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Welcome to the October issue of Coffs Coast FOCUS. ell, my second (and last) edition as Acting Editor is all wrapped up – and what a blast it’s been! It’s been very rewarding helping the fabulous FOCUS crew put these two publications together. Kim will be back on deck for the November issue, all revved up and refreshed from her overseas holiday.


ON THE COVER October is Mental Health Month, so we’ve dedicated our cover to this important topic, with thanks to CHESS employment and support services and photography thanks to Greig Traynor. Most of us are affected by mental illness in some way – whether we, ourselves, have a condition, or know a friend or family member who does. Mental illness covers a wide range

of conditions, from anxiety and depression, through to Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia. The theme for Mental Health Month this year is Celebrate, Connect, Grow. The most important thing to remember is that no-one is alone – there are many organisations and individuals available which offer support and vital services to those affected by mental illness, and often the first port of call can be the family GP. For more information on mental health and Mental Health Month, visit STORIES AND INTERVIEWS From mental health to physical health and fitness – the Coffs Coast is a thriving sports hub! This month’s interviews cover basketball, with the U14 women’s team from the Coffs Harbour Basketball Association off to compete at the national

championships in Adelaide, Darren Bromell fills us in on the local baseball scene, and two rising young hockey stars, Lianna Watkins and Sophie Watt, share their excitement over their amazing scholarship opportunity in the States. And now the weather is fine and sunny, it’s also time to think about getting your backyard in tip top shape too. Our fabulous outdoor living room feature will help you do just that! FINAL WORD “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Einstein.

Jo Atkins – Acting Editor

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helen young. Helen Young’s beautiful watercolours bring to life the many sights that capture this artist’s imagination. Helen says painting has changed her life, and her love for her craft is evident in her work. Visit the Nexus Gallery in Bellingen from October 14 until November 9 to view an amazing exhibition of Helen’s work, titled Inspiration Everywhere.


here are you and your studio based, and how long have you lived in the area? Norman, my husband, and I decided on a ‘sea change’ almost three years ago, and moved to Korora, Coffs Harbour. On my husband’s retirement twenty three years ago, we made a ‘tree change’ (before the word was coined, I think) from Sydney to Bathurst. We loved Bathurst, but after spending the winter months almost every year in the Western Australian goldfields, far from Bathurst snow and chill winds, we decided to move to beautiful, sunny Coffs … more of a ‘climate change’! And it has turned out to be a wonderful, colourful place to paint. When did you first discover you had an interest in, and talent for, art? I have always had a casual interest in creating art and spent several years as a fabric designer (the prints on fabric and designs in jumper knits), though untrained. Just lucky! In 1993, Norman and I made our first trip to the W.A. goldfields, and subsequently the gold bearing areas in every mainland state and territory, Norman detecting for gold, and me taking the opportunity of long hours on my own in a caravan in the bush, to explore painting. I chose watercolour as my medium, because of ease of use in a confined space (caravan 10’6”) and my lack of experience and confidence. I was fortunate in that I could paint 8 hours a day every day, and I found my efforts found favour. What professional training/instruction have you had in art, and how has this helped you grow as an artist? Prior to the first trip to W.A. I attended a Community College evening course, for 8 nights, where students were introduced to 4 colours and their use … a basic course, but marvellous. It gave me an understanding of

4 coffs coast focus.

mixing colour and application and a realisation I wanted to paint the world as we see it, in all its amazing variety. What has inspired you to be creative over the years? My initial inspiration came from the places we visited following the gold trail … small remote villages and communities, people of many races, varied talents and differing experiences, colourful scenery (red dirt and jungle), wildflowers, and native bird and animal life. What medium do you use to create with most often now – and why this particular medium? The only medium I work in is watercolour. With it one can paint the clearest see-through water in a pond, or the most dramatic opaque black created by mixing only three colours. Looking at some of your paintings, you appear to have a keen eye for textural detail. How important is this element to your work? Texture, whether it be the aged skin of an elderly person caught in a portrait, or the fur of a koala, is as important to me as light catching on a smooth leaf in a jungle or the claw of a bird. Both give life to a painting. How has painting changed your life? My discovery of a love of painting has enriched my life in several ways. I can’t help but see the detail in a landscape, the cloud shapes in the sky, the sun slanting on the ocean, the darkness of shadow in a glossy green rain forest. I notice the wonderful differences in faces, the smooth blush of a child’s face and the life that has been lived evident in that of the elderly. It’s made me really ‘see’. As we travelled 4 - 5 months each year, my art gave me an introduction to people I otherwise would not have met. I exhibited at an art show at Clermont, Queensland - my work initially being rejected, as it was judged to be photography. Through this contact I was given

the opportunity to be involved with the Year 12 art class at the local high school … a lot of fun! At Halls Creek, Western Australia, I was invited to paint in the air conditioned Lodge frequented by tourists. Here, I heard the stories of other travellers and their opinion of my art. We spent several There will be 26 approximately winters over the and the y, la sp di on es piec years at Sandstone, ATION theme is INSPIR Council art collection. Western Australia, It will . RE HE YW ER EV by d ire Watercolour painting has sp in es and I was invited ec include pi r travels, ou r, made retirement a very great ou rb Ha to paint a local ffs Co e have pleasure. and the things w scene as a retirement seen.” There will be an exhibition of gift for the General your work at the Nexus Gallery, Manager of the Shire. I Bellingen, in October. What are also received a commission the dates/times of this exhibition, and from a miner to document the will there be any costs involved for people village and surrounds in 5 large paintings. to attend? Art also gave me the opportunity to My exhibition at the Nexus Community Gallery, paint people I otherwise would not have Old Butter Factory, Bellingen, will be opened met. Andrew Fraser, M.P. for Coffs Harbour, on Sunday October 14 at 5pm, with drinks and and Larry Perkins, V8 and Formula 1 racing nibbles. It will then be open seven days a week driver, allowed me to paint them. Interesting from 10am ‘til 4.30pm until Friday November 9, people! I was commissioned by the NSW 2012. Entry is free. Lands Department to paint the portrait of How many pieces will be on display in the the Surveyor General, as a retirement gift. exhibition, and will there be a theme that Before leaving Bathurst, I painted a portrait ties these pieces together? of Warren Somerville, the curator of the There will be approximately 26 pieces Fossil Museum, the largest of its kind in the on display, and the theme is INSPIRATION Southern Hemisphere. Warren had donated EVERYWHERE. It will include pieces inspired by the collection, valued at $15 million, to the Coffs Harbour, our travels, and the things we people of NSW. Again, a very interesting man! have seen. This painting is now held by Bathurst Regional Where can people find out more Gallery. information/view samples of your work, or Bathurst Council’s art collection also includes more information about the exhibition? a couple of my paintings, again giving me the I can be contacted by email at opportunity to come in contact with people through art. and Nexus Community Gallery can be viewed on Since moving to Coffs, I have entered works Google at – follow the links to in both the Bellingen Art Prize and the art the exhibition schedule. section of the Dorrigo Show and was fortunate Thanks Helen. to have a painting become part of the Bellingen Interview by Jo Atkins.


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Barry Harrison Finding two old brass vases at a car boot sale, then seeing them polished and returned to their former glory has led Barry on a hunt far and wide for more brass objects to work his magic on.

Issue 25 - October 2012

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The Rubens


Their rise to fame has been meteoric and not without incident! Sam Margin – lead singer with The Rubens – shares the story of the band’s discovery, recording their first album in New York, and now their first ever national tour, with a stopover planned at the Hoey Moey on October 10 …



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Flanaga n. You’ve seen her on The Project, now you can see her at C.ex Coffs. For a night of stand-up comedy, high jinks and fun, don’t miss Kitty Flanagan on October 11.

ou’ve been in showbiz for a while. Were you always a performer as a child? I don’t know if I was a performer, but I would say that I was definitely an attention seeker! I guess that’s kind of the same thing … my sister and I did used to put on shows, but not in that way that you see on American television sitcoms, where the kids are very organised and put a sheet up in the backyard and the parents are all very supportive. We used to do what would best be described as avant-garde performances, and my parents would sit there rather bemused and just go, “Hmm … is that it? We might go back to the television now …”It wasn’t like we were actively encouraged in some showbiz family, with everyone going, “Everything you do is fantastic!” My parents did do a lot of, “Hmm, well – that’s curious, but you seem to be having fun, so good on you!” We did also involve my brother … we did dress him up in tutus and things like that and give him dance moves to do … which I think everyone does if you have a brother who is much younger than you. He’s going to love you for telling us that! There’s about 10 years between us, and I think that anyone with that big of an age gap always has to go through the old photo albums when they get older and start deleting all the old pictures of them in dresses and makeup and everything else that we did to him, like he was some sort of living doll! He’s moved to Japan now. I wonder if that was to get away from us! So how DID you get in to showbiz? Secretly I always wanted to be an actor, but I knew that I didn’t have the mindset for it. I knew that you had to do a lot of study and do a lot of serious stuff, and I really was never interested in people looking at what I was doing and thinking, “My God, she’s really emotive … ”All I ever really wanted to do was go, “Hey, what about this … do you think that’s funny?!” So I knew that really wasn’t going to wash at NIDA, going, 6 coffs coast focus.

“Hey, what about this really funny take I’m doing on Macbeth, do you like it?” So I think standup ended up just being the quickest way to get yourself on stage. You don’t have to wait for a director or someone to cast you in anything, you can write your own stuff with standup and go, “Well, what about this everybody?” Which is pretty much all I had the attention span for! And you’re working on The Project now. What’s that like? It’s great. My sister pointed out to me that this is the longest running job I’ve ever had! I mean, sure I only work 2 minutes a week, but it’s still the longest running job I’ve ever had. They’re great; they let me do whatever I want and sometimes they let me sit on the panel as well – so they’re very good to me. It’s just as if they say, “Right, what have you got here? Is that going to get us in legal trouble? You might need to take that out, but the rest of it … go for your life!” You did a segment not long ago about Turtle Divorce … that was amusing! See, that’s the thing; they let me do whatever topic I want. I just have to come up with a way to pitch it and make it relevant! I had to say, “Turtle Divorce really closely parallels human divorce … ”and they kind of look at me like, “Really? I’d like to see you do that!” They’re very good employers, I have to say. And Dave, Charlie and Carrie are all incredibly generous and fun to work with. They’re just interested in the show being good; no-one cares about who’s the best one. So long as everyone looks good, then the show looks good. It’s a good attitude. You’re on tour at the moment, aren’t you? Yeah, we do a very leisurely ladies tour, because my sister is in my show and she has 3 children, so we can only go away for three or four days at a time and then we come back for 2 weeks, then we go away again ... which is fantastic, because it means you never get sick of what you’re doing. It takes us a long itme to get around the

country, but we enjoy every bit of it ... We get to do a bit of research, find out where we’re going and all the good cafés – it’s great! It’s like a little holiday with a bit of work at the end of the day! So what can we expect from this show? This is the second live theatre show that I’ve done. The first one I did was much more coming off the back of working the club circuit in England, where I was for 8 years. So the last show was more of a compilation of all my favourite bits that I’d done over the years in all the clubs, whereas this is a show that I developed doing a whole bunch of small gigs in Sydney and Canberra and just putting it all together and really just getting used to the fact that I’m working in theatres now, rather than the comedy clubs. And they’re a much more pleasant environment to work in most of the time. I tell you … I’m bloody loving it! I’m loving doing this show and embracing the theatre space, at the risk of sounding like an acting wanker … I am all over that stage! I do some experimental movements, I do some dance moves, I do some singing … Do you ever find it daunting getting on stage that people won’t find you funny? There was a lot more of that in the clubs, because people turn up to see a comedy show with 4 people on that they don’t know. Whereas, I think if people buy tickets to come and see your show, you kind of already have a slight advantage … hopefully they bought a ticket because they already like your stuff. You’ve got a slight advantage over when you walk out on stage in the clubs and go “QUICK! You’ve got to win them over before they chuck something!” You mentioned before that you spent some time living and working overseas. What have been some of the best places that this career of yours has taken you to? That has been the best thing about this job. I have got to travel everywhere, all under the guise of work! It’s been paid for, and I love going to a city and having a purpose. You’ve got your

day to look around and do your show at night, and you walk around the city with a purpose. I think Berlin was one of my favourite places. I got to go to South Africa as well, which I probably would never have gone to had they not said, “Come and do a comedy festival over here”, and it was brilliant. I did comedy in Japan, which was kind of weird, but fun. Probably one of the best places in so far as enjoyable gigs would be Amsterdam. They’re a really strange audience, in that they don’t laugh out loud and you think you’re dying the first time you go over there, and then you realise that that’s just their way. They just appreciate everything and then they come up to you afterwards and want to sit down and discuss the comedy set you’ve just done at length and tell you which bits were the funniest and dissect it. So once you realise that’s just how they appreciate it, it’s really good. You do your set, and prepare to sit down with them afterwards. They put up their hands and ask questions during the set … it’s very funny and very ordered. No heckling; just questions. It’s like you’re a teacher up there! You’re currently on this national tour, but are there any plans to go overseas again any time soon? No, I’m not in any rush, I have to say. I spent 8 years overseas and travelling around, and I’m just really enjoying being based back here again and travelling around Australia. There’s plenty to do here and plenty of cities to go and see. And like I said, we do it so slowly, it takes us forever to get around anyway. So yeah, I’m in no rush to head off again. I feel like I might have got it out of my system for quite some time. So we’ll be seeing much more of you on home soil? Yeah, I think so. I’m looking forward to coming up for the Coffs show actually. We haven’t done gigs up there before, so I’m excited. Thanks Kitty. See Kitty at C.ex Coffs on October 11 at 8pm. Tickets cost $35 – this is an adults only show. Visit



Barry Harrison.

Finding two old brass vases at a car boot sale, then seeing them polished and returned to their former glory has led Barry on a hunt far and wide for more brass objects to work his magic on .

hat do you collect? I collect articles made of brass – in all shapes and sizes. How long have you been collecting? I lived in Coffs Harbour for twenty years up until 1959, when I married and moved to Sydney, where I stayed for fifty years. My wife died in 2009, after a long illness, and for nearly ten years I had been a full time carer. On my own, with my children scattered around the world, Sydney held no further interest for me, as I was retired. So, I sold the family home and came back to the Mid North Coast and bought a house at Bonville. Moving to this wonderful Coffs Coast was one of the best decisions I ever made – I now had opportunities not possible previously, and setting up the new house was a challenging and rewarding experience, together with integrating back into the community I had left so long ago. I needed to find something to occupy my time and started searching for community activities and groups for this purpose. What prompted you to start collecting and why brass objects? Soon after I had settled in, I found a car boot sale on the harbour foreshore and saw two very dirty, cobweb covered brass vases at one of the stalls, and I bought them for $1 each. I was curious to see how they would polish up

and when I saw the result, I was hooked. Since then, I have been searching every nook and cranny for the odd and beautiful objects made of brass, so my collecting spree only started three years ago! What different types of objects do you have? Apart from about 20 vases, I have brass animals, such as deer, horses, dolphins, mice, a crocodile, and then there are cats, monkeys, rabbits, a giraffe, lizard, sheep, birds, bowls and urns, candlesticks and goblets, jugs and kettles, horse badges, a sundial, miners’ lamps, bells, irons and a coffee grinder, to name but a few. How do you clean the objects, to keep them in top condition? Many of the items are in poor condition when I get them, and I do spend some time in polishing them to the best finish I can get, depending on the quality and condition of the brass. I only ever polish an item once, as I spray each one with a protective coat of clear lacquer to maintain the condition. Where do you source your brass objects? I find I cannot drive past an antique store or a local market or car boot sale and often travel to different locations if I think there is the possibility of finding something to add to my collection. I recently found items in shops in Thirlmere, Laurieton, Kempsey, Moonee and Urunga.

A number of the stall holders in various local market places know me well enough, and because I see them so regularly, they keep their eyes out for anything they think might interest me. I know there are others who are also apparently collecting brass, as I have missed out on some notable objects. The recent Collectors’ and Antiques Fair at Coffs Harbour saw me walk away with more than ten pieces! Is your collection still growing? Yes, the collection is growing. I have had to buy additional display shelves – my daughters say I must either buy a new and larger house or give one piece away for every new piece I find – ‘collectors’ just don’t do that, do they? The future problem is obviously one of space to display all the items. I have already taken over part of the dining room for my present display shelves – where to next? I may have to empty my bookshelves! There would be room for perhaps another hundred or so items! (Now, that bears thinking about!) Do you have a favourite piece? My favourite piece is a large brass coffee grinder. It was very dirty and the internal grinders were very rusty when I bought it. It took me about six weeks to restore and I had it valued recently and was surprised to find it was valued more than six times what I paid for it. It is really hard to pick just one object; there are so many wonderful examples – I recently

found a group of six brass statues of characters from Charles Dickens stories, including one of Oliver Twist, with his bowl and there is a brass sundial and a Welsh miner’s lamp and a 50 year perpetual calendar – the list goes on! It is very much like the Never Ending Story – I wonder when it will end! What is unique about your collection? I don’t know of any other brass collection in this area which is as large as mine, and the variety of objects sets it apart, although somebody else seems to be one step ahead of me sometimes. I missed out on a superb horse and cart one day – the buyer could not be identified, but I suspect he/she is a local. To me, it is a delight to see and a passion which has taken over part of my life. There is always the thought that around the next bend, or in the next town or stall or antique store, I will find something absolutely extraordinary, How could I possibly stop looking ... is that obsession? Thanks Barry.

are you a collector? We want to know about you! Let us know what you collect, and you might just be our next Collectors Corner guest! e. ph. (02) 6650 9343

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Performing orming Arts Arts. Karen Wright, Publicity Officer for the North Coast Performing Arts Association, explains why our region is very fortunate to be home to this special not-for-profit organisation, as it brings young and old together to perform orchestral, choral and dance pieces of a calibre not usually seen outside the major cities ... hat exactly is the North Coast Performing Arts Association? The talented, entertaining and amazing North Coast Performing Arts Association is a not-for-profit organisation. We are the only large scale orchestra and choir organisation that is based in and performing in the North Coast region. We perform orchestral and choral music of the highest standard to large scale public audiences for all musicians of competent ability, regardless of age. Originally formed in the late 1990s by David Slater and Sue Taylor, the group was called ‘Camerata’ , but in 2002 the name was changed to The North Coast Performing Arts Association. The NCPAA was formed to bring music normally only heard in the city to this area – an outlet for talented singers and instrumentalists who love performing the big works by composers such as Schubert, Mozart, Verdi and Puccini. The first conductor for choir and orchestra was the very well-known and respected music teacher, Margaret England. Margaret still teaches today at the Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium. From time to time we also provide workshops under specialist tutors and sometimes combine with regional performing arts groups for performances, including specialised dance and ballet. Performances are held in Sawtell, Bellingen and Grafton twice a year. How many people are currently members of the Association, and what is their age range? The orchestra and choir consist of some 75 members. Our age range is quite diverse, ranging from as young as 12 years old to two members in the choir in their 80s. Although we are an amateur organisation, we are very privileged to have several professional musicians in our group. The orchestra and choir are led by two extremely highly qualified and experienced musicians: Gergely Malyusa (Conductor) and Alice Jamison (Choral Director). This year we are privileged to welcome David Matthews (Concertmaster) and his wife, Sarah Matthews (Principal Cellist). Several well-respected soloists have performed in past years. MEI WEI LIM and RENATE TURRINI received a standing ovation with cheering from the audience, when both talented and amazing concert pianists stunned the audience playing simultaneously with the orchestra in The Carnival of the Animals. One of our main objectives is to encourage and support 8 coffs coast focus.

oll sstu tude tu den de ntts ts. s. FFor or younger musicians to join, particularly school students. o these young musicians, thee NCPAA gives opportunities tto xperienced musicians, some of play and sing alongside experienced whom are ex professional musicians. This opportunity is invaluable. The NCPCPAA has supported these young developing musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform as soloists. Some of these individuals were Luke Wright, Rebecca Dutson and Edward Condon. Is dance an art form that is also welcomed by the NCPAA? Originally the NCPAA was formed as a choir and orchestra to perform choral and orchestral classical music. Throughout our past 10 years, we have welcomed many other art forms in our group, including dance. It is our wish that we are inclusive of the arts, not only singers and musicians, and we are working on including different areas of the arts for future concerts. What performance experience does the Association cater for ... is experience necessary to join? All singers and instrumentalists are welcome, as we are keen to build up both the choir and orchestra. Age is immaterial, as we are part of a team. We offer members a unique opportunity to rehearse and perform to the general public under the direction of our highly qualified and experienced musical directors, while having fun. How often do members of the Association meet? The choir and orchestra rehearse once a fortnight in the Casuarina Steiner School at 4 Gentle Street, Coffs Harbour, 10am to 3pm. The choir also rehearses every Thursday at St John’s Anglican Church Manse meeting room, next to the church, McLean St, Coffs Harbour, 6 – 8 pm. When and where are Association members holding their next series of concerts? We are very excited about our forthcoming concerts. They will be held at: SAWTELL – Sunday 28 October, 2pm, Rainbow Room, Sawtell RSL; BELLINGEN – Sunday 21 October, 2pm, Memorial Hall, Hyde St; GRAFTON – Saturday 20 October, 2pm, Christ Church Cathedral. What items will be on the program at these concerts? The choir will perform: • Robert Schumann: Mass in C minor op.147 for choir and orchestra The orchestra will perform: • Richard Charlton: Concertino for Trombone, Strings and Timpani • Ludwig van Beethoven: Romance for Violin and Orchestra in

F op.50 • Gabriel Fauré: Elegy for Cello and Orchestra op.24 • Maurice Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess What benefit will joining the Association bring to new members/performers? The benefit for joining the NCPAA is immense. For young people, it’s having fun while being able to bring their skills on individual instruments together in group playing; or, as a singer, being able to sing with lots of support from experienced singers. Young people quickly take to the concept of team activity and find belonging to a group other than sport very satisfying. For older people, it’s making new friends, learning a new skill or the re-honing of a skill neglected. The social aspect is also important, as is the mental stimulation to be found in tackling new work. Often for older members, the memories of happy past times spent in singing or playing together as youngsters encourages them to reconnect in later life. Where can people purchase tickets for upcoming performances? Tickets will be available to purchase from various outlets in Grafton, Bellingen, Coffs Harbour and Sawtell. Please see the website for further information.Ticket prices are kept to a minimum, so that members of the public and families can afford to attend. How you can help us? Donations of financial support are sought to help fund major performances, so that we can bring beautiful choral and orchestral music for local audiences to enjoy. All donations to NCPAA are tax deductible. By donating, your name will acknowledged as a Friend in the programme for each concert. Further info: Secretary: Helen Tucker 6643 3456; Publicity Officer: Karen Wright 0409 846 663 or go to our website: Like us on Facebook: The North Coast Performing Arts Association. Thanks Karen. Interview by Jo Atkins.


with Joel McCulla from Zulu’s


Stefano Mazzina, Head Chef from Café Fiasco Ristorante and Bar in Coffs Harbour, shares the restaurant’s philosophy on food and service ...



AT ’ S I N

A S PA R AG U S Often overlooked l k d ffor ffancier i and d nicer i looking g vegetables vegetables, the asparagus iss a hearty aand n healthy vegetable that is incredibly versatile and available in an incredible number of forms. Whether it comes canned, pickled, frozen, dried or fresh, the asparagus is packed full of a ridiculous number of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and a very good source of dietary fibre, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, rutin, niacin, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium, as well as chromium, a trace mineral.

Dorrigo, duck is from Kempsey, lamb is from A Armidale. And of course, we like to buy local to support our local economy. The more money Café Fiasco has loyal patronage. What do we spend in the local area, the more that will you put that down to? filter back to us and other businesses in the I put that down to the service and the town. quality of the produce that we use, and this The people that eat at Fiasco have an shows in the food ... the consistency educated taste; they appreciate and also the passion and the love the quality of the food and of the job from the floor staff, understand that dining isn’t e th to those who work in the of t “ Mos about an excess of food kitchen. produce we get is grown on a on the plate. Our portion For the last two to three smaller scale, s it size allows our diner to years, we have focused on which enableor have a three course meal, c ni using more local produce. ga to be or without being uncomfortable There are various reasons chemical free.” afterwards. for doing this. And you can only eat so much The first is that it makes more of something before that feeling of it sense to buy locally, because it’s being amazing turns to not so amazing. fresher and there is a personal relationship There is good value in our food – not huge with the farmer or the producer behind the portions, but great flavours from authentic buying. cooking. Most of the produce we get is grown on a We are currently working on expanding smaller scale, which enables it to be organic our catering and also working on an exciting or chemical free. bar menu – small plates of food to have with Every ingredient we use is the best quality. a glass of wine at the bar. We use local fish, not imported. Beef is from

It is also incredibly low in calories and sodium – no wonder asparagus has actually been a remedy for many ailments throughout the ages. Through the centuries, asparagus was used to combat many dietary related ailments due to its fibre and vitamin rich constitution. The water that asparagus has been cooked in has even been used as a remedy for skin blemishes, as asparagus is one of the richest sources or ammonia in foods. Not many people try the asparagus raw, but believe me, it is the most underrated way of eating it. Its crisp, juicy stalk can be sliced and become a highlight in any salad, enhance any sandwich or make a great crudite to accompany your next load of crackers and dip. Like most things, moderation should be considered. While it may be a delicate subject, it must certainly be mentioned that asparagus also contains elements within it that when digested, break down into sulphurous compounds – which have never been known for smelling nice. The truth is, no food out there is good for you or will be truly adventageous in copious amounts, and everything should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. So include some of this crisp juicy vitamin store into your next meal, and reap the benefits!


