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Summer 2013

Join Us For Tuesday Night Track Workouts

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The Tulsa Running Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the benefits of running and walking by providing social, financial and moral support to Tulsa and the surrounding communities and to establish camaraderie among runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

Tulsa Running Club Contact Information

Interested in improving your speed?

Join us!

Would you like to meet other runners? Don’t miss our speedwork sessions at the University of Tulsa track on Tuesday evenings! All levels are welcome. See Page 8 for the fall track schedule. On the third Tuesday night of each month, the Tulsa Running Club provides snacks and refreshments at the park west of the TU track after the workout. You don’t want to miss it – bring a friend and join us!

TRC treats runners to refreshments after track workouts the third Tuesday of each month.

Fun times!

When: Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Where: University of Tulsa track (Sixth and Delaware)

Mail: P.O. Box 3304 Tulsa, OK 74101 E-mail: johnny.spriggs@ Web:

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Presidential Mumblings By Johnny Spriggs, TRC President This is a very exciting time for me and many others associated with the Tulsa Running Club. The TREAD is back!!! Thank you very much to Betsy Penturf and Kim McCall for their huge contribution of time and hard work to get us to this point. Thank you ladies, you are awesome. I have always thought that the TREAD and the weekly TU track workouts were the backbone of the Tulsa Running Club. I was voted in as president on May 6, after Shawna Simpson submitted her resignation. The TRC Board of Directors has changed some as well. Here are the current Directors: Darryl Stillson is President Elect, Bobby Bomer is Vice President, Robert Anquoe is Secretary, Steve Bourland, CPA, is Treasurer. Board Members are Bill McFaddin, Derek Jones, Frank Muller, Keith Landers and Kim McCall. We need more Directors, so please let me know if you would be interested in serving as a TRC Director. The question I have been asked most since May 6 is this: What does TRC do and what can TRC do for me? TRC directs the TRC Post Oak Lodge Challenge in February, partners with Special Olympics for the St. Patrick’s Day Run in March, directs the TRC Mohawk 5000, directs the TRC Von Franken Family Food Run every Thanksgiving, sponsors the aqua workouts at ORU every Monday night and the TU track workout every Tuesday night. TRC also donates money to the University of Tulsa, River Parks Authority, Tulsa Boys’ Home and the Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden.

What can you do for the Tulsa Running Club?

I have a question for all of you. What can you do for the Tulsa Running Club? Here is the TRC mission statement: The goal of the Tulsa Running Club (hereinafter “Club”) shall be to promote the benefits of running and walking by providing social, financial and moral support to the Tulsa and surrounding running communities and to establish camaraderie among runners and walkers of all abilities. I will be the first to admit that we are not doing a very good job of completing every aspect of the mission statement. If we are going to continue as a running club with that same mission statement, we have got to have your help. A dozen people cannot possibly do all of the work and volunteer all of the time that it will take to successfully accomplish the goals set forth in that mission statement. THE TULSA RUNNING CLUB WILL BE AND DO WHAT THE MEMBERSHIP OF TRC IS WILLING TO DO. You are probably thinking, What can I do? We need several more Board Members, you can volunteer at our events, we need over 100 volunteers for the Post Oak Lodge Challenge alone, Bobby Bomer and David Brennan need help at the TU track workouts and we need several dozen people to serve on committees. All you need to do is contact me at or contact any one of the other Directors. Let us know your area of interest and how much time you can volunteer. We will be very happy to put you to work making TRC a better club. Thank you very much,

Johnny Spriggs Note: Articles submitted for this publication are the opinion of the author.

