. Number of years contributing for FOCUS: 6 years. My day job is ... Coordinating Port Macquarie Landcare Group. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The wonderful areas of natural bushland, great beaches, and the great community spirit. Fave place to dine in GPM: Sea Acres. On the weekends I love to ... relax after a stint of bush regenerating. One thing people don’t know about me is: I am originally a Queenslander, but am first and foremost an Australian.

Number of years contributing for FOCUS: Five, I think. My day job is … Singer/Comedienne/ community worker. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: 1. Where I live; 5 minutes to beaches or the bush, shopping or river cruises. 2. Beautiful beaches and walks. 3. The activities every weekend that are available to everyone in the Greater Port Macquarie to enjoy … markets, wineries, entertainment, carnivals, special events, culture, and the list goes on. Fave place to dine in GPM: Besides a picnic at the “Grasshouse”, listening to music ... ABUNDANCE CAFÉ AT SANCROX. On the weekends I love to ... Swim and eat with my gorgeous friends and entertain with Adam and the Antiques! One thing people don’t know about me is: I was a reporter on Consumer Watch for the Midday Show with Ray Martin for five years.

JANEHILLSDON. Number of years contributing for FOCUS: Almost 3.5 years wow, how time flies. My day job is … I’m the Managing Director of Dragonfly Marketing. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: I love the community spirit, I love taking my morning run along our amazing beaches, and I love how easy it is to bring up my three children in this amazing wonderland. Fave place to dine in GPM: The Stunned Mullet for dinner, Drury Lane for lunch and Latin Loafer for cocktails. On the weekends I love to ... Chill out with my family and hang out with friends. One thing people don’t know about me is: I’m the most open book in the world; there’s nothing people don’t know about me! What you see is what you get.


meet our


KateWOOD-FOYE. Number of years contributing for FOCUS: 10 years - Issue 1! My day job is … Area Director of Sales and Marketing for Rydges Port Macquarie and Sails Resort by Rydges. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: What’s not to love with our beautiful coastal lifestyle - top 3 if I HAD to narrow it down would be: stunning beaches and hinterland; food, wine, and festivals; and the people. Fave place to dine in GPM: Very tricky! We have so many amazing places to eat ... Fusion 7, Stunned Mullet and Zebu are all on top of my list ... sorry, can’t pick one! On the weekends I love to ... Hit the beach, go for a run to the lighthouse, spend time with my husband, Steve, son Jack and our dog, Koda - Sunday breakfast at Bittersweet is always a treat. One thing people don’t know about me is: I was the hostess at the Royal Gala Event at the Chelsea Flower Show for Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in the UK ... I souvenired her hand cream from the bathroom and gave it to my mum for Mother’s Day!

HADyNORITI. Number of years contributing for FOCUS: Three years. My day job is … partner at Donovan Oates Hannaford Lawyers. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The sunshine, the sense of community and its future - this town really has everything lining up to ensure it is going to be great! Fave place to dine in GPM: Bonny Hills Tavern - good simple food, but with a place for the kids to play safely while we can dine with friends and visitors. On the weekends I love to ... get to Rainbow Beach - but am often found on the mower. With 3 ha, there is always something to do. One thing people don’t know about me is: I support the Brisbane Lions. Given their last 10 years, I measure pretty well on loyalty.

Number of years contributing for FOCUS: Two years. My day job is … Developing and delivering creative public relations solutions as the Principal Consultant of Newman Communications. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The incredibly friendly people that make up this terrific community; the amazing places to enjoy from the beach to the bush; and the exciting future that we’re all creating together. Fave place to dine in GPM: I love a “business lunch” at LV’s or fish and chips by the river with my kids. On the weekends I love to ... Spend time with my beautiful little family exploring the hidden gems of our region. One thing people don’t know about me is: My personal mission is to give a voice to causes I care about and brands I believe in.

SUSIEBOSWELL. Number of years contributing to FOCUS: Nine years. My day job is … Principal of Port Macquarie Public Relations, Port’s original PR consultancy, specialising in corporate copywriting and tourism, travel and small business PR. 3 things you love about Greater Port Macquarie: The inclusive nature and diversity of social, special interest and sports groups - probably a record for a community of our size; my entrepreneurial tourism clients and other small businesses that thrive here; FOCUS, for reflecting all the positives of our town and district. Fave place to dine in GPM: The Stunned Mullet, sponsor of my Out To Lunch column that’s

featured profiles of more than 100 leading local personalities, thanks to the support of restaurateurs Lou Perri and David Henry. On the weekends I love to ... ... pursue my passion for politics and the law. I’ve been press secretary to seven Ministers and Shadows and enjoy soaking up coverage of the week’s important events. One thing people don’t know about me is: I was on the foundation staff of 60 Minutes, spent two years in the Foreign Affairs Department’s diplomatic stream, and earned Australia’s top journalism distinction, a Walkley, as well as Fleet Street’s equivalent British national award.

greater port macquarie focus. 95




Lifeline Mid Coast is seeking good listeners to become Telephone Crisis Supporters next year - people interested in enhancing their own self awareness, personal and professional growth through their genuine care for people to become the best communicator they can be.


ifeline Mid Coast provides care and support to callers in their time of personal crisis. Our volunteers are people with a strong sense of self awareness and the ability to express empathy and respect for others without judgment. We speak to Di Bannister, head trainer and

96 greater port macquarie focus.

