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Yes you robbers and thieves, dope peddler, law breaker, gangster. You are weighed in the balance, and now you will face disaster. For there are now a special squad of officers organized by the ROYAL GRENADA POLICE FORCE. To enforce farm laws, in collaboration with the AGRICULTURE MINISTRY of course. We are members of the PRAEDIAL LARCENY TASK FORCE! Of many achievements we can certainly boast. We are here to set farmers minds to rest. Our motto is, “SERVICE RENDERED MUST ONLY BE THE BEST” We guarantee quick efficient response to the farmers, and their complainant. And that justice is served to ease their pain. Yes you robbers and thieves, dope peddler, law breaker, gangster. War is declared on you by P.L.T.F members. For the way you have chosen to live can bring you nothing good, but only negative. Our instruction to you is cease from your ill deeds. You refuse to till the soil, nor to plant even a seed, But you expect to reap the labour of those who have toil and sweat. P.L.T.F says that for such crime you will surly regret. P.L.T.F encourages you to start contributing to building our nation. Instead of behaving like a disciple of Satan. You don’t have to live like a vagabond. You were not created to live like a hooligan. If you continue this way, P.L.T.F will be on your heels. When ever you venture to trespass on the farmer’s field, Then there will be no where safe for you to hide; And no one will be there to stand by your side. You’ll be captured and brought to the Magistrate, where MAGISTRATE AND PROSECUTORS don’t make no joke. You’ll be charge and fined for who you are …… a criminal. The word guilty as charged you will certainly hear. A stiff fine will be imposed having you shaking with fear. Followed by “you are sentenced to two years for the offence of Vagrancy.” Then you will know that the P.L.T.F is not to be taken lightly. You will be escorted from the court without fail, to spend the next few years at Richmond Hill Jail. For being a vagabond who persisted in breaking the law. Yes you robbers and thieves, dope peddler, law breaker, gangster. P.L.T.F in the person of JOHN, COLLINS, FRANK AND MANN says enough is enough! Vigilantly pursuing the law breakers who think they are though. Produced By P.L.T.F of Central Police Station

Yes You!  

A poem written by the Praedial Larceny Task Force of the Royal Grenada Police Force. It depicts the attitudes of pradial larceny offenders...

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