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Find The Best Way to Cut Foam Board A foam board can be considered a great innovation, and has many various uses such as for trade show signage, directional and informational signage, mounting photographs, art and craft projects, and presentation projects. They are lightweight, durable and come in many variations that are useful for a wide array of applications. The uses of foam board are virtually limitless, but the clean edge you want when cutting foam core board is not always easy to get. Whether you are making a school project or an art installation, you need a quality tool to cut foam boards. Cutting foam board can be challenging due to the hardness of the outer layers. If you attempt to do so without the proper tool and technique, you may end up with jagged and rough edges. At Foam board source, we supply cutting machines and creative tools (olfa knives, keen cut wall & table cutters logan, foamwerks cutting tools) for working with and shaping foam boards. Olfa Knives:

Its ultra slim design makes it a popular tool for professional graphic artists and sign-making professionals. It features a slide lock, snap-art blade and pocket clip/blade snapper . Hot Wire Cutter:

This creative cutting tool can be used to cut and shape any non-laminated foam board substrate quickly and easily. Straight edges or mitered edges are not a problem with this unique hot wire foam board cutting machine.

OLFA Snap-Off Replacement Blade graphic art:

This tool is designed to provide an unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. It’s a creative tool that can be used to cut foam boards easily and quickly. Foam Board Source is one of the best options if you are looking for foam

boards, cutting tools, or accessories of any kind. The extensive variety, excellent customer services, and, most importantly, the competitive prices make them the best option out there.

Find The Best Way to Cut Foam Board