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April 2013 | Volume 34, Issue 4


FNGLA Membership… A Solid Business Decision? FNGLA pushes a no-apologies, pro-business, pro-agriculture, pro-environment and pro-jobs agenda. Not to toot FNGLA’s horn too loudly, yet without FNGLA, chances are our industry would be politically weak and your business would be an easy target for repeated bullying. Yet, it’s human nature to ask, “Yeah, but where’s the value?” One of the many answers is the vastly expanded portfolio of exclusive FNGLA member business discounts and services. Can your bottom-line be helped by discounts in the credit card processing fees you pay? How about discounts to process your payroll? Is it time to make available supplemental health options, accident and cancer policies to your employees and your family? Are you shopping for new trucks, power equipment, telephone and communications systems? Can your business use a creative marketing shot-in-the-arm? What about group life insurance with no medical exams? And, don’t forget about FNGLA’s employment law hotline where you can gain quick advice on wage-hour, OSHA, I-9 issues and sticky workers’ compensation situations. Each of these exclusive FNGLA member benefits may very well make a welcome, positive impact on your business bottom-line. And, the potential savings from using any one of them may just pay for your membership dues…and then some! And, we haven’t even touched on the real business value of FNGLA’s two trade show marketing venues in which you can market or buy plants, products and services. Or, the business value of the networking opportunities offered by FNGLA’s chapters throughout our great state. Or, what’s the value to your business of learning cutting-edge knowledge and emerging trends offered by FNGLA’s top-notch educational events? How about the value of earning any of FNGLA’s five certifications so as to strengthen your customers’ perceptions of your professionalism? Members, leaders and staff work together for your business in developing a value-laden menu of FNGLA programs, benefits and services. We aim high and try to be authentic in delivering what FNGLA promises... meaningful value for your membership. Real business value. It’s time to renew your FNGLA membership. Dues renewal forms have been mailed. If it’s easier and more convenient, you can now renew online at: Be sure to renew today. Yes, to answer the question, FNGLA membership is indeed a solid business decision.


Wes Parrish FNGLA 2012-2013 President

Convention …It Only Took One We, the Parrish family, were association members for many years before we went to our first FNGLA annual convention. We were active locally. We knew most of our chapter members. We were on the chapter board. We attended FNGLA meetings and events on a regular basis. Yet, we never even thought about going to the annual FNGLA convention for a long time. Neither Vickie nor I can remember, for sure, what our first convention was. We think it was Sawgrass in Jacksonville. We can’t even remember what the motivating spark was for us to attend a convention so far away. What we do remember is we had a great time. Without question, we have always had a great time, yet FNGLA’s convention is much more than that. We actually became closer friends with some local members because of the atmosphere created at the convention. We have met FNGLA members from around the state who were previously unknown to us and the convention created the opportunity for us to get to know them and their families. Others were previously known although not well. Yet once again, the FNGLA convention was a catalyst for furthering those relationships. There is something about relaxing in the hospitality suite, by the pool, the beach, or playing volleyball or tennis, away from your business. It is not the same as a chapter meeting, dinner or a trade show. There are so many great and wonderful people in our Association. And, no matter how active you are on the local level, the chances to meet other members simply do not present themselves. Convention always reminds us of all FNGLA does each year. When the Year In Review is presented, it never ceases to amaze us how much is accomplished each and every year by our Association’s hard working staff and army of willing volunteers. We are reminded of the political clout FNGLA wields both at the state and at the national levels. Awards are presented to outstanding volunteers from around the state


and it is very motivating to see what they have accomplished in their chapters. Official state business is taken care of and the changing of our FNGLA’s leadership guard takes place. After every convention, we come away with renewed commitment to our industry and dedication to our business and our Association. An inspiring event is always the Past President’s Gala. There was always something wonderful about seeing 1958-59 President Roy Rood and his wife Patricia and all past presidents in attendance. At every opportunity the late Mr. Rood would tell of his commitment to FNGLA. His way of promoting membership was to promise to personally pay back a new member’s annual dues if they didn’t think it was worthwhile after joining. He said he never had to do so. We feel the benefits received and enjoyment of these convention events are so great that we always carefully make our mid-year plans so as not to interfere with the FNGLA annual convention. The many conventions we have attended are highlights of our years and only important family occasions have prevented our attendance every year since our first. So, FNGLA’s convention offers you and your family the opportunity to stay at great hotels and resorts at reasonable, often bargain, prices, and the benefit of legitimately chalking it up to a business expense. It is an event that brings together fellow industry members and leaders from around the state and creates unparalleled networking opportunities. It showcases both our industry members’ and our Association’s accomplishments for the year just ended that, I guarantee, will make you proud to be an FNGLA member and motivate you for the coming year. Vickie, Jennifer, Tyler and I hope to see you on June 14-15th at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston. It is also Father’s Day weekend. It will be a great getaway for the whole family. Wes Parrish

Natural BorN

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Nemasys & milleNium Benefical nematodes Beneficial





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Al Clarke 407.474.8303 • Scan to learn more.

