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April 2017 | Volume 38, Issue 4


FNGLA Membership: A Solid Business Decision FNGLA is many things to many people, yet a solid business decision for anyone doing business in Florida’s nursery and landscape industry. Pushing a no-apologies, pro-business, pro-agriculture, and pro-jobs agenda, FNGLA functions as more than just a political watchdog, offering value-filled marketing venues, events and learning, professional certifications and opportunities for virtually every business vested in FNGLA’s mission: to promote and protect the interests of the industry. FNGLA is proud to be the recognized leader and trusted resource for Florida’s green industry and we do so embracing organizational excellence, staying focused on our members, collaborating and creating partnerships, being a leader for Florida agriculture, embracing environmental stewardship and looking to continually improve on our efforts. We also understand businesses seek tangible value. FNGLA brings a portfolio of exclusive value-added FNGLA member-business discounts and services: • Help your bottom-line by discounts in the credit card processing fees you pay. • How about discounts to process your payroll? • Do you know you can get free listings in not one, but TWO online plant listing services just because you’re an FNGLA member? • Can your business use a creative marketing shot-in-the-arm? • What about group life insurance with no medical exams? • How about an Isuzu truck discount? • And, FNGLA offers an employment law hotline where you can gain quick advice on wage-hour, OSHA, I-9 issues and sticky workers’ compensation situations and, should research be required, a special FNGLA-member rate is honored. Each of these exclusive FNGLA member benefits can make a welcome, positive impact on your business bottomline. And, the potential savings from using any one of them could Continued on page 3

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Robert Shoelson, FCLC FNGLA 2016-2017 President

FNGLA’s Programs Pair Well with Your Thriving Business Spring has sprung. At least, that’s what the calendar shows. The reality is it seems winter never really showed up. Of course, we really don’t ever get too much cold weather in South Florida. This particular winter only gave us perhaps three or four days of cold weather. Repercussions occur when winter doesn’t. Trees have growing cycles which require cold months to bud and grow. When there is an absence of winter, trees get confused and sometimes flower too early messing up the growing cycle. The cold also helps control pests by sometimes killing them with the low temperatures. Our industry doesn’t need any other factors impeding tree production. I’ve been brokering trees for close to 25 years and, during that time, I’ve seen availability and shortages come and go. The current tree shortage is far worse than I’ve ever seen. Whether you are looking for live oaks, tall Veitchia Montgomery palms, or a substitute for either which will meet a 16’ height and a particular caliper, you understand what I am talking about. It’s very difficult to find many trees and palms meeting the larger height requirements which many current projects require. There are several factors contributing to these shortages. We have fewer growers now than we did several years ago. During the Great Recession, growers put fewer trees and palms in the ground obviously not wanting to be stuck with material or not having the funds to plant more trees. There has also been a tremendous growth in the construction market and renovations have depleted much of the available supply. Many farms have also succumbed to this construction growth as they have given way to houses or shopping centers. So now what? Our industry is unlike most others. A factory machine cannot be turned on to pump out more trees as can a factory producing steel or concrete. Trees need time to grow. Many nursery farms are ramping up on production and trees will be available within the next


year or two. Most landscape architects and inspectors are reasonable and will allow substitutes if some things are not available. If a tree is unavailable at a certain specification, an alternative may be suggested, the spec may be adjusted, or adding numbers of smaller trees may be another. There is another large factor to contend with…price. The price for a tree remained stagnant for many years. Now, due to supply and demand, prices have been going up. Some projects are bid out six months to one year prior… or possibly even longer. Contractors are expected to hold to their prices even though the price for a tree may have increased significantly. Many contractors are now putting a clause in their bids which protect them from such instances. Knowing how to bid, and being aware of what’s happening in the industry, is critical for a landscape contractor’s survival. It is this professionalism which ties in with certification. Dealing with FNGLA certified landscape contractors (FCLC) is vital to ensuring you are working with a professional company which knows what they are doing. The FCLC is the only standard for measuring the knowledge of practicing landscape contractors in Florida. In a state which does not require licensing to practice landscape, this is the certification which raises the Florida landscape industry’s professionalism and standards. These credentials have become so important that many governmental agencies and municipalities now require landscape contractors hold this particular designation to bid on certain projects. I’ve been a huge proponent of FNGLA’s certifications over the past 10 years. I am not a landscape contractor, yet I’ve seen the importance of these certifications and decided they were necessary as I believe anyone doing business in a particular industry should become as knowledgeable and professional as possible. After I obtained my FNGLA certifications, I decided to go a step further and help others achieve their certifications. The more individuals who become certified, the more professional an industry becomes. On a separate note, as my term as FNGLA President draws

FNGLA HAPPENINGS Continued From Page 1 end up paying for your membership dues…and then some. FNGLA’s two top-rated marketing venues – The Landscape Show and TPIE -- where you can market and shop for the newest plants, products and services offers FNGLA members a substantial rate discount on booth space. And, FNGLA offers the amazing and unique value of building your business network and relationships offered by FNGLA’s Chapters throughout Florida. What’s the value to your business in tapping into emerging trends offered by FNGLA’s premier educational events? How about the value of earning any of FNGLA’s five certifications to shape your firm’s professional image in the eyes of your clients? to a close in three short months, preparations are in full swing for the annual convention. This year’s convention will be held in Fort Lauderdale on June 23 & 24 at the B Ocean Resort in Ft. Lauderdale which sits directly on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale. This annual convention would be impossible without the support and contributions of many FNGLA members. I personally wish to extend a huge thank you to the individuals and companies who have donated their time and money to help make this upcoming convention be a great time for all. I have attended every convention since I’ve been a member of FNGLA except for one and I will continue to do so long after I step down as president. I hope many of you will take the opportunity to join us this year as I promise this FNGLA convention will be one to remember!

