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Strategies for Moving Forward Presentation to the National Aboriginal Fisheries Forum 11 Nanaimo –October 3, 2012

Context • Summary of the key messages from the other speakers • Key “ take away” messages • Moving Forward


Summary of messages from other speakers • John Sutcliffe – Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters • Diane Couture – Transport Canada • Allan Tobey – AICFI-PICFI • Gina Mackay – Fish Safe


Key ‘ Take Away ‘ messages • There are long term employment opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in wild capture fisheries • Fishing is a dangerous occupation and to seize these opportunities training especially safety related training is essential


Moving Forward •

There is a need to build on the training plans that are in place in Atlantic Canada and British Colombia and establish plans where needed with the goal of training new entrants and to advance the careers of those already in the industry

We need to build networks which aligns the resources of the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Strategy holders , DFO Aboriginal fisheries programs , training providers , educational institutions , Transport Canada and others to support these plans Investments are need in the following; - essential skills training - safety training - at sea training - mentor and job coaches and meeting the Transport Canada certification

In the development of a Canadian Aboriginal fisheries labour force ,we should set some measurable goals for recruitment into the industry and career advancement both at the regional and national levels 5

1130 am - Strategies for Moving Forward - KEN DONNELLY - ENGLISH  
1130 am - Strategies for Moving Forward - KEN DONNELLY - ENGLISH