as a counsellor, university study for three years working with people, coming from a human in psychology, training and assessing education, resources background. I was looking for a experience as a TAFE educator, as well as other purpose in life; I was interested in helping my various educational opportunities have certainly community and people, as well as meeting shaped me as a person, Lifeline has helped me likeminded people. The training exceeded my pull all that together. I use all those various skills expectations, and I have experienced great within the Lifeline practice model to support personal development since completing it and people at their most vulnerable times. It makes getting on the phones. I have gained more than me feel as if I am contributing to my I could ever have thought. community in a meaningful, Training to become a volunteer healthy way. Telephone Crisis Supporter Over the past 25 years, is both challenging Lifeline Mid Coast’s and rewarding and Lifeline’s Crisis ng reputation has been carries with it many Supporter traini by built on Lifeline’s high benefits, which is underpinned ed by standards of training include obtaining a research provid dation the Lifeline Foun and services to our nationally recognised and by Lifeline’s community. Lifeline’s qualification and ning Registered Trai Crisis Supporter providing an essential ) TO Organisation (R training is underpinned service for the status . ” by research provided by community. Volunteers the Lifeline Foundation are well prepared to go on and by Lifeline’s Registered the phones and well supported Training Organisation (RTO) status. during and following each shift. Lifeline’s Crisis Supporters are recognised as Volunteer Telephone Crisis trained to the world’s best standards with Supporters report that their involvement training focused on crisis support, suicide with Lifeline Mid Coast has opened up new intervention and pathways to help seeking. opportunities in their lives with future career We speak to Barry Braund, a newly trained development and prospects. Make friends with Telephone Crisis Support volunteer with Lifeline likeminded people and become part of the Mid Coast. Lifeline family. I had admired Lifeline from afar for a long "Every minute you give helps us save lives." while, as a trusted brand that genuinely cared Lifeline Mid coast commences training for people. The opportunity for volunteering February 2016. Interested people should came up through retirement from Essential contact Maria 6581 2800 or email admin@ Energy and matched with my interest in

manager of the Telephone Crisis Support Team. My personal experience with Lifeline over 21 years of volunteering and 3½ years of paid employment has been one of personal growth and learning. I continue to learn from the calls I take, the people I train and the crisis supporters whom I work with every day during their volunteering. I often think that while my training


with the Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce

Hadyn Oriti.




report from Deloitte Access Economics confirms certain places are better than others for people to flourish and prosper. When looking at what makes some place prosper and others languish, I am comfortable we are primed for an absolutely flourishing future. Many commentators said telecommunications advances would diminish the importance of place. We won’t need to

go to the office to work, but could and would do so from home or the beach. We would disperse from the major cities. The reality has turned out differently. People still congregate in Sydney, living closer together than ever before. People are social creatures. We choose to live in places for many reasons. It can be climate, proximity to facilities, or a community that stimulates and rewards them with new

and different people. The Deloitte report says that people want somewhere to belong, where their human need for community can be nourished and where they feel a measure of control over things that matter to them. They want to live where they feel they can flourish as human beings - both emotionally and financially. The report tells us that a flourishing place attracts others. They are attracted to a place they can interact with others, but also have the schools, hospitals, shops, restaurants, clubs, parks and facilities they need. They may wish to escape the traffic of Sydney, but they do not want to leave civilisation behind. They won’t move unless they can see an opportunity for themselves. Our experience in Port Macquarie shows that when people move here, they also create jobs for service providers. They need the bus drivers, beauticians and baristas, the plumbers, builders and electricians. A flourishing place doesn’t happen by accident. There are a number of elements that need to come together to make them work. As a regional centre, it is imperative that strong linkages exist to other major centres. We need good telecommunications, air, rail and road links. We need to be more broadly based than relying on one or two primary or secondary industries. We need to offer knowledge workers in tertiary industries more reasons to be here - and that is happening. Knowledge workers, according to the report, stimulate innovation and

entrepreneurship, as well as contributing to the leadership of our town and a willingness to contribute. Drawing more knowledge workers to this region means they bring with them their human capital to contribute a general rise of our overall wellbeing. In Port Macquarie we have some wonderful examples of drawcards bringing in more and more knowledge workers. The university campus being constructed in Lake Innes will house well paid academics seeking a good lifestyle for which they will need the services of others. The Base Hospital and the medical precinct are major elements in drawing a highly educated workforce and technology to our region. The newly commissioned shared education facility in Highfields Circuit is a showcase of advanced technology and space offered to students of medicine and allied health. Existing businesses have an interest in ensuring this place flourishes and prospers. The payoff for business, according to the report, could be increasing returns, rising productivity and higher living standards. This Chamber has been long engaged in the process of economic development for the region. We support strategies and policies, working hand in hand with all levels of government and the community, to achieve outcomes that deliver economic growth - not for growth’s sake - because of what it means in better opportunities and prosperity for our children and the broader community.

Fixing Fixing OurOur Federation Federation & Tax & Tax System System


delivering delivering for Lyne for Lyne

Reforming Reforming our Federation our Federation and Taxand system Tax system has the has the potentialpotential to deliver to big deliver winsbig forwins our electorate. for our electorate.

Reforming our Federa potential to deliver big

A few monthsA ago, few months I undertook ago,aI undertook series of public a series forums of public and distributed forums andadistributed household a household survey seeking survey yourseeking views about your views whereabout our taxwhere system ourand tax our system Federation and ourcan Federation be can be improved. Over improved. 1,000 people Over 1,000 took part people in this tookprocess part in this withprocess many ideas with put many forward. ideas put forward.