Robert Shoelson, FCLC Getting Green Plant Service, Inc. (Davie) & Betrock Information Systems, Inc. (Hollywood)

In the last two months, FNGLA has put consumer impact on warp speed, filming four episodes of “Flip My Florida Yard,” a series designed to educate Floridians on environmentally sound choices for their outdoor spaces. We hope it inspires many to spend dollars on their landscapes. Do you value consumer spending? There is a big team of members, leaders and staff working shoulder-to-shoulder developing a menu of FNGLA business programs, benefits and services. FNGLA aims high. We aim to deliver business value for your FNGLA membership dollar. It’s FNGLA membership renewal season. Dues renewal forms have been emailed and also sent by mail to you. Be sure to renew today. When you do, please add something extra for the FNGLA-PAC – a critical tool in FNGLA’s advocacy and government affairs toolbox. Your dollars help FNGLA truly make an impact. FNGLA is undoubtedly a solid business decision. We look forward to continuing to serve Florida’s nursery and landscape industry and the people who make this industry great!


FNGLA HAPPENINGS Still Openings: Volunteer as a Festival Center Host at Epcot® Volunteers Gain Entrance to the Festival and Earn FNGLA CEUs

The 2017 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is another exceptional event and another great opportunity for FNGLA to showcase the industry and Florida’s gardening offerings to the expected audience of over 2 million consumers. 2017 marks FNGLA’s 19th year of participation. For 2017, FNGLA is offering an awesome volunteer opportunity for members and FNGLA Certified Professionals.

Festival Center Host Opportunities: Showcasing Foliage and Houseplants FNGLA is seeking members and FNGLA certified professionals to serve as FNGLA festival center hosts and to assist park guests. Starting opening day and then each Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival: Now - May 28, 2017. Volunteers can pick from two different shifts: morning shift is 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. or afternoon from 12:30 – 3 p.m. Schedule Your Dates for Volunteering: https://www.fngla. org/community-programs/epcot-garden/subscribeinfusion. aspx A Hub of Activity: FNGLA serves as a host organization to the Festival Center, anchored at the 800-square-foot interior plant area focused on sending the message “houseplants are good.” The Festival Center is also center-stage for the Flower & Garden Festival’s education sessions and other industry organizations. You’ll also find official festival gear and lots of activity in this area. While we are able to allow garden-qualified friends and spouses to serve as FNGLA volunteers, they must be able to fulfill the host duties inclusive of garden-specific questions. Volunteers under 18 are not able to participate. All FNGLA volunteers gain entrance to the park for the day of their commitment and are free to enjoy Epcot® and the festival before and after their volunteer time, however please refrain from rides as they are reserved for paid park guests. FNGLA Certified Professionals receive 3 CEUs for their volunteer service.


FNGLA is delighted to partner with the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival to spotlight plants as an everyday enjoyment, a family–centered activity, part of the indoor air quality solution, and an element of sustainability. We hope you will consider volunteering your time to be a part of FNGLA’s consumer outreach efforts.

Grassroots Action Needed Lawmakers in Tallahassee have proposed massive cuts to two of our industry’s most needed partners: the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services; and, the University of Florida/ IFAS. As the politics play out, FNGLA asks you to contact your state Senator and Representative to tell them the cuts are unacceptable. In a succinct and simple message, we suggest: “I am in the nursery/landscape business, House and Senate funding cuts for ‘Fresh from Florida’; Rural and Family Lands; and, UF/IFAS research/ education programs are all outright unacceptable. These massive cuts will directly harm Florida’s nursery and landscape industry, which, in turn, will negatively impact jobs and economic output. Please reinstate at least last year’s funding levels.” Locate your local representatives at: http://www. myrepresentative.aspx.

FNGLA HAPPENINGS FNGLA’s Spring Education Series: Focus on Design Principles, Profitability

Two Orlando-Based Opportunities in this Series: April 20 and April 21 With the economic upswing, landscape contractors are experiencing a surge in business with residential, commercial and government clients. FNGLA’s Education on the Go!’s Spring Series brings a complete design gamut for businesses who want to Grow, Prosper and Succeed in today’s competitive market. FNGLA is pleased to offer two amazing design sessions aimed at strengthening your business acumen and increasing your business’ profitability. Both sessions take place in Orlando at Harry P. Leu Gardens in late April.

April 20: Creating the Ultimate Landscape Design Developed for landscape professionals wanting to formulate their design philosophy and create plans that are stunning, unified and functional.

April 21: Seasonal Color, Start to Profitable Finish The purpose and value of seasonal color. From selling to clients to designing for profit. Each program runs from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and includes all day instruction and lunch. FNGLA Members attend their selected session for just $225 per day; the non-member rate is $250 per day. Much to Glean from this Dynamic Trio of Presenters: With their combined 60 years of industry experience, Dr. Richard Ludwig, Bill Slack and Vicki Proano will use their expertise to the benefit of event participants.