To continue reading about unique ingredients, including a few useful tips and recipes, visit my blog on the Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar website:

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What’s C O F F S C OA S T

North Coast Porcelain Painterss Annual Exhibitio Exhibition To be held at the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Hardacre Street, Coffs Harbour, commencing from Saturday 29 September to Sunday 7 October. The exhibition will be open on Saturday 29 September from12.30pm to 3.30pm and then daily from 10am to 3.30pm, with the exhibition closing on Sunday 7 October at 3pm. Work by local porcelain artists will be on display and for sale. This is an ideal opportunity for you to purchase a unique hand painted piece of porcelain for someone special or for yourself. When Saturday 29 September to Sunday 7 October. Where North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Hardacre Street, Coffs Harbour. More info 6652 4057.

World Mental Health Day 6.30am Wednesday 10 October – World Mental Health Day. Whatever the weather, bring a brolly to the Coffs Harbour Jetty to show your support for people with mental health issues. CHESS Employment will give the first 100 walkers a free umbrella; otherwise BYOB (bring your own brolly). Breakfast available. Cancer survivors talk about how valuable support was to their recovery. By offering support to people suffering mental illness, you make it easier for them to ask for help. When Wednesday 10 October. More info Contact (02) 6691 9333.

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Finalists Concert 2012 Helfgott Scholarships Don't miss the cream of Coffs Harbour's young singers and instrumentalists, as they compete for scholarships valued at $6,000. Finalists this year are Lachlan Wilkins (violin), Luke Wright (baritone), Will Jeffery (piano), Aron Oroszvari (baritone) and Anna Newlyn (violin). Each finalist will perform a 20 minute program of music of their choice in front of a live audience and panel of independent judges. Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the concert. Where Jetty Memorial Theatre. When 2pm, Sunday 14 October. Entry $2 gold coin donation at the door. More info 6652 1592.

Ladies Night The story of four unemployed guys, motivated by ‘The Chippendales’ to form a male stripping act in order to make some fast cash. They pitch the notion to a local club owner and take lessons from a slightly shop-worn dance instructor with a heartof-gold in all manner of things, including what women really want from a male stripper (and how to deliver it). When Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 October, 8pm. Tickets

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M E - H E A LT H Y

Mihelffy. F R O M M E - H E A LT H Y FA R M .

Living the dream has become a reality for the Mihelffy family, as they pursue a fresh and wholesome lifestyle in their own little piece of paradise. The Mihelffys open their property to the public every Sunday from 10am - 2pm, so you, too, can experience quality locally grown produce ...


ow long have you lived on your property at Karangi? Our family moved to the property just over 3 years ago. We made a few changes to try and lighten the load, by fencing paddocks so that we could run livestock. The animals help fertilise the land, keep the grass manageable and will provide us with meat in the future. It has been hard but fulfilling work. Our intention was to develop the property, so it could provide us with food and serenity. Describe the property ... how many acres do you farm, and what are some of the geographical features of interest? The property is 34 acres, located in the beautiful Orara Valley. We are surrounded by State Forest on 2 sides, a natural pathway for wallabies and deer, backing on to the Karangi Dam. The land is a little basin within itself, with a dam for the ducks and natural springs that bubble when we have a lot of rain. The name of your property is very apt – Me-Healthy Farm – when we consider your surname, but how does the name capture your farming/lifestyle philosophy as well? In the past, people have had trouble pronouncing our family name Mihelffy, so then we decided to name the property ‘MeHealthy Farm’. It describes the lifestyle we wanted to create for our 3 boys: Brodi (11), Tom (6) and Jack (5). Hopefully, the process and philosophy of eating fresh and working with our environment will impact on them. What are some of the crops/produce you grow on the farm, and what quantities do

you generally produce each year? chemical free as possible. Our produce is not On our property we have approx. 90 custard certified organic, but we are proud to say apple trees, 40 macadamia, 200 pecans, 50 we are nearly completely chemical free. The avocado trees, a small citrus orchard and a concept of mulching and mowing keeps a well-established veggie garden. We have lot of weeds at bay and luckily with all the been doing the Coffs Growers Market each amazing information around about combating Thursday for the last couple of years and pests naturally, we are doing OK. Being in found more and more people asking to buy the garden is so fulfilling and when we hand direct from the farm. Basically, that is how the water, it is a great time to spot snails or Farm Shop idea and concept really evolved for caterpillars – the ducks love them. Wallabies us. have been our biggest threat to growing, but Your collection of livestock is quite eclectic chicken wire fixed that. too. What animals call your property You hold open days on your property on home, and can visitors to your farm get Sundays, between 10am and 2pm. What up close and personal with any of can visitors see, do and purchase them? on these days? We have approx. 20 Once you have arrived, sheep, 10 new lambs, head straight over for a On the farm, we three ducks, Bruce the look at the sheep and grow everything Ram and his best mate the Shetland Pony in as as chemical freeoduce is Wilbur, the Shetland the pecan paddock. We possible. Our pr nic, but ga Pony. Liam and Olympia or have lucerne available ed ifi not cert say we to d ou pr e the Alpacas will surely and ask only for a gold ar e w etely are nearly compl give you a laugh. At coin donation to help chemical free.” 12.30pm every Sunday, pay for the feed. Relax we feed the animals; it with a homemade treat gives the young ones (and and an organic coffee or tea. old ones) a chance to get up Stock up on some fresh produce: close. We must mention ‘Ruby’, our little bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, lamb – her survival was thanks to Brodi (our silverbeet, potatoes grown in Ulong, free oldest boy) bottle feeding her on frosty winter range local eggs, lettuce straight out of our mornings. The satisfaction of seeing the kids garden, Russian or purple Italian garlic and smile as they give Ruby a bottle at feeding many more healthy options. We have a little time is amazing. A lot of parents say their child shop where it’s great to pick up gifts; maybe has never seen a sheep in real life – that is a you need some natural goats’ milk soap (great real buzz. for your skin) or candles that are made from What organic principles and practices do soy and smell divine. you use on your property? Some really talented local ladies have On the farm, we grow everything as worked hard to bring you homemade

blueberry jam, or maybe raspberry tickles your fancy. You can’t go past the zucchini pickles or onion jam ... There are crystals to collect and other beautiful things available; there is something for everyone! Last but not least, we have a range of herbs for healing or just to add that special touch to your meal, and try and grow organic seeds or seedlings. There’s much more – come and see! With the fresh country air, we are just trying to create a relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy. How can people find you or contact you to find out more about your produce and open days? The Me-Healthy Farm is located at 147 Upper Orara Rd, Karangi, which is 11 km directly west – a short (10 minute) drive from the heart of Coffs Harbour – up West High St/Coramba Rd. At the Karangi shop, turn left onto Upper Orara Rd, and travel 1.5 km. When we open, we put a large golden flag out the front. Feel free to call Sam on 0409 543 711 or Aaron on 0423 490 008. Come say G’day at the Coffs Growers Market on Thursday! Keep an eye on Facebook Me-Healthy Farm, as we are planning larger days with other stall holders, music and farm based workshops/ activities. Finally, we wanted to take the chance to say thank you to everyone who has embraced the Sunday concept, particularly the local growers and producers. If everyone is thinking, eating and spending local, then this can only benefit the Coffs Coast. Thanks Aaron and Sam. Interview by Jo Atkins. coffs coast focus 13

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... on each visit, there’s bound to be a new discovery.

T h e H o m e o f Curated Culture. Vast Interior is somewhat of a local icon among home decorators, thanks to the inspiring mix of unique globally sourced home furnishing and decor and exquisite timber craft it artfully brings together. It’s the perfect starting point to adopt an old treasure or find your new age ‘reclaimed’ vintage style. From the daring bright pattern prints in their new seating collection, that have been hand-picked in India, to the distressed recycled timber pieces, on each visit there’s bound to be a new discovery. New owner Heidi Brett is always searching for interesting and often ‘up-cycled’ furniture pieces and when you walk into Vast, you can feel the enchanting mosaic of global cultures and artistic rustic charm found in an exotic market bazaar – that’s because each Vast has the freedom to choose their own global finds, mixed in with

their famous solid mango hardwood dining and living ranges. As India is world famous for its arts, textiles, craft and antique style furniture, Vast Coffs is famous for being the very first Vast store and since opening over a decade ago, the flagship store has a reputation for having a unique mix of original furniture, old world objects and homewares hand-made from dazzling daring materials. Shipments are constantly arriving in store, brimming with rustic and coastal gems for summer decorating. To experience the wonderful colourful world of Vast and view their new spring collections, visit their store at 153 Orlando Street Coffs Harbour, T + 61 2 6652 111. Or, you keep up to date with new arrivals on Facebook: vastcoffsharbour

EMERALD BEACH PLUMBING n March 2012, Emerald Beach Plumbing was nominated for State Training Small Employer of the Year by Gerard Klinkers of Verto – which is an apprenticeship centre in Coffs Harbour. Gerard has been responsible for signing up our apprentices over the 17 years that we have been operating. The Small Employer award celebrates the collaboration of working with their training providers and apprentices and trainees in the workplace. The teachers at North Coast TAFE have certainly worked with us to achieve such outstanding results. It also identifies how we address sustainability in our business, how we contribute to our community and how we address Work Health and Safety. So, it seems that we ticked all the boxes to be worthy of nomination, which led to being

a finalist at the State Training North Coast Small Employer Awards in June this year. And to our excitement, we happened to win the coveted award for the region, covering Tweed Heads to Taree. We were then catapulted to being shortlisted for the NSW State Small Employer Award, where we had to be grilled by a panel of judges down in Sydney. This led to becoming one of the top 3 finalists in our category out of 900 nominated businesses across the state. To become a finalist in this league is truly amazing, and we are extremely proud of this achievement. We attended the awards night in Sydney on 28 August, along with Tony Slade from North Coast TAFE, to celebrate with our whole team in making the top 3. It is great to be recognised, considering we’re from a small regional area.


meet a


Meet Peter Pappalardo and Michael Loxley from Spanline PETER PAPPALARDO. How long have you been in Coffs?

MICHAEL LOXLEY. How long have you been in Coffs? I moved

I have lived in Coffs since 2003. I moved from Sydney with my wife, Rebecca, and son, Jarad, and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Caine.

here with my family when I was about 6 years old in 1981, so about 31 years. My family come from around here originally. My grandmother grew up in Bucca. We now live in Moonee Beach. What do you love about the Coffs Coast? The beaches; I grew up on the beach. The weather – most of the time. How do you relax? I try to get in the water as much as I can; I try and surf a couple of times a week. I like a BBQ with friends and family and playing with my kids.

What do you love about the Coffs Coast? You can relax at a moment’s notice, and the climate is so temperate.

How do you relax? Walking on the beach and swimming, and sometimes I hop on the treadmill.

Tell us something about yourself that people might not know? I am an avid home brewer; I take my brewing very seriously. I have about 32 cases of beer in my garage. I believe to brew a good beer, like most things in life, it takes time. 14

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Tell us something about yourself that people might not know? To be honest, I read books about share trading; I have always wanted to be a share trader. I do trade in shares – ultimately, I’d like to see myself trading full-time.

Self Sufficient Homes Pty Ltd is proud to announce the launch of their new commercial solar division: Self Sufficient Businesses. “We have seen an increased demand for solar energy systems from commercial clients and rather than facilitating this service from our residential solar operation – we have set up a new dedicated commercial division of our business that is able to offer commercial clients a bespoke renewable energy solution. Most businesses operate during the day, and hence draw a considerable amount of power off the grid to facilitate the running of their business. With commercial power tariffs around the 38c per kW/hour rate – business owners can often rack up massive power bills. This is completely avoidable. Commercial solar systems really do pay for themselves. There are Federal solar incentives that reduce the upfront cost, tax

breaks on capital investments up to $6,000, plus the ability to depreciate the outlay over a number of years – the cost of going green can be negligible in the overall running costs of a business.” – Mark McClurg, Managing Director. Self Sufficient Businesses has a LIVE commercial solar solution in operation at their showroom located at 26 Isles Drive. This system has remote monitoring and fault detection capabilities built into it, plus system output performance data displayed on a large flat screen TV – you can clearly see how much FREE energy they are creating and how much CO2 they are offsetting! Prepare to be VERY impressed. Come down and see for yourself the future of energy creation.

Passionate about 4WDing and camping, Kev Smith has ventured to many locales in Australia. Kev keeps a written and photographic record of his adventures, maintaining a comprehensive blog site – as well as arranging 4WDing and camping treks for those who love the outdoors as much as he does …

4WD Passion


i Kev. Tell us about yourself and your family – have you always called the Coffs Coast home? My parents relocated to Coffs Harbour from the Blue Mountains some 27 years ago, before moving south again. I decided to stay here in the Coffs area, as I love the whole mountains by the sea atmosphere. I am single, but have a beautiful daughter, Billi, who loves the whole camping, 4WDing and exploring scene. We have been lucky enough to have explored a lot of this great country – from a host of desert regions, our great coastline, some of the islands in Queensland, and we even touched the snow covered high country in Victoria. We are very lucky here on the Coffs Coast, as we have one of the few spots on the East Coast where the mountains reach the sea – this was caused when the Mount Warning volcano erupted some 40 million years ago, and the nearby Ebor vent spilled out to create the hills that now lie behind us. How did you first become interested in 4WDing? I became involved in 4WDing some 20 years ago when I bought my first 4WD – a little Daihatsu Rocky. That was a huge learning curve, as I had only ever had street cars before that. I got bogged, stuck on hills, yet I knew it was the beginning of something big; it was fun. Probably the biggest drawback I have at the moment is not enough time to get out there to explore more areas. But saying that, we just came back from a trip exploring the mid-west of NSW last month, as I write for several 4WD and camping magazines, and next month we are off to explore the north west of NSW. Where are some of the most exciting places you’ve been off-roading? I’ve been support vehicle for a group of mates who ride off-road BMW dirt bikes, and we have done several desert trips. These trips definitely rate highly; yet our trip through the desert in 2010 when the desert was alive with a mass of flowers, birdlife and still in flood was something to remember too. Locally, Point Plomer has some great

memories, fantastic beach camping, basic facilities, yet is so close to home – as does the Macleay region and the ranges west of Grafton. I fell in love with the Flinders Ranges too; Arkaroola to Wilpena Pound are just so different. Honestly – I rate everywhere I go highly, as it means I am out and about. Deserts can obviously be dangerous and unpredictable places, so how do you prepare for a trips to places like this? With the bike trips we have done, we needed to prepare for the worst, so we had a paramedic along, the boys on the bikes had every spare you could imagine, and it had to run like a military operation, as there were 7 of us on the trips. But it doesn’t matter if it’s only us; we still do all the calculations for fuel, food, camp spots with facilities. I always have a comprehensive first aid kit, spares, like belts, fluids and bearings for the 4WD and the camper trailer. Safety needs to be paramount out in remote regions (and it doesn’t matter if you are 1,000 km away or just 100 km away); you still need to be prepared for any mishap. What kind of vehicle do you use for your trips? My vehicle of choice at the moment is a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. I have set it up as a ‘tourer’, so at any time it is ready to go out bush, or even outback. I have built it with off-road suspension, roof awning and basket, long range fuel tanks; other mods include a dual battery setup to run our fridge, large inverter to recharge any 240 v devices, rear drawer setup and other goodies. Our setup, when teamed with our off-road camper trailer, ensures we can be self-sufficient for up to two weeks at a time. Tell us about Woolgoolga Offroad … I started up Woolgoolga Offroad some 17 years ago to meet other genuine people who love the outdoors and seek adventure. I’ve been lucky enough to have organised trips for clubs, 4WD magazines and friends who visit the coast. I am always happy to share my knowledge on where to go and what to see. Share a funny story with us about something that may have happened on one of your adventures ….

One moment that sticks in my mind was a camp on the Warrego River, out the back of Bourke. Our mascot for the trip was ‘Dazza’, a Youtube cane toad who was concerned for his mate. One of our bike riders took it upon himself to ‘mimic’ Dazza’s mate – Baz, complete with outback boots, singlet tucked into his undies – running around the camp! Definitely one of those stories: ‘What happens in the desert, stays in the desert’! You actually won the inaugural BCF Camper of the Year in 2009. What did you have to do to win this competition? BCF ran a program called The Passionate Program, where you could compete against all other BCF employees (at the time there were some 4,400) throughout Australia. I chose the camping section, as that was and still is my passion. Basically, it was an exam type test, where you had to set up camp scenarios, product reviews, explain product pros and cons, cooking methods and more. I entered the 2010 Passionate Program, where I stepped my entry up, but was told my entry was just too good and was asked if I could step aside; I was happy that I set the bar high. Winning the inaugural competition was something I aimed for when I was employed with BCF. You’ve actually written a 4WD book for the Coffs Coast. Where can people find a copy? I’m up to the second edition of my 4WD book, Coffs Coast, 4WD Destinations. The current book has around 70 odd pages of trips and photos. The next one will hopefully be double that, as I have a backlog of destinations to share.

Living here on the Coffs Coast, it’s so easy to get away for the day or the weekend, and what most people don’t know is you really don’t need a modified 4WD to explore. There are so many great places tucked away, with pockets of pristine rain forest, crystal clear creeks and some great coastal hideaways. If people are interested in my book, they can buy it at the TJM Megastore at Coffs Harbour South for $30. How can people contact you? If anyone wishes to contact me for any further info on 4WDing here on the Coffs Coast, or just want to follow my 4WDing and camping adventures, they can jump online at Here they will find a host of my ventures and adventures from the past 10 years. I update it every time we go away for a drive or camp, any modifications to the 4WD or camper trailer, or even if it is out for the day just to photograph this great area we live in. They will notice that I am always looking for anyone to join me in day or camping trips away and to be featured in the many magazines that I currently freelance for. There is also the opportunity to subscribe to my blog updates by submitting an email address. With the doors that have opened up the past few years, I am working towards the adventure of completing the big lap and hopefully all of my experience will come into play; but again, you can follow my ventures and the exciting places that I visit on my blog and in several 4WD and camping magazines. Thanks Kev. Interview by Jo Atkins. coffs coast focus 15 can help you find over local community services, including aged care “200 and health services, childcare centres, schools and government support agencies. ”


CoffsConnect. Find local community services on CoffsConnect

Where Music Lives! Professional musicians, like the rest of us, need to be paid for their performances in order to pay bills, buy groceries and put petrol in the car. So it is with great excitement that Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium announces funding received from Coffs Harbour City Council and Regional Arts NSW that has made it possible to pay musicians to perform at no cost to you! These concerts, called Music for Spring, showcase local Coffs Coast instrumentalists, singers, ensembles and rising young stars. The concerts are all free and held outside on the forecourt of the Con‘s new home at the Bray Street complex. Weather permitting, the Con invites you to come along on Saturday 6 & 20 October and again on Saturday 3 November. There is a range of music styles being presented to delight all tastes and ages. Families with small children are most welcome. Seating for 100 is provided from 1.30pm, and all concerts start at 2pm. Shade sails across the forecourt protect much of the area, but please bring a hat if you are worried about the sun. Refreshments, including drinks and ice cream, can be purchased from the cinema right next door. Phone the Conservatorium today for a brochure 6652 1592.

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DMT Photography. Lauren says: “We were married on Saturday, April 28, 2012, which turned out to be the only day it would rain that week. However, no amount of rain could have dampened our amazing day in any way. “After becoming Mr and Mrs Moerland, we left the chapel and headed for Jetty beach to have our wedding photos taken together by David and his assistants. Lucky for us, the rain had stopped just in time! I was extremely happy and impressed with our wedding photos from DMT photography. He captured the love and happiness, along with the fun we all were having on the day.”

Scott is someone who never likes having his photo “taken, so he was not looking forward to that part of the day, but even he said he had so much fun during the whole ‘wedding photos’ process – which I think we can thank David and his crew for, along with the rest of the bridal party.

“The best part of dealing with DMT Photography was the ease of it all. David was very professional, yet friendly and easy to get along with. He captured so many beautiful shots of the entire day, so I’d say the hardest part was trying to choose which photos to go into our album.” can help you find over 200 local community services, including aged care and health services, childcare centres, schools and government support agencies. Julie Jardine is from the Coffs Coast/Clarence Cando Cancer Trust, which provides an important community service by supporting patients and families attending the North Coast Cancer Institute. She encourages others to list their organisation on CoffsConnect: “It’s a great way to promote your organisation. Most people are volunteers, and it’s very hard to get a website going and money is an issue. It’s easy to use and the more people who get onto the site, the more people who will search the website, and it will snowball from there and benefit the whole community.” Coffs Harbour City Council is pleased to announce the winners of the CoffsConnect community group prize draw – Coffs Harbour Mountain Bikers, Kokoro Kids and Coffs Harbour South Rotary Club. They share in $1,750 worth of goods and services to help their voluntary groups continue their great work. Council would like to thank the 100 local community groups who have listed their groups on CoffsConnect and encourage others to join and receive the benefits of this free community website. CoffsConnect has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

focusinterview. (Back) Jaymin Hyland-Taylor, Fiona Hyland, Patricia Wallace, Noelene Skinner, Lockie Skinner. (Front) Troy Robinson, Clarke Webb, Reuben Robinson, Adam Brunton. (Missing) Lloyd Lynwood. Photo credit: Frank Redwood.

We catch up with Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Social Events Committee (CHASE) – Chairperson Reuben Robinson.


ell us about yourself – where do encies planned activities with associated organisations/agencies you work, and how did you become (Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal) in and around Coffs involved with CHASE? Harbour, ensuring a full week of entertainment, cultural Giinagay, I’m a Proud Gumbaingirr Man and Aboriginal heritage, while providing an enjoyable from the Nambucca Valley who grew up Aboriginal experience through our planned NAIDOC in Coffs for just about all my life. activities and functions for the whole Coffs Harbour I am currently a Community Project Officer for the region. North East Region of Department of Education & How is CHASE funded? Communities, Office of Aboriginal Affairs NSW. I’m on CHASE coordinates funding for all events via direct secondment for 6 months from the NSW Aboriginal funding (Govt and non-Govt agencies), donations, as Housing Office, where I’m a Project Officer well as in-kind or financial contributions from and have worked for AHO since 2002. various local organisations and agencies. I became involved in CHASE as a We particularly work closely with the s community representative when Aboriginal Community Development ay w al is SE A CH the committee asked me to MC Officer located in the Community willing to accept arly rticul their first Mr NAIDOC Strut in Development Unit within Coffs donations and pa sist 2009. From there, I continued Harbour City Council and have volunteers to as ned in any of our planrally to support the committee and developed a satisfactory working ne events, and ge utions/ was elected as Chairperson the relationship with the CHCC, rib nt co we seek ad up to le following year, and I’ve held this which we seek to maintain and e th in g in nd fu ents/ position since then. continually enhance. any associated ev What exactly does CHASE do? Although we’re limited in activities.” The CHASE Committee voluntarily our funding resources, CHASE is organises Aboriginal social events very reliant on our local Aboriginal within the Coffs Harbour and surrounding organisations to assist with all of our events. area in conjunction with the community and local The Coffs Harbour and District Local Aboriginal Land Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Organisations/Agencies Council (LALC), Galambila Aboriginal Health Service, (eg. NAIDOC Week celebrations and Community Easter the Deadly Sista Girlz (Women’s Group), ABCARE, and and Christmas Party) the Coffs Harbour Family Wellbeing Service have all CHASE is a voluntary committee particularly focusing greatly contributed over time, and CHASE would not be on Abor Events and consists of a Chairperson (myself), successful without these major partners. Treasurer Lloyd Lynwood – Coffs Council Rep and What upcoming events is CHASE currently Secretary Noelene Skinner. We have additional members, organising? but they vary at each meeting based on availability. CHASE is planning for another successful Christmas However, CHASE has a core group of individuals, with Family Fun Day, which has been held in conjunction with Executive who continually contribute to our events the Coffs Harbour Memorial Swimming Pool for the last locally 2 years. We specifically aim to co-ordinate NAIDOC week The swimming pool site is significant to the local

Aboriginal people, as it was pre viously i occ previously occupied by the local Aboriginal people and known as the Aboriginal Camp. It still has significance today, with several significant sites all along Coffs Creek, and CHASE is glad its relationship with Coffs Memorial Swimming Pool will continue to allow a return to this significant site. CHASE has also been approached several times to consider a possible junior debutante ball for the local Aboriginal youth, and this could be on the agenda in the coming 12 months. CHASE is also considering the option of a regional youth disco/dance, but plans are still in the discussion stages, so watch this space. How can members of the public or local businesses assist CHASE? CHASE is always willing to accept donations and particularly volunteers to assist in any of our planned events, and generally we seek contributions/funding in the lead up to any associated events/activities. We are currently developing a Facebook page, showing all pictures from events in 2012, as well as providing an avenue for CHASE to be contacted and further promoted. Where can people go to find out more information? At this stage, contact can be made directly to myself as the Chairperson, or alternatively, our 2 other Executive representatives are Lloyd Lynwood (Treasurer) – Community Development Officer within Coffs City Council or Noelene Skinner (Secretary) – Coffs Harbour TAFE, as our Facebook and email pages are in the process of development. Reuben Robinson Tel: (02) 5622 8870 Mob: 0425 395 669 Thanks Reuben. Interview by Jo Atkins. coffs coast focus 17

Coffs Coast

Cover Dish Pan fried Jewfish w/ horseradish skordalia, goats cheese fritters and walnut, celery and beetroot salad from CafĂŠ Treeo Sawtell.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android App Store. 18 coffs coast focus focus.

eat. Spinifex Restaurant Comfortably located at the Coast Hotel in the heart of Coffs Harbour, Spinifex is open 7 days, lunch and dinner. The Spinifex team pride themselves on bringing the best and freshest local ingredients to your table at affordable prices. Soak up some sun in the beer garden, or dine in our recently renovated restaurant. The tempting menu and blackboard specials are a delight to browse and provide a delicious choice for everyone. Also on offer is the great value $9.90 lunch menu and unbelievable $13.90 daily specials, with a free beer or glass of wine. We also have the perfect venue for your functions and parties.