A few months ago, I undertook a se survey seeking your views about wh improved. Over 1,000 people took p

Some of theSome suggestions of the suggestions and recurring andthemes recurring included themes measures includedto: measures to:

Some of the suggestions and rec

• • • • • • • • • •

Significantly • Significantly increase the increase Age Pension the Age Pension • Significantly increase the Age P Reduce •Personal Reduce Income Personal TaxesIncome Taxes • Reduce Personal Income Taxes Many peopleMany have people talked about have talked the need about for the Australia need for to consider Australiaadopting to consider theadopting same the same Reduce •SmallReduce Business Small TaxBusiness Tax Small Business Tax GST model atGST Newmodel Zealand. at New I would Zealand. NOT Isupport would NOT a broadening support a or broadening increase inorthe increase GST inin the•GSTReduce in Abolish Payroll • Abolish Tax and Payroll otherTax inefficient and otherState inefficient Taxes State Taxes • Abolish Payroll Tax and other in isolation. isolation. Clamp down • Clamp on multinational down on multinational companies avoiding companies theiravoiding tax obligations their tax obligations • Clamp down on multinational c Make private • Make healthprivate insurance healthmore insurance affordable moreand affordable reduce “out-of-pocket” and reduce “out-of-pocket” If a New Zealand If a New GSTZealand model was GSTapplied, model was I would applied, only Isupport would only suchsupport a proposal suchif ait proposal if•it Make private health insurance medical expenses. medical expenses. included many included of the many items of listed the above, items listed most above, notablymost a significant notably aincrease significant in the increase Age in the Agemedical expenses. Introduce• new Introduce incentives newtoincentives make infrastructure to make infrastructure and servicesand delivered services by delivered the by the • for Introduce new incentives to ma Pension, TaxPension, Cuts, Reform Tax Cuts, of Commonwealth-State Reform of Commonwealth-State Relations andRelations additional and funding additional for funding States and Territories States andmore Territories efficientmore efficient States and Territories more effi infrastructure. infrastructure. Change •the revenue Change the mix revenue betweenmix the between Federal and the Federal State Governments and State Governments to better to better • Change the revenue mix betwe align with their align roles withand their responsibilities roles and responsibilities align with their roles and respo At present, I At ampresent, finalising I am a submission finalising a incorporating submission incorporating much of yourmuch feedback of your to both feedback the to both the Reform local • Reform government local government to become more to become sustainable more through sustainable a closer through alignment a closer alignment • Reform local government to be Reform of Federation Reform ofand Federation Tax Reform andWhite Tax Reform Paper White processes. PaperI processes. have been seeking I have been costings seeking costings with State Government with State Government agencies agencies from the Parliamentary from the Parliamentary Budget OfficeBudget on many Office of the on many suggestions of the suggestions put forward and put forward will and willwith State Government agencie Increase•funding Increase for major funding national for major and national local infrastructure and local infrastructure projects projects • Increase funding for major nati incorporate them incorporate in my upcoming them in mysubmission. upcoming submission.

Fixing Our Federation & Tax System


Authorised by Dr Authorised David Gillespie by Dr David MP, 75-77 Gillespie Clarence MP, 75-77 Street,Clarence Port Macquarie Street, Port NSWMacquarie 2444. NSW 2444.

forfor Lyne Dr DavidDrGillespie David Gillespie MP | Delivering MPdelivering | Delivering record funding record funding our local for our community local community

Reforming our Federation and Tax system has the potential to deliver big wins for our electorate.

Dr David Gillespie greater port macquarie focus.


Reforming our Federa potential to deliver big


property guide

e v e n b e t ta h o m e s


greater port macquarie focus.


L O O K I N G T O B U I L D A N E W H O M E O R A N I N V E S T M E N T P R O P E RT Y ? T H E N L O O K N O F U RT H E R T H A N B R U C O R P B U I L D I N G P t y L t d …

The open plan kitchen has an island bench, double fridge space and is fitted out l expertly with al s.” on -c od m e th

“ hey are the go to team if you want a home that is built professionally with an exacting eye for quality and top notch inclusions. Chrissy Jones chatted with one of the Directors, Corrina Lo-Monaco, about their recently completed project at 63 and 63a Brierley Avenue, Port Macquarie - an investment property that will provide a much sought after rental for years to come.

BruCorp specially designed and built this 4 bedroom home with semi detached 2 bedroom granny flat at Brierley Hills for a local couple looking for an investment property to help secure their future. THE 4 BEDROOM HOME

This modern, single level contemporary home is spacious and a well thought out design, ideal for family living. The home’s generously proportioned interiors offer an open plan living/dining area as well as indoor/outdoor entertaining spaces. Enjoying a peaceful location, the home allows for optimum natural light throughout the air-conditioned, tiled living areas. A separate

carpeted lounge room gives a very comfy space to sit back, relax and catch a movie. The open plan kitchen has an island bench, double fridge space and is fitted out expertly with all the mod-cons. An alfresco, undercover entertaining area at the rear of the home overlooks the fully landscaped back yard. Four spacious bedrooms, all with built-in robes and ceiling fans, family bathroom plus ensuite to the main and a generous double garage with remote and internal access all combine to present a very functional, family home.

greater port macquarie focus. 99


e v e n b e t ta h o m e s

SEMI-DETACHED 2 BEDROOM GRANNY FLAT Also beautifully finished, the granny flat has quality fittings and fixtures throughout. It has a sleek, contemporary feel and is perfectly appointed for easy indoor/outdoor living. Offering street frontage, the villa also has a fully landscaped, private, easy care fenced child-friendly backyard. The interior is light filed, air-conditioned and has an open plan living space off the gourmet kitchen that is fitted out with all the mod-cons, including a double stainless steel sink and dishwasher. Offering two good sized bedrooms, both with built in robes and ceiling fans, the granny flat is very comfortable. A designer bathroom with combined laundry facilities, remote lockup


greater port macquarie focus.