™,® Trademarks, registered or applied for, of Becker Underwood, Inc., Ames, IA.


FNGLA HAPPENINGS Still Some Volunteer Opportunities: FNGLA’s Partnership at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival The 2013 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is another exceptional event and another great opportunity for FNGLA to showcase the industry and Florida’s gardening offerings to the expected audience of over 2 million consumers. 2013 marks FNGLA’s 15th year of participation. For 2013, FNGLA has expanded the volunteer opportunities for members and for FNGLA Certified Professionals.


As an official festival partner, FNGLA is serving as the host organization to the returning theme of Children’s Gardenining focused on family gardening fun. The garden area’s theme, Backyard Play, has been carried over from last year’s garden. With its “backyard look and feel” the area incorporates a variety of fun gardening elements easily recreated by virtually any home gardener. Many areas are returning from the 2012 garden such as a green roof dog house, a topiary petting yard, the succluent wall and fountain, a wildlife garden area, and, a variety of garden crafts such as stepping stones, bird feeders and the like. A new “exercise” area will be featured across from the children’s play structure to connect plants to a healthy family lifestyle. GARDEN VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FNGLA is seeking members and FNGLA certified professionals to serve in pairs as garden hosts each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival: now - May 19, 2013. Volunteers can pick from two different 3-hour shifts: noon - 3:00 p.m. or from 3:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.


In conjunction with the festival but running an alternate time span, FNGLA’s Floricuture Field Days’ trial garden aims to expose gardening consumers to the latest breeder successes for Florida landscapes. TRIAL VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES FNGLA is seeking members and FNGLA certified professionals to serve as trial garden hosts for each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: April 18 - May 19, 2013. There is one shift for the trials: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The trials are located on the promenade at the International Gateway, just outside of the resort entrance to Epcot. While we are able to allow garden-qualified friends and spouses to serve as FNGLA volunteers for both areas, they must be able to fulfill the host duties inclusive of garden-specific questions. We cannot allow children to participate. All FNGLA volunteers, for both areas, gain entrance to the park for the day of their commitment and are free to enjoy Epcot and the festival before and after their volunteer time. FNGLA Certified Professional will also receive 2 CEUs for their volunteer service. Time slots are still available! Don’t delay in coordinating your preferred time slots from now through the close of the festival. Volunteers are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact FNGLA at to sign-up as a garden volunteer!


FNGLA HAPPENINGS The 2013 Floriculture Field Days and Performance Trials at Epcot: May 14 & 15 Held at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and in conjunction with the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival, FNGLA’s Floriculture Field Days is a well-balanced blend of educational sessions from top-notch speakers and a chance to touch and feel the new plants the nation’s top breeders are introducing into the Florida market. Breeder representatives will be on–hand to interact with attendees and provide individualized information on their plants & products.

Breeder Participants

As part of the 2-day conference package, attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Epcot® International Flower and Garden Festival with members of Disney’s horticulture team. From business strategies to trends in new plant varieties; growers, landscape professionals and garden center retailers will find new and innovative concepts to take back to their businesses. Come for the two-day conference or attend a single day. The conference is designed to highlight multiple aspects of the floriculture industry. Tuesday’s program will be all about growing and selling in the floriculture industry, In Wednesday’s sessions, attendees will learn about landscape design, maintenance and customer retention. Nationally known expert education presenters include: Rita Randolph of Randolph’s Greenhouses; Joe Lamp’l, also known as “Joe Gardener,” the executive producer and host of the TV Show Growing A Greener World; John Lowe, Chief Executive of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams; Alan Shapiro of Grandiflora; and, John Kennedy of Ishakeitup Consulting. A preconference tour, priced at $55 for members and $75 for non-members, is planned for the afternoon and evening prior to the main conference. Participants will tour Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orange County Extension Services and finish the tour at Universal Studios where they will join local FNGLA Action Chapter members for the tour’s final stop and for dinner. Disney’s Boardwalk Inn is an ideal setting for the conference: A special rate of $175 single/double is offered until Friday, April 12th. Make your room reservations now!

LOOKING FOR EXPOSURE TO THE FLORICULTURE SEGMENT OF THE INDUSTRY? FNGLA’s Floriculture Field Days is the perfect opportunity to position yourself as a leader in the floriculture industry. Take advantage of the chance to bring more exposure to your company’s products or services. Great sponsorship opportunities are available now and some sponsorships include complimentary registrations for your company’s personnel. Contact FNGLA’s Linda Reindl,, for details on sponsoring/exhibiting.


