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ow did your business come to be? Lifetime residents and long-time ambassadors for Coffs Harbour to some of you, John and Joy Dal-Bon are two familiar faces in the community. John, a born-and-bred Karangi boy and only child to Gloria and Silvano Dal-Bon, grew up in the middle of the Coffs Coast’s then fast paced, competitive banana industry. Joy, a born-and-bred Coffs Harbour girl and youngest of five children to Joan and Noel Saggus, grew up in the furniture removal industry - an industry which pre-dates the motor vehicle, when Joy’s great grandfather, Charles Saggus, was a one man operation with his horses and dray.

When John and his parents moved from their banana farm in Karangi to town, John (a strapping young lad) helped with the relocation and continued to work for that business (owned by Joy’s older sister) for the next 23 years, until the day it sold. John and Joy met while they both worked in the removal industry; they married, then lived in and later bought the old Saggus family home in North St., Coffs Harbour, where they reared four children together: Kerry-Louise, Michael, Daniel, and Polly. In 1998 the family moved home to the Orara Valley, where they still live to this day.

After finding themselves unemployed for the first time early in 2009, John and Joy took a chance on an industry that flowed through their veins. They decided to follow in the Saggus family tradition and start their very own relocations and storage business. Starting out with just one small truck, operating from a small warehouse and a whole lot of heart, John, Joy and their two sons, Michael and Daniel, sat anxiously and waited for the phone to ring - and ring it did! Six years later, Coffs Harbour Relocations and Storage consists of an award winning fleet of four trucks,

three warehouses and eight local Coffs Harbour employees, increasing during busy periods, operating out of the very same purpose built storage facility, built by Joy’s father in 1972. The new modern signage has a fresh, inviting look, combining the Saggus tradition of green and yellow colours of the past generations, the banana leaf, which represents the family tradition of the Dal-Bon family in the banana industry, and the road going through the leaf winding into the sunset, which represents the life of a furniture removalist on the road. The vibrant yellow sun is how we usually think of Coffs Harbour - bright and sunny.

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Coffs Coast Focus i61  

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