garage, that also has handy internal access, completes the amenities. If you’re interested in an excellent investment property return or just need to accommodate your extended family, contact Core on 0428 148 486 for enquiries. FROM THE BUILDER Tell us a bit about your business - how long have you been operating? BruCorp Building Pty Ltd is a locally owned and run company with over 30 years’ experience in the building industry. BruCorp Building not only specialises in building new quality homes but also in all aspects of building, carpentry and concreting. BruCorp Building are able to satisfy all your building needs, no matter if they are big or small. We provide quality workmanship

and service, and we have an elite team of professional tradesmen who are reliable and efficient, and all our jobs are organised in a way that enables us to ensure timely completion and a smooth and stress free build for our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a service that is second to none in a friendly, approachable and enthusiastic environment. We respond promptly to all enquiries and follow up within timeframes advised. Feel free to contact us for ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS! What are the types of building that you specialise in? We specialise in new homes for the owner occupier and also investment properties. We have a variety of plans that cater to new

home buyers and also investors that can assist maximise their return. We are also able to provide assistance with medium to small projects such as renovations, whether it be adding additional rooms to existing homes or revamping kitchens and bathrooms. We also do new decks and pergolas, as well as sealing outdoor areas and driveways - there is no job to big or too small! Did the owners have any specific requirements when they approached you to build? If so, how were these met in the design? This build was very smooth running - from design to completion. We provided the clients with our concept plan for this investment property, which they were more than happy with, and as such there were no real design


e v e n b e t ta h o m e s

changes. BruCorp Building maintains open communication from start to finish with all our clients, so we are always open to them having input into the design; after all, it is a major investment for anyone to enter into, and you want your clients to be happy with the final outcome. Everyone has different needs and wants, so any changes that the owners wish to make are discussed and the plans are customised to suit the individual needs, to ensure they are happy with the end result. What are some of the featured design elements of these homes? BruCorp Building focus on building homes for our clients that are practical and effectively utilise the space they have available, whilst maintaining a modern open plan living

design. Emphasis is also placed on the outside entertainment areas, so that the open plan living extends to outside; this is to take advantage of the great weather we have here on the Mid North Coast, all under one roof. How do we go about commissioning you to build for us? What is the process? It’s easy - just call Corrina on 0428 148 486 to start the process. BruCorp Building will guide you through the whole process from planning to completion, whether it is plan that you have designed yourself or one of our concept plans. We provide a free quote with no hidden costs, which will include an itemised inclusions list that is tailored to your budget and requirements; that way, you know exactly what you are getting!

For those smaller projects, just contact us to discuss your specific needs. BruCorp Building have always operated with the values that it’s not just another house for us to build; this is someone’s home and a major investment, so we always maintain a high standard of workmanship throughout. Why not give us a call; you won’t regret it! Contact Corrina TODAY on 0428 148 486 for all your building needs, whether it be a new home, new bathroom, home renovation, concrete, decks or pergolas. No job is too big or too small, and BruCorp Building Pty Ltd offer free quotes and pensioner discounts. TESTIMONIALS Penny McKee - Brucorp recently completed some repair work to a concrete deck and replaced all balustrades to our house in Port

Macquarie. From beginning to end, Brucorp were thorough, professional and ready to answer any questions. They conducted the repair work efficiently and with utter consideration, evidenced by the work site being left completely tidy. Cor and the Brucorp gang take great pride in their work, and it is without hesitation that we would not only appoint Brucorp again, but highly recommend them as your builder of choice. Helen Bicket - I can’t speak highly enough about the quality and finish of this build. Laura and I are thrilled with BruCorp; their attention to detail is second to none. No delays or dramas. Couldn’t have gone more smoothly; thanks to Paul and Smarter Property Group for your help and guidance.

greater port macquarie focus. 101


e v e n b e t ta h o m e s

ALL YOUR GARAGE DOOR NEEDS… Hastings Garage Door Services are specialists in the installation, repair and maintenance of your garage door and automatic garage door opener. We service all brands and are an approved provider of Steel-Line ™ and B&D ™ garage doors and products, to suit residential, commercial or industrial premises. Roller doors, panel doors or specialist doors, our experienced staff can assist with the choice of model, style and colour. Our free measure and quote will ensure your made to measure door is correctly fitted and installed. If you are in need of a new garage door, safety check on your existing garage door or automatic door opener, service/repair to your existing garage door or automatic door opener, or would like the convenience of an automatic garage door - call us! Our competitive pricing, experienced and dedicated staff will provide all your garage door needs! KITCHEN DESIGN & RENOVATIONS…


greater port macquarie focus.

DMB Kitchens provide excellent services for new kitchens, kitchen renovations and commercial joineries. Brad took over the business in Port Macquarie nine years ago. The Port Macquarie company’s staff is composed of specialists with a combined industry experience of 50 years. They offer high-quality work for all kitchen build projects, including designing and constructing new kitchens. Brad and his team offer a personalised service; what you see is what you get. From the very beginning you get the benefit of our professional tradesmen, from start to finish. The BruCorp kitchen, in both the home and the granny flat, have high quality, stone bench tops throughout, gloss melamine finished doors and are fitted with top quality appliances including cook-tops and wall ovens. BruCorp as a builder, based on our experiences, have a priority of cleanliness on the job site. When you run those standards across the

board, the quality stays a lot higher, from walls being level and plumb, measurements correct from the start, everything where it is supposed to be. These things make a big difference to the end result. The presentation of the job site every day is exceptional. Corrina does a tidy up every day and makes sure the job site is presentable at each stage throughout the build. DMB Kitchens also offer bench top refurbishments, commercial joineries and building vanity rooms. Our kitchen renovations services also include installation and repair of doors and kitchen panels. DBM Kitchens also supplies hardware materials from Blum and Hettich, which guarantee to highly improve the quality and beauty of all kitchen renovation projects to be done. We offer complete and quality kitchen builds that will satisfy you and your family. After DBM Kitchens build and/or make kitchen renovations for you, we guarantee that you will enjoy cooking great food for your family more often.