FNGLA HAPPENINGS Announcing FNGLA’s 2013 Industry Award Winners! FNGLA is a successful association because of our many dedicated and involved members. Each year FNGLA recognizes members who go above and beyond in their volunteer service to the Association and the industry. It takes many dedicated volunteers and advocates to make an association as successful as FNGLA, and an industry as strong as Florida’s nursery and landscape industry. It’s important to recognize the people who go above and beyond in not only doing a great job as a professional, yet also serving their fellow members. After reviewing numerous nominations, the FNGLA Industry Awards Committee has made its selections and FNGLA is proud to announce the following winners: FNGLA HALL OF FAME Irv Betrock, Betrock Information Systems, Inc., Hollywood WENDELL E. BUTLER Nancy McDonald, NGM Productions, Mt. Dora

FNGLA/FARM CREDIT YOUNG NURSERY PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR Jenn Helms-Shelley, Railroad Nursery, Homestead OUTSTANDING CHAPTER PRESIDENT Vickie Parrish, Parrish Nursery, Parkland, FNGLA Broward Chapter OUTSTANDING CHAPTER SECRETARY/TREASURER Cindy Hall, Cobble Systems, Jensen Beach, FNGLA Treasure Coast Chapter OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEER Mary Schneider, FNGLA Dade County Chapter Office, Miami OUTSTANDING EDUCATORS Keri Milligan, Oakleaf High School, Orange Park Carl Wallack, South Plantation High School, Plantation FNGLA FRIEND OF THE INDUSTRY Commissioner Adam Putnam, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Tallahassee The FNGLA Industry Awards will be presented on Saturday, June 15 as part of FNGLA’s 61st Annual Meeting. FNGLA’s Annual Meeting and Convention will take place at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, located near Ft. Lauderdale. For more details and to register, visit and see details opposite page.


FNGLA HAPPENINGS FNGLA’s Annual Convention: Delivering Tropical Splendor

g n i r e v i l e D Tropical Convention r o d n e l p S Sponsors Signature Sponsor

Annual Meeting

Friday Night Event

Palm Level

Heliconia Level

Orchid Level: Agri-Starts, Inc. | FNGLA Frontruners Chapter Simpson Nurseries | Tropical Computers Bromeliad Level: Arborbrace | Atlas Peat & Soil, Inc. | Betrock Information Systems, Inc. | Excelsa Gardens FNGLA Miami-Dade Chapter | Gulfshore Insurance FNGLA Treasure Coast Chapter

FNGLA’s Annual Meeting and Convention offers an opportunity to indulge the mind, body and spirit in the tropical paradise of South Florida. Taking place June 14-15 at the Bonaventure Resort and Spa in Weston, FL (near Fort Lauderdale), the idyllic surroundings will serve as a beautiful reminder of the splendor plants, trees and tropical landscapes bring to the senses. Add smart and friendly colleagues to the tropical backdrop, mix in key industry information and you’ve got the perfect event to enhance your business and your spirits! The FNGLA Convention is all about relationshipbuilding. This year’s meeting starts with a relaxing evening at Flamingo Gardens with plenty of time to spend with fellow FNGLA members. You’ll have a chance to admire more than 3,000 tropical and sub-tropical species of plants and trees and see the largest collection of native wildlife in the state. Convention activities on Saturday begin with the FNGLA Annual Meeting. This informative meeting gives members a look at FNGLA activities for the past year, as well as industry insights for the future. FNGLA’s Industry Awards will be presented and new Association officers elected. The day concludes with the President’s Gala on Saturday evening, complete with recognition of FNGLA’s past leaders and the passing of the President’s Big Shoes. Online registration for FNGLA’s Convention is available on the FNGLA website. A package price of $135 for FNGLA members registering prior to June 7, 2013 is offered. The package includes the Friday night event at Flamingo Gardens (including transportation); the FNGLA Annual Meeting and continental breakfast; the President’s Gala and Reception; and, access to the FNGLA Broward Chapter Hospitality Suite. The Bonaventure Hotel is offering a very special rate of just $119 to FNGLA Convention guests. For more information, visit annual-convention/index.aspx or email Linda Adams at ladams@fngla or call 800-375-3642.