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Do You Need a Mental Health Day? By Theresa Unruh, runner/nurse/blogger Most of us strive to stay healthy physically by eating right and working out. But often we neglect our mental wellbeing. Americans get fewer days off than most other countries. Many of us have an aversion to using our vacation time. We just feel too guilty about taking days off. We think our workplace will shut down if we’re not there to pull our weight. Others get a similar vibe (either real or perceived) from their managers or coworkers. Personally, this is true for me and I like to have a bunch of PTO hours in the bank "in case of emergency" because you never know what will happen. The truth is, this isn't very healthy! It's really pretty irrational. Our mental wellbeing is just as important as our physical health, yet we often neglect it. And if you think that others won't notice that you're starting to get burned out, just see how many coworkers or friends ask "Are you OK" or comment that "You look tired." Signs that you might need a vacation include: •Irritability •Fatigue •Insomnia •Inability to concentrate •Memory loss •Eye strain (from staring at a computer screen for a long stretch) •Dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep If neglected, too much stress or overwork without time off can lead to more serious health problems in the future. Yes, it’s admirable to plow through the mountain of work on your desk day in and day out. However, if you have any of the above symptoms, you mahy have to ask yourself if risking your health for the sake of your job is really worth it. So, finish up your current projects, tell the boss you'll be unavailable for a few days and ignore the work phone, e-mail, etc. Do something for you for a change! Chances are your work performance and those who’ve been putting up with your grumpy moods will thank you.


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The Non-Running Runner By Melissa Spille It all started with a little bit of pain on the top of my foot after a 14-mile endurance run. By the time I got to my chiropractor appointment two days later, it didn’t hurt anymore. I mentioned the pain, but since it quit hurting, I blew it off. The following week, we had another long endurance run and it started hurting again. At my next appointment, it had not stopped hurting. It was manipulated, we did ART and I tried to keep myself on the table while he worked at getting me fixed. Let me just say, that was not an easy task... there were needles involved. The Route 66 marathon was around the corner and my doctor suggested I get an MRI to see if we were dealing with a stress fracture or something muscular or fascia related. I chose to wait until after the race to get the MRI, of course. The MRI showed I had a fracture in the talus on my right ankle. Apparently, this is a terrible, terrible, terrible spot to fracture. There is not a lot of blood flow to this area, so healing is incredibly slow. It is also the bone that is normally injured during car accidents. I was going to be away from my beloved sport for a long, long, long time. It’s a little embarrassing not to have a great story associated with this injury. I was not outrunning a crazy driver that was trying to run me down so I wouldn’t testify at a super high profile court case. I was not in a disastrous roller coaster incident where I saved little girls and a puppy. I was just running down the street, like I do every weekend. There was no trauma. Twelve weeks. That was the best case scenario. I went to an ortho, just to make sure that was all I needed and surgery wasn’t required. Whew, it wasn’t. But I didn’t get out of the appointment without a little parting gift, of sorts. The kids thought it was pretty awesome. Being able to impress six little humans is something to be proud of, at least I think it is. I had two casts during the five weeks and my leg hair was allowed to grow without intervention. Gross. Thankfully, my toes were cute during this part of the process. Life on crutches those five weeks were rough. Let’s be honest, they were brutal. I went from running three times a week and practicing yoga three times a week to barely being able to get around my step-infested house. My spirit was more damaged than my ankle. My friends were going out on runs during my favorite part of the year for running…winter. I was going to miss all of the snow runs. I was going to miss never getting overheated. I was going to miss my friends. Christmas morning, I got myself downstairs to mosey around while we waited for all of the festivities. I didn’t put a shoe on my other foot. Insert Mr. Murphy here. That bone you see there is my pinky toe on my left foot. It’s supposed to be all nice and neat and, ya know, in one piece. Thank you Christmas angels. I was now in definite need of a handicap parking sticker.



Thankfully, my parents were coming into town that very day. I needed my momma. I had to crawl up the stairs to my room. I had to carefully hop down the step into our living room, which is connected to every other room in the house. I couldn’t stand long enough to cook dinner. I couldn’t chase our 2-year-old around the house. I couldn’t break up arguments without hollering to the other room. More than that, I couldn’t run. I couldn’t do anything for weeks. I was depressed about it, I was angry about it, I was jealous because of it and I had no stress outlet. Slowly, but surely, I have healed. My toe looks fine in an X-ray, although it still hurts a bit every now and then. My ankle, well, my ankle is functional right now. I’m cleared for walking, biking, yoga, etc. I’m just not cleared for running. I was even able to walk a leg of the OKC Marathon. I had imagined this fun-filled running comeback, where all of my running friends meet me at the river and run a commemorative mile with me. That sounded good at the time and that thought got me through some of the tougher days. I am blessed to have some of the best running buddies around. But now, as the time approaches, I’m feeling like I need to run that first attempt alone. What if I can’t do it? What if it hurts and I’m back to square one? What if my ankle rebukes my effort? What if, what if, what if? Part of me is so anxious to be able to run again. I want to be in a race. I want a medal. I want to train with my friends. I want to burn those stinkin’ calories! I want to release some daily stress. I want to feel like a runner again.