Finz on The Beach ‘Finz on The Beach’ Restaurant located at BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort has recently unveiled a fresh, contemporary new look following extensive renovations earlier in the year. With a new look and a new spring menu, the restaurant is sure to impress. Back by popular demand, our Sunday sessions will be starting 30 September. Join us on the Casay Bar every Sunday, with live local entertainment and great drink specials each week. Head Chef Sam Allinson.

Coast Hotel, 2 Moonee St, Coffs Harbour t 6652 3007 w open: Lunch: 12am - 2.30pm. Dinner: 6pm - 9pm.

Executive Chef Tim McClay-Talivai

Breakfree Aanuka Beach Resort 11 Firman Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6650 2400 w open: 6pm - 9pm, 7 days a week.

The Pier Hotel The Pier Hotel is inventing new ways to impress local diners 7 days a week. Head chef Dave Newick has designed a funky menu that caters for all tastes, so if you enjoy a 400 g eye fillet steak or just want a simple hamburger, it’s probably on the menu. The guys in the kitchen have come up with a theme for every night of the week: Monday is footy night, where you can grab a hamburger and a beer for $11. Tuesday night has become extremely popular, with the 2 for 1 pizza night. Wednesday night, grab a 250 g steak and a schooner of Carlton Dry for just $15. Our most famous night is Thursday night Mexican – 7 great Mexican meals to choose from, with a Corona, wine or soft drink for just $14.50. So if it’s value for money and variety you’re after, come down and try waves @ the pier. Now booking Christmas functions.

Fig Restaurant After reopening the doors twelve 12 months ago, Fig Restaurant has become known for its fresh, clean flavours, professional service and fantastic wines, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Fig offers the regular menu nightly, as well as Degustation Fridays (5 course set menu, changes weekly) and Spanish Paella Mixta on Sundays. Don’t forget the Christmas party season is almost upon us, large and small groups catered for; whether you’re interested in a formal multi course dinner or a casual cocktail and canapé function, Fig can cater.

Licensed restaurant. Cnr First Ave & Boronia Street, Sawtell t 6658 3638 w open: From 5.30pm 6 evenings/week. Closed Tuesdays.

Chef/Owner Phil Woolasto.

Head Chef Dave Newick..

Cnr Harbour Dr and Camperdown St, Coffs Harbour hotel 6652 2110 bistro 6651 8222 open: lunch 11.30 - 2.30pm, dinner 5.30 - 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

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eat. Ham hock ravioli, cotechino sausage, pea puree with truffle & almond foam.

Zebu bar + grill

Bluebottles Brasserie

Enjoy a drop of fine wine at Zebu Bar + Grill –

Bluebottles is located in beautiful seaside Woolgoolga. Enjoy the coast’s beautiful spring weather in a relaxed alfresco atmosphere. Open 7 days a week from 6.30am-3pm Sunday to Thursday and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturdays. Under the guidance of Head Chef Gerard Geerligs, Bluebottle’s new spring menu provides fresh flavours for all tastes. Bookings are recommended and private functions are catered for.

recently awarded with an Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine Glass at the Wine List of the Year Awards. Match it with our Ham Hock Ravioli or a succulent steak from the grill – pure bliss. Diary Date: Wednesday 3 October 7.30pm An evening with Bruce Tyrell – 5 course degustation dinner with matching wines – $95pp. Strictly limited seating, only 50 spaces! Tickets available by contacting (02) 6589 2816 or email Breakfast - Coffee - Cocktails - 10 Tap Beers - Wood Fire Pizzas - Steaks - Seafood Purveyors of Peak Coffee

Head Chef Gerard Geerligs.

Executive Chef Ben Holloway.

Shops 1 & 2, 53 Beach St, Woolgoolga t 6654 1962

Hay Street Foreshore, Port Macquarie t 6589 2822 w open 7 days, from 6.30am - late. Bar open noon daily. Bookings recommended.

open Breakfast and lunch daily. Open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm.

Lakiss’ Jetty Pizzeria Lakiss’ Jetty Pizzeria is located at the front of Jetty Village Shopping Centre, below Beachbodies Gym. Owned and operated by Paul and Katie Lakiss, they are famous for their extensive menu of unique thin crusted pizza, homemade pastas and fresh gourmet salads. Paul relocated to Coffs Harbour after owning Kingsway Pizzeria in Sutherland, and Katie has been looking after clientele locally for twelve years. Come and see why we’re becoming known for cooking the most delicious pizza in town! Eat in, take away or home delivery.

Horizons Restaurant & Bar Join us for lunch! THE OC LUNCH DEAL: Meal + Beverage + Coffee = $23.50pp Enjoy a glass of house wine, domestic beer or soft drink, your meal and espresso or tea at Horizons Restaurant & Bar overlooking the pool and taking in the coastal views. Guests are able to dine alfresco on the terrace or in air conditioned comfort. All for $23.50pp. 11.30am - 2.30pm, 7 days. Bookings preferred. Owners Paul and Katie.

Try our new Spring/Summer Dinner Menu BOOK NOW FOR YOUR WORK CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Jetty Village Shopping Centre, 361 Harbour Dr, Coffs Harbour t 6652 1939 open: Tuesday - Sunday Dinner. BYO.

20 coffs coast focus.

Opal Cove Resort, Opal Boulevard, Coffs Harbour t 6651 0510 open: Breakfast, lunch and dinner – 7 days a week. Bookings recommended.

Clinton Hunter Head Chef.


Saltwater Restaurant

Palms Butchery

Superbly positioned only a few lazy metres from the rolling surf at Emerald Beach, just 15 km north of Coffs Harbour. Take in the view, while our team of award winning chefs and staff look after you. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace, a leisurely lunch, or fine dining in the evening. Saltwater is the perfect location for your wedding reception or function. Recently voted Winner Best Breakfast Restaurant, Northern/New England. Reviewed and recommended by SMH Good Food Guide. WINNER BEST BREAKFAST Award for Excellence for the 2nd year.

The Palms Butchery is located in Coffs Central shopping centre. Cooking the perfect Fillet Mignon • Preheat oven to 180°C • Place on a rack in baking tray with a little water in the bottom • Lightly salt and pepper • Roast for 30 mins Palms Butchery caters for small and large orders. Buy in bulk when you shop for great savings.

Head Chef Dan Williams.

Owner/Butcher Tim Allen.

Shop 25, Palms Centre, Coffs Harbour t 6652 3394

104 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach t 6656 1888 w

open: Mon - Fri: 8am - 5.30pm. Sat: 8am - 4pm. Sun: 9am - 2pm.

open: Wed - Sun, breakfast & lunch. Thursday, Friday, Saturday for dinner.

Tasmanian Ocean Trout Tartare

Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar Food to Fear! October 31, the day the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest! Will now become the day that the barrier between sanity and insanity is also at it’s thinnest! Our Halloween Degustation menu will be a set five courses, for $75, or paired with wines for $100. There will be a whole host of creepy cocktails for you to suck back at the same time! There will be a restaurant voucher given away to the most horrifying costume as well! Visit regularly to watch the menu grow; bookings close October 29.

Café TREEO Sawtell Nearing their first anniversary, Café TREEO in Sawtell shows no signs of slowing down, as they continue to delight diners with their extensive all-day breakfast and lunch menu. At TREEO, you can expect exceptional service from Duncan, Leesa and the team, topped off by delicious, quality coffee made with love, thanks to Single Origin Roasters. Having recently won ‘Best New Restaurant’ in the Savour Australia 2012 Awards, it’s not hard to see why their tables are consistently full. Using only the freshest seasonal produce, the superior quality of their food is a reflection of Chef Duncan Elliot’s vast experience in Michelin star restaurants around the world. Also, by popular demand, TREEO will be opening for dinner over summer, so watch this space!

Chef Joel McCulla.

27 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway). t 6652 1588 w open: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am. Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – late.

Owner/Chef Duncan Elliot.

18 First Ave, Sawtell t 6653 1099 fb CafeTreeo open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch.

coffs coast focus



Thursday 8 November.

Show us Ya Dish. Once again home cooks from across the Coffs Coast have the chance to ‘Show Us Ya Dish’ in the annual cooking competition, which seeks to crown the best cook in Coffs. The competition has attracted lots of attention over the past few years and always provides an energetic and flamboyant event for the final cook-off.

Executive Chef Aanuka.

ow long have you been in the hospitality industry, and where did you start out? Aanuka’s Executive Chef – Tim McClay-Talivai – started his culinary adventure 25 years ago in Taupo, New Zealand, working under the the guidance of “Hini Silimen”, then Executive Chef of the New Zealand culinary Olympic team. After being trained in the classic French style of cooking, he spent 10 years travelling the world, defining his cooking skills and visiting over 20 different countries. Working


Aanuka caters for functions as well. What are the options that readers have when booking a function? Aanuka is not only a beautiful resort to enjoy a holiday or romantic getaway, the resort has four potential Conference & Event venues to celebrate special occasions such as Weddings, Family Reunions & engagement parties, and more. We also cater for Large Retreats, Sporting Groups and all styles of conferencing. A versatile team also allows the resort to offer a high standard of service and create an experience for our valued guests.

“Over the next six months, the resort will be welcoming over 50 weddings, along with many conferences, Christmas parties and social events. We are also preparing for our Christmas Day lunch, a sell out event we hold each year. A delicious buffet of seafood and local seasonal produce is offered, plus Santa Claus also makes his yearly visit. ” in varied destinations such as the Congo in Central Africa to the more classical Brussels, capital of the European union, cooking for everyone from Presidents to the locals of Tonge in the Far north of Scotland. Tell our readers about the amazing menu you have at Aanuka Beach Resort. With the New Summer menu, being launched on Tuesday 25th September, Tim has offered a lovely well balanced menu which has taken local ingredients and given them a twist, From a Prawn and Cured Salmon Salad to the king of steaks, a 400g rib eye on the bone. Tim has created a menu to ensure everyone will find that one dish (or several) that will want you to dine with “Finz On The Beach” again & again

22 coffs coast focus.

The resort has its own dedicated events team that can help you plan an event to remember, with a variety of catering options and the potential to create something different and exciting, the events team can be contacted via the resort, (02) 6652 7555. What do you have in store for the restaurant over the next 6 months? Over the next six months the resort will be welcoming over 50 weddings, along with many Conferences, Christmas Parties and Social Events. We are also preparing for our Christmas Day Lunch, a sell out event we hold each year. A delicious buffet of seafood & local seasonal produce is offered plus Santa Claus also makes his yearly visit. Bookings can be made with Nicole on (02) 6652 7555.

“There are clearly a lot of talented people out there who have a real passion for our wonderful local produce and have the skills to turn it into delicious food for their families and friends. This competition is a fun way of showcasing that talent and the abundance and variety of local food that is grown here on the Coffs Coast,” Event Coordinator Jan Rooney said.

There will be a slight change in the competition from last year, with three amateur cooks competing in the final for the fantastic prizes that have been supplied by major event sponsor, DeLonghi. Prizes include a nine burner BBQ worth $3,799, a fully automated coffee machine worth $1,799 and a DeLonghi Icon Breakfast pack worth approximately $499. To enter, home chefs need to head to and upload an image of their signature dish using local produce. The public will then have a chance to judge the top three dishes, who will compete at the ‘Show Us Ya Dish’ cookoff on Thursday 8 November 2012 at Coffs Coast Growers Market.

This October.

Wednesday 17 October – Thursday 18 October.

This October, we’re stripping theatre bare! We have a provocative drama by a local playwright, amateur male strippers provide lots of laughs and an expressive musical performance from the world renowned Grigoryan Brothers. What better way to celebrate spring? Sex, death, family Christmas. Let the fun begin. 2 Doors Down is a comedy drama dealing with one family’s attempts to cope with life over the Christmas break. We’ve all been there – too much sun, alcohol and in-laws – but this family has an added stress: it’s one year on since a devastating tragedy. AUDIENCE WARNING – this show contains sexual references, explicit language and adult themes. Not suitable for children. Written and directed by Kelly McLoughlinWilden. Ladies Night: Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 October, 8pm. The story of four unemployed guys, motivated by ‘The Chippendales’ to form a male stripping act in order to make some fast cash. They pitch the notion to a local club owner and take lessons from a slightly shop-worn dance instructor with a heart-of-gold in all

manner of things, including what women really want from a male stripper (and how to deliver it). Grigoryan Brothers: Friday 19 October, 8pm. Slava and Leonard Grigoryan will be performing music from their latest album The Seasons – a twelve movement composition, originally written for solo piano by the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the piece has been arranged for two guitars by Slava and Leonard’s father, Edward. Regarded as Australia’s finest guitar duo, their passion is to expand their horizons through new arrangements, their own compositions and commissions. This ambition can be heard as the brothers take the guitar into genres such as Latin, Jazz, Folk and contemporary music. To book tickets, please call our box office, Tuesday - Friday, 12 - 4pm on 6652 8088. Tickets are also available at our website

D G A WE I H JGPOIWEHG JGPOIWE 00 OIHA I A S HT [oiqhr ’ WE 00 OIHA IHA S AOWE A W I HT T [o [ oqj qj w o[j [j p[jq4 p[jq OWE I HT [oi [o

coffs coast focus 23


Their rise to fame has been meteoric and not without incident! Sam Margin – lead singer with The Rubens – shares the story of the band’s discovery, recording their first album in New York, and now their first ever national tour, with a stopover planned at the Hoey Moey on October 10 …


ntroduce us to the band … There’s me, the lead singer, Zaac on guitar, Elliott on keys and backing vocals and Scott [Baldwin] on drums. Where did the name ‘The Rubens’ come from? The Rubens came from our younger brother. We’re three brothers – me, Elliott and Zaac, and the brother below us is named ‘Jethro’ [Jet]. He plays drums – so we really could have had the whole band as brothers, but he’s too young; he’s 17 right now. He was 16 when we started the band. His nickname at the time was Ruben – it was really just a progression of stupid nicknames, and we thought we’d get at him by naming the band after him! We never realised the band would do well and the name would stick! It’s been a very speedy ride to the top for you guys, but take me back to the beginning … how did you attract the attention of David Kahne – the Grammy Award winning producer from New York? A friend of ours, Dean Tuza, was over in the South of France doing a music workshop with David Kahne and Michael Brauer on mixing. David asked Dean what he was currently working on, and Dean played him My Gun, which was the demo I’d recorded in my bedroom. David really liked it and asked Dean for more tracks, so it just started from there. So, David liking your music really kick-started things for you, and you basically got to travel to New York and start working on your first album … Yeah. After we found out that David wanted to work with us, Triple J Unearthed noticed us … 24 coffs coast focus.

they started playing Lay it Down on the radio, and that obviously changed things for us. We wanted to go work for David in New York, but we weren’t sure how we were going to do it – we needed to find the money. At that point we never had any record label interest, and we were struggling to even get a booking agent. So when Triple J started playing our stuff, we had the interest we needed and a fan base, and the record labels started to show interest. We then had the security of knowing we could go to America and have a record deal at the end of it. New York must have been a bit of a culture shock. I read you actually rode skateboards to work every day! Yeah. At one point we were on about $15 per day for food each, because we were really trying to budget hard. And then, I think we cut it down to about $10 a day each, so we could buy skateboards. Zaac actually fell off his skateboard one evening and ruptured his spleen … Ouch! That must have had a big impact on your time on New York, and your recording schedule … I think he was only out of the studio for three days. It didn’t affect his recording so much – we made sure someone was always at the studio, and someone was always at the hospital with Zaac, but obviously no guitar was done for those 3 days. He recovered pretty quickly. That’s a relief … How long were you actually in New York for altogether? I was there for three months – the full Visa, and the boys were there for two months. Moving on to your music, My Gun is

probably the single that most people know. Where did the inspiration come from for this track? Not really sure where the lyrics came from … that particular song happened quite quickly lyrically and made sense in my mind, but I don’t really remember thinking about anything in particular while I was writing it. Sonically, its inspiration came from a Hip Hop beat – and that beat is actually a loop. The original beat actually came off Garage Band, which is software you use to record, and it’s just a beat that came with the program. I chose the beat, slowed it down to about half of what it was meant to be played at, and it sounded quite Hip Hop and kind of crackly and cool. I think the inspiration came from that beat. Elliott was at school at the time, I played the beat and Zaac said, “We have to do something to this song, as it’s really cool”. I wrote the keys part, and it went from there. It has an Amy Winehouse kind of style. Creatively, are certain band members responsible for the lyrics, while some are more focused on the melodies? The lyrics are pretty much me – it’s a role I’ve had from the start … everyone else has a part – whether it’s melodies, or progressions, lines or hooks – it’s whoever comes up with it. It’s a pretty even spread of who brings stuff to the table. Each song on the record is really evenly written. Speaking of the record, it must be so exciting for you all to have produced your first album – which is self-titled. Tell us, what tracks are standouts for you personally? The track I’m most proud of is track three,

which is Never be the Same. That’s my personal favourite. We all have different favourites, and I think they change over time. I like that one, because it was really easy to write. It was written right at the end of the recording process … we’d already recorded all of the songs on the record, and we were doing the finishing touches on them, and then I wrote this song with probably only about a week to go in America. It’s one of those songs that came together very quickly, and as soon as the boys heard the piano part I’d written, they all had the same kind of vision about where the song would go. Some songs can be quite hard … If you write a great verse and can’t come up with a chorus, you can end up really resenting that song. So songs like Lay it Down and Never be the Same – there’s just a really positive vibe when it comes to those tracks. Thanks Sam. Best of luck with the rest of the tour. Interview by Jo Atkins.

the plug! The Rubens will perform at the Hoey Moey on October 10; doors open at 8.30pm. $17.85 pre-sold – plus booking fee may apply. and follow the links or

Are you looking for some Christmas magic? Add a little magic to your Christmas Party or special event this year … At Dolphin Marine Magic (Pet Porpoise Pool Pty Ltd), our aim is to provide an experience that will ensure your event is truly memorable for you and your guests. Your guests will enjoy a unique welcome as they walk through the door, whether it be a big welcome kiss from one of our friendly seals, or having the opportunity to play ball poolside and interact with our cheeky dolphins! There is a range of menu packages and event styles to suit every taste and budget, whether it’s a party, corporate event or intimate wedding. Our team can cater to your requirements with imagination and flair.

Private mini Marine Discovery presentations can also be part of your event; with a grandstand suitable for up to 350 guests, this is ideal for corporate and special events. All functions are hosted in our NEW Marquee and lush park gardens. Our cocktail menus start from only $20 per person – gourmet dinner BBQs a specialty at only $40. Private venue hire of our marine park is FREE, with catering available for your event after hours. For more information, contact Angela Van Den Bosch at Dolphin Marine Magic. or phone 0431 922 728. 65 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

coffs coast focus 25


social scene.

Tegan Ewert and John Logan Emma Holder, Designer Lisa Brown, Tegan Ewert and Michelle Seymour.

with Carole Beros from Le Dāin Designs

Mickeela Toneycliffe with Morgan Holt and Dancers. Designer Carmel Kestle and girls.

Hair at the Promenade – Gayle and Michelle.

ove the sounds and scent of spring! Walked outside to a balmy evening, the scent of jasmine and the gorgeous sound of cicadas ... We’re so blessed to be living here. No wonder this is called the lucky country! Holiday makers are arriving to enjoy our fabulous Coffs Coast. We all love a good show, and we are not short of a few! Actually, we had a bit of a show at our house just recently ... not funny at the time! Quite amusing now! Fill you in later ... Of course, we’re in the middle of the more than exciting Buskers and Comedy Festival. It runs until 30 September, and we have visitors from far and wide visiting the area just for the festival itself. We are being entertained by both Australian and international acts in various venues throughout the Coffs Coast. Some of the entertainers include Mr Animation, Clown Loto, Mad Mike Bennett and the Wau Wau Sisters. Mr John Logan from J.L.E entertainment can certainly put on a show! Another show was the spectacular Mercedes Benz Coffs Coast Fashion Gala, for which FOCUS were one of the major sponsors. Mr Logan, along with the fabulous Tegan Ewert from 400 Mangement, joined forces and staged a runway event that blew us away. So much went into putting the show together! John is a showman, and Tegan is Wonder Woman! UNSTOPPABLE! Can’t mention everyone – all I can say is that the audience got the opportunity to view not only the latest fashion from our local retailers, but also got to see what our local stylists can achieve. Lauren Vestey from Living Doll Premier Stylists headed up the hair stylists, and the fabulous makeup artist Mickeela Toneycliffe was in charge of the makeup department. Her work is amazing – might be something to do with the fact that she started at the age of 16 doing makeup for film and theatre productions. I witnessed all involved work around the clock to produce a more than spectacular show. On arriving at Novotel Pacific Bay Resort, guests enjoyed cocktails and canapés while viewing sparkling jewellery from Kennedy Jewellers. Also on display from Coffs Coast Mercedes Benz were sensational cars, to put on your wish list for sure! Sponsor Coco 39 had millinery and handbags on show, fresh from one of Rebecca Hope’s buying trips to New York. After being seated, it was SHOWTIME! With a flash of lights, the catwalk exploded with a dance routine to kick start the runway event. Also flashing madly were the cameras from photographers Brendan Ray from Skyview Photography, Alyssa


26 coffs coast focus.

Evans from Lyss and her Camera, Dan Stewart from Dan Stewart Photography and Michael Theodoridis from Cyclone Imaging. Nonstop entertainment ... fashionista style! Absolutely gorgeous clothes from visiting Designers Lisa Brown and Mary Bianco. Le Dãin got to adorn a gorgeous long slinky white new season summer dress from Lisa Brown with a freshwater pearl and sea green pendant. What a pleasure! Our local Designers made a splash as well, with vintage styles from our Sunny Awards winner Elyan Shotbolt with her label, Shotbolt. Beautiful swimwear from local Designer Carmel Simone, who I hear will be launching a new range very soon. Fabulous fashion from another local designer Jade Khol, who did a more than fabulous job when she dressed the model who opened the show and shared dressing the lady herself, Tegan Ewart, with the ever stylish Seasons Boutiques. I heard a whisper Jade Khol has a surprise in store! Designer Jewells for the fashions on the runway were supplied by Le Dãin Designs Jewells and had spectacular pieces to adorn the opening model, Kareena Johnson and model Lana Tynan. Lana wore glittering Jewells from Le Dãin to complement a fabulous wedding gown from RSVP to close the show. The night was a huge success and was perfected with an over the top with fun after party ... Cargo Lane at Bellingen was the place to be recently to view some of their latest treasures, with the choice of collectable furnishing and artwork they’ve brought back from exotic locations. Mmmm ... love the sound of exotic! Anyway, we got to enjoy bubbles and cocktail food in beautiful surroundings while viewing what to put on our wish lists ... hard to resist! Have to mention a couple of social gatherings I attended. One was for a celebration at Gayle Graham’s Fabulous Hair at the Promenade. One of Gayle’s stylists, Michelle, has been with the salon for 10 years, and they were out to party. Family and friends gathered for an enjoyable evening with bubbles and delicious cocktail food. Lots of fun and laughter were had by one and all, and I hear celebrations went on into the wee small hours (of course!) Looking forward to getting dressed up 1920s style. It’s time for the Tubbys’ Great Gatsby Affair! Le Dãin Designs Jewells is in its element for adorning their clients, as they’re about to launch their new 1920/1930s Collection, with more than a hint of Coco Chanel! Once again, one of the Major Sponsors is Kennedy Jewellers. They are donating a gorgeous white gold ring,

especially for Tubbys’. It is designed by Vanessa and hand-crafted by Don. The piece is called ‘A Gatsby Life for Me’ and features a glossy black cabochon cut onyx and brilliant white sapphires. This is an exquisite cocktail ring – an auction piece not to be missed! The band, the Well Swung Daddies, will be the musical entertainment. I hear they are staying at the Beachfront Opal Cove Resort ... do I hear an after party coming on? This event is a fundraiser for the Coffs Harbour Surf Lifesaving Club. The date is Friday 12 October – get your tickets early! Seriously, this one is not to be missed! Tickets: Also as one of the Major Sponsors for The Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company, Le Dãin Designs can’t wait for the sensational show, Beauty and the Beast. The show will run from Nov 9 - Dec 2. Get your tickets early. Enquiries: 6652 8088. Back on to shows: it was definitely SHOWTIME at the Beros family household recently, when THE CAT discovered that it could open cupboards doors! Odd, because this is not usually one of its party tricks! THE SON was sitting there playing the Zombie Box (Playstation), as I affectionately call it, and he hears a strange sound ... Doesn’t think much of it, until it gets louder, and the sound of smashing plates are heard. Well, this finally catches his attention, and he yells out to me. Here is where the show kicks in ... THE CAT had got into the china niche cupboard, which has access to wall cavities and decided to be a Circus Cat and trapeze itself off the POSH china into the roof cavity! I’m now screaming ... THE HUSBAND is looking blank and panicked (normal for him!) and THE SON tries to get himself into the cavity to rescue THE CAT. Eeeek – of course he gets stuck, and my husband is then looking for a SAW and HAMMER! OMG! We yank the kid out and shove him up a ladder into the roof. Everyone is now yelling and hysterical! Next, the neighbours are in, and it has turned into a show bigger than Ben Hur! This story has a happy ending, by the way because after all the ruckus and hysteria, when THE SON gets up into the roof, THE CAT is sitting there – enjoying the attention and washing its whiskers! I will not repeat what I called it! Here’s to running away and joining the Circus ... I think I just did! Carole, Le Dãin Designs.

