The Bridge: September-October 2022

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Fueling Our Future unveils Master Workf F

ueling Our Future (FOF) is unveiling new developments in a Master Workforce & Talent Strategy for the region. This comes after a formal evaluation of community feedback and review of the findings that were released on Monday, July 25. The Master Workforce & Talent Strategy has identified four specific goals.


Goal One Develop and fund a systemic approach to align workforce efforts region wide

With each of these goals come several strategic and actionable steps. These steps, the research and stakeholder engagement findings can be found in the full report at “We are really excited about the future of this region,” remarked Chamber President & CEO Shannon Full. “I have been in FMWF for 18 months now and every day I am impressed by what we have to offer here. I believe that through significant strategic partnerships and better leveraging of our relationships and resources, we have all of the necessary components needed to elevate us to the next level.”


Goal Two Expand and retain the regional labor pool

“Last summer, we held a major FOF retreat with business and community leaders and had the opportunity to level-set our education as leaders,” said GFMEDC President & CEO Joe Raso. “We heard impactful and educational presentations about the economy, demographics, trends and workforce. Then we had a half-day discussion that organically centered all around workforce development. Fueling Our Future was challenged to dig deeper to find ways to better work together, review all of the data that was shared and set a course of action for our region. That work has been done and it is now time to dig into this in a meaningful way.”


Goal three Prime the workforce pipeline

You can view a video of the full July 25 event and learn more about Fueling Our Future by using the QR code.


Goal Four Enhance and match adult skills


September-October 2022