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Birthday to ViDa! Happy Birthday

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Yup! ViDa turns two this August!


Two Website:

August 2012



emerged, and thus,



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satisfaction too! We would like to

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Life is what the newsletter is all

The first three issues of ViDa were

about: A monthly celebration of

actually called 'Forge of Prayer'.

our community's vibrant, dynamic,

The first issue was published on

active Life!

August 2010.

Cheers to ViDa! Cheers to

The original E-newsletter, 'Forge of

Verbum Dei Singapore!



of this




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ViDa was



requesting for prayers and



Following the Footsteps of St. Francis Xavier 4th- 5th August Malacca, Malaysia "Where does your compass needle point to? " Over the weekend, we brought a group of 31 young adults to Malacca. A place where the great missionary saint, St. Francis Xavier, laboured for some time and later his body was temporarily buried there. Through talks, games, sharing, etc., it was for the participants to discover that they, like St Francis Xavier, have a greater purpose, a greater love.


Continue... .

Sessions and Times of reflection Session2: Making a difference with your Life by Grace

Session 1: Love is the Direction of Life by Monika Session 3: Jesus, Friend and Home by Sandra

Session 4: MissionGo forth! by Michael



Malacca Amazing Race Participants, divided into groups, went to St. Paul's Hill and the surrounding areas where they had to solve clues that led them to different places and had to do various fun activities connected to the theme of life and love.

At A Famosa, using whatever things they had with them, participants had to build the highest structure

The lost boys...Trying their best to locate the Dutch Cemetery

Scramble time at Dutch Cemetery! Forming various words about 'Love' with letters At Christ Church Clock Tower, groups had to represent how they treasured time with creative poses

At St Paul's Hill, each group had to create a musical tune to a well-known prayer. They then had to perform for everyone!



Venturing with St. Francis in his missionary journeys

"The Amazing Race was an exciting and cleverly designed activity which included tasks that not only allowed us to learn about and follow the footsteps of St. Francis Xavier, but also promoted teamwork, cohesion and spiritual application to everyday life."

"This trip was very purposeful as it gave me a

~Peter Solomon

direction in my faith, and at the same time allowed me to walk on a journey with St. Francis Xavier"

~Sean James Emmanuel

"This trip helped me realised what was most important in life. Jesus is the One who can fill our hearts and make life more meaningful. I discovered what true peace and joy is." ~Joanne Koh

"The weekend was very helpful for me in finding meaning in my life. I was far away from home and this allowed me to be uncontactable and fully in prayer with God." ~ Benjamin Byrne


We had a gathering for those who went for the Malacca Trip. It was a relaxing evening of food, food and more food. We saw photographs of the trip which brought laughter and good memories. A truly fun bunch of people!

Yup...They roasted the chicken themselves!

International Food: From dumplings to tortilla de patata to lagsana, to fried bee hoon, rojak,...

Time to look at photos of the trip


1 Peter Retreat

25th August 2012

Monika preaching on 'God's Merciful Love'

Sandra on 'The Christian Attitude: Forgiveness'


National University of Singapore CSS Science Faculty Welcome Tea 15th August 2012 Catholic Science Faculty came to the Getting to know each other

house for their annual Welcome Tea where seniors and freshies got to meet and know each other better.

Introducing Science Committee and the events they did from August 2011 to August 2012


National University of Singapore Discernment Night 22nd August 2012 Time of the year again when the new Science committee was chosen to lead the academic year 2012-2013.

Taking time to discern how best to serve God in the new school year

New Science Committee for 2012-2013 Head: Rachel, Vice Head: Blanca and Grace, Secretary: Charmaine , Treasurer: Kenneth with Sandra who is the Science Spiritual Director

Good Bye to Science Committee 2011-2012! From Left: Audrey, Cassie, Sandra, Henry and Rachel


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