FNGLA HAPPENINGS The FNGLA Locator Makes Significant Shift The industry may very well be experiencing its best sales since the pre-recession blues. Buyers are actively looking for the plants they need in an “on the rebound” economy. Will they find you utilizing your FNGLA member benefit, free inclusion in PlantANT and be linked to your business to spend their budgets? FNGLA inherited the then Plant Locator back in 1993 when the Florida Foliage Association assimilated into FNGLA. Now, exactly 20 years later, the FNGLA Locator made another significant shift to PlantANT to provide better value, service and most significantly, cutting-edge technology to the members. The shift was made so nurseries, suppliers, and service providers can take advantage of an advanced industry search engine. Your FNGLA benefit includes 5 free listings or you can choose to receive a 5% discount on unlimited listings-- whichever benefits you the most. Many FNGLA member businesses have not yet logged on to create their PlantANT account. This is a necessary step to increase your visibility, particularly now! Here’s what you need to do: 1. Create a supplier account: If you are a buyer, use the “user” signup. However if you are a grower or allied plant/product supplier, use the “nursery/supplier” registration. 2. Click on “My Account” and then “Link Associations” selecting the “Link” button next to FNGLA. 3. Enter your FNGLA member number. If you do not know your member number, please contact the FNGLA at 800-375-3642 or This enables your listings to be tagged with an FNGLA icon letting users know you are an Association member. 4. Select the type of discount you wish to receive. All FNGLA members can receive 5 free listings. Or, if you prefer, you can opt to receive a 5% discount on unlimited listings. Choose whichever option benefits you the most. The PlantANT site currently has over 160,000 plant listings with over 12,600 plant varieties. 5. If you need any assistance, please contact PlantANT’s Billy Deal at 407-949-4766. The site’s technology now includes many features ideal for busy nursery owners such as a mobile app for uploading images of your plants for buyers to view; a means for generating an inventory list which can also be embedded on your business website; email alerts to serve as an update reminder is sent if a user tags your product as currently unavailable; filters which allow buyers to drill down their specifications to find your plants. There’s also an “FNGLA Member” checkbox on the main filter age which includes, you guessed it, only FNGLA’s members! More details are available at: PlantANT is one of ten member benefit and discount programs FNGLA has negotiated for its members as a benefit of FNGLA membership. Details on each benefit are listed on the next page of this Greenline.



Reduce your costs and improve revenue opportunities by integrating AEON’s various communications, such as voice, digital signage, corporate data security, billing and conferencing all into one easy to use and reliable product. FNGLA member savings on AEON telecommunications typically range from 30% to 45%.

Commercial Vehicle Discount

Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Inc. provides FNGLA members a special discounts on the purchase of any new Isuzu commercial vehicle from any Florida Isuzu dealership.

Credit Card Processing Discounts

Integrity Merchant Solutions offers members special FNGLA group benefits including: no hidden fees, free cost comparisons, no early termination fees, ability to use your old equipment, and working with all card types and offering check processing and gift card programs.

Employment Law Hotline

This Law “Hotline” offers advice to FNGLA members needed assistance with wage & hour, OSHA, I-9 issues and workers’ compensation retaliation claims.

Group Life Insurance

Take advantage of discounted rates on group life insurance for yourself, family members and your employees. The program features Guaranteed Issue Amounts up to $50,000 with no medical exams required.

Online Marketing offers FNGLA members five complimentary plant listings in the newly re-launched FNGLA Locator now hosted online by PlantANT. FNGLA members with more than five listings qualify for a 5% PlantANT discount. You can also track your results with real time statistics and upload images with PlantANT’s smartphone app. Access PlantANT at

Payroll Processing Discount

Tired of being treated like a number? You can outsource your company’s payroll without giving up the flexibility and personal attention you need. MasterPay USA will keep you in compliance and make payroll easy. FNGLA members are eligible for an exclusive 15% discount on published payroll processing prices. The discount is immediate and on-going -- not an introductory rate. • FREE Direct Deposit and Web Access • Automated payment of all Federal, State & Local payroll taxes • Garnishment administration with electronic Child Support Payments

Power Equipment Savings

Roberts Supply Inc. is a leading distributor of power equipment in the South and brings great savings to FNGLA members. They have become an industry staple providing top-quality products and superior customer service and offer FNGLA members up to a 20% discount on a comprehensive line-up of products including mowers, trimmers, sprayers and more.

Printing, Graphics and Marketing

Creative is the One-Stop-Shop for all printing, graphics and marketing needs of FNGLA members. With its special online system, it’s easy to order everything from business cards to large signs at FNGLA member discounts! Among its many professional services, Creative offers FNGLA members an exclusive FREE 2-hour marketing consultation (worth over $500) with report & recommendations; 15% discounts off web and logo designs; and, monthly specials & coupons.

Supplemental Health Options

Allstate Benefits offers FNGLA members a supplimental Health Options policy; an Accident Insurance policy; and, a Cancer Insurance policy. Among its many benefits, plans will cover individuals even if you don’t have existing insurance. Plans cover all employees, not just the business owner. And bundling options further reduces costs!