Collections are designed and produced both in Australia and abroad, with custom gowns being produced onsite in the new JADE KOHL Boutique.

Jade Kohl Wedding Dresses. JADE KOHL has made a name for herself through the simple elegance of her designs, offering Ready-to-Wear and Custom gowns for the modern fashion forward bride. Collections are designed and produced both in Australia and abroad, with custom gowns being produced on-site in the new JADE KOHL Boutique. At JADE KOHL, we believe in simply beautiful dresses, individual style and affordable luxury. Quite possibly the dress you are looking for is not out there – it may line the pages of fashion magazines, or exist only in your mind. We will guide you through the design process, from picture or sketch through to final fitting, in order to realise your vision. In addition to our custom gowns, JADE KOHL White Label will offer a high-end look at a more budget-friendly price, starting at $299. JADE KOHL White Label is Ready-to-Wear, and

customisation is available to tailor your look. And for the maidens, JADE KOHL Boutique will be stocking the absolutely amazing TWOBIRDS BRIDESMAIDS gowns – one dress, over 15 ways to wrap! With 25+ colours and four lengths to choose from, it is the perfect solution for your girls. Mother of the Bride and Groom and Event dressing are catered to also, with JADE KOHL Man set to launch later in the year. Register your interest in our upcoming Boutique launch via email, or phone to book your private obligation-free consultation.


coffs coast focus 27



A R I E S.

L E O.


MAR 21 - APR 20

JUL 24 - AUG 23

NOV 23 - DEC 21

You may have been feeling unsupported or a little let down lately, and the reason why this is happening is so you can recognise how strong you already are and how little you need from other people. The outcome of this lesson will mean there is no hurdle you can’t remove from your future. Carnelian is a very powerful crystal to reignite your strength.

Expect some nice calm energy around your living circumstances. Things have changed, and for this reason old unfavourable habits needed to be broken. You recognised influences that may have hindered your positive outcome and have taken action to change these things. Rose quartz holds a very soft, nurturing vibration.

You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, through the influence of another being. If you use this person as a mirror, you will be able to disregard old hurts and grow into a more comfortable you with self-appreciation, where success will flow easily. Rose Quartz will aid in forgiveness.



C A P R I C O R N.

APR 21 - MAY 21

AUG 24 - SEPT 23

DEC 22 - JAN 20

Try not to worry about your ability to support yourself. You will always have opportunity lining up when you need it, but fear will hinder this ability. Instead, look at how another door opens for you just before you need it. This will always be the case for you; just relax and allow your abundance to flow. Ruby is great for dispelling fear.


You may have been feeling unwanted or neglected lately and may fear being abandoned. Try not to allow this fear to gain strength. Instead, work with weakening it by seeing how appreciated you already are and how many people love and adore you. There will always be opened arms to welcome you. Citrine will shatter negative thoughts and fears.

Holidays and adventure are likely to be a big influence in your near future. You may just need to do nothing to re-boot and recharge. To avoid returning from your voyage exhausted, try to make unwinding your major incentive. You will throw yourself back into life when you return anyway. Aquamarine will help release any tension.

Expect total change from your challenging situation. The changes will allow you to experience the feeling of a new beginning so far removed from how it was, that you may feel re-born. Set some fresh goals, and don’t compromise your standards for anyone. Clear quartz is a very powerful amplifier of energy.



SEPT 24 - OCT 23

JAN 21 - FEB 19

Listen to your wise words that you give in a counselling scenario, as this is how your guides are communicating your answers to you. There is no better way for you to hear than to speak. Trust and try. Your past fears and hurts are surfacing lately, so you can release the effects from your reality. Malachite is very powerful for bringing past hurts to the surface.

Your career path and employment opportunities may be opening up to a new level of success. Avoid self doubt or sabotage, as any training or learning required will be a part of the journey. You will enjoy your new beginnings, as you have wanted change for some time now. Sapphire is great for embracing different realities.


S C O R P I O.

P I S C E S.

JUN 23 - JUL 23 JU

OCT 24 - NOV 22

FEB 20 - MAR 20

You have experienced rough emotions just recently, but from now there should be no more hurdles to overcome regarding this challenge. Things should be exactly as they appear from here forward. Set some new intentions or goals, and give yourself permission to succeed. Jade is great for wellbeing and positive attitudes.

28 coffs coast focus.

You have a streak of good luck at present, so make as many wishes as you want and set some fresh goals. Fill your being with the excitement of already having what you desire, think thanks to the universe, and forget about your wish. You should not have to wait too long before it appears. Citrine attracts an abundance; carry a piece.

Celebrations and success for your dedication over the past few months are about to pay off. Know you deserve this change and swim with it. Listen to your inner voice, as you are very intuitive and rarely wrong, and you will have a secure plan to follow. DO NOT IGNORE YOUR INTUITION. Amethyst is great for helping us reach our full potential.

Mickeela Toneycliffe. Mickeela Toneycliffe is a freelance makeup artist located on our beautiful Coffs Coast. Using her fine arts knowledge to develope her own style of makeup artistry, she specialises in bridal, glamour, creative and bold looks, with makeup for photography being a standout favourite (perfect for beautiful photos on your wedding day). “The part about my job I love the most, is applying makeup in a way that allows my clients to see in the mirror a reflection of the beauty they see within.” Mickeela is highly regarded by numerous local and national photographers and has worked on many advertising campagins and private projects. Recently, she has been contracted ongoing as the Head Makeup Artist of the Mercedes-Benz Coffs Coast Fashion Gala and is part of the team driving the future creative direction of the Gala. “This event was such an amazing experience for me! I was heading a team of makeup artists to create looks on over 70 models ... It really gave me a positive outlook of where my career is heading.” “I look forward to showcasing all the latest seasonal makeup trends here on the Coffs Coast.”

M E R C E D E S - B E N Z




FOCUS, in conjunction with Coffs Coast Mercedes, John Logan Entertainment and 400 Management, would like to thank all who were involved in putting together the amazing ‘Mercedes Fashion Gala’, which was held at Pacific Bay Resort on 25 August. We look forward to a huge event next year!

Behind the scenes and on the stage were a 150 plus strong team who brought you the gala. The team consisted of amazing makeup artists and hair stylists from Coffs Harbour and Grafton’s best salons, talented local and national photographers, stylists and backstage crew from TAFE’s events, beauty and design schools and of course the beautiful models. A very special thank you to Coco 39 and Beachbodies, Le Dain Designs and Kennedy Jewellers for their support.

Twenty seven local boutiques and designers combined to be part of the showcase with next season designs from Le Dain, Coco 39, Nik and She, Lisa Brown, Seasons, Jade Kohl, Swimwear Australia, Kennedy’s Jewellers, Vertigo Blue, The Next Phaze, Inza, Harmony Store, My Sister’s Wardrobe, First Avenue Boutique, Mary Bianco, Emporium Bellingen, Aqua Lilly, RSVP, Ab Fab, More 4 Men, Edwards, Twilight Mystic, Jacqui’s Shoe Boutique, Parisian Fashion, Sensara and Coopers all seen throughout the night. Photos by: Brendan Ray Skyview Photography, Dan Stewart Photography and Cyclone Images.

coffs coast focus 29

Zab Designs.

in the

of the city

Have you discovered one of the best gift shops in Coffs Harbour? Look no further than Harbour Drive’s gorgeous gift and home wares shop, ZAB! When you give someone a gift, you want it to be original and fun and make them smile. We’ve all gone through the grief of trying to shop for the person who has everything. ZAB have a fabulous range of unique and beautiful gifts for every occasion. Buy something gorgeous for yourself and your friends. They have an extensive range of glassware, jewellery and accessories to supply a dash of unique to your life. Come and check out all their colourful bracelets, necklaces, wallets, cushions, giftware, lamps and earrings. They have tastefully displayed their wall art ,candles, serving platters and “one of a kind” items.

Love & Kisses.

in the

of the city

Need some gifts under $5 to take home for the grandkids? A unique piece of jewellery under $30 for a friend’s birthday? A welcome-baby gift? Or a new handbag or a beautiful Italian leather wallet just for you? For the quirkiest range of gifts and surprises you’ll ever find under one roof, Love & Kisses is the place to look. Owner Judy Sheehan has just been on a huge buying spree at the spring trade fairs, and new stock is pouring in every day – they’ve had 71 deliveries in four weeks. So if you can’t find the gift you need, be sure to ask for help – it’s probably still in a box somewhere! Judy says she’s gone crazy over Christmas this year and has ordered more Christmas keepsakes than Santa, so hold off, and save up your pennies until the shop is transformed at the beginning of November into a Christmas treasure trove.

You really get lost in ZAB, as you enjoy the whole shopping experience. Their focus is on customers’ needs, wants and desires they always aim to please. Helen and her staff are more than happy to help and advise you.

Meanwhile, it’s a pleasure to browse through this lovely little shop, which has a growing clientele of business travellers and tourists who make a point of stopping there on every trip through Coffs Harbour.

ZAB has the latest contemporary, unique and funky for the modern. ZAB is set apart from other gift shops, so spoil yourself and make sure you visit them today.

Give yourself ten minutes this week to take a look at what’s new, really check out the great stuff hiding on those shelves, and enjoy the Love & Kisses experience.

30 coffs coast focus.

Little Einstein.

in the

of the city

Little Einstein educational toys is located in the city centre square (Coffs Central), and we would like to introduce Deb and John as the new owners of this exciting store. Both have a background in teaching and education – quite handy really, when you have a store like Little Einsteins, to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to stocking a shop full of creative and educational products. They know how important it is to be able to access quality, practical toys and craft products for all needs. The shop is an ideal place to find that unique toy, gift, game or challenging puzzle for the young at heart. There are soft toys galore and beautiful magical items for the fairy princess in your life – science is cool, and magic can happen. The gifts and games range from age 0 to adults. Deb and John are offering an Educators Bonus Scheme. For anyone working in early childhood education or teaching, make sure you ask about the great incentives and bonuses. Come in and have a browse around the store; you will be surprised at what you discover!

Check the site at: www. switchedoncoffs. tv and click on the email link to make contact with the production team.

Switched on Coff ffs Tv! Actor Simmone Jade Mackinnon ki h has become the face of Switched On Coffs. tv, a new online site developed by Coffs Harbour City Council to promote the city’s lifestyle, technology, business and creative industries. The Gold Logie nominee and Coffs Coast resident has starred in Atilla, Cats, McLeod’s Daughters and Baywatch, among many other television series and films and is now putting something back into her home community by working with Switched On

it for f a better b tt lifestyle,” lif t l ” Simmone Si id city said. “My work has taken me across the world but for me, paradise is right here in Coffs Harbour. “Many of us share a passion to build the potential for the growth of the creative industries here in Coffs Harbour and to utilise film and the online media as a means to attract investment and relocation to our city. “Switched On Coffs and broadband are great enablers for us to build the community and city we want for our future; I’d encourage

Simmone is currently filming to appear in the site’s new welcome and landing video and is providing ongoing advice and assistance to the production team.

other creative people, technology developers,

“Switched On showcases what Coffs Harbour has to offer families and professionals looking to relocate to a regional

Check the site at:

travellers and business people to get on board by contributing to and promoting the website.” and click on the email link to make contact with the production team.

Promoting our Coffs lifestyle to the world

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By Wendy from Tree of Life Sawtell

By La Fleur D’Alyse

Perfect At La Fleur D’Alyse cosmetic laser and medispa, we not only offer full face, neck and hand rejuvenation with a complete range of injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle removing injections and laser treatments to choose from; we also offer the promoitalia thread face and neck lift.

UNDERSTANDI NG Beauty TE RM S Exfoliating: where do the old skin cells go once they have been sloughed away? They settle on your furniture, in the form of dust. Yes, that’s right. Most of the dust in your home is not dirt, but rather, dead skin cells. Exfoliating allows your freshest, most radiant skin to shine through. The number one benefit is that skin seems smoother and silkier; it also allows products to penetrate better. That’s because exfoliating removes the surface layer of dead cells that can limit how much of your lotion gets through. Regular exfoliation, which can be beneficial to many areas of your body, including your face, arms, legs, and feet, can help keep skin looking fresh and smooth, removing any dry patches or flakiness. Microdermabrasion: is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. It helps soften fine lines and wrinkles, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation. Chemical Peels: are a form of exfoliation that treats a number of conditions. They work because they are highly acid, loosening and eradicating dead skin cells. This allows newer and healthier skin to rise to the surface. Body Scrub: is a popular body treatment that is like a facial for the body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

32 coffs coast focus.

PERFECT YOUTHFUL SKIN IS JUST ONE STEP AWAY. Not ready to undergo injections or laser? Then we have another option for you. Turn back the clock in one hour, like a well known Australian icon. Amazing results are now possible, without the need for surgery. Let the Zhav dynamic lift with LED light therapy show you how simple it is to regain amazing skin – using adjustable micro currents and the four colour ranges of red, green, yellow and purple to increase metabolism, enhance muscle tone and fullness, remedy sagging skin and heal damaged skin. Visible results are rapid in just 6 to 12 weeks, with a followup treatment every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain the result. For a faster, deeper and longer lasting result, combine a Zhav biological derma infusion mask. These masks containing peptides, collagen and vitamin C and hydrate, lighten pigment, brighten sallow, tired skin, improve dark circles and puffy eyes and soften fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin peels range from a gentle hydrating lactobotanical peel to a full

PCA peel and will have your skin rejuvenated and refreshed, clear and healthy, with just a er a “ We also off short course of 4 to range of beauty ll fu g 6 treatments. With therapy, waxin ts ingredients like beta and spa treatmen ding ed w d an hydroxy acid and packages. ” vertically pierce the antioxidants, vitamin skin and increase the E and C and retinoic effectiveness and efficiency acid, you can refresh skin, of treatments, by increasing clear acne and blocked pores, absorption of products while reducing remove pigment and fine lines. pain and discomfort. These are skin peels and will peel the skin. As everyone’s skin is different, you will experience an individual reaction and result. Reactions can range from slight pink to very red with some blisters and depends on the peel necessary for the particular problem being treated. Plan your peel for when you have time to recover – especially if you are very sensitive or involved in competitive sport or exercise. Another option available to rejuvenate the skin, soften acne scars and stretch marks, remove wrinkles and fine lines and target male baldness is the electronic dermapen advanced skin needling – using multiple needles that

Dermapen can be as effective as ablative treatments such as fractional laser, IPL, laser resurfacing and chemical peels, without the negative effects and downtime and a far more affordable price. We also offer a full range of beauty therapy, waxing and spa treatments and wedding packages. With over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic medicine, our practitioners have the skills and techniques to rejuvenate and revitalise your face, body and soul. Come in for a free consultation and begin your journey of rejuvenation.

How to Stuff Up Your Relationship. Etiquette + Image + Respect Impress for Success is the School of Etiquette and Image training on the Coffs Coast, run by Gina Szary and her professional team. Impress for Success offers an Etiquette and Image program to assist students in personal presentation, self-development and self-confidence for social and business engagement in every day life. Courses are suitable for girls and boys- juniors, teenagers and adults of all ages and stages in life. Modules include: Image and Style, Beauty, Deportment and Modelling, Dining Etiquette, Business and Social Etiquette, Entertaining, Communication Skills, Customer Service and Public Speaking. Upon completion of each course students are presented with a Certificate. The course is the perfect gift for your grandchild, daughter, son, niece, nephew ... We offer personal tuition and regular programs - also ideal for school leavers/ formals or functions or assist young adults in preparing for job interviews and job seeking

Gift Vouchers available

Having an affair? Thinking of having one? Know anyone who is? Recent studies say the percentage of people having affairs is around 20% for men and a bit over 15% for women. The no. 2 reason for marriage breakdown is infidelity, but the no. 1 reason is ‘falling out of love’. And yet, it’s rare for someone to have an affair if they are head over heels in love. So what are some guaranteed ways to fall out of love? Choosing poorly in the beginning; poor communication skills; taking each other for granted; not realising you have to constantly nurture and rejuvenate the connection between you; not telling each other what you like in bed; not understanding what ‘commitment’ involves. Despite the pain that affairs cause, there seems to be a growing acceptance of them – and especially from women – almost like a badge of freedom. “If men have got away with it for centuries, why shouldn’t we?” But whatever the reasons or the justifications, rarely do people realise how much they have to lose i.e. houses, jobs, children, family and friends … and let’s not even begin to think about the 1,000s of dollars wasted with legal fees etc. And when one partner has an affair, the other one often feels justified in staying angry for a long time. Prevention is always cheaper, so a couple of sessions with a experienced relationship coach might be all you need to bring your relationship back on track and create the fun and connection you’ve always wanted.

Strength Fitness Classes. Your Chance To Get A Strong Core And Lean Body … Fast We instruct you on whole body workouts that have a combination of 2 - 4 movement patterns to integrate squatting, lunging, bending, stepping, pushing, pulling, twisting and running. This provides an overall whole body response, giving you super-fast results. • You get a personal trainer for every session • No two training sessions are the same • Maximise your conditioning and strength • Weight loss and lifestyle coaching The benefit to you is a stronger, more energetic and happier you, with results guaranteed … I stake my reputation on it! This is a personal training gym with very limited numbers, so be quick to book your place. Call me now on 0414 445 251.

“ 2-Week Free Trial from 2 October to 13 October. ” Elite Youth Conditioning Squad – EYOCS classes involve integrated and primal movement patterns aimed at developing movement capability on sports fields, increasing strength, speed, agility, core strength and mind-body connection. The sessions are aimed at developing skills for high achievement and for future sporting performance and training ability.

coffs coast focus 33


T h e

C o u n t r y

The Country Women’s Association (C.W.A.) was originally formed to improve the quality of life for women and their children living in rural – and often isolated – areas. hese days, the CWA is the largest women’s organisation in Australia, with local groups and members throughout the country. Well known for their hard work and fundraising efforts within the community, meet some of the ladies from the Coffs Harbour/Sawtell Evening Branch of the CWA.


Hi ladies. Please introduce yourselves and your group ... We are the Coffs Harbour/ Sawtell Evening Branch C.W.A. Our committee this year is President: Fay Counsell, Treasurer: Lorna Dawes and Secretary: Margaret Tees. How long have you been involved with the C.W.A. and why did you originally join? We all agree we joined C.W.A. because we were looking for something of interest other than school activities. Fill us in with a brief history of your group – when was it first established? Our group originally was formed as the Coffs Harbour Younger Set in 1970 to accommodate young mothers and working women. We

34 coffs coast focus.

then became Coffs Harbour Evening Branch of CWA. When the Sawtell CWA was about to fold due to a lack of numbers and an elderly membership, our Head Office in Sydney approached us to take over the rooms in Sawtell, as we had been hiring meeting places. We then changed our name to Coffs Harbour/ Sawtell Evening Branch.

We all agree we joined C.W.A. e because we werething m so r fo g lookin than of interest other .” es iti tiv ac ol scho

When and where does your group hold meetings? We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm in our rooms at 21 Elizabeth St, Sawtell. In general terms, what do you see as being the aim of the CWA? Our aim is friendship, fundraising and helping in the community. What events is your group regularly involved with in the community? Each year we participate in the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea; this year we raised $1,600. We hold a monthly market in our grounds on

the 4th Saturday.

We gift wrap at the Plaza Shopping Centre and also at Coffs Central (Palms), with funds raised donated to local charities such as Westpac Rescue Helicopter, Coffs Harbour and Sawtell Surf Clubs, Marine Rescue, various individuals, and also to the Flying Doctor Service and Fred Hollows Foundation. We also send funds to our Head Office, which distributes the funds towards major disasters etc. Why would you encourage other ladies to join the CWA, and how would they go about doing so? For friendship and getting involved in the community. Our markets assist our stall holders – many are our members – to sell their crafts and wares.

Each year Head Office nominates a country of study; we nominate a member who undertakes this project, and we learn all about it. This year, it is Timor Leste. We also have a product of the year, and this year it’s apples. We have a competition once a year within our Group (we are North Coast, taking in Dorrigo to Iluka) for handicrafts and cookery – this is a lot of fun. We are a small group with many long standing memberships, which proves our success. If you wish to join us or require further information, contact Margaret Tees on 6653 1561 or Lorna Dawes on 6652 4335. Thanks everyone. Interview by Jo Atkins. More information about the CWA can be found online at:

Tree Of Life The Tree Of Life is the only spa located in Sunny Sawtell. From the moment you walk into Tree of Life, you’ll feel you’ve found sanctuary.

Spring is upon us!

Our Day Spa offers a variety of treatments, such as facials, microdermabrasion, peels, IPL, body wraps, body scrubs, massage, manicures, pedicures, waxing and tinting, as well as an infra-red sauna and a spa. Our Wellness Centre provides a Naturopath, Cosmetic & Traditional Our treatments Acupuncturist, go beyond Hypnotherapist, Our fully qualified e massage into pl m si Remedial & Deep therapists are here to a whole world of ent Tissue Massage, energetic treatmman make your experience at Shiatsu, Cellulite for the entire hu t and The Tree Of Life a relaxing iri body, mind, sp Elimination, Weight and benefi cial one. .” psyche Loss, Meditation They are trained in Beauty Classes and workshops. Therapy, Reiki, Bowen and Our treatments go beyond Remedial Massage, waxing and simple massage into a whole makeup. They have been trained with world of energetic treatment for the the Australia’s top Pevonia, UltraCeuticals and entire human body, mind, spirit and psyche. Eles trainers and are consistently updating

Take a deep breath, inhale the energy and exhale all tension ...

their skills in order to deliver the best possible service to you, our clients.

Spring is upon us! Don’t let hay fever beat

Don’t let hay fever stop you this spring!


Come in to CHC Pharmacy and speak to us for

Sneezing? A runny or stuffy nose? Itchy ears,

the best prevention and management, tailored to

nose and throat? Red, itchy or watery eyes?

your lifestyle.

Hayfever season is here!

Check the pollen count forecast on television or

Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, can occur

in the newspaper. Try to stay indoors if it’s a high

at any time of the year as an allergic reaction to


dust mites, mould and animal fur or hair and is

Stay indoors as much as possible in spring, on

often worse in spring due to high levels of grass

windy days or after thunderstorms.


If you do have to go outside, take an anti-hista-

Your nose acts as a filter. The tiny hairs and

mine tablet half an hour before exposure, to stop

mucus that line the nasal passages trap dust,

and allergy in its tracks.

pollens and other microscopic particles. A person with hay fever is allergic to some of the particles that get trapped in the nose, such as pollen. The immune system treats this harmless substance as if it is dangerous, and releases histamine in

Splash your eyes often with cold water, to flush out any pollen. Reduce your exposure to dust and dust mites, animals and animal hair or fur (dander).

an allergic reaction. The nasal passages become

At CHC Pharmacy, we know about hay fever, and

inflamed and more mucus is produced. In some

we know what works! Because you deserve to

cases, the symptoms of hay fever can be so

enjoy this spring!

severe, that a person can’t sleep or concentrate

You Deserve CHC Pharmacy – ‘Where you always

and may feel tired or unwell.

speak to a pharmacist’.

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A n g i E O’Reilly October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Angie O’Reilly shares her story ...

Dancing With Coffs Coast Stars. Cancer Council’s 2013 Dancing With their left foot from their right! Coffs Coast was officially launched The gala event takes place on last month at the Pet Porpoise Pool, Saturday 2 February 2013 at C.ex Coffs. with much excitement. Eight Tickets are $50 and are on sale at high profile business the club or online at www. people have committed – all proceeds e “ The ‘stars’ arby to learn one dance from the event go to being trained nal sio to perform for one Cancer Council’s research, es eight prof e Coffs Coast danc night only, in front information and support teachers who e tim of a packed audience r services. ei donate th for free. ” of 450. The ‘stars’ Photo of the stars and dance are being trained by teachers at the launch at the eight professional Coffs Pet Porpoise Pool: Coast dance teachers, who Left to right top: Carol Young, Colleen donate their time for free. The stars and Longstaff, Rick Wilson, Sandy Smith, dancers all met up for the first time at Ray Ellicott and Heather McKinnon the launch and are now getting into the Bottom: Phil Marinucci, Matt Donovan swing of their training and working out and Carol Myers.

36 coffs coast focus.