FNGLA’s Education on the Go Spring Series sessions take place at Leu Gardens on select dates in April. Look for more learning opportunities from FNGLA under the Education on the Go!! tag. 5

Florida Flower Trials: FNGLA’s Spring “Must Attend” Event Get an intimate look at over 100 new color varieties showcased at the Florida Flower Trials, held May 18 & 19 in conjunction with the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival. Florida Flower Trials features new varieties at three locations: Walt Disney World’s nursery; Harry P. Leu Gardens; and, the University of Florida/Orange County Extension Service. The two-day event also offers educational seminars, tours of the trial sites and industry collaboration. Ideal for landscape professionals, garden center retailers, growers and anyone looking to rub shoulders with top national breeders and Florida’s color industry, the line-up of speakers and topics are top-notch and include: • • • •

Dan Heims (Terra Nova Nurseries, Canby, OR): presenting Container Crazy (and Plants for Small Gardens); Tracy DiSabato-Aust (Horticultural Classics & Consultations, Sunbury, OH) presenting Designing With Color, Texture & Form for Visionary Effects; Tyler Chandler (WinField Solutions PPG, Boca Raton, FL) presenting Thinking Outside the Pot: Solutions for Maintaining Healthy Annual Beds; Melissa Shepherd (Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL), Eric Sondgeroth (Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL) and, Kelly Greer (UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Services, Orlando, FL) presenting Lessons from Florida Flower Trial Garden’s Site Managers: Lone Survivors of the Summer

Breeder representatives will be available throughout the event and on location at each of the trial sites to interact, provide information and answer your specific questions. Plus, the all-popular Breeder Showcase brings tons of valuable information on participating varieties and, typically you’ll be privy to what’s “in the works.” For the complete schedule of events, visit: aspx. FNGLA Members can attend the conference for just $175 ($200 after May 15). Non-members pay $210 ($235 after May 15). Your full conference ticket is an amazing value as it includes all education sessions; admission to the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival as part of the conference; and, lunch and dinner on Thursday. You have the option to register to attend the Thursday evening dinner separately. Special thanks to Brad’s Bedding Plants and Speedling who were chosen as the official growers for the 2017 trials because of their quality growing techniques and to BrightView who was chosen as the official landscape contractor. For information on sponsoring or to reserve a tabletop area for your business, contact FNGLA’s Linda Reindl, lreindl@fngla. org or FNGLA’s BIlly Deal, for details.

FNGLA HAPPENINGS FNGLA Announces Industry Award Winners FNGLA has many valuable resources, the most significant of which is its talented members who generously give their expertise, time and passion for the industry. With many deserving members nominated for consideration, the Industry Awards Selection Committee has the challenge and the honor to select the best of the best for FNGLA’s top six industry awards. The winners for 2017 are as follows:

Outstanding Chapter Leader: Christy Savage, Betrock Information Systems, Inc.

Christy is the current president of the FNGLA Broward Chapter and has brought new energy to the chapter. Her enthusiasm for all things FNGLA and her extensive network helps Christy encourage new people to get involved with the chapter where their talent can make the most difference. Christy is untiring and, while serious about the industry issues, makes sure there’s fun included at each meeting.

Outstanding Educator: Susan League, FCHP | UF/IFAS Sumter County Extension

Susan came out of retirement to accept the challenging task of educating federal prison inmates in horticulture job skills. The focus of the program is training for the FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional exam; Her superior teaching skills are evident in the over 90% passing rate. The program is making a difference in the lives of her students due in large part to Susan’s dedication and commitment in teaching this unique audience.

Outstanding Volunteer Member: Phil Rucks, Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery

During a very challenging time for the citrus nursery industry, Phil has been a key leader within FNGLA’s Citrus Nursery Division. He spearheaded the construction of a citrus research greenhouse at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center, the first of its kind solely for citrus nursery research. Phil has been a significant and leading influence in planning workshops for FNGLA’s Citrus Nursery Division members, facilitating needed research grants and promoting FNGLA to the greater citrus nursery industry in Florida.

Farm Credit/FNGLA Young Nursery Professional: Mike Tevelonis, Botanics Wholesale

Mike possesses an incredible work ethic. Whether he’s pushing sales at Botanics Wholesale where he serves as Vice President, raising funds for the National Horticulture Foundation through the Dick Fuhr Fishing Tournament, or as an Eagle Scout, encouraging and teaching young scouts, Mike shines as a likeable leader, intelligent businessman and committed industry professional.

Hall of Fame Inductee: Gene Batson, Batson Greenhouses, retired

Gene Batson loves growing things. His passion and expertise as a grower not only led to his own nursery success, but opened a door for Gene and his wife Barbara to mentor and work with protégées to start and turn over ownership of several Central Florida foliage nurseries. Gene’s turnkey business approach gave each new owner a head start to business success. Not only did Gene encouraged his protégées to be involved in the industry as active members of FNGLA. Several are industry leaders today because of Gene’s influence in their early business years. Today, Gene continues to find happiness growing fruits and vegetables in his oversized garden, which has become so abundant he now has it open as a U-pick farm.

Wendell E. Butler Award Winner: Wes and Vickie Parrish, Parrish Nursery, retired

With over 50 industry years under their combined belts, you can’t talk about FNGLA’s Broward Chapter without instantly thinking of this dynamic duo! While they’ve had their hands on almost every chapter activity for at least the last decade, both are very active in FNGLA state activities too—with Vickie serving on multiple committees, and Wes having been FNGLA President and NHF President. 2017 brought huge change for this couple—retiring from their business and welcoming their first grandchild! We celebrate their many years of commitment to FNGLA. Celebrate the 2017 FNGLA Industry Award Winners at the FNGLA Convention: June 23 & 24 at the B Ocean Resort in Ft. Lauderdale. See more details on page 8!