THE CLEAR CHOICE IN GLASS… Pavy’s Glass Port Macquarie is a family owned and operated business headed by Paul Pavy, who believes service and reliability are top priority. Pavy’s offer high-quality glass solutions specific to your requirements. Pavys specialises in high quality, made to measure and standard sized glass shower screens, which are made on-site at its Central Road premises. The company’s full range also includes the best in mirrors, splash-backs, security doors and window grilles. From mirror glass, mirror robe doors, table tops, shelving, balustrade glass, safety and security glass, plus door glass and glass wall panels - even shop fronts, offices and high-rise buildings - just ask Pavy’s; they do it all! Visit the showroom or give them a call to discuss your needs and let the Pavy’s team tailor a solution. Offering a free measure and quote across the Hastings, Pavy’s deliver and install their quality products.

greater port macquarie focus.





SOUTHERN STAR GROUP The Southern Star group of companies is a premium manufacturer of windows and doors in Australia. Our brands are well known and trusted within the domestic building industry and culminate in over 100 years of experience. We are the supplier of choice for many major builders Australia-wide, catering to projects of all sizes with a broad range of superlative products. In New South Wales, the group comprises Southern Star Aluminium Windows and Doors and Canterbury Timber Windows and Doors. We are pleased to announce the arrival of operations in the Port Macquarie region, with our new office located at 5 Merrigal Rd, Port Macquarie. This expansion will see the delivering of the Southern Star Group’s high quality and extensive product range to the area. Our product offerings include aluminium and timber windows and doors, as well as hardware and screening solutions suitable for any house application. There is a window and door product to suit any aesthetic or practical need, whether classic or contemporary. Our friendly staff members are always ready to help. To find out more information, view our products and download a free catalogue visit

For all your Aluminium & Timber Windows and Doors

Ph: 02 6581 09085


greater port macquarie focus.

5 Merrigal Rd, Port Macquarie

Want to renovate your bathroom and don’t know where to start? At Tiles With Style, your local ColorTile store, we have the whole process under control. Our experienced interior designers can lead you through the colour, design and selection of all of the key ingredients behind your beautiful bathroom: tiles, taps, toilets, vanities, baths, showers and accessories. We can then put you in touch with some of the area’s best bathroom renovators, ensuring the project is completed on time and to a high standard. Let Tiles With Style, your ColorTile store, take the worry out of what can be a stressful process. Renovating any bathroom is a big job. From demolition and removal of rubbish, through to the design of the layout, the difficult process of combining literally thousands of tile colours and style ideas, to the final clean, Tiles With Style can make it easy. Tiles With Style can offer a truly amazing range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers of tile, stone and bathroomware. We handpick our materials from over 100 suppliers, which means our displays are brimming with the latest ideas from Italy, Spain, and the best factories in the Middle East, South East Asia and Australia. Remember, at Tiles With Style, your ColorTile store, we make tiling (and bathrooms) easy. Tiles With Style, 181 Lake Rd, Port Macquarie. Please phone us on 6581 3200, or visit our website



UPDATE Festive Season We’d like to say thanks to everyone for supporting Landcare - and season’s greetings to all!


et’s make the most of our gifts this year by remembering what our planet would wish for: recycling as much as possible. In the season of red and green, please spare a thought for what goes into your yellow bin, and use the opportunity to teach kids about recycling. The pretty wrapping and protective packaging that comes with presents, may need a bit of sorting. So Planet Ark gives us some helpful advice (or go to Please put all items into your yellow bin LOOSE; don’t put anything into bags first. The reason? If items for recycling arrive at the waste management centre in bags, they will be sent to landfill instead. This is because bags cannot be opened for health reasons. On the other hand, recycling loose items is efficient and clever. Planet Ark explains how things are separated for recycling, using processes that work well on loose items. Magnets are used to pick up steel. Plastic is separated using light beams and jets of air. Fans blow the paper into a separate area. Polystyrene foam, which is a plastic, unfortunately acts like paper here and is sent by the fans to the paper collector. The result is that all the paper is contaminated, and cannot be recycled. So polystyrene packaging should not go into our yellow bin - it belongs in the red bin, in spite of any symbols that may be on it. Recycling is definitely worthwhile. Recycling

just one quarter of a household’s rubbish can save more than 500 kg of greenhouse gas emissions. Here are some examples of how well recycling works: Paper recycling is so successful, that Australian Paper has set up a new facility that will recycle 80,000 tonnes annually, providing 240 permanent jobs. Aluminium recycling is going well too, as an amazing 75% of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today. This means there is much less need to mine and process more of it, so the environmental consequences will be less. Planet Ark also has good news about the used ink cartridges it collects. The residual toner is added to asphalt in a product called TonerPave, which improves the road surface and reduces the energy used. Returning to the gifts and festivities, some of the aftermath of surprises under the tree could be avoided by choosing reusable gift bags (paper or fabric), or wrapping gifts in reusable cloth. Let’s remember too that batteries from toys and electronics need special handling so their chemicals don’t contaminate the environment. Batteries don’t go into any of our bins, but should be kept separately at home until you can take them to a collection point or waste management centre. And after the feast, please ensure that paper contaminated with food does not go in the yellow bin, but into the green bin with other organics. Your planet will thank you! Contributed by Julie Ho. greater port macquarie focus.



