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Trial Sites: Walt Disney World速, Harry P. Leu Gardens and UF/IFAS Orange County Extension Service

Trial Plant Details

Begonia x benariensis

Whopper Red

Begonia ‘Whopper Red with Bronze Leaf’ Begonia ‘Whopper Red with Green Leaf’ Begonia ‘Whopper Rose with Bronze Leaf’ Begonia ‘Whopper Rose with Green Leaf’ Whopper® Series (full sun to full shade) Height: 28 to 34” (70 to 85 cm) Spread: 24 to 28” (60 to 70 cm)

Landscape professionals and their clients love the super-sized shows that Whopper® puts on in mass plantings and large containers, thanks to the big, vigorous plants; exceptional bloom size and excellent heat tolerance. Whopper® produces extra-large flowers up to 3” (7 cm) across, and keeps blooming from Spring through the end of Fall – a must for creating 55 MPH drive-by color. Recommended for growing in 4” (10cm) pots to sell as a green plant to landscapers, or in gallon containers in bloom. This series is bred by Benary and is available as Ball Premier Line® seed.


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Whopper Rose

Canna x generalis

Canna ‘Cannova Orange Shades’ Canna ‘Cannova Yellow’ Cannova® Series Canna (full sun)

Height: 30 to 48” (75 to 120 cm) Spread: 14 to 20” (35 to 50 cm) Crop Time: 4” (10-cm) pots, 14 to 17 weeks

Move over TC and rhizomes – grower-friendly Cannova® has taken the market by storm! Cannova® is the first seed-grown F1 canna series on the market. This exceptional hybrid series boasts strong colors that will capture the landscape market and be a sure hit with home gardeners in their garden beds and as “thrillers” in their mixed containers. Ideal for cart programs, the versatile plants work well in 4” (10-cm) pots to 2 gallons, offering a wealth of selling opportunities. This series is bred by Takii in Europe and supplied as seed and plugs. | 3

Capsicum annuum ‘Sedona Sun’

Capsicum (Ornamental Pepper) ‘Sedona Sun’ (full sun) Height: 9 to 12” (23 to 30 cm) Spread: 14 to 16” (35 to 40 cm) Supplied as raw seed

Expand Fall sales in home landscape and large pot programs. Masses of lemon yellow and carrot orange fruit put a distinctive multi-color display on every plant. NOTE: Fruit is hot! Alternanthera brasiliana ‘Purple Prince’ Alternanthera ‘Purple Prince’ (full to partial sun) Height: 14 to 16” (35 to 40 cm) Spread: 18 to 20” (45 to 50 cm) Supplied as raw seed. First compact seed variety needs fewer PGRs.


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Mesa™ Series F1 Gaillardia Gaillardia ‘Mesa Red’(full sun to full shade) Height: 14 to 16” (35 to 40 cm) Spread: 20 to 22” (50 to 55 cm) USDA Zones: 5 to 10 ‘Mesa Red’ is redder with more consistent color amd a more uniform plant vigo and growth habit. It flowers one week earlier than the current market leader. First F1 seed gaillardia puts lots of fast color on sturdy plants. Solenostemon

Coleus ‘Pineapple Surprise Premium Sun’ (full sun to full shade) Height: 18 to 26” (45 to 65 cm) Spread: 18 to 22“ (45 to 55 cm) Supplied as pelleted seed. Unique chartreuse/deep burgundy hearts splashed with chartreuse/green foliage. ‘Pineapple Surprise Premium Sun’ is very late flowering. | 5

Begonia ‘Megawatt Rose Green Leaf’ Begonia ‘Megawatt Red Green Leaf’ ONLY TRIALED AT HARRY P. LEU GARDENS (full shade) Spacing: 12 - 16” (30 - 41 cm) Height: 20 - 28” (51 - 71 cm) Spread: 16 - 24” (41 - 61 cm) Megawatt is an interspecific begonia with a blooming season of Autumn, Spring, Late Spring, Summer and Late Summer.


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Celosia cristata ‘Dracula’ Celosia ‘Dracula’ (full sun) Height: 8 to 16” (20 to 40 cm); shorter in high light Spread: 8 to 12” (20 to 30 cm) Supplied as coated seed. One big bloom per plant adds drama to landscapes and containers.

