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Th he New Xunity Eclipse iStream is i a smart media m aggreggator that stoores your meedia tastes too better focuus your searrches, add to favvorites or su ubscribe to your y show off choice and never miss an a episode again. a Creatte your ownn little digitaal online Liibrary withoout downloadding a thing g it supplies content byy scanning and collatinng your chaannels directtly from thee world widde web. Suppporting manny formats and exceptionally verrsatile, wheether playinng the lateest Android games and emulators, streaming s 10080p HD moovies or videeo playbackk from your own mediaa collection the t Eclipse is a powerfful stylish adddition to an ny householdd. Miracast and a Airplay which enabble you to shhare media content, succh as videoss, music, photos, betweeen your smaartphone, tab blet or laptoop and your TV will alsso run on thhis little Xunnit.

TV MADE M SIIMPLE E! Stream thhe best in sm mall screen entertainmen e nt, live or on-demand, tvv or movies anywhere a wiith an internet connection c at a anytime. Watch yoour favorite programs whhen you wannt… • • • •

Take your TV T V enjoymentt to a whole new n level. E Experience trrue 1080p HD D. Supports U.K K. & Internattional catchuup services. U a vast arrray of third party Use p addonss to enhance and enrich your y multim media experieence.


The new xunity eclipse  
The new xunity eclipse  

Xunity tv box is not only a tv box but it gives you more than online tv like chating, gaming and store video.