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Revitalization of an Okanagan Fishery October 3, 2012 Presentation by Richard Bussanich, Biologist Okanagan Nation Alliance

Vision: Tradition, Fish and Water for our people yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Purpose: To conserve, protect, restore and enhance indigenous fisheries and aquatic resources within Okanagan territory.

Overview Elements  Value Creation  Brand Management  Fisheries Portfolio(Artisanal)

Value Creation (Prahlad et al. (2004)

The V in QVS

Responsible Trade Respect | Relevance | Relations

Okanagan Salmon Value Hubs Cultural Events Food, Health and Food Security

Environmental Services/Credits

Salmon Intellectual Property



Rules of Value Creation INVEST ASSETS FROM INVESTORS  to Generate Future Assets at Increasing Rates of Return (Benefit to Cost)

Example: Spawner Return = 2-20 offspring for every one adult, for Seven Generations

Value Metrics – Measure it! • Share Holders Based Model: (community, investors, members) Return to Shareholder: Funds for fishery revitalization/habitat (e.g. 5- 10%)

• Employment Increase, attraction-retention

• Information Training, Patents, Goodwill, Repository

• Procurement Lake to plate

• • • •

Return on Investment Market Share Region Cost of Capital Price to Earning Ratio

<24 hrs > 10-15% food service > 25%

< 7% > 15:1

Overcoming Adversity CHALLENGE


Product form: Fish is too small, too coloured

Whole, fresh foodservice, market blush, culinary product development

Skilled labour pool, poor infrastructure

Funding, and inter-tribal network (ISPA)

Scale during â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;weak yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, catch efficiency Inter-tribal trade (rotate rivers), robust vessel. Broker price fixing, no bargaining power, sole sourcing, multi-year agreements

Broker own deals, Create buzz of multi-party bids, real time

Cash flow

Leveraging services (cost benefit-sharing agreements, i.e. Codfathers, Spirit Ridge, Trollers)

Competition threats, industry concentration

Competitor to Collaborator, exclusive agreement (prevent switching), sales agreements


1. Community (Producer Group), 2. Product Group (River) 3. Product Line (species, form)

Model: Relationships Legitimacy Long-term RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: • “The story”: Product is not just a fish… • Meaningful: What is your way? • Limited stock, limited availability, exclusivity

TOOLKIT • Primary survey questionnaire • Taste panel (focus groups) • Observational studies (in-store demos) • Expert referral-audit • Client relations management system • Customer audits • Co-branding • Cross merchandising

Key Success Factors  Innovation in local ‘processing’ hubs  Wide range of offering to clients as pertaining to attractive products and packaging, focus on quality and customer needs  Value added for the customer constantly seeking quality products, full traceability and increased control of raw material quality, tailor made products, and enable building strong origin stories  Focus on convenient packing solutions for retailers and consumers  Growth achieved through solid partnerships with retail chains and hotel/conference centers.

Trade Development Mission Local Flavours Signature Streams/Destination Fishery  Earls Restaurant (Western Canada) 2011

 Choices Market (Western Canada) 2011-2012  Bell Star Hotel & Resorts (Western Canada) 2012  Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association 2012  Okanagan Chef’s Association (Member) 2012  Slow Food International  Member:Turin Italy October 2012,  Convivium South Okanagan April 2013

Branding Definition: The promise of the bundles of attributes that someone buys and provides satisfaction... The attributes that make up a brand may be real or illusory, rational or emotional, tangible or invisible.

Marketing Mix

Brand Description

Brand Strength

Competitive Advantage

• Product

• Sales (Switching)

• Market Power

• Price

• Image

• Promotion

• Qualitative

• Place


• Market Share (competitor Entry) • Quantitative

• Brand Vale • Added Value • Profit

Tag Statements: Okanagan Sockeye Salmon Select • Wild, Local, Sustainable, OceanWise approved • Responsible Trade Salmon

• Lake-to-Plate in less than 24 hours • A good news story:”Cause to come back”

• Available…First time in over 75 years • Partial proceeds to fish conservation * local jobs • Okanagan’s best kept secret!