My story began on 8 October 2002 (ironically, breast cancer month!) The phone call is forever etched in my mind, “It’s not good news Ange; you have breast cancer”. I was watching my children playing outside, and suddenly everything turned to slow motion. I was only 41. Within 3 weeks, I was in a Sydney hospital having surgery. Following my surgery, the diagnosis was high grade 3 cancer involving 9 lymph nodes – not ideal. Three months of intensive chemotherapy followed. After the chemo, I commenced 7 weeks of radiotherapy in Sydney, as this service wasn’t yet available here. This meant leaving my family, home and job. I returned home and had another 4 months of chemo. Then post treatment, nearly 1 year since diagnosis, I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights, and my life went spiralling downhill. I became very depressed and one day when I was unable to walk out of my front door to check the mail, I knew it was time to seek help. Dragon boating came into my life in 2004 through Dragons Abreast Australia (DAA), and I have never looked back. This wonderful and unique organisation has brought great joy to my life with like-minded people. Both my physical and mental health have improved

dramatically, as I continue to paddle and be involved with dragon boating. October 8 this year marks 10 years since my diagnosis – not a bad effort, considering I was initially given a 65% chance of not making 5 years! To me, this is a success story, and I wanted to share that there can be an active, healthy and happy life post breast cancer.

the plug! For information on dragon boating on the Coffs Coast, please contact 0418 953 882 or email

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Beauty & The Beast. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is a full-length musical based on the 1991 Disney film; however, several changes were made by the creators for the musical and seven new songs written. Beauty and the Beast is the magical story of the beautiful young girl Belle, who dreams of a life outside her provincial village, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped in a spell placed by an enchantress, who saw no love in his arrogant heart for others. The only way he can break the spell is to learn to love another and earn her love in return. Time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity. But who could ever learn to love a beast? Belle, trapped in the castle with the Beast, initially sees him as nothing more than a monster; he sees her as difficult and stubborn. But the two soon taste the bitter-sweetness of finding you can change and learning you were wrong. Filled with a cast of loveable enchanted characters, including Lumiere, a debonair candelabra; Mrs Potts the teapot and her son Chip, a tea cup; an enchanted feather duster; a clock and a wardrobe, amongst others, this is a show to delight audiences of all ages. Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company’s Production of

Music by Alan Menken Assistant Director Judi Williams

Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice Directed and Choreographed by

Donna Fairall

Book by Linda Woolverton Musical Director Peter Kaukiainen

Jetty Memorial Theatre Nov 9—Dec 2 Bookings

6652 8088

or online at * ALL WEDNESDAY BOOKINGS $22 *

7PM - Wed / Fri / Sat

1PM - Sat / Sun

Adults $25; Concession $22; Groups 10 + $20 Family Ticket $75 (2 adults, 2 children)

By arrangement with Hal Leonard Australia Pty Ltd, Exclusive agent for Music Theatre International (NY) Proudly supported by Coffs Harbour City Council


coffs coast focus.

A&A Party Hire Specialists.

Youth Directions.

The warm weather is here, and it’s time to party! The waterslide is now available to hire, and we are running a special for October for our FOCUS readers: mention this ad to receive $50 OFF the normal price.

Youth Directions is a locally grown and developed organisation that is dedicated to creating opportunities for our young people. We currently offer the following programs and services across the Coffs Harbour, Nambucca, Bellingen and Clarence areas: • HSC Work Placement Coordination • Youth Connections • School Business Community Partnership Brokers • Directions Group Training

Our jumping castles are fabulous fun; they’re very affordable for children’s parties and come in a range of sizes and themes. We have fat Sumo suits available in either children’s or adults’ sizes. They come with a referee, big gong and all equipment required to operate the games etc. If your children have a favourite character, such as Elmo, Shrek, Batman, Snow White and more, why not hire them as a special surprise for your next event! Also NEW in stock are themed party packs to take the stress out of Mum’s life. They include party invitations, plate, cup, napkin, tablecloth, banner, loot bags, party hats, game, balloons, and lollies. They come in all your favourite themes: Dora, Elmo, Barbie, Toy Story, Princess, and the list goes on. If you’re looking for something different for your children’s party this year, give us a call; we are happy to talk to you about any package we may be able to offer. We are available to hire for parties, weddings, fetes and events. We are fully insured, and all our equipment is constantly checked and safety tested. Phone or email for a full product and price list. 6653 6262, Find us on Facebook.

While our work is all about young people, we also work closely with business and industry, schools and educators, community organisations, parents and families and with Government to nurture a coordinated, whole of community approach towards youth development. Youth Directions is currently seeking further local business participation in its programs and initiatives. If you are keen to showcase your business or industry and have a passion for guiding, training or even employing the next generation, contact us today on 6653 2900 to find out how you can get involved. is now live! Visit now to find out more about the work we do, or to connect with us. View case studies, the latest news, as well as information about Youth Directions programs and services. Subscribe to news posts and view the calendar to see what’s on. Alternatively, contact the friendly Youth Directions team on 6653 2900.

CoastOut Festival. 26 – 29 October 2012

Photo courtesy of Drew Hopper.


hat’s the aim of 1,000 pieces of memorabilia spanning the CoastOut? entire 25 years of Kylie Minogue’s career CoastOut is a is a pretty special collection, and we’re platform for people proud to have it with us this year at Coffs from all walks of Central shopping centre. life to come together for a fabulous and The CoastOut Unreal Surf Comp is now fun weekend on the Coffs Coast … to over 2 days, due to the large number of invite visitors to the region who may not last minute entrants last year. usually come to our beautiful area, giving Drag Out the Dolphins is set to be them a chance to take in our breathtaking another brilliant show on the Saturday at scenery, sample our cuisine and culture the Pet Porpoise Pool, and the CoastOut and at the same time, providing our Fair Day on Sunday 28 October is also local community with a jam going to be jam packed full of packed celebration of fun, this year including a colour, movement and Pet Parade and Cake entertainment from Competition! All ts 35 years of even here and around the are welcome to and festivals – it nation! participate. e of was seriously on s of CoastOut We are blessed nd the best weeke en be e has also been a to have some of I’v e. a lifetim the to it g lin el /s ng catalyst for social the country’s best lli te d UK and the Unite change on the performers with us back.” States since I got Coffs Coast - a this year, with the safe space where return of Bob Downe people can relax, enjoy and introducing to the themselves and have some Coffs Coast the amazing fun along the way. cabaret singer and actor, Paul When will the festival be held this Capsis! It will be great to see local stage year? and screen star Nick Hardcastle host our The CoastOut Unreal (Estate) Surf Welcome Cocktail Party and also see live Comp kicks off Friday 26 October Wayne Rogers, who wowed the crowds in (morning), with the Zinc (Clinic) Welcome Australia’s Got Talent last year. Cocktail Party that night at Park Beach Another highlight will be two times Reserve, through to Monday 29 October, Aria award winner Monique Brumby on when the 25 Years of Kylie exhibition the CoastOut main stage, as well as Radio closes at Coffs Central. INK, who have been touring with Duran What are some of the key events on Duran and Aqua. the festival’s weekend program? This is the third year the festival has It is an honour to have the 25 Years of been held on the beautiful Coffs Kylie exhibition at this year’s festival. Over Coast. What has been some of the

feedback you’ve received from previous years? It’s the feedback that has taken us into the 3rd year! Plus of course, the commitment and support for new events from the Coffs Harbour City Council, and our amazing sponsors. Being awarded the Coffs Coast ‘Community Event of the Year’ on Australia Day is also one of the biggest highlights for us and was really quite overwhelming and humbling. Some other feedback has been from festival patrons: “35 years of events and festivals – it was seriously one of the best weekends of a lifetime. I’ve been telling/selling it to the UK and the United States since I got back.” Russ M. “It was absolutely fantastic, and we’ll be racing back next year! It was brilliant from beginning to end. We met so many lovely people and ADORED every last second of it.” Kath and Kez. Where can people go to find out more info? For tickets, festival schedule and information, go to We have prepared some great short visual clips of the festival events which are on YouTube; search under CoastOutFest. We’re also on Facebook or Twitter. If any businesses or organisations wish to participate or have a stall at the CoastOut Fair Day, please email See you on the beach, or on the dance floor! Thanks Todd. Interview by Jo Atkins. coffs coast focus 39


Aimee Ryan and Emma L Davies are talented and creative artisans in a field many may not have even considered turning into a career … furniture design. The two women are currently studying furniture design at TAFE, and the quality of the work they’ve produced augurs well for their future within this specialised industry. Aimee, Emma and Martin Tomasoni, Course Coordinator for the Furniture Design Program at Coffs Harbour TAFE, show us just what is possible for those who ‘think outside the square’ … i Martin. How long does the course run? There are a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Furniture Design Technology. The Diploma runs for two years and the Advanced Diploma for three years. What criteria do aspiring people need to have if they’re interested in doing the course? Passion, commitment and dedication to their learning and a willingness to think outside the square. What does the course aim to teach students? The course aims to train students to become designer/makers of studio furniture and provide a path for further study on the field of design – interior design, industrial design, product design, or secondary teaching (Design & Technology). This course is for people who want to work either as fine furniture makers designing and producing individual furniture for display, customised or limited edition production, or designers of furniture for volume manufacture. You will study new technologies, including new materials and studio design practices used in the design and realisation of furniture, including the use of computer-aided design, modelling and manufacture. Course work has an emphasis on individual creative and innovative expression, production methods and marketing and business studies. Where can potential students find out more information? 40 coffs coast focus.

Contact Martin Tomasoni: (02) 6659 3367 or Girls, why did you decide to complete the furniture design course at TAFE? Aimee: I decided to complete the furniture design course at TAFE as I had already studied this subject at the University of Tasmania. I wanted to enhance skills that I have and use them to produce products either made by myself, or in conjunction with manufacturers. The computer designing elements of this course have allowed me the opportunity to adopt processes essential in modern manufacturing. This TAFE course is very hands on, as well as encouraging creativity in design combined with a basis of functionality. This is integral to my future as a designer of furniture and products. Emma: I’ve always loved making things and have a background in visual arts and jewellery design. The furniture design course offered a way to update these skills, with a focus on functionality. We moved to Coffs Harbour at the beginning of last year and, as my children are still fairly young, I felt the course would allow me to redirect my career and would be helpful in settling into a new place. What has the course taught you? Aimee: As well as the introduction to computer designing, the Furniture Design course allows me to gain confidence in designing and making of furniture and other creative yet functional products. I’ve been introduced to traditional methods of woodworking but also to new machinery, technology and equipment. I’ve also been assigned creative and technical

drawing tasks that incorporate researching historic and contemporary design. It’s a fantastic way to learn fundamentals, but is also inspiring and helps me be a forward thinking and innovative designer. Emma: The course has taught me a huge amount so far. There is an emphasis on wood, a material I had previously had little experience with; we’ve learnt the basics and now some more advanced methods of processing wood using both machines and hand tools. We are encouraged to focus on the design first, and then various materials and production processes are explored to see if they are appropriate for the design. We have also learnt design drawing skills, maquette making skills and have completed units focusing on how to make multiple pieces to sell. What are some of the pieces you’ve created that you’re particularly proud of? Aimee: I’ve had the opportunity to create some amazing pieces that I am very proud of. They include a carved hand held mirror that I made with hand tools, a dovetailed hardwood box and a Huon Pine shelf that can be restructured due to magnetic surfaces. I am also making a folding stool that is inspired by the elements and completed a brief that included a recycled chair that I deconstructed and then reconstructed into a hat/coat stand. I think recycling is a great statement – it’s green, it’s creative and as a designer, I love the fact that I can turn what was potentially landfill into a fresh and modern piece that can take pride of place in a modern home.

Emma: I have really enjoyed making all the pieces. Some are more successful than others, but each one is a learning process. I particularly liked a project focusing on a production run, for which I made a concertina hat rack using both wood and cast resin. I am proud of the end result, which I feel is both practical and attractive and have found that there is a market for such pieces. For a hand mirror project, I decided to carve wood and although it is a time consuming process, I am happy with the result so far. What are your career aspirations for when you finish the course? Aimee: When I complete the course, I wish to further my career in design and construction. I plan a career for myself as a designer working with local design companies, interior designers and building companies. I want to provide unique one off pieces, as well as creative affordable runs of unique and exciting contemporary pieces. I would also love to share the knowledge that I’ve gained by teaching it to the next generation. There are so many creative young people out there, and I think it would be amazing to share what I’ve learned with them and hopefully inspire them to follow their designer dreams. Emma: I would be really pleased if I could become a designer maker of limited edition pieces, small and large. Also, the skills I’ve gained will be very useful when making sculptures and other artworks. Thanks everyone. Interviews by Jo Atkins.


with Dene Zahner, President of Tourism Coffs Coast.

Discover Victoria. In Melbourne, it’s easy to lose yourself. Every day you can discover something new in the city, where dining out is an art form and you’re spoilt for choice with designer shopping. Victoria is foodie heaven, with hand grown and handmade produce sold at farm gates, markets and cellar doors. Eating your way around Victoria, comes highly recommended! Arts and culture thrive in Victoria, where you can choose from dozens of stage productions, or check out some of the world’s leading artists in art galleries and museums throughout Victoria. Should you be after something a little more action packed, then don’t miss the impressive calendar of international sporting events held throughout the year. A short drive from the city, the rainforests, rugged mountain ranges, coastal landscapes

and natural landmarks offer diversity like no other. Travel the Great Ocean Road and take in


the dramatic Twelve Apostles, for some of the most impressive coastal scenery in Australia; or, take a visit to the see the nightly parade of Little Penguins of Phillip Island. With breathtaking scenery, gourmet food and world class shopping, it’s easy to see why Melbourne has maintained its popularity over the years. Drop in and see the girls at Quadrant Travel

As incoming President of Tourism Coffs Coast, I would like to thank my predecessor, Guy Saddleton, who, with the merging of Tourism Bellinger and Coffs Coast Tourism, has done a fantastic job of transitioning these two entities into Tourism Coffs Coast.

and Journeys in Vernon St, Coffs Harbour, to find out more about the ‘Shop in Style Escape’, including 3 nights’ accommodation, return private transfers from Melbourne airport and a personal stylist on board your ‘Shop in Style’ tour. Prices start at $495 per person twin share (not including flights).

here are complexities and challenges that go with this, and I’m sure there have been a few grey hairs attributed to tourism, but all for a good cause.



Resort’ in the 2012 Luxury Travel Magazine Gold List Awards earlier in the year. The listing comes just weeks after being awarded 2 Goblets (out of a possible 3) in the equally highly regarded and sought after Fine Wine Partners Wine List Awards. Bonville is the only property in REGIONAL NSW to win 2 goblets. Congratulations to Brad Daymond and his team for securing such outstanding awards.

The 2012 CountryLink North Coast Tourism Awards were recently held in Port Macquarie, and we received recognition from two significant contributors to tourism in our region. The winner of the Michael I am pleased to say that the tourism board Crawley Memorial Young Achiever Award has always attracted very committed people was awarded to Drew Grove, the GM of who have a significant amount of energy the Big Banana. Bill Mabey, long time and enthusiasm. A year down Tourism Manager, won the Judith the track, we have seen McGilvray Memorial Award the new holiday guide g in for Individual Contribution gn launched, and we We are redesi e in ar d an to Regional Tourism. took on board the our website

s of getting

the proces comments from the Precision Helicopters ge up. our Facebook pa ee industry to make it itt are now in the Hall m We have a com ber em a better product. It m of Fame, having won looking at ere will is literally walking three consecutive years benefits, and th r embe be some new me for off the shelf, and in a row. Forest Sky Pier benefits in plac the uptake from at Sealy Lookout Coffs . ar Ye the New a few trade shows Harbour won gold for indicates that it’s what New Development and if you the market is looking for. haven’t been up to Bruxner Park, Hopefully, we will see this transpire you really should go. Dolphin Marine in more visitors to our region. Magic won silver in the Tourist Attraction Other projects that we are working on include our member benefits for 2013, as our renewals will be out in January. We are redesigning our website and are in the process of getting our Facebook page up. We have a committee looking at member benefits, and there will be some new member benefits in place for the New Year. Bonville’s Golf Resort’s Flooded Gums Restaurant has become Australia’s first and only Golf Course/Golf Resort to be awarded a highly regarded and sought after ‘Hat’ by the 2013 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. This achievement by Bonville now places it as the leader in golf course dining. This award comes off the back of being announced as ‘Australia’s Best Golf

category. Nambucca had two winners, with Marcel Towers Holiday Apartments winning silver for Standard Accommodation and Nambucca River Tourist Park won gold for Caravan and Tourist Parks. South West Rocks Dive Centre won gold for adventure tourism. The Gold winners will now automatically go on to represent the North Coast at the NSW Tourism Awards 2012. Winners of the NSW awards will be announced at a Gala Ceremony in Sydney on November 22. This is an outstanding achievement, and we would like to see more Coffs Coast businesses in the 2013 awards. We have some fantastic businesses in the region, and we need to showcase them. coffs coast focus 41




POSTCARDS f r o m G l e n d a @ j e t s e t

Maximising Opportunities Time’s tough? Don’t cut your marketing budget! It’s often the first thing to be cut, but in fact, maintaining your marketing is the best thing for your business to survive a market lull. Brands that increase their marketing during a downturn, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times. The key to maximising opportunities in tough times is to think smarter about your marketing dollars! How do you do this? 1. Work out where you are spending your money, how often (frequency/ repetition) and the results – how many calls, enquiries or sales do you think can be attributed to this marketing campaign? Did you communicate your sales or marketing the best you could to customers? 2. Map out your marketing activities onto a monthly calendar, to see where and when you are targeting customers. Take a good look at the overlaps and patterns – is it balanced? Think about when customers are listening, watching or reading your business’ marketing materials.

42 coffs coast focus.

samwardman 3. Does your marketing fit with your target customers’ buying behaviours? Identify customer buying patterns through sales or POS (point of sale) data – what days/times are they most likely to buy, and how can you influence them to buy more? 4. Is your marketing pitch targeted to attract your ideal customer markets? You can’t market to everyone! Make sure you know who your customers are, their attitudes and buying behaviours and why they choose you over your competitor, then set a strategy to attract these customers. ALWAYS make sure that you set some measurements to your marketing campaigns, like: sales targets; number of customer enquires; feedback; hits on your website; PR etc. Most of all, if you get stuck and don’t know what to do, call in the experts to help. Happy Marketing! Sam Wardman.

Intrigue and luxury come to mind when I think back on my recent trip to Myanmar, cruising the mystic Irrawaddy River onboard the beautiful Orient Pandaw replica colonial steamer.


t was a very special experience to visit a once closed country that is now undergoing a rebirth. I was full of excitement at the thought of travelling to one of the few places remaining relatively untouched by mass tourism. Its natural beauty and charm, combined with a Buddhist civilization stretching over a thousand years, has developed a rich, vibrant cultural and magnificent traditional architecture. With it’s beautiful gentle people, Burma has a feeling of an earlier time less hurried by modern development. Mandalay, located on the east bank of the Irrawaddy, has a population of one million and is a beautiful city with loads to offer. The first day we spent with a visit to Mahamuni Pagoda, which is covered in so much gold-leaf it has a lumpy texture. Mandalay is famous for its skilled craftsmen, and we visited traditional workshops to learn about the cottage industries. After lunch at ‘A Little Bit of Mandalay’, we chose to walk up Mandalay Hill to enjoy the beautiful view of the mighty Irrawaddy, which winds its way through the city and the surrounding countryside. The next day we headed to Sagaing Hill, regarded as the religious centre of Myanmar. It is home to 3,000 monks and some very impressive pagodas. We also visited a nunnery, to learn about the vital aspects of Burmese Buddhism. We then crossed the river by a local ferry for a horse and carriage tour of Ava, the 14th to 18th century capital. The next morning we visited the 200 year old teak U Bein Bridge at Amarapura, then onto the Mahagandayon monastery, where over 1,000 monks reside, and watched the alms ceremony. Then it was off to Mandalay Jetty, to board the Orient Pandaw. With much excitement, we boarded our home for the next eight nights, to sail from Mandalay to Prome on the magnificent Irrawaddy. The Orient Pandaw is best explained as extremely comfortable and relaxing. Each day was a new

adventure, with excursions to temples, villages, schools and markets. As they rarely see outsiders, our presence was a source of amusement for the locals, especially the inquisitive children, who were constantly the welcoming party. The children loved having their photo taken and then looking at themselves on the screen; this caused much giggling! On day three, we arrived at the World Heritage Site of Bagan, a rich archaeological area of 3,000 surviving temples. We visited six different pagodas over the day, with Ananda the most beautiful temple in Bagan – its very fine architectural design being a highlight. Late in the day, we climbed the five tiers to the top of Shwesandaw pagoda, to watch the sunset. Wow what a day, even the most hardened critic would have to be impressed! The following days where filled with more children’s laughter, curious glances, markets, trishaw excursions, horse cart rides and golf putting at Burma’s oldest golf course, Thayet. Of particular interest was a visit to Minhla and Gwechaung forts, Italian and French forts designed to keep the British at bay from Royal Myanmar. The climb to the top of Gwechaung Fort was rewarded with a magnificent view of the river. The river was our highway to some remote and otherwise inaccessible areas that other travellers would have found almost impossible to reach. Burma was a wonderful experience and will always remain a favorite destination. I look forward to my next visit. 15 Park Avenue, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Phone (02) 6652 1833.


Darren Bromell


A lifelong love of baseball has led to Darren’s current role as President of the Coffs me Harbour Baseball Association. Darren explains the benefits of a sport that is as much a game played with the mind, as the body, encouraging fitness, teamwork and strategy.

Coffs Harbour Baseball Association


hat’s your role with the Association, and how long have you been involved? I am currently the President of the Coffs Harbour Baseball Association and have filled this role for 2 seasons; I am also the PR/photographer for the Association. My love for baseball started when I played for the Harbord Hustlers as a kid on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I have been involved in local baseball since 2003, when my wife, Jacqui, and I took on vacated coaching and scoring roles. Jacqui became a level 2 scorer and I gained my coaching accreditations, and we began to tour the kids through all the carnivals and national championships, such as the Country Championships held in Tamworth and the National Regional Championships in Kempsey. Please tell us a bit about the history of the Association ... The official start to the Association was the summer season of 1984 and although successful, a move to a winter sport increased numbers immediately. The sport has since remained a winter sport in Coffs Harbour. During the late ’80s and early ’90s, the sport of baseball grew to an amazing size and was flourishing, with diamonds established in Woolgoolga, Sawtell and Bray St, Coffs Harbour, and the annual ‘Woopi Cup’ was an eastern seaboard wide event that attracted teams in record numbers. For the last 2 years, our Association played host to the Senior Country Championships, which attracted 2,000 players, coaches, umpires and family members, but weather 2 years concurrently played havoc with the running. In 2007, the home of baseball became Marshalls Estate on Stadium Drive. With brand new facilities and 2 beautiful diamonds set out at Olympic dimensions, we have the premier spot on the coast to play and hold tournaments.

Numbers declined over several years, as juniors in order for such a change. Many kids make moved on. However, this season saw numbers the transition from the junior ranks to B Grade in the junior ranks steadily increase, and parents during a season and are slowly introduced to have returned to help score and coach – which the faster game. has been a blessing for the sport. Training is scheduled around the coach of How many members do you currently each squad but is mostly held on a week day have? afternoon. Kids from the Northern Beaches As we enter the finals this year, we currently train at Sandy Beach, but all kids are welcomed have 3 clubs, being the Woolgoolga Bluesox, to train with any coach at any session. the Sawtell Dodgers and the Coffs Harbour What competitions does the Association Allstars. Each club fields teams in the junior currently play in? comp (under 14s) B Grade (15 and older) and A We have 4 members who are currently Grade men’s. Macleay field a team in selected in the prestigious ‘Aussie Expos the A Grade, and they travel up Australian baseball team’, which each Saturday to compete. play in 3 separate tournaments Kids from as young as in the USA each June, headed Baseball is a 5 play, and we have by Michael Crossland. They game of both a members playing well get billeted into 2 separate ... It is mind and body game, into their senior years. families and get a taste very interesting e lik We have a junior rep of various cultures, they h uc which is m ng ki in th e th squad, which is run by learn public speaking, in s ches in its Allstars President Chris and they have terrific role and highly skilled” implementation. Cook, and we have a models. They also have a senior rep team run by real opportunity to take the Michael Crossland. We also world stage in baseball, with have dedicated umpiring and college selectors in attendance at scoring members, as well as canteen each game. volunteers and grounds people. All up, we have We also take a team to the Junior Country about 200 people involved in baseball each and Championships, which is the lead in to the every Saturday. Nationals, if you gain a selection, held in How often do players meet for matches Tamworth or Illawarra each July. This is an aged and training? based tournament and if we cannot field a full Games are held each Saturday, with the team, we sometimes combine with Kempsey or juniors running 2 games from 8.30am, with Tamworth to take the field. The men also play one team each week having a double-header. in the Senior Men’s Country Championships, B Grade starts at midday and is a 2 hour time which this year is held in Illawarra. based game, which means we usually run 4-5 Are there any rising young baseball stars completed innings for the result. A grade plays coming through the ranks at the moment? from 2pm through to 4.30 and must complete There’s Jason Bromell (my son), who has 5 innings. Junior and B Grade teams are based played baseball since the age of 6 and has on age; however, dispensation can be made competed at local, regional, state, national and and outstanding players can move up a grade, now international level. Jason has pitched or should their skills be competent enough. Three played short stop in all levels of the game and coaches must agree and a duty of care analysed returned from the US for the third time this

year, having a batting average of over 700 and receiving the Brian Jiminez outstanding player award and an offer to try out for college next June when he returns to California. Reece Benson is a rising star of the game and is a recent inclusion to the state ‘train-on’ squad for country baseball. Reece has a true love of the game, and his skills have climbed very high over the last 18 months. He has the talent and the determination to lead him into big things, and we will encourage him all the way. Another young man we have our eye on is Sam Langler, who moved into B Grade this season and has made the transition effortlessly. Sam plays the game beyond his years, has a great head for the game and the backing of his coach and dad to see him all the way. Why would you encourage people to take up baseball as a sport? Baseball is a game of both mind and body. There is nothing harder than hitting a round ball with a round bat, and the feeling players get when they smack a clean hit over the fence or take a running catch is amazing. For kids, it is a truly fantastic sport, as they learn to throw the ball fast and straight with the correct technique, they learn to run the bases, and they learn how to bat a fast pitched ball. They learn all this while analysing constant changes and plays set to happen. It is a very interesting game, which is much like chess in the thinking and highly skilled in its implementation. Where can people find out more information? The simplest way is to attend a game on any Saturday from early March through to mid September at the baseball diamond on Stadium Drive opposite the Bunnings roundabout. Alternatively, anyone interested can contact me through my email address: darrenandjacqui@ Thanks Darren. Interview by Jo Atkins.

coffs coast focus 43

Chandler Macleod Coffs Harbour will be holding a registration BBQ for tradesmen and blue collar candidates looking for work in the region. The registration BBQ will be held on Wednesday the 17th of October at the Jetty Foreshore barbeque area from 11.30am until 1.30pm.