How custom can you make a custom built home? Chrissy Jones spoke to one of Port Macquarie’s leading custom builders - Brandon Calder and his interior designer, Michelle Burton, about making every home individual.

ow long have you been building custom homes in Port Macquarie? Brandon: Over 15 years. Not just in Port Macquarie - we build throughout the Hastings area. You will see Brandon Calder Homes in Port, Oxley Park, Wauhope, Sancrox, Rawdon Island and further south in Harrington and Forster-Tuncurry. Do you only build luxury custom homes? No, we build a mixture of home types and sizes. Not just luxury custom built homes by the water, which we specialise in; we also build smaller homes for first time buyers and down-sizers to the larger family homes. Occasionally we are the leading builders for boutique residential developments. Your custom built homes have won national and regional awards; how important is that? Brandon Calder Homes was the winner both regionally and nationally of a Master Builders Association custom home builder award ($500,000 - $1 million) and this year we were voted in the top three at the NSW MBA Awards. Our homes have also also won numerous regional Housing Industry Association Awards, including the most recent awards in 2015 - Housing Industry Association (Northern NSW) for our kitchens and bathrooms designed by Michelle. Awards are important in that it is recognition of the extra steps we take for our clients to truly customise every home without compromising quality and style. What’s the secret to building an award-winning home? 108 greater port macquarie focus.

We believe there are four key ingredients to building a custom home worthy of an industry award: having a client with vision and an open mind; the right architect or building designer to interpret their dream; the right builder who can translate the design; and the right interior designer who can give a cohesive look to the finished home. What’s the process of building a custom home? Is it complicated? We build to a client’s own plans and make the process as simple as possible. We are not project builders, and we don't try to sell anyone a plan or one of our homes. We work closely with the architects or building designers and often get involved in the early design stage to add our advice as to the suitability of the design in regards to the block of land and to the functionality for all the people who are going to call it home. Once a design has been approved, we can do an accurate build cost based on the agreed schedule of finishes; for instance, what type of roofing and flooring, type of doors and windows, any particular external cladding or features, type of heating/cooling, any special needs like wheelchair ramps, type of garage door. We take clients through an extensive selection list, so we can be sure that we give a realistic building quote and time schedule based on the owners’ wishes. Is it always more expensive to build a custom home? We take pride in our budgeting process, and because of our meticulous pre-build planning, we often build a custom-home at a project price. We always remind ourselves we are building a home for our client, not for ourselves. Once all

the major selections have been agreed, along with the building quote, and the plans approved by Council, the next stage is the detailed customising. This is where Michelle gets involved. We employ her company, Designing Divas, to spend time with our clients to go through the fine details of the interior of the home to reflect the owner’s taste and style. What’s involved in personalised interior styling to a custom built home? Michelle: Brandon Calder Homes is one of the few quality building firms locally who recognise the importance of interior design when it comes to a family’s personal space. We have a number of meetings with clients to go over their wish list. Every client is different. Every home is styled differently. However, there a few fundamentals we always cover: overall colour palette, then colour selection room by room, kitchen design and fixtures and fitting, same with the bathroom and ensuites, and laundries are also individually designed to suit a family’s use. Storage needs are different for each family. Clients are really surprised at the huge choice available to truly customise their home - it’s my role to steer them in a cohesive way and to advise if they are going outside their budget. Part of the Brandon Calder Homes process is to accompany clients to local tile, flooring, bathroom, lighting and kitchen showrooms, as well as presenting all types of finishes and products such as handles and door furniture at our design studio. Of course, we also utilise the extensive online galleries. At this stage we will also discuss the outdoor landscaping and if necessary bring in our landscape designer to ensure the outside complements the interior

of the home. Getting the design right at the early stages makes for a successful outcome: a beautifully styled custom home, on budget and on-time. You have a reputation for building quality custom homes, yet you are also known as a quick builder - how do you manage both aspects? Brandon: By listening. Listening to what the clients wants from their home and making sure we only engage quality professionals at the initial consulting level - architect or building designer and an interior designer. The meticulous pre-planning not only ensures everything is budgeted for, with no costly surprises; it also means a much faster build process. So as 2016 approaches, is it looking good for custom builders? Signs are still very positive. We will continue to strive to maintain the Brandon Calder Homes promise - highest quality, on time, and on budget. Thanks Brandon.

the plug! BRANDON CALDER HOMES National award winning custom builder E: DESIGNING DIVAS National award winning Interior Designer E: Phone 0413 398 908


FROM $349,950

Perfect for professionals, students, and investors

4 - 6 Toorak Court, Port Macquarie

✓ Great Location

✓ Great Price

✓ Great Opportunity

✓ Great Value

S AV E O N S TA M P D U T Y ✓ 2 bedrooms ✓ 2 bathrooms ✓ Alfresco or balcony

Ask us how!