Angelonia hybrid

Angelonia ‘Archangel Cherry Red’ (full sun) Height: 12 to 14” (25 to 30 cm) Spread: 10 to 12” (25 to 30 cm)

Cherry Red is the first RED angelonia – a huge color breakthrough in the class! This series is known for its big blooms and bold color. This variety is a “season extender.”

Lantana camara

Lantana ‘Lucky Red’ (full sun) Height: 12 to 16” (30 to 40 cm) Spread: 12 to 14” (30 to 35 cm)

A striking HOT red! Stands up to heat, drought and other stressful conditions. This variety is a “season extender.” | 7

Solenostemon (Coleus) scutellariodes Coleus ‘French Quarter’ (full sun to full shade) Height: 14 to 36” (35 to 90 cm) Spread: 24 to 36” (60 to 90 cm) Pink coleus features a familiar pattern of seed coleus, but more vigorous and much laterflowering. This variety is a “season extender.” Solenostemon (Coleus) ’FlameThrower Habanero’

Coleus FlameThrower™ Series (full sun to full shade)

Height: 18 to 24” (45 to 60 cm) Spread: 16 to 18” (40 to 45 cm) Striking new ‘Habanero’ features fiery orange leaves with a touch of purple at the center and edges. Ideal for small pots and mixed containers. This variety is a “season extender.”


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Petunia ‘ColorRush Pink’ (full sun) Height: 10 to 12” (25 to 30 cm) Spread: 24 to 36” (60 to 90 cm) This Petunia features big vigor and even bigger garden performance! Mounds of color hold up in the heat and rain. Ideal for landscapes and large baskets.

Verbena ‘EnduraScape Pink Bicolor’ (full sun) Height: 8 to 12” (20 to 30 cm) Spread: 18 to 24” (45 to 60 cm)

‘Pink Bicolor’ brings a novelty to the series with a bright pink flower and white edges. This breakout Verbena series stays in flower and keeps its color longer in the heat, and it’s hardy to the low teens too. This variety is a “season extender.” | 9

Impatiens ‘Bounce Violet 17’ Impatiens ‘Bounce Bright Coral’ (partial sun) Height: 14 - 20” (36 - 51 cm) Spread: 14 - 20” (36 - 51 cm) Spacing: 18”

The reaction to the ‘Bounce’ series among North American growers has been fantastic, particularly for its fast flowering, great branching and low maintenance characteristics. Exciting new shade alternatives offer the habit and flower count of Impatiens walleriana, but they’re resistant to downy mildew and thrive in sun and shade. Even better, the well-branched plants bounce back like magic after wilt.


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Eryngium planum

Eryngium ‘Blue Glitter’ Eryngium ‘White Glitter’ USDA Zones 4-9 Height: up to 36” Spread: up to 20” Spacing: 16”

Better known as “Glitter Sea Holly,” Eryngium ‘Blue Glitter’ and Eryngium ‘White Glitter’ are vigorous plants that thrive in poor soils and extreme climates with heavy branching. This new variety is low maintenance and are xeriscape plants which are extremely heat & drought tolerant. Plant produces an abundance of unique cut flowers during summer. It can work as large full sun mass or accent plant which provides unique texture in the garden. It attracts bees & butterflies and is resistant to deer & rabbits. It’s first-year flowering (FastraX) with no vernalization required. Excellent quality from seed. Culture: Plug Time (288): 8 weeks. Finish Time (gallon): 16 weeks. Total Time (gallon): 24 weeks. Long days (14-16 hours) required for flowering. | 11

Festuca valesiaca

Festuca ‘Buddy Blue’ USDA Zones 4-9 Height: up to 8” Spread: up to 8” Spacing: 10”

Better known as “Buddy Blue Fescue,” this new variety has great blue foliage that holds its color through the cooler months and in the summer heat. It has excellent uniformity and quality from seed. Festuca ‘Buddy Blue’ stays tight and compact, up to 12” maximum. It is versatile and plays well in mixed containers. It’s great for full sun borders, accents, and in mass plantings and works in rock gardens and as a xeriscape plant. It is also deer resistant. Culture: Plug Time (288): 5 weeks. Finish Time (quart): 10 weeks. Total Time (quart): 15 weeks.

Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas Mix’ (full sun) Height: up to 24” Spread: up to 24” Spacing: 16”

Better known as “Las Vegas Globe Amaranth,” this new variety produces masses of showy blooms all season long until frost. It is great for full sun borders, accents, and in mass plantings. It has a showy tall component for mixed containers. It is excellent quality and available from seed. As a landscape plant, Gomphrena ‘Las Vegas Mix’ is self-cleaning and requires little maintenance. It’s extremely heat & drought tolerant, excellent for cut flowers or dried bouquets, and attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. Available in 3 colors or as a mix: Pink, White, Purple. Culture: Plug Time (288): 5 weeks. Finish Time (quart): 6 weeks. Total Time (quart): 11 weeks.


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Nassella ‘Pony Tails’ USDA Zones 6 to 9 Height: up to 24” Spread: up to 24” Spacing: 15”

“Pony Tails Stipa” or “Mexican Feather Grass” has a cascading habit and fine hair-like texture offering a unique look in containers and in the landscape. It has a quick crop time and has proven to be an excellent summer performer. Nassella ‘Pony Tails’ has excellent uniformity and great quality from seed. This variety is versatile and works well in mixed containers. Its soft texture looks great for full sun borders, accents, and in mass plantings. It also works in rock gardens and as a xeriscape plant. It produces shiny silver-tan panicles the first year without vernalization. It is also deer resistant. Culture: Plug Time (288): 5 weeks. Finish Time (quart): 7 weeks. Total Time (quart): 12 weeks.

Ptilotus ‘Joey (ApeX)’ Height: up to 14” Spread: up to 10” Spacing: 12”

A unique species from Australia, ‘Joey’ thrives in bright, hot, & dry conditions. ‘Joey’ is a breeding breakthrough and has received several awards. With a short crop time and unique fuzzy pink flowers, this variety will draw interest from consumers. It also continues to bloom and perform into the cooler months. It’s great as an accent, containerized plant, and outstanding in mixed combinations. ‘Joey’ has excellent quality from seed. Masses of blooms hold well and can be used as cut flowers. Production tips are available in Benary’s new Technical Guide. Culture: Plug Time (288): 5 weeks. Finish Time (quart): 8 weeks. Total Time (quart): 13 weeks. | 13

Caladium ‘Wildfire’ (full sun or shade) Height: intermediate

‘Wildfire’ has a green background with red veins and deep red specks which contrasts well in the landscape. Its bi-color nature brings interest. This is a very unique caladium.

Caladium ‘Fiesta’ TM (full sun or shade) Height: short

‘Fiesta’TM is characterized by a dwarf stature and brightly colored leaves. Its wide red veins and bright white leaf background color form an eye-catching, long-lasting contrast. FiestaTM sprouts early and produces full potted plants with many attractive leaves in less time. With a dwarf stature, this variety is a perfect choice for potted plant production. This is a UF release and currently only Bates Sons & Daughters has it in production.

Caladium ‘Spring Fling’ (full sun or shade) Height: intermediate


14 |

This variety has translucent pink leaves with black veins and black stems and is very striking in the landscape and in containers. It is a fancy leaf caladium and a Bates Sons & Daughters exclusive release.

Caladium ‘Sizzle’ (full sun or shade) Height: very short

‘Sizzle’ is a red strap leaf

caladium variety. It does very well in full sun and its leaves are pinkish red with prominent dark burgundy veins. In the shade, it is pink with dark veins. It is shorter than ‘Red Ruffles’ or ‘Sweetheart’ and makes an excellent hanging basket or border plant. Do not de-eye this variety. It has no apical dominance and will be much too short if de-eyed. This is a UF release and is currently only available through Bates Sons & Daughters.

Caladium ‘Autumn Beauty’ (full sun or shade) Height: tall

The chartreuse leaves, some with slight variegation, have bold maroon veins which make this caladium quite distinctive. Some leaves have a rust color mixed with the chartreuse, providing lots of character for this large fancy leaf variety. Only available through Bates Sons & Daughters.

Caladium ‘Pearl Blush’ (full sun or shade) Height: short

‘Pearl Blush’ is a white strap leaf variety identifiable from its hint of pink color veining from the center. It has dark green margins and creamy “pearl” speckled with green as it’s prominent color. | 15

ssic Caladiums a l C


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Caladium ‘Allure’

(prefers shade, but will tolerate 6 - 8 hours of morning sun) Height: intermediate to tall A fancy-leaved 2015-16 introduction, ‘Allure’ was introduced to address the two main shortcomings of Candidum and Candidum Senior. Unlike Candidum, ‘Allure’ will not turn green when de-eyed and unlike Candidum Senior which is a cream white in color, ‘Allure’ is a brighter purer white. ‘The growth habit of Allure’ is improved with de-eyeing. It presents itself well either as a stand-alone specimen plant or as part of a patio or combination pot.