“B: Involved, “B” Happy... And “B” at FNGLA’s Annual Convention! Registration is now open for FNGLA’s Annual Convention! Plan now to attend FNGLA’s favorite event for building business relationships and keeping current with your association and industry. Taking place June 23 & 24 at the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. FNGLA’s Annual Convention offers a diverse selection of FNGLA-exclusive activities. “We want FNGLA’s convention to have an extra-dose of fun,” said Christy Savage of Betrock Information Systems and this year’s convention chair. “We’ve got a terrific location for beach games, turtle walks and who knows, maybe even a mermaid will show up!” Full package activities include the Friday evening Beach Bash Welcome Reception; the FNGLA Annual Business meeting and continental breakfast; the President’s Gala Reception and Banquet; a welcome gift from FNGLA’s Broward Chapter; and, access to Broward Chapter’s hospitality suite and pool and beach games. Separate tickets are available for the Beach Bash and President’s Gala. Fort Lauderdale’s beachside community offers additional options to take advantage before and after FNGLA’s official activities. Come in early to help with the FNGLA community service landscape project on Thursday afternoon. Take part in the FNGLA-exclusive walking and boat tour of Anne Kolb Nature Center, a 1500-acre coast mangrove wetlands preserve on Friday morning and/or enjoy a guided tour of Bonnet House and Gardens, 35-acres of themed gardens, tropical courtyards and a historic estate house on Saturday afternoon. These are each optional activities for convention attendees and additional registration is required. The Anne Kolb Nature Center tour is limited to the first 28 registrants. The B Ocean Resort is the perfect location for a leisurely walk on the beach, jumping ocean waves, cooling off in the oceanfront infinity pool or relaxing at the upper deck pool with FNGLA friends. For those with extra energy, pool and beach games will be happening on Saturday afternoon for FNGLA convention attendees with prizes for the winners! Make reservations at the B Ocean Resort online at or call 1-866-990-6826. Mention FNGLA’s Annual Convention to receive the special group rate of only $149 prior to May 25. For an even more powerful presence, “B” an FNGLA convention sponsor! Various levels of sponsorship are available. The sooner you commit to sponsoring, the more you will be promoted. See the options and benefits: annual-convention/sponsorships.aspx

FNGLA HAPPENINGS FNGLA’s Landscape Awards: Which Projects Will You Enter? Convention, A Look Back...

The FNGLA Landscape Awards Program was established in 1970 to recognize landscape excellence in Florida. Forty-seven years later, FNGLA is still celebrating “the best of the best” and recognizing projects and businesses which excel in creating some of the best landscapes in Florida.

S PO NS O RE D BY: 2017’s award–winning landscape projects will be showcased at The Landscape Show in Orlando. Four higherlevel “Grand Awards” will be revealed and honored as the event’s biggest winners. Will your business be among those honored? A new lower submission fee means you can enter even more projects. FNGLA members pay just $85, nonmembers pay $130. Among the many benefits to being named an FNGLA Landscape Award winner: • Establish yourself and your business as an industry elite • Gain industry recognition: Be an industry superstar! • Gain award credentials to showcase to potential clients • Expand your participation and visibility at The Landscape Show, the industry’s main event for all things related to Florida landscapes • Earn media exposure Landscape projects featuring at least 50% Florida-grown plant material are eligible and must have been installedor began on or after January 1, 2013. Various project categories and project values offer many recognition opportunities. Check out details and submission categories at: http://



Who’s Flipping Out? As It Turns Out, WE ARE! In addition to ‘Emmy award-winning producer,’ Chad Crawford will soon add a new title behind his name – ‘Florida Plant Advocate.’ Well-known already for his “How to Do Florida” TV series, Crawford has just wrapped filming four episodes of “Flip My Florida Yard,” a new series expected to begin airing in select Florida broadcast markets in April. The new series, of which FNGLA is the title sponsor, seeks to stir up enthusiasm for Florida plants, trees and home landscapes – and impart a little plant and conservation wisdom along the way. The show’s premise? A handful of lucky Florida homeowners whose outdoor areas are in need of a facelift are sent away for an afternoon adventure while dozens of industry professionals build them a brand new personalized landscape. FNGLA’s Kate Clary spoke with Crawford to get a sense of just what this project entailed – and why it was important to create: FNGLA: So, Chad, tell us about yourself. How did you get into show business?

By Kate Clary, FNGLA’s Strategic Engagement Specialist

I’m a third-generation Florida native. I was born in Sanford and moved to Lake Mary when I was seven. So I have lived my entire life here. I was in the Navy out of high school for four years, and travelled all throughout the Caribbean. I was stationed on an island called ‘Antigua’ in the West Indies. Before I left for the Navy, though, my high school video production teacher told me, if I wasn’t such a goofball, I’d be good at this. He thought I had a knack for television. I got in trouble in his class quite a bit, but he took it upon himself, at least, to leave me with that [compliment] before I graduated. And that kind of stuck in my mind. As I was about to get out of the Navy with my GI Bill, his message kept coming back to me. So, I enrolled in Full Sail, which is a video and film school here in Winter Park (near Orlando), and graduated in 1995. And it kind of started my career in television. FNGLA: Nice. Tell us how you got into filming the outdoors-y type of shows you produce? Passion, practicality, location? The development and creation of outdoor programming is really the combination of my two passions-- film and the outdoors. I had a corporate video production company for about 15 years, but I always wanted to do my own show. And, I loved Florida – I always loved being outdoors in Florida. And, so I decided to create a television show to inspired and show people how to get outside and do outdoor activities in Florida.