44 coffs coast focus.


WOW WOW stands t d ffor ‘W ‘Women O Of the World’, a local and fast growing movement of women who connect through honour and respect, women who inspire and empower one another and our wider community. OW was born just over 12 months ago, with a circle of women seeking to recreate sacred spaces for women to gather and come together in unity. Our Mid North Coast region is rich in its diversity and multiculturalism, and there are many women who are living inspiring, courageous and dynamic lives, yet isolation and disconnectedness are still common experiences. WOW has created a place where ‘Women’s Business’ is explored and honoured in a variety of ways and connections are made through the commonality of being a woman. On Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10 at the Cavanbah Hall in Coffs Harbour, WOW will gather for her second annual event. At last year’s inaugural event, many women from all walks of life came along with open hearts to share in culture, food, performance and connectedness. WOW was more successful than anticipated with a validating reminder that this is a timely and much needed event. In the last 12 months, WOW has hosted a number of events, including International Women’s Day, in which 15 and 16 year old girls from local schools attended to be inspired and supported by the sisters, mothers, aunties and the Elder women of various cultures here in Coffs Harbour. Our focus was towards self love, empowerment and connection to the strength found in femininity and being a woman. WOW also co-hosted a walk for

Reconciliation Day, Harmony Day, various NAIDOC events, community BBQs, as well as a number of workshops to support the needs of our local community. This year’s WOW event You will be will consist of two nurtured on y days of exciting and ever level with and dance and musicme diverse workshops, with food, as we all co ate an evening event of of connection to place together to celebr ” n. celebration, ceremony, and the natural elements tio ec nn co our food and connectedness to assist all women to on the Saturday evening. feel connected to land The theme this year is and community. Cultural ‘Courage to Connect’. differences will be celebrated and Courage to Connect – Cavanbah shared. Centre, Friday 9 November and Saturday 10 This year, a number of women will combine November 2012. to share their cultural dances and create a dance – A fully funded event for all women (aged of Unity and Respect – Kylie Walter from Sacred over 15 years of age) from all walks of life and Lotus Bellydance, Christina Monneron, our local all cultures. Latin dancer, and the beautiful Aboriginal dancer, – Free health and wellbeing workshops all Sarah Lugnan. day Friday and Saturday. Kylie from Sacred Lotus said, “As part of – A market place for women to share their last year’s WOW celebrations, I was able to see creative talents; a great opportunity to snap up how beautiful and diverse we all are. While our a bargain. differences make us unique and special, we all – Information stalls. have the common thread of sisterhood and a – A place to connect with women in a safe, love of culture and dance.” nurturing environment. “Women of different cultures will be An Evening of Honour celebrating and combining a performance expression of our honouring women will be held on the Saturday culture and UNITING AS ONE in the form of evening from 6pm. You will be nurtured on a dance presented at the WOW Evening of every level with dance and music and food, Honour. For the previous event in 2011, Yawarr as we all come together to celebrate our Ngujawiny joined with the African dancers; our connection. routine was performed with Emma Donovan Aunty Bea Ballangarry, a well-respected singing Feather, her song about women and rain. Gumbaynggirr elder, will share her ceremony Performing whilst Emma sang was an incredibly

emotional experience for all of us. “This year is going to be even more special, as the cultures combine to show the community that we, as women of all cultures, can share and experience the joy of deep connection with each other,” said Sarah Lugnan. Women love to connect over food, and we have women who have followed their passions for cooking who will cater for the evening, introducing us to foods from around the globe. Intimate performances, storytelling and ‘secret women’s business’ will be shared. Workshops throughout the Friday and Saturday include meditation, yoga, cultural dance, Goddess workshops, art and sculpture projects, Aboriginal yarning circles, ‘meet our elders’, story circles, inspiring youth and much more. Register your interest now to come along to WOW by phoning 6659 2068. Entry to the evening event and participation in the workshops is by donation only. We look forward to connecting with you. You can also like us on Facebook: Proudly supported by Chandler Macleod and Slater & Gordon Coffs Harbour.

coffs coast focus



with Samantha Wardman of CornerPost Marketing


Sean Martyn


ell us a little bit about your agement, and all small business runs on some background and how you critical fundamentals; get those wrong, and came to be in Coffs Harbour? it doesn’t matter how good a tinker, tailor or I grew up in rural NSW. After baker you are. I do some corporate work, but completing high school, I went I much prefer family business, because of the to university in Armidale, where I completed connection and passion people have to what my degree. I worked in Hobart for a number they do. of years, and I established my first business I now advise businesses and corporations in management consulting. As my business in a number of fields, including manufacturgrew, I expanded services Australia wide and ing, retail, construction, hospitality, mining, moved back to the mainland. finance and investment, publishing and My family chose to live in Coffs Harbour education. These businesses are structured difbecause of its location; we wanted to live near ferently from owner-operators, franchises to the ocean, and it was well serviced by a new employed CEOs. I also work with all levels of airport. My wife grew up in Sawtell, so it was business, from the board of directors through a familiar place. Coffs also offered everything to divisional managers and the teams on the a growing family needed: good services, ground. health care and education. It was a lifestyle I am an active small business investor. I have choice, and we have never looked back. passively owned stakes in many businesses Your business, PrincipleFocus is a full-serover the years, often alongside clients. I curvice business consultancy provider. What rently have ownership stakes in five businessdoes this entail? es. This is where I get to walk the talk; before We aim to be the trusted mentor /advisor my advice is applied to clients, I’ve tested it in to our clients. Business owners are required to my own businesses. juggle so many balls at once: finance, marketThis professional services sector has ing, people, strategy, and still attend to toseen a big shift in the balance between day’s crisis! They are regularly challenged working at the office versus working by very complex problems that virtually (from home). How has often they haven’t expethis impacted your business rienced before, or lack and how you service your I now advise confidence in solving. clients? businesses My role is to be their I was a ‘virtual’ business and corporations dependable 2IC, before I knew that’s what in a number of the wingman if you it was actually called! g in ud cl fields, in retail, g, rin like, that a business From a small office in tu ac uf an m spitality, owner or CEO can Coffs Harbour with an construction, hoand mining, finance ishing trust to give great internet connection, we investment, publ advice and guidance built a network of over 50 ” n. and educatio in overcoming these staff, including 30 senior challenges, because I deal advisers across Australia. with them every single day I have worked with clients in and have been doing so for 20 every state and also in Africa, the years. US and South America and recently, Canada. Sean, you have had quite a diverse hisToday, all that’s required is a laptop, a Skype tory, providing advice to a variety of account and a frequent flyer number to run a different kinds of businesses. What are processional services business worldwide. some of the types of clients you provide This shift has been a great thing for busiadvice to? ness; the myriad of tools to make working I started out advising family run farms remote has definitely helped my team and my and agribusiness and over the years, this clients get more of a balance between work has evolved and expanded to include family and lifestyle. owned businesses in all sectors. You have quite an established practice My skills and expertise is in business mannationally and you are now focusing on

46 coffs coast focus.

the local market. What have been some of the challenges you face in establishing your practice in Coffs Harbour? Like all businesses establishing themselves in a new market, the challenge lies in getting your message out to potential clients. I have been located in Coffs Harbour for over 10 years, but only recently have we focused on Mid North Coast businesses, because I would prefer not to travel as much. Professional services is about reputation and track record, and we are not well known in the region – yet. So, initially we have a marketing challenge; hopefully, local business owners will see more of us in the press and at business networking events. One of our next endeavours will be launched in Coffs Coast FOCUS, where I will be providing a bi-monthly business column which aims to motivate and challenge local businesses to improve their business practices and management. Where do you draw inspiration from to continue to grow and develop your business? I am passionate about business success and helping business owners create balance in their business and personal lives. I read widely, and I focus a significant amount of time on professional development and training. I was in Fiji training in July and doing the same in Sydney last week. I am a member of a number of consultant/coaching networks, and I also have my own mentors that I use as a sounding board. However, the number one place for motivation and new ideas come from clients; they are like a big research and development division. What was the best piece of business advice you ever received? Walk the talk. To maintain professional integrity, my team and I must practice what we preach in our own business and professional life. In any business, trust is your most precious asset. It’s not recorded on your balance sheet, but if it’s ever lost, all other assets can disappear from it. If your staff, customers and suppliers trust you, things will happen faster, more efficiently and more profitably than your competitors. Trust is the ultimate competitive advantage! Leadership provides a key role in your

business and how you execute your advice to clients. Just how important is strong leadership in a successful business? Leadership is helping people achieve a goal they would not accomplish without you. It is simply taking people somewhere they otherwise would not have gone. Managing a business is important; however, leading a business is what makes it the best in its chosen field. I don’t think that leadership needs to be strong – that’s an old military paradigm. The greatest leaders are almost transparent; they don’t hog the limelight and are even sometimes quite introverted, but you see evidence of their influence everywhere. At PrincipleFocus, one of our company values is ‘we aim for world’s best practice, delivering life-changing experiences for clients and staff’. Therefore, we focus on building leadership skills and qualities in all areas of our work. I coach all our senior staff on leadership, and these skills are then passed onto our clients though the delivery of our services. Your aim is to give your clients a leading edge over their competitors – what do you believe should be the top 3 key focuses of a business owner or manager? In any business, there are three things that must be right, and a fourth that you just can’t survive without. The first is recruit the right people, then ensure they are doing the right things, the right way, at the right time (this is where businesses can learn from the franchising sector). The second is having the right strategy; if your map is wrong, you are lost from the start (this is where business can learn from the military). And the third is execution; many business owners think correctly, they even plan correctly, but they just never actually implement what they know needs to be done. Then finally there is cash flow; that’s the oxygen of business. You can get by with the wrong people, you can survive with poor strategy, and procrastination isn’t terminal … however, run out of cash – and it’s all over, red rover! I love helping managers love their numbers (and all my clients do) and understand how to keep cash in their business Thank you Sean.

This is where we can really set ourselves up.

We help make it real. ANZ Home Loans.

We all know that feeling of seeing a property we want, and starting to imagine what life could be like there. Our home loan specialists are here to listen to your plans, and to help take the hard work out of finding the home loan that’s right for you. This dedication to helping bring people’s plans to

life is part of what’s made ANZ Money magazine’s Home Lender of the Year in 2012. Stuart Willman Branch Manager ANZ Coffs Harbour 02 6652 0388

All applications for credit are subject to ANZ’s normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions, fees and charges apply. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ. Item No. 87610A 09.2012 W308301

Opening up about mental health... No matter what the condition, an umbrella can support you. Local identities are holding an umbrella as a symbol to let people know it is OK to open up about mental wellbeing. Empathy is walking beside someone without judgement, bravery is sharing without fear. Join us on Wednesday, October 10 at 6.30am at the Jetty for the CHESS Employment Umbrella Walk and let people, who feel ashamed of having this condition, know that theyy are supported. Mental health does not discriminate; young or old, male e or female, rich or poor, socially or culturally. Join us in normalising this issue that affects one in five people in our community. CHESS will give 100 umbrellas to the first arrivals rrivalss or bring your own brolly (BYOB). For details call CHESS on 6691 9333. Denise Knight s Harbour One of my very dear friends came out of his house one day and stood naked on his tennis court ready to kill himself and his wife managed to stop him. The scary thing was none of us, not her, not any of us, had any idea. They were living in a metropolitan area, so there was lots of support available for him, not like in the regions, so I directed my main support to her. If she fell apart, who was going to help him, as he relied on her for everything in his recovery and she was slowly wearing down. When the focus is on the patient, as it should be, everyone forgets about the carer and their needs. We are lucky Baringa Hospital have opened their mental health unit, as it’s another support service we didn’t have before. It’s OK to ask R U OK, but you need to make sure you hear their reply and look for the signs, particularly in young men aged 18-25 years. Ashleigh Gibbs, Marketing Manager of CHESS Employment Due to numerous stressors (including the sudden loss of a parent) I suffered an adjustment disorder (breakdown) in 2010. In my recovery I was referred to a disability employment service (CHESS). I felt mortified at being considered disabled. For the past 20 years I had travelled internationally advising multinational companies on their technology, brand and marketing strategies. However by sharing my lived experience with those who understand I soon realised that there was nothing to be ashamed about. CHESS White Collar service is great in supporting professionals like me. I take responsibility for my mental health and use my talents to normalise mental illness. Special thanks to Warwick McClelland, an exceptional clinical psychologist for people who are high functioning with mental health issues.

Jenny Oloman, Manager Economic s Harbour City Council I first came in contact with mental illness in my last years of high school, when a close family member was diagnosed after a collapse and had shock treatments and so on. It caused a lot of angst and upset in our family because we were dealing with an unknown illness, so the family faced a crisis of how do you help, what do you do? We told the person it's just an illness like any other and after treatment started they went on to lead a perfectly happy, ‘normal’ life. I find there is more awareness and understanding now, but still not as much as there should be. If you were diagnosed with measles you wouldn’t be embarrassed, mental illness is just another disease that can be treated. You need to acknowledge it and get help as soon as you can.

Elizabeth Ruthnam, CEO Baringa Private Hospital I have experienced and witnessed at first hand the anguish caused by anxiety disorders. Basically if you experience an anxiety disorder you will not enjoy your life. It is worth treating, you are worth helping, we all deserve to be happy. There is lots of help out there with your GP, local community psychologist, Headspace, the local public hospital or at Baringa where we have three consulting psychiatrists and an inpatient unit.

John Sercombe, sproperty, chairman of The Nationals s Harbour branch I lost one of my brothers to suicide resulting from divorce, at 34 years of age, in 1991. In agency practice, one of our staff was persecuted by one of our landlords’ tenants until that staff member was unable to work in this industry anymore. In the political sphere, the participants are immersed in such a pressure cooker, that they and their families are on the brink as a daily experience. Employers often work twice as many hours as their staff for very little or no return, but they have the constant pressure of knowing that if they close the business, then the families of their employees will be destitute for some time as a reflection of this action. I would like to see greater mental health support available to employers, as small businesses employ the most people in this beautiful country and there is only so much weight you can place of the back of these very small donkeys! Terry Allen, Prime TV News journalist, North Coast Football spokesperson I think the most significant factor for men in my age group is discovering when they turn 30, 40 or 50 is they are not what they expected to be at that age when they were younger. I know a lot of people who sit back and reflect I was going to be a millionaire and own my own house, those were my goals and instead I’m renting, working for someone else and slip into depression. The problem is most men only have two or three close friends throughout their life and it is easy to drop off the radar. The most important thing to remember is to not isolate themselves, they must stay connected with people in their peer group and it’s important to be vigilant about your friends staying connected.

Steve Metcher,

Bob Payne, cer

s Harbour RSL Sub-Branch

Two close family members, who also serve our community in different ways, suffer depression. My brother is a police officer who due to the pressures of that work attempted suicide. He is fortunately alive and well today. My wife is an ordained Salvation Army minister who has clinical depression and could not possibly survive if it were not for anti-depressants. Our Wednesday night Live Free services attract many people with addictions, scars in their hearts or with mental health problems and they have renamed the service Recovery Worship. The tragedy in mental illness is people are more terrified of what people think than of a fear of failure. If your heart is right and your motive is right, God will do more with your mistakes as you are having a go.

David Doyle, C.ex Group chairman I ran over an anti-tank mine in Vietnam and spent nine months in tropical hospital, where it was touch and go whether I’d lose my leg, the discs in my neck are all shot and I still can’t hear properly. If you suffer injuries of any description and you’re a sports-loving person, you get down about not being able to chase the kids around and go paddling. My first marriage broke up because of my hospitalisation, my anxiety and inability to cope with the situation and also because I wasn’t around to help when my second son was born. I still don’t go to movie theatres and other crowded areas. Mental illness is nothing to be afraid of, as everyone goes through life with a mental injury somewhere that’s going to affect their outlook on life. Never be afraid to discuss it, and admit you need some help, whether from a mentor or doctor. Heather McKinnon, partner, Slater & Gordon My father had bipolar disorder during my childhood and was undiagnosed until the early 70s when I started high school. He had psychosis and my childhood was characterised by complete uncertainty, chaos reigned and it was like walking on eggshells. Then he formed a relationship with a brilliant psychiatrist, got treatment and went on to live a highly functional life. In the grand traditions of Freud, I left my family and fell almost immediately in love with my first husband David Watts at university, but he was not diagnosed with bipolar until he was in his late 20s. Although he had good treatment, he self-medicated with alcohol and sadly could not be saved and he suicided in his early 30s. Since then, a local GP who specialised in mental health who linked me with a fantastic psychiatrist, who has helped me to cope. I know the intervention dad received completely transformed his and our lives and I urge people to get professional treatment early.

There were 500 men killed in Vietnam and by 1987 as many had suicided on their return. When I got out of the army and went to work in civilian life I used a lot of alcohol, had a real short fuse of a temper. I was unemployable and couldn’t go into a crowded supermarket, a staff lunchroom or a doctor’s waiting room where there were other people. In 1996 I started getting help – medication, counselling and psychiatric and was able to turn my life around. I’ve been on medication for anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 12 years and if I go off them, I’m swinging from the trees and watch out, Tarzan! Through the RSL sub-branch we’re trying to reach all veterans – of whatever theatre – and connect them with help like the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service at Lismore. Dion Dawes, s Comets rugby league player, car salesman I felt like I was walking around with my eyes half shut, everything was dark when I first started experiencing depression just after my first child was born. It was black, that black dog they talk about. I handed in my resignation and I’m just so lucky my boss didn’t accept it. Our club doctor, David Ellis has put that many stitches in my head over the years and when I told him how I was feeling he reacted so quickly, he took all the stigma away and made it so easy that my eyes opened up and I walked out feeling a million dollars. Then he prescribed medication and I felt the change within weeks. Act. Don’t just tell people you’re feeling a bit down, go and see a professional.

rey Scotford, actor and playgroup facilitator I’ve had internal struggles with anxiety and a fear of failure all my life and would have episodes and lose the plot. I would become completely disassociated – walking down the street singing. I didn’t take all my clothes off or anything, but I’d become very disorganised trying to overcome the feelings of torture in my mind. It was a real cry for help. I had a major breakdown in 1972 and I’ve been on mood stabilizers or anti-depressants since then. If you think somebody is troubled and in denial, then you need to be as close to them as they will let you be in a friend-to-friend sense. You need to be non-judgemental, not like a person who told my friends she thought ‘depression was the ultimate form of selfishness’. If things get beyond what you can do as a friend, then suggest they get professional help. Scotty Seccombe, martial arts instructor and Anzac Day parade marshall, For many in the army, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a disease, but a brain injury. PTSD, chronic depression and alcoholism are manageable once you and the people around you understand the beast. Depression affects your ability to function, your ability to cope, thinking becomes very cloudy, decision-making becomes erratic. It got to a point where I just couldn’t get out of bed to face customers. My wife and son were walking on eggshells. I thought I’m not mad, everyone else is. Once I was diagnosed, it was like I was given ammunition and knowledge as to how I could manage this beast and my wife was arming herself with information which enabled her to better manage me. Younger veterans should get a check-up and not be afraid to acknowledge the beast, because your quality of life can change dramatically.

David Kennedy, director Side-By-Side Aboriginal Consulting I’ve got mild depression and anxiety. I think they call it executive stress. When anxiety hits, everything is overwhelming, everything is too big and there is nothing you can get a grip on. I take medication, I go to the gym, I get involved in lots of groups and do my bonsais. The physical exercise is fantastic for mental health, and talking to my wife and playing with my dogs, that helps too. If you’re not feeling good about yourself, you need to talk to somebody about it.

ce: (02) 6691 9333 Mental Health contacts and websites Veterans and Veterans’ Family Counselling Service at Lismore: 6622 4479 Beyond Blue Info line: 1300 224 636 LifeLine: 13 11 14 Grow Peer Support: 1800 558 268 Search YouTube for: Coping with Depression (1/3) Secret Life of the Manic Depressive with Stephen Fry Depression & Anxiety: my story



David Golledge shares the vision beind Harleys for Humanity (H4H), with the organisation set to hold its amazing annual Turkey Run from 26 - 28 October.


ow and why did you transit from being a Prison Officer in the Riot Squad to raising money on Harleys? I had been a fairly aggressive person in my younger days, and working in a specialist riot squad for the Corrective Services suited me at that time and period of my life. I worked with a bunch of guys who were very tough, very disciplined, and we knew how to train hard and play hard. But after about 8 years in the Corrective Services, I became disillusioned with where and what I had become, so I resigned. I struggled with life and eventually came to a decision that I needed to change my life. I needed to do something for someone else and the community. How has Harleys 4 Humanity evolved? I was driving home from work one afternoon, and this idea hit me like an epiphany. I had a Harley, and a few mates had Harleys, so why not do something like ride our bikes and raise funds for charity? The original Harleys for Helicopters was created in 2001. In 2010, Harleys for Helicopters changed to Harleys for Humanity into its own incorporated body, to raise funds for other charities as well. How much money have you raised to date, and who has benefited from these funds? I think to date we have raised around $700,000 in funds, which has mainly gone to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service in the Hunter and New England areas ... Although, now we are our own incorporated body and can decide who we donate money to. In 2012 we are donating to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter in the Hunter and New England regions and McMaugh Gardens Hostel in Uralla. The hostel can do with some more money, and we are looking forward to helping them out. If there is one thing that chokes me up, it is people who need help, defenceless people and children. That is why I wear the tattoo on my back that says: “When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty”.

50 coffs coast focus.

Tell us about your annual Turkey Run? The Turkey Run is a ride that celebrates a great mate who died. The ride leaves Newcastle on a Friday morning at 10am and gets into Uralla about 4.30pm in the afternoon. There is a lot of lead up work all year long, with heaps of raffle tickets sold, heaps of days on the road chasing sponsors, getting things right. Why is Uralla your destination choice? Uralla was the only choice. My mate, Sandy Philp, grew up there; it was his town. Sandy had been to Sturgis in America for the biggest bike rally in the world. I wanted to bring Sandy home to his little town and the best little bike rally in NSW. Uralla also had Scotty Cox, the best bike builder in the world. I was determined to make this event a success for Sandy and to celebrate the person I believe to be the best of the best, Scotty Cox. Scotty has been a huge supporter of the Turkey Run from day one. He has made or built the Top Bike trophy for our bike show every year. I was fortunate to win the inaugural Top Bike trophy. To bring Sandy’s memory home and to win that trophy .... well, life didn’t get much better for me at that time. What are the attendance numbers for the Turkey Run, and describe the atmosphere during the event? We have over 450 riders and pillion passengers come to Uralla for this event each year, and it just grows. You have some people decide not come for whatever reason, but more seem to want to come. I believe it is because there is no BS at this show – just good, honest people who want to have fun. The atmosphere is electric; you cannot imagine the buzz you get riding into Uralla at 4.30pm on the Friday afternoon, to be greeted by men, women and children waving their arms and yelling out from the outskirts of town right into the main street and down to the bowling club. It makes you teary, and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. I love it; it is what makes me do it year after year. This event puts approximately $300,000 into

Uralla over the Turkey Run weekend. It is the single biggest event that Uralla has in any one year. How can one support H4H? Anyone can support and be involved with H4H or the Turkey Run. You don’t have to ride a Harley; you can ride any style of bike. This group is about people and doing something for the community – to leave a legacy that you can be proud of. I want business to support this event; I want mums and dads to bring their kids to this event. I want to open up the town of Uralla so that people see this as a great destination ride or drive. When is your next big event? My next big event, mmmm ... it’s going to be a huge custom car, custom bike, street bike and mini truck show in the main street of Wallsend in Newcastle on 7 April 2013. We are just going to shut down the main street of Wallsend and do it. I will be working with the Wallsend Festival Committee to put on a real cracker of a show. I had been asked numerous times to do a show in Newcastle, but just couldn’t get the right place. Then it hit me after talking to Ray Bowles (my good mate) about it, and the idea hit us that Wallsend had so many characteristics like Uralla to hold an event, that it was a done deal. Already the sponsors are lining up to be involved in this event. Who could you have not done this without? In the beginning, in the early years, I could not have done this without Mike Hadfield; he was tremendous. I have received massive support from my 5 major sponsors, who have been there from day one. They are: Gregg Carson – Gregg Carson Design – a magician in graphic design. He has designed each and every shirt, logo, banner, cap, our website and anything that has H4H in it, on it, or around it. He coined the phrase: “We need to protect the brand, your brand, H4H”.