Caladium ‘Burning Heart’ (shade or full sun) Height: intermediate

A bronze fancy leaf variety with pink to orange spots and represents a completely new color for caladiums. It scored high in the 2013 pot trials around the country. ‘Burning Heart’ has good pot habit but fills the pot better when de-eyed. ‘Burning Heart’ has short pot crop time and makes a good 6” and larger pot as well as combination planters.

Caladium ‘Chinook’ A 2015 introduced strap leaf variety, ‘Chinook’ is a salmon pink variety with a green border. ‘Chinook’ scored high in the 2013 confidential trials across the U.S. and has a good pot habit with relatively short crop time. ‘Chinook’ makes a good 4” and larger pot or basket and is a great border plant in combination or patio planters and in landscape beds.


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Caladium ‘Freckles’

(full sun tolerant) Height: intermediate to tall A 2015-16 fancy-leaved introduction. Due to its Thai breeding, ‘Freckles’ has a unique appearance with a dark green background, large bright red splotches and pink spots. ‘Freckles’ is full sun tolerant. Somewhat similar to the favorite classic variety ‘Painter’s Pallet’, ‘Freckles’ is sure to be a hit. De-eyeing improves its pot habit. ‘Freckles’ works great in combination pots or patio planters.

Caladium ‘Radiance’

(up to 8 hours full sun tolerance) Height: short to intermediate A 2014 pink fancy-leaved introduction, ‘Radiance’ has a bright intense rose pink center transitioning to light pink and white with pink spots and a green margin. ‘Radiance’ is often shiny and scored well in the 2015 Costa trials in Miami with both consumers and commercial audiences. ‘Radiance’ makes excellent 4” and larger pots with or without de-eyeing.

Caladium ‘Southern Charm’ A 2016 fancy-leaved introduction with a grayed white background and burgundy red veins, ‘Southern Charm’ is a real eye catcher. ‘Southern Charm’ has unusually thick leaves, for a fancy leaved variety. ‘Southern Charm’ makes a great specimen plant and it works well in combination/ patio containers. De-eye tubers for better pot habit. People who have seen ‘Southern Charm’ often comment that it is their new favorite caladium variety. | 17

Impatiens hawkeri (New Guinea impatiens)

Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Blush’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Compact Lavender’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Deep Orange’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Deep Pink’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Magenta’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Orange’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Pink’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Purple’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Red’ Impatiens hawkeri ’Sun Harmony Salmon’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Scarlet’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Vivid Pink’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony Violet’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘Sun Harmony White’ Sun Harmony Series (full sun) Height: 16 to 20” Spread: 16 to 20” Hardy to USDA zone 11

Danziger’s sun and heat tolerant New Guinea Impatiens ‘Sun Harmony’ series just keeps growing: featuring a palette of colors guaranteed to brighten any setting—whether in the strongest sun or milder partial shade locations. Even at the peak of summer, the plants remain covered in flowers. All of the varieties in the series feature highly branched, mounded, compact habits. Large, 2-in. rounded flowers are held above medium green leaves. Plants bloom profusely and continuously from early spring through fall. Pinching isn’t necessary when growing ‘Sun Harmony’ impatiens. PGRs may be needed in production.


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Compact Lavender


Deep Pink

Deep Orange







Vivid Pink



White | 19

Pink Splash

Petunia hybrida

Littletunia® ‘Pink Splash’ Littletunia® ‘Red Fire’ Littletunia® ‘Violet’ Littletunia® ‘Bicolor Bliss’ Red Fire

Littletunia® Series (full or partial sun) Height: 6 to 12” Spacing: 6 to 12”

Ideal for small pots, hanging baskets and mixed containers, Littletunia® flowers continuously from early Spring to Autumn. Littletunia, a miniatureflower petunia hybrid. Expect a mounded profusion of continuous color all spring, summer and fall. Varieties are well established in the marketplace and universally known to growers for their garden performance, vigor, heat tolerance and improved disease resistance.