For complete details of each program, visit 9

FNGLA HAPPENINGS FNGLA Visibility: Legislative Session’s Opening Day In case you missed it, FNGLA proudly made a memorable impression on the very first day of the Legislative Session. When lawmakers entered their chambers, the desks of each of our state’s 120 representatives and 40 senators were graced by beautiful plants from FNGLA. The containers simply read, “Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association Leading Florida’s Green Industry... Make it a Great Session!” A tip of the FNGLA cap to Costa Farms and Oglesby Plants International for helping FNGLA make it a great day in Tallahassee!

FNGLA Administers Florida Water StarSM Exam in Ocala, Plans more for South Florida Florida Water StarSM (FWS) training and testing took place in February, attracting 26 local landscape and irrigation professionals. The event was hosted by Marion County in cooperation with the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD), the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) and FNGLA. Taught by nationally-recognized instructors Joy Dorst and Kurt Thompson, the training is a comprehensive water conservation program focusing on Florida-friendly landscape alternatives and irrigation requirements that can have a major impact on water usage. Participants who complete the training and accompanying examination, have the opportunity to become either a Florida Water StarSM Accredited Landscape or Irrigation Professional. More training and testing is scheduled for South Florida, sponsored by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) this summer. The dates are June 12 & 13 in Naples and August 13 & 14 in West Palm Beach. Continuing Education Units are available: Four CEUs for FNGLA certified professionals; four CEUs for Registered Landscape Architects through DBPR; four Irrigation Association CEUs for IA certified professionals; and, eight CEUs for licensed irrigation contractors in local counties will be awarded. For more information, contact Merry Mott at FNGLA at 800-375-3642 or email


FNGLA HAPPENINGS Plant Geek Ride II | Ride. Walk. Run. The Plant Geek II will take place Saturday, May 4, in Oakland, FL (just west of Orlando). It began last year as a cycling event and with 60 people taking part. The event has expanded to include a walk/run and a Plant Geek Scavenger Hunt so those who aren’t cyclists can take part in the fun as well. It’s definitely not limited to Plant Geeks, so you can invite friends and family. Everyone is welcome! Plant Geek II will start from the Oakland Town Meeting Hall. For cyclists there will be two road routes and one ride on the West Orange/ South Lake Trails to Clermont and back. With staggering start times, everyone can be back by 11:30 a.m. to enjoy the cookout together. The 6K Walk/Run will travel to and/from the Oakland Town Meeting Building and the Killarney Trail Station. The Plant Geek Scavenger Hunt will take place along this same path with clues and answers provided via your smart phone. The Scavenger Hunt is coordinated by our friends at IFAS/Extension. Prizes will be awarded to the winners! Details and registration are available at Price is only a $25 minimum donation and includes the sporting event, shirt, plant, cookout, SAG support and hanging out with good people, including many plant geeks. If you use Facebook, we have Plant Geek II set up as an event on Facebook: 9061406/?ref=ts&fref=ts. Help us spread the Plant Geek II word by inviting your Facebook friends to attend. We’re looking for a few more sponsors to help with the event costs. Sponsorships are $250 and your company logo will be on the Plant Geek Ride tee shirt, web page and includes one complimentary registration. Access complete sponsorship details at: We’re looking forward to a great event where the focus is Health. Plants. Friends: Cultivating a Happy Lifestyle! Register today and let’s have a fun and fit day together!

2012’s Plant Geek Ride attracted over 60 participants. The 2013 event is expanded to include even more happenings!


FNGLA HAPPENINGS FFA Students compete in industry events

Nearly 350 students demonstrated their horticultural skills at the Florida FFA Career Development Events (CDEs) in Floriculture and Nursery/Landscape thanks to FNGLA’s Pinellas Chapter. They hosted the FFA CDEs at Pinellas Technical Education Center in St. Petersburg on Saturday, March 16, 2013. These events present real-life situations often found in the work place, including plant, pest & tool identification, landscape management, customer assistance and Best Management Practices. Problem-solving skills and horticultural knowledge were also tested. Congratulations to the winning schools: Floriculture High School: DeLand Senior High, DeLand Floriculture Middle School: Redland Middle, Homestead Nursery & Landscape High School: Williston High, Williston Nursery & Landscape Middle School: Baker County Middle, Macclenny The winning high school teams will represent Florida at the national competition at the FFA Convention in October in Indianapolis. For more information, contact Merry Mott at FNGLA or call 800-375-3642.