✓ Single lock up garage

or carport ✓ Ground or first floor


1800 223 768 Artists Impressions, selling off the plan, STCA

greater port macquarie focus. 109






aurie commenced his real and auctioneer and has an astute estate career on Sydney’s understanding of the “business element” northern beaches in 1981 of sourcing and selling property. He and moved to Noosa Heads knows that in order to solve peoples in 1990. property problems is achieved through Early in his career he enthusiasm and persistence coupled with quickly became aware of the need focus and commitment and hope and to adopt a “practitioner’s” approach wishful thinking has no strategy. to his work ethic and became By chance, Laurie met up actively involved with the with Paul Loughland, the Real Estate Institute owner and founder and regularly of Smarter Property Solving peoples’ attended advanced Group, whilst ms property proble professional investigating is the outcome of development potential enthusiasm and d with and marketing subdivision le persistence coup ent itm courses. and rezoning focus and comm and e op H s. Between 1992 opportunities. nt ie cl s hi to has no and 2007 Laurie He was very wishful thinking ” . operated a real impressed with strategy estate business in Paul’s energy, Hastings Street, Noosa professionalism and Heads and specialised in creativity in coordinating project marketing, commercial several property developments and investment sales. which delivered exceptional After selling his high profile return for his substantial client base of Noosa real estate business to a public investors. company in 2007, Laurie worked in a Smarter Property Group, with offices senior management position with Lend in Melbourne, North Sydney and Port Lease and gained invaluable project Macquarie, has direct access to over 400 feasibility and management experience. properties and projects Australia wide, Laurie now calls Port Macquarie most showing positive cash flow for their “home”, where he and his wife, Jenny, many investor clients. Smarter have some enjoy the relaxed lifestyle the area offers. exciting local and national investment Laurie is a licensed real estate agent opportunities, which they have access

110 greater port macquarie focus.

to, often before they are released to the market. Essentially, Smarter Property Group act for buyers as Buyers Agents. We hunt and negotiate for property buyers; in particular, investors. This often means accessing property which may not be advertised to the general public. Smarter are qualified Property Investor Advisors and are able to plan and assist individuals and Self-Managed Superannuation Funds to build significant wealth through property investment. What really impressed Laurie about Smarter Property Group was meeting one of their clients, who three years ago owned no properties and now has a portfolio of seven investment properties, all of which were acquired through Smarter Property Group. The most impressive element in this case is that the client is a single person earning an average wage. Joining Smarter Property Group has been a major mind set for Laurie, where as a vendor’s agent his obligation was to get the best price for his vendors. Now, Laurie is taking advantage of the many opportunities available through Smarter Property to source and negotiate the best outcome for his “buyer” clients. Laurie can be contacted on 0447 020 742 or

Most Outstanding over 50’s Estate in Australasia


NO uty Stamp D NO rp Fees Body Co NO x E it Fees




Affordable • • •


Stunning clubhouse 5 star amenities Designer homes

• •

for the over 55’s

Quality slab-on-ground, steel frame construction Sublime location on Queens Lake


aurieton Residential Resort is an comfortably located on lots that are ideal example of a brand-new resort for the downsizer but still afford privacy that is leading the charge, offering and space. There are models suited to those homes with cutting edge design, as who no longer want to garden, as well as well as five-star resident amenities. Unlike a those with a green thumb who still want to retirement village, the resort has no exit fees, maintain a manageable yard. no deferred management fees, and all the Home prices start at $345,000 for a two capital gain of the home goes right back into bedroom plus study home. the homeowner’s pocket. MAKING THE MOVE TO HAS NEVER BEEN The state-of-the-art amenities are EASIER ... simply breathtaking and include Did you know Laurieton a welcoming clubhouse Residential Resort always reminiscent of an old world has a fantastic range of country club. It is here already built, brand w The brand ne that residents meet for es new homes? This is m ho ng freestandi a cup of coffee by the on a great option for ab sl , are true quality ed fireplace, a movie in m downsizers who want ra l-f ee ground , st the luxury theatre e th r fe of at th to transition with only es residenc room or some friendly een tw be on si fu one move. One of the t ec perf competition on the d a low an n tio nc fu e, key factors that make yl st champion sized billiards estyle .” maintenance lif these move-in ready table. Residents can homes so attractive is the be as involved as little or ability to put your home on as much as they like in the the market with confidence, extensive social calendar. Other knowing that when you secure a amenities include heated indoor and buyer you have a seamless transition. outdoor pools, wellness centre, tai chi We have a great variety of homes retreat, resident-led dining room, bowling complete or near completion, offering a green, wood working shed and caravan/ range of colours, fl oor plans, and internal boat storage. fi nishes. This wide offering ensures that there The homes at the Resort offer an is a solution available when you need it. architectural appeal unrivalled by its This is a simple and easy process requiring counterparts in the over 55s market. a minimal deposit to lock in your new home, The brand new freestanding homes and there are fl exible fi nancial solutions so are true quality, slab on ground, steelthe balance of funds is not required until framed residences that offer the perfect settlement of your current property. fusion between style, function and a low Call 1300 55 70 75 today or visit our maintenance lifestyle. You will find that all of the homes are website at

25 minutes to Port Macquarie Kew Country Club


Queens Lake

Dooragan National Park

Bonny Hills North Haven

45 Botanic Drive, Lakewood NSW visit us online

Call today to arrange your personal sales consultation

P: 1300 55 70 75

greater port macquarie focus. 111

112 greater port macquarie focus.


with Debbie Sommers

Buying, Selling or Renting? 10 Reasons why you need to talk to Laing+Simmons.