Bicolor Bliss

NOTES Vilolet

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Petunia ‘AmoreTM Queen of Hearts’ Petunia ‘AmoreTM Fiesta’ Petunia ‘AmoreTM Joy’ Petunia ‘AmoreTM Mio’ AmoreTM Series With a semi-trailing growth habit, AmoreTM produce an abundance of large flowers. Each color is patterned with a heart-shaped design and has a long flowering period. An excellent plant for pots, baskets and mixed container use.

Queen of Hearts




Petunia hybrida

CascadiusTM ‘Indian Summer’ With a spreading to mounded plant habit, CascadiusTM withstands unfavorable weather conditions well, is well-branched and maintains full-bloom all season long. | 21

Lobularia ‘Bicolor Pink Stream’ Lobularia ‘Deep Lavender Stream’ Lobularia ‘Lavender Stream’ Lobularia ‘Purple Stream’ Lobularia ‘Raspberry Stream’ Lobularia ‘White Stream’ With a floriferous, ball-shaped plant structure, this plant has a wonderful scent of honey. The ‘Stream’ series was bred to be heat tolerant and are well controlled in nature. They make a great addition to combination pots and blend well with other varieties. Lobularia ‘Stream’ has the garden performance to be planted as a bedding accent plant in the garden. They can handle early to late season and will add a scent of spring to any planting and in the garden center. Pests and funguses are something that needs to be protected against as with all plant species.

Bicolor Pink Stream

Purple Stream

Deep Lavendar Stream

Raspberry Stream

NOTES Lavendar Stream

22 |

White Stream

Impatiens hawkeri (New Guinea impatiens)

Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding Cherry’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding Coral Aurora’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding Fire Red’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding Purple’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding Salmon’ Impatiens hawkeri ‘SunStanding White Cloud’

SunStanding Series

(Full Sun or Partial Shade) Height: 6 to 10” Spread: up to 24”



Coral Aurora


Fire Red

SunStanding is outstanding anywhere! This interspecific NGI line brings versatility to the landscape market with its adaptability to sun and shade. The ‘SunStanding’ series of New Guinea impatiens from Dümmen Orange has been carefully selected for compact uniformity without PGR requirements. Brand new, vibrant color selections for 2017 complement the already diverse color assortment. The series thrives in a wide variety of planting locations and is unaffected by downy mildew.

White Cloud | 23



Canna ‘CannaSol Cleo’ Canna ‘CannaSol Lily’ Canna ‘CannaSol Carmen’ TM CannaSol Series Height: 13.5 to 16”

CannaSol™ is a complete new series of Canna for the pot. The CannaSol™ collection is made up of a large assortment of varieties, in a wide range of colors. The compact growing habit, virus-free stock, self-cleaning flowers, re-blooming habit with large flowers makes this series a wonderful collection for the patio or garden. The CannaSol™ collection is a result of a large breeding program, and varieties are well tested. CannaSol™ is only reproduced through tissue culture.


Portulaca ‘Cupcake Cherry Baby’ Portulaca ‘Cupcake Yellow Chrome’ Portulaca ‘Cupcake Carrot’ Cupcake Series (full sun) Height: 6 to 10” Spread: up to 24”


24 |

With record-breaking hot summers, the Portulaca ‘Cupcakes’ series is a great plant for use. They do more than simply tolerate heat and drought, they seem to thrive in hot temperatures.


River Walk

Coleus ’Main Street River Walk’TM Coleus ’Main Street Wall Street’ TM Coleus ’Main Street Fifth Avenue’ TM Main Street Series Height: up to 16” Spacing: 8”-15” in garden beds. Pots and baskets can be planted more densely.

‘Mainstreet River Walk’™ Coleus has bright green leaves with distinctive chartreuse veins. ‘River Walk’ is great for getting that ‘Electric Lime’ coloration in a more compact plant. It shines when it is setting off other coleus in the Main Street series in pots or as a border plant. ‘Main Street Wall Street’™ Coleus has a vibrant rusty orange color, tidy habit, and excellent branching. Great for pots and borders. For best results grow in part sun, but it will usually tolerate full sun for part of the day. ‘Main Street Fifth Avenue’™ has attractive serrated and pointy leaves. It is mahogany to purple with a hot pink center and barely noticeable lime green edges. Bushy and compact, it is a great coleus for pots and to use when edging a border. It is very sturdy and a good grower. For best results, grow in part shade – but will tolerate full sun for part of the day.