Casper Company (McDonalds) Creative Pinellas Chapter, FNGLA Pinellas Technical Education Center

Big Bend Chapter, FNGLA Luna Bella Alpaca Ranch Manasota Chapter, FNGLA Palm Beach Chapter, FNGLA Pinellas County Farm Bureau Wyld West Annuals

FFA RISING SUN SPONSORS American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Citrus Nursery Division, FNGLA Frontrunners Chapter, FNGLA Miami-Dade Chapter, FNGLA Northeast Chapter, FNGLA Royal Palm Chapter, FNGLA


FFA CORN SPONSORS Angela Strain, FCHP, FCLD Carroll Brothers Nursery Commercial Lawn Care Services Country Club Nursery Farm Credit of Central Florida Floridian Pest & Turf Mgmt Golden Rain Nursery Ken & Sandra Wilson Kenny’s Lawn & Landscape Parrish Nursery Pepsi Peter Conzelman & Victoria Bay SOHO Landscape Tampa Bay Chapter, FNGLA

INDUSTRY NEWS Florida Agriculture Literacy Day Scheduled for Tuesday, April 30 The 10th annual Florida Agriculture Literacy Day is scheduled for Tuesday April 30, 2013, and the rhyming children’s book developed for the event called Florida’s Farm History commemorates the 500th year anniversary of Ponce de Leon’s discovery of Florida and agriculture’s role in our state’s history. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and Florida Agriculture in the Classroom (FAITC) invite farmers, growers, ranchers, FFA teachers and students and agriculture industry representatives to read in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms around the state as part of the event. The book and materials provided to volunteer readers is free thanks to the funding Florida Agriculture in the Classroom receives from sales of the agriculture specialty license plate called the ‘Ag Tag.’ Teachers and agriculture industry representatives interested in participating are asked to schedule their classroom readings first before they visit Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s website, to register for materials. Online registration for materials is now available, and participants are asked to wait two weeks for delivery of their materials. Readers will receive one book per classroom, one disc with a teacher’s guide and an electronic version of the book per classroom and sets of bookmarks and stickers for students. Readers are asked to leave the book and teacher’s guide disc with teachers after the reading. Florida Agriculture in the Classroom is a non-profit organization educating Florida teachers and students about from where their food, fiber and fuel comes using lessons, materials, grant programs and other projects. To buy an Ag Tag online, please visit For more information, contact Lisa Gaskalla, 352-8461391or email

FDACS Accepting Nominations for Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award: Submit your Nominations The Commissioner’s Agricultural-Environmental Leadership Award program annually recognizes Florida agriculturalists who are in the forefront of developing and adopting environmentally innovative farming practices. Since 1994, this program has helped highlight the efforts of the state’s growers and ranchers. Publicly acknowledging the efforts of these award winners illuminates Florida agriculture’s dedication to preserving the environment and conserving natural resources while helping ensure a continuing supply of food and fiber. Nominees are then judged by an independent committee that includes representatives from major agricultural groups, environmental groups and government agencies. For more details or to obtain a nomination form, go to


INDUSTRY NEWS PLANET Launches New Consumer-Focused Website: PLANET recently unveiled a new consumer-focused website: The website provides helpful information for homeowners and clients about caring for lawns and landscapes. It offers design tips and ideas, highlights the benefits of indoor plants, discusses sustainable landscape practices, and includes information about how to choose a professional company, including Landscape Industry Certified professionals. Landscape industry companies are encouraged to link to the site and to include it in blogs, social media, or in client communications. The website reinforces the importance of healthy plants and green spaces and the need to hire an educated professional. The new website is part of a larger public relations campaign to raise awareness of the value, expertise, and knowledge of professional lawn and landscape companies, and to foster a deeper appreciation for our green spaces and the desire in the public to improve their landscapes. PLANET is the national trade association representing more than 100,000 landscape industry professionals who create and maintain healthy, green living spaces for communities across America. Visit PLANET at


MEMBER NEWS Farm Credit of Central Florida Members Share in Patronage Refund Exceeding $2.4 Million Farm Credit of Central Florida’s Board of Directors has declared a patronage refund exceeding $2.4 million, allowing its eligible MemberBorrowers to significantly lower their cost of funds. “The patronage refund is a form of profit sharing distinguishing Farm Credit from other lenders, “said Chairman of the Board, David J. Stanford, a Winter Garden citrus grower. Farm Credit of Central Florida is a customer-owned lender providing funds to agricultural operations, and residential customers for financing, new construction, or refinancing. The cooperative also offers crop insurance to area farmers and ranchers. Part of the nationwide Farm Credit System created in 1916, Farm Credit of Central Florida serves 13 Central Florida counties. Reggie Holt (Farm Credit of Central Florida “Farm Credit of Central Florida services 2,100 loans and approximately President & CEO) and Robbie Roberson $850 million in outstanding loan volume. Eligible members will share (Director) symbolically announce the profit in profits of more than $2.4 million with a return of 60% in cash of sharing patronage refunds. their earned interest from 2012. This is tangible evidence of the power of cooperative principles at work,” said, Reginald T. Holt, President and CEO. Learn more about Farm Credit at http://

