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How Network Marketers Can Use Replicating Sites The internet offers incredible opportunities for network marketers to spread their word. The web offers a number of marketing channels and in most cases they are free. Networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube help a network marketer to spread their word to their prospects and customers easily and often without spending anything. These far-reaching and easyto-use web tools offer a great source of traffic that network marketers need to explore. Using a replicated site a network marketer can leverage all the benefits of the social networking sites for his business. Rise of replicating websites The late 1990s first witnessed the rise of replicating sites when direct selling companies started providing replicated websites to their sales force. Companies used to replicate a website template for their distributors. 98% of the content of these templates is typically about the company and a distributor gets to update only 2% of the website. This is just enough for a distributor to include his contact information and links to social networking sites. By limiting what content distributors can enter in a replicated site, a direct selling company ensures that the content is not controversial or sensitive. A replicated site gives a distributor his own website that he can use to attract more people to his site. Working of replicated sites The main page of a replicated site is known as the landing page. The landing page usually contains a lead capture form and a submit button. A visitor is asked to provide some information in order to learn more about the products or opportunities offered. As soon as a visitor submits his information, his information is funnelled down and added to a database. An autoresponder initiates the first contact with the visitors using their contact information from the database. Features A replicating site also plays an important role in lead generation. A replicated site gives distributors a face that helps them to attract more people and generate more leads. A distributor prefers to use a duplicate website for some strong reasons: Ready to be used with minimum time spent Building a website is not the job of a distributor. The very thought of developing a website from scratch can be scary for a distributor. He neither has time nor expertise to develop a website. A replicated website is the best option for him to choose. He can personalize a replicated site by investing minimum time and start his business of attracting prospects almost immediately. A replicated site is pre-branded and so it can easily work as an extension of the corporate website. Personalizing a duplicate site is easy and no one needs any training or prior experience for it. Accessible from anywhere The replicating websites are available on the cloud. Distributors and their visitors can access these sites from their laptop, desktop or from a smart phone using iphone or Android app. A distributor

also gets other important features including: professional call script, virtual phone service, unrestricted email campaigns and training and support to help him promote his business.

Replicating sites how network marketers can use it  
Replicating sites how network marketers can use it  

The internet offers incredible opportunities for network marketers to spread their word. The web offers a number of marketing channels and i...