Fifth Avenue Wall Street | 25


Ipomoea ‘Floramia Cameo’ Ipomoea ‘Floramia Rosso’ Ipomoea ‘Floramia Limon’ Floramia Series


(full sun)

‘Floramia’ are extremely tough, heat-loving, resilient and moderately-vigorous in growth habit. These three new ipomoea are ideal for ground cover or for use in combinations. They have compact growth and the series offers a wide range of colors and textures which pair well with pinks, reds and purples in the landscape.



26 |


Catharanthus roseus

Vinca ‘F1 Solar Avalanche Apricot’ Vinca ‘F1 Solar Avalanche Burgundy’ Vinca F1 Solar Avalanche Violet’ Vinca ‘F1 Solar Avalanche Rose’ Solar Avalanche Series (sun) Height: 6 to 8” Spread: 18 to 24”

This series provides prolific flowers with large, overlapping petals perfect for hanging baskets and for trailing applications. Ideal for packs and pot production, ‘F1 Solar Avalanche’ can also be utilized as the “spiller” component in mixed containers, and make a good landscape cover too!



Rose | 27

Cineraria maritima (Dusty Miller) ‘Quicksilver’ Height: 8 to 10” Spread: 10 to 12”

An experimental new dusty miller with a more compact, free-branching habit than the traditionally used varieties. Great for its silvercolored foliage, it is widely used for accents in the landscape and for container uses, as it is a tough plant requiring little care. Anticipated release is for the 2017-18 season.

Gazania rigens ‘Enorma Orange with Ring’ Gazania rigens ‘Enorma Red with Ring’ Height: 14 to 16” Spread:16 to 18”

Large flowered, moderate plant size with glossy, dark green foliage is more disease resistant than fuzzyleafed types in humid climates, like Florida, because foliage does not trap water. For Central and South Florida, this makes an excellent winter annual. The series is comprised of 6 colors, Orange, Vanilla, Yellow, Orange with ring, Red with ring, and Yellow with ring, plus a Formula Mixture.


28 |

Lavandula multifida ‘Blue Torch’(sun) Height: 24 to 30” Spread: 20 to 24” USDA Zones:8 to 10

Commonly known as Lavender Blue Torch, this is an experimental plant from Hem Genetics anticipated for release in 2017-18. Beautiful grey fern-like foliage topped with lavender blue flowers on tall accent plants. This lavender takes the heat a bit better than traditional lavender species, and while it won’t be happy through our summers, it should survive to re-flower again fall thru spring. This is a test for heat survivability.

Petunia grandiflora ‘F1 Limbo GP Mix’ also known as ‘F1 Heather’s Mixture’ Height: 8 to 10” Spread:16 to 20”

Petunia ‘F1 Heather’s Mixture’ is a beautiful combination of the two Petunia grandiflora varieties Limbo *GP* Violet and Limbo *GP* Rose and the creation of Disney Horticultural color guru Heather Will-Browne. It is named as a tribute to Heather for her passion in promoting horticulture and gardening throughout her 45 years at Walt Disney World, and, participation in and as a judge for the All-America Selections (AAS). Heather has worked with all of the floral breeding companies to trial and select the best flowers for use in the Orlando/ Disney theme parks and resorts. She is well respected for her knowledge of the effective use of innovative color combinations in the landscape. | 29

Tagetes patula

French Marigold ‘Chica Flame’ Height: 10 to 12” Spread: 10 to 12”

One of the top selling bedding plants for heat performance, ‘Chica Flame’ is a new color addition to the large-flowered French Marigold ‘Chica’ series. Perfect for packs, small pots to 4” or quart pots, ‘Chica’ takes drought very well. ‘Chica’ series has larger full-crested, double flowers and out-shows other French Marigolds in it’s class, such as ‘Hero’ or ‘Bonanza.’

Viola ‘F1 Corina Terracotta’ Height: 6 to 8” Spread:12 to 16”

A new color to the ‘Corina’ series of Violas, ‘F1 Corina Terracotta’ is a unique color. Plants are compact, mounding in habit and produce flowers prolifically all season. Great in Florida from October thru April/ May, Violas last longer than traditional pansies in the landscape. Ideal for packs and pots, ‘Corina’ can also be utilized in mixed containers.