Jenkins Landscape wins Landscape Design Challenge The 2013 Martin County Fair got a little greener with the first ever FNGLA Landscape Design Challenge. The challenge featured designs from top Martin County FNGLA certified professionals and also served as an educational exhibit during the weeklong fair. Congratulations to Jenkins Landscape of Hobe Sound for creating the winning landscape. Green Industries Best Management Practices and environmental stewardship standards had to be incorporated in each design and were judged by a panel of industry professionals. They were Terri Pinder, FCHP, of Pinder’s Nursery, Steve Fairtrace, FCLD, of South Florida Water Management District, Deb Joneck of Florida Coast Equipment and Ed Skvarch, FCHP, of UF/IFAS St. Lucie County Extension. Each team created their Florida Friendly LandscapeTM design in a 20’x12’ indoor space and had the opportunity to explain their vision during the judging. The coveted prize package was sponsored by the Martin County Fair, FNGLA and Charlie’s Bar & Grill in Stuart.

Judges for the FNGLA Landscape Design Challenge at the Martin County Fair are, from left, Ed Skvarch, Terri Pinder, Deb Joneck and Steve Fairtrace.


MEMBER NEWS Five FNGLA Chapters Unite for Multi-Chapter Event Tasked with addressing local area issues and building industry camraderie, many FNGLA chapters meet monthly. Ocassionally, two and sometimes even three chapters will come together for a more notable event where chapter members can network outside their local area. On Friday, April 19, FIVE chapters will come together for what will undoubtedly be a fantastic chapter event bringing together members from the Manasota, Pinellas, Lake Region, Tampa Bay and Highlands Heartland Chapters of FNGLA. Dubbed the “Fantastic 5” meeting, this event takes place at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research & Education Center in Wimauma starting at 5:30 p.m. Assistant Professor Dr. Nathan Boyd will speak on weed issues in the nursery and landscape industry. While the event is touted as five chapters, all FNGLA members are encouraged to attend. RSVP to Robert Albritton at or call 941-925-0344.

Royal Palm Chapter Announces Red Fish Round-Up: June 7 & 8 FNGLA’s Royal Palm Chapter has announced the dates and sponsorship details for the 11th Annual Red Fish Round-Up taking place June 7 & 8 at Marina Village’s Tarpon Point Marina in Cape Coral. Top prize is $1500 for the Red Fish with the most spots. Prizes also awarded to the top female and junior angler. Visit for complete details on the tournament including hotel accomodations, sponsorship details and complete rules for particiaption. For more details, contact Cathy Atchley at 863-517-5500 or

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irrigation w specialty w landscape w equipment

CERTIFICATIONS Landscape Installation Certification Exam in St. Petersburg Landscape professionals from around the Tampa Bay area took part in the annual FNGLA Certified Landscape Technician (FCLT-Installation) exam at pTEC in St. Petersburg in March. The test netted nine new FCLTs to add to the growing list of FNGLA certified professionals. FNGLA’s FCLT exam tests landscape installation professionals in a variety of areas, including plant identification, equipment safety, tree installation and plan layout. The next testing opportunity is April 27 at SeaWorld Horticulture in Orlando. For more information, contact Merry Mott at FNGLA or call 800-375-3642. Properly setting an irrigation clock is a part of the FCLT-Installation exam.

SPONSORS: Bobcat of Tampa Bay Golden Rain Nursery pTEC St. Petersburg

JUDGES: John Brown, FCLC, Emerald Lawn Service Justin Cason, FCHP Jim Coe, FCLC, Critter Ridge Landscape Glenn Duncan, FCLC Rob Foppe, FCLT, Country Club Nursery Frank Gabry, FCLC, AAL by Frank Gabry Dustin Hansen, FCLT Pete McKay, FCLC, ERW Landscape Jay Myers, FCLD, Myers & Associates Architecture Joe Pazourek, FCLC, Joe Pazourek Landscape & Tree Steve Ramsey, FCHP, Commercial Lawn Care Paul Rauch, FCLC, Sustainable Yards by Wildrose Mike Roberts, FCLC, ABC Pest Control Josh Schwabe, FCLT, MJM Design Group Angela Strain, FCLD Joe Taylor, FCLT, City of Clearwater Alexis Wells, FCLT, City of Clearwater FCLT exam applicants identify 50 plants as part of the Plant ID exam.