Greg Tapp Printing – prints our flyers, posters and business cards. Brad Want from Hi Vis at Carrington has been the man behind getting all our coloured banners and decals and poster holders and the like. Hi Vis are also just about to fully wrap our Transit Van in our logos and sponsors’ logos; that van will look hot! Fraser Motorcycles have been supporting us with merchandise and cash and bikes at reduced costs for raffle prizes, such as Harley Davidsons, since the beginning. Panthers World of Entertainment in Newcastle has been there from the beginning, donating thousands of dollars each year. The cheques just turn up at the right time. I really need to say thank you to Tom O’Connor the General Manager of Uralla Council; his support, along with Uralla Council’s, has been great. And Leanne Cooper and Bev Stubberfield from Thunderbolt’s Festival; they work very hard for us in their community. I need to say a huge thank you to the team of people behind me that make up H4H Inc – who make me look good all the time: Ray and Pauline Bowles, Helen and Paul Duggan, Matt Hall, Rick and Irene Balkema, Barry Golledge, Neil Reed, Tracey Wolter, John and Kathy Quinton, Graham and Sue Jones, Michael and Kerrie Kearney, Keryn Barnett, Lou Lewis, Dave Smith, Steve Feeley, Jeff and Gaye Lawrence; you can all take a bow. And last but not least is my wife, Leanne, who keeps me grounded when I get too ahead of myself with exciting ideas for fundraising. All of these people are the real workers. I get the good job talking to sponsors and organising, but these guys do the hard work; without them behind me, this group would not succeed. I guess all I can say is thank you with all of my heart to each and every person who attends the Turkey Run and makes it such a great event year after year. Thanks David.

Free WiFi in City Square. Free WiFi internet access is now available in the City Square, through a joint initiative of Coffs Harbour City Council and City Centre Marketing. Council’s website, Coffs City Libraries online services and the internet can now be accessed by all in the community. Users simply need to enable WiFi on their device and click on to the Switched_On_Coffs network to access the service.

Jacquie Hudson, Project Officer, Coff ffss Harbour Family ff y Law Pathways Path thways ys y Network, N Networ tells us about an exciting event that will keep the kids occupied on October 3. Kids Day Out will be held in the Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens and promises stacks of fun for kids aged 0 – 12, including face painting, kite making, sock puppets, craft, Zumba and stage acts. And best of all – it’s free!


hat is the aim of the The organising of this event has been a true Kids Day Out event that display of cross service collaboration. has been organised for Where will the event be held, and what October 3? times will the activities take place? Kids Day Out is an initiative of the Coffs The event will be held in the Pavilion Harbour Child Protection Interagency, which is area at Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens on made up of a number of children and family Wednesday 3 October, from 10am to 1pm. service organisations in our region. Each year The Pavilion is located near the main entrance we hold an event to raise awareness that the of the gardens. Stalls will offer a range of protection of children in our community is child friendly activities throughout the event. everybody’s business. This year, we decided to Further entertainment and group activities on run a family event in the school holidays that the main stage will commence at 10am, with provides free activities and entertainment for a new theme every 15 - 20 minutes, so there children aged 0 - 12 years and an opportunity will definitely be something for everyone. for parents and carers to find out Unfortunately, if it rains, the event will what services and supports are be cancelled. available in the community. What are some of the fun We all acknowledge that activities that children e Activities includ ba, m raising a family is a and their families will circus skills, Zu sock ting, in pa challenging task; it can be able to enjoy on ce fa g, in ng si ing, rice be a relief for parents the day, and will puppets, kite mak g, craft play and beadin Police, Fire and carers to know there be a cost to and games. Thed storybook that there are services families for taking an Brigade, AFL be attending, ill w rs available and keen to part? te ac char fferent acts and we’ll have di ughout the help. On the day, on the stage thro What organisations/ we have 15 family event.” individuals have come service organisations together to arrange this running stalls with child event? focused activities, as well as The event is an initiative of the entertainment on the main stage. Coffs Harbour Child Protection Interagency. Activities include circus skills, Zumba, singing, A smaller working group made up of face painting, sock puppets, kite making, rice workers from Coffs Harbour Health Campus, play and beading, craft and games. The Police, Women’s Resource & Information Centre, Fire Brigade, AFL and storybook characters will Coffs Harbour Family Law Pathways Network, be attending, and we’ll have different acts on On Track Community Programs, Interrelate the stage throughout the event. Entrance and Family Centres, Coffs Harbour Council and participation in activities and entertainment UnitingCare Burnside is coordinating the event. on the main stage are all FREE. Some food In addition to all the local family organisations options will be available for purchase on the involved, we are delighted to have financial day. and in-kind support from ClubGrants, Coffs Thanks Jacquie. Harbour Council and Any Entertainment. Interview by Jo Atkins.

Free internet is expected to transform City Square into a virtual office space and meeting point for the community. With people now able to access all their online services in the City Centre, business can literally be conducted anywhere, anytime!

Free internet is expected to transform City Square into a virtual office space and t for meeting poinity the commun

The service is not only a drawcard for residents, but will also make the City Centre an attraction for visitors, with website links expected to provide holidaymakers with direct and easy access to major local attractions and services. Users will first access a homepage with links to the Library, information on key events and

a Facebook page for City Centre business and retail. A map of key sites will also be accessible, providing a handy resource for visitors.

From there, users can then surf the net and find the site of their particular interest. Council initiated the project in response to the community’s input into the Switched On Coffs Digital Strategy, which identified the provision of free WiFi as fundamental to assisting equal access and inclusion to public and private online services.

coffs coast focus 51

Diamond Martial Arts. As parents, we like to make sure our kids are safe. We like to think that when we send them to school, sport, church or any other activity, they will be in good hands. UNFORTUNATELY, this is not always the case. Recently in the USA, a High level Martial Arts Instructor and head of a large chain of schools came under investigation for sex offences against young men in his care.

Caravans & RV Expo

Since this event, I have engaged in many conversations with high level Martial Artists and mums and dads alike, with regards to what checks and balances are in place in Australia to prevent this from happening here. Well, they do exist, but they are not policed nearly as much as they should be. In NSW, we have the ‘Working with Children check’, and we also have the Blue Card system in Queensland (in my opinion, the most thorough in Australia). Both are compulsory to have if you work with children.

The Watsons Caravans and RV Expo is your last chance to grab a bargain before the summer holidays on the latest caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, camping equipment, tents, caravan and 4WD and touring accessories, including a wide range of spares and a large representation of local car dealers with their latest tow vehicles to chose from.

However, in my 20 odd years of teaching, I have not been asked once. This is terrible; it should be checked regularly. Random checks should be done by Police, Council, somebody – but they’re not. So parents, CHECK FOR YOURSELVES: it is your responsibility. This is the only way to be sure. Do not take it for granted that just because someone has a black belt around their waist or has a fulltime club, that they’re OK. Check for yourselves and be sure. Diamond Martial Arts are proud members of: • FACCA (fighters Against Child Abuse Australia) • Bully Stop ™ • DMA instructors hold Bluecards • DMA has completed the Working With Children Check in NSW ... as well as being members of several industry organisations that all ensure quality ethical teaching practices. BE SAFE.

52 coffs coast focus.

Whether you are a first time caravaner or a more experienced RV enthusiast, you will find everything you need. All aspects of the caravan industry are on display, and you have the opportunity to talk face to face to industry experts and suppliers. The Watsons Caravans and RV Expo will be held on Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 October and is the perfect time to come and browse all their products, from vans to accessories such as cleaning products, towing mirrors, level ride kits and much, much more. We are offering awesome deals on new and used caravans – so make sure you are ready for this Christmas! You deserve a holiday ... right? You’re sure to find something for your budget at the The Watsons Caravans and RV Expo this October – so don’t miss out!

Does Your Business Need Finance? Cash flow and profits are important to a business. Equally important is ensuring that your business has access to the right amount and the most appropriate type of finance. Businesses borrow for a number of reasons, including: • Purchase of new equipment or vehicles • Working capital • Funding required for expansion and growth • Purchase of business real property. So before you approach your financier, it is essential you are well prepared and ensure that you: 1. Prepare a cash flow budget to identify – • Amount of finance needed • When the finance is required • Your repayment capacity and length of time required to repay the loan 2. Are sensible about the amount required and you can justify it 3. Consider the type of finance required – for example, a debtor factoring arrangement can assist a business to fund growth at the same time as reducing overdraft requirements 4. Look at ways to increase cash flow internally to finance funding requirements, such as reducing stock levels, earlier collection of cash from customers, or extending payment terms with suppliers.

your sales by 6%, Increase your profit “byIncrease 1%, Reduce your costs by 5%, Can double your net profit ... depending on the margin. ”

Inspired by ‘The Hamptons’ Two Birds Design have been busy sourcing affordable, classic neutral decorator items inspired by ‘The Hamptons’ – the past reinterpreted for the future. The neutrals collection will add natural beauty and warmth to any interior setting. Selected for their textural and tactile qualities, pictured above are our favourites. The wheat/white ribbon striped floor rug is hand crafted from natural wool. White Palm Spring armchair made from natural cane with cotton seed fabric to seat teamed with the New York side table – sophisticated and casual ... a match made in heaven!

Grow your business with 6one5 The 6one5 Consulting Group have assisted over 200 businesses to unlock their potential through courses focused on growing revenue and profit.

Jetty boating Coffs Harbour

Adam Sherwell from Stibnite Furniture is a big fan. “The course was delivered succinctly with easy to use templates; it was learning made easy. We have won awards in the areas of customer service and sales performance, but were still able to make improvements thanks to 6one5.

Welcome to perfect boating weather – whether you are fishing – water skiing – relaxing up the creek or battling the big fish outside, how can you not love this time of year!

“We have saved on wages by 20%; our budgets have improved as a direct result of the course. We have now started importing our own products, which has increased our growth profit significantly. Darren’s delivery was both educational and fun. I enjoyed it so much, I enrolled my wife, Dawn, in the course,” said Adam.

At Jetty Boating, our service department has been kept busy ensuring that our customers’ boats and motors are working efficiently, to ensure all days on the water are enjoyable. At Jetty Boating, we know the importance of keeping you and your crew functioning on the water, and this is why we only use GENUINE parts and PRODUCTS in our workshop.

Heading into summer, patterned sheers are this season’s hottest window dressing.

6one5 has a proven methodology, and courses are now available in Coffs Harbour and Grafton, so call 6one5 to enquire how 6one5 can help you uncover the fortune that lies hidden in your business through our proven methodology, that is:

Keeping your motor serviced annually, with quality parts and products makes that service bill not so scary, when you know, that if it is done right, you only have to have it done once a year.

All products in the neutrals collection are available through Two Birds Design and can be viewed on the website: via our Facebook page, or contact Kylie or Kristie on Ph: 6652 1594.

Increase your sales by 6% Increase your profit by 1% Reduce your costs by 5% Can double your net profit ... depending on the margin.

You can also help get the most out of your motor by using only quality fuel when you fill her up. May cost a little extra, but well worth it for the life and performance of your motor.

Lamps: have we told you how much we love lamps! A combination of our table and floor lamps will add atmosphere to any living space. Custom made cushions made from our extensive fabric range; pictured is Ikat, mosaic and natural wide stripe. We go bongo for the Bongo ... coffee table, that is. Made from natural cane with rattan insert.


Working together to unlock the potential of Coffs Harbour Businesses. Contact Darren Leaney or Rod Cross to find out how your business can increase profit. 107 West High Street T 6653 0850 better advice for a better life coffs coast focus 53

Fitzroy motors is the oldest Mazda dealership in NSW – from 1967 – and its Honda dealership dates back to 1969.

Change your life, your career or your business

A sterling reputation. Fitzroy motors is one of the most successful car dealerships on the Coffs Coast, with a sterling reputation and second to none customer service. General Manager Rob Partridge has been in the business for 46 years and has an eye for detail and an understanding for running his own car dealership. Rob attributes a lot of his success to the cars his dealership stocks. “Honda and Mazda always rate highly, because they are reliable and trouble free vehicles.” However, the cars themselves cannot take full credit for the company’s prosperity. The real driving force behind Fitzroy motors is the dedicated team of sales consultants, service technicians, administrative staff and detailers. All staff are trained to help buyers look for quality, style and safety, and they always strive

to meet any customers’ needs and demands. According to Rob Partridge: “In all, Fitzroy Motors’ success reflects the commitment and dedication of its well deserving staff.” This is the driving key for a successful company. Keeping staff trained, happy and looked after determines the dollar result at the end of the day, year, and month. If there’s a passion for product, then customers find they get the best result – because staff know exactly what to offer. Fitzroy Motors is located in Grafton Street, directly across from The Coast Hotel. It has been on the same site for more than 65 years – it was Foote’s Garage when Ces Vost bought the business in 1946 and was later bought by the Partridge family in 1963. Fitzroy Motors is the oldest Mazda dealership in NSW – from 1967 – and its Honda dealership dates back to 1969.

Change yourself at Tafe For the Coffs Coast community, there are more options and offerings than you can imagine available through North Coast TAFE. TAFE in the Coffs Coast region is so much more than its two campuses. Non-classroom learning comprised 35% of the modules enrolled in North Coast TAFE in 2011, so many people in the Coffs Coast region and further afield now access TAFE learning at their own place and at their own pace. On-the-job learning has nearly doubled since 2010, which means that more businesses and employers on the North Coast benefit from having their staff stay with them as they learn. The TAFE experience is more than trades and

traditional skills, with a 100% increase since 2007 in students graduating with Diplomas and above in areas like business, tourism, IT, community services and accounting – and more students choosing to take the TAFEuniversity pathway and save time and money. TAFE students on the Coffs Coast can access more support services than any other registered training organisation; for example, Coffs Harbour Education Campus learner support centre, which offers personalised support in researching, referencing, report writing, computing, resume writing, maths, presenting information and internet search. Quality, choice, options and flexibility – all available for 2013. Call 1300 NCTAFE or search ‘north coast tafe’ on the web.

Quality and choice

With more than 600 courses on offer, we can help you find a course that suits you!

Options and flexibility

You can study on campus, online, via distance education or on-the-job.

Pathways to university

Take the first step with North Coast TAFE and gain credit into a range of university degree programs.


APPLY NOW FOR SEMESTER 1 2013 54 coffs coast focus.


MU T TON B IR D IS LA ND Muttonbird Island Muttonbird Island is a local landmark with great historical and ecological significance. Ann Walton, NPWS Ranger Coffs Coast Area, tells us more about the importance of this unique site ...


hat’s your job title, What is the significance of the island in and what’s involved terms of its Aboriginal heritage? with this role? I am a Muttonbird Island is known as Giidany Ranger with the National Miirlarl, which means moon’s special place. Parks and Wildlife Service There are many stories surrounding the island in the Coffs Coast Area. My responsibilities and the moon. This makes it a ‘special place’ include management of Muttonbird Island in Gumbaynggirr Culture. The significance and Nature Reserve. This job involves managing use of the Island by Gumbaynggirr people are the pest program, visitor services including a large component of the National Indigenous infrastructure, and scientific research programs, Tourism Award winning cultural heritage tours including Wedge-tailed Shearwater breeding conducted regularly on the Island by Aboriginal success monitoring. An important part of my Discovery Rangers, including Gumbaynggirr job is working in cooperation with the local Elder Mark Flanders. Tours incorporate cultural Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal Community in the heritage information, as well as natural heritage management of Muttonbird Island Nature information on the Shearwater rookery and Reserve, as it is a special place in Gumbaynggirr migrating whales. culture. The island, as mentioned, is home to Many locals are aware of Muttonbird Island, a colony of Wedge-tailed Shearwaters but could you flesh out their knowledge (Muttonbirds), from which it obviously with some geographical facts draws its name. Tell us about this please … particular species of bird. Muttonbird Island Nature Muttonbird Island is the Reserve is located at the most important Muttonbird The island is end of the northern rookery in NSW and the easily accessible breakwall of the Coffs most accessible. Thousands l al via the breakw t, Harbour Marina. The of birds call Muttonbird or sh a and after kers al w b, island was named by Island home; however, the im cl p ee st settlers as it was, and exact number is not fully are rewarded withs ...” spectacular view still is, a rookery for the known, as research is limited Wedge-tailed Shearwater, to along the track during the which is a migratory breeding season. Stepping off sea bird – also known as the path can collapse burrows Muttonbird, on account of the and kill nesting birds and crush eggs. reported taste of their flesh. WedgeThe island’s Shearwaters have been studied tailed Shearwaters found on offshore islands for over 40 years by a dedicated group of bird along the coast return to the same island, and banders. It is their research that has found how often the same part of the island, they hatched. far the birds travel in their annual migration – to The island provides a natural landscape feature the Philippines and back. that provides the sheltered waters of the Coffs What are some of the other animal or bird Harbour. The island is easily accessible via the species who regularly occupy the island? breakwall and after a short, steep climb, walkers People can enjoy views of seabirds, including are rewarded with spectacular views of the gannets and gulls. Black Shouldered Kites and Solitary Islands Marine Park, ocean views, views kestrels can be seen hovering over the island. A of Coffs Harbour and the coastline. Between May bandicoot and swamp wallaby have been recently and November, opportunity for whale watching, recorded, along with the native swamp rat. particularly Humpback and Southern Right What are some of the activities people Whales, arise. visiting the island can enjoy – in particular,

the guided tours that are offered ... Muttonbird Island is a great place to take a short walk, and the unforgettable views from the lookout platforms at the top and eastern end of the Island are well worth the effort. The award winning interpretation space at the base of the island provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about and reflect on the cultural heritage of the island. The eastern lookout is located a short walk from the Muttonbird Island outdoor learning space along a paved walkway. Walking along the track to the lookout, there is signage along the way explaining the lifecycle of these migratory birds. Upcoming tours include: Muttonbirds by Moonlight Saturday 29 September @ 6.30pm and Wednesday 3 October @ 6.30pm Giidany Miirlarl: A special place Tuesday 2 Oct @10.30am and Saturday 6 Oct @ 10.30am. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling the Coffs Coast Area Office on 6652 0900 during office hours. What are some of the National Parks and Wildlife’s Rangers’ responsibilities associated with Muttonbird Island? Managing the natural and cultural values of our precious national parks and nature reserves is the core of my work as a Ranger. In particular, I have focused my efforts over recent years on reducing the impacts from pest animals such as rats, mice and foxes on the Shearwaters. This work is starting to deliver positive outcomes, with the bird breeding success increasing last year compared to previous years. Other important issues include managing for access and use, education and promotion. One of my favourite jobs is walking up onto the island to talk to visitors. The island is a spectacular work place. At times though, I also need to enforce park regulations, ensuring walkers stay to the track and no pets are taken on the island, to help protect the nesting Shearwaters. Why do you feel it’s important that the island remains a protected area for future generations to enjoy?

Muttonbird Island is important to all people on the Coffs Coast, as it is a iconic landmark that deserves looking after and preserving for future generations to enjoy seeing a seabird rookery, whale watching, a place to walk and contemplate, a place to experience the power of the sea in safety and a place to see the sun and moon rise over the water. The island provides a place where the whole community can come together to learn about the local Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal culture, so we can all share in an understanding of how this is a ‘special place’. Where’s the best place to go for more info about the island? People can contact the NPWS at the Coffs Coast Area Office, located at the Coffs Marina (located near the Yacht Club) on (02) 6652 0900 or visit: The Coffs area contains many important cultural sites. I enjoy working with local indigenous groups to help manage, protect and promote Aboriginal culture and heritage, such as Muttonbird Island or Gaargal Wanggaan (South Beach) National Park, the new national park at Warrell Creek, just south of Nambucca, jointly managed with the Aboriginal community. Pest management is another important role. Programs such as fox and weed control as well as bush regeneration within the local parks. Working with other NPWS staff and volunteers to maintain the network of fire trails and walking tracks so the public can access and enjoy the many parks of the Coffs Coast Area is another great pleasure. Incident management is also an important role I have as a ranger, including planning and undertaking fire management including hazard reduction burns and bushfire control. Whale, seal and turtle monitoring and rescue is also a major role that I’m involved with. I feel extremely privileged to be a Ranger, as it is the best job in the world and feel truly blessed to be working in the most beautiful part of Australia within the Coffs Coast. Thanks Ann. Interview by Jo Atkins.

Emerald Beach Plumbing has been recognised for its commitment to training at the NSW Training Awards.

Local Business Ready to Soar! After being named the North Coast Small Employer of the Year at the local training awards in June, Emerald Beach Plumbing was then selected as a finalist in the NSW State Training Awards. Although just missing out on the top gong at the gala ceremony in Sydney, owners Peter Coulson and Pandora Colledge can still hold their head high, knowing they were selected from more than 900 businesses to make it into the top 3. They were nominated by their Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC), VERTO. AAC consultant Gerard Klinkers has signed up five of their apprentices in the past six years. “Emerald Beach Plumbing is a perfect example of an employer who really understands the value of investing in their staff. Over the years they have taken on both junior and senior apprentices and provided them with an exceptional learning environment.”

Having started their operation from the front yard of their house back in 1994, husband and wife, Peter and Pandora, have made a serious commitment to making their business thrive and building a skilled workforce. They believe that the secret to their training success is Peter’s hands-on learning and teaching methods, which have come from his thirty years’ experience in plumbing. “I still really enjoy the challenge of running my business and find having exceptional staff makes my job a lot easier,” says Mr Coulson. “Our philosophy is not to be the biggest plumbing company, but to be the best.”

Apprenticeships? Call Gerard and Steve! Gerard Klinkers and Steve Bunny – your Coffs Harbour Apprenticeship Team providing employers and apprentices with accurate advice and ongoing support. Free onsite consultations to assess your needs O Management of the administration processes O Assistance to select training packages O Payment of incentive funding. O

Call VERTO – your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre today!

1300 302 977 |

56 coffs coast focus.

Coffs Harbour City Library has introduced a new digital library service for its members using grant funds from the Library Council of NSW.

Tony Reeves speaking on organised crime and corruption.

Explore and Develop Kylie and Gary Thorpe purchased Footprints Early Learning centre in 2007, and during the past five years Kylie and her team have created a warm, safe caring environment that encourages children’s curiosity to explore and develop holistically through their play. Kylie, along with seven unique educators, strive to facilitate and develop every child’s understanding of Belonging to a family or community group, Being an individual and making meaning of their world, and Becoming active participants in our society, which all build foundations for their future. Our educators strive to provide and facilitate a play based program that stimulates and nurtures all children’s development and interests. Our programming is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, Being and Becoming. Our school preparation program is unique to each child’s developing needs and interest, facilitated by our friendly, caring, experienced, trained team of educators, who strive to offer the highest quality care in our stimulating, homely, child friendly environment. We have an open door policy, which allows us to establish partnerships and effective communication with our community and families. For more information or to organise a tour of our centre, please feel free to contact Kylie or one of our team from Footprints Early Learning Centre.

Download a Book Journalist Tony Reeves Tony Reeves is an investigative journalist, whose reporting helped bring about the Moffitt Royal Commission into organised crime. Tony’s experience of seeing organised crime and police corruption first hand in the clubs of Sydney led him to write Mr Big: the True Story of Lennie McPherson, for which he won the Crime Writer’s Association Ned Kelly award. He followed this with Mr sin: the Abe Saffron Dossier and The Real George Freeman, and more. He is presently working on the story of Juanita Nielsen, and he’s looking to publish the newly completed story of the Whiskey Au-Go-Go club fire bombing. These books are more than stories of true crime; they’re Australian history, and it has never been more readable or more shocking.

Coffs Harbour City Library has introduced a new digital library service for its members, using grant funds from the Library Council of NSW. Members can now loan ebooks (electronic books), e-audiobooks and pre-loaded e-readers and can also access a range of interactive online tools for learning languages and improving literacy skills – including English as a Second Language (ESL). The ebook lending facility currently has over 200 titles available for download to an e-reader, computer, tablet (e.g. iPad) or a smart phone (Apple or Android). The e-audiobook lending facility has even more to choose from, with over 800 titles in its database, including fiction and non-fiction, for all ages. These e-audiobooks can also be downloaded and listened to on a range of devices, including MP3 players such as iPods.

Tony Reeves will be appearing at the Coffs Harbour library to talk about his books and the process of investigating these larger than life criminals and their activities.

Twelve pre-loaded genre-based e-readers (portable devices for reading ebooks) are also available for loan for those who want to experience reading an ebook, without needing the hardware. The genres range from science fiction and horror to romance and contemporary fiction.

He is the ninth guest speaker we’ve invited to the library to help celebrate the National Year of Reading. Tony will be interviewed by the highly engaging ABC journalist Liz Keen, so this promises to be a very interesting and entertaining evening.

The new language and literacy learning e-resources provide a huge range of courses, including 90 languages and 17 ESL. Children can also read Aussie picture books online and have plenty of educational online fun with Busythings.