30 |





Soiree® Series Catharanthus ‘Crown Pink’ (Full Sun) Height: 6-10” Spread: 12-18”

Soiree® Crown has gorgeously-ridged petals shaped like a queen’s crown. These regal gems will light up any garden with their full flower coverage. The vivid colors and deep glossy green foliage are attention grabbers. It keeps its upright habit all summer long, has no leggy branches, and has tons of flower power.

Catharanthus ‘Double Pink’ Catharanthus ‘Double White’ (Full Sun) Height: 6-10” Spread: 12-18”

Soiree® Double blooms have two distinct layers of frilly petals, lighting up any garden with their amazing flower coverage, vivid colors, and deep green, glossy foliage. It keeps its habit all summer long, has no leggy branches and has tons of impact. | 31



Soiree® Series Catharanthus ‘Ka-wa-i-i Coral’ Catharanthus ’Ka-wa-i-i Lavender‘ Catharanthus ‘Ka-wa-i-i Pink’ (full sun) Height: 6-10” Spread: 12-18”

Soiree Ka-wa-i-i® are micro-blooming Catharanthus which will light up any garden with their amazing flower coverage. Vivid, eye-drawing colors accompany its deep glossy green foliage. It has no leggy branches and keeps its upright habit all summer long.


32 |

Dipladenia ‘Sundenia Coral’ (full sun)

Sundenia® dipladenia offers the large flowers consumers love in mandevillas but on a compact, manageable plant. Sundenia® flowers are 3” to 5” in diameter – double the size of a typical dipladenia. Colors include Red, White and Coral. Foliage is glossy and green. Sundenia® are ideal as patio pots, hanging baskets, for use on balconies, in window boxes, as bedding plants and even as houseplants.

Mandevilla ‘Sun Parasol Designer White’ (full sun)

The beginning of an exciting new series of mandevilla hybrids from Suntory® Collection: The first bedding plant mandevillas are naturally compact and look exquisite in planted landscapes. They are typically bred in 4” pots and are known for ease-of-growing and higher disease resistance. | 33




COLLECTION Rosa ‘Sunrosa Orange Delight’ Rosa ‘Sunrosa Red’ (full sun)

Sunrosa™ roses are an exciting new series from the Suntory® Collection. Sunrosa™ roses are beautiful, compact and bushy. They are highly disease resistant and are low maintenance with long flowering period. Due to their compact habit, Sunrosa™ is ideal for small to medium landscape spaces and patio containers. They need less pruning than typical shrub roses. Due to their high disease resistance, they are easy to care for.


34 |

Lantana ‘Bandito® Orange Sunrise’ (full sun) Height: up to 12” Spread: up to 18”

Bred by Syngenta for compact growth habit and maximum greenhouse efficiency. Its flowers are yellow and orange giving visual interest. It is highly sterile.

Lantana ‘Bandana® Landscape Yellow’ (full sun) Height: up to 18” Spread: up to 36”

Bred by Syngenta for improved branching, this plant has bright yellow flowers. This cultivar is an excellent choice for season-extending sales. It is highly sterile. | 35

Lantana ‘Luscious® Marmalade’ (full sun) Height: up to 18” Spread: up to 40”

‘Luscious® Marmalade’ is marketed by Proven Winners for its flower power and landscape performance. This plant has a mounding growth habit. Flowers are orange and highly sterile.

Lantana ‘Pink Caprice’ (full sun) Height: up to 40” Spread: up to 60”

An old Lantana camera cultivar which is extremely vigorous, weedy and invasive. Plants can produce thousands of berries per plant in a year. It is highly fertile and invasive.


36 |

Lantana ‘UF-T3’ (full sun) Height: up to 18” Spread: up to 36”

Bred by the University of Florida for sterility and non-invasiveness, this variety features yellow/red flowers which are highly sterile, maintaining sterility across Florida.

Lantana ‘UF-T4’ (full sun) Height: up to 18” Spread: up to 36”

Bred by the University of Florida for sterility and non-invasiveness, this plant blooms year-around. With its yellow/pink flowers, it is highly sterile. | 37


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2016 Florida Flower Trials | Hosted by #FNGLA  

FNGLA's Floriculture Field Days | 2016 Plant Trial Guide Book: A guide to top national breeder plants available or soon-to-be-available for...