Jessie Wert, FCLT, Fieldstone Landscape


CERTIFICATIONS FNGLA Debuts New Certification Exam Online More features, better photos and well-written exam questions greet those professionals who take FNGLA’s Certified Horticulture Professional (FCHP) exam online. Launched in December 2012, FNGLA’s new testing software, which runs on the Cornerstone platform, provides the number one feature exam applicants have been asking for: the ability to go back and forth between questions and return to questions before submitting the final exam. Another benefit is automatic e-mails sent to exam applicants to remind them when their exam expires, which is 60 days from the day their application is approved, so they are able to complete the exam process. Once completed, the newly-certified professional can print a certificate immediately to show their success on the FCHP exam. The FCHP exam itself has not changed, but its updated look, feel and features give exam applicants a better testing experience. FNGLA’s other written exams are in the process of being uploaded to the new testing software, including FNGLA Certified Landscape Contractor and Designer, plus the Florida Water StarSM exams for Irrigation and Landscape Design. For more information, contact Merry Mott at FNGLA or call 800-375-3642.



Welcome New Members The following are new FNGLA members: from February 22, 2013 - March 21, 2013 ACTION Sunniland Corp. Larry Pressley PO Box 8001 Sanford, FL 32772 407-322-2421

MANASOTA Gulfshore Insurance, Inc. Dave Wissel, Associate 9530 Market Place Rd Ste 201 Fort Myers, FL 33912-0393 239-659-6658

Tip Top Tree Experts, LLC Christopher P. Andrews 2508 Colonial St Leesburg, FL 34748-4106 352-250-2061

NORTHEAST Clay County Extension - Northeast Amy Morie, Supportive 2463 State Rd 16 W PO Box 278 Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-0278 904-269-6355

Ackman Bros Landscaping, Inc. Helena O’Brist 1930 Silver Star Rd Orlando, FL 32804-3302 407-872-1266 CENTRAL EAST COAST D A C S - Div. of Plant Industry Stacey Simmons, Supportive 3100 E New York Ave Ste 128 DeLand, FL 32724-6410 386-736-5308 Volusia County Extension - Central Karen Stauderman, Supportive 3100 E New York Ave DeLand, FL 32724-6410 386-822-5778

PALM BEACH Vegalab Marybeth Gannon Rosemary Warner, Associate 7652 Central Industrial Dr West Palm Beach, FL 33404-3432 561-202-7537 PINELLAS EZGardener LLC Rick Black 1201 Essex Dr. N St. Petersburg, FL 33710-5607 727-559-9550

Duane Parmelee, Student 305 56th St N St. Petersburg, FL 33710-8041 727-224-9871 Robert N. Davis, Student PO Box 530724 St. Petersburg, FL 33747 727-460-0327

TAMPA BAY Dawn to Dusk Nursery, Inc. Elaine Cobb Jerry Cobb, Associate 7448 Loghouse Rd Plant City, FL 33565-3165 813-986-6956 Referred by: Charlie Hinton, Hand Grown Nursery

ROYAL PALM Brent’s Lawn Care and Tree Service, Inc. Brent Bramhall PO Box 152821 Cape Coral, FL 33915-2821 239-458-6787 Referred by: John Schwind, Steele Truck Center, Inc. SPACE COAST Rachel Klegerman, Student 6750 Angeles Rd Melbourne Beach, FL 32951-3854 321-298-2424 Embraer Executive Jets Alex Farley 1111 General Aviation Dr Melbourne, FL 32940 321-213-8809


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4: Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance (LCLM) Workshop, Ocala

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4-5: The Native Plant Show, hosted by FANN, Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee




Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Quality, Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee


2013 Water Conservation EXPO & Fair, South Florida Water Management District Headquarters, West Palm Beach


U.S. Drought Monitor Forum, Embassy Suites, West Palm Beach


WEBINAR: Strategic Planning & Thinking: What’s it good for?, UF, Center for Public Issues Education


Green Thumb Festival, St. Petersburg

May 2:

Roots Plus Growers Workshop, Marshall Tree Farm, Morriston


Plant Geek II: Ride. Walk. Run., Oakland

Ben Bolusky



President Wes Parrish Parrish Nursery 5900 SW 185th Way Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33332 (954) 680-3544

President-Elect Mike Marshall Marshall Tree Farm 17350 SE 65th St Morriston, FL 32668-4508 (352) 528-3880

Past President Halsey Beshears Simpson Nurseries P.O. Box 160 Monticello, FL 32345 (850) 997-2516

Secretary/Treasurer Sandy Stein The Jungle Nursery 29100 SW 162 Ave Homestead, FL 33030 (305) 246-5324

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