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Lianna Watkins and Sophie Watt

H o c k e y

d u o

The Coffs Coast is home to a large numberr of talented sportspeople, sportspeople and a rising hockey stars Lianna Watkins and Sophie Watt are no exception. The duo have been fortunate enough to secure a full-time field hockey scholarship to RMU (Robert Morris University), where they will play and study for 4 years …


here did you both grow up and go to school? Lianna: We both grew up in Sawtell, and we went to Mary Help [Mary Help of Christians Primary] then JPC [John Paul College]. How long did you actually live on the Coffs Coast, and what are some of your fondest memories from your time spent there? Lianna: I lived there for 16 years. Fondest memories are writing my name in our cement and the beach - love our beach. It’s the best thing we have. Sophie: Thirteen years on the coast, but I moved from Bello. My fondest moments are going to the beach, having sun and getting a sun tan. How did you first become involved with playing hockey, and what teams have you played for? Lianna: When I was 8 years old, I started playing for Sawtell. Then I moved to play for Bello when I was 10 and played with Sophie. When I was 16, I joined Urunga. I’ve played for Urunga and also for Grafton ever since. Sophie: I started at the age of 7. I stayed with Bello until 16 and then played for Urunga and also played for Grafton. I’ve been playing for Grafton and Urunga ever since. What is the scholarship you won – it’s obviously taken you to the States to live and play for a time? Sophie: We got a field hockey fulltime scholarship [to RMU – Robert Morris University]. This covers our tuition, hockey expenses and accommodation. We have to perform in field hockey and academics to keep the scholarship, which means we need to balance school and hockey together. This can 58 coffs coast focus.

requires good ball skills and hitting to beat be quite challenging at times! defenders and score goals. How long will you actually get to stay in Sophie: I play defender, and I need to have the States, and how have you enjoyed hard hitting and good trapping skills to clear living there so far? the ball and to get the ball to the forwards. We Lianna: We will stay in the States for 4 often like to play all kinds of positions, but this years doing uni and playing hockey. The trip is where we play normally. was long – we are struggling with the time Lianna: I am number 9 and Sophie is difference, but it’s an amazing experience. It’s what you see in the movies and so much more. number 13. The tops we are wearing in our photo are our training tops. We are only The people are great, team is great and school allowed to train in navy, red or white, as they is great. We are loving it! What is something you’ve found attending are RMU colours. What has been the highlight of your uni and living overseas that has come as a sporting career so far – an achievement bit of a surprise? you’re particularly proud of? Sophie: Our dorm was bigger than Lianna: I was a state we expected, which is great for swimmer from the age us! We got a bigger room of 10. I haven’t exactly than we expected; it’s in ay st ill We w tried out for state in cozy, but not squishy. The the States for 4 and hockey, as I’ve had too university itself is huge; years doing uni. The playing hockey e much on my plate. But we didn’t know what to trip was long – with w getting this scholarship expect, but it’s above and are struggling ce, en er ff di e was definitely the best beyond any expectations the tim g but it’s an amazin thing! we had! experience.” Sophie: In 2011, I Is there anything about made the NSW state team, Australia you particularly which travelled to S.A. and miss? ended up winning, then getting Lianna: Of course we miss our selected in the under 21 country Australia family and the friends we left behind, but we team, which travelled to Fiji. I met so much both miss the Australian food. The American talent and nice people along the way. I have 2 food isn’t particularly healthy, as it is quite girls over here that I actually played state and fatty, so we are continually watching what Australia with. we eat. This can be quite difficult at times – Who is an athlete (not necessarily a especially when you’re tired and you become hockey player) that inspires you, and what lazy. Most foods are deep fried or consist of is it about them that impresses you? layers upon layers. Lianna: Ian Thorpe. He was the best in his What positions do you generally play on field – long distance. He was one of the best the hockey field, and what skills do you swimmers I have known, but changing to short need for these positions? distance came as a struggle. He kept with it, Lianna: I play striker/ forward, which

because he knew it was something he wanted to do. Even though he went from best in his events to near bottom in his new events, he kept going, training harder and correcting everything about his swimming. He had to change everything for short distance: faster arms, different arm style etc. It must have been difficult, but he kept at it – no matter what the media says. Sophie: Doris Cowan from Sawtell, who helped train me and Lianna before we came over to the States. She inspires me because she is so dependable, and it is because of her that I now love to train and run. She pushes you to your limits and teaches you that giving up isn’t an option. What hockey matches do you have lined up to play over the next few months? Lianna: Our competition runs from 24 August ‘til November; we play roughly 6 games a week and tend to travel around a lot. What are your future goals and aspirations ... what do you plan to do once your time in the States comes to an end? Lianna: I plan to travel around America. I plan on bringing my degree back to Australia and working for a year, just so I have some money to begin with. If I get offered to play at a higher level, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down, as it would be the experience of a lifetime – just like this trip. I was going to do primary teaching, but I am planning on changing it to events and business management. Sophie: I’d like to travel around America and continue to play hockey at a higher level. I am planning on bringing my business degree back to Australia and settling down in my job after I finish travelling and playing. Thanks Lianna and Sophie. Interview by Jo Atkins.






Patio by Spanline Phone 02 6652 9588 coffs coast focus 59

60 coffs coast focus.


with Chris Hines from Unrealestate


chris hines.

How many purchasers buy the first property they see? Ask most agents, and they will tell you it rarely happens. Most purchasers stay on agents’ books for weeks, months and even longer. One of the reasons there is often a gap between what vendors and purchasers think a property is worth, is that vendors usually look at the asking prices of properties similar to their own.

urchasers, on the other hand, compare selling prices. The selling price reflects the market value of the property and while the asking price should include a negotiating factor to achieve the highest possible figure, overpricing will simply make purchasers lose interest. It’s important not to underestimate the amount of homework a serious purchaser will have done before deciding to make an offer on your property. Qualified buyers know when prices are inflated, and they tend to focus their interest where they can see value for money. Many vendors think that successful agents use aggressive or ‘pushy’ selling techniques. They believe that an agent who uses such techniques will sell their property faster and for a higher price. But the reality is often far different, Purchasers frequently report that they dislike hype, and they hate being pushed. Many purchasers who are put off by often wellintentioned ‘hype’ make the decision not to carry out any further inspections with that agent. After all, you can’t really bully someone into buying their single greatest asset. Home purchase is rather more significant than buying a pair of trousers or a new detergent. With so much at stake purchasers do their homework for weeks even months before committing themselves. They usually know down to the last light fitting what their money will buy. Pushy selling techniques are no substitute for a well thought out marketing program and could even lose a potential buyer. Alienating purchasers is counter-productive, and in some cases even leads to a property staying longer on the market than otherwise. When this happens, there is a chance that the ultimate selling price will be lower. If the marketing program is sound and the ground work has been thoroughly covered, a sale will result. Correct pricing, attention to presentation of the property, professional and consistent exposure so that all the prospective purchasers in the price range are introduced to the property and its best features are just some of the aspects of a good marketing programme. A genuine empathy with the purchaser’s needs (as opposed to the make-asale-at-all-costs) will result in a win-win situation for everyone involved. Many purchasers report that they have been ‘talked into’ submitting an offer on a property, when it was not the right property for them. Many such purchasers say they regretted their decision in the cold light of day and withdrew their offer; the agent’s energy would have been better spent


in attracting a more suitable purchaser to the property. The best agents don’t need to use pushy techniques. Their professionalism, superior marketing programs and local reputation are working and they have the quiet confidence and genuine enthusiasm that goes with success. The purchase of real estate usually has two key components: one is emotional, the other financial. Most home buyers (as opposed to investors) want to feel a strong attraction to the property they purchase; after all, they are going to live in it. But they also have to make the right investment decision, because their enjoyment of the property can be spoiled if, further down the track when they go to resell, they realise they paid too much or made a poor investment.The key to both financial and emotional success is doing your homework thoroughly before you purchase. You can speed up the research process by making sure you look at all the properties that satisfy your basic criteria, including those that don’t sound like your ideal home. Even properties that don’t appeal are relevant for building up a portfolio and getting a handle on price trends. Many intending purchasers turn down the opportunity of inspecting properties in their price range, simply because they ‘don’t appeal’, but the more properties you see in your price range in a short space of time, the sooner you will be ready to buy – and you’re less likely to end up seeing your dream home early in the piece and feeling you’re not ready to make an offer. Purchasers should take a notebook with them and jot down their comments for later comparison. Use every available information source; when you see a signboard with a sold sticker on it, ring the agent and find out what the property sold for. Make sure you follow up all the houses you have inspected. Did they sell quickly and if so, how much for? Most professional agents will provide information about recent sales, unless they have instructions from their clients to the contrary. Remember, you need to look at a lot of properties to feel to feel confident you have a trend or a pattern emerging. If you know what ten or twelve properties have actually sold for within a ten thousand dollar range of your budget, you’re probably ready to walk into a house and say, “I like this one, and I’m prepared to pay x dollars for it”. Open houses are a great tool for getting the feel of the market; you get to see what is out there, without feeling the need to contact agents on a regular basis.

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Schimminger Architect Reiner Schimminger from Schimminger Architects tells us about an exciting Eco Housing Project at the Jetty in Coffs Harbour. The ‘City of Hope’ development, located at 23 Bent Street, will be the first of its kind in Australia ... w

ell us about your business – Schimminger Architects ... how long has it been based on the Coffs Coast, and what does it specialise in? I have been in business in Coffs Harbour as Schimminger Architects since 1989. We specialise in sustainability, energy efficiency, urban ecology and unique high quality architectural design for residential and commercial projects. What are some of the projects you’ve been involved with recently – either on the Coffs Coast, or outside the area? This year we have completed a new medical centre in Urunga, a community preschool in Bowraville and an exciting private residence in Boronia St, Sawtell. You have a project in the pipeline at the moment, which will be constructed at Bent Street. What does this project comprise? This is an exciting Eco Housing Project at the Jetty in Coffs Harbour. We called it ‘City of Hope’. The site is at No. 23 Bent Street, next to the Coffs Harbour High School’s agricultural lot – a 1,200 sqm site with perfect northerly orientation, a gentle slope which assures views to the north for all dwellings, nice views over Coffs Harbour’s green backdrop and Coffs Creek and ocean glimpses from the roof gardens. It is a quiet and very convenient location, close to the beach, to the cafés and shops at the Jetty, as well as to the centre of town. There will be four superbly designed dwellings on community title, each dwelling with its own garden, ‘vertical gardens’ and roof gardens. The project is designed and will be constructed with the most advanced measures of sustainability possible in the built environment today. It is the restoration and re-development of an existing site in Coffs Harbour’s urban fabric – 62 coffs coast focus.

not taking up valuable unspoilt land. It will include urban food production, enhancement of biodiversity and through its convenient location, reduce dependence on car transport to encourage car free living. Net zero water, net zero energy, relying on solar energy from the site, zero greenhouse gas emissions, no combustion of anything. It will maximise physical and psychological wellbeing, using healthy, non-toxic materials only, which are safe for all species through time. What is it about this project at Bent Street that is particularly special or different to other constructions on the Coffs Coast? This project will be the first of its kind in Australia! It aims to achieve the exceedingly high standards of ‘The Living Building Challenge’, an initiative of the International Living Future Institute, a NGO committed to catalysing a global transformation toward true sustainability. (see How exciting to see a landmark project like this right here in little Coffs Harbour. The project will demonstrate how to live a life of exquisite sufficiency, whilst lowering our ecological footprint to within the limits of what planet Earth can sustainably provide. The project has a research and educational aspect: the operation and performance of the project will be measured and documented over a period of two years, and the results will be provided to the public to share the lessons learnt and to motivate others to make change in their live and built environment. At what stage is this project at the moment ... is construction due to commence soon? The project has achieved Council’s Development Consent. We are now working on the engineering design for the infrastructure required for the Community Title subdivision and on the details required for the construction certificate. We expect work to begin on site within the next two months. How long do you estimate the project will

not ours to erase. We have to aim at leaving take to complete? The project will be constructed in three a world behind that can sustain life for future stages. We expect the first house to be generations. completed by mid next year, with the Given our track record of ‘business as usual’, completion of the other three houses one year this is going to be difficult. later. However, giving up now is not an option. What builders/tradesmen will be associated Let us assume that it is not too late, with the construction phase of the project, that we can’t know the strength of life, and why were they chosen in particular? that change can happen, that we take up the The houses will be built under a construction challenge to reconcile the built environment management agreement. The natural Home with the natural environment into a civilization Company Pty. Ltd will act as builder (www. that creates greater biodiversity, resilience and with myself opportunities for life. as construction manager. This assures Last not least: Why call it ‘City of achieving the best quality and Hope’? best value for the owners. Hope is seen here not as an The first house built will emotion, but as a task … an “ There will be be for myself, as my own four superblyellings activity. designed dwity title, residence. Any lessons Hope comes into play on commun g with learnt from the first house each dwellinen, when our circumstances are rd its own ga ens’ and will then benefit the dire, when things are not ‘vertical gard construction of the other roof gardens. ” going well, or at least there’s three houses. considerable uncertainty about How do you personally, how things will turn out. Hope as an architect, define opens us up and removes the blinders ‘sustainability’ in terms of dwellings of fear and despair and allows us to see or construction? What are some of the the big picture, thus allowing us to become important issues a building must address to creative and have belief in a better future. ensure it’s sustainable? In this sense, the Bent Street development I would like to see ‘sustainability’ in the is the physical manifestation of a creative wider context of how we live our lives and the response in uncertain times to work towards a impact that it has on planet Earth and all life better future. on it. Buildings are just one component in this Let’s get on with it. context. It should be self-evident today that Where can people go to find out more buildings have to be net producers of energy, information about the Bent Street project, not consumers; zero greenhouse gas emissions or Schimminger Architects in general? has to be mandatory. Call Reiner on 6651 2811 or 0418 624 258. We have to recognise and acknowledge Schimminger Architects, 64 Albany St, Coffs that planet Earth’s resources are finite, and we Harbour. have to learn to live within the limits Earth can We are working on the website, which we provide. hope will go on-line soon: At present, humanity’s eco footprint takes up 1.5 times planet Earth and rising. Thanks Reiner. This is obviously not going to work for very Interview by Jo Atkins. long. We only have one planet. The future is

GeoLINK Forr ov over 20 2 years, GeoLINK’s e experts have created quality solutions and a sustainable living environment. Find out more about us and see if we can help you.

Emerald Beach Plumbing.

Planning – contact Simon Waterworth. We use a modern approach and sustainable planning principles to develop solutions improving the use and management of land resources. Our planners are well versed in legislation at local, state and federal levels.

Water World

Environmental Compliance and Auditing – contact Simon Williams. Our expert auditors can sort your environmental liabilities and regulatory requirements and conduct audits to ensure you are operating consistent with your legal responsibilities.

These pumps are revolutionary and brand new to the market, but the best part is that they could save you up to $1,000 a year on your power bill! Viron eVo Pumps are said to save you up to 85% of your pool running costs – this is not only great for your back pocket, but also the environment.

Environmental Engineering – contacts Tim Ruge or Ali McCallum. Our engineers focus on the use and management of air, water and land resources surrounding us. Services offered include water resource management, erosion and sediment and contamination. Ecology/ Environmental Science – contact Anna Lloyd. Whether it is fauna or flora, bushfire or acid sulfate soils, our team are experts in surveying, monitoring and reviewing environmental factors and impacts. Landscape Architecture – contact Richard Elliott. Regardless of scale or complexity, we offer a tailored landscape architecture service. We are passionate about achieving design excellence in all our projects, with solutions that are holistic, creative and sustainable. Contact us, GeoLINK, about your outdoor living needs.

Max and his team at Poolside Waterworld have an exciting new product to share with you. It is the new range of energy efficient Viron eVo Pool & Spa Pumps.

Once supplied and fitted to your pool, the settings are tested to each individual pool and then adjusted accordingly. In the past, a pump only had limited settings, and this could drain unwanted power – which is not only wasteful, but costly. The new Viron eVo pump’s variable speed setting eliminates this waste. Suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, waterfalls, spa jets and in-floor cleaning systems are all easy to cater for with Viron eVo Pumps’ flexibility and programmability. Viron eVo Pumps are exclusive to Poolside Waterworld, who collectively have over 144 years’ experience in the pool industry. “We care about saving our customers money, so it is a winwin all around,” says Tim.

Peter Coulson and Pandora Colledge moved to Coffs Harbour in 1994 and started Emerald Beach Plumbing in 1995. During that time, we have trained 8 apprentices and one trainee. Some of them have gone on to win awards as a result of their training. Emerald Beach Plumbing has recently been awarded the North Coast Small Employer of the Year Award 2012 and made the top 3 finalists for NSW State Small Employer of the Year. The award showcases excellence in training, Work Health & Safety procedures, sustainability, innovation and community. We continue to provide excellence in not only training, but customer service and professionalism. We are a proactive business that takes a lot of pride in our workmanship, efficiency and work ethic. Currently, we are working on implementing the latest technology, to help provide more efficient communication between the office and our employees out in the workplace. At present, our focus is on implementing Work Health & Safety strategies that keep up with the latest regulations and to maintain a safe work environment for our employees, the customer and the public. We don’t take short cuts when it comes to safety. Emerald Beach Plumbing continues to service the Coffs Coast with a wide range of plumbing services, with the most amazing team of friendly, reliable and happy people. For more information, visit our website: and visit our Facebook page.

GeoLINK Helping to create a sustainable Mid North Coast for over 20 years

Planning | Engineering | Landscape Architecture Environmental Auditing | Ecology For help with your next project visit us online at PO Box 1446 COFFS HARBOUR NSW 2450 02 6651 7666

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64 coffs coast focus.

focusbusiness. with the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce


garth shipperlee. The Sunny’s Business Awards were held during September, and what a great night it was. This year saw the largest number of nominees to date and they were of high calibre, making the job tough for the judges. ongratulations to all of the nominees, finalists and winners that participated in this year’s Awards; this included Handybin Waste Services being named the Business of the Year, for the second year running! They also picked up the Family Business Award, Manufacturing and Innovation and Excellence in Sustainability Awards. I’d like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our sponsors for your support and commitment to the Sunny’s; it is greatly appreciated. On behalf of Chamber, our congratulations to Denise Knight on being elected Mayor. The election certainly had everyone waiting in anticipation for the result, and what a close contest it was. The Coffs Coast Advocate reported Denise topped the primary vote with 7,710 votes – a lead of 39 over Cr Rhoades, who was 64 ahead of Cr Arkan. To Keith, thank you for your dedication and service to the community for the past 8 years and congratulations to you and John Arkan for such a close election. To the rest of the recently announced Councillors, we wish you all the best. In recent times, there has been an evident groundswell to move Coffs forward and start working on a number of long overdue initiatives. With the election of a new Mayor and Councillors, it’s time for the businesses and business community to support Denise in her role and move forward with the visions of making our town have a point of difference, so we can attract investors and new business to the region. The businesses of Coffs Harbour also need to get behind the Council’s Economic Development Strategy and have a say in what they need for their particular industry to grow; the only way the Council can help is by our businesses helping them, so when you see an invitation to participate in the strategy, get involved and be a part of making a difference. The Chamber was pleased to announce it has completed the necessary requirements and formed an alliance with NSW Business


Chamber, the largest member based business support group in NSW. Founded in 1885, the NSW Business Chamber helps over 25,000 businesses each year. It has become the premier member-based organisation in NSW, providing business solutions across a broad range of expertise, including workplace management, OHS, and business improvement. The NSW Business Chamber recently announced it has reached the historic milestone of 10,000 members for the first time in its 187 year history. Reaching 10,000 members is evidence that businesspeople are keen to unite behind a strong organisation that will advocate on their behalf to improve the overall business environment. A strong and healthy business community is essential to the prosperity of our region and to supporting employment for all Australians. We should never forget how important the millions of jobs created by the private sector are to our way of life. Joining forces with a peak body such as NSW Business Chamber delivers local chamber members with additional benefits and services, leveraging the capability of NSW Business Chamber. Our Chamber members will continue to receive the local networking and business support benefits of your local Chamber; you will also, at no additional cost, receive additional benefits from the NSW Business Chamber, with access to a broad range of services such as technical advice, business support tools, information services and educational events. Partnering with the NSW Business Chamber enables us to better face the challenges of a continually changing economic landscape and the relationship will give added strength when lobbying government at local, State and Federal levels. For members wishing to access these additional free products and services, it’s not too late – call the Chamber office on 6651 4101 to obtain your opt-in form. To our members who have opted in and supported us to achieve this unique milestone – thank you for your continued support; it is greatly appreciated.

Si Clean Energy is a unique Australian company that launched on the Mid North Coast in 1989. With over 20 years experience our roots are founded in solar power systems that are supported by first class, proven and reliable products.

PV . HOT WATER . POWER SAVING DEVICES . ENERGY MONITORING . OFF-GRID . GRID CONNECT 02 6652 9700 – 1300 876 771 Shop 2/160 Pacific highway Coffs Harbour

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focusinterview. Coffs Harbour Basketball

BASKETBALL Naomi Markham, Junior Representative Coordinator – Coffs Harbour Basketball and team manager for the U14 women’s team shares some fantastic news … the U14 women’s team is off to contest the Australian Championships in Adelaide during October!


lease give us a bit of background info on the Coffs Harbour Basketball Association and its teams... Our home court and ofÞce are located at Sportz Central, home of the Suns. Our MenÕs Senior Ð Wednesday evenings, 18 teams, approx. 180 players. Tuesday evenings are for the WomenÕs Domestic Ð 22 teams, with approx. 200 players. Friday afternoon/ nights are for the high schools, Years 7 - 10, 28 teams with approx. 220 players. Saturdays are for primary schools, Years 2 - 6, 46 teams with approx. 360 players. What competitions/programs is the Association involved with throughout the year? We play domestic competitions − two seasons a year, summer and winter, all year round except for school holidays. Future Stars Program: a talent IdentiÞcation program for local domestic players U12 Ð designed to have participants undertake a training program that gives an insight into Junior representative training Ð in the hope players may elect to move into the Junior representative program. Representative Coffs Harbour Suns Ð we have 12 Junior representative teams and two Senior representative teams, over 160 representative players and coaching staff. These teams train two afternoons a week during the season under volunteer coaches. Referee Program: we have the strongest referee program in the north, with referees ofÞciating at domestic level, representative level and national levels. Our Association continues to thrive due to the hard work of volunteers, coaches and referees. There’s been some great news for your U14 women’s team, with the players gaining selection to the Australian Championships in Adelaide. How many will be travelling to Adelaide, and when do they leave? The majority of the 10 player team have

66 coffs coast focus.

been together for two years, w with a goal of making selections to the Australian Championships Ð which they achieved this year, after placing runner up at the U14 NSW Country Championship. The tournament is held across 1 - 7 October. This is only the third womenÕs team in Coffs Harbour basketball history to make this prestigious tournament. They are ßying to Adelaide via Qantas, a total of 13 players and coaching staff, and 20 family and friends are also travelling with the team to offer support. Special mention must be made of the tremendous effort and achievement of volunteer Coach Ashley Markham, who has been working tirelessly with this team to reach this goal; itÕs a credit to her age and ability as a coach. During the season, she has had to coach against ex NBL players and seasoned coaches who have coached at state and national level. Despite this, she has racked up some amazing wins. She has been following the coaching philosophy put in place by Development Manager Matt Shanahan, who will also be going with the team to offer assistance and support. This is greatly appreciated by Ashley and the players. How excited are the girls about their selection? The girls are very excited and are currently training 4 days a week leading into this tournament, so putting in a lot of effort and work. It can be hard to maintain their momentum with constant training, so Ashley and Matt have been ensuring they keep the training relevant. The girls have also entered and participated in A Grade in the Senior WomenÕs competition, to give them some match Þtness and competition against experienced and tough opposition, as this grade has most players drawn from our State League WomenÕs program and our U18 and U16 women representative teams. The training sessions are very physical and designed to not only build on their basketball skills, but also target

their Þtness and stability, as the games are of extremely high intensity and they need to be able to play at a high level for the entire game. What led up to the team’s selection for the Championships – how many matches did they have to play? The 2012 U14 girls for Coffs Harbour were selected in November 2011 and have been preparing since then by participating in the inaugural BNSW Waratah Country Premier League, playing over 16 games across 5 weekends, travelling to Gosford, Newcastle, Illawarra etc, playing against Gosford, Illawarra, Maitland, Albury, and Newcastle, and gained selection to the Þnals of the State Championships. Given, as you said, that this is only the third female team in Coffs basketball history to make it to the Championships, the competition must generally be very tough. How much training and effort did the girls have to put in each week to achieve this goal? The girls initially commenced 2 x 1.5 hour trainings a week, increasing to 3 sessions and on making selection to the Australian Championships, are now training 4 times a week, including an early morning session and participating in Tuesday womenÕs comp, as mentioned. This will increase to daily training leading into the tournament. How can members of the public help the team – are you fundraising at the moment? The team and parents are madly fundraising. We have held a Fashion Parade, a Monster Rafße, with generous donations from the business community, and Chocolates, BBQs, Trivia Nights are in the plan. For ßights, accommodation and all other expenses, we need to raise about $20,000. At present, we have almost reached $15, 000. What are some of the expectations from the team members about what they’ll have to face in SA? They will play one game a day, two training sessions, play offs etc, and have no reservations

they are going to be very tough games. As a small country association, they will be going up against powerhouses such as Melbourne Tigers, who have a much bigger drawing area. But we have a quick and skilled team who will give it their best; they will be the underdogs, but have been proving they are more than capable during this season of upsetting some of the more fancied teams. We hope to have the opportunity to see some sights in Adelaide as well. What other news does the Association have to share ... Three Junior players selected in Basketball New South Wales (BNSW) NSW State teams; 5 Junior players selected to participate in BNSW intensive Training Program; 13 Junior players selected to attend BNSW Waratah All Star; 12 U12 players selected to attend BNSW Jamboree; 12 Junior players selected in BNSW Talented Athlete Program; 3 Junior players have been selected in the state representative team; 6 Junior players selected in the national intensive training program; Senior Representative Ð our Senior MenÕs State League team have secured our Þrst ever NSW State League MenÕs Championship trophy 2012, this season, hot on the heels of our State League WomenÕs team last year securing this Þrst ever title, and making the Þnals of this championship this season again was a tremendous effort by our Senior WomenÕs team. Domestically, we are introducing 3 on 3 basketball on a Friday evening, with a 3 on 3 tournament to be held end of October; weÕve introduced Little Dribblers for kids aged 3 - 6 on Saturday mornings. If people are interested in Þnding out more info about the Coffs Harbour Basketball Association, joining a team, or helping with fundraising, visit: Thanks Naomi. Interview by Jo Atkins.

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Issue 25 of the Coffs Coast Focus.