Brand Management System Lessons Learned • • • •

• • • • • •

adapt, improvise, overcome attitude branding ISPA without cannibalism of ONA brand gain scale without becoming bureaucratic alter the way products packaged and sold (reinvent, fresh approach) advisory committee (technical expertise) second is best (case study approach) less is more (portion size, packaging, footprint) decision making at front line assist partners to improve systems commitment to long term

River Select First Nation Vision: QVS River Branding Inland Salmon Fisheries Vision Statement: To promote inland salmon fisheries, the river fishing cultures, and the high quality natural and wholesome food that is produced, as certifiably sustainable, healthy, and good value.

Interactive Web Atlas Northern Shuswap – Quesnel Select Our vision is for all the fish species— Chinook, sockeye, and pinks – to rebound to a healthy stock. Efforts include working with a variety of groups on the lower Fraser to allow marine fish to migrate towards their inland fishery to meet the needs of: conservation and rebound of all fish stocks; food, social and ceremonial needs; and economic and recreational opportunities. The inland fishery uses a variety of sustainable best fishing practices such as: dip net, fish wheel, beach seine and purse seine. We have employed specialized fishing techniques for 5000 years; salmon being our most important food source for over 2000 years. The Shuswap People inhabited a vast geographical region. Highly specialized economic trade was developed. Our traditional steward relationship to the land includes jurisdiction and management of large tracts of the Fraser River, the surrounding area and watersheds. Today, the entire community still participates in an annual traditional celebration known as the First Fish Ceremony. © One Wild Earth

How Do We Multi-brand? © One Wild Earth

© Kevin Dunn

Artisanal Fishing in BC


Artisanal Fishery (No Agreed Definition WTO) VALUE FACTORS • • • • •

Poverty alleviation Food security Social development Improve sustainable practices/protocol Preservation of fishing lifestyles, culture, language


Category Physical Attributes

Pattern of Fishing

Social Structure Economic Condition



Type of Vessel

Canoe, Dory

Vessel Size

Short (< 10m) light

Vessel Motor Fishing Gear

Unmotorized or small engine Manual or small nets, passive, low tech

Location of land base


Location of fishery

In shore Inland

Target type

Multi species

Of fishery

Traditional Clan (Community)

Fishery enterprise


Family crew, owner on board

Market orientation

Direct consumption, local market

Income level

Subsistence or very poor

Eco-Guiding Pilot – Osoyoos Lake

Project Objectives: The project’s goal is to improve the incomes and livelihoods of Okanagan Members and Rural© ONA Stakeholders. Its development objective is to increase the returns from fish sales for artisanal fisheries and small market operators on a sustainable basis.

Program Elements • Designated fisher cards, non-Okanagan members • Definition of gifting = preparing fish, payment of fish • Guide Trainees /Catch observers on board • Cultural interpreters (Okanagan Fishers) • Co-management between DFO and ONA (fishing plan, catch

reporting) © ONA • One landing site at Spirit Ridge Campground all catches

observed by OIB fisheries tech, Fish Market • Succession Plan to local service provider

Economic Fishing Locations


Eco-Guiding Pilot – Osoyoos Lake • 14 days of guiding = 7 guide trips ($3500) + $14,000 in fish sales + 8 guides in training • Support development of higher value fish (from $10 per fish to $450 per fish • Developing direct market sales (Spirit Ridge, Osoyoos) lake to plate in less than 24 hrs • Establish a value chain program to finance training and community mobilization (community economic cutting kitchens, © ONA market infrastructure (ice machine, POS brick-mortar) • Attracting financial investment, Developing financial services for fishers (All Nations Trust), Cost benefit sharing Codfathers Seafood

First Nation Guide Outfitters Tours • Pictou Landing First Nation (Nova Scotia) • Tsleil-Waututh Nation (Vancouver) • Haida • The Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal© Council (NTC) ONA

Lim Limpt

FOR MORE INFORMATION Richard Bussanich, Biologist Toll Free 1.866.662.9609

2pm PANEL - Industrial Case Study - RICHARD BUSSANICH  
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