“I am blessed to have some of the best running buddies around.”

The other part of me is terrified I’ll be allowed to run again. I didn’t have an accident. I was just running when this happened. My brain tells me that it can happen again. I cannot imagine that first step with the intent to run. My brain imagines shooting pain up my leg as my ankle snaps. The truth is that a runner will probably get injured. A runner will probably heal up just fine. Our bodies are cool like that. Our brains,

on the other hand, can keep you sidelined forever. Now that I’ve been forced to give my body time to heal, I’m left inside my head. And let me tell you, for a non-running runner, that’s a terrible place to be trapped. Thank goodness for friends like this, that will do something dumb to bring a smile to your face and give you a good memory about this experience. Do you have a story you would like to share? If so, please send an e-mail to


Tuesday Night Track Workouts Fall 2013 Workout Schedule 

TrackWorkouts  0730 0806 0813 0820 0827  0903 0910 0917 0924  1001 1008 1015 1022*

1milewͲup/1miletimetrial(400rec.)400/200/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/4x400m/4x200m/2x400m/(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/8Ͳ10x400m(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/1200m/1Ͳ2x800m/3Ͳ4x400m/(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/2x800m/2x400m/800m/400m/(200rec.)½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/1600m/2x800/2x400(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/4Ͳ6x800m(200mrec.)½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/4Ͳ5x1000m(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/6Ͳ8x600m(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/3Ͳ4x1600m(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/1600m/800/2Ͳ4x400m(200mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/3Ͳ4x300m(100mrec.)/jog400m3Ͳ4x300m(100mrec.)/½milewͲdown 1milewͲup/2miles@TulsaRunRace15kRacePace/2x200mstrides/½milewͲdown  *TaperforTulsaRun

  TrackGroupPerformanceMatrix  PerformancePredictionsforvariousrundistancesacrosstraininggroupsbasedonVo2Regressionequation:  1mile 5k  10k  15k  1/2Marathon  Group1 <5:30  <18:28  <38:45  <0:59:47  <1:26:05  Group2 5:31Ͳ6:00 18:28Ͳ20:09 38:46Ͳ42:17 0:59:48Ͳ1:05:13 1:26:06Ͳ1:33:54  Group3A6:01Ͳ6:28 20:10Ͳ21:50 42:18Ͳ43:30 1:03:26Ͳ1:06:30 1:33:55Ͳ1:41:44 Group3B6:29Ͳ6:48 21:51Ͳ22:50 43:31Ͳ47:55 1:06:31Ͳ1:13:55 1:41:45Ͳ1:46:26 Group3C6:49Ͳ7:14 22:51Ͳ24:17 47:56Ͳ50:58 1:13:56Ͳ1:18:371:46:27Ͳ1:53:13  Group4A7:15Ͳ7:40 24:18Ͳ25:45 50:59Ͳ54:01 1:18:38Ͳ1:23:201:53:14Ͳ2:00:00 54:02Ͳ57:47 1:23:21Ͳ1:29:082:00:01Ͳ2:08:21  Group4B7:41Ͳ8:12 25:45Ͳ27:32 Group4C8:13Ͳ8:45 27:32Ͳ29:23 57:48Ͳ1:01:39 1:29:09Ͳ1:35:072:08:22Ͳ2:16:57   Group5 8:46Ͳ9:43 29:24Ͳ32:38 1:01:40Ͳ1:08:28 1:35:08Ͳ1:45:372:16:58Ͳ2:32:05 Group6 9:44Ͳ10:41 32:39Ͳ35:53 1:08:29Ͳ1:15:17 1:45:38Ͳ1:56:082:32:06Ͳ2:47:13 Group7 10:42Ͳ12:00 35:54Ͳ40:18 1:15:18Ͳ1:24:34 1:56:09Ͳ2:10:26 2:47:14Ͳ3:07:49   Walk >12:00  >40:18  >1:24:34  >2:10:26  >3:07:49 

Summer 2013  
Summer 2013