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ponsorship Perth Wildcats S Living Expo Regional Victoria s Bike Ride Ride for Sick Kid

First National

SOCIAL EXPRESS Average monthly increase in engagement, impressions and reach of all First National Social Express subscribers since on-boarding




Includes - Facebook fans, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram followers


Social Express

Engagement increased



Impressions increased by


Total local Facebook impressions, less paid impressions and Facebook impressions from Foursquare Checkins

Includes local Facebook engagements, Foursquare Checkins, tips & photos, Instagram photos, local tweets


Reach increased by

Total local Facebook reach, less paid reach and Facebook reach from Foursquare Checkins


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First National regular d n a n o ti a rm eful tips, info s u h it w d e k c Pa d business a n a ff ta s r u o y e months 2 1 t updates to giv x e n e th r boost. Ove performance aluable tips to v re o m h s u p we’ll ance & rm o rf e p and beyond, r u o y ne to help lift o h p rt a m s r u yo arketplace. m e th in n io it pos




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Your Comp






Tel 9707 Tel 9705 6000 Tel 5941 4888 4444






Quarterly Suburb Market Reports

Investment Information Night Bus Advertising

Responding effectively to customer social media comments

Monthly One on One Staff Meetings

Promote your current Vacancy Rate to gain new business




Agent Calculator App Exclusively designed for First National Real Estate members, Agent Calculator takes into account the most common questions asked by prospective property owners and purchasers.

Agent Calculator includes: Australia-wide and New Zealand Commission Calculators | Australia-wide and New Zealand Stamp Duty Calculators with all Australian State concession discounts | Rental Yield Calculator to easily advise property investors of their potential returns | Contract Date Calculator | Feet to Metres Converter | Acres to Hectares Converter | M2 to Squares Converter 5 | NATIONAL

Fi rs t Nati on al

Property Management Reporter App

Exclusive to First National Real Estate, Property Management Reporter App includes: • Multiple user access and report locking device • Faster, smoother operation • More reporting functions • Regular updates and extra features • Suitable for Windows PC’s and Mac desktops • One fee per office, unlimited user access • No expensive cloud based storage costs


| 6


CA$H It’s been great to be a part of this campaign… we have continued to promote the competition & encourage people to enter via our website, Facebook page & weekly newsletter - via Utopia. The competition has increased activity on our Facebook page. Di Wagner - Principal First National Mission Beach


CAMPAIGN PERIOD 1 July – 29 November OVER


Buyer Leads



Seller Leads


500 Property

Management Leads banner advertising was


viewed times and attracted

2,790 clicks banner advertising was


viewed times and attracted

10,087 clicks Facebook ads were displayed

34,519,674 times and returned

13,511 clicks

19,208 'Likes' on all QLD Facebook pages

5,345 new 'Likes' on

all QLD Facebook pages Air time for regional TV

9 weeks

Winners Major $5,000 prize winner Week 22 First National Caloundra - Linda Boyd-Lind $500 prize winners Week 1

First National Chinchilla - Azha Bowe

Week 2

First National Carolans - Kate Kozina

Week 3

First National Rochedale - Tahnee Webb

Week 4

First National Gladstone - Rodd Underwood

Week 5

First National Springwood - Meredith

Week 6

First National Runcorn - Linda Tang

Week 7

First National Action Reality Ipswich - Alyssa Charlick

Week 8

First National Cairns Central - Christine Sacagio

Week 9

First National Westside - Jacinta Exeter

Week 10

First National Biloela - Nicole Seagrott

Week 11

First National Nerang - Alex Gorgievski

Week 12

First National Magnetic Island - Julie Taylor

Week 13

First National Oxenford - Nick Milillo

Week 14

First National Mudgeeraba - Heater Anderson

Week 15

First National Bribie Island - Teresa Watson

Week 16

First National Ferny Hills - Monique Lacy

Week 17

First National Sarina - Cathy Goode

Week 18

First National Whitsunday Coast - Alexandra Taylor

Week 19

First National Palm Beach – Tamara Verhoeven

Week 20

First National Springfield - Hanamoa Ekeroma

Week 21

First National Mission Beach - Sarah Smallman

Week 22

First National Dickies - Gerald Morhett QUEENSLAND

| 8

s r e n in W y a w a e iv G h s Crazy Ca r

inne W e z i jor Pr




| 10


Principal Mike Brady of First National Gunnedah and Senior Constable Damien Wood from the Gunnedah sector of the Oxley LAC NSW Police Service drew the winning entry NEW SOUTH WALES

| 12

PERTH WILDCATS SPONSORSHIP Benefits 3 tickets for members to attend a home game Media release announcing sponsorship locally TV exposure on One HD, ABC, 7, 9 and Fox Sports First National branding on Perth Wildcats website

First National branding on coaching and support staff polos Head coach attendance at four West Australia First National events eFooter/Signature to use on staff emails

8 ‘Basketball Clinics’ across the state attended by coach and players

100 Bronze Seats that WA Council will distribute for use in social media campaigns

eCard in Utopia to promote to your database

Home games that average 10,000 fans


Three inner sanctum tours 15% discount on tickets Training sessions with head coach Trevor Gleeson A complimentary bumper sticker

HIGHLIGHTS • Total views for television advertising 2012/13 season

6,824,030 • The Perth Wildcats average attendance of 11,292 for the 2012/13 season was higher than AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, A-League, T20 Big Bash League • 30,136 Facebook likes at July 2013 • 10,257 Twitter followers at July 2013 WESTERN AUSTRALIA

| 14

For the second consecutive year, First National partnered with the Victorian Government as official sponsor.



| 16

s d i K k c i S r o Ride F 24 – 30 AUG

In August, Victorian members supported the cyclists participating in Ronald McDonald House’s ‘Ride for Sick Kids’ - a fundraising bike ride through remote, picturesque and at times challenging terrain in Victoria 17 | VICTORIA


Cyclists participated including First National members


Over 7 days

In excess of

$1 million was raised


| 18

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