IN DEPTH FNGLA: So, how did you come up with the premise for “Flip My Florida Yard?”


I a

“Flip My Florida Yard” was basically a spin-off of “How to Do Florida” which ran for seven seasons. I did an epsiode entitled, ‘How to Have a Florida Yard.’ [During that shoot], I developed an interest in Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM and watersaving technology. As I traveled around the state filming “How to Do Florida,” I saw and talked to a lot of people who were very concerned about water use in our state. We weren’t using it really efficiently. And, so I started doing a lot of research and looking into it. wanted to do a show to teach people how to have Florida yard, save water, and use more Floridafriendly plants. And, I just loved the yard episode! It got a great response. People loved the message. They really responded to it. They wanted this information and they wanted it presented in that kind of HGTV format to which they were so accustomed. And, so that’s how “Flip My Florida Yard” launched! Then we developed the series, and shot the pilot – and the rest is history. FNGLA: Sure is. What’s the hope for the series? The hope for this series is it invites Florida residents to be a part of the solution. I want to create very tangible ways for people to be a part of the state [effort] to use less water. And, I want people to look at landscaping differently. I want them to see their front yard as their little piece of Florida. And, everything they do in their yard has ripple effects throughout our entire state.

And, I also want people to become more connected to Florida through their yard – and connected to each other. FNGLA: How do you hope your audience will receive the series? I hope my audience responds to the water conservation message and commits to doing a little. Our show’s motto is, “Everybody doing a little is a whole lot.” I don’t fully expect everybody to flip their yard. I want them to just take small steps toward water conservation. FNGLA: We love it. So, when is “Flip My Florida Yard” slated to air, and where? The shows have already begun airing in select broadcast markets, and they will also air on Fox Sports Sun as well. You will also be able to watch full episodes at just as soon as network licensing allows it.


INDUSTRY NEWS Survey Looks at Floridians’ Level of Water Consciousness Shorten showers. Limit lawn irrigation. For the most part, Americans get it: They are fairly water conscious, according to a new national survey conducted by a team of University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researchers. UF/IFAS researchers based their assessment on responses to a survey of 1,052 respondents. The poll shows 46% are “water considerate;” 44% of the participants are what researchers classified as “water savvy conservationists;” and, 9% are not concerned about water conservation. The new national survey follows a UF/IFAS study of Floridians’ water consciousness published last year. In last year’s survey, roughly 45% of Floridians were “water considerate;” 36%, “water savvy;” and, 19% “unconcerned.” Although previous research found Floridians who use irrigation in the home landscapes are more water conscious than the general population, it is possible that Californians and Texans are even more aware and concerned about water availability. This could explain the higher percent of water-conscious people in the national sample, UF/IFAS researchers said.


INDUSTRY NEWS FMC Acquires Significant Portion of DuPont Crop Protection Business FMC Corporation and DuPont announced the signing of a agreement for FMC to acquire the portion of DuPont’s Crop Protection business it must divest to comply with the European Commission ruling related to its merger with The Dow Chemical Company. In the agreement, FMC receives DuPont’s global chewing pest insecticide portfolio, global cereal broadleaf herbicides and a significant portion of DuPont’s global crop protection research and development capabilities. FMC anticipates this acquired business will generate $1.5 billion in revenue in 2017 and launch the company to the fifth largest crop protection chemical company in the world by revenue, with estimated annual revenue of approximately $3.8 billion. “This is a significant step forward for FMC, and for our Agricultural Solutions business in particular,” said Pierre Brondeau, FMC president, CEO and chairman. “The combination of market-leading products from DuPont’s crop protection portfolio and its world-class R&D capabilities will transform our Agricultural Solutions business into a tier-one ag technology company. Read more on the acquisition at: news&id=2257841

AmericanHort’s New Leaders to Take Office AmericanHort will welcome three newly-elected Board Members to its thirteen-member Board and install a new slate of officers in July as part of the happenings at Cultivate ‘17. Tom Demaline (Willoway Nurseries, Avon, OH) assumes the role of Chairman of the Board. Tom’s history of dedicated involvement with the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association and the Horticultural Research Institute will serve AmericanHort well for his term. Teri Bates (Bates Sons & Daughters, Lake Placid, FL) current Chairman of the Board, will become Immediate Past Chairman of the Board and continue her involvement by advocating for industry growth, unification and broader collaboration across all segments of the supply chain. Mike Klopmeyer (Darwin Perennials, Chicago, IL) will be the new Vice Chairman of the Board. The Board will welcome newcomers: • Steve Castorani (North Creek Nurseries, Oxford, PA) • Tom Hughes (Hughes Nursery & Landscaping, Cedar Rapids, IA) • Cole Mangum (Bell Nursery, Burtonsville, MD) The new board members will be formally inducted to the Board of Directors at Cultivate ‘17, July 15-18 in Columbus, OH.

Tom Demaline (Willoway Nurseries, Avalon, OH) takes the reigns as AmericanHort’s Chairman of the Board at Cultivate this July.


