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go out, I would get way too edgy to try something and possibly hurt my knee in the early stages. As much as it’s awesome being out with crew, it’s kind of a bummer when you can’t ride with them. What kept you sane the whole time and stoked to want to ride again when you were able to? I hit the gym pretty hard, mainly just physio for my knee. That sucked in a lot of time. I mainly just watched videos and the FP crew clocking clips. From memory at the time of the crash you didn’t have ambulance cover? Has that changed now? Not yet. I should get onto that. It’s strange that it’s such a cheap thing to get but you just don’t think about that shit until the time comes when you need it. What advice can you give anyone else that has done their knee and is stuck not riding for a while? Just listen to the physio and surgeon and what not. Some of the stuff they get you to do may seem shitty but the more you do it the quicker you will get going again. And just don’t sweat it – time goes pretty fast and you will be back before you know it. GETSOME!

Focalpoint Issue 20  

Released in print April 09.