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Every Drop Counts In light of the water restrictions sweeping our country, homeowners need to be proactive when it comes to water conservation. By ensuring your property is ‘water friendly’, you will not only help to save the environment and reduce your household costs, but you will also improve the value and attractiveness of your home should you be selling it now or in the near future. Take our quick quiz to see how water friendly you are. 1. Have you recently checked and fixed leaking taps around your home? 2. Have you installed a flow regulator on your taps? 3. Do you use cold water more than hot water? 4. Do you have a low-flow shower rose? 5. Do you use the half-flush more than the full-flush? 6. Do you turn off the tap in between brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth? 7. Do you wait until you have a full-load before you turn the washing machine on? 8. Do you use a drip irrigation system to water your garden? 9. Do you use greywater to water your garden? 10. Do you have a rainwater tank?

If you scored: 1 – 4: Oh no! You’re wasting hundreds of litres of water a day. Please read below for ten tips on how to reduce your water usage at home. 5 – 6: You’re on your way to saving our planet! Good work! 7 – 10: Each day you are saving our planet. Well done!

Saving Water and Energy Consumption


Turn off the tap

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, and fill the sink with a small amount of warm water when rinsing your razor. This will save litres of water per minute!



Install flow regulators

Install a AAA, low- flow showerhead

One simple way to reduce water usage is by fitting a AAA, lowflow water saving nozzle in your shower. By having a shorter shower with this type of showerhead you will easily reduce your water consumption and energy footprint.


Wait until you have a full load

Flow regulators control the amount of water coming out of your tap. They are ideal in high water usage areas and are very easy to install, allowing you to halve the amount of unnecessary water and energy consumption.

Try waiting until you have a full load before using the dishwasher and washing machine. Not only will this reduce your work load, it will also save water and energy use.



Only use the half-flush

By only using the half-flush button on the toilet, you can save many litres of water.


Install a drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation systems are the most water efficient, delivering a controlled trickle of water to the roots of plants at a low pressure. If properly installed, homeowners can use up to 75% less water than they would use with sprinklers.

Check for leaks

Checking for leaking taps or pipes is an easy way to reduce water wastage in your home. If you do have a leak, you may need to replace the washer. Purchase from your local hardware store.



Install a greywater system


Install a rainwater tank

Greywater systems utilise the water discharged from household appliances and fixtures such as showers and washing machines then distribute it throughout your garden. If professionally installed, greywater systems can be a safe and beneficial way of accessing extra water for the garden. Talk to a licensed plumber and your local council about the feasibility and requirements of a greywater system.

Rainwater tanks have come a long way. There are now tanks that can be fitted under verandas and decking, thin and sleek modular tanks that can be fitted to rear or side walls, virtually disappearing from view, and a range of above and below ground interconnecting tanks that provide very substantial amounts of water.

Use cold water

Try using cold water instead of warm water for washing clothes. This will save the energy of heating water.

Whether you are selling, buying or investing, First National Real Estate can help with a series of informative guides. To obtain your free copy just call 1800 032 332 or visit our website.



Saving Water and Energy Consumption burniefirstnational. Whether you are selling, buying or investing, First National Real Estate can...

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