INDUSTRY NEWS Nearly $200,000 in Donations Recognized by HRI The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the research affiliate of AmericanHort, has provided over $7 million in funds since 1962 to research projects covering a broad range of production, environmental, and business issues important to the green industry. Recently, donors were recognized as nearly $200,000 in donations were made this past year for research fostering business-building knowledge for the horticultural industry. Notable contributions included: • Bayer Foundation, $15,000 toward GrowWise, BeeSmart™ educational efforts • J. Frank Schmidt, $3,000 toward GrowWise, BeeSmart™ research • Ball Horticultural Company, $25,000 toward GrowWise, BeeSmart™ research • Ball Horticultural Company, $9,000 toward support of The Journal of Environmental Horticulture • Emergents, $1,400 in recognition of their supporters and sponsors • The Peter Orum Family, $25,000 toward the Orum – Midwest Research Fund • Midwest Trading, $12,500 toward the Orum – Midwest Research Fund HRI gratefully acknowledged Spring Meadow Nursery’s $50,000 donation to the Spring Meadow – Proven Winners Endowment Fund. This donation completed a pledge made by the company and founders Dale and Liz Deppe in 2012 to increase their fund donations by $250,000. The fund now stands at over $730,000. Finally, more than 50 donors have contributed to the newly established Craig Regelbrugge – Advocates for Horticulture Fund. Launched last July, the fund honors the steadfast work of horticulture’s leading legislative advocate. This fund now stands at over $60,000 in donations and pledges. Monies raised from the donations throughout the year, fund the activities of the Horticultural Research Institute’s research and scholarship programs, and its educational outreach activities. For information about HRI, or to financially support its work, please visit or contact Jennifer Gray at 614-884-1155.

Cheerios Spotlights the Plight of the Bee: Wildflower Give-Away General Mills Inc., the makers of Cheerios, handed out 1.5 billion wildflower seeds over a 7-day period in a promotion aimed at fighting the decline of bee populations in North America. On March 9, Cheerios set out with a goal to provide enough seeds to help Americans across the country to help #BringBackTheBees, according to Brand Media Relations Manager Mike Siemienas. And while the brand has taken some criticism since then for zone appropriateness with the seeds disseminated, the premise and spotlight placed on the bees likely outweighs any negatives. General Mills partnered with a Canadian company, Veseys Seeds Ltd., to distribute the seeds via a website touting a cut-out silhouette of the Honey Nut Cheerios mascot, whose image was temporarily removed from cereal boxes as part of the campaign. See the campaign’s website:


INDUSTRY NEWS FDACS to Name Florida Farm to School Golden Shovel Gardens Florida schools spend millions of dollars for fresh produce each year. To promote health and wellness and to connect Florida school children with the value of the garden’s bounty, and to incentivize school personnel to excel with a school garden, the Florida Department of Agriculture will recognize the top Florida school Gardens in the Florida Farm to School Golden Shovel Awards. This is the third year for the program and the top five gardens will be recognized. The award categories are: Best New Garden; Best Revitalized Garden; Most Creative Learning Environment; Best Use of Produce; and, Most Community Involvement. Applications must be submitted by Monday, May 1. “School gardens introduce many students to the agricultural process for the first time and offer hands-on understanding from where Florida’s produce comes,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam. “Studies show children involved in growing and harvesting their own food are more likely to make healthier food choices.” Under the leadership of Putnam, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services operates the school nutrition programs, including school breakfast, lunch and Summer BreakSpot, in all of Florida’s 67 counties. For more information about the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Florida Farm to School Golden Shovel Awards, visit

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INDUSTRY NEWS Thank you to our Sponsors: Agri-Starts American Institute of Floral Designers ArtisTree Landscape BWI Companies Dameron Designs FNGLA Pinellas Chapter FNGLA Manasota Chapter Joe’s Nursery Knox Nursery Mercer Botanicals Midwestern Construction Sustainable Yards by Wildrose

Thank you to our Volunteers: Malisia Abbott Linda Adams, FCHP Lourdes Almonte Victoria Bay, FCHP Len Beckett, AIFD Steve Brown, FWS Jeff Cawn Don Christner, FCHP Kate Clary Dan Dameron, FCHP James Fanning, FCHP Vickey Forsee, AIFD Chriss Garrett, FCHP Sara Geltz, FCHP Dottie Hanna Carol Hoffman Barbara Jensen Peg Jensen, AIFD Rob Kocol Nancy LaPointe John Micelotta, FCHP Maria Muhlhahn, FCHP Angel Ocasio, FCLMT Hank Oyler, FCLC Sandee Paradise Paul Rauch, FCLC Sara Roberts Diane Sappington, FCLD Don Schoonover, FCHP Lloyd Singleton, FCHP Trisha Wohlfeil, FCHP