uilt by De Luca with the assistance of Mr H Wilkins from light wood, the flying machine’s launch was assisted by Mr Sawtell’s motor vehicle. The first attempt was unsuccessful, with one of the bike wheels on which the plane was running collapsing and the plane striking a fence. After a new wheel was attached and some other minor repairs made, the second attempt resulted in damage to one of the wings. De Luca was not to be deterred though, and finally under tow from Sawtell’s vehicle, the plane lifted like a kite to a height of 60 feet, before crashing to the ground. To the crowd of over 100 men, women and children watching and waiting, it must have been quite a spectacle. Apart from the plane wreck and perhaps De Luca’s damaged ego, the other casualties were reported as persons who: “wrenched their faces out of shape laughing during the afternoon”. It was over a decade later that Port Macquarie residents were given the opportunity to take a flight when an Avro aeroplane piloted by F Roberts landed here for a series of demonstration passenger flights in February 1921. Roberts’ landing was described as: “effected in graceful style in the recreation ground”. Many locals took the opportunity for a trial journey of flight at a cost of 2 pounds, 10 shillings each. Apparently all were

delighted with their new experience and were impressed with the manner in which the plane was handled. Over thirty years later, Oxley County Council built the Hastings River District Aerodrome at Port Macquarie to facilitate air services for the benefit of residents, business and visitors. The aerodrome opening in November 1955, was a much awaited event and was conducted under difficult weather conditions with steady rain and low cloud in the area. East West Airlines flew in three planes for the event, including its new DC3, Oxley City. The following day 100 lucky locals were given a free flight over the town and district in the newly launched luxury aircraft. Members of the Aero Club also provided joy flights throughout the weekend. Many locals experienced their first flight that weekend and with clear weather on the Sunday, “Port Macquarie and the coastline fairly sparkled from the air”. The first East West Airlines flight from Port Macquarie to Sydney was on Monday 28 November 1955 in a Lockheed Hudson under the control of Captain Ron Walesby. The plane was full, with 16 passengers on board. Whatever your preferred mode of travel, you can discover more travel stories in Travel Tales, an exhibition at the Port Macquarie Museum. The Museum is open throughout the holidays, Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 4:30pm.


We’ve been around the block.

Laing+Simmons have been at the forefront of the real estate industry in Port Macquarie for nearly two decades. We’re proud of the role we play in the community. Our sales team alone have over 50 years combined experience in the local marketplace. We’ve appraised this home, valued that home, and sold the one next door. We provide clients with stability and integrity, but we don’t rest on our laurels. ‘OK’ is not good enough for us – that’s our reassurance that you can deal with us with confidence. Call our team on 6583 7733 today.

Expert Advice. Proven Marketing Strategies. Exemplary Service. 6583 7733 |

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White Finish 1200mm Blades Globe not Included Model ROV 003




24 W Led fan light 1300mm blades White Finish Model ROV 009

$85 $395

White Finish 1200mm Blades Model ROV 001


Shadow chrome motor koa blades 17w led 3000k warm white1320mm 3 speed wall controller ROV 092

$165 Silver Finish 1320mm Blades Model ROV 015

White Finish 1200mm Blades Globes not included Model ROV 056

$125 Phone 6581 0499 Corner Jindalee & Lake Rd Port Macquarie


greater port macquarie focus.


Well here we are at the end of 2015 – and what a year it’s been in real estate.

he town has really come of age this year in that it now offers more than just retirement and tourism. So many buyers have brought this to our attention and investors love the fact we will have our new university next year. Over the last year investors have comprised over 40 per cent of our purchasers with more than one third of those purchasers residing outside the 2444 post code. These figures show that our town now has some real estate substance.

and I anticipate the days to sell a property will increase in line with this. As the market slows, choosing an agent with a proven track record for managing a sale will be vital.

The current median sale price for a house in 2444 is $472,223 and for a unit is $298,784. Also, the current median rent for a house in 2444 is $425 per week and for a unit is $330 per week he lack of

T supply and “ excellent de-

mand have been two of the main drivers ...”

One of the factors that have driven the Port Macquarie market has been the lack of properties on the market for sale however this appears to be changing. In early September there were just 305 properties on the market, yet as I write this there are now 368 properties for sale. This is a 20 per cent increase of properties for sale in just two months. With this trend in the marketplace I anticipate that growth in values will start slowing down here in Port Macquarie. Purchasers will obviously have more properties to choose from

The Mid North Coast, which of course includes Port Macquarie, has a vacancy rate of just 1.4 per cent which is one of the lowest in the state. So it’s no surprise why out of town investors like Port Macquarie for real estate.

The Christmas/New Year period will be a prime time for real estate buyers from outside the town to view properties. During this period it will be business as usual for the First National team – our doors will be open normal hours (except for public holidays) to cater for these buyers. As the festive season approaches, may I take this opportunity to wish you and your families a safe and fantastic Christmas and New Year.








DU us h ow! TY

BEACH SIDE T O WN H O U SE Artists Impressions


BERMUDA BREEZE 2-10 Cathie Road, Port Macquarie

Fantastic low maintenance lifestyle or solid investment property in highly sought after locale

Artists Impressions

Artists Impressions

Solid investment property approx. 5% - 5.5% returns

Beachside location

Short walk to shops and schools

Ducted air conditioning, stone benchtops

From $449,950 3 Bed

2 Bath

2 Car

2 H O M ES FO R T H E P RICE O F 1 Artists Impressions



32 Clearwater Crescent, Port Macquarie

Brand new 4 bedroom energy efficient home with a separate studio apartment / secondary dwelling •

Opportunity plus

Positive cash flow

Energy efficient home with 6kw solar system

Master built with finest inclusions throughout

Artists Impressions

Location Shot

From $604,750 Plus

4 Bed

2 Bath

2 Car

1 Bed

1 Bath

1 Car

Artists Impressions

FOR MORE INFORMATION 1800 223 768 greater port macquarie focus.



greater port macquarie focus.