Students Learn About Florida’s Nursery & Landscape Industry in a Hands-On Way Employing the old adage, ‘elbow grease is the best teacher,’ FNGLA recently gave students the opportunity to get their hands into the dirt. Dozens of volunteers from across the state hosted two separate educational events for students who are part of the Future Builders of America (FBA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA). “Introducing students to our industry is one of the most important ways to attract future leaders” said Merry Mott, FNGLA’s Director of Industry Certifications. “But simply telling them about the many benefits of a lucrative career doesn’t get the message across. So, FNGLA decided to get the full effect, students should literally get their hands dirty.” FBA, a group whose mission, according to its website, is, ‘assisting students in understanding and pursuing rewarding careers in construction and related trades,’ held its Leadership Summit in February. Instructors Maria Muhlhahn, FCHP of ArtisTree Landscape and Paul Rauch, FCLC of Sustainable Yards by Wildrose helped students make the connection between building construction and landscape construction. Using a landscape plan provided by Dan Dameron, FCHP, 60 students executed a landscape renovation for the guest house at the FFA Leadership Training Center in Haines City. Many FNGLA volunteers also assisted in March as FFA students learning about horticulture competed in Career Development Events at the UF/IFAS MidFlorida Research Center in Apopka. “Between plant and pest identification, problem solving activities, planting color bowls and creating bud vases, these 250 students had a nands-on introduction to our industry, thanks to 25 industry professionals who gave their Saturday to this great cause,” Mott added. The winning high school teams will represent Florida at the national competition in Indianapolis in October. For more information on FNGLA’s youth development activities, contact Mott at or 407-295-7994.

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The Florida Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is a non-profit organization committed to serving the needs of Florida’s professional arborists and tree-care consumers.

MEMBER NEWS Delray Plants is Now Costa Farms Furthering their reach into the foliage industry, Costa Farms has purchased Delray Plants creating an even larger superpower in Florida’s foliage industry. Costa Farms, an internationally renowned plant producer based in Miami/Homestead, is a thirdgeneration, family-owned group of companies. Starting with just 30-acres, they produce more than 1,500 plant varieties and have many growing locations, including international ventures. The current owners and leaders of Costa Farms are Jose “Joche” Smith, Jose (Joche) Smith, CEO of Costa Farms, says the Maria Costa-Smith, and Jose Costa. acquisition of Delray Plants is a unique opportunity. He said, “Costa Farms has long admired Delray Plants and its contributions to our industry.”

Smith says Delray has a diversified product line which adds significant synergies to its growing organization. Delray Plants was founded in 1968. Randy Gilde, CEO of Delray Plants, says he is happy with Delray Plants’ acquisition by Costa Farms. Both companies share business ideology. “The hard working team at Costa Farms is committed to the same values and principles which guided the Koornneef and Gilde families for almost 50 years,” said Gilde. “Their goal is our goal – to bring the best foliage and newest varieties to market, educate the consumer, and grow a sustainable product. We can’t imagine a better company to help move our legacy forward.” “Ultimately, the best part of any acquisition is the talented people who become part of the Costa Farms organization,” said Maria Costa Smith, Costa Farms’ Executive Vice President – Color Division.

Recent Industry Death: Stockwell Marc Stockwell, 66, passed away peacefully in his sleep on Tuesday, March 14 in Oviedo. He is remembered as a genuine man with a heart of gold working many years as a sales representative for Meister Media’s Ornamental Outlook magazine. More recently, he was a Senior Associate at Southeast AgNet. Marc leaves behind three children and six grandchildren who were his pride and joy. He was an avid golfer-- and a frequent participant in many of FNGLA’s golf tournaments. His passion was hosting charity golf tournaments with proceeds benefiting Autism. He will be missed by many in our industry.



Welcome New Members ACTION Authentic WEB Christie Bayer 1626 Hillcrest St Orlando, FL 32803 407-284-051

Plantaxions Inc. Gustavo Rivero Full 3508 Enterprise Ave Naples, FL 34104 239-348-2707 Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Seed2Source/Sustainable Synergy, Inc. Jennifer Waxman-Loyd 2014 Edgewater Dr #116 Orlando, FL 32804 407-949-4444 Rec’d by: Bill Hutcheon/Antelco Micro Irrigation

Renteria Trucking Ramon Renteria 2351 NE 9th Ave Pompano Beach, FL 33064 954-253-2525 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Teresa Watkins PO Box 547623 Orlando, FL 32854 407-760-3966 BROWARD Tri County Truck Steve Weiss 1801 W Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL 33069 954-971-4022 True Image Landscape Services LLC Brittany Angulo 511 NW 85th Way Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 954-330-3652 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck Winrise Enterprises, LLC Lam Chum Sing 16228 SW 2nd Dr Hollywood, FL 33027 954-837-8686 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

D. S. Hull Company Inc. Jeffrey Eisensmith 5561 N University Fort Lauderdale, FL 33067 954-463-4307 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck MM Landscaping Tree Service Maria Mendez 10781 SW 47th St Miami, FL 33165 305-803-5009 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck FRONTRUNNERS Oak Run Associates Inc. Malcolm Rains 10983 SW 89th Ave Ocala, FL 34481-9722 352-804-7002 LAKE REGION OnSite Fleet Services of Florida, Inc. Laura Basenese (Associate) 3509 Waterfield Rd Lakeland, FL 33803 863-510-5992

North Florida Drywall, Inc. Ana Espana 5551 NW 76th Coral Springs, FL 33073 954-650-7093 Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Mulling Insurance Paul Wilson 208 E Park St Auburndale, FL 33823 863-967-4454

Empire Services Group of South Florida Joseph Peeples 1832 NW 4th St Pompano Beach, FL 33069 954-933-2719 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

MANASOTA Shady Lady Horticultural Services, LLC Bob Thorne PO Box 172 Anna Maria, FL 34216 941-704-9025

GRC Landscaping LLC Danny Goldstein 4100 N Powerline Rd Ste T1 Pompano Beach, FL 33073 954-970-5252 Rec’d by: John Schwind, Steele Truck Center

City of Bradenton Ross Peterson (Supportive) 1411 9th St W Bradenton, FL 34205 941-462-1992

Creative N Inc. Carlos Villanueva 19270 Crystal St Plantation, FL 33332 561-525-2574 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck Dino’s Palms Landscaping Dino Hernandez 423 Putnam Rd West Palm Beach, FL 33405 561-513-2320 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

State College of Florida Kevin Baldwin (Supportive) Michael Galea (Supportive) 5840 26th St W Bradenton, FL 34207 941-752-5000 MIAMI-DADE Plant Professionals, Inc. Maria Drotar 145 SW 3rd Ave Homestead, FL 33030 305-259-0503

The following are new FNGLA members from March 1, 2017 - March 31, 2017 PBH

1. Action 2. Big Bend 3. Broward 4. Central East Coast 5. Coastal Springs 6. Miami-Dade 7. Frontrunners 8. Highlands Heartland 9. Polk

10. Manasota 11. Northeast 12. Palm Beach 13. Panhandle 14. Pinellas 15. Royal Palm 16. Space Coast 17. Tampa Bay 18. Treasure Coast

TJ Miami Design LLC Jack Abutol 3400 NE 192nd St #1608 Aventura, FL 33180 305-671-3900 Recd by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Coconut Palm Lawn Service Inc. Luis Gonzalez 5260 1st Rd Lake Worth, FL 33467 561-439-6894 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Blue Native of the Florida Keys, Inc. Louis Perez 197 Industrial Road Big Pine Key, FL 33043 305-345-5305

PINELLAS Terra Chapman (Student) 1320 30th Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33704 206-450-4156

Diamond R Fertilizer Co., Inc. Alex Fiore (Associate) 18375 SW 260th St Homestead, FL 33031 305-986-0671

Jeremias Velez (Student) 700 1st Ave S St. Petersburg, FL 33715 812-610-2659

NORTHEAST Columbia Lawn and Landscape Ian Ring 479 SW Dekle Rd Lake City, FL 32024 386-365-6818 OUTSIDE FLORIDA Kirk Company Inc. Kim Duvall PO Box 547 Beavercreek, OR 97004 503-632-7829 PALM BEACH Palm Beach Fleet Services Mitchell Klar 1330 W Industrial Ave #103 Boynton Beach, FL 33426 561-509-8397 Nicholas Bobilin Gooseneck Services Nicholas Bobilin 16115 63rd Rd N Loxahatchee, FL 33470 561-723-0274 Rec’d by: Christy Savage, Betrock Information Systems, Inc. Old Palm Golf Club Dennis Beltowski (Supportive) 12106 Central Blvd Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 561-472-5101 Stone Group Inc. James O’Sullivan 1160 S Rogers Cir Ste 2 Boca Raton, FL 33487 561-998-2402 Rec’d by: Steve Weiss, Tri County Truck

Aaron Tracy (Student) 11700 5th St E Treasure Island, FL 33706 727-631-1228 James O’Neal (Student) 6811 Livingston Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702 727-623-9741 ROYAL PALM Marguerite Beckford 1642 Blue Lake Cir Punta Gorda, FL 33983 941-575-1575 Armando’s Tree Service Armando J Perez 4381 Lagg Ave Fort Myers, FL 33901 239-910-4514 Rec’d by: Matt Fleming, Steele Truck Center B Langford Lawn Services, Inc. Brian Langford PO Box 1050 Naples, FL 34106 239-234-7329 Rec’d by: Tom Scott, Steele Truck Center De La Cruz Lawn Maintenance Inc. Luis De La Cruz 961 12th Ave NE Naples, FL 34120 239-398-9404 Rec’d by: Tom Scott, Steele Truck Center TAMPA BAY Stingray Chevrolet Commercial Sales Bob Baker 2002 N Frontage Rd Plant City, FL 33563 813-359-5420


Calendar of Events

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April 7:

FNGLA’s FCLT Training, UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale REC, Davie


The Native Plant Show, Bradenton


FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! Spring Series: Creating the Ultimate Landscape Design, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando


FNGLA’s Education on the Go!! Spring Series: Seasonal ColorStart to Profitable Finish, Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando

22: Bilingual FNGLA FCLT Training, UF/IFAS Miami-Dade Extension, Homestead 28:



FNGLA FCLT Exam, UF/IFAS Ft. Lauderdale REC, Davie


President Robert Shoelson, FCLC Getting Green Plant Services & Betrock Information Systems PO Box 840107 Pembroke Pines, FL 33084 (954) 680-1819

President-Elect Ed Bravo Big Trees Plantation, Inc. 104 SW 131 St Newberry, FL 32669 (352) 332-2150

Past President Billy Butterfield, FCLC AmeriScapes Landscape Management Services, LLC PO Box 568762 Orlando, FL 32856-5041 (407) 872-0855

Secretary/Treasurer Will Womack, FCLC Tampa Bay Landscaping 5821 Maple Lane Tampa, FL 33610 (813) 368-9891

Connect with us:

May 9-11:

Phone: 407.295.7994 Toll-free: 800.375.3642 Fax: 407.295.1619 E-mail: Web:

National Hardware Show, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

17-19: International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture (ICCEA), Hotel El Panama Convention Center, Panama City, Panama



Florida Flower Trials, 3 Orlando Locations


Darwin Perennials Day, The Gardens at Ball, West Chicago, Illinois

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Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, England

The mission of the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association is to promote and protect the interests of Florida’s nursery and landscape industry.


1533 Park Center Drive Orlando, FL 32835-5705

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